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Wonderful Homeopathic Remedies for Peptic Ulcer

Have you been suffering from abdominal pain that gets more severe when you are on an empty stomach? It is likely that you have contracted a peptic ulcer. A peptic ulcer even referred to as peptic ulcer disease (PUD), is an open sore ring in the gastrointestinal tract that is essentially acidic in nature and causes severe pain. It is a mucousal erosion that occurs on the inner lining of the esophagus, stomach or upper parts of the small intestinal tract and is characterized by abdominal pain. Homeopathic remedies for peptic ulcers help provide suitable relief from this painful condition since these remedies have practically no side-effects and are non-toxic.  Homeopathic Remedies for peptic ulcers

Nearly 70–90% cases of such ulcers are linked to a spiral-shaped bacterium that thrives in the acidic environment of the stomach.  The incidence of peptic ulcers occurring in the duodenum (the initial tract of the small intestine) is four times higher than those arising in the stomach.

I will discuss some remedies and myths of this disorder later in the article.

Homeopathic Remedies for Peptic Ulcers

There are a wide variety of medicines for Peptic Ulcers, ranging from Uranium Nitricum, Kali Bich and Graphites to Crotalus Horridus, Geranium and Graphites.

I find Uranium Nitricum to be the ideal remedy for gastric and duodenal ulcers characterized by boring pain in the pyloric region, a bloated abdomen, and a ravenous appetite followed by flatulence.

Kali Bich is best suited for round ulcers occurring in the stomach that lead to vomiting of bright yellow water and a load in the stomach immediately after eating, giving the patient the feeling that digestion has come to a standstill.

Crotalus Horridus is helpful in cases of ulceration in the stomach due to chronic alcoholism. Patients who are unable to retain anything, exhibit violent vomiting or vomit blood benefit from this medicine. Graphites is good for treating duodenal ulcers marked by a burning in the stomach and a feeling of hunger.

Kinds of Peptic Ulcers

Broadly speaking, peptic ulcers are classified into two main categories. The esophageal ulcers are those that occur in the esophagus, hollow tube through which food moves from your throat to your stomach. The duodenal ulcers are the ones that erupt inside of the upper portion of the duodenum, the small intestine.

The ulcers that are found in the stomach are termed as the gastric ulcers.

There is also a Meckel’s diverticulum ulcer, which is characterized by a lot of tenderness.

Symptoms of Peptic Ulcers

The primary symptom of a peptic ulcer is, of course, pain. The pain causes a burning sensation and gets more acute when the stomach acid passes over the sores. The pain can be experienced anywhere in the region of the navel, spreading to the breastbone.

The sensation of pain is worsened on an empty stomach and often gets more acute at night. The pattern of the pain is such that it may go away temporarily on consuming some non-acid producing foods but keeps returning from time to time.

The less common signs and symptoms of the peptic ulcers may include vomiting of blood that may look reddish or blackish in color, dark blood in stools or stools that are blackish, the feeling of nausea, a sudden drop in weight or appetite, etc.

Myths about Peptic Ulcers

The primary factor responsible for peptic ulcer is a chronic swelling caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

These ulcers can also be triggered by the use of NSAIDS. While the incidence of duodenal ulcers has fallen considerably during the past three decades or so, the number of cases of gastric ulcers have registered a rise, primarily due to the widespread use of NSAIDs.

The most common myth associated with peptic ulcers is that they are caused by highly spiced foods or a stress related job. It has also been believed that smoking, caffeine, coffee or alcohol consumption lead to this condition.

However, these are mostly myths and research has clearly shown that it is a bacterial infection or some medications which essentially trigger peptic ulcers.

Natural remedies for peptic ulcers not only provide permanent relief from pain and other related symptoms, they also treat the body’s inability to fight with helicobacter pylori . Thus once treated with natural remedies, peptic ulcers will be gone for good

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  1. Kamran Hussain says:

    Hello Sir, I am Kamran Hussain from Larkana Sindh Pakistan. I had H.Pylori in 2011 and after few years i have been diagnosed with Gastroduodenitis duodenal ulcer. I have been treated with different kinds of medicines such as PPI (Omeprazole) Amoxicillin Ciprofloxacin etc got relieved for temporary basis. few months ago i was feeling burning sensation in my duodenum and pain in whole abdomen and shortness of breath after eating also burning sensation in on empty and filled stomach also feeling that i am getting depression. i am using these remedies from some days 1. Nux vomica 30 2. Carbo veg 30 3. Graphites 30 4. R5 Drops 5. Duodenal ulcer tablet 6. Cilir Syrup for H.Pylori. with these remedies i feel good but not much i feel burns in my intestines kindly help me suggest me guide me.

  2. Sunil Kumar Gupta says:

    DEAR DOCTOR. Namaskar,
    I am aged about 60. I am desperately in search of a Homeopathic combination medicine for healing Problems of Ulcerative gastritis, constipation and fissure AND also rejuvenating my digestive system. I have been suffering from these problems since the past 4 or 5 years. The constipation and fissure problems aggravate during winters.

  3. okeke sopuluchukwu john says:

    pls doctor, am havin a pain in my upper side of my cheast. so pls how can i get ride from that so called ulcer with some pains in the back of my neck

  4. Dear Dr I have regular pain at left abdoman just below the left ridge for last 2 months. Excess formation of gas nd sound in belly. English medicine give light relief. Please suggest homeo med.

  5. Ms. Afsana Rahman says:

    How many days homeopathic medicine can generally take in curing peptic ulcers

  6. Deepchand Yadav says:

    Sir Good ideas of Gastic Ulcer
    sir Have much producing Acid in my stomach and pain upper abdoman pain come and go but a slow pain also in upper abdoman what is that Gastric ulcer Please response sir I am suffring

  7. Kavitha Soundaraj says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering stomach pain and burning last two years. Last 5 months back was taking endoscopy which result was lax og junction and doctor prescribed Rabonic 40 DSR which is not effective still am having discomfort after eating, burning and paining. Please help me to cure this problem.

  8. RSNarayan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am RSNarayan writing from Visakhapatnam
    I have been experiencing pain in the right abdomen for the last five years. I consulted several allopathic and homoeopathic doctors. They all told me that this is due to duodenal ulcers and so I am experiencing gastritis, pain and indigestion. They gave some drugs. But of no use. Please suggest me.

  9. Satish.K says:

    Dear Doctor
    I was taking medicine frequently for dart, crocin and saridon for headaches since from the year 2001.
    In the year 2008 slowly started frequent motions, Headache and stomach pain and to avoid this problem started to take eldoper and headache tablets.
    In the year 2012 I came to know that I am having an ulcers in the intestine after colonoscopy did Dr. Manjunath at Jayanagar Bangalore and he gave me steroids, Budez and Azorn-Course of medicine I took almost 4 months but no use. Almost I met many gastroenterologist doctors but doctor said you have erosions in the intestine.

    Kindly advice the best homeopathic medicine for my problem…. of frequently I need to pass stools ,ulcers in the intestine, Improper digestion and headache.

    and let me know how I need to take homeopathic medicine.

    Thank you doctor.

  10. H I Dr I’m simion ihve diagnosis wth chronic duodenal ulcer 3day ago and ihve administer proton inhabitor esomeprazole earlier to this iwas tested for H phlori but it was negative but going to toilet there is bright red blood in the stool plz let know the drugs for that

  11. Hi sir I have H poliry bacteria so much problem s coming witch is good medicine I don’t know I am suffering from 3 years this pls suggestion me

  12. Sir I have stomach ulcer since 5,6 years ago.i have used elupethy medicin. Lick librex.nexuim.alsonic.zanatic.extra.extra.but.after some time.same condition came back.plzz recmend me.homeo medicin

  13. prashant kubavat says:

    I am having regurgitation of food and stomach fullness after lunch from till last six months because of that my weight is loss I went to gastroenterologist doctor they all r saying for endoscopy.without endoscopy cant heal the problem pls suggest the right thing.

    • Patrick antwi says:

      .Hi am sofring from stomaCH UISER and also Sofring from MALARIA am VERY week For the Past4 month Please Help me CURE it’ because my weight is Loss How . Homeopathy CAN Help me

  14. Dr. Sharma,
    I am in search for something that will help: bloating, belching, feeling of fullness (which leads to throwing up). Don’t know if it’s an ulcer but suspect it is or H. Pylori.

    Also need something for internal bacterial infection (from hernia surgery). Specifically the bacteria Klebsiella Oxytoca and Prevotella Melaninogenica.

    Any suggestions of what to look for would be extremely helpful. I was looking at Nux Vomica and Kali Bichromicum. Thoughts?


  15. Shamsher singh says:

    Sir, l was diagnose with gastritis two years back I have taken alopethic as well as aurvedic treatment with out any relief can you suggest me some good medicine for this problem

  16. vinnykwatra says:

    hell sir. i want to talk to u about my husband. my husband is having the problem of stomach ulcers. suggest

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