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Jobs for Homeopathic Doctors


jobs for homeopathsWe Are Hiring!!

If  you are satisfied with what you are doing in life, this job is not for you . If you are  a maverick-Homeopathic-Doctor  and have the ‘adrenalin -rush’ in you , and have always lived with this feeling of doing something big  in life ,and would have all the enthusiasm to learn the most advanced forms of online Homeopathic  treatment and would like to experience the thrill of handling patients from nearly 40 different countries ,then this is the place for you to work.

What you should expect at the job?

Full Independence to work with new cases. You will Learn immensely on the subject of  Autism spectrum Disorders ( we are taking up nearly 10-12 cases of Autism every day . That’s not all ,we get patients for all kinds of disorders skin ,allergies ,joint disorders etc. A good handsome salary of Rs. 15,000 to 40,000 per month  ( only if you have the metal in you).  Additional Special Allowance for Doctors from far away states eg. Maharashtra, Andhra and further south coming over to work in our clinic is also considered.

What we Expect From You

If you have the capacity to talk to a patient for one hour ( without making him feel ‘Sick to guts’) , we like you. We all make Mistakes but If you can have a sleepless night on a Screw-up, we admire you. If you can, be in the clinic early morning, just because in the middle of the night you remembered about the unfinished case, You are the Champ .

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  1. Dr Priyanka garge says:

    Hello Dr
    I am Dr Mrs Priyanka Garge from Nashik Maharashtra.I am B.HM.S and having 5yrs experience in homeopathic practice..I would like to work with you..

  2. JYOTI JOSHI says:

    Hi, I am Dr.JYOTI JOSHI. I am searching best opportunity in my field. I have 5yrs experience.
    when you give me chance, I work honestly & get the best results whatever type you want.

  3. Dr Nivedita Vyas says:

    Hello Doctor I’m Dr Nivedita Vyas, I’ve completed my BHMS from Dr MPK homeopathic medicine collage, Jaipur and I am looking for opportunity to use my knowledge to heal patients with the most rational way of healing. And I would be honoured to learn and grow with the wisdom you share.

  4. Dr. Nancy goel says:

    Hii sir
    I am Dr. Nancy goel from Dehi. I want to work with you.
    Earlier i was working with Dr. Pankaj bhatnagar

  5. Dr Roopal M shah says:

    Hiii i am dr Roopal shah want to work with you

  6. Nisha Patel says:

    Hi I m Dr.Nisha Patel from Ahmedabad Gujarat. I am a homeopath. I have experience of 14 years. I m working with a trust hospital. I want to work with you.

  7. Dr. Arif Mazher Shaikh Maroof Clinic says:

    Hi sir
    I am looking for this type of job. I am having a experience of 12 years of practice of Homoeopathy.

  8. Dr Anuksha N Vaze says:

    hello sir,
    I am a classical homeopath from Bangalore.
    i am interested in taking up online consultations.
    how do i enroll?

  9. Rubaljeet Kaur says:

    Hii,I am homoeopathic doctor in Punjab . I am doing my masters in organon . Can I apply for this job ? I want to work with you.

  10. Sylvie Marie Akin Otiko says:

    Hi! I am an homeopathic doctor. I worked in Canada and had my own holistic clinic for over 28 years. I am now living in USA and would love to work for you. I am board certified here in US with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

  11. Madi Nauman says:

    Hi, I am a homoeopathic physician running my own clinic in Pakistan Lahore. I want to work with you for online consultations.

  12. Amrin Sulthana says:

    Hi this is Dr. Amrin Sultana from tirunelveli. I have completed my Bhms course last year December. Now I’m searching for online consultation jobs. And I want to join you as online consultant and want to give my best services.

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