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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pains

homeopathic remedies for joint painsIn the age of diagnosis where every illness gets slotted into a diagnosis, some set of symptoms just go undiagnosed. Most of the pains in joints have some diagnosis or the other, but quite a few tend to go undiagnosed. This is where homeopathy has a big role to play; homeopathic remedies for joint pains work on a symptom-based system of medicine and the prescription does not get affected by the scientific diagnosis. In this article, I am trying to cover all aspects of joint pains according to their symptoms and their indicated remedies.

Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pains

Rhus Tox is a great remedy for joint pains. I would rank it the number one homeopathic remedy for joint pains. Its indication for use is – the joint pains are worse after rest and the pains get slowly better after walking or moving around. Although there are a number of remedies for joint pains that cover this symptom no other medicine does it better than Rhus Tox.

I would rank Bryonia Alba as number two homeopathic remedy for joint pains. This medicine is more indicated when the pains are aggravated by motion and are relieved by rest. This is quite typical of osteoarthritis pains where the articular surface of joints have got eroded and are inflamed. Bryonia is also used when there is inflammation around the joints causing red hot swelling. Remember Bryonia is to be used when the joint pains get worse from least motion, complete rest brings relief to pains.

Third great homeopathic remedy for joint pains is Ledum Pal; this is indicated mainly in gout and is used more for pains in small joints when they are swollen hot and painful.

Causticum will rank fourth in my list. It is indicated whenever there are severe tearing pains in limbs which is relieved by warmth, Cold increases all pains.

Arnica Montana stands fifth in the list with lameness and soreness all over the body as the key feature for it to be used as a homeopathic remedy for Joint pains. Arnica is indicated when there is extreme pain all over the body and every joint hurts. The whole body feels bruised and sore; as if it had been beaten with sticks. Arnica is also a great homeopathic remedy when the pain in joints is a result of a fall or injury.

Actea Spicata is one the great homeopathic remedies for joint pains when the joints of the hands are affected. This medicine is really very useful when the wrist joint is involved. The main indications for the use of this medicine for joint pains are – Rheumatic pain in small joints of hands and wrist ; Wrist is swollen hot and and swell after least exertion or movement /usage of hand. This medicine ranks sixth on my list for general pains but first on the list for wrist and hand pains. It is an excellent remedy for pain in finger joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Homeopathic medicine Chinum Sulph is the most indicated medicine when there is a sudden onset of  Acute Articular Rheumatism – whenever there is a sudden onset of severe joint pains all over the body in all articular joints. This situation is seen in sudden onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chinum Sulph  usage in this situation draws no parallels.

Pulsatilla is a an excellent homeopathic remedy for pain in joints especially when they are Shifting in nature. The pains move from one joint the other. Another good medicine for Shifting joint pains is Phytolacca. This is indicated when there is shifting of joint pains and the shifting is so sudden the patient feels it like electric shocks.

Colchicum is a great homeopathic remedy for severe pains in Rheumatoid Arthritis and should be used with great care

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  1. I’ve had discectomy L4 due to injury. I have lower spine chronic pain affecting both hips, one hip replacement done the other is to be replaced this year. The longer I stand/walk the worse the pain. It makes me depressed and sad. Have tried anti-inflammatory drugs but the pain is so severe.

  2. Ayush Mistry says:

    I have joint pain since last one month ..age 53 male
    Walking is difficult for me .pain in both legs especially knee joint .

  3. david higgins says:

    I had a ankle injury 15 years ago, worked on my feet wearing a brace for all the subsequent years, which caused the ankle to become weaker, and stiffer. Then I came down with gout, but i did not know it. The gout affects the ankle. I think there is some calcification in the ankle, because it pops as it is flexed under weight. Can you please recommend a homeopathic treatment for the ankle. Thanks

  4. Debra benson says:

    I was suppose to have knee surgery since 2008 but I’ve always work and never had time I’m 63 my jobs was plumbing 27 yrs on my knees soldiering pipes in ditches I jumped off of alot of stuff backhoes trucked trailers u name it and then cleaning house 4 a day .I now have degertive arthistis bad in my knees and ankles I’ve tried shots of all kinds everything except going to pain management …I’ve gained so much weight 220 because I can’t move like I use to I still do house whole chores of but in pain 24 hrs a day help

  5. Hello Dr. Shirma. My wife is 48 years old. Having 108 kgs weight. She is suffering from achilles tendonitis and calcific tendonitis since 2 or 3 years with acute pain at the back of lower heel. Please prescribe some remedy to get relief from pain and treat these issues. Thanks

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  11. sir
    Age : 13 years,
    last 15 days suffering from joints pain (leg & hands) last 15 days i went to orthopedic doctor sir given 10 days antibiotics and pain killers. for completion the course still mild joint pain will start.
    Blood Reports
    C-Reactive Protein – 12 mg/ML
    Plateletcount – 4.81 lakhs/cum
    please advice medicine

  12. sir.. i am suffering from enteric fever for several years.. now i am 25…at tha age of 8 i had typhoid.. then at 20 age.. i suffered from dengi fever amd then at 25 i suffered from chiken gonia.. now i hav enteric fever all tym… aches in body amd som te in head.. hav constipation from 4 to 5 months.. malaise some time feel luke vomit condition… please recomend me homeoedicine

  13. My knees has arthritis and extreme inflation. Also my lower back hurts constantly. Both feels like fire or heat. Just had a steroid shot put in left knee and it’s worse now than before. Which homeopathy do you think might help me, and dosage a day please?

  14. Mary Christopher says:

    I have type 1 diabetes , I am 56 yrs. old . I also have fibromyalgia as well as neck injuries from a fall.
    My question to you is this: can rheumatoid arthritis be misdiagnosed ? I was tested for RA – blood and X-rays of my hands. Nothing found.
    My hands and fingers hurt so bad, always no let up my palms my fingers tip and to my elbow on my right side. Worst pain however is on my left hand no wrist pain on either just fingers and palms. An older sister has RA and several maternal relatives have had t1d and RA together. Is there a genetic link for RA? I’m told my mother also had it.
    Anyhow my question after all of this is about a missed diagnosis. I have been seeing a pain Mgmt but have weined myself there. Would homeopathy help?
    I used them when I was raising my children not so much myself .
    Thank you for any response at all.

  15. Hello
    I have pain in hip and knee. RA rest is negative , having chondromalacia knee. Can you suggest me medication.

  16. Azeem Ahmed says:

    I’m Azeem Ahmed (53 years old) from Pakistan. I have severe joints pain in my whole body. Can u suggest me some good homeopathic medicines

  17. Shyam Sunder Agarwal says:

    I am 61 yrs male.Diabetic & BP both are under controlled. But multipal joints problems like frojan shoulders &wrist movement pain.
    Advice me.
    Shyam Sunder
    Mobile 8299829590

  18. Victoria says:

    what helps with trigger thumb?

  19. Rajat Upreti says:

    My elbow joint had dislocated…after plaster there is so much stiffness in my elbow that i can’t move my arm properly….so what can i do to band my arm properly

  20. Thanks for finally talking about > Top Ten Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pains and Inflammation < Liked it!

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    Development Toronto

  21. Jennifer A. Morrissy says:

    Why are none of the questions on this Comment page answered?

  22. Ayozie Gladys says:

    I have a broken Ankle and I always get severe pains from it especially after walking or resting the leg. Pls what should I do to get it treated and also to get the bone healed

  23. Fred Cook says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    Have you developed a protocol for treating the different phases of the CoViD19 disease?
    Have you published it somewhere I could find?

    I am looking right now for the right remedies for the cytokine storm/hyperinflammation phase and the hypercoagulability/excess clotting phase. Have you found anything that works to pull people back from the edge of severe illness?
    If you have found remedies for other phases like intestinal upset, eye inflammation, anosmia . . . or ideally a genus epidemicus for the whole complex of symptoms, I would be very interested to hear.

    Thank you for your time and attention,
    Fred Cook

  24. DIANA F L D SOUZA says:

    I live in Kuwait and homeopathic is not allowed in Kuwait. But I do self-practice. Off late I have pain in my left arm muscles and can not freely move upwards and backward. I also have pain beneath my left knee. when I rest and get up I feel pain and constraint with stiffness to walk. After a while, I manage. I have 7 years old pain on my right but I suddenly got with a wrong posture while traveling in the car. That pain never disappeared after taking treatment from homeopathy doctors, physiotherapy, needles etc. I am 65 years old. For 2 days I am taking Arnica 30 and stopped. as did not find improvement. Two years ago I took Rhustox 1 m as suggested by the doctor every day. After that my symptoms increased. Now I am wondering which medicine to take. Right now i think I have Rhustox 30 200 and 1 M. I have arnica & causticum 30 . Unfortunately, I do have stock of pulsatilla with me now in Kuwait.

  25. bbarun kumar chakraboety says:

    right kee-inflamation walking trable .

  26. Prabh Charan Singh Virdi says:

    Child with joint pain and inflammation in five places of joints effecting eyes inner inflamation and onset of cataract. Age child is 7 years. Now on weekly injection and eye drops.

  27. Carol Davidson says:

    My pointer finger in the joint is slightly swollen and hurting.

  28. M R Khurrum, London (England) says:

    Our daughter is aged 43. She is on bed since last over 20 years because her both hands and legs are
    bowed with the result that she can neither stand up nor can walk. It is her mother who is taking
    care of her in all fields of life, including feeding her, changing her clothes, giving her bath, taking
    her to the w c on the wheel chair for natural calls, etc. She has been given all sorts of treatment
    since past several years but there is no improvement in her very severe stiffness in her both
    knees. We would therefore like to request you to please reply by return of email as which
    homeiopathic medicine would be best for the relief of her very severe stiffness in her knees.
    She was B Sc (Computer Engineering) Student at the University of Westminister, London,
    but couldn’t complete her studies due these circumstaces.

    This message was sent to you earlier in October last year but until now there is no reply received
    from you which is very much susrprising. We therefore hope that this time you will reply. Thanks

    • Saranya Rajaram says:

      Sir, why not you try treatment with a homeopath locally. The information you have provided won’t be sufficient to select a homoeo medicine. Their approach is different.

  29. Sabyasachi Paul Choudhury says:

    I have given birth to a child in the month of June 2019. Now for few days I am experiencing severe joint pain the morning hours. I am also breastfeeding my child. Kindly advice what medicine should I take to get rid of joint pain.

  30. Why should colchinum be used with great care?

  31. Naseer Ahmed says:

    i have joint pain which does not allow me to walk more. pl advise about medicine

  32. Sir
    I have pain in my knee what Medecines should should I take

  33. Hello
    I am 37 years old and already one year I have Tietze’s syndrome. I have sometimes sharp
    pain in my chest and I need to lie down. What can I do?

  34. Mrs.Manisha Rakesh Patil says:

    My mother (Age 64 years) is having osteo arthritis since last 5 years. She was advised for both knee replacements. Can Homeopathy medicine work in this case.

  35. Dear sir
    My is very nerou prablam one leg very pain

  36. Join paian leg ka kaya dowa hai

  37. Prasant Kumar Mishra says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am feeling pain in bending the fingers of right hand. Iam 64 years old and a diabetes patient for last 20 years and insulin dependant. Pl adise homeo pathic drop for cure of my rheumatic pain of finger.

  38. Dr(Col) B K Saxena says:

    My wife (Age 64 years) is having osteo arthritis since last 15 years. She was advised for both knee replacements. But she feels much better with the following medicines:
    R 73 15 drops BD
    Rhus Tox 30 3 Pills x TDS(40 Size)
    Colch 30 3 Pils x TDS
    Guaicum 30 3 Pils x TDS

    Her pain is much better, but she limps and gets relief on movement.
    No other disease.

    May we have your advise Pl

    Dr(Col) B K Saxena

    • Meena sinha says:

      Dr Sharma, I am 76 years old female with a history of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I suffer from pain in my right knee , lower back and finger joints of my hands. No swelling in joints and joints do not get warm.
      I feel better while resting. Pain increases with motion and specially when it gets cloudy or rainy. When weather clears I feel much better.
      I tried Bryonia 3o and felt better but relief did not last. Later I also tried Rhus Tox 30 and 200 a but no further relief. Please advise. thanks.

  39. Dipak Sarkar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I have lot of pain all over body specially in both hands, wrists, fongers, shoulders , legs since last 3 years. Please suggest medicines by which I can get relief.
    Thank you in anticipation.

    Mr. Dipak Sarkar
    Kolkata 700047

  40. Netpreeya Kate Choomchaiyo says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My 2 year old male Samoyed (white big dog, 30 kgs.) has been suffering from a dislocation of hip joint since birth. He has difficulty walking up-stairs (his hind legs always collapse) and prefers to lay down with his hind legs part to the side, his front legs to the front. He loves jumping into the pool but too lazy to move his hind legs. I gave him Rhus-tox 30c (mix in his water bowl) for 2 months. His condition seems a bit better when he swims more often (every two days). I stop giving him the remedy for 6 months now because I am not sure if I had given him the right one. I have about 120 basic homeopathic medicines (6x, 30c, 200c, and some M) at home. Please recommend the remedy for him.
    Thank you very much for your kindness and a very good website.

  41. Dear Dr. Sir,
    I have joints pain. Knee, shoulder L4 L5 problems. After rest this pain is increased. I’m 66 years old and 5 feet 10″ tall. Whether should I take Rhus Tox and if so, what potency and duration. I would be highly obliged.
    Shyam Mohan

  42. Melinda Appleby says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have pain in my right shoulder that feels like it is “catching” on something every time I move it or lift something. The joint clicks when I move it. It’s better for pressure and test and heat. I love heat, hate anything cold.
    Thank you.


    Hello sir good morning.
    My name is satyanarayana. My problem was knee pain from left leg.
    Reason= cartilage present nill.. any medicine aur h********** available I don’t know. Please give me my problems solution sir please prescribe h********** medicines thank you sir

    • Dr Sharma, Greetings to you

      I have back pain and right Knee pain. Please advice me what will be the best Homeopathic medicine to be taken. Anwar

      • Dear Dr Sharma, Greetings to you

        I have back pain and Knee pain at right leg. I do some exercise in the morning. Also I am controlling my diet, negligible amount of Non Veg. No refined sugar/salt .

        I seek your advice for treatment.

        Thank you in advance for your advice
        Anwar Basha

  44. Hi 👋
    I have just got in from walking 🚶‍♀️ my right knee popped loudly! Then very painful. I broke my right Fibula 🦴 🦵 the cast came ooof! Two weeks ago! … I should of worn my black boot/crutches….I got given when the cast came off! So two weeks in…a torn ligament ! Behind the knee.
    😨Painful 😣
    Kind regards 🥰

  45. Take rhus tox 30 4 times a day 4 globules

  46. Subramanian Varadaraj says:

    Hi Doctor, good morning.
    My name is Subramanian.V . I am suffering from OestoArthritis acute knee pain in both my legs. I was diagnosed by Dr Venkaraman of Apollo Hospital after going through MRI. He had give me Cortisod Injection in both my knees. But that’s not helping me. I have all the reports. If you send me your email address I can send the reports to you.
    I was told by friends that there are good homeopathic medicines available for Oesto Arthritis knee pain. Hence I am writing this message to you. If you can recommend some homeopathy medicine I would appreciate that.
    I am having swelling at the joints not painful. I am doing yoga. Somedays it pains badly then I take zerodal 100mg.

  47. Sprained booth of my ancle sore feet burning pain what can I do about it please

  48. Susan Halferty says:

    When the weather changes and rain is coming, my knee elbow and shoulder will begin to ache. Sometimes my thigh will become painful to the touch. A severe attack involves complete immobility of my leg extreme sensitivity and painful. My last bout lasted 3 days gradually easing as the rain ceased and the weather became warmer. I have sustained multiple falls resulting in injuries to these 3 sites that are affected.

  49. Nagalakshmi MG says:

    Dear doctor,
    When I climb stairs or up a steep road, I have severe pain only in my right thigh joint and am not able to take one step further. I also have pain in my knees, but manageable. Kindly tell me which homeo is best for me. I’m diabetic n aged 50+

  50. I got muscles pain-inflammation like
    All fingers get swollen and shoulder
    Aches unable to move
    Prednisone is my preventive but shows
    Up my A1c more in numbers
    To get away with prednisone
    I am inviting you to recommend homeopathic
    Medicines in which I know something about
    Some medicines so could you email me
    Your the recommended medicines
    Names or send me medicines
    My email is
    Name: C J SURTI in NC USA
    Thank you

  51. Valerie E says:

    I have condition diagnosis of diffuse PVNS in left knee. This is Pigmented villonodular synovitis. Are you familiar with this joint disease? Are there homeopathic protocols available for this condition?

  52. Raymond Adamah says:

    for more than two years now smoke inidian hem and notice a spack in my brain since then it has cause me every night and day pains at the back of my headache.when it started I can’t breath normal it always soffocate me and now is affected the Same part of legs cause I feel like there is robe been tire on my head The only way I can get relief a bit is when I sleep the moment I wake up is like a thunder on my head and a strike in my Left leg causing confusion and absent minded, pls what can do


    Hello Doctor,

    Actually, my father was also a qualified homoeopathic physician who passed out from CH Medical College, Calcutta now National Institute of Homoeopathy in the decade of 70s with over 45 years of experience, had passed away 6 months ago. And I have lately encountered with knee pain. I am 43 years old.


    When I get up after sleep, it’s very difficult to walk or get upstairs or downstairs. The same happens when I stand up after 2-3 hours of at a stretch sitting. As per your article, Rhus Tox suits the best in my case. Can you please suggest me what should be the potency and dosages of Rhus Tox, and how long it should be taken to get rid of this problem? Or what would be the suitable medicines other than this? Can you please elaborate on this, oblige my thanks.

  54. Gopal Prasad Jhunjhunwala. says:

    Dr. saheb.

    knee joint pain mein in sabhi medicine ko mix krke khaya ja sakta hai kya. yadi in sabhi medicine ko mix

    kerke khaya ja sakta hai to kripa ker yah batane ka kripa kareinge ki yah medicine ko kitne power mein aur
    kitni matra kitni bar leni hai.
    (Rhus Tox, Arnica, Causticum, Actea Spicata, Chinum Sulph, Pulsatilla , Colchicum) .

    • P Balatripura sundari says:

      Dear Sir
      Namastae My mother is 89 yers old . her both knees are painful and she is over weight too.She can walk very slowly after long sitting that makes so difficult to her. In additionto this little walk also causing heavy breathing. upon showing the docts no ehart problem and no Asthama this is all due to over weight and we can reduce her weight and hardly she is eating as 4 to 5 years childeren eat that much only . Please help to my mother what treatment to fallow please.

  55. Venkat Rao says:

    Sir I am 32 year old in my left knee have pain since last 8 months, taken consultation of doctor also we have go operation for ACL surgery and other

    My problem is in pattele little upper left side I have huge pain while folding leg to to touching hip getting thak thak sounds and pain please advise

  56. anna maria barbery says:

    DEAR Dr Sharma, My 92 year old mother has severe knee pain. Xrays show no cartlidge and she has knock knee posture. She has arthrutis un ver spine. She took diclofenaco potassium 100 mgs for many years which helped greatly but developed red bruised swollen legs so she is off them now. For pain she is only taking tylenol up to 6 times day and no effect. Doctor in US prescribed tramadol but its an opiod and I AM afraid of sideeffects. She has short térm memory loss and I have been giving her CBD which has helped her cognitive skills but nothing for inflammation. PLEASE help me un finding a remedy for my mother!!!! Thank you so very much.


      Hon’ble Dr Sharma,
      I’m 72 years old and possess good health excepting a Trouble in my Right Big Toe. The Right Big Toe gets Swollen & Red with Pain from time to time at monthly Intervals since April 2018.
      The Big Toe Nail has a Sharp Edge in the Right Corner because the same can’t be Trimmed/ Cut with
      a Nail Cutter any time. I’ve acquired a little Knowledge on Homoeopathy and had have taken Silicea 200/ 30 and Acid Nit 30/ 6 since April 2018 by which the Abcess vanished totally but reappeared after about a month on all occasions till February 2019.
      When the said Big Toe Abcess reappeared again from the beginning of March 2019, one new Symptom
      appeared (after having SILICEA with Interpolated dozes of Sulphur & ACID NIT from March 2019 till
      date with Gaps) viz. scanty Blood is oozing from the Right Corner of the Toe every day and as such, I’m
      thinking to have now Arsenic Alb 200 (Twice in a Week) stopping Silicea & Acid Nit. I shall remain
      ever Grateful if you Kindly Provide me Guidance on the “Homoeo Remedy”. I’ve all common Homoeo Medicines of “Dr Reckeweg, Germany”. Please Advice me which Medicine/s (with Potency) I must take now to Permanently Cure the said Abcess.
      I Convey my Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,
      Ashok Kumar Bhattacharyya,
      Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700089; Mobile: +919830077400.



  58. gopal bahadur bhatnagar says:

    my x ray repot – osteophytes are seen in bones forming knee joints.Medial joint spaaces are reduduced.

  59. Padmini Dutta Sharms says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My mom is 90 years old. She is having severe pain in her leg jointd. What should you suggest.
    Will be very grateful if you offer advice.

    Best regards

  60. Sumi Kumar says:

    My wife is suffering from SLE and for the past 9 years she is under treatment at PGI. now days her knees and hands are very stiff.plz suggest me some thing

  61. Hello Sir

  62. Hello
    This is wafa. I am suffering from Sacroiliac Joint pain. Its been 1.5 year now. My x-ray showed that my last vertebra has moved slightly. I went to chiropractor and done therapies but there is no relief from pain. Whenever i sit down and then wants to standup there is severe pain. Please tell me some effective homeopathic medicine that can reduce this pain in less time.

  63. Sharron smith says:

    I hope to find out why i have. RA IN MY BODY
    I think that i never be the same unless i do my research please help me … i live in pain…..

  64. Ajay Kumar Sharma says:

    I m suffering from baker’s cyst. Pl. help me.

  65. Ajay Kumar Sharms says:

    I m suffering from baker’s cyst. Pl. help me.

  66. Dear Dr. Sharma:
    I am having Knee pain, and trying to postpone knee surgery. Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine.


    Farhat Khan

  67. Bettye Mills says:

    I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which come with a great deal of joint and muscle aches.

  68. gopal bahadur bhatnagar says:

    i suffering from gout and ankle(ghoutno ka pain) from one year.

  69. neelam bhalla says:


  70. kamleshchoubey says:


  71. Hans-J.Rosch says:

    My knees do not hurt when resting. Slight discomfort when standing. Some pain when moving but could be very painful at times. Urine is fairly smelly. At one time past I had a situation that the joint would make cracking sound when going down a set of stairs. I am 80 years old and otherwise in a good state of health.

  72. Ishrat Sami says:

    Dear doctor, I am 48 . i am suffering from cervical spondylitis , I often get catch or sprain from my neck to shoulder. Exercise give relief rest makes it worst. I also fell dizzy sometimes and blur eyesight. I am near and far short eye sight.
    Please suggest medicine.

  73. raheel raheel khan says:

    dear doctor . 8 years ago i suffered from dizzling . got appointment with mbbs doctor . in the test creatinin were high to 87 he gave me cold like drug . then a month after creatinin were low but suffered typhoid i was given antiboitics and advised to have rest my both legs left off my burdon then was given cervical surgery due to desk displaced . still i am unable to move . what would be my treatment in homeopathy

  74. Started pain in knee and now affected to all the joints within 4 years. No swelling..pain in joints is different times. Whenever some joints are paining others are relax and vice versa. Please advise the medicines including dose.

  75. Paromita Saha says:

    Pain left shoulder back…shoulder…left leg with tingli g sensation on left toes

    • rajen borbora says:

      sir, due to some reason my daughter left hand was defected in reverse direction at the time birth & placed in perfect direction by the Doctors of vellore cmc at her age of 12 months during 1989-90 at the juncture left arm & chest near the left breast. Now she is around 32 & feeling pain from lower head region to leg very frequently in left side.She is working in legal deptt. with computer about 10 hrs a day. kindly sugest homeo medicine

  76. Subinoy Chandra says:

    I am suffering from jaw pain me in left side the …. Please suggest me the medicine

  77. ali azam says:

    good . a well post. speaking from bangladesh

  78. My wife is suff wrong from knee pain & swelling, unable to sit & stand. she is suffering last 10 years, she is RA+

  79. Suresh Prasad Gupta says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have pain in the back of ancle , unable to walk. Few days there is no pain and suddenly I get pain. Sometimes in left leg, sometimes in right and sometimes in both legs, more pain in the morning. Please suggest some medicine. Thanks.

  80. Alpa Mehta says:

    I am 50 years old lady
    Before one month I got sudden big crackling sound in my Left knee joint while climbing stairs with severe pain since then I have pain in left knee after walking few steps l am not able to walk even 500 metre
    Pain is < by taking deep breath
    Can you please suggest me some homoeopathic medicine

  81. My friends elbow swells up and becomes extremely sore and can barely move. Used to take Cortizone shots but has bad side effects. Has been taking a stronger form or Naproxen and a pain killer but its very hard on the stomach. I want to make a suggestest to help thats a more healthier solution and doesnt cause stomach or head pain

  82. Krishna Malakar says:

    Dr.Sharma I Krishna Malakar 53 years old married searvice holder I have neck pain, tingling sensation & numbness of rt.hand low bp and insomnia when increase office work. I like homeopathy so you kindly solve the problems by homeopath medicins.

  83. Dr.GOPI NATH PARIDA says:

    I am 60 years old . I retired from govt job as a subpostmaster last January 2018 . I have been suffering from CAD since 2014 and treatment of brahmananda Narayanan hospital Banglore and then Satya Sai hospital Banglore from 2017. Now blokege reduced from 85percent to 55 percent. But now filling numbness on both hands and pain in chest when walking on up . All joints are painful . Left Knee and lumber is very painful when get up from bed. First movement and then gradually normal . Much pain when fold the finger of hand and leg. BP always be low and no suger. I am like milk and all milk itams.solty items. Badam. I dislike nonveg . Fear of death and croud. Father also suffering from heart problem.

  84. SHASHI ANAND says:

    Hello Doctor.
    Since October 2017 I have very bad pain in my right
    Knee and less in left knee. I feel stiffness in my legs
    Also. While resting it’s ok but pain when I walk.
    Pls suggest some medicin.

  85. asif javed says:

    hye Dr Sharma ,
    this is Dr Asif from Pakistan .I have MPhil in English .I have a great interest in homoeopathy I have done diploma in homoeopathy.I wanna improve my knowledge in homoeopathy. would you help me plz in this regard.

  86. B.S.Panhalkar says:

    Dr sharma i am 27 year old. now I am suffering hip joint since 2014.i have went through many doctors for treatement but i didnt relief but many doctor advice me hip replacement is best option but I can’t do this.
    please suggest me the best homoeopathic medicine for this problem

  87. G v RAMA RAO says:

    Left side nose blocked
    One-sided headach left side
    Brain not working feeling as if certain area is blocked
    Able to pin point that area with finger left side above ear.

  88. khokon syed says:

    Dr sharma iam 51 years old now sufering with knee joint pain -iam taking diabetic&hypertenc drug

  89. Baby Varghese says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma! I am 52 year old Lady. I have stiffness on my fingers and neck, also suffering from knee and joint pain. I am putting on weight also.

    I want to take homeopathy treatment permanently.

    Please suggest me some good medicine .

  90. neetu sharma says:

    Respect sir, Namshkar

    i am 50 years old, I am suffering from c.r.p.positive, my foot is swelling too much pain in both foots and aris kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine, I am taking homeopathy medicine but no relief feel.

  91. respected sir, my name is kavita, 33 yrs female, suffering from pain in lower abdomine, pain in wrist and ankle. after sex too much pain in utras. plz provide me medicine.

  92. Mohammad Shahid Javed says:

    Respected Sir,
    My age is 45 ,my lipid profile is as under
    Triglyceride 405mg/ml
    Cholesterol 175mg/ml
    HDL 31mg/ml
    LDL 165mg/ml
    I do have high blood pressure in range 140/100
    kindly suggest remedy

  93. Jane Doe says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    When you said, “Cold increases all pains”, did you mean cold therapy too?

  94. Kavita Malaiya says:

    I get severe body ache after interval of every 15 days..Any suggestions please ?

    • Rajesh Sharma says:

      Hello! I am Rajesh 54 years old. I have stiffness on my spine and also suffering from minor knee and joint pain. I take ciplox regularly. Now I want homeo treatment permanently. Please suggest me.

  95. Bela kumar says:

    Plz suggest some medicine for IBS with constipation. My wife is suffering with IBS with lot of gas, stomach pain (sometimes) and 5-6 times motions small portions. Mostly the motion is there with gas. Thanks

  96. Krishnakishore says:

    I am 58 ,yrs old suffering from arthritis in all joints. Getting worse after test. Is Rhustox what potency and frequency yield better results?

  97. Sanghamitra Goswami says:

    My name is Mrs. Sanghamitra Goswami, I am house-wife & my age around 50 yrs, I am suffering from 4/5 yrs pain in my ankle joint as follows : –
    Back side of ankle-joint, just above of heel getting swelling with pain and the joint pains are worse after rest and the pains get slowly better after walking or moving around. As per Allopathic treatment it is nothing but enhancement of bone & need surgery.

  98. MD ANWAR HUSSAIN says:

    I am an Army Cadet and 19 years old. I have been suffering from knee joint pain for the last 06 moths. I am doing physical training at Military Academy. Please advise me what medicine I should take and what precaution I must take now.

  99. Abdul Majid says:

    DEAR DR.
    I AM 72 years old.
    Pain in hip joints pain in knee joints. Pain in thumb joints pain in hand arm joint.
    When I come home after shopping.
    Light pain starts on joints. I rest sometime after sometime feel better.
    Pl. advice me. I also have enlarged prostate.
    Wake up during sleep for urination.
    Pl advice me.

    • Muhammad Ismail says:

      Dear Dr Sharma,
      I am 42 year old I have cholesterol level 197 and LDL level 152,
      kindly suggest medicines for me
      my wife is 37 years old she has knee pain and back bone pain suggest medicines for her

      • Hi Dr Sharmaa i have an eye problem which i can see letters like (0)like (D) one side. is flat. Please. Which remedy can you recommend

        • suresh bhagat says:

          i am suresh 47 year male very harm full pain on my right hip joint

          • suresh bhagat says:

            i am suresh 47 year male very harm full pain on my right hip joint

          • suresh bhagat says:

            i am suresh 47 year male very harm full pain on my right hip joint please suggest me a best homeopathic medicene

  100. manish mittal says:

    i m suffering from hyperthyroid tsh level around 7 and my digestion is poor and my weight is lost.
    also suffering from joints pain and muscles pain
    please suggest me the best homoeopathic medicine for this problem
    i have went through many doctors for treatement but i didnt get relief

  101. Prathima G. Prabhu. says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am 68yrs lady following the medicines for diabetice & hypothyroidism since 22yrs,I take huminsuline injection shots, 8units on the morning before breakfast, I the tablet Glycomet tablet before lunch and 6units of huminsuline injection at night before dinner. I take one tablet thyronorm 50mcrgm.once early morning on empty stomach. Since last two months I take one capsule of corcium – plus after lunch. My request for your advice for foot sole neuropathy as I find my foot sole very sensitive and I cannot climb steps without support and feel shaky while walking on slopy roads. Is there any good homeopathic medicine for diabetic foot neurology. I request you for your kind advice.
    With warm regards,

  102. Shyam singh says:

    My father is suffering from knee pain.will you recommed any homeopathic medicine.

  103. KAPIL KUMAR GUPTA says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife age is 28 years.she has leg pain from knee and muscles below knee. She tried almost every doctor.but when pain killer start it start painting again.approximatly it happens for more than 5 years.please provide some solution

  104. NARENDRA GARG says:

    dr.sharma sir , i feell no problem while moving around or walking slowly bul when i sleep at night and wakeup for urine i feel great pain in my left knee.i am taking homeopathic solution no. 25 of dr Reckeweg since more than one month and have a good relief in that problem.After a sitting of half an hour when i standup to move the knee apears to be locked an it very painful but after few steps i feel no trouble.I suffered a brain stroke before three months and have recovered from that now.what should i do for my knee pain.i can mail my MRI report of recent MRI done

  105. /janakiraman says:

    Dear Dr.,
    Due to bad exercise I got meniscus tear . Kindly suggest what treatment / Homeo medicine should I take .


  106. abhishek jha says:

    my both knee pains when i climb stairs.there is no pain height is 5 ft 8 in, and weight is 92 kgs.
    i was a regular morning walker before six months
    and have stopped it after pain developed.
    after that i have gained weight,( 84 kg to 93 kg).

    i take thyrox 75 mcg for hypothyroidism

  107. Sajid Akhter says:

    I have pain in knee, deep hip joint, shoulder and every joint is paining and noise is coming.please guide me.and give some medicine for this.

  108. Solange croaker says:

    I have Spurs on my two heel what do you suggest homeopathy thank you solange

  109. Andrea morgan says:

    I need your help please

  110. Hello doctor
    I am suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from 10 years I have taken Rhustox and bio 19 and Rheuma aid tablets for almost 2 years along with symptoms for 5 years after that. Now again I have severe flare ups. My Ra positive and CRP is positive. Please suggest Homeo remedies

  111. Brindabon Das says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am 34years old weight 88kg suffering from backpain & also knee pain from 1year . I am not able to turn my leg…it pains….I cannot lift my leg to sit in the floor….
    I have pain on my neck and shoulders.. also on my joints on the elblw & fingers and knees.
    My x ray shows report that I have problem with L5 S1. disc space decrease…
    Kindly suggest some. Treatment and remedy…
    I take Zerodol P as a pain killer to ease my pain and it relieves me. ..
    PL suggest ye advice for cure my problem
    Mr Brindabon Das

  112. Muhammad nadeem says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.
    Please suggest the medicine to decrease the uric acid form joints.

  113. Hi Dr. Sharma, My knee is not to bad now it was bone on bone but have used gelatin for the cartilage, but it has left my knee muscles so stiff all around the knee and also some swelling behind the knee, it hinders me with walking as my gait is wrong I can’t walk normal anymore . Would you know if anything can help me to have less stiff muscles. I do exercise them but it makes no difference.

  114. Madhav Panse says:

    Britle Nails, Fungus infection ??

  115. What is best for sciatic pain in left buttock and pain running down bottom of leg


    what is the meaning of potency…like i see when i get it….it is 50-100-200-1k-even 5k or 5 m…is it million..kindly explain

  117. D.HANUMANTHA RAO says:

    I am having severe joint pain in the right leg knee joint.
    Doctor says the gel in between the joints is dried out
    and bones have eroded leaving a major gap between the joints
    I want go for homeopsthy medicine pl
    Advise what medicine I have to take

  118. Syed Mohiuddin Farid says:

    Which is the best homeopathy medicines for knees gaap

  119. Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am 65years old suffering from Arthiritis since 30years.. now I am suffering from severe pain from my hip down to my groin. .to my legs with aching pain. I am not able to turn my leg…it pains….I cannot lift my leg to sit in the car….
    My hips and on my buttocks I have pain.
    I have pain on my neck and shoulders.. also on my joints on the elblw and knees and swellings on my ankle. My ground pain us getting severe each day…I put my keggies with difficulty.
    My MRI scan shows report that I have problem with L2,L3,L4,S1. With disc bulge…spine degeneration and narrow spine. I have pelvic Calcification and Hip arthiritis.
    I am taking allopathic medicine for diabetics, chokiatrik, pressure ,tgroud all getting under control ..not on the high level….
    Kindly suggest some. Treatment and remedy…
    I take Zerodol P as a pain killer to ease my pain and it relieves me. ..
    PL suggest ye advice to get rid of my pain.

  120. Javed Malik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I feel pain in legs muscle especially in thighs and knees and inflamation. My age is 69 years and no other helth problem.

  121. M.Nouman ansari says:

    Good .morning

    I have knee pain last five years gradually increasing. Now is in chronic condition by using any pain killer no relief. Dr said now time to make operation to change knee.
    Please advise me the homeo medicine. Thanks.

  122. Hi,

    i am 37 years old suffering from AS from last 5 years which is affecting my lower back, upper back neck shoulders, sacriliac joints , thighs. i feel pain when i cough or sneeze, also i have ulcerative colitis.

    i am currently take R1, R11,R37 BUT NOT MAKING ANY GOOD PROGRESS

    Can you please suggest me any homeopathic medicine and do i need to change my diet please advise on my diet plan as well

  123. hello dr im 20years old im suffering joint pains since last 8months im using homeyo medicine at local hospital i got relief when im using medicine after again pain comes does homeyo medicine cures jointpains completly or not..? How long i can use this medicine or using medicine continuously for long time or not please suggest me which medicine cures completly

  124. Ravi Kapoor says:

    Right knee pain due to OA; reduced gap between the bones; limping gait affected right hip joint with pain coming intermittently;reduces after ROM exercises .Left knee TKR done 9yrs back & is fine. Pls suggest medication.

  125. S Radhakrishnan Sreedharapanicker says:

    Hai Dr. I am a 68 year old man having osteo arthritis for the last two years.I have had some homoeopathic and ayurveedic treatments.But I am not getting any relif.My both knees are very painfull .left knee is more affected and swelled.I have severe pain while walking or standing and getting relief during absolute rest.there is a cracking sound while walking.the knee feels as if it is dislocated and feels as if the bones are loose inside the I can move very hardly so as the tendons are very short and can”t stretch the limbs with out pain. please suggust me a homoeopathic medicine for my sufferings.

  126. Mitali De Sarkar says:

    Dr Sharma, patient is suffering carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Severe pain and numbness. Much more worry in right hand. Mitali

    • S Radhakrishnan Sreedharapanicker says:

      Hai Dr. I am a 68 year old man having osteo arthritis for the last two years.I have had some homoeopathic and ayurveedic treatments.But I am not getting any relif.My both knees are very painfull .left knee is more affected and swelled.I have severe pain while walking or standing and getting relief during absolute rest.there is a cracking sound while walking.the knee feels as if it is dislocated and feels as if the bones are loose inside the I can move very hardly so as the tendons are very short and can”t stretch the limbs with out pain. please suggust me a homoeopathic medicine for my sufferings.

  127. Rambriksh ray says:

    Dear Sir
    I have knee pain from 2 year .
    Please tell me medicine

  128. prabhakar thanugula says:

    Hello sir
    We need medicine for knee pain
    Wish medicine use for knee and jong pains

  129. Pain in left knee female aged 40 years. Pain in back side of knee. Cannot walk after folding knee for a short time. Cannot understand where is the point of pain. Nonpalpable pain. Menstration occur gap of 21 to 22 days interval. Heavy bleed about 4 days. Bloody mens no clot particles.

  130. Baria Chetan. S. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am chetan baria i leave in baroda somatalv. Our daughter right hand is un-active (5 years old) kindly send any treatment and suggetions

  131. Qazi Zahoor says:

    Good night, I’m 58 & suffered from checkungunya from 25.10.2017. l feel pain in my wrist, wrist & fingers joints and in my knees, feet joints. I feel muscular pain in my neck & shoulders. Please advise me best homeo medicine.

  132. Namaste Dr.
    I am 66 yrs old. Due to pain in left knee from inside I met arthropaedic sergen. He strongly recommended partial knee replacement. Sir I don’t want to go for surgery. Can you please recommend homeopathic medicine for my problem. Thanking you in anicipation.

    Kamlakar Chaudhari

  133. Shakti Adeeb says:

    I am 64 yrs old woman .I have recently developed osteoartherites in my knees .3yrs back I fell on my knees on the ground .. The dr. Says there is inflammation on the joints .. The bone stress test on the knees was positve ,for this I have been given rockbone kit ,along with move n walk etc. After standing or walking for 1/2an hour get severe pain .. Pain starts on rest . The present medicines are giving me relief but I want it to be substituted by homeo medicines.. Please advise.
    Thank you.

  134. Mrs Sakina Sheikh says:

    I am an almost 50 yr old Asian woman. Last month I developed a sudden discomfort in my right knee and faced difficulty standing up from sitting down position, I researched on the net and took 5 drops of Arnica 200 and 5 drops of Rus tox 200 on alternate days for 3 weeks. While it has made a difference but the pain hasn’t gone completely and I’m still facing difficulty standing up when I sit down on the floor.
    Please advice further as I have stopped all medicines at the moment.
    Thank you

  135. Biplab dhar says:

    I am suffering from joint pain and swelling,
    Which shooting one to another for many years.

  136. Dear Dr. Sharma, I have osteoarthritis in my left hip which has been getting increasingly painful and stiff. My movement is now very limited. My doctor says I need a total hip replacement but if possible I would prefer to treat naturally. Can you help please? I am a 63 year old male.

  137. Vinay Kumar dubey says:

    Sir mujhe pairo aur hatho mein bahut dard aur jalan hoti hai.bone mein

  138. Binoy ghosh says:

    My wife age 50 yrs. Suffering from right knee pain last 3 yrs doctors says knee formation has changed due to arthritis . Is ther any treatment? If yes please advise me how.

  139. Rashpal singh says:

    My mother suffring frpm nee pain back last 25 year now her age is 77 year lease advise homeopathic medician

  140. unnam venkata Kotaiah says:

    My father is suffering with both knee pains. he also having BP 188 & sugar is also. kindly advise the best medicine in homeopathy medicine for both knee pains and BP as well as sugar. The Dr has advised for replacement surgery.

  141. Mohammad sarfraj says:

    DR. Sharma ,
    very good morn.
    Sir I am 44 years old i have pain in my left knee joint,it is last from one year .lot of medicine i have taken from alopathic,but no relief.from last three month i have started homeo path medicine, still iamm facing problem,when ever iwalk a long pain started and swoling comes around the knee.when ever i do the movement a sound come from it like khat khat from knee joint. Kindly help me and suggest some medicine for quick relief and cure.

  142. Dr. Mukesh Srivastava says:

    Dr. Sharma;
    Great article by you.
    Incidently, my pain of hip is different from all types described above in your article;

    “Top Ten Homeopathic Remedies for Joint Pains
    By Dr. Vikas Sharma MD 1,320 Comments

    It has started some one month ago. Initially, I noticed that I woke-up due to some pain in hip-joint region when I slept either on left or right side. I change the position, this gives me sleep for some more time. I again change the position due to pain. This cycle repeats several time during my sleep of 5-6 hours. For some time when I used the support of cushion, I got relief but slowly now, it hardly give me relief for longer time. The pain occurs both side.
    Astonishingly, there was no pain once I got-up from bed. Immediately the pain goes away. It not even affects me while walking, climbing stairs, bed, chair etc.

    By the way, degree of pain on the left side is slightly more than the right side.
    What I am noticing now is that the severity of pain has increased over a period of time. This worries me. I am about 58 years of age. I am vegetarian (teetotaller). I take hardly 1-2 cups of tea or coffee. My weight is 67 kg. My BP and sugar levels are normal. I don’t have arthritis or joint pains otherwise.
    I have not taken any medicine till date for this. I want to get it cured naturally or by Homeopathic.

    I can for diagnosis if you say so.

    Please suggest me remedies.

  143. Suparna Dutta says:

    Dear Dr dharma
    My mother is 78 years old and is suffering from severe knee joint pain, specially in the right leg.please help.

  144. post surgery broken femur – extreme constipation – six months – extremely chemical sensitive…. need large dose steriods to prevent anaphylaxis dental work. Building going on around me on a large scale – probable pesticide exposure to which I am VERY reactive after exposure undiluted clordane. Now have extreme buring pain in bones, sinus, head – yet inflammatory markers OK. Recent check on heriditary low I.G.A. show drop in count and also neutropenia Hoping you can suggest remedy… thank liz

  145. I always go through your letter….which is informative but Dr I would like to recommend you or rather request you to tell us about the potency too that . Is more helpful thanks a lot doctor

  146. AMIT Nandy says:

    I am a CKD patient and having sugars and or. My profile and suggest level normally remain in medium levels. Recently I am suffering from pain in leg bones.After resting when I get up I can stepped properly due to pain in leg but after a few moments I get relief and walked. What is the reason for it and what medicine do you prescribed so that I get some relief.

  147. Rajendra Jaiswal says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 44 years old and under treatment for tuberculosis ( chest ) for last 6 months.Since last 2 months I’m having severe joint pain in my knees while folding my legs and sitting & standing up after that.
    Kindly help me and suggest some medicine for quick relief and cure.
    Thanking you,
    Your’s faithfully,
    Rajendra Jaiswal.

  148. Sir.
    I am 42 tread old diabetic since last 8 years but since last few months I am seeking pains my joints specifically in legs, hand joint as well as in finger joints All the day.
    Kindly let me know what should I do. Pl. Suggest me any medicine for immediate relief.

    Thanking you very much.


    Amit jha


    I am 43 tread old diabetic since last ten years but since last few months I am seeking pains my joints specifically in legs, hand joint as well as in finger joints All the day.
    Kindly let me know what should I do. Pl. Suggest me any medicine for immediate relief.

    Thanking you very much.




    • Sir i m 30. Suffering from cervical. and also Bone sounds specially knee sound and heavyness but not pain.also feeling pain in leg heel..pls suggest medicine nd dose.and duration

  150. Himanshu Tewari says:

    Sir my mother nee pain in heavy please sir suggest best medicine for my mother…

  151. Mehjabeen Saif says:

    My name is mehjabeen Saif age 47 ,I have pain since last 8 months in my right knee that goes up to hip joint and after a little walk my hip joint become lock and severe pain starts then I can’t walk even a step ,in x-ray there is no big sign of arthritis ,and I also feel lump like thing in my right hip when I sit . kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine for my I also feel pain in my left knee but not too much

  152. Sanjeev Zope says:

    I have pain in all joints in hand legs wrist fingers and neck. Please suggest some good medicine.

  153. P. Umashankar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, my father is 76.He is suffering from Hip pain. Please suggest homeopathic medicine and dose. Thank You.

  154. ravindra sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife sufferer with severe pain below knee near tibia. She intermediately feels to fall and twisting of leg.
    She is 50 and a little bulky.

    Pls advice me homoeo medicines for her treatment.

  155. Anju Wadhawan says:

    My son is 14 year old plays intense soccer. His knee hurts after. What we can give him to improve knee health to

  156. Mahboob siddique says:

    remy for left sided synovities

  157. Ata-ur-Rehman says:

    the pain in both knees but left is more pain full and it seems some thing like cortilage or membrane in the middle of joint worst during motion and legs become very week , over all wind in the stomach, 56 years old

  158. subrahmanyan says:

    sufffering with knee pain burning sensation of the bones also.aged 67 years.

  159. Krishna Kumar Mekkat. says:

    Dear Doctor, I am 64 years of age, robust in health on the very first look. But recently I started feeling very
    much tired always.I was in the pharma field for about 36 years.Still I am going for work as an office manager. But sitting in the office for a long time makes me sleepy. Also I feel body pain and ankle pain during night when I go to sleep. If I get up by about 2″0clock after that I can’t sleep. During day time I feel very tired. Another thing is that my pet dog after living with me for 12 years died all on a sudden couple of weeks back. This makes me sad even now. Sometimes my mind says that there is no meaning in life. Every living being disappears one day or another day. I try to control my feelings and emotions when I meet my friends and relatives. But when lonly I become mentally very much depressive. I am a BP patient. No other illness have been detected. I like jokes and friends like me very much, even now. But lonliness make me sad. Both mentally and physically I become tired. I am the father of two sons. both are married and I am a grandfather too. Rest of the life I want to live happily. I am a God loving/fearing man. Go to temple on all mornings. Also a philanthropic, and empathetic in nature. But when I face any negative feelings I ask God why it is like this when I live straightforward and sincere to others. Dear Doctor please help me to live happily. After all it is all fate. But still U can alleviate my physical pain.
    Thanking You Sir,
    Krishna Kumar.

    • K. C .Rath says:

      Pain in left knee joint since one month .swollen .Used Rhus tox 30,Bryonia 30 ,Arsenic alb 30. No improvement. What should I do now doctor ? This is for my wife.

    • Naomi Jones says:

      Dear Krishna Kumar, please try to love yourself more and choose a better life for yourself. This is a good time for you to learn that you have divine inner strength and mental ability to choose thoughts and words to create a better life.

      Please first of all allow yourself to grieve and feel sad about your lovely dog. Don’t feel ashamed to have negative feelings, try to feel them and let them pass through you and give thanks that they are helping you to heal. Our pets are members of our family so it is right to grieve when it is their time for their physical bodies to pass from us, but remember that their spirits are eternal and cannot be harmed.

      God is answering you and showing you that you can trust your emotions as inner guidance from him. Your negative emotions are telling you there is something better for you to create… don’t just let life happen to you, or you will be tossed about to and fro. You make good things happen to yourself with your divine inner and outer strength.

      Gods Spirit of Love is with you at all times, not just in the temple. Yes you are a good kind man, but we are all human too and all have some small or large areas of fear and guilt that you can also let go of and know that you are loved unconditionally, the way your good dog loves you.

      One day you will look back on this time as a blessing because it is showing you a more excellent way to grow your faith and trust. What feelings make you feel more peaceful?:- getting out and about in nature?, playing with your grandchildren?, finding a close companion?, getting another dog, or two?!, changing your job to a more fulfilling one?, doing good things for yourself, not just for other people?. Yes it is good to love your neighbour, but it is fruitless if you are not equally loving yourself!.

      Be guided by what brings you peace and you will be happier and stronger than ever and your physical ailments will vanish and your spirit and heart will be lifted and see all of life, negative and positive as good, and that all things work for good. Then your joy shall be full.

      My dear brother, I rejoice for you in the knowledge that your life will improve and you will know your God-given power to create an abundantly good life for yourself. Well done in advance!. Yours faithfully and sincerely, Naomi Jones, England.

  160. Rohit Thakur says:

    My Mothers is 58 years old, she always have pain on his right leg knee when she is in motion, and relieved after rest, which medicine is best for her to get rid of her knee pain.

  161. Shavers arora says:

    Joint pains at shoulders & knees , continuously tolrateable , now at age of 40 years , female , pl.suggest homoeopathic medicine .

  162. Hi sir. I am 48old lady. From past one month I am suffering from leg and joint pain. redness and and swollen legs. Please suggest me some remedies.

  163. Rebert Saintal says:

    Hi, actually I am looking for something that can alleviate my constant knee pain, and stiffness . I can’t really stand still as a result. Thanks

  164. Hemant Patil says:

    Sir i am 3rd yr student of homoeopathy. I have patient of 7 yrs old male child with signs of hyperpigmentation on his abdomen , neck and back also . Child suffering from severe headche and bodyache especially limbs .
    Please suggest me an homoeopathic remedy
    Thank you!!!

  165. Mohammed Choudhory says:

    I have hair fall problem pleas help me…

  166. Arvind Kumar says:

    I cannot sit on both feet. When I try to sit for nature’s call etc, it starts paining please suggest me which medicine in what potency should I take. This begins from one week back. I am 47 years old.



      I am 72 years ,having diabetics 128/180, little BP is also high,

      Now a days I am feeling acute pain in my whole body since last 7 days, I feel much pain during my sleep, when I move ( walk ) it start reducing, I am also feeling much pain in my fingers.

  167. Arvind Kumar says:

    I cannot sit on both feet. When I try to sit for nature’s call etc, it starts paining please suggest me which medicine in what potency should I take. This begins from one week back.


  168. Sir I’m 34year old female, having pain in all joints in my body and bons are increasing in joint area , like small joints of ✋ and legs.

  169. Nitza Lerner says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.
    I have knee inflammation that is mild with out pain.I am 62, I do not and have not taken any medications ,drink turmeric root tea several times a day, stay away from processed food,sugar gluten, eat 90% organic and still get sensation of mild inflammation.
    Can you please advice what to take.

    Thank you
    Nitza Lerner

  170. Satyajit Ray says:

    Good evening doctor, Since last one year I am feeling discomfort and pain in my left knee at the time of climbing up stairs.No such symptom in my right knee.Recently I got a severe knee jerk at the time of getting down from a bus and the problem got aggravated.Using knee cap I am getting some sort of relief.Pl.advise me homeopathy medicine.I am 58 yrs old.

  171. Hi,

    My mother has knee problem since last 10 yrs. she can’t walk and uses walking stick and her balance is also an issue. She is overweight – 85kgs and her age is 75 yrs.

    Kindly share some medicines for her knee problem

  172. Respected Dr. vikash sharma
    my wife have knee joint pain last seven year a go we mamke many tratment but till now she have to much pain her knee she cannot seat on earth by fold her lag she is normaly walking but when she wekup in morning or after sleaping that time feu minut very hard to walk in toilet…all kind of test is normal.
    last on and half month ago she using homepath medicin evry .15 days one time she take three time but till now result is nothing .doctor say you have to wait till last dos of my medicine than after .15 days come to my clinic..dr.sharma please advise me what we have to do now..

    thamks for read my wife problem

  173. Sk Nazibul hossain says:

    I am 34 years.l have suffering many joint pain specially my right hip has damaged. Allopathic doctors tell me to replacement this hip.but I can not do it. I want to take homeopathy treatment to you. Please suggest me.

    • Dr Sharma,
      I m 34 years old n having marginal osteophytes with articular sclerosis in left hip.
      Can it be treated with homeopathic medicines

  174. Prof. Asok Kmar Bera says:

    I am 69 years old. I am having pain in my left knee since last three months. There were swelling in left knee as well as left toe previously which reduced by using allopathic drugs. However, pain still persists in left knee. Right knee is O.K. Sometimes pain become intolerable and moves up and down. I am undergoing exercise as advised by doctor. But, not so much improvement I am getting. X-ray report of knee shows no abnormality. Please advise homeopathic medicine to get relief from knee pain

  175. Satish Mourya says:

    Gud afternoon Doctor,
    I am having pain in my right knee joint from almost 2 years.I have taken allopathy,ayurvedic as well as homopathy but no get fully relief .First pain was all over around knee joint,by taking medicine and ointment outside area got relief.But inner side that is the side towards left leg not reliefed.Pain is shifting from up to down and down to up and left to right and right to left.Sometimes there is no pain also.I can not run also i am not able to do exersise.When i sit on a chair and as soon as i stand uo pain arised,but after walking some distance relief in pain.X-ray is also o.k.
    Please suggest medicine for me.
    Thanks & regards

  176. Deepali Mangrule says:

    Can homeopathy cure pigmented villonodular synovitis Dr. Plz reply me

  177. Rohit nageshwar says:

    I had an injury in my thumb’s upper joint. Swelling has vanished but still there is a lot of pain inst my thumbs upper joint.when I try to band
    my thumb with upper part it’s paining very badly there is no fracture at the injury point .what should I do?

  178. I am J.C.Puri of 77 years old. There is space in the bones of both knee. There is lot of pain while walking .please advise medicine

  179. P Thangadurai says:

    Hello Doctor!
    I am Thangadurai aged 68. I have diabetes and BP and are under control. Recently I had Joint pains started from Achilles tendon after I played shuttle. I ignored and continued play and got left knee pain and then pain in my right elbow (tennis elbow). I was an active man and I feel bad about the pains causing me idle.

  180. iam suffring joint oains from two month’s continued.
    please help me sir

  181. joel mathew biju says:

    i am 15 year old i am having sever pain in all my joints
    i have very pain in my lower body
    i am hearing a sound in my L bow of leg


  183. अमर कुमार says:

    दोनों घुटनों में दर्द हैं सीधा करने पर कट कट बजता है बैठ कर उठने पर दर्द के साथ धीरे-धीरे सीधा होता है सीढ़ी चढने से ज्यादा उतरने के वक्त दर्द करता है

  184. Hello,
    My wife is suffering from heel pain due to planter fasciitis. All medicines prescribed by allopathy doctors used during last 6-7 months. Please advise some effective homeopathic medicines both in liquid form as well as pills form.

  185. Panna Lal Yadav says:

    I am suffering knee pain last one month . I am sitting in ac or under fan . But using hot water and sunlight then I am feeling well . But cooling area is dangerous for me . Please guided me with homeopathy .

  186. Can menuscus tear be cured with homeopathy ?

    • September 23, 2017

      I would like a reply to this. Arnic, Ruta and Rhos tox just don’t help. Do I need to take these the rest of my life or 200x. It’s an inner tear and I am in so much pain always for ten years now.

  187. I have mild to severe elbow pain both sides.
    Finger joints also inflamed with mild pain.
    Pain first appeared on March, 2017.
    My age is around 67 yrs. No hyper tension.
    Fasting blood sugar 115-130( no medicine)

  188. Dr Sahib my mother’s has arthritis she’s 77 years old , she had stents done in 2010 , she’s a heart patient , she’s taking medicine for blood pressure also , 3 months back she had l5 si Surgery , since then she’s bed ridden has acute pain in buttocks & legs have become weak , now she has performed syndrome suffering from acute pain gunships , we were giving her tonite (tramadol) for the last two months it helped in pain , but now she has nausea couldn’t eat she vomits we were giving her imperative for her stomach winning . Dr Sahib what’s the best painkiller to giver her which go with her other illness , she become very fragile , Dr Sahib can u help us in suggestions to get her relieved from pain , so she can have a quality for

  189. Hi,
    I am 34 yrs old woman . I am suffering from chondromalacia pelleta for last year.My right knee pains while running, after exercise , bending knee or with stairs. Have done many exercises to relieve pain and rest but it’s getting worse.Please tell me homeopathic medicine to cure this knee problem.

  190. May it please yorus generosity
    My father is suffering from prostate hyperplasia from last month. He is about to75. He is in catheter for urination. He feels great pain in his body parts ,even he can’t move. He feels alot off trouble in movement. If some one touched him he feels pain. These days his creatinine level is about 2.1. What should I do. Kindly suggest me
    Thanking you

  191. Dinesh kumar says:

    Knee joint pain in left side , filling stiffness

  192. Hi,
    My father age is around 65, from the last 1 year he is facing problems about joints and muscle pain specially in hands.
    Need you to please suggest the best medicine which cures the symptoms permanently.

  193. Barbara Capps says:

    Dr. Sharma, I live in the Bay Area of CA. I am 65 yo female with acute traumatic osteoarthritis pain from an accident at work 21 mo. ago. Worker’s Comp has allowed me to be treated with PT, then office cortisone inj, then fluoroscopic inj (ouch), then accupuncture, all of which helped from 2 days to 2 months. Shoulder replacement 2 MD’s requested was not approved & I’m glad. MRI shows massive inflammation….that’s all. QME finally coming up. But as a single woman, I must work many more years, and I enjoy my work. But my pain drains me. I have removed myself from all life activities except work. I come home, apply ice to either the shoulder, my deltoid, my trapezious, my neck or the back of my head, and rest myself to a fitful sleep. Fortunately, I don’t have to be at work until 10:30 am so I can sleep in from each bad night. I also have OA in most joints as well a psoriatic arthritis. My question: From what I read above I should take Arnica? What doseage tho?

  194. Nafisa Hashim Soni says:

    My husband, 68 yrs of age is suffering from acute pain in legs and knees. Blood reports revealed that he is suffering from high uric acid, 11, and because of this, the pain is severe. He has been taking pain killing allopathic tablets twice a day. Because of this, acidity has increased. Pls suggest pain killing medicines in homeopathy. Thank you.

  195. Vandana Khanna says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am a 45 years old Female. I started with back pain last Year in March when I tried to get up from the carpet. Ever since I am having this pain though it has 50% improved as a result of exercises and some Physio.When I am walking I feel better but then Not too much. It gets bad when I bend or stand and sit for more than 1/2 an hour. Then in September last year I had a neck pain as a result of stretching of my lower neck joint. Iwas lying doing and thenI moved my head towards right side when my husband moving it to the left. I felt something stretching. eversince I cannot sit without a neck support. When I am walking I feel better with my back and neck pain. I also stretched a muscle in my left wrist while emptying a pressure cooker with my left arm. This pain is better after exercises but can’t take load. I hurt my elbow while exercising, when some of my body weight was on my elbows. A couple of days back I had pain in my right wrist when I lifted the cloth stand with my right hand( not at all heavy). Please suggest some medicine. I have some at home.RA value is 22.

  196. m.k.sharma says:

    dear doctor,I am seventy yr old patient of hypothyroidism since 20 yrs on eltroxin75mcg with tsh 3.5 .also went angioplsty stanting non diabetic now on aspirin 75mg,clopivas 75mg storvas 10 mg.I have no complain about weekness I feel fit,But I have pain in rt knee while walking and folding.secondly my left heel got paining in first step in morning.I will be thankful if u suggest homeopathic medicine to cure this condition

  197. Mehtab Khan says:

    Dear Doc
    I am a manager at IBM and suffering with terrible pain with bone marrow edema in my Right Ankle bone (Just below Tibia) the bone is like over grown and looks quite large to be pointd out.
    Even slight touch to it gives a shock. I am having difficulty walking with normal shows so I use Gel insouls.
    This has also led to Sacroilian Joint Disfunction (Terrible pain in the lower back, bottock, back of thigh sometimes) / occassional groin pain / difficulty and very discomfort while sitting have to often change position and stretch and so so irritating. Makes my life horrible to sit and focus on the projects.
    I also have pain back of my neck, it is too tender on the back right part of my neck.
    Difficulty sitting straight.

    This has been happening from 4 -5 years now I did squats long stretch walks and I do work out every day. There is temporary relief. The Ankle is in pain almost all the time. If I walk bare foot or try to jump and dance a little I’d fall off due to the pain.

    I recollectd my past and I realize that this is from school days standard 9. During the early ages I hamped from a tall building to the next sort building and landed in a standing position on the rubber waste which gave nice pain in the foot then and I neglected it thinkoing it would recover.
    Whenever I played football I’d want to cry and limp back home but still I left it way it was.

    During college it was a little better I never thought much and was mostly biking and cycling.

    Now, its been about 4-5 years I am dying with this unbearable pain. Explained this to Ortho experts who want to cut and remove the extra bone / edema. I shared all the MRIs and the MRI report too.
    Donmt want to go for operation, I went to a Homeopathy expert in Dharwar, I found little relief but it over 6 months and Im still with the same pain.

    Heard lot about you, reaching gout to you for your advise. please help with the best medicine that could help fix my foot and lower back. I’d highly appreciate all your support and cooperation.

    Many Thanks

  198. Jyoti Howe says:

    I have pain in both my knees. I am 54yrs old and have recently completed 3 rounds of Ostenil injections. I am doing Iyenger remedial yoga who’s helps but as soon as The is slightly exerted pain and swelling comes back.

    I would Love to hear from you.

    Thank you

  199. Roni Raj Paul says:

    Sir my name is Roni Raj Paul i’m 22 years old 4 to 5 years ago i had a very tough pain in my knee the pain slowly slowly moved to my ankle after doing test it was clear that it is rheumatoid arthritis after taking medicines it came to normal and finally the pain was no more . Now sir after 4 years suddenly i’m suffering from pain first of all in my ankle then in my right hand finger in the joint but sir i have done RA test and uric acid test both are normal RA is 6.10 and uric acid is 6.28 still don’t know what causing this pain . Sir please help me by giving your valuable suggestion

  200. Evon Pinho says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I have knee effusion for last 13 years and i am 35 years old female. I have severe pain these days, which restricts me from doing all the normal activities a mother of 2 has to do.
    I need to try my hands on homeopathy treatment for my knee effusion. I already had knee arthroscopy done in 2012 to extract the fluid but the fluid has returned and is painful. I don’t want to do any more surgery. Could you advise or guide me with homeopathy medicine.

    Appreciate your advise.

  201. Carolyn Hamala says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have fibromyalgia, I am curious as to what you would suggest for me to use that would bring relief for me? I have been ill with this life altering illness now since Feb. 26, 1987, that is over half of my life. This disease in absolutely in all seriousness has stolen the quality of my life! The medications that I have used in the past have such consequences now. Just to name a few, Nexium, Ability, Provigil, and another one which I can’t remember the name of that is used by diabetics. I was prescribed this one to try and block the sugar cravings from the Candida yeast that thrives on sugar. Right now my brain fog is crazy so I can’t think of all the things in the past I’ve tried but there are many, many, many…
    I would so much appreciate it if you could give me any information you may have that you know would be good for my to use… Just for your knowledge I am hypothyroid on medication, I have RLS like crazy that I take Requip for, I have high blood pressure that gets up in the 200’s, I have been on many, many different types of medication to no avail. I have chronic fatigue like crazy that makes it impossible for me to do anything at all. My pain is throughout my entire body including the bottoms of my feet, tissue, joints, muscles, and anywhere else pain can attack me…I have insomnia nightly, brain fog, my IQ is humiliating because of the brain fog. I am currently suffering from intense pain in my stomach from burning. It feels like there are fires in the pit of my stomach that is horribly painful. My stomach usually starts cramping at the same time then the pain travels to the middle of my back. There’s still so much more that is illness does to my body. I almost feel hopeless that I will ever find anything that will really help me… Any information you may have I would appreciate your knowledge and expertise greatly…

    Thank you,
    Carolyn Hamala

  202. Lydia A. Kojo says:

    Thanks Dr. my problem I don’t know if you can help me out too I gave brith through ceasar on three occasions
    and one hineia my last born is right yrs. am now feeling pin at my back and joints all over is too serious am tried of taking pin killer’s advice me

  203. Rajbala sharma says:

    My self rajbala SHARMA sir in my right side body portion very high pain occurred it is starting from iii first stage in shoulder and shoulder joint after few month in right full hand pained and then in few month pain starting in hinge joint and back also and now days 7 month all right side body occurred with high pain in moving sleeping walking plz suggest my treatment or remedies

  204. Miracle blanco-zacarias says:

    I get née pains and I have to pop my new to stop the pain for a few seconds

  205. Tej K.Verma says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma sb.

    I am from Gwalior, M.P. (India). My mother is suffering from Muscles, Joint and bones pain. Effect of the same are in both hands and legs. Her Homeopathy medicine treatment is running. Kindly give some effective medician for speedy recovery of pain. She is in very trouble. Kindly help in the matter.

    Thanks with regards,

    Tej K.Verma

  206. Hi doctor, l am 39yrs suffering with a joint pain on the wrist leg, knee, hip and hands wrist, shoulder at the right hand now it’s been taking 5months but when l try to walk l don’t feel it. Please help me

    • Indranath Pramanik says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I am 48 years old, I am suffering from knee joint pain from 10 days in both legs.please suggest me which medicine I take .

      Thanks & Regards

      Indranath Pramanik

  207. My mother have a secure pain in knee since many year she had taken many allopathy medina but no effect please tell medicine in homeopathy my mother age is 60 weight 86kg

  208. I have pain in hip joint and also backache sometime I unable to stand for long time and feeling tired plz suggest me best tincture

  209. Nafid ali shah says:

    Sir iam 30 year i am suffering from joint pain small and large joints sweling and stifnes from 10 year i treat it by doctor,khakims,homeo,herbal but do not get the fruitful result plz help me

  210. Nausheen says:

    Hello doctor my name is nausheen my age is37 I am mother of 3children elder is 13 year all three are cezerian I m suffering from knee pain in right leg can u sujjest me medicine thanks

  211. Satish Doval says:

    My wife, 58 yrs, is suffering from pain in the knee joint as she finds it difficult to walk. A gap is found in the x-rays but not profound. She is taking treatment mostly in the form of supplements and vit D. She is also getting physiotherapy sessions. No significant improvement is felt after 3 months of treatment. Can homeopathy help?

  212. Evan R. Neilson, D.C. says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    As a retired Doctor Of Chiropractic, I exercise daily to stay in shape and also keep busy by renovating houses. It is unfortunate that after of taking care of patients for 27 years with no hand issues whatsoever, not long after retirement I began to suffer from wrist/thumb pain on the left side. The pain is a burning nerve pain (causalgia) with some numbness and occasional shooting pain, but no stiffness. The only thing that relieves it is cold and anything hot makes it more uncomfortable. Movement doesn’t seem to have much effect one way or the other. I suspected De Quervains Stenosing Tenosynovitis, which is possible, however Finkelsteins test is only very mildly positive. Plus, I have recently felt a twinge in the same area of my right wrist, which is distressing. Obviously I want to avoid medication and surgery and have always liked Homeopathy. What would be your recommendation?
    Evan R. Neilson, D.C.

  213. Sir,
    There is a lady of age 35 years, she had knee pain from a long time.
    Pain remains at rest as well as in motion.
    No effect of hot and cold.

    What should I prescribe ?

  214. Derrick F. Jones says:

    My name is Derrick Jones from Pocomoke City, MD. I have bursitis/osteoarthritis in my right hip. My hip pains me more when I try to sleep or driving my car. Are there effective homeopathic supplements that could give me some real relief. I have just started acupuncture waiting to see what happens.

    Thank you for any recommendations

  215. Asad Jameel Rao says:

    Please Answer me:
    My Pains (Azoo) Is Too Short And Ita Front Side Is Too Big And Pechy Wali Side Too Short So Recommended A Madicine I live In Pakistan And I belive The Homeopathy is The Most So please Replay Me Fast In My Gmail

  216. JuliaMae Corbett says:

    My mother is 92 years old and is suffering with much pain in hands and hip which is now causing her to not walk but drag her right foot. She has received within the last two weeks a croxone shot but to no avail it doen’t help. She is also, a kidney paitent three days a week. What can we do to ease her pain.


    a few days ago I suffered the knee joint pain. but this pain has stayed at sometimes. at that moment I used Ruma Oil which is famous for joint pain.Today 28th May I suffer the same problem. this pain has to stay some time.this pain is the start suddenly after that I get relief. So what is the main cause of this pain?

  218. Amanat Ali Shahid says:

    My wife is about 62 years old and suffering from shorness of breath and severe joint and muscles pain. It is often difficult for her to move few steps.

    Shall be obliged if you would kindly suggest medicines for her concerning her problems.


  219. Anand Kumar Jain says:

    i suffered for last many years joints pain in all body and joints and swelling for hands both ancles my investigation are hb-13.5
    vitamin d less than 50 (1:5). uric acid 7.8. critinine 1.38. i takeing vitamim d two times daily marked by backsons homeo farmacy. r46 dr. reck german for three months. swelling down but pain not relife.please suggest me.

  220. RAMESH RANJAN says:

    Hello sir,

    I have pain in left hand knee joint and just around the same knee 2-3 inch above and below from this knee .
    Due this some time I am not able to hold my mobiles

  221. I have same symptoms as yasmeen bari please reply

  222. suryanrayana says:

    knee joint problem since 6 years

  223. john doe says:

    either change the text color or change the background color, your web site is too difficult to read when the background and text are so similar in color.

  224. Yasmeen Bari says:

    I’ve had knee problems for some time and now both my shoulder joints are extremely painful . The right arm is extremely painful . The elbow and the wrist is very painful and it gets difficult to do any household work . The consultant has said it is tendinitis . Also the muscles all over the body are very sore and achy .

  225. sk Mahabub Alam says:

    Sir can u tell me . My Tail bone & hip joint pain & foot finger means the big finger under pain .when I walking or stand by then the right foot finger pain. How can I remove this pain .this pain with me last one year. Please sir could u help me.

    • Jhumur Sarkar says:

      My husband is of 36 years…he has uric acid in high level… now a days he has shifting joint pain in tor… knee.. thigh..even in cardiac mussels also..his left knee is swollen for near about 12 days…particularly his left leg is operated at knee near about 11 years before… his thigh mussels of that particular leg becomes very loose….he can’t move…fold and lift his that particular leg…his CRO is very high near about double in blood


    I am suffering from psoriasis since long time. I have already treated by different pathy as elopathy, homeopathy and unani. But time to time relief me during using medicine. I am not getting permanently relief from this problem.

    Please advise me in this connection.

    I am 49 years old male.

  227. Jayashree Ghosh says:

    After pagnancy,I am safaring 6years knee joint pain.I am 31 years old.

  228. Subrata chakraborty says:

    My father,89years old. Pacemaker implanted on Nov 2009. Has a tendency of high BP. 140/90 is normal . Has dementia since 2013 february. But he is ok and take bath and toilet without anybodys help. Fooding and other things r normal and nothing found problem. Recently he got a hiccup problem. Doctor told to give him XYLOCANE VISCIOUS if it happens. Last time I heard that this medicine is banned and not available. Then after following the net world I foung homeo med GINGSEN. That worked. Please advice me better something for this treatment.

  229. Lena Britt says:

    Wonderful article! thank you! I have pain and swelling in the first large knuckle of right hand…at base of pointer finger. I can not pinch pointer and thumb together. It has also become difficult to grasp items due to the immediate pain when moved. Stiff and not very good mobility to stretch the pointer finger out. I do stretch it out several times a day. Sometimes it feels warm. The swelling seems to not be getting any bigger but the knuckle is certainly enlarged now. This happened over the winter. What I call an arthritis flare. I have small nodules on some of my first digit joints on two of the fingers. They do not bother me. But I am ready to cut off this knuckle :0/. I have taken the Rhus Tox with no results. It seems the Bryonia Alba might be one to try????? thank you in advance for your attention to this. Have a blessed and good day.

  230. shirley scurville says:

    i am undergoing yuani treatment for gastric which has attacked my bones. i am having severe pain in my lfeft thigh. pls help me with one of ypur remrdies

  231. i had an accident before 4 months. i got hairline in my knee. but till now i am not comfort to walk.

  232. Riffat Sharmin says:

    I have pain in left knee joint & middle of the both feet (exists calcaneal spur) as well. i feel pain sometimes at the joints falanges & curpel & meta curpal joints. would you please send me the remedy for this

    • Riffat Sharmin says:

      I have pain in left knee joint & middle of the both feet (exists calcaneal spur) as well. i feel pain sometimes at the joints falanges & curpel & meta curpal joints. would you please send me the remedy for this

  233. Larysa ivakhnyuk says:

    Hi Dr Sharma my mom last two years had problem pain in her legs (feet and lower part of her legs)can’t walk just very short distance
    She is taking mess for her blood sugar and blood pressure
    Also she is taking vitamins
    She had spur before
    Also like 15 years ago she got one cortisol shot in her left knee but I found out about comfrey root extract and she is rubbing it on everyday since it’s not perfect but ok
    Please help
    Sincerely Larysa

  234. Chandrashekhar says:

    My daughter, aged 24 years, suddenly could not walk last week as all her joints were paining and she had inflammations all over right from neck joint wrist joint and ankle joint and she barely walk, she couldn’t move her feet. her feet and hands became reddish and after some time they darkened, I took her to a physician, he gave some medicines, and told me to get CBC esr, uric acid, thyroid test etc, everything was normal, so he guided me to an orthopaedic doctor, who also gave some medication, and he said it might be Rheumatic Arthritis and asked me to get RA test and Anti CCP test and everything was fine in these tests too. She still has the swelling, but now she is able to walk normally. but sometimes there is pain also. Please help.

  235. Hi

    My husban is 32 yers old and his knee gel has redusd v painful and difficult to wolk.. he workd in a valley for 2 years he done this job while standing..I think because of this he got this knee pain.. pls tell us what is the treatment for this..

  236. I have pain in right side ribs for the last 4_5 months.normaly it increase in late night and in morning.when I change my sides in night I feel pain.sometimes I feel it is due to exposed.what medicine should I

  237. MATHAVARAJ P says:

    i am suffering from both Gasteric and Knee pain.
    During sitting,walking., standing the knee gets more pain.
    Now i am taking homeopathy medicine.

    Please advice me sir.

  238. Hello Dr.,

    I’m of 42 & feel pain in my knee joints while moving or even at the bed when I fold my legs. Arnica was the homeopathic medicine given to me by a Dr. at Civil Hospital Shahdara Delhi-32some 2 yrs. back. But that Dr. has left the job.I don’t know how to take the medicine so that I can not even walk properly but can race with my daughter without taking a rest. Plus I often feel very tired and my breath shortend after doing a little work or walking.
    Pls help me to come out of all these problems.I would be highly thankfull to U Dr.


  239. Since last few months I have knee pain on my right knee (inner side). When I get stand it is very pain full but after few steps it get better. But now the pain is so severe that I could not able to put little weight on my knee. please advise.???

  240. I have pain in my big toe joint. I think it is Hallux Rigidus. Movement is restricted. Please help.

  241. Ranvinder Kaur Bajwa says:

    I am a lady aged 66years and have been diagnosed with AC Joint Arthritis of the right shoulder. The right collar bone had fractured about 19 years ago. Now since one month I have been suffering from pain, sometimes severe, in the bone between the right side of my neck and the right tip of the right shoulder and sleeping on the right has become almost impossible. The pain is not constant. I shall be grateful if you can prescribe a homeopathic remedy with potency and dosage. I live in Chandigarh.

    • Since last few months I have knee pain on my right knee (inner side). When I get stand it is very pain full but after few steps it get better. But now the pain is so severe that I could not able to put little weight on my knee. please advise.???

  242. Destiny Finley says:

    May possibly have lupus and a auto immune disease .My right hand and fingers well and I have started getting small knots on my fingers that are sore and painful .I have other symptoms to like break out in a rash at different times but main problem is my fingers hurting a lot. Hope you can help thanks

  243. Dear Sir,\

    my fathers age is 70 plus he is perfect healthy but he is suffering from knee joint pain , we took him many places for treatment , doctors were prescribed medicine while having medicine he feeling good but after same as happens . some advised reasons were dried the join lubricants .
    Please suggest solution how to get ride this problem , he could not able walk in stairs with out supports and even not able to walk long distances.

  244. yogesh bhatt says:

    having knee joint pain ,pain in lower ankle and toes accompanied with numbsness and tingling
    in upper legs and lower back pain
    i am veggi and do some stretching exercise and walkling around 1/2km every day
    i am 74 years old/ need ur help Iam from hyderabad india
    expecting a res[pmse
    yogesh bhatt

  245. my left leg can’t bend as normal one after surgery due to road accident.when physiotherapist trying to bend manually am getting unbearable pain.please suggest me medicine.

  246. vinay Govilkar says:

    Dear Dr
    I am Vinay and i am suffering from seviour knee pain from last year. At the time of climbing and going down the stairs oain get more. The KAT Kat sound came when walking, cannot seat down on earth.

    Pl suggest homeo remedies for this.

    Vinay Mumbai

  247. Sir, my mom is suffering from joint pains both left and right and also nerve weakness .she is of 52 years old .The doctors also said that cartilage is also less.Please suggest a best medicine for cure.

  248. Hi..I’m a 46 year old female. ..I’m having tmj pain as the cartilage is worn on the right side of my jaw …though I have pain either on the right or left side it is more on the right starting from temple to the cheeks and outside and inside my ears ..I get chronic sinusitis due to tmj …There is inflammation inside my ear too and I get vertigo often. ..can you please suggest a homeopathic remedy for my problem. ..also I have hypothyroidism. .Thank you.

  249. Evans kwabena says:

    Good evening Dr. I have right knee and hand pains because I suffered stroke seven months ago. Am walking now but limbs .Age 35 years.

  250. Aditya gupta says:

    Sir my grand mother have pain in joints and sholder once her hand bone have broken but now she is uncomfortable in moving her hands propoerly
    Sir can you recommend any medicine or exercise
    Thankyou sir

  251. Gopalakrishna Tikkireddy says:

    Sir my spouse suffering with joint pans and some times swelling also since long time. For relieving pains my local doctors prescribed 1. Tab mobiz
    Sometimes over an sr 100 and default 6mg also. Now doctor arun chogle in mumbai prescribed HCQS 200mg tamlet twice a day Fludac 10mg cap one for day suprical 1tab for day florist 5mg 1tab a day. But the pain is not control unless without using mobizox kindly guide me for best relief to her. Here some blood test results for referable.
    Haemoglobin 11.2 hematocrit 33.5 RDW 14.5
    Biophils# 0.0 ESR 28
    Rheumatoid factor less than 10
    CCP Antibodies
    AntI CCP 1.2
    Thank you sir


    I an having a pain on my right leg knee (left side of right leg) for last 20 days. Actually, 25 years back, I met with an accident on that spot. I do not know, what type of pain is this? I have used some oil and ointment for external purpose and consumed a few pain killer tabs for the same. But all in vain. I want an expert advise from you for regularising the same. I am a diabetic patient. For this pain, I have stopped my walking. I am 60 years old and taking diabetic medicine for the last 10 years.

  253. ashok agarwal says:

    My wife both knee are paining and swelling dr have advised knee replacement in homopatic can knee surgery be avoided she is doing phisotherpy there is improvment but it is unaffordable

  254. Hemraj Pandey says:

    I did some jumping exercise after which my knee hurts very badly if I run. Took zincum 3x…but pain remains. Pain more in ryt knee…

    • Hemraj Pandey says:

      I did some jumping exercise after which my knee hurts very badly if I run. Took zincum 3x…but pain remains. Pain more in ryt knee…Age 43, male…no other issues… Ht 5.8/5, wt 73 KGS..body fit

  255. Jagai Haldar says:

    KNEE PAIN : getting sound while knee is stretched / while walking. Less problem in climbing stairs . Worse after rest/ from sitting position More pain in RIGHT KNEE. Getting more problem since one year. Age is 63, NO OVER WEIGHT. With minimum aleopathic medicine blood pressure and cholesterol is within limit.

  256. RAUSHAN KUMAR says:

    Respected Dr. Saheb,

    First good morning to you, my question is that my mother age 58 affected by sugar as well as knee joint pain. Would you like to suggest me which homeopath medicine is better for knee joint pain. Also to suggest me about diet for the patient in such critical situation.

    Thanks and warm regards,

    • Jibananda de says:

      Age 60 bloodsugar yes, last 3months feeling left knee joint pain, suggest homeopath medicine. Also feel acute backbone pain.

  257. Corinne Shoolbred says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I hope you can help me. I am a 66 year old female long distance runner. For about the last 2 months I have had aching legs (on and off) but the worst thing is that my knees hurt – but weirdly not when I run but as I pull up! The pain can be quite sharp in one or both knees as I pull up, but after limping for a couple of minutes it goes off. After that the discomfort can just come and go and is more of an ache discomfort than pain. It is a bit sensitive to touch. The pain is slightly under the kneecap and to one side. I do suffer from fibromyalgia too, generally.
    What would be the best remedy and should I take it all the time? Thank you.

  258. Hi Dr.! hope ur well! i have been having pain in my right knee all of a sudden since october 2016. i used to go to the gym 5 times a week and lift weights in my crossfit class. i had no injury but all of a sudden i start feeling pain so i went to the doctor an he gave me steriod oil based injections mixed with glucosamine and i did phesiotherapy for 4 months but now pain starts coming when i walk mostly when i wear any formal or casual shoes and less pain with ARCh sports shoes. sometime its a grinding pain and sometimes feels like a
    vague pain but the pain is only when i walk and i can move my leg in full mtion without any pain.the pain has gone down 50 % after physiotherapy and i feel the injections were mri says i have s mall miniscus tear,. please advise what homeopathy medicine can i take to make this better. thank you in advance.

  259. Indu saxena says:

    Respected sir
    I am Indu Saxena. I am 43 year old. Sir I have rehumatoid arthritis. My both knee have to much swelling and highly pain. Doctor suggested me knee replacement. There are gap in my both me. I can’t walk I can’t sit on the earth. I have to much pain when I up down stairs. Highly stiffness in my both leg and ankles. Whole I sit on the bed. And I don’t want to do knee surgery. Sir please help me.

  260. Hello Dr.
    My uric acid is raised,I having knee, upper limb finger joint pain.more in morning.
    Pain is better when stool passed satisfactory and after intercource.

  261. megha timmagalla says:

    Doctor I have pain in my heel and also pain started in Mr wrist and knee. I m 46yrs old. Can u pls suggest me medicine and treatment.

  262. sunil kumar says:

    dear sir , my mother suffered from fever and knee pain. when she walk some time she relief from pain . after taking a pain killer 1-2 days she feel normally .but another day fever and knee pain start. i need your advice

  263. Hi I need ur advice my mother Iz a patient of rehumatoid and osteoarthritis arthritis she is taking medicines mext15 hcqs 400 also have back disc problems aged 45 kindly advice me wat to do I m so worried

  264. Dear Dr. Sharma, I have a severe inflammatory reaction to the smallest of injury. I burned my little finger and my hand swelled into my elbow and become disabled for approx 48 hours then returns to normal. I have one of these episodes 1-2 times a week. Usually upper extremities but sometimes the tops of my feet.
    Have been to many Dr.’s, but they treat me like a drug seeker.
    Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks, Kim

  265. I have severe stiffness after long periods of rest (sitting and sleeping) difficulty stooping; I am combatting through exercise. I am doing bodyweight training and of course lunges are difficult but I do them better and better. I am decreasing my bmi from the obese zone. I am a 53 year old female.

  266. Sir
    I need advice for knee joint pain..
    it increases in winters…
    It’s for my mother .She is around 45 years

  267. patrice mccutcheon says:

    hi Dr.sharma im looking sumthing for stiff aching muscles and joints. im in menopausal woman. would you recommend sum homeopathy treatments. thank-u. p.mccutcheon

  268. Sir.i am diabetic and suffering with hip joint pain . Dr has recommended for hip replacement . I of 53 years . Please suggest me someedicine

  269. Anil Kumar says:

    My mother is complaining about bone pain…mainly shoulder also muscle pain.the pain is more in night…she is unable to sleep
    Please advise
    She is 55 years old and overweight

  270. Ashok Umale says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am suffering from knee pain and lower foot like toe and other joints from last one month and I have tried Ayurveda medicine but could not find and relief so I am looking for homeopathy medicine for long lasting result.
    Please advice
    Thank you

  271. Md. Rabiul Islam says:

    Dear sir, My left knee and left hip joint is painful about one year. I took arnica mont-200, Ruta-200, Calcaria fos, and calcaria flor, 3 month. some days I feel better but pain come again. After some days I took Ruta-1m, 10m, 50m, cm, weekly and I feel good. When I close medicine then pain again start. last week I took Rhus tox-1m 3 days 1 doze lunch time, last seven days I was some good but to day My pain start again. What Can I do for my pain?
    What do you mean about my pain that it will recover by homeo medicine?

    Thanks by
    Md. Rabiul Islam

  272. Himangshu Narayan Das says:

    sir, i need to talk with you bcz my mom has problem on joint Pain

  273. Mohit Singh says:

    I have grade 2-3 chondromalacia patella in left knee for 1 years, although pain in right knee also. There is grinding sound and pain during stepping up and down . Tried many medicines but no relief. I am afraid of surgery as is not permanent solution. I am taking argentum metalicum 30c and arnica 30 c for 4 days. Am I taking right medicine ? Please suggest me. Waiting for your valuable advice. I am 37 years old .

  274. sir mujhe myositis ossificanes proggresiva hai. meri age 32 years hai. aap meri help kar aakte hai. ya aapjo saare symptoms Dene padenge. please meri help zaroor karein.

  275. Dr Sharma,

    My mother is having severe hip pain (presently at right side). She gets it regularly but in winters it becomes severe, she is taking injections from last 3 days to reduce the pain.
    Here I am adding her details:

    age : 58
    Thyroid Level – TSH : 5.866 –(High)
    T3=109 ng/dl —(Normal)
    T4 : 11 ug/dl –(High)
    Blood Pressure — High
    cholesterol — 204 (High)

    Kindly, Suggest some homeopathic medicine that can cure the root cause.

  276. Shushmita Chaudhuri says:

    Dr Sharma
    I have disc prolapse and acute pain behind my left knee.
    Any Homeopathic treatment possible?

  277. Dr Sharma,

    I have acute bursitis in my left hip. What would be the best homeopathic treatment for it?

    Thank you.

  278. What we can do for joint foot arithrits best ttreatment

  279. Dr. Sharma,

    At the age of 16 I was in a horrible car accident. I suffered a concusion from hitting the windshield and then got out of the car and was hit by a car. I did not break a bone. I am now 44 and I have hip pain that radiates down to back of my thighs. I see a Chiropractor regularly and I do alot of stretching and yoga with range of motion exersices. However I still feel alot of pain alot of it probably because I also have a desk job. I am sure it is possibly arthritus and inflammation in my hips. Do you have any suggestions as to what homeopathic remedy would work best for this kind of pain? I am about 100 lbs and I do not have high blood pressure or any other health problems that I am aware of. I have been told by my OBGYN that I am most likely pre menopausal Any suggestions?

    • Debasmita Dutta says:

      My father 54 now.before 5days ago he was down to a few thinks and now the pain is the same pain can u tell any solution this problem.

  280. Tapan Kumar Saha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am filling pain in my right knee and filling like electric shocks some times. I cannot move freely and filling some pain. No blood sugar. I am 63 years old person. My Bp is 140/80. kindly advice.

    Thanking you,
    Tapan Kumar Saha

  281. Hello dr sharma. My mother in law has severe knee joints pain and also back bone pain. She is 63 years old. And has high blood pressure and cholestrol problem. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine for her

  282. Vishwa jit says:

    My wife had pain in knee joint dr say there is gap in joint pain refred tocalf muscle please tel me homeopathic madicin my wife is fat flaby and menopause syndrom

  283. Dilip Kumar sharma says:

    My father is 65 years old and he is suffering from knee pain from last 6 years. Aelo path doctors privides him ointment but no relief ,
    pl. Share the homeo path medicine name.


  284. Anirudh Sharma says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma
    My grandfather aged EIGHTY AND A HALF YEARS is suffering from severe knee pain after a paralysis attack he suffered on July 8, 2016. Before paralysis, the pain was tolerable but after it, he has problems in standing. pain relieves when at rest but after some work, the pain rises. He has some knowledge of homeopathy, he has taken Bryonia Alba, Rhus Toxicendron but no relief. Please give a solution doctor god may give u happiness and a very happy new year.

  285. Sandip Roy says:

    Sir, I have a swollen and painful knee of left leg since six months. I have bean treated with homeopathic medicines like bryonia, magnesium sulph,rhus tox,artharal tablet and rheum aid tablet. When I continue to take medicines I feel well. But when I stop it worsen. Male 62 kg, 57 years.

  286. Sir mujhe chikanguniya hua tha 4month ago so joint pain me relieve nahi mil rha and muscle swelling bhi hai. Please tell me sir what to do

  287. Michael Ibbotson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have been diagnosed with chronic Sacro-iliac joint disorder, mainly on the left side but occasionally it shifts over to the right side ( instead ). It is worse upon standing up, especially if done suddenly. The pain is not too bad during the day time but is a nagging pain at night and awful when I try to get out of bed in the morning.
    I would be interested to know the specific Homeopathic remedy most suitable for my condition. Am I able to take it long-term? Will any benefits wear off after time?

    Thank you,


  288. Helen Bentley says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease 15 months ago. I believe stress has been a major cause of this as both my husband & I lost our jobs at the same time before my symptoms appeared. In the years leading up to this I had severe uterine bleeding followed by a mild uterine prolapse. I am now 53 & no longer menstruate.
    I have lost a lot of weight & strength & experience muscle stiffness as well as pain in both arms. I find it hard to remember anything & some times get my word jumbled. I am also hot & my heart rate is elevated.
    I have had all of my amalgam fillings removed over the last 3 years.
    My eyes are dry when I wake up & my back is sore when I stand up after sitting for awhile.
    I have tried to follow an auto immune diet but I struggle to stick to it. I crave for a cappuccino & sweet things.
    Can you suggest some homeopathic remedies that may help .

  289. Sanjay Mukhi says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,My father aged 87 years has been suffering from knee pain and osteoarthritis particularly affecting his knee joints,both in right and left leg.His latest X-Ray for knee joints shows a complete degeneration of the knee joints. He has been taking calcium,Vitamin D supplement along with a medicine Orcerin GM for long and also a medicine of fine turmeric extract curcumin powder for knee pain management but the results are very minimal.He still suffers from pain in both knees and walks very slowly with the help of walking stick and knee covers.We are reluctant to get him operated for knee replacement because of his age.So kindly suggest a useful and miraculous homeopathic medicine for his knee pain management so that he can actively manage his day to day affairs which are routine ones. Thanks

  290. I’m 24 year my back pain and leg joint bone in pain no swelling only pain and shoulder pain. homeopathic medicine..please

  291. Raj Chaudhry says:

    Last 4-5 months my solder & arm write side light pain

    • my mother is of 70 years and weight is about 78 kg. she is suffering from knee joint pain with swollen legs for about 4 years. she has taken alleopathic treatment and whenever someone tells any herbal treatment, but ultimately there is no permanent relief. she is patient of high BP also. please tell the homeopathic medicines that may cure her problems as there is severe pain she can’t walk on her own.

  292. G.Rajeshwari says:

    Dr. My daughter she is suffering from sep chicquen kunia last two months. Now tested chicquen negative. But still she has lot of inflammation inwhole body. Foot and shoulders rib skull. Intially epotoriam and now polyporud200. Pain has littile bit down but inflammation and pain iscontinuing last three.months. she is 18 years old.she is wearing sole inthe foot then walking inhome. No study. We are worryed about her health. We showed alopthy they digonised post viral poly arthrties. Medicine given methtroexate. But we didnot give.pls sujjest.good med.In the meantime she suffering urine infection. Cantharis 30.we given forthat. Pls help me to recover this situation. Thank you very much.

  293. Zameer Alam says:

    Hello Dr.
    I have osteoarthritis in my jaw joint.please advice me it treatment in homeopathy.

  294. I have gone through surgery of right leg of femur bone. in april this year by inserting plates and srews but healing is not occuring .Dr have suggested for bone grafting .I am 45 years old taken calcium and vitamin tablets after surgery . Is there any method to heal my fractured bone. after a gap of eight months. 12 srews and 1pplate is inserted.

  295. Hello Dr. I am suffering from knee pain from one year…i have taken allopathic..homoeopathic medicine ..but there is not effect on my knees..but pain is going on..please recommend me homoeopathic medicine..thank you..i am 42 years old..

  296. papry mirza says:

    i am suffering from pain in the joint of leg For 5 years.i ve consulted with a few doctor nd ve taken allopathy…but still the pain is same.what should i do now??

  297. My knees both knees are swollen but left is more painful. A x-ray revealed mild gap in the knees but an orthopedic doctor told me not to worry and to do regular excercise which i am doing. sometimes I feel like having no problem but other time it hurts a lot. I am having pain just on the back side of knee cap. sometimes i am having severe pain in my knee. but swelling never ends up. please advise. please recommend calcium supplement and its dose also.

  298. BAPI chakraborty says:

    I am BAPI chakraborty .Age 26 .sir,please advice me a homeopathy medicine for my hip pain.

  299. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Glad to see your article. I have question. I am 54 yrs old man. I have lower back pain headings towards right hip. I got Xray done. It shows that I have small airthritis. So pain is due to Arthritis. I also have pain in my right shoulder.

    Would you please recommend some Homeopathic medicine with instructions. I can be reached at


    Bal P

  300. Dear Doctor: I am suffered from pain in left hand toe from tip to below to hand. pl. advise me a specific homeopathic medicine.

  301. manohar lal vij says:

    Respected Dr. sahib ……. Suffered form chickengunia with fever not exceeding 101 .with bodyache joint pains.fever cured within in seven days but pains persisted with rashes all over.took one month for rashes to reduce but joint pains still persist. Almost one and a half month is over but pains still persists . Cant sleep at night. go on changing position. pains in shoulders , wrist and ankles. pl. advise me a specific medicine.

  302. jagjeet singh says:

    respected sir
    We ( myself and my wife ) are suffering 1 month before vairal fiver there is no fever but facing problem of bones and joints pain with swelling , tiredness , mussels pain ,I have pain in both fingures of hand
    You are requested please advice us which is better for us in homeopathy
    My age is 29yrs
    My wife is 25yrs

  303. Chandra mani says:

    I have pain in both fingures of hand simetime i m unable to pick a glass of water now i feel pain in my left heal.specially when i sit or sleep for sometime and when i wake up ifeel pain in my heal.sir i want to know what is this and what would be the remedy in homoeopathic for this problem.
    Chandra mani

    • Sometime l can nothold a spoon then now pain on right hand,cannot do force to open med bottle too .Dr told me that I have nerve weakness.I have tinnitus problem too.

  304. Sangeeta Gurung says:

    Meri Umr 50 seal ki hai….mujhe knee pain kariban 7-8 salo se hai…..lekin pichhle teen mahino se mujhe bht jyaada dard ho raha hai….chalna mushkil hota hai…..raste me main ruk ruk kar chalti hoon…raat ko per sidhe karke soao to modna mushkil aur mod kar soao to sidha karna mushkil ho jaata hai…sidhe per ka ghutna ander ki taraf neeche bht dard hota hai….lagta hai jaise haddiyaan aapas me ghis rahi hai….aur ab left knee bhi pain karne laga hai…..kabhi halka sa bhi jhatka lag jaaye to jaan nikal jaati hai…..

  305. Rajendra bansal says:

    Pain in fingures of both hand and knee and back pain .get worsen in morning and got some relief in day time .R.A.Factor negative ,pls advice medicines

  306. Hai doctor my problem is I.have severe pain back of knee and also pain diwn nearer feet…we can call as toe….too cold.climate here..can’t even do any job…and also getting angry easily especially to my loss there.

  307. respcted sir
    My name is G.V.Chenna my father have shoulders and knees joint pain since last 15 year now his age 80 years. when his get up from bed or chair and ,walking or sitting he is unable to stretch the both leg.please suggest a suitable homoepathic medicine
    for the relief of pain and also advise the usage method.
    best regards

  308. Doshi chetan says:

    respcted Dr Sharma Ji Namaste i am Mr.Doshi i am sufering form water retention in my foot, knee and lot of swelling and acute pain with musle stiffness pls suggest me homeophatic medicine as already i went with patanjali ayurvedic and in allopathy i had treatment to drug taken was angumiten 1000 first three day 2 time along norvan sp thrice in day form one week that time my swelling vanish but after completing my course again same symtom found pls sugest and guide me

  309. hello sharma sir, my dad have joint pain since last two years, i will take treatment for those pains at many doctors, but it couldn’they cure the pain, so please doctor give the suggest for those pain for in suitable homeopathy medicine

  310. hello sharma sir, my dad have joint pain since last two years, i will take treatment for those pains at many doctors, but it couldn’t cure the pain, so please doctor give the suggest for those pain for in suitable homeopathy medicine

  311. Chandrakant D Panchal says:

    Dear sir, Since last 10 years I have keft knee pain and crackling sound. My age is 59 years. When I go to sleep, after 30 minutes both legs starts stretching and pains. Pl advice

  312. I have joint pain specially in the shoulder joints elbo and also in muscular region aggrevate after sleep …. There is heaviness also most of the time.

  313. Sheila KINNEY says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My thumb joint left hand starting hurting about a year ago…..felt like it needed to be popped back into place … felt like it was shifting. Now it’s mildly uncomfortable all the time, sometimes more painful. Occasionally I can feel it in the second joint the pointer finger. And now occasionally very slightly in the right thumb base joint. I want to treat it before it goes any further. I will use your recommendations on the list of homeopathic remedies that any response would be appreciated.

  314. Sajjad Hasan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 72 years and my am suffering from knee joint pain.The right knee is badly affected .when get up from
    bed,walking or sitting i am unable to stretch the right leg.please suggest a suitable homoepathic medicine
    for the relief of pain and also advise the usage method.
    best regards

  315. Vivien maddieson says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I suffer from Fibromyalgia what do you recommend is good for these hot stabbing pains and the fatigue as I feel tired as soon as I get out of bed.

    Kind regards
    Mrs Vivien Maddieson

  316. Dear doctor,
    im 50 years old male, 30 years earlier, my left knee dislocated while practicing , and my knee swellen with unbearable pain, and suck out the liquid thru injection from my knee. and given voltran C, tablets, wtih reparil gel. and it was very much cured within a week.

    but , during playing my knee dislocates and i used to fell without knnowing why, n how it happened.and my knee again go to the same as earlier, then i used the gel and tablets only, i get relief within 2 or three days.

    it was happening all the time whenever i play or participated in sports. so i stopped my activities and since that my knee troubled me hardly a very few time only…
    10 days before i happened to control a situation physically, my knee dislocated. and swellen, i used inflammation gels, Volini, along with a few days and other gels, it was little bit helped. but my joints are started paining too, shoulders, arms and finger joint are paining.

    i am using Rhus tox for siatica and get cured,but i am yet using Rhus tox.

    my right hand fingers get numbness.(index,middle,and ring finger) but not all the time, when feel numbness i change the position of my arm the numbness stops.

    so suggest me your advice.

    thanking you.

  317. Joyce Benyi says:

    Hello Dr
    My aged mother complain of joints pains almost every day please help me
    thank you

  318. N.Krishnan says:

    My wife aged 75 years injured her left knee afflicted with ns osteoarthritis due to a fall. She has intense pain in the knee while getting up from sitting postilion and from bed in the morning. Will be grateful to know whether Rhus TOX, Byronica Alba and Ledam Pal are the appropriate medicines for effective cure; if so the strength and dosage of the the medicines.
    Will be grateful for your expeditious advice.
    N.Krishnan, Chennai

  319. Dear Dr.Sharma
    Is there any homeopathy remedy for DCIS condition ?

  320. WILLIAM MARK says:



  321. Dear sir,
    My wife is suffering by all the simptom of chikanguniya from 28th July. Chikanguniya test was negetive and there is no fever but facing problem of joints pain with swelling.
    She had been taking allopathic medicines from starting and now taking Homeopathic Medicines i.e. Rheum Aid  from last 10 days.

    Requesting you to please advice which is better  in homeopathy to cure  her joint pain and swelling

  322. D. k. Bhargava says:

    Respected Sir,
    We ( myself and my eife ) are suffering by chicken guniyan from 12th Sept. 2016 there is no fever but facing problem of bones and joints pain with swelling , tiredness , mussels pain ,
    And taking allopathic medicines prescribed by Orthopedic Surgeon , Ayurvedic Medicines given by Patanjali Vaidhya ( Bawa Ramdev )
    And some times taken Homeopathic Medicines.
    Now We want to cure from Bones and Joints Pain, Swelling and tiredness.
    You are requested please advice us which is better for us in homeopathy
    My age is 62yrs
    My wife is 60yrs

    • My self &my wife suffering from joint pain&swelling
      Taken treatment from orthopaedics but there is no
      Relief this is after chickengunia in sep16.Pl advise medicine

  323. D. k. Bhargava says:

    We ( myself and my eife ) are suffering by chicken guniyan from 12th Sept. 2016 there is no fever but facing problem of bones and joints pain with swelling , tiredness , mussels pain ,
    And taking allopathic medicines prescribed by Orthopedic Surgeon , Ayurvedic Medicines given by Patanjali Vaidhya ( Bawa Ramdev )
    And some times taken Homeopathic Medicines.
    Now We want to cure from Bones and Joints Pain, Swelling and tiredness.
    You are requested please advice us which is better for us in homeopathy
    My age is 62yrs
    My wife is 60yrs

  324. right knee ligaments back & left front pain when walk .

  325. Raja Gopal Mukherjee says:

    I have been suffering from severe joint pains for the last 2 weeks after suffering from viral fever. Will Rhus Tox will be the remedy for the same?

  326. Hi,
    My knee got affected by synovial fluid aspirated and now there is pain over the knee cap.
    Please suggest a remedy…

  327. Dear sir
    I suffered from viral fever few days ago after that I notice that there is a pain in my legs foot and back I take dolo. Medicine result ate good. But when I leave theed again pain occurs kindly suggest the best homeopathic. Medicine. I am 40 yr old

  328. Archana Ranjan says:

    Dear sir, myself Archana is a school teacher and 42 year old mother of two children is suffering from severe pain in lower knee . When I stood for a long time or working continuously for long time I feel pain a lot. But in the morning I feel comfortably and relax and have no pain at all. Please suggest me the medicine and oblige.

  329. vijay shankar says:

    My father is about 74 years, he take allopathic medicine for b.p,cholestrol for 3 years. His problem is joint pain. So kindly suggest homeopathic tablets for pain in knee.
    Thanking you

  330. Kalpesh tushar desai says:

    Dear sir,
    Rhus tox is the best bcoz i also get pain when i sit or rest for a long time at a single place and after getting up after a few seconds it gets easy to walk and to do work, as my job is feild work while getting down from the bike also i face the same problem so according to this problem in your list of ten remedies rhus tox is verybsuitable for me so its a humble request to plz guide me whom to contact and from where to start the treatment as early as possible.
    Expected a positive respose.

    Thanks for your reply sir.

  331. Santanu Majumdar says:

    Dear sir
    I am santanu.
    my left elbow very painfull.what type of medicine i use ? tell me. waiting for ur reply.

  332. Hello Sir,
    This is tushar n my age is 35, I have knee pain while taking stairs or half bend on nees and also pain in my back side of heels if I push them it hurts ,now I m also feeling pain in my albow and right toe joint while use them or grip thightly something
    Pls suggest any medicine to remove my joint or muscle problem fast.

    Waiting for ur reply

  333. Amol deore says:

    Hello sir
    My mother’s age is 52 years; suffering from pain in right leg talus region and ankle bone since last 2-3 years. Pain relieve after rest. Kindly give advise to treat this health issue.

  334. pankaj kumar says:

    I might a teacher in a private institute. I use to take classes 6 to 7 hrs per day in standing position. Now I have developed a pain in my foot joint that joins leg with the foot. During sitting position no pain but it starts as I start walking with maximum pain during first 9 or ten steps.after that on each step I feel pain which is relieved when I sit.please suggest me any medicine.

  335. Mahesh sailor says:

    Hallo sir,
    I am having full body pain n stiffness since 3 years n evening feeling tired pain is for 24 hrs but with the pain I can walk long my age 57 yrs pl advise .
    Thank u

  336. Kalpesh tushar desai says:

    I am suffering from hip joint problem and according to mri both the hip bones are damaged till the 4th stage and there os no option without surgery but my Age is 40 and i dont want to go for surgery is there any option in homeopathy for these problem.

  337. Good day MA, I was down with malaria and took injection then started feeling pains round my body to try finger nails every of my joint was paining me, it then settle on my left leg I couldn’t stand or walk with it until I went for X-ray I was told i have osteoarthritis of the left hip bone. I don’t know what to do, I take Dicolfenca or tramal to kill the pains. But I still lamp

  338. vishal bhati says:

    which german homeopathic medicine best in joint pain !
    and how the way to take it

  339. Umesh Dharmatti says:

    I play Badminton. I have a severe knee pain. MRI and XRay is done. There is friction of bones in the knee due to weakening of soft tissues in the knee. Doctor advised rest and Hydro therapy + Knee strengthening exercises. He has also advised injection to both knees.

    Is there a Homoeopathic medicine for Knee pain. I would like to get back on court ASAP.

    Is Nux Vomica the right medicine?

    Please guide. Thanks

  340. anand chenji says:


    i am 54 old man. for the last two years i am wittnessing pain in my joints.
    while climbing stairs/ while sitting in padmaasna for pooja it is giving pain.
    sometimes while the leg is same position for 30 to 40 minutes if i want to move it is giving pain.

    i even observe the Kat sound while getting up after pooja.

    kinldy help me out

  341. balubhai tanti says:

    i have aknee joint problems and back pain sum times all left portion of hol leg is painfull give ma remidy

  342. Sir my wife is diagnosed with Lupus an auto immune disorder. Is there any homeopathic cure for Lupus.
    Appreciated for your help. Thanks

  343. Abdul wahab says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from joint pain since 10 years. Her age is 24.Whenever she performs any work she feels pain in her body joints,Specially in legs joints. Dr said through x-ray report that it was due to the starting of knee joint reduction. Please suggest me a remedy for this problem.

  344. ashish negi says:

    sir/madam,my mother have swelling in the wrist bone”alna”. having inflammation. please give us any solution or medicine.

  345. manoj chaudhary chaudhary says:

    after viral pain in legs hands joint neck which medicine i take please refer

    • Harriet S. says:

      Dr. Sharma
      My bone marrow is producing too many blood platelets. My last count was 959.
      Which remedy would you suggest?
      Thank you very much.

  346. Dear Sir,
    I am 43 years old , having severe pain in right hip joint. It normally becomes worse during side change while sleeping at night. Pain is always during movement.

    • G. Nagarjuna Raju says:

      Respected doctor, I have been suffering from joint pain since 20 days as I was walking. Doctor said through x-ray report that it was due to the displacement of nerve and starting of knee joint fluid reduction. Please suggest me a good homeowner medicine for which I will be grateful to you

  347. hheather carberry says:

    My small jack russel has her back leg joint out of place and when she was younger it never bothered her to much and she would carry her leg up but would still run when she wanted at times now she will yeip according how she puts weight on it can you tell me what remedies to use.She is now 10 years old

  348. I am a 70 year old citizen. About 2 months ago I suffered from Chikun gunia fever for 4 days . Now no fever or any other complication except that I am severely suffering from JOINT PAINS in arms and legs. . I tried Bryonia, Rhus Tox, Eupatorium Perf, Ledum, but no relief. Pl, help

  349. Jai Ganguli says:

    Pain in Left Hip joint and left lower back with medium whole body.I am DM 2 from last 18 yrs and Sugar (F) and PPS are within limits.Cervical Spondylosis is also present.

  350. sjavedhussain says:

    female 48 years pain all joints specialy on awalk up and getting better with in 2-3 hrs increased in sitting

  351. Juhi agarwal says:

    Sir, my mother is having severe knee pain form today morning due to which she is enable to move and walk and when ahe tries to walk then she is having immense problem while standing but aftr few steps she takes some step and her age is 43

  352. Kaberi seal says:

    Sir, for the past few days, under going severe knee pain.
    Could you please suggest me homeopathic remedy for the same.
    Kaberi Seal


    My mothers age is 70 yrs, she is having joint pain in shoulders
    Very difficult in moving hands up & down.

  354. Susan F. Giusto says:

    Thank you dr. Summer for this wonderful information. I have had total knee replacement and used symptom and Annika and it has reduced my pain and swelling tremendously I will be having my second need done and would recommend this to anybody out there who needs bone healing and swelling and pain reduction thank you again dr. Sharma

  355. satyabhama singh says:

    myself satyabhama 50 y.old ledy having heavy pain in both knee joint. some time like electric shock. pl. advise me homeo medicine.
    also I suffer illness from the angle of my stomach.I don’t get clear motions and always suffer from gas problems in body.

  356. Doctor,
    I am 51 years ,5 ft 4 inches; with stiff knee and pain on one leg (left leg) for he last 30 days;

    I am regular at walk (morning 6 to 645 brisk walk of5 km ph pace) . But with the knee pain aggravating I have had to suspend the walking. My blodd sugar levels is high (due to type 2 diabetes setting in ..both my parents are diabetic ) . I have shown the x ray to an orthopaedic surgeon. He say it is arthritis due to wear and tear . he has suggested ultra sound therapy for relieving the pain. Can you suggest homeopathy treatment for this pain.

  357. my age is 24 ,I took akt4 for two months and akt2 for 4 months since I have mauntox +ve and ferver for 4 months ,now I got cured ,tb does not affect internal may be side effects of that medicine I don’t know I have prominence of my ankle veins its pains in night during sleep and relived after walking.stiffness is present while sleeping.and very little food causes bloating of my stomach,sometimes constipated,appetite little reduced,also have complaint of pcod,having regular periods by taking damiana q,otherwise my menses is scanty,reddish pimple only in right cheeks<during menses.chilly patient.desire for spicy foods

  358. SIRAJ I VOHRA says:


  359. Mohan Kayarambedu says:

    Sir, for the past few days, under going severe knee pain.
    Could you please suggest me homeopathic remedy for the same.

  360. Good Afternoon
    I had fever, which lasted for 5 days, from 1/09/2016. It was followed by weakness and joint pain which also almost finished in 7 or 8 days. I took homeopathic medicine for all this. And resumed my office by 13th September. But that joint pain has returned now. Right side of my right foot, wrist and elbow of right hand now have joint pain.
    Which homeopathic medicine I should take?
    Thanks and regards

  361. purna chandra patra says:

    hip joint pain last two year

  362. anirudh kale says:

    pain right knee cronic

  363. Sir mere joints or feet mein bahut pain h chalne mein bhi prob. h ,swelling bhi hai, right side mein jyada pain h, aur mujhe fever bhi foot mein pain ke baad hua tha ,fever khatam hue 1 month ho gya pain abhi h , kya karoo?
    main polyporus pinicola 200c ki 6 pills 2 days sey le rahi per aaram nahi h

  364. Saradindu goswami says:

    Sir mera age 62 non dibetic Headach , rat me nid bahut kam hota hai, kabhi kabhi b p evening ke samay down ho jata hai 90/60 SE bhi thora kam ho jata hai lekin din me think rahate hai. Cervical spondilosys c 4,5,6,7 me hai gardan ke dono side me dard rahata hai combiflam tablet khane SE kam ho jata hai. Dhanyabad.

  365. मेरे घुटने की कार्टिलेज घिस जाने के कारण दोनो हड्डियों के बीच गैप ख़त्म हो गया है जिससे की चलने में बहुत प्रॉब्लम होती है क्या ये होम्योपैथिक दवाई से ठीक हो सकती है

  366. Ram Dass Arora says:

    Sir I am 33yrs and 57 kg wt Today after 4days fever of chikangunia I have come out but now i am having joint pain severely pl suggest me medicine

  367. I had fever for one day and fever is controlled by by one day but I have severe pain in foots and in shoulders and in joints what homeo medicine you suggest.

  368. myselfseema age 38 suffe

  369. Dr.Tahir Khurshid says:

    Dear Doctor . I M Dr.Tahir From Lahore Pakistan i m Diabetic Patient I Used Alopathic medicine . Plz Suggest. Homoeopathic I used Regularly . My Age 44 years.

  370. sanjay kumar says:

    I am sanjay kumar from bihar i am surfing right back pain from 2 year my bon is se what i do

  371. T R SREENIVAS says:

    My brother is suffering with both knees pain . He is aged about 58 year’s old and he is diabetic and hypertensive please suggest him a good HOMEOPATHIC medecine .

    Thanking you sir

  372. Shankar kapoor says:

    I am suffering with joint pain since 8 years. And
    Now last year I have frozen shoulder problem.
    I am highper thyroid and heart attack problem.
    Now kindly suggest me for joint pain and frozen
    Shoulder homeopathy medicin.
    Shankar kapoor

    • I am suffering from shoulder joint pain,waiste ,knee joint pains.In addition numbness at angles and foot fingeres
      Kindly help suggestion. also if there is any natural cure
      I am a chronic diabetic patient. Taking 40 units of insulin in the morning and 18 units in the evening followed by one tablet of jalra50
      Kindly help

  373. Hello sir mera mama ka spandilites pain joint pains and hand pain horaha hai .o sare homeomadicine use kar chuka hai.pls bata aur kya madicini
    hai pls help me

  374. Hello sir mera mama ka spandilites pain joint pains and hand pain horaha hai .o sare homeomadicine use kar chuka hai.pls bata air kya madicini

  375. Dushyant Sharma says:

    Hello Dr

    Mere husband ko those dino pehle viral fever ho gaya tha or sewer joints pain hai abhi tak fever to nahin hai magar joints pain bohot hai koi medicine prescribe kijiye

    • dr. sudheer rai says:

      Eupetorium p. 200 hr 2 ghante per de 4 din baad result batao. Mera numbar hai 9793722219. Thank u from ghazipur

  376. Sir I am 44 yrs old I have joint pains since 2 yrs, earlier 2 yrs back I use to do jogging for 5 to 6 kms, due to this joint pains,developing day by day from neck to lower back & also at all joints I stopped even walking, since 6 months on wards I am feeling high cracking/popping sounds at all joints, knee,hip joint, shoulders,elbow, neck spinal, and also clearly observing that at all joints points, one bone to other bone rubbing feeling noticed, even I am facing spondylitis & cervical spondylitis problem, sometimes I feel that this due to cartilage damaged, but earlier I have blood urea high with 40+, now it came down to 30, but creatinine is normal, there is possibility that this blood urea nitrogen formed at all Joint places due to this reason, may be this cracking,popping sounds & joint pains, noticed and also feeling one bone rubbing at all places..I have other problems of BP under control with usage of Allopathic medicines using medicines since 15+yrs, and diabetic patient since 2+yrs (under control with Allopathic medicines ) kindly advice what is my exact problem and treatment..

  377. knee pain OA

  378. Nandesu Dora says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am suffering from pain in my foot specially in the morning after wake up and also when I return to home after long standing in metro train. I have pain in knee when I am lucky enough to get seat after long standing and feels very tired day by day. I am having a seating job with no exercise.

    Kindly help me.
    Nandesu Dora

  379. I had undergone hysteroctomy with leftovary removal
    In november i am having backpain and kneepain with uneasiness while walking, feels like weakened knee and backache, feels to twist body..
    Age 45….would you suggest homeopathic or biochemic combination to combay the pain.
    Please tell detailed dosage and period with folloeup meficine.
    Thank you.

  380. Dr Deep Chand Thakur says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I’m Dr Deep. I am 59 years old. I am an avid golfer, but for the last 3 weeks or so, I have developed pain in my left knee. I cannot do extreme flexion. The medial side pains on touch. It is a bit swollen and feels slightly more warm, as compared to my right knee. There is no history of any injury in the recent past. However, long time back ( May 2001) this knee got hyper extended when I fell in a crevice during mountaineering. It recovered on its own, then without medicines .I have started taking a combination medicine containing Arnica montana, Bellis perennis, Bryonia cretica, Rhus tox, Guajacum, ladum, Ruta graveolens and Viscum album. These are part of ADEL 27. I am taking 20 drops thrice daily for the last one week. I am feeling a shade better. What should I do? Please advise.

  381. G V SATYANARAYANA says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 50 years old and some four months back I tried goli soda with left hand fore finger and right hand fore finger. Since then I am observing that I am not able to take load at that left hand fore finger. Plz suggest me some medicine


  382. jitender choudhary says:

    hi iam 29yr boy i feel very pain in both 2008 mera accident ho gaya tha right leg injured badly all presure shifted to left leg give some advise

  383. Hari Dutt Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma Sir,
    My wife Rekha Sharma aged 56 years has lot of pains in the left knee alongwith sweling in that area. She has pain at the back side of her left heel too. It may due to swelling of heel or other region. When she is relaxed she feels comfortable. While walking she feels lot of pain. It becomes difficult for her to go upstairs.She is obase with body weight around 84 kgs and height 4 ft 10 inches. Kindly advise.

    Hari Dutt Sharma 9464246768

    • A homeopathy user says:

      Try Rhus Tox 30c, sounds like your wife might have Plantar Fasciitis & Heelspurs. I have it too, and Rhus Tox 30c greatly relieves PF/HS pain. The knee pain is due to me having chronic painful PF for a couple of decades.

  384. Pain in left knee.bumpy.painfull joints. swelling, tenderness, redness, and sharp pain in my.big toe . Pls prescribe medicine for this pain.suggest the treatment

  385. Kalpesh tushar desai says:

    I am suffering from hip joint problem with a lot pain i have no financial condition to go for operation then what should i must do.

  386. Pain in left knee while walking . uric acid now below 5 ESR normal crp normal . grandmotherhad been suffering from gout n was o bed for 15 Years before death.

  387. Ashok Narke says:

    dear. sir pain in knee and PBH-AP NEW

  388. Dr. Anil Kumar Roy says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma, I am Dr. Anil Kumar Roy from Patna. I have pain in both shoulders. It starte in left shoulder and now in right shoulder too. Both shoulders were stiffed, but now it is free. I used Spondy Ad of Bakson and some other remedies from homeopathic doctor. I got releaf in stiffness, but pain not gone in six months treatment.

    I have bronchial asthma and insomnia.

    I shall remain obliged if you suggest medicine for my trouble.

    My number is 9934036404

  389. I was suffering from viral fever with severe joint pain. Tested negative for dengue malaria n typhoid and also chickengunia. But severe joint pain still persists. Specially in knees , wrists n fingers n shoulders making my fingers numb quite often . Pl advise . I am really troubled.

  390. HeloHello sir, i am hem lohani from uttrakhand haldwani.sir i am 26 year old.i am facing knee pain from last 6 month .and the doctors say to me that my knee liagament is minar damage and advice me for opration .but i dont want to oprate my please suggest me for that

  391. Qazi Hafeez says:

    Dear doctrine Sherma I am having pain my right knee only the r knee and this and an cell is swelled .I am 72 years of age and having this problem for the last few years. I am a diabetic.recently I have also noticed that my hand and feet fingers top is giving me a feeling as if it is burned skin pl pl guide me thanks

  392. Indu Saxena says:

    Hello sir… I am Indu Saxena 44 year old. I have rheumatoid arthritis last 20 years. I have too much swelling and pain in my both knee. I cant sit on the earth and I cant stand and I cant walk. Also I have pain and swelling in my whrist and fingers. Sir I am taking alopethic medicine different hospitals like Apollo.. Aiims.. Sir ganga ram and many more hospitals.. But I have no effect any medicine.. please help me sir…

  393. Supriya mishra says:

    I am 42 years old, recently overcome from viral fever, test did not indicate dengu or chickengunia but I am suffering from severe joint pains please suggest medicinine for the same.

  394. Archana Agarwal says:

    I am 40 year old female having severe pain in my both shoulders orthopedic doctor suggest me for exray n in exray doctor told me that I m suffering from calcification now I m having lot of pain in my both ankle and can’t stand regularly for half n hour also feel pain in both side hip joints also kindly suggest me medicine with potency which help me to get rid from this pain

  395. Rajni Ahuja says:

    I am 40 yrs old suffering from joint pains due to chikungunya fever since 1 month .I have severe pain in my feet & legs and it’s very difficult to fold my legs while sitting.Doctor has given me Naprosyn500 mg.& ME 12 .Please suggest homeopathic medicine for joint pain as I don’t want to take above medicine to avoid side effects. Regards
    Rajni Ahuja

    • Supriya mishra says:

      I am 42 years old, recently overcome from viral fever, test did not indicate dengu or chickengunia but I am suffering from severe joint pains please suggest medicinine for the same.

  396. Kim Nortier says:

    Hello DR Dharma … I had a mastectomy in January and I’ve been put on Letrozole to treat this. Unfortunately it has caused extreme muscle and joint pain and has become quite debilitating. Anything you could suggest would be a God send … thanking you in advance

  397. I am feeling pain in left toe from last three months particularly in the morning and now I am feeling pain in left hand fingers.kindly send advice for age is 45 years female.

  398. Sir, I am 75 yr. old male. My left knee left side is having tearing pain.No pain while walking and more pain on resting the leg on a chair I.e suspending it. Can homeopathy help me?


    I am suffering from Joints pain like solder, arm ,back ,knee pain.My health reduce day by day from last one year.My right solder pain is too much.I had done open heart surgery on March’88.Two valves replace
    that time.Before operation i face paralysis attack for sometime.But after operation i am fine .Now i am
    suffering form form joints like above.I am 65 years old.

  400. Maryam Mazhar says:

    Helo sir….
    My name is Maryam Mazhar….I m from pakistan…Sir mari ami ki tango ka joint ma bht dard raha hy wo bilkul b chal ni sakty…bht time ho gy hy wo ghar sa khai ni gy….hm na har cheese use ki hy…zatoon ka oil..or kafi sari medcian use ki hy…mari mama ko heart ki problem ni hy…stomic problem hy…bht sary doctors sa check karwa chukay hy..but koi b effect ni hy kasi b cheese ka…thora sa effect hota hy but phr wahi hal ho jata hy…wo 4,5 Sall sa b zada time sa is chees ko bardash kr rahi hy…bht kuch use kia koi chees ni km kr rahi…plzzzz koi eager batyia. …plzzzz….Un k name Nasreen hy…Un ki age 54 hy..

  401. VARGHESE JOSEPH says:

    Dear Sir,I am aged 64+.For the past six months I am having knee joint problem to both knees.It actually started with left knee and later the right knee is also affected.At present i have no pain but i feel loss of strength to both legs.I have difficulty in squatting ,walking on uneven grounds,speed walking and carrying weight and walking.MRI scanning result is medial meniscus tear.Sir,Can I expect a permanent cure by homeopathy treatment?
    with regards

  402. VARGHESE JOSEPH says:

    Dear Sir,I am aged 64+.For the past six months I am having knee joint problem to both knees.It actually started with left knee and later the right knee is also affected.At present i have no pain but i feel loss of strength to both legs.I have difficulty in squatting ,walking on uneven grounds,speed walking and carrying weight and walking.MRI scanning result is medial meniscus tear.Sir,Can I expect a permanent cure by homeopathy treatment?
    with regards

  403. Rakesh kumar Garg says:

    I am suffering from knee joint pain from last 1yr.please suggest medicine

  404. Navin kumar giri says:

    My wife is suffering from joint pain from past one year. I have seen many aurvedik and alopathy doctors including gov.hospitals like lady harding and sufderjang etc. But no better. During treatment she gets som relief but she does not get well after taking medicine for months. Many tests have been bone and they all are clear. The only test which tell a problem is vitamin d in which vitamin d is less then 8. She face sudden pain problem in joints. From finger joint to knee joint also jaw joint . Small joint pain never comes on one spot. It is always shifting sometime in sholder anothet time in wrist and another time in knee. Two or three spot at a time. Please advice me. Her age is 38.

  405. I am new to this I have wide spread joint pain …I have arthritis (type is unknown at this time..still waiting for testing to come back). But the pain in my shoulders and hands is becoming unbearable…and I am looking for the non-pain medication route for help

  406. I am suffering from spondylitiesneck pain back pain Doctor told cervical c5 C6 Disorder how to ief pls told me

  407. Sagarie Chittigadu says:

    I have swelling to my right ankle- pain at the base of my right thumb. very painful when i use my thumb.
    i am also experiencing muscular pain shoulder and upper arm areas- difficult to move or turn in bed
    thank you

  408. I have joints pain witch medicine use for this

  409. Balkeshwar says:

    My mom aged 55 year has a great problem of knee pain (both) .Her weight is 78 kg. She is also a patient of thyroied,(All are normal with alopathic medicine).The knee pain is so seveire that she could not walk,even in the house.In the x-ray there is a gap in the bones.
    Kindly advise me the suitable homoeopathic treatment.Speciaslly for knee pain.

  410. Anita Goveas says:

    I have been suffering from viral arthritis since a month. My feet & my arms are painful and seem very heavy.

  411. Steph Ryan says:

    I’ve developed joint pain behind my knees and at my achilles after taking antibiotic cipro for a kidney infection. Behind my knees the tissue is puffy and warm, aches, I find I have less energy for walking, it almost cramps or clutches

  412. Gurveer sidhu says:

    Hello doctor, im 29 years old actually i have sweare pain in my wrists an ankles from last four years mostly very badly in mrng time when i wake up feel like slunges get tight hard to move feel pains even in writing something consulted my family doctor did many tests for athrites couldn’t find anything yet went to expert answer was slunges get tight will be fine but i can’t handle it anymore any suggestions please which can help? Thanks

  413. Good day Doctor. My problem is that I have neck pain and the vein of my two legs are paining me . if am working my body will be draw me back, and if am standing like 5 to 7 minutes my body will be shaking. Thanks

  414. Papia Chatterjee says:

    I am 45. I have been suffering from extreme pain in both my knees from the last 6 months. Treating it with a local homeopath for the last 3 months. Not much help though. Of special mention is climbing down the stairs is very painful. What medicine you suggest to relieving constant pain in knees?

  415. I have scleroderma ..rheumatoid arthritis taking rhustox, biocombination 19 ,calcarea flourica 6x from 2 years yet no reduction in jointpain ..please help..8105764115

  416. K M varshney says:

    My wife aged 58 year has a great problem of knee pain (both) .Her weight is 78 kg. She is also a patient of High blood pressure,blood suger, and thyroied,(All are normal with alopathic medicine).The knee pain is so seveire that she could not walk,even in the house.In the x-ray there is a gap in the bones.
    Kindly advise me the suitable homoeopathic treatment.Speciaslly for knee pain.


    Sir, One month ago i have fall down and my right hand thumb was dislocate and after medical treatment the two bone not joint properly and some bend that fingure not properly worked if loose between two bone joint, extra starch grow there. any medicine can help this situation.

    With regards

  418. NIRMAL DUTTA ROY says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma, I feel pain in the knee,mainly left knee while sit down or sitting position to stand and while in walking.Also the same I feel in my lower back portion,I mean the waist portion. More or less in every joints of body.This problem I am facing largely for about 2 years. I have done both allopathy and homeopathy treatment locally ,although no development there. I live in Tripura State. Also I have done X-Ray of waist ,but doctors say X-Ray plate shows no bad anything. At present I am 64 years age . Another big problem is I feel pain and hear bone to bone friction in waist while walking or any movement from sitting position. Now suggest me what homoeopathy medicines are applicable for me so that I can get relief from such pain and troubles. I wait for your early reponse. Thank You.

  419. Hi,

    I was wondering what would be a good choice for Sever’s Disease in a 10 year old.

    Thank you

  420. Ravi Shankar Narayan says:

    My mother is 60 year old and is having severe knee pain since 8 months. Her weight is 73 kg. She is having acute pain while walking and her pain subsides when in rest position.
    Pl suggest some medicines for immediate & permanent relief from pain.

  421. muhammad tayyeb says:

    I have pain only in toes joint & wrists, washing them with cold water ,when they were hot.

  422. I am having avn problem and doctors are saying to hip replacement because of mri reports are saying that left side hip is 3 stage and right side is 2 stage and left side hip shape little bit change and help me I don’t won’t to replace it and I also can’t walk also plz help me out

  423. Thank you.

  424. i am 40 years old…mere knee mei pain hai aur tak tak ki awaj hai…mai regular ostocalciam leti hoon….

  425. P.firose says:

    Iam suffering from knee pain due to lack of synovial fluid suggest medicines in homeopathic

  426. ashish kumar says:

    sir, my mom suffering from whole body swelling, pain and leg heavy pain, swelling. its suffer one year and its try very medicines. so plz sir suggested me best medicine for my mom. plz sir suggest me

  427. Nirmal Dutta Roy says:

    sir, recently I feel pain in all joints of my body. I get troubles while sitting or standing, I am 64 years aged. kindly prescribe me what homoeo.medicine I will take and of what power.Thank you.

  428. Irene Jaros says:

    I am 85 yrs. young ……lost the love of my life 7 months ago after 62yrs. I am having more problems with my left knee. Have had it for some time where I couldn’t take walks like I use to. I have used Spectro-Chrome colour to relieve the ach & or burning sensation. Has helped somewhat…..but believing in
    alternatives, I thought you may suggestion the homeopathic and dosages ….time…..what I could expect???. I CAN not even think of knee replacement or
    surgery at this juncture of my life.
    Any supportive information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance

  429. PMR and not taking prednisone because of side effects. I’m gluten and dsiry free as best I can . Need best remove the inflammation med and something for pain.

  430. Nkumaraswamy Nishtala says:

    Can we avoid surgery with knee joint pain is in 4th stage & surgeon say only medicines……Kumaraswamy

  431. Sanjiva k Prasad says:

    On my left foot toe where it joins the foot I hobserved some redness and swelling. It seemingly reduced because of some pain killers but some projection of the bone remained.
    Yesterday due to extensive car travel (sitting in one posture) it has again erupted.
    Could you suggest some medicine?

  432. Gautam Das says:

    sir ,

    Thanks a lot for your valued advice for patients suffering from joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. I’ve been continuing homoepathic medicine since last 6 months especially for knee pain. But suddenly from last month newly started an unbearable wrist pain along with thumb.
    Can I try Actea Spicata ? I’ll be grateful to you if you tell me the strength of that of course if you advice me. Knee pain also is existing .

    With regards,

    Gautam Das

  433. sukhadeo Pandurang Golatkar says:

    one thing I forgot to write you sir thet there is slow activities of the bodies also.

  434. sukhadeo Pandurang Golatkar says:

    the symptoms are as follows:-I am 68yeaars old. suffering from joints pains,waist pain and balance. At the time of walking I fuffer form joint pain and goes balance to left side also there is waist pain also. please sujest me a homeopathy medicine on may disces.Thanking you in anticipation.

  435. Sir,I have joint pains due to psoriasis.,but I don’t want to take homeopathic medicines for psoriasis because I tried a no of times, almost 10 years with only aggravating skin condition to the extent of full body eruptions.Once I stopped homeopathic my eruptions subsided.,but joint i.e. leg pain started.It was not there while taking homeopathic medicines.So without touching my autoimmune disease i.e. psoriasis can I get pain relief through homeopathic medicines.please .

  436. AVIJEET K DEBNATH says:

    Good morning sir,
    My age is 37 I am suffering from osteoarthritis and rhumotoid artharities of coxo femural joint degeneration. Of left first and right second . And day by day I am bending like old age people. Due to this I lost my job. My right knee swell.sitting aggravation . Walking is good but only 25 to 30 steps. Standing impossible more than 1 minute. Kindly help me to solve this problem.

  437. satya beats dash says:

    Sir my mom suffering a whole body pain so plz sir suggest me some good medicines for my mom.plz sir

  438. rajat pandey says:

    Hello sir my name is Rajat actually I want to say that my mom is suffering from leg and hand pain with swelling within 2 to 3 months and nerve created a lot of pain so sir plzz suggest me better medicine for my mom

  439. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My father aged 78, is suffering from knee joint pain. Can homeopathy help him cure. Please advise.

  440. Ramendra Lal Mukherjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 55 years old. I am facing knee pain while going down from stairs. I feel comfortable while normal walking. Please suggest Homeopathy medicine for my problem.

    • Dear Sir,
      Past 10 years I was suffering from knee pain and I have been taken several methods of medicine but still remain same when I work hard, climbing up & down on ladder, stair case or mountain. If I walk leveled flat road no pain. My question is … Is it helpful undergo homeopathy treatment.

      Also recently I got severe pain on back side of right foot ankle while walking. Please help me.

      Appreciated your prompt attention in this regard.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards from … jeffrey ….

  441. Sarabjit kaut says:

    Dear sir i am 52 year old female . I have severe shifting knee pain and it is sometimes complete left side or right side. .plzz help..nothing is working

  442. B K DHIR says:

    I have painful swelling in my left hand wrist, which was diagnosed by a specialist as Ganglion cyst requiring surgery, which I did not want to undergo.
    Another specialist who got the fluid in the cyst analysed, attrtibuted the swelling and pain in the wrist to Tuberculosis localized in the wrist for which the allopathic Antibiotic treatment involving several side effects is needed,

    Do you have any ” effective and speedy remedy” to help me get rid of this painful swelling of my left wrist. If so, how long your treatment will be needed and at what cost?

    Waiting for a prompt reply,

  443. Tarakeswar says:

    whole body spasms (mainly lower back,abdomin and head) whole body tingling,legs pain.
    mainly heavy spasm and many abnormal sympntoms

  444. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I’m a 52 yr old female currently experiencing peri menopause symptoms, the worst of which is aching joints and limbs. It started a year ago with plantar fasciitis. After months of pain this was finally relieved with ultrasound. Last October my lower back ‘went’ so badly I needed 3 weeks of bed rest. continuous chiropactic help ensued with some relief. More recently the joints in my right hand and wrist have weakened and my wrist (I am right handed) in particular is almost constantly in pain and very weak. This has now gone up into my right shoulder and all the way down my arm. I don’t have full rotation in the shoulder anymore and am unable to turn my arm fully outwards. There is no swelling or heat, just pain. I am very hyper mobile and have osteopenia. I had a recent hand xray and there are signs of some calcification and possibly a very small amount of osteo arthritis. My bones looked pretty see through, so waiting for a dexa scan.

    I am a photographer, so when not holding a heavy camera, I am at my computer editing photos. The pain in my hand, arm and shoulder is definitely worse when I do stuff. I am in so much pain – it feels like the whole shoulder, arm and hand are aching from within – when I try and move my arm in a particular way, it is agony – a searing pain that makes me feel nauseous. I have had loads of chiropractic work, but it isn’t helping. I am not taking any HRT (maybe I should?), but I thought I could try homeopathy first. Please can you advise me? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  445. Mustak godil Harun says:

    My motheris 62 age
    Can she take rhustox ?
    Witch power?
    For knee pain

  446. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 60 yrs Female . While practicing to save one from choking … My partner pressed and we heard a soft
    Sound and since a week have had discomfort and pain off and on
    Had Belladona 30 for two days. Had immense relief initially
    But again this morning the bone…rib under the right breast hurting at some angles. Also when I breath deep .
    Please guide me

  447. SUSHIL KUMAR says:

    Dear Sharma Sir
    I am 48 yrs. old male and suffering from knee pain in last 1yr. no accident and no enjury.I am veg. and my wt. is 70kg. No swelling and no red symytom on knee.

  448. Antaryami Acharya says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am felling pain in my waist and left knee since last 3 yearsI.I am 41 years old.plz suggest what best medicine and the suppliments for my case.

  449. I’m 35 years old suffering from back pain. If I do any work I have to take rest. And also hands joints pain. Suggest a medicine for me.

  450. Respected Dr
    Kindly prescribe homeopathic medicine for knee pain due to osteoporosis.
    Thank you

  451. Mzee Elias says:

    Iam a male aged 60, I’ve gradually developed pain in the right hip joint. It started slowly at night when I’d sleep on that side now there is pain on standind up and walking! Mzee Elias.

  452. Mrs. Sulochana Sanil says:

    Dr. Sharma

    This is to inform you that I have got severe joint pain in one knee,legs and wrist of both hands from last ten years and I have done Ayurvedic and several other medicine but there is no imporovement on that.I shall be grateful if you could kindly suggest me which medicine I should take.

    Also my mother is 82 yrs age and she has severe knee problem and she walks holding stick and her bothe the knee has gaps. Also she has got Diabetic,BP and colesterol problem. Please advise accordingly. Thanking you

  453. Swapna chakraborty says:

    Respected Dr Sir, I am 65 yrs old woman. I already do exercise .recent ly I feel a pain in my wrist,arm, back head &
    backside of the ear( right side).soulder quite stiffness feeling. Pain in toe of two sides.I can’t write & hold any objects,also I can’t play reply what is the remedy in homeopathy treatment?
    Thanking u,

  454. manoj kr. jha says:

    Dear Sir, I am suffering from both hip joints osteoarthrities, DR. OF CMC VELLORE has advised for hip jts. help me.I am 51 yrs. old man.

  455. Koteswara Rao says:

    my age 45 years, 72 kgs weight, 5.6 height
    (my mother was suffering with little knee pains who worked hard for domestic )
    When I am in sitting, standing, laying very little paint in my knee which is bearable
    usually I have no habit even tea and coffee and regularly attend little yoga breathing and little bending with knees and slow skipping
    Please suggest me to keep healthy knees

  456. Koteswara Rao says:

    my age 45 years
    in sitting, standing, laying very little paint in my knee which is bearable
    usually I have no habit even tea and coffee and regularly attend little yoga breathing and little bending with knees and slow skipping
    Please suggest me to keep healthy knees

  457. Seku Madhu says:

    Dr My age is 50 Male and i do have pains in my knee, feet & leg ( i stay in fourth floor and i reach by stairs as i do not use lift so can i do that or not ) Please advise me what homeo medicien i should use. ( i walk 2 km every day to reach my office ).

  458. My wife aged about 43 years suffers from severe knee pain and swelling. Allopathic medicine is not responding. Homoeopathic remedy may kindly suggest.

  459. my knee vain (nus) pain

  460. Arunabha Sahoo says:

    33yrs age Knee joints pain&masseles pain during 4yrs

  461. Raja Naseer Ahmad says:

    I hav epididmis problem 4 d last 2 increses in vol ,while. there z no pain\ advise

  462. Gursharan Sial says:

    I have acute pain and stiffness in my elbow ,knuckles and knee and lower back. Kindly suggest medicine for curing the same. Thank you

  463. Waleed khan says:

    I m feeling pain in my left knee since four months. My knee is little bit swollen and i feel pain when i try to sit or stand or when i climb on stairs and when i band my leg in sitting position. Please tell me some homeo medicine so that i can feel relief frm these pains . Thanks.

  464. P.P.Mohapatra says:

    I will be extremely grateful if i can get a reply for proper treatment of my wife.
    Female- age 62
    dibatis for last 5 years. food restricted but no medicine applied yet.
    severe pain in wrist and fingers wth red imflamation. not able to close her fingers. pain much more severe while sleeping .twisting of wrist also very painful. loosing strength to lift any weight.

  465. my mother – 78 age having severe knee joint since more than 2 months and doctor has advised for the knee replacement surgery due to cartilage problem and the gap of the bone is finished. we dont want to do the replacement surgery due to the age factor. pls advice us is there any homeo medicine to cure my mom? if yes, pls let us know by revert mail.
    she is a rheumatoid heart patient and cannot have the alopathy pain killer medicine as her creatine is high.

    • Atul Mahajan says:

      Mother age 78. Sugar patient for last 30 years. Nail in both femur bone. On blood pressure, cholestrol medicine. Two times refused by doctor for knee replacement. Pain in knees. Difficult to walk.

  466. Hi my mom is 62 years old n has pain in her right hand. The pain is from her shoulder to elbow n it burns then pains. We checked specialist to the medication for pain. But still not right. Can u please help. Let me know what homeopath medication she can try to get rid of this problem please. The bones are OK n she never get hurt. Thank u


    My wife aged 52 yrs have pain, redness and swelling in join like knee, toe, elbow, thigh and hand fingers. In the morning when wake-up she have stiffness in fingers for some time. it is very difficult to move one place to another and also got stiffness when she stand-up after sitting for some time at one place.
    Kindly suggest the correct one homeopathy medicine for the same and also address , where these medicines are available .

  468. afreen baig says:

    Hi, my periods come 10 days early. If my date is 10th. Next month it would be 1st. Plus my face skin got reddish rashes, with Vit-C or Vit-D it gets better but never disappears. Gum problems too. Please advice. Thanks and Regards

  469. akhteri khatoon says:

    Respected sir
    My wife has a joinepain its start from finger. But this time joinepain has full body joined please advice madecine please help sir after pain body from suffer

  470. Jagdev Singh ( Chandigarh - INDIA says:

    Thanks Dr. Sharma Ji for giving us valuable knowledge of remedies of Joint Pains . Sir I am suffering
    from sudden wrist pain some time , not regularly . Actually we can’t terms it as pain but too much
    weakness as I can’t pick a tea spoon or such like petty things . It happens suddenly and disappear suddenly after some time . It happen again after few days / weeks but not after any specific period .
    I consulted this with the Doctors of POST GRADUATE INSTITUTE of Chandigarh ( India ) but
    they could not find its cause or diagnose the disease or any deficiency .
    But now I thought that the ACTEA SPICATA remedy ( explained by you ) can treat my difficulty .
    I want to start taking this medicine in 30 potency . But before this I want to take your valuable advice .
    Regards and thanks in advance .
    Jagdev Singh ( Age 67+ ) E-mail :

  471. T.A.Seetharaman says:

    Dear Dr. I have lots pain along the vein and ulnar nerves and muscles around this of my both the limbs. Including shoulder pain it pains more in air-condition and cold. Suffering from cervical spondyloses carpal tunnel syndrome and bi cervical ribs for the last 35 years Pl. suggest effective homeo medicine thanks Seetharaman I’m 75 years old

  472. maria awan says:

    My father have an intensive pain in his right knee, cant even bend his knee, feel more pain while touching knee, even light touch of cloth.. also bit swelled. kindly suggest me some homeopathic remedy.

  473. Kanishka says:

    Dr I have a severe back pain. So what med u recommended me for low calcium.

  474. Knee pain/injury during running & bending

  475. J.K.DURGA PRASAD says:

    namaste sharmaji, i am 54. i am suffering from leftleg knee pain and swelling round the knee. on walking very leg is stiffy and pain. on floding musle pain unbearable. some time ankle of the left gives pain to me. plz suggest medicine to me.

  476. Uma Shankar says:

    I uma shankar, my mother she is 64 years old, she is mitral valva replace patient on 2010 .(her regular medicine 1. Wafrin 2. Ecosprin 3. Calaption 4. Cordanore.)now this days she is suffering from pains in her right arm & left leg (from hip to knee ) severe pain. Dr. Give a medicine. Pregaballin-M & acuvin for pain, but, my mother still suffering from sever pain. Pls suggest a effective homeopathy medicine for better cure treatment

  477. Manzar Alam says:

    My Ankle & Knee joints pain extremly while ,getting up after praying or from bed and movement to immediate short distances but when move for reasonable distance pain subside but pich feeling remains. While standing pulsating pulses movement with mild pain is also felt.
    Your advice along with recommended medicine requested at your earliest convenience.
    I am 59

  478. Manzar Alam says:

    My Ankle & Knee joints pain extremly while ,getting up after praying or from bed and movement to immediate short distances but when move for reasonable distance pain subside but pich feeling remains. While standing pulsating pulses movement with mild pain is also felt.
    Your advice along with recommended medicine requested at your earliest convenience.

  479. ANITA BOSE (F) 60YRS says:

    Good day Dr Sharma. I am a 59+ year old female who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have severe pain and swelling on my knee and right hand wrist. I am unable to walk or move bend my wrist. I’m having difficulty clime stairs as I bleeding problem. Please help me. . I have to sit all the time just to get the pain on my knee to ease a little. Please help.

  480. Good day Dr Sharma. I am a 37 year old female who has Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have severe pain and swelling on my knee and right hand wrist. I am unable to walk or move bend my wrist. I’m having difficulty eating by hand as I can not turn my wrist. Please help me. I can barely walk. I have to sit all the time just to get the pain on my knee to ease a little. Please help.

  481. Mahesh.vojjala says:

    Sir I’m Mahesh.I’m just 25 years old.I’m suffering with two hands weakness from last 3 years.But day by day the decease problems are I cannot lift weight more than 15 KGS.and I will lose my weight when I lift something.and my five fingers cannot be straight and totally bended.please give me d best resolution

  482. Patrizia Wilson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I would like to know if Bryonia Alba would help the pain (when I walk) on my right hip due to
    Arthritis and the dosage, at least to postpone the surgery. I am 59 years old.
    Thank you.

    • Katam Thirupathi says:

      Dear sir, I am suffering from knee joint pains and sleeping desserts from since 8 years I am sending my blood sugar details : sys-115mmHg, Dia-78mmHg, pulse-70/min. Sir plz give medicine details and my mail id :

  483. Respected sir,
    My wife is suffering from lower back pain, and also she can’t stand for a long time time.. She is facing too much pain..please can u advice or suggest me to get rid of this lower pain..

  484. Dr utpal kumar Tripathy says:

    fracture in left medial consular joint,now stiffness in knee joint, when I walking or any movement of knee joint due to pressure pain in ankle ,foot also all the finger of the foot and pain in thigh and hip joint
    I use some homoeopathy medicine,arnica,symphytom,rushtox,ruta mag phos6x ferrem phos 6x.

  485. Kanti baidya says:

    Sir my mom 60 year old his verry head knee joint pain plz medicen name.

  486. Anil verma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 44 yrs old and suffering from uric acid from one years.
    I have taken chelidonium menjous Q for two month, but after left the medicin, again start incresing the uric acid.
    Please suggest.
    Anil erma

  487. kishor Kumar jha says:

    My wife age 40 yrs and shes suffering pain in right &left leg so please suggest medicine for her.

  488. zaleem haleem says:

    Good day sir, am suffering from tumour on my knee. I Can’t walk perfectly and it always get hot
    And swelling, it give me much pain

  489. sadiqa sarwar says:

    i am 50 yr old i am suffering arthritis from last 4 month .saver pain and stiffness all over the body muesles large and small joint pain. only hand finger joint are swelling. i feel weakness all over the body please suggest me

  490. Radha Krushna Rout says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 45 yr old boy.15 days ago ekdin scooty slip hogayi, small injury in my left knee.also take some elopaty medicine.naow some swelling in my knee & puri tarha leg fold nehi hota.abhi mein
    elastic tubular knee caps use karta hoon.plz suggest homeopathy for permanet solution.

  491. Ritu Dhiman says:

    hello sir
    i m suffering from synovitis arthritis in one knee and hip joint mei bhi pain rehta hai . sirf ek knee mei hi swelling hai aur teeth jaw mei bhi pain rehta hai. i m taking homeopathic medicine but koi aram nahi aa rha hai. yahan tak ki mei langda kar chalti hun . kya karoon sir mei plzz suggest koi homeopathic medicine bataiye jisse kuch relief to mile. pllzzzz sir . my age is 28

  492. Ritu Dhiman says:

    hello sir
    i m suffering from synovitis arthritis in one knee and hip joint mei bhi pain rehta hai . sirf ek knee mei hi swelling hai aur teeth jaw mei bhi pain rehta hai. i m taking homeopathic medicine but koi aram nahi aa rha hai. yahan tak ki mei langda kar chalti hun . kya karoon sir mei plzz suggest koi homeopathic medicine bataiye jisse kuch relief to mile. pllzzzz sir

  493. Purushottam kumar says:

    Dr. sahab merit wife ko dono leg me ghutna ke opposite side under ki taraf air uske niche mussusle me bahut he pain hota hai plz inke liye koi homeopathy medicine suggest kare. inka age 28 hai.

  494. Harsharn says:

    Doc sharma i am suffering from Rheymatoid arthritis please sugest me which medicine is best for me and about precaution my age is 52

    • Hello Dr. Sharma
      Which medicine is good for tennis elbow? I am a sportsman playing badminton 5-6 days a week, about 3 hours a day. Recently feeling nasty pain on the elbow joint. I took Rhus T, Arnica, and Ruta in 1M, together once a day.

  495. somick banerjee says:

    DR,sahab ,mai 2 month pehele weight uthate samae right hip joint mai jor ka gat se awaj hua or uske bad mae 1 week tak bed se uth hi nahi paraha tha peracetamol kha kar thora chalne layak hua tou,xray kiya to kuch najar nahi aya,uske baad mai ,ruta-g 200,bryonia 30 do-do time khane laga.kripya mujhe sahi dawa batae toa boohut avari rahunga. thankyou

  496. K. Rajlaxmi says:

    I HV knee pain in both the legs. Kindly prescribe.

    • zaleem haleem says:

      Dr sharma please help me…I am 30year old, I can’t walk perfectly and Dr that examine it say is tumour which is abnormal growth, my knee get hot And swelling that is preventing me to walk or run.. Please help me what drugs should I take or treatment that it deserve.. Thank you sir

  497. Dear Doctor, I feel pain in my knee joints and all over my limbs, seems to be that pain is inside the bones. I can not sleep soundly because of this pain. Some times i feel pain in my finger joints also. Please suggest some best homeopathic medicine.

  498. Dr.Twaha Ruaim Haque says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a female patient , Ag -35.weight 63.Suddenly find right shoulder pain. can’t move hand up and down . when move much pain . sometimes pain increase at night .

  499. Betty Fotheringham says:

    I have suddenly developed pain in hip joint going down front of thigh. I would be grateful for suggestions. I am a pulsatilla type. Thank you. Betty

    • somick banerjee says:

      DR,sahab ,mai 2 month pehele weight uthate samae right hip joint mai jor ka gat se awaj hua or uske bad mae 1 week tak bed se uth hi nahi paraha tha peracetamol kha kar thora chalne layak hua tou,xray kiya to kuch najar nahi aya,uske baad mai ,ruta-g 200,bryonia 30 do-do time khane laga.kripya mujhe sahi dawa batae toa boohut avari rahunga. thankyou

  500. Ali jaffar zaidi says:

    I was twice operated for disc prolapse first in 1975 again in 2000. Due to surgery my knee and hip joint are very much damaged in 2000 my left foot was dropped after surgery. I can’t walk or can stand for more then two minuets. Kindly homeopathic medicine for me thanks.

  501. Hi doc,
    I had sprained my little toe. The pain was better after 5 days but the swelling is still there. The swelling is on the toe and not around it. Three months have passed…the toe swelling is greater in the evening.
    What should I do?

  502. JAYAGOPI says:

    sir, I have minor pain in finger joints,and knee pain pl tell me wt medicine can i take

  503. R.E.P. SHARMA says:

    I have dabetic from 12 years up to 5 years i manage by homnoepath madicine after that not aficative that, i am taking alepoth medicine may i know i can take which homoepath medicine to left the alopat medicine & how can use.

  504. My wife had both her knee replacement about a month ago. Now she is feeling pain and swelling on both knee. All pain killer med been stopped. She is doing. Exercises as per Advise and using cold pack on knee to get rid of pain . Pl advise treatment

  505. kamala saxena says:

    Dr,Sharma ,
    I have generalized pain a swellings and stiffness of my muscles like in FIBROMYALGIA . Ihave OSTEOARTHRITIS OD MT KNEES AND LOWER BACT. PAINAGGRAVATED BY PROLONGERD WALKING AND STANDING.please advice which homeopathic medicine is best for me and what dosage?
    Thank you
    Kamala Saxena

  506. Abby Ayoub says:

    My Rematolgest told me I have a begging of osteoarthritis in 2 of my fingers.. The ones next to the thumb are not straight as they used to anymore.. I have deep pain in both bottoms of the two thumbs and they get worse when excersie or carry weights.. I am positive RA and have fibromyalgia and Sojgren.. I have lower back pain and pain in both knees..Which pain Remedy do you recomend please?
    Thank you.

  507. Amreesh Saxena says:

    Resp Dr Sharma,

    My age is 52 yrs (male).
    Kindly respond to my following queries:
    A) I got a severe fracture in the main bone of leg above foot. I started taking Symphtum 200 for the last 45 days and there is some improvement in bone healing. Do you recommend any other medicine along with this for faster recovery?
    B) I feel knee pain in one knee when I climb stairs, otherwise I dont feel it. Please recommed some medicine.

    Amreesh Saxena


      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I have been suffring from severe knee joints pain for the last 1 year.There is unbearable pain specialy in my left knee joints for last one month and it keeps on shifting from one joint to another. My right knee is also affected
      I am 50 years old married and accountant by profession.
      Plz advice.

  508. Will it work for muscle and joint pain caused by electrical trauma, especially low voltage??? High voltafe??? Lightning strike???

  509. female age 56 ,taking medi. for hypothyroidism for 20 years .
    68 weight .i feel acute pain in knee joints while stepping up or down. even pain when getting up from sleep . few steps are more painful. back ache while walking kindly suggest best homeo pathy . thanks

  510. Imran ansari says:

    Helo doctor.
    I have been suffring from severe joints pain for the last 11 months.there is great unbearable pain in all my joints and it keeps on shifting from one joint to another.
    I am 35 years old married and accountant by profession
    Plz advice

  511. Nandini Chemburkar says:

    I am suffering from bulky uterus , my age is 50 yrs. I also have problem of cracking and popping joint pain and severe low back pain. Please help.

  512. ashish patel says:

    Sir .i m also a hom.medical student… 2nd yr gujrat
    Can u help me how can i taking the case of chronic disease…
    Plz give me somethinv information abouf form of case taking n knee pain medicine…..

  513. Rashid Shah Nazir Shah says:

    R/Sir, I am a retired employee aged 61 years and suffering from Left & Right knee joints pains. When pain increases, it involves nearby valves in both the leg. I have taken allopatheic treatment and got temporary relief from pain. In this treatment a great drawback is noticed whenever you takes the medicines regular, you can feel the joints pain-free but after stoppage of medicines, again pain starts as usual.

    Please suggest the homeopathic treatment for the permanent restoration of disease.

    Thanks. Yours faithfully, R.N.Shah

  514. Waiting for ur reply from last 6 months

  515. SURENDRA JINDAL says:

    Unable to walk more than 100 M
    Now pain in left knee since last month

  516. Respected sir,

    I have pain in my knees and i cannot perform extensive exercises also the pain hampers my day to day activities, I MRI reports show no issues.
    I wanted to know is there any complete cure in homeopathy for knee damage ? At young age. As I am below 30.

    Thank you


    I have pain in knee. when I step up and down to stairs its felt pain. I am also suffering from uric acid which shows 7 . plss tell me its can be permanently cure with homeopathy medecine and name tha medecine.

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  520. T V S SUBRAHMANYAM says:


    My age is 51 I am suffering from lower back pain mainly in the L5 and L6 region and I am feeling severe problem in the tail end with inflammation from last 8-9 months. I am using normal pain killers for temporary relief please give me permanent cure for my problem. Also a mention is that my uric acid level is around 5.0 which I have got it checked recently. Waiting for ur reply.

    Thank you

  521. Muhammad sohail says:

    Respected sir,
    My relative fall from the running truck from the top and injured his knee but not fracture. Now from till today buss is constantly coming from his knee. Most Doctor gave advice to Amputation his knee. i would be very thankful for giving me the treatment so that his leg may be save from amputation. He is 15 years young.
    Looking forward
    Muhammad sohail

  522. nDr.M.K.Mitra. says:

    both knee pain diabetic patient relief in compliet rest.

  523. nDr.M.K.Mitra. says:

    both knee pain diabetic patient relief in compliet test.

  524. Res.Dr.Sa.
    I am 56 yrs old woman.I am suffring from RA since 2009.At prasent my RA factor is 32.I want homeopathy treatment. Pls help me.What should i do?
    Abha jain

  525. HELLO SIR

  526. pradip kumar ghosh says:

    my problems are as bellow
    i feel pain at the time of sitting chair and at the time of lift up from chair . when i sleep i can not fold my hands and legs when it is straight and can not straight when it is folded . in the morning i feel pain all over my body including all my joint . my suger is normal . my age 45. CRP-128, ESR-110 , RA Factor -3 . please suggest me whether its is a matter of nerve related pain or orthopedic matter .

    • sanjib ghosal. says:

      Respected Sir, l m 50years old man. I fully fit. But
      my right arm is pain, when it will be move to
      back / upper way, that time l filling locked the
      position. As electric shock. please suggest me
      proper madicine.


  527. Mohammed Zahid khan says:

    Hi doctor,

    My wife is suffering from Pain since 2011, below is her history and this pain is going to kill her.

    DOB: 15 January 1990

    Around July 2011 she got pain in both calf, that time doctor thought that is due to Pregnancy.
    Feeling good: When Massage or press
    Feeling Worst: at night or when lie down, also Sleeping Problem cannot sleep maximum 3-4 hour
    Note: Pregnant with 5 moths, deliver baby boy with C-section in 13 October 2011
    This calf pain increased and became severe
    Feeling good: When Massage or press
    Feeling Worst: at night or when lie down, also Sleeping Problem cannot sleep maximum 3-4 hour
    Reports: all Report is normal except ESR & C – Reactive Protein are high
    This calf pain increased and became worst and now it increased to Thi and back, and Vein is getting worst some time. Also pain in neck, shoulder and hand. End of this year doctor diagnosed that she has Psychological problem and she had taken medicine for 1 year but no benefit
    Feeling good: When Massage or press
    Feeling Worst: at night or when lie down, also Sleeping Problem cannot sleep maximum 2-3 hour
    Reports: all Report is normal except ESR & C – Reactive Protein are high, also found that lake of Vitamin-D,
    Same problem and it increased to too much Head pain.
    Feeling good: When Massage or press
    Feeling Worst: at night or when lie down, also Sleeping Problem cannot sleep maximum 2-3 hour
    Reports: all Report is normal except ESR & C – Reactive Protein are high
    Note: Pregnant , deliver baby boy with C-section in 12 August 2014

    Current Situation: March 2016
    She still has same condition Pain 24 x 7 x 365

    We consulted with below specialist:
    General Physician
    Many Homeopathic Doctor

  528. Ashok Kumar Mariya says:

    Respected Dr
    I am suffering from pain in toe both as well as in Hip joints besides cervical spondlysis. Please suggest me any course of homeopathy as I am suffering since last 2-years,
    A K Mariya

  529. MOHAN PRASAD says:

    For knee pain,doctor is giving me—-Ruta 1m(4 granuls in morning Cauticum 1m+Rhox tox 1m(mixed 4 granuls in evening. Capsicum 1m (4 granuls at bed time.
    I am taking since last 6 monts but there is little progress in pain remuval.
    Pl. advise what to do now ?
    I am 67 years old.

  530. A disabled person having age 25
    involved in masturbation always

    Kindly suggest Home.remedy to eliminate his such sexual desire immediately..plz

  531. Ruth Caraballo says:

    In the last two to three years joint pain in my right hand includes middle finger, ring, pinky radiating up the whole right arm, shoulder and neck, rear ear and head. It is so painful I scream out whenever I make a sudden stretch or movement in the morning. During the day I get swelling of the right middle
    ring and pinky fingers when it is going to be a rainy day, I can always know if it will rain that day because of the pain that worsens.

  532. DEBASISH MITRA says:


  533. Ramesh Chandra Kukreja says:

    Sir i am suffering from constipation, knee pain and my nails have become brittle and thick . i am 73 years of age and from very beginning patient of Lycopodium as suggested by Dr Rajender singh of meerut now I am staying at kolkata my hairs started greying from childhood. Lycopodium was being taken by me since than will you recommend some other meicine with it or recommend new one. With regards yours R C kukreja

  534. Shally Aggarwal says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I am suffering from inflammation in my right hand and arm so which homeopathy medicine is good for me.

  535. Dr pravin says:

    Any combination which help in all kind of joint pain

  536. I have a great health record that includes an excellent diet. I am right-hand dominant. After changing cell phones to a larger footprint (Samsung Note 3), I noticed that my left hand at the thumb joint started hurting. After mentally tracing back to this realization, I now lay the device on a surface and use my right hand to navigate and type. Also, I noticed a lump at the top side of my wrist when I bend the wrist. That lump has subsided about 50% since changing my use of the cell phone. I continue to have pain when using the thumb joint… for instance opening a jar, grasping bottles and jars, and similar movement. Having read your post for top ten remedies for joint pain, I am inclined toward Actea spicata. Please offer suggestion as to what else I may consider. Thank you!

  537. kaleem mohd says:

    great tips…as a practising physical therapist at healthclues, Hyderabad I want to mention that Exercise programs should include both aerobic exercise—like walking, swimming, or biking—and strengthening exercises, such as isometric and isotonic exercises also helps in joint pain reduction and improve muscular strength.

  538. ROBINSON K. R says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am 54 yrs old with weight 85 I had along ride with motor cycle when returned back my
    head was dipped in water due to heavy heat and helmet i was tired and had two pegs of brandy and
    went to sleep lying down in the same position that the next day I had terrible pain on the left hand and shoulder my friend massaged and then I felt relief , but the next day started severe pain and i was taken to a doctor who gave voveran but still the pain is on .what homeo medicine should i take

  539. Dr vikash Chakradhary says:

    I want a help in choosing medicine for a case of RTA.
    Please advise medicine with its potency.

  540. mamta sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am 33yrs old women..I have given birth my baby on 9 December 2015 by caesarean delivery.That was my first delivery after that I am suffering from joints pain as well as full body pain.Please give me some medicine by which I will b perfectly ok as soon as possible.

  541. purnachander says:

    good evening mother suffering from joint pains since last sunday and she consulted doctor [not homeo , not aayurved] but those medicines not satisfied .so please give other suggestions in homeopathy .her age was 42 years ..thanking you sir

  542. Hello. Dr I have been diagnosed as case of pattler tendinitis of both knees. Condition is getting worse. Can hear crackling sounds from my knee while moving. age is about 50 years. X- rays show mild reduced knee spaces and all well. Feel good with compression. Most pain full while climbing stairs. Kindly prescribe some remedy for me. Thanks.

    • Ranjana Srivastava says:

      There is pain in left knee joint on upper side when i walk. more in climbing stairs especially when climbing down. There is cracking sound also

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  544. Mahender jain says:

    My mother’s age is 76yrs she is having sevear pain in back and knees joints and we have consultated orthopaedic physicIan and surgeon and they have advised some pain killers after seeing MRI Reports but my mother getting burning in whole body and vomiting after taking pain killers and Dr said if not improved we will go for surgery but we don’t want to go for surgery. Please some pain relievers medicine which doesn’t have any side effects

  545. Severekneepainandcannotstandandwalkfortenfeet.weight140kgs.48yearsold.I cannot straight standing.Please help me.

  546. Shahed Khushnud Siddiqi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I have severe pain in my left knee (inner cornor), which tended to get reduced in rest but now pain continues regardless of the position. This I got developed three years ago when I was 60 in age.
    I would be obliged if you prescribe some remedy.


  547. Nirmala panchal says:

    My mummy having severe joint pain and get swollen leg and her fingers are not able to open in morning suggest bestedicine

  548. Iam suffring joint pain on hand swelin with red colar and hand tempture 10 year before start

  549. I am having shoulder and knee pain (more in left knee) since last three months. The X ray reports show Cervical Spondylosis with early Osteoarthritis Knee. I have been taking allopathy treatment for the last 3 months or so but has not helped and the pain remains as it is which causes quite discomfort especially in shoulders (in raising and other movements). Could you please help?
    P. Nema

  550. Vidya Sagar says:

    I am taking Aluminia 30 pilss , four in number, twice daily for my constipation problem. There is definit improvement. But now I realize that after consuming the medicine, I am getting knee and calf pains, some times very severe and my calf and backside of knee stiffens. I stopped taking alumina and observed that there was relief from calf and knee pains. But those days I will have constipation problem. What could be the solution for treating constipation and not to have calf and knee pains. I am milk allergetic person. Regards, waiting for your reply. Vidyasagar

  551. how to use these medicine and how many drops we can use and how we can use these medicine mix in water or put on deskitts ? how to prepare these medicine for oral use plz tell me i want to use it

  552. Bhaskara Krishna Mohan says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I’m 63 years. I’m a regular rigorous tennis player. My left knee was injured due to over usage in playing tennis while I am USA last summer.
    Knee was tight and painful for any movement. Cold pack sharply increased swelling and passion. Hot fomentation gave relief. Rest gave relief. When I sit in chair and try to get up, initial movement is very difficult and painful. After a few steps, it becomes alright.
    I took Bryonia Alba and Rhus tox. Got a very good relief and am able to play tennis again. Tightness is gone. Swelling is not there. But the following is persisting for which I need your help.
    When I fold my left leg there is no pain. But unfolding is painful while resting. Pain in the knee only. While sleeping also unfolding needs to be done slowly. Panful. Leg pains a lot and worse at knee, if I stand for long time or take a long walk ( more than a km). After rest it becomes alright. Brisk walk is not possible.
    Right leg is perfect.
    Can you please suggest a remedy.
    Krishna Mohan.

  553. i have lots of pain in my whole body. i cant sleep verry well. i have thyroid also. i have ligament injury in my left leg and in my neck i have sponlitis problem . kindly tell me which product is effective for me to releaf this pain.

  554. Tejinder kaur sethi says:

    I have suffring knee pain

  555. Anand Rama Kutre says:

    I am suffering from hill pain in the morning after getting wake up and also knees. Give me remedies for the above mentioned

    Thanking you

  556. Md. Golam nabi says:

    I feel pain in my left knee and back.

  557. Heavy pain in mother’s knee joint. Please suggest any medicine and oil for pain. She is 60 years old.

  558. maha malik says:

    I feel much pain in my all joints and i canr use my left hand for wash stool

  559. Muhammad Asghar says:

    Uric acid ka mareez ka ghutna (knee joint) ki soJan chalta waqat bhut darad Dora ki soorat ma

  560. WAQAR AHMED says:

    good ,if works

  561. pervez alam says:

    There is loss of lordosis.
    Anterior & posterior osteophytes are seen with large osteophytes at C5, C6 levels. Mild rarefaction of bone seen.
    1 Vertebra bodies are normal in height.
    2 Intervertebral disc spaces appear normal.
    3 No bony cervical rib seen.
    4 Pre vertebral soft tissues are normal.


  562. I have osteoarthritis and when my both keen joints rub while walking or climbing stairs, I feel great pain in my knee. I am taking Qalsan-D tablet and tablet Starcox on SOS (when there is much pain).

    Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine that could bring relief to my pain and also improve joints strength which I can use on long term basis.

    Thank you in advance for your consultation and advice.


    92 300 2550165

  563. I have osteoarthritis and when my both keen joints rub while walking or climbing stairs, I feel great pain in my knee. I am taking Qalsan-D tablet and tablet Starcox on SOS (when there is much pain).

    Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine that could bring relief to my pain and also improve joints strength which I can use on long term basis.

    Thank you in advance for your consultation and advice.



  564. My wife , 61 yrs , has pain in the LEFT KNEE while walking and is unable to bend at the knees. The pain has suddenly started about 15 days back , without any specific noticeable injury or any thing hitting on the knee. Before this , she has been regularly taking walks without any such pain. No diabetes or any BP problems.
    Request your guidance to get rid of the pain.

  565. Shashikant Deshpande says:

    Respected Doctor, my wife age 57 is having a knee pain in left knee since last 2 years. There is a swelling in the knee and pains while walking. Pains when position is changed. She is a diabetic but sugar under control using allopathic medicine.
    Kindly advise treatment for knee pains as well as diabetic

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shashikant Deshpande

  566. Rajendra Prasad Panigrahi says:

    Respected Dr. My wifes left thumb gives pain since last six months. I have tried Hypercum, Bry., Lyco., Sulpher, Ruta, Med., But invain. There is no injury. Pl. recommend a best remedy for early relief.

  567. pratap singh says:

    Dr, my father suffering from oesteoarthritis and swelling on joint . give me solution

  568. Dear Dr,
    i am suffering from calsification in my heart artery, i am geting treatment for three month from homoeopatic doctor since then my psycological illness in control, i have fear of death by suffacation, but my physical heart still hurts can you help, will my heart ever get better, or i am counting my days please help

  569. Sushil sharma says:

    Doctor I was taking homeopathic medicine for joint pains.I got much relief with that but at the same time I found some very light white patch on my skin.So I got scared that I may not get this discoloration of skin in big way and stopped the med.Is reaction of the med.possible in this way?.Otherwise med was quite effective.

  570. In right hand wrist joint pain as the hand is twisting

  571. Chetna srivastava says:

    I m suffering from stiff knee joint…what to sir

  572. Professor Dr M. A. Azadi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    It is very nice to see your DrHomeo help line in internet. I am a Professor of Zoology, univ of Chittagong, age 61, height 5 feet 2 inch, weight 64 kg. Suffering from right knee pain (right knee meniscus tearing and recently also arthritis as per MRI report) and left heel pain (left ankle spur) since May 2015. Earlier I was in position to walk, run or any movement but for the last one month it is very difficult for me to walk or run smoothly for even a 1/4 mile. As per Doctors advice since November 2015 I am taking Glcosamine Sulfate Potassium Tablets Chloride USP 1500mg (Cartigen 1500) (daily one Tab in the morning after food) and Tablet vitamin B Complex with B12 (Neurobion Forte)( daily two tablets at morning and night after food) but feeling no well. Due to 2 blocks in the heart I have also two rings in my heart since 11 January 2015, for which I am also taking heart medicine since 11 January 2015. I am also taking Comet 500 (Metaformin HCI BP 500 mg) for my diabetis (controlled). I had also severe back pain (lumber 4 & 5, disc protruded) and after operation in 2006 and with physiotherapy now ok.
    The present main problem is knee pain (right) and left ankle pain for which I can’t walk normally like earlier, after rest I feel well. I have enough faith on Homeopathy. It will be highly appreciated if you kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine for removing my right knee and left ankle pain. Looking forward for your kind reply.
    With my personal regards
    Prof. Dr. M.A. Azadi
    Dept of Zoology
    University of Chittagong
    Chittagong 4331, Bangladesh

  573. Hi

    I have been feeling exhausted and my body pains, my left heal is also paining. Im thinking the worse and i dont like GPs, please tell me what to do.

  574. Rajendri katiyar says:

    My mother is facing problem in their knees and she is not able to run .i have checked with too many doctors they are saying for operation only ,so please suggest how there joint pain for knees can be reduced .Her age is around 70 years
    My contact no. is 8800500905

  575. hanumantharao kodali says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am a senior citizen aged around 69 yrs. I am suffering from knee pain(severe), pain in ankle joints,wrist joints, finger joints. Also spondelitis, back pain.While in lying position if i fold my legs for some time then while getting up legs are getting dumb from knees to bottom. At times it becomes very difficult even to stand and to walk for bath room in nights. I am a diabetic person since 16 yrs. on medication only. Irequest you to please suggest me homeo medicines for getting rid of pains.
    Thanks and regards.

  576. I have been suffering from 1 year by dislocated elbow pain. When I want to do hard work that time the pain is increased for 4 or 7 days after that the pain is mitigated gradually. So please give me advise what can i do and please tell me the name of madicine.

  577. I have been suffering from 1 year by dislocated elbow pain. When i want to do a hard work that time my joint is pain and the pain remains for 5 or 7 days after that the pain is mitigated. So please help me by giving advise and please tell the name of medicine.

  578. 45Yrs old teacher5’8” 84kg .pain in both knees.noise also.pain increases while descending stairs.can’t stand usually from Indian style latrines.

  579. Knee pain and noise coming from knee and full body joint pain suggest medicine for my mother her age is 62 yrs. Please help

  580. sanjay kedia 9489561463 says:

    Dr i am staying in erode and i use to play shuttle regularly. my age is 43years. Now a days my wrist is paining and my low back also. if you could suggest any thing that willbe a great help for me.

    thanking you waiting for your reply at the earliest

  581. My daughter is 16 years old, tall and thin…she has had problems with her back since age nine. It hurts in the low back, around the iliac crest and by the spine…and then low back aching. It hurts to walk, run, sit…she can only find comfort when in a certain lying position. We’ve had MRIs that show clear, do you have any ideas?

  582. PC Baranwal says:

    I am 65 yrs old and suffering from right knee pain before 6 yes.Pain is at right side of right knee.Subah uthne par knee me bahut jakdan rahti hai.Jo 10-20 step chalne me baad thin ho jati hai.Pl advise.

  583. Damodar prasad says:

    I am retired and My age 69years old suffering from as per doctor suffering from oestoartherities now I am unable to walk&climbupup stair as right not support load.once in 1997 I have heart attack and admitted one month in BGH Bokaro still pI am taking medicine regularly

  584. Gurleen kaur says:

    Mam, I am 31 yrs old I got my test in sep and got my vit D very low and I have joint pain in arm and wrist. Pain in Upper arm is so M not able to lift it up and get pain in some different positions only when there movement of arm. I am undergoing alopathic treatment from sep but no relief Please help

  585. Hello Dr,
    i am 33 yrs old & having pain in both knees also i am taking treatment since 8 monts
    but no relif. pls suggest some medicines.

    • suryakanta mishra says:

      Pain in knee while standing up from sitting position and while walking on stare case. The gap in knee bones is less in x ray. Give me remedy for it .

  586. Mrs T.I.SAGHIR says:

    Hello DR,
    my husband is 64 yrs old n ving severe pain in his left arm ..orthopedic treat ment done since 4 mths.

    but no relief n effect.. as per xray report no dislocation or fracture… wut to do pls help????…doctor says go for steroids… but we dont want it .. can u help pls???

  587. Nirmala panchal says:

    Knee pain and noise coming from knee and full body joint pain suggest medicine name I m 70 yrs

  588. what is the best homoeopathic medicine for thieghs swelling. thank yoursir.,.

  589. Alias b Baki says:

    I’ve cervical spondylosis. Its very painful when i sit / walking a little bit longer on my neck and elbow. I cant stand with the painful so what are the best medicine for homeopathy. Please tell me. Thanks.

  590. My son suffering from ankolosing isponderlitis age 24 year please give advice for pain relief. Medicine name with dous

  591. md.quamruzzaman says:

    my age now 43.ten years ago road accident ,break left hip joint.two operation.No result
    doctor find out two years after identify AVN hip joint.always Al time use alcacrotch for pain release at time of working.when presser the hip joint then fell pain.please advice me.

  592. arman zamir says:

    meri walda k dono pair me takreeban 10 saal se bohat dard hai joro ka dard bohat ilaj karwaya lekin koi fark nahi para plz help me

  593. Venkatrao Dwibhashi says:

    Namaste. Am 74 yrs old. Only both hand’s thumb joints are having unbearable pain, especially in winter. Am living in Bangalore.

  594. Dear Doctor ji,
    My mother 86 years old, she can’t walk and severe joint pain.
    Almost all kind of pain killer tablets given that only work temporarily. After that even increasing the dosage also it will not help her.

    Please do guide me


  595. Dear sir
    My mother is suffering from severe pains in her legs which leads to painful moment. Her joints are swollen and when she takes rest feels better. Consulted many doctors but no result its getting worse day by day. Please sir takey request into consideration…

  596. Dear Dr
    I have got cold for the last one month ..i started with homeopathic medicines..the cough has been reduced now but i am getting severe pain in the ribs when i cough..i consulted my homeopathic doc..he advised to take crocin but the pain is not reduced…would you please suggest some painkillers that i can take to reduce this pain coz the pain is unbearable..

  597. Prabhakararao k says:

    Knee joint pain only When joint kept at. 90degrees. On standing suffering pain and some relief by walking .No sugar no bp.Age68 years

    • Vijay Shankar Mishra says:

      I am suffering from Ulcerative colitis for almost 10 yrs with steroids. Now after using Adel -16 drops my disease is under control & I have quit my steroids dose from last 2 months. Now I am having lower back & joint pain regularly. Plz suggest some homoeopathic medicine.

  598. Prachi Doshi says:

    I am having joint pain from past 6 months. I have tried lot of medicines but still nothing is working out.
    So how homeopathy treatment can reduce my pain.


  600. As for my mother with severe pain on her leg and its swolle am gonna try Rhus Tox, if not ,Bryonia Alba and see the results. I would appreciate an advice and recomadetion on use of some remedies, and with many thanks. From Isaac.

  601. Zulakha rafiq says:

    Hi Dr.sharia I am suffering from knee pain my both knees gets locket I cannot bend or sit on the lower settee my humble request is can u tell me what sort of homeopathic madican I can have I will wait for your answer

  602. Kavita Agarwal says:

    Joint pain of whole body

  603. yash vardhan kumar says:

    sir ,
    i am 32 years old mere right leg ke knee me aur pair ke talbo me pain karib 5 years se hai mera weight 106 kg hai mujhe lagta hai ki mere weight ke karan mere leg me pain rahta hai jo ki kisi medicine se fayada nahi hota hai mujhe lagta hai ki agar mera weight agar 65-70 kg ke aas pas aa jaye to mera pain kam ho jayega mujhe koe bimari nahi hai sare cheak up me report normal hai mai pain killer le raha hu jis karan mai chal fir pata hu nahi to bed pe hamesha leta rahta hu aur jyada work out karta hu to pain kafi badh jata hai. pls help me. 9934274544

  604. Dr. Virndra Singh says:

    Hi Doc.
    Approx. 2 months past my right knee joint got hurt and caused me severe pain which is continuing till date but its pain intensity has reduced. I took allopath treatment followed by Homeopath treatment for last 45 days. Still I feel trouble in climbing stairs and walking. My age is 66 , height 174 cm and wt. 88 kg.I need your suggestions to cure me. If u feel to recommend some medicines please do so.
    with regards,
    Dr. V.B.Singh

  605. Humaira Waheed says:

    My husband age about 50 years having joins pain.He took lot of alopatheic medicine for relieving pain but it effect remaine temporarly.
    Kind prescribe any homeopatheicmedicine for complete relieve.

    Humaira Ather

  606. alissa adkins says:

    Think would help if there was a flash chart for various disease processes w/remedies listed thanks now where does one go to get supplies? #biskit911

  607. small joints in my hands and feet are stiff and painful. can you suggest something plz.

  608. I have knee pain from last two years in my left leg.before this same leg has muscle pain from five years.Because right leg suffering from polio and it increase in length from left leg.Doctor suggest for shoe raise .I take many elopathy treatment but no relief. please suggest me right age is 41.

    • Arjun Prasad says:

      I am 70 yrs.Weight abt. 70 kg. Have pain in left knee joints since last two yrs.Rt. leg ok.pain increases with motion.Suggest homeopath medicine .

  609. Manju Devi says:

    Hello sir I m suffering from knee pain and also I m unable to walk due to swelling and pain in my right knee.sir plzz suggest me quick relief pain treatment.I’m. Also. Unable to move my leg when

  610. Anita Narang says:

    I have severe pain in my left shoulder joint and am told that my MRI shows degenerative changes in the shoulder joint and significant cartilage damage.

    My pain is worst at night and I cannot sleep on my left shoulder. I cannot raise my left arm due to pain.

    I have been advised surgery to replace the joint but am apprehensive to undergo this procedure.

    I am 62 years old and have had this acute condition since December 2014.

    Can you please advise if homeopathic treatment can help my condition.

  611. Major kler says:

    Age 60,neck and shoulder pain when moving.the neck.At night can not sleep with comfort.

  612. kuldeep kumar agarwal says:

    1. I have pain in knee and shoulders. The joint pains are worse after rest and the pains get slowly better
    after walking or moving around.
    2. I have warts on neck, eyelid, under armpit and on back.
    3. I go for urine frequently at night approx at every two hrs.

  613. Durvesh kumar says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 24 year old and having the following issues since last 4 years
    1. Severe pain in all the major joints mainly in the backbone, waist area, knees , wrist and shoulder muscles.
    2. Popping sound from joints.
    Please suggest the best effective homeopathic medicine. My father also had this problem but he is no more now.
    Thanks in advice

    • Arjun Prasad says:

      I am 72 yrs old and my weight is 70 kg.Since last two yrs , I hv.pain in left knee joints which increases during walk and subsides when in rest. .Many times swelling is seen around the joints after a longer walk.I walk but with pain in the knee joint. Will be thankful for your suggestions.

  614. Durvesh kumar says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am 24 year old and having the following issues since last 4 years
    1. Severe pain in all the major joints mainly in the backbone, waist area, knees , wrist and shoulder muscles.
    2. Popping sound from joints.
    Please suggest the best effective homeopathic medicine. My father also had this problem but he is no more now.

  615. Prem Kumari Bhandari says:

    My wife cannot sit on the ground with folded knees. She sits on bench she is feeling pain in sitting cannot fold left leg. On standing to start walk it becomes smooth after 4-5steps movement. Kindly suggest any Homeopath medicine. Facing this problem for the last one month. On touching the knee no pain felt.

  616. T R SREENIVAS says:

    I am aged about 46 years. I am suffering from knees pain since a month. Kindly guide me proper HOMEO remedy.

  617. Allah Rakha Saghir says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma! Good morning. Hope you are doing best. I am 75 and have problems as under:

    1. Enlarged prostate. I got operated (TURP) three years back, but the same problems about urine etc.
    2. Pain in left knee when sitting or getting up, no problem in walking
    3. Pain in left elbow for the last one year
    4. Clouds in my vision since 1988.
    5. Grating sound on left side when opening jaw
    6. Sometime heart beat irregular, mostly its alright.
    7. generally fungal problem with my left foot fingers
    Will you very kindly suggest some Hoemo medicine. I have a firm belief in homeopathy and have a lot about it in the last 40 years.
    Thanks in advance.
    With profound regards
    Allah Rakha Saghir

  618. Darshan Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My in side mouth joint right side jaw, near ear is pain and sensitivity. When i start my food, and at the time of biting food i feel pain in jaw and joint which extended up to ear. my age is about 55 years and i have sugar problem. Kindly advise me homeopathy medicine please. I shall be thanks full to you.
    With Regards

    Darshan Kumar

  619. farooqazam says:

    janab my mother is suffering from knee joint pain .both legs r having pain .left kneejoint swelling .we r worried for her .her age 70. please reckmend remedy for her pain relef. rt ruta broyania r used

  620. Mohammad Faheem says:

    Dear doctor
    I have moderate to severe pain from knee to toes. For last one year I am suffering from this pain and now its getting worse. I keep taking pain killers for relief. I am very worried. Please help.

    I am 51 yrs old

  621. Leena desouza says:

    Dear doctor
    Ihave moderate to severe body aches and joint pains. Fem my neck down toes. It increases I I do any kind of work like sweeping washing etc. Aches are like flu kind of aches but tberes no fever. For last one year im suffering and now its getting worse. All my tests are normal… thyroid calcium etc im.on bp medication frm.last 5 yrs. I keep taking painkillers for relief. Im very depressed . Please help.
    Im 45 yrs old

  622. Siba Sankar Sahu says:

    First take my namaskar. I had faced in an bike accident in oct-2012, then after consult with medical doctor, i faced medical operation in oct -2012 for joint the bone of left hand elbow with help of screw & steel plate. I had came to cure the joint of fracture bones, So, I had taken again shelter in the private clinic of same doctor for removal of screw & plate.But sorry to say a tumor is going to increase day to in left hand elbow( at the place of operation) from june 2014.
    Now I have been using homeopathic medicines Arnica, calceria flor & Ruta etc. But I had not get any successive result till now. Last week I found that the size of tumor again increased 1 inch. So I want your opinion & prescription for reduce the size of tumor.

  623. You are right, even if your breasts are lagrer than they should for your size, they will cause upper back pain and not lower back pain.You have irritated your sacro-iliac joints (lots of people call them your hip joint). This joint is the first joint that moves if you bend, get out of bed and generally all activity using your lower back.As it is a joint that has no disc, it does become inflamed easily and can therefore cause a lot of uncomfortable pain.These joints usually become irritated when your pelvis becomes out of balance. Which can occur from prolonged sitting, minor falls and even just day to day life with all the bending lifting and twisting.Don’t worry it is nothing serious.To change it you need to relax the muscles that support the pelvis that may be tight, you need to strengthen the muscles that will be weaker (this does not mean going to the gym, it means improving nerve and blood supply). This should settle things quickly if it is minor. If it doesn’t then you need to change the joints in the pelvis which you can do at home easily.

  624. Ratan mani Sumit says:

    Dear madam, due to muscle sprain in my thigh i have developed pain in my knee which gets aggravated during motion,kindly tell me homeopathic medicine for curing it. Regards RM SUMIT

  625. MV VENKATESH says:

    Dear doctor, I am suffering from hip joint pain from past 3 months.ortho surguons took x-ray of pelvis ap view and told it is normal.your pain is due to muscle stretch and prescribed NSAID Tablets.the pain returns after stopping above i consulted one homeopathic doctor having BHMS Qualification.he viewed x-ray and told it is normal.pain due to muscle strain in hip joint and given tablets to take 6 tabs bid half an hour before meals for 15 i am taking since two days. I dont knowwhich tablets he gaveme. I request you kindly to inform me in how many days the hip joint pain go pain during walking.pain only during sitting and standing on the floor and also during driving. With regards,mv venkatesh

  626. shahid sohail says:

    pain started from finger and now all body joint involved. RA factor is normal. but shoulder wrist and hip joint involve in pain. also pain in abdomen both side. age is 41 years.

  627. suffer from backpain and kneepain

  628. H.s.radhakrishna says:

    Dear doc, my wife rohini 56 years 75kg 5’4″ is having pain in both knee joints. It gets worse when she goes to bed at night. Along with knee joint pain in bed at night she suffers wringing twisting pain in leg muscles and jerking of legs. She had hysterectomy done 5 years back. She has family history of osteoarthritis. Please suggest remedy for her leg problems. Thank you , .Radhakrishna.

  629. Paramjit Bhatia says:

    I am 65 years old. I have ostoperosis and mild arthritis. I have pain in my right shoulder. I have tried physio and masage, it is not helping. With masage, pain reduced for few days, but it is back and any more massge is not helping. Physio syas my back muscle and neck mustle are very stiff. Can you suggest homeo medicine.


  630. Sudhir Chandra Thakur says:

    Hi doctor.Good morning.I am 56 yr.I have pain in my both knee and their is slightly swelling also for the last 4 month.plz suggest which medicine I will take and the dose

  631. Atul jaiswal says:

    I have pain in right shoulder while lifting hands up and left knee sometimes if I stand got long times and both feet down and ankle what will the best medicine for me plz sir

  632. pravin sooriah says:

    hi Dr good morning I have a problem in my knee open
    dislocation but it very very paining please help me for this pain dr

  633. C. B Narlawar says:

    I have knee and joint pain from 1 years

  634. Please can you suggest the best remedy for sciatic pain in leg & general stiffness in body.
    I guess the problem is inflammation throughout which causes much pain on moving after sitting for a while

  635. Agradut Saha says:

    hello dr. sharma I am Agradut Saha. I have fractured my left palm hand when I was working out. dumbells of 30 pound fell on my left hand. I didn’t visit any hospital since my injury but now I am having severe numbness in my left hand. I also have numbness in my right hand & left leg now. please help me as I am suffering from 7 yrs. I have taken minerals & vitamin medicine but nothing seems to work. now I also have tremendous shaking/tremors in my whole body from head to toe front/back included even in hand palms. I also get tired instantly. I get no energy even after eating food. & I always feel light headed while walking or while walking through staircases. my head spins 24×7. please help me because I have been suffering from a long long time & nothing seems to work. I also cannot bend down while doing some work. I also have severe backbone pain. I also have piles after 1 or 2 days of not going to the bathroom. please help. its urgent.

  636. Knees swallow snd pain

  637. pain in my both knee joints when i fell down then it is diffcult to stand kindly suggest me medicine

  638. My both Knee joints do pain.After standing and working for few hours make me feel too tired and un comfotable and pain extends/streches till hips.Can not walk longer distnces now easily.I have to bend both sides while walking by default .
    Doctors have suggested Knee replacement.I do not take pain killers yet on regular basis.swelling feeling at knee makes me feel take medicine like ultracet etc.
    Please advise .
    Indu chadha
    91 9891682512

  639. Shafi snawan says:

    Muscular Pain in all over the body
    Joint pain in skelton and back bone

  640. mallikarjun s patil says:

    knee joint paint, patella femoral joint, Meniscus tear lateral left knee,pain aggravates by motion & are relieved by rest . suggest some homeopathy medicine

    Exercise Daily Swimming 600 mts, physiotherapy strengthen exercise.


  641. Age 60.neck and shoulder pain,elbow pain,hands joint pain ,no sound sleep,stress.

  642. Tapash Cshhakraborty says:


    I need help for knee pain( having since last 3 yrs, no injury )
    and sciatica pain( I’ve arthritic change , as xray said).

    I take medication for diabetes, cholesterol,

    • I am 55 yrs old diabetic II women under Insulin. Have undergone hysteroscopy & polypectomy 5 days ago, Aneasthesia injection was given in Spine for sedation.From last three days feeling pain in left knee which aggravates after motion.

      Kindly advice suitable medicine

  643. Carrie Watson says:

    My joint pain was called floating by my old trainer years ago. I don’t workout anymore but my sales floor is 60,000 sq ft and I’m running around all day. Typically my shifts are 10-11 hours & on tile over concrete floors. My ankles and feet are so tight I can hardly walk at nite but in the morning it’s mostly gone. Sometimes my hands swell & ache too to the point I cant bend or hold things. Please suggest something

  644. madhwan kakar says:

    hello dr. sharma,

    my mother in law is suffering from knee pain a lot. pls suggest any good homopethic medicine for her to have a permanent relief from the pain. i think her gap is reducing in the knee joints as per her x-rays. her age is 56.

  645. jagdish gupta says:

    stiffness in upper back around spinal chord

  646. MANDIRA DAS GUPTA says:

    A pain is existing behind the knee and increase when walking or bending. Please advise me.

  647. I am sixty eight of age. Recently I notice stiffness in my finger joints and pain severely when hit by mistake. I also feeling constraint in elbow movement with pain.

    Request suggest some suitable medicine.

  648. Jamil Minhas says:

    Dear Dr. I am 57 years old from Sialkot, Pakistan, I have pain in my left knee. I am not diabetic neither I have blood pressure problem. Yes I have been under stree and strain for last many years. Now using some homeopathic mother tinctures to get relieve. Kindly suggest me good homeopathic medicine.

    Kindly reply at my e-mail:

    All the best

    jamil Minhas
    Sialkot, Pakistan

  649. Right leg joint down lef5side pain can you help me

  650. partha banerjee says:

    1. pain in ankle for extention of ankle bone remedy of homeo?
    2.Inflamation in left knee for more than 1 and half years homeo remedy?
    3.Bedwetting of 18 years son for last 3 years homeo remedy?

  651. Dear Sir,
    I am 35, quite often I don’t get good sleep and then when I get up in the morning I feel lethargic to do any work.. I tried out R14, Nerve and sleep drops, bt didn’t solve my problem. I neither drink nor smoke.. I want frm u best medicine fr having good night sleep.
    Thanking you,
    Yours affectionately,
    Mausumi. A

  652. mehboob khan says:

    I am 53 and suffering from lower back and both knee pain for last 10 years. I am overweight, having acute acidity and controlled BP & thyroid. My knee gets swelling and acute pain. I am compelled to take pain killers. Doctors advise me joint replacement. I recently started taking R-11 and find some relief. Please advise me if I can continue R-11 and can also take homeopathy side by side for acidity and thyroid also.

  653. Anthony barretto says:

    Dear doctor is there any treatment for hip and back pain there is some gap in my hip and back

    • my wife is suffering form knee joint pains last three years. After every hour she needs to rest on bed as she feel that her legs are loaded with one type of load and her knees suffers from accute pain in knee joint.Her age is 53 yrs old and she has been operated for hysterectomy operation and ancestral hurneya .Both were operated through laprescopic surgery
      I need advice which homeopathic remedy will be usefull to recover from the problem and where it can be made available in Maharashtra neareby Kolhapur city or Pune city.

  654. Prema Venugopal says:

    I suffer from severe leg pain from hip to toe when I stand and work in the kitchen for more then half hour. I get irritated by this pain. I can’t claim steps and can’t squat. I am suffering from this problem for the past one year. I take anti inflammatory tablet and pain killer which give temporary relief. Can homeopathy cure this problem. If I lie down for two to three hours I get some relief.
    Thanking you.

  655. Prema Venugopal says:

    I suffer from severe leg pain from hip to toe when I stand and work in the kitchen for more then half hour. I get irritated by this pain. I can’t claim steps and can’t squat. I am suffering from this problem for the past one year. I take anti inflammatory tablet and pain killer which give temporary relief. Can homeopathy cure this problem. If I lie down for two to three hours I get relief.
    Thanking you.

  656. My age is 55.l have pain in my knees and pain in my whole body please suggest some good medicine

  657. Good morning,

    My hands are hurting very hard. The doctor said it is sth. called tenosynovitis.
    I typed to much on my computer and I used my mobile to much for typing on whites app.
    I am 21 years old and a student.
    My doctor gave me diclofenac 50 mg but after 2 weeks it was empty and my pain remains until now.
    Now is the second month and my hands are hurting when I work to my with my hands. Need ur help.


  658. Arvind Rukhaiyar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma–My wife is suffering from knee pain when she is effected and aggrivate with cold wave or coldness in winter season , she has got shifting pain pain shifts from knee to ankles
    What will be the appropriate medicine you suggest for her
    I shall be very thankful for your suggestions
    Arvind Rukhaiyar

  659. mohammad amil says:

    sir i am getting pain in back and center of my thigh.not on joint. I eat so many medicine but not getting relief till now.can you give me good medicine for this problem.Thanks.

  660. mohammad amil says:

    sir i am getting pain in back and center of my thigh.not on joint. I eat so many medicine but not getting relief till now.can you give me medicine for this problem.Thanks.

  661. Mriganka Sankar Poddar says:

    Dear doctor

    I have a joint pain constantly on right knee, After I take some rest, it removes temporarily, it comes again.I have similar pain in waist. When I am in constant work by standing, I suffered from such burning, nothing such feeling, except like a cramp in it..I am a college teacher, I have two girl child, and all the day i remain busy in work of mine or my family. i think that a constant rest can make me cure, which is not possible..i need your advice, so that i can have a betterment. i am about 6ft tall, slim, like to eat hot, not cold i feel worse, in summer i feel always better. i have dandruff problem on scalp, behind ear, and i have a mild itching at the center of chest which has mild discharge.

    please send me your kind advice

    thanking you


  662. My mother is 50 yr old.She have pain in joints,hip.Taking alopathy medicine from last 4years.

  663. dear sir
    i am 48 years old and first suffered from debilitating multiple joint pain in an attack during winters. i was discovered with low Vitamin D and was on supplements, calcium etc fro over 2 months. but the symptoms never left. they merely vary in intensity. now i cannot stand wet clothes clinging to my elbow joints. sometimes my finger joints become sensitive and hurt. there is crepitus in my knees pain in walking. and other movements. carrying weight increases the problem. raising my arms , making rotis brings on pain in my shoulders and elbows. even looking into my mobile for 10 minutes at a stretch makes the pain unbearable. i have overall fatigue in all my muscles and find it hard to concentrate and remember things. cold and humidity and the AC aggravate the pains. I’ve tried Rhus tox and reckweg’s R73 but hardly any improvement. also backpain is brought on by bending and standing. Im also taking cartiledge building supplements chondrotin, Calcium etc. despite even including almonds walnuts lava banana dates in my diet there is no relief. please help

  664. severe pain in the groin ,sacroiliac area even taking deep breath . what would be the best treatment for this.

  665. Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from gout for the last 12 yrs. I am taking Rhus Tox present prcbd by a homyopathic dr.
    But I often have pain in shoulders, n low back.
    Will uric acid also lower by taking this .or I have to go for allopathick med.

  666. Deb Bandyopadhyay says:

    With due respect
    Apart from those medicines you mentioned in your article about knee joint pain and surrounding areas, there are some other and absolutely new homeopathic medicines which are well proven and clinically trialled in some hospitals and nursinghomes worldwide conducted by national institute of health, mayo clinic, university of Maryland medical center etc. I request you to provide those informations here for the readers who like you and love you. No Offense please.
    Thank you
    Deb Bandyopadhyay
    New York, NY, USA

  667. Navdeep Kumar sharma says:

    Respected Dr Sharma, my mother 73 year old ,X-ray shows everything ok in both knees but she has continuous pain in her knees and now in whole legs specially in left leg she is taking glucosamine from last couple of years and now she tilt a bit to left side during her walk kindly help me to cure her

  668. I am 79 years old and suffer with extreme pain from my neck to shoulders and down to elbows. This is all day and night. Is there a remedy I can take for this pain.

  669. shiv kapoor says:

    I am 73 years and for the last one and half year I am suffering from pain and numbness in my toes of both feet. It was just after my sugar level rose to 417 and 460 for first time. After treatment within in 2 months it came within limits. and till date it is normal, though I take regularly Met GL 2mg. 1 table daily.
    But my pain and numbness in my toes is there. Please suggest homeopathy medicine for the same and oblige.
    Thank you,

  670. Hi my mother is facing severe knee joint pain. We live in california. She is 60 years old .We tried many mesications and physical therapy..but it dint work.
    Can you help us send a right homeopathic medication for knee joint pain? Also she has high blood pressure condition. And all of her veins appear darker reddish color on knee side and all through her leg. Plz help us

  671. Hi my mother is facing severe knee joint pain. We live in california. We tried many mesications and physical therapy..but it dint work.
    Can you help us send a right homeopathic medication for knee joint pain? Also she has high blood pressure condition. And all of her veins appear darker reddish color on knee side and all through her leg. Plz help us

  672. Happy Akther says:

    Dear Mr Sharma
    I am suffering from knee pain from one year. I have taken medicine , pain killer and other essential drug that the doctor has suggested, Even i maintain physical exercise and advice that the doctor prescribed . But unfortunately the pain of knee are remain same, It is a disgusting situation and i can not walk easily due to pain. I am about 30 years old married women. My weight about 60kg . If you give me an authentic suggestion to overcome or reduce the pain , i will grateful. Thanks
    Happy Akther

  673. debendro nath roy says:

    dear Dr, i am suffering from joint pain , specialy in my knee,heel,wrist and in shoulder . i am suffering for about 10 years. i am 50 years old. it pains extremely so i could not walk.
    can you help me ?

  674. Where do I get the above medicines for painful joints? Im dying Dr.

  675. E R SHABBIH says:

    I had went surgery of lateral femoral condyle of my left leg on 09/12/2014. Right now I have been facing the problem of bending my knee, though since January,2015 physiotherapy is going on. During last visit to my doctor in July,2015 , he is advised me to take the pain-killer (SOS) and do the exercise which is the only way to bend your knee.

    Pls. advise me any homeo medicine to get ride of pain & bent my knee.

    Thanks & regards.,

  676. SONU CHAUHAN says:

    HELO sir, I feel extreme pain in hip joint,age 25 sciatic nurve after running, long sitting, long standing,workout.I have l5 and l6 slip disck. ANY remedy sir pls suggest which will remove my pain. Sonu Chauhan, krishnangar,west bengal

  677. kapil deo singh says:

    l am suffering from burning sensation on both feet and lower part of leg.pain is intolerance when leg in rest position . Two year back it was detected that my ligament of left leg suffered by hair fracture .swelling of knees is also found .I am 54yr old male.

  678. kapil deo singh says:

    l am suffering from burning sensation on both feet and lower part of leg.pain is intolerance when leg in rest position . Two year back it was detected that my ligament of left leg suffered by hair fracture .swelling of knees is also found .

  679. Kelvin Chinga says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been experiencing sharp pain on my lower thumb joint including my wrist and back of my right hand. At first I thought it was a sprain or something but the pain has been on and getting worse for the past three weeks. I can move wrist joint up and down but side ways has been excruciatingly painful especially holding my thumb inside my palm (fist style with thumb in) and trying to move away from my index finger towards my small (singles) finger. That is an impossible movement. But up and down like flapping my palm in and out doesn’t give any pain. Can this be a serious ailment or it is just one of those phases I must go through. XRay is just too expensive at the moment. Please help.

  680. i am getting hep c treatmnt but feeling trouble walk due to knee pain

  681. jitendra mahato says:

    My father is now 58 year old.He have knee pain .He consutl many bone`s doctor and take many medicine but he have not find relive he want to take homeopathy medicine.can u give idea about medicine and how to take that medicine.when he walk or rest pain is alway.

  682. Qaiser Jhahngir says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 46 years old and 90 kg weight. From last 9 month having pain in my leg joint and when sitting on floor its making noise from left side so if there is any homeopath medicine please let me know.




    Respected Dr.
    I am 51 yrs. Suddenly there was severe pain in the left knee joint. Doctor advised MRI Scan and the following is the result
    1. Grade II LCL strain
    2.Intrameniscal high signal at medial and lateral menisci – degenerative signal
    3. Mild patellofemoral arthopathy changes noted

    Right now i am interested in consulting homeo doctor. Can you suggest any medicinal cure. Thanks

  684. Sapna shukla says:

    Hi Doctor,

    MY mom is suffering from knee pain and swelling from 6months. we had discussed her case with almost 10 doctors and had numbers of medicines but there is no positive sign. doctors suggested replacement but we doesnot want to go for the surgery.

    i need a suggestion will homeopathy work for the bone issue for knee and approx how much time it will possibly takes to recover.

  685. i am having severe knee pain for last one month. not able to walk and stair properly. but being working have to do every thing. done Xray, ana, crp, rf factor, thyroid, kidney, liver and other test all seems normal as per doctor. but c reactive protein and ESR are raised CRP is on high risk as per the value range. started physiotherapy from today. but really pathetic condition. seeking treatment which do not have side effect and permanant relief. as i m gaining weight too by the current medicine and feel very heavy. my weight is 70, height is 5,3″ age is 38 Years. suggest pls

  686. Ashok Singh says:

    Dear Mr Sharma I am aged 58 and have been very active most of my life, I have recently been diagnosed with left knee pain for a month all of the time, I also experience short sharp pains in my legs and feet.
    Thank you .

  687. shivram kesharwani says:

    Knee pain & standing & up down problem

  688. Niranjan Singh says:

    I am suffering from left leg knee pain.

  689. raj kumar dhawan says:

    my left hip joint is very painful for last five years or so. The pain remains continuous and am unable to walk. Am eighty years plus and all through life a good sportsman in body building, weight lifting. I have gone through physiotherapy for several months without any relief. Doctors advise surgery is the only remedy but I do not want surgery at this age.Shall be extremely grateful for your kind help. awaiting your advice.Regards. Raj

  690. Ch. satyamurthy says:

    My age is 56 years. I have been suffering from joint pain since one and half year. After x-ray doctor said that arthritis was noticed. Kindly suggest me the good homeo medicine

  691. alison ryan says:

    I am taking lamotrigene for grand mal epilepsy 50 mg 2 x daily , i am now starting to get pain in my
    hips and back.I have an active life and keep myself fit, i havent injured my self in any way is there anything that would help with the pain apart from the traditional pain killers etc.

  692. I am 76 years old I am having knee joint pain in my right leg. I also have right side frozen shoulder. I am pain in hand fingers
    .Please. suggest some good Homeopathic medicine. I shall be very grateful

  693. nkumaraswamy says:

    Sir, can we avoid surgery for the knee pains by dedicated use of homeo medicines for a longer period??

  694. praveen patel says:

    Dear dr.
    my wife reight hand continee pain from hand solder to all hand & highly pain type elect shok
    so that kindly ask advise to me for my problem solution.
    praveen patel.

  695. Maggie M. says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am a generally healthy woman, weight, 130 lbs, 5’6″ , 50 years old.

    I had been diagnosed with palindromic rheumatoid arthritis a number of years ago. Basically, joint pain which moves around my body and seems to be affected by eating sweets or drinking wine (occasionally). The attacks have stopped however, I have swelling in most of my joints, particularly my hands, that restricts my movement. This joint pain can move around. When the joint pain moves to another body location, the swelling and pain goes away from the last location. I tend to overwork, feel energetic, am happy but frustrated with this issue. All tests indicate great general health, except for CRP, c-reactive protein, which is high. I also have had sinus congestion that has been difficult to eliminate. Perhaps the two are connected. Have tried several homeopathic remedies to no avail. Would appreciate some guidance to a suitable remedy. Thank you.

  696. kripashish bagchi says:

    I’m 50 yrs.,restarted morning walk 3month back,3month later I’m feeling pain in left knee joint,specially if I sit 15 -20 min.I FEEL PAIN in my left knee to straighten my leg. I WALK A LITTLE,I feel better.Pls. suggest me a remedy

  697. SUDESH PISE, KARAD says:

    given information is very usefull for me, but how i know the which potency is work correctly in which condition. Please give me guidline.

  698. pain in both knee while ascending and desending stairs

  699. tinaleger says:

    Hi can you pleasegive me relief. Hi my name is tina i hurtbadconstantly i am trying to find some one who can give me relief ihaveosteratrthrisrealbadin bothkneesandfibomayagia in my musclesandjoints please helpme

  700. Sikha mazumder says:

    Myself suffering from right knee pain for last 20 yrs.& treating by local BHMS.So far my knowledge permit the entire medicine you preferred had been applied on me.But of nil effect.At present my left knees also effected. Kindly guide me.

  701. LLEWELLYN says:

    mild enlarged lymphnodes in abdomen and back mild pain while touching lymph glands kindly suggestmedicine

  702. asit kumar gain says:

    Very nice choice for knee pain.

  703. ali haider says:

    My mother is a B.P patient.She is 47 years old and have joints pain. Her weight is 115 kg. Her all blood tests are normal and no thyroid. She has very severe knees pain n swelling from last 3 years. if she walks her knees joints open with jerk. she is unable to put weight on knees because her knees has very severe pain.Any pain killer is effected and cure her. even she cannot do exercise and walk. she has 3 normal deliveries with no complications. Please recommend her the best medicine that can cure her.

  704. syed ali says:

    Dr. sb
    A women ages around 70, was suffering from back pain. Consulted with orthopedic, who diagnosed ORTHEOPOROSIS and accordingly he diagnosed some medicine as well as advised to use a waist belt.
    After two days use of belt she got her thigh tight and bitter pain in knee and other part of body. she is feeling cold on both thigh also.
    So as per suggestion from one of mine homoeopathic practitioner I gave her following medicine since 15th June 2015:
    1) Cal flour 6X (4 tab x 4)
    2) Cal phos 6X (4 tab x 4)
    3) Rhus tox 200 (4 pills x 1)
    4) Mag phos 200 (4 pills x 1)
    No relief. She is complaining same problem. No desire to eat. Please advised your valuable diagnose.

  705. Respectable Dr,
    My son is 8 years old now, when he was 2 years old he get bronchitis and treated with allopathic medicine’s , his bronchitis gone but after that he had legs pain some time knee pains its starts suddenly in different times, he cry some time because of pain, during rest, movement no relief, just after pain killers he feels ok but no complete relief, please prescribe homoeopathic medicine , already using homoeopathic but no relief, many thanks for your reply.

  706. shabana Anjum says:

    she is 54 year old and difficult to move she is patient of r.a. Factor,sugar,thyroid hypo and low blood pressure. Kindly suggest immediatly solution

  707. Sir first of all i want to thank you for sharing such an important information.
    My mother is suffering from severe knee joint pain from last four years. Four years ago she once she fell and from then she is facing this issue. Her age is about 50 height is 150cm and weight is 65kg. I have cunsulted many allopathy and homeopathy doctor for this but till she have pills or medicine the pain is less and it is not get permanently cured. The type of pain is when she is resting there is almost no pain and when she is in motion also there is a little pain but switching from rest to motion is very much painfull. She feels severe pain in her knee joint.
    Doctors conducted many test and said it is a case of arthritis or osteoporosis.
    Sir please give me fruitful advice to get rid of it. I am from patna bihar. Sir tell me where i can get best treatment and from where i can get appropriate and original medicine.
    I will be thankful to you.

  708. Sir first of all i want to thank you for sharing such an important information.
    My mother is suffering from severe knee joint pain from last four years. Four years ago she once she fell and from then she is facing this issue. Her age is about 50 height is 150cm and weight is 65kg. I have cunsulted many allopathy and homeopathy doctor for this but till she have pills or medicine the pain is less and it is not get permanently cured. The type of pain is when she is resting there is almost no pain and when she is in motion also there is a little pain but switching from rest to motion is very much painfull. She feels severe pain in her knee joint.
    Doctors conducted many test and said it is a case of arthritis or osteoporosis.
    Sir please give me fruitful advice to get rid of it. I am from patna bihar. Sir tell me where i can get best treatment and from where i can get appropriate and original medicine.
    I will be thankful to you forever.

  709. Ajay kundu says:

    Almost Complete erosion of interbone muscles in the right knee. Suffering are severe during last 3 years or so. Other organs are not affected. Doctor suggesting knee replacement. Whether homoe medicine ( briyonia alb) is effective as it matches my problem. What will be potential? Can 6/30 is effective & for how long. Regards.

  710. jagdish sharma says:

    I m 24 year old. my problem is. in my extra bon in main part of boby . first time 10 year age in lig bon born or operation my lig dear Dr sharma or cut bon come back gro this lig and this time my all body extra bons main part of bodies thanks. sir……!!

  711. Ramchander Deekonda says:

    I am 61 years old. I am slightly over-weight. I am 5’8″ tall and weigh 85 kgs. I am a non-smoker. I am medicines for hyper tension. I am non diabetic.
    For the past I have been suffering from knee pain. It is more painful on the right knee. Please suggest a homeowner remedy for my condition.

  712. Asad Ullah says:

    Sir i am only 25 year old my bone hurts to much becous i do many time handjob in a week

  713. Neelima Agarwal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am facing severe pains in hips lower portion of knee. Pl help

    With regards

  714. Meenakshi Jain says:

    I am suffering from rightside knee pain from last one year.
    Dr digonse arthrites.
    Please advise treatment in homeopaty.

  715. Dr I had knee pain from last six months ,I took a lot of medicine but no relief.because to take many pain killer I had stomach pain and a lot inflation in my stomach.plz tell me some gomeo apathy medicine

  716. Subroto Dutta says:

    Dear doctor,

    I’m 47 years old and suffering from shifting joint pain and its very difficult to walk due to swollen knee and ankle please advice.


  717. Sir my mother has severe pain in knees and thigh. She feels much pain while sitting and standing specially in her right leg.

  718. Harun or roshid kajal says:

    My father fell so pain in his right hand.he is 55 year old..He also says that he fells so much pain in his right hand joint…so plz give a solution as soon as possible!

  719. Shailesh Sharma says:

    My wife (31yrs) has pain and swelling in joints. She was tested for Uric acid and it comes out to be 7.6
    Earlier she had abdominal pain but CT scan was normal. Pls do suggest

  720. pavan chopade says:

    I suffer from a severe pain in joint please give me the proper treat.

  721. samita chakravarty says:

    sir, i am suffering from osteoarthiritis for more than 15 years now. i am 58 years old with weight more than 100 kg. latest digital xray says its advanse stage of arthiritis. i am in terrible pain n burning sensation on my both knees. i avoid allopathic pain killer as it does not suit me n get stomach problem. my gall bladder is also not there. operation for stone had been done in the year 93-94. pls advise me wat to do n how to get rid of this terrible pain.
    thanks n regards.

  722. Prishita G. says:

    I am 12 year old , having pain in my right hip and upper thigh. MRI shows swelling in front right and hip area
    pain is severe during night. Ortho doctor found nothing in blood, MRI and XRay… Pls suggest the medicine to for pain relief

  723. Ramzan Khan says:

    I m male diabetic 2 with high BP age 60 wt 74 kgs i suffering. Joint pain yeary and constipation always
    Pain change spaces some month knee pain some time back pain
    Increases after rest
    Pls guide me

  724. Dear Sir,
    I have been feeling this pain since 5 years ago. A better Knee join pain which comes after between 2/3 months But if I walk more than it comes in the same day. some period I feel in right Knee and some period it feel in left knee, some time i feel pain in my neck joint, shoulder joint , elbo joint, wrist joint but this are not awofull like knee joint pain.

    whenI feel it I used medicine (Aceclofenac 100 mg) after tiking this medicine i have cure with in 1/2 Days but not permanently.

    Please advised me which medicine I have to use to releave from this pain permanently.

    age : 35, Sex : Male

    Thanking you

  725. rajinder says:

    please prescribed for knee pain and sweling in left knee.age54, wt 84, ht 5-5 for last 5 yrs

  726. shivani lokare says:

    Sir I have unbeatable knee pain. My all joints also paining so much. Pls addvaes me. What Can I do.??

  727. Riddi Mulchandani says:

    Hello doctor, rhus tox is number one medicine joint pains agreed. But can there be combinations of more medicines with rhus tox? Because my friend’s doctor gives her 4 bottles of homeopathic medicines which are to be mixed and consumed at the same time. So my question is what do the other 3 bottles contain?

  728. Smt.RajBala says:

    The treatment is required for back pain, neck pain, pain muscles, acidity

  729. Sunil Kumar P K says:

    Sir I am sainik and now posted in Indochina border sir I effected knee join pain in last one year .mostly effected in my left leg some times started both legs pain . sir my mother is a artritics patient and she replaced his both knee recently . sir is possible to complete cure of my knee pain in hpathy pl. send reply sir

  730. dr.rajeev kumar ojha says:

    Dr.sharma namaskar kya arthritis ka pain homeopathic medicine se thik ho sakta hai? Mai apne15years ke practice me bina ayurvedic medicine ka sahara liye kisi chronic patient ke joint pain me ya sciatica pain me relief nahi dekha hai please kuchh guideline de namaskar

  731. surunder s says:

    my sharam
    hi I just want to ask one question? I just fell down on the floor, my back towards on the floor
    I hurt on the hip and now my leg and foot is not moving. I had injection from the doctor but
    no change, could you tell me what is the problem, will it get better. please reply soon . thank you
    so much


  732. mallika basak says:

    i need medicine name

  733. Meena Verma says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 58 year old. I have accute pain on the right side of waist , knees and both the legs. Fingers on both the legs have swelled. Please suggest whether homeopathic medicines will cure my pain.If so, please suggest appropriate medicines.
    Meena Verma

  734. Saraswati says:

    I am seventy two yearold at dehradun,a healthy women but hasthird stage ostoarithirites plguide for painreliefmedi knes

  735. Peter nunu says:

    Hai i have been paining at joint for the whole 6 month especially morning time when i woke up.

  736. Pranab Kumar Saha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    first I thank you for the remedies you have suggested for the knee joint pain. I am not a doctor. That is why it is very difficult for me to select the potency of the medicine. I shall appreciate you if you kindly describe the potency and number of doses to applied to the patient for the medicines you suggest.
    with regards.
    Pranab Kumar Saha

  737. sushila verma says:

    my age is 55 years. My both knees were replaced by Dr. Raju vaishya, in Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar , Delhi on 14.11.2014 . I am taking medcine and physical exercise regularly as suggested by the doctor. But still now facing acute pain in movement and even at night.
    Please suggest me homeopathy medicne for relief in this acute pain .

  738. Hi Dr. I am 38. Suffering from different types of inflammation problem. I am really pissed of allopathy medicine. Is there anything in homeopathy. Which can help me. I am tired of pains and suffering. Would be grateful if you could help. Thank s in advance. Deepa.

  739. O p kalra says:

    i am 83years old . I have pain in knee (arthritis) feel pain while walking also indigestion and constipation low energy in body and other problems of aged kindly advise medicines and potency thereof

  740. sir can you please suggest me best medicine for Cervical disc bulge. I am getting chronic pain in shoulders and arm

  741. Anita bhatt says:

    Severe knee pain when sitting and getting up especially western pot. Hands get tired after cooking, holding phone for more than 10 MTS. Pain in right elbow. Frequent UTI ptoblem. I m 47 yes old. There is no swelling or inflammation

  742. muhammad azhar ali says:

    i am suffering from electric shock like pain in my left knee joint. It occur randomly, during the state of rest and also while taking rest. Usually it remains normal.

  743. Hello
    Sir I’m a thyroid patient for the last 10 years m taking medicine of thyroid 100 mg .I’m single n my age is 36.I ‘m suffering from knee pain for last 2 months my weight is 60 n height is 5’1.plzz suggest me the proper medicine so that I can be relax n come out from this pain.n I too want to decrease my weight.I take proper food n wrk so hard than also the result is zero .please help me out from this problem.I oblige for d same .
    Thank you

  744. Venkatesh says:

    Iam 28 years old suffering With both knee pains from more than 4years & there is mild synovial fluid effusion in both knees, Is this possible to treat permenently

  745. Venkatesh says:

    Iam 26 yeara old suffering With both knee pains from more than 4years & there is mild synovial fluid effusion in both knees, Is this possible to treat permenently

  746. mansi dutta says:

    Sir I have shooting pain from my hip joints which seems to originate from the joint of hip and legs .this becomes worst when I lie down on my sides. Also I have flat foot for which I have already been given steroid shots on both of my ankles but still my right ankle is painful

  747. I have severe pain under my knee specially when I bend it. Can’t put weight on it. When I am sitting and get up it doesn’t take weight. In the morning when I get up and stand there is severe pain at the back of the leg near ankles. Seems as tendons are hurting and stiff. Plz suggest medicine

  748. Elsa Pilarinou says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have a right hip joint pain. It is better after I walk but also better when I rest a lot after a little shopping or cleaning the house. So I am not sure to definitely say whether it is better after walking or after resting.
    I had X rays and it shows that the cartilage is very little and the bones rub and thats why I hurt.
    I am 62 years old and otherwise in good health. I have been prescribed hip joint replacement I really want to avoid it if I can What do you recommend please? Thank you

    Elsa pilarinou

  749. Sir I am 60yr old I have pain in my joints but more pain is in hand joints I feel always tired when I getup in morning I never feel fresh I also have reflex heart burning so please advice me some homeopathic medicine thank you

  750. Hello,

    I am 35 years old female with two kids. After my second delivery, i have started having pain in my right knee. My second baby is 1 year 7 months. In between the pain had subsided on its own. But it has reappeared now. It pains in movement and at rest both. Kindly help.


  751. Dear Sir,

    I was suffered with Joint pains and thyroid , I was suffered with mainly Joint pains, Kindly help me what s type of medicine required for relief from joint pains. (Hands, Leg joints )

    Hence, I request you to kindly help me and advise me.

    Laxmi R

  752. amarjeet says:

    sugest me treatment

  753. Aejaz husain says:

    I have pain at right shoulder from last 1yr. I have tried Bryonia Alba, I am getting some relief but nor completely cured. can you suggest me an other medicine. Also I am suffering prostate enlarged problem can you suggest me good medicine.


    Aejaz Husain


  754. Sujan Sarkar says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Myself Sujan Sarkar Living in kolkata, suffering from severe shoulder and ankle pain for more then last six months. Number of allopathy doctor’s consult has taken, but in vain to cure fully. After taking pain killer some relief for short period. My uric acid is 7.5,and doctor suggest that the pain is for Arthritis.

    So please suggest is there any homeopathy treatment so that i can fully cured.

    thanking you,

  755. deepak chandra says:

    Sir I had a knee injury around 2 weeks ago. My right knee patella got twisted and there was a big cracking sound. Although no breakage issue can be seen in the x-ray but there was knee effusion and movement was restricted.Now, there is a little improvemnt bt I can notice a lose body floating.
    Is there any homeopathic treatment for this kind of situation…I think its ACL tear.
    Thank you

  756. Hema & Sudhir Dixit says:

    1)Please suggest me painkillers as my mother is suffering from acute right leg knee pain with lumber pain.

    2) please also suggest painkillers for sytica pain.

  757. jasmine says:

    I have joint pain in my wrist… It’s been going on for three weeks and I don’t want to go see a doctor nor therapist. What can do for it? I’m 48 years.

  758. krishan Myer says:

    I have developed pain in my right knee when I walk . Please advise a remedy.

  759. Nileema shirke says:

    Does homeopathy will help to relieve mayesthenia gravis


    Please give sugesstion for pituitary macro adenoma ,sir now i feel headache and vertigo symptom after operation on 28-12-2013.

  761. Niranjan Nagda says:

    Knee pain. My. Age. 56. Year. Weight. 90 kg. Height 5.11″. Ft.

  762. khalid iqbal says:

    Dear Mr Dr Sharma

    I am 66 years old.
    Three ( 3 ) years before, I slipped from stairs. I have pain left ankle when I go for walking.

    I know 10, 12 different Homeo Medicines , Please advise which medicine I should take

    Kind regards

    Khalid Iqbal

  763. Asalamu Alikum doctr .. my mother almost 60 year old . She has pain in her wrist joint &knee ,badly … kindly recomend some medicine .. i wll wait of ur e mail .. thnk u …..

  764. azmat khan says:

    I have the total body joint pain problem since 8 years

  765. satya rajbanshi says:

    Respected Dr.

    I am suffering joint pains in my arms joint in both and left wrist joint last six months please Dr. prescribe me dosage and potency of Rhus tox or may I take mother tincture (Q) of Rhus tox.

    If prescribe I will be greatful to you.

  766. I am suffering from cervical spondylosis. Pl advise remedy. Thank uou

  767. BIMLA RASTOGI says:

    severe pain in right-side knee , more intensity in morning on wake up.intensive for last three months

  768. Lalit Kumar says:

    I m Lalit Kumar 49/M known case of ankyloging spondolysis (HLA B27 Positive) and Poly arthritis. implantation / instrumentation on dorsal spine at D8-D9 due to fracture in the year 2011. Had UB ritis in both eyes.many times.

    Now there is erogen on right hip joint. due to pain I am unable to walk. After taking Indocap SR I become able to walk. I am taking this medicine daily for a long time. Also took methodroxate for 3 years. Now I am searching for a curing drug in homeopathy. I have tried sangurian cam, rhus tox ledium pal,

    please advise me .

    with regards
    Lalit Kumar

  769. rajarshi roy says:

    Dr Sharma, wanted your opinion regarding my mother who has severe pain and swelling in her wrist. The x ray shows soft tissue injury. The pain increases at night and in her sleep. She was given rush too 200 twice a day, but that didn’t work. Bryonia doesn’t suit her constitution. She was then given mag phos which didn’t work either. Do suggest an alternative medicine pls
    Warm regards

  770. Sherry Gerszberg says:

    I had an allergic reaction to Keflex 29 years ago. I was allergic to penicillin and should never have been given keflex because there is s carry over! Now I only believe in eastern medicine for my self snd my pets!

    I had a severe reaction causing continuous burning in my cheeks, tongue, throat, skull, up my nose throughout my jaw into my eyes! I have trigeminal neuritis all three branches both sides and have been burning non stop until I lost feeling! My glossopharyngeal nerve (to the tongue) is affected too! It’s like being shot up with nova sine with fire on top! The nerves are do inflamed that I can see near my nose , near my nostril inflammation like a bee bite! Nerves are microscopic and being I feel it and see it , I know it’s severe! Can you help me get rid of the inflammation causing all the fire pain and loss of feeling? The myelin sheaths are destroyed from all the inflammation. Please help me!!!!

  771. Qudsia Rizwan says:

    I am a 50 years old women.I have pain in my both feet since last 2 months.kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine for pain.
    I am awaiting for best response.

  772. mrs tanveer ahmad says:

    Dr sb mairy age 50 year hy mairay dono ghotnon main shadeed pain hota hy sozash b rahti hy ur chalnay main kafi dashwari hy maiharbany kr k koe medicine bata dain thankx

  773. mohammad athar says:

         I was gone through core decompression in august 2013 for bilateral a vascular necrosis stage 2&3,But still not recoverd.sir Is there is any treatment in homeopathy for avn.kindly reply

  774. Jancy Agnel says:

    I have problem with my kidney and the creatine is around 9.2 and presently i have pain on my face and eyes also i have swelling for the last 20 days kindly recommend some medicine for the same
    Jancy Agnel

  775. inderjit kaur says:

    i am suffering from OA[knee] from last two months .can i take bryonia alba 4 drops twice a day?i am 49 yrs old.or can you suggest any other effective medicine

  776. rahul gautom says:

    my mother age is 54.she has a pain in her knee please give me some advice .

  777. frank hartman says:

    My platlet level will only stay in range by taking shark liver oiil.
    2 i also have puperie on my hands and lower arms.
    the purple seems to move around.
    what might help these.

  778. Santanu Biswas says:

    My age is 53yrs old male suffering from joint pain. it all started from swollen right hand fingures long time back. It become swollen and reduces. Of late it is affecting the wrists of the both the hands and mainly the right knee and slightly in left knee. But when I do pranayams it reduces but do not disappear. In some cases I can Not hold the 2ltr water bottels and my wrists gives the way. My RA factor is 7 done a couple years back and uric acid also on higher side. I am a vegetarian. But point to note that the pain reduces a lot when I am on excursions, and the lesser ones disappears. Pls suggest medicine

  779. Sankhu Shekhar Chakravarti says:

    Dear Sir,
    My best regards to you. I am a patient of planter fasciitis and also a homeopathic practitioner. Please give me good and fruitful drug for me.

  780. Ravi Kumar Dubey says:

    Doctor Sharma my father is having a lot of pain in his joint and he took many medical treatments but their in no progress in his health.
    My father’s age is 58 and now a days he is suffering a lot which is unbearable for me. I can’t see his pain. Please help me and suggest some rearmament.

  781. Ramesh Gangrediwar says:

    I am 75 . My both knees are badly affected due to O.A. Condition of my right knee is worse.
    i have also pain and swelling in my finger joints. I have high creatinine (2.1). My sugar is
    is under controlled level ( 102/ 126) with medicines ( I take 1/2 tab. of 1mg. Glimepiride,
    and 1tab each at lunch and dinner of Acarbose25mg.) I am mor worried abot my knee
    pain, which is affecting my health. Can you help me?


  782. SMT. uma says:

    I Have knee and also below knee pain both legs but more in left leg.. I M 59 year old. I m diabetic also. Fasting sugar is around 130 and post meal is around 160. During night it aggravates.

  783. Govind Purohit says:

    I am facing problems
    1. Stress steps
    2 Stand after sitting
    3 Walking without spot
    4 Stand after 3-5 minutes

    Kindly suggests me

  784. I have pain in my right knee which hurts when getting up or sitting down. There is sharp pain while going up and down stairs. While walking I am comfortable. Also when I lie down and flex my knee it hurts especially when I straighten it from bent position& lift my heel off the bed to straighten the leg. The pain is sharp. Kindly prescribe me some effective Homeopathic medicine for a permanent cure. Thank you

  785. manjeet kaur says:

    R/s pain in all body. Pain also goes in legs and feet. Allopethic dr. Says disc problems
    . Pls advice me.

  786. Atindra Banerjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Last 3 months i am having problem with me knee as well as sole of the feet. I am unable to climb up stairs and also walking fast. I am a regular morning walker for over 20 years but due to health problem as mentioned above, I am unable to do so. I must mention I never had blood sugar problem all these years but suddenly in February there was a spike in my blood sugar level which reached 200 (fasting). Immediately I consulted my homeopath and he told me to take SBL BC 7. Also I am taking one herbal medicine MADHUR CHOORNA, manufactured by Green Pharmacy, Pune. My sugar level has come down to normal but knee and foot sole pain has not reduced. I am also taking Sabal Mother tincture as advised by Dr. Rashid Wadia which has reduced my frequency of urination. I await your advice, Thank you.

  787. SHEELA Gupta says:

    Both knee joints are painfull. Presently, the right big toe along with the top of the feet is swollen. Big toe and calf muscles are very painful. Pain is constant, and gets tired very easily even by minor routine works, I am 69 years old lady. I do not have any Known problem, other than osteoporosis. Request to please suggest appropriate remedy.

  788. abdulmanan says:

    I have a non-malagnent cyst on right side on the face beneath the ear. it is hard and not painful. This is for the last five years and now its size is of a walnut. Doctors advised for surgery but I want homeopathy treatment. Would your good-self like to help me.

  789. Dr Sharma,
    i am 52 years old. for past 4 months i am suffering from pain below left knee. it is swollen too now. motion makes it more painful. in the beginning pain was behind the knee, it radiated to calf area and now is centered below left knee and swelling is more this.
    i also suffer from acidity, lack of appetite.
    i used to do yoga but an unable to do because of the pain.
    i am on allopathic medication which has not helped.
    kindly, suggest me if there is a cure in homeopathy.
    best regds,

  790. Umbreen naveed says:

    I m 27 years old Joints pain especially right hand fingers nd both knees

  791. Harmeet Singh says:

    Good Evening Dictor,

    First of all for helping people by your prceless advices & cure suggestion.

    Doctor i am facing a problem from last 18 months & in Medical Lang called Plantar fasciitis.I use sports shoes & silicon pads for my heel pain.i feel much better in winter but as summer start my pain back.Please suggest me about Bryonia alba 200,my mom told me to have because she usef it before.Please guide me & tell me which one is good & how i can use it.Thanks for time Doctor.






  793. N.L.Sharma says:

    Dear Dr.
    I m 64 yers old retired as Principal . I had gone gone a bypass surgery in. year 2009
    i m suffering from ARHTERITIAS , in KNEE only. it is paining like anything.
    I got many x- Ray and treated by Allopathic but no improvement in pain in knee.
    I came to know that only Remedy of knee pain in HOMEOPATHY. you are kindly
    peep into the matter and treat me by your experties.
    Thanking you

  794. Sir on 1st Feb I met with an three fingers got serious injury due to mixer bone of middle finger got crack and i met a plastic surgeon he tried to attach my bone but by using k wire but it didn’t attached,the duration of my accident is 40 days so I have to know is there any process to rejoin my bone??

  795. Achyutananda Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Glad to get your reference from the internet site. I have the following symptoms:-

    1. Static pain sensation a feeling like irritation in the lower spine (waist). Basically it is bearable but felt when I bend forward backward or in the side ways.
    2. It stared in the year 2005 may be because of some jerk during performing a difficult exercise.
    3. X ray report did not show any kind of deformity. But the symptom never subsided after taking traction and physiotherapy suggested by a orthopedic sergeon.
    4. The pain has not aggravated but continuing in the same intensity since then.
    5. I reside at Bhubaneswar

    Can you please suggest remedy to get permanent relief ?

    Best regards,

  796. MD Shahid Alam says:

    Sir Plz mere wrist aur thumb ke paas aunduruni pain hota hai example hath se ball phekne per ya wrist per load de kar baithne per 2 month se pain ho raha hai dawa to khay lekin theek nahi ho raha hai. plz koi medcine hai to bataye

  797. Rajan Gupta says:

    I have left knee pain lateral side on joint of femer and fibula bone.It was arises seven years before with swellings and cracking. After hot compression and use of allopathic ointment I got reliefed but periodically in was feel pain when long walk and upstairs. Now a day I have facing this problem.I am feeling more difficult when I downstairs and after sittings for a long time.At morning conditions also worsed.
    Please advise me what to do.
    Thanks and regards
    Rajan Gupta
    39 Yes. Old

  798. Randhir Kumar says:

    Pain in Both knees while sleeping , while getting up and while walking .
    Please advise homoeopathy medicine and exercise.


  799. helo sir
    mai airthrities se pareshan hu muje feet ankle to thumb me bohot dard hota hai sujan bhi hai ayurvedic medicine bhi kuch nahi hua chalne ko bhi bohot taklif hota hai please sugest me

  800. Shreya Singh says:

    Mr.sharma hi
    I am very upset when my mother is crying
    Actually she is suffering from knees n legs pain
    It’s very hearting her .we take her to doctors but no any solutions get,and x-ray also but nothing.many medicine she has taken but no any relief day by day pain is increases.
    What we do please show path and please help.

  801. i hav rheumatoid arthritis n severe joint pain i. shoulder n neck n wrist .ra factor is negative please let me know some homeopathic


  802. I had a fall and my right hand was swollen for a few days,now the joint to my index finger feels bruised when touched and it aches when I move it. I don’t seem to have the strength in my right had as much since the accident. Not too sure which remidie to take.

  803. Dear Sir

    I m 51 years and diabetic 2-3 years, with Janumet one per day1000mg , I am normal. My sugar levels are ok with medicine but experience pain in knees, stretched hand finger joints and drymouth symptoms. I m 92 kg by wt. And vegetarian with max 50 ml alcohol intake weekly. I m observing die controls also . I am staying in Ludhiana, punjab India.
    Pl advise suitable medicine.

  804. Annie Macdonald says:

    I have been suggested to take
    KALI 9CH

    for 3 months for joint pains in wrist, index finger and thumb and for
    High blood pressure when upset or hearing bad news.

    Can you confirm or suggest other treatment?

  805. sukhjinder singh says:

    hello sir,
    my mpther is a dieabets ,thyroid ,uric acid problem in 8yers at this time alopathic treatement my mother but this treatement is a not benifet but it medicine diebtes was control but
    all joint pain in few tme start in very critical contidition pls start my mother treatemnt & get the medicine name provide thanks sir i could wait just reply early morning

  806. M S ANWAR says:

    I feel pain around chest & back like beaten by stick & shift to other place arm& neck some time feel better & it increases in cold climate & feel stifness in hand finger & also feel better after gas release

  807. SUBRATO BHADURY (54) M says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I find great pain in left knee joint with slight swelling for last one week suddenly. I find problem while walking up and while folding the knee.
    It gives initial problem in the morning. I find some tenderness in the muscles on the upper part of patella. I have started with Rhus Tox 200. is it ok? What should be the frequency? I walk very fast generally and that might have created this problem
    thanking you
    Subrato Bhadury , Kolkata

  808. S. Pattanaik says:

    Sir, I’m feeling pain on the back side of my right knee whenever I try to straighten my legs after keeping my legs folded for some minutes. The pain is more while I try to stand above the latrine commode (Indian style). Even after in the office in a chair, while trying to stand also gives pain on the said joints. Also I am feeling pain on the right side of my waist while trying to wake up from my bed. The pain also persists throughout the day during movement of the waist. No pain is felt sitting idle.

    Can I request you to kindly advise me proper homeopathic medicine, so that I can get relief, Sir?

    Thanks & regards.

  809. Ali Asgar says:

    Sir, I am 27 years old age. Due to bad habbit of hand sex I have suffered from joints pain and low bone density I reduced my problem soon plz help me

  810. ASHOK SHARMA says:


  811. Farrokh R. Tata says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son, aged 46, is suffering from arthritis. Diagnosis of rheumatologists is poly arthritis. He is having this disease since OCT.2012.His joint pains are shifting in nature. they are worst after rest.Finger joints always remain swollen.Wrist does not have the power to open a small sealed medicine bottle.Ankle gets swollen, subsides,and if he walks a little more–gets swollen again.From your website I understand that ACTEA SPICATA, RHUSTOX, & PULSATILLA may work to give him some relief. But is such a combination available?? If so ,where??And what should be the potency for each medicine?? Is such a combination available from Dr. SCHAWBE or ADEL of Germany??

  812. shakil ahmed says:

    I have severe knee pain from last 2 months. Before that it was tolerable and I used to go on walking for 45 minutes. I have also back ache since last 30th years
    I am 72 yrs old and quite healthy weighing 75 kg, height 5 ft 7in.
    I’m not taking any medicine regularly for this.

  813. bablu kumar says:

    knee swelling &pain for two month

  814. Tina Parks says:

    My husband is 59, 330pounds, and has boarder line diabetes, which we check a lot and is controlled by taking metformin 2x’s daily. He has a numbing sensation in his feet that annoys him but does not cause pain, he can feel a pebble under his foot. Lately he has had a lot of pain in his knees both knees when he goes to bed, it causes him pain and discomfort all night. He also has pain that runs from his knee to his buttocks-shooting sharp pain, also he has always had a sore back and does exercises everyday for that. We have seen many doctors and had x-rays, he has tried many different pain meds with no relief, he has tried the DRX machine, a tens machine,knee braces,massage therapy, chiropractor. Do you have any suggestions? I hate to watch him be in pain, he is such a hard worker, and is on his feet a lot at work.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. Tina

  815. Faisal mehran says:

    salam sir plz help me
    me from Pakistan
    my age is 18 me not know English very well so mera masla ya hy my me bhot kazkazmor or pattla tha my NY yahan sy body up capsule leay or khy takrib 50 thy in ky sy mera weight bhr gea or khob bhok lagti thi phr jb capsule khtm ho gy tu meri left leg ky opar Waly Joe me shded dard shoro ho gea 1 ma bd WO teak ho gea phr me patla ho RHA that phr me NY laga tar 1 ma pora WO capsule khy phr Mora ho gea phr jb chory tu hep joint me zor dar dard shuru ho gea or phr 1 doctorsy cheakup krwea phr is NY x ry kia tu is NY btea tmra jor khtm ho gea Tm NY Jo capsule khy in me steroid this js sy tamra jor khtm ho gea mery pass as ka treatment the by phr me 1 or doctor my pass gea tu is NY kha koy masla the tmra nor sojj gea hy jor me sozies hy or phta kushk ho gea hy phr is NY mujy kuch madicine dian librex flexijal or acilesh me NY 3 ma ya medicine kahin dard much kam ho gea mgr abi be nor me soziesh hy or jb othta bhtta hun tu bhor dard hota hy or chalta gun tu qadam agy the rhk sakta joint arta jb otha bhta hun tu dard ka zordar jhtka lagta hy or awaz be ati hy rat ko leg garm mhsos hoti hy bike py be the bht Santa bht dard hota bhot si vitaman medicine Len mgr Jor ka dard kam the hota dard laga ta the hota balky jb othta bhtta hun or chalta gun tb join jb movement krta tu dard ka jhtka sa mhsos hota hy plz give me medicine me NY anti information drag be use ki hyan like ibuprofen neproxen etc much farm partha by mgr phr OSI tra dard hota hy plz help me

  816. T A SEETHARAMAN says:

    I have pain along the veins and ulnar nerves muscles surrounding these nerves please advise homeopathy remedy

  817. sarfraz hussain says:

    dr sir
    me sarfraz hussain from pk faisalabad my mother are fell in joint and muscular prob lam from over a year firstly his muscles are stress then joint pain started after pain joint swell and muscles hard &problam to movement not arm move high pian in fingers need and other joint relief only stride
    plz told me a single remedy medic an
    I shall b a thank full 2 u

  818. Rashon Basumatary says:

    What medicine is better for heath ache, joint pain, nee pain, hip joint pain ? Please advice me.

  819. Profullo Kumar Patnaik says:

    My wife is 59 yrs.old.She is suffering from knee joints problem from long time(2.5 yrs.). She is taking high BP medicine (not Homeo) daily, no other diseases and knee pain is not due to accident. Kindly suggest the right medicine for her,I will be highly obliged to you.

  820. Gopalraj R Methari says:

    I am 48 years old ,i getting pain at knee joint , sometimes it ges stiff also pls help

  821. Rishu Babbar says:

    I am 32 year old male. I have suddenly developed pain in my knees since last 3 month. I feel pain while climbing stairs and sometimes while walking.I even feel pain while folding my knees.

  822. Lt Cdr Masud says:

    Dear madam

    I was suffering with gout problem since 2009. Every year once or twice. This time since lastvDec 2014, I am suffering frequently like first attck one 2nd finger in right leg just beside big toe. After 05 days it gone and again pain came to ankle and after 03 days again went to big toe with same 2nd finger and slightly pain in right ankle. After 05 days finger pain gone and came to ankle again and gradually increasing with swelling and can not walk by right leg. When too pain and cannot walk then went to doctor and found in x-ray avulsion fracture in ankle. Beside this I was also attack in left leg 2nd finger and subsequently in big toe as well. Throughout I was taking medicine of indomethacin and fabustat.
    Presently I can not put my step by right leg as pain increase and can not sleep at night without high power pain killer. In left leg big toe still pain is there but tolerable.
    Uric acid level is good. Two time report says 1st was 1.3 and 2nd was 5.4
    Pls advise me.

  823. b.n.bhaumik says:

    Thank you for this article. Could you write a similar article on Multiple Sclerosis? This would be of immense help.


    Severe Pain with swelling occur in my right shoulder due to continuous work done in kitchen and banquet handling where I have to do some weight handling jobs with my hands. Even I find difficult in moving my arms. I am getting Industrial Training in Hotel Industry. Kindly help me giving some fruitful remedy in this regard.

  825. Hello Dr,

    I have severe hair fall in my fore head and also i need guideline for my mom’s knee pain.she is taking baksons b 52 drops for two years.but if she stops the medicine she feels pain.what should we do for these problems.Kindly guide us..

  826. John Aldaz MD says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Just received from you the Vilitigo book and if you have a book on joint pain, artritic pain let me know. Thank you!
    Thank you for the information on with the article.
    Dr Aldaz

  827. hi,
    my both knees have pain
    doctors are saying that two bones are getting rubed while walking
    pl guide what should i do

  828. I am suffering from acute knee pain on my right knee and its back joint.On top left inside ther is pain when touching taking allopathic medicine and using knee cap but i donot want to continue thius pl let me know some homoeopathit treatment rgds

  829. dr sha4ma i have knee joint pain from last 3years i hav3 made alot of treatments ,MRI twice dr diagnosis is bruse on knee or a type of benign tumor i use obe ninsulide a day and reliefed fr 24 hours and know dr said that they done ortho scopy so what can i do know

  830. Sanjay Krishna Biniwale says:

    I am 64 years old. My both the knees pain all 24 hours. Even when I am on bed. If I sleep keeping my legs straight, it becomes difficult to fold the legs if I want to change the position.

  831. kailash cha ndra jain says:

    Resp Dr my age is 70 yrs suffering from parkinsons last 4yr unableto move having severe back pain due ttt to an accident last 20 yrs having pain always in both knees rigidity in body cant speek clearly lot of urine pasess No B p No diabetic movvement of botth legs very tough My weight68 kg kindly help so that ican walk Thanks

  832. Hi
    My age is 26 and I have pain in both my knees
    Please tell me any homeopathic medicine

  833. Bhudev Sanayal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am having knee pain in the patella region for the last one month or a little more. I did’nt have this pain earlier. About 6 months back a little pain was felt by me in the same region of my right leg which went off after about a month or so. Then same type of pain is now felt by me in my left leg knee.
    When i give hot water fomentation relief is felt,but again after walking i get pain. There is no pain in sitting position or sleeping position. I am not taking any medicine, only use a good knee cap, and remove it at night or at the time of afternoon sleep.
    I am 64 years male person and retired from my active service as Project Engineer in 2010.
    my blood pressure is maintained at 130/80-84 or 120/8o like this, lipid profile is ok and also others. As my son is an Interventional Cardiologist( superspeciality), he periodically evaluates all of us in the family.
    Please advise

    Best regards

    Bhudev Sanyal

    Cell no.: 09232941762

  834. Srinivas K says:

    I am suffering shoulder pain from two weeks. Doctors diagnosed it as shoulder impingement. Pain is shifting in the hand and sometimes I feel that there is no pain at all. After some time it comes back, especially in cold weather. I am a hypothyroid patient and I am taking 75 Mcg Thyroxin from last seven years. Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine for this condition.

  835. P N Aggarwal says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from pain in my knees( both) &right hand shoulder.i have taken rux tox phytolaca causticum & got
    Some relief.please suggest me some medician for strengthing the mussels around knee joint.
    Thanks. P N Aggarwal

  836. I m 40 yr old. I feel pain in knee joint during sitting and standing. Pls help me with homeo medicine. Thanks

  837. c.sagadevan says:

    I am 39 and 79 kg ,5.2’height I feel a severe pain on my left knee joint, when ever I walk on the steps towards upstairs I feel more pain and also when I sit folding the legs.So kindly advice me a remedy thank you

  838. Dear Doctor.
    My younger brother having back pain problem. we went to the doctor before a month and they did MRI or some tests to find out the reason. After the report doctor told his spine lower part is miss-placed and we have to operate it. We were worry and we went to consult another doctor and his reply no needs to operation it will be ok, take some medicine and do some exercise. We consulted many doctors some is saying it will be ok without operation and some is saying we have to go for operating but his pain is increasing day by day. Before a month he was able to walk but now he can’t stand or walk. Now his elbow and back side is swelling some chest side is also swelling. Now we are trying to consult some homeopathic specialist regarding this.
    Can you please give us any better suggestion? Your reply will be very helpful for us.
    Thank you in Advance.
    Farhan Raza

  839. Sarla devi kothari (f) 55 says:

    can not bend knee

  840. Hi,

    Good morning sir,

    Iam Mr Ramu with the age of 55 Years living in Visakhapatnam. from past few months my knee getting much pain, actually my daily work based on my foot only, i have used many gels and tablets but no use. Finally i have decided to take homeopathy medicine,by which please suggest prescribed medicine for my problem.

    Thanking you,

  841. Namaste,
    I was disgnoised as bursitis to my right shouldet skso partislvtear. Very painfull shoulder snd restless at night.
    Please advise what is the homepathy temedy.
    Thank you.

  842. C. M. Agarwal says:

    I’m 75 years old leading active life with regular morning walk followed with exercises and yogas. I do not have diabetes and Blood Pressure problems. About one and half month ago started having pain in left Hip and calf and gradualy increased and more while standing. Consulted Orthopedic doctor, diagnosed Shiatica Pain on the basis of X Ray and no abnormality in hip and spine joints.Took Physiothirepy and doing suggested exercises and better.One of my friends suggested Arnica Mont 200 . I would be grateful if you could let me know if I should take Arnica 200 or any other medicine and what doses?
    Thank you
    C. M. Agarwal

  843. Chanchal Gupta Panigrahi says:

    My mother age near 70.she has suffing join pain long time but when she is walking that time her leg bones very sounding i want to know why sound her bones

  844. Gitanjali Sahoo says:

    I m 44 yrs.Now Im suffering pain in both of my knee joints.I m unable to sit at ground.It is very paining when i wake of from floor.Which medicine should i have to take for this remedy.

  845. Gajender singh says:

    dear doctor
    I am 29 years old and my weight is 66Kg

    I Have sever pain in knees joint.
    sir please advise me


  846. Ashok Prasad says:

    Dear sir, I am suffering from two problems- 1. burning sensation in my chest (more in left and mild in right). It is not pain like and feels like burning. It is on-off 4-5 times in a day. Nothing is tried to get relieved , it goes away itself and comes back slowly.
    2. right knee pain (pain increses while bending leg, standing after rest (worst), and in motion). Both the
    My mind is always fearfull of losing something and everything. Alopathy medicines like neurocalm helps to suppress all the problems however it is not suggested to take such medicines for long and in continuity.
    Pls suggest homeopathy treatment.

  847. Sir,
    You did not mention the dosage. I have come accross number of dosages to be applied in different ways. But am not sure, which one would work best for my ankle joint pain. I am overweight and have flat-feet. I have Rhus Tox 1M with me, but I need to know the dosage.

  848. Toufiq Ahmad says:

    Sir. I have pain in my joint left arm, neck and shoulders . pl. suggest me any medicine. thanks
    My age is 54 years also my cholesterol is 240

  849. Anil Rastogi says:

    I am 72 yrs of age. I have knee pain while climbing stairs or running. Otherwise there is no pain while doing Yogasanas. I can sit comfortably in sukhasan or vajrasan.
    I could not find any suitable medicine for my symptoms.

  850. lefthand.neck&shoulders high pains.plz ask to my problm.

  851. sir …my mom is always having pain in both legs. during walking or sitting she feel more pain…what is remedy of it…tell me

  852. Nadeem zameer uddin says:

    My name is nadeem age is 50 i am suffering from last seven years ingunal-hernia and osteo arthiatis and right leg vericose decease and acute osteo- malacia i m verth thankful to u give my answer as soon as possible i am in problem! Thanks

  853. nice sir

  854. i have a proble of internal unbleeding pills past 30 years. Please told me medicine of treatment.

  855. Najma bhatti says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My husband is suffering from arthritis in both knees , can’t put pressure on them moving around , climbing up and down stair is very difficult painful .
    Please help by suggesting some homeo remedies

  856. Jyotsana Sharma says:

    1. Pain in left thumb joint, probably -soft tissue heumatism. Pains when using thumb for holding small objects with finger+thum like peeling garlic cloves or using to lift heavy things like pan filled with water using thumb on rim and fingers for support on the bottom, or using thumb on space bar on computer. Allopatheic Doctor gave two injections on Dec. 26, 2014 and Jan 3, 2015 with medicines. Swelling is OK but pain infact appears to be more.
    2. Also have Cervical Spodylytis.
    Hope for a favourable reply


  857. madhu sudan saha says:

    knee joint pain. to lift on rikshwa I felt stress in veins about six month ago. took alopathy medicine . but not cure fully.

  858. Hello Dr,
    I am 29 years old. After wake up from bed I feel pain in my leg. Now also after sitting when I am get down from chair I am feeling pain ib my foot. Somme time burning sensation is there. Jogging and walking also painful for me. Kindly inform me which medicine I will take.

  859. G.M Ashtaputre says:

    Aged 75 years I am a retired senior citizen .I am doing all day to day work and still doing .But for past 3 months I am having problem in joints .As I am MSc I worked in Govt.Pharmacy college I know about physiology .I get pain in knees while getting up when in from sitting position .suggest me your views and suggest treatment
    I am ready to pay Fees of medicine by vpp if charges are in my limit.

  860. I’m 26 years old , suffering from slip disc l4 s5 since 6 months. Doctor suggested for surgery. But I don’t want to do. Pls give remidy without surgery. Severe pain while sitting on buttock, leg.

  861. ARUN ASNIKAR says:


  862. ARUN ASNIKAR says:


  863. Yousuf Mir says:

    Dear Respected Dr.Sharma
    I am 41 years old man, I am facing huge pain fm last 1.5 years in ” heel, ankle , wrist, finger joints, elbow, neck joint, cold increasing the pain, in the heel feeling bone point with huge pain, feeling weakness, in the last 4 years my weight reduce 7 kg. food eating but weight not increasing. my hight 5F,11″, NOW we my weight is 62 kg. 4 years back was 69 kg.

    if u advice me the treatment i will grate full to you,.
    thanks. / yousuf.

  864. madhavi lekkala says:

    Hi doctor,

    i am suffering from a left knee pain and left arm pain from last 5 years…now my age is 30…what kind of treatment i need now…alopathy medicines i am using but no use…doctor suggested me to done with physiotherapy…please suggest me is homeopathy helps me for these kind of problems???

  865. Nayan Mehta says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 68 years senior retired person having knee pain in my both legs. As per x ray, wear & tear on knee caps. At present i am advised to take Lorox 8 pain killer as per my doctor’s advise.
    I would be glad if you suggest me any homiopathy medicine.
    Nayan Mehta
    Vadodara, Gujarat

  866. sir
    i am 24yr old female and suffering from all joints pain like knees,elbow,shoulder and ankle for the past 5-7yrs.Now i get severe pain once a month and slight fever.I had constipation issue for few years but now in control due to diet management,Pl advice some good treatment for my joint pains.i am lean constitution and extrovert,little impatient type person.

  867. shiv kumar seth says:

    To dr. Sharma
    i have suffering from left knee osteoarthritis about one years ago and i take homoeopathic medicine and relive symptoms i feel better. But my new trouble pain in left shoulder joint with upper arm like frozen shoulder and aggraveted ln night sleeping. I am not suffering from spodylitis or left chest pain. Please advise two best remedy. Thanks

  868. tania kapoor says:

    How knee pain will prevent at the age of 60 and the disease is 4 to 5 years old. please tell me the homely method. my mother is facing this type of problem from last 4 years and she is diabetic person.

    please help and reply me soon on my mail id.

    Thanks & regards
    Tania kapoor

  869. M Azhar Ali says:

    I have pain in my left shoulder joint while moving backward and when it is under body weight.

  870. prabhakara Rao, Bulusu says:

    I am aged of 55 years. I have BP and diabetis but they are under control with the help of allopathic medicines. My present problem is joint pains with cracking sounds more especially at knee joints and foot joints. Kindly suggest me good medicine in homeopathy.


    Respected Dr. Sharmaji,
    I am having knee joint pain of left leg. Some time both legs become stiff. To walk & get up I require some time & then can walk like normal walking.
    I was taking medicines from one practioner for quite some time. Recently the medicines do not response. I have to apply ‘ vovaran emulgel’ & take orally vovaran 50mg. But this is not suitable. Again I wish to have Homeopathic treatment.
    Kindly Advise.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,
    B.T.Raval -male- 74 years

  872. VENU GOPAL R. says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I have left hip joint pain for more than six months ( and no where else). I have vitamin -D deficiency and am being treated for it. Can it be due to osteoarthritis ? . what medicine would you recommend ? Please reply.

  873. I am 32 years old and is suffering from pain in knees and heels of my foot. The problem is persistent for last 6-7 years. The pain become severe during long standings and after long runs. After consultation with 2-3 doctors the doctor advised sugar,uric acid and few more test. All were in normal range as told by the doctor. However I am still suffering from the pain. However sometimes the pains disappears totally for 15-20 days at stretch and starts again. If you can suggest something sir.

  874. knee and shoulder pain


  876. Waqas Ali Rao says:

    Respected Dr,
    My 2.5 years baby boy having asthma allergy, almost after every 2 Weeks he starts from coughing then chest infection and starting short breath. I have feb up to take him lot of antibiotic syrups and Ventolin through nebulizer.
    I however request you to suggest me some homeopathic drops that can be helpful to save him from asthma allergy as well as boast his immunity as well..

    Thanking you in advance

  877. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 74. I had two molars removed two weeks ago. I am having ongoing pain in the gum and bone (?) – moderate to severe. I do not have any infection. The extractions were difficult with a lot of trauma done to the tissue. I have taken a lot of ibuprofen and acetaminophen with codeine for pain, and want to discontinue this. Is there a homeopathic remedy that I might try to relieve this pain.

    Thank you for any advice you might give me.

    G. Smith

  878. Savita Dhutti says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    Greetings of the day
    I have severe pain and stiffness in my left knee since many days. Two and a half years back I got hairline fracture in my left tibia. At that time while different tests were done I was diagnosed for low levels of Vitamin D and calcium levels. After the full left leg cast for 6 weeks along with other medicines I was better. I continued taking calcium even after that and vit D also after every 10 days .
    This year in August I slipped and the ligaments of my left ankle were broken and I again had a cast for 3 weeks. I always have stiffness in my left knee in the morning . But since few days this stiffness troubles me the whole day . I have a sharp pain in my left knee such that even while standing the weight bearing is tough for my knee.
    Can you please suggest me some homeopathic medicine to comfort my knee.

  879. Mrs Basudhara Bardhan [age-56yrs] says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma, I was having streact pain in my bellow knee cup [right side],I had Ruta G-200 3times a day for 4days,and I was feeling good.But now I am getting some kat-kat sound [stretch/strain] in my right knee while walikng.
    Kindly advice me on the Homeopathy treatment,
    With Best Regards, ………………….. Mrs.Basudhara Bardhan.

  880. Dear sir.
    My rt foot was removed due to diabetic foot.about 36 days back.I feel pain all the suggest medicine

  881. shahnaz malik says:

    sir bones and joints main pain hota koi inflamation ni hai bs weakess hai aur chronic flu hai jis k vaccine krvai sir wo medicine dain jo stomch ko effct na kry aur main tehak ho jaon mre age 27 year hai thora sa kam krny se pain hota ha s ab to kam na krn to bhe pain hota hai sir reply lazmi krain

  882. was diagnose with a baker cyst about 2 months ago., have tray several herbs and home remedies, but nothing last, the pain in my knee is back, and have a hard time moving around.have good health, if i can get ready of my knee pain.Thans.

  883. Shiv Shanker Verma says:

    Sir,I am 64 year of age . Could you help me in choosing the right remedy to treat very painfull knee joint with mild swelling in right leg. It is started sudden before four month ago .please give me right solution. Thank you sir

  884. Hi doctor. My mom is going through knee pain from last one year. She is over weight but tries to do all the house hold work on her own as she dont have choice but pls tell me some mdicine so that atleast she can do daily house hold routine work without going through that pain . I wud be really greatful to u.

  885. Harbans Kumar says:

    I have cholesterol level on the higher side for the last thirty years. I am now 64. My TMT is always always positive. I don’t get any problem unless I walk fast.
    All my problem become worse with cold. So I keep myself well dressed and take two to three kilometre morning walk daily an. regularly do pranayam. Whenever I walk more suddenly my right ankle will pain and not allow me to walk. From past few days my left collar bone gets some pain when i Stretch my left arm.also whenever I feel my left arm tired I stretch it and I get a crackling sound. Otherwise I am quite healthy with 69kg weight , i am leading a happy retired life.Can you please suggest some homeopathic remedy for my ailment.
    Harbans kumar

  886. Sir. I have pain in my hand finger thumb and foot finger,shoulder, neck.
    hand finger and foot finger there is also swelling. pl. suggest me any medicine. thanks


    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    I am 51 yr old. I have no problem of BP & Diabetes. I am facing problem of chronic pain in my knee since last 3-4 month. due to which I am avoiding to go on stairs. for which i have consulted & took allopathy treatment but it gives temporary relief. to over come such kind of problem will you please advice me a specific treatments of Homeopathy.

    With deep regards,

    Your Sincerely,


  888. Dr Yash pal Bhanot says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My wife is a dibetic patient since 30 years now she feels pain her thys and can not stand for long time. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine.

    Yash Pal Bhanot

  889. mary zourou says:

    My daughter has an inflamed vein in the inside od the ankle on the top of the vain and hurts. GP said is a naughty vein take painkillers but certain days hurt i cant put my boots. Any advice.? I am slim and over 40 but i like my high heels

  890. Clara Brown says:

    I have pain and a knot sitting in the top of my left knee. It hurts in the knee area when walking. My hip pops and jerks at times. I can barely pick the leg up. It feels too heavy to move at times. Throughout the night is when I experience this burning from the knee to my thighs. The groin area also burns and hurt so that it is difficult to lay on my left side. All the ortho doc wants to do is administering a steroid shot in the knee which lasts about 30 minutes and it’s back to usual. My peroneal nerve was damaged from LA and l5. Had surgery to remove the sequestered disc . No severe problems with back. Just numbness and severe tightness in ankle and right leg. One orthopedic doc say I need a knee replacement. He has retired now. The orthopedic doctor I go to now say it’s only arthritis and does not warrant replacement. I’m confused but my body tells me it needs help immediately. I need my legs to walk with. I truly enjoyed this article for it enlighten me but my doctor apparently is the one who needs enlightenment. I have a high pain tolerance but this is ridiculous to have to research online to find that others I identify with your problem. Thanks Dr Sharma

  891. Navtej Singh says:

    A known relative 45yrs old lady has swollen left side thigh, knee with pain around knee cap.She feels some times heaviness around knee while walking,cannot bend knee,walking with stick(three base legs) for safety during walk.She also feels heaviness in thigh or knee during walk,in bed while turning position.These days she is worse in morning & evening .Two years back she met with accident and got surgery of knee.I will be thankful if you please guide to hep her.

  892. I am suffering from both knee pains for which i have been advised knee replacement. Presently i am doing some knee exercises and took aryuvedic medicine for four months. With this pain is under control and i do not take pain killers. I feel uneasy in walking but have no problem in climbing stairs. I am 65 years old and this pain is for the last four years. Request some homeopathic medicine.

  893. Kumar Jayprakash says:

    My mother is suffering from knee joint pain for 5 years. Please suggest me.

  894. Sir,
    for the past 6 days my right toe snfd lower thigh slowly become numbness and slight rashes in the thigh. i am having occasionally feel little pain in my back and buttocks. Kindly let me know the reason and remedies for this.

  895. good evening Dr. Sharma,
    I am 36 years old , since 4 years i am suffering from knee pain, initially in morning i feel stiffness in feet and legs and after 10-15 minutes i could move. my bones make sound, please suggest me medicine for knee pain.

  896. MOHAMMAD VASI says:

    Dear Doctor,

    my brother in law is 42 years of age and have the weight of 80 kgs due to the overweight he is having the kneeache and swollen over the knee and have a sever pain in the both feet

    please do something


    mohammad vasi

  897. I’m 43 years old and two months before i had high fever after that i have been suffering from joints pain. there is swelling in right middle finger and ring finger and restricted wrist movement after sitting for a long time it is difficult to getup due to pain in knne and foot, pain is relieved when walking also I’m suffering from cervical spondlysis c5-c6 degeneration
    all my tests are normal
    please advice your suggestion and medicine

  898. U. CHAKRABORTY says:

    Last 5 year I have been suffering from ankle pain of my my left leg. The pain gradually decrease after walking of one KM. or above.
    Calcification or so call disease has been declared by Dr. but I don’t have any treatment till date.

    M 50

  899. U. CHAKRABORTY says:

    Last 5 year I have been suffering from ankle pain of my my left leg. The pain gradually decrease after walking of one KM. or above.
    Calcification or so call disease has been declared by Dr. but I don’t have any treatment till date.

  900. subhash chandra shah.& Shobhna Shah says:

    sir,We both are at age 74.My wife had cured fro Breast cancer in 2001,Operated at breach Candy hospital,Mumbai & Kemo was taken in Delhi at Rajiv Gandhi institute,as we stays in Delhi near to his institute.She is alright after all courses. She has feeling sever pain in hands i.e.figures Palm & all jaoints.
    she also having pain in joints of knees & thais.She cannot seat on ground & she has to seat in case she has problem to get up.Kindly advise best medicine either by yoga, Homeopathic or Ayurvedic,which is better according u.
    My self is having pain in all joints mostly,Thai&Knees.After getting up from one to another steps heavy pains & getting relief after movements.I had never taker any medicine during my whole life.I have to take medicine only when I met with an accedient & due o that I have a rod fixed in my right hand.At that time along with operation I have taken for three months allopathy medicine & pain killers.Can u suggest any remedies other then any medicine or anything else to servive this pain?If u reply me I will be much oblidged.At present we stays with my daughter at California for temparary period of 4to six months.
    Thanks & awaiting reply.Have a nice day.Thanks once again.

  901. my mother is 40 years old. Her arms and legs are paining very much. Tell me any homopatheic medicine that can help her. Please help tell me medicine as soon.

  902. my mother is 40 years old. Her arm and legs are paining very much. Which medicine should she take for relief. Please reply

  903. md zakir husain says:

    Dr sb
    I have early arthritis in my knee have pain in knaa during walking and also when press sarrounding area last one year pain in spine last 5, 6 year pain on ankle (erhi) also touching specially morning first walk after leave the bed . i m 44 year old. plz advice homeomedicine .

  904. Anand Chenji says:


    Few days back in function at my temple i sat for two hours daily for spiritual lectures. After that i am having pain in my left leg joint. i am not able to sit down and do puja/morning sandhyavanda . In local Homeo stores they gave me Rhus Tox advised to take 4 pils.

    My age is 52 years and not having BP for sugar. My Weight is 82 kgs.

    Pl help me

    anand chenji

  905. Melissa Crowley says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I fell on my hip last winter but did not feel pain immediately after. Six months later, my hip began to hurt. Very stiff after sitting and gets better with motion, so I am using Rhus Tox 30. My question is, is this the right strength (30)? I’m pretty sure Rhus Tox is the correct remedy, but if you have another idea, please let me know. The Rhus Tox doesn’t seem to help much.

    Thank you,

  906. Geena Degongh says:

    My husband had knee replacement in Sep still fighting with swelling is there some looking for some homeopathic remedies for him. I wanted him to try acurpuncher. Thank you for any help

  907. sami ahmed (pakisani) says:

    my mother 60 year old lady. any thing medision use but . knee problem but not solved. any time hardly pain join of knee. can you help?

  908. My mother diabetic and Alzheimer patient, 88 years old, could walk a little with Walker up to Washroom but since 2 months could not stand even. She had fever for 9 days daily with profuse sweating which made her very weak. She was made to sit which she used to for hours now it seems she had developed Osteoarthritis problem in Hipjoints and Knees because she does not let touch her knees and put her hand on hips. Last night was not going to sleep, remained sitting. In the morning at7 AM she was forcibly lifted and made her lay down on the bed under her cries. She also started fearing that she might not fall.
    Please advise homeo medicines. Meanwhile I have given her Natrum carb complex and Arnica montana complex both of Lehning’s alternately with half an hour’s space.

  909. My left knee and down the leg pain if i stand for long time and if i sit for long time, it pains behind the knee and goes after i walk and tickling sound comes from ankle whats the best medicine for it

  910. Gurpreet Singh says:

    I am a 59 years old, overweight male.
    I have had a sudden onset of pain in the right hip.
    Till a year ago i was able to walk long distances and jog in spurts.
    This pain started after i had taken a long flight and initially identified as sciatica.
    I was given Colocynthis and that helped.
    The pain has persisted and on x-ray was found that there is a gap in the joint of the right hip, and has been identified as onset of arthritis.
    I am a great believer in homeopathy and would like to know of a treatment for my problem.

  911. Brij Mohan Kapur says:

    I am 64 yrs and having severe pain in my left knee diagnosed as patella. No allopathic & Ayurvedic medicine has worked. I have under gone physiotherapy but of no use. I am hypertensive and have angina. My average intake of alcohol is 100 ml daily. Uris acid & calcium are bit on higher and lower side. Pl. suggest.

  912. i am suffering with ostioearthrits since last eight years , my age is now 60 years
    my problem is
    a. from rest to movement i feel pain in knee joint’
    b.if i walk more than 1000 steps pain start in the knee joint and joint get lock.
    c.presently i am doing knee streatching excersize i get little bit relife by this.
    d. if stand more than 10 minits on one place pain start in joint and if i start walking from that position knee joint get jam.
    suggest me best medicine for cure above mation problem.


  914. pl suggest knee pain medicine in homeopathy , as per the site one medicine called- ‘Rhus Tox’, what is potency and dosage .Age 55
    p s rao

  915. bachchu chatterjee says:

    Suffering from enkolysing spondylosis for last 20 years

  916. munir qazi says:

    my mother is suffering from minor spinal disk problem the alopathic doctors suggest medicine for it but it helps only in pain and results in lot of side affects.her age is 64 and weight is 96 kg what should i do consult a homeo pathic or continue the same medicines

  917. I am 35 yr old suddenly feeling joint pain specially in finger joint and wrist. It is worst at foot. There is stiffness n swelling in foot, causing difficulty in walking.what is this

  918. My mother has severe pain in lt knee for 1week,increased during night,xray is normal.pls give the medicine

  919. My mother has severe pain in lt knee for 1week,increased during night,xray is normal.

  920. Minu Saxena says:


  921. Adhvaryu Yogendra says:

    I have used Brayonia-1M and the result is not there………pl. get me out of Knee Joint Replacement.
    I have also used Puls in the same capacity.

  922. Arunangshu Mazumdar says:

    knee pain (right ) My age 40 years please solve the matter.

  923. Vinita Arora says:

    Dear Sir
    My age is 47 and i am having pain in my left knee. It swells above the joint and pains. Dr has diagnosed it osteo arthritis. The pain increases with work and my job as mother, home care and office demands lot of standing and running around. I am getting pain in my right elbow these day also.

  924. Rakrsh kumar says:

    i am 30 years .iam feeling pain under my foot and above joint and can not stand due to pain.can you help me.

  925. My wife is 50 years old and suffering from left leg pain. please suggest the right medicine.

  926. Dear Dr. Sharma, What would you recommend for he relief of swelling and pain in the base of the thumb, near the wrist, at the fleshy part of the thumb ( carpo metacarpal joint–trapezium trapezoid)?

  927. PRADEEP MASSEY says:

    I have been suffering from arthritis pain in the joints mostly back,knees and ankles but now gradually taking over the complete body basically due to diabetes from last ten years.Please prescribe med.

  928. Bisweswar Roy says:

    Suffering knee joint pain (right),Elbow joint pain, Finger top joint pain.Pain increases on ceiling fan air or cold. Taking SAAZ DS (salfasalazine), Ace Proxyvon, Orcean GM. Guide us for medicine.

  929. Asam Sattar says:

    i am 40 years old i have pain in knee . here i go to doctor and he put one injection in my both knee but pain start more and i cant walk good. suggest for me any Homeopathic medicen so i can use and be healthy. i am from pakistan. thanks

  930. My grand daughter 2 years old is in the habit of sucking her thumb. Is there any homeopathic medicine to treat her. Thanks

  931. Shelly Baruah says:

    Gud Evening Dr.

    Recently I am diagonised with multiple Utrine Fibores in the Uterus measuring 3.5* 3.8 and 3.2*1.2.

    right now I have consulted geonocoligt and is under medication and Dr. told its temporary.

    But I heard Hemeopathy can permanetly cure this utrine fibores.

    Please suggest good medicine as i want to discontinue allopathy medicine.



  932. Dear sharma,
    i am having knee and ankle pain from one month, in morning times after the bed it is severe, during sitting it is high during motion it is less. iam 31 years old… Please advice me right medicine..

  933. How to close the case in case of chronic diseases what about dosage

  934. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have swear pain in and around my knee.It is keep moving around knee joint up and down as well. Can you tell me the most
    Suitable homeopathy medicine please.
    Mrs s kaur

  935. soumitra paul says:

    Dear Sir, I’m Soumitra, 31 years old male from Bangladesh. From last 9 months i m sufferings from lower portion back pain…..this pain makes my life hell….i took every kinds of alopathic painkillers which are availble in market, visited pain medicine experts, neuro medicine ecperts, gastrology experts. But all my attempts in vain…no one can able to identify my problem. Thats why i m now looking for homeopathic treatment. I take the homeopathic pain killers list which u describe above. Tomorrow i will take Rhus tox……pray for me…..hope this medicine will cure me or i havr to die with this stupid pain. Thank you.

  936. Respected dr. Sahib
    I am 55 year old .pain in knees stiffness ibody sleeplessness restllessness .heavyness of abd rest body slim

  937. Pain in in knees .stiffness of allbody / sply.back. sleeplessness no sund sleep.

  938. age 42yrs,female,diabetic from 2013, sugar level 190 in general(random), suffering from pain only in the ring finger of right hand & it becomes locked in middle joint when banding. took several medicines from several local homoeo practitioners, but no response of medicine. please help me.

  939. nisha nair says:

    dear doctor,
    I have been suffering fro past 7 to 8 yrs .Its started with pain on my shoulders, now its aggravated to the right side of the head, towards the right hips. I have pain on my right foot also, I could not walk without slippers inside the house. Not able to sit for long time, laying down is difficult, cause the right neck and shoulder pains. Was having pain towards my fingers in the right hand. Its very difficult to do any work with the right hand.
    now I am taking treatment from homeopathy, I took medicines from past 6,7 moths, the pain towards the fingers seems to have some relief, but the pain towards the head ,hips, in the legs remains the same.
    I have read there are about 100 types of rheumatoid arthritis, and read allopath medicines may cause damage to other organs.
    I am totally confused ,which medication to adapt, what medication will give me relief from the pain.

    please provide me your valuable advise .

    thanking you,
    Nisha Nair.

  940. I am feeling hip pain and knee pain last one year. When I leave the bed in morning feel more pain. Pl.let me know the name of medicine

  941. Kaushal Joshi says:

    Respected sir I have swelling in both knee pain toe last one year doc told me that you have ostioarthirites please sujjest me

  942. My right leg knee is paining . If I sit on my on floor on my leg for just 5 to 10 minutes and after get up I am not able walk for at least for a minute ( my right leg is more painful while compared to left one) and it will not much problem after some time I will normally walk later. Doctor says knees are drying up started .
    Can you please suggest a Homeopathy medicine for this problem since it is initial stage .

  943. My mother have severe knee pain for about one month .She consulted one doctor and was adviced that grease of her joint are over.. So can u please suggest some medecine so that she could get better…

  944. Ajit Singh says:

    respected dr. sharma.

    i am 63 , 5 feet 3 inches, 62 kg, normal built male suffering from right knee inflamation, spasm, and pain which gradually is increasing since last few days. i do exercise some and have not taken anything for this yet, nor underwent any x-ray. please help.

  945. I have a cracking joint in my big finger with pain, can you help and thks

  946. KHAJA MASIUDDIN says:

    Respected doctor, my eldest son aged 13years. he has not acquired height in proportion to his age. his male organ is small compared to his age. he is shy and fearful mentality. He has not yet acquired pubberty . please advise homoeopathic medicine for his growth and development, thanking you

  947. Ruth M Mafojane says:

    I was diagnose with sarcoidosis of the lungs in 2005> I took prednisone for 13 months. I suffered all the side effects. I now have arthritis knee joints. I wanted to heal and maintain my health with homeopath medicines>

  948. Anurag Verma says:

    Suffer from both lower limb swelling
    Facials edema
    Loose motion
    Can not tolerate spicy food
    Please advise me some homeopathic remedy

  949. Ishtiaq Hussain says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 54 and working as civil engineer. I used to walk regularly more than 15 kilometer a day to keep myself fit. I am Hypertensive and using Alopathic medicine for this. For the last one month, I am feeling pain in my left knee specially during bending. I don’t know whether it is arthritis or something else but it has forced me to discontinue my daily walk. Is it possible that it can be treated with homoeopathic medicine so that I can continue my walk.
    Thanks and regards,

    Engr. Ishtiaq

  950. suffering from knee joinbt pain.

    please suggest

  951. S K Khatri says:

    I am having very sever & acute pain in TAIL BONE / Sacrum since last three years. Taking Pain Killer Injection since last 2 yrs. Please suggest me best & strong pain killer with Anti Inflammatory pills to get relief from this

  952. Sir,
    I (M-42)have heel & feet pain (Plantar faciitis) last 1 year left & right feet. Plz suggest a good medicine with course duration



  953. I am 49 yrs.old, recently while doing chair exercise perhaps hurt my cartilage of one of knees (as told by doc.) since then i have been having minor pain in that knee while using stairs besides that i had been having some amount of pain around my ankles after excess activity involving legs which though gets relieved after taking calcium dobesilate. Kindly advice some medicine. Regards

  954. I right knee got swollen and painful very recently. Please advise on the same how homeopathy works.



  955. I am suffering from joint knee pain for last five years. My knee cartilage is reducing day by day; I feel pain & swelling in patola portion I also feel inflame foursquare of my knee. I can’t stand continuously for one hour. I have also consumed homeopathy medicine for the last two years but I am not feeling very well but I feel some relaxation but not better. I suffering from only knee joint pain not another.
    So I want to enquire that
    (1). whether joint knee pain is a curable disease or not in homeo pathy. If yes; what medicine of homeopathy may I can consume.

  956. I am having joint pain in the index left finger and also swelling and also shoulder pain and leg small finger pain please suggest me the good medicine

  957. Ranjit Kumar Dey says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My wife aged 65 years but very active ( means she goes for aerobatics pranayam and aasana every day, apart from her every day domestic duties) is suffering from a pain on the upper joint near knee on her rt. lower leg. The pain is only on one spot without any external injury, it is more aching when she rests and feels relieve when she moves. She suffers during night also as then she does not have movement. She took Ledam Pal, Rhus Tox, both of 200 potency for about 15 days, but no positive result. Please suggest remedies. Thanks.

  958. Hellow sir
    Myself Kaushal and I want to ask about my father.

    May you help me?

  959. asif mehmood says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am suffering from trigger finger pain. i am insulin dependent diabetic.
    i am using arnica 200, ruta 200 ,rus tox 200 each 10 drops daily . pain has stopped but finger movement gives pain as something gets stuck.
    i need very aggressive treatment for it
    please advise

  960. Aamir Mughal says:

    my wife(34) is suffering with pain in lower back pain, which results pain extending to thighs and knees.
    please could you guide me for medicine

    Aamir Mughal

  961. Mary Harding says:

    Hi I’m 68yrs old Doctor told me its probably Arthritis ,I’m over weight which doesn’t help ,but please help me I have my legs knees ,toes arms shoulders ,fingers sometimes hurt so oooo,bad I’m crying really crying it scares me is arthritis really that painful or do I have bone cancer ,all my blood work came back negative ,what’s wrong with me Please help me,sincerely Mary Harding

  962. hardev singh says:

    my sel