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Wonderful Homeopathic Remedies for Peptic Ulcer

Have you been suffering from abdominal pain that gets more severe when you are on an empty stomach? It is likely that you have contracted a peptic ulcer. A peptic ulcer even referred to as peptic ulcer disease (PUD), is an open sore ring in the gastrointestinal tract that is essentially acidic in nature and causes severe pain. It is a mucousal erosion that occurs on the inner lining of the esophagus, stomach or upper parts of the small intestinal tract and is characterized by abdominal pain. Homeopathic remedies for peptic ulcers help provide suitable relief from this painful condition since these remedies have practically no side-effects and are non-toxic.  Homeopathic Remedies for peptic ulcers

Nearly 70–90% cases of such ulcers are linked to a spiral-shaped bacterium that thrives in the acidic environment of the stomach.  The incidence of peptic ulcers occurring in the duodenum (the initial tract of the small intestine) is four times higher than those arising in the stomach.

I will discuss some remedies and myths of this disorder later in the article.

Homeopathic Remedies for Peptic Ulcers

There are a wide variety of medicines for Peptic Ulcers, ranging from Uranium Nitricum, Kali Bich and Graphites to Crotalus Horridus, Geranium and Graphites.

I find Uranium Nitricum to be the ideal remedy for gastric and duodenal ulcers characterized by boring pain in the pyloric region, a bloated abdomen, and a ravenous appetite followed by flatulence.

Kali Bich is best suited for round ulcers occurring in the stomach that lead to vomiting of bright yellow water and a load in the stomach immediately after eating, giving the patient the feeling that digestion has come to a standstill.

Crotalus Horridus is helpful in cases of ulceration in the stomach due to chronic alcoholism. Patients who are unable to retain anything, exhibit violent vomiting or vomit blood benefit from this medicine. Graphites is good for treating duodenal ulcers marked by a burning in the stomach and a feeling of hunger.

Kinds of Peptic Ulcers

Broadly speaking, peptic ulcers are classified into two main categories. The esophageal ulcers are those that occur in the esophagus, hollow tube through which food moves from your throat to your stomach. The duodenal ulcers are the ones that erupt inside of the upper portion of the duodenum, the small intestine.

The ulcers that are found in the stomach are termed as the gastric ulcers.

There is also a Meckel’s diverticulum ulcer, which is characterized by a lot of tenderness.

Symptoms of Peptic Ulcers

The primary symptom of a peptic ulcer is, of course, pain. The pain causes a burning sensation and gets more acute when the stomach acid passes over the sores. The pain can be experienced anywhere in the region of the navel, spreading to the breastbone.

The sensation of pain is worsened on an empty stomach and often gets more acute at night. The pattern of the pain is such that it may go away temporarily on consuming some non-acid producing foods but keeps returning from time to time.

The less common signs and symptoms of the peptic ulcers may include vomiting of blood that may look reddish or blackish in color, dark blood in stools or stools that are blackish, the feeling of nausea, a sudden drop in weight or appetite, etc.

Myths about Peptic Ulcers

The primary factor responsible for peptic ulcer is a chronic swelling caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

These ulcers can also be triggered by the use of NSAIDS. While the incidence of duodenal ulcers has fallen considerably during the past three decades or so, the number of cases of gastric ulcers have registered a rise, primarily due to the widespread use of NSAIDs.

The most common myth associated with peptic ulcers is that they are caused by highly spiced foods or a stress related job. It has also been believed that smoking, caffeine, coffee or alcohol consumption lead to this condition.

However, these are mostly myths and research has clearly shown that it is a bacterial infection or some medications which essentially trigger peptic ulcers.

Natural remedies for peptic ulcers not only provide permanent relief from pain and other related symptoms, they also treat the body’s inability to fight with helicobacter pylori . Thus once treated with natural remedies, peptic ulcers will be gone for good

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  1. Kamran Hussain says:

    Hello Sir, I am Kamran Hussain from Larkana Sindh Pakistan. I had H.Pylori in 2011 and after few years i have been diagnosed with Gastroduodenitis duodenal ulcer. I have been treated with different kinds of medicines such as PPI (Omeprazole) Amoxicillin Ciprofloxacin etc got relieved for temporary basis. few months ago i was feeling burning sensation in my duodenum and pain in whole abdomen and shortness of breath after eating also burning sensation in on empty and filled stomach also feeling that i am getting depression. i am using these remedies from some days 1. Nux vomica 30 2. Carbo veg 30 3. Graphites 30 4. R5 Drops 5. Duodenal ulcer tablet 6. Cilir Syrup for H.Pylori. with these remedies i feel good but not much i feel burns in my intestines kindly help me suggest me guide me.

  2. Sunil Kumar Gupta says:

    DEAR DOCTOR. Namaskar,
    I am aged about 60. I am desperately in search of a Homeopathic combination medicine for healing Problems of Ulcerative gastritis, constipation and fissure AND also rejuvenating my digestive system. I have been suffering from these problems since the past 4 or 5 years. The constipation and fissure problems aggravate during winters.

  3. okeke sopuluchukwu john says:

    pls doctor, am havin a pain in my upper side of my cheast. so pls how can i get ride from that so called ulcer with some pains in the back of my neck

  4. Dear Dr I have regular pain at left abdoman just below the left ridge for last 2 months. Excess formation of gas nd sound in belly. English medicine give light relief. Please suggest homeo med.

  5. Ms. Afsana Rahman says:

    How many days homeopathic medicine can generally take in curing peptic ulcers

  6. Deepchand Yadav says:

    Sir Good ideas of Gastic Ulcer
    sir Have much producing Acid in my stomach and pain upper abdoman pain come and go but a slow pain also in upper abdoman what is that Gastric ulcer Please response sir I am suffring

  7. Kavitha Soundaraj says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering stomach pain and burning last two years. Last 5 months back was taking endoscopy which result was lax og junction and doctor prescribed Rabonic 40 DSR which is not effective still am having discomfort after eating, burning and paining. Please help me to cure this problem.

  8. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am RSNarayan writing from Visakhapatnam
    I have been experiencing pain in the right abdomen for the last five years. I consulted several allopathic and homoeopathic doctors. They all told me that this is due to duodenal ulcers and so I am experiencing gastritis, pain and indigestion. They gave some drugs. But of no use. Please suggest me.

  9. Satish.K says:

    Dear Doctor
    I was taking medicine frequently for dart, crocin and saridon for headaches since from the year 2001.
    In the year 2008 slowly started frequent motions, Headache and stomach pain and to avoid this problem started to take eldoper and headache tablets.
    In the year 2012 I came to know that I am having an ulcers in the intestine after colonoscopy did Dr. Manjunath at Jayanagar Bangalore and he gave me steroids, Budez and Azorn-Course of medicine I took almost 4 months but no use. Almost I met many gastroenterologist doctors but doctor said you have erosions in the intestine.

    Kindly advice the best homeopathic medicine for my problem…. of frequently I need to pass stools ,ulcers in the intestine, Improper digestion and headache.

    and let me know how I need to take homeopathic medicine.

    Thank you doctor.

  10. H I Dr I’m simion ihve diagnosis wth chronic duodenal ulcer 3day ago and ihve administer proton inhabitor esomeprazole earlier to this iwas tested for H phlori but it was negative but going to toilet there is bright red blood in the stool plz let know the drugs for that

  11. Hi sir I have H poliry bacteria so much problem s coming witch is good medicine I don’t know I am suffering from 3 years this pls suggestion me

  12. Sir I have stomach ulcer since 5,6 years ago.i have used elupethy medicin. Lick librex.nexuim.alsonic.zanatic.extra.extra.but.after some time.same condition came back.plzz recmend me.homeo medicin

  13. prashant kubavat says:

    I am having regurgitation of food and stomach fullness after lunch from till last six months because of that my weight is loss I went to gastroenterologist doctor they all r saying for endoscopy.without endoscopy cant heal the problem pls suggest the right thing.

    • Patrick antwi says:

      .Hi am sofring from stomaCH UISER and also Sofring from MALARIA am VERY week For the Past4 month Please Help me CURE it’ because my weight is Loss How . Homeopathy CAN Help me

  14. Dr. Sharma,
    I am in search for something that will help: bloating, belching, feeling of fullness (which leads to throwing up). Don’t know if it’s an ulcer but suspect it is or H. Pylori.

    Also need something for internal bacterial infection (from hernia surgery). Specifically the bacteria Klebsiella Oxytoca and Prevotella Melaninogenica.

    Any suggestions of what to look for would be extremely helpful. I was looking at Nux Vomica and Kali Bichromicum. Thoughts?


  15. Shamsher singh says:

    Sir, l was diagnose with gastritis two years back I have taken alopethic as well as aurvedic treatment with out any relief can you suggest me some good medicine for this problem

  16. vinnykwatra says:

    hell sir. i want to talk to u about my husband. my husband is having the problem of stomach ulcers. suggest

  17. burning sensation in cheat back and throat afet 2-3 hrs of eating food since 14 years

  18. burning sensation in cheat back and throat afet 2-3 hrs of eating food since 14 years

  19. If we use homeopathic medicines then stomach ulcer is clear permanently is it possible

  20. Hello Dr. Sharma: I had an endoscopy and they found erosions in the duodenal bulb. Also Gastritis. I would like to know which homeopathic medicine I can take in order to have them gone for good. I do not like conventional medicine due to the fact that the drugs prescribed cause too many side effects. I have never taken drugs in my life and at my age I do not want to begin doing so. I would greatly appreciate your sound advise.

    Sincerely Linda

  21. Sir i am from coimbatore, Tamil Nadu india. I have been diagnosed for corporal, antral gastritis, antral ulcer. h.pylori – negative. Endoscopy was performed and i am on medication for the past 1 and 1/2 months often having reflex and pain in the upper breastbone/ribs and back. Whether these curable. as the pain and also the reflex is making stressed and also unable to have food. Really scared to eat. consequently losing weight. i had lost 5 kgs in span of 4 months. Its like i lose weight and intermediately gain weight. but even teh gained weight also is lost by recurrence of reflex. please advise

  22. Afzal Ahmed says:

    Hello sir, I belongs to Pakistan my father is suffering from gastric ulcer and the doctors told us surgery for this. is gastric ulcer treatment in homeopathic without surgery? please guide me.

  23. I’m sara from Pakistan. Dr Iv a stomch issue for last 6,7 years but last 4 years it will be serious condition,, I can’t eat wheat products, citrus items and milk, yogurt.. Major problem is heating, burning or dirria problem… And lose weight rapidly.. My diet is oat meal, rice. My stomch make acid whole body is under burning some time,,plz Dr I’m thankful if you rply me and tell me medicine,,,


    i underwent an endoscope with biopsy of duodenum in which doctor found CHRONIC DUODINITIS.
    It is causing complete disturbance of my digestion, any kind of sour things like fresh buttermilk is not digested by me

  25. Hello Dr Shah, Have 2 ulcers confirmed by endoscopy. Current symptoms are pain in stomach as well
    as back. Sometimes mid back near shoulder blades,sometimes low back. A lot of burping after meals.
    Loss of apatite and some bloating out front. Male aged 69 had ulcers for at least 7 years and apart from 7 years ago now is the only big flare up. Feeling depressed and tired.

  26. Dear Dr. Sherma! How are you? My husband has multiple ulcers in his small intestine. He has severe abdominal pain and bloating. Usually 2/3 hours after eating. This severe pain moves around his belly. He also gets back pain. Please let me know which medicine should work for him. I will really appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

  27. SHAIK FAIZULLA says:

    I am suffering from stomach pain between belly and chest bone.the pain relieves after eating something and again started pain empty sometimes I will vomit some whitish please provide me precaution

    • Saroj shah says:

      Sir. I am having pain above my navel it goes up till breast one. It seems to be ulcer Some times the pain goes to back. I am in my 70. Pls help Saroj shah

  28. What is best to take for a bleeding ulcer? Please help it is urgent. I am wriying for a friend who cannot speak English well.

    Thank you!

    • H I Dr I’m simion ihve diagnosis wth chronic duodenal ulcer 3day ago and ihve administer proton inhabitor esomeprazole earlier to this iwas tested for H phlori but it was negative but going to toilet there is bright red blood in the stool plz let know the drugs for that

  29. abhay pandey says:

    I am suffering from ulcer Which is Red and white
    I have not eaten food for 3days. Pls help me

  30. Hello dr sb
    I have gas problem and ulcer,constipations

    Plz suggest the medicine

  31. V.K.Agarwals says:

    My wife age 62 is diagnosed suffering from peptic ulcer from last four years. After taking elopethic treatments deasese controlled but problem of vomiting due to acidity remains.To which doctor advised to sit minimum two hours after taking meal and recommended medicine nexpro-L to control this problem. This was going fine but again from some times she vomit occasionally and pass gas the whole day including mouth.(she also has the problem of asthma from more than 15 years for which she take inhaler as well as nebuliser regularly). So please recommend the homeopathic remedy for peptic ulcer related problems.

  32. Monehin Nelson says:

    How Can I Be Completely Heal From H Pilori Infection. I Always Feel Bloated, Belching, Gassy, Stomach Bubbling, Loss Of Weight As A Result Of Constant Of Vomiting

  33. Amanullah says:

    Hello dear sir,
    Im suffering stomach ulcer from one year due to h.pylori infection. Now I take my stool test and h.pylori is not active.but im still not feeling good in stomach and pain in stomach,sometimes gas bad taste of mouth.Please help me what should I do?

    • I feel discomfort due to mild pain all the time in left abdomean. I am a patient of ileitis. If I eat spice food or milk heavy bloting occurs. What is the treatment?

  34. T.Chandrasekhar says:

    Sir,I am suffering from severe peptic ulcers in duodenum. Recently I underwent for two Stents to RCA as I am suffering from CAD:single vessel disease. I am discharged with the following medications 1.Tab.Axcer 90mg twice daily 8am-8pm.
    2.Tab.Ecosprin 75mg once daily2pm(after lunch)
    3.Tab.Rosuvas 40mg once daily 8pm.
    4.Tab.Pan 40mg once daily (before breakfast).
    5.Tab.Met XL 25mg once daily 8am.
    I am using the above medicines for one week. These medicines aggrevating my peptic Ulcers in duodenum. Sir,please help me in treating my disease condition through homeopathy eqvivalents. Sir,my age is 56years.

  35. Aryan Raj says:

    My Mom is 62 years old and non-smoker and non-drinker, take plain hours After meal the heart & Stomach burn begins. Mosty doctor says it is the symtum of Peptic alsar. I also do 2 more time endoscopic test, & take prescribed alopethic medicine.But there is no relief till now.Which Homeopathic medicine in which form I should take:? Please reply.

  36. FARAH FAISAL says:

    Hi Doctor

    I am female 41 yrs suffering from colits for the past 11 yrs and had various traeatments and recent test revelled that there are no symptoms of colitis. But what is worrying that i have been recently diagnoEd
    With mild dysplacia – reactive chain of the oesophagus
    The doctor have suggested strong anti biotic to be followed by 3months of scanning and test to check the development as if left unattended could result in serious problems. Further tests also revealed H pylori and i have been facing inflation as well.

    I woukd appreciate if you kindly advise the best effective cure homepathic offers .

  37. Amit Kumar Tyagi says:

    Dear sir,
    My grandfather(78) has been complaining of vomiting and acid reflux starting with pain under left rib. Once in 2 months is the frequency of this problem. Please guide

  38. ANIL KUMAR SINHA says:

    Dr Sir
    Whenever i take fried things or spicy things acute burning in my stomach takes place specially during night
    in the beginning i used to take Carbo Veg 200 and it responded in the beginning but now it is not at all effective.
    i need your guidance. 4 years ago i had blood discharge with latrine but now after taking RC 13 it totally stopped.
    I went for detailed investigation also in CMC Vellore and it was observed 5 sores in lower intestine but now it is ok

  39. I have been suffering from acid & gas problem for 20 yrs off & on. For the last 2 yrs I’v been suffering from hunger pangs & losing weight. For the last 6 months I’v been suffering from acidity in my stomach (not heart burn). Recently I discovered I’m having black stool & pain in my stomach. Have I been suffering from gastric ulcers. No relieve from allopathic treatment. Can you suggest some homoeopathic treatment? Pls help. Thank you.

  40. gargaba pradhan says:

    I am gargaba pradhan I effected by ulcer in7to 8years

  41. My husband has had erosive esauphagitis and duodenitis ever since he had 35 radiation treatments
    to his neck area in 2003. He gets a lot of pain and flatulance. I know he’s not getting the good from his food. I give him digestive enzymes, aloe pills and some vitamins. What would you suggest he do to possibly heal this completely?

  42. Apurbananda Mukherjee says:

    I Am 39 Years Old.I Am suffering For Gastric Ulcer Since 4-5 Years . More Acid, Pain After Fooding.
    I Treating But Do’t Get Result.When Take Medicine Pan-D Or Antacid ,Some Good .But When It Stop It Is starting Same Condition. I Obserbed ,It May Be Infected By Helicobacter pylori Bacteria, Because My Wife & Son Also Suffering Same Condition. What I Do ? Kindly suggest Me, Which Medicine I Will Take & And Indicate And Time Mention.

    • Mukesh Mohan says:

      Hi Doctor, I am Mukesh, around 1 year. i am suffering from chronic gastritis with activity. I am also suffering from h. pylori infection. I took hp kit for 14 days, but h.pylori infection is still in my stomach. Due to alcoholic, ulcer is developed in my stomach. Now i left alcohol. Last one year i took allopathic medicine, but i didn’t get benefits from medicine. Sir Pl advice me homopathic medicine.

  43. Yvonne wuamett says:

    Dear SirLast Dec diagnosed with 10 stomach ulcers by endoscopy was given Prilosec
    Developed hives
    Went back to Doc as pain was super bad last week , took protonix
    Developed hives
    I have stopped smoking very hard because stress is huge , daughter is heroin addict,
    I did not have H Pylori or take a lot of NSAIDs
    I think it’s stress smoking and cigs
    For the hives I tookHistamin hydrchloricum
    Worked well and quickly
    I also take zinc carbonate slippery elm and Dgl
    Can you help me?

  44. anil kumar pal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 45 years and I observed I am paitent of gastric ulcer . what i can do . go to aruvied or alopath . or hemopath . i am living in badarpur new delhi 110044 .
    pl. give me suggession .

  45. Debasis Chowdhury says:

    Dear Sir;

    I am 39years old and having pain in stomach for last 4 days. I observed, after eating some food, I do get relief from pain. But after 3-4hrs, the pain reverted. Also today observed black stool.

    Please suggest whether to consume Graphites for remedy. If yes please suggest the potency and time of consumption.

    I don’t drink alcohol, tea. Smoke only 1 cigarette per day. Don’t love to eat spice food.

  46. Dear respected dr,sharma ji,
    My name is shabbir age 62 years, male. My food timing are 8 am breakfast, 1 o clock lunch, 8pm dinner.
    When i get up pain in the morning before break fast . I have to eat something, then pain subsides. Same thing happens at 11.30 ie before lunch and and before dinner at around 5.30. Pain signal goes away after eating something. After my meals i am feeling heavy after taking food. Kindly suggest best medicine.
    And also kindly let me know what is my problem. I am also having hernia since long.

  47. RASIKLAL G. SAYANI says:


  48. RASIKLAL G. SAYANI says:


  49. Experience slight pain in stomach weight lass black stool lack of appetite rise of heart rate pl suggest treatment

  50. Sir, I am 57 years old. I am suffering from Duodenal erosions and Reflux Oesophagitis (gr-I) for last more than one year. There is no other identification from Endoscopy & whole abdomen USG. I am also suffering from dyspepsia and lost 10 kgs in 7 months. Presently my weight is stagnant at 55 kgs for last 6 months.

    I am doing homeopathy treatment. I am doing regular yoga and my appetite is good but there is no improvement of weight. Presently my major problem is after get up at morning and after clearing urine, there is feeling of empty stomach and pain and after taking something of small qty (even two glass of water) it is almost relieved. Further I feel the same empty stomach feeling and pain after evening. Then taking food also the pain is not relieving. Even pain directed to back also when pain is more. Some time pain is more and some time it is less at that time. There is obvious problem of digestion also and so no improvement in weight. I have a very bad life style of taking food hurriedly, taking food late night, sleeping at very late night due to late coming back from office and also there are stress and tension.

    Request your suggestion and advice on remedy.

    Amit Mitra

  51. Abdul sattar khan says:

    Sir i got these message in whatsapp so i wanted to know is it possible to cure the way as below mentioned.

    Our belly button is an amazing gift given to us by god.

    A 62 year old man had poor vision in his left eye.

    He could hardly see especially at night and was told by eye specialists that his eyes were in a good condition but the only problem was that the veins supplying blood to his eyes were dried up and he would never be able to see again.

    Homeopathy has a cure for this condition.

    Infact it not only has a cure for this condition but for veins which have dried up to any part of the body such as the ears, the brain, legs, arms, pancreas, lips, jaw etc.

    According to Science, in all of god’s creation, the first part created after the clot is formed is the belly button.

    After it’s created, it joins to the mother’s belly button through the umbilical chord.

    Through this incredible gift that god has given to us, which we may seem it to be insignificant, a new life is formed.

    Our belly button is surely an amazing thing!

    According to science, after a person has passed away, the belly button is still warm for 3 hours.

    The reason being when a woman conceives a child, her belly button supplies nourishment to the child through the child’s belly button.

    And a fully grown child is formed in 270 days = 9 months.

    This is the reason all our veins are connected to our belly button which makes it the focal point of our body.

    Belly button is life itself!

    The “PECHOTI” is situated behind the belly button which has 72,000 plus veins over it.

    The total amount of blood vessels we have in our body are equal to twice the circumference of the earth.


    For dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, pancreas over or under working, cracked heels and lips, for glowing face, shiny hair, knee pain, shivering, lethargy, joint pains, dry skin.


    *For dryness of eyes, poor eyesight, fungus in nails, glowing skin, shiny hair.*

    At night before bed time, *put 3 drops of pure ghee or coconut oil in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.*

    *For knee pain*

    At night before bed time, *put 3 drops of castor oil* in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.

    *For shivering and lethargy, relief from joint pain, dry skin*

    at night before bed time, *put 3 drops of mustard oil* in your belly button and spread it 1 and half inches around your belly button.


    Your belly button can detect which veins have dried up and pass this oil to it hence open them up.

    When a baby has a stomach ache, we normally mix asafoetida (hing) and water or oil and apply around the naval.

    Within minutes the ache is cured. Oil works the same way.??

  52. Sir mother is having ulcer she is having pain and mostly having lose motions suggest medicine for her

  53. Prabir Kumar Chowdhury says:

    Sir I’m suffering mild erosive gastritis after mu deodenal pepetic ulcer treatment by allopathic. now i’m suffering everyday some pain in mu belly region after taken any food. which is not feel if i take everyday morning one tab PPI rabium DSR. otherwise I took Irish Ver 30 but my pain is not going–could you tell me this erosive gastritis can be full cure by Homeopathic treatment???

  54. Hi,

    I am interested in a consultation since I have been suffering from a horrible gastritis for more than 5 years. I have tried everything out there from allopathic to naturopathic. I think my gastritis was caused mainly by intense stress and the use of anti-inflammatories to treat back pain.



  55. Jyothi chethan says:

    Hi Dr, am jyothi chethan 45 yrs female. I Am sufferin fm pre pyloric ulcer for last 2 mnths n severely down with vit d (4.20) n vit b12 (256) def too. Pl sug wat shd b done in this case..
    Am taking pantacid early mrng n supplmnt fr vit d3, but i hv severe back pain the upper portion both the sides n sleepless nights.. No sleep at all. Pl help

  56. Arif kamal says:

    I have stomic and esophagus sevear ulcer
    Trere is pain un bearable and reflux problem
    Plz adv me med

  57. deepak chowhan says:

    sir my wife is suffering from peptic ulcer, she take the homeopathic medicine and she get the relief from it but after taking the homeopathy medicine she had itching on her whole body.

    please suggest me what can i do for these.

    one more question, is homeopathy medicine for itching is taken with ulcer medicine.

  58. Karen ingles says:

    I have suffered for 8 years with gastritis and bile acid reflux after having gall bladder removed. The pain is so tender under my ribs and spreads around to my back . I did have helucobacter but that has been killed by antibiotic . Is there a homeopathic way of treating this painful and miserable disease. Kind regards karen

  59. sir lat one year i am suffering burning in my thought and stmoah pain so i didi the endocopy and the impression is grade a eophagitis ,duodenal erosions . ps help me sir


    I am 62 year old person, suffering from severe pain in antrum region due to gastric erosion in antrum part of stomach in early morning and refer to back side of shoulder,also having pain after evaculation in tne morning for about 1 hour WITH COLOR OF STOOL IS YELLOWISH BROWN. this pain get rid to some extend after eating sime thing. Same symptoms once again appear in evening at about 5.30 pm with severe burning in stomach region and spread to back side pf kidney part. I am having hypothyrodism, COPD& high B.P. due to all this problem getting depressed anf fill fatigueness and weakness. You are requested to may kindly suggest the medicine , so that i can get rid of this problem

  61. Dr l am suffering from h pylori infection and acid reflex (gerd) problem please give me advice how to cure h pylori infection and gerd problem

    • Dr l am suffering from h pylori infection and acid reflex (gerd) problem please give me advice how to cure h pylori infection and gerd problem.and small paptic ulcer found in endoscopy region of h pylori…..get the hemeopathy medicine…

  62. Dear sir , mera father ko 2 years se gastric ulcerative colitis huahe. Pehle to itna din se elopathy medicine le raha tha lekin usse kuch din thik reh tha he . Mesacol 1000, Azoran50. , sibofix. , defza . sari medicine le chuke hai lekin result kuch nahi mil raha hai. Agar aap kuch help karengi to mere pe aapka bohut meher bani hogi. . Phone. 9851323045

  63. Candi bailey says:

    HI my name is candi bailey and I have a few superficial ulcers found in my duodenal bulb and I woke up this morning not feeling myself I have been throwing up to me seems like acid and goody powders because I take goody powders for my migraines I take about anywhere between 5 and 6 a day now I can’t keep anything down my blood pressure is going up it was 140 or 100 and I’m just so weak and I literally feel like I’m dying could u please give me some advice thank you very much if you can.

  64. Ravi Shatma says:

    I am having stomach ulcer…as soon as i eat my stomach becomes heavy.

  65. Roopesh dhagat says:

    Please tell the treatment for chronic pancreatitia dr. Sharma

  66. Malik mustafa says:

    Dear Doctor I smoke and use good food prepared at home I avoid restaurant food but unfortunately I early in the morning face problem of gas. I feel sometimes burden on my eye and backside of neck. When I awake up gases come from my mouth I feel easy slowly as soon as gases are coming from my mouth. Sometimes I feel pain in my left side of stomach and immediately gas is coming pain is finished. Please advise me some medicine. My age is 69

  67. tufel ahmed says:

    Dear Sir,
    I m chronic patient of constipation due to inability of peristaltic movement. I have taken many Medicines but it was not cured permanently. Due to intestinal problems I was also suffered from Scitica, back pain and piles. Now a days I m suffering from abdominal pain after having food, gas and acidity….it is in initial stage pl. Suggest me some gud medicines in homeopathy. So that myself can get rid of these problems…pl. sir..

  68. Amit Mitra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from high acidity and flatulence and dyspepsia for last few years. I was also suffering from colitis for last 20 years. I did my endoscopy 1 year back and it has revealed that I have Reflux Oesophagitis (grade-I) and Duodenal erosions. There was pain in the center of upper abdomen and it aggravated after taking meal. I have hunger type pain also which is more in the morning and evening and it continue till night but no problem at night sleep. I have lost around 10 kg in last 6 to 7 months and now weighted 55 kgs. The weight is stagnant for last 4 to 5 months and not increasing any more. I have very ravenous appetite and eating good volume but no assimilation due to poor digestion.
    I did homeopathy treatment for last 8 months and my upper abdomen pain after taking food is almost 80% removed but no cure of hunger type pain, high appetite, and improvement of health as well as increase in weight. Please advice for cure of my present ailments.

  69. I have a colitus ulcer in large intestine. I feel pain left side in abdomin and some time bloody stool
    Pl advise me . I will wait your e mail’

  70. Hai,iam suffering from stomach burning,if i eat any hot or moderate hot foods,my stomach will burn up to 3hrs.Iam now taking a homeo pathy medicine,but my burning pain increases after taken,iam taking homeo medicine for 3 Months,but till now pain only increases.Give a solution pls

  71. Ramesh Singh says:

    Dear sir. My wife (53yrs) suffering from pain at upper part of navel .when I use Colocinthus it gives relief for a while and again starts after an hour. She is suffering from 3 days. pain is so vigorous but at that time she couldn’t do any thing.
    Plz help sir ,suggest the medicine sir with dozes.
    Thank you sir.

  72. Hi,
    I feel fullness in lower abdomen, some times pain also,
    Stool is very hard and comes out with pressure,
    Feeling of toilet time again n again but passes a little stool,
    Gases passes out with pressure,
    much inconvenience in night going for bed rest n strong feeling of toilet time but stool does not come out.
    Please Advice me, Thanking You.
    K. Ahmed.

  73. Hi. My name is sabahat. Sir I am suffering from stomach ulcer for 3 months . I have problem of h pylori. I am taking medicine regularly but there is no positive result. Now I m fed up. plz tell me is there any permanat treament of ulcer in homeopathy. If yes then.plz suggest me medicine. Thanks

  74. Dorothy Crichton says:

    I am waiting to go for a scan for ongoing upper abdominal pain,which also causes feelings of bloatedness,poor appetite!whkch homeopathic remedy do you recommend I could be taking?Thank you!Dorothy Crichton

  75. Pradeep Laskar says:


    I have been suffering from peptic ulcer for last about 25 years.
    I have a pain always on my left side of abdomen.
    Food does not digets and I have a feeling of going to toilet time and again.
    There is bloating and gas.
    Please advise.
    Thanking you


    Pradeep Laskar

  76. Swati Tyagi says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am having continuous pain on upper abdomen right side and mid abdomen more closer to right abdomen from last one month. I took medicine from allopathic medicine from doctor. After medicine also I am having continuous pain difference in frequency. Before medicine sharp pain and after medicine dull pain for some time of period like 4-5 hours. Doctor said its ulcer. I am worried that without medicine I do not have relax on pain from last 15 days.
    Please help.

  77. sandhya neema says:

    मे पुष्पा नीमा उज्जैन से मचझे गेस्टीक अल्सर हे ।इन्दौर के डाँ अजय जैन का ईलाज चल रहा है।।पर मेरा पेट रोज दरद करता हे ।मे परेशान हो चुकी हु ।कृपया उपचार बताऐ।

  78. Md Izhar Ahmed says:

    I have gastric erosion in stomach for 2 years.
    It is not healing. I took alopathy as well as homeopathic medicine but it’s not helping. I feel burning sensation when I empty stomach or having even a little spicy food. It is impacting my life. Please help.

  79. Pls how can I use homeopathy in treating my ulcer

  80. Gaurav phulwari says:

    i’m patient of stomach ulcer and i want to heal my stomach ulcer completely

  81. Deepak moundekar says:

    I am suffering daily from gas,acidity, tongue ulcer and filling stomach empty after some time of meals. Pls give the solution

  82. Gamini Francisco says:

    I have gastric erosion pl tell me what is the best homeopathy medicine and can i cure that .

  83. T R Dutta says:

    i have chronic and acute cold and cough problems from childhood. Now i am 61 years. I am on liquid diet since my oral cancer surgery two years back. I am cancer free as all tests have declared. Since last one year i am having stomach burning – gets pronounced from some hours after food , subsides after food , and again comes back in about two hours after food. This happens the whole day. Since 27 th June i am passing blood in my stool – looks fresh . I have stool once a day. Feel hungry after two hours of food. I eat everything – except chilies and spices – after radiation – in june 2014. Mouth ulcers of radiation still remain. Taking Merck Corr 1M once a week. I always see your advise on screen. Please advise remedy. Thanks a ton. T.R.Dutta M : 9924299334.

  84. My mother has ulcer in heel for 2.5 month sir I want to know that it will be cure or not by giving homopethy treatment

  85. GAIL PEREIRA says:

    Doctor my father is 74 years old past 2 weeks his complaining of heart pain .he did a cardiogram reports were normal .He has polycythemia vera.n has had a block before in left side of heart which he has been treated.last 6 years ago.he consulted doctor that his getting pain n doctor gave him acidity tablets which he was ok for week.n now it started again.he says the pain cannot be bared.n it’s like centre of the heart .n when he gets the pain he y is it doctor?? Is it only due to acidity?or peptic ulcers ?? Can peptic ulcer be caused to polycythemia vera??

  86. My daughter is 20 years old, she used pain killers for pain in wisdom tooth which was later removed 20 days back and had to take antibiotic for 5 days. Dr also prescribed Risic but she feels pain and throbbing on mouth of stomach and also has breathing problem occasionally. Kindly prescribe homeopathic medicine. Regards

  87. Birendra Singh says:

    I suffer from blood in stool, plenty of gas formation and pain just bellow the chest in the middle because of gas. The problem increases from afternoon after lunch.

  88. md.moyeen ashraff bin ameen says:

    I have accidity problem plus little pain in my upper stomack between two rib i take carbo veg to clear gas sometime chilledonium before meal then it is fine wind discharge is very little always i get deccaar from mouth then i get releif while drinking water some releif is there sir you advice the best master homeoepathy medicine for me please i belong to very middle class family i shall be obliged if you help me sir


    I am suffering from GERD, COPD & hypothyrodism from last one year . I get up in the morning with full energy but after evaculation start pain in rectum area , The colour of stool is yelloish brown, Got the occult blood test ,which is possitive,few/rare rbc are seen in occult blood test whithin 5 minutes Start severe pain in anantrm area i. e. quadrant part of liver with pain in right side of shoulder, which reflect to epigastric portion. after 10 minutes start chronic whooping cough ,last for about 1 hour . at present i am taking allopathic medicine but not gettig relief. please suggest the remedy, i am ready to pay the consultation charges also. and medicine you supply by post . My age is 62 years ,having silient nature but due to this problem i got depressed and day by day getting confused what to do and to whom i should refer


      I am suffering from GERD, COPD & hypothyrodism from last one year . I get up in the morning with full energy but after evaculation start pain in rectum area , The colour of stool is yelloish brown, Got the occult blood test ,which is possitive,few/rare rbc are seen in occult blood test whithin 5 minutes Start severe pain in anantrm area i. e. quadrant part of liver with pain in right side of shoulder, which reflect to epigastric portion. after 10 minutes start chronic whooping cough ,last for about 1 hour . at present i am taking allopathic medicine but not gettig relief. please suggest the remedy, i am ready to pay the consultation charges also. and medicine you supply by post . My age is 62 years ,having silient nature but due to this problem i got depressed and day by day getting confused what to do and to whom i should refer

  90. ts.chadha says:

    I get pain in stomach after eating and OK in the morning pain is griping and burning and afterwords bloating takes place

  91. Pankaj Bhargava says:

    My mother aged 66 is suffering from duodenal ulcers (as diagnosed through endoscopy) and she is unable to take any food and water. Anything she eats or drinks get accumulated in her stomach only and after sometime everything is vomitted out. The vomit appears greenish in colour with a foul smell. Kindly suggest some medicines.

  92. Hi, I am 43 yr. old female. Having pain 5 finger above from my belly button towards heary. I did 6 courses of 14 day each of Prelosec and Nexium. But my pain getting worst. Too much burping. Even the water hurts. Please advise if you have any medication available for this.

  93. mustafa hashmi says:

    abdominal distention espisciall y after taking meal .someone told me i may have navel dislocation problem.


    Dear gastric ulcer caused by h pyleri is removed but still feeling light pain in the stomach even after medication for 6 months of elopathy treatment whrein medicine applied are h.pyleri kit,and then pantodac DSR,adiza 10,Dr I am also taking medicine for sugar ,BP,Thyroid,they are galvasmet50/1000,’olmegest 40,thyronorm recently Dr informed that u v acute gastritis.with that recently my knee is paining when climbing the stairs.

  95. RAJIFUL ISLAM says:

    I am suffering for gastric erosion since release from it…

  96. Afzal awan says:

    Dr.i have stomach problem after typhoid I feel gas in my belly and I feel something in my throat then I take dry cough to feel better.i feel dry throat.i feel pain in chest.i took my ECG which is fine.i release gas every 10 give me the medicine of acid reflex but I have no relief.please help me doctor…

  97. ahmed jee says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, i was diagnosed H.Pylori 4x month back i completed antibiotic course 11days ist line of therapy ,but after i got 5-8 stools sami solid with some time mucus ,i also have burning and pain in anus after stool.spicy food agrevate my stool system, i am 46 years/weight 85,using blood pessure madicine.

    Now i have indigestion,havyness after food ,gas to much ,buring after stool pass,5-6 stools sami solid per days ,esophagus burning and difficult to take food last 2 days . tounge color wjite ,dry mouth,dry skin,
    urine yellow in morinning in after noon color is mild yellow ,urine is hot ,drops after finish urine.

    kindly let me know excellent remedy for ulcerative collitus./dudenal ulccer/peptic ulcer

    thanks & best regards

    Muhammad ahmed

  98. good day dr.

    me undergoing a course of treatment for gastritis. me have pain in knee joint and burning feet pls advice

  99. I have gestric problem with stomach light pain and burning on both upper side of stomach,upper stomach is found filled and there is berbing.there is body mouth there is foul smell.less hunger.feeling very uneasy.

  100. sir, meri platelets 86000 ho gayi thi phir pata chala ki mujhe typhoid hai aur uski dawa chal rahi hai. 15 days wheat grass juice pine par ab 154000 ho gayi hai . lagbhag 2 saal se mera pet phoola rahta hai usme halka dard aur itching hoti hai khas karke navi se right side. 4baar usg kara chuka hu sab normal hai av LFT aur RFT v hua tha sab thik hai .allopathic dawao se koi fayda nahi ho raha hai. mujhe bahut kamjori hai. doctor please meri samasya ka samadhan batayen

  101. Dear doctor
    I am suffering from stomach acid problem. After about 2 hours of food I get severe heartburn.I also have burning sensation just under right side ribs. I am 67 year old man. I suffer from this for over 40 years. please suggest homeopathic remedy for me.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  102. radhamanohar says:

    Fundus erosion and burning like pain at fundal region

  103. Mohamed rafi says:

    dear sir i am taking happi 20 Medicine from the past 7 years. I am having sleeping problems &tensed activities. Please tell me what to do ? Thanks.

  104. pawan pandey says:

    sir, l always feel light pain and itching in right side of my abdonmen with flatulence. I had an usg but nothing was found. sir please help me to get rid of this problem (since 2 years)

  105. I have burning sensation in my stomach, during empty stomach or when I delay in taking the lunch or dinner. once I take the food there will be no problem for 2 to 3 hours, again slowly irritation starts.
    So prescribe a good home medicine

  106. Gobind Singh says:

    My mother 87 yrs is facing acute vomiting . there is narrowing of dudenum as per CT scan and USG shows Wall thickening of dudenum . For the last 6 days she has been kept on IV fluids, with absolutely No oral feed. Doctor has advised Endoscopy , followed by STENT in dudenum if possible or jujesctomy (Pipe from outside connected with dudenum for food) if required.
    Please advise if any Homoeopathic medicine , as we do not want to go for any surgery in this stage . She is also a cronic patient of depression and Anxiety.

  107. Anguri devi says:

    problem in urine or stool passing ellopathic dr. says spital’musels is weak ulcer at endron of large endstan now it become sticher white fluid is continually outing from rectum some time bleeding also with stool presuer of stool of on rectum is continuous gas trouble ,rectum feels full of stool , my disgusting system also disturb, I am also sugar patient . my age is 62 yes. my trouble is from 30 yes. apox. in starting is no major but now I think my life may end then relief from this so pls. my humble request to pls. give me treatment . I shall thakfull to you for this kindness.

  108. DearDoctor, A female age 54 years suffering from duodenitis with polyp since 5 years, taking omez and antacid drugs, but not cured .symptoms,nsusea vomiting,pain,burning stomach,indication,flutlence,and endoscopy looks growths in duodenum small polyps, please do treatment abovesaid case.

    • sandeep kumar says:

      dear sir i am studend and 24 year old i suffering from peptic ulcer two year ago and i treat in elopaithic medicin but i non feel better . And endoscopy done after treatment of two month nothing is fond all symtoms are normal but feel weekness , hunger, stomach pain,burnig and nsusea and i feel harasment ofter meal.and stool is always semisolid broun please sir advice me of proper treatment in homiopath

      • I am an 80 year old female who has suffered on and off with duodenal and other ulcers since 1985. The first time I had an endoscopy they found H Pylori. I was treated with strong antibiotics. But the ulcers returned within 6 months. The many times I had endoscopies after that showed no H Pylori. My GI doctor prescribed zantac to treat the ulcers. This has helped on and off. I recently had a year of no pain, after being treated for a Citrobacter. But I have been put on Eliquis due to A-fib attacks, and now the pain is severe. I am sure it’s the Eliquis. Is there a homeopathic remedy that can work despite the Eliquis? Thanks for getting back to me.

      • Smt Rasana Dash (Patient), 59 says:

        For some days Smt. Rasana Dash is some problem in stomach like burning, indigestion, feeling uneasy, tired ness is felt, like to take rest every 1 or 2 hours. Remedy/medicines suggested. Body fitness is sound.
        RK Dash.

    • sandeep kumar says:

      dear sir i am studend and 24 year old i suffering from peptic ulcer two year ago and i treat in elopaithic medicin but i not feel better . And again endoscopy done after treatment of two month nothing is fond all symtoms are normal but i feel weekness , hunger, stomach pain,burnig and nsusea and i feel harasment ofter meal.and stool is always semisolid broun please sir advice me of proper treatment in homiopath…..

    • sandeep kumar says:

      dear sir i am studend and 24 year old i suffering from peptic ulcer two year ago and i treat in elopaithic medicin but i not feel better . And again endoscopy done after treatment of two month nothing is fond all symtoms are normal but our wheat continouslly decrease , i feel weekness , hunger, stomach pain,burnig and nsusea and i feel harasment ofter meal digetion com to standstill.and stool is always semisolid broun please sir advice me of proper treatment in homiopath…..

    • Sir!
      My wife, aged 65 & 1/2 years is suffering from gastric troubles since about 2 years. Endoscopy done 2 weeks ago shows Antral Gastritis. She is under allopathic treatment.Her symptoms are: Pain in stomach after eating, heaviness on right side of abdomen below liver where any pressure causes heavy belching and discharge of abundant quantity of gas that relieves the pain a bit. Hot water bag compression also gives relief and reduces pain .Belching also occurs on pressing any part of he body particularly on right side. She has sleeplessness for which she takes Alprax 0.25 mg daily. Less appetite and hunger. Digestion is almost normal. She is constipated bowl.
      I will be highly obliged if you kindly help me suggesting proper remedy.
      Yours A N Jha

  109. GovindanChinnadora says:

    Hello Doctor,I have burning in whole stomach gastric and acidity last 25 years .I always feel tired.I feel pain and burning sensation .Gas forms and bloating persists always. Endoscopy and scanning was done 5years back but report was normal.Could not sleep.Bp is normal.Please advise me with a homeopathy medicine

  110. Vijay kumar says:

    I am suffering from flatuant upon walking after meal. The same thing isfelt at the time of sleeping. Could not sleep and I am made to sit due to chest contraction by air. Deliberately bring the air out of mouth with lot of sound and relieved but contraction start immediately. I have to repeat this process through entire night.

  111. shah muhammad says:

    Burning in whole abdomen agg by rest and relieved by movement

  112. Sir I am 56 years old man ,I have burning my stomach gastric and acidity last 15 years .I always feel tired.I feel pain and burning sensation .Gas forms and blotting . Last one year i am doing naturopath medicine, they found I have candida .now I am ok with that.but still I have gastric and acidity .I have low BP in the morning ,BP is normal in the afternoon.Also I have constipation . I did camera endoscopy test three years ago.nothing found . no bleeding no vomiting . please advice me homeopathy medicine.

  113. MANISH Kumar singh says:

    One year ago ulser hua that ab thik hai but gas bhut banta hai plz help me ….. M-8697745062

  114. Sir i have marked antral gastratis frm last 5 yearz.indoscopy done.h pylori positive.i feel pain in stomach.much gas produce in stomic .also saver pain in stomic during jumps when travling on cnvynce.also saver pain in stomic during standing at one place. I cant stand more than 2 minutes.plz advised wd best homeopathic medicine

  115. arindam ghose says:

    my problem is that mucosa is eroded from duodenum 1 &2 , and my stomach is full of gas, my stool is coming in liquid form but not all ways, i allways fell acidic during morning and in evening

  116. Catherine Fisher says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My 90 year old mother was recently hospitalized due to bleeding in stool/black stools. Required 2 blood transfusions and was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer. Is on proton pump inhibitors and back home now. She would like to try homeopathic remedy for this. She experiences no pain and is in reasonably good health otherwise. She did suffer a stroke 3 years ago and was put on blood thinners throughout that time, but this was discontinued since the ulcer.

    Thank you

  117. vishal singh says:

    Sir , I have always pain in my stomach due gastric and acidity from 7to8 year due to which i have body pain and always feel tired and gets angry with small things. Sir please help me I was tired .please sujjest some medicine . thank you

  118. Shareef ansari says:

    Hello dr meri age 36 yers hai mujhe peptic ulcer hai pet ke nichle bhag main left side me pain rahta hai acidity se pareshan hoon khana khane par jalan hoti hai pichhle 2years se mera allopatic ilaj ho raha hai par koi fayda nahin pls koi homeopathic dava bataiye

  119. Sir,
    I was diagnosed with erosive duodentis in 2012 and thereafter under allopathic medicines for quite sometime. I felt better for sometimes but due to my frequent official tour, my food habits and drinking tea (4-5 cups) the disease still continuing.
    Please suggest good homepathic medicines for regular use.

  120. Sourobh sadhu says:

    Hello sir,I sourobh sadhu suffering from patchy gastritis problem since 2014,I feel pain and burning sansation in left side of my abs and I also have hiper acidity problem that burn my food line and both chest side,you please sugest me what medicine should i take and feeling good.

  121. mohsin maqbool says:

    hello doctor sahab.
    mujay 1 saal se ulcer ha ziada masla intestines mein ha. dark stool aur blood vomiting ha. yani khoon aata ha main 1 saal se ye medicine use kar rah hun
    (MR 25)
    magar jaan ni choot rahi. koi medicine suggest karein jo pakistan se mil jaye. please help me i do not want to be operated. 1 saal mein 2kg weight loss huwa ha.

  122. my father suffering from elephantiasis from 20 years from 2012 he got one more problem that is heart enlargement by that he got breathing problem for that also i am taking medicines now it is very problematic now he is not eating food if any take he is getting vomiting so doctors are said he got ulcer so please sir give suggestion and any medicine

  123. Fizza khan says:

    Hi,how you doing?I have gallstones,stomach ulcer and inflammation in liver and fibroid..please help me with homeopathic medicine…

  124. Hi dr..when i eat honey I feel ulcer , why is that?? I just loose appetite and feel nausea..can you help??

  125. Hi dr Sharma I feel there is something stuck in my chest and no matter what I do it just can’t go down I feel discomfort what should I do???

  126. Robin verma says:

    Sir, I am suffering from peptic ulcers .last 12 months.hyper acidity.upper abdominal pain.dark stool.

  127. Nna Chituru says:

    Having very excruciating pain in the abdomen. Test from hospitals indicate pyloric ulcer. Feel pain on the left upper side of the abdomen. When the spell comes , can’t eat and feel very week.

  128. Respected Dr.

    I’m 28 year old man. I suffering from intestinal thread worms from childhood and also gastric ulcers, burns and bloating around my naval region. I wakes every night at 2 or 3 a.m. with burns in my stomach. Also full of bad dreams. From past 2 months I’m using Nat Phos 12x for thread worms, it helping me, it reducing the thread worms. For bloating and burns I’m using Lycopodium 200. I think it doesn’t works. Please suggest right medicine.

  129. Lakshmi jain says:

    I am diabetic type 2 for the last 8 years. Recently discovered rectal ulcers, internal hammeroids. Mouth taste bitter, profuse sweating after mid night, anxiety.
    Presently taking allopathic medicines for diabetes, gabapentin, antacids and non spicy foods.
    Request suggesting suitable homeopathic medicine.

  130. Rajeev Jain says:

    I have ulcers without any symptom. It may a cause for bad breath also. What is the best medicine.

  131. Vijayabalan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been/am suffering from acute stomach ulcer/peptic ulcer/ mouth ulcer, indigestion and loose motion/diarrhoea for many years. Could you please advise a single homeopathic remedy to cure my problems. I have pain and noise inside the stomach.

    Could you help me in suggesting homeopathy remedies, please. Currently I have been taking allopathic medicines. They are useless and they do not help.

    I look forward to receive your advice regarding the names of the homeopathic remedies for my chronic stomach problems, please.


  132. Nadeem Baig says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Please note that I am extreem patient of Gastric Ulser & extremly high acidity since last 7years with these causes my blood presure also high when I feel high acidity in my stomech.
    Please advise a suitable homeo pathy madicine for my disease ?
    Waiying for your prompt reply.

    Nadeem Baig

  133. panigrahi haribabu says:

    sir, iam 29 male .i have been gettinig stomach pain for seven years. recently i went for andoscopy test. after the test doctor said , u r suffering from peptic ulcer and suggested me a course. presently iam using those english medicines. i dont know whethet it works or not. plz help me sir suggest me perminentsolutions.

  134. Vibhu pandit says:

    My wife has done the gallbladder removal. 3years before.but after one week of the post operation. She suddenly feel the severe pain at same place .from where the gallbladder was removed.after then Dr.recommended her to .make a ultrasound. But nothing has came in that.after then he recommend for .andoscopy . in report of andoscopy.h pylorie has detected. Now present time she feel uncomfortable .right after taking the meal.or dinner.and also feel severe pain frequently. Once or twice in a month.please suggest .me some affective medicine.for this.

  135. Dr. i hace helicobector ulser i need to know best diet and best medicine to heel my ulcer.kindly bother please.

  136. Dr.Sudhir Kumar Singh says:

    Pricking,burning in the left side of throat,hiccups, belching,coughing.Even after coughing,burning persists for about a half or an hour,Raw cough,seems something trapped in throat like lump.
    Constipation:scant stool(semi solid)for three to four times.

  137. i have an ulcer from last 1 yr so give me a proper treatment

  138. hari shanker subodh says:

    I am suffering from pain arround navel and some times i feel some blood in stool.The pain is temporary .It comes and go.The homeopathic medicine geranium Q ,hemamalis 200 and calendula 200 gave relief for two months but the problem repeated again after two months.Pl suggest me best medicine to cure my problem.
    I will be highly thankful for your this help.

    • hari shanker subodh says:

      I am suffering from pain arround navel and some times i feel some blood in stool.The pain is temporary .It comes and go.The homeopathic medicine geranium Q ,hemamalis 200 and calendula 200 gave relief for two months but the problem repeated again after two months.Pl suggest me best medicine to cure my problem.
      I will be highly thankful for your this help.

  139. maximillah omoit says:

    Plz doc, I have problem , inside my ribs there’s a burning fire ,I have tried to look for medication in vain. Plz need your help.

  140. william ademsen says:

    I always had to sleep on right side, so my left side nose is more breathing, but my right side is many times closed and I donot know why.I used to block my left nose with finger and forcefully try to blow out air to make it open and feel better.I was born in cold month with bell palsy I still cannot raise my right brows,muscles are weak at eye lids to close fully.I still take only causticum 200 c but still not yet fully cured.Please prescribe some homeo meds for my nose and the face.I fully trust in you.Thank you very much for all of your articles. william ademsen

  141. Sumit Katoch says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am suffering from duodenal ulcer from last 2 years. I have consulted two best Hospitals in NCR. First symptoms of the ulcers appear in 2013 then I consult Dr Sanjay Garg in Shanti Gopal Hospital. He cured my ulcer completely in 3 months and asked me to take medicines for complete 1 year. I took his advise and take medicines . But after one year, post I stop taking medicines, Ulcer appear again within 7 days. I feel same pain again. Condition got more worst when I had black stools and then I Consult Dr Manish Kak in Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad. He did endotherapy to stop the bleeding in Mar’15. Bleeding stopped and after taking medicines for almost 9 months I was feeling better. Then Doc advise me to stop medicines for 7 days to complete a Gestrin Test. But after 4th day I feel same pain again with black stools and then I again started taking medicines as per Doc suggestions. Now I am waiting for My Gestrin test result.

    I dont know why this ulcer is coming again and again. I am very tense and disappointed. Please suggest me something. You can also call me @ 8800298360.

  142. Atam Parkash Swami says:

    Hello Sir
    I am having chronic trouble pain epigastrium taking PPI,s for last 6_7years +Ayurvedaicban labs acidity tab +kalandar+mukta shakti.Now no natural appetite taste of mouth bad Age 64!taking BP medicines, nature introvert social anxiety, angry at truffles phobias.
    Please suggest home medicine. Thnx
    swami AP

  143. Hello sir, My mother is suffering from peptic ulcer from last 5 months, it is found in Gastroscophy. First we are gone through Allopathy 2 months, not found any result, then presently we are taking Ayurvedic treatment, still no result. The ulceration in esophagus and in duodenal in stomach. Is any permanent cure for it. Now presently she feeling burning sensation when eating food and drinking water and not sleep at night and she also have high BP. Presently Ayurvedic doctor gives Arjun Amrit and Sarpaghanda Tablet for BP and Liver Tonic and some churna. Please suggest treatment. Thanks.

  144. sanjeet srivastava says:


    I am suffering from peptic ulsur since one month. Please advise me adject medice for cure this disease.

  145. v.kamalakara reddy says:

    Dr.Sharma ji,
    I have been suffering from Abdominal pain which started to left of my abdomen a few years back. I consulted a gastro specialist and he diagonised my problem as ulceration. After treatment, it went back and returned again. The symptoms are constant pain in the abdomen, frequent bowell moves to ease the pain, light black and semiliquid stools, continuous fatigue, irritation in the mood, heaviness in the abdomen after taking food, gas formation in the stomach and I have to forcefully release it to get some relief from discomfort in the abdomen. I feel vomiting sensations but never omit. I am a regular smoker and occasional drinker.

    Please advise me.

  146. plz recomand few madicine

  147. Hello dr. I have a question. My friend is suffering from stomach pain and she says she has ulcers. She is bleeding when she has bowel movements and I want to help her. I really like the homeopath medicine, I use them instead of the other medicines out there. I don’t know what to send her way and I don’t want to give her anything that won’t work for her. Can you give me a idea of which kind to help her with. Thank you for your time.

  148. HI. i m suffering from peptic ulcer for the last 15 years.
    treated so many times but after some times it come back..i daily feel swear pain in stomach.abdominal….back and legs
    specially at mid night and morning it is unbearable.
    i can not sleep ….always restless
    wht should i do?plz help me

  149. Dear Doctor sharma

    Good Day . I am James Raj currently in Dubai , 2 yrs back I got H- Pilori Infection . I have taken medicines for that and the infection is gone . But now I am suffering from Duodenitis and it is making my Life miserable . doctor in Dubai did camera Endoscopy and confirmed Duodenitis & jejunitis . Under these conditions pls suggest homeopathy medicine

  150. Kausar Parveen says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma. I am female a married women, age is 42 year my problem is that I have lack of hunger I dont feel any time hungry I have less weight approx 45 Kgs. Remain between 42-47. I have also stomach pain. I have also acute gastric problem. My belly remain hard as feel there is swelling inside. I can only take watery food i.e Juice Boiled rice etc. Due to this I became very sensitive. I am much weak. Along with this I am a patient of Hepatitis -c. Kindly give me a proper treatment and advise. Thanks

  151. Abhay sharma says:

    Sir mere pet m pain rhta h. Agar me kuch kha leta hn to pain 3 hours k liye band ho jata h. Uske bad halka halka pain fir se start ho jata h.sir mera weight 75kg tha ab mera weight 60 rha gya h. Sir me 2saal sedawai khan rha hn but aram nhin h.sir please help me.. Sir tell me how to control this problem.

  152. Sagar ranjan puhan says:

    I am 44 years age. I had done endoscopy and found anatrum erosion in stomach.Doctor gave me medicine for 15days.After 3 months found burning sensation in my stomach from 6pm to 10pm.

  153. Gopal Banik says:

    Respected Sir,
    Myself Gopal Banik, From – Siliguri, WB, Age/Sex: 25 Yrs/Male, Wt: 75 kgs, BP- 121/89, suffering from Gas and Acidity problems burning sensation in my middle chest to the head since last 3 months. My ultrasound shows normal, Endoscopy – Normal but H. Pyloric weakly Positive, I completed the allopathy H.pyloric medicine course. But all time Gas is coming with mouth. Now I am taking some Ayurvedic product it reduced the Gas. But I am seen blood in stool quite some time and Some time it come drop by drop when I give force. I regularly do pranayma and some yoga. I am also have some headache (not exact location), light anxiety problem, sometime pain in left side of belly under chest. Please tell me sir which is the exact problem I am suffering. I am waiting for your reply. My English is not good please pardon if any language mistake.

    Thanking You,
    Gopal Banik
    Ph: 9749329265

  154. pulak nandi says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have been suffering from frequent stomach pain in upper abdomen for the last two year. I have indigestion problems since childhood. Recently endorscopy came out with gastric erosion with loose lax. No vomiting problem, have constipation problem and gas forms when stomach is empty. Kindly advice the effetive treatment.
    Thanks a lot Dr.

  155. Hallo Dr.Sharma, I owerworked,many stress and I feel peptic duodenic ulces now. Graphites is good choose? Thank you

  156. G K dwivedi says:

    i am suffering from gastritis and colitis. please help.

  157. Surinder Kaur says:

    I am suffering from burning in stomch for last few months right at midnight .My galbladder was removed in 2008.Kindly advise Homeopathic treatment.I have no pains or any vomitting sensation except burning in uuper portion of stomach at midnight.
    Surinder Kaur

  158. Aziz Aslam Khan says:

    I am 70 year old.Very often I get attacks of pain in center upper stomach under ribs. When ever it happens heart missing starts, some times it results in fumes getting out of nose as & when heart stops for few seconds.I about 20 mg of valium. After 4/5 hours heart beat start becomeing normal slowly.After this I become so week that I can not move around for quite some time’ I feel that I have acute Ulcer.Kindly help me.
    Aziz Aslam Khan

  159. Vikas Bharadwaj says:

    In India pls suggest medicines for curing pectic and deudenal ulcers. Pain in upper left (my left )portion of stomach when hungry or even after having heavy food.pain is released little after passing gas.Also formation of gas and acidity.took asprin regularly earlier.alcohol use was there. Suggest sir

  160. Hi Doctor,

    I have been diagnosed erosive gastritis and erosive esophagitis. I have done endoscopy and CT scan of my adomen. I have fatty lever and raised level of SGOT and SGPT in blood.Gastroenterologist has prescribed me pantaprazole and Udilive 300 and also Evion a viramin E capsule. I am feeling better with this treatment. Can u please advise me if my illness can be cured with Homeopathy medicines.


  161. ARCHANA PRASAD says:

    i am suffering from gastric pain for several years. But two days before it was severe pain in my stomach and vomited several times. since than upper part of my stomach become tight pain when touched. please suggest

  162. Sanjay Mangal says:

    dear dr. sharma,
    My wife age 40 years, has deseage of light gastric and duodonal ulcer checked by endoscopy 2 years back. she has pain in lower stomach. I think Uranium Nitricum will be suitable for her. Please suggest can I give her this medicne, if yes then in what potency dosage and for how much time?



  163. Kuldeep Singh says:

    i am suffering from acute antral gastritis since last two year plz advise how can i consult you.

  164. shahzad awais says:

    Dear Sir,, My father has stomach ulcer since 5 years and he is using alot of medicines by many doctors forexample:; Omeprazole and anti biotics but still the problms is on and the ulcer havnt treated..Now we have decided to start heomopathic medicines for curing my fathers deseas of stomach ulcer. So sir kindly we need ur soecial advise to advise us for some heomopathic medicines bcz we are afraid for some serious problem in the future of stomach carcinoma or etc. Soncerly awis

  165. Supriya mahato says:

    Sir, I’m very worried. Cz since 30 days I am watching in mining blood from salaiva only for one time in whole day. Particularly when I wake up from my bed and before brushing. Sometimes I suffer from acidity. Also my sugar level is high. I had taken O2 capsules after doctor’s suggestion . But sir I get no good result from it. Then sir I request you to give me good suggestion . I want to take homio medicine for me. Sir, another problem is there. I also feel bitter taste in the morning. With respect I’m telling you I want your good suggestion. Thanks.

  166. sonia arora says:

    I am 33 years old suffering from epilepsy since when I was 3years old after a fall and brain injury. It starts from stomach pain.Being on antiepileptic drugs which cause acidity and may be due to ulcer, my jerks get worsened even after continuous use of drugs rather additional dose of medicine is required. Please tell Mr how I can control my problem with Homoeopathy.

  167. Anand Prakash Singh says:

    Dear DR. Sharma
    Good Morning

    I am 49 year old male ,slim height 5′ 11″ , weight 65 .
    When I was kid , I was having the problem of constipation, Stool was not regular.
    Since 10-12 years , I am facing issues of constipation , Burping and Acidity.
    I was 68 KG 4 years before , now I am 65 kG, not able to maintain the weight.
    Gas is more on the chest side, goes to shoulder , neck and Head.
    Please suggest me what is the best combo of medicine.
    I am taking Nux 30 and Merc sol 200 since 2 years advised by Doctor. there is a relief but it is still there.

    With Best Regards

  168. gagandeep says:

    digestion problem

  169. hala el sergani says:

    hello Dr sharma

    my son ismail of 21 yearsold is suffuring from an ulcer in the intestine he is a highly fuctioning autistic
    he is taking controloc now for 12 days but i waswandering if we can give him homeopathic remedie for a full cure isa
    thanks a lot

  170. alamsaid says:

    Im trouble in my sfomach during night I feel acidity in my throught after meal a meet so many homopTic doctors but no result with thier medicine plz help me in this problem

  171. Ebal Gadada David says:

    Thanks for this improved work. I have treating ulcers for the past 3 months with inceasant pain. I have taken ulcer kits. Rabeprazole, clarithomycin, still in pains. Is this drugs available in our local stores?

  172. noor zad gul says:

    Dr sharma i m from pakistan 10 year ago i m suffering from stomach ulcer by eating ferrous sulphate tab my age is 31 now i become very weak now i m also suffer from abnormal heart beat plz write me some medicine which help me in treating ulcer completly and heart palpitation.thanks


    Dear Sir – I am suffering from Stomach Ulcer (GERD) of one cm. since 2006 – after that I continue for next three years on dietary control and herbal medicines. It was okay. I able to eat all kind of food including spicy etc.
    But, now again I am feeling the same symptoms like, hyper acidity, burning and stomach pain exactly on the opposite side of the old one.

    Requesting you to please advice me some best medicines of Homeopathic and food control to prevent the same as it is very dangerous to do endoscopy of it.


  174. Ayasha khan says:

    Old report shows that i was having peptic ulcers, after that I was OK for 3 years now I am again suffering from the same problems some of which are – frequent stomach aches, acidity in stomach, irritations near chest and anxiety due to which i need your help for curing it thank you.

  175. Raja Ranjeet says:

    I am 34 y old male suffering from itchiness of skin from 3-4 years.I tried many antiallergy medicines.My right four finger has infection ocures from 3 years. After 3 years of several medications my allergy is as it is and skin infections is also not healing.Doctors says its chronic idiopathic urticaria.I am also peptic ulcer patient from 2 years and piles detected 6 months ago.
    I started homeopathic medicines from 10 days .I am taking Rhus Tox200 for two days after that Bovista 200 from a week. But my ulcer problem started again feeling extreme gas heartburn,throat burning.I am very deprressed now.Give me some advice please.

  176. rabin mandal says:

    abdomen pain after lunch

  177. jatinder says:

    I get pain in stomach whenever I drink something hot…

  178. Dear Sir

    I have been having heart palpitation after meals and there is a burning sensation after moderately spicy food. There is relief after taking cold milk and aggravation after hot tea.I am taking Arsenic Alba 30 every four hours since yesterday.

    Problem started about 20 days ago and I had earlier been to allopath who prescribed esoguard and sucral syrup but no relief.

  179. Harpreet singh says:

    Hlo doc, am a diabitic patient from last 16 years. N from last 4 years (2012) a suffering from vomiting every year. I was admitted to hospital 5 tyms due to ulcers in stomach .that’s why am scared now from dis prob. I can’t eat properly. What should I do to prevent from dis prob. Suggest me some medicine from ulcers. I all be thank full to u .plz

  180. Dr. I am 38 yeras old man, I am suffering from stomach ulcer since 10 month. Even i taken English medicine ( Alopathy) and maintaining my diet. but no efect. Still am facing this problem. I want to completely ride of this pain.

    Please advise me any medicine on Homeopathy.


  181. muralimohan pattnaik says:

    sir, I have been sufferri ng from sexual ineffiency, early ejakulation, low libido and mental as well as physical weakness.. unmarried and fear to. not confident to satisfy life partner. plz suggest.

  182. khalid yousuf says:

    My son M. Azeem khalid is suffering from duodenal ulcer(blood with stool) as discovered through rectal Endoscopy, he is under treatment of gastroelogist, Elopathic medicine “PENTASA” is taken and continued from last six months to date but no results, Is there an effective treatment in Homeopathic? pl. let me know I shall be thankful if you like to co-operate by prescribing some effective homoeo medicine for my son. thanks.

  183. MANIBHADRA SAHU says:

    Dear Sir,

    This is to inform you that ,my daughter is suffering stomach ulcer problem at hyderabad.I have taken some of the Alopathic medicines for her cure.

    But it was warking some how means approx 15 days good.

    Now a days i am feeling that she loss some weight & loose motion consecutavely.

    So please tell me as i am staying at Newdelhi ,i need a permanent solution for this.

    Requested for your urgent reply for the same through my mail.



  184. My mother is suffering from ulcers since 1 year. but now main problem is low platelets. doctor said that because of ulcers platelets and hb are low. she feels weakness and severe abdominal pain. she is 61 years old. please help us. thankyou


    my mother has 40 year old .the problem of my mom is mainly gastric .plz tell me what is symptom for
    these problem.

  186. Shrawan Pathak says:

    Gastric ha mmarage due to lukemia . plz adv medicin

  187. Dear doctor i have gerd problem now i have been diognised through endoscopy that i have chronic grastrotis and helico bacteria infection and some ulcer doctor gave antibiotics and now started with mutilium and pantaprozple 40mg in the morning and one pantaprozole at night but still the syptoms are there like acid coming up to tje throat and pricking the throat i also have esophogatis grade 2 with drugs it is better but still few times in a day i feel the reflux and also some times facing severe chest pain pls advice

  188. Ali Raza says:

    I have peptic ulcer. When I eat some food after few minutes red rashes start on by body.I am having mouth ulcer effecting my tounge. Please advise good homeopathy medicine.
    Waiting for your prompt reply

  189. Surendra Lal karna says:

    Sir, I am from Biratnagar (Nepal ) and these days in Kathmandu. My wife has suffering from duodenal ulcer for last four years. She is 43 yrs, and is diabetic (type 2). We started allopathic treatment, two course of triple therapy (Clarythtromycine, Ammoxycillin and Metronidzole all in high power ) were administered, but there was little improvements. Allopathic doctors now say that further administration of these antibiotics which are the only proven cure against H. pylori cannot be given because there are chances of bacterial resistance. Then we contacted Ayurvedic doctors. They gave some medicines but some medicine suitable for ulcer are bad for diabetes and situation though improved to some extent, full cure has not been possible.
    I came to know about you and fortunately got your website. Name of the patient: RITA. These days, most often she has diarrhoea very thin stool and indigestion. She feels heaviness of stomach and pain after meals. Her blood sugar is not very high but ranges 152 (fasting) and 187 (pp). Her weight is 55 Kg height 5′ 2″. Two children 16 yrs dtr and 11 yrs son, B +ve blood group, Hemoglobin remains mostly low 8 -10, menstruation is on time but heavy bleeding without any spotting, irritability, becomes angry on slightest mistakes, cannot digest protein containing foods gas increases, does not feel thirsty, believes on supernatural things, most often she remains in tension about children and family members, tempts to eat pakoda samosa etc, likes hot weather, generally has sweating condition in the morning. Dear doctor! pls suggest what should we do. We would be highly obliged to you if you could save her life.
    With best regards,
    Surendra Lal karna
    Kathmandu (Nepal)

  190. Hi I had a endscopy and colonscopy. Found erosion due to medication. And h yplori. I so ill I taken antibiotic and ppi from doctor. I lost 15 kilo in 2 months I cant keep anything down. Please help me. I feel weak no sleep I want homepathic rememedy. Help

  191. TARUN KR. GAUTAM says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings of the Day!!!

    I am 31 years old male, blood group A+ve, height 5’8″ and Weight 65 Kgs (70 Kgs. before 2 years), I have normal hunger, take 7 hours sleep, doing job mostly sitting and working on laptop, I have problem of constipation from last 6~7 Years, in morning not clear motion in one time, but from 3 years after dinner lot of gas formation and pain in left chest and shoulder (heart burn), black color stool, due to gas sometime no good sleep so feel weakness in morning, by endoscopy it was found erosive surface of duodenum, currently taking Triphala with warm water after dinner for constipation, and Necsium tab , Sucral syrup.

    I Pray you, Please Suggest me good remedy for my better life,

    I will be highly grateful to you for forever.

  192. dr kamran saleem says:

    Respected sir 3 days back suddenly I developed severe epigastripain radiation to back committing at that time my Bp ws180/120mm of Hg now its continuously occur in but at night after 2am it becomes in bearable
    I am taking Bryonia+arnica200 and phosphorus+magnitia phos and colosynth30 improvement is little kind give your kind suggestion
    Dr Kamran saleem

  193. Dear Sir, I don’t feel pain in my stomach, but a lot of acid and constant gas formation is there, bloating indigestion , sometimes constipation, some times loose. 3-5 times i use washroom in a day. And tiredness and pain in back, no medicine has helped me completely for the past 3-4 years. Kindly suggest can i take any of the above medicines, all my tests are normal and no ulcer was found.

  194. malik afghan says:

    sir i had pain when my stomch empty. Sir i treated h.phylory. Now h.phylori is ended. But i still in pain when my stomch empty. Sir help me please

  195. sharad chandra says:

    sir, my wife is 44 of age 8years back she was suffering from severe stomach pain n she was vomiting. when she got endoscopy test we came to know that she had ulcer in deodenam.then Dr.presicibed HP kit. my friend told me to start homeopathy medicine as we started n within 3 months she was good. 15 days ago again she was suffering from stomach pain again endoscopy test was done. result was 1.gastric hernea 2,deodenal ulcer. sir as I saw your site I got stamens in my body I request u kindly let me know what homeo medecin to be taken for her. eagerly awaiting for our reply. thank you sir.

  196. worshon kashung says:

    i have been suffering from peptic ulcer, i had gone through medical check up and gone through certain medications but it recurs again and again. please help.

  197. sir,i am suffering from duodenal ulcer…my age is 35….plz advise me the proper homoeopathic medicines for the treatment….plz help me out of this situation..

    Deep Singh

  198. sir,i am suffering from duodenal ulcer…my age is 35….plz advise me the proper homoeopathic medicines for the treatment….plz help me out of this situation…………

    Deep Singh

  199. sir,i am suffering from duodenal ulcer…my age is 35….plz advise me the proper homoeopathic medicines for the treatment….plz help me out of this situation…….

    Deep Singh

  200. debbie goodman says:

    I have esophageal dysphagia caused by esophageal ulcers and errosive esophagitis caused by GERD caused by scleroderma.

  201. Hello, my physicians asst. treated me with antibiotics for h pylori because I was having the same symptoms when I was diagnosed 5 years ago. Took the full course and felt better for one week now all the same symptoms are back. Bloated, gassy, pain in stomach, hearburn,, any suggestions?

  202. I feel something is not right in my stomach I feel like my stomach is full of gas all the time, I am having problem with my throat like difficulty in swallowing the saliva and feel like lump in my throat when I swallow the saliva, worst in the morning and wake up middle of the nite. some time ny throat is dry and some time my throat is full of thick saliva. Not sure if I have ulcer or any part of the organ going bad. I dont
    have any major symptom but as soon as I eat I feel like I need to make the trip to resttroom frequently. My face look very dry. my back hurt all the time worst in the morning. I have been on Vitamin D and Vitamin
    B12. when I try to close my hand and my finger hurst or feel tightness. Need your advice regarding my situation. My belly look bigger and I not over weight. Thanks

  203. N ANBUKKARASU says:

    I am H Pylori positive patient. Kindly direct me for eradication of the disease. thanks.

  204. I have a chronic ulcer problem and fed up with elopathic treatment. Plz suggest me the homeopathy treatment.

  205. Agostina Panzica says:

    Dear Sir.

    I was diagnosed with polycythemia Vera in 2008
    The only method to help myself has been to have phlebotomist done every 3-4 weeks. In recent months
    I’ve had bouts with severe stomach aches. I would like to go down the path of homeopathic medicine, to heal the peptic ulcer that has develop because of the polycythemia Vera, if you could give me some advise as to what I could use, that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    Tina Panzica

  206. Latika Kalia says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 43 years old.I had hysterectomy done in 2007.I have hypothyroid,varicose veins,bruritis,polyarthiritis wid severe knee pain of both knees,severe acidity.Watever i eat creates an acid reflux.My weight is 85 kgs.I feel lethargic &depressed all d time.There is a burning sensation from my stomach to d throat all d time.When i try to use alot of medicines for all my problems,my acidity increases.I am taking a multivitamin & calcium supplement(Caldikind plus)after hysterectomy.Sir pls cud u treat my problems wid homeopathic remedies easily available in Chennai.Thank u.

  207. pankaj modi says:

    respected sir,

    i cant know the right language of english so that i m writing the problem in hindi… sorry for that

    सर मुझे लास्ट ईयर अप्रैल माह से पेट की शिकायत थी मुझे पतली दस्त के साथ खून भी आता था जिसके बाद मेने एलोपैथी में अपना इलाज शुरू किया जिसमे मुझे एंडोस्कोपी करने के बाद पेट में आंत के पास अल्सर का पता चला जिससे मेने रुगुलर इलाज करवाते हुए काफी सहज महसूस हुआ मेने एलोपैथी की दवाये करीब 5 6 महीने तक चालू रखी अभी dec माह के पास खुद को अच्छा महसूस किया तो सभी मेडिसिन बंद कर दी अभी jan के अंत से मुझे फिर से अपने पेट में तकलीफ महससू होने लगी मेरे पेट में लगभग हर 10 मिनट में एक बार गैस बनती है और फिर निकलती है और साथ साथ पेट में गर्मी का अहसास होता है और दस्त अभी भी पतली ही लगती है इस समस्या से निजात पाने के लिए मेने एक बार फिर एलोपैथी में चेक अप कराया तो मुझे फिर से पहले वाली दवाई ही चालू करने का बोल दिया गया दवाईयो को लगभग 4 5 साल तक लेने को बोला गया है पर इस बार मुझे अपनी तकलीफ में कोई रिलीफ नही हो रही है इसलिए सर आप मेरी तकलीफ को समझ कर मुझे सही मार्गदर्शन करे

    pankaj modi
    bikaner (raj)

  208. rano gupta says:

    I am suffering from ulcer in food pipe for the last three years. Food is not getting digested resulting into hyperacidity and burning sensation in the chest.sometimes profuse vomiting takes place and after vomiting some repeat is experienced.ulcer problem gets aggravated after night meals.I am not taking red chillies and fried foods for the last years.please suggest some remedial measures and proper treatment

  209. sir i have duedonal ulcer since 12 years with mild stenosis and entered into duedonum 2. please can u suggest best remedy and how to use and duration.

  210. Ashiq Hussain says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Ashiq Hussain from Pakistan. since jun 2014 i am suffering of stomach problems. i consulted the doctor , initialy he prescribed omeperazol and now he changed the medcin and advised to take esomeprazole 40 mg twice a day. i am taking the medc but still i feen burning at my chest and uper backside. . would you please help me to get rid from this burning .

    Best Regards
    Ashiq Hussain

  211. sir,how homeopathy can detect ulcers?It has tech like ultrasound and endoscopy?

  212. Alejandro Michel says:

    Dr. Sharma: I do have a pain in the upper portion of my stomach, no blood or vomiting is present, any suggestions please?.

  213. Muhammad Qasim says:

    Sir i am 32 years old and having problem in my stomic. symtoms of my problem are long breathing after eating and bruning after eating and because of that my wat will loss . in 32 years of age i have just 55 kg wait. this is done because of stomic problem. kindly help me out of this problem.

  214. bharti sharma says:

    ulcer colaities blender pain after meal take any type of food or without food also suffering from 1 yr. alopathy treatment running

  215. devendra sharma says:

    pain in upper side of stomach eating rantidine from long days

  216. sujata acharya says:

    sir, Ihave read your marvelous article regarding ulcer.I had taken mucaine gel before meal inseveral time and other medicines when pain is started. whenever l take meal in 3 hours gap, pain irritation is started in stomach area.Even ld onot take any pain killer tablet because it is more painful to me.l been taking several medicine but it is works for short period. lam suffering from 6to7years.sir, Ineed your advice to cure this disease .
    sujata acharya from channai.

  217. sujata acharya says:

    sir, Ihave read your marvelous article regarding ulcer.I had taken mucaine gel before meal inseveral time and other medicines when pain is started. whenever l take meal in 3 hours gap, pain irritation is started in stomach area.Even ld onot take any pain killer tablet because it is more painful to me.l been taking several medicine but it is works for short period. lam suffering from 6to7years.sir, Ineed your advice to cure this disease .

  218. IMTIAJ ALI MONDAL says:

    i was affected by H. Phyroli but not cured fully though i have completed the treatment(elapathy). now for last seven month i am having pain and uncomfortable in gastric point that is just below the chest through out the day ( called dyspepsia) and also having burning sensation in lower stomach (mostly at early morning when i got up from bed). now i have switched over to homeopathy.My doctor has given me NUX VOMICA (FOR NIGHT) AND CINCONNA OFFICINALIS ( FOR MORNING). SHOULD I CONTINUE OR ELSE SHOULD I USED ?
    Please advice.

  219. emily sendrea says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I suffer with duodenal ulcer on and off attacks for many years. I do not complain about pain that much, but dizziness,, imbalance, pressure on my eyes and back of the head. During my attacks. I feel like a drunk person, I have blurry vision and cannot stand on my two feet. My body shakes terribly. I have been told to have liver disfunction, candida, , ecoli, migrene without headache and other conditions that have been treated with any results or cure. I have my gallbladder removed and any treatment for liver gives me another attack.
    I used homeopathics for years and respond very well to them, but I think I do not use the proper one for my condition. Noticing that everything I take linked to acidity-ulcers treatments help me a lot I think this condition I should treat. Looking at your posted site, I noticed that Uranium Nitricum is recomanded for duodenum ulcer.
    I am wondering if you have anyother suggestion, especially one to help me with that dizziness after eating, which makes my life almost impossible to live.
    Thank you,
    Emily 1_519_9480006

  220. ravi kumar says:

    Sr mere pet me ulser ki problam he har 2 3 din me ulti ur letring ho jati he

  221. SHAHID BAIG says:

    I am suffering from ulcer for about 5 to 7 years but now it is in worse condition i cannot eat any oily or spicy things i have been eating less oil separatel made dishes without spice. there is permanant pain over my belly all the time. i am only eating things made with milk or the dishes which are made only for me. many treatments have been done but no permanant solloution.kindly help me.
    cell 00923456661345

  222. have a pain in the chest area specially at night when lying down. have to get up and start to bulge. may be 30 to 40 times

    had tried use of graphite , carbo veg, lycopodium nux vomica as per but no effect

  223. have a pain in the chest area specially at night when lying down. have to get up and start to bulge. may be 30 to 40 times

  224. I am 64 aged and facing gastric ulcer since 5yrs. UGI ENDOSCOPY show-Erosivelesions seen in the Antrum and inpression is ANTRAL GASTRITIS. Biopsy reoprt is – MULTIPLE SECTIONS SHOWS FEATURES SUGGESTIVE OF H.PYLORI GASTRITIS WITH ACTIVITY. Allopathy treatment taken in 2010 but no relief and treatment of any kind taken thereafter. Now therre is constant pain/sensation in the right upper abdomen.No vomiting or bleading and taking general food propertly. please advise treatment in homeopathy please to avoid worst condition in future.

  225. To Dr. Sharma, I would like to inform you that,I have peptic ulcer since 2004 till now is paining my stomach, when i put my hand on my stomach my stomach is paining in one in the place, i put my hand, it is like their is wound in my stomach, but their no any blood come out in my mouth, if i went to the doctor for treatment of my stomach doctor will give medicine sometimes i well get well for year and again pain come and go back to the doctor now i meet doctor on date 6/11/2013 and he test my blood and stools and found i have H.pylori which cause ulcer and they also i have blood pressure and the doctor gave treatment for six weeks the medicines he give are.
    1.Omeperazole 20mg Capsule
    2.Hydrochlorothiazide (Hctz) 50mg tablet
    3.Tramadol 50mg
    till now my stomach is paining in the months of May and June 2014 doctor gave antibiotics 500 mg Capsule, metronidazole 500mg and clarithromycin 500 mg twice so that the all history for me we have a confident of Mayo Clinic and all doctors who work in it so I your Kindness to help me to find a good treatment for peptic ulcer’
    And I would like to inform you that my age is 53 years old.
    And thanks
    David Awan

  226. Audrey Abboud says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My 63 year old, retired friend has had abdominal issues affecting his life on a continuous, daily basis for about 3 weeks. He is not the “go to the doctor” type, in general, however, he took amoxycillin recently for a tooth problem. His symptoms include pain that varies in position, but all below the ribs, & sometimes, in the lower abdomen, someyimes upper, and sometimes more to the left. The pain itself is always there, as at least a dull, constant ache, but after eating anything, it becomes sharper pins that can make him feel like he must double over. He has had recurring constipation, and he has treated it with Milk of Magnesia for a few nights, but also ha$ taken it intermittently as a treatment for heartburn, also, Pepto Bismol, he says, “…to coat the stomach.”

    He has ordered probiotics, & is drinking orange juice, cranberry juice, & purified water, which he wasn’t before. His diet had mainly consisted of tuna salad & egg salad sandwiches, on wheat & white bread, as well as pizza. He’s a coffee drinker, a smoker, has drank alcohol in the ast few weeks, but not a regular drinker. In his younger years, he did drink regularly.

    Right now, he refuses to try anything else, before he receives his probiotics & gives that a try, but I saw him
    having the dull ache (which has now become “feeling better”) & then going into sharp pain, after eating fried shrimp & fries, which lasted from 6pm until about 3am. Please, if you have any particular homeopathic suggestions for him, let me know. If you need more info, also feel free, & I will get answers.
    Thank you,

  227. Audrey Abboud says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My friend has had abdominal issues affecting his life on a continuous, daily basis for about 3 weeks. He is not the “go to the doctor” type, in general, however, he took amoxycillin recently for a tooth problem. His symptoms include pain that varies in position, but all below the ribs, & sometimes, in the lower abdomen, someyimes upper, and sometimes more to the left. The pain itself is always there, as at least a dull, constant ache, but after eating anything, it becomes sharper pins that can make him feel like he must double over. He has had recurring constipation, and he has treated it with Milk of Magnesia for a few nights, but also ha$ taken it intermittently as a treatment for heartburn, also, Pepto Bismol, he says, “…to coat the stomach.”

    He has ordered probiotics, & is drinking orange juice, cranberry juice, & purified water, which he wasn’t before. His diet had mainly consisted of tuna salad & egg salad sandwiches, on wheat & white bread, as well as pizza. He’s a coffee drinker, a smoker, has drank alcohol in the ast few weeks, but not a regular drinker. In his younger years, he did drink regularly.

    Right now, he refuses to try anything else, before he receives his probiotics & gives that a try, but I saw him
    having the dull ache (which has now become “feeling better”) & then going into sharp pain, after eating fried shrimp & fries, which lasted from 6pm until about 3am. Please, if you have any particular homeopathic suggestions for him, let me know. If you need more info, also feel free, & I will get answers.
    Thank you,

  228. brijesh kala says:

    light pain below left ribs stool blackish not black,feeling of nausea but no vomiting. once blood came with stool. kindly sugggest treament.thanks.

  229. brijesh kala says:

    light pain below lift ribs stool blackish not black,feeling of nausea but no vomiting.kindly suggest once blood with stool. thanks.

  230. Yogesh Singh says:

    Dear Dr.

    Hope you are fine.

    Many thanks for your kind attention.

    Currently I am suffering with stomach ulcer problem with left side upper stomach pain. Couple of days back I got black stools with stomach pain. I got it evaluated by colonoscopy, endoscopy and whole abdomen CT scan.

    Except Endoscopy all reports are normal and, initially in the black stool test it was found weakly positive blood but after medicines it got ended. My hemoglobin was normal in that period.

    Even Drs performed small biopsy (tissue) test also during endoscopy test and concluded that it is H.Pylori (bacterial infection) associated gastritis. After course work, should I go f4 again endoscopy to test the ULCER healing or it does not require. Right now days My allopathic medicines course is over and I am taking Amla Juice daily. STill I have sometimes Pain inside my stomach.

    Herewith I am sending you my endoscopy reports. Pls go through it and please provide me some homeopathy prescription. I hope homeopathy is more stable than Allopathic medicines for longer treatment.

    Please let me know ur view.

    I will be highly grateful to you.

  231. I m suffering from acidity and heart burn. especially when my stomach is empty. my stool is soft but constipation. I also feeling soreness in my anas. I also have warts in my anus. the passage for passing stool has become narrow. i hve to pass stool forcefully and in pieces, but stool is not hard. thanks. please reply

  232. Solomon Gisilanbe says:

    Can wonderful cola improve fertility?

  233. saira shaheen says:

    Dear foctor! My daughter age 15 is suffering from stomach pain for last five years and now the pain has become very severe. She gets better with antacids. Her h pylori test is negative. She also feels vomiting but doesnt vomit. I am giving her omperazole but no any significant improvement is there. Plz tell me any homeopathic medicine for her,,,,, I ll be very very gratful to u.

  234. Arunkumar.S says:

    Hai sir,
    I m arun.I m from India.My mom her name somavalli she is suffered with ulcer.she takes many more treatment in 8 months.but she still not cured and her health is not please suggest me what kind of food and medicine she will take and how to get cure.

  235. Umesh kumar singh says:

    I have pain in the right side of my stomach below the ribs extending to the back .Also I feel pain in the epigastrium.This pain is almost stomach is bloated almost all the time.passing gas relieves pain.the pain is mild and at times increases.also I have cirvicle spondylitis.i had my gall bladder operated in 1998 for gall lipids are also on the higher side.please suggest medication

  236. jeetesh singh says:

    sir i am suffering gastritis in antrum due to an ayurvedic medicine a days i have no pain,no vomitting only weight loss and acid and no inflammation.kindly advised me

  237. jagannatha patro says:

    Plz help me homeopathy medicine is good

  238. dinakar naidu says:

    I. Have. Been. Suffering. From. Severe. Stomach. Pain. & bleeding. In stools. Recently. I. Underwent. Gastroscopy. And. Lab. Test. Fluid. Taken from. Ulcer. Following. Has. Been. Confirmed. In. Reports— 1). Acute. Gastric ulcer. In. Abdomen. And. Lower intestines. 2). H PYLORI. –POSITIVE. KINDLY. PRESCRIBE HOMEO. MEDICINE. FOR. MY. AFORESAID. HEALTH. PROBLEM. FOR. ACT. OF WHICH. I. WILL. BE. GRATEFUL. TO. YOU. MY. FINANCIAL. POSITION BEING. POOR. I CAN NOT. AFFORD. COSTLY. ALLOPATHIC. MEDICINES. KINNDLY. ADVICE.

  239. P.Yedhu Krishna says:

    Frequent stomach pain,stool with mucus,under weight ,it has been seeing for the past 6 years,i’m now 19 years old male ,studying Btech.

  240. sir, i am 32yrs and suffering from gastric ulcer . most of the times i am suffering from burning sensation in stomach and at nights unable to sleep becoz gastric burning pain which reflects from stomach to chest and if i drink some water it gets suppressed for some time and burning again starts i used alopathic medicines doctor gave me “patacid ” medicine which i used i got relief for some days as i completed that course the burning pain returned back . pls suggest me some homeopathy medicine for complete solution forever .

    Thanking you ,

  241. satish chandra upreti says:

    homeopathic medicine for H. pylori positve.

  242. niladri sekhar datta says:

    pain at left side at the stomach for last 2 months. There is acidity problem.plese suggest me the medicine

  243. In the year 1980 I have been diagnosed heptosplenomagly as I felt pain when I consumed
    some faty or oily food . Thereafter I have gone endoscopy and diagnosed peptic ulcer. Since last one year I feel back pain and pain on right side abdomen
    below ribs. Although there is no problem of digestion
    of food.The pain on back rises while sleeping in night.
    Please suggest homeopathic remedies.
    R P Singh, Lucknow

  244. Sir
    I am suffering chest pain i have tested all tests according cadiologist but there is no fault
    but sometimes burning sensation and pain in the chest area and stomac i heard due to ulser
    burning sensation may come but chest pain reason there is no answer from cardiologist
    sir please advise me what to do now.
    Thanking you
    HYDERABAD 500060
    Mob 9989659353

  245. jyoti jain says:

    Dear doctor,
    Myself jyoti jain.i always feel tendency to vomit. I vomit in mor.and in evening daily.white foams are formed and I feel heaviness in my chest. In evening all food comes out.i have this problem since two years. I have taken many types of treatments but no relief.plz suggest something.

  246. carolina haro says:

    I have been suffering migraine headaches for 30 years an because of that I have ulcer and digestion problems very serious. i am so tired and not sleep very good. i also have allergies. i don’t know if it is related with my liver. can you recommend me something .


    Carolina H

  247. My father’s age is 64. He is having stomach ulcer for which doctor’s had adviced immediate surgery. But my father is afraid of surgery please do let us know whether he can be cured by homeopathic medicine.please do the needful as early as possible

  248. Damtew Aragaw says:

    I live in Ethiopia, I am 39 years old, I had drug induced duodenal ulcer since my 20s,I used antiacids for the last three years in my stressful MSc it has some additional symptoms like forgetfulness,low sexual desire,depression, and sorrow full heart for very ups and downs.If you have remedies for my illness please save my life.

  249. Shafaat Ahmad says:

    My daughter 28 years old unmarried has peptic ulcer for the last two years.Gallbladder was removed a year ago having gallstones.We take him to hospital twice or thrice in a month for pain killer injections.She gets OK after half an hour each time she goes in emergency.She got allopathic treatment for H-pillory six months ago.But of no use.Her tests and MRI shows confirmed peptic ulcer in stomach.It is not cured as yet.Some doctor suggested abnormally narrowed hole of common bile duct with dudonol and suggested minor surgery,for which we are not convinced.We observed my daughter problem is connected with food intake and ulcer has been creating unbearable pain to my daughter.Would you please recommend some befitting homeopathic medicines for her.

  250. RA SHARMAVIKANT says:

    Dear Dr Sahib
    sir i am taking Asprin 75 mg from the last 19 yrs as i have undergone By pass surgery of heart at AIIMS in 1995.Iwas going very well from that time .Just about 20 days back i feel little pain in the upper part of abdomen when i eat my food …Roti n subji…When my belly is full ,pain stops.After that ifeel full bloated.Pl guide me n suggest any suitable medicines. Suggest any test also if need. I shall be very thankful to you. Sincerely yours

  251. Sir I was diagnosed with h.pylori and gastritis on endoscopy. I was on clarithromycin for ten days. Thereafter I found some relief. Recently I had fever and bodyache. I took nimsulide over the niget I started having acute stomach pain. Am currently taking offloxcin. But no relief. Kindly help.

  252. surendrasoni says:

    sir, my problem is i am suffring from IBS for last 6 months and some gas , peptic and B.P. high problem is also included with me . i have no pain in my stomach no vomating symterms.lipid profile is good CBC is ok ,stool test ok urine test ok after that i am in a great problem of less sleep or no sleep some times B.P is 170/100 some times

  253. sanjeev puri says:

    am having problem of indigestion and stool does not come frequently and when comes then stool is loose

  254. Dear Sr,Ian Diogenes as having non evasive antral gastritis after an endoscopy test and proscribed to take 1)Sampraz d. 2)cibisdaily one tablet once pl digest any homeopathic medicine along with this. Sairaj

  255. sangeeta Paunikar says:

    I m suffering fm oesophagus of diverticulum in the upper region. Because of this facing problems in swallowing food, pain in neck,sometimes pain in chest,etc. Can u pls tell if any medicines are there in homeopathy as I don’t want to go for surgery.

  256. Hi. I haveots of heartburn and pain in my stomach area and reason for that is excessive alcohol.what medicene do you recommend and can i find that medicene in canada

  257. Respected Dr Sharma Sahib I am pir bux professor of microbiology n suffering since long time with stomach problem n mostly peptic ulcer feeling continuous pain in below right side ribs and can not sleep straight but only on left side got weight loss feel difficulty in eating hard type foods . can I have help from you sir….. thanks

  258. sir,

    i have suffering from severe acidity problem. which caused stoamach ulcer and it is recently detected. i have consulted with the doctor and he has prescribed me some medicine .but still in the upper stomach uneasiness is still there. sir, want help from you to cure my disease. what treatment i should take.

  259. madhukar saxena says:

    Age 28yrs suffering from abdominal pain, belching, excessive weakness, occassional blood with stools, burning sensation for the last five yrs. Pl. suggest homeopathic medicine and help me.

  260. Shailender says:


  261. Ede Godson says:

    I have a case with these history. A man of 31 years started having epilepsy 3 days after his birth. According to story by the mum she said that during antenatal check up on the 7th month of her pregnancy, that after the palpation by the doctor, labor started. 3 days After the birth convulsion set in and since then the problem has continued.

  262. Ravi Sharma says:

    Hello sir I am suffering from gastric ulcer for last 10 yes… Plz help

  263. vijay jadhav says:

    sir I have problem related to intestinal inflammation. I had higher course of antibiotics during typhoid treatment when it was regaining repeatedly. so now I feel so much of pain & heaviness in stomach , sometimes bleeding during diarrhea & mucous in the stool. sir is this the consequences because of booster dose o
    f antibiotics? what kind of disorder it is? & will it be curable permanently ?

  264. Ehsan ul haq says:

    Dear sir,I am 53 year old,slim body,but about one year i feel pain in my heart side front and back,and in my left arm also,this pain is raised when gastric problem came,then i get some homeo medicine,like Anti crode,and one BM medicine number 156,for heart burning,and a medicine MUCAINE(wyeth).pleae diagnose a medicine for this.thanks

  265. sir mera husband acid peptic disease main mubtla hain sath main h.pylori + hai jo neg_ nai ho raha pz koi Ilaj btaen …………… Aliya From Pak ***

  266. Ghenet Zemicael says:


    how r u ?

    I have dudenal ulcer and sever gastrites of h_pylory . before 3 years check through indoscopy but still feel bad every morning will i wakeupe i have a lot of cream color some times creamy blood saliva this 3 years.Pain every day if while i eat under breast ,back all bones full of pain this front /stomach/ is pain full i took a lot triple medicines it is for the time being.

    please doctor i am a mother of 2 no father me father and mother i feed them by daily work they r under age . any home remedie for me to cure ulcer and dismissed h_pylory


  267. Dr Rashid Bhatti says:

    Good Everything.
    I am Medical Doctor in Ghana West Africa. For quite some time I have heart burn and it look like that I have developed ulcer. I have take so many English medicine but no relief. Kindly can you suggest some homeopathic medicine.
    Thanks in advance

    Dr Rashid Bhatti
    Techiman Ghana

  268. Debajyoti Bhattacharyya says:

    My daughter is 12 Years old, suffering from severe stomach pain since last couple of months. Visited several Alopathy and Homepathy doctors but till date didn’t see any inprovement. Lastly I visited a MD doctor who prescribed H pylori kit for 3 days (Lansprazole, Tinidazole and Clarithromycin). Her ultrasound also shows normal. Now 3 days are over but still no relief. I suspect peptic ulcer due to some other reason not due to H.Pylori infection. However, would like to determine before start medication. I would like to avoid Endoscopy as its painful for kid. Could you please advise whether Berium X-ray can be done to determine Ulcer. Additionally what homeopathy medicine would be suitable for peptic ulcer.

  269. KALYAN GHATAK says:

    Last two days i am feeling a burning sensation in my throat, my appetite is quite well and the burning continues when empty stomach or filled in. I used capsicum 30. Can u tell me is it an indication of ulceration in my GI region?

  270. kamal kishore prasad says:

    Dear sir,
    hamere pet me acid bahut banta hai sham ko 3 baje gale me janlan hota hai eno pene se thik ho jata hai , aisa lagta hai ki pet ke ander gath hai uper se chune se lakgta aur sam ke pet ke uper eaching bhi hota hai , latrin ke samya kabhi-kabhi blood bi ata he aur bahut jalan bhi hota hai
    ek bar khata hu to pet bhara rahta hai. pet me asa lagta ki sujan hai pet bahut bada aur phula rahta hai
    dear sir chehre ke pur kali nisha bhi par gaya hai, aur akho ke niche sujan bhi rahta hai.

    kamal kishore age 44 ht 166cm, wt 71 kgs fair , blood pressure normal, sugar normal

    with best regards kamal 9840918258

  271. Prakash Kumar Rout says:

    Hello Doctor

    My mother is suffering from Peptic ulcer and hyper acidity as per the GI endoscopy and other tests.

    When She is taking esomoprazole , getting relief but once she stops taking that tablet after some days again the problem is starting. This problem is recurring since one and half years.

    Plz prescribe what homeopathic medicines she should take to get permanent relief from peptic ulcer and gastritis.


  272. Dr. Dharma
    My husband stomach burns and has bloating sometimes very painful he takes Advil or Norco for pain. What can I do to help him? I have probiotics and some digestive enzymes
    Thank you, Judy

  273. Sir I have problem of ulcer heart burning hand and foot also.pain after eating.plz guide

  274. nidhi jauhari says:

    Name-Nidhi jauhari
    Blood group-O positive
    Problem-Pain in upper abdomen, acidity, stool with mucus,sometime black in colour, sometime burning in middle abdomen ,four or five time motion in a day.Pleas give me suggestions. Thank you.

  275. Sir I am 31years old and I am suffering from chronic gastric

  276. sohaib Riaz says:

    Dear sir,
    I feel heartburn,gas production,constipation,headache,dizzy ness,heat out from my hands and feet,heart beat increase,i cannot bear hungry.bp is low and i feel dizzy.this condition 3 year with me.please tell me solution.

  277. Sir i have gastric ulcer iam suffering from stomach problem since 3 years . Iam using so many English medicines but no relief so please heal my ulcer

  278. rashmi sharma says:

    greetings of the day
    sir what is the cause and treatment of frequent occuring jaundice.i and my younger brother every now and then suffer with this problem.

  279. shamim ahmed says:

    Sir.I am very sad because I have stomach pain before my breakfast,lunch,or dinner.After eating the pain disapear.after medical examination,they found gastric ulcer possitive.I also inform you I can eat spicy food.I feel no pain after taking spicy food.problem start before taking meal.

  280. MUHAMMAD AJMAL says:


  281. emmanuel says:

    Good day sir, pls am very sad and unhappy. To. Write. This to you for. Over. Six month now. Am suffering from stomach noise,pain and swollen Wich the pain has. Even. Reach to my chest and heart, I have visited many doctors with diffrent. Diagnoses and medication which not avail lastly the pain and swollen increases. My doctor advice me to go for upper and down endoscopy Which the result conclusion came out as. Chronic gastritis,, Recommendation: H.pylori eradication,PPI therapy and Again Early/mild. Colitis, r/o. IBD 2.internal. Haemorrhoids. Please I really. Need. Your advice should I go to Homeopathic doctor? Thanks. And waiting your. Replly. Emmanuel

  282. Monica Anthony says:

    Hi dr sharma

    My 71 yearmother of an Indian origin has been told today that she has a bowel ulcer! 10mths ago she was told she has ulcerative colitis.
    She is on hospital treated of mesalazine slow release energy oral tablets and mesalazine rectal foam. She has lost a lot of weight and is always looking pale and weak. Her stool is solid at times and soft and runny at other times.appetitie is very small and I have tried to encourage plenty of fluids but it’s not easy.

    Please can you help and recommend some homeopathic treatment for fast relief and speedy recovery from this kind of illness
    Kind regards

    Monica Anthony

  283. SurajAggarwal says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I am 62 years old and recently got Endoscopy done. The following are findings. Is there any treatment ?

    – LA Grade A reflux esophagitis.
    – Bleeding esophageal ulcers.
    – Erythematous mucosa in the antrum.
    – Multiple duodenal ulcers oozing blood.
    – Normal examined jejunum. Biopsied.

  284. Haji Muhammad says:

    Sir what is the best homeo reamdy for sciatic. (pain that generating from med of vertibrate culmn to knee).

  285. M.Farhan says:

    HI Dr Sharma,
    My name is farhan age 36 height 5.9 weight 92kg. I have been diabetec since 2012 there is two main reasons which contribute my this condition no 1 is a mentel shock because my wife left me secound reason is the antibiotic treatment for H.PYLORI bectaria.after this my diabetec conditions started.first year i control my diabetes through diet and exercise and my A1C was 6.5 in march 2013 that time my blood sugar level was in between 90 to 200 but from may 2013 my blood sugar level rising at a moment my blood sugar level is in between 200 to 300 and now my dr give metformin 500mg 4 times a day means 2000mg a day. Actully i dont want to use this medicine and aware that homepathey have better solution could you please advise me best homeopathey remedies for this condition. thank you and waiting for your reply
    Kind Regards

  286. Gopal Krishna says:

    Hello Doctor

    My name is Gopal. Male, Age 29, living in bangalore.
    Suffering from Deodunal Ulcer from last 4 years
    esophagitis Grade C

    My body is to heat/Hot all the time.. Its very rare that i get cold
    Motion all fine, No vomit or other such things,

    Pain in esophagus & upper part of deodenum if i dont eat food on time. When sleep or lie down straight I have a pain in my esophagus. I feel the gas or my stomach is coming up.

    Plz plz recommend wat to do. I can take an appointment with you. or could you recommend some good medicine names so that i can buy them. please please please. I beg you. I need your help


  287. Mrudu Mohan Nayak says:

    Dear Sir,

    Last 3 years is gone now I have facing gastric problem,Specially back pain, and ab domain pain after taking food.Please sir give me a advice how can I relief this problem.



  288. dear Doctor,
    I am 38 old male working as teacher in a university. I have been suffering from allergy with sneezing and chest infection for the last 15 years. As part of treatment I have taken homeopathy, allopathy and ayurveda. i started treatment with allopathy and the same medicine caused acidity which is more severe than the allergic problems. I consulted Gastro and undergone endoscopy and found that mild erosions in thestomach bur andrum, pylorus and duodenum are nornal and identified as Acidic Reflux Grade A. I have acid reflux, constipation, burning sensation in chest and emptying stomach with burning sensation after 2 hours of food. More than all these If i take some type of food( spicy and hot) the skin in mouth and complete oral cavity feel like stomatitis . i cannot take medicine for allergy as it trigger the stomach problem. Please advice me for both allergy and stomach problem.

  289. precious kelechi says:

    Solution solution for deudenal and peptic ulcer

  290. I have had a superficial reactive ulcer for about 2 years. It is not changing or going away. Multiple biopsies are negative. I believe I got it because of a bad diet and stress a couple years ago. I am now on a grain free diet and feel great…no pain and good energy. My Dr. Has me on Prilosec 40 mg TID. I take magnesium, zinc, and calcium to counteract the effects of the Prilosec. He is looking at surgery. I am looking for an alternative to heal the ulcer. What would you suggest?
    Thank you

  291. Durga Prasad Vadlamudi says:

    I am suffering from gastric ulcer after a prolonged treatment with antibiotics and prima quine for stubborn and chronic malaria. What homeopathic treatment should I take. I am currently taking Gastrin tablets which has Lyco , China , Carbo Veg , Alumina , all the 5 phoses and Magnesium hydrixide. I dont see fast healing. What medicine can give me faster relief. I dont smoke or have alcihol. Only a cup of coffee in morning and a cup of tea in evening. The food is moderately spicy.ta

  292. eitisha jain says:

    I m 19 years old girl..
    I m suffering from peptic ulcers since 3 years taking regular medicines regular check up but it doesn’t work my intestines get swell due to the disease. I had my endoscopy which shows this disease.. & Beside that I have blood in stool, acute pain in my stomach & every time I feel acidic & starts vomit..
    help me plz..

  293. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I Have been diagnosed EoE. I have ulcers on my oesophagus for almost a year, i also have history of having ulcers in my mouth for over 2 years.

    Is there any alternative medicine for this disease?


  294. dea sir
    iam a gastritis patient. 3 month befor i did endoscopy so doctor could find treat ment finished.. now some time i feel pain my centre stomach.
    in homeopathy have beter tretament forever..

  295. om prakash thakur says:

    My wife suffering sarcoidosis HYPOTHYRODISM UICER DM 2

  296. Hello doctor..I read all u written for ulcer..I developed vomiting n heart burn some six month before
    I went to c doctor he after testing blood given meedicine I used them got relief for few weeks.. but again same occurred..symptoms always Started early morning..n shape of vomiting.. Fatigue and loss of appetite..before it I develop a blurred vision which I feel watching TV..and I place my hand on my forehead to avoid light,.i also feel low retention of urine..I used allopathic medicine BT it didn’t worked for age is 37…I then shifted to homeo medicine.. Tell me hpbut after using two weeks medicine I left using them thinking am OK.. But after some three weeks again I suffered in shape of abdominal pain vomiting fatigue …tell me what should I do…many regard

  297. RANGANATHAN says:

    what is tha permenant soleuson

  298. Muhammad Rafiq sahoo says:

    Hi ;
    My father is in 82 years.
    He is a patient of peptic ulcer for many years i am using english medicenes aftar sometime i have to change.
    He is also patient of joint-pain.
    when a doctor give him pain-killer
    stomic pain increases.
    what shall i do? Help sir !

  299. Sonia Barak says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from Stomach Ulcers. I want to meet you urgently if possible.

  300. parthiban says:

    sir i am suffering ulcer past 10 years and now i have sever throat pain also please help me sir i am very poor and i get treatment to allopathy ,ayurvada,homeopathy but at sill how i dont get result so i beg you sir please please help me i am in tamil nadu vellore city here no one is cure my problem sir
    thanking you sir

  301. basharat says:

    my digestive system disturbed much gas after eating.pain in stomach .weaknesa

  302. Deepak kumar panda says:

    pain in empty stomach, stool includes mucious after taking food or biscut pain rilif. pain start after 2 to 3 hour taking food.. pain in uper abdomin and right the body my blod group O

  303. SURESH BATRA says:


  304. Shadab Khalid says:

    Hello Doctor,

    For last two months or so I am suffering with acidity and when I consult allopathy doctor they advised me that its a starting of ulcer. they referred me one tab of rabekind 20 mg and one becosule for five days. whenever i used this medicine i feel relaxed but after stopping the medicine for 7-8 days i feel acidity again through my chest n abdomen area. again i went to the doctor and he told me that this is just hyperacidity and given me same medicine and to get them empty stomach daily.

    Please advise me that wat kind of disease I am suffering with and wat is the proper solution to get rid of it.

    Thank you,


    Shadab Khalid


  305. After the removal of ovary cyst due to allopathic medication

  306. Sir can any homeopathic medicine cure fully failed kidneys

  307. Surya Narayan Singh Deo says:

    I have a history of ulcer. I 1982 alopathis doctor detected H.pylori bacteria in deodinum and I was treated accodingly. Now I have stoped smocking. I also had occult stool 5-6 times in last 25 years. Endiscopy done revealed erosion of epithelial layer of stomach. I always develop acidity and take Zintace 150 one tab. a day. From 27th evening I am having pain in the stomach. I do not have proper apetite. Stomach remain full now. Night sleep is disturbed and I get up two time and do not sleep after I get up. Hope you will understand and prescribe suitable medicine

  308. amit mishra says:

    Sir, I am 55 yrs old.2010 : Black stool , endoscopic clipping was donein 2012. since then on patocid 40mg. 2013 :cardiac bypass surgery in feb 2013. what should I take medicine for ulcer ;

  309. Kalpana Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from duedonal ulcer for the past three years and have been inand out of hospita. I felt much better after having the kit of sompraz. But now I feel a state of general weakness, loss of weight and splitting headache. I am a vegetarian and do not indulge in street food but the basic dal and rice. I am getting tired of my situation as I am only 23,Is there a homeo cure to ulcer and anxiety?
    Please help me out with suggestions.
    Thank you,
    Kind regards
    Kalpana Sharma

  310. DR.C.R.BISWAS says:

    Dr. sahab namaskaar,
    I am a allopathic dr. ,but have faith upon homeo tt. I have to take allopathic medicines for hypertension & acidity regularly. having off & on acidity for last 25 yrs.
    For last one year i am having dull aching pain / discomfort on the left side of abdomen, its not continuous, some times it is felt on upper & sometimes on lower parts ( of left side of abdomen ), please suggest me cure medicines for :
    1- hypertension
    2- chronic acidity
    3- present symptoms of left side of abdomen pain / discomfort.
    thanking you .
    dr. c.r.biswas. lucknow.

  311. Sir,

    I am 47 year old , 6’6″ tall and about 80kg in weight.
    I am having burning, sensation, tightness and bloating effect in my left lower part of stomech, some time i feel little pain on my back and under the brestbones . I have gone through with CT scan and in result found mild swealing in the second part of duodenum doctor carried out endoscopy and found every thing normal in stomech including duodenum, but still i am having same feeling.
    I have taken omoprozole but it gave me relex for short time. Kindly priscribe some good homeopathic medicine.

    Tariq Khan

  312. srikant patro says:

    Sir,i am sufferring stomach pain in left sidefrom last ten years.i did the endoscopy test & found chronic duedenal ulcer.then i took so much medicie but i didn’t get any effective result.kindly guide me.

  313. I have GERD, 2 times i had endoscopy’s(2008,2010) saying that i had gerd .The doctor gave prevacid and carafate . of course they treated with antibiotics back in 2006.
    Last 3 weeks onwards getting severe pain under the chest area,planning to go again endoscopy . Right now i am using prevacid 30 mg.
    I am fed of this problem ,can u advise any homeopathy for long time relief.


  314. Avinash Bhalerao says:

    Dear Sir,
    Suffering from IBS from last 12 years. Season change causes disturbance in digestion. Flatulence, burning in stomach, have to eat after every 2/3 hours, empty somouch acidity, have to take food complsary after every stool. Cant bare empty stomach. In the morning and evening at the changeover phase symptoms aggrevate. Better by moving, lying makes symptoms worse. When burning starts along with flatulence nostrils get chocked up and feels suffocated. Hoemeo treatment has been take for long period. some of the medicines take oftenly are Pulsetilla, Arsenic alb., Carboveg, Nux Vomica, Argentinum Nitricum. Kali carb is the constitutional medicine. My birth saults are Natram Mur (Ravi In 11th House) opp. Mag Phos, and according to date Kalimur opp. Silicea. I’m very emotional in nature, needs all window open, cant bare smell of burning oil while frying or cooking, any smell of sprays, sents. Have done all types of checkups frequently like colonoscopy, indoscopy sonography, x rays etc. Every time it has be conclude that all this is due to hyper acidity. While now getting treated by Aurvedik Dr. Shruti Inamdar she has finally digonsed the same as IBS.

  315. Devendhiran says:

    dear doctor,
    I am affected stomach ulcer more than 4.5 year already I taken many medicine(siddha,ayurveda,english) so no result still now I hope to homeopathy medicine how to help homeopathy for me I fear for cancer ,long time stomach ulcer form of cancer already I know so please help me sir . if you help me please advice me.

  316. Good Evening.
    Dear Dr. V. Sharma,

    Hope you will be very fine fit and happy (hopefully).
    1. Sir, my wife suffering from pain in the left side of stomach under left ribs since last 2 years. She used Alopathic medicine such as, (antacids and Omeprazole) that helps in decreasing temporarily from the pain after taking them twicw or thrice times. So in the light of above condition, is there any fast and permanent acting homeo medicine which could help her out.

    2. Second Problem; is that, when ever she had or took tension (included crying) she has sever pain in the upper most left side of head which remains till 3 days. During the pain I usually gave her Alopahic medicine named, (Glyceryl Trinitrate) that helps in reducing the pain.
    Sir, what you suggest for this problem please. She has 3 children. Age 36 years, Married 10 years ago.

    3 Third Problem; She has acute back pain which started after abortion two years ago. acute back pain was started 8 months back.

    Plz do help us.

    Thanking & regards

  317. mohamed yaseen says:

    i have ciatica & jont pain &ulcer which homeo medicine cures ?

  318. umesh gupta says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am to inform that since last 1 year i am suffering from the mixed symptoms of constipation and traces of blood in the stools. since diwali this yr i suffered from severe diarrhea and persisting weakness. the color of the stools is blackish brown and sometimes these are watery. at times the color is maroon red. sir, please help because i am very afraid of the allopathic and surgical procedures. My bad habits are eating tobacco pan and lots of tea.

    kindly help me !!!!!!!!!
    thanks and regards,

    umesh gupta.

  319. santhosh Kumar.K.V says:

    medicines for ulcer

  320. sir

    I am feeling pain just diagnlly on right side of the navel . There is a nagging and moving pain. some times it is radiating towards left side of groin also. but major pain in is just right side of navel. I feel bloating in my stomach. no vomitings. I feel pain also radiates towards back side.

    I have an habit of drinking hot water with lemon everyday evening for the last six months. I am a occassional drinker especially gin.

    I am 52 yrs old.

    plz suggest some remedy .


  321. hi
    please xan you reccomend what medication i should take.

    i am suffering from abdominal pain burning and pain in the stomach. possibly an ulcer.
    please help.
    i am in london.

  322. Dear Doctor

    My mother (age 69 years) have duodenum diverticulum at 3rd part which was diagnosed through Barrium meal follow through X-Ray. Symtoms include severe abdominal pain and vomiting. English doctor advise surgery.

    Can any treatment is available in Hoemopathy? Please let me know. I shall be thankful.

  323. avinash kakkar says:

    dear dr sharma
    i suffer from acute acidity- i see from ur article that u recommend Uranium Nitricum for this-can u suggest me the dosage and how long to take this -does it have any side effects/is it a safe drug to take-

    an early reply will really oblige

  324. sir ,this is nagendra 26 years,iam sufering from oesophogous ulcer from four years,causes pain
    at the time of hungry,during empty stomach,undigession,uable to sleep at night with pain and undigession,caused weight loss
    please give me a permanet cure and suitable homiopathic madicin for above symptoms

  325. I have a prob- 1 .blood from mougth in the morning due to stomac prob
    2. Mild pain osophagus.
    3.bad breath from mouth

  326. amarnath prasad says:

    dear sir
    I am low stomach acid patient .i have bloating,belching and feeling of fullness.I have also gerd, ulcer and duedinitis.
    Kindly tell me treatment.

  327. masood tahir says:

    please tell me the chronic ulcer medicines which relief my disease.

  328. momin mushir says:

    please give me name of medicine and time to used.
    thank you

  329. Joshy peter says:

    Sir i am 5oyrs now .my weight is 78 me morning motion never happens natuarally. At my left below abdominal i feel ulcer and formation of gas is too much and feel difficulty in releasing it. Suddenly push on to my head with severer headache.then my B.P will be 180/ how to cure this problem with homeo medicines.

  330. Ede Godson says:

    My elder brother is suffering from epilepsy for more than 30 years which has defiled all medical treatments. Dr i need your help. I have a patient suffering from red pile and peptic ulcer. What shall i do.

  331. Ede Godson says:

    My sister is diagnosed of syphilis, staphilococcus,gonorrhea and HIV AIDS. Dear Dr, how can i handle the case.

  332. Hi sir,
    I’m suffering from stomach disorder, I’ve gas problem, body heat. Heartburn, irritable bowl. Some times constipation, but always in diarrhea.
    My age is 26 years. And i’m feeling weakness.
    Sir pleas suggest me a suitable medicine.

  333. I am suffering from stomach ulcer from last 5 yrs..plz help sir

  334. Hellow sir i am victum of stomach ulcer. I feel pain in my left side below stomach .feel burning .also feel pain in stomach.when i an sleeping feel age is 23 year old.please tell me medicine.olso pain in heart.please tel me medicine.i am from pakistan.please sond me medicine that are available from pakistan.i am very thank ful to u for your kindness.

  335. sir ,
    I was diagnosed H pylpro with indoscopy done (both) I had antibiotic course with h pylori kit having many side affects, I am cured 80 percent, want homeopathy remedy for this and peptic ulcer. I only feel uneasy ness, going three times in the morning to have my stomach help me.

  336. hi i have a peptic ulcer due to past use of cocodamol and other drugs i take vitamin e and pro biotic but still have a lot of pain and sometimes vomit i also have problems with my liver and look yellow sometimes , can you help cheers bryan

  337. peer mohamed says:

    10 yrs stomach stomach upper nervs i wil seeing there ant stomach causes fome ply help for homeopathi medicine.

  338. md wali ullah says:

    I Have been suffering from duodenal ulcer, ,belching, which is doctor prescribe as Irritable bowel Syndrome. Please prescribe me as remedy

  339. T V Nagabhushan says:

    I am facing this problem from almost 18 months
    Normally this happens in night after food between 8 to 12 pm
    Occasionally in the morning 8 to 10 am
    Normally I will be sitting idle or watching TV suddenly some trigger comes from upper stomach or from near chest like current sensation and after that my stomach bloats full with gas my chest and back gets blocked I will get bad smell gas from anus My heart beat increases I will fell heart pulses from all the body parts I will get urge to pass stools 2 or 3 times some times my BP also increases to 160/100 After passing the stools 2 or 3 times all problems will come down I tried all gastric medicines but no result When this happens I cannot sleep full night
    I have done all heart related tests and blood tests every thing seems to be ok Even I tried BP medicines and anxity related medicines to calm the brain for about one year but still this keeps happening There is no proper cycle or food allergy This normally happens whenever I will get more tense or angry any time in the day
    Please advice If required I will give further details No major pains Normally get a pulsating pain above the right eye upto neck along the head above right ear for more than 8 hours after the problem occurs
    Thank you
    With regards
    T V Nagabhushan

  340. Suraj Mal Verma says:

    Respected Sir,
    During the last 15 days I have been feeling painful burning right from throat to abdominal while take water, tea and food etc. As a result I am enable to take full diet and feeling weakness and sleeplessness. Kindly advise me which homeopathy medicine I should take.

    With regards

  341. Burning pain in stomach in morning, with nausea. Loss off appetite in morning. Pain goes away usually within a half an hour. Happens almost every morning. Not yet diagnosed with ulcer, but seems to be the most probable cause of pain. 23 year old male, with ongoing symptoms for over 4 months. In addition, smokes medicinal marijuana on a regular basis. Any ideas or suggestions?

  342. yogesh rajan says:

    Dear sir
    i suffering from below diseases-
    ) high b p
    2) migraine pain in back head
    3) uric acid
    4) gastric problem ( abdomen pain ,night pain or after eating or empty stomach or heart burn)
    pls suggest my homeopathy medicine
    Thanks and regards
    yogesh rajan

  343. Gajendra singh says:

    I have pain in the chest while swallowing food and regular burps .Probably oesophagus ulcers due to alcohol and medicines.Kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine.

  344. raghbir singh says:

    Sir, I am 60 yrs old and I am suffering from cervicl pain for the last 15yrs and using NSAIDS since than. 4yrs before I felt severe chest pain daily in morn and evening daily . After prolonged investigating like engiography and endoscopy I was diognosis as peptic ulcer and taken allopathy medicine but there was no improvement . Then I take homeopathy medicine like arsenic- 30, kali bich.30 arg nit.30, phos.30 and uranium nitricum- 6X After 15 days lgot relief and continued the med for 4 months now after 2yrs l am feeling pain in esophagus and deuodinal region. Sir please tell me should I continue the same medicines and in which potency or otherwise suggest me. Thanks you

  345. Sir, I have been suffering from h. Pylory since 4-5 years. I am 32.At the begining it starts with chest burning and later stomsch burn but not heavy pain in the stomach then occassonally l saw greenish stool. Resently i’ve been diognosed by blood test and taking combination of anti becterial madication prescribed by a doctor. I heard there is very few chance that alopethic madicin can heal h.pylori. Can I take homeopethic trearment if the alopethy treatment fail?
    Ibrahim, from U.A.

  346. sanjib Kumar basak says:

    It all started with malena 8 months before diagnosed as DU. Treated with gold probe procedure to repair perforation. Bleeding was stopped. At moment still under medication taking one tablet esomaprazole 40 in empty stomach. Still I have occasional gas problem and depending on food mainly cornflakes, yougart,bananas etc. Pl advise.

  347. sanjib Kumar basak says:

    It all started with mal

  348. rimal badri says:

    suffered with dudenal ulcer since 2 yrs and no therapy could cure it so,i approached to you and symptoms realating to it are bloating ,heaviness of the stomach,full of gas flatulence etc and no vomitting
    besides that it is pain of joints, back,shoulders and knee in severe wayresulting with extreme fatigue confining to bed

  349. Dr Sharma

    I have suffered 3years with rapid pulse, some dizziness followed with lack of energy,flatulence bloated stomach relieved after passing wind from rectum or belching,get better by eating,burning sensation in the stomach 1 or 2 hours after eat.getting worse when empty stomach.feel extremely bloated and flatulence 1 or 2 hours after 50% rice 35% vegetable 15% chicken or fish.better if eat rice gruel.i dont know if it is gastritis or ulcers.when to allopathy before, always postpone my request for endoscope.give me prilosec 20mg twice daily.feeling better after use it.symtoms come back after stop.i have tried many natural supplemen.never works.

    Hoping for cure and quality life back.

  350. “hi.i am unmarried and hava a irregular and swellon brest problem plz help me and suggest any homeu medicn”

  351. i have stomack ulcer with white and black spot on face dark comlexion burning pain in body and pelvi boan pain

  352. kangkan sarma says:

    pain in right side of stomach when empty, vommiting.., i hv taken alopathic madecine, but for fully cure i know that homeo is the best option, kindly advice me, i have also mataria medica, and some medicines also.

  353. badri rimal says:


  354. anurag kumar says:

    a female patient age-25 yrs suffering from duodenal ulcer since 1 yr having severe pain in epigastrium and some portion of rt hypochondrium as well as a longitudinal cord like mass appears from epigastrium upto rt hypochondrium time to time.pain< lying on painful side.
    plse suggest some homoeopathic medicines..

  355. Please help doctor
    I have been diagnosed with peptic ulcer and have been on raniditine and myogel for almost a year. I feel relieved, now I feel heaviness on my shoulders and have told by medical doctor its referred pain from ulcers. Im still taking the above treatment but the peptic ulcer and heaviness on my sholders do not disappear. I,ve been told to use homeopathy.treatment. Waht can i use?. Im 49 years.

  356. reshmi saha says:

    sir, i m also suffering pain between breast and passing gas several times in morning , evening, i feel nausea,pain spread to breast bone too.what i should do which medicine wiil i take. i thing this is peptic ulcer symptom. thank u . please help me.i m 30 years old female.weight 56.8.height 5 feet

  357. Hello Dr,

    You have suggested to take Uranium Nitricum as first choice for Peptic ulcer with H Pylori. Please let me know the potency for this.


  358. namaskar sir meri maa 48 years jin ke intestine me ulcer ho gaya hai kindly medicine batayea

  359. Chanderpradeepgupta says:

    I am suffering from burning in my stomach while taking food.And al
    so lot acid formation when food goes to stomach.kindly suggest
    some medicine.I am 63 years old.

  360. Aamir Saleem says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,
    I have read your articles regarding Ulcer and I would like to say that the research work is marvelous. Since long time I am suffering from Ulcer and it is been 12 years. I had taken Nux, R5, Carbo veg and variety of homeopathic medicines on long term but only with R5 I got temporary relief. I am sure about the fact that only homeopathic medicines can permanently cure disease thats why with a hope I am still stuck with it. Sir I need your guidance to cure this disease I am suffering from. Its symptoms are indigestion and chest burning, good sign I don’t have any bleeding problem yet. Whenever I take meal its take long time to be get digested like if I take meal at lunch it takes 7 to 8 hours and even that It don’t gets digested then after it is followed by chest burning. I take GAVISCON syp to get relief or mixture of chilled milk and water. Usually I eat food made with green chilli but even this not working. Most often I cant eat much because meal I last take does not digested. Also sometime once in a month i suffer a pain in left side of belly and for very small amount of time pain in right side of belly. After taking meal I gets continuous burps for 7 or 8 hours and if I don’t allow burps a water comes into mouth with food.
    Sir please help and guide me to right medicine so that things can get settle. I shall be very grateful to you.


  361. Hello Dr Sharma,
    This is Sohail and i am having problem with my ulcer. I am having pain in my stomach all night and when i eat something i vomit the food. I can not eat anything. I am losing my weight because of this problem. I been taking many medications but they are not working on me. Can you please guide me about some remedy that can cure my ulcer. Dr said its a peptic ulcer and it is located in my stomach. I will be really thankful you you if you help me regarding my issue.

  362. My phone is 9811313452. Iwant treatment for ulcer.kindly send your phone.

  363. shahida ellahi says:

    My daughter has been diagnosed esophagael ulcer.when she was three month this problem started .she started to have dystonic episode like rolling back stitching the whole body and trying to force filers generally she is she is 8years posited she has acidic food it can trigger the dystonia.can you please what can be done

  364. Good day

    I suffer from H Pylori, and CANNOT find anything that helps. Do you have any drops, if it works i will let alot of people know.

    I am from South Africa

    • Dear Dr. Sharma
      I have got gastric problem and i feel pain/gastric ball in below left chest. Especially after meal i often feel unable to digest food. My tummy is very tight and sometime gastric pass or moving in the body and lot of belching with heartburn. I am taking anti-depressant and High BP tablets (Allopathic) in last 1 month. I am feeling this problem since 1.5 years. Sometimes is better and sometimes it’s worse. I have discussed this problem my nearest herbal physician and he said its peptic ulcer. I also used Antacid medicine but on that time I feel better and after few days same problem persist. I have also sinusitis and block nose problem. I am consulting homeopathic consultant and I feel slightly better in sinus problem but not satisfactory results. I want treatment for both problems. Please suggest me for best homeopathic remedies for both problems.


  365. hello dr.i want you to help find my problem,more than six years now iam not my self im always feel that iam not well, idont know what is wrong with me i visited many doctors but they are not able to see any illness except malaria sometimes, i have gastritis and cervical and lumbar spondolosis.thank you

  366. Ranjib Narayan Sinha says:

    I am 62 years old and non-smoker and non-drinker, take plain food.Two/Three hours After meal the heart burn begins and sometimes Red Mucus comes with stool.There is no vomiting etc. Which Homeopathic medicine in which form I should take:? Please reply.

  367. Ranjib Narayan Sinha says:

    Two hours After meal the heart burn begins and sometimes Red Mucus comes with stool.There is no vomiting etc. Which Homeopathic medicine in which form I should take:? Please reply.

    • Ranjib Narayan Sinha says:

      Two hours After meal the heart burn begins and sometimes Red Mucus comes with stool.There is no vomiting etc. Which Homeopathic medicine in which form I should take:? Please reply.

  368. Arunava Ghosh says:

    My self Arunava ghosh 33yars old.i am suffering moderate degree of antral gastrites sice september 2012.after endoscopy i have came to know ths disease.alopathy doctor treatment already done now local homeo pathy doctor tratment me during 3 month.but i am not felling better. upper abdomen just lower of cheast felling pain.stoll is not clear regularly.acidity icrease day byday .i want to cure as early as possible. i need ur help.mycotact n.o 09046250608

  369. Vikash kumar sah says:

    Mujhe gala me jalan hoti hai . Aur me omeprazol kane ke bad 48ganta ke bad phir se jalan hoti hai.

  370. seema bawa says:

    hello sir, my name is seema, i am living in muscat(oman) with my family sir i want to talk about my father he is 67 BP AND DIBETIC PATIENT who is suffering from severe throat ulcers this all is started from dec 2012 first he got throat cough he started taking some cough relief medcine, then in jan 2013 he went to doctors telling them this must be due to acidity then they started giving him acidity related medicens he got no relif then, from feb 2013 he got more pain in throat doctors still told acidity, but in middle of mar 2013 he got mouth ulcers , i myself started giving him homeo medicne merc sol 200 dosnt give relief then v went to hospitals after changing three hopitals we went to a other hospital called kims a well known hospital of kerala branch in oman, from there v got some hope v meat ent doctor, skin doctor and one mbbs medicne they all told this is throat ulcers they told us to do some test after that they told us this is due to vitamim b 12 deficiency, sir they given him some two three gels mouth washes, he started usesing all that after all this he got some relief from mouth ulcers but very little relief from throat ulcers still he is having pain still when his cough starts i start crying sir pls think about it pls give your presious time to my father we need u we r vigitarien and his BP DIABATIES is in control.thanku sir

  371. Neetu Kumar says:

    Respected Sir,
    Myself Neetu kumar, m/37, suffering from antral gastritis and gastric erosions since yr 2000. Last endoscopy done in 2004. Taken treatment Cap Rabiprazole and dompridone 01 od in empty stomach, Tab cintapro 01 Tds and tab ciplectin1/2 tds. Till The time treatment continues problem stops when treatment stops problem persists. Current problem hyper acidity, weakness, pain in upper abdomen, low digestion power. Please suggest best homeopathic treatment with daily routine and diet chart. Thanking you With warm regards Neetu Kumar.

  372. Gitanjali Hazarika says:

    I was hospitalised after having collpsed in school. After several tests and endoscopy, I was diagnosed with duoedenal erosions and high level stress. Right now I am on a medkcation of pantocid and sacrocil gel. Also etherest shich is for sleep. Aptivate and bevon also for appetite which I simply dlnt have. Please advise.
    23 yrs

  373. tamasi banerjee says:

    sir, I am 50 years of age. A few weeks before I am feeling that in the first morning I feel weight in the upper abdomen and also I feel vomitting in empty stomach. Sometimes after taking a glass of water in empty stomach feeling as if vomitting.

  374. badri.rimal says:

    since 1yr iam suffering from duodena ulcer and the treatment for the disease is done by allopathy but no effect. Ifyou advise to treat by homeopathy ,i have no objection .i mean the knowledge for me is absolutely nil

    • After nine months now they dignose H pylori . I am seen blood in stool quite some time . now my dr start antibiotic . i like to take homeopathy after this antibiotic. which one you recomanded? looks like i have peptic ulcer (duodenal ulcers) . Please help me.

      • i have stomack ulcer with white and black spot on face dark comlexion burning pain in body and pelvi boan pain

        • high uric acid control your eating habits

          Don,t use
          meats,carbonated beverages, Levers ,cut down sugar&salts,avoid fast food burgers,showarmas, fried fish,egg ,high oil foods,cut down milk use,tea,coffee,smoking,vine.

    • Lutful Bari says:

      Name-Lutful Bari,male,married,age-38years.Since 2 years suffering hardly pain of stomack and the treatment done by allopathy as h.pylory or ulcer.Endoscopy report 5 month ago Antral Erosive Gastritis. bathroom not good like hard or very soft, colour gray, Continous pain of stomack.Waight loss 7 kg. Not sleeping well for stomack pain.Please
      advice me total treatment and proper medicine

  375. i also have the feeling of digestion has come to a stop after eating the upper abdomen is bulging and i have tried mottillium and that helped remove the burps and move the food down But now i have kidney stone issue to deal with { 1x 8mm in the loer calyx and 2x 3mm in the uretra: }regards arif

  376. tanveer ansari says:

    Sir I am very sad because I am 40 years old and I have 2 children but I am suffering from stomach pain in the center under ribs and sounds of bur bur every time with pain after every meal after 2to 3 hours for 1 hour since last 25 years when I was college student .sir kindly help me because I cant any thing like bread,vegetables,fruits and milk in any shape due to abdomen pain please help me sir tell me the names of medicines as doctors are saying that I have peptic ulcer,Hpylori and ddenal ulcer.

    • Ashoka Naskar says:

      Name: ASHOKA NASKAR, Female, Married, Age: 46 years. Wt: 45 Kg. Fair complex
      Blood Gp: AB + Issue: two ( girl childs, age 28 and 20, normal delivery)
      Digestion, Appetite, Bowel, Urination, Mens. Etc. everything is normal.
      Sleep: 6 hrs at night w/o break. As a house wife works through out the day w/o problem.
      Likes : All types of fruits, fishes, rice, sweets. Digestion problem: Only Fat, spicy recipe, Ghee, Sour.
      1. Suffering from mild Duodenal ulcer ( detected by endoscopy and barium test) last three years. No allopathic medicine other than ’Lanzol’(one tab in two days ) is taken so far.
      2. Want to increase little weight.
      Please advice. Regards, sincerely Ashoka Naskar

      • I m suffering from acidity and heart burn. especially when my stomach is empty. my stool is soft but constipation. I also feeling soreness in my anas. I also have warts in my anus. the passage for passing stool has become narrow. i hve to pass stool forcefully and in pieces, but stool is not hard. thanks. please reply

    • ray ogbole says:

      sir, I been suffering from peptic ulcer and burning sensation in my chest to the head for almost 2 years now I also feel weak and body pains. I need help. Thank you.

    • SHAFIQ-UR-REHMAN says:

      Sir, I am 47 Year old and i am suffering from Stomach Ulcer. I have tried different Alopathic like omeprazole and homeopathic like Geranium and other compositum from Masood and BM medicines. I do not get healed by these. Kindly Advise furher. I will be highly ovliged

      Thanks best regards


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