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Gas Poblem -Treat it with Homeopathy

“Gas problem” is something that is mostly harmless but can be very disturbing and incapacitating for the person who suffers from it. Its implications are diverse; ranging from being a mere social embarrassment to quite a troublesome yet benign gastric issue. The big question is why do some individuals suffer more from gas than others do? The answer lies in the fact that some of us are biologically more prone to have this problem where as for others, eating habits contribute majorly to this disorder. This gas problem exhibits mainly in three ways. Patients complain of being bloated around the abdomen or passing of too much gas from the anus (flatulence) and thirdly belching of gas from mouth (eructation).

Belching of air or eructation occur mainly due to swallowed air (aerophagia) during eating, drinking. This is also associated with increased intake of carbonated drinks. Excessive salivation also leads to increase in the swallowing of air.. Bloating of the abdomen is usually related to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or chronic constipation and rarely is it associated with serious gut problems. People with IBS have this increased sensitivity of the intestinal walls. This sensitivity causes even little gas to give the impression of excessive bloating of abdomen.

It is important to realize that some amount of gas formation is very normal and is produced naturally during the process of digestion. Flatus (gas passed from anus) is a metabolic byproduct of intestinal bacteria and is not caused by swallowed air .An average normal adult has 13 to 19 gas passages every day. But the condition can be really bad for some individuals -one study noted a person who expelled gas 140 times daily, with 70 passages in a period of just four hours.

Passing of gas from anus is mostly related with the food that we eat or with the kind of bacteria that we have in our intestines.  Flatulence is generally produced when undigested food is acted upon by bacteria in our large intestines. Certain food substances produce more flatulence than others because they contain more indigestible carbohydrates. Substances that lead to overproduction of gas are , beans, dairy products,  onions, celery, carrots, sprouts, fruits (raisins, bananas, apricots) and complex carbohydrates  like dals . People with lactase deficiency and celiac disease (gut allergy to wheat) also suffer from excessive flatulence. Gases like   Methane, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Sulphide are the main component of flatulence. Hydrogen sulphide is responsible for the odor of the flatus.

Homeopathy offers a very effective cure for excessive gas problem.  Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg ,Lycopodium and Nux Vomica  are few of the very effective ones. Carbo Veg can be used for nearly all kinds of excessive gas conditions though  more suited in conditions where the symptoms of bloating appear immediately after eating and everything that has been eaten seems to get converted into gas. Lycopodium is more suited for patients that have the problem of passing more flatulence and also when their problem tends to increase towards the evening hours. Nux  Vomica is one of the most effective   medicines for our digestive system  and is  used in conditions that are incidental to  modern living like excess of alcohol  and improper eating habits.

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  1. Pradip Laha says:

    I have been suffering from excessive gas problem since 2 months. I took carbo veg 200 but it is not responding well. Please advise me medicine in which I can get relief from that problem. Generally Iam facing this problem between 2pm to before sleeping at night. My age is 57 yrs.

  2. Kathy Bolger says:

    I suffer from constipation & take medication but every time l have a motion l pass wind a lot which is very smelly & l mean very smelly which is very embarrassing. Can you help me please. Thank you

  3. B.D.DAGA, MALE, 72 years says:

    From your write up on gas problem, I understand that CARBO VEG is the most appropriate medicine for me to push out excessive gas thru anus. Please advise its potency and how to take it.
    I am suffering from bloating, heaviness etc after eating food , indigestion, constipation etc

  4. M.P.SAXENA says:

    The food is converted into excessive gas and it hits area of sternum causing pain. Relief is experienced when gas is released through anus.
    Probably it is due to indigestion and tobacco chewing.
    It affects the quantity of my meals of lunch and dinner. The gas passes after intake and some emptiness and hunger is felt in stomach.

  5. gunwant shroff says:

    I am facing problem of very gas throw anus since long (twenty yeras old) now its give very much problem please advice me my age is 80 years open hart surgery has done in 2006 Blood pressure, ADIABATIC. WITH REGARD


  6. Leanne Fabian says:

    I suffer from cramping and bloating monthly (lasting 2 weeks) during PMS. I currently have the IUD mirena

    • Lindsey postal says:

      My son was given nux volmica for his anger 3 days ago, he seems to be very edgy since Friday. I know sometimes the symptoms can get worse before they get better can you please advise?

  7. Heavy sound and foul smell due to passing wind through rectum.Especially after every meal and during night sleep too much
    Plz suggest tablet

  8. Hello I have gallstones and awaiting an operation but I do suffer with a lot a flatulence can that by
    But I’m also lactose intolerant and it’s getting me down and my fiancé keeps having a go at me for it
    Any help would be grand thank you

  9. Hemchandra Boruah says:

    My child is 6.5 years old but he suffering from few days vomiting and latrin and abdominal pain. Vomiting and latrin is cure but abdominal pain and gas problem is not cure. I watch the child specialist but not cure abdominal pain and gas. What medicine you give my child Dr sir.

  10. Rahul Tripathy says:

    I am a 46 years old healthy man and since long I am suffering from abdominal gas problem, which aggravated since last 4 years. I have taken consultations of many physicians and even gastroenterologist and underwent several tests including endoscopy. For this issue I have taken all allopathic formulations like PPIs and H2receptors. Doctors tried different anxiolytic drugs as well. Meanwhile I also developed hypertension.
    It is a fact that my life became more stressfull since last 4 years but after taking a lot of allopathic medicines, I never get fully cured from this abdominal gas formation, for which sometimes I also felt pain also in my back and in waist region.
    Please give your suggestion.

    • P.V.R.Sarma says:

      Dear Doctor, I am 58 years old..I have been suffering with GERD problem since 15 years.. I was put on Esomeprazole 40 + Itopride 150 mg OD. I have been using this medicines since 10 years. If I stop even one day, symptoms come back…so I am almost addicted to this medicine…
      Several times I underwent was normal study. But recently One gastroenterrologist suggested me to go for Narrow band Imaging endoscopy, where it was found that I have small hiatal hernia, Oesophagities Gr B and Chronic gastritis with deodenal ulcers.. again doctor asked me to take same medicine BD for 6 weeks and taper the dose. Now I am on OD.
      My main symptom is that the air/gas gets accumulated comes to the middle of my heart making me get panicy. I also off late developed loud belchings. If flatus comes out from the anus, my symptoms gets relieved…. I also approached many homeopathists, they have given medicines like Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Lyco,Robenia, Hydrastis, etc on 200 potency and Natrum Phos 6X etc., on rotation.
      Doctor please suggest me the correct medicine to take out the flatus as and when required.

  11. VARUN GULIA says:

    Mam what you mentioned above about gas i have mostly all symptoms. Im suffering log gas issue bleaching . Give me some treatment and advice

  12. s Thirunavukkarasu says:

    Last 9 years I am suffering gas stayable in stomuch half day stayable after releasing way of anus when causes gas in stomach anus not open daily I suffering and irregular motion when gas stayable in stomuch that time I cannot breath easily lungs very painfull I have taken many treatments but till the problem happening daily I am suffering pls sir give some solutions

  13. I don’t have bloating but since I have been in constant stress from preforeclosure caused by a joint tenant defaulting on the house loan and the lender won’t work with me to use my reverse mortgage to bring it current, the fear of homelessness is making me sick. I also have dropped most sugar out of my diet and am eating salads and fiberous foods daily plus 2 boiled eggs every other day for the biotin, I’ve had gas and it lingers in my clothes it’s awful…also my mouth tastes out-of-whack like I’m lacking something..eating yogurt but it doesn’t help

  14. Flatulence gas passing from anus.
    Pain in calf mussle

  15. Dear Dr Dharma, I’m very much excited to know that homeopathy can help solve my excessive belching problem. This situation is very discomforting for me for the pass 2 months, please give me details about homeopathy treatment.

    George Dada

  16. Gouranga Mallik says:

    I am passing very bad flatus frequently.
    Pl. Suggest me any homoeopathic medicine.

  17. jagadish achar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a daughter of 11years old,she wont feel to have breakfast or lunch or dinner herself.
    every time shell tell her stomach is upset and she wont eat food properly,kindly suggest remedy for this.

  18. Thanks,i have constant noise in my stomach,gassing from the anus and a sharp pain right side down of my stomach and right chest . offensive smell from the mouth early morning am afraid to eat because i will go restroom immediately .

    What can i do.i have taken herbal cleansing drug it still persist

  19. Arvind Kumar Sharma says:

    Every times near full moon and new moon there is gas and bubbles formation in the stomach. These gad are passes with force when going for stool passing. Please suggest a good osteopathic treatment.

  20. MADAN SHARMA says:

    I have a gastric problem with foul smell and loose and sticky stool. It happens more in evening and night time. Please suggest me the treatment to get rid of this problem

  21. Mohammed hassan morshed says:

    I have same gas problem after eating food 3 hours later or so.and flatulent some time may be food problem n deals time start have no problem but afternoon later start for two or three hours or so
    Please treating me as soon u can

  22. Vashishat nath Saini says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from stomach ailment like gases,bliating,acute constipation,sometimes cramps in and around the belly button etc.sometimes diarrhoea/constipation alternatively.also having joint problems,ED.age 66 yrs,active,HBP.most of the doctors treated me with IBS
    Pl advise .

  23. D v n reddy says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am d v n reddy aged 56 years suffering from flatulence. I have lost many achievements because of this. I am suffering from this for the last 35 years. Though I tried many remedies for this but in vain. I am unable to mingle freely with people because of this problem. Some type of foods like dal and sprouts increase the problem. Can you please suggest me some homeopathic treatment for me to relieve of this problem.

  24. Hello Dr Sharma
    I have a lot of gas and I’ve tried almost everything and it’s embarrassing…I don’t have a social life.I’ve been to hospitals several times but I have not received any help,it has been more than a decade living with this condition
    I would appreciate it if you could help me.

  25. Prakash G S says:

    Dear Dr. I use to pass gas frequently with sounds from anus. I am not having any problem of constipation, digestion. My diet includes chapati,rice and ragi. Please give me the solution.
    With regards

  26. SHASHI BHUSHAN says:

    my problem is that excessive gass during early morning hours…such as between 3 am to 6 am… sleep is disturbed due to uncomfort in stomach….after passing stool and release of gass upward makes comfortable. Took carbo veg 30 Nux 30 and Lyco 30 twice a day for 3 months and now taking 200….but this problem contnues.

  27. Devang Damani says:

    My problem is very very bad smell in gas in all times .please suggest homeopathy medicine

  28. Hi Dr Sharma
    Our son has autism has constipation issues and stomach distention. He does not pass gas not until he is asleep. Help please.

    Thank you.



    after taking food we drink plenty of water. then after sometimes gas comes upwardly. sometime in night problem started after taking dinner, at the time of sleeping gas comes upward and comes out upwardly. sleeping became disturbed and after 2 hours it is necessary to take sleeping drug for sleeping. how I recover from this poblem.

  30. Dr. P. Sahoo says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma,
    My wife, 57y old has been suffering from RA for last 30 years. She used to take methotrexate, defza, Pan-D, calcium tabs, MV, folic acid, vitamin D powder etc. to control her disease. Due to these medicines and inability for free movement she is developing gastric problems. Gas is accumulated in her stomach. Most of the time gas from stomach is not released properly. Hence she gets joint pain mainly rt hip joint, rt. shoulder joint and left ankle. She is taking carbveg 30 in morning, Nux vom 200 in evening and lycopodium 200 weekly twice and sometimes lycopodium 30. Will you please suggest which medicines will help her to reduce this gastric problem. Once stomach problem is reduced her rheumatic pain decreases. Your valuable suggestion is requested. I have also mentioned her problems to you earlier but not yet received any reply. Kindly do the needful. Thanks and best regards, Dr. P. Sahoo

  31. Johannes Williams says:

    Passing gas through the anus is the only way I expel gas.
    I don’t burp, I am 27 years old and that’s the way it’s been
    for me. My mom said she had me at the doctor constantly because I was always crying because of stomach pain and constipation. The doctors said to give me more fruit and more water. I was breast fed for 10 months and my mom said it was so so difficult getting me to burp. I was taken off
    Breast milk and put on pro-soybee formula. Now as an adult I don’t drink cows milk my stomach hurts and I have even more gas than usual. I don’t suffer from constipation now though, it’s usually diareaha. Before work or travel I always give myself 30 minutes extra for bathroom time.

  32. Hello Doctor
    This is regarding my 9yr old son who has lot of flatulence in daily basis which is more than usual. He was asked to take Lycopodium twice by one of our family homeo doctor. It reduces for a while and gets back after a few days just wanted to have a second opinion on his condition sir so please do help on this issue. Our food habits are , he takes warm water with honey when he gets up ,then takes cup of milk after 15 mn and leaves to school , after an hour has his Breakfast(bread,idli or parata) around 9.30 then lunch(rice with Dal and curry) at 12.30 and at 4 has some snack( usually fruit/ milk) then at 7.30 dinner(rice with rasam,curry and curd) .

  33. SHARADA ravi says:

    Sir I am 49 year old. From my child hood I have digestion problem. From two years it’s turned to gastric problem anything I eat stomach bloated and if downward gas goes it’s accompanied with urination . Please help

  34. aoa sir . i feel gas in stomach due to which i can not sit too long even more than 15 mints. it increases after taking sweet.. kindly suggest me homeo medicine.

    thanks sir

  35. hi sir i have more gastrouble.mainly when i eat tommato,aalu,beans. hiw it reduce.tell the medicine(with out side effects)

  36. I am 60 years. Last 15 days suffering of heavy gases downwards mostly and upwards some times. The whole stomach seems to be tight always, no appetite. Some times pressure coming at the centre of chest from lower side. Some times pain near the naval point.
    Taken China 30 for 4-5 days. Problem continuing.

  37. Rupali Dhoble says:

    Sir I am not having gases at all from last 4-5 days . Somach is becoming as a stone so what should I eat??

  38. steven phiri says:

    constant stomach pain,constant intestinal loud noise,pasing gas,headach for 4 months fatique and body weaknes and weight loss.i did endoscopy nothing found.stool test nothing found,full blood count nothing found.please help,steven

  39. My husband has frequent bloating and blurping, whether he eats or not gas is formed. Everyday he takes ginger tea and garlic, but still he is not able to overcome it. Pls give remedy for his gastric problem.

  40. mere stomach ki atadi chipak hai hai doctor ne kaha hai operation karna padega ya agar gas pass photo hai to koi problem nhi hogi to kuch bataiye ki mai gas kaise pass karu

  41. Hi um Jaoad from Bangladesh.One night i tool weed with my friends after that i had a panic disorder attack.After that i am suffering from too much gastric with chest pain with general anxity disorder for the cause of that i need to admit in the hospital. Before that i don’t have any gastric problem.I have visited many dr. since 2015 all of those told me i have gastric problem and sometimes my stomach burns and increase heart beat but i have no problem in my stomach according to endoscopy and altrasonography report but i am taking sargel 40 but i can not be cured..I am so much upset with my life now.Can u please explain me how can i get rid of this bad disease or really it can be prevented permanently please..I am only 21 year old…Please please please it ruins my life totally

  42. Hi Dr. Sharma.
    I visited your website and found some useful information.

    I am 58 years old. I am suffering form excessive gas and acidity problem for the last 2 years, and now it is more severe for the last 3 months. I am taking Alopathy medicine, Tekta & Digestive Enzymes on regular bases, some time it looks working fine but then again look like not working well.

    With a alot of gas in my stomach, I starts feeling anxiety and feels pressure on my ears, and stomach becomes balloon. To get relief I usually does light exercise.

    So please tell me which medicine I should take to get rid of this problem completely.

    Thank you for your time and help.

  43. sibnath acharjee says:

    i have been suffering from ibs diarrhea for 15 years.after alopathy treatment my symptoms are as under :

    i) morning – white mucus with stool

    ii) Noon- after lunch i.e. normal veg food & rice. feel very uneasy due to full tight stomach like baloon rest of the day.

    iii) After 07-30/08-00 PM, it gets normal

    kindly advise.

  44. Hi, my name is Biplob , I am from assam. I have excessive gas problem specially at the night almost every day. After having my dinner ……I feel bloated very badly. I can’t pass the gas through anus. I just erruct gas through mouth. Almost every night I have to take omniprazole capsules to get rid of this gas problem. But it does not work properly. I am fed up of it.
    My lyf become hell. Please do HELP me.

  45. Arati Muzumdar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Its nice to read your article which explains how the gases are formed in stomach,You have explained it so well.

    I have problem related Belching of air or eructation “Gas problem”

    passing of too much gas from the anus (flatulence) and belching of gas from mouth.Soon after eating normal vegetarian food stomach gets bloated and it starts belching and passing stinky gases from anus every now and then,specially it happens more in the evening, its been happening since last 2 and half month,I tried Nux Vom 200,Licopodium 200, and also Carbo Veg which have no effect at all.

    I am so fed up as I feel scared to go near any person in the house also,cannot go out.

    I am 62years female, I have great acidity problem,sometimes wonder what should I eat to get rid of this.What kind of diet I should have. I am diabetic,my reading doesnt come below 140.

    I shall be highly obliged if you can suggest me any medicine or anyway to get rid of this “Gas Problem”

    I am sure you will certainly make me free from my problem.

    Thanking you

    Arati Muzumdar

  46. M S GHALIB says:

    Dear Dr I am suffering from bloated abdomen and flatulence constand for 1to 3 hours regularly. This symptoms is from last 2 years

  47. KANCHAN RANI says:

    I am 65 yr old having ulcerative colitis since last 15-20 yr. NOW A DAYS IAM SUFFERING FROM OFFENSIVE FLATULENCE (RECTUM) EVERY 15-20 MINUTES.MY DOCTER GAVE ME

  48. I am facing major gas issues with my body. I smoke less and i drink on weekends. The food i eat doesnt gets digested pretty well, whatever i eat i pot out! Since a week i am facing major gas issues in exersion of just gas and semi motions. My digestive system seems to be very weak. Please suggest

  49. sri Rintumoni sarmah says:

    oxyzen toxity from mask, blokadge,lpg,oil smell cannot get.body heat burning what can do help abdomimal distension,chest and abdominal middle part air full, nausia breathing problem heart pain,urinary ecoli,kidney mildly swollen increased,navel as block

  50. Um Aisha says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am 55 years old and I am suffering with Bloating of the stomach. Gas forms for a couple of years. It does not release and the stomach gets bloated and tight at the waist – difficult to sit. Acidity is also there.

    I will be very thankful to you if you can help me.
    Thank you sir.

  51. Madhu B Kaushik says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 70 yr old & I am having from last year or so this problem of constipation, bloating, extension of my abdomen and pain in my back & front stomach with some gurgling sounds, & is very painful to go throough this problem dat after day.

  52. balasivareddy says:

    Hello sir I am 23years age ihaveing upper gastrick in my stomuck is allway bloating and some sound is produced and also left side Hart below is pain and Hart burns always in night times is no sleeping because of continuously coming gas from my mouth so plz give me solution in myproble sir

  53. Dear sir
    Iam 36 years old I have been suffering
    from gastric problem for a couple of years
    symptoms is after meal pressure in abdomen
    and increasing the stomic. Everything that has been eaten seems to get converted into gas. Sum times belching, lack of constipation
    and lack of appitite plz advise me sutable medicen. Plz help me sir.

  54. D.Srinivas says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering from gas and bloating stomach for the past 3 years specially in the evening it more some time in the nights as i feel giddiness if i lye down and even i have to go to toilet when sitting it is ok , i have to take some anti acids , please advise me medicine


  55. Sucharita Ghosh says:

    My child are 12 years old his problem is gas after eating spycy food last three month.How can cure from this problem can you please suggest.

  56. I’m suffering from flatulence since 2014. I have acidity issue and I constant belching . Whatever
    I eat it creates gas. Since now I have not taken any medication except for Phyzem. Please advice me

  57. annapurna says:

    Hello Sir

    I have severe gas for last 1.5 months. My stomach feels bloated and have heart burn. Unable to sleep sometimes due to this heaviness in stomach. cannot sleep sideways as it feels heavy. can u pls suggest

  58. dr k m gajjar says:

    I have one patient,she is suffering from eructation of gas since 1 year,she is active In nature,thin build,symptoms aggravated in early morning. So what medici I will select,pl reply .Thanks a lot off.

  59. PRADEEP BEHERA says:


  60. shaik shabuddin says:

    Good morning sir,
    iam feeling bloating in my stomach every day in the early morning,which is creating uncomfortable and iam feeling chest pain too due this is there any permenant solution to come over all these solutions.please tell me sir.

  61. Surinder Kumar says:

    I have a problem of constipation associated with fullness and gass for the past 15-20 years. The disease has also resulted in anal fissure. Allopathic treatment gives temporary relief but the problem continues the moment the medicine is stopped. Can I have permanent solution of this problem.
    Surinder Kumar

  62. Blaoting of the stomach. Gas forms mostly after lunch from around 3 pm and lasts upto 9 pm. It does not release and the stomach gets bloated and tight at the waist – difficult to sit. Acidity is also there. Have been on Lycopodium 30 three times a day as prescribed by the doctor for the past 12 days. Don’t see any relief yet. Please advice.

  63. helo sir,i m 30 years oil and having excessive gas start to rease when i eat meals.i also have constipation issue.plz advise me some medicine

  64. Dr. I’m 45 years old and I have been suffering from gastric problem for a couple of years back. I feel pain in the left side upper abdomen area soon after taking food. The foods comes upward and sometimes its comes with a sour test. Plz. advice me what do’s and don’t and give the suitable medicine .
    Thanking you .

  65. ajay prakash bahadur says:

    gases are formed but come out with great difficulty from belching which creates breathing problem

  66. pratap prajapati says:

    I am suffring from havey gas problem & fatty liver show in endoscopy & ultrasound of abdomen.
    kindly give me medical advic & medicine for tretment

    pratap prajapati

  67. Sir i have excessive gas problem(flatus) when i eat food gas starts to release.

    • Masankho Stable Mbizi says:

      Hello Dr Sharma,

      I have excessive gas problem (flatus) and I release more than 100 times per day. This has caused a lot of discomfort for the past 9 months and it’s getting worse.

      Is there any permanent medication for this critical condition or is this the end of me? If there is any medication, kindly advise me so that I can purchase from a Pharmacy and the prescription.

      Eagerly waiting to hear from you. Please help me!

  68. Marshall F. Almeida says:

    Respected Sir, I suffer from excessive flatulence, especially after consuming dal. My whole abdomen gets puffed up, where upon I have to make my belt loose. I have to compromise on the way I sit down.

    • Kalpana Naik says:

      Respected Sir.
      My stomach is bloation just like balloon. After taking anything It will create full of gas &becoming so heavy..when I do the motion compulsory, sometime after the motion also become heavy…please guide me what treatment I have go take…whom I have to consult

  69. syed riaz uddin says:

    To much gas problem

  70. Subrata Sarkar says:

    Sir I am 25 years old. I am suffering from gas in lower abdomen as well as eructation.. Sometimez I belch out with a loud noise. After I eat anything spicy I have to go to toilet. Even after heavy meals I have to go to toilet. In the morning after I wake up immediately I have to go to the toilet. I think I am suffering from chronic diarrhoea.. Kindly help me out. I also have this problem like sometimes when I look at a word I have this tendency to read it wrong I do wear spectacles but still I misread word when I read

  71. Dear Dr.m Sharma,

    Please can you help me with the treatment of passing out offensive odour from my anus for the past 12years now? It’s very embarrassing, l can’t seat close to people. I have been to different hospitals they keep telling me nothing is wrong with my health. The didn’t see anything at all. I need your help urgent please. From Nigeria.

  72. Ashok Kumar Srivastava says:

    Sir, I am 39 years /male having a sedentary life-style. Job involves working over computer and studying various cases /suits pertaining to my Organisation. My problem is what Allopathy describes as GERD, hiatus hernia & IBS. I was diagnosed with hiatus hernia in 2008. Since then, I am on Omerazole, & Domstal tablets for various period of time. Once I stop medicines, symptoms of Acidity, Acid Refulx, sour taste in mouth, constipation (more than two bowel movements a day), sticky stool, belching , flatulence develop. I am also feeling very low at times and ponder over things happened (loss of parents due to illness, not getting dream job) long ago. Please help me with some medicines. Allopath Dr suggested for taking anti depressants (SSSIs) but I dont want to take them.

    Kindly help me

  73. Fryan Agtarap says:

    Dear Doc.

    I am 26 years old, from Phillipines. I just sufferred from chikungunia and now i have this gas problem, I am burping all th time like 2-4 times in one minute. And I feel my stomach is always full. Please help me to cure this thing. Thanks a lot.

  74. I have a gas problem from past one year . What is the reason and how to reduce permanently. Starting daily morning only gas leaks now a days daily 5 to 7 times coming and floating 10 sec. Please suggest to reduce

  75. Vaidya nath prasad says:

    Eructation 4-5times daily.when eructation stops sneezing starts with flow of water with itching in nose,eye and itching are giving very trouble. constipation problem is from 20 years old ,eructation also of same times starts. the sneezing aggravated from eating sugar sweets etc. The right side are effected from rheumatic.The neck is not moving freely.Right side of neck is effected from rheumatic. ABOUT 38YEARS AGO suffered gonorrhea and syphilis.Several medicines of allopath have been used in initial stage but after 6 months homeopaths starts up to til date.

  76. Lovemore Kaombe says:

    Dear Doc,
    Am a man aged 26 and i have livimg with disease for 15yr and some people say i have a weak stomach,every day i feel pain in my stomach and after some seconds i release gas through anus ,sometimes i go to toilet.please help me so that i try to buy medicine here in South Africa

  77. Muhammad Sohail says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am male, age 41, living Peshawar, Pakistan, I have very excessive flatulence problem from 20 years. I have cured several times but result is 0.00%. The gas appears immediately after eating (even if i am not eating) and everything that has been eaten seems to be get converted into gas and gas passing through anus. Please help me i am very depressed from long time. some doctors says you have acidity problem, some says your stomach is week. some same you have gastric or duodanial ulcer, but i had never feel pain in my stomach only some pressure on my stomach every time. Please advise me medicine which is easily available in Pakistan and how to use it.

    Muhammad Sohail

  78. Anil sharma says:

    I am having chronic constipation and frequent gas passing through amus and low bp as 90/60.can you suggest some medicine

  79. hoagland priscilla says:

    Doc, I find it hard to belch about food. I feel like belching but it gets back into my belly. I have been worried and don’t knoww hat to do. I hope you can tell me what to do about it.
    Please I need help.

  80. nrajeshwarrao says:

    Good morning sir, My suffering from gas problem in stomach and gas bloating & coming out from anus canal. and when i am going to toilet my getting stools very hard with irriation in anal canal, and also per day i am going to toilet 3 times…….kindly suggest me the remedy to get out from this gas problem

  81. jayalakshmi says:

    I have excess gas formation and passing of gas with sound , mostly odorless.
    Also there is thick white coating on the tongue mostly , even tho i clean the tongue several times in a day
    Pl suggest a homeo remedy.

  82. ashok srivastava says:

    I m suffering stomachs swallowing according to me a name of medicine and dose who can subside my swallowing and gas formation.heartburn also some time after meal ..constipation also

  83. lamia khwaja says:

    Respected doctor
    I am 24 year old girl. this problem has strted when i was in class 10th giving my boards..i used to get nervous and go to the loo many times..slowly slowly my condition deteoriated as i became more prone to stress..then one day my grandfather expired.he was very close and i couldnt bear the loss and since then i became the patient of anxiety ,depression nervousness.i used to frequently go to bathroom.and lost all confidence.i was very scared to visit a dr or have my medical test..still many gastro dr said its ibs.and gave me several the situation aftr 5 years is that as soon as i eat i start have gases problem..most of the time im in stress because of my summers my condition gets worse..plz help me…too much of gastric problem during sleeping or when my stomach is empty then also..plz helo..prescribe some good medice..

  84. js yadav says:


  85. i am 26 year old. and i have a big problem for fart, smelling every time. Plz give me a suggestion for this problem. i am very embarrassing for this problem.

  86. Sir,

    My age is 50 and I am a male. I have the problem of gas for the last one year. Last year A doctor gave me some medicine and it produced some effects and I was worried that the medicine is not right. I got it antidoted from another doctor. He gave me drops of Camphor and three doses of nux vomica in milk powder to be taken after 10 minutes.

    After then I have been suffering from the gas problem. Please help me.
    Inspite of that I have some of other symptoms also, which are as under
    Depression, habit of swallowing the saliva, varicose veins in the left leg,
    I will be very thankful to you if you can help me.
    Thankyou sir.

    Yours sincerely

    bs panesar

  87. I think gas problem but I m no sure awayls fell not well gas come out sometime vamiting feel some time dirraha

  88. My problem is for a long time im suffering for gas problem the gas is not pass properly please advice me medicine for this problum

  89. Vishal vashishat says:

    I am suffering from gas problem from last so many years. It’s getting worsen day by happens when I keep myself away from food 3-4 hours and den this bothers too much have to take pentosec tablets 2at a time or may be 2-3 sachet eno in a go. And sometimes it happens in morning when I wake up due to coming in light it happens.
    I am situated in Delhi. Can see you if you nearby and can be contacted on 9560164141 or 9560174141.
    Vishal vashishat

  90. Hallo Dr. This gas disturbs me and it embarraces me.Mostly at night.Worse when i take Guiness after job.Please advice.

  91. linda clarke says:

    I have excessive gas. I do not feel bloated. At night the gas is excessive with heat in body and no sleep!
    Consultation with Gastroent tried antibiotics to kill bad bacteria and then suggested natures best compound to put back good bacteria. I was given Omeprazole and Zantac at the same time. Both give me dizziness and balance problems. I am a vertigo sufferer. My bowels are opened most days. On the day I do not have a bowl movement, the next day I ‘go’ two days worth but do not empty all but do so during the day in bits. Some of the motion are pellets attached to fluffly like poo. Don’t mind this it is the gas, heat and loss of sleep that makes me edgy and not able to function properly the following day.I am 65 and female.

  92. Sir
    myself Raj Verma from Ranchi, I am 31 year old. being past 25 day i am suffering with chest pain some time in the left side and after 2,3 hours in the right side, and after some time in the beside of back bone. just 15 minuts of eating meals mostally in day time such as morning gas is flow over my chest area and neck side and gas not passed from anus. instead of this it passed through mouth by evry five minuts. and after passing the gas i am gatting relief .
    please suggest me some homeopathic medicin

  93. deepti saha says:

    Excessive gas. Gas spreads all over the body.Accumulates thereand starts paining.On pressing the body part bleching occurs.

  94. deepti saha says:

    Excessive gas.Gas spreads all over the body .Accumulates and starts paining.on pressing the body part bleching occurs.

  95. blotung gas around the abdomen and belching of gas from mouth after eating & drinking somthing of my wife.Please,advise me about treatment by homeopathy medicine.

    • Good morning sir, My suffering from gas problem in stomach and gas bloating & coming out from anus canal. and when i am going to toilet my getting stools very hard with irriation in anal canal, and also per day i am going to toilet 3 times…….kindly suggest me the remedy to get out from this gas problem


  96. MVSS Nagendrababu says:

    For the last one year, I am releasing gas from anus but there is no problem except social embarassment. Please suggest if any medicine in homeopathy particularly in Tissue (cell)salts.

    MVSS Nagendra Babu

  97. anjali Waghmare says:

    Sir is there permanent solution on gases? Im suffering from this problem from 10 to 12 years. And im taking medicine from 12 years. My main concern is, is it good to take medicine for that much long period? Are there side effects of taking so long time medicine.?

  98. anjali Waghmare says:

    Sir is there permanent solution on gases? Im suffering from this problem from 10 to 12 years. And im taking medicine from 12 years. My main concern is, is it good to take medicine for that much long period? Are there side effects of taking so long yime medicine.?

  99. Anisa Khan says:

    I had a gas problem it will causes me breathing problem and I got chest problem .I am facing this problem since last year and I am not getting thr proper treatment .iam 21 years old can u please suggest me a solution for this .

  100. my father age- 54 years, he had complaint of offensive flatulence, with PAINLESS bloated abdomin, NO constipation or diarrhoea. Plz suggest homoeopathic remedy ??

  101. Sir, my father have problem of offensive flatulence from so many years. But he has no diarrhoea or constipation, neither any abdominal pain.but has bloated abdomin. Condition increases after taking rice,pulses, fatty things etc. So, m searching for suitable homoeopathic remedy. Please suggest best one ??

  102. Saurast Maskey says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I have been having a problem with my anus, every time i go to the toilet i start to let out large amounts of gas, causing my stomach to be in alot of pain. Can you please tell me a solution ASAP

    Thank you,

    Saurast Maskey

  103. Sir,

    I have prob with gas. I am passing tooo much gas loudly from anus. especially after eating something or after weak up in the morning and night times tooo. recently I have gone for the testing like Endoscopy and liver function test and abdominal that belurubin is excessive in slightly which doctor says no prob. I am alcoholic weekly 5 or 6 beers in two sittings. Some times feeling too much hungry and getting shake in fingers . I have gone for the GTT test. it was normal . but RBS is appearing low like 98. feeling tooo much hungry some times after eating something it will set right.
    Some times feeling apetite . plzz advice me what to do ?

  104. Guru singh says:

    Hello Dr. Sabb i am 24 yrs.I have flatus and rumbling in abdomen. It is from 4 yrs and my weight is 60 kg.

  105. what can you do treat tmau gas problem?

  106. hi Sharma,
    i have been suffering from gastric for almost 1 yr.Gas is pass out through butt(back side).can you suggest regarding diet to take and medicine to get rid of this problem.

  107. hardeep kaur says:

    sir regards to you my husband aged 55yrs is suffering from severe flatulence problem at time eructations lasting long gas causes pain throat and right jaw many a times gas problem he has been having years together but last sympton has started recently he does exercise walk we generally eat simple diet with no chillies it feels that every thing eaten is turned to gas he had amoebiasis long time back once he had malaria also carbo veg lyco helps temporarily pl suggest ishall be greatful to you

  108. sir i smell all the time .24 hours out of control smell comes from my anus.when i eat something then very bad smell comes from me ..i have no other problem …please help me i left my collage and all other social things from the last 5 years ….my age is 25 male.please help me to cure this horrible desease ……

  109. .

  110. Hello sir,

    I am 25 yrs old and have gastric upper & lower abdominal area is always bloated for 24 hrs a day..i believe that it has nothing to do with gas as i kno the symptoms in gas..which is not my case..i hardly feel any pain in stomach..the problm is..its just bloated and always makes me feel vry awkward as if pregnant. :|I usually go for exercise thinking it might be fat..i even joined gym for sometym.but cudnt find any change..its lyk hard rock entire day..vry protruding..nd stubborn… i cant wear skin fit its vry embarassing dnt want to go for allopathy so needed ur advise nd help regarding it! kindly suggest.

    Thanks! 🙂

  111. chandrakanth says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from flatulence since 2007. Till date I have not taken any medicine.Required cure for this.I need medicines for this.

  112. Dear Sir,

    For the last 10 days I am suffering from pain upper abdomen which is moving from left to right especially in morning and night.After eating something it subsides and after consuming rentidine tablet or NUX VOMICA.I had a history of healed up deudonal ulcer in the year 2001 & presently fatty lever.I am a Banker & hence use to sit upto 8.00 clock in the night & very less walk.

    Please suggest any medicine which is best suited to me.Can it be the symptom of Gall bladder stone or anything serious.

    With Regards


  113. Therese Wright says:

    Hi Dr.
    Pls i have suffered from IBS since i was 12 and i am now in my thirties. I have tmau gas coming out of my anus and my vagina and now i’m weeing a lot with urine dripping in my underwears. I stink of rotten fish, onions, urine and flatus even when i have not passed out gas because my anus keeps on opening every few minutes especially when i am sitting. This is very embarassing for me. I have sleepless nights, headaches and now my doctors say i’m suffering from some form of muscle inflammation. I dream everyday and also my menses stink like rotten fish but now i am not seeing my monthly flow since i’ve been on the depo injection( contraception). Previously i used to have a bloated stomach but that has stopped now. Pls can u help me

  114. Doctor,i am suffering from stomach bloating specially during night.could you please advise me what should i do. I am 38 years old female and i am suffering from this from last 1year.

  115. tarsem wahi says:

    I have been suffering from severe gas problem specially in the evening time for the last several years t got done endoscopy in which erosion diagnosed I am eating antacid daily .my age is 57 and weight is 85 kindly suggest some medicin.

  116. I suffer from
    Excessive mucus from mouth/salivation/saliva . Salva droodles through mouth at night wetting the pillow often it chokes the throat causing breathing difficult, wakes from sleep , clean the throat . It repeated many times at night at night and day.iam mail ,80years age
    Please suggest homeo pathic remedy

  117. Bindu gupta says:

    Pls advise medicine for gas problem

  118. Hi Dr.! I am 26 years old female. I’ve been under some stress from last last few months along with some acidity issue, my biggest problem is the constant belching that is ruining my life. I’ve tried to cure my stomach issue and belching through both aloepathy and homeopathy but nothing works on my belching. I suspect it might be Aerophagia, how can it be cured? Please help. And my homeopathic doctor has already given me a medicine with some quantity of nux vomica, it did reduce my nausea and bad taste in mouth, but didn’t stop belching.

  119. Sridevi Ch. says:


    I am suffering with gastritis for the past 10 years, kindly solution please.

  120. can you please help with TMAU gas coming out of my anus all the time, it is killing my career and social life? please help…..

  121. I did forget to point out that this pressure does also build up in between food. It does not happen only when I have eaten. Also there seems no gas to be relieved. It feels similar to when a child, when one swallows large amounts of air so one can burp, but this has no air to burp up.

  122. I do trustyou can advise. I seem to be swallowing air. I have a build up of pressure in esophagus, then stomach area base of ribs. The pressure in esophagus is so much my jaw and inside my head feel pressured. I am a vegetarian, no gluten (which has ended 35 years of migraines, love carbonated water, diskike regular water. Nervous about intruders at night. The pressure is like a pushing out. Although I have felt that swallowing my small amounts of saliver in morning is slightly building pressure, it does seem worse early evening onward. Thank you for any assistance

  123. I’m suffering from acute gas problem, my stomach is very gaseous. My lower belly bloats & bulgges out &is very tight. There lot of flatulence . Whatever I eat creates gas. As long as gas releses its0 ok although very embrassing at times . The problem starts0 when gas keeps forming & it doesn releaset. It gets trapped & puts pressure on my pelvic region. Iwhich isvery comortable . I’m already taking carbo veg 200 but its temporary relief. Due to this I can’t sleep properly at night as at that time the gas gets trapped & just doesn’t pass . I try doinhg exercises &rub my belly then the gas releses .please suggest some medicine that stops formation of gas.& of this problem. Rgds… Gita

  124. I’m suffering from acute gas problem, my stomach is very gaseous. My lower belly bloats & bulgges out &is very tight. There lot of flatulence . Whatever I eat creates gas. As long as gas releses its0 ok although very embrassing at times . The problem starts0 when gas keeps forming & it doesn releaset. It gets trapped & puts pressure on my pelvic region. Iwhich isvery comortable . I’m already taking carbo veg 200 but its temporary relief. Due to this I can’t sleep properly at night as at that time the gas gets trapped & just doesn’t pass . I try doinhg exercises &rub my belly then the gas releses .please suggest some medicine that stops formation of gas.& relieves of this problem

  125. K. P. Chopade says:

    I have the following problem.
    When gases pas, it makes big sound.
    It dosent have bad smell.
    What medicine can you suggest.
    Please reply.

  126. Mohammad Daud Faisal says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is Engineer Daud Faisal, and I am from Afghanistan and I have suffered the IBS from more than 12 years and I can’t control the passage of gas through my Anus, I have take too many priscriptions even in Pakistan but still I have this problem, therefore, you are kindly request to give you address and tell me, how to control this gas in my Anus, even if some artificial instruments or clothes are available which will protect my dizzy condition I am ready to take it I am very nerves about this problem even I am ready to kill myself so please help me

    Best Regard
    Engineer Daud Faisal

  127. cp singh says:

    I feel anxiety in my stomach and more happening when there is more gas in stomach. Early morning it is more prominant.All negative thought comes and increase the anxiety/fear in stomach

  128. I have excessive gas post gastric bypass need help.

  129. Ashish Kumar Gupta says:

    Hello Sharma Sir,
    I am a 38 year old male. I frequently suffer from gastric problem. I have a poor appetite & if consume rich food my problem becomes very severe. Normally if the gas passes i do not feel any problem but when it does not pass, i get headache & pain in the chest.

    I have to go on very light food for few days to get it normal. eggs, milk & paneer have direct relation to this problem & hence i avoid them.

    Walking gets me great relief.

    Pls suggest

  130. Rahul vaish says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have a stomach problem from last three years. very much heat in a stomach meal not digest properly gas problem too & skin is very much dry in summer season too like face is crack. Please reply me soon i need a permanent solution of this.

  131. Kuntal Bhattacharya says:

    I have been facing gastric problems for last 7-8 months.

    I feel strong heart burn after my breakfast for about 30 minutes. then it subsides. Then, I started belching of gas from mouths. I feel sometime bloating of abdomen.

    After 2 hours from taking my lunch, I started belching of gas from mouths.

    In the evening (between 5.00 to 7.00 hrs evening, I feel that I have to go to toilet to fresh. But it is only my feeling. I don’t feel any bounded pressure to go to toilet. However, for this reason, I cannot concentrat on my work. (I am a Government employee) I go to toilet once in the morning regularly and sometimes in the evening (nor compulsory).

    However, after dinner, I don’t sense anything till morning.

    I worked out regularly from 5.30 to 7 every morning. I never consumed alcohol

    Please help me.

  132. mfonobong john i says:

    please what drug should i take to stop this much gas coming out from my anus

  133. Sundar Raju says:

    Dear Doctor,
    This is what is my condition “modern living like excess of alcohol and improper eating habits.”
    I am 53 year old, old body builder, now also I use Gym but not regularly as it is not possible due to modern way of life.
    But my problem is my stomach still get bloated after eating, it takes long time for it to subside.
    my other parts of body are intact except my stomach. These days I am farting a lot. And passing stool is also not regular. In the night very difficult to sleep bcz of bloated stomach after food.
    Immaterial what I am eating, it happens to any kind of food I eat.
    Very annoying, irritating, difficult to move on to work, etc. Please help me by giving a solution.

    Thanks & Regards

  134. hello dr sharma ji how are you this is bal singh i have cronic stomac problem i like to discuss with you let me know what is the best time thanks

  135. R.N.Acharya says:

    excessive gas formation with bad smell-no solid formation.what medicine can b applied

  136. Anirudh S Chouhan says:

    I suffer from gas problem too often n lot of gas is passed through mouth in form of burps. At times it becomes very embarrassing can you you provide me with some permanent cure. I have strict office hrs and too much of work load so I dnt eat on regular time. Plz suggest some cure to it.

  137. sudhir kumar jha says:

    sir, I have a problem that is perhaps AEROPHAGIA. Gas come out of my mouth producing burping or belching sound.I have this problem since last three years, when this problem ocurred for the fist time I was under heavy mental stress and was having financial crisis. I have tried ayurvedic, homoeopathic,allopathic medicines but till now I have not got any appreciable improvement. currently I am having allopathic treatment under the able guidance of Dr. S.K.Sarin of ILBS,Delhi.After extensive diagnosis he concluded that I am having the problem of AEROPHAGIA.Whether homoeopathy has a complete cure of this disease?
    One more query sir,I am a regular practioner of yoga since last eight years, I do practise some asanas and pranayams which involve movement of the internal organ of the stomach and exerts pressure on these internal parts of the stomach.I have observed that the frequency of burping or belching sound increases after doing these stomach releted exercises.

  138. Dear Dr Sharma,

    It would be very helpful if you advice me somemthing for my husband. He is of a age of 29 & suffers from gas problem. He suffer this problem when he do not fresh n up in the morning at the right time. If he delays in this then the problem arises & which continues to the whole day. Hope to look forward to my problem.


  139. ranjeet rath says:

    i am suffering from gastric and constipation from last 5 years.often i get an irritable headache due to gas problems which affects my normal life and my job as a camera i have to depend on some pain killers and gas medicines there any permanent solution in homeopathy?please advice.

  140. shahid hussain says:

    ihave gastric problem last sincelast 10years ihave taken various medicine according to dr. advice but not relief every time gas sarounding my stomach when till gas is not remove then till iam very suffer this problem i would like to traet from homeopathy please give me the name of medicine and advice sir i am very troubled gas problem

  141. Deepti singh says:

    I m 30 unmarried girl.. I hv got IBS before 5 years.. Presently i hv little IBS problem. But i hv gastric problem.. I have got also fissure problem.. Plz tel me wat i hv to do

  142. Khurshid alam says:

    I have gastric problem since 8 years i have taken various medicine according to dr advice but not relief now i would like to treat from homeopathy please give me the name of medicine and advice sir

  143. Monica Aggarwal says:

    Please research SIBO, small intestional bowel overgrowth.
    You will need to stop all carbohydrates for 2-3 weeks and take antibiotics to get rid of this.

  144. i have gas problem for nearly 12 yrs also i have IBS since 2 yrs. Endoscopy is normal. GAs passes thru anus every 10- 15 mins. There is stomach pain and constipation. To avoid constipation i consume fenugreek seeds soaked overnight which has helped me. please advise

  145. Mahendra Shete says:

    I am suffering from gastric problem since last 07 years. My stomach is have fullness. My stomach is always bloated. Eat or don’t eat full gas is there. Motions are not clear. After passing motion also stomach is full. I feel hungry but after eating small I cant eat more. My stomach is hard rock for 24 hours.It is bouncy. Gas passing from anus is very rare.Gas gets locked.While passing motion little irritation around anus.Consulted with lot of doctors.Endoscopy and Colonoscopy carried out Found normal.

    • Diana Msangi says:

      hello Doctor,

      I am requesting for your advice on how I can get my treatment.

      am under going a problem of excess gas in my stomach, too much gas release in my anus without ceasing. it really brings dis comfort while am work or with friends or with even my family. infact whether I eat or not eat there problem is still the same.

      so I was requesting for your guidance and help on this problem

      thank you.

    • Hi, I am suffering from excessive gas problem. I burp once in every 5 minutes whole day. bloating is also there. sometimes it struck my breath because I also get a pain in my back and left side of the chest. At the time of eating the pressure goes down and it makes me to pass gas from the anus. now it so much severe that it is giving pressure on my heart. so I. request you to please advise me on the same as early as possible.

  146. sunaimi limbu says:

    i have been suffering from gastric for almost 3 yrs . i tired to cure it and took medicines prescribed by almost 9 different doctors. actually it all started when gardia lambella was found in my stool. i felt bloated and my stomach ached a lot. my lower abdomein literally bloated like a balloon. now i have no parasites in my stool but the same gas problem has been troubling me again with same feeling of lower abdomein bloating up. plz advice.

  147. shudes parki says:

    i m suffering from gas problem from 4 taking normal diet with less give me advice for treatment.

  148. i am taking very normal meal with low oil, Normaly i eat 8-9 roti in a day 2 cup of dal and 2 plate vegtable. still i am facing indigation and gas problem. please advice

  149. I have IBS for 5 years, I take medicine, can I overcome from IBS?

  150. Jaswinder Singh says:

    I had deduinal bypass surgery in 1995 (PGI, Chandigarh). I feel bloated very often with bitter taste in mouth which is worst In the morning.

    I have gas problem which is very offensive. I feel tired and can not focus on my job.

    Please advise me the cure of this condition.

    How can I get original German medicines in Brampton, Canada?

    Best regards,


  151. Where can I get those homeopathic medicines? I went to see doctor and described about the gas problem. He offers no help and said everyone has it, not a big deal. But when it happens too often, it is not nornal. Do I need to check the intestines as well?

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