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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Vitiligo


Vitiligo (often called as leucoderma) is a disorder where the skin loses its color in patches of irregular shapes and sizes. This is a pigmentation disorder which means that melanocytes (the pigment producing cells) in the skin get destroyed. This results in development of white patches on the skin.


The hairs which are growing in that area may loose their color and turn gray. This disorder also leads to psychological issues relating to appearances and at times in certain individuals (mainly the adolescents and the young) this stress can take enormous proportions particularly if Vitiligo develops on visible areas of the body, such as the face, hands, arms, feet, or on the genitals. They develop very strong emotions of being embarrassed, depressed, or worried about how others will react.

What causes Vitiligo?

The cause for Vitiligo is not very clear but doctors and researchers are beginning to believe that Vitiligo resembles an autoimmune disorder. Which means that the pigment (the matter that gives colour to our skin) producing cells of the skin are destroyed by the body’s own antibodies (defense cells).

In some cases it has been observed that the onset of Vitiligo is related to a psychologically stressful event in the patient’s life. People with a family history of Vitiligo are more prone to develop these white patches. Ninety five percent of all those who develop Vitiligo, start developing symptoms before their 40th year of their life.

Other factors that have been found to be more common with those suffering from Vitiligo are presence of other autoimmune disorders, history of sunburns, rashes and other skin disorders and hair turning grey before the age of thirty five.

What are the symptoms and how does it spread?

People with Vitiligo develop white patches on their skin of irregular shapes and sizes. Vitiligo is more common on the exposed areas for example hands face, neck and arms. It also occurs on covered areas too: – like genitals, breast and legs. In some patients the hair may also turn grey early and in the inside of the mouth, white discoloration may also occur.

The spread of Vitiligo cannot be determined. It may stop completely after the first patch but often these patches do spread. For some patients further development may takes years and for others the large areas can be covered in months. In some patients mental stress has been seen to increase the growth of these white patches.

Can Homeopathy cure Vitiligo?

Homoeopathy is able to give wonderful and miraculous cures in many cases of Vitiligo. This is due to the fact that homoeopathic treatment enhances the natural production of pigments. According to homoeopathic philosophy Vitiligo not a disease in itself but an expression of an inner disturbed state of the body. Thus, the cure should occur at a level where things have gone wrong. In order to archive this, the patient is analyzed on various aspects of mental and physical and familial attributes and also a complete study is done on the psychological-environment that the patient has gone through in his life. The prescription is then based at the deepest level of understanding of the patient?s disturbed inner force. Although many homoeopathic medicines Arsenic Sulph Falvus, Arsenic Album , Baryta Mur and Baryta Carb are known to give good results in Vitiligo; I would again reiterate the fact that real cure of Vitiligo occurs when the prescription is made according to the true principles of homoeopathic philosophy i.e. treating that deep causative factor  which caused this inner disturbance. Also remember that Vitiligo is a chronic disorder and can take considerable time even with the best of the homoeopathic treatment, for it to be completely cured.

Homeopathic Medicines for Vitiligo

Calcarea Carb – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Vitiligo with milky white spots on the skin:

Calcarea Carb is a top grade constitutional homeopathic medicine for Vitiligo. It is prescribed to patients of Vitiligo with milky white spots on skin. These white spots can appear anywhere on the body. In Homeopathy constitutional symptoms are given extreme importance in while selecting medicine in any given case. These ar unique constitutional symptoms that guide in the selection of Calcarea Carb . The first among these is tendency to free perspiration over the head, neck and chest. Next is intolerance to cold weather. Certain peculiar cravings may be present are – eggs, lime, pencils. Person needing Calcarea Carb may show tendency to catch cold easily. Weakness of bone may also be found. Easily fatigued by exertion . Tendency to chronic constipation and obesity also guides the selection of Calcarea Carb in vitiligo. On mental sphere the person may shows a number of fears. The prominent fears among them are fear of misfortune, of contagious disease, of losing reason and of insanity.

 Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicine for vitiligo in anxious personalities:

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is yet another useful remedy for vitiligo in persons prone to dry, rough skin. The skin shows whitish spots and skin is dry, dirty and rough. The skin complaint alternating with respiratory complaints like asthma is a strong pointer for using homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album. In general sphere warmth is a relieving factor for persons needing Arsenic album. Warm applications over skin and warm drinks are highly desirable. Burning sensations in varying body parts may also be noticed. Extreme exhaustion may also be present. There are peculiar constitutional symptoms that allow us to select Arsenic Album in vitiligo treatment. The most prominent out of these are fears and anxieties. This remedy is often indicated in persons who have fears including that of death,  disease,  germs and of catching infection. Patients requiring Arsenic Album are highly anxious personalities. They may show anxieties  about health,  trifles and anxiety about others. Marked restlessness is often seen on both mental and physical planes in persons needing Arsenic Album. Next distinctive feature for selecting Arsenic Album in vitiligo is fastidiousness. Person demanding extreme neatness and order in everything are yet another suitable subjects requiring Arsenic Album.

 Sepia – Homeopathic medicine for vitiligo in persons showing indifferent attitude towards family and life:

Homeopathic medicine Sepia is another important homeopathic remedy in the list that is selected constitutionally in vitiligo treatment. If the constitutional picture of Sepia matches with that of a person suffering with vitiligo, it possess a great ability to completely eradicate the disease.  constitutional symptoms that indicate the use of  sepia are – having an indifferent approach towards life and family. They show aversion towards family members and friends who were once loved with great affection. They lack interest in doing any work. Tendency to avoid both Physical or mental labor is present . They are constantly depressed with marked irritability, weeping tendency, desire to be alone and an aversion to consolation or sympathy. The use of Sepia must also be thought in women with menstrual irregularities or those around menopausal age with tendency to hot flushes.

 Silicea – A prominent Constitutional Homeopathic medicine for vitiligo:

Homeopathic medicine Silicea carries a good scope to treat vitiligo when selected as per the constitutional makeup of the person. The set of symptoms that indicate the use of  Silicea are –   pale and waxy skin; tendency to excessive perspiration on hands and feet; tendency to eruptions with pus formation in various body parts; tendency to catch cold on frequent basis; lean, thin physical makeup . There are few characteristic mind symptoms that need attention when selecting Silicea. The main mind symptom are timidity and an under-confident nature. Silicea may be thought of in people who seem under-confident, fear public speaking, are timid and bashful. Obstinate behavior and stubbornness may also indicate its use .

 Sulphur – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Vitiligo treatment:

Although Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is mentioned quite low down in the list for treating vitiligo but its worth is equivalent to above narrated medicines. . Sulphur is a deep acting homeopathic medicine used frequently in treatment of varying skin diseases including vitiligo. It goes deep inside the basic root cause to annihilate the disease in its complete extent. The persons requiring homeopathic medicine Sulphur usually show a philosophical mindset. They are popularly referred as ‘ragged philosophers’. Their mind is constantly occupied with various theories and plans. As a result they suffer from mental fatigue and absent mindedness. They take little or no care for their physical appearance and even show aversion to bathing. Persons who have suffered a lot from skin troubles, itchy skin with long term use of ointments are also likely to be benefited from use of homeopathic medicine Sulphur. Apart from all above said symptoms burning sensations in various body parts may be present along with white spots on skin.  An extra ordinary craving for sweets may also be shown as a constitutional symptom.

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  1. Ts started as a white patch on the bridge of my leg and and after 2years it has spread all the way goin is up on the leg bone now,@ first I thought it was the lotion that I was using so I stopped,and now it seems it’s spreading.any advice?
    Thank you.

  2. Dr ashok kumar says:

    Very good description and thanks to you

  3. Kalyani patle says:

    Actually I am pregnant but I have seen little spot on my hand it’s vitiligo or any thing also so which medicene i will taken

  4. Dr.priyanka Sidankar says:

    Can homoeopathy treat vitiligo which is inherrited

  5. Manpreet Boparai says:

    Hello Doctor
    My son is 6and half years old. He had little light skin on his arm near elbow which I noticed in 2015, consulted the doctor he said it’s birth mark. So I didn’t pay attention much but in 2017 nov I noticed it’s quite more white and appears patches on other body parts. I am very much concerned.
    He is very picky eater,likes salty things as compare to sweet. He is thin and low iron too.
    Please suggest

  6. Amy Pabbi says:

    I have had a very small white dot back of my left ear in my twenties. I did not bother. I started getting grey hairs in twenty as well. Now I am 44 and now I see more small patches are growing on my neck. I have 90 % grey hair. I have sensitive stomach .I used to have gets. With lifestyle and diet changes I do not have gets, gas, or bloating any more but now I am very worried about this growth. I see one on my left shoulder as well.please advise.

  7. Mrs chandra says:

    I am taking homeopathic treatment for leukoderma for the past four years .jam having it since past eight years…how long will it take to get completely cured

  8. Faraz Khan says:

    Hello Sir…
    I am 28years old man. I am having vitiligo since early childhood(about 10-12 years of age). It has stop spreading now, but still have many ptches mainly on legs(bony areas). I have went through lot of medication but it is still uncured. I have lost all the hopes. Doctors suggest suregery but its quite very costly and I don’t want to go for it. Please let know if there is a curr in homepathy.

    • Amy Pabbi says:

      I have had a very small white dot back of my left ear in my twenties. I did not bother. I started getting grey hairs in twenty as well. Now I am 44 and now I see more small patches are growing on my neck. I have 90 % grey hair. I have sensitive stomach .I used to have gets. With lifestyle and diet changes I do not have gets, gas, or bloating any more but now I am very worried about this growth. I see one on my left shoulder as well.please advise.

      • Mrs iftkhar says:

        Dear doctor ,,I hv vitiligo sice 2012,,whenever I take any treatment it increases,,plz help me I m
        Too mch worried ,,thanks

  9. Dr I have white milky patch started first on hand below finger than on cheeks than on finger and now on my back of thy continuing increasing so will suggest what medicine I shoul have

    • Dr I have white milky patch started first on hand below finger than on cheeks than on finger and now on my back of thy continuing increasing so will suggest what medicine I shoul have

  10. Lisa Tettamanti Ratvay says:

    HI Dr. Sharma,
    I have some calc carb tissue salt 6x made by Unda that expired last year in March 2017. I understand some homeopathics don’t really expire, but it is required to put an expiry on the label. Do you think it’s still good and can be taken or not?
    Thankyou very much, I look forward to your opinion on this matter,
    Lisa Tettamanti Ratvay ND

  11. bhabani upadhyay says:

    My daughter is in the age of 10 yrs.she suffers vitiligo last 10 months…we cannot treat her by allopathy.sir please give us advice hw can we cure this by using homeapathy.please sir give us ur kind affects her face and neck.and spread slowly to body also.

  12. Subhash Kumar says:

    R/ sir

    My wife is in age of 42 and she is having small patches of vitiligo since last 10 years and tried a lot treatment in allopathy, Ayurveda and homeopathy.

    Please advise us the permanent cure of the same, if it is with your practice.


  13. sir,

    I am suffering with white patches on hands now i am 45 years old female can i get any atment and how much does it cost


  14. good evening
    I am french ( and don’t spealk english well .. ) No homeopathic doctor had find ” my ” remedy …

    I have spondylatritis and big osteoporosis . Vitiligo on my arms . I am always very hasty ( to eat , to smoke etc..) – I bite my nails – I sleep very long time ( ten hours )but I am always tired .( since hepatit B vaccine ! twenty years ago ) … I am passionate ( particulary for HOMEOPATHY ! ! ! ! that I studie alone since 14 years . I dont like noise at all !!! I dont’like to be disturbed at all – i dont’ like to go at a appointment ( afraid to be late )-
    Please , dou you have an idea for me ? Can you give me an advice ?
    Thank you so much doctor !

  15. Timir Kumar Chatterjee says:

    I have vitiligo / White patches in both my hands since more than 6 years, recently it is spreading in Lips also. Is there any Medicine for immediate relief. Please confirm by reverse mail with contract details & amounts to be paid.

    Kind Regards

    Timir Kumar Chatterjee

    • Timir Kumar Chatterjee says:

      Please confirm whether Vitiligo is cureable or not, accordingly I would snaps for reuuired medicine if any.

      Kind Regards
      Timir Kumar Chatterjee

  16. AHSSAN SINDHI says:

    What should potency of these remedies for successful result ?
    How many time is required for treatment of Vitiligo?

  17. Sir,
    In the year 1991 I noticed a small white patch at the right end of the lower lip. I contacted a locally available Homeopath who prescribed Graph 30 for one week, followed by Hydrocotyle Q and subsequently Loco-plex Q. Again after a few months, Graph 200 and later Graph 1M. The above medications continued for a span of more 6-9 months. The white patch did not fully regained its original colour however, it has not extended beyond that size. Now after 25 years, I noticed some milky white spots on both the legs and a few little spots on the back of my body. As the earlier homeopath who prescribed the above medicines is no more here, I would request if any medicine is suggested in line with the above. It would be worth to mention that I do suffer sometimes with constipation, sleeplessness and stress is somehow a part of my life though I try to get rid of it.

  18. Poonam Kataria says:

    Sir my friend suffering from vitiligo of lips he takes calc. Carb., A. S. F., ferr. Phos, thuja, Acid. Nit. Etc
    But have no relief… Plz help me sir

  19. Sanjeev Rajput says:

    I hv some small tiny white spots generating on legs,this, elbow for last one year.
    Pl advise treatment..

  20. Helo dr. Sharma.
    I am sagar from Delhi
    I suffer with vitiligo last 7 year. Because of avoid some food and medicine like slupher acid nitric and a tablet Dcaris I am able to slow the spread of vitiligo patches and some patches are totally gone. But last two year its spread again. Now my lips and some are of my fingers have white patch.
    It’s not stopped now.
    Can you please help me.


    hi Good after noon sir
    I am Prabhakar reddy from Hyderabad
    I have white patches in my body.
    it was cured earlier by ayurveda .
    but same places white patches are found back.
    please suggest homeo medicine.
    thanking you sir.


  22. Gangadhar says:

    Hello Sharma,

    6 months back 2 white patches on last 2 fingers are observed in right hand side. Can you please suggest which medicine i can use to cure the white patches on fingers

    • Sharmila Modak says:

      Respected Dr. Sharma,
      my daughter observed light white patch on her face and 23 days back she is noticing small white spots on her legs and arms and a white patch on her right knee. Can u please suggest any medicine to cure such spots and patches.

  23. D.Nagaraju says:

    Sir, I am 52 years old and I had small spots with light rose colour on my middle figures of both hands and also on both legs with heavy. I used homeo Medicine for 2 years in starting, than after I neglect. So please provide me Homeopathy remedy to this disease

    • D.Nagaraju says:

      Sir, I am 52 years old and I had small spots with light rose colour on my middle figures of both hands and also on both legs with heavy. I used homeo Medicine for 2 years in starting, than after I neglect. So please provide me Homeopathy remedy to this disease

  24. Bhavendra kr Deka says:

    I am 45 years old.I am suffering from leucoderma since last 5 years.please advice Homeopathic medicine for me.

  25. Chinmoy Sarkar says:

    I’m suffering from vitiligo since 20 years.I tried many treatment but no such results.pls. suggest what to do?I’m 43 years old man.

  26. bhaskar swami says:

    Dr. sharma
    i m suffer stomach ulcer for last two year. plz suggest best madicine ……

  27. Pushp Raj Singh Chauhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son aged 4 years, has white spots on the skin, they appear dry white and feels itchiness. Some light white spots was on the face of my child for a long time, but these are spreading on the other part of the body of my son.

    Kindly advise me accordingly. Please also advise the medicine for the complete treatment as per symptoms


  28. I have white spots on my right lower cheek. It started in 2015 . I also have under active thyroid and take levothyroxine . My vitiligo has spread it is about 2 inch by 1 inch , it started very small , it is only on my face . Will homeopathy help cure it. ? Please advice ?

  29. PRADIP KUMAR Mishra says:

    Three months back I found white patch on the skin of my right hand middle and index finger suggest medicine for it.

  30. Varsil kariwala says:

    My son how is 10 yrs is been notice with milky white and reddise white patches Dr given him Ars Alb 200 but it did not suit his and was suffering with loose motion now she has given him med 6 .

  31. Michael Yagappan says:

    Dear doctor, my brother, of age 52 has white patches on his lower legs and feet. It started as tiny white dot two years ago. Recently, it has increased and spread rapidly. He met with an accident in 2008 and fractured both his legs. He under went a major surgery, fixed with metal plates. During the surgery he got blood transfusion from the blood bank.
    Please give us your kind advise on this.
    Thank you.

  32. N K Mohapatra says:

    My daughter is 24 yrs old. There is a 1″ dia white patch on her forehead. Hairs on the spot are growing white. This disease is 18 yrs old. Earlier, the spot was gradually reducing with Calcarea sulphurica 6x tablets and Sulphur ointment. It was checked. Now, it is gradually increasing. Kindly advice , if it can be cured with homeopathy. What is the medicine and what is the dose.
    Thank you.

  33. Shoaib ahmad says:

    Dear sir,
    Please, send ditail name of medicine used for Vitiligi, and methods to used . I m waitg for this,

    thanks very much,

  34. Hello,
    I have vitiligo on my fingertips, lip and ankle since past 1 year. I am also diabetic. i am currently having uv examier and steroid. Please suggest will it help.

  35. Anasuya Vishwakrma says:

    Hello sir;
    I am suffering from vitiligo on both my hands and on my nose since last two skin is a dry skin type.I am a diabetic patient since last 5years.l have thyorid pro blem tell me which among the five is best for me.l am 45 years old.

  36. One of my relative suffering from Acrofacial vitiligo. Which among the five will be best? Please mension dose.

  37. Yogendra Rawat says:

    Hello doctor
    I have white patches on my hands and legs can u please advice if it can be treated and if I can come for consultations. I’m based in Bangalore

  38. Hi my son is 11 years old.what potency I should give him and how many times

  39. Dr.Rashim Prakash says:

    Sir I am suffering from vitiligo white spots have seen in both legs of shin bone area,and one spot can seen in back of the ear.I m very worried sir plz give me right suggestion of my disease.

  40. How can take for vitiligo above 5 medicine for 11 Year old daughter

  41. Hello Dr.Sharma,

    I am having white patches on neck left bottom two inch white patch and four small patches on right neck, right side chest and right side stomach. These patches surfaced one year back and i neglected slightly and used some surface applications of apple sider venigar, olive oil etc but there is no result. the patches still persists.

    I request you to kindly inform the homeopathy medicines with potency for the treatment of vitiligo which will suit me.

    Suresh M

  42. Sir , I have white patches on my lips . Is this leucoderma??

  43. Ankit dalsaniya says:

    Dr please advise me in case of my wife some vitiligo in ear and some in a privet part please suggest

  44. Hello
    I’ve had vitiligo for 11 years, and it stopped for me and does not spread. I ask for homeopathic medicines and how much I take them. I am from Slovenia and I would like to thank you very much
    Thank you, Tanya

  45. Bhavya Arora says:

    Is only arsenicum sulphuratum flavum 4x useful for vitiligo. Can any other homeopathy medicine i take with ASF 4x. I have recovered with this ASF 4x.

  46. Shailendra Pratap Singh says:

    Sir I m happy to read your article. My 8 yrs daughter is suffering from since 3 yrs vitiligo which disappeared many times but occurred again . She is very active child, loves playing always but little bit absent minded in studies.
    Can you please help me. Regards
    Dept of Eng & MEL
    University of Lucknow
    Mob 9450362335
    Email address

  47. phulmatie latiff says:

    i had a biopsy and was diagnose with vitiligo. Please let me know what you have to help.

  48. Nishant sharma says:

    Hi this is nishant i am 19 years old . when i was 8 year old my side border of eyes becomes white but now white spots are there in many place of my body most in visible place . so please kindly suggest me a medicine which can cure these spots .
    Please help me

    • Dipika Majumdar says:

      Indian female 52 years old suffering from Vitiligo since 2 months back. Needed solution with name(s) of homeopathic drugs with dosage.

  49. Hi my son is 5 month old and white spot on his neck. Which medicine I should take kindly guide and suggest

  50. Rajani kumari says:

    Before 8 months i have a white spot on chine .my complexion is white . Which medicine i should take.
    I was taking floric acid 200 and 1000. Now it stop to spread but not reduce area.

    • Dear Dr,

      I have white patch on my lips , one spot below lips and on my fingers and inside on penis .

      please advice which medicies should i take .

  51. Rajani kumari says:

    Before 8 months i have a white spot on chine .my complexion is white . Which medicine i should take.

  52. Dr. I am ANIL

    I have vitiligo on last 10 years. Now it is spread my hand, leg and lips.

    Now I am taking Arsenic Sulflav 6x last one year. Still it is developing my body.

    Any other medicine to stop spreading my body?

  53. A white mark in my leg pulse the shape

  54. Nirbhai Bhinder says:

    Hi Dr – I have been suffering from vitiligo for several years. It started on my finger tips and have progressed to my legs and lips. What medication should I take. Please help.

    Nirbhai Bhinder

  55. Nancy owino says:

    am suffering from Vitiligo,have tried various kind of treatment but the disease still spread
    can I get this kind of medicine in Kenya??
    thanks for sharing

  56. Arabinda paul says:

    Sir, a not so prominent spot on my left cheek for several years. As per advice of cmc vellore i am using only sun screen sun cross. Aqajel. It is helping me to cover my not so distinct spot only. My lower lip is also with spot not so white. I am also a neuro psychiatric for 6-7 years, suffering fear psychosis. Alopathy tretment is going on with no effective progress in case of white spot. Psychological problem is not so acute as i am partially cured with alopathy. No diabetes. My skin is etchy and dry and i am psycologicaaly affected due to my skin problem as i believe. I want your help..kindly help me. Iam 60 plus at present.

  57. B aaradhya reddy says:

    Sir My daughter is suffering with vitiligo since from 2 years, now her age is 5years. Which treatment I should take her sir

  58. Sir
    Am 43yrs old ,i am suffering from vitiligo from last four year.
    5-6 white spots on my chest . I have done alupathic treatment since 4 year & 50% of white spot is disaparir
    .But since last year there is appair 2-3 new white spot.I strictly follow the doctor advice,I didnt eat citric acid food since 4 year,properly take medicine on time, its a long time. Kindly guide & suggest.


  59. Tappan Kumar Basu says:

    Respected doctor,I want to know the skin diseases of vitiliga of my wife.there are many spots around open spaces and covers spaces.The colours of them are milky white and some of them are fade white.As per the picture has shown here of recovery stages,what ointment will suit her.

  60. Sir
    Am 42yrs old ,am suffering from vitiligo from last one year.
    Many white spots on my body specially in back side .
    Kindly guide & suggest.


  61. Sandeep hazra Chowdhury says:

    Sir! My 7yr son has milky spot on right side cone of his eyes. I have shown dermatologist but they are investigating as vitiligo. But no another spot been shown till date. We are too much worried about it please suggest us.

  62. kanchan soni says:

    sir, my baby girl is of 2 &1/2 months, has 3 small patches on her arm. Doctor said that it is vitiligo. I m vry worried about her. plz advise me. Save my little angel.

  63. mukesh kumar says:

    My son 8 years old suffering from few white spot deasease in hand and foot.last 3 years alopethic medicines taken but not removed totally

  64. SANTU SINGH says:


  65. mangesh kadam says:

    Can vitiligo cure?

  66. Dr Venkatareddy MD. says:

    My relative aged 12yrs developed white patch posterior to left ear lobe 2yrs back ,taken Ayurvedic &allopathik treat.,but no satisfaction, need ur valuable advise sir .

  67. Gauri Shankar Singh says:

    Sir, I am suffering from vitiligo since childhood. On leg and some part of finger affected. I consult many doctors of allopathy, ayurved but white spots not cure completely. What homeopathic medicine I take?

  68. Ashok kumar says:

    Sir , I am suffering from leucoderma since 4 years . It had started from white spots from my face and its spreading day by day now and also occurs on my hands and on my palm

  69. Hi I got vitiligo problem

  70. puja Bhagat says:

    I have little spot iny my private part nd very lighr spot on my face pls advice me some medicine for this

  71. sejal potdar says:

    Hello doctor..dis is sejal potdar..i am suffering from vitiligo since 8years and now it camenon my face alsi…i have done many traetments but still there are no changes seen..currently m taking homeopetic medicine..kndly help me ou

  72. Helloo Sir,
    Greeting of the day,
    I am vitiligo patient and facing this from 25 years, headache , hairloss, anger, tension, motions problem also.
    Please advise me

  73. Surender singh says:

    Sir namaskar ji.
    Mere bete ki age 2.6 saal ki hai
    uske arms or legs par halke halke
    rang ke white spot ho Gaye hain.
    Please koi medicine bataen.

  74. vijay kumar verma says:

    Sir mera haiderosil badh gaya madecine

  75. Sir my son has dull white spot on his face only. He is only 30 months old. We r very worried. Pl reply soon

  76. Dear sir,
    I have noticed a white spot on my face below my right eye and it is of round shape since last 1/2 months.It feels so embarrassing to go out with this spot on my face.
    It would be a pleasure if you suggest me the correct medicine.
    Thank You.

  77. Avdhesh kumar Singh says:

    Respected Sir,
    my son of age 10yrs got his first White spot just below the left eye in Feb 2017 and now it has grown to ,more than thumb nail size of adult.Recently I came to notice 2 more very tiny white spots on the right check which are enlarging.
    Kindly advice me the appropriate medicine

  78. Deepak Saxena says:

    Dear Sir
    Most humbly I want to tell you that I am Deepak Saxena of 40 years of M.P., Indial. I am a Teacher in a reputed school as PGT. I have been suffering from vitiligo for three years.It started with a small spot at throat area but it spread due to reaction of Bavchi powder and sitting under sunlight for an hour.Now it has spread half of the neck.I have been doing workout for twenty years regularly but suffering from insomnia and constipation regularly.Now I am suffering from knee pain and noisy.I play badmiton,table tennis regularly .At present I am taking bavchi powder and applying the same on the affected area.I have recovered 20% and so many black spots have come but now they are gradually diminishing and new spots are not appearing.Please help me.I have written to you with great hope.

    Yours faithfully
    Deepak Saxena

  79. I got small white spots in my body’s in 5 places for last six month so I consult a dermatologist and she said I got early stage of vitiligo and she prescribed a lotion melgain and tablets… But I hope homeopathy will be best for me… Pls let me know if homeopathy is best for me and where can I consult a best treatment now I’m in Tirupur

    • M K SHRIVASTAVA says:

      Dr. Sir I am 63 yr old I have got patches on my left foot. Took allopathy medicines for two months but no releif. I have a weak immune system and easyly develop nasal problems. These patches apeared around six months earlier.
      please suggest.

  80. Saran Jose says:

    My daughter just 1.5 months old is diagnosed as vitilogo. She was born with alloimmune thrombocytopenic purpura. Her platelets count was just 8000 when born. After 10 days she came back to Normal life. But after a week we noticed white patches alloverherbody.Face,neck,stomach,hands,legs,genitals. Will you please suggest me something doctor. Our family is mentally down because of this.

  81. Ashok Suri says:

    Light patches on tips of finger have occurred and appear to be of vitilogo. How to get these patches be converted as original color if skin. Please advise and suggest remedies

  82. Neeraj Goswami says:

    Dear Sir
    My son having vitiligo white patch around his anus area and some small patches at knee and very small at his forearm . Is there an effective treatment for this symptom in homeopathy. Please reply. Thanks

  83. abdul ghori says:

    vitiligo for 50 years

  84. abdul ghori says:

    I have vitiligo for 50 years. Nothing works

  85. My daughter suffered with high fevers about twice monthly since she was 1year old after taking milk in a friend house.She was on allopathic med for 7 years. She only improved in about 2months when I took her off medicine completely but then she she started with white spots starting from face. She is now completely white. The problem now is that she gets sun burn whenever she goes for trekking and takes 1 week to cure. She is in her forties now . Dr. Could you suggest any medicine for this condition. She applies aloe Vera on sunburn presently.

  86. Marchie faburada says:

    I have develop vitiligo in my neck that was 3yrs ago and this year i saw another white round spot in my outside of my breast.i used phototherapy in my neck but in my breast i couldn’t use phototherapy cos i think its not good especially in my breast part.pls help me to cure apple cider vinegar can helps to fade white spots in my skin.hoping for ure rply.
    This is marchie from philippines.

  87. I am 57 years old I have vitiligo in my hands for 2 years how homeopathy can help me. Please advise

  88. Sir ,
    i have an odd query, it might sound wired but i am really working on it and am looking forward for your kind advise.
    i am a female 40 years old. i want to get vitiligo, i mean i want my skin to catch this disease, so that i can turn totally chalk white forever. I know this is possible. please help me that what medicine would you recommend me for this and how long will this process take.


  89. Tumpa dey says:

    I am 25years girl.i have a white patches almost 4yeas.i have take laobatic ,homeopathic, ayuerbatic medican but their was no improvement .so what should i do in this problm.please give me the solution.

  90. Sir,
    I am 63 years old I am a diabetic patient and also suffering with cronic Sinus, Yesterday I find a white patch inside the nose and tip of the nose I am very much worried, Sir kindly suggest me suitable Homeo/ and any other medicine, and also suggest me food restrictions.

    with regards


  91. I have small patch on my skin.. Its a white patch with no burning and itching.. Its from last 1 year.. Which homepathic medicine should I take?

  92. Mustafa Camel says:

    I am 70 years old male ,finding recently small white spots on mt hand, finger, upper lip.Please advice proper treatment.I am taking allopathic medicines for Diabetes 2 and Bp and both are strictly under control.

  93. Yaana Malhan says:

    Pleasant Afternoon Doctor

    my name is yaana and I am 14 years old, studying in 9th standard

    I am having the same disease from almost the day I was born
    some times I do feel my self-unlucky or not blessed that I am suffering from this, although in my family no one is affected with this disease except me.
    my skin is oily and I am having a white spot from the last 10 years on my neck
    and I am under homoeopathy medication of ARSENIC SULPHATE 6x tablets

    but now one small new white patch is emerging out of skin

    doctor please advise me the correct and right medicine please.

  94. Arunava Banerjee says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My son 16 years old, we have observed in last one year that few white spot exposed in his different part of his skin like hand, chest and leg. Currently he is under going treatment in last 15 days of one Homeopathy doctor in kolkata. He prescribed the following medicine:-
    Ars triot o/1 Mor E/s
    A.S.Fl 3x 30 gm (3 times 4 very small spoon)

    Please give me an advice it is right approach or not because dR. only supply this medcine, no homeo pathy medicine hall can’t able to understand.
    So waht I should do now.

    With Regards
    Arunava Banerjee
    91 9839816103

  95. Ranjeet kumar says:

    Thanks Dr. To suggestion about vitiligo

  96. Nancy Antony says:

    My daughter aged 9 years is affected with vitiligo. It started affecting her from scalp like white I took her to skin specialist he prescribed her milbild , Antoxid tablet and Tacroz ointment. The patch from the scalp is cured but it’s getting spread on her heel,and her right leg and Iam being told it may or may not be cured and it’ll keep on spreading there is no scope of complete cure .She is getting white hairs even though the patch is cured.
    Please I request you sir if u can help us in getting her cured from the present acute vitiligo.

  97. Stefanie Poe says:

    I have a 8 year old with vitiligo. Recently diagnosed. Spreading rapidly legs back stomach arms and face. What do I need to do

  98. ARVIND KUMAR says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have developed 2 vitiligo spots on my lips and left chest I have noticed these changes two months ago and attributed them due to hormonal changes. Please suggest suitable homeopathy medicine and dosage.
    I am 24 years old .

    Thank you

  99. Chaitanya Challa says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have developed 3 vitiligo spots on my right and left cheeks. I have noticed these changes two months ago and attributed them due to hormonal changes. I delivered a baby in Jan 2017. Please suggest suitable homeopathy medicine and dosage.
    I am 34 years old and have dry skin.

    Thank you

  100. Tunde ogunlade says:

    Thank you sir,i am a nigerian suffering from vitiligo which started a year ago,please help me i need cure because it’s spreading fast.

  101. Suresh Muchipalli says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,

    I am having white patches on neck left bottom two inch white patch and four small patches on right neck, right side chest and right side stomach. These patches surfaced one year back and i neglected slightly and used some surface applications of apple sider venigar, olive oil etc but there is no result. the patches still persists.

    I request you to kindly inform the homeopathy medicines with potency for the treatment of vitiligo which will suit me.

    Suresh M

  102. K K SARAWAGI says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    A Lady in my neighborhood is suffering from vitiligo on her hands and legs and elbows. She has no white spots on her face. She was suffering from OCD. She believed in extreme untouchability and had extreme fear in case of death of somebody in the colony. She avoided going to the house of those persons. She objected to her husband for meeting any person of those houses. She could not bear seeing her husband shaking hands with that person and vehemently pressed upon her husband to take bath. She also used to take bath 2/3 times daily. She was not keeping the house in nicely arranged manner. Things which are scattered here and there used to be there for long unless the husband objected to it. However, such tendency of OCD has lessened after leaving a particulat place after the transfer of job of her husband.
    I request you to kindly inform the homoepathy medicines with potency for the treatment of vitiligo which will suit her and the period for which the same is to be continued.

  103. which madicine I have to take for vitiligo tretement.

  104. Sumantha says:

    Dr Sharma
    I have developed white patches on my forehead and some parts of my fingers.I am residing India. I am 70 years of age. What homeo medicine is better for me.can you please prescribe.
    My email

  105. I have hypothyroidism. One of the two vaccination scars become hypoogmented. I had a few surgeries and lost tissues so my back be me hyper and hypopigmented. Due to hypothyroidism/hashimato (very high tgb and tpo), someone gave s diagnosis of vitiligo and may be it is a coincidence to loose pigmentation in vaccination scar and due to lids of skin tissues. But I need treatment and want to prevent it as I will be anyway prone to hypopigmentation due to hypothyroidism. Any homeopathic med I can try (buy on line from you) with your consultation. I do not want to make it a public news so please contact me directly.


  107. ajay chokshi says:

    my son age of 5 yr….suffering from vitiligo. ..starting white spot on his face befour 10 month ago….homeopathic treatment is conti since 8 month. but we r confuse…still it is not recover… help…sir

  108. Hi sir, this is sahera and i have leucoderma seens last 16 year on my leg and i have 23 year old and my parents are very worried about it and i try all type of medicine like unani, alopathic, and ointment name is melbild, vitix, these medicines are so expensive but doesnt work so sir plz help me and plz suggest me some effectable treatment for vigtilogo

  109. Hi,
    I am a cancer patient and discovered my vitiligo on my whole scalp once I lost my hair through chemo but I did noticed around my forehead some white marks before my first treatment. I also have a spot by my knee where I had a scratch that healed with while spots. I am noticing new patches happening around my eyes as I clean my face. I am afraid of scratching, cleaning with a towel around my eyes as two new patches showed up. This a very white. I was using Nivea cream before and got nervous about using it so I stopped using that lotion. I am interested in using some homeopathic treatment but do not know where to start. There is eczema, asthma and allopia history in my family. I am looking for some homeopathic remedy advise.

  110. fungal infuction full body sir ma saal bar sy bouth parasaan ho

  111. B.prakash says:

    Dr. Dharma sir,
    I am prakash writing about white patches on my left hand middle finger and right hand middle finger. I have some guarantee on homeopathy treatment.i had an experience about treatment but I could not please advice me which homeopathy medicine I can use for white patches on finger tips. On line treatment

  112. Manojsingh says:

    White spots on chest and arm, lower lip and stomach. Some spot on leg and head also

  113. hello dr sharma
    mujhe fordyce spots hai mene kafi medicine le but koi result nhi mila me inse kafi paresan bhi hu ye mere back,lips and penis pr bhi hai plz

    plz mujhe best homeeopathy medicine btaye

    • Nilesh kumar says:

      Nahi hai best medicine 9years see homeopathic medicine khate khate thak gaya par thick nahi hui sibdh 1years me face kaa thick hua iske baad mera 8years dawa late late bekar hoo gaya or phir baad me leap me hoo gaya . Homeopathic sibdh barosa deti hai har bimari ko samajh nahi pata . Ishe hame kaphi tension par mai tabhi paryas kar raha huu thick Karne par thick nahi hoo paa raha hai

  114. Tamseel khurshid says:

    My son is suffering from vitiligo who is 7 years old now.We are very anxious to see my son.Is there any medicine in homeeopathy which can cure my child.I am giving the medicine mezereum 6 with consult with Dr. Dutta. The patches is on the neck and face.Please give me some advice sir as early as more medicine Ammivisinaga which are using on the patches and giving sunlight for 5 minutes

  115. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have vitiligo on my hands arms and back and I noted a couple of days ago a small spot at the back of my neck I have very fair skin living in Canada and have just today started loading myself up with sunscreen SPF 60. I’ve just completed an almost 4 months dose of Hydrocotyle Asintica 30 and a week ago started taking Vit D 2000 in am and Vit c pm. I actually do have brown spots filling on my hands but it is very very slowly. But i’m upset to see to small spots on back of my neck. I had my hair up and feel because my neck has been exposed to the sun is why I got the 2 small white spots.

    could you suggest anything I should do or take
    Thank you

  116. Vijay Srivastava Advocate says:

    Sir my 6yr old song having white spot of 2 cm on forehead

  117. Rmesh Kumar says:

    Black circle below and around eye

  118. Ratnesh Singh Chandigarh says:

    Namaskar Dr Sahab mujhe safed dag hi aur ye dag 5year se hi me Delhi se davai khaya 2year khay Koi fayda nahe ho raha hi ab me amil helth cear se davai liya uske bad Mera dag bad raha hi aap kirpa karke homiopathic davai batay kuki me ye dag paresan hu Koi achhe dvai batay take Mera dag thik ho jay

  119. Aditi Sinha says:

    Dr sharma I want to know that how to use calacerea cab how to apply it . Is there any side effect of this . Of what power we should use calcerea cab in white spot .

  120. Ram Shanmugam says:

    Dr. Sharma, My name is Ram. How much will it cost to cure vitiligo, if at all? I live in Texas. My e-mail is Thanks, Ram.

  121. Abdul Wahab Ansari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 44 years old
    White spot on my top of the head,lips,below nose,penis,both legs and small spots on both hand. Sir, i am already taking a treatment of alopathy since 2000 but not fully recover What to do? is it possible to remove white spot on my body through homeopathy treatment if yes than how much time taken to remove white spot from my body.
    Waiting for your reply

  122. Ronelle says:

    Hi thanks for answering me so quickly wanted to take photos of her face but she got asleep but will soon thanx

  123. Anita Rattan says:

    Hi doctor,My son is 10 years old. He has vitilgio his hairs are already white & eye is also. What can I do.please tell me.he get so many medicine.

  124. Hello dr. Sharma,
    When I’m 28 yrs old WHITE SPOT juz appeared on my neck (round shape). It started when I tried wearing necklace once. At first my neck was black and it was itchy. I applied ointment for skin on it. My skin on my neck peeled. Later it turns white and it is round shape. I went for check up and some dr. Said it’s an alergy that might forever likethat or it may be back to its original color but it takes too long..,,,others say skin discoloration due to stress. Now my 6 round white spot have brown spots also….. brown spots same with my complexion… dr. Please give me advice how to cure?, what to eat? and what medicine to apply? For fast treatment…. thank you very much dr…..

  125. My name is fazal i have vitiligo since5 years back does tub 10m and carc10m can help in this treatment

  126. babu CHAKRABORTTY says:

    is vitiligo cureable by homiopathy?

  127. I am physical therapist. I have vitiligo since last 15 year on full body. I tried all drugs including homeopathy. I got result but when I stop to taken drugs than vitiligo increase. My means recurrence occur. What I have to do?

  128. Hi, I am Jay from chennai. I have white patches in palms in both the hands and legs. Is it curable, I tried with many doctors and no results so far. Its there from my child hood at the age of 15. Its spreading now in recent days. Now I am 36 years old. There was a medicine used in my childhood but I don’t remember the name. Its a kind of powder mixed with curd and expose to sunlight for 15 mins. After a week the white patches and near by areas got some bubble. Its cured that time, now I am not able to control its spreading. I got accident 5 years back and got injured in my hand. After that its started spreading. Its affecting my career, I am working as a manager in software company.

    Please help me to come out from this


  129. I am. Suffering from vitiligo.Pl. advice

  130. Vignesh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma sir… My wife is suffering from vitiligo from her childhood. Now she is 31. Is this curable at this stage….kindly suggest me the medicine for this.

    • shazi asif says:

      hi dr sherma i am suffering from vitiligo at the age of 12 now i am 47 but the vitiligo was not srpeading but for the last 3 years it start spreading and now new spots r coming on my face and hands and i am worried .i stay mentally occupied most of the time and have thyroid hypothroid issue also for the last 3 yrs and taking medicine for this but i dont have extra craving for sweet only i like sugar in tea plz advice me some med. seondly my son has a spot on nose and he is 12 and he has a v dry and rough skin so plz advice med for him also ill be v thank ful .

  131. Ratna Singhal says:

    Hi my daughter is 8yrs is having vitiligo. She has white milky patches on legs neck and near pelvic region and at elbow also . Kindly suggest the best medicine . Thanks Ratna

  132. vishalkumar says:


  133. dr. jafar sadek says:

    thanks .. but nat mur the best for vitiligo….as i also remain vitiligo

  134. Hello sir
    My motherhad a white patches on her hand
    Lightly coming on face too
    Please help us sir

  135. R S SHUKLA says:

    Dear, sir, vitligo patches are spreading since last two years ,l am 85 yrs old,suggest suitable cure,.

  136. Namaste,

    I am 39 year old female with three kids. I delivered my third child 2 years back and since then my thyroid level has been going up and down. I am taking Levothyroxine 100mg and have started seeing some white spots. Mostly on legs and arms. As per skin doctor it is Vitiligo. Most of the dots are as small at needle head and one is a little big like a head of the small nail. Looks like now they are increasingly. I am over weight and have been trying to reduce weight for past 1 year but it is not coming down. Bowel is fine most of the days but then some days at the end of the normal bowel movement there are few pebble like bowel is present. Can you suggest which homeopathy medicine should I tak for vitiligo?

    Thank you.

  137. Jaspreet says:

    Is it true that homeopathy has treatment for vitiligo please can you contact me.

  138. K Ashish says:

    Dear Dr.
    This is Ashish I am facing problem of vitiligo since a year . And the patches are on finger tips , hand , toes as well as lip . I am taking the treatment through homeopath but it’s spreading . What medicines u recommend for it . I will be thankful if u can help .

  139. prashant sharda says:

    i am seeking a vitiligo treatment..please reply with your mobile number

  140. leelasastry says:

    Irrespective of tubercular diathesis Bacillinum acts as a good starter better than Sulphur.

  141. Edith wanjiku chege says:

    l have been suffering from vitiligo in my genital and has been very itchy, please tell me what medication is the best

  142. Romu sood says:

    How to use sepia please

  143. Any side effects

  144. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    My wife is suffering from vitiligo for last 8 months, slowly skin color changes to white in many parts of body. Can you please help us on this.

  145. praveen bhatia says:

    my son is sufferig from vitligo for 18 months .he is taking zempred 16mg two tablets in a week but when he stopped or doctor changed the medicine patches started spreading more. what should we do.

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      My nephew is suffering from vitiligo for almost a year. He got a spot on his head, some on his chest, under the ear, and arm. They are all on right side. He took homeopathy medicine for 6 months. Now he stopped taking the medicine, got another patch on his arm. Please write back. What should we do?

  146. Dr. ANDEE Mike Alan M.D. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have come across of some of your articles on homeopathy and homeopathic tratment. I am a medical doctor based in Nice, south of France, and was graduated in Homeopathy at the School of Medicine of the University of Marseille in France.
    I am going back to Mauritius, my native place, in september and will start to run an homeopathic course and teaching. I will be glad to have you as a visiting lecturer at our institute.
    I look forward to hear from you soon and hope that you will feel enthusiatic about that idea of teaching and exchanging our views and working together for a synthesis of Indian and European Homeopathy.

  147. Jatinder says:

    I am having luecoderma on hands,some spots on feet,throat,scalp,please advise which cream for spots,oral medicine

    • mohan kumawat says:

      I suggest u don’t take homoeopathic medicine without consultation to homoeopathic physician because any homoeopathic medicine aggravate your symptoms of vitiligo.

      (Only constitutional medicine)

  148. Joy Banerjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have white spots on my fingers, my shoulder, one foot and in the genital area. I am most concerned about the spots on my hands which are most recent and seem to be spreading.
    I am otherwise healthy, 44 yr old male. A particular stressful period in my life about two years ago seemed to accelerate the progress if the disease.
    Can homeopathy help me in treating my vitiligo?
    Thank you!

  149. B.K.Singh says:

    dark white spot are seen on the various part of the body like armpit,onarm,below stomache and light colour of white spot are seen on leg and others part of the body also.

  150. Sharmila Datta says:

    I have white patches on my left hand and both feet. I am undergoing treatment for the last few years. Dr had prescribed different medicines like ARS ALB, Malgain,Chelidonium,ARS SF, SBR etc. during this period. At present I am taking Natrum Mur (OD, 30 ml), Melgain & ARS SF. I have not seen any improvement in my condition. Please advise.

  151. SUBHAN BAIG says:

    Sir,Iam SUBHAN BAIG 42Y old now i am suffering from vitiligo since 2years on my both hands slowly it is spreading on my both legs,lips and some parts of my inner body.please help i am very mentally disturb

  152. Tarun kumar chakraborty ,UIT,Burdwan University ,Burdwan 713104 says:


    I am Tarun kumar Chakraborty,(40 years old) now I have suffring (most probably 1 year)
    from vitiligo in my left hand & both finger but now my white patches are spreading suddenly the cause of which I cannot understand.( I am suffering allergetic asthma,cold ,dust, milk food, wheatproduct, brinjal Ilshafish etc ellergy, actually i avoid these. ) Kindly suggest me what I should do to cure the spot. any permanent solution in Homeopathy. pl advice me.

  153. Deepti says:

    What are the success rate of treatment of vitiligo in homeopathy. Does it aggravate the condition as believed

  154. Wazid Ali says:

    Why does sweeter more than usual in my hands and feet in any season? What is the best treatment for it, which will completely cure it completely?

  155. Kalpana Dey says:

    Hello, I am a leukoderma patient since the age of four. Now I am 46 years old . I have availed ayurvedic treatment long before and got a good result but now my white patches are spreading suddenly the cause of which I cannot understand. I am taking vegetarian diet. Kindly suggest me what I should do to cure the spot.

  156. Sharmila Das says:

    sir, i am suffering from vitiligo, on my finger right hand, pls. suggest me.which medicine are usefull for me. what meal are avoid me.

    • Jitender Kumar says:

      Hello sir, my son age 14 yrs has white patches on his leg area in the beginning only one is seen but as time raise these spots raised by four-five and also seen in another leg and lower part of abdomen within the period of six months. is there any permanent solution in Homeopathy. pl advice me.

      regards Jitender Kumar, New Delhi.

  157. shahid basheer says:

    my daughter aged 7has virtiligo on head and some part of hair has turned grey
    wht is the treatment for her
    kindly prescribe

  158. Manish Sanadhya says:

    sir,my daughter is 15 years old suffering from vitiligo disses. A white spot grown on my face. Pls suggest me. Which medicines are usefull for me

  159. sajal bachhar says:

    sir i have suffring from vitiligo in my both finger is this cure or not

  160. vijay kumar thakur says:

    Dear Doctor
    i have vitiligo in leg and hand since 8-9 years in using some ayurveda medicine has no any propective results , could suggest me and i am 45 year old

  161. Timir Chatterjee says:

    I have vitiligo in two hands (plum) since 5 years, now spreading condition. Since two years of & on using Ayurveda medicine, no prospective results. Could you please suggest me whether these are curable or not.
    I am 60 years age (Male)

    Awaiting for your clear instant advise please.

  162. Ahmadsaeed says:

    Hi doc sharma plz help me

  163. shahadat hossain says:

    sir,iam suffering vitiligo lips nose and neck some white spots.arround 12 years.pls suggest me,which medicine are usefull can use?/

  164. pradeep says:

    sir,i am suffering from vitiligo disses. A white spot grown on my legs & hands . around 15 year Pls suggest me. Which medicines are usefull for me

  165. Pankaj Narsaria says:

    Sir my son is 4 years old and his check and lips in white patch
    And also neck
    But only right side of body no any spots in left side

  166. Evelyne Haddad says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    my daughter is 14 months old and has extrem skin disorder eczema. Her skin ist scratching and iching the whole day. She has red scraches all over her face and body. No one can help her – only prescribing corticoid creams. I dont give them to her but she suffers a lot…what can I do for her more??
    MAny thanks in advance and best regards
    Evelyne Hadda

  167. shahadat says:

    i have vitiligo.lips,into nose,neck..whos medicine i use or how can i treat this..pls help me

  168. Amer Khan says:

    Hello. Very interesting information. I have suffered from vitiligo for the past 20 years. All my hands are now affected completely and now it has appeared on my nose, above the eye brows and around the lips. I’m a physician by profession and we don’t have any cure in allopathic medicines.

    I do live a stressful life, I suffer chronically from body aches and pains but have had a negative workup for any abnormality. I can’t say I’m too anxious but I think maybe counting on faith helps that. I do have dry skin but don’t have acne. No bowel problems either.

    Recently someone convinced me to visit a homeopathic doctor and I did. I was prescribed hydrocotyle asiatica 10 drops thrice a day. Kindly advise what would be the best remedy for me as I don’t see hydrocotyle listed in your medications for vitiligo. Thanks you.

  169. Vikash bharti says:

    sir,i am suffering from vitiligo disses. A white spot grown on my lips. Pls suggest me. Which medicines are usefull for me

  170. Manulita Sammy says:

    good day Dr Sharma. My son, 11 years old has been diagnosed with Vitiligo by a naturopath. He is treating him with liver and cutis comp. drops. He has been on the drops for more than a year. At some point I thought that the drops are working, but also noticed that on the white spots small dark dots is coming through the white spots. At the same time the white spots are increase all over his body. My son is at a point where it is affecting him emotionally and we try to support him in that. Is there any kind of therapeutic ointment/cream one can use to help with this skin disorder?
    Your assistance and advise is much appreciated in this regard.

    thank you
    Kind regards
    M Sammy


      Respected Dr. Sharma. I am 42 year old i have white patches on hands finger and legs finger it depress me. is there any treatment to cure lucoderma please assist and advice me.

      Kind Regards

      Neelmani Mishra

  171. sir, my daughter have white patches on left side face in 7 years old now her age 16 years the white patches not go how i reat my daughter please help me sir.

  172. Discolouration ( normal to red, white ) and white patches seen in and outside penis foreskin. treated for one year with Tacrous oint. Is it vitaligo and what is the remedy. Sir pl advice

  173. Pushpesh kumar says:

    I have some white spots on hand finger and neck area. Skin is not oily. Which type of medicine would be suitable for me.

  174. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Dear Mr.Sharma,

    Please let me know how much potency of sulphur can take in the starting of this Vitiligo problem…my symptom match with cure from sulphur medicine. I have round small spot on my penis front portion.

    kindly advise.

  175. Zulfikar shaikh says:

    Dr sharma
    My daughter was 2 n half year old she got rashes on diaper area after we applied cream and powder it healed after few days we saw a pinkish big patch.
    We went to pediatric he said it is due to diaper rash
    Again we applied rash cream for few months
    The patch becomes more whitish and it spreaded also little. Than we went to dermatologist in dubai he gave creams to apply and show to sun weekly twice.
    I applied for few months and than left.
    Now she 4 yrs old
    But still it’s spreading little more tiny dots are adding to that patch. If it’s due to chemical reaction why it’s spreading . One of her front hair became gray when she was around 3 yrs than went away in few months.
    Her nails are also growing now since few months. Is this all connected to vitiligo. First we thought it will go gradually than we became mentally prepared that this will not go but not spread also because it’s only on that part but now I am afraid till what portion it will spread Plzzz help doctor.

  176. Prabhat Shukla says:

    I already taking the homeopathy treatment to Dr. Girish Gupta for vitiligo and the one year duration of the treatment has been over but! The still not cure single white spot of my body… So kindly help me suggest me the usefull mediation . By the way I am suffering to vitiligo since 18 years

  177. Duryodhan Jalli says:

    I am Sri Duryodhan,43 years old belongs to odisha state.Thatsir I would like to say that I have been suffering white spots since 6months.That spots are appearing in my left hand,abdomen and both legs .These are very clear distinct day by day.Most of the white spots are regular shape and size and tiny also.Now I am in tense suffering such disease.Sir, is it vitiligo desease that I am going to suffer? I doubt only .but not known.pls clarify and advise me what medicine should I take in this connection.
    Stay with best regards

  178. U. CHAKRABORTY says:

    I am suffering from white patch my both hand finger elbow and leap (lower).
    Its slowly increasing from a point on middle joint of my left hand finger of last 6 (six years )
    My family both of father and mother sides are no background of this. I am 55 years old man.

    Please advice me
    With regards,

  179. v.s.maurya says:

    how to use above medicine for white spot on skin

  180. PREM RATAN says:

    Hello Dr Sb. I am Prem Ratan,60 years of age. I suffer from asthma since 1997,coronary artery disease since 2006 and of very sensitive and continuously thinking nature.I have to clear my bowels each day by consuming about one litre of green or milk tea.Fortunately,I am not diabetic. To make your diagnosis easier,I think to tell you about my childhood too.Anger and jealousy catch hold of me and I used to tear clothes in frustration.To combat a local facial paralysis,a strong antibiotic resulted in white spots on my thigh.I crave for milk and sweets.I have to urinate frequently to feel easy. Hopefully,these symptoms will help you in deciding proper remedy for me. Regards.

  181. naresh arora says:

    Can white fordyce spots on lips treatment is possible in homeopathic .

  182. TERENCE D'CUNHA says:

    Since I was 9 I had only 2 spots on my foot until last 3 years I started developing white spots on my hand fingers,elbow and it is showing some on my lips.. pls advice

  183. sandeep shrivstav says:

    sir i have a white patches on the face and hands what will i do.pls help us

  184. Hello Dr Sharma,
    I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you regarding my 10 year old son. He has developed some patches on his eyelids between his eye brows and eye lids, to be precise. I am in New York and was wondering if there is anything that you can offer to help. I can be reached via email initially at

    Best regards,

    Faisal H.

  185. sir i have a white patches on the face and hands what will i do

  186. Pankaj Kumar Sharma says:

    What is the best treatment for vitiligo

  187. Dawn Wanser says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am so incredibly encouraged by the fact that homeopathy can help with Vitiligo. This condition manifested after years of trauma and is prevalent over my entire body. I just recently discovered that homeopathy can provide an answer. For the last 3 months I have utilized Arsenicum Album 200c twice daily. I have also just recently began adding the cell salt Kali Sulphuricum 6x, three times per day. I noticed the Sepia on your blog and per the description it seems to fit very well in symptoms, except for menstrual irregularity. I am 43 years old and my cycles are absolutely perfect. I haven’t noticed any change really in the vitiligo using the Arsenicum but it’s hard to tell. I would like to add or change to the Sepia to see if this is a much better fit. I have both 200c and 30c potencies. Thank you for any input you can provide. Blessings!

  188. Neena narsian says:

    Dear Dr.
    My friend got vitiligo from2 years it started from one white spot he started with allopath now with dr anil havu since last 9 mths but no effect it is turn pink but ge started getting another patches. He has on his side of ears upper mouth a spot in forehead chest in body neck and feet. Is it curable

  189. Megha Shekhar says:

    Sir meri mummy ko aur mjhe,dono ko vitiligo h meri umr 22 sal h karib 13 sal se mjhe vitiligo h mene homoeopathy ayurvedic dwaiya bi khayi but koi asar ni hua phle jb homoeopathu li thi to thik hua tha phr jb bdhne lge to change krdi thi mere hath pero aur hotho pr safed daag hai hatho aur hotho pr bht tezi se bd rhe h pls ap kuch suggest kre kya kru…

  190. Aarti gupta says:

    Dear Sir
    mere dono per me gutne ke niche & dono brest me pichhle 10 varsh se white paches hai, delhi me ayurvedic treatment lee phir kerakat (banaras) me homeopathy treatment lene ke bad bhi koi fayda nahi hua.meri umar 42 varsh hai, pl. bataye kya kru.

  191. hirdesh aggarwal says:

    dear sir mare hath parr par white spot hai last seven year se mane kafee trettment karaya per kus kam nahi hua

  192. Avijit Das says:

    Sir, I noticed white spots at the age of 14 in my finger, it is rough and sometimes itching also occurs.Pls suggest what medicine I will take & what are the food restrictions. Regards

  193. Vinod Kunar says:

    I am prescribed ASF 3X along with BC 19. But after three doses I got serious stomach pain after midnight. The pain continued for 5 hours. Is it due to medicine or some other cause.

  194. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 45yrs old, have vitiligo on both legs under knee.
    I did allopathic treatment applied ointments but not very effective.
    Pls suggest what homeo medicine should start to cure Vitiligo.
    Also my hand’s hair getting grey, pls advice treatments for this.
    Appreciate your early reply. Regard.

  195. Diomedes DelValle says:

    Vitiligo on fingers of both hands for ten years. Recovered partially with dark spots appearing on the white spots. Have used uv lamps and lots of remedies. What should I use next for healing completely?

  196. Bhagwan Singh Shekhawat says:

    Sir, I am suffering from vitiligo last ten years. I have white spots on my both hands on fingers and lower side on legs. So please advise me to cure my desees.

  197. Babita Koul says:

    Namaste Sir
    My son is having vitiligo from last three years it started from greying of hair and now all scalp is covered with 50 % grey hair some medicines worked for some time but stopped suddenly leaving the condition worse now leucoderma has spread on every part of his body i dont know what to his age is 11 yrs he has dry skin and is having dandruff on scalp please suggest thanku very much sir

  198. sir I am suffering from lucoderma (white spot) on my mouth and some places in my body from 13 please give me
    best suzation

  199. Mohd. Haroon says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo since 16 year. My age is 38 years. I need help for good treatment

  200. praveen chaudhary says:

    My nephew age is 07 year. He has white patches on both eye lid . he is suffering from it from last two month. Please suggest appropriate medicine to cure it.

    • Dr.Sharma
      Sir please help my daughter to get rid of white patches on her eye lid and ankel from last 3 months
      She is just 5.yrs old.. please suggest me a gud medicine to get rid as soon as possibe

  201. J. Thakur says:

    R homeopathic medicines for curing vitiligo safe to b used on 9 year old child? Plz advise.

  202. Dr i r mansuri says:

    Sir i am suffering from vitiligo since last two years.My age is 52.There are white paches on neck , eye,mouth and on legs.which homiopethy medicine is effective ?is it curable or not ? pl.reply me as early as possible.

  203. seema Sharma says:

    hello kindly told me medicine for white spot on on skin or vitilogo

  204. sneha tomar says:

    I have small white patches on my right hands..i had a disease named pytriasis rosea..that became very chronic and damaged my skin frome some parts..its been 2 nd half years..the patches remain same..but some patches have been disappeared..plzz help me so thede patches also disappear..

  205. Santosh Chavan says:

    Hallo Sir, my Name is santosh Chavan, my wife Last five years small point white on handset, leg, chest. Presently his slowly spread. So I requested to u which and treatment is best and please address the Dr. Only Hemoeopathy beacuse other treatment his not suitable.

    • Sir, i am suffering from vitiligo ( segmentary) can u please send me the medicine details and where I can get them

  206. Rahul pratap says:

    Dear sir,25 year lady having since 13 year vitiligo,her eye and legg,and other body part white spot,so plz how to treat,plz rply

  207. Akshay gharbudepatil says:

    22 yrs female lady having since 10 yrs vitiligo ,Lucoderma so plz how to trating points how to treat plz ans

  208. asha ghanwat says:

    Plz told mi medicine for safed dag

  209. Nilesh kumar says:

    Dear sir, I am Nilesh kumar from Ranchi , Jharkhand,One of my friend Daughter her age is 5 year old ,I saw there is white sports on her eye brow ,scalp and some little sport on her stomach. Sir Requesting you to suggest us some homeopathic medicine for her.

  210. Raghupal bhat says:

    Dr. Sharma in.,
    I am Raghupal Bhat from Mangaluru aged about 54 years suffering from vitiligo since I was aaged about 10 years just on my back . For several years the white patches was under control.Now since 2-3 years white patches were observed on my fingers ,legs and on my stomock.I am now consuming antipathy medicine . The result what I am getting is not satisfactorily.Hence I am approaching you to remedies.
    The list of medicine I am consuming is
    Dexona 5 mg , ME 12 OD .,Hvit
    OA mommet forte, tacroz0.1
    And folitrax5mg twice a week

  211. Mohammad arif says:

    Hi dear dr .
    I have one spot of vitiligo under my . Therefore iam from afghanistan currently iam in dehli . Need your struction treatment want to visit for further would be give the location and hospital nqme will manage accordingly

  212. Dear Doctor i have vitiligo which starts last december from legs and face on scalp area now its slowly increasing some parts of my body like front hair line, on left hand, underarms etc.

  213. nikam suresh kumar says:

    Respected Dr sharma sir I m 35 year old soldier in army vitiligo on my wrist, knee albo back side of body and on legs small patches. I want to homeopathy treatment from you sir I live in mhow indore pls give treatment and here homeopathy medicine store is available

  214. My husband has white patches all over his body. Can it be cured?

  215. Munmun D.H. says:

    My 15 years old son is suffering from vitiligo on lips,some part of the face and fingers from january 2016.He is taking homeopathy medecine.In some parts it cured but appears on other parts of his face.Please help us to cure it completly.

  216. Alok Haldar says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo with hands,leg,throat,foot, fingers . Last two years back I can take homeopathy medicine but no improvement . That’s why now I have to stop intake the medicines. Now I have facing a lots of poblem, one of them is fearness to complete any type of work. Please some suggestions to recover the problem.

  217. Sunil Patel says:

    What can I do, because of I am suffering from vitiligo on my lips only one side. Kindly clarify my question and resolve my problem as soon as possible.

  218. RAVIKIRAN MARA says:

    What do you think giving acid nitrate for leucoderma

  219. Swarnam narayan says:

    How can I get rid of my whitepatches

  220. I am suffering from vitiligo on my face hands back and legs
    I am also a homeopathic doctor
    Please advise suitable medicine which can be taken orally or applying on skin in form of cream or mother tincture

  221. rakesh Jain says:

    i am suffering LGMd from last three year. i am 44 year old mail. Now i am facing problem in stair climbing and squatting from floor

  222. dharmendra kumar singh says:

    i am dharmendraI have a white spot on my hand also on thigh from last 24 plz mujhe medicine btao.

  223. Hi sir.. I m shamli . I have a white spot on my neck with white hair & also on thigh from last 5 plz mujhe medicine btao.

  224. Hello sir , I am suffering leucoderma from 4 se 5 year, sir me 4 se5 saal se medicine le Rahi hu mere Phelanb dag thik ho gai the two year se do bare ho gai sir please good medicine give

  225. Dear Sir,

    I am shanta from kolkata. I had developed a small spot below my lip and again a small spot near my chin. Then i developed a small spot at the back. after this i went to a homeopath doctor in kolkata where he instructed medicnes and a oil to be put in early morning sunlight and evening. But the spot whcih was actually there was giving brown spots and a recovery sign. but all of a sudden now the areas nearby has started spreading. he did not mention any food restriction so i was having everything in my diet.i am a non vegeterian. please advice.

  226. Yogesh Pagaria says:

    Can sepia be taken by man.

  227. simran sharma says:

    My name is sagar Sharma .I am from Jammu.I am suffering from leucoderma from 10 yrs. I don’t want to eat medicines can you hep me to solve the problem of. Leucoderma from some natural way …call me if u want to help me 9086249158

  228. chanda singh says:

    hello sir good morning sir mere skin may ek white spots hai jisko 5 to 6 year ho gaye hai…Please koi better or jaldi thik hone wali medicine btaye…im so worried about my spot.

    • simran sharma says:

      My name is sagar Sharma .I am from Jammu.I am suffering from leucoderma from 10 yrs. I don’t want to eat medicines can you hep me to solve the problem of. Leucoderma from some natural way …call me if u want to help me 9086249158

  229. kaushal sharma says:

    hell sir’
    mujea last 12 year sai finger ,kohni , lips aur leg lower portion par vitiligo hai last 6 month sai kafhi increase ho rahe hai plz help kar kai guide karai

  230. Hi,

    I am suffering from vitiligo. I see many promising with ayurvadic and homoeopathy medicine. could you suggest based on the success rate. it will really help me choose one over another.

  231. Sir mujhe lips per chota sa white spot a gaya hai maie bahut pareshan hu. mari umer 34 hai. pls kuch bataiye

  232. naseem mehmood ali says:

    Age 8 year’s gender female complexion whitish ,vitiligo on knee and lower feet

  233. DILIP KUMAR says:


    My name is Dilip Kumar I have white patches in my hands and legs left from last 3 years. Dont know whether to call this as vitiligo? I have white patch in my lips too but not high. Now i am 38 years/M old. Is there any treatment for this???. Will someone help me or guide me in this????

  234. Age-13 yrs, complexion- wheatish, gender- girl, white patches in lower feet

  235. Halo
    I have white patches in my hands and legs right from my birth. Dont know whether to call this as vitiligo? I have white patch in my lips too but not high. Now i am 32 years old. This white patch is the same as what i had it during my birth. It havent spread. But my hairs turned white when i am very young say at athe age of 12 or less. The hairs in and around the white patches are white. Is there any treatment for this??? I like and i am very eager to live a normal girl s life. I have a three year old son and now i feel very low and ashamed to have this white patches. At times i hate this life very much. God has created me with this white patch from my birth and i need someone who can cure this. I will be very thankful. I tried tattooing at a small area in my hand but it failed. Will someone help me or guide me in this????

  236. I have vitiligo spots on my hands, groin area and under eye . Initially some spots faded away using immunosuppressent pills , uv light , mutivitamins and ginger juice. But after 2 years it started spreading rapidly. Now i am intolerant to sunlight . Easily gets sunburn . Ginger and uv light treatment is not effective at all. Allopathic medicines makes my digestion sytem worse. Topical Black pepper worked well for some spots. But suddenly got allergic to black pepper
    I have a strong affinity towards cleanliness, wash my hands several times. I drink tea alot. Strong cravings for sweet. My mind is always busy and occupied with plans. Kindly advise.

  237. Today i have seen some white spots on leg n back in small size.Age.56.Male.Wt 74 kg.Ht.5.9.
    Taking bp.n sugar medicine.
    PROSTATE enlarged 42 gms.

  238. manoj kumar says:

    My smart littel daughter 6yr old having white spot on her both eyes, knees and foot from last 1.5 yr. Homeopathic treatment from the same time is going on.
    There is no effective results .it is inreasing as the days are passing.we are so much worried about it.
    please suggest somthing

  239. siddharth Pandey says:

    Myself siddharth Pandey, I found light white and redish patch in my lower side of lip. I also feel itching in that area.
    Spot only visible after close observation.

    Please suggest me best treatment.

  240. James Mathews says:

    Greetings Doctor,
    I’m James,25 years old. I recently observed some white patches on my skin on the legs mainly and two spots on the hand. I approached a homeopathy doctor and i started the treatment its almost going to be 1 month now.Though my existing spots haven’t enlarged but i see new spots on few places like my thumb and below my lips. I’m really worried as to why this happening in spite of taking medicine. Its mentally very traumatizing to be go through this . I’m taking vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D tablets also drinking water kept overnight in copper vessel.Kindly guide me.
    Thanks and Regards

  241. dr fayaz cell 03009594756 says:

    fayaz male
    age 40
    allopathic dr
    non postulated papules on scalp sever itching papules relepsing in nature
    diabetes type 2
    mintally so sensitive and anxious
    sexually desire so high but errection is mild
    burning feet tightness skin of feet with burning as possible please help

    • Hello sir
      My daughter is suffering from vitiligo on the left eye & left eyebrow.
      Age -10years
      She is fatty. Milky white spot on the eye.
      Plz suggest me best homoeo remedy with their selected potency.

  242. Kinshuk Burman Roy says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from vitiligo since childhood and have been under treatment of various dermatologists. None of them have been able to cure the disease but those white spots never increased till I showed Dr. B.K. Das who treated me with Iric injection. The injection worked havoc on me and the disease spread on my hands and other parts of my body. I started homeopathy treatment but the medicine containing alpha sulphur increased the disease manifolds and i don’t have any clue what to do next.

    Kindly help.

  243. my sister has white patche I m Looking medicine in homeopathy

  244. m.r ansari says:

    what is the medicine for white patche in hemeopath

  245. My 10 year old son has vitiligo. It started around his mouth. He has a few spots on his arms, neck, his feet and hands are starting to fade. He’s currently using Protopic and phototherapy three times a week.

  246. syed safdar says:

    Hi sir I should apply sulphur on white patches to cure it will it will be reduce in colour if i apply sulphur on white patches

  247. gurpreet singh says:

    Dear sir. im punjabi guy 38 yr old 6 feet . slim built. I had small tiny white dots on my forearm neck and couple on face. one could ignore such dots easily. i had them when i was about 20 yrs old. Now in last 1 yr or so i have seen the dots are getting bigger. Penis has a patch of close to 1 inch. Right at the middle of upper lip the white patch is little bigger spot i wd say 2-3mm still small. people dont notice that.
    I took Throdium 4x and Mel cum tur for 8 months or so then stopped. Not too sure if that helped.
    My Homeo Dr says its due to Throyd. He gives Thyrod med to 99%of his pateints. my reading for TCH was ok . wd say say teading alwys been close to 2 or under. Other syspotms that i had my Dr said its 200%thyroid issue. i took throdoum for over 2 yrs or so. Reading still remained the same . my symptoms also didnt change . i didnt notice any change. then i stopped throduim.
    i went to another Homeo Dr . as i would low energy. sleepy during the day time and also at times suddenyly MY BODYWOULD FEEL THAT I DONT ANY ENERGY. CANT DO ANYTHING AND UNABLE TO EVEN KEEP MY EYES OPEN. THEN I WOULD SLEEP AND WOULD GET UP AGTER HALF AN HOUR OR SO. Day time i wd contonusly feel sleepy. Yawn cont. Je gave my Lyco and aurum m then lyco and ARS.also Phosphorus . helped off and on. however i started seeing small hair growing on my head which is GREAT. I m bald and losing beard too. overall not much help with both the Drs
    the white spots i hv . is this Vitiligo?
    i have sitting job. not active lifestlye. stress yes. aminly due to hair loss and health reasons. can u pls help?

    • S K SHARMA says:


  248. Tushar Pandit says:

    I am having vitiligo symptom on my body. I had taken treatment with homeopathy doctor but i felt spots are suddenly expanding. So I stepped taking medicines. Till then spots are stationary. I was taking Ayurveda medicines for vitiligo i found very small change towards improvement. My age is 57 Years and having problem since last four years. my family history is negative for vitiligo. Can you suggest any medicines for vitiligo.

  249. Lorene Merriman says:

    I saw this article, my 8 yr old daughter may have Vitiligo with a quarter size pale patch that has started two months ago. I was wondering if you have systems in place or recommendations for natural remedies of children with Vitiligo. Before this may get worse? She is an active creative minded child and borderline hyper, has fair skin. No rashes or dryness issues. With overall digestive balance, not the best eater (sugar and kid prone foods) but can try to clean that up more.

    I would appreciate any reply and or advise should this become her diagnosis.

  250. Alex, kerala, 08893450453 says:

    Respected sharma sir, I am an exservice man aged 50years old. I suffering from vitiligo only on my upper and lower lips since six years not completely spread,little area only. I was treated with alopathy medicine. That time it was not spreaded when i stoped it slowly started spreading . I am a non veg eater. Can this decease completely cure? How much time medicine take? Any diet restriction? My skin is dry type skin.during night itching(khujalie) last two months i an not taking any medicine. Please advise me. Yours faithfuly Alex , kerala mob 08893450453

  251. Jitendra kushwah says:

    Sir I consulted your clinic in Indore for curing vittilogo. Sir suggest me how homeopathy will treat vittilogo. I have been suffering from vittilogo around 15 years it will remove or not

  252. shaik kalimullla says:

    Good morning sir I have white patches are on hands legs ears elbows lips large patches on head
    I am taking homeo pills of A S F 30 regularly weekly one other dose . After using medicines I have some babbuls on the patches and i felt very heat and fallen some water in babbuls My age 42 y .
    please give your advise .

  253. Muralidhar says:

    Good Afternoon sir,

    My son Name CHAARUKESH, He is 3 years old. white patch on head.

    Please tell me reply for treatment

  254. Dear sir,

    I am a patient of Vitiligo from last 5 years, now spreading drastically.
    not able to understand how to control. maximum on hand and legs are seen.

    please advice me and help ///



    • Babatunde Daniel says:

      Good day Doctor
      I have vitiligo for almost 3 years.
      please help me .
      I believe the homeopathic
      medicine can cure this skin

  255. My name is Pandhari I am 21 year old female . white spot on my lip please my mob. No 8919224463

  256. shazeb hassan says:

    sir i am 22 year old and suffering white spot in skin from 10 year i have white spot in uper part of both eyes nd little portion on both part of lips nd nose or ear and maximum neck covered with white spot and have both hand or albo and both leg ..please give me a solution for this my contct no..9903874411 or 9007143822

  257. Hi dr will flowers of sulpur help cure my vitiligo

  258. Dr MERAJ AHMAD KHAN says:

    I am Dr khan , 58 yrs.orthopaedic surgeon.I am usually working in Operation with image intensifier.
    FIVE YRS BEFORE I DEVELOPEDpunctatate white spots on my hands over knuckles whicch increased in size gradually.
    White spots also ondorsum of feet. A d nees and elbows.
    I am taking. for hypothyroid for 25 yrs

  259. Abhishek u n says:

    Am Abhishek un frm karnataka chickmaglur disrict.
    M suffering frm viltigo white patches ftom 15days . I shw to skin doctor he gave a cream and tablet . But it was nt curing . Patches is gng high in hands. Please give me a solution . Mine contact numbr .7353690947

    • Sir MRE 4 saal ki ladki ko chin k beach white skin ho bye h. Es ka Joe proper ilaj h.himbHut pr ashan h plea se koi eska ilaj batao

      Mobile no 7018159067

  260. Awdhesh Kumar Mishra says:

    Dear Sir
    There 4 small white patches on my both legs and lower lip. The patches are half to one inch in sizes. I have been using arsenic sylph Flav. started with 30 potency and now 200 potency since last 4 years. I reveal recovery, but very slowly.
    May you please suggest some additional medicine for good result.
    I shall be highly obliged for advise.

  261. Rahul Jaiswal says:

    Sir, which homeopathic medicine we should take for white patches on lip?
    And what will be the dose?

  262. Hem Raj Seriya says:

    I am 57 years old. Iam a cardiac patient and taking mediciñes. Five six months ago l have had allergy on my face. I got treatment for the same. Thereafter l observed small white spots oñ right side of my lower lip. I weñt to skin specialist. He wrote one month medicines and prescribed Pacroma cream to apply on the white spots. After taking one month medicines i found no early relief from the medicines and went to the doctor. He prescribed HSB test which found positive (5.11). I am taking medicines for the last three- four months but found no relief of removing the white spots rather i have also noticed white spots on the elbow of my both arms as well as on the fingers also.. Please advice me whether it will be permanently cured through homeopathic treatment or not? If there is any homeopathic medicine available to my problem please suggest me that medicines on my mail.
    Thanking you in anticipation of hearing valuable advice.

  263. Sunil srivastava says:

    I have white patches under my both eyes what is this and how can it be treated

    • venkatesh says:

      hello sir,
      myself venkatesh am 26yrs old, I have whites patches on my body and my forehead also plz suggest me how to cure that

    • Ashok kumar tiwary says:

      Mr. Sharma
      I am ashok tiwary my son atharva his lip left side inside in white patches (safed dag)
      Please suggest me how to care that

  264. anamika nehar says:

    guys please contact Kayakalp global . its in faridabad. haryana. u will all details in Google. they guarantee the recovery in 3months as over patients state.. I also suffered from vitiligo from last 2years. now I am fine with the treatment. its ayurvedic. I hope it l help u guys. thank me later.

  265. M D Srinivasa Rao says:

    Sir,my daughter aged 7 yrs suffering with ITP having white patches on he ankles &genetials… What is the best treatment in homeopathy

    • M D Srinivasa Rao says:

      Sir,my daughter aged 7 yrs suffering with ITP having white patches on he ankles &genetials… What is the best treatment in homeopathy

  266. Sanjay bhalerao says:

    My skin is having severe itching n sticky oily on face , losing hairs, white spot on tip of penis n little brownish spot on face one on hand n so , fact in age 18 I as very nice skin use to glow but when masturbation stated on large scale it developed in 3 years. Needs perfect medicines

  267. shiv kutwal says:

    dear sir
    i am 74 year old .4 month ago i notice white spot under lower lip in april iwent to india and consulted homeopathy clinic.they gave me 3 medicine 1 bio combination skin disease tablet petroleam drops in water 3small round tablet .itook them for 3 months no use.then i came back to u s i am taking 1 arsenicum sulf.flav. 6x 2skin formula 60ml. 3 bio tonic iam very depressed.can you suggest me any it curable. thanks
    shiv kutwal

  268. zia ur Rehman says:

    I am patient of severe depression since 1996 and consulted dozens of psychiatrists but in vain, now a days i am using trptanol, valium, & inderal as per doctor advice, but now some white patces around my neck and over shoulders are appearing I have consulted homeopath according to him its vitiligo give some some medicine in drops forms and ointment but its not working. I am using it for about 20 days. So sir can you suggest me any medicine for this disease(vitiligo). I shall be very grateful to you. I am 44 years old. Thanks. Zia

  269. zia ur Rehman says:

    I am patient of severe depression since 1996 and consulted dozens of psychiatrists but in vain, now a days i am using trptanol, valium, & inderal as per doctor advice, but now some white patces around my neck and over shoulders are appearing I have consulted homeopath according to him its vitiligo give some some medicine in drops forms and ointment but its not working. I am using it for about 20 days. So sir can you suggest me any medicine for this disease(vitiligo). I shall be very grateful to you. Thanks. Zia

  270. Adeela Akhtar says:


    I am 26 years old. I have small white patches on my hands and one patch on leg. This problem occur one year ago and patches spreading slowly. Please guide what should I do? We have no family history of vitiligo.

  271. Sir my son is 3 yr.old.recently found two small patches .one on the side of the forehead and another on the cheeks. Nw we r applying lipid based tarcolimus ointment at night….want to know the result.

    • Jincy Reji says:

      Sir ,
      My son ,12 years 0ld shows signs of vitiligo (patches on legs ).It started 21/2 years ago.About 2 years we treated with allopathic medicine including UV light.Now hhe is under homeopathy treatment. But the no of patches are increasing after starting homeopathy.Initially he has only patch but now 6 or 7 patches.Sir,is it curable? Can you effective suggestions
      Thank you

  272. RAMESH Yadav says:

    KINDLY write me best homeopathy medicine name for VITILIGO . MY MOTHER AGE 70 years She has small white patch on skin. This is starting . PLEASE write me any medicines name

  273. Sir, I have white patches on my knee, lower abdomen, hand on elbowand back side of wrist, now it is spreading I am worried pleases suggest some successful medicine ,, I am about 39 years old male

  274. Vishwanath. G says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am 22 yrs old guy, I want your help sincerely please suggest me, How can I remove white marks from my lips, its very shame on me to other. Kindly please suggest one medicine for this problems and do needful as soon as.

    Vishwanath. G

  275. Hello Doctor,
    I am 24 yrs old guy I am suffering with my pigmentation it accused on my inside part of my dick when I put out of my skin back I can see the colour of light pink I am very much fear of this.
    Please Doctor Help me out of this problem I am totally disappointed of this I don’t know what happen in my life.

  276. I have vitiligo i have no idea

  277. hello Dr, thank you for your information. I have had small white spots on my legs and arms for many years didn’t bother me, now since 5 months ago I have patches on my hands. Could you pls suggest a treatment
    thank you

  278. I m suffering from leucoderma since last year, i m 26 year old mustache has become white and lips are also becoming white plzz help me.. Sir

  279. Chanchal Agrawal says:

    I am suffering from leucoderma since 8 years. I had taken allopathic treatment for about 2 to 3 years and got pregnent. So I discontinued my treatment from 5 years. Now I have two son’s. Small one has completed two years and new spot has seen on my hand. One spot is very small but hair is also turned white. I am worried.please help.

  280. Hi sir

    Is your clinic available in Hyderabad ?

  281. kishan kumar says:

    I find some small white thing like spot on my face what i could do,
    whichnmedicine i take for it.

  282. Namaskar Doctor sir, I’ve been observing some very small wite spots on my left leg. Earlier, say about 8/9 years ago, those were in some ‘off white’ colours in 2/3 spots only. Homeopathy Dr. Told me those were ” liver spot” & gave some medicene. I was not much bothered or worried about. For the last few months I noyice, that those small sopts have turned ‘white’ on my left leg & numbers are little more than before. I’ve no other complications. I am 70 years of age, do regular excercise/ pranayam etc. & phisically fit. One very small sami white spot also observed on my naval. I would be grateful if you kindly prescribe homeopathy medicine for me to my email address. Thank you sir. Manash Das.

  283. Monika Verma says:

    Hello doctor my self monika verma from dehradun India. I am suffering white spot on my hands fingures,legs, breast, lips….. I am 33years old pure vegetarian woman. I need permanent solution for my problem..
    Thank you..

  284. Remona Campbell says:

    Good day Doctor

    I have vitiligo for almost 3 years.
    please help me .

    I believe the homeopathic medicine can cure this skin disorder.

  285. I am vitiligo patient.4year start vitiligo.I consult allopathi doctor .but now I am decide consult homeopathic doctor.vitiligo cure homeopathic.every person said homeo is the best way to cure vitiligo.iam so sad

  286. Sir I have some small white patches on my hands for last 2 months. Suggest me the best way to get rid of this…

    • Prakash deep says:

      I am 36 yr old.I have white spots on my forehead,hand, legs.from 28 yr I am taking arsenic sul,anacardium alternate spots not spread much all spots are now shaded but not cure.some times I feel more white in summer. My face is oily but skin is dry.i am married.
      Please suggest me proper medicine.

  287. Jannatun nayeem rupa says:

    Hello sir. I m facing vitiligo last 1 year. .I went to Dr for treatment but the vitiligo have no change and day by day Its increasing…now it’s spread my face finger and body also. ..I m 27 years old …
    Now sir pls tell me what to do?

    • Hello sir I m 36 years old I m having vittiligo last 4 years n tried lots of medicine but no use please help me I m mentally disturb .d patches are still spreading in my hand n legs n half of my lips r also covers n inside of d body only 2 3 spots are there n which r not increasing even covering plz help me sir thanks

    • gorakhnath patil says:

      Hello sir
      my daughter is 13yrs old and she is infected from 8 month these spots are on the knee off her left leg and another is on her right eye the spot on the eye gets bright when she its something sweet and the spot on the leg is getting spread even after consulting doctor

  288. Sir I have small dots on my hands for last 3 months…it is vitoligo…can u plz suggest me the best way to get rid of this…

  289. Sachin ramesh Poipkar says:

    Sir I have a vitiligo since one year on leaps n now spreading to fingers. So can you treat.

  290. Piyush Vyas says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My name is Piyush Vyas age 30 yrs. I have vitiligo since I was 8 yrs old. I have tried many treatments allopathy,ayurvedic lastly 7-8 yrs ago I had UV laser treatment with skin grafting , but vitiligo has not been removed completely.
    I have read above mentioned information regarding medicine sepia medicine suits me.
    Please let me know how to take it. Thank you

  291. 高級感を演出する素材を使用した飽きのこないシンプルな高級感を演出する素材を使用した飽きのこないシンプルな

  292. Hello sir my 4 years old son affected with vitiligo is any medicine in homeopathy currently we r using unani medicine pls help me sir

  293. absul ghori says:

    I have vitiligo for 45 years . Nothing works

  294. Ram Udgar roy says:

    good evening sir,

    i have nine white path on body legs,arms, fingar , Nack and knee so pls advice good medicin and i want to live alone and pease no distrub any body because i am think about so many new business idea and before six years i have mental attack came also.

    ram udgar roy

  295. Sir I have little white spot on right side of lips. Doctor told me it is fulvari. Is it curable. Which medicine should I take? And in how many days it will work?

    • Good evening
      Dr . I am person from thiruvallur. I am suffering from white patch on my chest and neck area and I feel that it is getting spreaded. I wish to come out of this completely .. kindly do the need full suggestions as soon as possible. I am ready for the appoinmen even.

  296. Rameswar singh says:

    Dear Doctor.I am 55years old .lam suffering from itiitiligo on full body.sspot is redish please give solution to me.

  297. Chockalingam says:

    Dear sir
    I am having a a small Ray of white spot under my eyelid for the past three months.
    This is only appeared after my cataract operation.
    Kindly advice me the medicine .

  298. Jane Alam says:

    good morning honourable dr. sb!
    i am suffring from many sexcual proublems like premature ejaculation, erectile disfunction, sexcual disorder and less time of 2 & 1 minute only.
    i am physically heavy & fit body but with mental & a lot sexcual weakness. plz help and prescribed me some special & deep acting homoepathic medicine for root level treament.
    i am married and have 3 children.
    thanks a lot. i am of 37 or 39 years old.
    thanks again

  299. S h a I l I n I. B h a t t says:

    Good evening Sir,
    Mrs.Shailini bhatt is here. My small 11 yrs. Son named Vraj is suffering from vitiligo from last 3 months . First I saw this on his right hand’s first finger but now 3 finger are affected
    Now a homeopathy Doctor treated him from 1 month .
    I m very worried about this pl help me. Sir I will never forget you

  300. abdul ghori says:

    Hello; I have vitiligo for over 40 years. Nothing works. What makes you think you have the cure and no one winning the noble reward?

  301. ajay gupta says:

    my daughter is eight years old she has a viltigo(white spot) on her right hand side leg above the anklet . What i have to do for this. plz help me sir

  302. I am suffering from vitilgo since 1994 and now it has sread all part of body .When it started i was suffering from cold alergy and asthma.It inceases when antibiotics are inhaled .now i am very sensitive to hot sun .Now i have got rid of symptom close to fit as mentioned insepia / arsenic album medicine above. No family histry .kindly advise teatment

  303. kiran chaudhari says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo since a year there are white paches on my palmback
    I am 49 yr old hight 5-6′ weight 86 kg with markeble belly
    I am also suffering from hytus hernia. and DVT with pulmonary thramboembolism a 1 &1/2 yr back
    contact no 9769979003

  304. Im suffering from vitiligo for last two years in my leg finger and belly. please suggest me.

  305. Rahmatullah says:

    My nephew age 9, some body parts are suffered since 2013…spreading with time. My whatsapp and viber nos are 0093777781700. I can send u some of pics.
    Show us a way how to talk on its cure.

    • Hi sir
      I am pawan..past one year i got white patches on my stars first on near ear..after using Melanin medeicine it completely gone..aftr some months it stars on my upper side of eye brows ..later i use homeopathy& still..then the white patch becoming black stays ..Now i got on my lips ..i think its startng stage…can you please suggest me …is vitiligo curable..if there is possibilities pls suggest me..i am gettng married nxt this situation makes me thnkning …

    • Hi sir
      I am pawan..past one year i got white patches on my stars first on near ear..after using Melanin medeicine it completely gone..aftr some months it stars on my upper side of eye brows ..later i use homeopathy& still..then the white patch becoming black stays ..Now i got on my lips ..i think its startng stage…can you please suggest me …is vitiligo curable..if there is possibilities pls suggest me..i am gettng married nxt this situation makes me thnkning …


      • Dr.M.Tariq says:

        I am dr. Tariq l have vitiligo white patches dorsum of both hands last one month one spot on forehead last 2 days please Reply treatment.


  307. Vidyapayhi says:

    I got a white patch about I cm in triangle shape and small white spots on both the legs. Pl. Suggest trratment

  308. hello,
    I am mother of 3 children aged 42 years. I have vitiligo on my body from past 35 years. It was little. Now i am breastfeeding 6 months baby and it has spread everywhere on my body. If it comes on left hand , exactly at that place on right hand also appears. Is it ok to start homeopathy medicine now while breastfeeding or should i wait till i wean the baby. Can u suggest me the appropriate medicine.

  309. Sivabalan says:

    Sir I am siva .. White paches in hand and legs then all treatments so no correct solving … Sir u treatment ..

  310. sanjay ghante says:

    Good evening sir I am suffering from 3 yrs please give me suggestion on that (5%) percent on my whole hand ear knee

  311. Hi sir I am suffering from white patches from last 25 years now it’s covered 50% of my body . it is curable not if yes please suggest me which medicine will help me

  312. Md. Golam Mostafa says:

    My daughter has been suffering from Vitiligo in her mouth, lip, check and few other areas from one year. She taken medicine Meladenine but not cure at all. But the medicine responses some time then, other areas are affected newly.

  313. sir my sister is suffuring from white spot for approx 15 year this disies are very large shape on skin sir plese help to completly relax from vitilgo

  314. Mratyunjay Yadav says:

    Sir,. I am suffering from vitiligo last 15years. Some patches has erased on my body. But patches on my feet still stable. In homoeopathy which medicine I take to erase white patches in my body. I am 29 years old.

  315. M. kothari says:

    hello white skin on my foreskin, causing problem. can it be cured ? preventing foreskin to move back

  316. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My name is fazila mahomed, I am a vitiligo patient for long time when i was about45 years at 2002. first i saw one spot on my chest and another on my boady. then i took different medicine of herbal and homeopathic, after few months my spots was gone but one big spot was hidden in my glotial region but did not spread. In 2007, i have finished my job while i saw a white spot on my finger, afterwards, i tried a lot of medicne for this but it did not stopped. for long time it was spreading on my fingers, hands and feet very slowly, but in 2013 december i got eczema on my whole body which was very hard to cure, after using ointment on the eczema, it was cured but those spots remained white, means that eczema helped spreading vitiligo. now , i am looking for a good remedies but medical science had no dependable option for it. i have been spending money for treatments but nothing is working.
    I expect some guidelines and advice from you. Also caming to my face now.

  317. premendra guria says:

    White spot in only leg finger,

  318. Marchie faburada says:

    Hi,im also suffering from vitiligo was started that was oct.2014 when i saw in my neck side a white patches it seems became bigger very frustrated how to treat this kind of condition.

  319. Dr.Priyanka galav says:

    hi sir,
    my brother is suffering frm vitiligo n its a starting phase.please help me for these problem

  320. kaushal gupta says:

    dear sir I have more Wight Dot’s in my solder and my back and my chest.
    what I used to medicine.

  321. dear sir
    i am facing vitiligo problems (its starting time)
    so i request you pleas help me for this problems .

  322. Does this white patches be cured by this medicines

  323. masud ahamod says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My name is masud ahamod, I am a vitiligo patient for long time when i was about 17 years at 2001. first i saw one spot on my chest and another on my lips. then i took different medicine of herbal and homeopathic, after few months my spots was gone but one big spot was hidden in my glotial region but did not spread. In 2007, i have finished my bachelor while i saw a white spot on my finger, afterwards, i tried a lot of medicne for this but it did not stopped. for long time it was spreading on my fingers, hands and feet very slowly, but in 2013 december i got eczema on my whole body which was very hard to cure, after using ointment on the eczema, it was cured but those spots remained white, means that eczema helped spreading vitiligo. now , i am looking for a good remedies but medical science had no dependable option for it. i have been spending money for treatments but nothing is working.
    I expect some guidelines and advice from you.

    Masud ahamod

  324. Brenda nistler says:

    Have white patches on my hands and feet what’s the best thing to try

  325. rozina bi says:

    hi I just wanted to know that how can u get the Medican of hydrocotyle cream and arsenum sulfuratum Flavum 6s

  326. rayappakarumanchi says:

    I’m also facing in vitiligo and white spots in face plz suggest me

  327. mohd anwar says:

    dear sir
    i am facing vitiligo problums (its starting time)
    so i request you pleas help me for this problums .

  328. Prateek Chaurasia says:

    Hi Sir,
    I am suffering from Leukoderma, pathches are currently on my finger tips and behind palm from where the fingers start, on my feets and legs. After reading the whole article I feel the above mentioned two cures:
    Calcarea Carb and Arsenic Album and the symptoms defined under these headings match my case the most. Please suggest me a remedy for this, or any mean so that it can be cured. As it is one of the biggest reason of lack of confidence in me. My contact number is 9266685425.

  329. Mohsin Rasheed says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Good afternoon..

    There is white patches on my skin and almost all body near to cover. I think it starts in my childhood, my father has same problem. Now it appears on my face. Can you suggest something to stop spreading further.

    Mohsin Rasheed

  330. pradeep kanaujiya says:

    i face this problem till about three to four years but is to control
    firstly i take tratment in g.t.b govt. hospital in english medicine department about one year but not any results
    secondly i take tratment in tlm private hospital in tahirpur near rajiv gandhi superspeclist hospital about eight month but not any results , and i very feared because day by day increase this disease

    about my disease :-
    firstly start in lips yet legs yet front side of hand
    now i am very feared to this disease please give me any solution and best to best hospital to control and finish this disease
    i am related to very poor family and i have no more rupees to treat expencive treatment sooo… i request to you please talk to me any govt. hospital for this disease……….

  331. faryal tahir says:

    hi, my husband got a little white circular spot on his forehead just above the right eyebrow at medial side. 2 months has passed. today a dermatologist told him that it is vitiligo.
    my husband is studying engineering. all the family matters are good going. there is no tensions in home. kindly tell me some medicine so that this disease can be treated in the very beginning.

  332. dipankar majumder says:


  333. rahul ranveer says:

    Sir m Rahul …sir a white patch is emerging on my neck & little bit on my forhead.. Not pure white bt its leucoderma i hv confirmed…sir plz rply. What should i do? M n student of engineering sir.

    • Md. Nizam Uddin says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      Does vitiligo permanently cured through homeopathy treatment? If yes, how many days it will require? How can I start the treatment? Please advice.

  334. brijesh kumar says:

    Pls tell me what I do on my white patches in my hand and back

    • Hello sir….my son is 6 years old he has white patches on his forehead…plz tell m some good medicine…my one friend had these patches also she used psorinum 30 for it and it cured…..plz reply me soon as it’s just started now.

  335. JINCY A PAULOSE says:

    Vitiligo in my lips am a woman and and am a little worries about this. And am hvv alergy for all kind of sprays some creams, chicken etc .. is it curable ( from root) is it very expensive? Pls help me

  336. Deep Raval says:

    These are some effective medicines to cure vitiligo. I have read about some more homeopathic medicines which are effective on vitiligo. Those medicines are Kali carbonicum and Hydrocotyle Asiatica. Read the detailed information of these medicines here:

  337. madhusudan says:

    sir we are suffering with this problem approxi.5 years
    problem—-white patches upper side of finger tops just near/above nails on fingers skin not is approxi 1 cm on both hands finger.
    English treatment started early but not cured .currently last 2 months medicines p. now want to sweep on homeopath plz suggest and guide.

    • madhusudan says:

      sir we are suffering with this problem approxi.5 years
      problem—-white patches upper side of finger tops just near/above nails on fingers skin not is approxi 1 cm on both hands finger.
      English treatment started early but not cured .currently last 2 months medicines p. now want to sweep on homeopath plz suggest and guide.

  338. Sudhil yadav says:

    Hello sir
    Sie last 2-3 month have a spot on my wifes’ forehead and right check. Someone telling her it is vitiligo please give me a proper solution to remove that spots
    She is very tensed about it.


    Hello sir, My daughter is 4years and 9 months old.she have a white patch on her left eye lid since last 2 months. is it curable?please tell me about medicine.thanks

  340. Vaishali says:

    Hello sir im. Vaishali muze Wight spot hai after 10 years Vitiligo very fast growth so plz help me kya me yeh medicine yaha aurangabad le sakti hu meri family expences nahi otha pahungi

  341. Black spots are reappearing on my hands… Kindly tell me ointment to remove black spots on skin…i have vitiligo and my skin is white…

  342. Roshan kawale says:

    Hello sir
    My Name Roshan i. m from Gondia (Maharashtra)…..
    I have white patches in my chest, hand and legs. for 1 year sir plz suggestion me what should i have do

  343. Dr. Payal Tripathi says:

    Hello Dr, Sharma

    It pleasure to talk with you, My self Dr. Payal Tripathi. I am suffering from Leucoderma spots
    on hands and chest. I need treatment for that with you. I had took calarea carb 30 few days back and sulphur 1 m one dose. recently i am on A.S.F. 30.

    Thanks and regards,
    Dr. Payal Tripathi

  344. k.g.nadolia says:

    hi, i m 46 year old and from last 3 years i m suffering from vitiligo on both hands fingure and forehead with white spot and now its is spreading on both legs and different parts of body with very light colour small small spots, i have tried aleopathy but no result , kindly suggest me best from your side i will be highly obliged.

    thanks & regards

    K.g. nadolia

    • Hi sir my name is rahul .i m from delhi..i have whit paches in my lips and chic. For 3 year.sir plss suggestion me what should i have do.

  345. these are very precious information for us.
    thanks a lot sir for guiding us.
    but I don’t know how to use these medicines.
    therefore, kindly tell me that how to use these medicines.

  346. Asfandiyar says:

    Hi. In my family every first born male child has vitiligo patch on sides of hips. It usually develops in an year after birth. Same is the case with me and now my child. I am from Pakistan and during my teen I used a lotion by name of amiodine(homeopathic) plus sun exposure for 5 minutes and it helped me a lot. Now I can not find it anywhere. I am worried for my kid now. Please help me in this regard.

  347. sapan kumar ghorai says:

    my son is 8 yr have white spot on his eye knee upper side of feet from last 2yr now increasing pl advise what to do

  348. Komalambike says:

    I have vitiligo rigth side of the lower neck . I started taking homoeopathy medicine since three years , there is improvement . But off late it started appearing on my lower lip . Still I am under homeopathy treatment . I. Don’ t know how to overcome of it . I am 65 years old . Is it possible to get cured . I am not a diabetic patient n do not have B P . But I had goiter since my puberty . I am not taking any medicine for it . Kindly guide me in this doctor . If u can help me out , I will be grateful to u doctor .
    With regards
    Mrs . Mahadev

  349. jignesh suthar says:

    Dear Sir ,
    i have baby girl age 1.5 year recently i found one white spot on her body its increase day by day kindly suggest that how can its remove or make in control.

    waiting for your feedback please…

  350. Amit Gupta says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 6.5 yrs having lots of white patches on his face near both eyes and small small white dots starting in all the body , have from last one year , but increases in last 3 months , please advise what to do…

  351. ravi ranjan says:

    Sir from last 10 years im suffering from vitiligo at present im taking homepathy treatment but it shows benefit for 1 year only now it again spreadin please help.

  352. Sumit Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My son is aged about four and half years old and suffering from vitiligo for the last one year or so. I started homeopathic treatment but it’s gradually increasing. Kindly suggest.
    Sumit Bhattacharya

  353. Crystal says:

    I am 33 I started getting vitiligo when I was 3. I have it on mouth hands and feet. I have stomach issues and now sleep walking issue’s. I don’t like to be in crowds or the center of attention I stay nervous and stressed and have many fears. I would like to know what medicine would be best for me.

  354. my son white spot on face small spot age 6 year please help me

  355. Dear sir please advise me medicine with dose thanks
    Treatment for Vitiligo
    My age 35y
    Suffer since 15 year
    Patch are on fingers, legs foot
    Family history also

  356. rajeev kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter,age 11 YRS
    Has a white spot recently in her left Thai near her privet part suggest medicine. There is no etching, nor change in level it is smooth.

  357. md.mahinur azom says:

    Dear Dr
    I am 23. Andi am a banladeshi.i want to know have any chamber in country of Bangladesh.

  358. Charan Singh Saini says:

    Hello, there is only one small patch was on my leg now its going more n more also found white spots on my another leg with white hairs, little white sopt on my personals and ears also becoming white from last one year.

    Requesting you to please suggest medicine.

  359. dheeraj sharma says:

    Sir I have only one patch on my left feet ankle and I use homeopathy medicine from 3 years I don’t get anybetter result please tell name best medicine by use that this disease not increase plz

  360. Sylvia poliwoda says:

    Dear Dr,
    I have had vitiligo for the last 30 years. It started around my finger nails and has now spread on my bands, under my arms, my lip, my neck, my feet etc…
    For years I had uv (à and b) treatmnt in hospital with intake of mopsoralen. The patches went away but came back much larger. Against the advice of dermatologists I refused to have more rays as I did not want to Risk skin cancer. I just recently heard about arsenic album. I have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years, another autoimmune decease, résulting From an important shock. Can one take arsenic album with insulines and diabetes médication?What do you suggest?
    Thank you for your help

  361. SYED ABDUL RAJAK says:

    Dear Dr my daughter last 9 years she suffering wite patches in face please help me, age – 9 years ,thanks

  362. B. P.Singh says:

    My father suffering from lucoderma from last 15 years .There are white spots on his head skull .Pleasesuggest proper medicine for lucoderma .

  363. Jujhar singh says:

    Hello Doctor my self Jujhar Singh from Rampur (U.P)

    I am 15 years old .I have white spots on the whole body please help me .This disease starts when i was 1 or 2 years old so please help me and give the suggestion. THANK YOU

    • Only three small patches on on foot seems as white patches I have taken neosorlin. Melonocyl leomiin tablet advice by doctor please advice me to homeopathic medicines for this type of decease it request

  364. I am 41 year old & having white spot on my elbow od 2 inch circle shape since last 2 years.
    Suggest me the treatment not to grow further & vanish the existing spot.

  365. nagaraju says:

    Hello doctor this is nagaraju from hyderabad
    Sir I have white patches on my fingers and legs
    Is there any chance to cure sure my age is 27
    Plz give me suggestions

  366. susheela patel says:

    I am 48 year old menopause lady suffering vitiligo from last ten years. There are lot of white patches on my neck chest wrist finger and legs. kindly help me. thanking you

  367. PARAMANAND says:


  368. Arun Kumar says:

    my name is Arun I 24 years old suffiring from vitiligo last 6 months ,we want use homeopathic medicine and positive result receive,please tell us what can we doo,regards,Reply

  369. naveed shahid says:

    my name is naveed ‘my daughter ajwa naveed 13 years old suffiring from vitiligo last 5 years ,we use homeopathic drugs throught last 5 years but no positive result receive,please tell us what can we doo ,regards,

  370. I am a 31 year old female. Last year I noticed white patches on my feet and shoulders. They have since appeared on my armpits, neck/chest and most recently in my face around my eye area. I noticed about 2 years ago my eyebrows started turning white. I am looking for a homeopathic reJust as doctors do not consider this a medical issue. I live a healthy and active lifestyle but am prone to being anaemic. Can you please suggest a remedy?

  371. A. KAMALAKAR says:

    Dear Dr. I am A. Kamalakar, 43 years suffering with Vitiligo for the past 25 years on my both legs, foot and in private places on my body. I am a diabetic for the past 10 years. I am interested to homeopathic medicine please help me to cure white patches.


  372. K. d. joshi says:

    HI DOCTOR. I am 57. Few white spots appeared in my knee , lips and joints in hand when I was quite young. with the use of ayurvedic medicines they decreased or remained as such. But recently some patches have increasing trend, particularly at finger joints in hand or under arms. I will be grateful if you prescribe some medicines for curing this.

  373. Hello dr.,
    I got a white scar from nail scratch just below the eye. Its a single white line developed which irritates me A lot. I am 27 year old. Plz plz suggest any medicine.
    Thank you

  374. Tuhin Sharma says:

    Hi dr sharma, can we take arsenic sulph flavum with combination of ayurvedic treatments in vitiligo, please suggest, this is tuhin sharma from delhi

  375. G P Tripathi says:

    Dear Sir
    I am 56. Few months earlier I saw white spot below my chick and front portion of penis which spred in the area now. Small spots have now also appeared at arm and leg.
    My mental state is … disappointed in job and from sons , anger , doing wrong and regret , forced to take wine every evening even in day time if possible and regret in the morning , sexual desire mind , thinking about death and God generally , enlarged prostates resulting in reduction in speed of flow and retained urin , constipation .
    Please suggest medicines.

    • Raghav shukla says:

      Hi..Sir my son who s 5 years old have white patch on his stomoach n his elbow..this I noticed beforeb9nto 10 months.immidiately i started to visit homeopathic patches are spreading slowly.plz suggest what medicine have to take to cure this as this s starting stage for him..thanx

  376. Gurmeet singh says:

    Hello Doctor me suffer from vitiligo approximately last 20year ,i tried many aelopathik medicine but result is not good, please tell me how cure vitiligo and which is best medicine that is result fast and good. Please help me

  377. Shailesh Ghanshyam Yadav says:

    Hi sir I am shailesh Yadav a homoeopathic student of final year I glad to inform you that I am suffering from white patches on by body especially on the middle finger of left sided hand, or on the left side of the dorsam of foot which is small in size near about 2._3 inch in size and finally last on foreskin of my penis… Kindly please reply me sir as soon as possible please i am suffering since last 4-5 month…

  378. Hansraj Baid says:

    A patch around 1″by2″ appeared on right side of face near right ear after that small patches on left side of face scattered and are small in size. The ist time I saw in last August when I was at Mumbai. In February I was at Colombo and these patches appeared on back size of small coin and also on chest. A rather big patch of1by3″ on right hand. At present I am taking Ayurvedic drugs but there is no improvement also during last 15 days new patches also appeared please help

  379. Tanmaya Kumar Pati says:

    Respected sir,
    My 9 years old little girl is suffering from vitiligo for last 6 months.we notice a white patch and grey hair on left eyebrow.I have tried allopathy and ayurvedic .Now the white patch has been become black but grey hair didn’t turn black.
    Recently we notice another white patch left side on forehead near to ear and some of the hair strand has become grey.
    pls suggest me what to do next.

  380. SWAPAN SINHA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have some small white spot on whole body . give homeopathy medicine.

  381. Namaste Dr.Sharma,

    My sister’s daughter aged two years diagnosed with vitiligo a week back. My sister noticed a white dot on her cheek and now it developed into patch. There is no genetically occurrence in this case. Now a small dot is visible oon the area above her upper lip. Is it curable. We all are worried as she is very small in age.


  382. Raj kumar says:

    Hello sir
    I am suffering from Vitiligo last 4yrs and l got unani treatmen but there is no effect pls tell me about arsenicum sulph.vol.30

  383. Hi sir,
    I m sanjay frm india m suffring from vitilogo last 7 year & these spots are spreading whole body and i take homeopathy treatment last 2 month but not cure plz help me
    M num is

  384. Hi Mr Sharma;

    My son has this issue from the last one year. I want to try this treatment. Please let me know where are you located. Thanks

    • rajinder kumar sharma says:

      Helo sir,

      from last one year thereare some white spot on my sons skin (on neck @ on leg)

      how we can treat him

      thanks & regard
      Rajinder sharma
      Mob 9568272747

  385. Hi dr where r u location us or India I have vitiligo I thought about this homeopathic med

  386. AMIT Kumar Tanti says:

    Sir I am suffering form white patches on lips and body parts and also spreading what shal I do

  387. Biswajit Tripathy says:

    Sir, I have white patches on my finger and on the middle places on finger i have treated by alopathic medicines, and take sun ray after 9 a.m .since four year but patches are not gone now i want take your advice.

  388. Rajiv kumar. says:

    May I get rid off white spot spreading in Mt different parts of body like lips.fingers. legs back and belly .please tell me your fee for treatment. Are you 100% sure to cure this disease. If yes how long it will take time.

  389. SUDHA GUPTA says:

    I had seen a small white patch on my thigh and a small white patch below the eye. I Consulted a Homeopathic doctor who prescribed to me phosphorus 30 ( 2 Tablets twice a day) and Calcarea Sulphurica 6X (2 Tablets twice a day) for 15 days but there have appeared more patches on legs during this period. Then prescribed phosphorus 30 Tabs and Arsenicum Sulph. Flavum 6 X. Please advise the Right Course and how it can be controlled.

    • punit gupta says:

      I’m also afficted vitilogo problem of 15 years …today i’m 28 years old ….but my vitilogo problem growing slowly …..starts my leg & today some pitches in my stomatch….please suggest best medicine for this problem…

  390. Anirban Basu says:

    Dear sharma,
    I have a hypopigmentaion or it may leucoderma around my left ears .it has happened from few days..i dont know what to do..please suggest me a remedy..

  391. Ashok Suri says:

    Have small light skin colour patch below lip and also same colour inside the walls of mouth. And have small patch of light skin colour below the thumb nail of left hand. I Am taking ARS Sulph Flav 6x as prescribed by the homeopath Dr for the last more than a year. Some it shows little improvement but thereafter the same position.
    Please advise should I continue with the same medicine. If not please suggest other medicine

  392. Janardhan Dobhal says:

    One white patche on my neack and one patche not white over lips side and mouth side but not white patche. From 9 may2016 I am doing allopathic treatment Dr give me ointment & some vitamin tablet and ayurvaic treatment also but not any improvement found me.I prayer to you sir suggest me treatment of my problem.
    Thanking you

  393. Iftikhar Rasool says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    How are you?
    My wife has white patches for the last 5 years. They are on the hands, lips, neck and feet.
    Number of treatments have been carried out but these could not be cured. The latest one has been under a homeopathic doctor for the last 2 months. After treatment the problem has been intensified. No appreciable results are seen. I hope you may throw light on this problem and will help us to mitigate this problem and have a prayer from us.
    Best Regards
    Iftikhar Rasool

  394. Dear sir
    my son vinayak is 2year old. i have seen a small light white spot on his shoulder. i am Also suffering from this desease. but i want to stop spreading vitiligo in my childs shoulder n cure. PLEASE
    suggest medicine or needful
    rajiv kr sharma

  395. Yogita chauhan says:

    helo sir my mother 48 year old having white patch since last 10 year on her lips hand palm foot. She did allopathic as well as Ayurveda med.initially she tried homeopathic treatment also, but vitilgo increase day by day and m soooo much worried that these spots can b disapear permanently or not? or can thy spread more?? She had no family history regarding this disease plz plz dr tell me is it possible that this disease can b fully eredicate ?any medicine?

  396. heloo dr m nuzhat my son is only 1 year and two month old and a white patch appear on his lips when he was 9 month old dr said that itd vitiligo and advise me to use avate cream i use it and this patch will b very light now m soooo much worried that these spots can b disapear permanently or not? or can thy spread more?? i have no family history regarding this disease plz plz dr tell me is it possible that this disease can b fully eredicate from my child body ?any medicine?

  397. Pappu Kumar Gupta says:

    Respected sir,
    My lower lips affected by Vitiligo.

  398. Navneet singh says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from vitiligo from last 7 months , there are white patches in my fingers but on my lips it is since last 2 years. At that time I was not aware of it, now a days it is increasing day by day . I left my smoking and alcohol on occasionally. Please doctor advise me , I am waiting for ur response.

  399. Huma Hussain says:

    Hello doc….i have white patches on my chin and my toes….it is disturbing for me….it is very long time since i had these spots…..i had them on my palm and nickles aldo but fortunately it went itself……is there anything u can suggest for me pls…..thankyou u so much for your time……God Bless……..Mrs. Huma Hussain

  400. sushila devi says:

    hello sir,
    i am looking for my neighbour she has white patches on her skin like arms head and back pleaseguide me..

    • Ashik khan says:

      sir iam suffering 6year to vitiligo t and i ude a lot of medicine but cant helpi them so ple say what kind of houmepatic i am use

  401. Dear Sir,
    Suddenly I spot a small white patch on my leaps and finger at last 6 months. Now after observing the spots I found that these spots are in increasing order. I am 35 year old. Kyndly advise a suitable medicine indicating doses etc.

  402. prince muzamil says:

    Dr. i am 17 years old n i suffer from vitilgo from past 4 has spread too fastly all over my body. i went for many treatments but all in vain. now some one told me to take “Mother tincture- hydrocotyl” twice daily. is it effective??

  403. Dr.Sharma,
    My son 6 yrs old is diagnosed with vitiligo a year ago. During the winter tha white patches are less visible. In spring they start to be visible. After a year a new white patch is appeared. In right hand 3fungers are with white patches. Also in the left hand has started to appear some small light patches. Also my son has 2 moles nevus in his bach that are appeared in the same time when the vitiligo started. Please help me,help my lovely son healing his vitiligo. Thank you, almida

  404. Shahedul Islam Rana says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter she have 8 years old and she suffering from vitiligo from one year and using alleopathic treatment with tecrolim cream and rebosina tablet. But white sport are increasing on hand and body.

    We are leaving in bangladesh. What can we do?

    Please advised to us.


  405. Dear sir,
    I am suffering from vitiligo and using alleopathic medicine like tecrolim, michoson and dermasol. But white spots are increasing on hands, legs, belly, neck and lip. Here doctors say it is at secondary level.
    I am from Bangladesh. What can I do and how can I get treatment from you.
    Thanking you

  406. ASHISH SINGH says:

    Dear Sir,
    Suddenly I spot a small white patch on my shoulder and on arms. Now after observing the spots I found that these spots are in increasing order. I am 35 year old healthy man, having past history of dust, cold allergy.
    My mother is also carrying same disease and treating with homeopathy since very long. Now she could stop the spreading tendency.
    Kindly advise a suitable medicine indicating doses etc.

  407. imtiyaz saifi says:

    Sir mere safeed daag 5 6 saal se hai Maine bahoot ilaj karaya hai pehle to km the pr 3 4 mahine se zayada ho gaye hai pearo pr zayda hai kya ilaj ho sakta hai …….mere body pr almost 20%…sacred daag hai…please help me …sir ..

  408. Md. Jakir Hossain Khan says:

    Would you please advise me that how to use oil buchi for vitiligo treatment? should it apply on spots in raw/pure form or mixing with any other substance / oil ? How many times a day it showld be applied? And if any special care requires. Please help me.
    Thanks with best regards

  409. Sir,
    My name is arun from Trivandrum. My Wife is suffering from viligo problem for last 5 months. pls suggest a good treatment

    • Manisha raj says: mom is suffering from it.she s 46yer old…her patches in back.stomach..n face..n slowly it’s increase…sir she s very tense abt her prblm.. suggest medcne..pls.ych doctor se v dikhaya bt results is nthing..sir she s very depressed abt her prbl…. suggest medcne..pls sir

  410. dr Krupa patel says:

    its really very good short and sweet discripition abiut the medicine thanks .

  411. s.chaudhary says:

    Sir I suffer white spot on my personal part so please give suggestion…

  412. Rajendiran subramani says:

    sir My forehead three small white patches on my forehead for past one and half years.Best homeopathy medicine please be recommended.Thanking you

  413. Dr i am having White patches on palm of hand and lips pls helm me

  414. Bhupesh pathak says:


    Iam haveing vitaligo below knees in both legs, some spots in fingers, and nape/forehead .
    this problem in last 6 years . Iam 15 years. Kindly advice

  415. leelasastry sastry says:

    FOUND PEOPLE WITH the background of Tb in the family require a couple of doses o Tuberculinum in 1m potency with a gap of one or two months . People with heart problem should not be given that medicine. Sulphor high one or two doses also helps a lot along with Tuberculinum .

  416. R.S.Ramakrishnan says:


    Iam haveing vvitaligo below knees in both legs, ssome spots in fingers, and nape/forehead . I feel itching in the bod here it com to stay . sometimetime buring. I am asthma and diabetic patient. my grandma use have
    this problem. Iam 64 years. Ihad prostate problem which operated 2 years ago. I have fatty liver and a small cust in right and and also left.
    Now i having Arsenic Supluric flav 30 ,c two times. I am applingAmmivisnaga cream in the white patches
    One dr has suggested ammi visnaga Q for intake and oral application. But I was told that people with liver probelm should not take this internally. Kindly advice

  417. Sir My daughter suffer from Alopecia and Vitiligo from last 2 months . She is 7 an half yrs old.
    She has a vitiligo behind her right ear n scalp.
    2 -3 patches of alopecia.
    I started homeopathic medicine ie SEPIA and Arsenic sulph flavm 3x
    Liv 52 syrup
    Calcium syrup
    Sir Please tell me is all this medication is right or I have to consult any other doctor….Actually my sister in law Mother is Homeopathic retired doc from CGHS
    Thanx doctor

  418. Ardràa says:

    My baby 2.7 years old and he has some white spots in his legs and it is in face….after 10 to 15 days the white spots count was increased. Not size.a skjn Doctor said that it is pre vitiligo..actually what can I do….I am worried

  419. Dhruv Bhatia says:

    Sir right now i am 23yrs of age and suffering from vitiligo since last 12 yrs…it just started on my feet with a spot on my then strted spearding i went for a homeopathic medication named arsenic sulphatum flavum 6x for around three yrs n it stopped its growth.. But i dtopped the medicine aftr dat n now since last two yrs it csme on my genitals eyes and fingertips n last month some 3-4 spots can be seen on my either palm… Plz sir suggest me domething very best cz i m still unmarried n its a very heart breaking situation for me plzz sir plz..

  420. sir i am having vitligo from 1 yr . spots are mainly on upper part of feet . kindly priscribe medicine for this..

  421. nawaz alam says:

    how can use these medicine in my body

  422. subramani says:

    sir, in my forehead three white patches last two years.any hair dye apply on my head the patches became red and wated base form and burning that place. best homeo medicine please be quoted

  423. prashant says:

    sir i am having vitligo from 10 yr . spots are mainly on upper part of feet . kindly priscribe medicine for this..

    • Akanksha Mishra says:

      Sir , I have white skin on my inner lips and small patches on fingers and toes near the area of my nail . I am suffering this problem from 10 to12 years….right now I am 22 year old. Previously my treatment was going on in allopathy and after one year of treatment all patches were vanished but on the other hand after one year again white patches rise on my body and lips.this was happened continuously 10 years after that I was treated under homeopathy since 3 years BT my patches are as it is… please sir help me to come out this problem……I shall ever remain grateful to you…

    • Debadutta Mangaraj says:

      sir i am having vitligo from last 6-7 yr . spots are mainly on upper part of feet . kindly priscribe medicine for this.. PLEASE…


  424. Ananta Kumar Baruah says:

    My father has got this vitiligo disease…and he is using lucoskin by drdo…but he hasn’t seen any improvement. Please help. I cant see him like this. I see him totally sad…and very…heartbroken…he thinks because of this disease my sister’s marriage will be affected.

  425. P. V. Hemalatha says:

    I am 37,I have been suffering from vitiligo for past ten years. At initial stage it is very minute. But from two years it has been spreading rapidly the entire body. So, kindly suggest the treatment which makes my skin into the original colour. I am very grateful to you sir.

  426. Ahsan ahmad says:

    I am suffering from white spot on lower lips sinec 2010 i have taken verious medicines in homeopathy ,allopathy & ayurvedic. But still it is increasing .some times its happen cure .when i quiet medicines it began appears plz sugest me sutable medicine either give your address.

  427. Dr,

    I have been taking Arsenic sulfur flavum medicine from last 5 years for treatment of leucoderma. Now i became anemic Hb 8 and Vitamin B12 100. This can be a side effect of homeopathic medicine ?

  428. Salins says:

    I am 70 yrs.old.10 years back a small white patch appeared on my forehead. It disappeared after some time. Again it appeared and it is enlarged two rupee coin size. after some times my upper lip area became reddish and a part of the lip skin turned red and lost its brown colour but not white.Now I see small patches on my right hand fingers. I recently saw a documentary in local TV chennel a homeopathy doctor assured that vitiligo can be healed by Homeo medication.I saw many Hellopathy doctorts applied may type of creams and even I saw Ayur doctors but no any results. Please advise is is there really Homeo medicine can cure this vitiligo.If yes kindly let me know your clinic address so that I can visit you for medical help.

  429. Pradyut dutta says:

    Sir, I am suffering from vitiligo from last 10 years. Want to consult with you.

  430. पी डी ए says:

    dr sir tell me the best of these fives .dosage and timing my back neak has2-3 patchs

  431. Phadke P.S. says:

    Dear Doctor
    Kindly suggest me medicines for lichen planus

  432. please advise a best homeo medicine for vitiligo treatment. my son is suffering a lot because of it.

  433. Vinod kumar vyad says:

    I m suffering from white spots or Vitiligo on my left hand thumb & finger.last 15 days back saw these white spots on the tip of finger & thumb.i consult to Allopathy & Ayurvedic Doctors.
    Sir kindly suggest u r best opinion
    Age =54 years running
    Er Vinod kumar

  434. H Sanchez says:

    Vitiligo: I am a healthy 56 year old male that began developing white patchy spots on my hands, feet and genitals in 2010 after my wife’s battle with meningitis. It has been isolated to the above named areas until recently. I’m noticing very light patches beginning near both ear lobes and just below my right eye.
    Although I am healthy, I have a family history of diabetes, cancer and thyroid disease. No known family members have ever had vitiligo.

    What can you recommend?

  435. Dear Sir ,

    I have spotted white spot on my waist ( both side ) since last two month . White spots are in varying size .

    You are requested to kindly suggest homeopathic medicine to cure the same .


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  437. Mariam Nair says:

    vitilego since 2012 affected. Now under treatment of one alopatheic doctor of kerala, Kollas . Very slow progress noticed. please give your advice.. Face fully occured. Now face cured. but body still remaining.
    medicince continuing.


  438. Biswajit Nayak says:

    I am 25 years old. I have small white spot on my lower lips before six month.
    Kindly suggest me the medicine.

    • Dr. Sharma

      My 17 year old daughter has few spots of vitiligo on her lower back, upper arm, upper thigh, corner of mouth. She has Alopeica and ezcema. She has Global Developmental Delays as well, dry hair and skin. I wonder if this is genetic or a combination, since my husband’s sister has vitiligo, by husband and his brother have diabetes 2, and his sister passed away from Cancer.

      I am very distraught and we have seen skin specialist, who has prescribed ointments, naturopaths – who have prescribed supplements and very restrictive diet for 2 years.

      Please let me know what we can do, we live in Vancouver, Canada, and I wanted to know if there is any help for this condition.


      • Akanksha Mishra says:

        Sir , I have white skin on my inner lips and small patches on fingers and toes near the area of my nail . I am suffering this problem from 10 to12 years….right now I am 22 year old. Previously my treatment was going on in allopathy and after one year of treatment all patches were vanished but on the other hand after one year again white patches rise on my body and lips.this was happened continuously 10 years after that I was treated under homeopathy since 3 years BT my patches are as it is… please sir help me to come out this problem……I shall ever remain grateful to you…

  439. Mrs. K. Chaudhuri says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I have small white spots below knee and ankle for the past 3 years. Initially only one or two spots i got but now a number of round round white spots are there. I am a diabetes taking insuline for 3 years plus other tablets. I am 58 years old. These white spots are only in the legs region. Please suggest homeo treatment for the same.

    Thanks for reading my mail and also remain grateful for your advice.

  440. Abhishek says:

    Dear sir I am totally frustrated & try different types of medicine and treatment……. but no result….. please help me…. call 8010191197

  441. Dr.NurulAmeen says:

    Lot of thanks for your un common posting.

  442. is vitiligo cureable..
    i am very tensed and has marks on lips neck and legs

  443. rukhsana says:

    I ve white spots in upr nd under eyes plx tel me the treatment

  444. hi,
    doctor, iam sulalah ,my age is 31 and i have developed this white patches on my skin 2 years back and tried many medicines including aelopathy and homeopathy . but skin white patches are increasing on my hand faster.
    kindly help me or suggest some good homeopathy doctor in mumbai region or western suburb. as iam staying in kandivali

  445. Hello Dr.

    I have noticed that the white spots have started spreading. I initially noticed one spot several years back on my left thigh. I have t=now have the spots on my legs and arms. What hemeopathic route should I take.

  446. Gary Griffiths says:

    Mild vitiligo started on my testicles after nursing my wife through cancer twice, three years ago, small amounts on face hands feet and leg, haven’t changed in lower body in two years slightly worse on face and hands some original patches on face have re-pigmented in there own.

  447. Satyam mishra says:

    I have vitiligo in my chest and neck. By many creams I have completely remove it but it comes at another part of my chest

    Suggest me medicine

  448. Younis Ibn Rashid says:

    Im about 27 and i suffer this condition since i was just 2 yr old kid.I used many medications but never got satisfied.Now it slowly covers my face which i dont want at all.Please suggest me some help.
    Younis Ibn Rashid

  449. SUNIL KUMAR PANDA says:

    Good morning sir,Ihave vitiligo problems from 10 years for all enter body and tired all kind of medicine but not improvrd,please suggest me.

  450. bibhuti mallick says:

    sir i am sufforing from white patches on my hand leg and mouth and lips and i have also diabetis pls sugest the medicine

  451. Srinivas Nakka says:

    Good Morning Sir, I Have vitiligo on lips and fingers since 7 years.
    give me suitable suggestion for above your medicine sir.
    Thanking you sir.

  452. umesh bhendarkar says:

    My daughter age 18 monthyear’last 6 month she suffer vitiligo.I feel many tention.I allready many treatment done but no result.At present she got allopathy treatment.but i feel no result.How i got result.many time lost allready allopathy treatment.I belive it will be cure Homeopathy.Please know me solution.please.

  453. mahbubur says:

    Dr. sharma I effected disease nails fungous.pls advice me about medicine.

  454. Der sir
    I have vitiligo problam on my face
    Plzz mein boht pershan hun
    Plz suggest right cure sugestion

  455. Tarikul Islam says:

    Dear sir.
    My daughter age 5 year’last 3 year she suffer vitiligo.I feel many tention.I allready many treatment done but no result.At present she got homeo treatment.but i feel no result.How i got result.many time lost allready lost in homeopathy and allopathy treatment.I belive it will be cure Homeopathy.Please know me solution.please.

  456. riwaj dulal says:

    i have vitiligo problems from 10 years and m tired all kind of medicine i take but not improved can you suggest me which medicine can take
    thank you

  457. Gangadhar says:

    I have vitiligo problem for 4 years at lower lips, on the penis. I am using homeopathy medicines
    ars alb 30
    ferrum phos 6x
    a.s.f 3x
    at starting small improvement then it is constant for 3 years.
    please suggest me with medicine for better improvement
    Thank you sir

  458. Sumant kumar says:

    Sir I am licoderma pasent so iwant to u give me any Madicin and advios

  459. Nishantha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I’m 31 years old. I have been suffering from anxiety disorder for years: I think from childhood. So instead of doing a challengeable job every time I’m trying to escape from that particular task. I have certain fears; like fear of speaking,nervous towards specially something new or if it is under observations or if the time is set to finish that task. I’m single and I’m not confident whether I can run a family after the marriage so I’m always postponing the marriage.And also I’m suffering a lot to control my emotions. I’m easily get affected by others deeds; like the way treats me , the way talks to me etc. and I’m easily get hurted specially from loved once. Sometimes I’m over thinking about that weeks ,months, sometimes years. This is negatively effect on my personal life as well as my career life. Could you please help me with a treatment to get over this metal conditions?

  460. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have had vitiligo for almost 2yrs now, it started with a small patch under my eye and now is spread all over my body, I have tried a numbers of doctors and medicine’s, but has been of no help, currently I am using virgin coconut oil, is there any medication that can help me cure the patches and help me live a normal life.

  461. Akshay Harpale says:

    Mere body per bhi aise white spot hai 12 years se to aap mujhe kuch to madat karo taki ye white spot ja sake mera no 9921272727 hai mai pune mai rahta hu.

  462. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, I hv developed white patches on my hand fingers, small patch near genital and on forehead of penis. There are few patches developing under armpit. The patches on hands started around 4 yrs pack but has increased only in last 06 to 08 months. Please advise. I am presently in Mumbai. Regards

  463. I am suuffering from vitiligo since March-2011 starting from finger at toe all finger and at leg near ancule joint both side and at near right knee starting homeopathy medicine from January 2012 ..after taking medicine but not total recover improvement started but some time recover and some time spred more so please suggest right cure suggestion

  464. rakhi sharma says:

    i am suffering from vitiligo

  465. Sir, i am suffring from leuoderma last four years.first it is below the eye which is fully cured with ASF 4x,hydroqotyal Q and natram present it is on upper part of eye.all medicine is in continue.

  466. Gangaram sale says:

    Sir, I am suffering from white spot on both last one year. So please give me suggestion to cure the said disease . I hope you will reply

  467. Divya Sharma says:

    Hi Dr,

    I have vitiligo for the past 4 years since the time i conceived my child and have been taking homeopathy medicines since then. I see no improvements in my condition as it seems to be spreading much on face and hands.
    If you suggest i can send a write up on my personality but will you be bale to treat my condition.


  468. Malik Nahid Afsar says:

    I am from dubai now I want to know medicine in homeopathic for vitiligo problem my daughter last 2 year create this problem her age is 9 year pls advise me medicine for my daughter and tell me how use

    Nahid Afsar

  469. My sister kidney work only 41% it is the possible treatment in homeopathy

  470. R N Pandey says:

    I have vitiligo patches on my scalp chest stomach back and few spots on dorsal portion of palm. Have been taking homeopathy medicine since start of the disease in 2000. But no improvement took place. Still I am taking her medicine without any result. Please suggest or should I conclude that the disease is uncurable.

  471. RAJU PHILIP says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am 59 years old and has vitiligo complaint since 1979.Only the left part of upper lip and also half a cm of my left eyebrow only affected.Fortunately,the depigmentation was arrested the initial days of its symptoms.I am taking homoeo for the past three years and could find a minute change.Expecting your valuable advice.
    Thanking You,

  472. komal singh says:

    Dear Sir meri sister lagbhag 10year old use 4 mahine se safed dag ho gaya hai kripya uska ilaz bataiy

  473. komal singh says:

    Sir meri sister lagbhag 10year old use 4 mahine se safed dag ho gaya hai kripya uska ilaz bataiy

  474. manoj nawani says:

    Sir ..muje white sport h ilaz batay

  475. dear doctor,

    my son aged 16 has been advised to take medicine for vitiligo, Calcarea Carb, Sepia and Arsenic Album.
    can you please let me know whether these medicine have any side effect, and how long one take this medicine to get results/cured.


  476. Naz Choudhury says:

    Hi i am a vitiligo sufferer. I would like to enquire if you can provide me with Bouchi/ Buchi oil.

    Many Thanks



    Dear Sir ,
    I am a Homeo Doctor,My Patient`s age is 8 yrs Baby.She is affected in lower part of leg.Pl advice me how can I begin her treatment .Which power & which Madeline I can select firstly?


    Dr.Md.Shadequl Alam Khan,DHMS,Dhaka

  478. Helo dr.
    i am ramya , since 25 years i have suffring from white patches, i have tried auyrveda, english medicine but no result. pls advice is homeopathy cure my skin problem? pls reply

  479. hello doctor,
    i a am gunjan . since few 10-11 years i have white spots.
    plese sir can you suggest me any teratment ??
    please sir…………………..

  480. Dear Doctor
    I am ahmed, since few months I have white spots on head on front side and hair falling patches also.
    I have some small white dots on my both legs, before it was itching after that white spots appeared,
    I have also poles problem with blood. And itching on anal area and looks to be white color .
    I am also a homeopathic doctor but not doing regular practice. As per my symptoms I feel Kali Carb is suitable for me.
    Pls advise

  481. Dear Dr. Sharma;

    Thanks for the above top 5 homeopathy medician, pl tell me one of the best for this.

  482. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Good morning from Kabul, Afghanistan,

    I am 47 years old man. I have been suffering from vitiligo for more than 25 years. Will you advise me taking one of the 5 homeopathic medicine mentioned in your website ? If yes, how long ? Could you kindly tell me how can I get the recommended medicine as homeopathic medicines are not available in Afghanistan?

    Thanks for giving me your precious time and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

  483. Devender Saroop Mathur says:

    Doctor sahib, Greetings of the day
    My sister who is 50 years old, she is suffering from village for the last three years. White patches ate all around on her hands, legs and Om face.
    Wonders case is of my colleague ‘s brother whose right toe is being affected by this disease. Though it is started just a month before but it has covered entire thumb of toe.
    My request is to kindly guide me and suggest the right medicine foe both the persons.
    My sister is under treatment of a homeopathy doctor for the last three years but still lot of patches are still are there.
    My concern is of my colleagues ‘s brother who is just 18 years old. If these patches spread and cover entire body then it will difficult to get marry.
    Kindly suggest me the appropriate medicine.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Devender Saroop Mathur

  484. Srinivas Nakka says:

    Good Morning Sir,

    Just now i have seen your Five Types of medicines in homeo for vitiligo. Kindly tell me how use the medicines daily for each medicine. I am from Gajwel, Medak, Telangan State, India. I have Vitiligo since 9 years around on my lips and fingers. Kindly give your suitable suggestion sir.

    Is it really enough the above medicine for vitiligo?
    Where can i ask for those medicine?
    Kindly tell me dosage use.

  485. Mostafizur Rahman Tipu says:

    I’m, suffering from vitilig from 15th years only. Now I can see growing white patches mainly on hand, leg & face. Please help me out.
    Mostafizur Rahmam Tipu
    Mobile: +8801714317914

  486. Sir,
    I am suffering from vitiligo from last year only, now I can see growing white patches mainly in hand.
    Some of patches like on neck have gone automatically also but some are growing. Please help me out.


    • sir i have patches on hand fingure and nail place and inner part, i have took about 3 years homeopathy medicine but result is not upto the mark. old patches vanished and new developed.. so can you guide for the cure?/

  487. Muhammad Akbar Ali says:

    Respected Dr, Sharma,
    I shall much oblige if you can help me to recommend me a homeopath medicine for my wife she is sever pain in her whole head this pain since 45 yeas old she is suffering this pain very server pain and she become and she herself feel near to death. I am a Homeopathic Dr. give many medicine like Belladonna,Glonoine, Natrun Nur , Sanguinaria, Spigelia etc but my wife not feel relief, please recommend me to treat how and what medicine give her.
    I shall very thank full for that and ever pray for your long life and your prosprity.

    Dr. Muhammad Akbar Ali
    From: Sialkot. Punjab,Pakistan.

  488. My 5 year old son developed white patches around his eye. we took him to a dermatologist and was prescribed advantan ointment for 3 months. we noticed that the patches were slowly going away and started again. however, we then started using dobovate. i have now noticed more patches on his ankle, fingers, on his back and knees.

    i am very worried and would like to know what i could do to either stop it or minimise the spread.

    my maternal grandmother had this condition.

    i look forward to your assistance.

  489. Archana Roy says:

    i am using Bouchi oil on vitiligo.could it cure vitiligo?

  490. Dr. Sharmai
    Myself Falguni, my daughter is of 11 yrs and she is having white patches on her left ankle and right knees. Can you please help me to cure my daughter from this. Me and my husband are very much worried about it. Kindly, guide us Dr. Sharma.

  491. Namasthe Sharma garu,
    My name is Harini and I have a 6 yr old daughter who recently got white patches on her legs, belly, shoulder and around eyes. I see here on the website that you have a very clear understanding of what to be given to whom. We are in Pittsburg USA and she got them a month and half ago.

    Hope to hear from you with suggestions and help on this to cure so that I can breathe as her Mother since I am completely broken down

    Thank you

    • Hi- Harini- my son just diagnosed with vitiligo and we are going to start homeopathy medicine. Let me your contact information so I can share the information. Thanks.

  492. pranab pradhan says:

    my son punit age 12 yr suffering since 5 yr please give advise for medication

  493. B RAJENDAR REDDY says:

    I am suffering from Vitilligo since 2 years, milky what sports are on the skin(like hands, mouth,legs etc.) presently I am taking homeopathy medicine. What is the advice from your side. pl. reply my coments. Thank u sir,

  494. Mere lower lip par safed daag hai pichhle 2 saal se. Jab main 16 years ka tha tab mer ears ke pichhe daag the jo hydrocotyle mother tincture laggane se sahi ho gaye lekin lips wala spot abhi bhi has jabki main arsanic sulph flavam 6x aur hydrocotyle mother tincture pichhle do saal se le raha hu.
    Iska na koi nuksaan hua hai aur nakoi fayda.

  495. sapan kumar ghorai says:

    my son of age 8 is sufferongby vitiligo.the white patch are vigible at knee leg wrist around the eyes .pl give homeopathy remedies for which i remain oblies

  496. hi Dr.sharma I m suffering from vitiligo from 5yrs…now i m 32yrs old…i hav white spots in hands, leg knees ,leg fingers ….pls give soluton to this problem.

  497. Chinmoy Sarkar says:

    I’m suffering from vitiligo since 20 years. It is increasing rapidly. In chest, legs, hands ,back& face.I’m in deep problem.l’m taking Arsenic Album 1m.Pls suggest.

  498. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    You mention Sulphur here but I have not come across it yet in my countless hours of research. In what amounts do you consider a reasonable range to start from, presumably with increasing doses?

    Thanks for your time,


  499. Vikas Gupta says:

    Dear Sir,

    My daughter age is 11 year old.

    My daughter suffering from Lucoderma for last 8 years white patches on her neck

    for these type of patches I am given her medicine ” Arsenicum sulph flavum 3x ” for SBL company
    So could you pls. advice does it fine for her.

    Thanks for your advice in advance..
    Vikas Gupta

  500. jitendra shahi says:

    मेरी बेटी को सफेद दाग हो गया है एलोपैथीक ईलाज कराया पर कोइ फायदा नही हो रहा है मै होमियोपैथीक इलाज करवाना चाहता हू कया करु

  501. SAJAD SHAIKH says:


    • sandeep singh says:

      Dear sir,
      After going through various articles on the net about Vitiligo, i came to conclussion that Homopathey is the only cure for this problem.
      My daughter ager 4 yrs, just shown the signs of vitiligo nd developed white patches on the neck.
      very light spots around both the eyes.
      request your suggestions about start of the treatment for her.
      any medicines you advice or sum food restictions??
      kindly reply

  502. dr.v.k.srivastava says:

    Dear,dr. vitiligo is on my face around mouth&chin&ear,Plese tell me best medicine.

  503. Hello: I was just scanning the web for a homeopathic medicine for vitiligo when I came across your website. I have vitiligo for over half of my life. I am now 54 years old but everyone says I look like I am in my thirty’s. Ever since I discovered I had vitiligo I went to several doctors, used several medicines but received no results. I once used homeopathic medicine also from Dr. Shah from India about 6 years ago and did not get any results also. I also tried the home ultra violet lamp and also the x-trac from a dermatologist, I started to get back some color in some areas but when I stopped the white patches came back. I also used several different medicines internally from the internet, still no help. My vitiligo first started on my right leg, then started spreading gradually. I now have it on my arms, legs, stomach, foot, back of my neck and it’s now spreading on my fingers. I am so conscious of this and never reveal it to anyone. I used cover up makeup all the time when I wear certain clothes. I was reading your article about the different kind of homeopathic medicines and am interested in trying homeopathic again. I feel there is cure for vitiligo somewhere out there and I don’t want to give up. I have spent so much money on this and still I am willing to try again. I also have a serious case of constipation and always have headaches, which is daily. I don’t know if these symptoms are associated with vitiligo. I think I have symethrical vitiligo, because it’s on both and equal sides of my body. Could you please help and adivse me if your homeopathic medicine will help.

    Thank you and looking forward for an early reply.

    • Muhammad Qaisar says:

      Sir, i have a daughter whose age is one year and 4 months……one months before few patches appear on her eyes and now developing on her neck back face…….doc diagnose vitililigo to her……we are realy worried……she is only child of us so far…..she is very small in age……plz doc we are realy worried…..plz give us some suggestions……

  504. surender singh says:

    Dear Sir, My age is 40. I am suffering from Lucoderma for last 35 years. When I was 5 it got started. By the time I reached 20, it was stopped sreading. It had covered almost 30 percent of my body. My right side leg, stomach, back and lower pelvic area are affected. can this be cured by homeopathy medicine. Does this disease spread more in the initial stage of homeopathy treatment.?

  505. dheeraj sharma says:

    Please sir advice me how I free from this disease I have only one spot on left leg from last 9 years

  506. baidarkhan says:

    sir I need vitiligo treatment plz

  507. Hi I have vitiligo for past 5 years. I have been taking arsenic sulf 30 just started thuja and natrum mur. 4 pills of natrum mur at night, 4 pills of arsenic twice a day, and thuja 4 pills onee a week. Do u think it will help to cure this disease? I need your opinion. Thanks

  508. baidarkhan says:

    sir I need vitiligo treatment I live in Dubai

  509. Dear sir,

    Plz help me I am suffering from vittiligo last 3 years
    On my lover lip plz give me best suggestion plz help me. I am total frustrated about this because of I am unmarried plz help me.


  510. mohd mazlan says:

    sir …i am mazlan ..i jst want knw a bout vitiligo on my lips . they hv a white patch on my lower lips ..i am south indian light drked skin . i am suffering this white patch 4 years frm nw. stil nt spared my other body part so my case cn i get treatment by homeopathy ?is cn cure ??pls advace as possible thank u sir

  511. Sylvia Stanback says:

    Greetings Dr. Sharma: I first got a vitiligo scar when I got food poisoning at a restaurant. I got really sick after eating there and notice the next day this vitiligo scar on my right shoulder. Went to the dermatologist who wanted my to use a steroid cream which I refuse to use. I just found this link and I appreciate all the natural type of treatments for this dis-ease. I am looking at the arsenic album treatment because the description given reflected my type of personality.

    Thank you for your reply and I look forward to hearing from U. I sent your link to another friend who also has vitiligo.

    Peace & Light Always,

  512. i am having leucoderma for many years they were tiny spots but after taking some medicine they are spreading rapidly can hoemoepathy help me in controlling them

  513. kuldeep singh bisht says:

    i have these white spots in my legs,chest,lips.what treatment should i do ?.
    doctor plzzZz help me

  514. Want to know good doctor in lucknow for luckoderma treatment

  515. Rajesh Ranjan says:

    Respected Sir,

    My wife is suffering from vitiligo for last 6 month and doing treatment of allopathic and no improvement. So give suggestions in this regard.


    Rajesh Ranjan

    Raigarh C.G


  516. SYED MOHD ARIF says:

    Dear doctor I am suffering from last ten years from LECUODERMA/PROSTATE PROBLES/ OPERATED FOR GALL STONE,]] Kind advise single remedy.

    Best Regards

    Syed Mohd Arif

  517. Kahkasha naaz says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Sir, My sister is 18. She is suffering from Vitiligo from 4 years, It is spreading gradually day by day., How can she get treat treatment. I am from patna.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kahkasha naaz

  518. Respected sharma sir my younger sister has suffering with vitiligo from 15 years on hands and legs we are use so many medicine but there’s no result found slowly it’s spread please suggest to her how can she cured completely
    Please suggested her how she cured at home

  519. marioum jahan mim says:

    I am from Bangladesh. My father & me suffering from vitiligo . we want to consult with you.

    hoping for a reply

  520. nagarjuna says:

    Hello sir my sister has suffering vitiligo problem from last 15years I have white spots on hands legs slowly it’s spread to full body
    Please suggest me how can it’s cured completely how
    Please suggest me

  521. chetan p haldankar says:

    hello sir i have vitligo problem from last 15 years i have white spots only at the feet and hands ,on lips,ears not on whole body and its spreading on face gradually.i have a single kidney from birth whether homeopathic treatment suitable for me.

  522. sujeet kumar says:

    Sir, my younger sister has a white spot on chin. It was cured after six months of alopathic medications, but again it is visible. Can it be cured compeletely by homeopathy…?

  523. Hi Doc,I got white spot on my face from early last year2014 after which I was informed by a dermatologist tat it was actually Vitiligo.I hav tried to seek medication thereafter without success! please advice me on te matter and te best medicine too,thanks in advance

  524. Respected sharma sir
    I am suffering from vitiligo since 15years
    Please suggest to me how can I cure

    • nagarjuna says:

      Hello sir my sister has suffering vitiligo problem from last 15years I have white spots on hands legs slowly it’s spread to full body
      Please suggest me how can it’s cured completely how
      Please suggest me

    • kamaL ahmed khan says:

      Respected Dr Sharma
      My wife is suffering from vitilgo since last eight to nine yearss . please suggest me for a best medicine as mentioned above.

      With thanks and oblidge me

  525. sapan kumar says:

    Hi sir, i am suffering from vitiligo disease last 8 years but still its not happening . slowly its spread out in my body. so i’m harassed. I used so many allopathy medicine but its working some times after that same condition. Now i’ve no option for this. please kindly suggest me.

  526. mouth

  527. B.KEERTHISREE says:

    Dear sir my daughter suffering from vitiligo sence one year we are taking treatment from homeo international care from one year but we did not observe any results ple kindly suggest how can cure complete .

  528. Jaidev sonowal says:

    Sir my daughter is suffering from vitiligo for last 3 month and doing treatment of allopathic and no improvement. So give suggestions in this regard.

  529. aakashbhardwaj says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a patient of vitiligo I am faceing this probleum privious four year in my fingure take so many treatment allopathy ayur vedic etc. but not any effect on my white spots before some days they are increase in my legs after ittcing so please recmonded Homeopathy medicines with name .

    Aakash Bhardwaj


  530. Anil sharma says:

    dear sir im also suffring from vitiligo give me some cause remove my white spot on face plzz help me

  531. Parama Sen says:

    I’m suffering from vitiligo since 20 years. Myself was under allopath treatment during these years. But suddenly it spread rapidly. How homeopath can help me? Please response.

  532. brajesh kumar says:

    white patches on my skul lips palm sole and penise point from 1999

  533. Dr regarding the vitiligo I got on both the legs some white patches and I am working as sales girl in garment here in Kuwait ,I met the doctor here but no different is seen at last two months they gave me the Ointment protopic 0.1 and Elica cream to apply ,so please give me your suggestion to cure my disease ,waiting for your reply .

  534. Sarah Sachin Namugade says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma..
    I have white patches on legs n waist since from 7-9 years but now it is spreading on legs n two new patches are seen… so what should I do??
    Please reply sir…

  535. I started to get my first spot at 21 years old slowly spread …after i had my first child it spread even more now i gave it in my genitals eyes lips …..couple years passed vitiligo stopped spreading…then i had my son it spread to my neck both arms…and thighs just spots…i have some in my hands as well it keeps spreading slowly…. I get anxious and self confident about myself…i feel my partner is ashamed of me….try to covee it up

  536. Pareshnandaniya says:

    Skin white in panis halp sir

  537. Diryas ali says:

    It would be great if you could helo me regarding vitiligo treatment

  538. Yashraj singh says:

    V had gone to goa in summer from then My daughter has white small spots on hand and legs . Can v start homeopathic and allopathic treatment together please guide us regards
    Yashraj 8234999999

  539. kishor kumar says:

    Sir my son is 5 yrs old . About 6 months ago white patches occurs on his eye ( due to eye patching banded used for treatment for cross eye). Now devloping in his neck also. Is it curable bethout any side effect

  540. Md. Shah Paran Sk. says:

    Dear Sir

    My wife age 23 years has been suffering vitiligo for last 4 years under treatment. White pitch is chest, lips, eye area. how can we get remedy.

    • Harsh Chawla says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma,

      My husband got diagnosed vitiligo a few months ago. Right now it is only on his two fingers but I want him to start the effective treatment asap before it gets worst. Drs has given some steroid cream which is not working at all. Please help him as I can’t sleep at night worrying about it. Please tell me if it can be reversed. I will be truly grateful.

      Thank you very much,
      Harsh Chawla

  541. Abhay raj says:

    sir I m suffering from vitiligo on UPPER n LOWER lips ,accompanied by change of colour blood red ,light pink , whitish And peeling of skin of UPPER LIP .PIZ REPLY SOON WITH APT AND EFFECTIVE MEDICATION.

    • C.ANNADURAI says:

      I have been under leucoderma influence in my finger around nail ; some parts over the hand, on the side view of the foots ; over both the foots and in the lower lips and inside the mouth. I had used various methods and met doctors but it was not cured and stopped taking medicine also. But after some time the entire area in my upper parts of the hand and upper parts of the foots got cured in two years. But now again the colour is getting a slow change in the areas where it was cured. But the side view of the legs were not changed.

      I am aged 60

  542. dear sir

    my daughter 8 years old, has vitiligo since 15 months

    strted homiopathy from 9 months

    arsemicum sulph flav started two months back

    systems not worsen, same time not improved also

    these and all did under homio pathy doctor

    suggest shall i continue this without any side effects

    how long


  543. I have little white patch on my upper lips please suggest

  544. Usha Vadranam says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    My husband has been suffering from Vitiligo for about 10years. The first instance came in 2005, he started PUVA treatment in 2007 for about 6 months, followed by ayurvedic treatments in 2009 for about 2years. Its gone by 80% and was stable till mid 2014. Last year again it started. Initially he started with the same Ayurvedic treatment, but this time the spread was fast and we reverted to PUVA and is on treatment for about 9months. The spread has stopped and the patches are filling up, but I am worried about the side effects of the PUVA treatment. I was reading on the possible side effects. Incidentally he lost lot of hair in a very short span of time after the medication has started.

    Seeking for your help/advice in this regard. My husband is 43 year old now. He is a busy professional and has very positive attitude. He is on medication for hypo thyroidism and blood pressure.


  545. my daughter have this problam she is 3years old which treatment we do

    • md.arshadul haque says:

      I have vitiligo just my mouth lips.often 4 years.please give me treatment.reply waiting for you? I lives in bangladesh

  546. I am suffering vitiligo from many years can ur team help to rid it

  547. I have Vitiligo under and around the penis shaft. Been to a dermatologist and the cream prescribed doesn’t work. Is there anything medication the cures this disorder? Need relief

  548. umer farooq says:

    my mother’s have vitiligo from many months please give me some suggestion

  549. Hi DR. Sharma
    I have white patches on my hand and feet. Can you please help. Someone told us to apply bouchi oil.
    Please advise.

  550. Pawan Kumar Jha says:


  551. Bk Rajeshwari says:

    i have since from 6 years suffering vitilogo, firstly the patches are litlebit strated in right leg. i have taken some alopatheic treatment. last one and half year the patches comes to hand and neck. since from one year i have taking homeopathic tretment. i have age of 38. last two month the spread is increasing pls suggest me immediately for treatment. some persons are telling it is incurable why ur taking treatment. so pls give me suggestion. have any good treatment

  552. hi 40 % of my hair is grey age 30 can my hair reverse yo its natural color in 1 month

  553. Ruhul Amin says:

    I begins to grow white patches around my hands around 15 years back. The growth was significantly growing. I taken a lot of medicine but it is my bad luck and give up my hope to cure. Now I want to get your suggestion. What I should to do. Pls help me.

    With regards.

    Thank you.

  554. Dr. Mialan k. Patel says:

    Hello sir,

    My Self Dr. Milan K. Patel recently i had given final exam of MD Homoeopathy. I had gone through your web site and it is very inspiring for lay men and obvious for people like me who are new in Homoeopthy.

    Your fathithful.
    Dr. Milan

  555. Dr. Mialan k. Patel says:

    Hello sir,

    My Self Dr. Milan K. Patel recently i had given final exam of Homoeopathy. I had gone through your web site and it is very inspiring for lay men and obvious for people like me who are new in Homoeopthy.

    Your fathithful.
    Dr. Milan

  556. helo sir
    i have got white patches on my hand foot nd neck & small small spots on thighs front side & lower back for last 3 years. i used alot of treatments ex: unani ayurvedic for this but there was no proper recovery. iam 36 years old plzzz help me how can i cure from it.
    i shall be very thankful to you
    kindly suggest me treatment nd also food chart if desire.
    i’m waiting for your reply kindly reply me nd suggest me
    i m too much worried

  557. Alina ali says:

    Hello Dr Sharma..hope my email finds you in good health..I read ur details in the article given above..I want to know about treatment of vitiligo under your mother is suffering from it since 6-8months and it is rapidly increasing which is pulling her towards depression.lots of homeos claim to treat it but most of them are normally playing with their patients disease,mental health and money and no one actually provides cure..I want your sincere advice on this whether it is curable or not or as to what extent is it curable..I’m a doctor myself but worried for my mother..please help if possible.thanks

  558. usman abdullah says:

    HI my name is usman my son is year and half and few days ago we find out he is suffering from vitiligo few white patches centre on his bum i take him to doctor and doctor verify me its vitiligo if you could help me on that plz do contact me thanks

  559. Dr. my father is suffering from jaundice..from 2months due to the formation of pancreatic cyst 7cm…and him thyroid gland is also form a cyst due to the infection of pancreas please help me and and give the information about that plz reply…. thanku..

  560. Dustin S. says:

    Hi my name is Dustin I’m from Texas I’m 26 years old I’ve had the vitiligo disease since I was 4 please message me back as soon as possible so that maybe we can talk about your cures thank you have a nice day

  561. Dear Sir,

    i am suffering from vitiligo since 2 yrs is there any permanent solution for that. recently i under homeopathy treatment since last 9 month but results geeing slowly . can you help me ?

  562. I have a disease like leucoderma or vitiligo since last 10 months. Right now I am talking ayurvedic treatment but no result found. It is increasing day by day. I am very disappoint. Can you tell me it is curable or not.

  563. Bijoy Chowdhury says:

    Dear Dr.

    I have skin disorder named vitiligo but i got it from childhood not in born. In childhood, several times i fall down in same places of my external body during playing or running, but that time i saw white patches at my knee, but this spread out when i take alopathy treatment primarily. I don’t know this treatment infected to me. It was stable 10 years but it started spread out again. After marriage it’s being spread whole body. now i don’t take any medicine. My age now 29. It hesitate me at several situation. Sometimes some people irritate me and they said that it will turn into skin cancer disease and it will effect my next generation, bla bla, that’s why my wife don’t get any child at yet. I frankly wrote my problem. Please give me suggestion or prescribing me. Thank you. God bless you.

  564. Kanak Saxena says:

    My son has vitaligo. Can you please suggest us

  565. Kristina Crawford says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My son is a Chronic bedwetter. About a month ago white patches occured over both his eyebrows and in his head. I don’t know what’s going on. Any suggestions on what I to do.

  566. shivang Srivastava says:

    Sir I’m 17 years old and I am studying in 12th standard it is about a year ago when I feel a lot of etching in my private parts a lot but when it was scratched more small wound appears after the wound recovers there was a whit patch I ignored it but after some time it starts spreading and after a year ago it comes on my lips very lightly I started taking homeopathic medicine and it was recovered but in February 2015 I met with an accident in which my leg was broken and it was operated and same condition here white patches are appeared and I’m in a tension what to do some of them are fully covered by medicines of my homeopathic Dr. What do u suggest do I trust on homeopathic and stay with the same medicine bcs it works…. Sir pls tell me.

  567. Rafiqul Islam Liton says:

    my legs my harm effect vitiligo
    Can you help me.

  568. lorraine says:

    I have vitiligo. I am interested in homeopathy treatment. Currently I am doing light treatment 3 days a week. It is on my face, hands, arms, back, neck

    Can you please advise.



  569. surender singh says:

    Hi Sir,

    There are white marks\spot\patches on my right hand. All of these are symptoms of leucoderma
    and this is in starting phase.
    So please sir please tell me any medicine so that I can cover them in my starting phase.

    Thanks & Regards

  570. Padmanabhan says:


    I have this lucoderma patches in face,lip,chest,finger,hip etc.I have this since 1993.Now I am 51 years old,diabatic,with clean habits.No drinking,no smoking.95% veg diet.
    i took all treatments.Now my patches start spreading slowly.
    How can you help me.


  571. Sasi prabha says:

    I’m having very tiny white spots on both of my legs. They are gradually increasing in number. So please advice me.

  572. Rakesh Arora says:

    three yrs ago there were small ring type patches with normal skin color in the center appeared on my hands and one on the forehead. i showed to atleast five skin specialists. there was no relief
    after that i consulted homeopathic after treatment the conditon become more worse now i again consult dermatologist he give me immunosupressive drug with this med. there is pigmentation on the patches should i continue this Rx

  573. ajay bhatia says:

    I have been suffering from vitiligo since 30yrs now. I know that there is no cure for it now as this what I got response from mostly every doctor.
    I have recently started using Locoplex oil and also taking Locoplex drops orally. It is homeopathy medicine. Does it have any side effect? I did notice some red rashes around the area where I am rubbing the oil.
    I would request your expertise and your suggestion to the medicine which I am taking and also any help if you could provide would be just greatful.

  574. dr. I am suffering from vitiligo . I want to take you treatment. How much time it will take to over come that white spots . Sir please reply


  575. P Walvekar says:


  576. Hiii,sir I having 65% white hairs but I am still 17 years, plz give me fastest recovering to black hairs.. pls

  577. sania khan says:

    Mai 16 saal ke hu mujhe vitiligo hai too mujhe aase madesien btaa deygey jiss sey yee cover ho jai

  578. Md.hameed says:

    My wife has white patches called as vitiligo since 15yrs and have thyroid also for which she has undergone surgery and she takes 50mcg tablet daily.she gave birth to a male boy who is 6months old now.He has got a white patch near his eye since 1week and I Saw that he has small ball kind of thing near his that thyroid or what and this genetically transmitted white patches can be cured?please do reply sir

  579. Md.hameed says:

    My wife has white patches called as vitiligo since 15yrs and have thyroid also for which she has undergone surgery and she takes 50mcg tablet daily.she gave birth to a male boy who is 6months old now.He has got a white patch near his eye since 1week and I Saw that he has small ball kind of thing near his that thyroid or what and this genetically transmitted white patches can be cured?

  580. Sir,
    few weeks eariler I got white patches on my face and now they growing tell me some homiopathic medicines that can cure them

  581. pramod pradhan says:

    hello dr sharma

    My husband has two white patches on side of lpwer back increasing in size.
    pl advise
    sadhna karnik

  582. vikas jain says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma I have
    White patches on the skin, face ,lips, hands ,finger, leg, etc for many year and the growth are very high so plz help me

  583. Hi Dr,

    I would like to skype with you on the 3rd June as Im interesting to give it a try on the homeopathy treatment for my vitiligo, and macular amyloidosis.

    When would you be free to skype with me>?Im based in Dubai and Im only available after 530pm.

    Please let me know.Thank you,Nor

  584. lakshmi says:

    Sir my son is 15 years old. He is suffering from vitiligo past 6 months. But it is spreading rappidly. Please help us sir.

  585. Hello Dr

    I have been having few patches of white spots on my right jawline since 17years has never spread but just remains the same.I also ha’ve macular amyloidosis and skin is prone to keloids.what treatment would you suggest for me to take?TQ

  586. rakesh yadav says:

    hi sir I’m suffering from vitiligo please send medicines name please send me fast i m from Nepal my mobile number 9801604908

  587. Yolanda Reyna says:

    Hi my name is Yolanda Reyna and i have a granddaughter that was diagnosed with vitiligo. She started with with a small spot on her eyelid now she has them all over her body even her privates a.she even has some on her head and it is making her hair gray in that area a.can u please tell me what i can do to help her she sometimes tells me to get her something to cover them but they are spreading so fast now she is getting them on her face.i know it bothers her can u let me know if there is something to a least slow them a little from spreading more. Thank You

  588. Raj Kumar Trivedi says:

    Age 74 years
    I have spots not exactly white or brown but are on my head at four places . I have dandruff.
    Suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  589. Sir, i am ipsita, a student of 16 years and i am suffering from this disease, leucoderma since 6 years. we have tried every type of medication but no significant improvement has been observed. thus, we are thinking of surgical methods. it would really be a great help if you could suggest something. thank you

  590. Dr. Joe Loomba says:

    Dear Dr.

    I wanted to know your experience in the treatment with lucoskin and Arsenicum flavin and Rubram. Which is more effective?

  591. harpreet says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    My 3 year son diagnosed with vitiligo. his doctor prescribed him arsen.sulph.flav. The bottle i got it says
    30c. how many tablets i should give it to him. On the medicine it says give 5 pellets 3 times a day.But his doctor from india said give his one tablet three times a day.

    Please let me know


  592. rishiraj says:

    hellodoc, my child has turned 6 this february.In the end of january he developed small white patches near his eyes which gradually increased to eyelids mouth and neck. At presentdoctor has prescribed him sepia 200 and natrum mur 30 and monthly tongue dose of medorrtuiwn 200. is the medication correct?how long it will take to heal?

  593. Dear sir, help me, i have some white patches in my leg, it’s not increasing but it’s showing many places day by day, sir please help me

  594. Milagros Rivera says:

    Hi Dr Sharma My name is Milagros I have white patches in my two hands around my wrist and my fingers specially in my thumps are very bad and in my private parts my Grand father used to have it very bad in all his skin but he was very dark skin and I am medium skin color and also now my sister have all over her face and in all her body I herd about a woman that when to Cuba and she had this problem also in all her body and in their she got Homeopathic Treatment and she was cure do you think you could help to cure this it really bothers me to see this in my skin and not body have being able to help me thanks Milagros

  595. M.M. Mathew says:

    I have the white patches observed at many parts of the mody, It started more than 15 years ago and I had started Homoeo treatment at that time. Though the spread had stopped, after sometime it started appearing again near the nail on hand, lips etc. Again started homoeo treatment, but did not heal. Earlier, I was given Geramysin injections by an allopathic doctor for treatment of repeated cold attack.
    Again I see new patch development on a fingure and need to stop further pigment change and return to my normal skin colour.

    Can you kindly help?

  596. my 7years old son is suffering from vitiligo. as the white patches occur on his forehead from last 4 months.
    we are using homeo pathi medicine but still the colour is not changed. pls suggest is there any other homeo pathi medicine that could help to recover from this.

  597. I am 33years old. I have been suffering from vitiligo since 8 year. I have taken allopathic treatment. I has been cure. After some time it again start hypo pigmentation. Now I am using arsenic 20 but not getting any effect. Please suggest me.

  598. samir pattanaik says:

    Dear Doc,

    My baby aging about 3.7 yrs has white patches on her chest and underarm and i have checked with a doc and as per him it nothing but partial Vitiligo and started treatment for it , i afraid that medicine is working or not , so i think its better to go for homeopathy so can you pls help me on this regards.

  599. sir
    my child 9 yr old white patches seen on eyelid,eye corner and low belly portion in belt area
    with initial about 4 month how get treatment in homeopathy

  600. hello doctor, my son has vitiligo on his face he is 15 years old please tell me it is curable in homeopathy

  601. pramod kumar says:

    sir pls my problam vitiligo addres amethi u p

  602. aparnaprusty says:

    My brother suffer from vitiligo in backside of neck from 2 months recently..please send me the medicine name which can be effective for him…

  603. Mrs. Momtaz says:

    Attn. Dr. Sharma,
    Dear Sir, My wife is 53. She is suffering from Vitiligo from 8 months, It is spreading gradually day by day., How can she get treat treatment. I am from Bangladesh.

  604. Dillip Kumar Sahoo says:

    Respected Sir,
    My daughter (10 years old) is suffering from Vitiligo since 2 to 3 years….on legs and she was taking allopathic medicine but it is working slowly till she was taking medicine. I am really cry a lot for this disease.
    I would be grateful if you could kindly suggest me any medicine and lotion for apply on patches and what precautions in diet.
    Thanking You,
    Yours Truly,
    Dillip Kumar Sahoo

  605. Abdurrazzaq says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    developed vitiligo since 1995. treated with BACHI but not controlled. Dr. sharma can you help me. residing in Islamabad Pakistan.

  606. Hello doctor

    Myself Durga iam suffering with vitiligo for the past 1 year. now iam under homeopathic treatment, i am seeing that the patches are reducing but at the same time new patches are also starting more. i need to know will my vitiligo will be cured with homeopathic treatment??? is there a complete cure for vitiligo??? can you suggest me some diet chart for vitiligo??

  607. I am suffering from leucoderma since 2013 now I am using skinto,arsenicum sulph flavum 6x is that medicine can cure my leucoderma.

  608. mohender singh says:

    i suffering from piles, in which my rectum viens come out in morning after toilet
    but it slowly minimize after evening. i have no problem of motion is it fully cure in homeopathic. pse suggest me and how can take
    homeo madicine in bhubaneswar.because i donot want to operate in allopathic
    pse give me reply. i have this problem since 1year.thanks

  609. Sukla Pal says:

    my vitiligo increase by homeopathy treatment, so now what i should have?

  610. priyanka says:

    Plz rply.. It’s request

  611. Shagufta alam says:

    Gud afternoon sir,
    My cousin is suffering from leucoderma since 5 years she is 7 years old now she have been tried many other treatment but still there is no cure .there is a history of severe constipation when ever constipation there is an aggravation of vitiligo there is great irritability in her mind anger .so pls kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment .
    Shagufta alam

  612. Kanchan Patalay says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter 10 year old always know to look very cute and she still is suddenly 1 year ago developed white spots on her eye lids.
    Initially doctors thought it was sun spots and she was tested under the light came negative and the spots would shrink also.
    Then yesterday I saw that new spots just started developing under her feet on her 2 ankles and also the places behind her knees that she once bruised were very white.
    I took her to Dermi. doc. and he said she has a mix of vitiligo and sun spots.
    My world just crushed as its not a good news to hear.
    How i wish it was just sun spots that was initially diagonised with.

    Please tell me what am i going to do here on for her betterment? is it going to spread fast? she is just 10 years and that means vitiligo may spread.

    Are there foods she can constantly eat and get pigmentation back.?

    please advise.

  613. sir ap hindi jante ho is liye mai ap ko hindi me apni problem ko btata hun mai buchpen masterbution karta tha aur handpractise bhi karta tha jis se mera penis nurm ho chuka hai aur tight nhi ho raha hai aur jub mai sex karta hun to dhila bhi ho jata hai aur 2 se 3 minut me jhud bhi jata hun plz sir help me my wife s not satisfyed with me

  614. aakash sharma says:

    Dr. I want to know caffeinated substances acts as an antidote for homopaethy medicines?

  615. vibha jain says:

    tel me abt vitiligo bcoz my frd have vitiligo in hand n leg

  616. Md. Ruhul Amin (Manju) says:

    Dear Sir/madam

    My name is Md. Ruhul Amin (Manju) from City: Chittagong, Country: Bangladesh. I am 40 years old. I have had Vitiligo for around 5 years. I have patches of white spots & spreading my left & right hands fingers & middle of the throats gradually.

    Awaiting to hear from you soon.

    With best regards.

    Ruhul Amin (Manju)

  617. My full body colour is white but my hand leg and my face colour is dark ..can eu help me out of these to make my full body look complete clear

  618. I have a white patches on my leg so plz.Dr. can u give me the best traleatment from my pigmentation.

  619. Dear Dr.
    My name is Adeel.
    My age 28 years
    I live in Pakistan
    Previously, there use to be erections often like in the early morning and at the time of watching some erotic stuff. However, there is less desire of watching them now but at the same time, the sexual urge is also less and the erection is also less and penis is very small and loose. I am very emotional person and get upset very easily, which is affecting my sex life. Please can you look into this and advise so that I can have rock hard erections, delayed ejaculation and get back my normal size.
    Please tell me any homeopathic dilution increase penis size ,hardness & sex Power permanent cure remains of old age.

  620. Dear sir.
    My name Sivabalan I am effective in Vitiligo white patches disorder problem that will many time treatments no change sir.. . Please treatment you sir. …

  621. sukanta dhar says:

    Since last 20 yrs I have been suffering with vitiligo.since it appears in my body the life become a curse 4 me. Still i breath as my family members loves me very much.earlier it was acro facial & very small spots on the visible areas.since last 2 months it spreads like iam associated with the job of sales not get confidence to present before any new client. Plz help me 2 get rid of 4m the disorder &allow me 2 know the duration and expenses of the treatment

  622. Jitender Singh says:

    Hello sir
    my 5 yr old. Daughter has two vitiligo patches at right corner of. mouth . It started 3 months back from a size. Of a needle point. I want to ask if it can be cured and controlled from. Spreading and how much time it will take. Please. help .
    Jitender. Singh
    New Delhi

  623. Daer Sir,
    I am a patient of Vitiligo ! I want to meet you ! Please send me your address with contact number.

  624. Nalin Srivastava says:

    Sir I have a white spots on my back . I was noticed it after my bike accident .the white spot shape is circular like a one ruppee coin .I just want to know that this method eliminate this ??? How long time it will take ??my age is 21

  625. Nilmani Shukla says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo at right angle to my lips (1 cm long and 5mm downwards ) for last two months .

    I am taking both homeopathy (two times from Dr.Batra) and allopathy (antixidants HC & TBIS , Melbild for application)

    But no marginal effect is noticed .

    Please advise how I can get rid of this disease . I am in a lot of mental stress.

    Shall I continue both medines or stop any one.

    please reply and guide.

  626. pratima pokharel says:

    Hello sir
    Sir from 10 years iam having the serious problem of leucoderma . At starting it come on my leg nd slowly slowly on hands ,finger join also it sizes are some small nd large . Iam trying alot of medicines bt there is no improvement . Sir of this disease i cant get a concentration on my work iam getting irritation nd depressed from it so sir plz give me a good advice so that it will improve .
    Nd also tell me what to eat nd what to not .
    So that i will live happily nd iam really highly thankful of u .
    Sir ..
    Sir plz try to rply fast
    iam really cry alot fr this disease .

  627. ASIS KUMAR SARKAR says:

    I have been suffered from vitiligo for last 4 years. I take medical treatment from renowned Dermatologists in Kolkata but slowly the white patches is covering my both palm and abdomen.
    Request you to give me appropriate suggestion in order to check and cure the disease.

  628. dear sir, i am having a light white patch on my lip and i am using homeopathic medicine for that. In the beginning i got some pimples on my face and doctor said that waste from the body coming through pimples and marks will go later. it is ok up to this. But i have one doubt that is, during the course of medication doctor said that dont use any creams on face. what my doubt is can i avoid normal creams also like cold crams etc.

    Sir please tell me that during course of action can i avoid all.

  629. harjit singh says:

    Sir I have a white skin on my left leg…. please sir please give me a solution of this cure…… I am very tense because of it… thanks

  630. jyoti jain says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 29 years old. I have three spots of vitiligo on my right leg before 3 years but with in 5-6 months it starts increasing in size with itching. Where i itch, the white spots develops after severe itching. At present these spots are in both the legs on bone side. So is vitiligo starts with itching or not. Please suggest treatment for the same.


    hello sir… im from India Northeast ,.. im having this vitilgo white patches frome last 3 years… in th beggining it occured on my eyesight .. and i was treated by homeopathy and it got cured… but.. after some months again it occured on my nech hand s and leg on all th xposed sights… and gradually its increasing by th years..plz help for this disease i cant concentrate on my studies.. :'( .. i cant write anything infront of evryone .. sir plz help.. me.. its realy effecting me a lot im nly in std 8… :'(.. plz suggest me some medicines so that i get recover fast .. sir plz reply fast im highly thankful to u 🙂

  632. Hello,

    Recently i have been diagnosed with VITILIGO. I have three patches close to my armpits. They developed suddenly. I dont have any family history of vitiligo neither i have thyroid or diabetes. Dr says stress could be one of the reason because last 3 months were very stressful for me. I will be really thankful if you could guide me further with homeopathy treatment. I also want to know if homeopathy is going to flare up vitiligo before curing it or it controls from where it is. I am worried about this as i dont want it to flare up.

    Thank you so much in advance,

    Best regards,

  633. Hello Sir,
    I’m affected by Vitiligo. Finding some alternate source for me to get rid of this.. It affected my lips n surrounding and now dragged til nose.. And some patches in my both hands(palm). I feel very uneasy to go out and do my work.. Most of all, No 1 s encouraging me or motivating that this ll cure soon.. All negative feedbacks… Myself reseached alot and trying to make it control.. But no gain.. But still taking the tablets properly and using those solutions which was prescribed by the doctor I consulted lastly… Need ur help and pls guide me to come out of this disease..
    Thank you

  634. Gurmeet Kaur says:

    Hi doctor this is rg my son he have white pach in his body and he have white hair also I am giving him homeopathy medicine Name is Arsenicum sulph and Hydrocotyle asiat I feel results but not that much his pach is increasing please help me doctor he is start this pach in 2011 and his birth date is 27 Feb 2004
    Waiting for your reply
    Thanking you
    Gurmeet Kaur

  635. kishor sankpal says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from vitiligo . I want to take you treatment. How much time it will take to over come that white spots . Sir please reply

  636. PRATEEK KAUSHIK says:

    in reffrence i am suffering form vitiligo in my hand and legs and m using homeopathic treatment last year .before last my prescription was alopethic can resolve the matter please contact me.

  637. Lalithapurushothaman says:

    Our child is suffering from vitiligo past 5 year, her private area has white patches, we are taking treatment in batra’s. But there s no major spread in other area, kindly help us how to treat her further to come out onthis

  638. Neha kathuria says:

    sir my daughter at the age of 3 n half is hvg vitiligo we r taking homeopathy treatment but still paces r coming n no progress i m able to see even the new spots r continuously coming sir Pl tell me how it can be stopped.

  639. Mohammed Asif Basha says:

    dear sir, my son raihaan is suffering from this leucodram . as a white patch occur on his forehead and on that white patche the hair colour is grey from last 15days ago.i consulted skin specialist in this regard they said it will be cured but take time. i want to know whether i should go for which medicine to recover the patches. another thing is if i go with homeopathy medicine i want to know it will stop spreading or else even using medicine also it will spread.

    pls suggest.waiting for ur reply.


  640. dr.S.P.Sharma says:

    good morning sir
    more common medicine for vitiligo plz tell me how to case taking in skin disease i am also homoeopath pratice from 2-yrs add- SAI HOMOEO CLINIC Mughalsarai my mobile no.8808819946

  641. Sir l am suffering with lukoderma last 15yr on neck hand foot & stomach.
    Pl help me

  642. chitesh chandan says:

    safed dag 4 sal se h or badhte ja rha h dhire-dhire ja rha homeopathy,ayurvedic,allopathy tino medicine kha liye fir v badhte ja rha h safed dag lip,anguli,ghutna,nak k niche, m hai… Filhal homeopathy medicine kha rahe hain–Bacillinum-1M-2 dose-1month,Arsenicum Sulph Flavum-6X,Syphilinum0/6 power-2 Dose -1 month,Cuprum Acet-0/6 power -2 times

  643. Sakina Indore says:

    Im vitiligo patient n hv already started homeopathic medicine. ( dilution)
    1. Arsenicum sulphur flavum
    2. Hydro asiatica
    3 . locoplex q

    Dr is this all medicine is right should I continue

  644. Dr.vikas sharma says:

    Sir i have white patches like small dots on my left leg winter time fully whited and summer time little bit better some time itch on some other place there also white dot coming like before sir plz give me suggest

  645. Dear sir,

    Namaste.i have a white spot on my upper lip middle portion.i saw it before 6 months.its size is just hair size in three can i get permanent treatment for this disease.we r living in odisha.what precautiond we have to take.give some suggestion.

  646. Hello dr. My son is 10 years old and still suffering from bed wetting..kindly tell if there is complete treatment for now he is growing he is feeling complex

  647. rajni bhartia says:

    Six months phelae merae forehead pr ec bhut chhota sa white spot aaya tha . Uska size knk wheat kae size jitna tha. Vo teeth jitna white nhi tha . Hlka grey sa colour mai aata tha.. doctor ko check krvaya .vo bolae vitiligo nhi hai.. us time mai khtti cheezae khana chhhod diya tha.. pr aaj do mheno sae khtti cheezae kha rhi hu. Vo spot bilkul teeth jaisa white ho gya hai. Uskae charo aur hair ug aayae hai jo phelae nhi thae. Pr us spot mai nhi hai. Uska size aaj 14december ko zra sa bda hai . Shayd aadha knk kae danae jitna.. eyebrow mai dono side do teen white hair ug aatae hai. Pichhlae sal mai hd sae jyada tense rhi thi. Kisi vgeh sae. Bus jaisy mchhhli bina pani tdpti ho.. utna dukhi thi.. diet bhut achhhi li hai shuru sae hi. Koi jank food nhi …. ghr ka khana hi.. aavla juice soya milk etc. Hmesha Diet mai shamil rha hai.. please sir btaiyae kya kru…

  648. Mohit kumar says:

    It begins to grow white patches
    around my leg around 12 or 13
    years back. The growth was
    significantly less. But recently it
    has covered fully the left leg
    I have not gone through any
    medication. Can you please
    suggest treatment for the same?
    Wit regards.
    Thank you.

  649. Good day Dr

    I have vitiligo, aloepecia & hypothyroid for 7 years now. With regards to me diet, what foods should I consume more and what foods should I avoid that might help my endocrine system get into balance?

    Your assistance and advice will be much appreciated.
    Thank you, Prinisha Govender

  650. Mousumi saikia says:

    I am from north lakhimpur l am 35 year and I am not sure whether it is skin white disease or not today I seen a white spot in the place where I use sindoor how can confirm or what is the appropriate cream to use

  651. biswajit sar says:

    sir i am suffering from penis vitiligo(penis knob and indside the exansion skin) and a little
    bit in the hands
    I have not gone
    through any
    medication. Can
    you please
    treatment for
    the same?

  652. Sudhir Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from Vitiligo on Lips since past couple of years….Pls suggest me how to get this cured.


  653. in my city jalgaon maharashtra i my friend is fully treated by Ayurveda treatments in just 4 months he was from mumbai
    monthly cost around Rs500 only
    100% results by ayurvedic treatemnt without any side effects

  654. daniel from kenya says:

    i have vitilingo for 8 can you help me?

  655. om Prakash giri says:

    Regarding vitiligo and scoliosis

  656. Aakashbhardwaj says:

    Dear Sir ,

    I am faceing the probleum of vitiligo ( white patch) in my hands. I have taken the english medicine previous four years lots of Docters prescribe me lots of medicine and lotions very costly but not show any effect in my white patches all white patch encreases day by day .Please prescribe me a good homeopathy medicine .

    Aakash Bhardwaj

  657. My daughter had an onset of vitiligo in August 2013. It was initially only 1 patch in the heel. Since March 2014, it has spread to many locations including under arm, hip, hands. Some are large patches and some small. She is 13 years old. Please advise on treatment options.

  658. Abiansh Rudra says:

    Age- 35 years Sex- Male

    It was first seen when i was 8-9 years old, it seen at back side. The spreading rate was very slow. after 2-3 years it grows highly. some ayurvedic treatment was done. latter on some homeopathic treatment also done. Comocladia 1M given for oral take once in a month and Comoliadia Mother tincture was give for local apply. recently it is spreading the out side of cloths. for a long time it was arrested among the inside of cloth.
    Now what medicine i should to take?
    Is comocladia appropriate medicine?

  659. started a year back when noticed that in the morning walk ar 6.30 the sun rays when falls on the inner pit of both arms causes someirritation and I felt some electric shock type and the skin there becomes reddish .after few days I noticed that on the both sides of arms few spots of white colour occurred .by the time of a year they are spreading.i am 72 years old retired official with happy outcome of every thing,having no stress or strain left .so please if you can suggest some medicine in this regard I will be more thankful to you

  660. Hello Doctor,
    I am 46 years old woman. The problem of premature graying runs strong in my family.My hair also started turning Gray at a young age. What is. Causing a great deal of anxiety now is the rate at which my eyebrow hair has started turning Gray causing a lot of stress and anxiety to me. It makes me feel very low on confidence.Is there a hope in homeopathy for this condition.

  661. Virendra Raj says:

    Sir my father is suffering from vitiligo since 6 to 7 years. White patches are at the fingers, ankle, foot etc. and these patches are increase day by day. He was taking allopathic medcine but it not worked. what is the solution of his problem

    Virendra Raj

  662. Hello Dr. Sharma

    18 months ago, I had a white spot in the middle of my pal ain right hand. Now over the epriod of time, it has grown to almost 60% of right palm and 40% on left palm. Also , these spots developed on all finger tips and a very minor spot on the corner of bottom lip. I got tested for Thyroid and was found normal. Finally Dermatologist diagnosed these spots as Vitiligo. Medications with Tacrolimus/ Momate is continued but observed not gain.

    How can I contact you as I live in Thailand?


  663. Please help me to reduce my vitiligo to my hands

  664. hi Dr Sharma
    Im suffering from vitilgo last 24 years. Im 38 now Its mainly on my palms, lips, feet and still slowly spreading. Is it curable by your treatment? waiting for reply.

  665. Nazia Hasan says:

    Respected Sir, I get to know about your treatment when I was searching for some good doctors who can cure vitiligo. Sir my age is 22 and from last 3,4 months I m suffering from this small white patch round my jaw area and under my lips. I live in Jhansi and here I dnt find any appropriate doctor for this disease. Please Sir can you tell me how I can get rid of it very soon.

  666. dear sir i am suffering from the vitiligo from last 15 years ant feed up of my life is their any treatment to cure this urgentlly as im planning to get marry ant if this doestnot curedt soon i will die pls help me


  667. Sir i wnt to ask u dat i hve white patches in m vegina..its been a three year n i feel shy to ask anyone frst its a very less n after i start eatching its increased m very scare does it increase m whole body or nt pls gve me sum solution to remov ds kindly thnkful to u..

  668. Shireeshanagaraj says:

    Sir iam 24years old now and i have vitiligo problem on my head,it made my hair white the place where it came,iam suffering from 4 years…:-(
    i used to take some creams prescribed by dermatologist,but it doesn’t showed any impact,please kindly give me any advice about it,is it have permanent solution?:-(
    thanks in advance.

  669. sanghamitra basu roy says:

    my 3 years old daughter is diagnosed with vitiligo . She has patches on her right eyelid and at the side of both eyes. She is prescribed with melgain and picon lotion
    it is very diffult to apply melgain as she rubs it with her hands. Is there any oral medicine which I can give her. Please help.

  670. sanghamitra basu roy says:

    Hi dr sharma
    my 3 years old daughter is diagnosed with vitiligo . She has patches on her right eyelid and at the side of both eyes. She is prescribed with melgain and picon lotion
    it is very diffult to apply melgain as she rubs it with her hands. Is there any oral medicine which I can give her. Please help.

  671. pravin gharge says:

    Urgently want appointment to doctor in pune or near to pune

  672. Kamrul Hasan says:

    Dear Sir:
    I am from Bangladesh. I have white patches in my two legs below knee. And there few white patches above my two ear. Its now increasing day by day. Though increasing rate is slow bt its increasing. I am taking Riboflavin- 50 mg a day and ARS Sulph Flav- 3x two tablet a day (morning and night).
    Sir, now I need your suggestions or prescription for this skin disease.Hope you will give me proper guideline. I am also planning to come India by January, 15.
    Thanks & Regard.

  673. otaram kundalwal says:

    i am taking homeopathic treatment due occurs white spot on fare head face and some on near the both ears . so for this , Dr. given to me treatment and now i am using as following-
    1.TAB ARSENICUM SULPH. FLAV *6X 1——1——-1

  674. Manjunath says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Is any consultation available in Bangalore please let me know, want to consult wrt Vitiligo treatment.


  675. Hi doctor,

    I am suffering from vitiligo for a few years. I am 50 years old and for many years it was dormant but now I see a few new spots on my body and would to address this? I have been under a few doctors(homeopathy) but have not made any progress. I also have warts but this issues was also not successful with homeopathy doctor’s proscription.
    Please let me know if you are able to work on my case?

    Thanks much,


  676. Dr. John Eloy Aldaz says:

    I have treated the patient with remedies that are simulus to all his and her’s symptoms, mentally, emotionally and physically according to homeopathic philosophy without results. please orientate.

  677. Sir myom is suffering from vitiligo since 3 to 4 years….she was taking allopathic medcine but it worked out till she was taking….when she stopped her problem increased ….what solution can u give to solve her problem…

  678. Hello Dr. Sharma
    Sir actually im suffering from whitening hairs nd little bit hair fall problem so pls tell what can I do specially for whitening hair prob

  679. piyush Khandelwal says:

    My son 1 month and daughter 3 year old are having white patches since birth is there any treatment. Kindly help me out if any treatment

    Thanking u

  680. Aditi A Tayade says:

    Respected sir My daughter is 10 years old . Just from 3 months she is suffering from Vitiligo. It observed slight white spots or patches on right hand. It is requested to send control measures. I consult Homeopathic doctor He advice to apply Ammi visnaga Q mother tincture externally to skin. Requested to send details

  681. V. Krishnan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Very small white patches have appeared on my foreskin and within a couple of months, more have appeared, but all only on my foreskin. Could this be Vitiligo?. Do not have any patches elsewhere on my body. I am 60 yrs old and have been quite healthy. Am inactive sexually. If I was, I would admit it freely.

  682. Meena Mittal says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am Meena Mittal, my son has recently discovered symptoms of Vitiligo with a spot at his elbow and behind the knee. We don’t want to take any chances. Can you please provide an appropriate treatment? You can call me on 9463841797

  683. abhishek jain says:

    Hello Sir,

    last 2 week i saw some white spots on my arms , they are increase slowys.
    Please treat me how can its remove it.
    Please sir give me some advice.

  684. I have developed small white patches in my right thigh, it is showing in left thigh also. It’s about two months old. I am male 58 years, live in Delhi.
    Pl advise.


  685. Parveen Kumar Chaudhary says:

    Hello Doctor, I am 33 yrs old and have discovered vitiligo for past 5-6 yrs. Initially I had only small spots around rightside underarm area and very small spots on my feet (in 2007) after that it was stable and I consulted with a skin specialist who took me through a systematic treatment (few pills,creams and sun exposure). It works but not for a long time and the spots reappeared soon after I stopped the treatment. Now for the last 2 yrs my finger tips back side palm area is catching it up fast. Somebody told me to go for ayurvedic treatment for which I did visit Ramdev’s patanjali centre. I continued with ayurvedic medicine for more than 3 month but no visible improvement was there. Finally I consulted with a homeopathic centre and the history of the doctor was told to me very promising. Now its been 1 month of treatment and they told me that it will take time and results will appear sooner or later.

    Doctor please advise me on my condition and further course of action. Yours recommendations could be of great help to me.
    look forward for your response.
    Praveen Chaudhary

  686. Deepika Pandey says:

    Hi sir, am affected with vitiligo from past three years. It appeared initially with low patches on my stomach during pregnancy. Afterwards it covered major portion of both the breasts. From last 6 months its spreading and now there are patchy marks on whole body and growing on face too. I am into homeopathy treatment from past 6 months abut the patches have increased after I started that. please confirm if you assure the cure of my disease or is my homeopathic consultant growing in a right direction as I have heard that homeopathic medicines spread the spots initially and then reduce it.

  687. kindly let me know remedies of vitiligo. I am 48 yers. It has started just 4 yers ago

  688. My 14 yrs old son rescently suffering from small white patches on left hand. I want toimmediate stopand cure this desease s on dis stage now.

  689. afroza bibi says:

    Dr, Sir, my wife aged 37, burn in 1997 by a coal chula , there after treated going on alopathy up to 3 years.then both her lgs contracture. then operation her rt leg and streight her rt leg and then started white patches.and graually increasing and spreading throuthout body.and started homoeopathy treatment. some times decrease but some times increase .in this situation started
    ayurvedic treatment still these are un controled. sir, pls state proper guideline to cure. we pray to GOD for your sound health and prosparity. thanking you

  690. ravi kumar siwach says:

    i have sufered from Vitiligo. plz help me how get rid from this ill.

  691. Vishal Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m an service man residing in Mumbai,aged 28.
    Sir,m suffering from vitilligo for last one year firstly i opted for English medicine and that cured the same by dosases of dicaris and zinfate but latter on i got allergic with-this medicine .

    Last one month i m being cured by homeopathic medicines but currently there is no sign of healing,in other terms it has spread on other part of my body too,m being cured by Dr.daftarri MD his clinic is at ghatkopar.
    Sir,i want to meet you for medication,please help me .


  692. Dear sir,
    My daughter is 5 years old and has white patches all over the body more on both the legs. Can you pls let me know from when will i start seeing the effect of the treatment(depigmentation) if start with homeopathy.

    Whether will we get to see the repigmentation in 3 to 6 months or more?

    Pls reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

  693. Sir,
    I have penis glans vitiligo including some inner parts of my penis foreskin for last 2 years. I am taking treatment from a dermatologist from last jan’2014 but not received any remarkable results.
    Therefore, I am requesting your honour kindly to help me to vet out of it.
    Please sir help me out.

  694. My 9 year old son suffering from Leukoderma, no other problem in his body. Tried medicine no effect. Please advise me. From his legs to his eyse it spreaded


  695. Raniesha Moreno says:

    Hello Doctor I just have some questions regarding my husband Josue and his recent discovery of developing vitiligo on his left hand, and both cheeks, also a little on his back as well. It’s still in it’s earlier stages and is getting more noticable as time goes by. I just wanted to know if homeopathy is the best option for treating this disease and what is the probability of it being successful. We are really hoping to find some relief because I know It’s hard to deal with the change that is happening and we want to do as much as we can to treat this. I know it depends on the particular person but we just wanted to hear an expert opinion on what would be the best way to try and stop it from spreading or getting some repigment if possible and if we should invest in these treatments. We would really appreciate your advice. Also if we were to decide to use homepathy how would we know if the doctor is the right choice. Thank you very much

  696. Abdullah Al Dhamen says:

    Lately a month ago I found few white spots around my neck and at the top of my back

    I did not take any medication

    searching the net I found your name related to this type of subject

  697. I am suffering from vitiligo white patches are overcome but my eyebrowse and eye lashes hairs are turrened to grey colour i m very depressed due to this kindly prescribed me homeopathic medicine with potency.

  698. soumalya nath says:

    Sir I have vitiligo in my penis prepuceand in scrotom and it is increasing.sir ,is it curable by homiopathy?

  699. Pappu Kumar Sharma says:

    I have white patches in the finger and both legs. Plz advice me about this treatment and expences of medicine.

  700. betsy schulte says:

    Hi Dr SHarma,

    I am 53 years old and recently began to notice large white patches under my arm, pigment of the skin changing -I went to several Doctors, and recently a skin Doctor. I was told I have Vitiligo, and there is nothing to do for it? I am a big believer in natural remedies, and would like to know your advise. I take supplements and have looked into Homeopathic remedies a while back.
    Any adviase would be wonderful…..

  701. Muhammad Shoaib says:

    Dear Sir! My wife is 34 years old and she has white spots on her feet. someone said it is Vitiligo. kindly tell me some homeopathic medicine.

  702. Rickfin Herbert says:

    Dear Doctor ,
    My self Rickfin I am surfing form Vitiligo from last 1 year and 3 months I went trough an Ayurvedic treatment from last 1 year and patches have been ingress and same is appeared in my right side of face only. believe your treatment will effect to get out of this disorder

  703. kunal bhatia says:

    My son is 4 month old. He has developed several white spots, on legs, back.
    Pls suggest the reason & treatment.

    We consulted dermatologist. He has given skin cream & advised to give sunlight exposure.

  704. Vivek singh says:

    Hi Dr. sharma,
    I just came across your website, while surfing for information about vitiligo. Sir my girlfriend is suffering from vitiligo for more than 10 years. She has patches on her palms n fingers even on her feet and legs. She feels embarrassed for the same and this had lead to depression. She has tried to harm herself many a times just because she thinks that these white patches make her look ugly. She wants it to get cured. She had already tried alot of medicines but it didn’t help.
    Sir I would be happy if you could help her out with it.
    Waiting for a positive feedback from your side.

    Vivek Singh

  705. Hi Dr shrama
    I am 24 years old and i have pigmentation(black color) around my eyes .i have tried lots of madicines creams home remidies but there is no use .is there any solution for my problem

  706. Sevika Khalko says:

    Irregular patches of whitening skin around the neck area. Not stark white, but less dark than the surrounding area.
    It is spreading since childhood,when it was just very small spots…now increasing for some time.
    The present age of the patient is 19 years(female).
    Headaches when in noisy crowds.
    Regular periods lasting approximately 4 days.
    Bed wetting was a problem till recently but now controlled when the patient has shifted to Delhi, with parents, who work as domestic help in Delhi.

  707. Hi Sir,

    Few months back on my face there is one small white patche…recently its grow to my lips… I’m more worrying it may grow complete my face…kindly help me out and give treatment on this…


  708. I m suffering from vitiligo on my lower lip since two years back. Dr. Tell me which homeopathic medicines help me. I m curious for it.

  709. R.BRAHMAJI says:

    My friend daughter suffering with Vitiligo : White patches on fingers of both hands and legs. She taken Unani and other medicines but not controlled yet. Her age is 19 yrs, Living in Hyderabad city. Sir please suggest any medical treatment or medicines for the disease

  710. kinza fatima says:

    i want to know about my disease of vitiligo plz help me if u cannnnnnn

  711. namaste sir, age 23yrs,20% of
    whole body like lips, ,
    fingures,toes etc .suffering from
    vitiligo during last 12yrs, please
    suggest best medicine.

  712. Farooq Mahmood says:

    Dr. Sb This is Farooq Mahmood from Pakistan. I got ur contact from net.
    I want to discuss my daughter case with u.

    Near about 2 years back she caught in Viral Myositis and Dr. Used Deltacortil for 1.5 month during her disease. Now she have recovered from Myositis and fine since last 2 years.

    In few weeks back,
    A white patch in between eye n ear had newly been created on her skin and skin specialist diagnosed it as Vitiligo (Phul Behri). He advised to start again Deltacortil 2.5 daily. Will be very obliged if u can check that if there is any other alternate medicine available for its treatment.
    I want to avoid Deltacortil (steroid)

  713. sharaheel says:

    Dear Doctor, my son has a little white spot on his forehead,and some on foot.Can you suggest the treatment. Thanks
    Best regard.

  714. i see white peach on my shoulder and stomach before 9 year but it disappeared again when i use some ornament and medicine. but now it again visible on many areia .i consult with many dermatology then give me medicine but it didn't show any improvements . says:

    help me for medication sir I m in deep stress

  715. Hello doctor. My friend has been suffering from vitiligo for a very long time and no medicine has been able to cure him. Will the homeopathy treatment will be able to help him get rid of the vitiligo patches completely? And if yes then how long will it take?

  716. jaspreet singh bakshi says:

    Dear dr.
    My 10 month old baby (girl) had two white patches on hwr body and dr advices that its a vitiligo. So please forward your contact or any treatment by which my baby will be cure from this.


  717. dear sir I have affct one year abov vitiligi in pennis ang right hand little finger which medicin I will use hemopati or allopati , or aurvedic my patchs is fast growing how I contol it first ? and also can i take laser treetment.?

  718. Alfred olivo says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have vitiligo and lately I’ve been using uvb therapy and it’s been working on my body except on my hands and feet. I would like for you to help me out Dr.

  719. satvir singh says:

    my 4yrs son got white spots on eye lid. pls advice medician. tks

  720. sri krishna dalai says:

    Sir,i am 30years old.i have white patches on my feet and testicles how can i cure this if i use homeopathy how much time it will take.

  721. shakib khan says:

    i’m sakib from dhaka, bangladesh.. i thing i’ve those things… there were a spot on my left elbow since a long time ago.. now i’m 17+ years old… i’ had noticed that those spot just increased a little since previous… and the most important thing is, i’ve also noticed another spot on my left cheek.. i’m suspecting it as a vitiligo…
    what should i do now??


  722. Mari Cortes says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have suffered from vitiligo since I was 18 and have learned to cover it up and deal with it. I have an 8 year old daughter that has developed a white patch with weird shape on only her right foot . she is very uncomfortable and is being teased at school.
    Because I have vitiligo does that mean she now has it too?

  723. Sir.
    My son age 20 suffering fo white patches
    There was no problem before one year
    Please guide me about treatment. Near by Delhi
    I shall greatful to you

  724. sir, I hv started getting sciatica problem (in my right leg) and walking without support is difficult. I am taking hypericum 200 ch and gnaphyllum 200. pls advise further if I hv to change the medicines or to continue with the same . thanks

  725. Sir,
    Recently around 25 days back we noticed some white spots backside of arm in our 11 year child. They are not so white but a mix. We shown to a Skin spclt who said the spots are early/developing Vitiligo. We started the medicines he prescribed, whit care, top forte 0.1 n a vit capsule or 6 capsules. My wife is worried please advice which system will work ayur or homeo. Please tell any medicine available in Homeopathy that will work less time…..Thank you !

  726. Patrick Culas says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

  727. I have vitiligo since four years.i took Ayurveda and homeopathy.please tell me which treatment is better for me.

  728. Shweta sharma says:

    Hi Dr sharma,
    My 3 years old daughter is having some little white patches On leg. I am going to start homeopathic treatment for this before it’s get big problem.kindly suggest me if we need to follow some diet plan for this.
    We do not have any family history of this problem. Approx how much time it will take for positive results.

  729. Hina Ali says:

    I am 47 years old, I have developed these white patches on skin (lower back, arm, head, right leg) 1 cm to 3 am dia. I am a house wife but life is stressful, lots of physical n mental exertion. I need homeo medicine for this, I wd be helpful for you reply.
    best regards

  730. Mohinder Singh says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I have problem of itching on scalp. Initially it started with slight discharge and then forming scales and after their removal, the skin gets pinkish/whitish. It is only on head (left top side). Is it vitiligo or type of skin problem. ?

    I have a flair for homeopathy. I have tried Sulpher 200 once a week for sometime. Now itching is less and no scaling but white patches are still there.

    Please suggest me medicine.
    Mohinder Singh

  731. satish kumar vats says:

    Sir ,I think I am in begining stage with 2 white patches 1cm x 1cm on my penis &about 2cm long patch on inside of foreskin.A dermatologist has confirmed it is Vitiligo.I am a patient of Addisons as well and on treatment since 9/2009.
    Can I be advised a homeopathic trestment.
    I m male 60 years with dark skin colour
    Would be grsteful for your esteemed advice.

  732. manjunath says:

    hair sir’ my son 4 year old got injury to his face but the wound cured after some days white patches at corner of lips presently homeopathy treatment started’ ointment psoralean and arsenicum sulphuratum flavum taking how much time it take to cure

  733. Savita Sabharwal says:

    My son 6 yes old developed some white patches on neck 5months back and now spreading on over the eyes…its spreading over his body ,as a mother I’m really worried …kindly help me …
    Thank you

  734. Anita uday says:

    Dear sir,

    Very happy to go through ur websit..I am from Chennai and my daughterbis 3 1/2 years old. White patches (vitiligo) have just started on her finger boarder line and on her back neck, we are taking medication from a dermatologist and are not assured of complete cure which has really caused stress on me n my husband. Non of our family member had this. Doctors pls help us out n kindly tell us if there is a complete cure for this and what treatment needs to be take.. please doctor please help us.

  735. subhas saha says:

    DR Sharma, I am taking chelid mq tincture for vitiligo on my feet , how long i have to

    take this medicine. please let me know , thanks , subhas saha

  736. RAJYALAKSHMI says:
  737. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I believe my 11 year old daughter is developing vitiligo in very small patches on her face. She is half black (I am white and her father is black,) and in the summer her skin becomes quite dark due to a lot of sun exposure.

    She also seems to be experiencing some stress lately due to changing hormones and the recent divorce between her father & myself. I don’t know if stress or hormones contribute to vitiligo or not.

    The white patches appearing on her face are small – less than 2 cm – and irregularly shaped. She has only 4 white patches currently, and they only appear on her face, but she is extremely self-conscious and wants to “get rid of this weird ugly skin problem.” She also has some very mild acne, which she treats only occasionally with salicylic acid products.

    Can you recommend a course of treatment given this information?

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and assistance, I greatly appreciate it.


  738. poonam patel says:

    Hello sir. My sun has some white patches on his face and neck. He is 8 year-old . He already start homeopathy for this. Before start the therapy he only has one small spot but after starting homeopathy he developed more spots on his face. I am so confused can I continue with homeopathy treatment for him or not . Please give me opinion of this. Thank you sir. I am waiting for your reply.

  739. Manish Raimangia; Rajkot Gujarat says:

    my daughter has vitiligo since last 4 years v have tried ayurvedic medicines n now having treatment from know homeopathic doctor of our city here in Rajkot; Gujarat can u SIR please help us in curing my daughter

  740. Pavan Doddatti says:

    sir I have vitiligo on my lips from past 4 years I am worried about it so please suggest me whether I can get rid of it permanently

  741. manish sharma says:

    sir, i want to know about the dose with its power of arsenicum suphuretum flavum for vitiligo and also if any combination is more effective on vitiligo please tell with its powers and doses will take in a day…

  742. satish nande says:

    i homepahty medicin rsult plz coinf

  743. R. Gomez says:

    Started developing vitiligo years ago but it is now picking back up. Fingers are starting to turn completely white. It is also on arms, legs, feet, lips and eyelids. Please help!

  744. Ajay Bhatia says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo since 35 years now. My worst point was 8 years back when an skin doctor in Mumbai prescribed me steroid based medecine. When I got side effects I approached him and he just told me to stop taking medecine. Sadly he did not inform me that steroids has to be stopped slowly. The result was that my white patches increased by 75%.
    Now I’m on homeopathy since 3 years but no results. Infact it’s increasing regularly. It’s making be very depressed. My homeopathy doctor told me to buy locoplex as it is good but I am not getting here in Mumbai.
    Tell me is there any solution to my case, or I should stop homeopathy too as it’s costing me lot of money. I am really disturbed by my condition and need help.

  745. Sabah Fatima says:

    I have vitiligo under eye n on legs since last 7yrs I am so afraid I have undergo for so many treatment but I don’t get a better result plz kindly suggest treatment for same

  746. Hi,thanks for this sister is suffering from the same problem “vitiligo”. May I know the exact place where she can be treated best . She is 19 years old. We live in Ahmedabad Gujarat please suggest me right and best placefor her treatment. She has small small. WhiteWhite patches on ears.but many in her head.any help would be greate .thank you in advance.

  747. Sir I have white patches over and under my eyes. I am suffering from vitiligo. What should I do.

  748. subrata sen says:

    Respected Sir,
    My brother-in-law is suffering from four small white patches on his abdomen and neck for last 1 year. He is 40 years old fair complexion and six ft. height and easy to attack cold and cough. His is also a nerve patient(trembling his hand and finger a little) and he is also impotent. Please help him. How can he cure from it.
    Kindly suggest me treatment and also food chart if desire.
    I’m waiting for your reply kindly reply me and suggest me.
    With regards,
    B. Gupta

  749. Sir my 7 year old son has turned his eyelashes and eyelids on top and bottom side of his left eye white what is this and what should i do ,this happened from mid of feb 2014

  750. Chandramani beura says:

    Dear Sir,
    My doughter is suffering from white patches on her hand, foot,knee & heel for last 1 year. She used a lot of treatments for this but there was no proper recovery. She is 9 years old please help her. How can she cure from it.
    kindly suggest me treatment and also food chart if desire.
    i’m waiting for your reply kindly reply me and suggest me.
    With regards

  751. Maria Ortega says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have vitiligo in different parst of my body. It clears up in sections and them comes back in other sections of the body and face and arms. I was wondering what you can recommend to start using to help get rid of the Vitiligo.

    Thank you

  752. shivani says:

    i have some white sports on fingers,arm pit lip and leg i m worried can u plz advice me some medicine ill be very thankful to u

  753. vikas singh says:

    sir in my hole body white spot are their what i do pleas tell me suggestion

  754. Sourav Roy says:

    hello sir
    male 22
    im suffering from vitiligo from last 3-4yrs, bt ist not spreading, and covering almost 1-2 sq cm skin, with two different patches, one in underarm another in my left elbow, i have taken some topical medicine before 3 yrs. and it was working good, bt when i stop taking it, stops working, now i want to get rid of this disorder completely, so need ur help.

  755. aakansha jain says:

    i have white patches on my skin for 10 years.kindly suggest me some treatment

  756. ISRAR AHMED says:

    Hi dear Sir,
    i m israr ahmed age 31 from pakistan my sikin on white dot small and big, legs face arms etc me check up here is some doctors but no… Plz sir help me and info me gurnted madicne i m very thankfull 2 all life, thankx sir

  757. virat Seth says:

    My daughter has leucoderma.
    History-Detected at a tender age 02 yrs; present age 10 yrs,04 yrs treatment at Dr. Batra,
    initial result was good,but after 03 yrs there was no result,then ayurvedic treatment from Jiva taken,for 06 months result was good,but later on there was no result,left the treatment after 1 yr on Jiva advise.Now there is no increase or decrease.
    Please suggest.

  758. i have vitiligo.plz give solution

  759. Peter Naidoo says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have vitiligo for the pass 20 years, i would like to try your remedy which i believe can assist me.
    i have tried products in the past but they just left my skin dry and broken, due to my job i am always in the sun and outdoors.
    please can you tell me how i would be able to get oil bouchi, i live in south africa and because of our weater, i suffer tremedously with my vitiligo.

    can you help me?

    i look forward to your reply.

    Kind regards
    Peter Naidoo

  760. safiqul ahmed says:

    Hi. Sir my daughter is suffering from leucoderma skin disease .How can we cure it fast?

  761. Ashish Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My niece who is 14 years old also has this problem. And this is not inherited from a family member, because of this she has started getting stressed out. Please recommend us what to do from here. Can you please provide your contact details.

    Ashish Sharma

  762. preethi says:

    hello dr..i have white patches on my chest and lips.going on dermo treatment from past 1 year.heared homeo treatment gives best result.please reply me is vitiligo is fully curable when used homeo treatment?.how many days will it takes to cure fully?.how much does it cost.?
    note:iam newly married.

  763. bijay kumar agarwal says:

    Hi, Dr.saheb
    me bijay agarwal i have a black spot at my neck from birth. it was like a pen (2mm) dot at birth time but how age is growing spot is also spreding . now it is spread near almost neck (1.5 sq ft) and soldier. so i request to you that if it’s any treatment then help me .
    now my age is 37 unmarried

  764. Rohit Sarkar says:

    I have been suffering from Vitiligo since last 18 months. there are many white patches on various parts in my body like – lips, fingers etc. I used a lot of treatments but unfortunately I havn’t got satisfactory result. I wnat to get rid of it. Sir plz help me. I will be very thankful to you
    kindly suggest me treatment nd also food chart if desire.

  765. Ayesha Salim says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have had Vitiligo for about 10 months on my face and neck area and I wanted to know if any homeopathic medication can help get rid of Vitiligo. I live in the United States and would appreciate it if you can email me the procedures on how to purchase homeopathic medication for Vitiligo.

    Thank you
    Ayesha Salim

  766. AMITAVA SEN GUPTA says:


  767. zarin rahman says:

    My daughter zarin has vitiligo.she is now six years can help homeophy treatment.could u tell me details pls. She has a small white patches in right eye and under the tummy also both of legs.pls give me a right soluation.thankyou for your understanding. Shirin.(patiens mum).

  768. sardar mohd yaseen says:

    hi Dr.sharma,
    i suffering from white patches(vitiligo) for nearly 9 years…. using Homeopathic medicine(sagar homoeo store in charminar hyderabad) from starting……from five moth onwards white patches become more… is there any laser treatment for this disease if so how much costs for laser treatment? please suggest me….

  769. sir,
    I have white patches on my body. iam suffering from vitiligo patches on legs,neck,knees,ankles and thighes,chest,heaps around 6 years.Please suggest possible treatment.


  770. susandonohoe says:

    Dear Dr.sharma my name is Susan I have had this white patch around my nail skin for 6 years n its getting more n more around my nail skin more on my hands I am very much worried.I have asked my doctor if there is any thing she can give me for my spots but she told me there is Notting that as made me more worried.feel shamed to tell people when they as me what how did ithappen.I use to work a lot of bleach could that have damaged my skin .please can you tell me what can I do to get some control on this your Susan donohoe

  771. ps chauhan says:

    i hve white spot on neck tell me homoeopathic treatment mn 9411910167

  772. Fawzia amir says:

    Dr. I have white patches. On my hands underarms and now developing on my face that is eyebrows. I would like u to tell me what I should do I am having arsenum sulfurate. Flavum 6x 2tablets three times a day but it’s not effecting.

  773. sir i am from pakistan .i have a vitiligo disorder my age is 24 it covers almost 20% of my body kindly inform me is there any chance for me to getting cured thank you!

  774. Denise C Johnson says:

    I need a remedy for my 18 month grandson who has white patches on his skin. What remedy should I useThank you

    Cell 917 648 2492

  775. Fawzia amir says:

    I have these white spots on my hands, eye , body lips a d legs .i am using arsenum sulfuratum flavum 6x . I am taking 2tablets thrice a day. My doctor gave me this and within a year of my treatment he expired. I am still taking this medicine, shall I continue this.or take some more medicine. Thank u . I will really appreciate ur answer

  776. m b singh says:

    can vitiligo be cured ?duration of treatment?expense involved?plz rply?

  777. debashish das says:

    Hello Sir, got this address by chance, appears godsend. Suffering from white patches in different parts, male 54, exacerbated in last two years. Eager to communicate. Hope to get response early. Regards, d das

  778. Sir I got vitiligo last year… But luckily I met doctor soon Dr.padmanabham gudivada andhrapradesh…iam using his homeo medicine.. my vitiligo is not spreading fast but Now in this summer I doubt it is getting a bit fast.. Iam worried alot.. Couldn’t concentrate on anything plzzzzzzzzzzz help me…

  779. Hello sir , i have white patches on my hand neck and legs im so worried about it plz suggest me any medicine and lotion for apply on patches. And what precautions in dieti

  780. Sir I have white patches on neck legs and hands from last 1yer i m vary worreid about my skin .please suggest me any strong medicin and lotion for apply on white patches.and precautions in diet.

  781. asha karkera says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have white patches behind my neck. Please help as it is spreading.

  782. seema sing says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have 2 small patch on my hand and back. i am diabetic also. pleas let me know is any treatment in homeopath. i am staying in gurgaon .haryana.

  783. Bal krishna Gautam says:

    Respected Sir, I have small round shape white patches on my hand . I am 42 year old.
    Please suggest possible treatment.

  784. Monika Dash says:

    Hi Sir,
    My mother has small white patches on her neck and right leg. She has been suffering from vitligo from the past 3 years. She has been under homeopathy medication since the past one year. It has reduced but has not been very effective. So, sir its my humble request if you could give any further suggestions about medicines or the appropriate diet that she should follow. Please kindly help me out.Awaiting your reply.

    Monika Dash

  785. devansh dubey says:

    want to get treatment in leucoderma .one which spot seen on cheeks.please contact urgently.

  786. ashish says:

    My friend have white patches.please,give some idea.

  787. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I would like to get the name of medicine for my son who has Vitiligo on his lip and part of his face and also few spot on his chest. How can I cure medicine for my son? Please kindly help me out this issue.
    Thank you,

  788. lucas mfuru says:

    my name is lucas i have vitiligo so where i can get homeopathy because ilive tanzania help me please age 18 years old

  789. vishal raj says:

    sir, i hv been sufferring from leucoderma forr long timee.and i hv bn taking medicine for 5 years and it works. bt sir, i hv read the article on the internet that it is caused by disorder immune system. so that i started to taraxacum q to order my immune. would it better to take taraxacum q to order my immune system.i hv been taking ars.sulph. flav 3x,nitric acid 3x,hydrocotyl qand locoplex

  790. vishal raj says:

    sir, i hv been sufferring from leucoderma forr long timee.and i hv bn taking medicine for 5 years and it works. bt sir, i hv read the article on the internet that it is caused by disorder immune system. so that i started to taraxacum q to order my immune. would it better to take taraxacum q to order my immune system.i hv been taking ars.sulph. flav 3x,nitric acid 3x,hydrocotyl q,.locoplex

  791. Sir, i am a mca student i have white patch upon my both lips.i had bite my lips so it turned white .i used tacroz cream but not cured. present i started recent homeopathic treatment .is it possible to cure permanent? they said to me to use 1 year course. As per your knowledge what could be the fee structure please tell me.

  792. s n chary says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma ,
    i have reffered your site.i m facing with vitiligo (on my laps ) for about 4 yrs.And m getting treatment using arsenic sulph.flavum patches are getting decreased…not only a.s.f along with that i have used silicea and natramur.But it have been 4 yrs and it was about 25% cured.can u suggest me a best medicine for curing Vitiligo soon…

  793. Chinmoy Sarkar says:

    I am suffering from vitiligo for last 15 years.Sometimes cures but not permanently again it spreads rapidly.I am hopeless.Please suggest adequate treatment.White spots are in legs,chest,back,hands.

  794. Jyoti Gurav says:

    hello sir,

    Myself Miss.Jyoti Gurav suffering the vitiligo. I have taken lots of medicine but it is not cure vitiligo completely. After some time it get back so i want to know is this vitiligo can be cured completely ? Previously i have patches on legs, thies , nose and inner part of body, by excimer theorpy that get cured but on my legs (neat to ankle) not getting cured so plz guide me for right treatment

  795. Rinku singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    My sister is suffering from white patches on her hand, foot,face,chest,year for last 23 years. She used alot of treatments for this but there was no proper recovery. She is 24 years old please help her. How can she cure from it.many persons are suggest plastic surgery.
    kindly suggest me treatment and also food chart if desire.
    i’m waiting for your reply kindly reply me and suggest me.
    With regards,
    Riya singh.

  796. shambo biswas says:

    sir i am shambo 32 year very fate thyroid & uric acide patient but it control. my problem is my panis is to tale inactive .very few time its active & straight . when i open panis skin then see that at front very small red dot their & back of urine pass place few around like white fungus . i will Married at dec 14. please tell me medicine & dose also .i all was used cycling , please help me.please help me.please help me.please help me.please help me.
    i cunt sear each other .

  797. Rishi raj gautam says:

    I am 64 years old I am suffering by vitiligo since 2years please suggest me for homeopathic treatment

  798. kakaligarai says:

    good evening sir, age 37 yrs 50 percent of whole body suffering from vitiligo , have any medicne for spreadig votiligo of whole body.Please suggest best medicne. Kakali Garai,Murshidabad

  799. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    One of my freind have white patches on his right foot. It is about 11 months since it appeared.
    Please suggest me some possible treatment.

  800. Saiful Hoque Rony says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have been suffering from vitiligo disease since last eleven month. I am Bangladeshi & age 27 years. It is spreed day to day in my body. It has any treatment to protect it’s growth. Pls tell me how i get this treatment as early as possible.

    Thanking you

  801. Ritika Trehan says:

    Is this true that homopathy can cure vitiligo purely .

  802. Hello Dr. Sharma

    A light white spot formed at my nostril and over my eyebrows please suggest me what to do……is it vitilligo

  803. Dear Dr
    I am 35 years old lady. i have a light brown complection and have a white patch on my left side face, starting on my lower lip down to the chin and neck and spreated to the inside of the ear. My parents took inatiatives steps to see that i get treatment for that, but the patch never fade. i am still living with it, however it is now starting to be covered by a dark brown colour bit by bit.

  804. JAGANNATH says:

    There is little white spot on my right hand Thump and fore finger and left hand middle finger which was generated since April,2010.It is some times increases slightly and also decreases day by day. If there is any Homeopathy Medicine Please suggest me also I want to meet you.Please arrange it.

  805. Nilesh Agarwal says:


    My father, aged 68 yrs, is suffering from Perkinson Plus Syndrome and is taking syndopa 110 thrice daily since last 12 months. There is a stiffness in his right hand. The condition is deteriorating continuously. He has also lost his appetite and starts behaving like a child. When no one around he tries to get up and even fell down numerous times. He dont remember anything and neither can speak properly. He his also getting stubborn and dont eat properly. The weight has fallen to 43 kgs.

  806. FARZANA BARI says:

    Twenty-seven of my age. Hence Seventeen years ago today, my legs were sore after the removal of the white spot. Remained unchanged so far. But now it’s going to spread. What do I do in this situation

  807. FARZANA BARI says:

    Dear Sir

    Twenty-seven of my age. Hence Seventeen years ago today, my legs were sore after the removal of this space the white spot. Remained unchanged so far. But now it’s going to spread. What do I do in this situation???? please help me.

  808. sir,
    my 7 years old girl babynamed isheetha is having vitiligo in a leg(only right leg). she is using lukoskin.

    Just i ant to know whether i have to give some more vitamin medicines along with the lukoskin? She is using lukoskin from 3 months. But now it is spread slightly above the eyes. Please kindly suggests me what to do. Please ……


  809. Sir,
    i m suffering from vitiligo patches on both hands ,knees,ankles ,and foot.i m
    used alot of treatments for this but there was no proper recovery
    Please suggest possible treatment.

  810. rakesh kumar pandey says:

    my son is suffering from vitiligo for one year .I am taking aryuvedic medicine .
    my question is-1) how long time requred for treatment of vitiligo in homeyopathi .
    2) your fee
    3)medicine cast

  811. Hi was suffering from fungal infection at my back nd shoulders from past 4 yrs.. had so many aelopathic treatment but still not cum out wid the problem also once I had medicine that time the spots were remove and after stop the medicine again itz cums out.. hv visit so many places but not getting satisfactory response.. also want to confirm is this fungal infection spread on my face 2..? I always worried

  812. madhusudan das says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m from Bangladesh , my wife is 25 years old & suffering from Vitiligo to her 2 ear about 5 years
    she will take Homeopathic treatment at a long time & it was control . about 2/3 month it will be increase day by day & any other parts in her body i.e mouth,leap breast are attacked a little bit . i’m also interested to suggest or treatment from you . i think if any branch in
    calcutta ,westbengal is it possible for me to your treatment . So ,what kind of help or suggest can i expected to you .
    with best regards ,
    Madhusudan Das

  813. Boa noite Dr. Sharma!!

    eu recentemente constatei ao ir ao medico um caso de vitilico em meu orgão genital. o Dr me deu uma pomada com base em cetoconasol para passar na região e ainda estou no tratamento daqui a uma semana estarei indo para a revisão. as manchas estão em cima e em baixo do corpo do penis e ja esta indo para traz em volta do anus. eu passei sim por um momento de stress no meu casamento estou ainda passando eu e minha esposa estamos brigados e esse stress começou não sei c e por conhecidencia mas em novembro de 2013 exatamente quando começou a aparecer algumas manchas mas não eram tão grandes assim agora ja é por isso resolvi procurar um urologista. gostaria que vc pudesse me ajudar como faço para tratar para desaparecer ou pelo menos evitar que c espalhe pelo meu corpo. como eu faço o tratamento homeopatico, devo solicitar ao meu medico? por favor pode me responder com urgencia.

  814. gerardo diodati says:

    hallo dr ich habe vitligo bitte helfen sie mir dies zu heilen

  815. Sunil Kumar says:

    dear dr vikas

    need your guidance on my vitiligo of segmental type stable for many years but now shoes spread
    can we talk on skype
    sunil- skby888

  816. hello Doctor Sharma,
    What are the chances that a daughter will acquire vitiligo from her mother ? I have a friend who is 23 and her mom has vitiligo and her mom is 53. She hasn’t yet seen any symptoms of vitiligo but she is planning to take preventative medication from homeopathy to prevent vitiligo. IS that a good idea ??

    also what are the chances that the daughter will pass on vitiligo to her kids ?

    also is baldness a trigger for vitiligo too ?

  817. i am 27yearz old . Have had ten plus spots of vitiligo before 25 yrz bt nw it starts to spread in hands , feet and on chest. Does homeopathy help me.?

  818. suresh ds says:

    i have vitiligo patches on my hands since 6-8 months . please suggest best treatment

  819. MOHAMED FAYAZ says:

    i had a vitiligo last 8 years, i am 12 years old, it started from face and finger, knee and feet. its greadually increase. give me some suggestion please.

  820. Anisha Verma says:

    Hello Sir,
    My sister is suffering from white patches on her hand, foot for last 1 year. She used alot of treatments for this but there was no proper recovery. She is 10 years old please help her. How can she cure from it.
    kindly suggest me treatment and also food chart if desire.
    i’m waiting for your reply kindly reply me and suggest me.
    With regards,
    Anisha Verma.

  821. Hello

    I have White Spot on hand i took opinion of skin specialist dr. they said this is leucoderma, it is not curable….

    I am very scare please give best opinion for the same. how it will be remove.

  822. shrikrishan sangwan says:

    Sir, I have white spots on my both lips and one spot on below chin and onespot behind my neck. these started 1&1.5 year before. kindly advise me for treating this. Thanks