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The Gas Problem

homeopathic remedies for gas  Is Too Much Flatulence  Bothering You? Although having gas is common, it can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. Gas is eliminated either by burping (belching) or passing it through the rectum (flatulence). Half to two liters is produced normally in adults and may pass up to 14 times a day on an average. But the condition can be really bad for some individuals -one study noted a person who expelled gas 140 times daily, with 70 passages in a period of just four hours. Although every one has gas, why do some suffer from it more than others? The answer lies either in the biological conditions of their gastrointestinal tract or in their eating habits. The most effective homeopathic remedies for gas include Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China, and Nux Vomica.

Gas mainly develops from two sources  –

1. The air that is swallowed in with food while eating.

2. As a part of the normal breakdown of certain undigested foods by harmless bacteria naturally present in the large intestine.

Homeopathic Remedies for Gas and Bloating

Homeopathy can be a great help for those who suffer from this problem of excessive gas. Here are some remedies with their indications:

1. Carbo Veg – Effective Remedy for Gas

Carbo Veg as a natural medicine for excessive gas is suitable for nearly every symptom associated with gas, belching, flatulence, pains and extreme bloating. It is indicated in cases of excessive gas formation and when everything (even the simplest of food) that is eaten seems to get converted into gas. The key indications for using Carbo Veg is gas in the upper abdomen, gas that seems to get worse upon lying down, sour or putrid belching and waterbrash after eating, and complaints of obstructive flatulency (pains around heart, abdomen or anywhere) that are relieved by passing gas.

2. Lycopodium – For Bloating in the Lower Abdomen

Lycopodium is a plant remedy prepared from a plant named club moss. The natural order of this plant is Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium as a remedy is highly useful in cases of gas where the involvement of the lower abdomen is more pronounced. Stomach feels full and distended soon after eating even a little quantity of food. This is attended with a complaint of a constant feeling of fermentation in the abdomen. Rumbling of gas in the abdomen is also well marked. Noisy flatulence may be passed in most cases. Constrictive or burning pain in the abdomen and excessive gas during the evening are also treated well with Lycopodium. Lycopodium is also effective for gas and bloating in babies with a colicky abdomen.

3. China – For Trapped Gas and Bloating in Abdomen

China is a useful remedy prepared from Peruvian dried bark. It belongs to the family Rubiaceae. China is indicated in cases when there is gas in the entire abdomen, causing excessive bloating. Gas in the abdomen is felt for a long time after meals. Digestion is weak and slow. Flatulent colic or constrictive pain in the abdomen may be present in most cases. Belching of bitter nature or tasting like that of food and vomiting of undigested food are other symptoms indicative of this remedy.

4. Asafoetida – For Bloating with Burping

Asafoetida is very suitable for treating excessive gas in the abdomen accompanied by loud burping. The gas tends to push upwards, and loud burps appear forcibly with difficulty. The burps have a foul smell. A bad taste in the mouth is present, and the abdomen feels full and greatly distended with colic. There appears a sensation as if the abdomen would burst. Gurgling and rolling of flatus is present in the abdomen, and a pulsation may be felt in the pit of the stomach.

5. Raphanus – For Natural Gas Relief

Raphanus is prepared from the fresh root of Black Garden Radish. It belongs to the natural order Cruciferae. Raphanus is prominently indicated for gas that is obstructed in the abdomen. The gas accumulates and is retained in the abdomen. It neither pushes upwards nor downwards. Abdomen gets enlarged, inflated and distended. Griping pain around the navel is felt. Any pressure on the abdomen is unbearable. A burning sensation in the abdomen, stomach pain, and intense nausea may also be present.

6. Colocynth – For Gastric Problems

Colocynth is prepared from the pulp of the fruit of plant named “Bitter Cucumber.” The natural order of this plant is Cucurbitaceae. Use of Colocynth is considered in cases of gas with abdominal pain. The pain may be cutting, colicky or cramping in nature. Bending over double and putting pressure helps relieve the pain. Exercise or discharging gas may also ease the colic in some cases. Along with pain, constant rumbling and croaking, and nausea and vomiting may be present.

7. Nux Vomica – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Gas with Constipation

Nux Vomica is highly beneficial for treating gas trouble with constipation. The abdomen is sensitive to pressure. Bloating is noted a few hours after eating. Loud rumbling and gurgling arise from gas. There is marked constipation even with a frequent ineffectual urge to pass stool. Other symptoms indicative of this remedy include heartburn, sour taste in the mouth, sour belching, sour vomiting. Nux Vomica also suits those who are more affected by the gas problem because of excessive consumption of alcohol and or fatty food.

The Formation of Gas in Our Abdomen

When the digestive system is not able to digest certain carbohydrates (like sugar starches and fiber found in many foods) due to shortage or absence of certain enzymes, these undigested carbohydrates (when they reach large intestines) are broken down by harmless bacteria to produce gas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane). This gas formation increases in people who suffer from lactose intolerance (carbohydrate intolerance).

Though the symptoms are usually bloating, abdominal pain, belching, and flatulence, not everyone experiences all of them. The amount of gas produced and the sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract to the gas determines the kind and the intensity of the symptoms. For example, bloating in the abdomen is not produced by excessive gas, it is usually the result of an intestinal disorder, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The cause of IBS is unknown but may involve abnormal movements and contractions of intestinal muscles and increased pain sensitivity in the intestine. These disorders may give a sensation of bloating because of increased sensitivity to gas.

Managing Problems with Gas

1. Following a simple diet and lifestyle changes can help to reduce gastrointestinal gas and relieve symptoms. These include eating slowly, chewing the food thoroughly, being relaxed while eating and not swallowing excessive air while eating.

2. It is also important to eat food that suits you. Certain foods like beans, vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, fruits, such as apples, and peaches, whole grains, soft drinks, and fruit drink,  milk and milk products, tend to cause gas.

3. Exercising regularly helps improve digestion and it is advisable to walk for 10-15 minutes after consuming a meal.

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  1. Ravi Laxman says:

    Dr. Sharma Garu, Namaste. I am male (78). Generally healthy.High B.P. , but regularly being checked & under perfect control. Diab. Type 2, since 6 years. under maintenance dose. Perfectly under control. Recently I developed excessive abdomen. No flactuance OR belching for relief. Gas is so high I am finding it difficult to speak( hiccups) Kindly help me.

  2. Murthy LSSR says:

    I am getting motion once in 3days but the problem is gas isn’t coming out. It is coming upto anus and going backward with the result stomach is bloating abnormally causing great discomfort. I need medicine for going out gas freely

  3. I am homeopathic doctor and offently consult your website. It’s excellent and have accurate knowledge. I salute your this great effort.

  4. After taking dinner at 9 pm approx there is tendency of formation of gas with smell .i take Isabol and haldi milk at night regularly . I have normal bowel movement

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  8. Hi
    Can you pl suggest a medicine for excessive foul smelling gas
    I am allergic to gluten and have had wheat items in last few days due to which I am feeling bloated too


  9. Mary Briffa says:

    I’ve been burbing to much lately, I don’t have to be eating for this to happen either. I lay on my side when in bed and feel like there’s something lodged in my throat. Occasionally I feel tightness in my chest area which isn’t painful but is a very uncomfortable feeling.

    • Priyanka Gupta says:

      Hello maam, I fast on Fridays. Have a simple meal in the evening. But every Saturday, have a splitting headache and nauseating feeling in the morning. It spoils the whole of Saturday. Which medicine can I take for this?

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  11. Sonali sengupta says:

    Hello Doctor, I suffer from accute gas problems,(belching,farting , bloating and bubbling in my stomach) and it increases before and during my periods leading to severe pain in my right shoulder . I am 43 and a patient of hypo thyroidism n osteoporosis. This affects my daily life severely. I also work out at gym for an hour daily. Pls advice.

  12. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Subrat, live in Bangalore aged 33yrs.

    I have been suffering from 3 diseases for a long time and consulted at the very least 15 different reputed doctors and none could help me enough.

    1. Extreme bloating resulting in very bad breathing problems. This is a problem I’ve been facing from the past 4 years and it is extremely painful and uncomfortable. My allopathy doctors have done almost all testing around the abdomen and found no problem anywhere. Took pancreatic enzyme tablets and many other things to no avail.

    2. Problem with Nasal polyps and headaches for the past 5 years. I’ve been taking montelukast medicine for all this while and they used to help but not anymore. Very recently (2 weeks back) I have done Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery as I could not breathe through my nose at all. In post-op recovery now and breathing has improved but the headache is still pretty bad.

    3. Migraine for the past 10 yrs. I take preventive medicines like Topamac etc but don’t help anymore.

    Please let me know if you would be able to help me with these.


  13. Rita Sontakke says:

    I want to talk with you personally. My cell number is 91-9325763599.

  14. Hlo doctor, I am eswari
    27 years old ,I small enquiry from my health
    I am eating any food with in a second I am vomiting
    And midnight 2 am my stomach is heavy pain and day is my stomach is pain heavy
    I am so tired and does not normal human
    Pls solution send me doctor

  15. Sundaram Hammond says:

    Are there effective homeo remedies for Camplorbacter in small intestines and probably stomach?

  16. Mukund Rana says:

    Whoever has gas problem don’t worry there is a very good solution for you. You can use the gas for cooking. Just insert the other end of the gas pipe into your anus and then light the gas stove. This way your LPG costs will come down and also you will get relieved from gas problems. This is the best remedy and I do it regularly. All cooking in my house is done in this form only. We are saving lots of cost by not using LPG.

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  19. Sir
    My stomach is always all the time bleaching burning and bloating painfull and it become too painfull after 2 hours of any is happening since 3 weeks
    All day i feel discomfort
    Please guide me for medicine

  20. shree prakash says:

    i suffer from i.b.s.lots of gas,5-6 times to toilet .never done feeling, heavy abdomin.dont like manipulationv .diaarrhea constipation etc.get irritation

  21. Dr Amar Prasad says:

    I am Dr Amar Prasad on treatment from your clinic. Any treatment for Gastroparesis is available from your clinic

  22. Sir i have only belching problem from two -three months.I have no pain in stomach region. I am using Carbo vegetabilis but not so improvement.please suggest remedies.THANKS

  23. sohail ahmad says:

    hi sir my name is sohail
    my father having serious gastric and constipation problem
    his is 60 year and stroke patient and cannot walk properly
    he has gastric problem and having serious Paine in their lower abdominal

  24. Zahid M Aslam says:

    Obstructed flatulence .passing ammelity.. Family tendency. Never loose motion since started this problem. Odor breathing. Sexually weak( erection relaxed during coition, ejaculation very early. Pain in right arm but relax after flatus passing.
    Itching on right calf with brown skin. Itching on left elbow masturbation habitual. Abdomin distended
    Flow much blood once from anus after years. Sleeplessness after 2 AM. Irritable after coitus and sleepless.
    Eruption/ growth on anus which go inside when washing with water
    AGG… Rice . beef
    AMLTY.. Flatus passing.
    I have used many medicines, eg Lycop ,Arg nit,China , carbo v, Nux v,mos. Chellid and much more.

  25. I am a 65 year old male 6ft 1 and weight is 178. I have only drank water , juice for last 20 years. I eat roots fruit greens and brand veggies and nuts. The last few weeks I have had stomach pain on both sides all the way around my back.
    6 years ago my left side stomach and back area was hurting so badly. My doctor did flora scope test and a cat scan of all my organs all came out ok. I did and do have acid reflux. . But now only once in a while.

  26. Avneesh Dwivedi says:

    Which is the best endoscopy hand or leg

  27. parmjeet kaur says:

    Mam manu bleeding toilet jado badh de odo ho rhi a without toilet kli v bleeding stain nhi hk rha plz tell me reason

  28. Sadhna khanna says:

    Sir I a am 60 i am having too much gasprooblem . Even if i am not hungry I hv to eat every 2 hrs. Even imidnight .acute headaches and starts I get up eat something then burp and flatulste then wn i am light and struggle to sleep..morning again I am full. Insomnia also troubles me. The gas blocks d bowlmomveme ..then hot milk helps. keep taking anti gas medicine s. I live simple life wd v.simple eating habits no outside food only home made food.. pl help. thanks.

  29. I usually go to family dinner every Sunday and take alcohol also.on monday I feel comfortable but on Tuesday I feel pain in my stomach .I can’t understand the reason behind

  30. Agnita Bhattacharjee says:

    Hi I have been suffering from upward gas tendency for last few month .Having Pantakind flux before had it for a month got relief and was normal again after two months the same problems are arising ,stool normal,appetite is fine but after having food spl in the evenings the movement of upward gas sometimes in the back ,sometimes on the right side of chest it moves and uneasy feeling is there .please advice.

    • Chandrashekharkabra says:

      Lot of Gas gets built up and instead of farting and passing out thru anus it goes up causing vertigo like situation for seconds and then after half a minute with lot of prespiration it gives relief – as I am having cervical sometimes it is really bad. Even though it is not frequent but once in two months u never know why it happens

  31. Amin shaikh says:

    If I fart while urinating little amount of foul smelling watery stool comes out. Pls advise.

  32. T B Ravindranath says:

    Sir Namste, I am 64 years old. I release gas quite a few times a day and it gives foul smell. I dont smoke , I dont drink alcohol, coffee or tea. I am a pure vegetarian . Also I dont take spicey food like Samosa, Pav Bhajee, Biryani, chillies, etc .I take 3 lt of water every day. For 40 years I have been taking Nuxvomica 30 every day.Kindly suggest suitable medicine.

  33. Baisakh Jajodia says:

    I am 27 years old, male. I am having chest pain esp. behind the sternum which is aggravated after 3 AM when I am in sleep. Sometimes it extends upwards up to neck. I don’t have acidity or nausea or vomiting or excessive burping or flatulence. I don’t drink or smoke. Tea twice daily. Bowels are regular but frequently the quantity is less. Frequently after dinner I lie down immediately or after taking 5-10 mins walk. My dinner is also large. I am trying to change these habits. Problems started after I shifted to a new city where the curry or anything they make is very oily. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for my condition.


    Namaskar. I am 65+ old male, purely vegetarian, non_smoker/drinker but to back cheese since last 35 years. I am suffering with IBS since last 13_14 years resulting in fouling/dirty smell severe gastritis with lower abdominal pain surrounding upper TUNDI region causing weakness, Oftenly, I suffer 6_7 watery loose motions with dirty/fouling smells & unable to control motions so many times stool passes in undergarments, before my reach to toilets, All the times when ever stool tests were carried out Ascarids Lubricious Cysts/Ova were detected, but no live/dead Ascaries Lubricious worms were detected with Allopathic Albendazole/Mebendazole treatment. Beside this I feel severe burning sensation in urination/after ejaculation in sex. Whenever stomach pain occurs due to gastritis I feel pain in Lumber region at back as I suffered Disk Prolapse too. Since last 2 months I am feeling SUNNAPAN /JUNJANAHAT
    In my both foots &foot fingers. Please cure my IBS, severe Gastritis, Often loosemations causing stomach pain & weakness/low BP ranging 50/60/70 & Urine burning sensation (Several Urine Routine/Microscopic exam revealed nothing in report). Please advice me treatment & help me in crises.

  35. Jayanta Kumar Ghosh says:

    Upper abdomen remains distended often but not always. This symptom may appear anytime irrespective of time of eating. Sometime upward movement of gas causes sudden vertigo. Excessive gas sometimes causes uneasy respiration. I am a smoker, age 64, sedantary lifestyle.

  36. Atul raj aryal says:

    Hello sir regards…I m 34 years old man from nepal..I have had a check up of heart ultrasound and endoscopy too..Heart was normal.ultrasound shows mild fatty liver rest all r ok nothing in blood and stool.urine endoscopy showed little scratches in stomach due to these days sir I feel a burning and uncomfortable sensation only in my left lower abdominal side can it b problem in descending colon sir?And little bacteria in stool taste

  37. Pushpa Sinha says:

    I am 57 years old lady suffering from gall bladder stone of size 14 mm and hornea of inflamation around my naval. I am taking Chelidonium Q 10 drops 3 times daily after meals and Calc. Flour 3x 3 times for gall bladder stones daily as well as Nux Vom 200 4 drops daily at night for hornea.Whether it is sufficient or you will suggest some other homoeo medicine for these two diseases.Ppl. also confirm whether I can be cured with homoeo medicine or I should go for Surgical operation.

    Further I have also excessive gas problem.some gas passes through my rectum & some gas passes through my mouth and some gas appears to be moving approx one foot below my breast which causes pain on my back side.Should I use Carbo veg. 30 or any other homoeo medicine for my gas problem pl. Suggest.

  38. Hello doctor,I am 28years having gastric problem after my delivery usually I sweat when I take take my lunch,dinner and I get migraine on right side sometimes I feel that my body is swelled.I have anxiety and get irritated for small things.My weight is 75kg ,please help me.


  39. T.K CHAKROBORTY says:

    Thank U Dr. I am suffering from gas problem which is more prominent after Lunch, sometime after dinner too. Pl tell, will Carbo veg will be best for me ? if so pl write me the doses. I am a very active man in my earlier 50’s

  40. senapaty says:

    heavy gas problem with pain. food not digest. i have to go toilet (potty) 5 to 6 times daily. this is from 7 to 8 years continue problems. i am now 38 year old.

  41. I occassionaly suffer due to gas problem since long. Now I am 58 yrs old.Gas does not release from my body. Due to upward movement of gas I don’t get sleep properly at night.I used to get heavyness in my head.Sometimes I woke up at midnight after that I don’t get sleep at all.I feel very hot.Daily I do the exercise both times sufficiently& never sleep at day hours. Suggest some homeo medicine which can remove my sleeplessness.

  42. Navsadhna says:

    I am 58 year lady. i gained about 12-15 kg during my menopause ( I was 50 years then). So from 61 kg to 75 kg. now also i am in between 74-75kg. i want to looses weight through oral medicine as i cant walk much due to my knee problem.

    • Miranda Lovelace says:

      Get home diet pills. Don’t take long term bad for u but so is a sloppy heart. While these meds are curbing ur appetite u can think more reasonable about ur food intake. When we’re starved we’ll grab the worst stuff. I’ll be making spaghetti, bread extra butter and can’t wait so I’m snacking on zingers while standing over the stove cooking. We also eat fast when we’re hungry. Our body doesn’t know u just inhaled a lb of noodles til 10 mins after. Then stomach stretches,and miserable. So during ur adapex aka diet pill phase pay attention, form healthy choices. Plus the brocolli u thought you hated u may love, ur body will also want these foods. I’ll exercise more and I’m not talking about yoga, gym class, aerobics. I’m talking u may just stay up moving around a little more. The least little improvement there will make a difference. Stop chewing gum, makes u hungry, ur stomach thinks and waits on food. Drink fluids, b12,and taper off meds u don’t want to crash into a depression. If u have headaches around 6 hrs after ur dose it’s caffeine decreasing… Drink a coke! Good luck

  43. Pintu ghosh says:

    I am hyper acidity patient.anytime belly pain and loose stool.please solve this with homeopathick treatment

    • Mollykuriachan says:

      Iam 30.years ..Now 3 moths pregnant.. is it ok taking carboveg 30 daily t bedtime to relieve gas problem

  44. R K vardhan reddy REDdy says:

    Hi sir I am 38 years male,I have very serious gastric problem from last 2years.i am having tablets also but ….no use for that tablets…can you suggest me the what should I do now…seviar problem I am facing…I am a merketing guy

  45. syed nazar abbas says:

    dr sahib meri umar 38 sal aur wazan 48 kg hy men kafi arsy sy medy k masail ka shikar hon har waqat medy py bojh rehta hy gass banti rehti hy jab gass ziada ho jay to dharkan teez ho jati hy men apny blood k tamam test krawaey hen
    Hpylory -ve hy 10 sy ziada dafa krwa chuka hon
    chalastrol 140
    uric acid 4.2
    total bilirubion 0.92 ( normal velue upto 1.2)
    alkaline phosphate 231 ( normal velue 80 to 306)
    sgpt(alt) 25 normal velue (9 to 42)
    sgot(ast) 29 normal velue( 9 to 40)
    ECG normal hy attomic hospital Chashma mianwali k Heart sp Dr Tariq Aziz memon ko chek krwaya hy
    sugar level 100 hy
    hepatitec B,C -ve hy
    kidny k test
    blood urea 31( normal velue 20 to 50)
    creatnine 1.0 (normal velue 0.6 to 1.1)
    Ultrasound ki report bhi normal hy Dr Hafiz Basher sahib mianwali
    CBC test normal value py hy
    esr 08
    HB 13.5 hy
    t.l.c 6000 ( normal velue 4000 to 11000)
    widal test -ve
    sir men ny kafi ary specialist dr,s ko chek krwaya hy
    tamam reports dekh kr kety hen ap ko nafsiati masla hy
    is ki waja sy apka meda har waqt disturb rehta hy , ap wehm krty hen
    homeopethic medcine bhi kha chuka hon
    hakeem hazrat kehty hy ap ko tabkher meda hy aur koi masla nhi hy
    dr sahib mjhy wehm hony lag gea hy k khuda nakhasta mjhy cancer to nhi ho gea dil har waqt darta rehta hy zehn men bury bury khialat aty hen
    koi bhi chez khany lagon to pehly yehi zehn men ata hy k kia yeh cheez mujhy khrab to nhi kry gi
    men aik hi hon koi bhai behn nhi hen abu aur ami bhi foot ho gay hen aik 3 sal ki beti hy
    horse ridding bhi krta hon
    sir ALLAH ka wasta meri help kren agr ap ko milna zrori hy to address bta den men ap sy mil leta hon

    dua goh
    Syed Nazar Abbas

  46. S.V.Jagtap says:

    Good evening Dr Sharma
    I’m sugar patient and high BP patient last 8 year ..last.Age 62 yrs. Height-5’5″ Weight-75kg.
    Sugar -165/228 ,BP 110/80
    Uric Acid-4.2,
    Vitamin D-25 HYDROXY SERUM-30.7 tested on 6.04.2018
    Medication –
    Metformin-(1g) 1-0-1,Gliclazide XR(60) 1-0-1,,Voglibose(0.3)1-1-1,Sitagliptin(100) 0-1-0,LozarH(50/12.5) 1-0-0,Amlo(5) 1-0-0, Atoma 0-0-1
    Problem- Since last two months- Heavy gas,Bloating ,Bad smell,unsatisfactory motion,sound in stumoch etc.

    Kindly advice homo medicine.

  47. Good evening Dr Sharma
    I’m sugar patient and high BP patient last 9/10 year ..last 10 days gas problam to much …
    Daily walk 40-45 min evening. Morning 15/20 minutes.
    Heavy breakfast- 2stuffed parents ..2 chaldi vegetable green for lunch ..dinner 2 chapati and dal and raita
    My leg pain …gas problam…tight fingers ..
    81.500 gms weight and height 5’8″
    58 years old men
    1. Metaride 1 —- 0—0 sugar
    2. Vogliboss. —–0 sugar
    3. Telma 40 — —–0 BP
    4. Metalor 50. ——0
    5. Ecosprin a.c. 75. ——-0

    Add — start 4 days last
    Dabur — Trifla churan —- 1 spoon dinner after 1 hrs .

    Note: main gas problam

  48. ARABINDA DAS says:

    60 yrs of age. Suffering from gas, bloating & belching with flatulence for last 25 years.
    Please advise doctor & oblige.

    Arabinda Das

    • ARABINDA DAS says:

      60 yrs of age. Suffering from gas, bloating & belching with flatulence for last 25 years.
      Please advise doctor & oblige.

      Arabinda Das

  49. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 29 years old and I have been having this excess gas problem since many years, even more significantly from past 4 years. I get lot of flatulence even when stomach is empty after bowel movement or even after eating food or while lying down to sleep during night. It is very embarrassing. I also get belching but it is not as embarrassing as flatulence. I am a vegetarian and also have tried diet changes but diet changes doesn’t seem to work. I feel this as some problem in gastro-intestinal tract as you mentioned above.. I suspect that probably enzymes are missing or something. I want to get rid of this problem completely and permanently. I am requesting you to please help me in getting rid of this problem. Please tell me what should I do.

    Thank you.

  50. Fazlur Rahma Khan says:

    Dear sir
    My father aged 63 years, has gas problem. He has a big belly for which it is difficult for him to walk and to do some heavy work. He becomes tired after walking a hundred metres only. He is not suffering from diseases like diabetes, high BP etc. The only problem is his heavy body that’s due to the large belly size. Is there any homeo treatment to reduce the belly size? How can he loss his wieght?
    Awaiting for your guidance…

  51. Gas locked in lower area of body

  52. Arnab Kumar Adak says:

    Respected Sir,
    My father is about 55 years old. He has been suffering from slippy pus-like stool secretion almost at a fifteen days’ interval from his boyhood days. He also suffers a frequent headache over left eye to vertex and left occiput area for more than 20 years. His other symptoms are chronic catarrh, chronic fatigue, much sleeping, anxiety, nervous weakness, anger, loss of confidence and decision, history of various psoric manifestation. Please inform me the safe and curable treatment for this chronic condition.
    With Regards,
    Arnab Kumar Adak.
    West Bengal, India.

  53. Komal sahu says:

    Dear sir,
    I am komal sahu completing 46 years of age, sir I am suffering from acute gastritis and Acidity since last 10 Years, I have tried allopathic medicine, Ayurveda and homeopathy as well but could not get relief. I have observed that since couple of day the problem of gas formation in stomach has increased and due to that Chest burning sensation started specially after lunch (3-4 Hrs later). Sir I am in deep tense due to my problem Please help me out.

    Awaiting for your able guidance
    Thanks and Regards
    Komal sahu

  54. Narasimharao Nagulapalli says:

    Sir, myself is Narasimharao.
    I am suffering from ibs for four years. I am taking GERD and acidity medicines. Then it is controlled but gas is passing by mouth and rectum and some bloted abdomen. My self confidence is very low and taking anxiety with new things. I am always fear for my health after starting of ibs.
    Sir please suggest the Remedy.
    Thank you.

  55. Anshu sethi says:

    My self is anshu sethi
    From last ten years, I am suffering from acidity. Problem is that gas accumulates in my head and it becomes heavy. Regularly I suffer from gas. I can’t eat heavy foods, milk products.
    This is very severe problem.


    Heavy gas formation, wind in abdomen, loud sound produce from mouth when gas excreted, It create more problem after eating, abdomen pain and heavy feeling, indigestion problem increasesolving in night. These are from 10 years, homeopathic medicine is running like carbo vegeta 6x suggested by a doctor . Please suggest from your opinion


      Heavy gas formation, wind in abdomen, loud sound produce from mouth when gas excreted, It create more problem after eating, abdomen pain and heavy feeling, indigestion problem increase in night. These are from 10 years, homeopathic medicine is running like carbo vegeta 6x suggested by a doctor . Please suggest from your opinion

  57. Hello Sir
    I am facing gastic problem from last couple of weeks.I take medicine even but no relief at all.
    Iam not take sleep properly due to the treatment of my mother is going on so i thought may this is the reason also.I check with doctor even did my ultrasound but no problem is shown.
    Please advise me for quick relief.

  58. Hi sir I feel for few seconds pressure start from stomach to chest and also confusion in mind . Also my liver is fattey. Recently I removed gallbladder. Also feel tingling in tunge. I feel all like this after 2PM and evening. In morning I feel too much good. Sir I want know pressure which I feel in stomach and chest for few second is this is gass or not.

  59. peeyush jain says:

    Dear Dr. , I need Your Guidance For Gas problem ,

  60. Mita Mukherjee says:

    Hi Dr. I have acidity problem.. I do not eat any food due to acidity..My chest and throat are burning,after eating food again when I do not eat food then it’s also burning.. how can I cure it…

    • Alam Mollah says:

      I am Alam Mollah from Dhaka, Bangladesh, 51 years of age with acidity problem for last 18days taking medicine but no relief at all.. I do not eat any food due to acidity..My chest and throat are burning,after eating food again when I do not eat food then it’s also burning.. how can I cure it.


  61. moon kataki says:

    Hlo Dr my father is a diabetic patient & prostate problem . And now he suffering from emense gas & his stomach has become tight . So can you suggest for his solution ?

    • moon kataki says:

      Hlo Dr my father is a diabetic patient & prostate problem . And now he suffering from emense gas & his stomach has become tight . So can you suggesomt for his solution ?

  62. R.G. RAGHAVAN says:

    Good Morning Dr.

    I am 54 years old and have been experiencing gas, sometimes passing flautulence problems for a long time. It is very embarrassing. I love eating all gas prone items, such as, Harhardaal, MoongDaal, Potato, Rajma, Mutter, Peas, Groundnut, etc. I could not avoid eating these items. My stomach is very sensitive. I have burning sensation after motion in rectum even if I consumed a little bit of mirchi items. I feel very difficult to maintain a diet avoiding items of my taste. I have tried Allopathy and found no relief, they prescribe only Pantacid. Can you please help me from embarassement.
    Thanks & Regards,

  63. Hi Doctor,

    I am suffering from indigestion and flatulence especially after meals and early morning. There is no stomach pain but sometimes there is cramp in stomach . The gas is passing involuntarily after meals in the evening. In morning I am unable to control as there is lot of gas pressure and need to rush to the toilet. I am pure veg and following home diet . Tried all ways of eliminating spicy /sweet foods but it did not helped that great.
    Importantly suffering from Insomania daily. Please recommend suitable homeopathic medicines.


  64. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from excessive gas and flatulence since a year. Feel tightness and sometimes occasional cramps in right quadrant of upper abdomen. The symptoms aggravate in the evening. Taking Carbo Veg 200 and Lyco since 2 months. It has helped a lot. But I am not totally cured. Same problems persists but in less amount. Should I continue the same treatment?
    Request your kind advice.

  65. Surinder Kaur says:

    Hi Doc,

    Off late I have been suffering with the problem of my stomach bloating as hard as a basket ball. I suffer from constipation where the bowel movement is not regular and gas and acidity please can you suggest a remedy to my problem as per the article I read on this website my condition is very much suggest china as my medicine but please let me know the procedure of taking it

  66. im taking ppi but my is bubbling unstable remedy

  67. sir i am cytus invers case. i have problem with to much gas.

    • Narayana Moorty says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma:

      Before I mention my specific problem, let me first congratulate and thank for your very excellent website on homeopathic remedies. This is by far the best and most useful site on the web. The initial description and analysis of the condition, and the various remedies you suggest with their variations are very helpful, more helpful than consulting the materia medica, because the information is concise, clear and to the point.

      I have lower back pain in the early morning hours in bed (starts about 3 or 4 am). I first thought it just on the right side and attributed it to sciatica (although I didn’t have any pain going down the leg. I used a combination medicine (Boericke and Tafel -Sciatica). It might have helped some. But then it spread to the rest of the lower back. In the early morning hours (like this morning) I could feel pain coming from various nerves in the lower back, both right and left. And at the same time, enormous amounts of intestinal gas: a lot of bloating, rumbling and cooing noises. When some of it passes, there was some relief. But I still am using a heating pad to ease the pain. So I have been treating it as irritable bowel syndrome and have been using a combination medicine which included asafoetida, cargo veg, natrum carb, nux vomica, lycopodium, bismuthum subnitricum, and Bryonia, all in various low potencies. I have also used nux vomica 200 for a few days. Before I used this combination medicine, I have been somewhat constipated; I have been using some herbal teas or probiotics to deal with that. Now, the bowel movements are erratic. Three or four with varying degrees of volume and consistency, and somewhat green or dark.

      I tried various ways to ease the back pain including exercise to strengthen back muscles, pillows as props in bed and changing the bed side, and sleeping on the sides or back.

      Everything helps a bit, but doesn’t address the problem. The gas production in the early morning hours is the source of the problem and nothing I do (including semithicone tables) seems to help that.

      I am 83 years-old (84 in Indian counting). I live in California.

      My diet is vegetarian and somewhat spicy. It includes some milk products like an occasion serving of cheese, a glass or two or milk and a glass of buttermilk in the nights.

      I do some morning stretches and light exercise and walk a couple of miles in the afternoon.

      I would appreciate if you could suggest a possible solution for my problem.

  68. Satish Singh says:

    Sir Iam suffering from belching from last one month.All test endoscopy and ultrasound are normal.but yet no medicine clear my problem.plz suggest me Homeopathic medicine

  69. YOGESH JOSHI says:

    Sir, I get too much gas and acid is also made ( Near about 5 Years)
    I am a vegetarian, always stomach stomach, I do not have the problem of constipation
    After that I have a lot of gas and acid problem
    Please tell the medicine for

  70. Sudha Baid says:

    Sir I am practicing homeopathy as a hobby and Drhomeo gives me confidence
    Thank you

  71. Satish naikare says:

    I have gastric problem so gas created in stomch

  72. Lohitha Ginjupalli says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I am Lohitha.Ginjupalli, age 23, female, and i am a software engineer, I am suffering with gas problem from one year onwards, I am using the medicines also, but no change. I feel free when i am using tablets, after finished of those tablets, again the problem will comes. this is a hectic problem for me. and from six months onwards periods also skipped, periods are coming for three months. so i am suffering alot. so i think i move to homeopathy, can you please provide the best solution

  73. Vijay chugh says:

    My doctor has prescribed SBL25 biocomb and sbl nixocid how many months I must take.

  74. नीलेश रँजन says:

    हैलो सर … मेरा नाम नीलेश रंजन है ! मेरा उम्र 42 साल है ! मै झारखंड कके राँची शहर का रहने वाला हूँ ! मै पिछले 5 साल से डकार तथा गैस की बीमारी से परेशान हूँ ! बहुत जगह इलाज करया परँतु कुछ भी राहत नही हुआ ! प्लीज़ मेरे लिये सही दवा बतावे ! धन्वाद …

  75. Vipul Vadhani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I’m 46 aged mail weight is 120 kg height 5 11″
    Suffering from heavy gas and constipation.
    Kindly guide me for solve deases.

  76. R Lakshmana Rao says:

    Sir, My name is R Lakshmana Rao, age 45, male, I have problem with chest pain due to the gastritis for past 3 months. I have consult gastroentologist , he prescribed some tablets. But there is no result with tablets. so that I move to homeopathy, please suggest suitable homeopathy medicines for chest pain due to the severe gastritis.
    thanking you


  77. Ranjan Mondal says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I am sorry to say that I am Ranjan MandalI am almost gas Patient . I’m looking for a doctor. And the doctor is taking medicine according to the instructions. But there is no work. What can be done now?If you have a little help then it is very beneficial.And if a medicine prescribes and prescribes food rules, it is very good.

    I hope you answer properly.

    Thanking you,

    Ranjan Mondal

    Date 22.11.2017

  78. Suddenly from the last 3-4 days I am having excessive gastric issues, which I making me uncomfortable.Can you please advise.

  79. Teresa Earle says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I suffer with slight pain in the right side of my upper abdomen. I have done a sonagraphy of my upper abdomen but all is clear. I also get a pain every morning on the right side of my back around the waist.
    Could you please let me know what could be the problem.

    Thank you

  80. Dhananjai Kumar Singh says:

    Usually I am suffering from constipation,acidity,and stomach pain. I normally takes vegetarian food and cow milk in night.
    I am 65 years old and diabetic.
    Please advise me to what medicine can be taken and in meals and what should avoidable .

  81. K satyanarayana says:

    Sir, My name is K.satyanarayana, age 39, male, I have problem with chest pain due to the gastritis for past 3 months. I have consult gastroentologist , he prescribed some tablets. But there is no result with tablets. so that I move to homeopathy, please suggest suitable homeopathy medicines for chest pain due to the severe gastritis.
    thanking you

  82. Sharron pokroy says:

    The past few months I started with pain in my left side and continual burping of slime. 3 weeks ago I burped up which looked like a round colorless wine gum which I used to eat a packet a day. But I stopped eating them a month before pain I’m on 40 mg Truston. I went to a Chinese herbalist and the burping stopped occasionally I get the pain under left rib and shoulder. Can you help. I am so highly stressed.

  83. I have bloating and gastric problem from last 4-5 years, its getting worse, whole day I feel like my tummy is full, heavieness, bloating which irritates me, my tummy look like a gas ball big etc. I have consulted many doctors, but everything I tried is useless for me.

  84. R Siva Sankar says:

    Good evening sir,
    I have gas trouble problem since seven months gone. First I have had ucer pain past 15 years but I self control. Then two years before I got backpain problem but I controlled by exercise. My gas trouble pain first started in which back pain area itself.
    I can’t sleep well , within two days taking tablet of “randine” bcoz of pain eventhough I left eggs.

  85. Mamata Joardar. says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am of 68 yrs suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Conducted all pathological tests. No wrong has been found. Treating by very good gastro enterologist . Present problem ,gas forming in middle abdomen and lot of flatus. Main problem in night. No sleep or inadequate sleep , weight loss.
    Also taking Carbovej – 30 and China-30 alternatively three hour interval. Problem in night.. Request suitable medicine. Thanks. Mamata (female).

  86. Hello dr..
    I have gas problem in chest … i feel tightness in chest… i am 22 years old ecg and echo was done.. and after these tests dr. Said me that it is anxiety disorder .. i take pan d in empty stomach .. but i have no improvement .. plz tell me what to do.. i went to an aurveda dr .. he said me that u have suffering gas in chest

  87. Specially in winter season at around 1 – 2 pm my body heats up and can not lie in bed. Need to get up and do little walking inside for sometime then it settles down. Any Homeopathic medicine available for this. I am 63 years old.

  88. Hell Doctor sir I am 53 years of age. I usually pass gas many time in a day but the problem is that it goes up to head and all over body parts. During 2012 I faced the problem of insomnia due to this. The treating doctors of allopathic told depression and anxiety and given treatment which did not solve the problem instead worsened. In the end an auryvedic doctor diagnosed the problem of gastric and result of treatment were amazing and I stopped treatment After fully curbed. After 5 year I got same problem and want homeopathic treatment with permanent solution. Pl suggest homeopathic medicines. I also found carbo bed 200 very effective on this problem.

  89. hapiz bizwas says:

    Sr mara gas ke dabai batado. Or. Mara. Bibi ka. Letting ka time khun nikaltahi or bohut dard hotahei

  90. Fadiah Avais says:

    Good morning Dr Sharma, I have a severe farting problem and it is happening 24/7. I feel nausea in my stomach especially in the morning. I have a constipation also.
    Secondly, I’m trying to lose weight also because I have mild osteoarthritis in my knee joint and osteophytis in spinal cord
    My stomach, buttocks and thighs are heavy. I crave for lots of sweet and hot drinks especially coffee. But I was told that because of gas problem , losing weight becomes difficult. Please suggest which medicine should I take for the gas problem and weight loss.

  91. dr.asmaa qayyum says:

    hello sir. i am a homeopathic doctor. i want to discuss a case with u. my patient has problem of loud faating for uterus especially during intercourse and when she goes to washroom. her age is 38 and hv bulky body. i selected the remedy bromium but i didnot work. kindly guide me about that case. i will be thankful to you.

  92. Priya Ranjan says:

    Baby is 2 year old he is not taking milk and proper food and also suffering from gas what medicine is suitable for hi

  93. Muhammad Farrukh Mahmud says:

    Sir I am 72 years old I usually walk 5 miles 5 times a week, for the last two months I am suffering from acute gas problem my stomach is filled with gas after lunch and because of excessive gas I feel pain in my lower abdomen it is difficult to get up and walk due to excessive gas please help me

  94. Alex Simons says:

    dear doctor,i have anoyher problem,prostate enlarge,i took lot of allopathy medicone as per dorctor kamath urologist,i found homeopathy sbl prostonum drops since 1 year t took no problem at all,only night time i have get up 6 to 7 times for urine,and urologist told me after sonograpy small cost is appering,i have to go for operation,my caridio dr told me dont do it operation beacause of the age i was 83 then,waiting your responce doctor.ALEX SIMONS

  95. Alex Simons says:

    i,m 84 years old,and also diabetic but under control,i cant eat veg,no grains,no soft drinks,apple i take,milk wih pasta and tea i take,chapathi also makes heavy indigestion,lot of gas acumulatimg,i took dr reckweg no 5 drops 3 times ,15 drops with little water,and doctor told me to take alfalfa tonic without sugar base,and haslab digesto after food,3 times,but no relief,gas and acidity,dr vakanally gasgan i took,after take gas relieves,how to come up in this disease,dr please guide me,since a month i have pain on left side leg pain from pelvic ,homeo doctor asked to take bouume no 3 and berbaris vul Q,i took many days but stomach pain increased at night then i stoped,and i,m a heart paient i had a by pass surgery 22 years ago,i dont know doctor when our god is going to give a call i,m waiting,food morning i cup tea without sugar,ots,lunch chapathi one and little boil rice,fish curry little,dinner i cup milk and 1 chapathi that also acid forms,please advise me which medicine i have to take,many thanks,

  96. Dr. Sanjay kumar says:

    I have been suffering from gas till five years and duration of fifteen days one time headache at early in the morning or evening time.
    Pl.suggest me medicine which permanently relieves me from my suffering.
    Age 40 Male weight 65 kg ht.5’9″ vegetarian

  97. Sir
    I have been suffering from gas and indigestion
    Pl.suggest me medicine which permanently relieves me from my suffering.
    Age 37 Male weight 59kg ht.5’9″

  98. Dhruv Dhundhara says:

    Good morning Dr Saab
    I have half sided sever thrombic fast headache due to gas problem. It occurs only twice or thrice in a month but that is very painful. I pure vegetarian non smoker non alcoholic even don’t take tea or coffee . I am zoology Lect. 32 year age. Peaceful happy comfortable stress free life. Pease suggest me solution. A lot of Thanks.

  99. Hi
    I have bloating and then the whole day I fell I have to pull my breath
    Kindly suggest a good homeopathic medicine

  100. amar parida says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 36 years old and I always feel uncomfortable and drowsy after food( large meal lunch and dinner). My stomach remains bumped for many hours with passing of gas after meal , i’m facing this problem for years long.

    Kindly suggest me some homeopathic medicine with required dosage and time period to use it.

  101. Suffering gasfomatiom when slept ony . This problem i am sleepless. Suggest medicine. What is the reason

  102. Satyabrata Patel says:

    Sir ,
    I am suffering gastric problem since 2010, please suggest

  103. Umesh Chandra Jadli says:

    Sir, good morning. I am 53 year old. I have always remains gastric problem. Headache, noise in right ear, sometimes pain in abdomen below heart and BP goes upto 140/100. Though generally BP remains 130/87. Stress, anxiety, deep thinking and loud sound is also create problem. Please diagnose a suitable homeopathic medician for my problem. I have also spondylitis/ cervical problem. My right side leg and arm including neck creates problem if I stop regular exercises.

  104. Dharmesh Kotak says:

    I usually get gas at night. And it creates pressure near heart. I hve sedentary life style. I walk very less. I remain awake while night because of gas.
    Please help out.

  105. Dear Doctor, 2 -3 months ago I had burning sensation in stomach and sometimes in chest also. Not feeling to eat that is diet reduced to 50% of normal and also as I went suddenly from east to South of India on transfer. In diogonosis doctors told gastritis only after thorough check up at Appolo hospital. Prescribed medicine Razo20 for 1 moth only and advised to stop any spicy food. I do not smoke or drink . People suggested Homeopathy can cure you fully. Please suggest . I am posted at Chennai presently. AK Jha male 57 yrs. please suggest some medicines to cure fully

  106. Rameswar Senapati says:

    Dear Dr,. I have gas problem since long , please suggest me which medicine I should take.



  108. pintu pramanik says:

    I have huge gastro problem. Almost all the time gas coming out through mouth. It is very irritating. I also feel pressure on chest and some time feel pain in chest. some time it becomes uneasy to breathe.

  109. asim singha says:

    my wife suffering from gas problem last 3 years, she have been pain from lower abdomen , chest,back pain.

    • Vipul Vadhani says:

      Dear Sir,
      I’m 46 aged mail weight is 120 kg height 5 11″
      Suffering from heavy gas and constipation.
      Kindly guide me for solve deases.

  110. I am 25yrs old my health problem I eat the food next 5to6 min motion problem stomach is empty and pain

  111. Sunita badhwar says:

    Hi, My Mother is having gastric problems from past so many years, she had tried different types of capsules that needs to be eaten empty stomach. Yesterday she had severe pain due to gas, for which she had to rush to the hospital in emergency and doctors gave her injection. She got relieve from pain for some time but again she is having gastric trouble. WHatever she consumes that leads to gas problem. Its been so many years. Please help and guide.


  112. Mark Tieku Koranteng says:

    I was having indigestion and flatulating frequently, when I go to toilet I struggle and just a little comes out also I feel dizzy and lost in weight.
    what might be wrong with me and can any medication be prescribed to me?

  113. deepak Kumar sahu says:

    I have been suffering from gastric problem since15 years. Sept-2016 i have checked up my upper GI endoscopy and results was( impression -severe gastric erosions,fundus, body,antrum). So doctors prescribed pantocid- HP and vitamin. Last July 2017 I have checked up and results was antral gastritis .I am continue two pantocid tablets per day.but gas problem can not reduce. So please give me suggestions to me how to permanently cure it.
    Thanking you sir

  114. Hi doc, I’m suffering from excessive farts which goes loud,im embarrassed to go to Wk or cnt stand lng Tim coz of ths reasn.N if I eat or nt eat also I vl fart tats do irritating.. . I dnt eat which causes gas nor swallow air.
    I nd a permanent solution fr ths kindly help… Thanks

  115. Hello Dr Sharma ji…….. I am a male 68yrs old. I have lot of gas forming and I pass both up and down wards. I would say more down wards than up wards…..say 75:25.
    I haven really taken any medecine for this problem. I am having this problem for some 5 yrs.
    occasionally I have taken ‘Pantop 40’ tabs but it hasn’t helped me.
    I must admit that I take a hot cup of milk in the morning instead of tea with toast etc.
    I seek your advice please…………swrup chana

  116. Good morning sir
    I have been suffering from gastric problem since last 8years. I have checked by endoscopy and result was erosive gastritis . Still now continue medicine but not cure please give me sir suggestion to me how to cure it
    Thanking you sir
    Your s faithfully

  117. Chhabilal Behera says:

    Whether nux vom cm potency be taken in early morning in empty stomach, if not,then please explain when and how it should it be taken.

  118. Shiv Kumar kapil says:

    Acidity , gas
    कुछ भी खाओ तो रेट मे भारीपन हो जाता है

    • Dear Dr sharma

      my wife is suffering from acute gastric problem for the last many years. she has tried nes vomic,

      veg carbo but that did not give much relief.
      she has control over diet and does not take oily, spicy and fried food.
      she is veg and takes veg and lentils and fruits.
      Pl suggest what homeo med she can take and some guidelines for food.
      S K Gupta

  119. dear sir
    when i lunched but after 3to6 hours not digest & when i wake up morning my left side back pain i am cheakup my full ABD is normal please suggest me which type medicine is perfect for me my age is 37

    urs faithfully
    uday goldar

  120. Lori Tucker says:

    I can’t sleep any more because of gas problems. I used to at least be able to go to sleep and then wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. Now I seem bloated by the time I go to bed. i can’t seem to be able to expel the gas. I have even resorted to Gas-Ex tablets (I don’t take any other medicine), but Gas-Ex doesn’t help either. I am very much into Homeopathics. So far, they haven’t helped. Do you have any advice.

  121. Alok Kumar Sural says:

    Sir, I have been suffering abdominal problems (Gas&improper stool) since childhood. Presently I am at the Age 62+ still remains the same problem. I always have unsatisfied stool & acute gas produces with very nasty odors. Pl guide me. Thanks.

  122. gas trapped in colon, body heated only at right side below ribs,then feeling cold, burning sensation in abdomen,burping always before and after food , gas not passing,bleaching,heart pain,weakness,mental stress,frequent urination,tierd bladder,fullness of bladder,when massage abdomen liitle feel better, sometime constipated, somtimes loosen bowel but in small small peice. please suggest me best treatment i am so helpless.

  123. nighatshenaz says:

    After good although am very selective in good my stomach is bloated no belch no darts n I feel stiffness on both sides of ribs.when I walk fr 30 to 40 minutes gas n belching starts please help

  124. PC MOhanty says:

    Sir.i am siffering from gas and acid probleam from 8 yrs. Some time suffring from dycetries .heat burn.abdoman pain etc food is not dygest proporly.please give proper suggation.

  125. arvind tiwari says:

    Please explain the dose of carbo veg in my case in which excessive gas is not only the problem but obstruction of it near rectum also is major problem . It gives an urge to pass the gas but muscle and nerve does not coordinate effectively.

  126. Pradeep Kumar says:

    I am 65 years old and for last 2 month I am having severe gastric problem particularly in afternoon/evening with lot of sound in my stomach which puts me in awkward situation at my work place or in meetings. I have constipation problem also. Please suggest a cure for this problem.

    Pradeep Kumar
    M: 9708989883

  127. Hi I’m Michelle I’ve suffer from gas but i think it’s giving me breathless problems I’m waiting for endoscopy I’m desperate this as been going on for nearly a year don’t know how much more I can cope want to try the homeopath root see if will help

    • Somika adhikary says:

      Loose motion gas acidity.loose motion in morning & evening.sour taste in morning. Feel feverish weakness
      neck pain .i work in office.

  128. Bibhash mandal says:

    Sir,I m bibhash mandal age-29 I m suffering from excessive gas problem and also feel pain on throat while speak

  129. Hi Dr Sharma

    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis recently and hospital gave me Asacol 800mg etc daily. My question is why, apart from the bleeding, do l poop in my pants? Are beans and broccoli a no no to eat or is it just part if the UC condition? Is there anything l can eat to avoid this distressing problem?

  130. R K Pandey says:

    When given pressure on back gas come out through mouth. Pain in stomach. Burn under heart. Having stone in gall bladder. Having high B.P.

  131. Tutul Chandra Saha says:

    I am highly suffering from gastric every night I can not sleep easily.gas around my whole chest and tightly the chest.For that reason I can not receive fully breath.sometimes when my sleep comes up then the breath stop and I awaked.That’s time I think I will be the die..Now what can I do for this situation?
    Please give me a right solution.
    Thanking you
    Tutul saha

    • prosenjit singha says:

      Hi same condition aamaro

      • Same hear any solution? Pls tell ….
        I am highly suffering from gastric every night I can not sleep easily.gas around my whole chest and tightly the chest.For that reason I can not receive fully breath.sometimes when my sleep comes up then the breath stop and I awaked.That’s time I think I will be the die..Now what can I do for this situation?
        Please give me a right solution.

  132. Sir, I am gurnav 17 year’s old ,63 Kg weight and 186 cm height.i have an problem in ejecting undigestes food out side the body.And when i do this with pressure i am not able to it out.This problem is from last 8 years,because of this i am not able gain weight. So,kindly give some suggestions to improve my health.

  133. Kaushal Bhatt says:

    Sir, As per the treatments indicated, as i have excessive gas. Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China and Nux Vomica lead the homeopathic table in treating problem. What is the procedure for taking these medicines. I will behighly obliged.
    Thanking you.
    Kaushal Bhatt

  134. Kaushal Bhatt says:

    Sir, As per the treatments indicated, as i have excessive gas. Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China and Nux Vomica lead the homeopathic table in treating this problem. What is the procedure for taking these medicines. I will behighly obliged.
    Thanking you.
    Kaushal Bhatt

  135. Avkash kumar says:

    Hi Sir
    My wife is aged 42 and gave her Gaul Bladder removed by surgery last 1 year back.
    Now she is suffering from acute pain around chest and left arm.
    When we message her back and arm she released huge amount of gas by belching from mouth.
    After releasing such gas only she feels relaxed.
    It happens most often and usually immediately after meal.

    Kindly suggest some good home remedy for her.

    Best Regards

  136. jahanzaib says:

    dr im having that problem and i cant fart and suddenly i feel pain in my belly chest shoulders and then shortness in breathing but most important thing that freak me out is that i cant fart

  137. Krishna kumar Mishra says:

    I am suffering from excess gas problem. Mostly in evening and empty stomach sometimes pain in chest mainly in left side. Stool are also irregular. After 2-3days suffer from loose motion but after food it becomes well. Mainly loose motion problem comes when stomach is empty mainly 12-00-02.00pm. Suggest me that which medicine is suitable for me.

  138. pralay sankar maity. says:

    I have gas problem,after eating even any simple foods.stomach gas difficult in breathing.

  139. Jared Ogola Otin says:

    Doctor please help out of this hell of a stomach pain,moreover sometimes, I may belch more than 3 times in 10 minutes ! And whatever I eat seem not to agree with my stomach – it’s just pain throughout the night. Am 61 yrs old.

  140. Sir
    I am having severe gas problem and have lead to dysentery,I am having joint pains and problems in my vision and also shortness of breath, my body is swelling and I am having mild fever since 2 month. doctor can you please help me out identifying my problem

  141. Rajeev jha says:

    Respected sir, I have chest pain from 6months I have cough problem, gas problem too… head use to be too havy I have changed my destination from bihar to Kolkata……. Please help me out sir

  142. Anant Choudhari says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My abdomen is detained & hard to feel on touching /pressing , gas is a prominent symptom, maximum times it is pressing upwards towards heart, in such case I take Carbo Veg. 200, Nux vomica 200, I also take Hot water after some time I get relief, Pl. suggest proper homeopathic medicine & diet . as I tried China , Lycopodiun & Natrum sulph also. my age is 62 years. diet is also less ( like Daliya , vegitables )
    I have Cholesterol/ Triglyceride & B.P.

    • Rituraj Goswami says:

      Indigestion is a big problem to me.gas is formed and go upwords and causes hurt burn or pain.I cant digest wheat,milk,meat or spicy food.I have also chronic dysentry problem.please suggest me proper medicine.

  143. Rajesh kumar says:

    Hi, Dr . sharma, my problem is high gas and hartburn accidite. My age is 46 years old. pate may pura bhoot bhoot aawaj karta hay , pate pura tara say saaf nehey hota please help me Dr.. Nux vom (Q) use karta hu kabhe kabhe .

  144. Priya Dhondiyal says:

    Acessive belching after eating food , pls suggest homeopathy medicine for this problem , thanks

  145. Name :Myself SIBNATH, age-56 yrs., inflation in intestine. i had diarrhea with gas through out the day and white mucus with stool for more than 12 years. After alopathy treatment for more than 6 months, now my problem is huge gas throughout the day which seldom comes out through upper side or lower side & have indigestion.I take very light food & converted into vegetarian.

    Kindly advise proper medicine.
    with regards

  146. Zafar Iqbal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma Sir,

    I am a 48 years old man. I am suffering from stomach gas. For the last one year, this gas is causing sudden palpitation. But when I burp (belch), I feel relieved. These episodes occur three to four times in a day, when the gas, I feel comes up and trapped in the left side (near the heart) of my stomach. this cause, anxiety, palpitations and after belching I feel relieved. I am so disturbed with this problem. I was referred to Cardiologist on the suspicion (to rule out) any cardiac problem. All the test are clear, and heart is perfectly functioning. Please advise me a good medicine to address the issues of accessive gas production and palpitation.

  147. Excessive release of gas in the large intestine and releasing from lower end. No hearth burn, no pain. Situation aggravates on taking milk at any time.

  148. Bhupendra Kumar says:

    Hollo Sir,
    My name is Bhupendra Kumar, im suffering from gastric problem since 2009, when gaa increasing im feeling like I’m becoming unconscious. It makes me always uncomfortable. I’m really depressed now I think there is no cure for this problem.

  149. Dear doctor,
    I’m suffering from gas problem which results in bloated stomach and excessive flatulance. It’s there throughout the day. I’m a patient of hiatus hernia also.
    My stomach is also weak and often have soft stools, nausea feeling. I’m 53 yrs old.

  150. Hel doctor,I had laparoscopy surgery for fibroids and ovarian cyst three months ago.after that I felt that I m not able to pass the gas.its two months that I have not two months it’s only two or three times.but I don’t have any type of stomach congestion or not constipation.which medicine would you suggest ?

    • Dr. Dre ft Eminem says:

      Your English is very bad I cannot understand what you are trying to say?!!

      • Great Dr. Lot of people asking and waiting for your good medicine suggestions but you didn’t responded them but you are interested to response a lady issue which is not clear very well.
        I appreciate if you help them. I’m also interested to ask you but gone through many questions but so far not found your suggestions or recommendation yet.
        Not sure, may be you are helping that’s the reason people are seeking your help.
        Good Bless you.

  151. Munir badar says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am facing a huge problem at my left side due to some un known reasons, the pain suddenly reached to heart and i admitted in hospital they check my ecg and asked that it is ok, but your heartbeat is high till 100 per minute, they asked me to test Lipid Profile and Thyroid, my thyroid file is quite clear but in Lipid LDL is 187 instead of 100.

    Dear sir, I am continuously taking, Allium Sativum Four Times a day, but the pain around my heart is switching and goes to left hand and shoulder.

    I have also taken Cratagus in Mother Tincutre but pain is up and down as now i have no pain in heart but facing pain in left shoulder.

    kindly advise me because i am from Pakistan and a very big fan of your recommendations.

  152. AKASH YADAV says:

    Dear sir,
    It is from last 26 year I have gas trouble for 4 Years. When the gas not pass in my stomach and always gas store in left side & not a pressure make in morning time . I am very Trouble please
    i am not able to lead my life and cannot concentrate on my job i have consulted doctors but there is no result can you please suggest me.


  153. Ali khan says:

    Dear Sharma.
    It is from last 33 year.some time too much gas trabal and it is shout in my bran after eating and pan in nerves of face and had.but some time its is regular shouts and when i get up early in te morning my had shout to much at morning time.
    I don’t have stamach pan I use unani alopati and hamopati madecan a lot man problems is its flow down like water wile I eight any cairfull good when I eaght cool are hot foods but my stamach and intestine dose not work to stop the flow.
    Please inform me in details.about the treatment.
    And God blas you.

  154. Pathan Mahammad Asif Khan says:

    Sir I have gas trouble. When the gas pass through the mouth,heart also pain .please guide me which medicine is better for me

  155. Dear sir,
    I facing sound in my left buttocks from 4 years, i am not able to lead my life and cannot concentrate on my job i have consulted doctors but there is no result can you please suggest me.


  156. I have suffering from acidity .Very pain and burn in heel in right heel and teeth very sour

  157. virendra pratap says:

    dear dr sharma. I am 74 yr male . i suffer from chronic stomach pain , mainly upper abdomen, bloating , belching , fullness, loss of appetite , semi-digested and frequent motion with mucous , and diarreah. I have consulted GE and some times he prescribes Razo 20 mg , medicine for pain relief, some medicines for improvement of digestion and IBS etc ,but i have no relief.I feel weak and loss of strength.
    During last 3 months i have lost 4 kgs weight and continue losing further.
    Request you kindly prescribe some medicine for me.

  158. virendra pratap says:

    dear dr sharma. I am 74 yr . i suffer from chronic stomach pain , mainly upper abdomen, bloating , belching , fullness, loss of appetite , semi-digested and frequent motion with mucous , and diarreah. I have consulted GE and some times he prescribes Razo 20 mg , medicine for pain relief, some medicines for improvement of digestion and IBS etc ,but i have no relief.I feel weak and loss of strength.
    During last 3 months i have lost 4 kgs weight and continue losing further.
    Request you kindly prescribe some medicine for me.



    after eating i am suffering from gas problem in my near hart , after relishing gas i am ok, and again
    the same problem found. This is going on 2 hour from eating. ( My age 24 )

    Kindly give your medical tips to me

    Thanking you

    With regards


  160. vivekanandam says:


    after eating i am suffering from gas problem in my near hart , after relishing gas i am ok, and again
    the same problem found. This is going on 2 hour from eating. ( My age 52 )

    Kindly give your medical tips to me

    Thanking you

    With regards


  161. Dr Sharma,
    I am 48 years old, 65 kg and 5′ 4″.
    After the birth of my second child 12 years ago, I have been suffering with excessive and incessant burping, gas and distended stomach. I have simple eating habits and normal hormone levels. I don’t ever have any digestion issues. All my digestive organs are normal except the gall bladder which is sort of small and difficult to capture in the ultrasound. Please help.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Dear Dr
      I am 52 yrs of age and I have bloating almost all the time. So much so that my bra strap even gets tighter. I also have acid reflux which leads to me coughing. Could you please suggest the best remedy for me. Thanks

  162. javed iqbal says:

    respected dr. sharma
    i have got sever gastric problem, feel pain at the mouth of stomach , with chest pain ,, and the most problematic that i felt headache and dizziness some times so badly, some time i felt pain exactly at the place of heart ,, but when ever i check my BP , it normal ,, kindly let me know the solution of this problem , i am feel so bad because of all this ,, i felt weak and my upper body some time feel like shivering ,, kindly help me out

  163. Ritesh kumar says:

    सर मै 27साल का हूँ
    पिछले एक महीने से मुझे गैस की प्राब्लम है
    जब पेट कुछ खाली स होता है तो पेट फूल जाता है और साथ में right side में दर्द होता है.
    कूछ गैस निकलने के बाद आराम मिलता है
    यह सुबह 5बजे और दिन 2बजे से रात 10 बजे तक दर्द होता है और गैस रिलीस होती रहती है
    Plz उचित दवा बताये

  164. Ranajit Samanta says:

    I am 45 years old, 5 ft 7 inch height and 84kgs of weight.
    I am suffering from gastritis for last many years or so I can’t event breath when the gas forms feeling uneasy .I have checked up with many doctor,
    I am taking omeprazole,/ domperidon,/ antacid liquid /Ran-tack / pan 40 regularly .But there is no sign of improvement.
    Lately I noticed that evening gas is more

    Gas is my chronic problem . toilet motion some time regular and some time not clear . no outside food. no more oil . But still not controlling . .

  165. Age is 39 yrs. Lost 5 Yrs i am suffering from Gasteric,GERD, heart burn and Knee pain. i have take english medicine.
    Now i am too much suffered from gasteric like stomach upset,floating, no hunger, loss of appettite. Loss of tooth enamel also.
    Lost 3 months i am taking homeopathy medicine.
    still it is not recovered.
    pl give good advice.

  166. Mostofa tanin says:

    Sir,I am 29 years old 160 CM height and 47kgs of weight.
    I am suffering from gastritis for last 7 months or so I can’t event breath when the gas forms.I have checked up with many doctor,I had ultrasono , andoscopy,urin test, stool test and all report is fine except ultrasono says a mild is there in my abdomen.
    I am taking omeprazole, domperidon, antacid liquid.But there is no sign of improvement.
    Lately I noticed that after toilet I got more gas form in my belly and it’s hard to pass out the stool.
    When I am in empty stomach it’s really irritating and after eating it’s also very irritating in my chest and belly.
    I am loosing my weight as well.I lost 5 kgs in last 3 months.
    Please help me .

  167. P.M.Sanaita says:

    Sir, this is P.M.sanaita,27 years old,174 CM HEIGHT,55 KG weight. After i had my dinner or lunch, gases are getting accumulated inside the stomach and its not coming out through the mouth.5 to 6 times i had a very serious breathing problems, especialy in the night.i went to several hospitals and nothing is useful and my report shows that iam having H.pylori bacteria infection.Pls help me to come out of this situation.

  168. preeti dhawan says:

    Respected Doctor
    I m 48 years old suffering from gastric trouble for a long time, the gas is neither passed as burps nor through anus, I feel my abdomen very hard and tight , as soon as I take my meal my abdomen become tight and hard and looks like balloon, no home remedy helps me , I hear rumbling sound of gas the whole day, I have no constipation, pls suggest remedy

  169. Ashish Gupta says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I have been suffering from acute gas problem. Problem increases if i consume oily, eggs, paneer, besan etc. I would loose my taste & hunger very often.

    Two situations are there
    1- When gas is produced but releases also,
    2- When gas is formed but doesn;t get released & fullness in stomach & headache

    Pls suggest

  170. Rebecca gold says:

    I had abdominal surgery to remove a large sarcoma tumer
    I is almost 3 weeks and I can’t stop burping it wakes me from my sleep I feel something’s pressing do you have any advice?

  171. Dear Dr
    I have severe gas and acidity problem. Because of it I have severe itching on my arms. Can you help me. I can feel the gas stuck in my throat.
    Thanks Rajshri

  172. arjun sarkar says:

    Gas problem…..sir

    • Atanu Kumar Satapathy says:

      Dear Sir,
      Namaskar , Iam suffering from acidity , gas , indigiation, constipcation since last one year . Pl. prescribe me medicine for me .
      thanks ,

  173. Nilkamal Srivastva says:

    Hi Sir,

    My father having age of 72,he is having gas problem whatever he eats, he does not like to eat any vegetable due to this, in night he just take milk with bread and in the breakfast only bread, whenever he consume something like oily and spicy foods that after sometime a gas problem comes out.

    Kindly help me to understand the diet for the same and also let me know how this gas issue can be treated.


  174. Dr Ganeshwar singh says:

    Since 2009, I have been victim of acidity and gas troubles, resulting joint pain and swelling of right leg ( low part) -for last 4 years. I now feel pain when I stand after sitting on Indian toilet.

    At much extent, acidity and gas trouble is controlled specially after leaving tea but leg problem is now a new problem.

    My height is 6.3 feet and wt is 105 kg. age is 45 years

    Please advice me.




  175. Medan Pradhan says:

    Can I use both Carbo veg 6x and lycopodium 200 for my belching in the morning and farting in the evening. If yes for how long. I am a vegetariin of 70 years old man.

    The symptom given is exactly what I am suffering.

  176. my sister age is around 45 her gallbladder was removed last year due to stones.
    now she is not feeling well and feeling gas in his body. specially at heart side and behind the ribs.
    i am from Pakistan, please suggest the medicine whcih can be easily available in Pakistan.

  177. baidyanath behera says:

    Doctor my age is 44 year now 2 month ago my total body is like jumping i feeling, what i do

    • Anand Bihari says:

      Dear sir, I am year old and suffers with sever gas problem from last 2 year. I had taken Lycopodium, Cardus, Raphanus and Collinsonia canadensis regularly. But nothing to be improve. Due to gastric truble i also having pain in left side of chest. Please help me and suggest some other medicine to solve gastric truble.
      Thanks and with kind regards
      Anand Bihari

  178. Vaishali Gurjar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My husband is 50 years old,two years before he was diagnosed with colon cancer and surgery was done and six months chemo was also given.Again after 1 year he was diagnosed with cancer cells on the outer layer of colon and chemo was taken successfully.But after two months he is facing severe gas problem in which the gas doesn’t pass out but goes on moving in the stomach,waist and the gas rises above and due to this he has pain in the right shoulder and allopathy medicines doesn’t give him relief, he was follows strict diet but there is no relief.He has the feeling tightness in the colon from out side, the doctor has suggested a surgery to debunk the jelly formation near the navel which is very painful.Please suggest a medicine for gases

  179. Ramesh kumar Hajipur vaishali says:

    Hyperacidity and fell chest pain a whole day.

  180. Nirendra Nagar says:

    Dear Mr Sharma, I have the problem of gas formation and burping begins about half an hour after meal. After burping ten to fifteen times, i get relieved. No burning, no other problem. What medicine should i take?

  181. Vishnu Kataria says:

    Dear Doctor Sharmaji Namaskar,
    I am 71 years old and weight 77 kg. Sir I am facing lot of troubles with indigestion, excess Gas, and Flatulence / Belching day night. Though I am totally vegetarian eating little . Fruits in the break fast, one Rote with vegetables in lunch and dinner very poor at 8 PM drinking 4 glass of water in morning,and 6-7 glass in the rest day. in the morning taking some dry fruits and tea.. Having very good appetite. please suggest remedy in Homeopath.
    Vishnu Kataria Kanpur (India)
    Mob- 8009997555

  182. Doctor My husband is having burp problem. Gas comes and get struck in the chest. Until he releases gas he feels great discomfort in having food.During this time he will not be able to even talk with kids . He is highly irritated. We consulted allopathy and had undergone lots of test including colonoscopy, endoscopy, chest x-ray, barium swallow test , ct abdomen. All the reports are normal, but my husbands problem still persists.

    Will be very grateful if you provide us any medical guidance ,whether homeopathy can help my husband

  183. Since yesterday my daughter is suffering from vomitting.In the night after taking nux vomica she slept. What medicine is to be given along with what type of diet for immediate relief as she has to go for the exam.Please suggest immediate remedy

  184. I have a digestion problem during worm hot days. It is severe when i sitting or driving long time periods. It is visible that vegitables like onions and karots etc. Not properly digest. Sticky sweating and double cheek conditon around neck and face. Gastrities. Headach and yellowish vomiting somtimes when condition is severe. Body fitness is poor. It is difficult to bear petrolium smells of engines. If you please advise me for further medication and control the condition. Thank you.

  185. savita srivastava says:

    gas in full body plzzzzz reply for homeopathy medicine plzzzzz sir

  186. Sanjib Kumar Das says:

    Since last year I am suffering constipation means not clearing the motion at one time. Morning time just after get up from bed immediately go to latrine and seems that stomach is clear. But after one hour or so after taking milk or ready for taking bath again daily I have to go latrine and getting upward gases problems and for few days also I am not feeling hungry. Please suggest homeopathy medicine. As I am totally dependents only homeo medicine.
    Balaji Apartment,
    Nehru Nagar,

  187. Respected Dr. Sharma,
    Every year, in the month of Feb. that is when summer is about to start, i get acute acidity in my stomach. First it starts with infection in intestines, followed by non stop burning sensation in small intestines.
    Otherwise also my digestion is weak. Two years back i was diagnosed with gastritis by endoscopy. I took antibiotics for three months. I had immense burping problem with giddiness at many times. Whenever i eat outside food, i get stomach upset. I m observing that same problem has reoccured. Today i too k nux vom once. Please guide me to improve my health. I do not feel good like this.

    • Respected Dr. Sharma,
      Every year, in the month of Feb. that is when summer is about to start, i get acute acidity in my stomach. First it starts with infection in intestines, followed by non stop burning sensation in small intestines.
      Otherwise also my digestion is weak. Two years back i was diagnosed with gastritis by endoscopy. I took antibiotics for three months. I had immense burping problem with giddiness at many times. Whenever i eat outside food, i get stomach upset. I m observing that same problem has reoccured. Today i too k nux vom once. Please guide me to improve my health. I do not feel good like this.

  188. Thank You Sir for the Information , Really this was helped me.

  189. I porabulam gastrable bloating oftea eating food pls sujis medicine

  190. Syed Ishtiaq Hyder says:

    i am suffering IBS for the last 25 years due to gas on brain nurves i do not feel well for thinking and understanding feel tremers in head please tell effective treatment

  191. subhashchandrabasu says:

    I have antral ulcer with h.pylory +ive , ulcer <.3 cm. of size. I am 75 yrs. old . I have taken h pillory kit for 14 days and till then taking pantocid dsr for last 40 days with gap 4/5 days (in beetwen). Problems are 1.- huge gas with bad smell passing frequently , even after bowel clearing also. 2.- empty stomach feeling frequently. These two problems creating lot of problem in stomach. Suggest some homeopathy medicine. Basu

  192. Mere 4 year baby Ko one month se khatti dakkare AA Rahi lagbagh pura din endoscopy bhi normal hai kya katr

  193. samarth khanna says:

    hello mam
    i have got my gall bladder removed about 2 yrs ago
    but still suffer from bloating,excessive gas in stoamcah,vomting
    bloating is there in my stomach for full 2 yrs
    can you help me out or not plz

  194. Pankaj Negi says:

    HI Sir When i eat somthing after that i feel nausea and vomiting. But After belching every thing fine
    kindly tell what’s the problem with me i am 28 years old`

  195. Laxmaiah Rakam says:

    I am facing gastric problem for a long time , I feel abdominal pain and chest pain . I consulted cordialagist all test are normal.
    Due which I am not able to concentrate on my day to day activities. Uncomfortable and pain starts from 11 am and in afternoon at around 5 pm. I am always under tension because of this pain.
    I would request any solution for my problem.

  196. simul paul says:

    sometime facing proble in between chest .continuous gas emite relief chest problem.please suggest medicin.

  197. Christina Johnson says:

    I’m asking what to do with my 4 yr old she started complaining bout her tummy hurting 3 days ago and she puked then I gave her a tums and she felt a lil better ok then hrs go by she complaining bout her tummy again so I tried to make her drink all she wants is to sleep so going into the note about 2 am she wanting to eat so give her chicken noodle she ate it 2 hr later at 4 in morning she gets cereal and then she sleeps and today she hasn’t ate drank or tpead she says her tummy hurts and she’s having a hard time to breathe what do u think it is and what should I do

  198. dear dr sharma !
    main apni zindagi se bezar aa chuka hun plz meri help kijiye main sehat k hawalay se bohat patishan rehta hun mara shaid life style hi kuch aisa hai main engineer hun or safar main rehta hun khama bewaqt or bazari jis ki wajha se maida hr waqt diaturbed rehta hai 1998 se lay kr 2002 tak khoob marterbate kiya us k baas ehtilam yani night fall ki bemari lag gayaie jo abhi tk hota hai maira jism sookh gaya or digeative system week or ab kuch bigarta jaa raha hai.
    aaj kl jo maslah sb se ziyada hai wo gas trouble kabhi maiday min pain kabhi center main kabhi neechay abdomen main pain pait min hr jagha gas or gas sar ki taraf or oper kandhoon k pathoon pr aati hai kabhi migrane pain to kabhi pathoon main pain.plz help

  199. Vc parthasarathy says:

    Dr, I am 69 yrs. two strokes , walk ,talk reading , obedvation , retention all only 70./. I take klopltet A 75
    Diaptic , but only gas and acid heavy ,spl. When I take sp. food and every day I suffer . After 4 hour of eating I become tired and weak and not conformtable in walk also , after food somewhat ok.
    This gas and acid is become weak and not comfortable in all at that time. After food little better.
    Morning after one hour I become weak and after brake fast. ,one hour somewhat ok
    I advise


    Taking PAN 40 before breakfast

  200. I m suffering from IBS last 2 years dear Dr tell me some ready for it thanks

    • Vc parthasarathy says:

      Dr., I take cpotilet A 75, I have gas and acid problem, some time it make unable to walk and giddiness and mindeslse where and when I Start eat it is so what ok. After 3 or4 hours, I start weakness and unable to walk confomabley after one hour I become somewhat. Ok. Pl . Advise
      Vc parthasarathy

      • Vc parthasarathy says:

        Dr., I take cpotilet A 75, I have gas and acid problem, some time it make unable to walk and giddiness and mindeslse where and when I Start eat it is so what ok. After 3 or4 hours, I start weakness and unable to walk confomabley after one hour I become somewhat. Ok. Pl . Advise
        Vc parthasarathy

  201. My Soni’s 4year old and uski 15dinse khatti Dakar AA Rahi hai medicine bhi work nahi kar Rahi endoscopy bhi normal ayi hai uski use kabhi rahti hai kya karu solutions bataye pls

  202. Ch G Sankar says:

    I am suffering from 10 years gas problem and lever abscess early morning heavy headache iam take English medicine and homie there is no relief sir I will take carboveg 200 ‘ and licopodiam 200 my age is 42 thank q sir

  203. Bhanu Pratap Singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I feel a lot of gas in my upper abdomen which is never come down. I always feel my stomach filled and also have the loss of appetite. sir about 10Years ago I was under practice of 20 km running but due to more thirst, I couldn’t control to myself to drink excessive water. Doctors has told me that there are swelling in my stomach and intestine, resulting excessive gas. After taking treatment for a long time about 10 years, it seems that this disease will go with body at the end of life. Sir You are requested that kindly examine the matter and suitable guidelines and treatment be advised to me.
    Thanks with regards.

  204. Hello Dr.Sharma this for my mother in law she is 85 years old she is complaining of gas problem she is having pain abdomen she eat very little .
    Please provide some medicine which help her relief from the gas pain
    Thank you

  205. Sunil Kumar says:

    Sir I am safring gas problem. Please susses medicine

  206. ravi prakash says:

    chay se banne vali gas ka koi treatment bataye

  207. Hello sir
    I’m facing it’s time very painly my back nd my joint I know it’s pain is gas tic pain plzz suitbal e
    med ya injection provide me urgent sir

  208. Hi sir iam Age 20 facing problem at daily moring two toiet going time gas sound will come plz solve this problem thank u

  209. Hi sir iam facing problem at daily moring two toiet going time gas sound will come plz solve this problem thank u

  210. Santosh kamble says:

    I am facing gas problem after lunch & feeling of toilet,

  211. Sir, I have been experiencing severe gastric problem mainly in the evening. Age 39. Pls suggest me remedy. I have got IBS too. Thank you

  212. please tell medicine for gas problem

  213. geeta suklal says:

    Hi I suffered panic in 2013 since then my disgestive system is causing me problem what to do please thanks

  214. Pinaki choudhury says:

    For the last 10 days I am suffering from gas problem mainly at evening and when u wake up. Mainly I hadn’t problem of burping. I am taking lycopodium and Carbo Veg but I didn’t know time proper dosage. My age is 47 years old. After taking Lycopodium and Carbo Veg I am not getting relief. Kindly suggest.

  215. Santhosh ranganathan says:

    I am suffering from has trouble nearly about twenty years I am now aged 57 years please give advice and suitable medicine for prolonged illness

  216. Gurbakhash Kaur says:

    After eating ihave tomuch folt bad smele

  217. santosh mishr says:

    My self Santosh Mishra 32 year old and office sitting job profile.
    1. For last 6 month I am suffering from gas form. especially in evening time burping/dhakar is very common. Indigestion is not issue.
    kindly suggest some homeopathy meicine.

    santosh mishra from kolkata

  218. Nishant Shah says:

    Hi Doctor my name is Nishant Shah I am 21 years old and I am suffering from to much of gas in my stomach whole the time from last 3 years I am facing this problems …. Beacause of this I am facing more problems such as heaviness in head,pain in the back of neck and head,burping in stomach,intestine,chest etc ,weakness,loss of appetite and weight,anxiety ,problems in breathing some times ,stressed.I have gone through eendoscopy which came normal , gone through. Stool test which was quite normal just +++rodshap bacteria present .Blood test which were normal ,thyroid test that to nnormal .
    Dr. Please suggest me something I want to live a normal life I want to get rid of this things …. And yes dr one more thing I am hospital and blood phobiac to … Please give me a good suggestinn please

    • Hello my Frnd , am suggesting you that daily exercise and meditation and diet should in proper , and there is no medicine for gas problem , even am also suffering with Sam problem , but now am feeling better with doing all this and I will suggest you one more , spend your time with girls which make you keep away form anxiety

  219. Rajvir singh says:

    Dear sir I am suffering vfrom gas in my stomach and also with severe pain in my stomach and feeling difficulty in breathing because stomach is full with gases I am taking allopathic medicine like pentaprazole with itopride150mg rifaximin 400mg ursedeoxycholic acid 300 antacid syrup and laxative syrup by this medicine I am not getting relief even my motion not cleared
    If you have solution please send me as early as possible few diagnostic test report crp is positive serum lipase is 50 all other reports are normal

  220. ISHAN MISHRA says:


    Iam having the sence of fullness of my stomach and little pain at upper portion immediately after taking food, consulted GASTRENTROLOGY doctor and test carried out USG, Endoscopy and LFT all are normal with mild gastritis, taken medicine for one month but no improvement, Now no hunger for eating , and sence of fullness, age 21 yrs male

    • Imran Saeed Rana says:

      Dear Dr, Vikas,

      Im 44 year old and Diabetic have Gas Problem, I Read Your Article about The gas Problem Its Very Good.
      Sir I Have All The symptoms Related to the 4 Med you Write in the article, But Symptom related with Carbo Veg Is Most…
      Sir I want to use All 4 Med So all my symptoms go away . so Guide me what Potency Med i Buy of ( Carbo Veg, Lycopodiam, China and Nux Vomica ) and how i take their dose in single day.

  221. My gallbladder removed in 2005 after detecting stone in it. Now I am facing gastric problem when I take some oily and fried food. Suggest me good homeopathic medicine. My age is 44. I have also back pain due to excess masturbation habit. suggest also for this.

  222. Dr Vikash Sharma,i,m 83 years old,i had a bye pass surgery 22 years ago.after the operation middle of the chest kiloid appered.doc says no medicine,i dont have any hart problem,till day.problem is gas not releaseing,i dont know acid reflux or pancrea problem or liver problem i get pain near pancrea and liver side,one Dr Khanna given Robonic dsr and providec to take one month.again Dr Khanna told me go for Endiography,i cant do because of my age,i,m serching for any other medicne,i feel homeopathy is better,but i have to do for a long pereiod.i took Carbo veg 200.nux vomica 200.i eat morning break fast quaker ots,1 chapathi for lunch,little veg curry,and i cup rice,dinner 1 chapati with hot milk,or curd little,with little salt,and pepper powder,i,m a diabetic,it is under control.i m walking with stick slowly,vertigo feeling,
    Dr kindly advise me,if you dont mind,Thanking you
    Alex simons.

  223. seetu kumari says:

    Stomach pain nd gas problem

  224. Jhantu Mallik says:

    I am suffering from gas problem science last two year.When excess gos created i seem to be ill loss of energy blood pressure incrise light pain inside the body even affected the brain.I seem i will senceless.Kindly give me advice.

  225. Zulfiqaralam says:

    I am zulfiqaralam i am 43 i have stomach problem from one year lit bit more i fell swelling in my stomach due to this i un able to breathe and always feel to have a long breathe every time i feel normal by doing this for a moment i feel too much need of food i have also problem of constipation gas acidity i feel lots of water in my mouth espcially during sleep plz suggest me what to do dr after a long treatment suggests me endoscopy what you say thanks

  226. Yogita sharma says:

    After eating feel gas in my head and heart beats fast n feel that stomach is full with gas which doesn’t come out

  227. Please advise whether there is treatment for Prostate enlargement. Allopathy is up for operation.

  228. showkat ahmed says:

    i am suffering from gas problem since 3 years i consulted a dr they told me to take medicince but didnt worked.Since it is creating me lot of problems while offering prayers etc.I request u please tell me what i have to do to get rid of it. shall i take medicines can you provide me any prescription.

  229. Dear Dr.sharma ,
    I have a gastric problem ,and gas is form frequently which weakens me ,it even makes me feel heavy on my head and burp a lot even before eating food or after eating food .when I get this problem (during severe problem )I feel as if I would die as my breathing become tight and palpitation become very fast .this happens anytime even in the middle of the night while sleeping . Please let me know what is it exactly n which homeopathic medicine should be taken and how for how long etc.

  230. Sayed Shaheen says:

    China: Homeopathic medicine for letting out gas from bloated abdomen

    China is the most efficient Homeopathic medicine to relieve the bloated abdomen where the whole abdomen is full of gas. The gas may also cause severe pain in the abdomen. China is also the ideal Homeopathic remedy for diarrhoea with extreme weakness. Diarrhoea consequent to eating fruits can be very efficiently treated with this Homeopathic medicine. Sir, i have this problems for several days!!!!!

  231. Gas trouble
    Belching gives relief
    Belching more at 2 to 3 am

  232. Hello sir i am Aaditya bk from nepal sir i am suffering from gas problem in 8 months and sir my stomach every day bloating and back pain sir please give information about this….


    Respected Sir,
    I m Nilesh singh from india.I informed you that i m suffering from heavy gas and acidity last 2 weeks and its create some pain on whole body so dear sir give me some advise to in this matter. I m highly obliged to you.Thanks.

  234. Amber Wilcox says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    Which remedy would you recommend for carbon dioxide gas (used in laparascopic surgery)?
    The pain reveals itself in the shoulders and is beleived to be due to a stressed diaphragm.
    Thank you

  235. Arvin patel says:

    sir I am 32 years suffering any with gas problems also tested sonography 2 .for me I wa used so many tablets is there any please su

  236. After completing sex feel burn in penis inside n gas and go to motion

  237. Santosh kumar says:

    Sir I have many problems

  238. Dr Sharma I am man of 63 years I have 2 type Diabetic which under control four months before I had some pain my left side in nick after test report found one of my artery was block the same time angioplasty has done, after still I find same type pain same place, in , four times my blood, Eco test
    X-ray and stress test has been found every thing perfect, as per Heat Spec list report, Blood Pressure is normal, Sugar Normal, all X-ray report normal, same time Gas in Stomach this pain remain will be one to two hours per day only, more I need your kind advice in this matter

  239. yasmeen Rafeeq says:

    Dear sir, my sister is suffering from gastric problem and acidity problems. 2. Years back We went to gasterology doctor, he took endoscopy and found normal. Gave medicine and she was alright. After few months she had the same issue then we decided to go for ayurvedic medicine for about 4 months. One day she came up with the complaint that she is not able to breathe. Then we tool her to another gasterology doctor, took endoscopy and found normal. Gave medicines and now she is ok. But some times she feel that gas is passing for down side up and she is seviour back pain. Please help me out.

  240. Hi sir I am suffering from excessive gas problem. Hot sensetation feels in my stomach. Vomiting tendencies are there in the upper belly. Please help me giving some medicines.

  241. Respected Sir,

    I am 49 years old and suffering from Irritable Bowled Syndrom (IBS) from two years. Could you tell me the medicine for the same. I am waiting for your precious advise.
    Thanks and Regards

  242. Sir.
    I have belching problem from two years

  243. durgabhavani says:

    sir I am a 25 year world I really suffering with gas problems endoscopy also tested for me I was used so many tablets but there is use .is there any better solution for gas in homeopathy please suggest me.

  244. sir, it will effect the head and legs also …? i have a problem with legs and some times head also pain when i dont eat at regular time .

  245. Mr Daniel Jones. says:

    Sir, I always have stomach problem for many years by feeling gassed up and filled up to my throat, heavy stomach without any urge to eat. Whenever it happens, it becomes impossible for me to pass stole but only gassing through the anus.Even when I pass out little stole after taking fruits, plenty water and vegetables,I will not still be relived except I take laxative to empty the stomach. Then, after few days, it will build up again. I have watched my diet and stopped late meals. Does fasting cause this disorder? I have seen doctors and they recommended plenty water and vegetables which has not worked. What should I do?

  246. abhishek kathayat says:

    M having gas prob. Since last 2 weeks
    Doc. Gave me a capsule that reduced some gas prob. But poori trah se thik ni hua ye
    Sir pin chubhne ka jaisa pain hota h. ..or headache hotabh kbhi kbhi maine raat ko jyada hota h.. ..or vonit aa jati h jb barp gas pass ni hoti h
    Sir m 19 years old.. ..abhi se ye prob. Hogi to kaise chalega
    Can u help me our

  247. since last month I am suffering from too much farting some time it is soundless . It is foul and it has very bad smell . I am not comfortable with my co-worker because their tendency is to keep away as far as possible because bad smell of farting. That is why I am not going to on my duty these days. please advise me how can it be cure sir.

  248. Maneesh Kohli says:

    Hello Dr.homeo,
    My problem is on to my right side of stomach under liver there is development of hard skin till the lower abdominal from last 2 months, there is some black spot on my external skin too . i feel of some lump on to that side. My ultra sound report is normal there is no issue with my vital organ but from few days i feel some tightness at the time of stress exercise or straight sleep. i consult with some Doctors but know one actually find the cause. at some time there is sweet itching.
    Side on i have issue that my mother is paralysis and i have to pick from bad to wheelchair and vise-versa. the DR. told it can be from that practice also. kindly suggest and make me out of this trouble.

    Maneesh Kohli

  249. pooja srivastava says:

    Hello sir ,my self pooja i am suffering from constipation its big problem for me because i feel like vomiting, fever,urine burning its many problem ,but i have eat food.After eating gastric problem .early morning , empty stomach i take lemon and hony ,and after than green tea, but not any responses.i have take same time nux vomica 30 i got relif same time,but after timebe same problem so please suggest me


      In the year 2015, I had fever for 13 days, local doctors unable to understand the reason of fever, gave me 1000mg antibiotic. Later I went to KOLKATA for further treatment, where I was cured but after that gas problem started, which is continuing so far. I started allopathic again, but after 1 year it has not been rectified. Used CARBON VEG 200, but not getting relief. Main problem is gas formation in the evening and improper stool. Now for clearing stool using DUPHALAC. Please help me to come to a normal life.

  250. indra Ghalley says:

    dear sir m from jaigoan west Bengal Jalpaiguri district hear also we have homeopathy and i am suffering from gastric as he diagnose afer checkup and gave a medicine like liquid and tablets for 15 days first course i completed and second i am doing n i feel some time good and some time as same as before.
    problem burning left side stomach.he is saying for 3 months proper medical treatment.and after that no gastric problem in file time but must avoid some food like fats n spicy and i am controlling it.

    medicine time morning empty stomach liquid with half cup of water and after breakfast 1 tablet.
    night same medicine after food but 1 tablet is different so have to take only at night after dinner.

    but since many days before i am noticing mi stomach skin i feel like touching other only stomach outer skin what will be the problem. sir n legs and thy getting pain even i cannot walk properly in upstairs. i asked same doctor its a vain not passing blood properly need regular exercise and massage and m doing .please help me to ride out all those problems.thank you

  251. Hello Sir I had allergy and gastritis problem So I consult one dr in india he sent me med today is first day I took I feel burning sensation on my throats and stomach is that normal ? Because I don’t feel this sensation before ?

  252. Hi, I am 45 years old man. Approx six months back I have observed black spots on skin of leg in shocks wearing area. Please suggest suitable medicine. I have avoided wearing shocks but not yet taken any medicine. Please suggest suitable medicine and precautions.

    Informations about me, which may help in deciding correct medicine
    *Like eating sweets, Milk Products. I am non vegetarian but frequency is once or twice in a week, not more than 5 occasions in a month.
    *Don’t take alcohol ie: drinks. No habbit of tobaco in any form.
    * Soft nature/ behaviour.
    * common problem is formation of gas. Medicines suggested by you are self explanatory.

  253. Hallo Dr,
    I have gas trouble , I feel too much gas trouble when I take lunch and dinner. gas passes all day.
    I was alcholic for 5 years and I have give up now. suffering from indigestion also. even i also work out in gym 1 hour
    please help me.

    • Hello Doctor Sharma,
      I Vikramjit 21 of age from Imphal. Whenever I wake up early in the morning I fill very unnatural like to fill vomiting, gastic , and even fill stuck some to my throat. pliz help me doctor, its fill me very uncomfortable to me whenever I walk at work.

  254. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I’m 21 years old and a lot of gas is generated throughout the day which if possible is released through anus or causes uneasiness while I’m sitting as most of the time is spent while sitting only in front of a computer.
    I intake food in regular intervals to avoid stomach being empty and make sure I walk after every two hours of sitting. I also walk around a km after having lunch and have removed milk from my diet for sometime.I have taken all possible measures to avoid the gas being generated, but still I end up with uneasiness and lot of gas. I have also tried allopathy , but that didn’t work out as well. I would be really grateful if you could help me with allopathy.

  255. I have gas problem from 8 months.I am not able to pass gas through anus whole day.only by burping I pass gas I feel fullness of stomatch and mild pain whole day specially after meals. somtime sharp pain occour .after bowel movemet I feel I am not fully emptied my stool is not hard 3times I go for toilet.recently from 15 days I am suffering from internal piles when I eat milk product I feel more gas pain what is cause of excessive gas why I am not able to pass gas through rectum I have tried many medicine but no relief plz help me

    • sir my 1 year se gas ke problem se presaan hu khana khane ke baad gas bn jaate hy or pass bhe nhe hote motion bhe clear nhe rhta phle right side me pet me dard rhta tha ab jyda nhe hota gas ke problem ke vjh se he headache ho jata hy… sir please medicine suggest kre

      • gautam verma says:

        Hello sir, meri age 29 Year hai ,mujhe 2 Din se gale me daakar ke dauran gale ke 1 Side me dard hota hai , khana khane ya pani pine me koi takleef nai hai , na hi koi fever hai aur na hi sardi ,plz sir mujhe koi medicine bataye .

  256. OM KUMAR VYAS says:


  257. Anuj Gupta says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am suffering from pain between where right side chest finished and abdomen starts , if I sleep in night get up in morning there will be no pain but when I take breakfast and going to sit in my office the pain started slowly but when I take lunch In noon it increases and till evening it is too much, but when I came to home use my home clothes (freely )it gives relays slowly slowly I think it is related to gas problem, also whole day no gas passing. Please suggest me for medicine I am not in India but I have medicine China 30 nux 30 mix of lyco+ipecac 30 how I have to use

  258. Venkatesh Murti says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am suffering badly for 15 days. Iam 65 male – Heartburn – gas ..bloated abdomen, wandering pains in stomach and abdomen but continuous always…iam trying cantharis…nux vom…carbo veg..lyco…etc but only temp reliefs…frequent urination at nights…getting up 3 or 4 times…strict vegetarian…avoiding spicy….iam twerribly upset and suffering. Can I get relief?
    Thank you in advance
    Venkatesh Murti

  259. Dear sir, i am a gastro patient. I a m suffering from a struck feeling on throat or middle of cheah sometimes. I also feels the gas moves around my body especially on backside of chest and neck with pain. It does not always feels on the same place it moves around the body. Sometimes i feel my stomach irritative and senseless. What i have to do. I alreaaady underwent Ultrasound, blood tests nd cholestrol tests but results are normal. What i have to do

  260. sarasawati says:

    i am 35 yer old i am panic whith gas and stomach swelling inside part
    so plese suggest me what i do

  261. Sanjay Joshi says:

    I am 59. I have undergone 23 surgeries of left leg and urethroplasty necessitating consumption of heavy antibiotics which have resulted in abdominal disorder. I suffer from frequent gases both way be burping & passing from rectum. Pl suggest me homeopathic medicine & dos & don’t. Regds Sanjay Joshi

  262. Rsghavendra pradad says:

    Dear sir
    I am Prasad aged 52 suffering from gastritis
    Too much belching.flatulence trapping of gas .poor digestion constipation
    Kindly suggest good medicines

  263. Papia nath says:

    My self Papia Nath. I am 31 years old. I have a girl child. After delivery my health is not fine. Every day I am suffering abdominal problem. Like gas acidity heart burn. Chest pain. Burning sensation in both of fingers. Loss of appetight. Body ache. Neck pain. Pulpitition etc. Please help me.

  264. Basudeb Pal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 67 yrs old. I have loose motion, passing 2/3 times daily, not getting clear stomach. Upper abdomin is always feeling heavy and some time getting pain after food. Feeling burning sensation at chest. Please suggest me medicine. Regards.

  265. DEar Doctor. I am 75 and have been suffering from gas that seems to accumulate. Moreover, I have a great deal of anxiety > I have tried a lot of medicines including the ones mentioned. i.e. carbo, china, lyco and Nux. Maybe I don’t seem to have them in right frequency or right dosage. Furthermore , I have restless sleep and awake early. Please help.

    SB Lal

  266. Birendra Singh says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from pain chest right side in back side . I consulted Dr,they taken X-Ray & ECG ,but nothing was found abnormal. I am suffering gas problem also. I am vegetarian. I use to take milk and tea twice daily. What is the cause of pain , I an unable to understand.
    Pl suggest me the remedy for this problem.

  267. Hi Dr Sharma
    I have quiet a lot of wind I am 55 yrs old I get a funny feeling in my head. A itchy feeling under the skin this feeling goes as the flatulence reduces it has been more difficult to clear of late .seems to go when I exercise (cycling.) Walking . I feel like bread and milk and to much meat affect me .can you offer any advice please.

  268. SUDHA ANIL says:

    Dear sir,

    This problem is related to my mom, who recently was attacked with a severe fewer closely related to Chicken guenia .Though she recovered from it , she is suffering now from gas related problems and motion stuck, which causes her problems like head swirling and burps. Her appetite for food is less and hence has grown weak.Would you please suggest some home remedies in Homeopathy.

    Kind Regards,
    Sudha Anil

  269. SANDEEP DEB NATH says:

    My Aunty, she is 55 Yrs old, suffering from Gas for quiet some time, she have lots of medication. irrespective of medication she always have the same complain “GAS” that is not getting cured. She eats less, rather no spicy or oily food. she is on boiled diet and still she is suffering. Doctors weighs her weight to 33 KG.
    She is scared of oily and rich food.
    Dr sharma, Do you think this problem can be resolved

  270. Satya Gopal Banerjee,H/O-Geeta banerjee says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My wife aged 78yrs,having acute problem with formation of plenty gas for last 10/15 yrs,has constipation
    take plenty med. like Ishop-gul, softovac etc but with little effect.She can’t walk or stand more than 5/10
    mnts due to back-pain. Long back her gall-bludder has been operated.Please help her.

  271. Biplab das gupta says:

    I am 35 years old with a case history of IBS i have severe belching and bloating of stomach, for the past 4 months. i belch every time iam taking my meal. iam not able to eat properly due to belching. My stomach appears full after eating very small quantity of food and start belching. The belching takes place in morning, evening in fact throghout day. Iam also loosing weight now iam 56\57kg . i used to be around 60\62kg. kindly help.

  272. Sampathkumar PS says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am having flatulence problem for the past 3 to 4 years and recently (about a year) i started taking R5 15 drops twice daily. But so far there is no Improvement.

    can you please suggest any other medicine for my problem.

    Do i need to carryout any endoscopy to identify the cause for this problem. I am 55 years old.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

  273. Gautam Dhok says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I have been suffering from excessive gas problem for 5 years. The problem remains throughout the day. I get relief when I sleep or meditate. It aggravates in the evening after 4pm. I tried allopathy, ayurveda and homeaopathy. But it is not cured. I have got ColoNoscopy, endoscopy, sonography and x ray tests but no real cause is detected. I do not eat cauliflower, cabbage, potato, dairy products, oily and spicy food. Still the problems remains alongwitj bad breath.

    • Nayagna Joshi says:

      Hello Doctor, My dsughter is 12 year old and suffering gas problem. Because of gas problem she have high headache and stomach pain. Please advise some permanent solutions. Regards.

      Nayagna Joshi.

  274. NISHANT SHAH says:

    I need a help I am suffering from things like excessive stomach and intestine burping , heavy chest , heaviness in back of neck , pressure in head , loss of appetitel, slight swelling under left side eye , weakness, phobia of hospitals and blood have gone through endoscopy and sonography the reports were normal still I am facing this problems pleases give me any suggestion please

  275. Hello sir i am suffering from gas problem. I’m 32 yrs old. Toilet is not clear properly but not everyday. After meals gas come out from mouth. Sometimes chest burn.

  276. H r u Dr. Sharma

    Mujhy taqreeban 15 sal se gas ki shikayat ha. Pehlay to jawani thi chalata raha lrkin ab meri age 45 ha aur gas mere puray pait ko ditrub kr rahi ha. Qbz ki bhi shikayat ha. Munh se aur neechay se bahot gas kharij hoti ha. Ab position yeh hay ke gas meri pasliyoun , seenay aur peechay kamar men phans jati ha aur shadeed pain krti ha. sath men heartburn krti ha.
    Kindly koi dawa bataen

  277. suraj lingden says:

    Hlo Dr.sharma When I am taking meal Or food my stomach just swell and toilet is not coming five days and hence it cause a heavy acidity. What should I do. Please help me .

    • Sir I m shivam age 21suffering from gastritis n gerd
      I’m taking treatment from appolo but getting relief
      I always feel burping vomiting all the time n feel bloating of the stomach n bad taste in mouth .plz help me out

  278. tripathi nilesh says:

    When I am taking meal Or food my stomach just swell and toilet is not coming and hence it cause a heavy acidity. What should I do. Please help me .

  279. jignesh nakrani says:

    Hello DR.shrama
    i am suffering from Gas problem
    90% gas come out from mouth 24 hours even night too
    10% from anus
    if i not taking (dakkar) , then chest pain sometime Headache also somtime chest burn also
    is there any tablet to reduce this gas production in my body
    what type of disease is this?
    stool is normal 2 time per day

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      It seems, there is gas filled in every cell of the my body. If I press any part of the body from nail to head, I burp. There is swelling and severe pain in many parts of my body where gas is sucked in excessive amount. I continuously burp on massage. Please help.. it has become very serious problem.

  280. Sally A Tomer says:

    Dr Sharma,i seems to retain the gas In my chest,but I can not always get rid of it,i liquefy some vegetables and fruits and drink it, it does matter what I eat I seem to have the same feeling. I’m going to try to drink slowly and eat slowly. What kind of herb tea may Be suggested to help my problem. I do hope you can help me, thank you very much. Sally Toner.

  281. Roshan kumar ashvani says:

    sir actually I am 24 year old….suffering gastric problems in stomach….but sir no abdominal pain only when gas form in my body then my mind actually revolves in surrounding a lot…after leakage of gas then it will be fine…why my mind reel….even leakage of gas it definitely reel my mind…feel very uncomfortable…plz suggest me any medicine to quick remedy…

  282. RRP verma says:

    I take medicines after bypass surgery.Alleopathic medicines such as cardivas.nitrocontine.modlip asg 75. Sartel 40. Lacilacton.
    Gas occurs in afternoon.wind passes with smell. No heart burning. Some time burning feeling. My age is75. Lyco/China 200/ relief. Opinion pl

  283. Krishna Bhata says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    Gas enters different body parts and pains there

    when i massage that place a long burps comes and some pain reduces

    please suggest some homeo remedy for me

  284. Dr Sharma; Greetings and Kudos for your Good Work. I hsve been suffering from accute gastric problem from past many years. I do suffer with constipation; lack of apetite and dont able to.digest the food even simplest ones like.rice; bread; vegs and pulses as well milk products. stomach bloats soon after eating and creates trouble feeling. I feel dificulty in sleeping and get distubed.

  285. Chanchal kumar sharma says:

    My mother is suffering from this problem.

    Pls suggest me the Homeopathic medicine or the gastrict problem.

  286. sir,
    i am present of fistula.I wont to relief ………………………………………………….. help me sir……..

    • ghufran ali says:

      you can use kali iodite 200 twice a day 5drop in little cup of water. patent medicine for fasutila

  287. manu yogi says:

    h paylory positive ! am sick of acid,the ges dont be pass,there is too muchgas,ges is caused by gastric flowers,is verry heavy on the stomach,abdonal pain is not caused by ges onlythe stomach swells,stomach is not clear.

    • Vijay gupta says:

      Dr I am suffering from hyperacidity, hyper gas, jab bhi Dakar let’s hu to chest mai bahut jalan hoti hai, jaise jale hue par kisi NE namak laga diya ho, Dakar bhi bahut jayada aati hai,pls help me Dr.

    • Madhurima Gaur says:

      My mother is 63 years of age. She has diabetes, glaucoma..currently have a suffering from gastritis and constipation.she says she feels very weak and is feeling no energy.
      This is happening from last 2 days.she is also feeling like vomiting and is feeling very uneasy.pls suggest what needs to be done

  288. Shivram singh says:

    Sirji i am 24 year old my problem ,gas,acidity&kabz please advice for me sir kabz problem is in 3 years

  289. Birendra Kumar Mukherjee says:


    I am a senior citizen, suffering from BP, Hypothyroid and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Taking concor plus for
    BP, Eltroxin 1.25 for Thyroid and Fluvoxamine 50 for other. But my biggest problem is movement obstacle for a
    while and get normalcy after passing gas from either organ. At times my both the leg become a load for me to move
    forward. This problem is criminally assaulting me more so when I am crossing a road with heavy traffic. My lower
    abdomen is always heavy and bowls often not clear. But no pain whatsoever. Kindly advice accordingly.

    • ghufran ali says:

      take a tree table spoon aspaghol fiber in a glass of water just shake and take at early in the morning before break fast.
      walk as you fell comfortable before sun raise daily in the morning .
      take a carbo veg 30 before male and during problem 5drop in a lttle of water.
      continue your doctor advised medicine and left the same slowly slowly when you fell comfortable and decreased dose.

  290. Dharmesh says:

    Dear doctor,My wife suffering from gastric pain in stomach and under neck back side.plese refer medicine.

  291. Ateek janu says:

    Latriing hi nahi hoti 2 din bad hoti h achhe se nahi

  292. Professor Dr Jabed Ali Mirza says:

    I am aged 64 living in Bangladesh. I severely suffer from excessive gas formation in my stomach.Whatever I eat turns into gas. If I take water, my stomach becomes full with gas. The gas starts coming out from the mouth, perhaps it is called belching…. it is very shameful and disgusting in presence of people releasing gas through the mouth. I consulted with Allopathy doctors who always prescribe Isomoprazole, omiprazole, ranitidine, femotidine BUT these medicines are of no significant action. I suffer from respiratory distress when stomach gas exerts upward pressure. For quick relief, I am to take ANTACID. I am badly in need of your suggestion and advice. Please be kind enough to prescribe me Homeopathic medicine….

  293. Hello sir ma suadia arab ma 2 sal sa ho mgy khana k bad dkar aty h ma bht pryshan ho 2 sal sa he bimar ho ksi na kha pani change kro maine change kiyh ak mahena thek rha phr wohe problem plz help me khany k bad dill py or damag py dard hoti h jb ak genta dakar ah kr chaly jaty h phr sakon ho jata h plz help me

  294. I am effective for gas problem.

  295. Sir Mere Maa Ko gas bahut Banta h…. So plz sr…. Give me advice for homeopathy medicine

  296. Lakshman says:

    hallo Dr. sir I have digestive problem s from 3years ago. please suggest me a medicine.

  297. Hi sir
    Am Rashmi .my problem is that I always feel bloated pain in abdomen constipation n passing of gas n after eating shortness of breath.

  298. S Sengupta says:

    I am a 55 year old female, detected with mitral valve leakage in June 2014 & under regular follow up treatment every 6 months. The cardiologist advised surgery for the leakage in future at the earliest.

    I may mention here that I always prefer homeopathic treatment over allopathic and it was only when a local homoeopathic doctor suspected heart problems and advised me to see a cardiologist with the prevailing symptoms that I visited the cardiologist. To inform you here, I was doing okay with the medicines I had been having regularly – cardivas cr 10, valent 40, aztorASP 75 & fruselac (SOS), except for my blood pressure which used to read above the 120/80 mark but went down to low blood pressure. (I was put on a combination of rauvalfia & crataegus by the homeopath doctor, which to this day I continue off and on when needed).

    Another observation, for much over a year now, I have been experiencing stomach problems – too much gas, irregular bowel movement and taking medicines from the homeopath but with no permanent cure. Could it be for the allopathic medicines that I have to take religiously for my heart problem? I ask this as I had also been getting pains in the body (upper part front and back) which surprisingly went away when I have Pan40 on the advice of my cardio doctor.

    Very recently one morning I felt a dull pain in the left side of the chest along with a choking sensation and some sweating, which could be from nervousness at the thought of my late husband having suffered a variant of these symptoms at the hospital where he was admitted following an internal haemorrhage in the head. Immediately I consulted the homoeopathic doctor who advised sorbitrate & an ECG. I contacted the cardiologist too who advised to go to hospital immediately. The ECG report was okay and so was the Trop T that was done.

    I asked my doctor at the hospital if these could be for acute gas but he said he suspects there could be a heart block. So on the advice of family members, I consulted another allopath doctor for his understanding. This doctor on hearing about my symptoms and checking the reports said he did not think there could be a heart block. He examined with the stethoscope and got a PFT and a chest X-ray done on me to reveal the presence of asthma. He prescribed an inhaler and Doxovent tablets (which I am having now) advised to stop cardivas cr10 immediately, which I did but for the withdrawal symptoms, I started on it again.

    Since the gas problem continues along with the pains in the morning as I am off pan40 since the last 3 days and I don’t want to continue with pan40 or any such alternatives which dont give permanent cure, could you please help with some homoeopathic medicines? I am very hopeful about a permanent cure with homoeopathic medicines so please help.

  299. Dhananjoy Roy says:

    Mainly in the evening gas starts forming and disturb in night sleeping. Sometimes sleep breaks in the late night or early in the morning and sometimes I feel whole the night disturbing sleep due to formation of gas. Gas comes out no. of times no doubt. Stool does not clear at a time. In a day two or three times I have to go to toilet. Even after discharge of stool, I feel gas remains in the stomach. It has been for many years this gas problem, but never find any pain in stomach, nor burning in stomach or chest.

    Loss of Appetite is another great problem. I feel also much weakness. Though I am now 59 years of age but I try to maintain regular physical exercise.

    I don’t take any allopathy or homeopathy or ayurvedic medicine.

    Kindly advise me for remedy.

  300. suzie chesney says:

    cannot expel flatus, BM or urine without pushing as hard as when in labor, then is delayed anyway…excessive gas builds up over night due to spasming of internal sphincters, retaining flatus, have anterior rectocele, large bubbles accumulate in left side, then down into rectal area, instead of going out, pop and dissipate and stay in body, won’t come out , feels like pushing against severe resistance..bowel sounds fluctuate from minimal to hyperactive to point of audible on auscultation all the way down to pubis and groin, tinkly sounding with ongoing ‘static’ in background, not loud borborgymi. visible downward waves of either peristalsis or fluid on left side during each expiration..normal gastric emptying, ‘moderate’ constipation, several colon and one stomach polyp, diverticulosis…had area that used to bulge out around appendix if straining too hard, then would cramp itself back into place…week ago felt pop, passed clots with bright red blood..doc refuses any further diagnostics, diagnosed blood “probably tiny hemmorhoid that ruptured”, have severe, vise grip pain, mostly swollen right side abdomen but by each morning swollen hard into flank area, constant squeezing band around torso won’t allow for full chest expansion, feels like entire internal body, including head, is ‘pressurized”…autonomic dysfunction? pseudo-obstruction? forced to self diagnose/treat..fear partial obstruction from previous 7 laparoscopies and TAH/BSO, adhesions?…or carcinoid or pancreatic cancer like mother had as have same symptoms with severe gas, flushing, elevated cortisol, ALP, CRP, Hgb, lipids, one time elevated copper (serum),para aortic, inguinal, mediastinal lymph nodes noted on CT, dissected right iliac artery with stent from “clot debris tearing artery wall during BP spike”, also abdominal angina-like pain, postprandial pain, discovered carotid bruitt, doc says BOTH have bruitts, pending dopplers…HELP! have other systemic symptoms, conditions but doc stuck on IBS, Fibro…profiled as “all in your head” due to past history of substance abuse and current PTSD diagnosis…doc’s don’t realize people with mental illness can become physically ill as well, or simply don’t care

  301. Dear Doctor
    I having problem gas and acidity always my stomach like full and some one time gas not going out also
    Doctor do you have any homeo medicine. if you don’t mint please give me the name of that medicine.
    Thank you

    • Sir I hve gas problm since 4 year but now days I m facing gas problm with losse motion every morning I m want twice for motion my motion habbit also change undigested food come in motion I m little bit worried now because 3 months ago I m hving bloody loose motion doctor say abt dyestery what should I do now

  302. Soumen sarkar says:

    I have been taking ppi for over 10 yrs. Now ppi does not work. My physician gave me hydrastis. I felt better for some time but the problem returned. Help me doctor.

  303. Baby Nettoor says:

    Dear Doctor
    I having problem gas and acidity always my stomach like full and some one time gas not going out also
    Doctor do you have any homeo medicine. if you don’t mint please give me the name of that medicine becuse I’m at the movement in Switzerland I can buy medicine from pharmacy
    Thank you

  304. i have been using steroids nd protien powder from 2 year but now i’m suffring from gas problem like bloating..last 6 months..plz tell me what should i do?

  305. ved prakash says:

    Respected Doctor Sir
    ahar nali me jalan hai . do dino se . pet me mitha pain bhi hai. Maine Nux vom 30, and carbo veg 30 bhi use kiya phir bhi aran nahi mela . please Homeopathy medicine ka name bataye.

  306. Somnath nayek says:

    Hai sir I am somnath my problem is disesion barabar nahi horaha hai.isliya gas create horaha hai.affternoon 4 sa 5 baja ki andhar gurd gurd karta hai.morning bath room sai nahi horaha hai chikard chikard horaha hai.please salve me.

  307. shaharyar says:

    Mera naam shaharyar ahmed hai aor mai Pakistan say hon.
    Mera Masla hai k mujhe chaakar ane ki shikayat ha .gas say Kabi sir Mai dard hota hai. In Dino gas ki wajha say mujhe chaakar aa rahay hain. Kisi cheez say take lagane say chakkar ate hain. Marta jisam balance Nai ha. Please help me. Thanks

  308. Vikas kr Patna says:

    Dear Sir I am 40+suffering from sacralisation of L5(as per MRI report) which caused low back pain for last 22 years, I also suffer from flatulence and gas problem though I, m vegetarian weight 40kg approx, further premature ejacution and weakness is also a problem with me. I, ll be thankful if you could some good homeopathic medicine with collect dose and potency.

  309. Sasmita panda says:

    My daughter 6years old suffered from hypergas formation ,colic pain in abdomen,bowl is very hard,at bowl very much gas out,at night colic pain and gas is much .this happen from june1 16 .what should I do.plz explain?

    • Sasmita panda says:

      My daughter 6years old suffered from hypergas formation ,colic pain in abdomen,bowl is very hard,at bowl very much gas out,at night colic pain and gas is much .this happen from june1 16 .what should I do.plz explain?

  310. Satyajeet says:

    Gets too much gas in syomach below heart area and than BP shoots to 160 to 180,iy started in dec 2015 now i jave noted BP shoots only when gas is formed in stomach,and nw BP levrl goes to 140 and 90,kft,cholestrol levels r normal,weigh is now 67 in December 2015 it was 77.I get frightened when gas bloats in stomach feels sweaty in armpits and feels hotty and than BP shoots suddenly and if gas passes BP comes to normal.please help…please age is 35.tolol xr 25 I was taking but have stopped from a month takes only when BP shoots sometimes.gas forms whole day excess at evening time.

  311. asfiya.. says:

    Hello sir!! i am 18 years old i am suffering from gastic if i am sufferd from gastic my breathing is not taking easily and i am a muslim if i am in past continusley 4days 5 th day my breathing problem is increaing so much plz help me i want to pastings in my ramzan month…

  312. I have had several weeks of excessive bloating and pain. I am nearly 26 weeks pregnant and in hospital due I threatened preterm labour so I am in bed a lot. Which remedy would best suit? My belly goes hard and is very painful.
    Thanks 🙂

  313. Dear doctor I have a problem of excessive flutilence mostly without bed smells and passing just like air . My bowel filled with flutilence just after eating and abdomen fell just like football. Please suggest to care

  314. Muhammad Haruna tajiri says:

    Dear sir I will like to write and share with you my problem my problem is that I have a chest pain for 1 year

  315. Prof. D.M.Banerjee says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Suffering from Non Stop belching of gas for last two years or so. Treated with Allopathic medicines but it did not help.

    Then treated for last two months with Nux Vom 30c and Podophylum200 every one hour prescribed by Kalyan Banerjee of CR Park , New Delhi.

    This Treatment made no impact. I am still taking these medication with a hope that It may help. Please suggest alternative.

  316. Santoshi Singh says:

    Dear Doctor, I have a gastro problem from last 15 years my stomach intestines gets blotted and pains always feel like vomiting and heavy stomach I eat less quantity of food but still my stomach is always heavy and bulky I don’t feel hungry always burb do you have any remedy for it?

  317. I am 22 yr old girl and i am suffering from gastric problem for past 5 yrs now like abdominal pain ,bloating of stomach and now from past in 6 months in every 1or 2 month i am suffering from loosemotions and vomitting. Please help and suggest me.

  318. Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from having severe pain in both the legs through out the day and it feels more when I go for sleep or awake in the morning.

    When I press the back side of the leg calf , I use to get Belch.

    Kindly help and suggest the suitable remedies or medicine.

    Thanks & Regards

  319. Anita Garg says:

    Dear dr sahab I am suffering from ibs problem I took a lot of medicines since last3years I got releaf also but as I try to discontinue them the problem returns back . I am a sugar bp n thyroid patient. Please tell me how I can get rid of my ibs problem

  320. Arun rajput says:

    I Have Constipation and Gas Problem since Last 2 Months.

    Many Time It Cause, Stomach pain. I Appeared for Blood Report Test, Ultrasound and Endoscopy.
    But Everything was normal in that. Except two Stones in Left Kidney.

    Whats disease i Have? and how to remove it?

  321. Ravi kumar says:

    Hi Dr.
    Patient detail-
    My mother is 55 yr old and he has two operation of stomach already appox 10 year before for stone.
    One name is in hondi “pith ki thali” which have in inside stomach to control excess pith is also remove during opertion.

    Now when my mother got gas problem her entire stomach as well as breast area feel with hard pain.
    As per her feeling she says, “inside gas is filling in lungs and feel to be strech to much.

    Now i need your help how gas can be reduce .
    And if by chance it produce how can correct .

    Please help me for above given problem.
    Thanks in advance.
    Ravi kumar

  322. Good evening mam i am 23 years and i am doing my MBA so I had Problem that I am suffer with too much of gas problem and another problem is that after eating what ever it may be some of the food is coming out side like example if I eat rice after eating some rice come out side along with water this was my problem sorry man I can’t express my problem clearly so please understand and suggest me some cure for my problem and I am facing a lot of problem with this and I was suffering too much at night

  323. Sujoy Palit says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 64 yrs old. I am a Type 2 diabetic and take medicine daily . Since last several months I am suffering from excessive flatulence with vety smell particulatly after taking lun h (I take lunch at around 1.30 pm) which often leads to few bouts of loose motions. But I am releived by evening …
    Kindly suggest some suitable homeopathic medicine ..



  324. md. usman qureshi says:

    blem is sever flatulence eructation dizziness due to bloated abdomen I am constipated persion feeling weakness after diarrhea

  325. Ajay kumar mishra says:

    Sir humare pet me khana khane ke bad latring presar bana deta hai sir koi gas ka utam dawa bataiye mai bahut paresan hu plse sir jaladi bataiga

  326. Jyoti Sharma says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am Jyoti Sharma age 36 year and suffering with gastric problems. Last 4-3 days I feel high pain in my stomach near umblicus. In ultrasound, APIGASTRIC HARNIA appear, but doctor said this is only gastric problems. My family gastric problems. Please suggest me medicine. Stool is hard.

  327. vijayalakshmi says:

    Sir am suffering from numbness in left shoulder back leftarm left chest . I was taken to the hospital they did echo test tmt and blood test. But the result was normal then they reffered to neuro nerve test was taken my left side nerve have some problem but still am having pain in left side nowdays in am suffer from pain inleft side chest shoulder left arm back neck headache.

  328. vikram jaiswal says:

    Due to heavy gas i feel suffocation in train .

  329. Hi sir
    From Las two year I am having gastic stool also not get clear in morning.all day I feel uneasy.mainly at night time from 1-2 am gas came to chest area and I am unable to sleep due to takes 1-2 hours to release gas from upper side.

    Pls help to come out from this disease as I am using alopatic medicine from last one year but there is no result. I eat papaya in morning from Las one year and also taking amla juice


      Sir, I am suffering from acute gastric problem. I am a patient of ventricular tachycardia and having ICD implanted in my chest. Takes Betaloc 50 TDS and Cordarone tabs. Now my problem has become so serious that I cannot go out all alone. always feel sleepy, a peculiar sensation near my spinal chord, belching…even I cannot go to office regularly. So long taking Pantodac dsr- but doctor stopped that as domperidon causes tachycardia. Now taking Pan 40 but it is not working. Doctor has given normaxin, which, again, has tachycardiac side effects. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  330. Rachel akawa says:

    Dear dr, i have been suffering frm wind gas traped al over my body starting frm toes to head stand in the heart especial at night whn i slep? Its disteping vry much. Its cme out both at mouth and recturm? Ned help

  331. sir.
    after2 pm mera stomuck ma bahut dared hota hai Jo gaas hai
    so tell me something please

  332. Rajiva Ranjan Ojha says:

    I have old constipation. I am also a sugar patient.
    Pl. help & suggest me

  333. zaigham says:

    How Homeopathy can help in treating illness.

  334. dhaygude sandip says:

    I have the problems of flatulence continuously without stopping i have gone to different gastroenterologist doctor done endoscopy colonoscopy bipsys all normal. Also tried homeopathic doctor China carboveg medicine

    UUncomfortable abdominal feeling also stickey toilet

  335. saima ali says:

    my weight is decreasing.i am 37 years old and mother of 3 children.
    i take my food regularly but i am not putting on my height is 5/7
    Kindly suggest me any medicine by which i can put my weight
    Right now my weight is 45kg.

  336. Shaikhul Arfin says:

    Dear Sir,

    For last one year, I have been facing problem with gas formation in stomach. While I am sitting for stool pass, stool comes with gas and there is no clear motion. I take my meal timely and avoid with the intake of oily, fried and carbonated drink. In fruit mostly I eat apple. Before I sleep I use to take non boiled milk kept in room temperature from fridge. If I don’t take milk, I will not be able to pass tools in the morning. I have fix time in morning and evening for stool pass. I take normal drinking water and avoid from chilled items.
    I need clear motion and stop formation of gas. Kindly advice. My age is 41 years.

    best regards


    • I have gas problem, sometimes it becomes very hectic, results headache. I request you please prescribe me a good homeopathic medicine for permanent cure. I am 46year old and my weight is approx 65kg. Please help me

  337. Satish Mhaske says:

    Is your clinic located in pune ?

  338. Sri Rupom Basumatary says:

    I am suffering from last 7 year for gastric problem. no one doctor can help me. The problems are stool is very dry, ace of stomach, headache, ace of backbone, nausea. Like nurve problem. when the gas become much. then all body becomes very cool. the fingers are become to bend. Please sir tell me. What type of gestric? And what the medicine for it. ((i have done ultrasound,x- ray, all kinds of blood test. And Ctscan whole abdomen. But all are normal results.

  339. Rajiv sharma says:

    Sir. I hv excessive gas formation, even if I take water it’s converted in to gas. Gas sourronds around neck, back,chest and it comes out of mouth, very small qty is passed through rectum. This gas causes severe constipation. Suffering from this problem past 5 years. Gss get stuck in between stools and until gas passes, stool also does not pass, stools is very dry and hard. Need to sit very long time in toilet.

    • Dear Sir,

      I am 19+ years having gastric trouble for last 3 years.
      Excessive gas formation, pain in lower abdomen, gas often moving upwards near chest & throat causing great discomfort with feeling of nausea throughout the day. Any food seems to be problematic. I have taken a lot of medicines like antacids of all sorts – which works for very little time.
      Would be grateful if you kindly suggest remedy.
      Thanks & Regards


  340. Deboo chandra Das says:

    Good morning sir
    I am suffering from upper right abdomen pain and floating when. I prees upper right abdomen I feel pain ultrasonography conclusion is fatty liver grade 1 I need your help sir

  341. I have a problem of gas bloating in the small intestine and causing pain at my back and at the left chest close to the heart..i also ruminate sower liquid.

  342. rinku gautam says:

    Mere pet m gas ban jati hai sir dabai kha kha thak gaya

  343. Thank you,please send more about it .

  344. p.r.n.s.sai says:

    Dear Dr.Sarma,
    I have gastric problem since long time. indigestion was there since childhood.I am 56 yrs old now.
    I am taking homeo liocally. But, excessive gas is produced in abdomen and gets released
    all the day and night through rectum. some times after passing motion, it gets
    reduced. some foul smell is also emitted . bowl syndrome is sometimes seen. I done have
    any contipation problem. some times when food is not digested, it results in 2 to 3 motions(loose).
    The gastric problem is chronic now.please suggest homeo remedies.

  345. Taimur Riaz says:

    hello , My name is taimur , i am 31 years old and i a suffering from gas problem and fart like a machine . I have no pain in stomach , no burning , no burps only gas fro large intestine and its making me crazy , i have taken medicine but when ever i leave them it starts again after some days , i also took homeo med for very long time but when i leave them its starts again , i took carbo veg and natruim phosp for few days but no relief , help me out

  346. Sir,
    Iam suffering from bloating of stomach with pain. I tried allopathic medicines but once they are stopped the problem occurs again.
    I have got addicted to eating raw rice suddenly off late. And after trying a lot too, still not able to stop myself.
    please help

  347. Sir.I am suffering from gastric since many years I will get abdominal pain frequently, all reports came normally. English medicines are showing only temporary effect, please show me permanent solution

  348. Bimal Kumar Samantaray says:

    I am suffering in gastric problem since 5 yr. I usually consultant with allopathic doctor but it’s repeatedly happened after I stop medicine. Will u please suggest for treatment in homoeopathy.

  349. Ghulam Sarwar says:

    Sir,I have been suffering from gas and bloating nearly for 3 years.My age is 52 years.It starts after 12 am in night.I used different kind of medicine(not homeopathic)but they did nothing.I need your help sir. Ghulam Sarwar Pakistan kpk

  350. Inonge kajoba says:

    How can I be helped with gases

  351. Dear Dr

    To be brief my self 39yrs male…having polycystic kidney in both..bp controlled by cilacar10 and zaart50…with straight back syndrome ,functional systolic murmer with structruly normal heart…when pkd diagnosed I hav panic attack symptoms which was treated and Dr stopped my concern is I hav gastric problems which result in palpitation of heart for some times in some days…which cannot be cusin is a dr sujested aconite,carboveg,adonis….but none of the medicine made me cure.pls help me out as it is very worse situation when this happens in my body.Thanks in advance. Waiting for ur valuable advise

  352. Ajit gorai says:

    Sir, I am face gas problem last 10 year . so last one your I take allopathic medicine omaze 20 . I am fine but I started homophobic medicine please help me.
    Thanking you.

  353. Bandana Ram says:

    Respected Sir.. I m a 28year old female. I got diagnosed with high b.p two months ago. Since then i m suffering from severe acidity, gas, bloating, constipation. Sir please kindly prescribe homeopathic medicine for my ailments.

  354. Sudesh sooda says:

    Sir I am 61 yrs old has been suffering from a cute gastric problem for the last four yrs. My stomach is bloated, gas doesn’t pass, feel uneasy and blood pressure increases sometime 200 /100. Doctors till date had been treating me for BP in spite of telling them the reason for BP. I have constipation problem off and on. Kindly prescribe homeopathic medicine for my problem please.

  355. DIPEN DEY says:

    Respected Doctor, I Dipen Dey suffering gastritis and digestive problem last 15 years. Every day after taking principle meal I am suffering acidic reaction. Afternoon felling bowels problem and system is not clear properly every day. Some day in afternoon felling serious headache and vomiting problem. Two or three days after this problem stool clear with like some jelly and I feel much better. But the problem is come back again. Please Sir save me, and send a prescription about this to me as early as possible.

    Thanks & regards.

    Mr. Dipen Dey.

    (M) 9475825602

  356. SANKAR PRADHAN says:

    I have acidity and gastritis problem. I feel buring after lunch and in the moring. I was well during
    alopathy treatment for six months treatment. I am not interest to have pan group medicine.
    Please advice homeopathy medicine.

  357. Gbum peter says:

    Hi Dr. When ever i eat, i offen belch bring back undigest food from my stomach to my mouth. What can i do stop it.

  358. Sir
    I am suffering from acidity kindly help the medicine

  359. Subhashree says:

    Sir , my 32months baby( 14.5kg) suffering from acidity and gas (not passing ) but frequent passing burp. Not interested to have food and vomiting sensation while the time of acidity . what to give . He is very active kid by mature.

  360. Having severe gas and bloating .haven’t had periods in the last 1year .exercise regularly and eat very healthy diet . Also am lactose free

  361. Elaine Stocker says:

    Dr. Sharma my stomach has been very bloated and than stomach began to hurt. Bowels are regular. I went to doc and had C SCAN with contrast. Didn’t see anything Went to specialist. Right away he suggested colonoscopy.????. I don’t agree I am eliminating lots of gas
    Stomach is going down Pain is there. When I wake in morning I feel no pain. I think it is GAS that is around in stomach causing pain. WHAT SHALL I DO

  362. Prof. D.M.Banerjee says:

    Severe gas, burping ALL THE TIME, even in empty stomach or after food. Gets tired of burping for last one year. Gastrointestinal doctors call is AEROPHAGIA to which I do not agree. I keep my mouth shut and do not allow air to swallow. Even then the problem persists. I take Medicines for Angina with two stents in right arties in 2010 along with H2 Blockers for acidity for the last 10 years or so. Carbo Veg 30 liquid three times a day did not help. Suggest alternate medication

  363. severe gas., after taking food immediately stomach buldge like balloon., age 48yr., your above mentioned medicine & exercise useful . kindly send more details.tx

  364. Ashok Chaudhary says:

    Dear Dr. Saheb ,

    I have acute problem of gas and acidity and at the same time i also have irritation at my rectum mouth , please help me what to do ?

  365. Khan MD Sohel Siddique says:

    My sister is suffering from Acute Myolaid Lukemia. Is it curable by Homeopathy?

  366. Nityanand Bhandari says:

    sir, i have ulcerative colitis since 2 yrs. please let me know if there is any treatment for uc.

  367. Problem is with my mother .she is 65 years old. Suffering from gas n heigh bp problem. She mostly feel feverish having infection in throat n constipation also. She also suffering from dry cough from 30 yyear reports always comes normal. but her dry cough is increasing instead of curing.

    Waiting for ur precious reply

  368. Stomach bloated and painful
    Uncomfortable no appetite.
    What medicine in homeopathy
    Required for relief

  369. I suffer from gas and contipation.gas becomes acute at around 4pm and cause discomfort.i am tking bc25 dr reckeweg And have started nv 200 from 12th feb pl advise:

  370. balasivareddy says:

    sir,my stomuch is allways produsing gas due to below the chest is always pain full sothat is the reasen iam not sleeping well in night times

  371. Partha Pratim Mondal says:

    Sir, i am eating carbo veg 200 part day 2 time . but i have no satisfy for Stool Problem.
    Please Advise . Thankyou

  372. ioannis vlahos says:

    Over a month, struggling with bloating, coughing, checked with Dr. did test, Gave me first antibiotics, then syrup,flatuna, symptoms still resist, noise in my stomach,whizling. when I go to sleep.

  373. Ghulam Rasool malik says:

    My digestive system is upset since long time suffering from gas problem.if gas pases regularly than there is no problem. If it doesn’t passes it causes extreme pain at the back side of my head including ears.if I uses some medicine than it causes relief .I often remain in stress and tension. Kindly suggest me some advice. I shall be thankful to you…

  374. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I suffer from gastroparesis which causes my stomach not to empty properly. I have severe heartburn, bloating, gas, and bowel spasms. Is there any homeopathic remedy that would help my symptoms?

    Thank you!

  375. niraj dutta says:

    sir good evening , myself niraj .. sir muje gas and acidity ko problm ho rhi h kuch time se .. mene bhut se doctors ko bhi bta diya h and bhut si chize bhi chod di h jo avidity ko bdate h… and sonography and ECG and all krva chuka hu sir.. abhi tk jyada fark nhi h… thoda sa khana khate hi lgta h pet full ho gya… bar bar dakar aati h and lgta h khati ulti k sath bahr aa jayga .. sir give me suggetion please.. help me. i am waiting for your reply sir.
    thank u

  376. renu singh says:

    sir meri mom ko last 24 years se gastric prblm hai mom k intestine blockage hua but due to some finance prblm unka operation ni ho paya and tb se unko gastric prblm hai now unki halt hai ki unki puri body gas form ho gyi hai headache bht jyada hota hai leg pain hmesa rehta hai irritating sa nature ho gya hai unka she is not able to eat anything like apple or other fruits or any juice or milk pls give me the solution she is not able to stand for more time. whole body is swelled by gas

  377. shivarathna says:

    Am 29yrs old,female
    Past 11 months,am suffering from gas formation problem
    Am suffering from epi gastric pain while lifting heavy objects,bending
    If i sit idle,there will be no pain.
    if i sit in a place for a long time around an hour,during journey excess gas forming in stomach
    If delay in taking food,gas forming
    Shortness of breath some times
    for past 1 week
    Homeo dr given me carb veg and lyco 30 for 4 months.i felt better 70 percent cured.
    Stoped taking pill.
    For severe cold,i started pepper for a week
    Again i got all my above said problems.
    Now again started lyco and cv 30 from yesterday

    Please help me

  378. santosh kumar says:


    mr doctor sharma
    i have problem gas a long time & my
    neck paining some time a lot ,so what is the best treatment homeopathy

    with best regard
    santosh kumar

  379. fahemunnisa says:

    Sir I am 49 years old female having breathing problem with gastric flatulence sice four years while gas occurs I feel very difficult to take breathing rarely I take inhailer to relax sans ka phoolna please prescribed a homoeopathy remedy thanks at all

  380. shakti Rakshit says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    i am 32 yrs from bangladesh. i have sever gastric problem. when i eat some oily food it disturb me a lot. sometimes my heart burn due to gas. please advice what medicine should i take and how much.

  381. Hi i m having a gastic problem from last 4 years i cant eat outside food ndi only eat light food like ghia carrot dal i m taking rebolac20 unienzyme nd darolac but i dont get a relief my test lft cbc ultrasound was ok but most of tje time i feel gas moves in my body nd it creats pain nd it was difficult to it when i pass it i got some relief

    • Hi i m having a gastic problem from last 4 years i cant eat outside food ndi only eat light food like ghia carrot dal i m taking rebolac20 unienzyme nd darolac but i dont get a relief my test lft cbc ultrasound was ok but most of tje time i feel gas moves in my body nd it creats pain nd it was difficult to it when i pass it i got some relief

  382. mahesh.kumar.singh says:…

  383. Abhijit Sen Sharma (Sengupta) says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I’m 65 years Male married having two children residing in Kolkata.
    The last BP recorded 160/100 on 5.1.2016.
    Overall health is fine but no regular defecation. Cold sensitive also unable to bear sun heat causing unbearable headache.
    Some weeks ago during night at around 12.45 am when I started suffering severe short breathing likely due to gas attack at that point of time I took Carbo Veg 30 liquid approx 7/8 drops but the symptom increased without any relieve but some days ago than this incident I got satisfactory relieve after taking 7/8 drops of Carbo Veg at night when the gas attack normally occurs to me.
    I seek your advice for a cure from Cough and Gas attack.
    Abhijit Sengupta – Kolkata- 72784 54074 avijitsengupta8 (at) gmail (dot) com 18.1.2016

  384. Hi Dr.Sharma. I have gas problem. I constantly have burping sounds in my stomach once after eating. I am working in night shift now. Only after that my situation has worsen. After having dinner my stomach starts burping all the time. Its really very embarrassing because my friends around me will also hear noises that my stomach makes. I frequently go to restroom and expel the gas although it dint work. My stomach still burps. How to treat this borborygmi disease. Kindly advise how to stop this

  385. gas problem since 2007 now it goes to head and became foggy unable to sleep properly kindly suggest

  386. gasproblem since 2007 now it goes to head and became foggy unable to sleep properly kindly suggest

  387. Arindam Sinha says:

    there is not only gastric problem..but also problem of inside pain in belly the inside pain is the cause of gas..what I do..

  388. avnish yadav says:

    i have gastric problemby that headacche take place,and i also suffering from piles.since 2002.kindly do help.

  389. I have serious problem due to excessive gas formation in stomach.I have to release gas through rectum several times during the day . It results into bloating , flauttlant and constipation and some time mild pain in stomach. there is always a feeling of incomplete removal of stool and as if the stool is blocked in rectum. Many a times the stool is so hard that it do not come out from rectum and get struck and had to be removed by penetrating finger.
    Can it be cured pemanently? How much time it will take? Please advise.

  390. Alison denton Lyon says:

    Im a 63 year old woman who has been a paraplegic for 43 years. I would keep well if it wasn’t for the trouble I have with my intestines. I get a lot of bloating and gas. I also get pain in my back. Like a spasm. It can be right or left . It doesn’t seem to matter, except where I get it hurts, like someone turning up a pain dial, like a labour contraction. Often it is accompanied by burping or maybe passing gas. It doesn’t usually help me.
    I have a remedy maker so I can make remedies if you can suggest anything. I also see a gp who is a homeopath but we haven’t got to the root of my problem. I make and drink my own kefir and kombucha. I eat wheat free, dairy free ( apart from kefir) and very low sugar. I seem to pick up salmonella and strep pyrogens fairly frequently. I even had the polio virus on last visit. I’m in the middle of an attack jowl lower left side although it started in the right. What is it and how do I prevent it. Please

    I seem to pick up

  391. Yasir khan says:

    Excessive gas after eating food no other problem.
    For one or two hour.

  392. sir
    am 25 years old female and my probelm is I want to get out my gas from my stomach but I cant do it when the gas comes out from my stomach its makes me streesful .and I need ur help

  393. premananda mishra says:


  394. 41 yrs Male. Recently 2-3 hrs after having a spicy Basmati Rice Meal in a restaurant, my stomach bloated up like a balloon. Lot of gurgling noises are coming out from the stomach. Lycopodium helped immediately to reduce the discomfort, but sometime later the bloating & noises again resumed. Stools are black & sticky, but solid. Stomach feels hard, when I am bending down to tie my shoestrings. It caused deep embarrassment to me at a meeting.

  395. nandini mishra says:

    dear sir
    i am suffering from excessive gas problem,bloating belly,indigestionwhich is severe in afternoon after taking my meal.constipaion problem for last 8 age is 47. i like sweets
    n mishra

  396. srikanta bej says:

    Hello sir, my name is srikanta bej,25 yearsmy height is 5.9″ and weight is 48 kg, my body structure is not improve and i too thin .when eat food 35 minutes after my body, come pain and doesnot hand&leg are too thin what can i do? please suggest me i i can improve my body as well as strength.Thank you.

  397. majharuddin says:

    sir mai 6 saal se pareshan hun. 200 times belching. 25 to 30 times niche se gas .pet me jalan.excess gas .mucos in stool . 5 to 6 times undigested stool and sometimes dirrea. doctor se dikhvaya but cure nahi hota hai sab kahte hai ibs hai

  398. Santosh Kumar says:

    Sir Mai 24 years ka Hu. Mujhe Gass hai aur kabhi kabhi sans lene Mai dikat hoti hai. Sans ko jor se khichna padta hai aur bechan ho jata Hu . Please sir mujhe koi medicine bataye.

  399. raffay khan says:

    Hello doctor , i am writing regarding my problem with burping. The problem that i have been facing since the past 6 months is that any thing i eat or drink seems to be stuck in my stomach and i feel extremely bloated , and the only way i feel relief is by burping it out , but the most discomfortable feeling is that i can’t burp , it feels like a huge burp is stuck inside after drinking or eating any thing and then i have to contract my stomach swirl my self is different stupid positions crunch my stomach left to right , up and down, so only this burp would come out and i would get some relief but all that comes out are small burps which drives me insane , i have tried every thing from PPI to betaine HCL with pepsin to homeopathic medicines ever thing , but still no relief at all , i have gone to various doctors and all seem to prescribe me the same PPIs , unfortunately no one is grasping the cause of my situation and how awfully annoying and discomfortable it is , after trying every thing from all sort of drop, tablets, strict diet for the past 6 months i have received no relief such so ever , please i am in need of some desperate serious help , this problem has driven me insane , i can’t eat or drink ant thing, i just want my normal life back when i can eat or drink ant thing without thinking of this feeling afterwards , i faced the same problem 10 months ago and after a week it was gone , but this time its been there for the past 6 months please i need ur help please. Thanks

  400. Chandra Sekhar Babu.Ch says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings.Thank you for your service.
    I am 52 years old male, lives in Hyderabad.
    I am taking medicines for diabetics and BP regularly since 5years. Since one year I have developed gas.
    I am getting belchings frequently early in the morning when I wake up and after meal and when I am hungry. Some times not severe and dome times sevete when I eat at irregular times. Some homeo gave Rubrum, when I used that gas was subsided substantially.But when I take the same, not much results. Please advise.

  401. dharmesh patel says:

    I have gas trouble in my left side of stumc

  402. Sir,
    i am constantly having constipation ,pain, uneasiness in the left lower side and all around navel get some relief after flatulence.I am suffering from CAD with hypothyroid .Metabolism is slow.Not able to digest in time. age =50,Heirght=5’5” color ..wheat,nature -soft,rashi–.Pisces.Also suffering from premature ejaculation.

  403. krishna bahadur says:

    mera heart ke ass pass pain hota hai.kvi kvi matha goomta hai.karib 5yrs.gas ki medicin lens per thik hota hai.homeopathy ka kya upay hai?mere age 42 yrs.


    I have much more gas, when gas foam, my head pain start.what am I doing? work pressur increase acidity more gain.what type food I have taken?

  405. manjeet singh says:

    I am patient of gas and stone

  406. subrahmanyamkvs says:

    good evening doctor, l am suffering frequently with stomach ache, the pain is sometimes wavy form and sometimes at lower abdomine. I used to get this pain in different times ie. early morning , before noon and evening hours. I got checked up at gastro it was told that the gas is non errosive. Besides this I got urinary bladder thicked wall and narrowed urinary tract. due to this the urine infection resulted often. due to these two abnormalities Iam unable to had pr oper remidial measure for my stomach ache. hence itis requested to suggest suitable madicine for gerid of my problem. I used to take matrogyl and Pantopojole 40 to subsidise my pain it works for cerain period.

  407. shovan kumar biswal says:

    I have suffering from acidity last 7months. After eat morning breckfast 30min. after stomach burning and checht burning and uneasy felling.

  408. Apurv Sawant. says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Good Day! Greetings of festive season.

    I have been suffering from abdominal gases since last 2 years. I develop gases irrespective of what I eat. This lead to bulging of stomach like balloon. It become very uncomfortable. Since I have develop said symptoms my energy lies at lower levels and I don’t feel like participating in physical activities. I have also observed rise body weight.
    For same, I have taken alopathic, Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatments. But unfortunately didn’t yield good results. As long as medicines course is continued I feel better and post course back to normal.
    I had done course of Veg Carbo and Nux Vomica. But it too didnt give any significant results.
    I kindly request you to please advice treatment for same.

  409. Respected Doctor,

    My wife have gas problem two days in every month.. can you tell me why its heppen and what we can do for resolve it………

    Thank in advance doctor….

  410. Mayur lakhani says:

    I suffer from gas n hyperacidity problem whenever I consume hotel food n alcohol, also when Ieat oily n spicy food I have to go to washroom 5-6 times a day , req you to guide me to get rid of these problems, regards Mayur.

  411. Respected Doctor
    I have pain in right hand to leg when i do exercise it passes out gas and pain finish but when i do not move my hand n leg it feel pain a lot.what should i take in homeo medicine

  412. After eating or even before I keep on belching and getting gas very frequently between 5-10 minutes interval. Am hypertebsive and taking BP medine Lotarsan HCTZ and mobic for osteoarthritis pain.
    This gas is quite uncomfortable.

  413. very good description of mention dose of China 30 . per day


  414. I am suffering from stomach bloating from my childhood &now I m 40 yrs. I have no constipation ,no feel of acidity then why it happens pls tell me the cure to get rid off totally???

  415. bhavika tadvi says:

    I am suffering from gas problem and unsatisfactry stool in small quntity,all problems are arise after the typhoid fever..suggest the homoeopathic medicine for my trouble

  416. Hello doctor,
    before three months i fell sick with diarrhea since then im facing gas problem and because of that i somethimes not able ro take a deep breath easily. Please give me a solution how i can get rid of this problem and get back normal again

    • I got an operation a few few years for have to much heartburn n the acid coming up when I slept N I for the last year or so been having to much gas day n day out n I can’t control it l been with a lot of diarrhea for about nine months now now is gotten to the point that I can’t control my bowels A lot of diarrhea it is gotten so bad now I don’t know the difference I’m only 62 and I don’t know what to do and I don’t have a life now a lot of times I even have to cancel my appointments because At lest minute Zaria comes again he’s gotten to the point that I have to wear pull-ups now I’ve tried everything change my eating habits don’t drink milk Tony cheese don’t need eggs been trying to stick to liquids but I can’t hold the liquids either been going on like nine months now please help me doctors can’t find what it is I don’t have a life thank you so much God bless

  417. Abha Upadhyay says:

    I am 49 yrs old , having formation of gas causing headache. problem is very old but now increasing with age. pl suggest homeo treatment

  418. Mujhe 3 4 din se stomach main bhari pan phula hua or pain ho raha h ,bhukh lag rhi h pr theek se nhi kha pa rhi hun
    Washroom bhi 1 2 bar hi gyi hun
    Plzs tell me what should i do

  419. Adrees Ahmad says:

    I have gas and acidity and tension (Anxity) always my abdomen is full of gas its give me pressure on chest. mind is very sensitive

    pl. suggest me perfect medicine with dose

  420. suresh c raval says:

    I have gas and acidity and tension (Anxity) always my abdomen is full of gas its give me pressure on chest. mind is very sensitive

    pl. suggest me perfect medicine with dose

  421. Hello Doctor,
    Iam Turjo. I Have a gas problem for the last 1 year. I did take medicines, but it doesn’t work that much.Well, I didn’t continuously take my medicines anyway.
    If there is any kinds of medicine that works instantly?
    or i have to take medicines regularly?

  422. Hello Doctor,

    I am suffering from IBS for the last 4 years. I am taking medicines also.but problem still persists.Could you please suggest foods should I take & avoid and better medicine for this IBS Problem? Thanks.


  423. Past few months itself I’m having heavy chest pain and gradually shifted to backside I’m having highBP so my family member suffered it’s like symptoms of heart attack please give me a solution

  424. Iboko emmanuel says:

    Iam suspecting ulser of which i have finish taken jawasil still im still feeling the pain up to my right hand and leg infact i dont know the next medicine to go for

  425. Abdullah Ansari says:

    My Wife suffering from excessive burping and feeling pain continuously at the anus. Especially at the time of Menses Very pain full pain. Pain increasing in FAN AIR , fan ki speed kam kardain to pain kam hojata ha. or fan off kardain to bohat skoon milta ha. Garam sikaai se pain kam hojata ha bohat relief milta ha. 10 years se ha. Please HELP

  426. Kamal Mostofa says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I an suffering from excessive burping and feeling pain continuously at the upper right shoulder blades. first, air fills up my stomach and taking out the air from my mouth. I don’t have any acidity. Please tell me what should I do? I cannot sleep and sitting on the bed all nights because of excessive burping.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you

  427. kaushal jha says:

    I am suffering from incomplete evacuation from last 6 months. I have the urge to go again and again to the washroom. I suffer from heavy gastric problem also. from last 3-4 days I am taking nux vomica, there is some relief in the evacuation. But, after taking the medicine a very strong burning sensation occurs below the chest and continues almost half the day.

    Please, share your valuable suggestions.

  428. Debdulal Mandal says:

    I often belch and gas flows downward. It is very problematic. The gas smells bad. I have been suffering from this for a long time. Pls help me

  429. Ranjit kumar says:

    Sir, my son is 3 year he do not like to eat any thing. If we pressure to eat than he vomiting. He daily one time vomiting. His homeoglobin is only 7.9. We done all type of blood test but nothing result found. Sir pls suggests some good homeopathic medicine for vomiting and gas. Also for increasing homeoglobin level.

    • nafisa alam says:

      Dear sir sufferingom acidity problem for five yrs gallbladder removed two yr back everyday twenty four hour suffering gas moves and pain in left side of chest sometime right doctor say suffering from gets ribs nerves problem what should I do do you have any suggestions for me please help fr

  430. Hello,

    My son has hives internally and externally. The internal hives cause embarrassing gas at school. We regularly give him ginger and mint which help temporarily.

    Thanks for your advice!

  431. Gd morning. This is ariff,a student of homoeopathy. My father aged 49 is severely sufferung from hickups since 2 days along with cough (dry). It making him very sick nd fever with a temp-101° . He took NUX VOM. 2X yesterday. Please help him to get relief from this. I want him to be get cured by homoepathy.

  432. I m age of 34 .after eating I have problem belching again & again & more gas produced in body pain in left hand& leg only . if gas is passes so time pain will be goan. Some time hartbun will be causes . if more gas produce I can’ t sleep at that night.please suggest me

  433. Farida Rushdi says:

    I have severe gastric problem where I cannot eat much and all the time I feel there is something in my chest region which makes me feel claustrophobic I can’tut my head on the pillow and I feel anxiety and get panic attacks as I am always full up with gas I tried yoga Ayurvedic med homeopathy and no results plz help me

  434. Hello sir I m in badly gastric trouble since three years and not freash properly in the morning plz suggest me. I m 29 years old woman

  435. Sir,

    From past few days i am having belch problem. Sometimes it came randomly one by one. Kindly suggest me.

  436. Harjinder singh says:

    Hi I am harjinder Singh from delhi n am diabetic and blood presser patient bt from the last 3 months I feel that my heart heavy and blocked ..plz suggest some medicine

  437. vidya sagar says:

    I am suffering from the gas, direction of vas is reverse coming from mouth, and most of the time feeling back pain. When gas is release getting relive but after 5 minutes and same back pain is coming. Please suggest some accurate homeopathy medicine to cure.

  438. Abdominal pains says:

    Dr,I am experiencing stomach pains and bloating as a result suffering gas,when I sit on the toilet and pass this gas I feel a bit relieved of my stomach pain,I am also tired all the time with no energy even after 6-8 hours sleep and when it comes to sex it takes me a long time to get erect or ejaculate it seems not to be functioning 100% down below please advise my problem.Thanks.

  439. Sir I have gas problem since 6 months shown 2 doctors Ayurvedic & English still bit pain in chest how to cover the pain wt can I do plz give suggestion to cover fully pain

  440. padma thapa chetry says:

    sir, when I suffer in gas problem gas comes to my upper side of my chest. that time my breath will like stop. I can’t breathe properly in this case what should I do? Please help me. .

  441. debesh mohanty says:

    how long to continue carboveg 200 (liquid), i have been using for last 1 month and now i am feeling fine. Pl advice whether I should continue this medicine or shall i take only for controlling excessive gas. i.e. as per requirement.

    Also pl comfirm is there any medicine for permanant cure for IBS

  442. RAJBALLAV SAHOO says:

    sir, i am suffering gas and indigestion. please suggest me some homeo medicine

  443. Mrs. Kamat S says:

    Since last 10 days gas problem has started in chest n I feel pressure of gas in my food pipe, throat, n chest. Pain is at times piercing. There is also pain in my belly. Sometimes sour acids come to my mouth. I take lime juice with ginger n salt in the morning which gives slight relief. I also tried Carbo Veg 200, 4 pills two times. Please suggest medicine. I am 55 years age n eat veg foods mainly n sum times fish.

  444. pradeep nahata says:

    Shortness of breathing n yawning from two days it feels like grasping air from outside

  445. Gud evenin doctor pls I hv a problem wit my Tommy am silm person nd resently I started developin big Tommy inessential I tot is my food so I stp tkin break fast cos wen ever I tk any little amount of food my Tommy ll b vry big nd I ll stll b hungry even if jst 2spoon of food my Tommy ll increase asif I ate da whole food in da pot I complain I pple said is gas pls wht shld I do to reduce da Tommy pls any hm remdi

  446. Meerabo Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having gas problem from long time and it forms gas around at 6 pm .

    I am doing exercise regularly but still having problem.

    What should I do ?

  447. I am a 23 yrs old man .and facing problem constipation , headaches from last 2 week.why should I do?



  449. R/sir
    my mother was in a great pin since yesterday,she is neither able to breath properly nor can take a sleep ,as she was a gastric patient since a long period we are guessing its due to gastric …she is feeling a strong moving pain in upper to lower back …what steps to be taken immediately please suggest…..what wfoods to be given or what precations to be taken…

  450. Vishal Sharma says:

    I am badly affected from gastric and acidity problem. After meal i feel constipation, irritation, feeling like vomiting, pain in abdomen, heart beat fast, headache pain, eyes pain etc. I take alcohol thrice in month. avoid oily meals but no relief. kindly suggest me some medicines or tips.



  451. balwant kumar says:

    gastic problem acidity since 2 years back suggest me medicine to correct it

  452. Kamalkumar chavala says:

    I am sufferng with gas trouble

  453. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am sufuring gas from last six month. When I have my food & take water 30-45 minute after food ; gas generate and so many times food come out along with gas.
    Then I fill better again it comes after having food .
    When ever I have simple food also and drink water undigested food come out .
    When I have and go to bed for two hours problem is not come seriously
    Pls guide me

  454. M.tahir Naeem says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma
    I am suffering from a different type of gas problem since 2 months. My respirartion gets suddenly narrow in belly area and i feel as if I am about to pass and my heart will stop beating.This problem becomes life threatning at night during sleep. After passing gas situation becomes better but this happens sporadically. please help me out as I remain afraid almost round the clock due to this problem. i am also chronic patient of apnic disordership and current problem is enhancing PAD very much. I also feel some bloating in belly area. since when this problem started I am not feeling easy in my respiration as usual. Thaks . may u live long
    M.tahir age-52

  455. In general above informations are good.But there is very important and I say threatining problem occurs as I am suffering which is not even touched here. problem is congestion in respiration due to gas formation which is amazingly produced in belly area perhapes intestines hold gas due to some disorder. When respiration suddenlt gets narrow ,some time dangerously narrow, the sufferer feels as he is about to pass and his heart will stop. please include this problem in your data and inform about suitable homeo medicines for that.


  457. Dear Sir I m felling minor pain and pressor downside of my chest left side what i do

  458. kaberi Chatterhee says:

    Dear sir ,

    Every day in evening i got stomack pain

    so please suggest one homeo medecine

  459. Sir, I am suffering from cronic gas problem. generally I have slight pain and tightness in the upper abdomen. It effects and puts pressure on my heart. I got the endoscopy done. Some pollips were observed in the intestine/pipe. I am a hyper sensitive person and had excess acidity formation.
    Can you please recommend some homeopathy medicine to overcome and treat this cronic gas problem?

    I shall be thankfull


    • Madhu nemani says:

      I had an opretion in 2012 for utres remov and there is complication in intestine I had obstretion in my intestine after that now I am suffring from acut gas formation and feel very uncomfertable so kindly suggest some treatment

  460. I began experiencing excessive belching in my mid-40s without diet changes or anything else other than the onset of perimenopause. I sometimes walk the floor at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. trying to get the air out so I can sleep. I was on Reglan for about 3 years, which helped; however, I started slurring my words and biting my tongue frequently, so I stopped taking it. The withdrawal symptoms were disturbing and lasted for one month. I’ve tried probiotics, simethicone, etc. but nothing works. I’ve changed my diet (I do not eat meat) without any luck. I do not swallow a lot of air when I eat – or any other time, nor do I drink sodas. My gastroenterologist noticed that my stomach did not hold air well during a procedure to determine the cause of my problem. When I eat some foods, such as salmon, I will burp it up for 12 hours. It is now 2:40 a.m. and I am very frustrated. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

  461. biraj halder says:

    Hallo Dr. Sharma I have fill very badly tiredness when I walk up and at evening I fell very tiredness and now my B/P-70/110 . I felt that a big gases formed in my stomac. So plz help me with this..

  462. I have a gastric problem, very dirty smell comes out with air. Sometimes I feel pain in stomach after eating food, specially before passing stool. Please suggest some homeo medicine according to my symptoms.

  463. Latoya Moore says:

    The symptoms I am having are bloating real bad after I eat,burping,shortness of breath,anxiety, the doctor’s in the ER is saying im have GERD but im not having no pain anywhere I can swallow my food good ,no or very little heartburn I just dont understand.

  464. Motion not cleared and much gas problem

  465. kulprit singh says:

    Any meal even water pain in chest

  466. kalyan kumarbose says:

    tremor of hand not severe. age 68 maintininggood health by yoga exercises.

  467. Why buttocs pains and below the buttocs pains are occured?

  468. Hi…sir
    I have gas problem from past 1 year …I
    I felt paining near heart everyday…when I go to sleep…I can’t sleep straightly…I felt like I’m getting heart attack…
    After I hv my food…I felt very pain in back part
    Main pain is in my heart region….
    Please SIR……tell me solution

  469. ahiama patricia says:

    I am a diabetic patient. I gas often and suffer from constipation. what natural therapy can I take to stop this constant gassing and constipation. I eat vegetables, beans and unriped plantain on regular basis. I stool at least twice a day, yet I gas often why?. I want solution to this challenge. please, help me. it is embarrassing to gas all day. thanks. Waiting for your prompt response.

  470. satish singh says:

    my mother age 58year his upper abdomen swelling and no gas passing and pain in leg back side plz help me

  471. Puran Pradhan says:

    I am 58(fifty-eight) years old. Doctors have diagnosed my problems as IBD/IBS, proctitis, colitis. There is gurgling in the stomach in the evening and slight pain in the right side below the ribs, excessive gas. In the morning, I take two glasses of mild hot water, then gas starts coming out. I have to take a glass of tea, walk here and there, then only I can go to toilet. I am suffering from ankylosing spondylisis (HLAB27, stiff back and neck). Most probably I am suffering from gastric problem, Irritable bowel(Inflammatory) syndrome, anxiety. Little food distresses in the evening and night. I feel the food passing very slowly. I feel the gas staying staying the stomach, and give relief if it passes by. Slight anxiety and tension gives me headache and cannot sleep properly. Please suggest what more information to furnish.

  472. I have been suffering fro gastric problem 15 yrs my age is a days I feel my foods are stop at breast I cant breath properly and knight always I feel heart attack so cant sleep well. I using pentrocid but it gives only temporary sollution to me. can u please help me in this regard

  473. My Hus daily facing gastric problem after eating in the night.2-3 hrs after eating he is finding bubbles pushing towards throat. With this he is not getting nice sleep. After taking gelisul syrup he will get relax.

  474. Navneet Awasthi says:

    My wife is having problem of constipation and acaccumulation of gas in various parts of body eg stomach, legs, hands,head etc. Please suggest remedy for it. My 08126908967

  475. I have gastric problem gas regularly passes throu mouth & my left hand & leg is pain continuas what is a parment solution .please

  476. Ankur Gupta says:

    I am 38 years old and suffering from severe stomach problems. For past four years I am suffering from dyspepsia and now I do not feel like eating. My stomach is bloated and doctor says it is due to ibs. I have got all the tests done and taking medicines but no relief. Please advise.

  477. Alex simons says:

    dear Doctor,I,m 82 years old person,I had a bye pass surgery 22 years ago,I have diabetic now under control,(Amee Pareikh)given homeo drops and metffil veg 2.This gas problem I,m having since many years,may be 50 years.i avoid dal cabbage,brocli,patoto,Apple ,Thursday dal,medu voda,etc,vada I eat some times,most of the gas item I avoide,
    Since 3 days I took ABIES NIGRA 200 ,5 pills 4 times a day,I feel better,I,m using Carbo Veg,China,lyco,,for Vertigo I take Nat Mur 200′ I read Homeo book I took,these items ,
    For ear pus discharge,Myristica 200,Merc sol 200,Pulscetila 200,.
    So doctor I,m confused,how to treat my gas,I,m being old I don’t take more allopathic medicine,for heart I,m taking 8 type of medicine,please advise doctor what to do next,please advise,thanks you lot,

  478. pramod Bhondekar says:

    Sir my age r 32.I m suffering gas problem at last 10 year.I have done all type of test such as citi abnormal,andoscopy,sonography etc more then 2 time to tha different different nagpur but test result normal.but i m suffring too much gas problme daily more then 170 time.I m totally plz give me pH no 09827480679

  479. Aftab Hussain Kapoor says:

    Dear sir ‘ I am sufring from constipation and gastric problem since about 37 years when i was a student . One day i was sleeping after lunch i awoke up with a greatest suffocation st that time i did not know why it was ? i feel comfort with gas releases . now it is effecting my mind ‘vision readyvitency and memory . ifell not comfort at any time after eating it seems to me if i shell take full breath my abdomin will brust .never i fell my rectum is empty . if you may tell me the treatment free of charges i shell be thankfull . that’s why i can not afor your fee .

  480. Aftab Hussain Kapoor says:

    Dear sir ‘ I am sufring from constipation and gastric problem since about 37 years when i was a student . One day i was sleeping after lunch i awoke up with a greatest suffocation st that time i did not know why it was ? i feel comfort with gas releases . now it is effecting my mind ‘vision readyvitency and memory . ifell not comfort at any time after eating it seems to me if i shell take full breath my abdomin will brust .never i fell my rectum is empty .

  481. Dr Sharma

    Lately I have been having bouts of severe gas and bloating with stomach ache.

    When I have an empty stomach the condition is worse.

    I have to eat to relieve the symptoms and then immediately after consuming food or beverage I want to go to the toilet.

    I also have a noticeable pain running down the left side of my body starting at my waist through the butt area and stops at the top of my left back leg.

    What is this problem I have and how can it be treated successfully with lessened symptoms or better still no symptoms.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  482. Arpita Mukherjee says:

    For last seven years I am suffering from a pain of right lower part of my stomach covering the right side up to the middle portion of lower back bone.I experience strong pain in the stated area for few fixed dates of every months.It is 10-12 days before period.Within that period each and everything I eat,feel as if converted into gas and excessive gas creates pressure and pain goes on increasing.During this time I suffer constipation type problem.I consulted with Homeopath,Ayurvedic and modern medical consultant but could not get the desired result.Please advice me through your valuable knowledge.Thank you

  483. very good info
    Really helpful
    Thank you

  484. B JAYAKRISHNA says:

    Good Morning Dr,
    my name is jayakrishna my age iam live in india my stomach is no bloating and some times pain in chest and i have consult the cardilogist no heart problems but is form in gas because pain in chest sometimes repeat the problem plz complete remove in gas in my body why i have eat only vegetables and no cool drinks and but eating is very fast plz help me doctor plz replay in my mail
    thank You

  485. Sohail Hameed Butt says:

    1. Oftently slight pain followed by semi solid or semi loose motion .
    Gas after 2 hours of eating meal .
    After motion feel pleasure .
    Don’t wish to eat curry with chilli ,oil , meat because think it will cause same situation as described 1.
    After getting treatment . Same condition after 2,3 days.
    Cool abdomen also result no 1 .
    Usually take Nux voice 200 .
    Please suggest ?


    Dear sir,

    Gas forms very heavily, in the morning session is better whwn ever take esmoprazole tablet, after lunch it bumps to up continuouslly, so no work was moved, and in the evening wen gas forms suddenly headeness happened upto eat, in that time looking like dead ciondition, some days homeo medicines are worked after some days not worked, now i am using english medicine but not completely under controlled,pls give your best suggestion

  487. My endoscopy shows gestric problum nd whre ultrasound shows cystitis(gas filed bowl loops in whole abdomen).i have been suffering frm gadtric problum alot plz give advise to take medicine…..i also feel pain around heart nd continouly vibration on upper abdomen nd also headache….

  488. Hello Dr.
    It’s been 3 months from now that I have been suffering from gas pain in my chest ,I hv done my ultra sound of the stomach, endoscopy, x ray of the chest,but all the reports are clear and normal,
    I dnt understand why there is so much gas trapped in and one more thing my gas does not pass out through the anus as before,it rises up into my chest and pains me,even if I empty my bowels I feel good but quickly gas fills in after my stools and it leaves me in utter pain,at present I am taking gastro tablets ,but still no relief, I feel better only if I tk flatuna tablets.
    What to do?and why has my flatuna stopped?

  489. Ambar Banerjee says:

    Hello doctor,

    Thanks for offering to interact on this portal to help those of us who feel distressed health wise.

    I am 48 years old, pure vegetarian, don’t eat excess of spice or salt or sweet, though fried items, milk preparations, etc are frequent in our house. My lipid profile is usually on the higher side till I control my diet and cut out the fried items and milk preparations. My problem is the following: Since the last about 1 month I have experienced frequent digestive upsets and heartburn (upper part of abdomen, close to chest feels under pressure, and I feel restless if I remain hungry for awhile, I experience occasional belching on empty stomach in the mornings, pass gas from anus (sometimes loud), etc.). I don’t feel too relieved from doing all this. I have chronic pain along side ribs on either side after waking up. Since the last month or so I was also experiencing giddiness, anger, etc. and my blood pressure (150/90) and lipid profile (250+) was observed to be moderately high. I cut down on fried items and milk preparations and started some light exercises. About ten days back a doctor prescribed me baryta carb 3x twice daily. After taking it I feel much better. Anger and giddiness have subsided by 90%. However, the pressure at my upper abdomen persists despite taking carbo veg 30 twice daily alternated with china 30 twice. Now-a-days I feel perennial heaviness at the junction of my chest and abdomen (a triangular area in this region disturbs me). I occasionally need to take deep breaths and when I do breathing exercises, the triangular region between my chest and abdomen feels sticky (doesn’t move as elastically with my breathing as I’d expect).

    Can you suggest what remedy I should take to feel better? If you need additional information I’d be glad to provide the same.

    Thank you.


  490. Savita bhatia. Age 59 says:

    Eaerly morning I don’t feel energetic and restless wake up after don’t do exercise walk I want take tea our body any side press before wake up 20 times Dakar Aate hai
    Please kindly suggest me carbo veg 30 and aconitine 30

  491. Niranjan Bhunia says:

    I have feel pain in left side of my chest.Most of time it occure after meal.Tell me please the actual cause and treatment.

  492. m s nalini says:

    I have lot of gas problems. Most time only night. Around the chest. What can i do? Say remedies or tablet. I am women. I am 46.

  493. manikandan says:

    Sir , more than 30 times out of gas in body per1 hour
    What problem

  494. Rudra poladia 6 yrs old says:

    My son is 6yrs old & Having too much Gases & constipation. I taken all medicine carbo veg, nux vomica & even alopathy. Laximol. &laxative. After giving laxative he do motion but not clean. Too much Gases So tummy is like baloon. So please help me for permanant solution.

  495. Biswanath Chatterjee says:

    Constipation problem persist from long time. Only medicine i.e Entroquniol is work.

  496. balwant kumar says:

    dear sir,please i have gastric,acidty,throat got hot again&again please suggest me ayurvedic medicine this pfoblem since last 3years back.

  497. nageswararao says:

    I am suffering from gastric trouble.whatever i eat it wil comeout by vomit. vegetable,tomoto even curd also come out.gas is struck at chest.which is suitable medicine for me.i am 45 now.height 5.5 weight 63 kg.thanq sir.

  498. Faheem Hussain says:

    I have a gastric problem.

  499. mukarram ali says:

    three motions per day with severe gas.

  500. Hello Dr.

    I am a 37years old male from Sri Lanka.Searching for a homeopathy treatment for my whole body weight 87kg, and my hight is 5’4″.
    I have been experiencing following signs from three month:
    chest and upper abdomen pressure
    too much gas trouble and fart releasing, noisiest stomach.
    always thirsty
    heart burning and hungry
    Body shaking when i delay my lunch.
    Cannot sleep but feels sleepy because of fear( when get into sleep feels like my heart stoping and going to die) then i sit on the chair its fine…if i lie on the bed it is problem specially at night time.
    Sometimes acidity in my stomach.
    Sometimes over sweating and urinating
    sometimes bad breath

    kindly help me to find the homeopathic medicines sir.

    I don’t drink coffee,tea. I am a vegan for 12 years. I am a MA student now and married
    not series medical condition yet…blood pressure is normal.
    waiting for the reply sir…
    thank you

    • I have a pain in my right shoulder also I belch a lot I feel my upper body is tender Find all clothing hurts particularly wearing my bra Feels very tender

  501. Sir i am also suffring from gas problem and bowle prb kya karo mai or kon si med lo mai nux vom carbo veg sulpur thuja le chuka ho in ko lenai se or pet mai jalan suro ho jati hai kya karo mai

  502. Sir l am also suffring gas problem and i am going to three time going to moition and bowles also which med i will take

  503. hasmukh. n. bhatt says:

    mane chhela 10 yrs thi acidity ane gas problem rahe chhe. duniyabharni medicine use kari pan labh thato nathi

    atyare hal 24 hrs gasgolo rahya kare chhe. have hu thaki gayo chhu; kayk rasto batavo pl.

  504. amjad ali says:

    dear dr sahib i have a big problem of gas in my stomach when i eat every king of food kindly suggest me some homeo medicine for treatment these proble,ms thanks

  505. Syed Miran Mohyussin Gilani says:

    sir, I’m suffering from dry cough. I already use antibiotics like roxithermosin but no good result.


    Syed Miran Mohyuddin Gilani

  506. Deborah sadler says:

    I am a64 yr. Old female and i have recently started expelling gas at least 20 times a day. Its embarrasing and can happen at any given time. Im even afraid to go to church

  507. mohd.Naveed uddin says:

    Hi sir as iam suffering from acidity and gas from over 2 years i need help sir how can i control it

  508. Rinta hazra says:

    i have gas problem for 10yrs.. i am 33 yrs . & suffering bad digestion problem.. tension is a cause of my gas form… plz give some solution ..

  509. shubham chaudhry says:

    Hi i want to ask that my mother suffers from excessive gas problem. I have noticed that whichever part of body like hands,legs, back etc are pressed while giving massage results in release of gas through burping. She is a diabities patient as well as suffers from swelling in legs several times, her age is 53. I just want to know whats the ultimate solution to this problem as none of the doctor has been able to cure this. Thanks.

  510. I am facing problem of gas and excessive generation of acidies in my stomach, which creating burning sensation. please suggest remidies or medicines

    My liver, blood, urine test are normal.

  511. SANDEEP KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from gastritis it was confirmed after endoscopy.Now whenever i eat after some time my abdomen looks like a drum or continued to like a drum whole day like this.Some time in the time of evening problem arise and fear or felldown feel. What should i do to control this.Please advise me

  512. I have not got my periods since 2 years. I have hypothyroidism and past one year my weight has increased by 10 kgs. I feel very hungry and keep on eating. I take erythroxin 100 once daily for thyroid and it is in control.

    I sweat excessive in my fave specially after bath

    My iron is low and my face skin is getting very pigmented.

    Please advise

  513. bikash sanyal says:

    dear dr. sharma, i am at present 73+ years . i am suffering from suppresued wind as if wind is trapped inside.if it is coming out i would get relief. please suggest some way so that i can get relief.

  514. ranjana gupta says:

    I have the gas problem. Gas is spreaded all over the body under muscles specially in joints. I am suffering from this problem 3-4 years. Please give me the suggestion what should I do to get relieve from this problem.

  515. Gaurav Singh says:

    i am having gases problem.please help.

  516. Ramesh gollo says:

    Dear sir, I have been suffering from skin diseases (tinea – fungal infection) since 15 years. I have tried various medicines from allopathic n ayurvedic but cant get rid off it. allopathic medicine give only temporary solution as it reoccurs after some time. so please help me.

  517. SANJAY BHATT says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please guide me how for removing gas problem from its pain in chest after eating food please suggest me some medicine for it some time full hadake happen

  518. uppalappa says:

    Sir, since from many years i am suffering from stomach problem such as belching, partial digestion and oftenly tension to the mind

    Plz suggest me…

  519. Dr u have acidity problem from last 6 months and i had controlled my diet and eating pantocid dsr but there is no progress you tell what can I do…

  520. devashish says:

    What is the best homeo medicine for Sliding Hiatus hernia and gastritis.

    I am taking Nux Vomica 30 and carbo veg 30 every 2 hour but still the problem of bloating stomatch and pain stress in the neck & shoulder region persists

    Please suggest best alternative medicine which can cure the above problem permanently

  521. Nancy fernandez says:

    I have too much acuduty indigestion gastric
    In make motion three or four tines in mirnibg I get little like needle prickibg
    will China q help me I take magnesua
    please advise

  522. Dear sir, I am burping from morning to night. I burp lot, I always feel that some gas stuck in my throat, gas comes from my stomach and stuck in the throat. I am suffering uncomforting stomach so before 6 month I have done an endoscopy, in this report dr. found small stomach ulcer and positive esophagus. so I have used 14 days medicine name HP Kit.
    Now I am suffering from one more problem i.e. gas pass from mouth and every time gas in my throat and burping more.

    please guide us,


    boil gas and unfit the all body

  524. Sankhu Shekhar Chakravarti says:

    Hyper acidity and gas

  525. Pramod Chauhan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 42 year old man, wieght arround 87 kg, height 5’10”.
    I am suffering from excesive gas problem, It create very problmatic for me on daily basis. My stomach sallowen with gas.
    I am also taking BP medicine. Amolkind AT in the morning.

    Please suggest homeopathic medicine for both gas & BP problem

    I shall be grateful for you.


    Pramod Chauhan

  526. Dear sir
    Last three years Every morning I have vomit problem and also gas problem.Last three years I am taking alcohol Every kindly suggest me to solve my problem

  527. rajeev ranjan says:

    Gas me karan pure body me card rahta hai.mari age62 years has.mai sbl ka carbo vegetabilis30.dose- three times three books le raja hu phir phi aaram nahi hair kya mai iska dose jayada kar sakta hu.

  528. i have to much of gas i burp and pass gass to ..pls help

  529. Sir. I have since many years this gas problem I have hypothyroidism. Cholesteol also .. Today I am having giddiness more frequently
    . .. Gas filled with stomach

  530. Kishore chandra patra says:

    Gas always upwards .chronic constipation ploblem.always in depression mood and negative thoughts. Medicine taking lyco 200 nux vom 200 liv t and r5

  531. pinki jaiswal says:

    hello dr. My name is pinki from siliguri west bengal india. I have a problem i have gallbladder opretion since 3 years ago but the problem is my stomach is to much paining. I had ultrasonography and endoscopy to but result is normal. I can’t understand what happen to me. Plz help me

  532. dibakar dhar.. says:

    sir about 3 to 4 years I have been suffering this types of stomach always discomfort. full of gas…I feel heavyness tightness….when gas passes I little bit comfort…….when I eat I feel discomfort breating prblm..

  533. saroja Das says:

    Gas in abdomen ,pain in abdomen and heart region . Earlier taken Lycopodium 0/3 ….. 0/6 . But still it is now observed. Pl, suggest remedies.

  534. L R Murthy Chakrala says:

    I’m suffering from pain which is being felt from back of the right chest.
    Is this relates to gas problem?
    Kindly suggest a medicine.
    Thanking you.

    With regards,

  535. Bloated gas in stomachLower part of stomach feel heavy .don’t eat rich and and heavy food.some times pain around naval
    Roaming ng gas in stomach up to chest.drink water only feel berps
    Little eat and start burping do walk daily ad exercise daily
    Every timevi feel uncomfortable

  536. Bio chemic medicine named Natrum phos 6x can help those who have gas in stomach and pain due to it…take it repeatedly till u burp and feel releived! God bless you!

  537. i’ve been having this problem of farting for the longest time.When delay to eat lunch that is may be after 4pm.gas starts building up in my stomach &then. istart farting/letting out gas.This problem has really messed up my life.please help.

  538. arun rane says:

    im 63 years ,suffuring form excess gas frequentbelching with big sound ,fullness of stomach ,pain in chestand in body where the gasis obstacles, constipation ,frequent call for stool somestimes only gas passesor orbleching ,feel that gas flowing ineveryever in body, on soundsleep ,not feeling fress next day. pl. treatmm.

  539. Sir
    Since last three days I am not able to pass gas or stools, uncontrollable pain in the stomach, I am a diabetic and I take istamet tab 500 mg daily morning one, since then my constipation started, no proper bowel movement, I also take daily one full cucumber and sprouts of moong. I am 53 year old female undergoing menopause too, but this pain is unbearable. Kindly advise.

  540. Sanjay kumar barik says:

    i am 41 wt 88 kg ht 5.8 sir i have high bp and thyroid for which i am taking medicine from few years i have gastic problem for which i take pentaprazole but some times it doesnt work in last few days i am having loose motion which is only one or two times a day pls suggest me some medicine to make my stool normal

  541. snigdha sarma says:

    hello doctor,
    i have been suffering for many stomach becomes full after eating a small the problem is stomach remains bloated,pain sometimes.and i have even constipation problem,i have done an ultrasound bt everything is normal. please suggest.

  542. Dimpal Sharma says:

    Mujhe takriban 15 dino se ye problem ho rha h. phle to mujhe loose motion hue. uske liye kuch medicine li pr jyada asar ni hua. Fir isse weakness bhut jyada a gyi or m room m soya hi rha. fir kuch dino ke bad acidity suru ho gyi or pura sir m dard lgta h. jaldi se khda uthun to age andhera dikhta h or agar soya rha to relax. Plz zitni jaldi ho iska ilaz btana.. Meri age abhi 20 sal h..

  543. B M METRI says:

    i have gastric promblem 2 year and piles problem. kindly guide me.

  544. I think there is a lot of gas in the body and due to which there is a lot of pain in body plese sujest

  545. Tutul Sk says:

    Feeling full after taking small meal.excesive belching occurred after meal. That the which is discomfort for me…

  546. Unnikrishnan Nair .R says:

    Dear Dr. Sharmaji,

    I am aged 56 suffering from Gas trouble with sound but odorless. this happens 10 to 15 times daily when some foods are consumed. Example: jack fruit, Potato, cooked Jack fruit seeds .

    Another problem is suffocation during night after meals in some days and while climbing steps in some days. If continued I use CILPA aerocort inhailer .

    Give me proper advise to cure this disease at your earliest convenient.

  547. Barb Hampton says:

    I pass gas a lot all the time, can you help me? Thanks Barbara

  548. Souvik Nandi says:


    I have gastric problem most common symptom is shortness of breathe where I am not able to deep breathe and bloating of stomach with heavyness in the chest area.

    Please suggest remedial action.

  549. Chandan Guh Barman says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am an old man aged 64 years and having gas problem. Neither do I smoke nor consume alchol ever. I take homemade food, of course, sometimes have to take purcased food. I work hard throughout a day and walk also. Not getting relief from the above problem. Sometimes I take Nux Vom 30 for 4 – 5 days a week before retiring to bed. Despite no relief forthcoming. Shall be grateful for your kind advice / suggestion. Regards Chandan Guha Barman, Kolkata.

  550. Nageswara Rao.P says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from acidity, flatulence, Belching(almost continuously, even after taking food, or not taking food and whatever eaten continuously gas is forming and coming from mouth) and the released acid causing abdomen pain and i am suffering from heat in eyes and lack of appetite. Please suggest any remedy…

  551. adarsh khaitan says:

    Red spots on skin itching purpura

  552. Shadrick Nawezhi says:

    Doctor I Have A Problem Of Gasses What Can I Do?

  553. dear sir,
    i am suffering from more & more gastric problem. and also pain when take food or take water during 10 month. which is best medicne for me. Can you help Doctor.

  554. binod.pd says:

    Abdomen ke uper portion me gas ke karan dard hai 2-3 dino se constipation hai.gas upward hokar mouth se discharge ho raha hai Stomach phula phula lag raha hai.dopahar ke khane ke pahle carbo veg 200 lie hai koi faida nahi hua

  555. Debi maya sarma says:

    My mother is suffering since 6-7 months from some kind of gas problem and she is also not able to pass stool. She go to the latrin for 5-6 times in a day but it doesnot come out. Her age is 48. Please advise some homeo medicine and it would be grateful if u could say the problem that she is suffering.

    Thank you

  556. Pramod kr Bhagat says:

    Gas problem cronic constipation also pain on neck

  557. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been Diagnosed with G.E.R.D in 1997,which has gotten worst in the last 5yrs,I have been passing gas both orally and from the rectum every day for this week I am restricted from going certain places along with feeling scared and uncomfortable,to make it worst the scent i cannot take it any longer,Please do help me to get some kind of relief or solve this big problem.I forgot to mention,I am 68yrs, my gall bladder was removed in 2012,waiting and thanking you in anticipation. Heather.

  558. Prathmesh says:

    I have an three bleeding piles’ now I am taking daflon tablet twice a day and evaq syrp 30ml night from 6 days. but now 2 days I was faced problem with disease like loose motion.

  559. ranbir swain says:

    thanks sir

  560. Mohamed Shatheem says:

    I am a GERD patient having problem of gas after eating foods after 1 hour started expelling gas through anus. It continue for 3 hours until the food digested. I done the surgery for gerd in 2007; Nissen’s fundolipicayion. Still I am having gas problem


    Dear Sir,
    i have gas problem since last one year. i feel very uneasy. During morning time i am feeling nausea and after eating i am feeling easy. Sometime dizziness due to gas.
    kindly advice any medicine which is give me immediate relief. i shall be remain grateful to you.

  562. Hy sir my name is gowtham my father struggling from this type of gas problem from past one week ….can u guide me to avoid this problem and tell some medicine name to over come this problem……….

  563. Child is 38 days old.he hardly sleep one hour calmly.sound produces by mouth painfully and twisted after 10 -15 minutes.gas passes like adult.breastfeeding is insufficient. nestle milk is given.

  564. puran singh says:

    Sir, i m 35 yrs old .ihaving a problem of insomnia and meets with different dreams in night even in half asleep.beside that whenever i go alone i feel uncomfortable and embrassing than i have to go for latrin and feels for vomitting or start vomitting.4 Yrs back i met with a sudden palpitations and got checked but no diagnosis been found.few doctor told me that u have depression and gastric ecg small pulse variation was i am so dejected all the day.i m looking ur advice

  565. patrick shute says:

    I get bad gas when i get nervous for example i can be in work people walk in to the room and i have silent reflux. please can you help.

  566. Gebre yohanes says:

    I have this problem for many yearf

  567. last one month i have starting heavyness in left stomach and too much gas after each meal.plz tell me is this treatable or curable?
    what should i doo?

  568. hi sir,

    mujhe 7 saal se proble hai, jab mai gilta hu to mujhe dakar aati hai, magar wo dakar katti nahi hai, kya wo gas hai, acidity, kya hai ? sab report normal hai! OGd Undscopy kiya

    normal hai. plz kya ho sakta hai?


  569. Hello Dr. My daughter age 12, is having Gas problem. It is with excess smell. I dont know what to give her to clear her problem. Can you guide me Dr?

  570. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from stomach gas problem from last 15 years. I have taken omeprazole 20 and other like this but after few days again and again it is happening. Now it is coming from stomach to brain also. please advice me the solution. Thanks.

  571. Dashmeet Singh Hora says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from a problem of too excisive gas,whenever i eat anything it turns into gas n my body is not able to digest n generate energy from dat food. Please provide me a solution.
    Thank you

  572. hare krishna money says:

    Hi! I am in Canada. 76 years. Last Dec I visited India for yoga and ayurvedic treatment – massage with oil. Since Dec 14, the stools contain blood and it oozes out along with stools. I tried homeopathy remedy in Bangalore and it stopped. After 3 months we came back to Canada. Now again the same situation repeats. I do not know what to do? Is there any homeopathy remedy which can cure this condition. Pl guide me Thanks
    hare krishna money

  573. I am 38 years old and I have gas problem since my childhood….after my 20s it became worse. I am constipated with hard painful stool and haemorraids.
    I do homeopathic treatment since 2007 and problem not solved.
    Can you help me?

  574. Satyanarayana naik says:

    I am diabetic I have gas problem recently I suffered with acid reflux on 27th night with chest pain on 28th it is reduced after medication. 29th test sugar levels were high and creatinine level 1.3. Dr can u pl suggest medicines to control sugar levels. Gas and acid reflux and to protect kidneys. I will be highly obliged

  575. My grandfather feeling gas in his chest says:

    My grandfather feeling like gas in lungs and he is not able to sleep in night,in day he dont feel any problem but in night he cant sleep because of gas he feels like he want to burp but burp dont come he able to relase gas but still feel gas,and he is heart patient had engioplasty 3nd half years before,nd having problem of pulmonary rehalbhilation of lungs doing various exercise of lungs and cycling and treatment of lungs and heart is going on,is there any treatment we can do he takes apple juice and very low diet since few months 3chapati whole day ,any treatment instantly sir.

  576. ritesh matoliya says:

    Sir mere age 34 hai or mujhe 1998 mai born tv hui thi us kai 2 saal baad mujhe dr nai bola aap ko pet ki tv hai mane us time tv ki med kha li magar us kai baad mujhe or problem pet mai problem honai lagi hai jaise morning mai ak baar mai fresh nahi ho pata or pet mai jalan; pet follna motion ki jaga mai jalan hona or pet mai bhari bhari lagna paneer yah kaju ki sabhji kha lo to ullti ho jati hai kuch heavy kha nahi sakta sab med li hai abhi tak magar aram nahi hai r5 caroveg nux vom sulpur kya karo sir pls help mi mai kafi presan ho gaya hu

  577. shobhit kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Good afternoon
    Sir I m 30 yrs old..& I have problem of indigestion, light pain in stomach after taking food, & stomach feels to be tight & hard all the time… I use to go bathroom at least 3 times a day daily… Plz suggest me nice medicine… So kind of you thanks

  578. biplab biswas says:

    I am suffering from gas and acidity problem from long time. Whatever reach food I eat i suffer from gas. my age is 27. i have already hepatitis A once and also fatty liver.
    Now for last few days I am suffering from a vomit like tendency after having food.
    Kindly advice what medicine to take.

  579. Sanjay goyal says:

    I am suffering from heavy gastric problem ;hyper acidity and h.pylori is positive. KINDLY,suggest the best medicine for me….

  580. prem Bahadur thapa says:

    Sir, I am suffering from acute constipation for the last 10 years. Maby allopathic as well as ayurvedic medicines taken but a little effect. Sometimes abdomen clears but often remains constipation. Secondly l have pain on upper part of my feet and left knee and legs. So Pl. advise me. I am 64 years old and weight is 70kg.

  581. Helen Mcclean says:

    Hi. .I have had my.gall.bladder.removed.3 months ago. .from. that I have awful wind day an night. The problem is I do not eat rich. Food. An do exercise 3 till 4 times a week. An it is getting worse. .do I need to see my doctor? Thank you. .

  582. Hi Doctor i have a problem of heartburn and gas bloating almost every 2 day and i have constant headache and yawning problem. i always eat normal home made food but still no solution. what should i do. how long does homeopathy treatment take for better results

  583. ch.venugopala krishna says:

    Uneasyness in right side of abdomen and some pain.

  584. Sir, I m facing acute problem of having gas in the stomach. Sometimes it become very unbearable. The gas gas releases through belching n rectum. Also suffering from IBM. Most of the time take veg food. No alcohol or smoke. Taking carboveg n nux vomica. Kindly advice me. Regards. SDROY.

  585. Emily Cadner says:

    Hello, do you need help on any illness or sickness? I want you to know that Doctor Trevor is here to help you out with the help of a Homeo Pathic Remedy that can get rid of your sickness. Contact Doctor Trevor now on his E-mail [ ] or call his line on [ +19123872094 ] for a quick and permanent solution.

  586. suresh kumar dutta says:

    Don’t feel hunger .every time I feel bloating. How much gas I expell that much gas my stomach generates .feels quite uncomfortable every day every time. Tell me some permanent solution. Some doctor diagnosed it as IBS some says chronic gastrites. I never feel hungry. Give me suitable advice to combat the issue related to abdominal distension and hunger problem.

  587. Hi,
    Sometimes I am having acidity problem after eating
    Or during taking food .I took some digestive tablet and eno but not able remedies from acidity problem.could you please suggest me better solution remedies from acidity .

  588. Sir i want to know about my right side headache due to breakfast every morning. when i eat breakfast after 1 hour i suffer in headache 30 to 40 minutes. i use risek 40 mg and neeg. but there is no any result of these medicines. i eat very light breakfast , then i have headache. kindly tell me solution for removing my headache.
    thanks i m waiting for your reply.

  589. Sayed Hasibullah Shams says:

    Dear sir,
    I hope you will be fine and healthy, I am from Afghanistan as I had HPylore and i did the treatment of Hpylore but I have problem with stomach gas please give me advice.
    Best regard
    Hasib shams

    0093772324525 Mob#

  590. Md N Akhtar says:

    I am suffering from gas ,vertigo, irregular hunger,thirsty and constipation.plplease suggest homoeopathy remedy.

  591. Varsha Ingle says:

    Very good

  592. praveen agrawal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have been unable to pass gas and feel heavyness in my left abdomen. Also my sleep gets disrupted if I sleep by turning to the left of my body. I had sonography done but nothing came in the report.

    Please help!

    Thanks and regards,

  593. Hi sir I am taking Toor dal & curd in my food I am facing gas problem through my bums please suggestion to my problem.

  594. subrat kumar kar says:

    Dear sir,
    Your information is seem very accurate and perfect with symptoms but need more information about require doses of each medicine.

  595. hello sir . i have gas and constipation problem from 2 or 3 year sir im losing weight to much fast .
    i lost 12 kg in 2 year and i m losing tools in my poop . what to do sir

  596. I am a boy of age 14.I am eating seclo 20.Is it right for me

  597. Radhakrishnamurty says:

    I am a diabetic since20years and on insulin since4years. I am 68years old. Oflate, I am suffering from excessive belching with heavy sound. I also don’t have a free motion.can you please suggest a medicine for my belching problem? Thanks inadvance.

  598. K S Ngachanwon says:


    I have been suffering from “Burning Throat” since august 2014 and have visited uncountable hospitals including Fortis, Sitaram Bharti Medical research Institute, Moolchand, and many other smaller hostipal. Honestly, I am tired of taking medicines.

    considering my background history, I have been having a burning throat for almost 8 months now. No heart burning at all. I have done endoscopy test 2-3 times which the Gerd specialist told me it’s normal, and I have been continuously taking capsules but in vain. So, without much help I went to ENT doctor, she performed me another endoscopy test in which the fiber went through my nose. She said she found some acidity and hence prescribed me medicines. I was under her medication but all the medicines she gave me didn’t work a bit for me..Like I said, I had been with many doctors with different medicines for almost 8 months but none of them could find the best that works for me.

    I am really really, extremely frustrated as the treatment is very expensive and even scared to visit any other doctor as I have invested almost my half income every month but nothing good for me and I usually end up with their medicines that doesn’t work for me. I can’t effort to pay 5000-7000 thousand everytime I visit a doctor and they want the test to be done even though I told them the test shows normal. Now, i have to tell you Apollo is the only hospital I have not visited yet for this concern. I just came across this site and went through Homeopathy. I have never consulted with Homeopathy but I am so much convinced by this site.

    I pray that whoever is reading my mail understand what pathetic treatment and consultation I was already given with so much fees but didn’t paid off as much as I paid for it. It doesn’t matter if it’s costly or not but there should be a result to explain what is going on. I need a quick remedy, Please!

    Thank you.

  599. G M Warsi says:

    1.I am 47yrs old .wt 90kgs suffering from heaviness in stomach filled with gas.
    2. No clear motion but sticky stools
    3. Also Suffering from Low back pain ,knee pain,can’t run and jump or do any physical exercise .
    4.i m also taking medicine(carboveg),(nuxvomica) but no relief…

  600. Dear Sir,
    My age is 25. Every year during summer, I have been suffering from vomiting, motions, stomach pain (exactly below ribs) and mild fever. I will be hospitalized for 1 or 2 days, the treatment includes, an injection (immediately when I admitted), 1or2 saline bottles followed by a tablet course for 3 days before and after taking food which generally includes Pan-D or astapan DSR etc. and a tonic generally dizi enzymes or Dex orange. Doctors suggests me to avoid milk products, spicy foods and to pently of fluids. I am following them sincerely but in every summer I am being hospitalized with same complai
    nts from 6-8 years. Why this happened to me. Please suggest me a permanent cure for this. Thank You.

  601. Suffering fr indigestion,excessive gas,heartburn 25yrs.All alopathic test ,endoscopy,usg,blood done with antacid,lanspragol etc,Homeo like carboveg,lyco,nux,Now excess gas,pain,ibs,diahorea,pl suggest

  602. Sir,
    Though iam having a normal diet iam not getting motions freelyy ,i will go to motions 2-3 times when i wake up that after drinking water only ,after having breakfast i should again go , though i changed my diet its not controlling, suggest me a solution plsss

  603. Sunil Kumar says:

    Facial paralysis on left side on 17-4-14 is not completely cure please tell me homeopathic medicine

  604. I am having continuou gas, bloating. tightness . With great difficulty gas passes and immediately another one comes in . This is thro out. Kindly suggest.

    I am 45, does not sweat, likes summer to winter, very little thirst. One thing is whenever I have back pain in l5s1, there is relief in bloating.


  605. Manoj sharma says:

    Hello sir, actually what ever I eat or not eat acidity increases in my stomach it is near about 2 years but I don’t get relief I took allopathy medicine. Im trying to get homeopathy medicines pl prescribe me thanks a lot

  606. Devish kheni says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 22 year young boy. Sir Gas problems make a dandruff…..if yeas please please sir give me a solutions how to remove gas…..

  607. my mother in law her name iskanti sinha age 76 says:

    she is having acute gas problem with stomach ache after motion . s is getting weak day by day .ultra sound has been done. shows nothing . her gallbladdrs is removed 20 years back

  608. Sk Faizal Ahamed says:

    Sir, My wife suffring gass problem evryday,so i consal with u to be batter Homeopathy medicine .

  609. Yesterday morning, I had lose motion 3 titimes.I took Herbo-mineral Tab (Diasyn) of DeChane, Hyd’bad.Lose motion was checked but by the evening sour burfing, gas andheavinesd of intestine startd.I took aerated drink.Today, I have taken Eno, Electoral Pow., Pudin Hara Pearls but all in vain.Sour burfing, gas emission and lose motion relapsed.

  610. dr.vinod kumar pandey says:

    formation of gas inwhole abdomen with pain. Back pain from above todown word.ibecame restless .all complain relived by passing flatus. Iam also hypertensive

  611. satish joshi says:

    Off late i am experiencing lot of flatulence particularly after anything including fruits. This makes me uncomfortable. I underwent surgery for hernia and therefore advised not to undertake physical exercises apart from walking which I do regularly for 40 minutes everyday.Kindly advise.

    Best wishes,



    ,Respected Doctor, Sir, I have been suffering from a digestive disorder since 3 months with improper bowel movements- always feel the stool is stuck. My symptoms are indigestion, loss of appetite,loss of weight, belching, stomach or abdominal pain. The pain appears only for a second and immediately after something flows in my intestine with sound for a second. I don’t understand what is this. I am almost a vegetarian and I had a normal stool before but when these symptoms appear I face constipation. Before these symptoms appear I faced gas problems for two weeks. I feel my mouth is always sweet. I can’t sleep at night very well and I feel tired these days. My normal life is very peaceful without stress and I do some free hand exercise daily. Under this circumstances, I should be most grateful if you would kindly prescribe a medicine for me. With respectful regards, Animesh

  613. Sir;
    My age was 20 years .I am facing severe gerd from 3 years ..I can’t able to mingle with anyone and even I can’t able to continue my studies..pls help me sir

  614. Dr.Debabrata Mondal says:

    Please tell me how to relief my problem ?

    I’m suffering from hypertension (170/130 mmhg ) long years. my hypertension worse from abdominal gas formation. when the gas pressure my heard i am fleeing giddiness, sever hypertension, some-time nausea,
    high risk of TG.

  615. Chronic gastritis

  616. ASHWANI KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 60 years old & also high sugar.I feel full of gas always in my stomach/entire abdomen.There is no any pain
    anyware. Also, there is stress on both side of abdomen(in large intestine). where I discharge my urine on the floor,within
    2-3 days i see lyingt some sort of creamy material on the floor.

    what medicines I should take to cure my disease?

    Ashwani Kumar

  617. From STARTING COLD WEATHER OF year 2014 I HV PROBLEM OF tight excreta ,WHICH I HV TO GO toilet room FOR 3 TIMES a day
    “i”ll VERY thnkful”

  618. vijay kumar says:

    Suffering from Vitiligo(Leucoderma)on both legs at middle front portion.Pl suggest medicine.

  619. pradeep kumar says:

    I m pradeep from kolkata,India Age -31
    1-Penis not hard while intercorse
    2- Semen seems to be very watery.
    3-Early discharge 8-12 strokes.
    4-Lack of desire after first time (going into second)
    5- Very very low while sex.
    Pls suggest medicine for long time benefit.

  620. SK Banerjee says:

    I am a patient of IBS. I suffer mostly for excessive GAS. Neither belching nor flatulence (Passing of Gas Through rectum) relieves me.
    I use PANTAPRAZOLE-10mg regularly for a long time. Its side effects are disturbing.
    Please advise HOMEOPATHY Medicine for controlling GAS and sometimes ACIDITY.
    I am 60yrs old man.

  621. I like

  622. Dr. I have allergy on penis for the past 2 years. I have taken Valtoval for 1 year. Now the dr says i do not have any symptoms of herpes. Reports also states negitive. But allergy blisters keeps on coming after some time. Now i want to plan a baby. What should i do? Can it be planned in normal way?

  623. suvendu bera says:

    whan my porblem in 2 years olds time.. i am vary gastric & acid problam in my life…

  624. Dear sir,

    recent times i cant be able to eat non veg , its due to a lot of burbs coming from my left side of the abdomen and after having any food its taking 3 hours to digest. and recently taken chicken and thats leads me to fever and i have consulted doctor and that have given paracetamol and oflacin tablets.
    now i am scared to have non veg .
    my symptoms are : Left side leg pain thought the day or month and lots of burbs and gas coming from the mouth , fullness of left side lower abdomen and sometimes pain in the middle or left abdomen and recently taken sonography and found no stones in the kindneys.

    please let me know what would be the test will help to find out and your opinion on this.

  625. Shweta Tripathi says:

    Sir I have gastric problem.please give name of homeopathic med.

  626. Sonea Verma says:

    I have a 5year old son suffering frm too much burping since 1month
    i have been giving him homeopathic medicine since 2weekks but they are nt working.Pls help

  627. Sonea Verma says:

    My 5year old son is suffering frm too much burping problem n normal homeopathic medicines not working.Giving him medicine since 2weeks but no results.Really worried .Pls help

  628. mohan Kumar says:

    Hii I am suffering from gas with hard bad smell and also undisestive stools during last 4yrars please
    Suggest which is better medicine nux comica200 or
    Lycopodium or carbo vag if you know

  629. mohan Kumar says:

    Hii I am suffering from gas with hard bad smell and also undisestive stools during last 4yrars please
    Suggest which is better medicine nux comica200 or
    Lycopodium or carbo vag tell me

  630. hello dr. sharma,,,
    i m age of 55,,,,living normal life with normal diet,,i eat vry little,,from few days,,i feel gas ,,n acidrefluex in midnight,,,at 2am,,feel too muchh pain in chest,,,sometime,,i cudn’t sit,,,cudn’t sleep,,,
    i eat little bit spice,,,till 12 ,i feel ok,,,but in midnight,,,ohmygod,,,now i started to scare by sleeping,,,but how it is possible to sit al night,,,u suggest me some,,,what to do,,plzzzz,,
    really scaring,,last day i ate,,khichdi,,,plain khichdi,,,moong dal n rice mix,,,fir bhi i suffered in midnight by gas,,,plzz giv some advice,,,what to do now,,

  631. Dear Sir , had a gb removal recently as it had a few lumps in it and would give me immense pain when ever i had a good meal or a glass of beer,after removal there is no pain i can eat well ,but my stomach starts to bloat by mid afternoon and a slight pain in the upper abdominal region ,more in the back i pass a lot of wind more in the early morning times

  632. i am 22 years old but now a days i am feeling continuously pain on my heart side…i can’t sleep either on left side or right…my B.p is normal…what is this??

  633. Aloke Nath Mukherjee says:

    I experience upper thrust of gas during the late afternoon. suddenly I feel my stomach is full of gas and the belly becomes like a drum and I cannot take full breathing due to which I have to take small breathing frequently and feel like severe suffocation. I fee as if I am asthma patient Then gradually severe expectoration starts as a result of which a little amount of cough and while flame comes out from time to time and I feel unbearable breathing problem and suffocation in the chest. During this period, if I take any gas releasing medicine gradually I get relieved. This problem never happens daily but it occurs sometimes on all on a sudden any day. It also happens sometimes early in the morning.

    Please advise me the homeopathic remedies to get rid of this problem once for all.

  634. Ravi Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Read your article it was very helpful.
    My mom went through a gall bladder removal surgery 2 years back caused due to gallstones. After that she is continuously facing Gas problem, she is burping excessive.She gets more burps with empty stomach.
    Please suggest medications for her.

  635. malik shahid ali says:

    respected sir i have flatulence problem evening meal and specially in the morning before i wake up please help me .
    thanking you in anticipaion

  636. Hello Dr Sharma
    I have cronic gas problem my stomach bloats up from upper abdomin and feels senciti e from above abdoen. I vomit Al most every say after meals and also vomit when I drink water. If I eat half stomach my stomach does not bloat and I have been really suffering pass last 8 years Dr.
    Please advice me and also plz advise me of my diet as when I eat my Stacy feels heavy and I have to vomit then I feel better plz advice Dr.
    Regards Suhail

  637. Timir kumar jash says:

    now i am suffering from upper side chest pan in rightside .and pain in back side.In 2012December a car accident my 9TH and 10TH rib fracture but CT SCAN AT 2013 found that united fracture at 9THand 10th rib and Rest is normal .How can I get relief from this pain? please give me some medicine to cure this pain.

  638. Rajesh Datta says:

    I have gastric problems since one year. It used to make trouble for 3-5 days. But from last 15 days I am suffering from gas. It seems like my whole abdomen is full and make feel tight and always uneasy. Some time I it feels my belly become bigger. But there isvno pain at all. I took some aurbedic medicine but it gave relax for a very short time. Please help me sir.
    Thank you.

  639. I was suffering from gas and acidity and I was taking normal medicine that used to give me relief but since few days I’m getting randomly acidity, gas, heart burn or I feel uneasy every time at night getting fever also and digesting problem because I have to go toilet suddenly after eating please help me

  640. s srinivasan says:

    educative write about injuries contution

  641. Thank you sir ,Very helpful information. I have gas problem since my birth. And I feel embarrass for this. Mostly gas formation occurs at night and also when schedule get disturb stomach pain happens. Actually I mostly have constipation when I skip to take luxative or fibres. Some years ago I had stone 5 mm in kidney that is dossolved now with medicines perhaps it was also due to constipation as I have read constipation is root cause of stone. But sir gas formation is not getting cure completely. I follow simple diet mostly n dont eat barcoli n beans and tea coffee. Please suggest me best medicine n preventions.

  642. vipin kaushik says:

    i am feeling gastric problem gas reach upwards upto chest causing restlessness and breathing trouble as soon as gas is released i found relieved i am 52 years of age and having no other problem like heart and sugar therefore suggest me best medicine for this problem

  643. dinesh raut says:

    gas problem not come long toilet properly so what can I do

  644. meri age22 saal mai mai agra ke paas rahne vala hu.mere pet mai gess bhahut jiyda banti hai.aur pet pool jata hai ye presani mughe 3 saal se hai.kaphi doctors ko dikhaya par koi phayda nhi hua.meri samgh mai nhi ata ki homopethi ke kaun se doctors ko aur kaha pe dikhau .plese tall me please

  645. hello , sir
    i am 28 age male ,, i have problem stomach gastrouble problem it will make any problems,?
    last day i check my liver function , everything is normal , but i am afraid this gastrouble , it will make any disease , please give me answer

  646. Radhakrishnamurty says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from excessive belching. Every morning I am having trouble to have a free motion. That too after drinking lots of water. Sometimes even there is no urge. This is from last six months.I am a diabetic since last 20 years and on insulin since 4years. Suffering from peripheral Neuropathy.Request to please suggest a homeo medicine so that I can have free motion and avoid belching causing uncomfortable position.
    Thanking you in advance,

  647. chandan kumar says:

    I m 20 years old suffering from exccive gas all time there no any time relief from gas, any type of medicine ya diet is no relife, right sides of abdomen full of gas, there r no relife from gas releasing also something is felling of right sides of abdomen,

  648. shivakumar mavathur says:

    frankly beginners guide. Now studying distance education in kerala.

  649. My daughter aged 29 yrs is suffering from clostridium difficile after having been treated with heavy doses of antibiotics due to postnatal problem of ENDOMETRITIS &infection in abdomen.
    Sir,Kindly suggest the homoeopathic treatment for the above mentioned problem &oblige.
    Nand Lal Kumar
    MOGA Pb.

  650. Dr I am suffering with constipation and taking alfalfa syrup regularly. I have stones in the kidney and feel mild pain during urination. Please suggest ahomeo remedy to cure these ailments

  651. Sir, my problem is that gasses pass through anus continuously without control and smell noticed. Please give me the solution for my problem.

  652. Dr.Sb.
    My wife has removed her ballgladder 6 years ago due to stone’s. Now she has serious Gas Trouble all the time.She feel her abdomen very tight and feel pain and Gas does not pass properly. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for her.

    Thanks a lot.

  653. Dr.Sb.
    My wife has removed her ballgladder 6 years ago due to stone’s. Now sge has serious Gas Trouble all the time.She feel her abdomen very tight and feel pain and Gad does not pass properly. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for her.

    Thanks a lot.

  654. Dr.,
    Some of my body parts aches and when I press or massage that area then gas comes out from the mouth. Specially head area. even my mother is suffering from this condition. What should be the reason? I do daily excersie. There is any remedy.

  655. Sir,

    My wife aged about 37 years is suffering from Erosive Gastric since last 03-04 years. She feels bloating, pain at upper abdomen, indigestion and acute constipation. She regularly takes Kayam Churn for relieving from constipation problem. Please suggest me any medicines from homeopathic for the above problem. Thnaks

  656. sri I have erosive gastritis problem.and I have the problem with gas passing from both sides .
    my age of 26 .plese sir any solution in Homeopathy.

  657. anulajohnwinfred says:

    helpful , thank you

  658. anulajohnwinfred says:


  659. Deepa saini says:

    Hi doctor my doughter is 7 years old and she had gas problem she fart lot with bad smell and her stool is hard what we should do to solve her problem. Please help. Thank you

  660. sir
    i have fart problem from my childhood. now i am 33 year old,now it increased more specialy in night.i have more fart if ieat protien rich diet like sprouts soyabeen,gram,peanuts,eggsand oily foods. is there any cure of it

  661. raj chowdhury 36yrs/M says:

    sr. i have chronic dysentry problem from childhood time, i took many antibiotics for this but long time i didn’t get relife, sr. please help me.


    Suffering from gas and acidity

  663. Dear Doctor

    Good Morning. I am facing right now following problems.

    1. Weight gain — My Height is 5 feet 11 inches & weight is 95 Kg.
    2. Stomach Bloating — After eating I am always having a feel that my stomach is full & always there is a gas. My doctor has prescribed medicine i.e. Ecosprin AV 75 & Medicine for lowering cholesterol.
    3. Diabetes — Right now I am taking mild doses to control Diabetes
    4. Sinus — I am having post nasal drip issue.
    4. Phobias — I am always having a fear that me or my family members will have some major illness .

    I have gone through your articles & I want to start your treatment.

    Pl guide me.



  664. gunadharbardhan says:

    My stomach fills with gas in the morning and stool is not normal. No gas in food canal as no flatulence occurs. But emitting gas through anus gives great relief. Taking following medicines as per doctor’s advice:-
    1. Enace D10
    2. Enace 5
    3. Atorfit CV10
    4. Neksium 40.
    Pl suggest homeopathic medicine for the above problems.




  667. israr ahmed says:

    Dear sir,
    My son 12 years old having stomuch gas problem due to that his belly is incrasing.
    could you pls advise remedy for the same.

  668. Ram Narayan Bhutra says:

    Gas banti hai ,pet saaf nahi hota hai,kabj baba rahta hai,motion khulker nahi hora,samay per puri book nahi lagti.

  669. dinanath yadav says:

    sir i am an engineering student ,my age is 21 year.i have a heavy gas problem,i feel bomating always .and my body suffering from this gas ,,my pain is moving some time on my chest also,,please help me sir.

  670. Navjit Parmar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I take RANITIDINE tablets IP ACILOC 150 for stomach problem and one paracetamol for my back pain
    only then I can get two three hours sleep. So please advise me a strong homeopathy medicine.

    I live in Ilford, please suggest me the nearest place from where I can get it. please iam also taking carbo veg 200 Thanks

  671. dinesh verma says:

    every 15 days alternate gas problems arises gas formed and move upper parts of the body

  672. Dear Dr. Sharma,i will be glade & thank full to you if you kindly suggest me remedy that work fast.i hv lot of acidity & flatulence gas ,bloating, the acidity is hyper as well it feels like acid coming up to throat it mostly occur after 2 hours eating meals .along with acidity lot of bloating n gas occur.Thanks looking forward to have your early response,i am 49 years old male and this problem continuous since many years i take some cold milk that reliefs me little .

  673. Philomena Sequeira says:

    Dear DR.I have been suffering from severe gas problems for many years. I am very careful of my diet but yet the problem persists. The gas forms by the afternoon and goes up to the chest and back and i also get pain just below the breast bone. I have been tested for ulcers the report which is clear If i pass the gas then the pain and uneasiness improves but when it gets severe then I have to take Pan D but now that too is not giving much relief. If you can help me I will be very thankful to you.

  674. Atanu Sarkar says:

    I have been suffering from stomach disorder from my age of 17yrs as far I remember. Several treatment has done nothing better it gone worse. In last 3 yrs I have fainted several times due to abdominal pain (can’t resist the pain). Now I am 42yrs. Now-a-days it worsen at night after dinner, too much bloating cannot sleep. Stool smells like infectious (fermentated, acidic) and lot of stool. When the stool released it relieved, during the stool its a terrific pain can’t explain better to die. Too much gas relieved by belching and flatulence, sometime difficult to breath. Pls help.
    Note: I am addicted in smocking and chewing zarda pan but no alcohol. I am a system admin in a small UCB so whole day I am compelled to sit with computers no exercise.

    Thank you,

  675. dear doctor i have gas problem and chronic constipation
    give me some effective medicines plz

  676. which medication can you recommend for chronic stomach ulcers?
    which foods should i avoid when I have stomach ulcers

  677. Alok Kumar Sarkar says:

    I was suffering from gas and acidity problem for a long time and as a result at present I have become a patient of ulcerative colitis ( for two years ) and the blood is coming along with the stool daily one time at morning during my latrine , now my weight is decreasing ( for two years it has decreased by 7 to 8 Kg ) and a huge amount of bad smell gas is releasing through anus daily and also I am feeling weak now .
    At presnt , first of all please tell whether the disease is curable or not , if curable by what medicine of Homeopathy ? Please advise and save me .

  678. I have symptoms like pain and burning in anus constipation drastic weight loss chronic stress without work flatulence burning sensation in feet pain at neck and back

  679. Hari om Sharma says:

    Sir I am suffring gas problem pain arround heart but test like eco and tmt and ecg is normal I get relief from by passing gas please tell me homeopathy medicine and treatment thank you

  680. toshi khanna says:

    Dr i feel pain in legs whenever i feel uneasiness in stomach when i take anta acid than feeel better. Some days feel no pain but the other day feel so miserable .is this is becoz of gas .let me know and guide.

  681. Dr Sharma. Do you like difficult cases? 🙂

    My 68 year old body has a 5-ring circus going on at all times…for decades …and suddenly is much worse.

    i am impatient and have a very short fuse for anger, but have a heart for helping others and teaching them about natural medicine and homeopathics, and for counseling them through emotional and spiritual problems. I dont have much money but love to give it away. I love to research and use up every minute that i feel strong enough to function. I am not well organized but everything around me has to be in order…even if I have to stash clutter into bins.

    Severe (medically diagnosed) Autonomic dysfunction with heart and bowel and nerve problems

    Severe autoimmune..chrons, hashimoto, vitiligo, peripheral neuropathy

    IBD resulting in malabsorption and chronic diarrhea
    (exacerbated by mere sounds, or emf disturbances triggering spasms in my gut followed by forceful watery evacuations.) (And further exacerbated by celiac disease.)

    enzyme failure, Achloridic, dont uptake B12 , dont assimilate protein…allergic to most foods and all chemicals

    very aged wrinkled face from dehydration, large areas of “liver spots”, worsening daily.

    recently have developed pimply eruptions on my face under nose and eyes and around mouth which are very hard to cure with my natural arsenal of herbs and homeopathics

    i still work and help with grandkids…have lots of stress which now cripples me and increasing joint and muscle pain along with severe bi lateral pains in hands and thumbs which are both lobster red on the back of hands.

    i have also developed severe head pains in occiput and neck, along with dental abcess.

    i cannot take… and would not want to…any chemical drugs. Have taken many homeopathics over 20 years.
    one thing that helps my new head pains is the Carnivora herb (i made a homeopathic wet dose from the drops) well as tarantula remedy seems to help….but I believe there is one remedy that will balance me.

    i have never been really well…my mom had 2 surgeries when pregnant with me, and i had multiple chemical poisonings in infancy and adulthood.

    in spite of all this, I earned a law degree and speak 2 foreign languages. Good brain, pathetic body! Wonder if you have any ideas which i havent tried.

    gelsemium 3x is the most helpful with autonomic symptoms.

  682. gouri mallick says:

    sir, i m just 20yrs old and forpast 1yr i m suffering from constipation, heaviness in stomach, abdominal pain, gas and even acidity. sir, whatever i eat, whenever i eat it gives me burning effect in my chest and then i sometimes vomit…plss recomend me something fast as i m a students ths problm really effects my studies.
    i will wait for ur recomendation.

  683. I am 46years old, I am suffering from IBS for last 20years. I practise deep breathing & yoga everyday , I do not take oily & rich food. I take vegetable fiber food regularly, But I am not getting cured. Please help me.I am 46years old, I am suffering from IBS for last 20years. I practise deep breathing & yoga everyday , I do not take oily & rich food. I take vegetable fiber food regularly, But I am not getting cured. Please help me.

  684. rahul kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering sevear chest & gas problem from 8pm to 2am .please guide me what I do.

  685. Dear Sir

    I am Mrs. Ramya K.age 45. Sir I am suffering with non-stop burps for the past 2 months. I took four different types of medications each for 15 days some are twice daily some are thrice daily. But no use my problem is still remains as same. I unable to speak with everyone normally.
    previously I had the same problem 7 years back but some how it got disappeared. Can you please suggest me a medicine for my problem which gives me permanent relief.

  686. Nanda Kishore Jhawar says:

    I drink water very poor,I am feeling huge gas problem with very low pain but feeling heavy uneasy in mind with some anxiety of typical gas which causes huge in hindi called “Dakhar so much”continue again & again which stops after drinking a glass of hot water, pudin-hara in water,soft cold drink like thums up.So plz suggest what to do.

  687. Good evening doctor,

    My wife is suffering from severe gastric problem and she says that always she feels her abdomen heavy and filled with gas. She also complains that her bowel movement is irregular and always has some sort of bloating and some uneasy sensation from her throat to her stomach . She has bleaching problem . Because of this condition for the past 6 months and allopathy treatment has not provided relief to her condition. At best comes a bit under control and returns after 15 days. She has undergone Endosscopy and the results are normal .

    Kindly guide her in overcoming this problem

  688. Dear Sir,

    I have chronic problem of flatulence. Very excessive gas formation takes place along with stomch bloating. Bowls and digestion are nromal.

  689. D/R SIR, I




  690. bleach (burp) when press on any parts of body

  691. syed abdullah says:

    Sir, im 19 year old male and im having pain in my upper back for a very long time ( near about 6-8 months ). When i consulted to a doctor, he said that its due to gases. And the pain is rotating from left to right. Please advice me…….

  692. I have cramps , loose stool, and lots of gases.. misery everyday. Once doc said l have pylori

  693. Due to gas problem very open i am getting cough very bad cough[difficult to work in the office, gas is coming from both the sides mouth as well as rectum, main thing is constipation. I eat well veg as well as non veg spicy etc still this problem. I have gone through Homeopathy treatment for cough it become more worst. I want good medical suggestion how i will come out these problem I am 50

  694. kousik chatterjee says:

    i seems to ve full empty everytime.bowel does not clear regularly

  695. hi doctor
    I am aged 42 female have burning sensation in the stomach and if i lie down i have burning sensation in the heart and i have dry mouth and buring in the tongue and i pass gas frequently

  696. Hello sir….
    I am suffering problem such as gas and acidity from last 3 can be seen in a mid night daily after 1:30 a.m and its very pain in my stomach and it can be continue till 5:30 a.m after 5:30 its autimatically revieved….so please say me what are the problem and what i diet so i prevent it permenently.

  697. Esther Rubavathi says:

    Hi this is Esther
    Yesterday whole day i did not ate anything and at night i ate fish curry with chappathi and rice bit heavily , and today morning my stomach is paining very much , even i did not went to bathroom in the morning
    i dont know what to do pls help me to cure my stomach pain
    suggest me some tablet…

  698. Sada ahmad says:

    Sir. i was drink one glas waterat mid niht due to most tharesty. due to this all blood frm legs and start heart beating fast. and stop my breath. aftr this stil iam not fine and facing gastric problem plz help me.

  699. I am feeling heavyness in the stomach continuously from last more than a week.
    I find that gas is not passing thro’ rectum or by burping.
    KIndly tell me the reason and medicine required to be taken.

  700. I am having lot of gass please prescibe hemopathic medician

  701. Dear Dr

    I m suffering from epigeatric pain for last 10 yrs..also have ectopic problem which normally gets initiated because of gas.

    M on H2 blockers fr last one yr kindly suggeste suitable remedy so as to get relief from this problem.
    Thanks and Regards

  702. I suffering from gas, heart burn,sleeping problem since 2000. so, please advise me for hemeo medicine.

  703. S.k.kharbanda says:

    I have an acute gas problem for the last few days as it is coming upwards n gives a lot of discomfort.There is no pain or bowl problem and appetite is normal.Pl advise.

  704. Hello, I’m seriously suffering from something I don’t know what to call it:) my tummy do grow bigger and flat sometimes it scares me

  705. Whatever i eat gas formed and doesnt passed easily.intesnse pressure created in lower rectum..feels like bowel movement but nothing happened..after some time get released after creating too much disturbance and pain..but same time gas continue to form again pain in lower back also..done colonscopy and endoscopy ..nothing found..
    im in too much stress and anaxity say stress and anaxity is main reason of my problem..but im not able to concentrate on any other thing..pls suggest

  706. My daughter is 10 years after eating dinner she’s feeling heaviness I give her nux vom
    and carbo veg how I make her relief from
    this problem

  707. i am 42 years old i am suffering with gas from many years i never feel good all the tests are good i cannot eat good give me a good suggestion i can spend good time with my family

  708. arata tran das says:

    dear sir
    i am suffer gasstick problem from last two years.your suggetion is highly required.


  709. Mrs Manjit k says:

    I am 60 yrs old and suffering from gas.Problem 1 Gas pass very less.(2)it causes severe headache,when stomach is cleared and i eat something then headache is reduced, some times it stays for three, four days.(3)Y-lax has not helped much(4) Stomach is not clear most of times.(5)I am vegetarian and do take care of my diet .I hope your suggestions will help me to get rid of the problem. Thanks

  710. Sir, I have been suffering from too much of gas problem and also I’m getting too much of belching .

  711. Dear Sir,
    Iam 26yr old lady suffering Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have excess fat around my belly & waist compared to other body parts. Kindly prescribe homeopathic medicines for acheiving a flat tummy.

  712. Rajesh pillai says:

    main gas ke vajaise bahut parasan hum sir.kabhi chest me dard kabhi sir me.paed saaf nahi hotha hai sir.age 39.Bhopal me rahta hum.liquor use karts him sir.tambako use karta hum. excersise kam hai sir.

  713. Harry Manohar says:

    Dr.Sharma my wife is 72 years and suffers with gas acid reflux.she have done all the test required for the stomach but all have shown that every thing is normal.she is presently on Pantecta but,she have seen a
    Psychiatrist but the problem is still there.She has seen a herbalist took treatment but no help. She has a pain in her stomach with the gas.Any advise will be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
    Harry Manohar.

  714. SIR,

    I am suffering from severe gastric and burping problem. burping start and time i feel very painful in my chest and feeling of fullnes in stomach.

    pls help

  715. musarrat khan says:

    I have gas problem from 8 years & due to gas problem i my stomach looking so much faty due to gas problem some time i had suffering form very bad main & i feel very embaress between peoples & mostly both kidney sides i have pain from 8 years plz give me some solution from this diseases

  716. Vicky Rajgadkar says:

    My mom already have suffered to higher Theoriod and due to heavy medicine treatment some parts has effected like kidney pain and all.
    Now, the theoriod is at normal level but treatment is still goin on and now most complicated thing is that she has heavy gas problem she cant sleep whole night. she thinks a treatment of theoriod wich is goin the some of tablets of it affecting to her kidney n icreasing a gas badly.
    So what do we do now please solve this problem. make her healthy.

  717. varun dogra says:

    I am suffering from stomach problem my stomach suddenly blow big and also cause breathing problem and spit regularly what type of problem is this

  718. kathy ercolano says:

    What is the best homeopathy treatment for gastritis and hiatus hernia?

  719. Biswajit Banerjee says:


    I am 40 yrs.old and I am suffering headache problem from my childhood. Earlier after bhomiting and taking medicine it was removed but currently bhomitting is stopped but headache is still continue.

    I am also constipency problem.
    sir please help me.

    thanks & Regards,

  720. in the late hours, i get belching frequently involuntarily & even after each time when i press any part of my will u help me with what homeopathy medicines .

  721. Joint pain age 74 years.

  722. s k deulkar says:

    My age is 74 year. Having diabetic It is in control. Suffering from knee joint pain and shoulder joint pain. I”ve reduce weight. Now my weight is 74 kg and my target is 66 kgs. Please advice. Taking morning walk regular for 35 minute daily

  723. peter stewart says:

    It started 6 to 7 weeks ago and I’ve never suffered symptoms before. I burp loudly every morning especially and at times during the day. Don’t seem to do it lying down. Been to GP and she has done blood tests but nothing shown. Lined up for another gastrointestinal one. I’d like to try a homeopathic remedy and am going on the Dr Kauffman diet for two weeks. Any thoughts.
    Peter Stewart

  724. after eating any thing in breakfast( very simple) or lunch gas is

  725. pushwinder says:

    all the time my stomach blows. i feel uncomfortable . it is a chronic. last few months, i feel pressure in my brain. because of gas . I am 67 years old.

  726. dear sir,my name is reena i am 19 yrs old..i am suffering with passing excessive gas daily..and that gas is without any kind of smell…i was feeling discomfort in my stomach,sometimes bloating is present and it was relieved by passing stools…incomplete motion but not the constipation,because of this gas problem i was very feared to mingle with others and cant feel comfortable,not able to do long journeys because of having a fear that because of my gas problem people will at me and i will be ashamed,rarely pain in the left chest region i think that thats because of gas the problem was more during night time if i pass stools in the morning,as i was a student need to mingle with others and live in public i was unable to cope up with this problem sometimes suicide ideas are comming to my mind please please please sir do something to clear my problem

  727. prem ajwani says:

    Dear doctor namaste. I am having gas problem while burping gas gets trapped doesn’t come out I fell pain in esophagus and burning please help I am diabetic my weight is 130 kg . My symptoms r I allways want to lie down and allways have pain in whole body I am allergic to food please help

  728. I drank green tea and after a few hours i went to the rest to restroom and I heard my liver farting & hurling meanwhile I was in the restroom? Is that normal or am I in danger?

  729. s r mishra says:

    Dear sir

    because of gas i am taking nux vomica 200 ,2 drops daily from last 1 month but still having gas filling my stomach , always passing thrugh my back , my age 38 non drinker , mostly vegetarian , pls suggest for a beter solution so that i can remove gas problem completely, pls suggest for some other medicine if nux vomica not suits me..

    hope a positive response from you

    s r mishra

  730. Muhammad Nisar says:

    can i use carbo veg 30 and nux vomica 30 for abdominal pain, gastritis, swelling in stomach etc

  731. paushali dey says:

    i have very much problem for gas. morning,afternoon,evening,night all time gas gas is not passing.upper abdomen very tight & have pain, bowel not clear pls help me.

  732. vishwanath says:

    hi doctor i am facing problem in gas formation in stomach which is making problem in passing stools.please suggest me the remedy for this.


  733. Hi sir,
    I m suffering from digestion problem since last
    Three years. I m just 23 today.i always prefer
    Healthy food,still I’m suffering from this problem.
    I have to go bathroom at least thrice in morning,
    And even after that i never get satisfaction.
    When ever i eat something it feels good in
    Stomach ,but problem start in empty stomach.
    Please help me.

    Thank you
    Raj veer

  734. vivek pandey says:

    I am suffering from gas problem my gas is not passing away and no pain in stomach

  735. jashodaben prajapati.age 55 yrs says:

    C/0 constant belching not sour or not any other taste just eructation .severe backache also joint pain . When press any joint or back gas (eructation ) come out but not relieved by eructation . All problems since 2 yrears

  736. anand bihari singh says:

    gas is at regular formation.i have bulky body.i am suffering from blood pressuer/blood sugar. pl. advice the medicine

  737. shohag ghosh says:

    plez give me suggest stomac dysfunction

  738. Sir
    i am suffering ibs.
    There is no constpitation or loose motion .
    Only problem is gas that means after eating bloating.Gas is not passing for long time
    can u help me

  739. rs jangra says:

    I have lower abdomen pain from some time all reports show no abnormality please suggest me homeopathy medicine gas passing many time in a day age 43 yr

  740. hi sir i am shiva 25 male .. i have gas strick problem from 2 years i am discomfort every day… full gast… i am not able to do my job alos…
    due to gas problem i left my job… pls help me …….thank u

  741. padma kamal says:

    I am 59 yrs old lady and have constipation since last 30 years, on some day I am unable to release stool and on another day I go for 3-4 times to release stool, a large quantity of gas produces in my stomach daily and some times I feel cutting pain in the center of my chest which moves from right to left and vise-versa (my doctor says it is due to acidity) I have tried allopathy /ayurvedic medicines and now I am medicating from a Homeopath since about a month but no relief, please help me – padma

  742. SMIRA RANI says:

    Dr. My habit to skip breakfast, so am suffering severe pain in my stomach. Can stay 1 or 2 days without food, no interest to eat, 1/2 month I suffer pain, consipation,burning, showing vomiting (not always), this is from last 2 years and I can eat only once a day, no appetite, if I eat small amount I feel full in my stomach and do belching. on pain times 4-5 days when go toilet I have watery stool with burning pain. I am loosing my weight , What to do tell me remy with doses, sometimes I used carbo veg, Arsenic, Iris verb, Abis Nigra. I think I have IBS. pls help me

  743. Doctor plz muje koi medicine ka nam boliye….

  744. Muje acidity problem hay…. Hum es problem se chutna chatahu… Plz help me….

  745. mubbashar says:

    Chronic constipation dominated intestinal desease due to amebiasis and giardic infection occurring again and again even after use of flagyl/entamizole for 5 days resulting in excessive excretion of smelly gases having smell like rotton egg and pain in lower abdomen. Pm help me through homeopathy

  746. bharat Pillai says:

    Dr i have a major problem after 6pm evening, bad smell comes and feel to go to washroom but doesn’t comes anything only bad smell. What madecine should i get.
    i do excerise daily.
    and i eat normal food

  747. Mahendra Kumar Nath 43 says:

    I have been suffering from Antral Gastritis and excessive mucus in stool. Kindly suggest me treatment

  748. Mrs usha rani says:

    Dr Sharma gas ke liye koi homeopathy medicin bataye

  749. zulfaqarahmed says:

    Age 43 sufring waterystool 4 5 time in 24 hour it may start when. I take antobioatc 6 month a go. After this I try medcen as. Well take homeo Dr med. And hakimi and herbal but probl still ther when only. One IMODIUM cap take. Its work tow day

  750. Jahangir Imam says:

    dear doctor,
    i have severe bloating problem and i felt gas everytime in my abdomen. Sometimes i feel relief when passes gas but many times it get struck in the stomach and i feel full abdomen, gas and heavyness. Please advise some good medicine in homeopathy.


  751. Nonigopal Maiti says:

    My dear Doctor,
    Sir, I have been suffering from acute Gas Problem with improper bowl movements – always feel that stool is stuck/heaviness.I am 35 years old.

  752. Gulkesh Verma says:

    In the morning i have to go 2-3 times to toilet to fresh myself. everytime i feel now it is over but after walking around 5-10 minutes again it comes i.e. one time this process is not over. after that whole day no issue, everything goes normal. Second thing even a glass of water will fill my stomach with air i.e. liquide water \ fruit juice \ lassi etc will create gastric problem. i daily do 10-15 exercise and in evening do little walking but problem exists. moreover mouth gives bad smell sometimes. please suggest me remedy sir. my age is 57 years.

  753. How to use the machine and when

  754. J P BAGCHI says:

    Sir, I am suffering from upwards gas problem arround 2 months. After eat and morning time prob is accute. bowel soft but not clear… every time upward gas….

  755. Anthony Conte says:

    I have had the feeling of heaviness in lower stomach for 2 months now. No pain whatsoever, anywhere. My Gastroentologist diagnosed my having gas & gave me Creon to take. after 48 pills I still had the problem. I now am taking GasX after every meal. Still have the problem. Any suggestions?

  756. md.shamsul hoq says:

    dr.sharma.thank u for help patient by giving advice us for relieve from problems are as i eat normaly meat.chicken meat, fish ,egg, some time milk .not max from afternoon acute gas form .then my whole abdomen feel like a drum filed by gas.
    i try to expelled it by mouth to relieve.gas pass under way or paiu path.i have no gall age is pressure,no diabatic i walk in the morning about 1 exercise 30 mt.pls. give me good advice and prescribe homeo homeo medicine.

  757. d sasidhar says:


  758. Rajasekharan Nair says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 52 years old. I have stomach pain since 2000. I was consult number of doctors for the same . Did Endoscopy and Signodoscopy. present problem is tendency for going toilet after food. And after each outside meals gas forming. please give me a reply.

  759. I have gastric problem whole day after eating and before. I feel like gas is produced from left upper abdomen and I can hear the noisy sound of gas production. Sometimes, I feel pinching on both left and right upper abdomen. Plz help me how to solve my problem……

  760. I op my gb.want to say which homeopathy madecine is good for post gb.can help to digest fat

  761. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from gas problems from last 6months. I have done ultrasound also. Bt reports are good. They have not found any thing. Still am taking medicine pantocid it as per doctots advice. Bt sometime still i have to face the gas problems. Please advice a permanent solutions.

  762. r.k singh says:

    sir, my mother’s (age-59)stomach is normally get upset and she will have loose motion and gas , doctor told her that intestine is weak pl. suggest homeopathic medicine.(she had already gone under medically tests there are no
    severe problem came out in reports) regards//

  763. hi. my age is 23, male.
    my problem is gas. wherever I press in my body, gas comes out from my mouth. and its like this all 24*365. problem since 2 yrs. tried English medicines but no effect. other than gas , no prob I have.

  764. S.BALAMURUGAN says:

    Abdomen pain jada hai sir Abdomen naviku neeche bagut darth horahai sir wat are the solution to solve this Abdomen problem tell me

  765. Passing very bad smelly gas can’t stop having heavy Ness in my head m worried about my health

  766. Ashok Kumar Singh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I have this problem of belching. Some bloating. Carbohydrtaes(Wheat) not easy to digest. There is this whistling in the right ear. My age 55. I do Pranayam, Walking. It is in control, but I am looking for freedom from this situation. Kindly advise.

    Thanks and Regards.

    Ashok Kumar Singh

  767. sumeet gupta says:

    When ever I eat anything gas is produced and my weight is also very weight is 52kg n my height is 5’8. I’m 25 yrs old. Sometimes I feel hungry and if I don’t get anything to eat my energy levels got very low and if after few hrs iget something to eat then I m not being able to eat properly because my hunger got finish

  768. sumeet gupta says:

    When ever I eat anything gas is produced and my weight is also very weight is 52kg n my height is 5’8. I’m 25 yrs old. Sometimes I feel hungry and if I don’t get anything to eat my energy levels got very low and if after few hrs iget something to eat then I m not being able to eat because my hunger got finish

  769. Pradeep Saluja says:


    Suffering from flatulence, particular feels very heavy and full in abdomen area. Due to this get leathargetic and feel fatigueness & weakness resulting no interest in any work. Already using lycopodium once in a day but not much benefitted. Take very small amount of food two chapatis in lunch and two in dinner wiht sabji or dal and a glass of milk in morning with rusk. please advise suitable homeopathic medicines to get rid of weakness, fatigue, fullness/flatulence in abdomen area.


    Pradeep Saluja

  770. ashok Kumar ghai says:

    in the morning stomach is o.k.,but after taking lunch it just got inflated. No gas but I go for to pass Stool some gas discharges passing stool freely & taking ISABGOL BURADA TELEPHONE daily with at bed time.requested to advise.thanks. ashok ghai

  771. JK.Mehta says:

    Namaskar Dr. Sharma,

    I am 70 years old, suffering from last two years as upset stomach ,no loose motion weakness after motion low blood pressure, urine infection frequently, no proper hunger. I eat for the sake of food timings a little bit. I am not getting sleep well in time . sleep some times late in the early hours. I drink enough water from three to four liters every day.

    I hope I can get good response from you in this aspect to treat my problems.

  772. Kamini Prasad says:

    I have problem with burping and bloating.I pass wind as well.Sometime my lower abdomen gets cramp too. I do get upset stomach. My doctor wants me to get colons-copy done. I need your advise.

  773. Shilpa Aggarwal says:

    I am 31 year old lady.
    I have really too much gas problem after having baby. my baby is now 3 years old but still gas problem Is not solved. in fact it is getting worse And worse day by day. As my constipation increase increases too much that without medicine I am not able to pass motions. daily at night I have to take Caramaffin plus otherwise blood starts to come.
    Please help me out to get relief from this Problem.


  774. I need help in case of my autistic Son named madhav who is becoming 4 yers in coming october nd suffering the stage of mild to motorarate no is 9873008862

  775. mayank mittal says:

    Hi doc
    My age is 24 nd I am not able to digest food and my stomach is always heavy and bloating occurs….no proper bowel
    This is happening since 1.5 years…i feel i am lost….due to this i feel stress and life is like hell.
    Now i really feel health is wealth….
    I dnt feel like eating…please doc tell me how to get cured..
    In such a young age i feel like old man

  776. sandeep shinde says:

    Dear sir
    My problem was

    Bad smell continues coming latring area
    I do homeopathic treatment but my problem not solve
    This problem with me 2years

    Please suggest a effective treatment

  777. muhammad ahmed khan says:

    dear sir ,i continuously facing sami lose motion with gas , i eat good diet & avoid meat and dairy product.but i have light pain with gas,gas often in lower abdominal & after stool pass i relaxed ,i used 2-3 time daily toiled ,i am using Anapril 5 mg for blood pressure. . i used herbal but not effected ,homeopathy suit me .i am 45 & good health kindly let me know about my problem solutions.


  778. santosh patil says:

    Sir muze gas like problem Bahot jyada parish an karti he uapay bataiye aur paith bih dard karta he plz maze kuch medicine suggest kijiye

  779. Shivram yadav says:

    Hello Sir,

    Can you let me know any solution for acidity,

    Problem: I am a software developer and it is always require to sit on the chair regularly for 9 hrs continuously
    Which results much and much GAS problem.
    What precaution are helpful for me.

    Please suggest me some medicine and its dosage.

  780. jupinder singh says:

    i am suffering from gas because of ball gladder stone please tell me about that how i can solve this

  781. m s subba rao says:


    i am a diabetic and onallopathic drugs,but the problem is i pass very offensive gas and is very embrassing and it is very often.which homeopathis medicine should i use to get permanent solution.please help.

    subba rao

  782. I am 93 and have chronic kidney and heart disease, which was diagnosed after a recent heart attack. The doctor told me that I would need to take the following drugs indefinitely: Imdure, Aspirin, Clopidogrel, Losec , Fluvastatin plus the drugs I was taking before: Eltroxin, Burinex and Perindopril. Since being discharged, I have been experiencing gas and stomach pain quite regularly before going to sleep at night, but strangely enough, I don’t get this earlier in the evening. I usually eat very little in the evening; just some packet soup and two slices of white bread.

    Thank you for your help

  783. Shahid Iqbal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Aslam o Alaikum! hope you will be fine. My mother is chronic patient of stomach problem. She is about 65 years old having bulky physique. She claims indigestion, gas trouble, lack of appetite, noisily belching, difficulty in breathing during attack. In the morning the above mentioned problems are on peak. She got sleep for very short time in the night. I have consult many allopathic doctors but all in vane. She has been facing this disease since last three years. The doctors have removed her gallbladder last year due to stones. She has no any other disease except that. Kindly recommend some homeopathic medicine for her.
    I will really grateful to you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Shahid Iqbal

  784. Shahid Iqbal says:

    Dear Sir,
    Aslam o Alaikum! hope you will be fine. My mother is chronic patient of stomach problem. She is about 65 years old with bulky physique. She claims indigestion, gas trouble, lack of appetite, noisily belching, difficulty in breathing during trouble. In the morning the above mentioned problems are on peak. She got sleep for very short time in the night. I have consult many allopathic doctors but all in vane. She has been in trouble since last three years. Her gallbladder has been removed last year due to stones. She has no any other disease except that. Kindly recommend some homeopathic medicine for her.
    I will grateful to you.
    Sincerely yours,
    Shahid Iqbal

  785. Manju Mishra says:

    Hello Doctor,’

    My name is Manju. I am 52 years old. I have two childrens who were scizerian. Long time back I have had an appendix operation. Last 1 and half year back my uterus and ovary was removed due to fibroid. Currently my body is swelling and I am becoming fat due to which I feel heavy and there is lot of pain in my joints and back. I have also started having acidity problems recently as whatever I eat is creating acidity. I request you to suggest me some suitable medicine so that I dont become fat and my body does not feel heavier. Also please can you suggest me something for acidity. I request you to give me some good medicine for my problems. Thanks

  786. TAHIR HUSSAIN says:

    it looks like I have developed some kind of allergy from the indian spices, chillies, turmeric etc.
    my morning is fine, the problem starts with lunch. after lunch i feel uneasiness, gas buildup in the intestine and feels like passing it, feels like going into the washroom after the meal. by evening, i am dicsompforted. the night passes fine. please advise, i have these medicines at home;
    china 30; mercurous biiod; Ratanhia 30; pulsatilla 30; which one do u thnk could work; i am in a palce where HP medicines are not aviable


  787. Dear Dr.

    My wife (38 years old) has been suffering from gas and acidity problem since long. She is very thin. Recently she underwent gall stone operation. But still she is suffering from acidity/gas disease.

    Please advise what to do.


  788. Shamseen says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Thanks for the information posted here. I have belching problem and I dont know why it occurs as it usually doesn’t happen after food. It occurs 2 – 3 times in a month and is a serious condition. My belching leads to severe headache and also severe pain in my neck n throat as if someone is piercing needles. The hangover lasts for 1-2 days.

    Like yesterday I started my morning with honey n lemon after.many days. I had flakes with milk for breakfast. I started to feel this gastric trouble and I took lycopodium clavatum 30, nux vomica 30 and magnesium 30 for headache for 3 times in that day. Still the problem persisted. I had my lunch and dinner and late night it further aggravated. about 2 am my headache was at its peak along with pain in my throat and neck and was belching continuously. I forcefully vomitted to get relief. Then took a paracetamol and tried to sleep.

    The hangover is still there today with light belching and a heavy head with heaviness in eyes too. Please advice.

  789. high gastic problem with breathing problem and acidity,cough,chest pain and after eating stomach increases.plz guide.

  790. I have severe gas pains in my lower abdomen. sometimes they become so severe that I feel rectal bursting and leg pains. Though they Dont get released. I have this problem on all days of the month and have restricted my diet to only having boiled rice and potato as everything else seems problematic. Pls help

  791. SATYAJIT SEN says:

    continuous gas formation in stomach. feel like going to toilet but can not releive completely or satisfacorily after going to toilet. for trying to relieve i try for a long on toilet seat. as a result, i get pain in rectum. i had fissure problem, which i have recovered from as consultant told me and stopped medicine intake. still i have to take some medicines when i fee intolerable. what should i do, kindly advise me. with kind regards


  792. sameer ramrakhyani says:

    hello sir,
    MY name is sameer.My mother is 58 yrs old.she is having the problem of pain in whole body n gas formation wherever it pains .whenever she presses at that point where it is paining at that time a gas is released from her mouth.she is having this problem form a long time.she had tried many alophateic medicine and also Homeopathic medicine but there is not even a little improvement.please recommend me which medicine should i give her and how much dose so that she can get permanently cured.
    You can reply me on my id.

  793. dipak malvi says:

    I suffering from lot of gas and not digest food its converted into gas. So pls help me for solution because of this problem my body going to more week

  794. Binayakarki says:

    I fell like there is gases in my head. When i sleep it will be bit ok but when i stand up it pain a lot. What is the problm in my head?

  795. TK ISMAIL says:

    I am 59 years old. Since the last 35 years I feel stomach problem i.e. 5-6 times motion daily especially after taking food or even a tea. This is during 6 AM to 7 PM. During night no problem. Please advice me the homoeopathic medicines to cure this disease.

  796. sola adelaja says:

    I feel shaking in my hand and leg most especially in the night when am on the bed and my stomach always juming like an heart beat when I lie down on bed.also I belch during day time and gas from the anus at time when I wake in the night I pass gas from the medical histor is that I always been treated for tyhoid sever times.also been treated for syphills onces.pls what will be my likely problem in my body system.thanks

  797. michelle bemrose says:

    I am a 46 year old woman who has had IBS C since my early 20’s I also have recently been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, gerd, gastritis, inflamed gullet and oesophagus and eosinophilic esophagitis, I suffer with severe gas bloat wind and breathlessness, I have recently had an gastroscopy and biopsies taken and I am waiting for the results.

    • Lori Hinde says:

      Hi there.
      I am in the almost identical situation!
      I hope your situation has improved.
      Are you willing to share any updates to your condition and what has helped you?
      Thank you!

  798. Hello Sir,
    Previously I am having Fishers which has been operationed in 2011 but after operation but still blood is there with stool.After this 2013 oct gall bladder stone operation is done.Now my stomach is paining every time after eating anything like rice,chapatti, and I have go to latrine 3-4 times a day sometimes with blood in stool & sometimes with no blood.I have visited many doctors but no help.Kindly help me out to eradicate my problems.
    I will be waiting for your kind answer.
    Thank you.

  799. baljinder says:

    Hello Dr sharma ji. I have a cronic stomach problem.I feel inflammation&pain in my upper stomach on left side.what is the best homeopathic medicine you recommend. ….I feel most of the time my stomach fullnas. Pls help me out. Thx much

  800. appears to be IBS or similar problem. not getting cured by allopathy or even homoeopathy.
    pl suggest how to contact u.

  801. anus pain, feels passing unknowingly , thinking that it may be Bowel Incontinence, please suggest good medicines…

  802. Dear Sir,
    I am 28 year old. I have good and healthy eating habits. From last 5 months I am suffering from excessive gas especially starting from afternoon around 4 pm. It makes me so much uncomfortable that I cant even sit on my chair unless it gets passed. And I have been having floating bowel from a long time. Although I have no abdominal pain or other problems. I have undergone the upper GI endoscopy which showed a healthy stomach. Please suggest some solutions.

  803. Amit Sarkar. says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are very much worried about our 14 years old boy health. His body weight is 54 kg. and height is 5.3 ft. at present.
    Looking thin and pale. There are no mussels. Overall there are no problem is seeing. Frequent stool pass, cold attack naturally.
    Please recommend the medicine to improve his health through the mail.


    Amit Sarkar.
    New Delhi.

  804. Dear Sharma ji,
    I have been having one gas related problem since 8 to 10 months. Gas from intestines is getting stuck in my lower back, buttocks and calf muscles. As a result, I am feeling severe back pain. When i massage the place where gas is in my buttocks and lower back or calf, i start belching. Sometimes i get even 10 belches and 1 or 2 farts. Then the pain subsides.

    As long as the gas is not there, there won’t be any pain. But when the gas starts accumulating, the pain starts. This is high during nights when i sleep. Also, it is high when i am sitting in a comfortable position such as an easy chair or a cushion sofa. If i sit on a steel chair, little gas accumulates in my buttocks.

    This is high on my left side. On the right, i feel no pain almost. I have been having Carbo Veg since 20 days, i have only little relief. Can you please suggest some medicine so that, gas doesn’t get accumulated in my muscles?

    I am a 33 year old, healthy male with no habits of smoking but occasional drinking. (Only once in 2 or 3 months).

    Thank you,

  805. i have gas problem it os realed with great sound i am 47 now i have some mental problem also i as child loved in joint family i lose temper very easily but i am emotionally very weak my parents were not having good relations my broyher died of muscular dystrophy when i got married i was a virgin but i dont know why i did not want my husband to know this i speak lies and create troubles for myself my husband first day told me i am not his choice i decided to leave but could not every time he was sick he told me it is all because of me i felt he is selfish then came hell in my life as my hus got operated for intestine obstruction in 89 what ever he said doke se sadi ki all joot bol kar i got son who was having dmd though my hus was always there with me in thick and thin but never respected or loved me from heart gradually i have become very stuborn my son died on 4march 2010 as i had no brother i got him after 3 years i loved him i tried to kill myself when hewent away but could not later i started waiting for my son come back i even went for laproscopy now my lofe has becomeaomless my hus my daughter imust say are hood but my nature is very bad so now they dontlike me i want to go back to my son i dont want to love now but people say i am mad i think i have mental problem when people make fun of me i cry but instead of lEaving them i again go back to them they laugh on me and again insult me i cry and cry but no one calls me for food or talk after 12 days i again start eating try to pacify myself i feel i am always wrong i want to kill myself but it is very difficult i am never said thank even if i work hard both father and daughter always shout oon me and crticise me

  806. imran baig says:

    Dr please recommend me the best medicine for me i have stomic gas problem when i eat any food my stomic make gas and my chest burning

  807. mou sarkar says:

    with respect i want to you that i faces heavy gas problem. always i feel heaviness in stomach.and in very short period duration gas leaks through please suggest me homeopath medicine
    Mou Sarkar.samastipur .bihar

  808. B.K.Sumati says:

    Good afternoon Dr.,
    I m suffering from total sleeplessness, constipation, hyperacidity, gastritis and nerve flashes in left side foot to head for the past 4 months. I m already taking home medicine. I don t knw the name but symptoms keep fluctuating. My main problem is stress and no sleep
    tat makes me totally upset. Kindly giv ir help

  809. Dear Dr,

    Good Morning,

    i have an ulcer in big intestine, some mostly time i feel bloating in stomach and inflammation near the heart side.
    please advise what i do?

    Best Regards

  810. rakesh sood says:

    Respected Dr. Sahib,
    I am 55 years old. I had gastric problem from last 3 years.I had piles problem from last 10 years. I exercise by walking daily 4 km in evening. I never eat oily food like samosa,pakorha etc. But still i am facing great problem of gas. When i had gas, i feel heaviness in head ,stomach and legs. I got relief when gas released from mouth. Please recommend some medicine.

  811. sir,i got a chronic thorosic back pain for more than sevan years.allopathy medicine was no improvement.mri report shows normal.same time gas trouble stomach burning also troubling me.kindly suggest some good medicine for my long time back pain and gas trouble. Thank you.

  812. suddenly there is a heavy pain in my left chest (lower side) and even when it happens i could not able to breath properly.The pain is like a attack.If it start once than it takes long time to recover the pain.

  813. Hi Doc

    i had got my liposuction done around stomach and thighs 9 months back …initially i felt really light but now i feel heavy – i have been on a proper diet since then
    i confess i have eaten out sometimes in between – i am a vegetarian not having much choice of food outside aswell.

    in initial stages my stomach was tighten i wore compression garment for 3 months dedicatedly as advised now i feel my stomach again as normal loose flabby and same as with thighs …

    when i wear short skirts i feel embarrass because my thighs looks still fat and loose – i have started swimming now as summers have arrived but please advise some medicine that i shuld get rid of these loosen muscles and cellulite

    thanx riya

  814. md.aftab says:

    Sir i am suffuring from ibs last 10year.i shaw many doctor n use many medicine alopatic and homeopatic but result is zero .i am every day fight from gas headach bloating belching dazziness felling nerves tention what can i do sir plz help me .plz save my life.

  815. ANKUR GHOSH says:

    for the last fortnight i have tre,mndous gas problem,i mean passing gas which was never before,some times there is pain in stomach but as soon gas passes,i get relief, no food havit change, takes dahi regularly. taking nux vomica 200 at bed time,but yet to get relief. pl suggest some remedies.

    thanx and regards

  816. gastic disorder after every meal..buring in chest pain in left arm .difficult in working .. once I pass bowl or pass air in get reliefed.. ..

  817. gastic disorder after every meal..buring in chest pain in left arm .difficult in working .. once I pass stool are pass air in get reliefed.. ..

  818. Er. J.S.Birdi says:

    Problem of exessive gas & weakness.

  819. Muhammad Alamgir says:

    I feel very uncomfortable after eating at dinner time. Feeling extreme gas pressure and some time it is locked and not released. After walking it is released to some extent on both side. I feel very comfortable after releasing gas. In the morning when I wake up , there is lot of gas developed and stored . The night sleep is not comfortable due to excess gas and feeling very tired in the morning. Please suggest some medicine and exact potency.

  820. hello doctor says:

    doctor i am using corbo veg 30 is it is safe because always have gas problem and how many time i can take when problem is to much and what is normal dose.any side effect of corbo veg


  821. Swapan mandal says:

    I feal pain left side of abdor up to rectam. Feal heavy ness after food. Some time feal burning at same position. Feal blocage from hand to fit of left side ven or somthing. Stools are loos. Fealin colic pain. Exasive gas in abdom specialy left side of abdom. And alsow bleaching. Pleas help me sir.

  822. Bikram sharma says:

    sir mujhe gas ka problem hai roz gas hota hai..or toilet bhi clear nhi hota..subha uth ke 1ltr pani bhi pita hu but raat ko jab sota hu gas ho jata hai or thora thora pain bhi hota hai..sir mai kiya karu.

  823. ayub hassam says:

    my problem is that… it occurs only in the evening .. once I get home form 6pm I my eat something like snacks and go to rest till 7pm ..then once iI walk around I.feel tried and pain on my left arm but once I.pass air relieved .. this difficulties don’t happen at lunch time I.normally have my.lunch at 11am and continue to work . pls advice doctor ..

  824. roshan khadka says:

    i am 30 years old men . i didn’t feel uncomfortable on my whole body . but i should go toilet 2 or 3 time per day ( some times it become 4 times also ) . but my stool is normal . i mean not like diarrhea and not so hard stool and i can stool easily . what is the problem ? what can i do ? if you give me suggestion it’s good to us .

  825. irshad ahmad says:

    Dear dr sb
    i am 50 years old and i have a gas problem after endoscopy diagnose moderate gastritis. After meal my tummy feel pain and passing gas get relief. i am getting miphrazole tablets 10 mg per day since last one year. Please suggest me homeo medicine . I am in Pakistan now

  826. I am suffering from gas since 3 years,i feel irritating,i dont feel talking to anyone,my whole body pain,i feel headache,my whole body become tight,i had my gall bladder operation 8 year before, plz help me

  827. R S uberoi says:

    Self feel bloating with slight pain in stomic Tightness in stomic Stools semiApitite O K

  828. M. Alfaz Uddin says:

    I have gas problem since long . I suffer from insomnia and ill health perhaps due to this mayhem.

  829. pm sidharthan says:

    I have gas tric problem. Normally the consistency of stool is loose and I have to go to toilet twice in the morning. Stool passes with lot of gas. Earlier I had undertaken treatment for ameobiasis. Whenever I take antibiotics such ciplox 500 etc. the consistency of stool starts forming and gas formation stops almost completely. After eating I feel heaviness in the stomach. During night gas passes several times.

    Can you suggest a good reliable homoeopathic medicine for this purpose.

  830. I suffer from from vry high gas problem. Due to which I have to face breathlessness suffocation and chest pain. Please help me to get out of dis

  831. mohd shafi says:

    after completion of meals I feel some disturbance in upper of my stomach after air bowl comes out from mouth I feel better but after that I feel same condition.

  832. Krishnan Subrahmanyam says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma!

    I am 63 years old and am suffering from COPD Type II for the last four years. of Course, I am taking allopathic medicines regularly. All the same, I would be thankful if you can let me know any homeopathic remedy for this.

    Thanking you and looking forward to hear from you at the earliest

    Krishnan Subrahmanyam

  833. sunil bhati says:

    I am too much suffering with this gas problem and acidity stool is not coming regularly on time telll me solution

  834. GANGADHAR JHA says:

    My stomach sounds very often and too much & feel a large amount of gas formed inside the bowel but i don’t feel any tendency to pass the gas.If it sounds 30-40 times,gas passes hardly 1-2 time when i try it forcefully.This is not regular but remains 2-3 days in a week.
    Also i have allergy which i feel more or less related to my bowel sounds as the frequency of bowel sounds increases,my nose become rainy and sometimes resulted in cold otherwise whenever i woke from the bed after a sleep,i sneeze for 8-10 times and my nose becomes rainy which lasts for 30-60 min and sometimes upto 2 hour also.Also i feel my nose is very sensitive and feel some pain inside the nose when i get up from the bed and within 1-2 minutes either i start sneezing or my nose becomes rainy.I catch the cold very often but i don’t understand why?I am taking Aurvedic medicine for last three months, i felt some improvement in the starting but now i feel almost same.Aurvedic doctor told me that metabolism has reduced of my body.
    I still beleive that only homeopath can cure me completely and so request you kindly help me.

  835. Shahrukh Ghaffar says:

    I m @60 try for baby sperm count too low once try treatment of babytube not succed dr was advicing for second attempt it is costly my wife have not any problem as per doctors now my sexdrive or sextual appetiate is going lower to lower

  836. Mrinmay Mallik says:

    Respected, sir, Please suggest me- I am taking metoprolol for svt for 6yrs. Now I am suffering from IBS symtoms as a side effect ,it includs bloating,flatulence,chest tender ness not pain, nervusness,low pressure etc. Please give me homeo remedy . Thanks lot

  837. I am 86 years old. I am having motion through anema only . I always have pressure of gas on anus . I am not able to pass gas . pl.advise medicine for releasing gas .

  838. KEDAR KODURI says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Thanks for the information in the above article. Recently I experienced pain in back side between shoulder blades, some times it is moving to the right side ribcage, some times front side of stomach. I am not able to move freely while sleeping on bed, my allopathy doctor diagnosed it as acidity and gastric problem. I approached my friend who knows about homeo medicines, he suggested me to take Carbo veg and Lycopodium 200 pot 8 pills each four times a day, now I am relieved 90% from my pain after taking the medicine for 3 days.
    Sir for howmany days should i continue the above medicine? or shall I take some thing else? please suggest – Kedar

  839. Ravi pratap singh Bhadauriya says:

    gud morning sir
    sir papa ji ka spine surgery hui h jo successful h but two problem are available so plz tell me solution
    1 is Toilet countinuie without feeling how can control this problem
    2 is loose motion so plz tell me sir gas pass is continuie with loose motion plz tell me how can control

  840. Dr K.Tirupati reddy.mbbs.dch says:

    Doctor , My main problem is gas,explosive sounds ,constipation,also spondylosis of cervical lumbar and dorsal spine with mild neurological deficit.Age 76. duration 10 years.Appetite sweet foods and warm weather. pl suggest any homeo remedy

  841. Haloo,i have gas problem …evry day when i eat my belly look big same big balong,,,have you some harbal tips for me plz……and some day my face also sweling…i am stay Norway so is difficult find homeopatikk medisans but iff you have some harbal tips? Thankyou and i want lose weight i am going to trening but not helpful have you deight plan for me…..also i miss my hair to much….

  842. I am 49 years old male. I have chronic gas problem. lot of gas passes with noise but without smell throughout the day and I feel relieved after. Morning generally I need to go two times to clear the bowel. Bowel are soft and clears within no time. At time I need to go to toilet in the evening also. Full abdomen remains bloated throughout the day. I also get some sour eruption at times.
    Kindly suggest some suitable medicine and also how long I should take your prescription.
    Note: I tried homeo medicine earlier and felt better only as long as I take the medicine

  843. Sir I am around 19 year..and suffering from this problem…every 1 or 2 month my stomach pain start and it is very painful and when I eat any gas medicine it release my pain..but after 1 or 2 month my stomach
    pain again started..and sir I also ultrasound has also done and in ultrasound no problem has been seen
    .sir every time doctor give me medicine and it release this proble for some time only sir.and I have taken homeopathic treatment. .but after medicine over than after 4 month my problem again started.sir please provide me some precaution for this problem

  844. jethva jagdish bhanji says:

    i have really too much problem in my heart and chest .always i feeling that something burning in my heart or chest .and too much gas problem.i cant recognise that.. which side i have that problem. in heart or the layer of the heart ..plzz suggest me what to do.. and what this problem.. is this problem of heart..

    suggest me thnk uu very much..

  845. Jegadeesh M says:

    I have problem with indigestion of food and mal-absorption of Nutrients from food to get energy.
    I have antral gastritis found by endoscopy. some times I feel pain in and around chest.
    Recently I lose weight of 5 kg in 1 month. I lose my muscle mass.
    I don’t know the reason.
    I was 60 kg previously (last month). I am 55 kg now (this month).
    Please suggests medicine for the above symptoms.

  846. Hello doctor,
    Iam 32 yrs old and having endometriosis.
    iam suffering from severe acidity ,symptoms are

    -excessive gas during and after sunset.
    -excessive gas if proteins consumed at night.
    -acidity is a permanent factor i need to take one Zinetac daily.
    plz suggest.

  847. SIR

  848. vishal more says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma ma grand father is suffering from this gas promblem from 5-6 years. He gets pain in the lower part of the stomach severly…we love him so much and we can’t see in this position suffering . Please tel me solution ma family will very thankfull to you. You can contaact me on this number 9849174420 . Please help.

    Thankyou in advance,
    Vishwajeeth More.

  849. Hi,
    I have a serious problem.when ever I eat chapathi or pulka I ll blench.If I have one also I feel the same…plz do help me…

  850. rajiv sharma says:

    sir mai do salon se presan ho mere pet me hamesa gass rahta hai aur anus se pas bahut kam hota hai .lagta hai ki pet fat jayga koi upai batay

  851. Namrata kumari says:

    I m 19 years old and i m having regular gas problem and whenevr i eat rich food,i have loose motion.wat should i do doctor?

  852. Sushil Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor, My father & mother is having major gas problem.
    They cant eat rice, ghee, milk product, pulses, etc.

    They also can not eat curd & lemon because of spondilysis.

    Once gas starts forming, their severe headache starts.

    Request you to please help me in helping my parents.

    Sushil Sharma

  853. POONAM SINGH says:

    sir , I have severe gastric prob and can pass . if I use kayam churna or any laxative its passes but again dysentery prob. plz help me

  854. DEBASHIS ROY says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Seeking you help. For the last 3 months suffering with an upset stomach. Done Stool RE, Urine RE, USG of whole abdomen, LFT, since I have piles, done colonoscopy too. All are normal. After that done stool culture, found Coliform Bacilli growth after 72 hrs of incubation as per report. Dr. is treating me for IBR with sedatives and antibiotics such as ofloxacin and rifaximin etc. I am in dilemma now. Yes, I drink once a week 3 pegs whisky, just fyi and I do smoke, 6-7 fags a day. Other than this I do not have any unfitness issue.

    Debashis Roy

  855. Littypattnaik says:

    My father,age 73 has severe abdominal gas problem for which his waist size has becom 48″. He feels imbalance while walking. He had a deodenal ulcer for which he took Pantop D along with antibiotic. Ulcer healed up but gas remained unchanged. Last week he had a fall for which four of his rib bones fractured. Due to tremendous gas in abdomen and fractured ribs he is badly suffering from breathing problem and choke in chest. He is taking Arnica200 every four hours and Symphytom 30 once daily as advised and the fracture pain is reducing. Please suggest for treatment of gas problem and the associatespd ailment as described above. I would really remain grateful to you sir.

  856. Owais Matin says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Good morning

    I am suffering from gas in body since last month. It gives severe pain in body upper side towards heart. So many ultrasound has been done but there is no wounds or any other problem in stomach. Doctor told to take light food and I am doing so but still I am not getting relief.
    Please suggest me to get relieved from this problem.

    Waiting for your quick reply…

    Sultanate of Oman

  857. Mohammed Imran says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My name is Imran and am 32 yrs old. I am usually not foody kind of person but some times I use have bad stomach if I eat non veg which was not normal comparing to my friends or family members who use to have more than me. But two weeks back I felt like having pain in my chest after having dinner. As I did not want to take chances I met our family doctor and got checked and doctor told me it can be because of gastric problem but still for precautions made me go through ECG test which he found wad normal and prescribed medicine which made me feel that I am better and I controlled my food as suggested by doctor. But again I got that pain which will start exactly centre part of my chest some times in my ribs as well. I feel very uncomfortable. Pain will stay for long time some times once I go to rest room and come back I will get that pain which will last for at least three to four hours. Post dinner I will hear sounds in my stomach gas is formed even if I have lite food .if I burb I will get a little relief from pain . I am feeling bad about my health. Request you to suggest me a permanent cure for this problem.

  858. Rajeev Singh Chaudhary says:

    My wife aged 45 years is suffering from gas problem for the last one year.Every time she presses any part of her body she gets burp.Kindly let me know the cause of this problem and possible remedy.Thanks

  859. Arnab Kausik says:

    I have been prescribed Nux Vomica 1M , liquid, 5 drops in half a cup of water, before bed time, for one month for curing IBS.
    I would like to know if it is safe to take the above medicine as prescribed.

  860. DeepakAnand says:

    Whatever I eat or drink my stomach gets
    bloated . Also morning bowl movement is
    not complete and satisfactory. Always feel
    still the clearance is not complete. Kindly

  861. kshitish chandra dash says:

    male 48 years,5 feet 9 inch,79 kg
    problem: chronic foot burning both feet
    high blood pressure since 1995, under allopathic medicine
    chronic eczema around scrotum area
    lot of gas in stomach , around heart area
    apprehensive, introvert
    like to eat salty food than sweet foods
    catches cold easily

  862. PAWAN SOHAL says:


  863. Hello Doctor ,

    My husband is facing gas issues after eating any kind of food and sometimes irregular bowel movements we have consulted allopathy doctors but it doesn’t helped him.

    I request you to suggest .


  864. chandrama prasad says:

    good morning sir,
    my stomach feel full and eructation in morning after toilet.

  865. krishnamohan says:

    Belching fatulence pain bloating .gas produces if I eat any thing…

  866. mariamaabaranam says:

    Dr Sharma , am suffering from h,pylori is there any home remedy that you could help me with.At the moment i am not on any medication. Thank you.

  867. very helpful .Excellent analysis

  868. Dear Sir, I have acidity along with gas problem from last two years or so , i consulted lot of allopathic doctors they suggested me pantop rabitop etc with equirex, equirest, librex etc but whenever i leave medicine the problem persists again more important thing is that acidity becomes more proactive in the morning whenever i hav cup of lipton or salt tea , plz suggest me any medicine

  869. SHAMINDER SINGH says:

    I am 38 year old and suffering from IBS since 12yrs due to which excessive gas problem in the abdominal. I have never taken any homeopathic medicine so far.Kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine which shows effective result.

    Thankiny You.

  870. Sir I have severe gastric problem. My age is 34. I go latrine 3 to 4 times. But don’t get relax. Dr says I have ameobiasis. I m having ayurvedic medicine but no good result. Plse guide me n tell me some good homeopathic solution. I often remain in.deprrssion. always think negative.
    Looking forward ur reply.

  871. I’m a patient of Hiatal hernia.I have acute abdominal gas problem .gas is not passed which cause great discomfort .Wich medicine should I take to get rid of this

  872. Arun D'souza says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am Arun, 41 years old. I’am a tutor, for the last one year I have problem of gas, flatulence, bloating etc.
    I stand almost 6 hours while teaching. I have taken almost all ayurvedic medicines thinking worm problems may be troubling me. then I started Homeopathic medicines……. it gives relief for sometime then starts again. Specially in the evenings…. after 4pm to till around 8pm what ever I eat I feel like going to toilet, Bloating takes place immediately after eating, gas with lot noise in stomach and it is so loud i get sometimes embarrased infront of my students. I am allergic to allopathy medicines. Kindly suggest me some remedies in homeopathy to cure this problem as I was going through your article I came across Lycopodium how much potency be taken ? kindly help me.
    thank u
    Arun D’souza

  873. prem Ajwani says:

    Hi sir I want to tell my symptoms (I am diabetic my weight is 131 kg I have gas problem which stuck in esophagus then I feel uneasyness I have warts in my body I drink less water

  874. Dear doctor ,

    I am when eat complete after one hour acidity problem coming. Food return to mouth . I am suffer , what can I’d please reply me doctor .

  875. gita sawhney says:

    I am suffering from IBS for last couple of years. Recently i have severe problem related to gas. like belching, swollen abdomen,flatulence (through out the day) and have pain too in my stomach, which persist all through the day. i have tried avoid eating out, eating less,eating right, but nothing is helping me. the moment i have my dinner (1-2 chapatti, vegie, dal etc)i start feeling uncomfortable and end up farting (very loud noise)through out the night. its very very embarassing, i have stopped going for my yoga classes. i feel for my kind of sympton i should be having Cabo veg. pls advise

  876. Dear Dr, i am suffering with severe gas,bloating and blenching and ulcer in the mouth and uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. Please help with some medicines. Thank you. Rajshri

  877. vikram thapa says:

    Dr.sharma goodmorning my problame is upside stomach paining same time i can!t sleep tomach can i solve & which mediation can i tek please help me.

  878. Kanalaprathap Reddy says:

    Sir, motion daily 5to6times. In the stomak is very hot. What is the problem.

  879. RAKESH CHANANA says:

    i get belching/ burping after meal in afternoon as well as at night.
    sometimes acid seems to come in mouth. in few days i get loose stool with watery stool. otherwise my stool is is in small parts & have to go 3-4 times. sometimes it all perfect.
    age 47, male, 73 kg, 180 cm, teaching profession,. all reports normal. no bp , sugar thoiroid.

  880. LATA SUVARNA says:


  881. Doctor,

    I have been suffering from acute Gas Problem with improper bowl movements – always feel that stool is stuck/heaviness. I am a vegetarian. After some bowl movement, feel relief but heaviness with excessive Gas problem returns after a while. Can you help Doctor. Immense thanks.

  882. J.Varaprasad says:

    Dear sir,

    Iam suffering from gas proble since one month.Iam using english medicines but i did not find any relief after using one month. Then i though that I would go for homeopathic medicine for my problem. So pl. suggest homeopathic medicines for gastric problem.

    Thanks & regards

  883. I have been facing constipation from past two weeks, and lot of burping, and my stomach bloats and exercise is not helping.

  884. yeprem mehranian says:

    I have excessive gas. It gets worse in the evenings, especially right after a bowel movement.
    Thanks for any feedback.

  885. After eating chapati i feels uncomfatable nd pain in right hypocondrium nd passes havy gases
    Kindly advice me regarding the problem & oblige

  886. Dear Dr Sharma

    Iam from Hyderabad. I have flatulence since last couple of years, these days the problem has been increased. Every day expelling gas almost 5-10 times. I also tried to avaod and some food and take veggie solid food, but the problem has not cured. Some time its getting difficult in public places and office.

    I want to try homeopathy for my problem. could you please suggest me what kind of teratment will really helpful for me

    Many thanks for your time and quick reply

  887. i have problem gas coming out of my mouth continously for 2to 3 hour and also pain me all parts of body

  888. Raminder Dhiman says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am having the problem of Burping from last 1.5 months. Initially, it started with “Shortness in Breathing”. I consulted few doctors and they game me gas related medicines. The problem with shortness in Breathing relieved to a great extent. But now I still burps a lot and pass gas abnormally. After Burping or passing gas I got relieved.
    Now from last few days I feels Dizziness like feeling (not actually dizziness), which suddenly starts with heart kick like feeling. I feel my head is revolving but its not actually (its difficult for me to explain this). After Burping or passing gas, I get relief.
    Please advise, I am very disturbed with this.

  889. Suffering frm 2 years i have too much gas and i cant control my gas with any cost. Many doctors adviced me but nothing change.What should i do.

  890. too much gas. What should i do.

  891. deaepak sharma says:

    Dear doctor i have gas problem after food i feel my stomach fill and started coming horrible sound from stomach and un digstive probler daily 2-3 times i should go to latrine sometime paine in abdomen and due to gas problem all body parts start pain and also head pain so i am request to u sir help me

  892. hi my name is sirisha. my uncle is surfing from heart problem,gas ,vomiting,breathing problem ,sleeping problem and his legs is swelling too pls suggest any solution for this

  893. roopa tyagi says:

    mind motion everday is going on .headache problem . pain in back side. what is the problrm pls reply

  894. sir,
    i am 49 years old and suffering from flatulence ,i pass gas with noise specially in night and having itching around anus from some time now,pls give me the homeo solution for the same,i eat food twice (once at 1 pm and 7 pm daily).

  895. Haridash Paul says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    It was a sheer by chance I did tumble upon your website and have read the whole content very carefully. It so appears to me that you have written this article keeping my symptoms in mind. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.

    Now, I am an Indian male, just turned 60 yrs of age and enjoy reasonably good health. I am 5’7″ and weigh about 65 kg. I walk regularly for almost 1 hour, have good appetite and without any medical problem (not diabetic or blood pressure).

    But for the last 3/4 yrs. I am continuously suffering from excessive and very foul smelling gas problem. I pass out at least 60-70 times each day and smell is too horrible to bear. It is making my life miserable.
    I do not smoke and drink very rarely. I eat fruits, veg etc. every day, lunch is rice, dal and mostly veg with some yoghurt. Dinner is 2 small chapatti with veg or 100 g meat at most. I drink at least 2 liters of water every day. I drink some low fat milk and oats 4/5 days in the morning almost every day. Then I take fruits from 10 am till 1:00 pm and my lunch is around 3:00 pm ( due to my nature of work).

    Now, pls. suggest me what medicine will be beneficial for me to get relief from this excessive foul smelling gas. Also, do mention the proper dole, strength of the medicine so that I can start it at the earliest.

    I will be grateful for your assistance.

    Thanks and regards,

    Haridash Paul

  896. Amar Kshirsagar says:

    The below mentioned remedy may work for Gas problems :-
    Put a silver coin in a copper vessel filled with water.
    Keep this copper vessel on a piece of wood overnight.
    Next morning drink the water in the vessel. Thats it man.
    Just be sure that the copper vessel does not touch the ground.

  897. dear madam,
    I am taking alcohol last weak timely with fish and I am also suffering from diabeties. After that I feel very heavy in my food pipe indigation , and lazy ness after foods. Sleepless disorders. very thin stool in the morning.

  898. satya narayan chakraborty says:

    My dear Doctor,
    Sir,I am a police,i do 200 to 250 whole night duty. I have been suffering from acute Gas Problem. I am a nonvegetarian. I do go for walk daily for at least an hour & I am around43yrs & wt-68 kgs. After some bowl movement, feel relief but heaviness with excessive Gas problem returns after a while. Can you help Doctor. Immense thanks.
    lovingly yours,

  899. tarun chatterjee says:

    I am tarun chatterjee. I have some problem with continuous burping for last 3-4 years. I have been consulted with doctor and he prescribed some medicines but it didn’t help me. I need your help. Generally I like vegetarian foods. Of and on I take non veg. I don’t smoke.

  900. ARUP KUMAR ROY says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am51 years old and suffering from excessive gas and constipation for last 6/7 years. In the meanwhile Ihave taken a lot of allopathic, ayurvedic and homoeopathic treatment along with various types of diagonosis, but no result. Will you please prescribe some medicine so that I may be cured.My symtoms are as follows. 1) Never I get any pressure for stool 2)Large intestine is always filled with gas just at the exit point of recktum and when press for stool only gas comes out but never stool.3) This symptoms happens in the morning hours.4) I feel hungry at meal times.
    5)I always take a plenty of vegetables & water 6) after all sorts of investigation doctors have advised that there is no irregularity in my stomac 7) for the problem my blood level also decreased upto 9 only. 8) regularly I do some exercise.In this connection, will you please help me by prescribing some medicines of homoeopathic for which I will ever remain grateful to you.

    Thanks in anticipation.


  901. dr sb. i am pond of taking high sugar in tea,im unable to reduce it.tried my best but all invain.please recommend me any homeo medicine to overcome it.

  902. I hv severe gas problem there is continous belching there is pain in hands between shoulders left hand pains continously but aftet every belching pain reduces is ot a cause of worry

  903. Deepak gupta says:

    Sir i m suffering from typhoid doctor has priscribed me china 200 and gelsimium 200 of dr reckweck of germany please tell me about medicines and do u think this would cure disease . ..

  904. I m suffring from loose motion because of gas

  905. Laurienell Johnson says:

    hello i am a 45 year old female and i am a small frame person . i am experiencing a lot of stomache problems i have bloating so much i look like im 5 months pregnant and its such embarrasing. i always suffer from a miserable tight shortness of breath feeling when im bloated really big. im scared cause as a child i watch my dad walk around pushing on his swollen bloated belly trying to expell gas whether it was belching or passing gas, even tho he died of a massive heart attack. he kept experincing little heart attacks till oneday he had a big heart attack that caused him to pass away at the age of 38 . i was wandering if it could be something heredity that might big a great concern to me? im scared and dont know what to do. i dont have the proper insurance to see a physcian. im so afraid. i need some relief in my life if you could please help me with some advice please. thank you Laurienell Johnson

  906. My problem is that after my colon is empty after bowel movement . It gets filled with air. It is stuck and I can not pass gas at all . I go through whole day with this painful bubble close to my navel and lower abdomen. Some times I can feel the pain in my back also . I also get bloated . My colonoscopy shows normal colon . It does not matter what I eat . I get gas from every food . Is there any medicine

  907. JAGDISH SARAN says:

    My wife is suffering from gas . Every time she complaints that my stomach is not clear , I can not take food , the tongue is also gray coating.

  908. Dear sir.

    my name is subramanya hegde.36 years old 5.6′.85 kgs guy problm is i suffring from gastic & acidity problm since 10 years.once gastic starts atometicaly head ach & neck pain daily time table is as bellow (pure veeg)
    1)6 am to 6-45 refreshing (drinking emty stomek,jeera,menthya,kothabmari seeds boild water 1/2 litter)
    2 ) 7 am to 8 am walking.lite yoga 15 minits
    3) break fast 8-30am
    4) 2 to 2-30 pm lunch.rice.sambar,palya,curd rice
    5) 9pm to To 10 pm Dinner ,3 chapathi palya.dri fruits 300 grms 350 ml milk with boost. pls mail me

  909. Darshan Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    My 2 and half year son has eaching problem… after alopethi treatment about last 1 month … it got relief but after 7-8 days again he has eaching problem on feet, upper hand, neck & chest with some little pink spot on chest… no spot on any other part.

    We are worries please help.

  910. gilbert lin says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have been suffering gas trouble and constipation

  911. after a routine colonoscopy, I’m having excessive gas. I pass gas about every 4 minutes, almost every day. help!!! I’m so tired of it. thank you


    sir i have excess gas problem in my stomach and bacteria in my stomach and much acid in my stomach now i m using carbo veg 30 c potency but some relief after that again start problem in my all body part so sir please suggest me what i do

  913. Dear Sir
    Good day. I’m Saroar from Dhaka, Bangladesh. 30 years. I have such all these problem like bleching 20 times within 1hr of taking eat, few times when i drink water or tale tea. This problem happened before 3/4 times per min within taking it and it continued half hr then it reduced as more time pased and found 1time blech per min and continued more 2 hr. Afterthat ot found 1 blech per 2/3 min before taking food. Also has flatulence at huge evry time in a day avg 120 times and blech in a day before was 400 – 500 times and now 100-150 times. Bcz i m in under treatment of homeo who suggest me the past 1.5 month
    morning- nux before eat 4 drop,
    after launch- carbo veg 4 drop
    after dinner-lyco 4 drop
    but now last 1 month he changed and given china replace of c.veg at same rate.
    I also mentioned that within last 1.5 years i faced two opetation disyance of 6 months. the first opration was spine disc PLID 5 laser surgery for pain in left leg with back pain. Before this surgery (May 2012) i suffered 1.5 years and take huge high power alophathic treatment pain killer three times in a day
    and continiing 1.5 years with sometimes antibiotic, calcium & neuro support medicin with physeothetapy. 6 month later piles/haemoroid 3D, fostolomy & anal fisher operation was did. in that time after clonoscopy Dr said that i have IBS. Morally huge gasyric with belching, flatency, bloating, what i eat comes near throat, abdomen balloning or flapping, abdomen pain, what i ate that not digest proper bcz what i eat that comes out by rectum same, oily/milky/reach food/fast food/cooked by heavy aromatic cannot take and from last 3/4 year i didnt take but sometime occassionaly i take, try to avoid. later i faced gasro Dr who told me that i have cholestorel in blood like ALT 274. spinal operatoon place now also give me pain, sometimes feel little pain in leg sometimes not, but all time legs last four finger touch sensation is different and serms blood does not reach there with light electric shock. Middle at at left down sight from knee and above like6/8 inch from leg foot at back left angle seems thay some pulsing type passing. i am so angry, hot tempered brain, oily skin, reddish and oily face, hair fallen and so oily, hot tepered body, specially palm/foot are so hot 50% from normal temperature. Sir kindly prescribed and suggest me about medicin, it’s concentration/power, amount and dozing & time to take by my mai . Not improving. Thanks.

  914. Hi Sharma,

    This is Sridevi. I am having query about my husband please help me . He is 40 years old and yesterday night he got full gas problem because if that he vomited had Dhiarea and then suddenly he fallen in the bathroom and this is happened second time… Can you please suggest is this problem with gas if so how we can cure this? Please help me on this .


  915. D.S.Kanyal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need your suggestion on below problems .
    1. Having excess gas problems always
    2.after having break fast and lunch feel heavy and feel gases .. need to go toilets
    3. that i never took breakfast and just have juice and tea.
    4. i do regular exercise and i am 42 year old and my weight is 70 kg.
    5. in morning i need to go all most 2 to 3 times toiler as not getting clear stomach in one time

    It avoid me to travel …. and getting tense some time .. I appreciate to have ur good suggestion .


  916. My stomach is always burning and feel heavy in chest. Barpting is common to release gas but doen’t get any relieve. Also there is lot of gas formation. bloating is common and heaviness. Energy is low. Constipation is common. Don’t know what to do went to see professional doctor. They prescribed tecta but it doesn’t work to a satisfactory level.Heartburn (often thought to be caused by too much stomach acid!)
    – Bloating, belching, flatulence and gas
    – Constipation
    – Low energy
    – Depression
    – Feet burning during night time
    What medicine should I take


  918. Dinesh kumar says:

    I have a gastic problam few sume day plz provide the name of hemopathy drug

  919. i have pain on left side chest…and sometime vomiting tendency…

  920. jobin thomas says:

    sir i have been suffering from a problem in which i pass gas unknowingly while in a social situation or sitting for many hours.i have been to many doctors but iam not finding anything useful.its been 5 years and is really embarassing, i have avoided going out with friends as i dont wont them to know of my problems.iam really going in depression and confidence level is going down,i really need help with a proper diet and how to get rid of this mess .thank you

  921. thanks the above information is very useful.

  922. Hi, I am 43 year old female suffering chronic constipation and intestinal gas
    My colonoscopy came negative , my doctor said I have a lazy intestine
    Using leziness for to go , but still suffering gas
    I look like a 5 m pragnent
    And I hate myself
    I need your advice
    Ps , I eat lots fiber and veggie
    Nothing seems to work :((
    Thank you

  923. Jesse Hanspal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been suffering from bloated stomach and belching. The stomach gas problem is so bad that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. Until I belch for over half anhour to expel the gas, I cannot go back to sleep.
    During the day also, I get several attacks.

    I have had all the allopathic tests such as, CT scan, Ultrasound, MRI, Barium Meal, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy etc. and everything is normal. I also have had blood test for digestive enzye and that is ok too.
    What should I do.
    Please help
    Jas Hanspal

  924. Sir, I have to go to toilet after eating. What should I do? Please help me.

  925. sir,

    i had gone angioplasty 4 years back, since then i am having terrible Gas problem.
    in the morning when i get up there was back pain & chest pain that remain hole day. when I pass gases i get relief from pain. I am taking carboveg 30 2 time a day after meal but there was no
    improvement in above condition.

    Pl. suggest me medecines for gas trouble

  926. i have heavy gas problem. i dont know english.

  927. HI Sir,

    i can feel gas run into my body …sometimes feel pain left side heart, or up …burp burp constantly come out 10 times like…..wat should i do?

  928. My daughter aneelah is 7 years old . She has too much problem to abdominal pain specially on Ballybutton. After five to ten minutes of eating she complains pain at Ballybutton .cannot eat more. Burps too much . After burping its feels good..facing constipation too . Goes for bowl movement after every two days.

  929. I am trying to concieve. but I am getting lots of gases, burning sensation in stomach, rectum.

  930. Lokesh goyal says:

    i am suffring larg stomach around with circle & feel uneaisy to sit . Ialso feel disorder inside stomach .

  931. saroj bhunia says:

    Really thanks a lot for enlightenment .. .

  932. surinder dargan says:

    The cure is veryeffective. China suits as per my symptums. Thanks.

  933. sir,
    I am suffering from gas problem.i am staying in china,taking medicines also but the problem is every time bad smell coming.please tell me the solution.daily i m going latrine also.what i do please tell me home made medicine..i want to try .

  934. P.R.Gadekar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 31 year old, and am suffering from gases problem (every day after mid night 2 to 4 , stomach problem). After passes the gas feel well.

  935. Hi Dr,
    My wife 32 years old has been suffering from excessive gas emissions for over 4 months ago. Drs here in Lagos, Nigeria said there is no medication for this problem. She had practicalized all medical advice without remedy. Its so disturbing that she hadly sleep most times which is not good for her health as a high blood pressure patient.
    Please, help us out. How we get your medicine here in lagos?

  936. Hi Dr,
    My wife 32 years old has been suffering from excessive gas emissions for over 4 months ago. Drs here in Lagos, Nigeria said there is no medication for this problem. She had practicalized all medical advice without remedy. Its so disturbing that she hadly sleep most times which is not good for her health as a high blood pressure patient.
    Please, help us out. How we get your medicine here in lagos?

  937. suparna.sen says:

    Dear sir,

    My aunt who is 84 years has a nodule near her liver. She was prescribed twice anti tuberculotic drug for twice but she could not complete the full dose as her body rejected. i.e she used to vomit terribly and she used to feel very uncomfortable. she is 39 kgs but the problem is that everytime she is of the feeling that she will pass stool. And every now and then she suffers from lose motion. she takes IMBODIUM medicine to stop the lose motion. she is suffering from this disease for last many many years. Also I would like to inform that mentally she is very stressful. Kindly guide me some homeopathic medicine so that her condition improves. She has been hospitalised for number of times


    Mrs sen

  938. Hi Sir,
    I am 30 year old male and suffering from gas trouble for last 2 yrs. Continuous burps with swollen abdomen with minor pain are the symptoms. I don’t drink , smoke, take non veg or too oily/ spicy food. Earlier the symptoms persist for 5-6 days and reoccur in 30 days, but now it is lasting for 25 days. I m not having constipation. Daily I drink 3 glass of warm water in morning. I tried Eno, pudin hara, Azwain, brandy in night with no results. I have started phy exercises but no result.

    Sometime I also have acidity and heart burn. Pls help


  939. Benny Lopez says:

    Help can’t burp or fart .Gas travels thru my body i cant do anything from the pain you can hear the gas in my stomach please help

  940. I am suffering from acute gas problem for many years. Gas passes through more oft en dakar with constipation. I also suffer from wheezing and trouble in respiration.loss of appetite. Kindly suggest some medicine

  941. Gallbladder operation done. I am 63yrs. Problem is digesting and gas and White AMASA. Suffering from long time I feel I have liver problem also

  942. Mohammad Daud says:

    I have flatulence problem it means that I can’t control my gas through my Anus or Rectum some small gases passes my Anus without of my feeling and sense here in Afghanistan my doctors says that you have IBS problem so please tell me can I treat my problem there and what does it cost and how long it will take.


  943. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am 31, it’s been now almost a year since i have this bloating, burping problem. The doctors advised me to take first antibiotic then probiotic which didn`t work. The probiotics, which am still taking seems to work at first but then the symptoms continued again. I was also checked by endoscopy and the result was negative. Currently i am having the following symptoms;

    – saliva stucked in my throat,
    -i sometimes see blood in saliva and stool
    -pain and discomfort in lower abdominal
    To these end i kindly request you to give me an advice to get to the bottom of this problem.
    Best Regards,

  944. KK Upadhyay says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from acute Gas Problem and improper bowl movement. Stool is sticky and requires more time in toilet. I am 42 years old. I am a vegetarian. In morning after taking breakfast the Gas problem starts for whole day. My weight is also decreased from few months. Kindly help.

    With Regards,

    KK Upadhyay

  945. hi, i have a 2 year old kid…. Ever since pregnancy i have trouble sleeping…. I have gas i dont sleep properly or wake up in middle of night i get gas… Since my son is born i have to get up in middle of night to feed him… And sometimes i dont get sleep at all properly ….. In mornings even if i sleep extra o find it hard to get up for food properly… When he got sick for months i had literally no sleep and no proper time for food… This has to led to hyper gas… Im trying to get rid of it… But finding it hard Bcos of my lack of sleep…. I was told by a doc to take rantac… But yet finding it hard…. I have blotted around stomach a little… Im getting this vomiting sensation… And ache near heart and sources behind my mouth….plead tell me how to handle this and help me deal with this health issue.pls help….

  946. edmond umeh says:

    Sir,,I’m having reflux disease for 9yrs even now on treatment with conventional medicine,but no improvement,,been to lot of test,been to two homeopathy,still,,i need your advice,,thanks

  947. debapada jena says:

    sir, every day i faced gas problem at evening near about 1700 to 2000 hrs and also feel pain in chest slightly. i couldnot understand why in evening only i face such type of gas problem . i feel in better at morning like normal everything but evening all are opposite. so kindly give the advice me or any medicine that can i take for this gas problem please.

    thank ‘s sir

    debapada jena
    p/no 9436780754

  948. angrej singh says:

    i have 5 year gas en kabj promblem.please doctor ji give me solition.

  949. Dear sir,
    I am 37 year old and suffering from excessive gas problem in the abdominal. my waist size is 43 inches and height is 5′ 8”. some times i get sevier headack ,and i feal breathing difficult,i feal sleepy,please suggest me effective treatment,,

  950. Prahlad Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    2 weeks back suddenly, I have started haert burning and soarness in food track. I have gone through your solution and started taking medicine. Started with Carbo veg 200 once a day and Nat phose 6x 4 times daily. This gave me a greate relief and with 3 days, everything calmed down. Now there is no heartburning and sorness in the stomach and food track. But last 4 days I am feeling bloatness in my stomach and feels like stomach is stuffed. Due to this, there is minor pain I feels in the stocmach. I don’t feel hungry also. Please advise any other medicine which can help me.

  951. S.A. AFSAR says:


  952. Mohammad Ilyas says:

    age 44years

  953. Sir i am 20 years old,i am suffering from a problem of continue latrine.

    Even i eat something or not,but i have to latrine much time in a day.Please suggest me what should i do????

  954. i am having gas problem damn badly yet m 20 years.. having pain on my back n chest bones also paining plz help me

  955. Dear Doctor,

    I am having an acute hyperacidity problem for the past many years, for which I have been taking acid blockers like OMEZ-D and PAN-40. I am also suffering from hypothyroid problem for which I take a medication early morning after which I take my acidity medicine and repeat it three times a day. However, my acidity levels refuse to subside. Lately I am also facing the problem of excessive gas and bloating. Can you please suggest me the dosage for Carbo Veg and Lycopodium? Also are they good for acid reflux? Also can you suggest a good medicine for my thyroid problem?

    • Nayana.p says:

      Sir, Ian having gas problem,acidity,cnstipation,suggest me homeopath treatment and dose of carbo veg and lycopodium

  956. sir, my lower back has continuous pain and while yawning the pain is felt in lower back and hip re