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Gas Poblem -Treat it with Homeopathy

“Gas problem” is something that is mostly harmless but can be very disturbing and incapacitating for the person who suffers from it. Its implications are diverse; ranging from being a mere social embarrassment to quite a troublesome yet benign gastric issue. The big question is why do some individuals suffer more from gas than others do? The answer lies in the fact that some of us are biologically more prone to have this problem where as for others, eating habits contribute majorly to this disorder. This gas problem exhibits mainly in three ways. Patients complain of being bloated around the abdomen or passing of too much gas from the anus (flatulence) and thirdly belching of gas from mouth (eructation).

Belching of air or eructation occur mainly due to swallowed air (aerophagia) during eating, drinking. This is also associated with increased intake of carbonated drinks. Excessive salivation also leads to increase in the swallowing of air.. Bloating of the abdomen is usually related to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or chronic constipation and rarely is it associated with serious gut problems. People with IBS have this increased sensitivity of the intestinal walls. This sensitivity causes even little gas to give the impression of excessive bloating of abdomen.

It is important to realize that some amount of gas formation is very normal and is produced naturally during the process of digestion. Flatus (gas passed from anus) is a metabolic byproduct of intestinal bacteria and is not caused by swallowed air .An average normal adult has 13 to 19 gas passages every day. But the condition can be really bad for some individuals -one study noted a person who expelled gas 140 times daily, with 70 passages in a period of just four hours.

Passing of gas from anus is mostly related with the food that we eat or with the kind of bacteria that we have in our intestines.  Flatulence is generally produced when undigested food is acted upon by bacteria in our large intestines. Certain food substances produce more flatulence than others because they contain more indigestible carbohydrates. Substances that lead to overproduction of gas are , beans, dairy products,  onions, celery, carrots, sprouts, fruits (raisins, bananas, apricots) and complex carbohydrates  like dals . People with lactase deficiency and celiac disease (gut allergy to wheat) also suffer from excessive flatulence. Gases like   Methane, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Sulphide are the main component of flatulence. Hydrogen sulphide is responsible for the odor of the flatus.

Homeopathy offers a very effective cure for excessive gas problem.  Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg ,Lycopodium and Nux Vomica  are few of the very effective ones. Carbo Veg can be used for nearly all kinds of excessive gas conditions though  more suited in conditions where the symptoms of bloating appear immediately after eating and everything that has been eaten seems to get converted into gas. Lycopodium is more suited for patients that have the problem of passing more flatulence and also when their problem tends to increase towards the evening hours. Nux  Vomica is one of the most effective   medicines for our digestive system  and is  used in conditions that are incidental to  modern living like excess of alcohol  and improper eating habits.

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  1. Joliya Hetal says:

    A 46 yr, female patients experienced too much flatulence , heaviness ,
    History of:- ca cervix ( treated with allopathy) before 1 nd half yr).. (hysterectomy – done) before 3-4 months ca of right side inguinal region small lump detected) – treatment continue..
    Chief complaint:- patient feels too much gas nd heaviness after taking allopathic medicine.. backache continue after treatment of ca cervix…

  2. Pradip Laha says:

    I have been suffering from excessive gas problem since 2 months. I took carbo veg 200 but it is not responding well. Please advise me medicine in which I can get relief from that problem. Generally Iam facing this problem between 2pm to before sleeping at night. My age is 57 yrs.

  3. Kathy Bolger says:

    I suffer from constipation & take medication but every time l have a motion l pass wind a lot which is very smelly & l mean very smelly which is very embarrassing. Can you help me please. Thank you

  4. B.D.DAGA, MALE, 72 years says:

    From your write up on gas problem, I understand that CARBO VEG is the most appropriate medicine for me to push out excessive gas thru anus. Please advise its potency and how to take it.
    I am suffering from bloating, heaviness etc after eating food , indigestion, constipation etc

  5. M.P.SAXENA says:

    The food is converted into excessive gas and it hits area of sternum causing pain. Relief is experienced when gas is released through anus.
    Probably it is due to indigestion and tobacco chewing.
    It affects the quantity of my meals of lunch and dinner. The gas passes after intake and some emptiness and hunger is felt in stomach.

  6. gunwant shroff says:

    I am facing problem of very gas throw anus since long (twenty yeras old) now its give very much problem please advice me my age is 80 years open hart surgery has done in 2006 Blood pressure, ADIABATIC. WITH REGARD


  7. Leanne Fabian says:

    I suffer from cramping and bloating monthly (lasting 2 weeks) during PMS. I currently have the IUD mirena

    • Lindsey postal says:

      My son was given nux volmica for his anger 3 days ago, he seems to be very edgy since Friday. I know sometimes the symptoms can get worse before they get better can you please advise?

  8. Heavy sound and foul smell due to passing wind through rectum.Especially after every meal and during night sleep too much
    Plz suggest tablet

  9. Hello I have gallstones and awaiting an operation but I do suffer with a lot a flatulence can that by
    But I’m also lactose intolerant and it’s getting me down and my fiancé keeps having a go at me for it
    Any help would be grand thank you

  10. Hemchandra Boruah says:

    My child is 6.5 years old but he suffering from few days vomiting and latrin and abdominal pain. Vomiting and latrin is cure but abdominal pain and gas problem is not cure. I watch the child specialist but not cure abdominal pain and gas. What medicine you give my child Dr sir.

  11. Rahul Tripathy says:

    I am a 46 years old healthy man and since long I am suffering from abdominal gas problem, which aggravated since last 4 years. I have taken consultations of many physicians and even gastroenterologist and underwent several tests including endoscopy. For this issue I have taken all allopathic formulations like PPIs and H2receptors. Doctors tried different anxiolytic drugs as well. Meanwhile I also developed hypertension.
    It is a fact that my life became more stressfull since last 4 years but after taking a lot of allopathic medicines, I never get fully cured from this abdominal gas formation, for which sometimes I also felt pain also in my back and in waist region.
    Please give your suggestion.

    • P.V.R.Sarma says:

      Dear Doctor, I am 58 years old..I have been suffering with GERD problem since 15 years.. I was put on Esomeprazole 40 + Itopride 150 mg OD. I have been using this medicines since 10 years. If I stop even one day, symptoms come back…so I am almost addicted to this medicine…
      Several times I underwent was normal study. But recently One gastroenterrologist suggested me to go for Narrow band Imaging endoscopy, where it was found that I have small hiatal hernia, Oesophagities Gr B and Chronic gastritis with deodenal ulcers.. again doctor asked me to take same medicine BD for 6 weeks and taper the dose. Now I am on OD.
      My main symptom is that the air/gas gets accumulated comes to the middle of my heart making me get panicy. I also off late developed loud belchings. If flatus comes out from the anus, my symptoms gets relieved…. I also approached many homeopathists, they have given medicines like Nux Vomica, Sulphur, Lyco,Robenia, Hydrastis, etc on 200 potency and Natrum Phos 6X etc., on rotation.
      Doctor please suggest me the correct medicine to take out the flatus as and when required.

  12. VARUN GULIA says:

    Mam what you mentioned above about gas i have mostly all symptoms. Im suffering log gas issue bleaching . Give me some treatment and advice

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