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Myths About Homeopathy

Myths About Homeopathy

Among the many myths, the biggest amongst all is the false notion of homeopathic treatment being a slow treatment. Is homeopathic treatment really  slow ? How slow is homeopathy? It’s a question that every homeopath has to answer a million times a during his lifetime

The real answer is that it is as slow  or fast as the nature gets.  To understand this,  one has to understand the basic principle underlying homeopathy . Homeopathic medicines work on the principle of like cures like. This means that a similar impression like that of the disease is given to  the body in the from of medicine . This in turn incites a small reaction in the body which fights the disease. In simpler terms, it means that homeopathic medicines stimulate body’s own healing processes. This is the basic principle of homeopathy, so the speed at which homeopathic medicines cure a disease is largely governed by the way our natural restorative process of our body respond. Thus Homeopathic medicines are not slow in action they are as slow or as fast as our body’s healing system reacts. Body’s healing reaction is dependant on many factors. The intensity of disease, nature and the time since its been in the body and to some extent the over all vitality of the body  have major outcome on the speed at which our body cures it self. For example a long standing (20 years or so) case of eczema would take a coupe of months to be totally cured. On the other hand an acute case of simple sore throat can respond within hours.

The second myth that plagues homeopathy is that of  ‘Onions and  Coffee’ . Should onions and coffee be avoided with homeopathic medicines ?; can they antidote homeopathic effect on human body ?. I very strongly believe that these are myths and do not alter the homeopathic action in our body. I am a regular onion eater and I have closely monitored myself whenever I am on homeopathic medication. It does work. Even while I take onions. I have never advocated the avoidance of onions and coffee to my patients, still it works for them. It is a pure myth . Coming to think of it ,how can two substances antidote a complete range of four thousand plus homeopathic medicines used in homeopathy. There is no homeopathic research or clinical trials that indicates that onions and coffee antidote homeopathic action . The founder of homeopathy -Dr. Hahnemann had cautioned against the overuse of coffee as a stimulant and that has been misread and wrongfully interpreted.

The third myth – after taking homeopathic medicines there is always an increase in existing symptoms.  Its very common to hear from patients ‘Will my Symptoms increase when I start homeopathic medicine?’ The answer is ‘ Not always’; they do but only in certain conditions and are easily avoidable  . In certain disease conditions, where the symptoms are suppressed by the use of conventional medicines ,one might see a slight increase in symptoms which is usually temporary  and is usually followed by major relief  even in previous condition too.  These increase in symptoms can easily be avoided by an expert homeopath with  careful choice of medicine potency. Thus the statement that there is always an increase of symptoms  after taking homeopathic medicines is a myth


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  1. Mrs. Riddhi Jani says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My mom is 54 years old and she was been operated with Mechanical Valve in 2010. She is taking Warfarin which is ok but she is not compatible with allopathy with any kind of other medical irregularities (like cough cold). So Dr suggested to try homoepathy as whenever she takes allopathy her INR rate increases and she has to undergo bad pain due to blood getting thinner.

    So please suggest that taking homoepathy will not increase her INR rate and make her blood thin?
    Pls reply.

  2. Uttam Saikia says:

    For a year or so, I have been intermittently suffering from tingling sensation in legs, feet on the left side. This was associated with some others like burning sensation in the body, occasional loss of balance, memory problems, mental exhausion, pain in legs etc. It was diagnosed as vitb12 deficiency initially and after allopathic treatment I got some temporary relief. However, for last two months or so I am under homoeopathic treatment. The local homoeopath is prescribing medicines like five phos, agaricus, apocynum, Daphne indica, euonymus etc in various combinations for almost two months. However, the symptoms still persist. I am a believer in Homoeopathy, do I need to continue this or seek the help of other alternativs?
    Hoping for a kind response
    Uttam Saikia

  3. Sir have taken medicine for vitiligo from last two month
    And have noticed their is increase in spread but doctor
    Says first the symptoms increases and then it will decrease
    Is it true in case of vitiligo ?

  4. Satnam kaur says:

    Sir; i m taking five phos 4 tablets twice ca I eat raw onion

  5. Ilda Jackmakian says:

    Dr. SHARMA,

    I have been on homepathic treatment for hypothyrodism for 8 months. My blood tests show normal TSH and T3 although some symptoms and mainly estrogen dominance have not completely cleared. I am scheduled for a surgery soon amd was eondering how safe is it to go under taking into account the possible complications of hypothyrodism and anesthesia?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


  6. Shristi Agrawal says:

    Good afternoon sir,
    Sir I have been taking homeopathic medicine for hairfall since 3 years. I have seen regrowth but at times my hair starts falling a lot, the same way it used too before the treatment. Please help.

  7. Subhransu Sekhar Dutta says:

    I have ear infection,but after taking homeopathic for somedays ,i have seen there is a slight increase in pain,
    I want to know does homeopathic first increase than decrease the infection?

  8. Hi Doc, I hv a lip allergies due to use of expired lipstick. I took allopathic medicine twice but that only suppressed the symptoms with antibiotics and cream. However, now I am taking homeopathy ftom last 1.5 months and now my symptoms got increased a lot. My lips are too much swelled. Please advice should i continue to take that medicine or not.

  9. Dr shivanand Tiwari says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I am 63 yrs old a retired microbiologist who never suffered any major problems but for last three weeks I feel too much pain in the calf muscle of my left leg in the morning that I can not walk for 10 minutes then after rubbing for fee minutes pain decreases then only I can walk. Now I feel pain i the left hip also . some one advised to take homeopathic medicine please advise me at your earliest possible. With regards Dr shivanand Tiwari

  10. DIPANKAR BOSE says:

    I am a male senior citizen, aged 72 years. I am
    Experiencing extreme pain on the right side of waist which comes down up to right knee. It is very difficult to sit, walk or stand for more than half hour. Sleep also disturbed due to nagging pain. It may have caused due to muscle pull as pain is originating from a particular small plot. Is it possible to cure completely by Homeopathic medicines? How long it may take? Please help with valued advice. Thanks.

  11. PRANAB MISRA says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from GERD and hyperacidity. I am taking China 200 globules, Nat Phos tablets and mother tincture drops for almost one month. There is no relief and symptoms seem to aggravate. I am 57 years, non-smoker, non-drinker, weigh 83 kg and exercise sometime. Please advise.

  12. But my symptoms “weakness & tired” increased within 5 days

  13. Fatema Johra says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Hope you could help me. My father had a major surgery and chemotherapy to get rid of Oesophageal cancer in 2015. He has been alright since. But he has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer and doesn’t have the stamina to go through with neither chemotherapy nor a surgery.
    We’re now considering having Homeopathic treatment. A lot of people are saying Homeopathy increases the disease before starting to cure. It sounds scary when we’re dealing with cancer.
    Please advise. Any words from you would be much appreciated from our devastated family.

  14. Vijay Pratap Singh says:

    I am suffering from chronic nasal allergy. I sneeze more than 10 once. It creates headache, itching in eyes, watery eyes, sore throat, pain in nerves. Please give me prescription.

    From:Vijay Pratap Singh
    Dhanaura, Distt. Amroha
    Uttar pradesh.

  15. Hi dr sharma i have a problem of skin allergy from last month. I have skin hives on my whole body or sometimes on my face kindly plz give me some advice as which medicine should i use?

  16. Im an endo patient .i have bilateral cysys in my ovaries but my current ultrasound shows adenomyosis in my uterus too .can i recover and conceive with trying for 3 years .

  17. Rajdeep Ganguli says:

    How long should I not eat anything or drink to take homeopathy medicine?

  18. Geetanjali Yadav says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am Geetanjali Yadav from Lucknow( 22 year old).I have been suffering from intestinal worms since last 20 days. I can feel them crawling in the anus region and vaginal walls too.They cause me too much discomfort.I have been taking albendazole 400mg tablet since last 5 days on the chemist’s advice.I have also taken this earlier for 3 days but then they reappear. I have been applying tea tree oil on my genitals since 5 days and eating raw garlic on empty stomach since 2 days. But , they haven’t disappeared, although lessen in numbers. Can you suggest me something ? Is it true that homeopathy first worsen the disease and then end it ?

  19. P C Anand Kumar says:

    Hi sir, Iam Anand from Chennai, iam suffering from chronic gastritis (erosive pangastritis), nausea, dizziness and internal shaking. last two days iam taking homeopathy medicine. is it curable in homeopathy, doctor?

  20. Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis which results changes in Left SI joint.

    I have complaints of back pain from 10-12 years. It increased in last 4-5 yeas. from last 3-4 I am not able to walk due to changes in SI joints.
    I used to take Allopathic medicine earlier which gives temporary relief but now it start showing its side effect in the form of fixed drug eruption spots on skin.

    Can you please suggest me , do we have any remedy for such auto-immune disorders. How long it will take cure?

  21. Prasenjit Samanta says:

    For last seven months I’m getting indigestion. At first I got too gas(flatulence ) in morning and evening, and the frequency of bowel movement was not right. I started to take drugs for first 2 weeks without getting a doctor. After that I start homeopathy for 2 weeks. After that starts to take drugs again for another 5 months . Within this 5 months i start to get BLOATING from morning to night. Now i’m taking homeopathy for last 1 month. I got very depressed about that. Now i got many bloating after taking homeopathy. What to do now? please help…..

  22. Ashish Malviya says:

    I had written my wife’s decease few days back but I didn’t get any reply.

  23. Surya Narayana says:

    Hello Doctor
    My name is surya my father aged about 52 is suffering from motions he is getting motion for 6 to 7 times a day
    From the last one year. So,we have undergone many treatments and presently we hav started taking homeopathy from last one month and the problem for motions was stone problem in pancreas and damage in pancreas.So doctor i want to know how long will this homeopathy treatment takes to get my father cured

  24. I have a pimple problem on my face

    • Harjinder Singh says:

      Hello doctor,
      I Harjinder Singh 39 yrs’ suffering with stress,anxiety, fobia for last 8 yrs. I can’t laugh and shouting loudly. Because it causes heart pepilation.
      I am scared by thundering,heavy sound,listening about sad news. I can’t manage its too painful.
      I have been taking cholonozopem 0.5 % twice a day and zolfresh 10 mg at bed time.
      My cardio tests like Echo,stress Echo,TMT, C.T angiography is normal.
      But my condition going bad day by day.
      Plz help me.

  25. Jennifer phillips says:

    I have actinomycosis of the jaw. I have been really sicm and lost several teeth. I currently think i have one more tooth with abbsess this has gone into the bone of the jaw. My femer bone is also hurting. and below my knee cap. I have a femer titanium rod in that leg. Is that rod going to cause a problem. Cause i know some people have had to remove rod before they got better. One dentist said i have a nico lesion in jaw neuralgia inducing osnecrosis. He said like osteomylitis. Xray shows ashadow like a hole or lesion. Found a infectios disease dr and told her all my symtoms in the past with jaw and she aaid i know what you have its actinomycosis. What can i do with thia situation. Thank you ao much.

  26. Hallo

    I had a blood test and all was in order. I visited a homeopath and was told my hormones and thyroid is not working properly. I pick up weight very easy…..

    Question. I want to go for an accurate blood test again without any meds in system. Hoe long must i wait for homepathic meds not to influence my bloodtest.

    Also I am not losing any weight as yet after two months.

  27. Hello,

    I am having hair loss from frontal line since last 3-4 years and not realising it is female pattern baldness as not my scalp has been starting showing.
    I got afraid that there is no cure to this desease.

    Is there any remedy in homeopathy for this situation ? If yes approx how much time it will take to cure desease in general if it is 4-5 years old. I understand exact time period no one can say but just to get some idea.

  28. From last year I had two white patches one was on my vazina and other was on my thigh, now in this year I had one spot on my stomach and other one on my back side. I am taking ars rubrum 30 medicine, is it ok

  29. my 3 1/2 year child autism ,speech delay behivour problem please help me . I have already tried gfcf sf and candida diet. And now want to shift too homeopathy. My number is 7042723977

  30. John Bannor says:

    Hello Dr. I have slow, very weak and small amount of semen .I went to hospital to do semen analysis and it was confirmed I have oligospermia. Please help solve this problem for me.

  31. S.SRUTHILAYA says:

    Hi dr.sharma..i have completed my plus two in 2016with 88%.I want to study that gud for me ????????

  32. Neha Jain says:

    My mother has a nerve problem. Her hands shiver sometimes. And my mother’s mother also had the same problem. Her hands shiver all the time. My mother has started taking homeopathic medicines as prescribed by the doctor but she says that it feels as if the problem has increased. Her hands shiver more often. What’s the reason behind this? Does homeopathy first increases the problem and then decreases it?

  33. Hello sir I have gerd problem before two month some doc was saying its postpartum heart beat is going hard after eating..I have anxiety prblm chest became very heavy feeling sometimes I breath very heart beat is my major prblm

  34. Thalita Mathibela says:

    my son is almost 6 but cant pronounce some words properly like his twin sister should i be worried or not?

  35. I m 36 years old male having stammering problem since childhood

  36. Sir,
    I am suffered of hair i am in treatment of homeopathy..still one changes ….doctor change the medicine many times.but no use pls give me a answer.

  37. Yes homeopathy medicines r very effective as it is effective and not harmful in any which ways

  38. Suffering with vaginal fungal infection since past 5 months. Despite several antifungal cremes and pills it is not going away. It is extremely annoying and I badly need help.

  39. nithin patwardhan says:

    hello Doctor,

    I am being treated for the baldness.
    the doctor by whom I am treated has prescribed me 1) Doliosis D2 and 2) Bakson Hir Aid Gel 3) Small tablets that are mixed in GYC solution.
    i am under treatement from past 3 months and have not noticed much/any re-growth of hair.

    How much more time would you think i need to continue this medicine?


  40. Hi there I have been taking your remedy for 2 months for acne and have seen very good results. I am not totally healed but am seeing progress.I was hesitant at first but am glad I made the commitment to heal myself.

  41. S priyanka says:

    Mr sharma
    I am having polycystic ovarian syndrome and my menstrual cycle is irregular
    Can homeopathy cure that

  42. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 81years old man. Diabetic – Insulin dependent. Sugar remaines within limits.
    about three years ago I started having pain at the back of right leg. The pain started from below my hip , down to my knee and calf. I took pain killing tablets and got some relief. After some time, After walking for half an hour I started feeling numb in my hip. Doctor said I am suffering from Sciatica. I was given Colosynth and it worked like a magic. Within a week’s time, I had no pain at all. But after a month I started having the pain again and this time I started having the pain both the legs. It is about three two years now, I have had many Homeo medicines but nothing is working. I feel my right calf is getting stiff because of which I have started limping. I am losing balance on feet. The pain is so much at times I cannot walk more than five minutes. Request immidiate help. Regards.

  43. adwaita pandit says:

    Thank u for ur advice.
    Sir i am suffering from palm and sole is very uncomfortable for badly affect my carrier.please help me

  44. aashish kumar says:

    i am suffering from anxiety from last one year even face panic attacks.for last one year i am taking impramine and betablockers.intersted to know about treatmnt in ayurveda for anxiety to reduce side effect and over dependence on medicine

  45. if ” onion and coffee” are not antidotes to homeopathic medicines the what are antidotes?
    actually i am suffering from side effect of selenium6x and bellis peribus 30c. i took these medicine for just two days for sexual enhancement, unfortunatelly i lost my power totally. i searched internet for antidote and all suggested cofee to drink. but you says it has no antidote effect. so what should i do?

  46. is it possible to have headaches when you start homeopathy for the first time?Thank you very much

  47. Inderpreet says:

    Doctor,, one of my friends has ulcerative colitis.. can homeopathy help?? currently on allopathy… did use homeopathy for some time initially seemed helpful then changed doc nd lately didnt seem effective…. so back to allopathy… please guide..

  48. Kirandeep Dhillon says:

    Dr. I am suffering from lichen planus for the last three years and had been taking medicines regularly. It sometimes stops and suddenly
    Comes after. Can you suggest me on this and if I go for homopathy will I be cured.

    • I jst have a doubt, can homeopathy and allopathy together can be taken for anxiety and depression and what is the difference in keeping pills under the tongue or mixing the same in wAter and drinking one sip every 10-15 mins and does it work, how long does homeopathy take to cure anxiety and depression

  49. rajesh kumar tripathi says:


    Dr. Vikas Ji this is Rajesh on other side.
    My mother had a severe back bone injury in 2003, She recovered from that without operation though She developed skin Allergy in her body.Due to that her body is now full of marks like burn marks. Lots of Ayurvedic and Allopathic treatments we have used on her body but no result except suppression of those allery and allergy marks. While i am writing to you she is still caring those allery and allergy marks. Her condition is quite pathetic.

    So, Could you please suggest me what should i do and what are the medicines in homeopathy that can cure her.

  50. Migraine…

    Doctor i am suffering from migraine headache for the past 4 years….ii ve tried many treatments(allopathy.ayurveda)…but no result….i want to give homeopathy a try…does it had a permanent cure???for how long should i take medicines???

  51. Rajendra Bhatt says:

    Thank you Doctor for clearing some myths. Can you clarify some more points?
    1 Avoid taking water at least ten minutes prior to taking Homeo pills and up to ten minutes after taking pills.
    2. Pills not to be swallowed but put under the tongue to let it dissolve naturally.

    Thanks once again

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