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Homeopathic Remedies for Frozen Shoulder Treatment

Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is a chronic condition causing severe pain and stiffness in the shoulder joint. It usually begins gradually and worsens over time and is slow to recover. Though the condition is self-limiting and usually resolves on its own it can take a lot of time thereby making the condition disabling for the sufferer. Over time shoulder becomes hard to move and one may experience an extreme problem in working and performing daily life activities for an extended period of time. Homeopathic medicines for frozen shoulder can help relieve the presenting symptoms of the condition and also hold an advantage over other systems of medicine to aid treatment of the underlying cause.  homeopathic medicines for frozen shoulder

These medicines are of natural origin and have no toxic effects. Rhus Tox, Ferrum Metallicum and Sanguinaria Canadensis top the list of medicines to treat frozen shoulder. They help in relieving pain and stiffness of the shoulder and can even save a person from undergoing any surgical procedures.

Homeopathic Medicines for Frozen Shoulder

In the conventional system of medicine, different ways can be opted to get relief from the symptoms of the pain and stiffness. But, nothing can be done to fix the underlying cause which is leading to the occurrence of the condition. Physical therapy and massages can be given initially to relieve the pain. But if it does not work, a different type of medication is given including NSAIDs (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and corticosteroids. In some cases, injections are also given locally or systemically to relieve the condition. If medications fail to act, surgery is done to cut the adhesions. In severe and prolonged cases surgery is usually advised to loosen the joint capsule so that it can move more freely.

Homeopathy is completely different from the conventional system of medicine. Natural medicines not only help the individual to recover well from presenting symptoms of the condition but also treat the root cause responsible for the occurrence of the complaint. Homeopathy believes in treating the underlying or root cause because if the root cause will be removed there will be no symptoms of the disease persisting in an individual. Complete case history by the homeopathic physician which will involve taking information upon the duration of the symptoms, underlying cause, symptoms, and modalities peculiar to the patient will guide the doctor towards the medicine which is most suited to the patient. When the medication will be given according to the symptom similarity patient will be able to recover from the condition wonderfully. Homeopathy has always been helpful in treating symptoms of frozen shoulder and minimizing the chances of recurrence of the condition and can help an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle once he has completely recovered from the condition. Rhus Tox, Sanguinaria Can and Ferrum Met are the top 3 remedies for frozen shoulder.

1. Rhus Toxicodendron: Top Grade Medicine for Frozen Shoulder

Rhus tox is a medicine which is prepared from the fresh leaves of a plant which belongs to the Anacardiaceae family. Rhustox is a wonderful medicine that can help to relieve long-standing cases of marked stiffness in the shoulder joint. The shoulder is too stiff to move. The stiffness of shoulder gets usually better by warmth application. It can also be helpful in cases where motion and massages tend to offer relief in the stiffness. There is severe tearing, shooting pain at the top of the shoulder. Pains get worse during cold and wet weather. Pains become severe during the rest especially in night preventing the patient to fall asleep. There is a constant feeling of pressure on shoulders like a heavyweight is placed upon them.

Key Indications for using Rhus Tox:

Stiffness of the shoulder.
Tearing shooting pain in the shoulder.
Pains getting better by movement of the shoulder.

2. Sanguinaria Canadensis: For Right Sided Frozen Shoulder

Sanguinaria Can. is derived from the plant bloodroot of family Papaveraceae. Sanguinaria Can. is a great remedy which shows an affinity towards the pains occurring in the right shoulder. Pains are present in the top of right shoulder. Pains usually get worse during the night and while attempting to turn in bed. The patient feels great difficulty to raise the arm on account of distressing pains.

Key Indications:

Right shoulder is affected.
There is nightly aggravation of the pain.
Difficulty in raising the arm.

3. Ferrum Metallicum: For Left Sided Frozen Shoulder

Ferrum met. is an amazing remedy for treating a complaint of left-sided frozen shoulder. There is a pain in the left shoulder which is constantly present. Pain is of drawing, shooting, tearing and laming character. Pains are usually shooting downward and travel down the arm and patient may feel it impossible to raise the arm. The person requiring this remedy feels extreme heaviness in the shoulder joint. Slow movement of the shoulder gradually improves the condition. Warmth can be given to relieve the pains. Pain gets aggravated in bed, the patient has to get up and move about slowly to get some relief.

Key Indications:

Left shoulder is affected.
Aggravation of pain by motion.
Pains get better by warmth.

Other Important Remedies

1. Bryonia Alba: For Pains getting Worse from Least Motion

Bryonia is prepared from the plant wild hops which belong to the family Cucurbitaceae. Bryonia is an excellent remedy in cases where the pain in the shoulder gets worse from least motion. Pains are sharp and tearing in character which usually gets worse upon touch and by pressure. Relief of the pains takes place after the patient has complete rest. Application of the warmth can also be helpful in relieving the pains in the shoulder. There is painful pressure on the top of the shoulder. Stiffness is present in the shoulder joints.

2. Causticum: For Pains in Morning

Causticum is a good remedy in treating the cases of frozen shoulder where pains in the shoulder are worse in the morning. The patient may experience great discomfort and difficulty in moving the shoulder. There is a constant feeling of pressure and heaviness on shoulders. Pain which is dull, aching in character is present in the shoulder usually getting worse on motion.

3. Phytolacca: For Right Sided Frozen Shoulder

Phytolacca is prepared from the plant poke root which belongs to the family Phytolaccaceae. Phytolacca can be given in cases of frozen shoulder where the pain is present in the right shoulder. Pains in the shoulder and arms feel like electric shocks. Pains are shooting in character and travel from one part to the other. Pains usually worsen during the night and in damp weather. Patient experiences stiffness in the shoulder that usually makes him unable to raise the arm.

4. Ledum Palustre: For Pains on Raising the Arm

Ledum Pal is prepared from the plant wild rosemary which belongs to the family Ericaceae. Ledum Pal. suits well in the cases where the patient experiences severe pain in the shoulder while raising the arm. The pains are stitching and throbbing in nature. There is pain and pressure in both the shoulder joints which gets worse from motion.

5. Calcarea Phosphorica: For Pains getting Worse During Change of Weather

Calcarea Phos. can be given without a doubt in cases of frozen shoulder where pain gets worse from any change of weather. There is pain and stiffness in shoulders and shoulder-blades. Pains are dull, sore aching, bruised type in the shoulder and down the arm. Pains start from left then travel to the right and can travel downward to the arm as well.

6. Chelidonium Majus: Where Motion Causes Pain in Shoulder

Chelidonium is prepared from the entire fresh plant called greater celadine belonging to the family Papaveraceae. Chelidonium is the most suitable medicine in cases where there is a pain in the shoulder which gets worse on moving arm. Pain in the left shoulder feels like as if it was sprained. Pains are tearing in nature. Pain usually travels downwards with coldness and stiffness of the arms.

7. Rhododendron: For Shoulder Pains Worse during a Thunderstorm

Rhododendron is prepared from the fresh leaves of the plant commonly known as yellow snow rose which belongs to family Ericaceae. Rhododendron can be of extreme help in cases where there is marked pain in shoulder and gets during a thunderstorm. The patient usually feels pains which get worse while lying upon it and getting relieved by turning to the other side. Violent, tearing and boring type of pains occur in the shoulder which can worsen from motion.

8. Guaiacum Officinale: For Marked Stiffness

Guaiacum is prepared from the plant Lignum vite resin of family Zygophyllaceae. Guaiacum can act wonders in cases where there is immovable stiffness of the joints taking place. There is a sharp stitching type of pains in the top of the shoulder. Pains are of drawing and lacerating nature which can travel down the arm.

9. Syphilinum: Where Pains get Worse on Raising the Arms

Syphilinum acts well on the patients of frozen shoulder well where the pain in the shoulder worsens on raising the arm. The patient is able to raise the arm only up to the level of the shoulder with difficulty. He fails to attempt to move the arm above the level of the shoulder.

10. Ferrum Phos.: Where Pain is Relieved by Gentle Motion

Persons requiring Ferrum phos. get in the shoulder which gets relieved by moving the arm gently. The pains are violent, drawing and tearing in nature and gets worse by the sudden or violent motion of the arm. As the condition is relieved by gentle motion, the patient keeps it moving and cannot make the arm still. The shoulder is stiff, painful and highly sensitive to touch.

11.Thuja: For Marked Stiffness

Thuja is prepared from the plant Arbor Vitae belonging to the family coniferae. Thuja can aid the condition well when there is marked stiffness of the shoulder joint. There is sticking, tearing, throbbing type of pains in the shoulder which can get worse even from hanging the arm lose. Pains can also get worse at night and by the warmth of bed. Placing the arm over the head is extremely painful for the patient. Stretching the joints produces cracking sound.

12. Lycopodium: For Tearing Pain in Shoulder Joint

Lycopodium is derived from a plant club moss which belongs to the Lycopodiaceae family. Lycopodium can help in relieving the condition of frozen shoulder where there is tearing type of pains in the shoulder joint. There is pain and tension in the right shoulder. Pain can occur even when the patient is at rest. Bruised pains in shoulders and in the region of scapula and upper arm. One may also experience twitching in the shoulders.

13. Sulphur: For Marked Heaviness in the Shoulder

Sulphur can be helpful in treating cases where extreme heaviness in the shoulders is felt by the patient. There is a feeling of pressure on the shoulder while walking in the open air. There are pains in the left shoulder as if it was sprained or bruised. There is stitching type of pains in the shoulder on attempting to move. The patient usually experiences worsening of pains, especially at night.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

This condition has two main symptoms which are pain and stiffness in the shoulder. Pain is of dull aching character which can occur in the outer shoulder or upper arm. Usually, one side gets affected but in rare cases, both sides can get involved. Pain can become severe over time and can get worse during:

Weather changes: Some patients may experience worsening of pain or stiffness particularly during cold or dry weather.

Night: Pains usually gets worse during the night which can cause difficulty in getting proper sleep and further leading to sleep deprivation in the patients suffering from frozen shoulder.

Motion: Movement of the shoulder joint is difficult for the patient resulting in restricted movement of the shoulder joint. The range of motion might also get affected.

There is a course which is usually followed in the occurrence of a frozen shoulder. The three main stages are:

Stage I: The Freezing Stage
In this stage, the pain begins slowly, the range of motion starts getting limited with a stiffness of the joint. Any movement of the shoulder causes pain, and as the pain progresses and becomes worse, the shoulder tends to lose its mobility. These symptoms can last for six weeks to nine months.

Stage II: The frozen Stage or adhesive stage.
In this stage, slow improvement in the pain takes place but the stiffness remains. Using the shoulder becomes more difficult causing hindrance in performing daily life activities. These symptoms usually last from four months to a year’s time.

Stage III: The thawing stage or stage of recovery.
In this stage, the motion of shoulder slowly returns towards normal and a range of motion in the shoulder begins to improve. These symptoms generally last from 6 months to two years of time.

Causes of Frozen Shoulder

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint. It is made up of three bones namely Humerus (bone in the upper arm), Scapula (shoulder blade), Clavicle (collarbone). Strong connective tissue or shoulder capsule surrounds the joint and holds everything (bones, ligaments, tendons) together. Also, there is the presence of synovial membrane which lines the joint capsule and produces synovial fluid. Synovial fluid helps in providing lubrication to the joint and the capsule and reducing the friction between the bones, making the movement of the shoulder easier.

When inflammation of the shoulder capsule starts and thick bands of the tissue or adhesions start developing, there is less room in joint for the humerus, making the joint painful and stiff to move. It can further progress to a restriction of the movement of the shoulder.
In some cases, the synovial fluid can get reduced due to different causes. Reduction in the amount of the fluid can lead to limiting the motion of the shoulder even more due to the occurrence of pain during motion.
Any fall on the shoulder or any injury to the adjacent tissues of the shoulder can also give rise to this condition. Alternately, it may have an autoimmune component involved as thickening and swelling can occur as a result of a misguided immune response. In some cases, this condition can arise with no absolute cause.

Risk Factors

Age: It is more common in people who are 40 years of age and above.

Sex: It is more common in females than in males.

Immobility: Immobility of the joint can happen in cases where one is recovering from any health condition which is preventing him from using the arm or the shoulder. In such cases, one may get prone to develop the symptoms of frozen shoulder. This can happen after surgery, stroke, rotator cuff injury, fracture etc.

Systemic Diseases: People who are suffering from any systemic diseases like diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease are at a higher risk of developing frozen shoulder, as these usually affect different parts of an individual at a particular time.

Connective tissue disease: Anyone who is suffering from connective tissue diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus can be on a higher risk to develop symptoms frozen shoulder.

Diagnosis and Investigations

Diagnosis can be usually made only upon the basis of the physical examination and signs and symptoms provided by the patient. In cases where required, X-Ray and MRI can be conducted on the advice of the physician to confirm the diagnosis. MRI is usually helpful in detecting the severity of the complaints.


This condition is usually self-limiting and is not life-threatening. But, it can affect one’s quality of life as it can cause trouble at times to perform daily life activities and can be distressing to the patient. Known complications of the condition are:

Sleep Deprivations: As the pains become worse usually during the night so it can lead to problems in falling asleep easily thereby making the sufferer deprived of sleep.

Depression: If one has a tendency to develop the symptoms, again and again, a person might develop anxiety and depression due to prolonged suffering.

It can start from one shoulder but there are chances that the condition can progress to affect the other shoulder also.

Problems in neck and back can also take place in cases where the condition is not treated well and has progressed.

Prevention and Management of Frozen Shoulder

The condition can be prevented if one keeps a check on a few things.

Frozen shoulder usually starts from immobilization. Often, the shoulder starts to pain when progressing towards becoming stiff. This may cause someone to move the joint less and leading to further adhesions of the shoulder joint, preventing the movement of shoulder in full range. One should keep the shoulder in complete motion to avoid the occurrence of this condition.

If one is having any injury which prohibits movement the shoulder joint a few exercises must be performed to maintain the range of motion in the shoulder joint on a daily basis.

Management of the condition aims at restoring the joint movement and reducing the shoulder pain. Management can be done by performing physiotherapy, massages, stretching exercises. One must perform exercises which involve a range of motion of the shoulder joint so that the adhesions start to loosen up and shoulder can move freely.

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  1. Hi Dr, my mom is 74, she had fallen down on left shoulder , we did MRI on both shoulder, left shows total year of ligament, rigt shoulder pains more due to immobiliy on left shoulder
    Dr says nothing but surgery is needed on left shoulder. Pls advice

  2. Taruna bisht says:

    I am 42 yr old lady,hv frozen shoulder on rt side,early morning it is quite stiff and also during rain and storm it is is giving me nerve pain in inner elbow and towards thumb.i had bumped my shoulder into a door while carrying clothes.Also 2 years bk i had fallen and fractured my left collar bone and due to sling i got frozen shoulder on left side.After physio at home and taking painkillers whn reqd it healed after an year.Also i am diabetic.


    I am 60 yrs male diagnosed as cervical spondilosys on 22-04-2020 and given pain relieving and vitamin B12 B 6 added medicine with pregabalin. Also advised for physitherapy for 2 weeks. Now I am not able to raise my right hand. Even I am not able to eat . Would please kindly advise for homoeopathic medicine. A K SAHU, DOORDARDHAN KENDRA BHAWANIPATNA ODISHA. My mail id is

  4. Pradeep Biswal says:

    Hello Doc
    My wife aged 48 yrs and facing frozen soldier issues ( feeling pain while lifting the hand on air, while doing excesise, pain in the night) it’s on the right hand, the pain moves towards the thumb,
    Coukdbu Olson suggest us how can we reach you via call and the remedy .
    Will be thankful to you.

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    I have frozen shoulder problem, also i have done angioplasty for heart attack and one stent is there in my vein of heart.. so what medicine should i use or frozen shoulder, my age is 67 years.

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    Dear doctor, I have been suffering from right hand shoulder stiffness, mainly while turning sidewise during sleeping since last three months. I am 59 years male with average body wt and height. I am taking thyroxin 75 mcg regularly for last 15 yrs. Please advise me curing my problem.9

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  11. Helo sir frozen shoulder is my problem start from paining bicep and triceps muscules then slowly stiff the joints of both the hand but left joint more paini and all this happen only 2 month before now I want to treatment patient higher thyroid and bp also

    • TreasureJoy Jacqueline Evans says:

      I have stiffness and limited motion of right shoulder. Pain exist only when lifting above shoulder. Two years ago had injections in right arm of prednisone and Benadryl for allergic reaction to mangoes which lead to pain and loss of sensation and movements in upper arm. Went to physical therapist 4 months ago where needle point therapy was applied with good results that loosened stiff structures in the arm along with stretching and strengthening exercises. Now I continue exercising on my own. Am hoping your recommendation can take me further to realizing normal range of motion.

  12. Ajay kr. chawdhary says:

    Sir, I have frozen shouldier in left arm for the last 6 months. I have dibetics since nov.,2014. 50 yrs. old.
    Wt. 74 kg, 5 feet and 4 inch height. no thyroid. suffered jaundice in march, 2002. No other disease. i take glymet DS 1/2 tab both time. resides in Patna.

  13. Suresh Chandra Sharma says:

    Dr sir I am 46yr old Suresh Chandra Sharma having pain in left shoulder,pain usually gets worse at night from shoulder to down the arm joint (kohni) seems as if will fall apart.I under took allopathic treatment Dr prescribed pain killer and calcium zinc tablet and recommended some excercise and sleeping pills too for night but no relief. I had suffered from the same disease 5to6year back at that time one naturopathic doctor treated by some excercise and allopathic medicine most probably some oral steroids.kindly suggest the permanent treatment.

  14. USHA BASHYAM says:

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  15. Ritu jain says:

    Severe heel pain dr said it is plantar fascitis..kindly suggest ..thank so much

  16. Dr. B. Chakrabarti says:

    Wife Sabita (65+ ) having pain and restricted movement of left shoulder. Orthopaedic experts did X-ray & MRI — no tear of rotary cuff muscle detected. Steroid pushed 6 weeks back & no effect, physio. exercises at three places for 8/10 days each- yet pains to move much. Now doing free-hand exercise (as advised by physio.) & applying ice . No sugar/BP. D3 was around 16(course completed). Pl. advise. Dr. Chakrabarti ( having doses of Arnica 200, Ruta 200, coculus 200 occ., hupericum 200 occ.,Cimicifluga occ., Spondin(a combination type ) +Alfalfa Q after dinner as a stimulant!)

    • Pradeep kumar says:

      i am suffering from frozen shoulder since last six months. Kindly advise some medicines to relieve my ailment.

  17. MD salahuddin says:

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  21. sabita c/o Dr. B.K. Chakrabarti says:

    Age 65+ female, left shoulder movement painful, right shoulder less, entire body & joints pain, slightly fatty, Vit. D lower than normal, urine culture-sugar-BP normal! Orthopaedic doctor prescribed pain killer(Acinac-P) & physiotherapy for frozen shoulder( movement not arrested but pains on work or stress). —-No marked change. Trying SBL Orthomuv ointment & syrup and SBL drop 6. Earlier left leg had numbness & waist pain(now shifted to left shoulder & a bit to right shoulder). Earlier tried Viscum alb,Fer. Met,Thiosinaminum 200,Viola O 6,Ruta 200,Hyperi,Coculus, Lachnanthes T 200.

  22. Wendy Liczyk says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I am trying to reduce both pain and scar tissue buildup in left shoulder due to frozen shoulder. I have had 2 cortisone injections in one month and looking at surgery maybe to remove scar tissue. I have begun taking Boiron ferrous met 200c pellets. What is the best therapeutic dose to take of ferrous met to cure frozen shoulder without going through surgery?

    I look forward to your response.

    Many thanks Wendy Liczyk.

  23. True. Great remedies for Frozen Shoulder. My problem almost disappeared with the homeopathy remedies indicate d above by Dr.Sharma.
    God Bless !


  24. Mary Jo Aloi says:

    Just wanting to thank you sincerely for this article on frozen shoulder. I used Ferrum metallicum with great relief for my frozen shoulder and I very much appreciate you having made this information available.

  25. Hi …good mother who is 61 years of feeling pain in neck and shoulder and also in waist and in knee…she has light varicose veins on her thighs and leg…..could you please suggest some effective medicine to relieve her pain?

  26. Hi.
    I do have symptoms of frozen shoulder: feels like tendons of my left rotator cuff are stiff and movement is severely restricted. Shooting pain across the entire length of the arm if accidentally moved in the wrong direction.

    However, I am curious about your website – over 400 comments describing symptoms but not one from a cured patient saying your treatment worked for him or her!

    • I had the same problem two months ago but now it is very much relieved after using homeo meds indicted above by Dr Vikas Sharma. Those meds are Ferum met, Rhus tox and Ruta. It’s confirmed.
      Good Luck

  27. Supravat Dey says:

    I am suffering from leftside frozen shoulder for the last one month when I raise up & rotating my hand i feel pain badly. So please recommend me the best homeopathy medicines for me. Thanks
    S . Dey

  28. Dear Doctor Sharma,

    I am suffering from left side Frozen Shoulder for the last two months due to tendons inflammation. I have pain all the time and increases while raising the arm up. Also circular movement is restricted. I am 70 yrs.

    Kindly advise the best homeopathy remedies for me. I will be highly grateful.

    Best Regards
    G. Khan

  29. Neelam sharma says:

    Respected Dr ,I have frozen shoulder in left arm ,feeling pain in movement both side of shoulder n shoulder bone n sometimes in movement feel twisting in nerves,when I lay down that side feel more pain ,I have this problem last 6monthes .plz advise medicine

  30. How to get rid off frozen shoulder.

  31. Dear sir, when i move my left hand in back side or up from shoulder it give me too much pain. I consulted some doctors and they told me that this is frozen shoulder. I suffered it from last eight months and didn’t get relief any more. Today i searching it on net and so i found that homeo medicines working well at this. So i urge you to help me please.

    • Hi Mam I am suffering from adhesive capsulitis since 3 months undergoing physiotherapy. Is there any medicine for this in homeopath


    Respected Dr.Sharma,
    I am 62, experiencing frozen shoulder from last winter.Kindly see following information:
    1.I am diabetic,have B.P. problem but under control with aid of allo. medicine.
    2.I take normal& controlled food.
    3.I used to practice meditation,walking.
    4.I can carry weight using both hand 10-12 kg without discomfort.
    5.I cannot raise my left arm upto full length but upto 70% max.
    6. I cannot laid down & sleep in LHS for pain.
    7.I have no problem in Right shoulder.
    Kindly advise for remedy.

  33. Ruchita shah says:

    Hello sir,
    My left hand due to frozen shoulder more pain or moving to hand problem & I am suffering for diabetes & left kideny birth time to failure please give me the medicine or dose

  34. Dickson Omukuba says:

    I broke my right cervical and I was platted, my my right hand has been stiff, it can’t lift too high and I experience pain on the shoulder especially cold days, what shall I do to regain movement.

  35. Hello Dr,

    I have problem in moving right arm towards back and sudden surge of shooting pain occasionally that goes away at its own after sometime.
    I am 60 yrs old.We have got blood test also done but nothing reported so doctor says it’s a case of frozen shoulder.Please recommend us a homeopathy medicine for this.

  36. Kabul Singh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am 68 yrs, weight about 97 kgs. About 3-4 yrs back I had a Frozen Shoulder pain in my left arm. The pain developed without any reason and I consulted a physiotherapist who explained that it is a very problem. However I had only one sitting with him and discontinued the treatment. After about 10-15 days I observed that the pain has vanished on its own.
    Now since Dec’17 my right shoulder has developed the same pain and since the pain was tolerable I was traveling quite a lot. I came back home ( Pune ) on 9th Feb’18. This pain started increasing and obstructing my daily movements. I wake up 4.30 – 4.45 in morning go for morning walks for one hour. One of my friend advised me to join CERAGEM – THERMAL MASSAGER- THERAPY that is totally free but to no avail even after a month. All the symptoms are the same as you have mentioned above. Kindly advice treatment for this pain,
    Thanking you
    Yours Sincerely
    Kabul Singh

    • Abdul Maleque Bhouyain says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      My wife suffering from Frogenshoulder with diabetic problem for few years. Frozen Shoulder developed just few months before. I am giving her Rhus Tox 1M few drop three times a day. Can you suggest me homeopathic any other medicine for her.
      Thanking you,
      Maleque, Chittagong, Bangladesh

  37. Surinder Kumar Garg says:

    Sir, suffering with left frozen shoulder since last 9 month due to injury to tissues. At night there is more pain. Low pain during day time. Pl. suggest homeopathic treatment. Thanks very much. Surinder Kumar Garg, Chandigarh.

  38. smita pattnaik says:

    sir i have with diabetics for 7 years and athraits since3 years.i have pain in my shoulder ,arm,neck.elbow.don not fold my hand to back and upper.3 months physiotherapy contniuedd .but all in vain.please suggest any medicine for relax


    • Ashok Kumar Ghosh says:

      My wife aged 43 years, is diabetic with high blood pressure, has been suffering frozen shoulder on left side. She feels severe pain over left shoulder joint and unable to raise her hand up. Pain moves from shoulder to finger edges of hand and leg.

      • Pooja Mishra says:

        My mother is having diabetes since 17 years and she is facing severe pain from her left shoulder till arms……it might be because of Frozen shoulder and at nigh the pain becomes very chronic and gets very stiffy during night….please suggest me some good medicines in homopathic

  39. prabir kumar chatterjee says:

    i have shoulder pain when i do my daily chores .

  40. Kunjabihari Sengupta says:

    Iam a diabetic patient type 2 and feeling pain in my left shoulder. The middle portion of my left hand is affected. Iam 65 years old. Suffering from shoulder pain for the last 6 months. Please advise.

    • pradip kumar barick says:

      i am having severe pain in my left fore arm since last two month mostly the condition is sevsre in the night hour

  41. Sudhir Maheshwari says:

    I have frozen shoulder. This is what my physiotherapist said after examining me. I have complete range of movement in my shoulder and hand. But when I go down at the time of doing suryanamaskar ,I feel pain in my right arm. Similarly when I do Bench Press even with very light weights, I feel pain in my right arm. Similarly while swimming free style when I use right arm and cut the water ,I feel pain. I have left all these activities for last three months but there is no improvement. I face no problem in my routine hand movements. I have already done 2 months of physiotherapy without any improvement.
    Can Homeopathy help in this condition ? I would be extremely grateful since doing suryanamaskar is extremely important for me.

  42. Rajinder kaur says:

    On 18.10.17 suddenly my upper right arm aboeelbow started paining suddenly. Doctor told it’s spasm. After taking physiotherapy for two months ND few exercise s it’s still hurting me. My external rotation is limited.nd also unable to sleep on right side. Kindly help.

  43. Mary Marshall says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a 54 yr old female with a radiated thyroid at 33 for Graves. Currently on thyroid replacement daily, and atenolol 25mg for blood pressure. 5’10” 205 lbs. I have a diagnosed right frozen shoulder. My arm mobility is limited especially when reaching back, to the side and above my head. Constant pain which increases at night. Please suggest treatment plan.
    Thank you, Mary

  44. Shiv darshan Verma says:

    I m 60 years old . I can not strech my arm up. Neither i can bend my arm backside….there remains pain during whole… difficult to sleep ….please help me and suggest me homeopathy treatment.

  45. dear doctor,
    i have frozen shoulder at right side
    the hand movement is resdited .
    i am a sugar patient for 15 year
    my sugar level is 200.
    pls advice the medician.

    Thanks & Regards,

  46. Prasad chougule says:

    I am patient 8 months back my knee ligament operation had happened now it is not bending

  47. I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder Ana told that there is nothing I can do but to wait it out. Pain meds don’t help and I’m a believer in natural meds. Please advise me as to what to get And the amounts to take daily.
    Thank you so much
    Dawn Grant

  48. Sir I have pain my right arm shoulder joint from past 6 month and my sugar lever is 186 after my food, please give me the correct solutions. I’m 43 years old my no is 9087635635

  49. Greetings Sir
    My father has been diagnosed with adhesive capabilities and is in constant pain.
    Doctor has advised injection and physiotherapy thereafter.
    Pl advise .

  50. Madhu Tewari says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 57 years old, suffering from frozen shoulder in left shoulder & arms since last two months unable to move my hand up wards and back. Experiencing pain during night Doing physiotherapist exercise since last two weeks under the supervision of a physiotherapist.
    Requested to provide help/ suggest effective homeo medicine in the case.


  51. thanks dr. Sharma, u r providing such types of services, for promoting Homeopathy & creating trust against allopathic principle less system of threapy & its vulture doctors.

  52. Usha Kumari Sathyadevan says:

    Mrs. Usha says:

    Dr. I am 55 yrs. I have been suffering from left shoulder and elbow joint. I am unable to move my hand in upper and back side. My MRI report findings here:

    full thickness tear involving almost entire thickness of supraspinauts tendon creating a gap of above 11 x 19 mm (AP x TR), mild infraspinatus tendinosis noted without obvious significant tear, Subchondral cysts and edema seen along the lateral aspect of humeral head and greater tuberosity-likely due to impingement, minimal glenohumeral joint effusion is noted, , Mild subacromial and subdeltoid bursitis is noted. Mild acromio-clavicular arthrosis is noted as evidence by early marginal osteophytes and mild hyperintensity along the joint space. Rest of the tendons forming the Rotar cuff are normal in signal intensity. Major ligaments are normal. The Doctor advised to surgery. The Homeopathic doctor advised to take Rhus toxicodendron Pentarkan. I take this medicine since two months. Pl. suggest best medicine for the pain and to cure the ailment.


  53. Vikas Srivastava says:

    Dr. I am 48 yrs. My left arm has pain between shoulder and elbow for 3 months. Feel pain when arm is moved inwards back side. Or some pain in lifting fully up. Physiotherapy is helping somewhat. Suggest medicine and duration.

  54. Subhash Banik says:

    Dear Dr.
    Ism 56yers of age.l have been suffering from frozen shoulder.sever pain in left shoulder and elbow joint .
    I am unable to move my hand. Stiffness .aggravation from morning,lying down right side.
    Amelioration hot application.hanging down left hand.
    Ism also suffering much flatulence.relief from passing gas.
    Pl suggest me a medicine.l am very grateful to u
    My uric acid and blood sugar normal.


    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am aged about 62, and an ardent user of homeo. Am an orthodox and vegetarian person. I suffered from femur fracture on 27th Feb this year and was operated upon with implantation , the root cause was diagnosed as Hyperthyroidism. However, I recovered fast and started walking from the third month of the surgery since I have no other ailments like sugar or BP. Currently, I am using Thyronorm 100mg supported by Homeo THYRODINUM 200. All the parameters relating to the Thyroid are within the range since 5 months. But 25 years ago I suffered with Cervical spondylosis. I am a retired banker , took VR in 2001. For the past month, I have been suffering from the right frozen shoulder and deltoid muscle pain along with Sterno cleid mastoid muscles pain also. Currently, using Sanguinaria Cand 200 once in a week but to no anvil. Tried, Ruta. grav. Arnica also. Kindly suggest me a suitable remedy basing on the said symptoms. Regards.

    Raju V L

  56. I have shoulder pain and consulted doctor who advised that it is case of Frozen shoulder. I have a pain on the joint of left fore arm and unable to move my hand hand. Even I am unable to move my hand upper side and backside of my body. If I try to do then i am facing stiffness and acute pain on my left hand.
    I am 45 years of age and ppblood sugar 170 and blood pressure.
    Please advise remedial measure to relieve the pain and also advice diet control

  57. RASHEED AHMED says:

    My Right Hand Frozen Shoulder Problum

  58. My sister aged 50+ is suffering from frozen shoulder since the last 3 months. Her movement of right arm is restricted. She cannot stretch her arm up or behind and quite painful to wear clothes or do works.kindly suggest if there is any homeopathic medicine to relieve pain and to cure the ailment. Thanks.

  59. ataur rahaman says:

    I have shoulder pain and consulted doctor who advised that it is case of Frozen shoulder. I have a pain on the joint of left fore arm and unable to move my hand hand. Even I am unable to move my hand upper side and backside of my body. If I try to do then i am facing stiffness and acute pain on my left hand. It is also observed that most of the times I am feeling paralytic condition up to finger in my left hand.
    I am 60 years of age and have no diabetic problem except blood pressure.
    Please advise remedial measure to relieve the pain and other prolem which i have mentioned above.

  60. I m 52 no diabities. Suffer from frozen shouldare since last one half years. Taking depression medicine

    from 8 years. Full day work on computer. Pl suggest medicine from above three which given in your

    articale or suggest any other medicine. At present i m taking Dr.Reckeweg R 34 drops for FS. Depression

    medicine in night. Now i m ok with depression.

  61. Lalita Surana says:

    I am 70 Years old and feeling acute pain in right shoulder in night,Suddenly a get put from fast sleep and feel terrible pain in both hands but in right arm much more. I apply VOLONI and start doing some FROZEN Shoulder Exercises continuously than only I get little relief to sleep again. Can you suggest me some HOMEO PATHEtIC medicine. During day time pain is less.

  62. Dear Sir
    I am Nadeem ,60 yrs age,from Islamabad Pakistan. Three months ago I lifted a marble slab and from next day I developed problem in my right shoulder that I can not lift it above 90 degrees angle as it starts pain The Xray results reveal the following
    1.Right shoulder acromio humeral space is reduced
    2 Right shoulder sclerosis of greater tuberosity
    3 Right shoulder rotator cuff syndrome
    Can u please suggest some homeopathic drops. Right now I am using pain killers and anti inflamatory alleopathic medicines

  63. prankrishna misra says:

    I am shuffering both hand(frozen shoulder) pain for a 5 month long. both shoulder are not move clockwise andnd anticlockwise.
    plz sujest apppropriate medicicine. i amm 42 years

  64. Dr Shashi says:

    I am 56 yrs old female with 60 kg weight.
    I am a n allopathic doctor and having left shoulder dystocia.
    Pain is not much but there is more movement restriction,
    I think it started with an exercise injury 6 months ago.
    Physiotherapy relef is very slow. Please advice.

  65. Ayesha rauf says:

    I have pain in my shoulder.when I wash clothes it increase.I have 3 month old baby boy w operation.I have 3 , age is 41.shoulder bone ball pain when I lift arm up.Please recommend medicine.

  66. Ritu slaria says:

    Hello Dr.sharma,I have homeopathy med for my frozen shoulder
    Just want to know how much time it will take to heal and when my movement bill start
    ..Still it pains…About to finish one month of medicine

  67. Kabeer Ahmed T.H. says:

    Dr. I am suffering from past 4 years of frozen shoulder
    Please kindly give remidi.

  68. syed mehmood ul hussain says:

    dear doctor, iam suffering from frozen shoulder for one year,pl advise me some affectine medecines,thanks

  69. Please can you suggest a remedy for night leg cramps for my mother, she is 80. Thanks.

  70. shantha kumari says:

    hello sir,
    I am shantha kumari, 53 years old. I am suffering from frozen shoulder from 2 months. Before that i had pain in my left arm. I dont know the reason. Almost a year back I slipped n i got hit to the same arm. that time i didnt have much pain. slowly my movement was bit painful n bit ristricted. I went to allopatheic 3 months back n taken pscyotherapy for 10 days after that i got frozen. one year back i have taken thyroid medicine overdose with some confusion. But now it is normal. I am taking homeopathy treatment from 2 months. pain reduced swelling also reduced but frozen is still same not even one percent improved. 24/7 pain wl be there. It is very difficult to do my work like dressing myself n combing everything is problem. Is there any way i can getridoff this in a 15 days or month. In Aurvedic they are telling that it wl take 6 months to recover. pls.suggest me. thank u very much.

    • Vasanthi gowrishanker says:

      Last two to three months i am suffering from shoulders and elbow pain severely. I am a diabetic patient. Please suggest me a medicine for reliving the pain. I am very great ful to you doctor.

      Yours faithfully,

  71. Ronald Paul says:

    Hi My name is Ronald and i have been suffering from tennis elbow and frozen shoulderleft arm for an year i am 45 years old had my shoulder blade fracture 10 years back. i am a left hander , my shoulder problem aggrivated more after me suffering from chickengunia. i was recommended to take apo-RHEUM by one of my friend . is it the right medicine ? if not please suggest

  72. RAJAN SHARMA says:

    i am suffering from frozen shoulder. pain travels from shoulder ( LEFT ) to arm and sometimes to

    pain remains for 24 hours but not severe.

    kindly suggest what should i do

  73. Hello Dr. Sharma ,
    I am Utpal Dey. I am suffering form Frozen shoulder since last 5 months. Have taken lot of allopathic medicines and oflet into ayurvedic medicines . Of let the pain has subsided after stopping allopatheic medicnes . Ayur vedic medicines has helped in getting back the strength to an extent. however the movement of the shoulder is very restricted. i cant lift the hand above 70 dedgrees. How this happened i dont know but the MRI reports says there is problem with the tendon aswell. Is there any way i can regain by lost movement of the shoulder.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Sir, I can suggest u a best Dr. This suffingness if u wants then send me ur WhatsApp no-9871718065,,

  74. Shaikh Samadani says:

    Sir, I am Samdani , i want to consult with you about the frozen shoulder of my father who is 52 years old.He suffer from severe pain on his right shoulder and right arm, he is enable to move his right hand towards his back and feels pain when lyingdown on the right side, the x-ray report reveals that it is survical spondilites with frozen shoulder,sir kindly prescribe which homeopathy medicine according to symtoms.He fasting blood sugar is 110. Plz reply

  75. V.Hymavathy says:

    Namaste str.I am Hymavathy ,54 yes supervisor in Lic.I am suffering from shoulder and back(middle) pain since one year.It is less somewhat when I am on leave.I am a diabetic.Please help me sir.

  76. Hi Dr.! I fell on the ice and broke my shoulder and my arm and was in a sling for six weeks with no movement. I now have frozen shoulder (now 3mos later). I have regained much mobility, but still cannot lift my arm straight up over my head or behind my back, my shoulder ball catches in upward and backward motions. I have pain throughout the night and I’m sore all day long probably because I’m doing shoulder exercises all day long. Any suggestions? Thank you so very much!

  77. hi
    dr.i m suffering from frozen shoulder all day i feel little pain but when i wana sleep shoulder so hard and feel pain what i do?

    • Sir, I can suggest u a best Dr. About this desease if u whants and me ur whatapp no-9871718065,,,

  78. I am having pain in shoulder .i am told that it is due to frozen shoulder.Pl. advise.

    • Hello dear, I can give u a best suggestion , if u wants then u just send ur WhatsApp no-9871718065,,

  79. Anil pandey says:

    My left hand shoulder very pain last two month
    Handpain go back and come finger please suggest medicine

  80. Hi, good evening. My name is Naiya. I have recently diagnose with frozen shoulder about four week ago. On ultrasound today the doctor told me that I have bursitis and tear in my shoulders joint. I have been given cortisone today but there is possibility that I need surgery. I know that hemeopathic medicine are great to treat many surgical conditions. It was started to sever dragging pain and stiffness. I still have pain and stiffness specially in the morning. I found difficult to fully raised my arm and do out words moment. I have a history of diabetes in my family. If you please prescribe me drops( liquid) to heal this injury as I am having physio too. When can I buy liquid form of medicine on line as I live in UK. Thankyou

  81. Dr, Sharma, kindly suggest medicines for frozen shoulder more pain in the right shoulder.

  82. Can you please help me with remedy to get rid of the frozen shoulder problems

  83. I had a frozen left shoulder but its now more than a year that it has been fixed and movement has been restored. But there is constant pain and sometimes it feels like the shoulder is weak. Is there any exercises or homeopathic medicines one can take to fix the issue ?

    • Jayshree soman says:

      Hi, i am mrs soman ,
      Having pain in my right shoulder from jan 2017, i have started physiotherapy and IFT for the same,but still there is lots of pain while taking my hand back, i can move hand, but it is very painful while taking back,
      Plz, suggest me homeopathic medicine for the same,
      Thanks and Regards
      Mrs soman

  84. Both shoulder frozen,pain. Diabetic……please suggest me the best homeopathic remedy.thanks

  85. Renu kaushik says:

    Left shoulder frozen. for 3-4 started.stiffness n pain.

  86. kusum rastogi says:

    Sir, having problem in rasing shoulder upwards, at nights, suffering from this frozen shoulder since five months, having diabetez and thyroid issues, age 50

  87. Randee singh says:

    Sir I have pain in my right shoulder within 2 months. And l have problem in moving and lifting shoulder.which medicine I can use.please tell me .thanks.

    • Bharti Sethi says:

      Hello Dr. Sahib, Namaskar.
      My name is Bharti Sethi and I am 50 Years old having diabetic and BP problem. I have frozen shoulder problem for about 3 months in right shoulder. I have severe pain and torn sensation in between forearm to shoulder. I have also severe pain in neck ares due to cervical. Due to pain I can not sleep overnight. Pain increases when I do some exercise. I am taking physiotherapy for about one and a half month. Dr. Saab please help me in getting rid of this painful life which is worsening day by day.


  88. magata pathi says:

    good morning sir. my problem is shoulder pain. both the shoulders have pain bu;t; the right shoulder is more than the left. I cannot rise the right arm due to little bit pain while rising horizontally. The pain is bruised,squeezed, tearing,sensation of broken. I could do my daily works with out any problem sir. The pain in both the shoulder is more severe when i woke up early in the morning time. After doing some work, the pain subsidies. I am a hot patient because i could not tolerate any hot drink/food, even i could not drink tea hotly. I have also indisation problem.
    sour vomiting in the evening after taking tea. my age is 60 years. Feel better while hot bathing particularly for shoulder pain. feels better while doing exercise or walking. I did not taken any allopathy medicine. I love homeopathy.
    could suggest homeo medicine and the usage, so that i can get rid of my shoulder pain sir.
    I shall be thankful to you sir.

  89. shahid ahmad says:

    Pain at the movement of left shoulder from last two month now pain increased day by day

  90. My 28 year brother had dengue 2 months before , which treated within 5 days . Soon after his muscle stiff in right shoulder so that he cant move the arm above the shoulder and cant lift it backward even. After that he also affected with meningitisi, which is also cure now. But for shoulder we started physiotherapy. But this brings pain the shoulder , back and pain running towards chest tissue. Please suggest

  91. Mukesh Pathak says:

    Sir,I m suffering from pain in left shoulder& can not move fully movement in round& can not straight up on head,I feel that my shoulder is frozen,& when I tired after driving then left shoulder having pain,pl.advice me to take any homeopathic medicine,I m taking AT- TAB( SBL)& SPOND – X( CMS), but little relief only pain,but shoulder can not turn, & straight upon head,pl.advice me.Thanks

  92. Bernadette Makada says:

    My injury started back in August. I have tried rhus tox and ruta and neither have worked. I decided to have a steroid injection but I still have a lot of pain. Do you have any other remedies that I can try?

  93. Rabin Banerjee says:

    my wife aging 52 is suffering from type 2 diabetes whose Fasting and PP blood sugar count is below 200 mg/dL is suffering from frozen shoulder in right shoulder. Please let me know the homoepathy medicine for her along with dozes. She is using alopathic drugs for treating blood sugar

  94. Phani Kumar keerthi says:

    I have severe pain in left shoulder when movinground I m not able to keep it backwhen I move the hand suddenly for some purpose then pain enhances like burning

  95. Dear Dr.Ji,
    I am suffering from frozen shoulders in my right hand from the last 4 month My age is 66 years.
    please suggest me how get rid of this problem. 24 hrs pain is very bad.
    Thanks and regard,

    • Mohd. zaheeruddin says:

      I am suffering from frozen shoulders in my right hand from the last 4 month My age is 64 years.
      please suggest me how get rid of this problem. 24 hrs pain is very bad. Night time is more.
      Thanks and regard,

  96. Vipin gohel says:

    I am diabetes patients,my Right shoulder pain while rest out whene every arm movement,but after some exercise pain reduce but agan after rest off as it is pain.

    • prof.R S Gupta says:

      I am 55years old and diabetes patients,I have pain in my Right shoulder from last 3 months while moving,sudden lefting.I am doing some excrcise and taling the advice of phisiotharaphist.Please advice me Homeo medicines.

      • Dr.Sharma,
        My wife is parkinsonism patient for the last night e years. She had under gone DBS surgery last year. After surgery she has developed frozen shoulder. She is unable to move her right arm. She has unbearable pain. Taking physiotherapy for the last one month . But pain and stuffiness is increasing day by day. Will u please suggest medicine for her.

  97. Shahed Nawab says:

    Dear Sir
    I have been suffering from Shoulder pain(Right) for than 3 months , it pains when I want to move my Right Arm .Right now I am doing Excercises suggested by a physiotheapist,but still no improvement.
    Please suggest some remedies and homeopathy medicine for me which can reduce my pain and I can overcome ASAP

  98. Meenu Mishra says:

    Dear sir,

    My mother,age 45, is suffering from frozen shoulder in left hand past one month,medications are going on Ayurvedic and injections too but as if now no improvement have seen…doctors are saying it will take at least 6-8 months…kindly suggest some remedies which can improve or reduce the pain .

  99. srikanta kar says:

    Dear Sir , I am a Hahnemann devotee & my Daughter is a BHMS doctor Posted in NHM. I don’t understand, why we don’t introduce The 600 & 1000 Potency in India?? Would you like to please do something in this regard.

  100. Ravindra Kumar says:

    Dear Sir, main do saal se spinal cord ki injury se dono kandhon ke bich me pain se bahut pareshaan hun. maybe meri spinal root C3 to se C6 tak me dab rahi hai. jiski wajah se mere right hand kapta rahta hai, saving karne me, eating karne me, tea pite time, bike ka right side accelator khichte time, likhte time, loaded saman uthate time ya to hath kapne lagta hai, ya right hand me bahut pain hota hai kandhe se, sare checkup reports kara chuka hun, doctor back spinal cord opertion ko bolten hain, bataen kya karun.

  101. I am diabatic patient since 10 yrs.Last two months i am suffering from frozen shoulder and cervical spondilysis right side. Please advise medicine and dose.

  102. Got the digital x ray done on shoulder with no report of fracture or cavity closer. Still there is acute pain in left shoulder 24×7 leading to arm. Ver mild pain was there for last 10 years but after my POBA heart procedure in march16…developed this pain in may or june. Age48. Regular intake prescribed ofMedicine storvas 40mgcauses muscle pain. How do i get rid of pain naturally or thru homeopath. I m diabetic too

  103. Respected Sir
    I am a diabetic for last 10 yrs. Recently I developed severe pain in my right shoulder as I had carried so many books of the children of my school. I am suffering this problem for last 5 months. Please tell me how to cure it. I shall be highly to you.

  104. Mehreen asad says:

    I had a humerus fracture 6 months bk,had the plate removed a month ago since it was obstructing the movement,now my shoulder feels v heavy and stiff ,physio going on also,any remedy for this?

  105. My shoulder pains when I try to raise my arm. Raising a cup of tea, or raising arm to wrap my turban, etc.
    Ruta did not work. What else can I use? Will Rhus Tox help?

  106. Ram Naresh Singh says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder but now it is normal by any means but my wrist is frozen. I can’t bind fist. Taking Rhustox 200 from one month twice daily. But it not becomes normal. I took Rhustox CM Power in a week also. I am deciding in Ranchi. No Rust G is available in any shop. Please advice me what you suggest.

    • om babu prasad says:

      can any one suggest good doctor for frozen shoulder who got cured.I am suffering from left frozen shoulder for the last two months. Took lot of homeo medicines but only got tempotary relief. Pain is severe at night.Please help.Mob 9830358801

  107. Gauri Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from left frozen shoulder for last one year. I have pinching pain in my shoulder. Pl. Suggest me most suitable medicine.

    • Respected Sir
      I am a diabetic for last 2 yrs. For last 3 to 4 months I am suffering for FROZEN SHOULDER on my left shoulder and having severe pain. As I was gong through the Homeopathic treatment of the same problem , I have come across two medicines -Ferrum metallicum and Rhus Tox. Please advice me how to take this medicines and doze…Thanking you.

  108. right side frozen shoulder for the past two months.can not move up and and crossing of hands. pain and stiffness.

  109. Harsew Singh Saini says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,
    I am 70 years old 100% paraplegic . I get sleep only on sides . I normally sleep on painful side i.e right side . I have more pain in the early morning , unable to turn arm . Pain is less in the daytime . I am unable to throw even a small thing , specially throwing backside . Pain in deltoid muscle , trembling of finger and grip is poor . I have to do all work ( full load) with right hand only as left hand have no grip because of paraparesis . I have taken SANGU.-30 , but no relief .

  110. Mrs Sharma says:

    I had a fall and injured tail bone and right elbow.due to this had to sleep continuously on right side for 8 o am suffering frojen shouldet problem.inspite of 3 months physiothrapy pain is same though range of movement little better. SHOULD i go for MRI.How much time it will take to completly cure.

  111. Shampa Pal says:

    I am having a frozen shoulder on my left hand due to which the mobility of my hand is almost gone. Acute pain which only increases after taking rest. The pain is persisting on my arms and forearms. Which medicines should I take?
    Please help.

  112. NaseemBano says:

    Pain in shoulder & forearm & arm ifeel heavy in arm
    muvement when i sleep too much stiffness in shoulder

    • Rajemdder Bhattiprolu says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      My wife and I are suffering from frozen right hand. We both are diabetic but under control. My age is 50 and my wife is 42 years. Both are suffering from severe right hand pain and are unable to lift not more than above shoulder. We do’t even have sleep due to hand pain.

      Request you to kindly suggest a medicine which can give us immediate and permanent relief. Looking forward to receive your advice along with name of homoeo medicine that we can start using immediately. Please help us sir ASAP.


  113. Sukhendu Biswas says:

    Respected dr. Sharma,
    I have been suffering from Left hand frozen shoulder with left hand mussel pain, please suggest medicines.

  114. Ravindra Kumar Singh says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    I have been suffering from right shoulder pain 6 month, my right hand not fully move back upper portion, Dr. checked, told me its Frozen shoulder, and advise me Ultrasound therepy, physiotherepy exercise. Pls. suggest me medicine.
    Your faithfully
    Ravindra Kumar Singh

  115. Shamkant V Nangare says:

    From last 3-4 months lot of pain in my right hand shoulder. I have a sugar fasting 130 & PP 180.
    Difficult in moving shoulder. Paining in night more hence sleep not well.
    Suffering from frozen shoulder and having pain various hand advice

    • Dear sir,

      Good Morning have a nice day, last one year i suffered a lot b’ze of frozen shoulder , i take medicines and i did manupulation also and then i went physio, but not work still i am suffer my left hand getting paid and stiffness, last i went one physio he told your shoulder is not having stengthing thats why still you are suffer. please help sir what medicine in homeopathy i will i want to take care of my childeren thats why i conpusery i want to go work. kindly help me sir. you send your reply my maid id

      Thanks With Regards,

  116. I am suffering from frozen shoulder and having pain various hand movements. I had taken some medicine prescribed by allopathy doctor but it has not improved. Kindly advise me ehat medicine to take.

  117. KARUPPAIYAH says:

    I am 63 years old. I am suffering from right hand shoulder joint problem from 2011. I consulted ortho surgeon.He told me that the problem is due to diabetic. He gave me an injection in the shoulder. I got some relief upto 70%. Now again I have the same problem. I consulted the same ortho surgeon. He gave me again the injection in the shoulder and advised for physiotheraphy. I went for physiotheraphy for one week. But not much relief. I am unable to do any work by my right hand. My close friend suggested for Homiopathy. Kindly help me.

  118. Ashutosh Mandal says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from left shoulder pain since last one and half years.I’m diabetic also. Fasting suger 112, pp 164. Medicine continuous for suger, volitri.3mm, Zita met plus 20/500. Atorva10. physiotherapy continue, but my left hand from down to upper feeling too much pain in arm and shoulder, what homeopathic medicine I should use

  119. Bharat Bhushan Singh says:

    earlier I have my part knee. Dr. Digonas osteoporosis. I m dibtic I m suffering my lady solder pain. what to
    advice me.

  120. Dipak Mondal says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from right shoulder pain since last two month. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine for frozen shoulder.

  121. Purushottam Singh says:

    Sir, I have been suffering by shoulders pain since last three month, hive taken Ayurvedic medicine but not feeling relief . Kindly suggest homeopathic medicine .

  122. anil CHOUDHARY says:

    Sir, my wife suffering from frozen shoulder in right hand with unbearable pain,since last four months,pl.sugest homeopathic medicine.

  123. Pranab Kumar Saha says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma, with due respect I say that one of the symptom match my condition but medicine you have prescribed is not having any potency. Please let me know the potency of Ferrum Metallicum and oblidge there by.
    Pranab Kumar Saha

  124. Debashish Chakrabarty says:

    When I upper my left hand or lying down my left hand from upper feeling too much pain in arm and shoulder, what homeopathic medicine I should use

  125. Had rotator cuff surgery in March followed immediately with a frozen shoulder. Three months of physical therapy and pain meds with little relief. Started taking Arnica which helps. Not sure of the dose I should take and for how long. Or is there something better ?

  126. Sanjay Bhawnani says:

    Namaskar Sir,
    while doing inclined benchpress exercise, Due to disbalance of table , I met with an accident and got shoulder injury( tendon injury) with arm in right shoulder , right neck and right upper arm.

    Main pain when I raise arm above the shoulder in each direction, and in upper arm above elbow.I can’t touch right palm on left shoulder


  127. R.L. Bairwa says:

    Dear sir

    I have back pain from three years and recently from 2 months frozen shoulder problem also.

    Kindly advise a suitable homeopathic treatment. My age is 59 years and working on computer.


    • Sir
      I am 52 years of old and diabete patient since 19 years and using insulin 10 years. Now I have Frozen shoulders in right side hand since September 2015. It is in acute condition. So pls advice the right solution. Pls help me and also name of medicine and its dose.

  128. ANIL GANGAL says:

    I had been suffering from right frozen shoulder for last two years. After two years at last, it has now come to normalcy. But now, left shoulder has started aching severely on account of the aforesaid problem. Will it be advisable to use Rhustox and Ferrum Met. to treat it ?

  129. Salam doctor
    My mother is suffering from this disease badly
    Kindly help me.she cannot move their arms and every time cry.please help me
    Her age is 52 and she is diabetes patient use insulin
    Please help me as soon as posible
    Recommend dose also

  130. Nagesh mehta says:

    Sir, I am diabetic since last 20 yrs (conrolled)with insulin & mild hypertension,hyperthyroid) suffering from lt.side frozen shoulder.Taken physiotherapy.but not cured.only pain reduced.please surest the medicine.Thanks Nagesh mehta

    • Lily Dasgupta says:


      I am suffering from frozen shoulder at my right shoulder for last one month. I was a patient of rheomatic arthritis at the age of four. I took pencilin injection till the age of 21 years. Presently my age is 46 years. My pain travels along the arm and also feel great stiffness when get up in the morning. Due to this my day to day activities restricted. I am housewife. Please suggest homeopathy medicine so that I may get relief.


  132. R K Bhasin says:


    My age is 67 and I am experiencing stiffness in my left shoulder. I have had 10 sittings of physiotherapy but without any relief. Shall be grateful for your expert advise for homeopathic remedies. Regards, R K Bhasin

  133. Pawan Talwar says:

    I am a diabetic patient 63 years old taking medicines and insulin .
    Now I have developed frozen shoulder in my left hand.
    I feel great pain when I sleep on left side and in morning it is stiff and lot of pain.The pain travels from shoulder to my arm and its movement has lot of pain.I took physiotherapy for few days with excersise but pain incrased.
    Kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine.

  134. Mr. Paul says:

    Sir, I am (aged 50+ ) suffering from acute pain and stiffness in my left frozen shoulder since 6 months after mild brain stroke. I am unable to move my hand easily due to pain and stiffness/pain in frozen shoulder. Blood pressure normal, sugar Nil and rest of others report is also normal. Sir, Please give me advice by a name of suitable homeopathy medicine, which helps me to cure the said disease fully, if possible, Sir.
    Thanking you, Sir.

  135. inamul haq says:

    dear Dr.i have severe shoulder pain which is very pain full when i change shirt .i am diabetic and use insulin please give me advice

    • Pramod Kumar Sethi says:

      Sir, I have severe shoulder pain from last six months. I am doing some exercises from last one month. The movement of my right shoulder is now somewhat easy and pain is reduced to the extent of 40%. I am diabetic and taking medicines daily from last three months. Please give me advice to get relief from frozen shoulder .

  136. Parvathi says:

    I am embarrassed to say, I took my son’s karati class and did many push-ups. Ater a few days little by little I started feeling pain on my upper right arm. I can not sleep on my right sidebecause of it, I have a hard time getting dressed because I can not raise my arm and I tried playing volley ball, when I hit the ball, I fell on my knees with the pain. I even have a haed time driving. Would Rhis tox help? Its been like this since March.

  137. raj Panchal says:

    Mere dono soldier me pain hota hai koi elaaj bataa

  138. Ashit Banerjee says:

    Right hand pain,right shoulder very very pain no move ment backside inthe right hand this problem allready 8th month ago , Dr.please advise me

  139. Vijay Kumar Mishra says:

    शर्मा जी मेरे कंधे के जोड़ में लगभग 10 महीने से हमेशा दर्द रहता है हाथ घुमाने पर दर्द होता है व अम्ल व गैस भी काफी बनती है, पेट में भारीपन लगता है। कृपया उपचार बताये।

  140. KIRAN SAHNI says:

    respected sharmaji, I am having severe pain in my rt shoulder which goes upto my fingers also to front and back of my shoulder . swelling is also there in my arm . i am not able to move my arm up and down and backwards . ihave tried allopathic, accupressure treatment but my problem increased . can y please suggest me medicine for my problem

  141. mohd hanif khan says:

    I have problem from last six months and tried many doctors . Physiotherapy is very pain full so i leave this after 5 days. My shoulder right is doing 50 % only . I couldn’t do my back side push and any part of my back side . So please help me and advice me .is homeopathic treatments will give me better result.

  142. RAJESH ARORA says:

    My self Rajesh Arora
    suffering by Ankylosing spondylitis
    Can you suggest homeopathy medicine for that ??

  143. Radha krishna murthy says:

    I hve pain in rt shoulder for any movement pain increases .Kindly prescribe medicin. Tq.


    dr, my name is partha pratim chakraborty, and i am 28 years of age, i am a regular fitness keepar. doing jogging, runing, skating, skiping, playing cricket. but certainly from past one year i am having a pathetic pain on my right shoulder joint whenever i tried to do something or moving my hand up or back.
    what should i do sir ?

  145. Sunil jadhav says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I met with an accident with fractured shoulder and after 2 months of healing I am not able to raise my hand and feeling pain in the joint. Is there any specific treatment in homeopathy for my problem. My age is 33

  146. subahsh jaim says:

    age -56
    occupation- prvt teacher
    right कंधे me pain hota hai 6 month se no niche hath me aata hai some doctor sad that the jhilli chipak gai hai aur homeopathic doctor kahte hai ki नसे sukh gai है

  147. ShahidAhmed says:

    frozen shoulder pain from last one me please homeopathic medicine thx

  148. Shyamol Dutta says:

    Respected Sir,
    I’m a retired person; my age is 62 years. Recently I got ‘Frozen shoulder’ on the right side. This might be because of carrying weights with the right hand while I got slight pain on the right arm due to sprain. It grew gradually during the last 2 months or more. I ignored it for a long time. I started physiotherapy just 2 weeks back, but improvement is slow. Movements of my right arm has improved, but pain is not reducing.

    I feel, as if some internal tissues have been torn/damaged which produces sharp and acute pains constantly. I don’t feel my arm as weak or paralytic, but movement on the backside and upwards causes a great pain. I feel so much pain on the shoulder when I put on a T-shirt, that I have to use chest-open shirts.

    Moreover, when I sleep, I feel great pain on the right shoulder and the sleep is disturbed. When I wake up in the morning, there is an immense pain which reduces after hot compress, massage and physiotherapy. Movement makes me feel better.

    Kindly prescribe Homeopathic medicines indicating the power & dosage.

    With warm regards,
    Yours sincerely,

    Shyamol Dutta.

  149. pain /stiffness left arm some times in leg also

  150. Pranab Kumar Saha says:

    My age is 63 years. I am having frozen shoulder in the left arm. Feel severe pain to move my hand back ward and upward . Uncomfortable during sleep. Please suggest homeo medicine for the same.
    Thank you,
    Pranab Kumar Saha

  151. Colin Ball says:

    my daughter age 53 has frozen shoulder with rib pain and restricted arm movement

  152. Prashant Kumar says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    As diagnosed by a family doctor I have frozen shoulder on the left side for the last one month. I have been suggested various alopathic medicines alongwith massaging oil but the relief is temporary only. Kindly suggest me exact homeopathic medicine with doses to get rid of this problem. I am 48 years old and a teacher of English in Sr. Secondary. Looking forward for your kind help.
    Thanking You,
    With deep regards,

  153. I am suffering from acute shoulders pain since long time, but i wasn’t taking any pain killers. Recently i had a small surgery on my back even though i am a diabetic patient and on the medicines of zoryl-2 and Ziten-m for the last two months. My blood sugar range is 170 – 253. I am also undertreatment of Homeocare International for the last 3 months. Every time i go there i explain about my acute shoulders pain and how much i am suffering during day and night but i think the doctor is not taking it seriously. He gives two types of medicines for diabetics and pains but no use of them. Neither the glucose level comes down nor the pains go off. I am applying Babaramdeo’s Peedaanthak oil and alsoViolen spray for the shoulders pain but they are also not useful. I cannot sleep whole night and day also same if i sit long time but walking time there won’t be that much of pain. Believing Homeocare International’s assurance l paid for the course of 3 years but i feel now it is waste of money. I don’t say Homeopathy medicines are not worth. I have been under treatment of Dr. Sinha, a famous doctor of kanpur for Homeopathy medicines. In 1971 i was in Bombay and contacted him through letter, he sent medicines and i taken them according his instructions. This is about 45 years back. So that is the Homeopathy. Now i am 65 years old. I request you to give me some suggestons to over come on these pains.

    G V Reddy

  154. Baleshwar Prasad Singh says:

    From last 4 month I am suffering from left shoulder
    frozen problem .No easy movement in left shoulder nd excess pain feeling .

  155. vandana sharma says:

    mera left shoulder bahut kam upper uthta ha , shoulder ko side me sidha or upwards nhi le ja paati hu
    full body par swelling rahti hai or niche jameen par nhi baith pati hu . weight kafi jyada hai , about 95 kgs.
    poore sharir me dard rahta hai . sapne bahut jyada aur gande ya darawane aate hai , mujhe koi treatment bataye . kareeb 2 saal ho gaye , bahut ilaaj kar chuki hu

  156. Am suffering from the frozen shoulder from last 6 weeks.
    My age 44 but physical fit so looks like 34.
    Weight 70 kg
    Height 5.8
    Kindly advised me the dose

  157. My mother has a frozen shoulder and she is 69 years ild..she has undergone Phisyo therapy for quite some time and there is pain in the shoulder joint and sleep is getting disturbed. The movement of hand on the back is painful.please suggest a medicine .

  158. My mother has a frozen shoulder and she is 69 years pld..she has undergone Phisyo therapy for quite some time and there is pain in the shoulder joint and sleep is getting disturbed. The movement of hand on the back is painful.please suggest a medicine .

  159. jonnadula satyanarayana says:

    i am sugar patient from last 9 years ,from last 5 years i am suffering shoulder pain the pain is shifting right to left please sugesition homeo medicine

  160. What is the potency of Ferrum Met. to be given in case of frozen shoulder

    • SAMITA DAS says:

      Respected Sir
      With due respect I am to inform you that I am affected by Vitamin D deficiency and arthritis with swelling in both wrist. It was also accompanied with right shoulder pain. During last 10 year. I am feeling both knee joint pain and very pain & night morning stiffness in right shoulder .Unable to move hand forward and also unable to lift right hand .PLEASE RECOMMEND ME RIGHT MEDICINE WITH POTENCY. I am 40 years old house wife having 2 children. The eldest girl aged 22.Also kindly let me know what is the potential on Ferrum Metallicum for me. Thank you very much.

    • Prabhakar says:

      I am diabetic under medication for three years aged 54 years recently been affected with peri arthritis at both the shoulder mobility of the shoulder affected to an extent now undergoing physio treatment kindly evaluate my case and revert with your treatment protocol

  161. I has frozen shoulder and I had under gone Physio therapy for quite some time . There is lot of improvement . But there is pain in the shoulder joint and sleep is getting disturbed. The movement of hand on the back is painful. I request you to suggest me a suitable medicine . I can not bear heat , and I bathe always with hot water , I am an introvert. Take food limited. Less talkative. A bit of inferiority some where inside .please suggest a medicine .

    • J.S. Jagirdar says:

      Dear Sir,
      I am 55 years old and is suffering from frozen right shoulder since since 2 years. I have tried Ayurvedic massages, steroid injections, occupuncture and physio therapy but in vain. Could you please suggest me homeopathy medicine and help me
      Cured of this?

    • hiroramnani says:

      Pain and stiffness in left shoulder. It is frozen shoulder onleftside. Pls. Advisehomp. Medicine

  162. Dear sir
    I being aplogiest to u i am suffering for both arm back side joient pain like fozensolder last 5months….i use rastox and symphytom both ar 1m but not to quire it at present. Its to much pain in last night…when i work in phycial exacies it’s reduce some time but not to quire it…at what the way to quire it.

    If u suggest german homeopathy its to much help ful to me….my age is 29.please requiest u save my life.

  163. Raja mehta says:

    I am a male age 48 i am having frozen shoulder in left arm, external rotation is severely restricted general stiffness at end of the motion in all other directions pain only when try to force movement of arm please suggest remedies with potency and frequency

  164. Nagendranath Das says:

    I am suffering from pain in my right hand muscle ( the place where generally injection is given. I am taking medicine for type 2 diabetic for two years. Please suggest medicine to be used for the problem and how to be taken the medicine

  165. since from last 30 days i have got severe pain in my right shoulder .slight pain around neck & back.I can not lift my hand.I have got full faith in homeo treatment.kindly adwise the medicine & how to use it.

  166. sanjeeb kr baruah says:

    1. pain and stiffness in the shoulders (left)
    2. difficulty in moving the arm and shoulder.
    3. The symptoms form a cyclic pattern with pain that curtails movement.
    4. The muscle tissues around the shoulder joint get stiff with pain .
    5. I unable to raise my arms, feel pain,weak and paralyzed.
    6. violent pain in the shoulder and muscles on both sides of the shoulder could exhibit violent pain that travels along the arm.

  167. For the last three months I have been suffering from left hand frozen shoulder especially I am unable to move my left shoulder and also left side neck pain please suggest best homeopathy medicine. Waiting for your reply

  168. Amarjeet singhcdr says:

    Medicie wife is suffering from Frozen Shoulder from the last two weeksPlease recommend the Homeopathy

  169. hello sir,

    From past 1 month father is suffering with left hand pain, the pain comes in such a way that it affects the left part of the brain also. at left part of the brain the pain becomes sever for 5mts when nerves are pressed at the hand immediately paint at left part of the brain will be cleared and it gets relax.

    when i meat doctors they said it is a neurology problem.

    kindly suggest the best medicine for this problem.

  170. hello dr.sharma i have left frozen shoulder since 6 months. ihad minor injury on my left shoulder. it hurts at night in upper arm biceps and joint. i cannot lift my arm all the way up and backward. i have taken ferrum met 30 . felt much better but it is not gone away. pls help what should i take next.

  171. M.AHALYA DEVI says:


  172. Hello Dr Sharma
    my mother who is 80 years old suffering from frozen shoulder . she is unable to stretch her hand and also unable to raise hand. she finds it very difficult to wear her clothes. In the night also she is unable to sleep properly due to pain. Can you pls quickly help with Remdy and proper doses for her


    • K.T.Mohan Rao says:

      Sir. My wife aged 70 is a diabetic for the past 10 years and taking Aurvedic medicine. For the past two months she is suffering from the frozen shoulder. Unable to raise her left hand to wear the blouse and do her routine works in the kitchen. The pain is killing her.Kindly help her in suggesting a wonderful homeopathy medicine to get rid of her pains Ramram.

  173. mohd naeem says:

    hi i m 28 years . i have a problem of frozen shoulder since year ago. ihave tried a lot of doctor treatment but not pain is not gong .so plaese help me to get the rid of this …

  174. My wifw 70 experiencing frozen left shoulder cannot raise arm since last two years.
    please suggest remedy.


  176. b.a.patrudu says:

    I have been suffering from left leg and hand numming and paining for last 2 years and taking Homeo medicine there is no relief. Plz any advice to me.

  177. banwarilalbose says:

    Dear Dr Sharma.I am amazed .It is a great post and would turn out to be a boon to sufferers. Indeed the post is incredibly clear without any ambiguity. And best wishes and kind regards.

  178. Lena Colletti says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I would like to hear from you I had an MRI done in my right shoulder as I have pain and spasum down my arm especially at night when I go to bed and it wakes me up in the middle of the night if I rub Voltarel on my arm it ease the pain for a while I went to see a apecialist and I had two cortison injections done which it was very painful it lasted three months , and now is back same as before .

    My wish is to get a good night sleep like I used to

    Now I have been to see a doctor that has prescribed homeopathic drops and I am told that it will take time but it will cure my problem is this tru can you please advive if I should have keyhole operation or do I carry on with the homeopathic drops and how long will it take to show some inprovements I have been taken this for two months now four drops four times day ,
    I hope you can help
    Look foward to hear from you
    May thanks
    Kind regard
    Mrs. Colletti

  179. I cannot lift my right hand above my shoulder.. I am having severe pain starting from shoulder to full arm length till my finger tips. Due to pain I could not sleep properly in the nights. Kindly help me prescribing homoeopathy medicines. My age is 63 and I am male. I am a diabetic patient but my blood sugar is under control.


    I am a diabetic patient and suffering from acute pain on my right shoulder from last 8 months and now the pain is spreading throughout the right arm joint and back side too. I had never taken any medicine for that , an application of cold water relives my pain a few . So if you please sujjest me any medicine to get relief from that pain I shal be greatful to you .

  181. subrata sikder says:

    How to cure from Frozen Shoulder ? Give me advise or physical exercise.

  182. amar kathuria says:

    sir Ihad asmall fall 9 months back. Since then Iam having pain in my inmy left shoulder.I feel better when i apply heat or any ointment .when at rest it gets is better day time but worst at night. No relief by physiotherpy &exercises. pl help. With regards.

  183. rajesh verma says:

    Sir I have frozen shoulder for last 3 months ..its getting worse now..movements are restricted and I have pain all through day and night. I am a diabetic for 4 years.

    pl help..


  184. I have problem in my left soulder, not abele to move my hand backward..i can move upward .if i try to move my hand backward then i felt pain in left soulder ..if homeopathy have medicine for this please suggest …i will be highly oblised ..

    Thanks & regards .

  185. Amit Ganguli says:

    I have pain at the upper portion of my right hand, not able to move my hand up words or back words.
    What medicine should I use and what is the power & dose to use.

    If I get an answer, it will be great and I shall be highly obliged.

    Thanks & regards,

  186. Can these items be purchased in the US?

  187. Dr.manoj kumar says:

    Sir,I m Dr.manoj kumar from homoeopathy 75 yr.old my father is suffering from shoulder pain both side in to one yr.pain raise at night.what is priscribing medicine.

  188. Amitava ghosh says:

    Las 2month i have problem in my left solder mild pain and perfactly movement

  189. Dr. Saab,

    I m a 60 yrs plus male, retired Govt. employee with no chronic illness.

    I met with a scooter accident somewhere in 2004, wherein I received injury on my left shoulder and broke 2 ribs. Cured after treatment & rest.

    1st time I suffered Froz. Shoulder in 2008- cured after treatment & Physiotherapy.

    It hs been about 7/8 months now, this( Froz. Shoulder ) has repeated. I tried Alopathy/physiotherapy, tried R46 of Dr. Reckweg and now taking Rus Tox + Arnica for about 20 days. I feel no relief. Kindly advise.

    Thnx & Regards


  190. Nilima Lal says:

    From last 4 months I have been suffering from shoulder joint pain i.e. Frozen Shoulder. I get more pain during night. The migration of pain is so high that I can’t bear and start to cry. Sometimes I get pain in arm and wrist. I remain in contact of doctors but couldn’t found any relief.
    Please guide me if any homeopathy medicine is for this disease and what should be its dose. My age is 43 years. I am not diabetic. Thyroid secretion and uric acid level are under control.

    Thanks and regards,
    Nilima Lal

  191. I am suffering from frozen shoulder of the right arm. The pain starts at the shoulder and travels to my elbow and down to my hand. If I use the computer mouse too much it aggravates the arm. Which one of the homeopathic remedies would you suggest?

    Thank you.

  192. Nilanjan Dey says:

    I’m 60yrs old young sales engineer who tours 20 days a month. I’m diabetic for last eight years after kidney stone key hole operation. Suddenly grown frozen shoulder ( specifically left ) two months back & suffering severe pain ( blunt sword enters the shoulder) , no sleep & unable to be active to profession.
    I take medicine for diabetic, heart, high BP, thyroid.

    Please suggest homeopathic medicine for my frozen shoulder.

  193. euna mendes says:

    I have a left frozen shoulder for a month and have tried allopathy but to no avail. The pain is the same and has not improved – it is severe when I wake up but gets lesser during the day.

    I would like to try homeopathy. Can you recommend something for me.

  194. SYED MOHD ARIF says:

    Dear Doctor

    Kindly advise homeo remides for pain of right as well some times left also.


    Syed MOHD aRIF

  195. RK Tripathi says:

    I have frozen shoulder since last five months. The pain persists through out the day, 24X7. Then pain has its center at a point where the hand starts, that is just after the shoulder joint and it radiates to fore arm. The pain is unbearable and it aggravates when I lie down for taking rest or sleep. I have been taking physiotherapy for some time3 time , but of no avail. Now I have started homeopathic treatment, but I don’t know the medicine prescribed by the doctor.


    Dr Sharma
    I have been frozen sholder last six months, I am taking Rhus Tox 200 daily morning
    & doing exercise daily ,Result not satisfactory seeking your kind advice

    With Best Regards
    Milan Chakraborty

  197. dilip sharma says:

    i m diebetic. since last 6 months i have frozen shoulder in right shoulder. i m taking heat therapy, doing physiotherapy and taking ultrasonotherapy,
    flexebility increased but strength and pain is stil there. in back side mobility is resticted and pain ful.
    please suggest what to take

  198. I broke my humerus and was doing everything the Dr and PT prescribed but I still developed frozen shoulder. I have a history of Graves disease that is now back to normal. I have read that both Sanguinaria canadensis and Ferrum metallicum would be good to use. Would it be okay to try both at the same time or no? My pain is much worse when sleeping but a dull ache all day long with occasional shooting pain if I move a certain way. I cannot life my arm in front or to my right more than half way. I am a healthy active woman who is 50 and I eat a very healthy diet. I am 5’10” and about 143. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  199. I NEED THEHelpful homeopathic remedies for Frozen Shoulder

  200. Respected Sir,
    I’m suffering with this disease for a long time from February 2015. This Frozen Shoulder problems is in my left hand, through which I have following problems :-

    1. I can’t make my shoulder up straight as my Right hand,
    2. I’m unable to move this left hand to back of the body nor can twist it,
    3. I can’t hold some weight by this hand,
    4. I can’ sleep with a relax position, whole night I try to sleep,

    • I am having frozen shoulder. Left arm. I cannot move my hand back wards . uncomfortable during sleeping. Please suggest homeo medicine for the same. thank you

  201. Nilanjan Dey says:

    I have shoulder pain (left) since three months.I’m diabetic ,& have high BL, hyper thyroid, heart problem . I’m 60 years old. Done x-ray & ultrasonogrphyof shoulder. Orthopedic doctor told tissue tearing happened & have no medicine can cure fully. Now pain is too much & due to pain no sleep & suger level growing very high(HbA1C>^10)

    Please suggest appropriate homeopathic medicine for my pain relief.

    Nilanjan Dey

  202. ashok kr jain says:

    pain increases on lying at night so both shoulders are painful after lying on bed so it is difficult to sleep due to pain . i am taking rhus tox 30 for 2 months

  203. Rajesh Anand says:

    I am having frozen cold shoulder in left arm for 2 months. Kindly suggest.

  204. Margaret Zammit says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I would like to let you know that I have been suffering from frozen shoulder for these past two years, first I had the left arm and it healed now I have the right arm. I have been injected wit steroid injection and acupuncture therapy and it seems that nothing my right shoulder and I would like to inform you that I suffer from stenosis.

    I will be grateful if you can help me.

    Yours truly,

    Margaret Zammit

  205. SHAH AFZAL says:

    Dr sharma,

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder for two months. Kindly suggest the right medicine for this problem.

  206. Gregory McPeak says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I am a chiropractor w/ bad shoulders. A peer of mine told me about a patient he treats who told him about homeopathic injections that she used for arthritis in her knees. I am trying to find information about this treatment as I don’t want cortisone. He practices in New Jersey if that is helpful. I am currently stretching, using ice, Ultrasound and also Ruta Graveolens. Any help is greatly appreciated as I have to work on y patients which as you can imagine just exacerbates the problem.

    Dr. Gregory M. McPeak

  207. Sir,
    Iam suffering from frozen shoulder for last 8 months. Slight improvement noticed with physiotherapy although discontinued after 10 days. Took homeo. Please suggest a remedy.

  208. I am affected with sugar,,my right arms affected by frozen shoulders.pz tell me right medicine

  209. right hand frozen should since 2012 (04 years). used homeopathic and allopathic medicines but not fully cured. Still stiffness and movement problems exist along with weakness in right hand raising and writing. arum met, kali phos, causticum, gelsemeum, rhustox, medorrenium etc have been used. kindly give me appropriate advice.
    Best regards Khalil
    56 year age

  210. Sushila devi says:

    At first i have neck problem and one hand does not lift up

  211. My mom has suffered in frozen shoulder and in now in severe state of pain,especially at says that now it is not curable through medicines and injections,surgery is needed.iI want your advice

  212. R.C.KAPOOR says:

    my wife is suffering from frozen shoulder and straight neck bone problem since long i.e. 9 months.
    Due to this problem she has always pain in one hand and neck. I met so many doctors i.e. physiotherapist & ortho doctor but giving so many medicine and pain killer problem not solved. So you are requested to
    help me for the treatment of this problem.

  213. Raj Choudhary says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 60 years old and a diabetic patient.
    I am suffering from frozen shoulder for the last 2-3 months. I can not lift my right arm up straight, unable move my arm at my back, unable to comb and change cloths. Can not hold weight in y right hand. I am unable to sleep in relaxed position. I am taking Alopathic medicine for pain relief.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine.
    Thanks & regards.
    Raj Choudhary

  214. Girija jayaraman says:


  215. Sir,
    I have severe pain in right arm pit. The pain is also in the back side of upper arm and behind lower arm also. If I treat with cold I will get some relief. If I take rest also the problem is less. But when I start to type on computer ,the problem is sever. Which type of homeo medicines is useful in this regard?

  216. T C S reddy says:

    shoulder pain in both shoulders. I can not lift my right arm from horizontal position to vertical position. now i am using
    bio combination 19 and
    medorinum, tuja. pls suggest medicine

  217. magata pathi says:

    Hello Doctor Namasthe, I am sufferirng from shoulders(both) pain since one week. Both the shoulders arw severe pain like bruiseing ,tearing, dragging pains. due to this i could not concentrate on any work. I can not lift my right arm from horizontal position to vertical position. I have used pain relivers remedies Arnica, colchicum, sangunaria again arnica in 200 potency. But the pain is not relieved permanently. Could you suggest remedy to my health problem. thank you.

  218. Severe pain in left shoulder & left upper arm.Cannot raise left arm.Condition since 1 month.She has no diabetes & no obvious cause .Pain is more while trying to comb hair or change shirt.

  219. Respected sir,
    My father is 62 years old and has been complaining about severe pain in the right shoulder since 6 months. He has difficulty in changing his shirt. Pain is aggravated at night, during lifting anything heavy or when twisting clothes for drying. Pain is relieved for a very short time by analgesics.
    Several physicians diagnosed this condition as frozen shoulder and recommended physiotherapy and muscle relaxants.
    His condition has not improved.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine. Thank you.

  220. Treatment of frozen shoulder It is due to enjury

  221. Rafiya sultana says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder have pain in shoulder and forarm pls help me

  222. Frozen shoulder medicine in homeopathy

  223. Mintu Krishna says:

    Respected Sir,
    I’m suffering with this disease for a long time around 7-to-8 months. This Frozen Shoulder problems is in my left hand, through which I have following problems :-

    1. I can’t make my shoulder up straight as my Right hand,
    2. I’m unable to move this left hand to back of the body nor can twist it,
    3. I feel much low strength in this hand so that I can’t hold some weight by this hand,
    4. I can’ sleep with a relax position, whole night I try to sleep,

    Sir I’m taking following Homeopathy medicines as prescribed by the Doctor :-

    3. R-46 made by Dr. Reckeweg, co.,
    4. BRYANIA-1M,
    5. HYPERCIAN-1M (sorry it as written I can’t read clearly),
    6. ALFA-ALFA Tonic.

    Sir prescribed me the best medicine so that I get relief and be cure.
    Thanks a lot to you,

    Yours Truly,

    Ranchi, Jharkhand.

    • Bhagwan swaroop shrivastava says:

      Diabetic since1999 and heart patient CAD,under gone angioplasty after MI in 2005. Now left shoulder painfull on raising up and sidewise and putting on back.pain so tearing ,unbearable.diffcult to perform daily routine work like bathing etc.pls suggest suiatable homoeo remedy to get relief of the pain and can move the shoulder freely as before.

  224. Mintu Krishna says:

    Respected Sir,
    I’m suffering with this disease for a long time around 7-to-8 months. This Frozen Shoulder problems is in my left hand, through which I have following problems :-

    1. I can’t make my shoulder up straight as my Right hand,
    2. I’m unable to move this left hand to back of the body nor can twist it,
    3. I feel much low strength in this hand so that I can’t hold some weight by this hand,
    4. I can’ sleep with a relax position, whole night I try to sleep,

    Sir I’m taking following Homeopathy medicines as prescribed by the Doctor :-

    3. R-46 made by Dr. Reckeweg, co.
    4. BRYANIA-1M,
    5. HYPERCIAN-1M (sorry it as written I can’t read clearly),
    6. ALFA-ALFA Tonic.

    Sir prescribed me the best medicine so that I get relief and be cure.
    Thanks a lot to you,

    Yours Truly,

    Ranchi, Jharkhand.

  225. SUKHDEV LAL says:

    Flesh in shoulder has torn out.
    A small quantity of fluid from shoulder joint leaked n is resting in d armpit.A Small cyst has formed in d shoulder.
    It pains badly.
    I m taking Arnica Montana 4drops in 50 ml of water.
    2ndly I take Dr Bakshi’s Bakson 11 drops
    3rdly RHEUMA SAZ massage oil.
    Will it suffice SIR?kindly Guidim

  226. Dear doctor,
    Am premkumar from chennai, i have been suffering from frozen shoulder in the right arm for the past four months.i am not able to lift the arm.i feel pain if i stretch my arm and sometimes pain aggravates if if someone time by accident twisting r strechng.cant sleep right winter r aircondtioned it aggravates. Please suggest me 60 years old, diabetic, but i maintain blood sugar levels in HbA1C below 6.thanking you.

  227. M.Rafique Lodhi says:

    My left shoulder is frozen with severe pain in shoulder joint for the last six months.
    Please advise the treatment to get rid of the painful

  228. (Mrs.) Gul Khalid says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma Saheb,
    I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my right shoulder for the past 10 months. Took physiotherapy for 28 days …there was some relief from pain n improvements in movements too. But the effect lasts only for a week. Sometimes pain radiates to the forearm too.
    I am having pain in the shoulder joint and in the muscles upto the elbow.
    I suffered with the same 5 years back too…for that took physiotherapy for 15 days…but it does no cure,but surprisingly it cured by itself at that time.
    I can not stretch my arm at the back.
    I am still trying hard to do the exercises at home….and some for strengthening the muscles of my arm by 1 kg dumble .
    Please suggest some medicines which can cure my problem completely.
    I am 60 years old lady…suffering with diabetes and hypothyroidism….but both are under control with the alopathic medicines
    Your reply will help me a lot:-)
    Regards and have a good day.

  229. I’ve been diagnosed with frozen shoulder along with a small bone spur and very small tear. When I flinch my arm or quickly move it to the side, I am in severe pain when this happens . It feels as if something dislocates. Could this be the scar tissue surrounding the tendon? The pain is so unbearable, I feel like dropping to the floor… it takes my breath away. I’ve been going for physical therapy for 3 weeks and I faithfully do my exercises at home, including heat, ice, and a portable electrode machine daily. After PT, I usually feel better and more loose, but I’m still concerned about the one motion of my arm that when jerked quickly is excrutiating, feeling like a dislication. I’ve been told that the scar tissue is causing a locked feeling. I’m very concerned at this point. Please advise. Thank you.

  230. Anil Kumar Roy says:

    I have pain in left shoulder. My left shouldr is freezed. I can not raise hand upward. Pain extends up to whole arm. Movement of shoulder give relief. It aggravate at night and on bed even day time. This time i am taking homeopathic medicine, but not satisfactory relief. Please suggest medicine to get rid from this pain and stiffness.

  231. Mrs. Nancy Sequeira says:

    I was suffering last 9 months from frozen shoulder. It was less but became more. Last 1 1/2 months I learnt physiotherapy exercises. This made a difference. A lot of improvement is also there . But when I put my clothes there is pain. When I comb my hair there is pain. Please let me know which homeopathy medicine I should buy and how many times and interval etc. I want to be fully alright as I was before. I do not have diabetes at all. And I have a problem with my left shoulder. Please help. Also severe hair fall. Can u tell me what medicine I should take

  232. prathyusha says:

    I have shoulder pain from six months previously i used some homeopathic medicines later i stopped and again recently i had vere bad shoulder pain cnt comb my hair and i use pillow also feeling very difficult in walking. Pls suggest me a good solution

  233. atul goel says:

    I got wedge fracture in d10-d11 in mar 2015. Now i am feeling severe pain in my right shoulder. Is it the after affect of that fracture.

  234. pinkyandal says:

    My mom is suffering from solder musels and join pain n also knee pain..plz help me for better solution.

  235. I am diabetic for 23 years on insulin and tablets for DM. I am 49 yes old. Iam having frozen shoulder and tendinosis which restricts movement of hands backwards and upwards. Severe pain is felt on certain angles. My body weight is 78 kg 170 cm.

    What is the remedy?

  236. Sir I’m suffering from frozen shoulder with pain in neck & back too

  237. I am suffering from frozen shoulder for the last 4monthd. Unable to raise. Arm. Pain in right also.

  238. Suniel Rampadarath says:


    My wife has pain on her shouder and it is now 3-4 days now. How can she get out of these pain naturally ?


  239. Attiq-ur-Rehman says:

    Hello Dr.

    I am patient of shoulder pain (Drs. said Frozen Shoulder) for more than 3 months. What medicines should I use.

  240. Subinay Dutta says:

    My wife is 48 yrs. old and she is a Diabetic patient. She was suffering by left Frozen Shoulder from last 3-4 months. At present her blood sugar level is S/F – 183 and PP- 355. And also swelling start inside of her left elbow. Please inform me at the earliest which Homeopathy medicine is necessary for remedy of this painful Frozen Shoulder.

  241. hello sir…gud morning…my father is hving severe shoulder pain…he is not diabetic…can pls suggest the medicine for him

  242. I am having aute shoulder ai n y right side. Unable to move arm horizontally and cannot raise upwards. Tearing in all throughout day and night. Pl. Advice some good medicine. I shall be highly obliged.

  243. Nancy Sequeira says:

    I have been suffering from acute frozen shoulder from the past few months. Im doing physiotherapy exercises but when I sleep I get restless sleep. I dont get sleep and when I rise there will be a lot of pain. Please help me immediately. My xray report is very normal diabetes is very normal. I take thyronorm 50 mg from the past 2 years. Otherwise no problem. Please help me to solve my problem of frozen shoulder.

  244. Manjeet singh says:

    I am having frozen shoulder left side which homeopathy medice should to take I am male 63yrs

  245. Shubhra Dixit says:

    Hi Doctor-My mother is 75 year old and has been bedridden from past 20 years though she was walking with the help of walker earlier that is around eight years back but now because she has this frozen shoulder problem and can barely take the stress of holding the walker and can hardly lift her right hand there is pain and stiffness as well ,kindly advice she also has a history of UTI which at present is in control .

  246. Onkar Nath Pandey says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder in left shoulder since 6 months. I am 56 years old. My shoulder pains while moving arm backward. Respected sir can you suggest medicine for its permanent cure.
    Thanking you.

  247. omnath sharma says:

    Sir. My left shoulder pains and I cannot raise my arm. While taking bath I moved my left hand at my back to soap my back. Since then pain started which is almost three months back. Please suggest homeo medicine for this pain. Thanks

  248. mm sharma says:

    i have frozen shoulders for the last seven eight years. Have to take pain reliever every day. Have tried ferrum met.

  249. Mrs.Farooq says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my right shoulder for the last three months. There is no pain in normal routine. however it pains while moving the arm backwards/upwards. I took physiotherapy for about 2 weeks but no relief.
    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine.
    Thanking you.

  250. vishwajeet says:

    Age 45
    Suffered from let frozen shoulder pain from two months
    Please advice me

  251. Tarun Ganai says:

    I feel pain in left shoulder when arising in the morning. All the day along more than normal movement of the shoulder give me pain. what medicine should I take?

  252. KS Lakshmi says:

    I be been suffering left shoulder n below right up to arm, not able to fully lift, not able fix jacket buttons on back side. Going for physiotherapy. There in name of mobilization they are pressing the hand back side etc in addition to exercises. That forceful mobilization is. Causing unbearable pain. I consulted orthpaeditian, he administers a local injection and advised physiotherapy. I have this problem for the last one month n going for physiotherapy for the last 10 days. Can u suggest any medicine, how to use it, any pain reliever medicine that I can take when going for physiotherapy/mobilization of hand? Thankful if u can suggest any medicine n how to administer it.

  253. Hi

    Do you have any remedies for electro magnetic sensitivity which i have had for 3 years. Am on strict fruit , veg . nuts seed, no wheat, no dairy no sugar diet, take lots of supplements and have done a few holistic modalities. i have improved but i am still in chronic pain every day and have a restricted life.

    thank you

  254. I am suffering from frozen shoulders. I am am also taken help of Physiotherapist but no result. Icant lift my left hand up comfortably. Kindly advice what medicine is useful .

    I am very thankful and grateful if I get early reply


  255. Mumtaz Rafiq says:

    due to longlasting hypertention, I underwent my clinical tests. I came to know that I am suffering with type2 diabetes.Further tests revealed that fasting sugar is always increased (130-168) & random is normal. It caused frozen shoulder of left side. It gives sever pain when move left arm straight up,to my back, to my right shoulder, or left arm is jerked. Please tell meproper homoeopathic treatment for both i.e. Diabetes & Frozen shoulder

    clinical tests

  256. E.RAMA KRISHNA says:

    My wife aged 55 years is suffering from left frozen shoulder since last 1 year. She had undergone physiotherapy treatment more than 2 months in the starting stage. After that also she had done physiotherapy excersises in the house itself. Further, she is taking homeopathic treatment from the reputed doctor. But there is no significant improvement. She is having the pain just like piercing and bulldozing along with severe swelling of the hand below the shoulder and up to the joint. Sir please prescribe some effective homeopathic medicine. Thanking you.

  257. vijay kulkarni says:




  258. Omnath Sharma says:

    I am 57 years man. While aking bath I had twisted my left arm to wash my back I felt sever pain at shoulder joint. Now it is spreading to shoulder blade and arm. Movement of arm upward is restricted due to pain. Please suggest homeo medicine

  259. Nirankar Swaroop Shrivastava says:

    I am 50 years old male and having frozen shoulder problem since 4 months and under gone IFT treatment for one month but very little improvement
    KIndly suggest hpomeopathic medicine

  260. k.k.aich says:

    for frozen left hand shoulder for male of 72 yrs old – continuity
    of using Rhus tox 30, mimum period

  261. Jahiruddin Mondal says:

    i am suffering from neck and shoulder pain due to computer use. Please suggest for exercise and medicine

  262. MUKUL CHANDRA ROY says:


  263. I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past one and half month.There is pain while moving the shoulder/arm backwards and upwards and unable to up my hand more than 70 degree from my body.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?

  264. Meri age 32 years hai ,muje left shoulder mai buht time se pain ho rahi hai,mai ghar ka kuch kam b nahe karpati,ek to muje sardi ki wajah se is mai pain hota hai,maharbani kar k kuch medcine ka nam bolye jis se meray shoulder ki pain khatm ho jaye aur mai puri tarah theek ho jawo .

  265. Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from an acute pain in my left shoulder & arm joint for quite some time & feel discomfort in rotating my left arm or bending it to touch my back… & cold puffing gives relief but tgen again it reoccurs……am sufering a lot & unable to make out what actually it is.

    Need ur auggestion Sir


  266. Rajeev Srivastava says:

    I am suffering from adhesive capsulitis ( right shoulder) for the last 6 months, i took one injection of cortecosteroid and undergone physiotherapy for 2 months, but nothing worked, pain is acute. I am 53 yr old. I am doing exercise also on my own.Please help me. my No is 09452132144

  267. I am having shoulder pain in my right side. Unable to move arm .cannot lift up words . this is for the last four months

  268. Dhananjay Sawalkar says:

    I am 40 yrs. and suffering from frozen shoulder in my right shoulder for the past 6 months. There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backwards/upward . I have already homeopathic treatment for 1 month and have better relief . but now I am shifted to another city and due to this my treatment got discontinued and so pain again started, I do light shoulder exercises on regular basis.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

    Dhananjay Sawalkar , Pune

  269. Richard Sokoloski says:

    Hello Dr Sharma I think I have a case of frozen hurts like hell when I am sitting more than when I am standing.At night I can not find a comfortable position to sleep as the pain is gnawing at me.It is really bad when I sit in front of my computer and slowly move my head forward to read the monitor.Then it is a very bad pulling type pain and it makes me pull back immediately and try to find a good position which is very hard to find because I feel I have just aggrigated the nerve.Can you please help me get some relief.Richard

  270. OM PRAKASH SHARMA says:


    Sir mera naam om prakash sharma hai aur mein yeh batana chahta hu k three month se mere right shoulder mein bahut pain hai jiski . jiski wajah se ab mere hath uper or side mai nhi uth pa reha hai. aur meri shoulder round move karne ya kisi bhi tarah k excercise nhi kar pata hu. iske liye maine dawayi bi khayi thi 2 month jis se aram pada magar thik nhi hua. aur same maine physio therephy bhi k thi 10 din jis se starting mein derd bad gaya. derd mere shoulder ke joint front side mai hath uthane mai hota hai. mai 27 years ke hu. mughe lagta hai ke mere ye problem over excersise ke wajah se hui hai. agar aap iska treatment kar paaye to please aap mujhe suggest kar dena aur iske liye fees aur apki timings and address bhi aap send karde mujhe taaaki mein apko contact kar payu in this regard.

    thanks you very much.
    from gaitari

  271. Dear Dr Sharma
    My mother is 71 yrs and is suffering from arthritis of the right shoulder.She has severe pain specially when is trying to sleep on the right side.she is diabetic for the last 16 years and it is under control.cld you suggest some homeopathy remedy to relieve pain .she is also suffering from hyper acidity for the last 20 yrs. Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
    Thanks & Regards Dr Sharma.

  272. Dear dr Sharma, l have played competition sport all of my life, over the years l have fallen over many times injured my shoulders wrists knees ankles and back. For the last 5 years sport in my life has taken a back seat to a grandson with a life threatening genetic disease, my life has gone from taking care of my family and sitting in a chair and just sitting worrying to now being practically immobile. On 1st April 2014 l slipped and fell backwards onto a tiled floor at the hospital while caring for him, that resulted in a fractured vertebrae and a pinched nerve right at the bottom of my spine, l also tore the sciatic nerve at its base. All this has led me to where l am now in that l have adhesive capsulitis in both shoulders, the right being worse than the left. I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia at first and prescribed Prednisone for the pain, this diagnosis was incorrect and now l read where possibly non invasive homeopathic treatment may be a better alternative to the hard drugs l was ppgiven, can you help with your opinion please, l would be very grateful.

  273. shailendra sonalkar says:

    last two month my right hand not working because frozen shoulder stiffness not moving back sight

  274. Dr. S. S.Verma says:

    Dear doctor Sharma I am suffering from frequency of micturition I.e.visit to toilet 10 to 12 times during day time and twice in the night. Urine is sterile. I am 70 yrs old. Prostate is enlarged very minimally PSA is within normal limits. I am also suffering from Hypertension (Enalepril 10 mg od) Alzheimer’s Ankylosing Spondylitis. Sometimes it becomes difficult to control urine and there is aleak..Please advise.

  275. I have a constant shoulder pain. Doctors have recommended a nerve and muscle strengthening medicines along with D3 and physiotherapy sessions. I had undergone this treatment approx. 3 months back too and the pain was reduced.
    After checking with the shoulder ultrasound image, the doctor said, that it was in a preliminary stage of spondalitis.

    Kindly recommend on the course of treatment.

  276. manoj kumar says:

    I m 43 yrs old. I was fell down from my bike. I got struck in my right shoulder. After one month the righright shoulder is paining severe. When I consulted doctor he

  277. Aminul islam says:

    Pl help me.i am suffering last one year

  278. Balakumar says:

    I am 74 plus. for the last six months i am having a condition described as periartheritis (?) and frozen shoulder of the left. The movement of the left shoulder is restricted as follows:
    1.0 I cannot move my left arm to the right arm pit while bathing without suffering intense tearing pain in the shoulder.
    2.0 I can not lie down on my left. Sleep is extensively disturbed because of stiffness and pain in left shoulder.
    3.0 Driving a car for even half hour causes pain. Shifitng gear is very painful.

    other details: I have persisitant wheezing problem addressed by broncho dilators LEVOLINE and nebulising with BUDYCORT repsules.
    Please suggest remedy

  279. Roshan khan says:

    Taken cortisone shots done physiotherapy acupuncture and Chinese cupping method and now doing laser

  280. Mukesh Burman says:

    Doctor saheb, main last 5 months se frozen shoulder ke kaaran pareshan hoon, pain itna jyada hai ki koi bhi pain killer Kaam nahi kar raha hai. Poori raat pain ke kaaran so nahi paata hoon. Maine homeopathic medicines bhi liya lekin pain Kam nahi ho raha hai. Mera uric acid aur thyroid bhi badh gaya hai. Kindly help me. Thanks.

  281. Sujata De says:

    I am sufferring from pain in my right shoulder since 2 months in such a way that I am even not being able to lock my brassier hook at my own. There is continuous pain in shoulder and in night I cannot sleep by rightside and pain comes downward to my wrist even. Sometimes I feel that my right hand side has been paralysed and it is better to cut off my right hand. Please can you give some advise?

  282. sindha mydeen says:

    I am a retired teacher. I have been suffered by right frozen shoulder since last three months. I have already taken allopathic medicine and physiotherapy.but I havenot got relief so please suggest medicine to get permanent relief

  283. mrs meena pardeshi says:

    Frozen shoulder cannot lift left hand above 90deegre please tell Medicen thanks

  284. Robin Gupta says:

    I have frozen shoulder in my right hand. Unbearable pain on certain movements which get relieved between 30 seconds to 2mins with pressure in my arm depending on magnitude of pain. What medication would you prescribe?


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I had frozen shoulder on left side about one year ago. Getting your advice through internet I took Ferrum Met 200. Immediately it started to work, but within about six months only about 60% has been relieved. Now the problem has started in right shoulder. I can not raise the hand properly and it pains every now and then particularly at night the pain becomes severe. I am a male patient of about 50 yrs age.

    Kindly send your advice.
    Gagan Mandal

  286. abhijit naskar says:

    dear sir,

    i am suffering from frozen shoulder in right shoulder.i have taken painkillers but there is severe pain and i cannot lift my right arm.can i take rhus.tox but what will be be the power of rhus.tox,please can you tell me in details.

    thanks & regards

    abhijit naskar

  287. B.V.Bhaskara Rao says:

    Sir, My age is 55 and suffering from Frozen shoulder (great stiffness in the morning/after rest) since 4 months. No diabetes/arthritis. Please advise me the Homeopathic treatment.


  288. vaid gopal krishan says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 60 years old male, diabetic for the last 20 years. For the last 8 months I am suffering from frozen shoulder and there is partial
    trear of Roater Cuff of the left shoulder. At present my Blood Sugar is controlled with medicine.

    There is pain in the entire spine (including cervical and lumbar region, Low back pain) I am unable to lift my left shoulder. Pain start from from tip of the shoulder and moves towards upper arm and for arm and on the other side it moves towards right shoulder.

    Please advice homeopathic medicine for early recovery

  289. I am suffering from frozen shoulder in both hand.but left shoulder has so many pain to six month.l am going for exersice but no relefe.l am 48 years old. I took 37 therapy but no relefe in pain .what can I do. Sir please suggest some homeopathic medicine
    Thanks .


  290. j satyanarayana says:

    i am suffering from frozen shoulder last one week ,iam a daibetic patient from last 17 years kindly advise homeo medicene

  291. ARVIND KAPUR says:

    Dear sir,
    Iam having pain in my right shoulder. having difficulty to move my hand to back side. so far i have not taken any medicine. I am using heating pad only

    arvind kapur

  292. acute pain in left arm between shoulder and elbow

  293. unnikrishnan says:

    I am having frozen shoulder on right arm and the pain is very
    acute. Allopathy and ayurveda treatments miserably failed.

    Shall be grateful and feel obliged, if you could prescribe
    some medicines (may be imported ones) for relieving the
    pain as also treatment for the frozen shoulder. The pain at
    night is severe and unable to sleep. I am 68 year old.

    regards and thanks


  294. prabhat mishra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have been diagnosed by one homeopath as having frozen shoulder and stiffness. He has been giving me medicine which is now almost 5 months though there slight relief in pain on my left shoulder but there is pain now at the back of my neck and on right shoulder. I am dragging my left feet while walking, there is a curling of my fingers on my left hand and severe pain on my knuckles in my left hand. Even wearing a pant or shirt is difficult. Though the Dr. here has promised cure I like to seek another opinion from you regarding my symptoms whether it is relating to frozen shoulder or there is something else.

    Warm Regards

    Prabhat Mishra

  295. Swati Chiddarwar says:

    I have Frozen Shoulder condition for over 6 months.
    I have taken 15 sessions of Physiotherapy with heat treatment. It gave slight relief. Then prescribed exercises are being continued at home twice a day, but not much improvement. Arm movements are highly restricted, no movement on back side. Pain is severe during night while sleeping. I am not able to sleep well in the night and have to take pain killers at times. My age is 62 years.

    Can you please suggest proper homeopathy treatment.

  296. Krishnan Subrahmanyam says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am having frozen shoulder for the past one month and all the while I was somehow able to manage the severe pain I was experiencing. When it was too much for me to bear with the pain I had ferrum mettalicum 30X in pills form. after taking two doses the pain increased considerably and so I stopped taking the medicine. What should I do now for this disease? for your information, I am 64 years old and have COPD also.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

  297. abhijit naskar says:

    Dear Sir,

    i have a pain in my right shoulder since a long time and pain seems to affect the total right hand. i could not lift my hand pains terrible.i cannot sleep in the night. can i take FERRUM MET as medicine and what power will be the doze of FERRUM MET.
    thanks & regards
    abhijit naskar

  298. manzoor hussain says:

    dr. sb. I have been suffering from shoulder pain (left) for the last one month. with some exercise (moving fingers up and down the wall) I felt some relief. during last 3 days I have used Fer.met 200 three times a day and today in the morning I felt quite better. At 10.00 am today I traveled in a car; sitting in front seat holding the handle above the door with my left hand. since then it has worsened. Now it is not with the movement of hand but has concentrated on the front side tip of the shoulder-joint extending down up to the ankle. the pain is very severe but pressing one like from some blow. only once I felt some throbbing pain for a few minutes. I have had massage with bryonia oil and afterward with olive oil but very little effect.

  299. Subrata Bhattacharjee says:

    The names of homeopathic medicines for curing elbow and shoulder muscle stiffness.

  300. Hallo Doctor,
    Since two days, my mother (who is 72 Years in age) had a sudden onset of acute pain in the left shoulder after returning from a basic exercise schedule in the ground. She is not allowing me to touch the area which is very centralised. She complains of severe pain in shoulder when trying to lift her arm. Even if lying of the bed also gives her a lot of pain. Even when she is sleeping on her right side gives her pain. There seems to be no swelling as such.

    I did take her to the orthopedic who conducted X-rays and said that there is no problem in the bone except that it might be a strain while exercising and prescribed tremadol tablets and a local ointment.

    Apart from giving her the prescribed tablets, I a gave my mother

    – a couple of doses of Arnica Mont 200
    followed by
    – a couple of doses of Rhus Tox 30
    – a dose of Ruta 30
    – a dose of Bryonia 30 (under the belief that it might be Brustitis)

    I have gone through your esteemed observations and administed to her your first line of treatment since yesterday i.e., Ferrum Metallicum 30 (till now three doses) as you have prescribed.

    Could you kindly guide me as my mother is having a lot of pain and even able to tie her Peticoat Nada.

    Thanks a million
    – Johan

  301. I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past 5 months.Can you suggest medicine for a permanent cure

  302. Rakesh Kumar Srivastava says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I developed frozen shoulder since July 2014. However started taking

    Lacnanthes 200
    Gnaphylium 200
    Spondy Aid
    since Dec 2014 prescribed by my doctor.

    When sneeze or cough is there the intense pain is of the edge of hand and also complete hand.
    Someone suggested to take Kali Mur 6x and Nat Sulph 6x.



  303. Daksha Dedakia says:

    Hi Dr.Sharama,

    i am suffering frozen shoulder on my left and lots pain on side and back based on movements like raising arm and also back movements almost for last 3 months or so. and now trouble sleeping as i sleep on my sides. I had frozen shoulder in right shoulder about 12 + years ago and that was treated in 4-5 physio and exercises.BTW i am 48 years of age
    this time i have done like all most physio last months and still not much of improvement rather more pain and now i am taking anti inflammatory medicine as well.

    what do you suggest i should do ?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  304. lalit sharma says:

    महोदय मेंरी पत्‍नि‍ भावना शर्मा उम्र 52 वर्ष लम्‍बाई 5 फीट 2 इंच है वजन करीब 85 कि‍लोगाम है हाई ब्‍लड पे्रशर तथा डायबीटीज है के दायें कन्‍धे में बडा दर्द रहता है हाथ पूरा उपर उठता नही हैा डॉक्‍टरो ने फ्रोजन शोल्‍डर बताया हैा ज्‍यादा पेन कि‍लर लेना नहीं चाहती हेा संवेदनशील हैा क़पया मार्ग दर्शन एवं दवाई बताने की क़पा करेंा दौसा जयपुर राजस्‍थान भारत में रहते है ज्‍यादा खर्च नही कर सकते हैा 9462605772

  305. lalit sharma says:

    महोदय मेंरी पत्‍नि‍ भावना शर्मा उम्र 52 वर्ष लम्‍बाई 5 फीट 2 इंच है वजन करीब 85 कि‍लोगाम है हाई ब्‍लड पे्रशर तथा डायबीटीज है के दायें कन्‍धे में बडा दर्द रहता है हाथ पूरा उपर उठता नही हैा डॉक्‍टरो ने फ्रोजन शोल्‍डर बताया हैा ज्‍यादा पेन कि‍लर लेना नहीं चाहती हेा संवेदनशील हैा क़पया मार्ग दर्शन एवं दवाई बताने की क़पा करेंा दौसा जयपुर राजस्‍थान में रहते है ज्‍यादा खर्च नही कर सकते हैा

  306. m right shoulder was injurd from bodysurfing accident about 30 years ago. about a years ago I had 3 strokes and now cannot lift over 3 pounds. you recommended Rhux tox as remidie. I am open to suggestions at this time
    Keith Ramos

  307. Moeen Khawaja says:

    Needs a medicine which relief shoulder pain like allopathic medicine;

  308. RICHARD ROGERS says:

    Dear Sir.
    I am 47 year old suffering from frozen shoulder from last one year in both the shoulder.I am a diabetic patient fro last nine years regularly on medicine.I have taken physiotherapy treatment for the same but yet to recover & also taken injection to relieve the pain but it didnt work.Can homeopathy treatment help me in any way ?
    Need your guidance & suggestions to treat my problem.Waiting for your answers.

    With Regards,

  309. Sir I got right shoulder pain last 6-7 Dr told it frozen shoulder.since last 20 days l take medicines .my stomach get upset. Pl suggest some homeopathy medicines

  310. chandana baruah says:

    major complaints:

    1. flatulence esp after eating
    2 constipation so have to take y lax every night– four tablets
    3. gas with foul smell and gurgling sound in stomach
    4. started more after gall bladder was removed in 2011
    5 sometimes loose stool and sometimes constipation

    i eat healthy and regularly. No spicy food or alcohol. excercise daily. height is 5′ 4″. weight is 62 kgs. age 52( f). take carbo veg for gas.

  311. I have severe pain in my right shoulder. Unable to move. The problem is for the last six months. Pl. suggest good homeopathy medicine. Thank you.

  312. MANISHA SARMA says:

    Dear DR. Saab
    Since two months my upper left arm from shoulder joint and upper portion of right leg from hip joint to knee is developed with severe pain and cannot be able to move around my left arm. I also cannot be able to fold the right knee during sitting posture and only get relief to some extent during lying in bed. And cannot be also able to sleep in night due to pain.
    Since for the last two days the severity pain increases and pain also develops from shoulder back with a higher degree of severity. To note Sir,
    I do not know whether there may be frozen shoulder.
    Please advise medicine from your end pl.

    With Regards

    Manisha Sarma
    Tinsukia, Assam

  313. shyamal kr maity says:

    1.pain in right shoulder join in back side particularly when movement right hand night when sleep that side by pressure
    3.comfort in heat apply
    4.every day ,walking 45 mnts. for 5 km, jogging, skipping 100 times
    what medicine will take ?
    Please help me

  314. hi – i have frozen shoulder (R). the loss of mobility has crept up over several years and presented as tightness with discomfort vs pain. over the last 6 months it has developed into intense pain on sudden movement, and the last 2 months i have lost significant mobility – i believe this latter change is due to a tetanus shot received for a cat bite (R knuckle — limited mobility there also). I teach yoga and can work around the loss of movement to some extent — but i am really missing it!
    thank you for your help

  315. Roshan jain says:

    Sir from seven days I have pain in left hand to shoulder

  316. After undergoing surgery for sciatica in May 2013,I am perfectly normal now; but there is still pain and stiffness in the operated area. I also feel weakness in my legs. Pl suggest some good homoeopathic medicine. I am 70 but in sound health. My contact no is 09414044933.
    Thanking you
    S Bahadur

  317. Balubhai Merjibhai Patel says:

    I have pain in left shoulder since last 3 months.It increases in early morning or after rest.Doctor had prescribed tablet falling in NSAID group of drugs . I COULD not take it as it caused hotness in throat. I am doing exercises shown by Physiotherapist .There is no significant relief in pain.
    Kindly prescribe homeopathic medicine to reduce the pain.
    With respectful regards,
    Balubhai Merjibhai Patel

  318. I have a problem of frozen shoulder fm last 8 months on left side , got diabetese type 2 fm last 6 years
    I have triglacyrene level 600 , pls advise me medicine for both,i am staying in africa if u can cure me i will be highly oblidged

  319. Sir,
    I am satish aged 57 years . I have severe pain in right shoulder and cannot move it .Kindly suggest a medicine

  320. Hi, I am a 48 year old female and have frozen shoulder. I have thyroid problems as well. I have taken injections, paracetamols and other painkillers to cure frozen shoulder but without much luck. Which medicine should I take?

  321. 50 year old woman of normal health suffering from frozen shoulder .clinically it has diagnosed .suffering is for 1 month.

  322. harsha Itankar says:

    My mother suffering from frozen shoulder please prescribed me homoeopathy medicine as she got severe pain.

  323. Dhanashekar.p says:

    Sir, Iam suffering from right shoukder pan .I am able to lift my arm but with diffuculty.on upward movement there is sme sort of rubbing on the front side of shoulder joint.I used to play badminton now i havw stopped for the last 3 months.sir please sugest if i can continue playing and also remedy for this.

  324. Basharat Wasti says:

    Dr Sharma Regards! Sir I am suffering from frozen shoulder of left arm though I can move it up and down and can rotate it too but not comfortably and feel stiffness under the neck . Sometimes a shooting pain develope in the shoulder joint resultantly arm become senseless and you can’t hold anything at that time. I have studied on net that Ferrum Met and Rhus Tox are effective drugs for this purpose ,what do you say? Do advise ! Thank you

  325. I am suffering from three month left frozen shoulder. This pain increase in night.plese suggest medicine for relief my pain.

  326. I am suffering from Frozen shoulder from last 3 months. Lot of pain while moving the hand backwards. It also pain during early mornings and I am having bad sleep. I am doing exercises at home, but no relief. Can homeopathy help?

  327. Mukul Gajbhiye says:

    Sir. I am a diabetes since 21 yes aging 54yr but suffering from shoulder pain left possibly frozen one could rememberthe cause pl tell me or suggests the remedy thanks dr

  328. bonti saikia neog says:

    sir, i have been suffering from frozen shoulder problem for 3 months. what should i do according to your homeopathy ?

  329. anand kumar saxena says:

    my right shoulder is frozen last 20 dayes and painful at every time .please advice me medicine with power .

  330. joanita thomas says:

    Doctor which is the best medicine for frozen shoulder caused by diabetics?

  331. Taranjit Singh says:

    Dear Dr.
    i am suffering from frozen shoulder and pain in arm.FS is from 7-8 months old but arm pain is month back only .please suggest what to do

  332. I’m suffering right frozen shoulder since last week please suggest medicine for that and potency means power

  333. sophia piliouras says:

    I have been diagnosed with frozen shoulder!Are they any remedies available for this condition?

  334. velayudhan kottathara says:

    Iam male aged 57 tall 5.9ft hight thin body shape .Now iam suffering with ” adhasive capsulities ” since started 8 months back at left arm….treated with Alopethy & Ayurveda had not effect much.Still pain while at movemets
    Please advice me

  335. Dr Ajit Kumar Pandey says:

    Frozen left shoulder since 3 months. Pain in lower side of neck on left side.

  336. ranjana agarwal says:

    i am having very severe pain in whole of my left arm since yest it started during the day and got worse by night couldnt sleep Had taken a strong pain killer after dinner but it didnt help at all Can I get immeadiate relief by homaopathy I am a patient of RA and have to take allopathic medicines for it regularly I had the same problem with my right arm three months back

  337. Dear Doctor,
    I am 56 YO man, having severe pain in both shoulders, can not lift hands up fully.
    I am taking Rhus tox 30 – 3 times a day, since last one month.
    I have taken Graphites 200 also, but feeling very uncomfortable in sleeping.

    Kindly advise.
    Thank you in advance.

  338. Mr. Sharma
    Hope you are keeping well. I am Suresh living in London currently.
    I have injured my right shouder 2 years ago while playing badminton. 6 months ago I had a SLAP surgeya nd followed by regular phisio sessions but not relieved from the pain. Doctor suggested to go 2nd surgery to repair ligaments but I am not interested any more. Please advice me and also if you can send medicines to my address . I am very honest and transfer the amount to your bank, please let me know.

    Suresh Reddy
    Flat 102,
    Venice Corte
    2 Elmira Street
    London SE137FQ

  339. Prof. S K Ghabru says:

    Suffering from frozen Left shoulder since last 2 months. Age 59. Should I try Ferr Met or Rhus tox or in combination

  340. Margarita Garcia says:

    I have been suffering pain in my shoulders and and upper arms. I have had this pain for over a month. Pain travels down to my arms and sometimes underarms. I went to my doctor and he gave me an antibiotic and a cough medicine. I am 57 years old female and obese. I thought that the pain was due to when I sleep (laying down) too long when I sleep as I sleep on my sides. Can you help me?


    Dear Sir,

    I have been experiencing pain in my left arm over the shoulder since last I month. Kindly provide me the solution.

    Subrata Bhattacharjee

  342. Mrs. Baljeet Kaur says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma I am Baljeet Kaur from Ludhiana . I am 10 years Diabtic patien I am suffering pain in Sholder for the last 9/10 month. I have taken elopathy medicine but no relief. Here Dr says this is Sholder frozen problem . My recent blood cout. Thyroid test are normal. Please Dr. Advice me best suitable Homeo medicine. Thanks.

  343. Mrs Baljeet Kaur says:

    dear Dr. Sharma I am diabetic patient of 10 years . Now for last 8/9 months I am having Sholder pain , stifles acute pain in moving both Sholder . The symptoms are like Sholder frozen ? I have taken elopathy medicine but no relief. Please advice me best suitable Homeo Medicine. I shall be that full to you. Thanks.

  344. uc srivastava says:

    Sir, I’m suffering from frozen shoulder. Unable to raise my right hand beyond 120 degree and cant move my right hand towards back leading me unable to keep my purse in back pocket. No Diabetes and Arthritis as per test report. However have Thyroid 7.5 and cholesterol on higher side. Suffering from last 3 months.

    Using Caust 200 + Bry 200 and RT Oint for 1 week.

    Please suggest remedy.


    UC Srivastava

  345. Iam auffering from severe frozen shouldeer(right) for about 3 months. Have taken physiotherapy for more than a month. no relief.kindly advise

  346. jaishree jain says:

    I have great pain many times I c,nt sleep.stiffness swelling is also there.

  347. dr. syed Ahmed ali says:

    Frozen shoulder pain in left shoulder medicine taken Ferrum met 30th doze this to ppp

  348. Rahul Chaturvedi says:

    Respected Sir, My self suffered Right shoulder pain. pain start from shoulder and upti joint of hand. At NIGHT WHEN WE START FOR SLEEPING THAN SEVER PAIN ON MY FULL ARM ( START FROM SHOULDER.IF WE STRAUGHT OUR HAND THAN WE GET SOME RELIEF.

  349. Rajesh R.Fafadia says:

    I am suffering from last one month with Frozen shoulder, i laso having Diabetes ranging 160 – 210 PP.
    please let me know homeopathic medicine helpful for this pain.

  350. Kailash jain says:

    I am having severe pain in shoulder joints in my right side incl. upper arm. I do have shoulder joint on left shoulder also but of lease degree.. Pl. advise me good homeopathic medicine for the treatment of shoulder joint pain

  351. Asif Mehmood says:

    Dear doctor
    i am suffering from depression and anxiety from childhood. i become extremly worried without any cause and reason. in that condition i feel very deep rooted fear which i can not explain. i feel extreme restlesness and some time i feel short of breath and feel that some thing is chocking my neck.
    my age is 55 years . i am married and have two sons. my personal life is very good. i wentto many allopathic doctors but no use.
    my main problem is now loss of concentration . i shall be thankful to you if you can kindly suggest me name of some excellent medicines . kindly mention that how long i have to take them .

  352. Swapan Kumar Bose says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I am 57 years & also a Diabetes patient. During December 2013 a pain occurs while I switched off on the wall-switchboard laying in the bed at night regularly. I do not take any medicine on that time. From June 2014, a Homeopathic Doctor give medicine but it not improve goodly. An Orthopedic Doctor said it was Frozen shoulder(right) & suggested to physiotherapy. But it is not successful.
    I can not move the right hand on the back side,upper etc. & the movement is painful.
    I shall be grateful if you kindly suggest me the medicine/s to cure the problems.
    Thanks & Regards
    Yours truly,
    Swapan Kumar Bose

  353. prashanthi says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder since Oct 2013. I did not take any medicine till June 2014. Used to do mild exercise.But after few months I could not raise my arms above the shoulder level.Then I went to an alopaethic doctor.Still there is not much improvement.Can you suggest me homeopathic medicine?
    Thank you Dr.Sharma.

  354. Piyush Mehrotra says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My mother has been sufferring from shoulder pain (both shoulders) since last 5-6 years. This pain is in movement of hands, causes stiffness and increases during the night/morning.
    Some doctore has diagonosed it as a frozen shoulder.
    Request to suggest what homeopathic medicine should we take for this.

    thanks & regards

  355. a k shukla says:

    Dear Sir my brother aged 55yrs has a problem of frozen shoulder, he is mentally retarted , he can not explain his situation properly , we have given some medicine , and now under physio therapy , he feels pain in lifting the left hand above shoulder
    looking forward to your advice

  356. Dr.Mithua setua says:

    I am suffering from acute pain in left hand and in waist. It is very tedious after getting up from bed. at night I feel pain in waist in turning from one side to other.
    My mother is suffering from arthritis pain in both legs joint.

  357. Dr amitava mohinta BHMS (CAL) says:

    good idea .enough .also request for another further .

  358. Hello,

    Sir mera naam gaitari hai aur mein yeh batana chahti hu k 2 ssaalo se mere right shoulder mein bahut pain hai jiski mein habitual bhi ho ho chuki thi magar ab yeh pain mere right shoulder se left shoulder mein bhi aa chuka hai. jiski wajah se ab mere dono hath straight nhi hote hai aur meri should round move karne ya kisi bhi tarah k excercise nhi kar pati hu. lekin ab mein is dard ko sahi karna chahti hu. iske liye maine dawayi bi khayi thi 15 din jis se aram pada magar thik nhi hua. aur same maine physio therephy bhi k thi 20 din jis se starting mein aram pada magar phir wahi khuch din baad phir same waisa hi ho gaya tha. agar aap iska treatment kar paaye to please aap mujhe suggest kar dena aur iske liye fees aur apki timings and address bhi aap send karde mujhe taaaki mein apko contact kar payu in this regard.

    thanks you very much.
    from gaitari

  359. I V Thaman says:

    I slipped in my house on17/6/14 with pressure on my right shoulder X-Ray shows no fracture initially I took Arnica 30,200 Rustox 200,Hypericum 200 ,1000 and Ruta 200 -for 20 to 25 days .Orthopadician Doctor diagnosed FROZON Shoulder And as per his advice I am doing Physiotherapy from 21/7/14 No medicines But as per Doctor it may take months to get relief Pl do suggest suitable Homeo Medicines with potency , How many time to take ant how long to take I am 70yrs Slim Non daibetic

  360. mahmood Ahmed says:

    I am 55 year old and have problem of left frozen shoulder.I am feeling the pain while moving the arm and after wake up in morning.2nd I am diabatic and on pills and 3rd one problem of impotance means erectile dissfunction.Pleaseadvice me the treatment.Thanks

  361. Muhammad Hussain says:

    Approx three months back, I have started suddenly pain in left shoulder of my arm when I made the movement on back side or suddenly movement or jump of such arm especially on the back side and severe pain occurred at the shoulder which is unbelievable for some time. Just to share with you I am at the age of 54 and enjoying the good health, however mostly, I used left arm for more work as a routine. Further to clarify that I have no pain made when I move the entire shoulder on the front side. Dear sir I would be grateful if you kindly guide me in the situation and suggest the treatment for the same. A bundle of thanks in advance.

  362. I have been diagonised with frozen shoulder in left shoulder joint,since 4 months restricts the movement of my left arm upwards and fully backwards.i am taking allopathic medicine for past 15 days .my uric acid level was 8.for which i am taking medicine,pain has reduced,but when i move my hand upwards and backwards it pains severely.i am also taking medicine for hypothyroid ,eltroxin for past 12 years.and telday h for high b.p.for past 3 years.i have had gall bladder removal 3 years back.i am housewife of 42 years.kindly suggest me some homoepathic medicine to cure my frozen shoulder permanently..i would be grateful to you..regards..

  363. mahmood Ahmed says:

    I am 55 year old man and residing in Islamabad Pakistan.I have three problems.Diabites,Left frozen shoulder problem(pain during its movement and can can up it due huge pain)and last one is erectail problem(impotance).Kindly quide me the best solution in homeo path medicine.I am using the Amryal 4mg,Metforman 1gm,and Lipitor 20 for cholistrol and any pain killer.Regards.

  364. Dr.pushpam kiran says:

    Sir, i would like to know about the potencies n repetation of medicine in case of frozen shoulder in old people ,in diabetic patients thankyou.

  365. Sonia Naeen says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past one year.There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backwards. I took physiotherapy sittings for about 15 days but did not work. I had the same symptoms in my right shoulder 4 month back but it cured with physiotherapy. I am 40 years household wife. I do light shoulder exercises on regular basis. Also my leg are very week.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.


  366. John Varughese says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am 51 years old and I have recently developed right upper arm pain .Sometimes I used to have neck pain , but goes away on doing some exercise. But my upper arm pain is not come down .I am taking homeo medicine prescribed by a homeo doctor. but still I have pain in upper arm and elbow (like pinching with a needle) and I can not rise my right arm up fully. I do not have numbness , but some times feel loosing strength to hold. Please suggest me suitable homeo medicine with strength and dosage.

    Thanking you,

    John Varughese

  367. h prasad says:

    i am diabitic since 18 yrs and have shrinken/dried liver problem due to food poisoning since 33 yrs; but inspite of that i have good health. now my age is 65 years old and now i have pain in right shoulder and its holding muscles. i am from law field and work on my note-book. pl suggest me what to do and what medicines for my health problems.
    h prasad.

  368. v.p.agarwal says:

    My left shoulder pain from one i exercise as per advice of physiotherapist but no complete relief me please get me advice.age 55 yrs. age and i am a diabetic patient.
    with thanks,
    vpagarwal,from allahabad

  369. Narendra jain says:

    I am a diabetic I suffering from shoulder pain last 4 month can you advised me to what can I do can I get we’ll please suggest me if any medicine in homeopathy thank you

  370. harbir singh chhabra says:

    sir, For frozen shoulder or tennis elbow calcarea mol10M will be suitable or not.

    With Regards


  371. Hi!!

    Bless you for having this website!!

    I get tremendous stress at work due to loud sounds, people talking loud, sad music playing. This girl I work with (were all hair stylists), she talks a whole lot. Sometimes people like it, sometimes they don’t. She gets me very nervous. It don’t bother some stylists around her. Why does it bother me? I came home with a headache with stiff shoulder and neck pain. The manager has talked to this girl before regarding her loud conversations. Sometimes I can get panic attacks from being overly stressed out.

    I took aconitum napellus. It helped release the headache tension, but woke up with extreme shoulder pain from the stress. What would you recommend.

  372. I am a known diabetic past 10years on insulin. Past four months I have developed left shoulder pain. The pain is severe when there is movement. Kindly suggest a suitable medicine.

  373. gurninder says:

    I have sever pain in my left shoulder since 2 months.It is worst at night.I have full faith in homeopathic so please advise me which medicine will i take.

  374. N. Alamgir says:

    I have been diagnosed for Frozen shoulder. It is a very painful experience. What would be the dose for Ferrum Metallicum and the concentration.
    One doctor has recommended Lachesis 200 4 drops 4 times a day alongwith Magphos 12x but I am a bit shaky on starting this. Will anyone please help?

  375. Yash Swamy says:

    Hi Sir,
    I started having frozen shoulder due to over use of my shoulder.
    I was given steroid injection and physio but did not benefit much
    It is taking over my life.
    I am a very very active and I do work very fast.
    I work in soft ware and use mouse a lot and have busy schedule all day.
    when I wash dishes are were , I rise my hand over my shoulder level ..
    I have pain .
    some time I have pain on my back of the neck,and shoulder .
    I have muscular knots on the top back near to my shoulder .
    I feel some time there is no energy in my right hand.
    I have some times pain in the muscle connected to the thumb on my palm.
    I was not a angry person .Now I get angry very soon and depressed some times.
    I feel my brain is working but my body is dead.

    I know you look into the history while you give medicine in homeo.

    Previously : I had acid reflex( 2 years back)
    I am very sensitive at my throat and some time feel some thing is stuck in the throat while eating.
    I had a miss carriage due to cervix competency when I was 22 weeks pregnant.
    Recently :
    I have hot flushes and sweat suddenly during early hours of the morning.
    Eco and thyroid and blood results all came normal.

    I would appreciate if you kindly prescribe me some thing that works for my kind of problems.


    1.frozen shoulder e.g pain on rt.shoulder
    2.imbalance while walking
    3.small hand writing
    4.right sided problem e.g weakness in rt.hand and rt.leg
    5. trembling of rt.leg
    6. swelling on right foot
    7.pain in rt. elbow
    high BP
    now controlled by allopathy medicine
    urinary urgency
    pain on rt.shoulder increase in day time while movement while rest in night no pain
    problem arise while move
    THIRST:NO THIRST,6to 7 glass of water daily takes
    trouble in cold season
    stool:loose dysentry,odourless
    SEX:premature ejaculation ,impotency
    URINE:very urgent and must rush
    SHOULDER PAIN HISToRY:in 2010 while carring a heavy box get injured in right shoulder
    MENTAL CONDITION:Afraid of cat,snake,douting,alwayas thinking of my disease,offended easily,depressed easily,restless,reserved,low memory power low mental positive decition can be taken by me,tidiness and clean
    my father at his old age suffing from neuro problem
    I suffred in jaundice 19 years ago
    i am 51 years age
    I have to go toilet after meal
    i can not digest milk and milk products

  377. SMITA JHA says:

    I am 46 years old. for the last six months I have acute pain in left shoulder and left leg. I am always under great stress and depression.

    kindly suggest a good medicine that can cure me.

  378. D Chowdhary says:

    Respected Dr,

    I am having frozen shoulder type complaint i cannot raise my right hand on upper side and also having pain above elbow its seem to be nerve pain. some time it go up to my arms.
    I cannot sleep peace fully in night due to pain. I am also having vertigo problem.
    I am already taking Rustox 30, Brania 30, Arnika 30 from last 2-3 years for re leaf for back pain.
    I visited Dr one of them saying that this is due to spontilities, other are saying frozen sholder.
    I am having history of high BP. and no sugar.

  379. ihsan Ullah says:

    dear dr sb . my friend has right side Frozen shoulder pain . when he sleep on bed then pain is increase pain . he is all so used homoeopatice remdes exmpl . rhus tox singnira arnica gelsi casticum some othere.
    plz rit me best medcin in singal

  380. If i raise my left hand,shoulder is paining since 8months. Please advise me.

  381. benoy bhusan ghose says:


  382. dr j r behari says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am not getting relieved of frozen shoulder (right) problem this time .It has erupted after two years again.I am having this (Left earlier for last several years.)
    I tried Rhus tox, causticum , Phytolacca (which worked last time), then accupressure which alleviated but not satisfying. MRI report says tear of distal part of supraspinatus tendon. Vit D was found low which is being supplimented
    Pain killer for few days gave relief, then I stopped.
    What homoeo medicine could help,?

  383. Dear Dr. Sharma – I have used homeopathy for decades and need no convincing that when it’s the right remedy it can be positively miraculous. I have suffered from a frozen shoulder that has been deteriorating over the last two months – i did try Ferrum Met. for a week – dosage of 200 ch for one week.. and to no avail indeed i would see that that week was just one more of terrible decline.
    I tried high high (10 m) of arnica and the first couple of times got relief but not since..and relief was short-lived…

    i did have an ultrasound and the doc said that i have
    a) capsulitis
    b) tendonitis
    c) strain with the small muscle.. spida?
    d) tendon is off the track- causing pain to radiating down my arm.

    At this point most of my pain is centred in my upper arm, below my shoulder -until i make a sudden movement in a certain direction and then i am in exquisite pain that lasts and lasts as pain through my arm…

    when i look at the ruta or rhus tox options, i see both in me – i generally am better with movement – walking is the best option – and sleeping the worst… waking in the morning is brutal – but the whole day can be too –
    the pain between my shoulders and strain is someimtes overwhelming – and sometimes my other (left) shoulder has twinges.. as i am keeping my (right) arm away from people, and as inactive as possible (typing this is a strain) everything is further frozen up.

    life has become quite miserable for me.. more precise remedy help would be great – dosage, etc.

  384. Paininthe left shoulder – as u change positions

  385. SYED RUSSEL says:

    when i work by sitting in the chair for long time , stiffness occur in my left shoulder. but it is relieved when i take rest in the bed. i would like to disclose that i got an accident in my joint of left arm. i am 25.5 years old.

  386. R NARAYANAN says:


  387. abdul hameed says:

    sir, I am 63 year old male I am diabetic for the last 7 years and fairly controlled last year I underwent for angioplasty surgery for a single block my cholestrol is normal and I have a fluctuating BP ranging from 140/90 to 160/95 . A three months back I have pain in my right shoulder joint and I can lift my right arm up to 150 degree. early in the morning I feel more pain . Recently I had physiotherapy as per the doctors advice after that I am doing regular exercise for the last two months. But my pain haven’t subsided . only sometime I used to take pain killer tablet ultracet or hepnac if the pain is severe . since I have acidic problem I don’t take pain killers. I heard from reliable sources that homeopathic has good remedy for the frozen shoulder I would like to take to advice from you . could you please advice me best possible treatment for the above problem for which I will be ever gratefull to you. Thanks

  388. Dr Buddha dev Ghosh(Homeopath) says:

    I am suffering from left side Frojen shoulder about 6 month.I can not raise the arm up in full and cannot pull the arm backwards.

  389. ravikant srivastav says:

    Hello Sir
    I have used to pick my fingers of both hands together on my back with one arm from upper side shoulder and another hand from opposite & lower side during regular Yoga. But suddenly after three or four days break of Yoga I feel freezing of my left shoulder with pain during movement and after some time right shoulder was also frozen. I am 54 years old with diabetic since 15 years on medicine. Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment.

  390. RAJNEESH SHARMA says:

    Dear Sir
    I have been a Diabetic patient from 1999. My Father was also a diabetic having death by kidney failure. Request to kindly prescribe a perfect medicine to control the sugar lavel

  391. Mrs Milagrina Cardozo says:

    Dr, i m suffering from frozen shoulder and suffering from pain and have stiffness. I dont know what to do,so please help me.

  392. mansoor ahmad says:

    I am suffering in frozen shoulder problem since last 6 months, get neck X-Ray it shows that gap is reducing between 6 and 7 cervical sportilysis . please advised me homeopathic medicines and physiotherapy

  393. MRS KAROBI SINHA says:




  394. Yusuf Shaikh says:

    Dear Sharma Sir,

    Hello sir greetings for the day……………

    I am 46 yrs. of age suffering from diabetes type -2 , I have a frozen shoulder since one month, for which I am taking physiotherapy exercise doing since 15 days but still found stiffness 7 pain in move of my right shoulder, please advice me the medicine, I am taking allopathic medicine name tribet-2 for diabetes & also homeopathic medicine from dr. ali shah (gold medallist) but still finding no results, please advice what should I do.

  395. SANJOY BISWAS says:

    I am 47 years old, work in a bank always with computers. I am suffering from frozen shoulder on the right side (as said by the doctor) for about two months.Usually I feel no pain but it becomes difficult to me to up the right arm front , back or side-by. Sleeping on the right side is also painful to me.I request you to please suggest me homeo-medicines for me.
    Thanking you doctor.

  396. Jacqueline west says:

    Hello, I have had surgery on both my shoulders, arthroscopic subacromial decompression. The first one was 3 years ago and it still aches. I work in a bakery so i have a physical job. The other shoulder, I had done 8 weeks ago and I developed frozen shoulder. They gave me a steroid injection. It’s still feels bruised and both shoulders hurt now! Especially in the morning after waking, and twinges of pain through the day. I’m having physio but am very interested in homeopathic treatment. Could you please recommend a remedy for me? I have diclofenec , but don’t like using it and so have been using turmeric as an alternative. But still I’m in pain. Many thanks

  397. pramila Lawande says:

    I have chronic problem of frozen shoulder for the past 3 years. If o slightly move my hand afyer a perood of rest I end up with a shooting pain.I tried physiotherapy and allopathy but have not got much relief. Can you suggest some treatment whereby I can get some relief

  398. shilpi jaiswal says:

    i am having frozen shoulder for past one month now.severe pain in my upper shoulder and upper arm above elbow on left side.leading to sleepless nights.when i lie down the pain increases when i sit it reduces.please suggest me with proper homeopathic medicines so that i can get immediate relief.i would be highly thankful to you.regards..

  399. Dr. Edward Lewis says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    please suggest me a best and fast medicine for Frozen Shoulder.

    Dr. Edward Lewis

  400. anamika bhuyan says:

    Sir,my mother aged 45 has been suffering from stiffness including pain in left hand arm for 3months.She had already taken many allo medicine but no improvement is noticed she had taken homeopathic medicine Spondicare,CP CF,R-tox30,R11 as per advice of homeopathic doctor.Plz,suggest regarding my mother illness and offer opinion on above medicine.

  401. Madhusara Mopuri says:

    Dear doctor,

    I am diabetic since 12 years. I have been suffering from left shoulder pain. Doctors diagnized as ‘Frozen shoulder’, gave me allopathic medicine for pain. I have been going to physiotherapy for 5 weeks. The pain increased during nights after rest. I am waking up with pain in the middle of night several times. The pain is severe. I did not have any injury.

    Please prescribe me right medicine. I really appreciate your response.


  402. Dear Sir,

    My humerus had a fracture due to accident I met on 7th Jan 2014. It healed up and my shoulder brace / arm sling had been removed. I was referred to a physiotherapist. I myself am performing exercises as prescribed. My arm is much more movable but my shoulder is frozen. I visit physiotherapist daily, perform very painful and stretching exercises. Most of the time I cannot sleep due to pain. kindly suggest / recommend me some remedy. I will be very thankful to you.


  403. Md Hossain says:

    My wife has left hand shoulder pain along with froze
    position, about two months. What homeo medicine you advise for her

  404. Hi dr sharma ji
    I have a sholder pain rasing up from side
    I use always homo path my own study
    But for my shoulder I failed to try something
    and my left knee is pain as well
    please need your help

  405. arpita mishra says:

    i am diabatic and having pain for last 3-4 months.My sugar is now under control i.e.75 fasting.I have tried for 1 month ferrous met and ruta tox but of no avail.Current i am going for physiotherapy,there is some improvement but sometimes pain increases on shoulder joints.please suggest what should be done,

  406. K.Ramaprasad says:

    Dear respected doctor,
    I am 50 years old of no Diabitects nor high B.P. I got my museles stiffness in my right hand at shoulder point which generally called as frozen shoulder. I visited to ortho doctor who has given some vitamin tabs and some pain killers asked me to meet after 30 days with some physio. I met hi after one month but there is no remarkable change or cure again he advised me to get X ray for giving injection.I avoided the same. After that I met a Homeo doctor he said that there is avoparation liquid in cut ball joint but I do not think that he is giving me proper medicines.
    I am staying at Berhampur Orissa. I am vegetarian and I do not have any bad habits. Kindly give your valuable advise for early cure permanently.
    with regards,

  407. Sunita Sharma says:

    Dear Sir

    Few days back I also felt pain in my left shoulder, which later i came to know as Frozen Shoulder. Pl. get me remedy for this.

    Thanks & regards

  408. I have Frozen Shoulder with more pain on LHS. This problem is since over 2 years. Taken so many english medicines but no relief. Found your web site. Came to know about Ferrum Metallicum, Rhus Tox and Ruta. Please guide dose of all this medicine. I am 52yrs old male with 67 kg wt. I am facing acute problem due to this. My job is sitting in laptop for long hours.
    Please help.

  409. Good morning, I has been diagnosed with frozen shoulders and have had many therapy sessions, massages, acupunture, desinflamatory drugs and cortisone shuts etc. nothing is working. Please could you tell me which are the best homoepathic medicine that I could take either in shots, cream or oral.



  410. Dr Buddha dev Ghosh(Homeopath) says:

    I am suffering frojen shoulder of left side last 4 month It is worse in the morning.
    I am 62 yrs old. kindly suggest medicines with potency.
    Thanks a lot.

  411. prof. t.shivaji rao says:

    i have shoulder pain since ten days.i applied painkiller ointments.but,no relif. shall i use ushtox or arnica/ ruta and fo r how long / i am a diabetic for 20years with control by insulin and medicine
    thank you for the trouble.yours sincerely, shivaji rao

  412. sir,my mother is suffering from acute pain due to frozen shoulders(both right and left).Doctor is there a good treatment for such a condition in homeopathy.She is getting phsiotherapy.Please advice.Thanks

  413. Hello Doctor,
    I suffering from Pcos from past 15years am now 30 years.I have a bulged tummysince my childhood.Because of obesity am not able to conceive and my periods are very irregular.many doctors have suggested…me take treatment for obesity rather for Pcos.kindly suggest me

  414. sir
    i am from mumbai i am suffering from frozen shoulder due to degeneration in cervicle disk number c7 and c6 and c4 and c5 kindly sujjest me some medicine

  415. roshni raman says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,my wife suffering form pain myright shoulder joint to release all over right hand past one year,& i am suffering gas problem past 10 year upword rightside chiest pain & release toall over right hand my age 45 year & wight 58 kg,hight 5fit 8″, Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

  416. deepali Limaye says:

    Dear sir
    I am having shoulder pain since from past 7 years. I had a musle pull in my right shoulder since then I face a problem of frozeshoulder in my right shoulder once in 6-7 month. Could you suggest me some medicine. I have even taken physiotherapy for it.

  417. badrul alam says:

    pain in left shoulder. feel bad when move.

  418. Poulomi Biswas says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am research scholar of IIT Kharagpur ( sex Female, age 29, unmarried ), suffering from different problem for last 8 months .please suggest some medicine.
    1. pain in both arm , mainly right arm including shoulder .the pain is spreading up to the elbow like electric spark.
    2.spreading pain in both thigh like electric spark.
    3. irregular bledding ( mainly advance cycle)
    4. lower back pain in normal time as weel as during the peroids
    5.blood report says TSH IS 5.2 , PROLACTIN 88.3 AND Hb is 6.7. but usg and ct scan of brain is normal.
    6.Breathing problem and gastritis

    Please suggest some medicine
    Looking for your co operation

  419. Arun Laxman Pandhare says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past one year.There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backwards. I am 65 years retired and quite active in my daily routine but am worried if this problem may not trouble more in the years to come.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

  420. I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past four months.There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backwards. I took physiotherapy sittings for about 4 days but did not work. I am 62 years retired from Govt Services and quite active in my daily routine but am worried if this problem may not trouble more in the years to come. I do light shoulder exercises on regular basis.I am not diabetic.I had any hit to shoulder.
    Please suggest some medicine for its permanent cure.
    With regards,

    • vemula ramesh kumar says:

      sir, i am an advocate and eenaadu press reporter.. i am 50 yrs old.. i am suffering with acute gas left hand shoulder pain since last one and half year.. due to the said gas left hand shoulder pain, i am unable to eat, walk and sleep.. early in the morning pain is less.. after breakfast little more.. after lunch little more.. and after dinner severe.. no sleep in the night due to acute pain… i tried several medicines in allopathy, avurvedic and homeopathy till this day, but in vain… problem is becoming more and more.. i have total confidence in homeopathy medicine.. hence i pray you to suggest suitable medicine for my prolonged problem.. for which kind act of you, myself and all my family members will be ever greatful to you sir… vemula ramesk kumar, advocate & press reporter, hyderabad.. 9603679556..

  421. Deborshi paul says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder for 2 years what medicine will be best for me?

  422. mohan lal says:

    right frozen shoulder
    sever pain when raising the rt arm
    and movement of rt arm

  423. Hello,
    I’m writing because my husband was mijured while lifting a pallet and throwing it on top of a stack of pallets. He heard a light pop and had had ever since. After months of getting the run around, mri, specialist etc, he still does not have relief. they want hom to do a major steroid for 6 days straight butit makes us feel very uneasy when we read the uses and side effects. He is finally ready to see if anything can be done homeopathically now. His MRI report findings were:
    Mild supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendinosis
    MR findings consistant with adhesive capsulitis
    Mild acromioclavicular joint arthrosis

    I was reesing the info about frozen shoulder and was confused if these would help and do I pick one or do all of the ones listed. Ruta Graveolens seems to be the best one I think??? .. Any help will be much apprecciated.
    Thanks so much
    Jessica Whitehouse

  424. Saroj Kumar Baliarsingh says:

    I am 50 years old male, having pain in the right shoulder for at least 5 months . the pain is now acute. I can raise my right hand upwards but can not move it backwards. The pain moves towards the fore arm and there is severe pain for a few seconds when there is a slight jerk on the shoulder joint. i am now on exercicises as advised by a physiotherapist.
    Can I be benefitted by taking any homoeopathic remedy? and What is the remedy? Please help

  425. Dear doctor,

    This letter is writing for my mom. She is a diabetese patient. Last 6 months she is suffering frozen shoulder problem. Allopathy medicine and Ayurvedic medicine taken. But there is no change.
    In night the pain is coming constantlyh.

    So which type of Homeo medicine can take to the cure.

    Your comment is awaiting.



  426. Ratnesh jaiswal says:

    I need some remedy for diabeties & high BP in homeopathy

  427. feel pain swelling in shoulder before one month and not move properly. i am very thankful to you if suggest good medicine. regards

  428. T.AJITH RAJ says:


  429. sk sharma says:

    sir, i am suffering from back pain last 15 yrs and both shoulder pain , knee pain last 2,3 yrs pl give me ad….

    • Lily Dasgupta says:

      I am suffering from frozen shoulder for my left shoulders for the past 1 month. There is pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving theshoulder/arm backward and upward and it was worsening during mid night and morning. It is very painful for 2 th 3 hour after getting up from bed. I do physiotherapy on regular basis. no improvement in pain. The pain reloves round ths shoulder and elbow joints.
      Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
      Should I continue with physiotherapy.

  430. Subhas Bhakat says:

    Iwould request you to kindly prescribe me for the treatment of enlarged prostet.

    Thanking you

    Subhas Bhakat, Kharagpur west Bengal

  431. ponduri raghukumar says:

    respected sir,i have been suffering from neck pain and shoulder pain since four years.i am working as cashier in LIC OF INDIA for the last 16 years.please suggest me homeo medicine as the english medicine is of no use for me.awaiting your valuable suggestion

  432. i have hair problem (baldness) & not copmlwte but started from side both.i try so many doctor treatment.but not relief plz tell me medicine

  433. frozen shoulder in left &right hand from two months

  434. Amjad Raza says:

    I was operated C4-C5 seven years ago. Now for the last 14 months I have pain in my right shoulder and also moving to left shoulder. Dr. say that it is due to C6. What is the treatment.

  435. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have shoulder pain since last 1 month. Due to exercises it has subsidised amd i can move arm freely with very less or without pain. Now the problem is that i feel pain when i sleep on the side of affected shoulder. Secondly when i use computer mouse with affected hand for long time say 2 hrs I start feeling less in that hand as if it is getting paralysed. I hv not used any mecine for the same yet. I would be grateful for your valueable advice. Thanks

  436. Dear Doctor

    I am 58 yrs old & suffering from frozen shoulder (right), since more than three months now.Although ,i am able to move the shoulder,it gives severe pain during night ,while changing sides& during early mornings. gradually reduces during the day. orthopadics suggest exercise/physiotherapy & pain killers.Recent use of mobizox has caused allergic reaction.Also ,i have been advised to take daily dose of vitamins(cobadex forte/sea cod/vit d).
    Request you to ,pl. suggest suitable homeopathic treatment.

  437. Anand Dharap says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulders (Both the shoulders) for the past three months. There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backward and upward and it was worsening during mid night/morning. It is very painful first 15-20 minutes after getting up from bed. I do light shoulder exercises as well as Kapalbhati Pranayam on regular basis.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?

    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

  438. Anand Dharap says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder for both shoulders for the past three months. There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backward and upward and it was worsening during mid night and morning. It is very painful first 15-20 minutes after getting up from bed. I do light shoulder exercises as well as Kapalbhati Pranayam on regular basis.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?

    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

  439. Namastay Sir,
    Sir, I sleeped in bathroom a month back, my right side arm and shoulder was injured. I used Arnica 200 Hepricum 200 still i have pain in right arm and hand. i have take Arina 1 M, Ruta 1M, Ferum Met 200, 80% my pain was gone but still i feel pain in my right arm and hand i can not raise my hand up.
    Please suggest best medicine for relife from this pain.
    Best Regards

  440. praveen sah says:

    My wife 57,diabetic and hipertensinsive,tales allopathic medicine. She has rigt frozen shoulder,not able to lift arm above90 degree. She was given Chandolinum 30 but no relief. She donot have unbearable pain.

  441. Good morning,
    Sir please let me know the potency of Ferrum metallicum for frozen shoulder
    I would be greatful to you
    Yours truly
    Salma zaidi

  442. Kavita Mehra says:

    I am suffering from shoulder stiffness for last three months and now I am not able to move my left hand. This pain increases at the evening time. I do not want to take any pain killer thus request you kindly advise a suitable remedy.


    Kavita Mehra

  443. indu shekhar jha says:

    I am 54 year old male having frozen shoulder in left arm for the last one &half year.i face violent pain specialy at night while I sleep. the pain persists in each position i.e. left,right or on back . the movement towards back or in circle are extremely painful. please suggest appropriate homeopath medicine.

  444. vikas dewangan says:

    i have a problem of tingling in both feet sole since one and half year. i had taken allopathy medicine for this but no result. please sir suggest me some homeopathic medicine for fully cure of this disease. sir also tell that is there is any side effect of homeopathy medicine. waiting for your reply sir.
    mo. no. 9981441789
    add. korba chhattisgarh.

    • Kailash jain says:

      I am suffering from shoulder pain for the last one year. I am doing physiotherapy but to no effect. I an diabetic also. I am suffering from OS too. Please advise me some homeopathic medicine.

  445. chandrashekar says:

    cannot lift left hand fully. whether frozen shoulder? no heart problem except diabetic. please give remedy like medicine or ointment

  446. indu shekhar jha says:

    violent pain in left shoulder joint since last year.Backward movement of left arm is restricted & painful.The pain persists during night which causes sleeplessness due to violent pain.Sleeping in left direction is not possible which i usualy prefer. Please suggest the medicine with strength & dose. I am aged about 54 years.

    • Anuj Kumar Garg says:

      violent pain in left shoulder joint since last year.Backward movement of left arm is restricted & painful.The pain persists during night which causes sleeplessness due to violent pain. Please suggest the medicine with strength & dose. I am aged about 54 years.

  447. I an a diabetic for the past 17 years what is the best medicine to get cured of diabetes .I have also pain in the left arem and i find it painful when I stretch or some one pushes my hand or if I turn or lift my hand my hand

  448. T. satyanarayana says:

    I am a diabetic for the past ten years. I am using medicines like Glypizide for diabetic and for B.P. Amlokind 5. Can Homeopathy cure diabetics. I have been suffering from burning feet syndrome for the last over three years. Often I am using Rhus.Tox 200. for pain in my knees. I am using Glucosomine and calcium tablet for knee pain. Kindly give remedy.

  449. naved ahmad says:

    my age is 17 yrs. i am fair. my cheeks are always red. when i go out in the sun it becomes more red. everybody questions me why is it red? i am unable to give any cogent reply. i consulted dermatologist and he gave me two types of tablet and cream and i continued for a month and then the doctor advised me to stop as the redness has vanished. it is going to be now about 27 days the redness again appeared as before. me sir.
    thank you

  450. Satya Sharma says:

    Dear Doctor Vikas sharma

    I have been suffering from burning feet syndrum for the last over thirty years. My feet burns so much perhaps some one has put my feet on burning coals. My body also produce excessive heat.

    Ihave been unable to wera socks and lace shoes. I always wear sandals or chappals. My GP has prescribed me Gabapentine. which has side effects like my feet and and hand fingure usually remain nums.

    In addition to that I have arthritis problem which restrict my mobility. I feel as some one has clamped my knees. Most of the time i feel my legs very heavy and stiff. Please sugges any homeo treatment. I shall be very greatful of you. Im 57 now. regards satya sharma 7.12.13

  451. PRAMOD.C. N says:

    stomach pain with gas for my daughter who is 15 years old

  452. vinod sharma says:

    dear dr sharma
    As i wrote earliar about my knee pain and suffered all most three months but in the end my Gp told me to gofor keewhole opertation which was done on 19th nov and now i am on naproxin for infilmation and cordomole for pain .But now the problem is constipation .plz tell me which homeopathic medicine ican take for infilmation and stifness and pain
    vinod sharma

  453. I am having old problem of rectum prolapses at the time of motion. It is without pain but I have to push it into after motion.Please advise treatment.

  454. Dear Dr Sharma,
    Recently i have diagnosed by having a MRI the Ostro arthritis of Left knee and Spondolytis of right hip . Dr has suggested me few exercises along with some pain killer and calcium. I would appreciate if you kindly guide me to get a cure to the problem. I am a active man of 58 years not having any problem like high BP , Sugar or the increased Uric acid etc.

    Thanking you sir;
    KK Funda, Delhi

  455. I am a diabetic for the past seventten years. Taking Allopathy for some time then Ayurvedic and then Homeopathy . Can Homeopathy cure diabetics.

    Whenever I lift or stretch my left hand sideways or upwards there is pain and I am not able to lift or move my hands to its fullest. Is this also frozen shoulder


    • basdrul alam says:

      Dear Dr Sharma
      Greetings from Bangladesh.
      I am a diabetic patient.I am suffering from Frozen Shoulder in my left hand. Pls give me medicine.

      Badrul Alam

    • Dr Sharique Ali says:

      I am having frozen shoulder since last 6 months .Have taken allopathic medicines, but due to bitter cold conditions it has come back.
      Can you please tell me what homeopathic medicines I should take for removing the pain on top of my shoulder joint with stiffness and painful restricted mobility. I am 58 years old.

  456. V.K. Sharma says:

    I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past one year.There is no pain as such in the normal routine but it pains while moving the shoulder/arm backwards. I took physiotherapy sittings for about 15 days but did not work. I had the same symptoms in my right shoulder 7 years back but it cured with physiotherapy. I am 65 years retired from U.N. Services and quite active in my daily routine but am worried if this problem may not trouble more in the years to come. I do light shoulder exercises on regular basis.
    Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
    Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

    • Subhas Bhakat says:

      Iwould request you to kindly prescribe me for the treatment of enlarged prostet.

      Thanking you

      Subhas Bhakat, Kharagpur west Bengal

      • Syed Shabbir Ahsan says:

        Lycopodium 30 for enlarge prostet

      • ramesh kshatre says:

        my wife aged 52 years is suffering from left frozen shoulder since 3 months. She is taking physiotherapy also since 10 days but there is no significant improvement. Sir please prescribe some effective homeopathic medicine. Thank you.

        • I am suffering from left frozen shoulder

        • Jakir Hossain says:

          I am suffering from frozen shoulder in my left shoulder for the past one and half month.There is pain while moving the shoulder/arm backwards and upwards and unable to up my hand more than 70 degree from my body.
          Can you suggest some medicine for its permanent cure?
          Thanks & have a good day Dr Sharma.

          • I’ve been diagnosed with frozen shoulder along with a small bone spur and very small tear. When I flinch my arm or quickly move it to the side, I am in severe pain when this happens . It feels as if something dislocates. Could this be the scar tissue surrounding the tendon? The pain is so unbearable, I feel like dropping to the floor… it takes my breath away. I’ve been going for physical therapy for 3 weeks and I faithfully do my exercises at home, including heat, ice, and a portable electrode machine daily. After PT, I usually feel better and more loose, but I’m still concerned about the one motion of my arm that when jerked quickly is excrutiating, feeling like a dislication. I’ve been told that the scar tissue is causing a locked feeling. I’m very concerned at this point. Please advise. Thank you.

        • Amitava Patra says:

          I am. Suffering from frozen shoulder in my left arm for 5months. About 4 yes right hand was affected & by alopathic treatment it was cured. But now by homeopathic treatment I want to cure it .acid phos 0/1 &acid phos0/2 was given to me for 1 month.Having no improvement Dr prescribed lachesis0/2 & then placebo for 1month. But pain is increased much.
          Please suggest some medicine.
          Amitava Patra

        • SURESH KUMAR BEHARA says:

          Sir, I am suffering from frozen shoulder since 3 months, i am also diabetic since 16 years. I had consulted a physician, neurologist, orthopedist, endocrinologist, with their suggestion even physiotherapist for 2 weeks. I also used homeo medicine M46 & R46. Unfortunately pain increased instead of remedy. Can you suggest for remedy from the frozen shoulder.

    • Archana Gupta says:

      i am suffering from high level in uric acid since many years and few days back it came out to 6.13. From many days i m suffering from preiodic numbness in my shoulder and left arm with pain.i m suffering from pain in foot and legs too and stiffness in body especially in morning.

      • Anjum Irfan says:

        frozen shoulder unable lift arm sever pain cannot shop body also cannotpick any weight its 3 mo nths ago

        please prescribe hpathy medicin

    • I have adhesions from a recent shoulder surgery:repair of bicep tendon,and shaving of spurs. Is there anything I can take that would help this problem. I have had months of therapy with improvement but the shoulder is still stiff. Dr.Talking about manipulation under anesthesia if it doesn’t improve. I also have Ostearthritis. Thank you.

    • rajiv kumar says:

      dear sir

      it was four months ago frozeen shoulder started in my left hand now a days it started in right shoulder too .it is very difficult to move my hands on my back during such cases i feel stiching pain ortearing paine recomend me a medicine by which i can get relief.

    • To Dr.SHARMA I am suffering from left shoulder pain for last three months. Ihave taken Ruta G 200 and Rhustox 200 .for two months. But Ihave not got any reasult and also take some exercise every day. Please guide me in this regard. With regards P K RAY 12-07-2014

    • Kailash jain says:

      I am having severe pain in shoulder joints in my right side incl. upper arm. I do have shoulder joint on left shoulder also but of lease degree.. Pl. advise me good homeopathic medicine for the treatment of shoulder joint pain

    • Leena Srivastava says:



      I am suffering from left shoulder pain for last two months. I have taken ALPHA MP about one month and nowadays RHUS TOX 30 from a week. But I have not got any result and also doing some exercise every day.Please guide me in this regard.

      Thanking you,

      Leena Srivastava

    • mahesh bakhru says:

      diabetic F-110 PP-180 AGE–57 FROZEN SHOULDER (L) last 7-8 months. pl.advise

    • ranjana agarwal says:

      i am having very severe pain in whole of my left arm since yest it started during the day and got worse by night couldnt sleep Had taken a strong pain killer after dinner but it didnt help at all Can I get immeadiate relief by homaopathy I am a patient of RA and have to take allopathic medicines for it regularly I had the same problem with my right arm three months back

    • velayudhan kottathara says:

      Iam male aged 57 tall 5.9ft hight thin body shape .Now iam suffering with ” adhasive capsulities ” since started 8 months back at left arm….treated with Alopethy & Ayurveda had not effect much.Still pain while at movemets
      Please advice me
      Thanks and regards


      i am 59 years old retired person. I am having frozen shoulder problem in left shoulder. The problem is after the toilet while cleaning i am getting pain in the left shoulder. The problem is there for the last 3 months. I tried allopathic medicine for 2 months but of no use. while playing shuttle also some times I get pain in the left shoulder muscle. I dont want to use pain killers. I am diabetic for the last 5 years with good diabetic control. I don’t have any BP problem.I am active in day to day life. please suggest me homeo medicine

  457. Dr. Sayeed Ahmad says:

    A valuable and informative article.

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