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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Dandruff

How often is it that we see commercials on television or in glossy magazines promoting anti-dandruff hair care products! Dandruff is a common problem, an embarrasment sometimes for young people, but it is essentially a medical problem that affects almost every second person and almost all age groups.

homeopathic remedies for dandruff

Though not serious, it may cause awkwardness, dandruff is a condition characterized by the shedding of flakes (dead skin cells) from the skin of scalp. However, it is not confined to the head alone and can affect the ears, eyebrows, sides of the nose, beard, moustache and the hairy part of the chest. It can manifest itself on any part of the body which has hair follicles. Dandruff is often mistaken for dry scalp but it is more than that. When skin cells die, a certain amount of flaking is considered normal. Sometimes, there is a great amount of flaking that becomes chronic and is coupled with redness and irritation on the scalp. Homeopathic remedies for dandruff are very effective in treating it naturally and also ensure a permanent recovery from it.

Natural Homeopathic Treatment Of Dandruff

The biggest advantage of using homeopathy for dandruff is that it provides a holistic approach to healing as it treats not only the symptoms but also the root cause of a disease or disorder, with hardly any side effects. In the case of dandruff, homeopathic remedies can be customised to suit the specific requirements of a case.

Top Most Homeopathic Medicines For Dandruff

The highly recommended homeopathic medicines for dandruff are Kali Sulph, Phosphorus, Natrum Mur, Thuja Occidentalis, Graphites, Calcarea Carb and Sulphur.

1. Kali Sulph – For Yellow, Scaly Dandruff

Kali Sulph is very effective on the scalp. It is one of the best medicines to help cases of dandruff with yellow flakes. In people requiring it, the flakes are moist and sticky, abundant in number. Not just dandruff, Kali Sulph is equally effective to treat several skin issues where scales formation occurs, psoriasis for an example.

When and How to use Kali Sulph?

This medicine can be prescribed to anyone who has dandruff with yellow sticky flakes on scalp. It will help to clear off the flakes already present and check further tendency of formation of flakes. Among its different potencies, it gives best results in 6X potency. One may take Kali Sulph 6X three to four times a day.

2. Phosphorous – For Dandruff With Itching And Falling Of Hair

This medicine is most effective to treat dandruff with itchy scalp and hair fall. Flakes are excessive that fall down on shoulders in cases needing it. Itching gets worse from scratching; hair strands fall in bunches. Burning sensation and increased sweating on scalp occurs in some cases.

When and How to use Phosphorus?

This medicine should be preferred in cases having dandruff with itching on scalp and hair loss. This medicine can be used in both low to high potencies. In most cases, low potency of phosphorus is selected to start with the treatment. Phosphorus 30C once a day is the ideal dose to start with.

3. Natrum Mur – For White Flaky Dandruff

Natrum Mur proves the most beneficial to treat cases of white flaky dandruff. The scalp may be greasy and oily. Scalp can be itchy too. Sometimes hair fall accompanies.

When and How to use Nat Mur?

Natrum Mur can be used in cases presenting with dandruff having white flakes. Natrum Mur works best in 6X potency that can be repeated three to four times a day.

4. Thuja Occidentalis – For White Scaly Dandruff With Itching and Dry Hair

Thuja Occidentalis sourced from plant Arbore Vitae is a natural medicine that works magnificently to treat dandruff. It gives excellent results when white scaly dandruff is present, accompanied by scalp itching and dry hair. Scratching relieves itching; sometimes stinging sensation on scalp assists.

When and How to use Thuja Occidentalis?

This medicine is a good choice for cases having white scaly dandruff with itching and dry hair. This medicine is available in different potencies from low to high. Usually it is given in 30C once a day only. For using higher potencies, one should always seek physician’s consultation.

5. Graphites – For Scaly Dandruff With Itching And Burning

Graphites is very useful when along with dandruff, there is marked itching and burning on the scalp. Flakiness decreases post-washing but comes back again. Flakes may also be noted behind ears, on eyelid margins and moustache area.

When and How to use Graphites?

People who have intense itching and burning on scalp from dandruff can use this medicine. This medicine is most widely used in 3X potency. In the beginning of the treatment, Graphites 3X one tablet once or twice a day is the suggested dose as per intensity of the complaint. Do not increase the number of tablets or repeat it more than twice without seeking advice from a homeopathic physician.

6. Calcarea Carb – For Yellowish White Coloured Dandruff

Calcarea Carb is mainly indicated when there is yellowish white dandruff on the scalp. The scales can be thin or thick and can be dry or moist varying from case to case. Increased sweating on the scalp is a characteristic attending feature.

When and How to use Calcarea Carb?

Use of this medicine should be thought in cases with yellowish white scales along with excessively sweaty scalp. Among its various potencies ranging from low to high, it is advised to start with 30C potency once a day. If no changes are noted, then high potencies can be used after consulting homeopathic doctor.

7. Sulphur  For Dandruff With Dry Scalp

Use of Sulphur is considered in cases of dandruff with dry scalp. Persons needing it also complain of itching on scalp. It is worse in evening. On scratching, a burning sensation is felt on the scalp, which may be sore to touch.

When and How to use Sulphur?

Sulphur is usually given in cases of dandruff when the scalp is dry, itchy and if scratched, attended with burning sensation. Its use can be done in different potencies like 30C, 200C, 1M, but generally it is picked in 30C potency initially. In mild cases, Sulphur 30C can be taken twice a week. In moderate to severe cases, Sulphur 30C can be taken once daily. Do not self-medicate with its higher potencies. For using high potencies like 200C and 1M, seek help from homeopathic doctor.

Causes Of Dandruff

Some of the reasons and worsening factors behind dandruff include:

1. Oily skin: It is the major reason of dandruff in most cases. Skin oil is commonly known as sebum or sebaceous secretions.

2. Fungus named malassezia: It could be one of the many reasons. What happens is that in some people at times their immune system gives exaggerated response to this fungus (that normally lives on the scalp without troubling the person) leading to scaliness.

3. Excessive exposure to sunlight and dust.

4. Excessive sweating on scalp may also contribute to it.

5 .Use of some hair care products (like shampoos, sprays, gels, oils) may also lead to it. This happens from an allergic reaction to chemicals in such products.

6. Persons who already have dandruff may see worsening of the problem, if they do not wash hair frequently because infrequent washing leads to accumulation of dead skin cells and formation of flakes.

7. Not brushing or combing the hair frequently causes dandruff to stay because brushing takes off dead skin cells.

8. Certain other skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis (an autoimmune skin disorder with inflamed patches on skin covered with silvery white scales)

9. Dandruff gets worse in cold, dry winters

10. Stress may also make dandruff worse

Who Is At Risk Of Dandruff?

Though dandruff can affect anyone, there are some factors that increases the risk of it as follows:

1. Male: Dandruff is more common in males as compared to females.

2. Age: Dandruff can occur at any age but usually it affects people at puberty, young adults and is less common in elderly over 50 yrs of age.

3. Weak immune system: People having weak immune system especially people affected by HIV, or those who had undergone organ transplant.

Signs and Symptoms of Dandruff

Some people are affected by it chronically (for long duration), while others may exhibit periodic patterns, with dandruff clearing up at intervals and then recurring, especially during winter months. The signs and symptoms are as follows:

1. Flakes on scalp: Flakes may fall off on shoulders, particularly noticeable on dark clothes, something that all anti-dandruff shampoo ads keep harping on.

The flakes may be white or yellow, small or large and dry or greasy. Sometimes, it resembles a dry flaky sheet on the scalp punctuated by areas of pinkish or reddish swollen skin in severe cases. Some people exhibit no symptoms on the scalp, but only the flakes.

2. Itching, burning or uncontrollable scratching may be an attending symptom. Dandruff can thus become a source of constant social embarrassment, especially when it is so severe that flaking shows on dark clothes or the person is left scratching the scalp every now and then.

3. Hair loss in some cases.

4. In babies less than one year of age, scaling or crusting on scalp can occur medically known as cradle cap.

Lifestyle Changes To Manage Dandruff

1. Maintaining good hygiene of scalp

2. Choose the right shampoo for hair wash

3. Reduce use of hats

4. Manage stress

5. Avoid scratching the scalp, if itchy

6. Light scalp massage should be done

7. Limit use of excessive unnecessary hair products



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  1. Am suffering from dandruff it’s getting like itching & by this am loosing my hair Lott of hair fall. How can I get rid of this

  2. Shibindas says:

    wasvCantharise oil is efective for dandruff treatment..
    And what is the ratio of mixing with coconut oil

  3. Himani Shrivastava says:

    Hello dr.
    My husband has acute white big dandruff flakes since months..the scalp is itchy and there is hairfall as well..
    Evenafter so much of home remedies and shampoos..the condition is not improving.. homeopathy seems to be the resort..plz help us with this

  4. Avinash says:

    Severe dandruff from 3 years

  5. GUNJAN KUMARI says:

    Hi doctor mere scalp per ek leyar jaisa hamesa rahta hai itching hoti hai to nail me kuch white sa layer nikalta hai shampoo se hair wash karne per bhi nahi jata is wajah se itna hairfall ho raha hai ki lagta hai ki mai ganji ho jaungi please koi medicine ya shampoo suggest kare jisse mera scalp clean ho jaye or hairfall bhi ruk jaye

    • I am also having the same problem .please help me with the name of the medicines which helped you to overcome this.

    • Tarannum Kausar says:

      Hello sir i am also suffering from same problem for many years.Lots of flakes n hairfall irritates me too much. Most humbly i request you to suggest the best medicine. Thanku.

  6. Subhadra sengupta says:

    I want to schedule an appointment with your for scalp dandruff.

  7. aviseke ghosh says:

    I have too much itchy hair with dandruff and falling hair. .I am using now kali sulfuricum 6x and vinca minor 6c internally and thuja mother tincture topicality twice in a week. .now its quite ok but not 100% .Please help

    • Prashant Saraswat says:

      I am 38 years old, suffering from dandruff and itching in sclap since last 12-15 years, I used many types of antidandruff shampoo available in market. but no more effect , instead my hair became very dry, rough.
      please suggest me homupathy medicine .

  8. Mohd Faisal says:

    Gud Evng Sir, I am suffering from sebhorric dermatitis and its almost three years and its not gone completely, it goes and come back and i have taken various types of treatment but ineffective. I have pus also on my head and it spread into my nose and under the chin. I am taking homeopathy treatment rit now but it is not showing any effect.
    I hope you will give appropriate suggestion for it and you can treat it.

  9. Narendra Kumar says:

    hi sir,
    could you please provide the remedy for 1. common cold with head ache, cough and breathing problem, 2. dandruff with white scalp and itching.

    awaiting for your positive remedy

    thanks & regards
    Narendra kumar


    I am 18 years old boy.I have been regularly suffering from dandruff since years, but recently violent itching has also started accompanying it.Whenever i apply oil, the itching multifolds.I need some homeopathic remedial measures from you.Kindly grace me with your advice.

  11. Hi
    Sir my name is Rajeswara Iam 31 years old I have hair falling problem past several years first I am consulting Cosmologist he suggested MX-5% I am used 2 years it’s really good work for me but it was too expensive because I leave it than my problem was returned I heard homeopathic oil on internet it was jobarandi I used it one month but when I started it I am facing huge dandruff problem so please suggest me good one shampoo or any for dandruff. While using jobarandi

  12. kuldeep sharma says:

    sir . muzhe saboric dermatitis h. dandruff bhot hi jyada h . sir me khujli aur papdi jami rahti h. mane thuja. arsenic album 30 aur petroleum 200 bhi use kar li h pr koi faeda nahi hua. please koi treatment batae. hair bhi bhot saf

    ad ho rahe h aur bhot jhad bhi rahe h.

  13. Kulsoom fatima says:

    Hello Doc,
    My husband, age 32years, have dandruff since 4years. Every time it is increasing. As i read above, i am not sure about the color of the dandruff but yes it causing hairfall very much. And yes ofcourse dandruff is very much. Seen very easily. Please recomend me proper homeopath medicine.

    Thank you

  14. NEERAJ AGRAWAL says:

    Hello Sir – I am 57 years old male. Have lot of dandruff with violent bouts of itching. I normally use hair oil as I am not very comfortable with dry hair. Could you kindly suggest some really effective remedy

    Thank you very much

  15. Hello dr.

    I am having dandruff from past some years but now this year dandruff increase 5 time more than past year and with red ichee skin which irritate too much , hair are also falling at much higher rate please suggest some medicne this condition

  16. hello Dr.,

    I have dandruff problem from many years.,

    All the shampoos including homeopathic failed in treating my dandruff.

    from past one year my hair fall has been increased much more beacuse of this I think. I lost all my ong hair and now had only thin hair.

    Kindly suggest medicine.

    • patel maitri says:

      use thuja medicine in 200 one dose
      after 1 week use wiseberden 200 daily once
      and use jaborandi mother tincture directly on scalp 2-3 times in a week before the wash your hair apply befor the night

  17. Abhilash Sebastian says:

    Hi doctor,
    I am Abhilash 31years old man from Kerala. I am having dandruff problem since the last 17years. Now it’s started to affect my beard too after I took ayurvedic medicine internally three months back. If you suggest me good treatment to solve this problem permanently, kindly help.
    Note: I had wheezing and coughing during my childhood. But I took homeo medicine at the age of 14 from a government doctor. After that I am not affected by allergies.

  18. अच्छा लेख ! मैं अच्छे रिजल्ट के साथ अमृता फार्मा के मस्तानी हेयर एंटी-डैंड्रफ लोशन का इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूं और अब यह लोशन से मेरे बालों मे डैंड्रफ कम हो गया है और चमकदार और मजबूत भी हो रहे है, आप भी इसे इस्तेमाल करे |

  19. Sir I am suffering from hairfall from approx 5 years and heavy dandruff. I have used many treatment but nothing works out. So please suggest me what should I do.

  20. Hello Dr. Sharma

    I m facing hair problem from last one year, please suggest me which medicines is controls the hair fall effectively.

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