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What causes Pain, Swelling in Small Joints and its Homeopathic treatment

Joint pain and swelling can occur in any body joint including small joints. Small joints include joints of hands, fingers, feet, toes, wrist and ankle. Hand and feet joints include – MCP (metacarpophalangeal) joints, interphalangeal joints and MTP (metatarsophalangeal) joints. MCP joints are the ones where the the bones of hands meet the bones of fingers and thumbs also known as knuckles.  MTP joints are the ones that connect long bones of foot to toes. Interphalangeal joints refer to joints between bones of fingers (phalanges) that join them with each other. The main reason behind small joint pain and swelling is arthritis. Arthritis means inflammation of joints that causes pain, swelling, redness, heat and stiffness of a joint.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in managing small joint pain and swelling. These medicines are 100 pc natural remedies that reduce joint inflammation, prevent further joint damage and relieve the symptoms like pain, swelling, stiffness. The homeopathic medicines are helpful in both – cases of recent origin as well as long term chronic cases. These medicines are free from any toxic side effects. Homeopathic medicines for treating joint pains are selected based on individual symptoms in each and every case. Though it is safe to use homeopathic medicines, it is advised to consult a homeopathic physician prior to taking any homeopathic medicine for treating joint pains.

Homeopathic Medicines For Treating Pain In Small Joints

1.Actaea Spicata – Top Recommended Medicine

Actaea Spicata is the leading homeopathic medicine to treat small joint pain and swelling. This medicine proves effective when joints of the fingers, wrists, ankles and toes are affected. Among all these joints, the most prominent involvement is of wrist joint. In cases needing it, the affected joints are painful, red and swollen. The pain is drawing or tearing in nature. The complaint increases from touch and movement of affected joint. Even a little tiredness causes swelling in these joints.

2. Caulophyllum – When Pain Shifts From One Joint To Other

Caulophyllum is most important medicine to deal with cases where pain keeps shifting amongst different small joints. The joints affected include that of hands, fingers, feet, toes, wrist and ankles. Along with pain, the joints show stiffness too. Pain keeps shifting from one joint to another quite rapidly every few minutes.

3. Antimonium Crudum – For Finger Joint Pain

Antimonium Crudum is one of the best medicines to manage inflammation of finger joints. In cases needing it, there occurs marked pain in the joints of fingers. A drawing type of pain is prominent in the finger joints. Swelling occurs in the finger joints along with pain.

4. Arnica – For Painful, Swollen Joints Of Feet And Toes

Arnica is a suitable medicine to manage pain and swelling in the joints of feet and toes. The pain gets worse in the evening. The joints are tender and painful to touch. Swelling develops in the feet after walking. Burning sensation is also felt in the feet. It is also a top medicine for joint pain due to an injury.

5. Rhus Tox – For Joint Pain In Hands, Fingers And Wrists

Rhus Tox is one of the prominent medicines for managing joint pains in hands, fingers and wrists. It is well indicated for pain in the finger joints with swelling. Pain gets worse in the evening. Tearing type of pain predominates. It is also suitable for pain in the hands, attended with stiffness in the morning. Swelling is also noticed on the hands. It is also useful for joint pain in the wrist attended with swelling. Pain gets worse after rest and from cold treatment.

6. Colchicum – For Small Joint Pain And Swelling From Gout

Colchicum is an important medicine to manage pain and swelling in small joints caused by gout. This medicine gives excellent results when pain is in the joints of hands or feet due to high uric acid levels. Besides, swelling, heat and stiffness in the joints are well-marked. Among the affected joints, it has the most prominent action on the big toe joint. The big toe is sore to touch and painful while making any movement. A person may scream from pain when affected joints are touched. The pain may shift from one joint to another. The pain mostly gets worse at night. This medicine is also recommended for management of cases in which finger joints get distorted due to joint damage.

7. Pulsatilla – For Pain And Swelling In Joints Of Hands And Wrist

Pulsatilla works well for painful swollen joints of the hands and wrist. The joints of hands are also red along with pain and swelling. Pain is of tearing or drawing in nature. Pain hinders hand movements. The wrist joint is painful, swollen and red. Pain disturbs sleep at night. The wrist is also painful, and stiff on movement.

8. Ledum Pal – For Ankle Pain And Swelling

Ledum Pal is a beneficial medicine for managing ankle joint pain and swelling. In cases needing it, the pain gets worse from walking. In the morning, pressure is felt in the ankles. The pain gets worse from warmth and better from cold applications over the ankle.

9. Lithium Carb – For Pain In Feet, Toes, Ankles And Fingers

Lithium Carb is another useful medicine for treating small joint pain including that of feet, toes, ankles and fingers. Pain is most marked on the right foot which gets worse at night. Ankle joint pain gets worse while walking. There is pain, swelling, redness of the finger joints with general puffiness around the affected limbs. Pain and swelling of the finger and toe joints get better by hot water application on these joints.

What Causes Pain In Small Joints?

1. Rheumatoid arthritis – The first most common type of arthritis that affects small joints is rheumatoid arthritis. It is an autoimmune disorder that results in painful, swollen and stiff joints. It affects the lining of the joints and initially involves small joints, especially finger joints on both the hands at the same time. As the condition progresses, the large joint may be affected as well. In later stages, joint deformity can occur and besides joints, other organs including eyes, skin, lungs and heart may be affected.

2. Osteoarthritis – This type of arthritis happens from degeneration of a joint due to wear and tear of cartilage at the ends of the bones. Cartilage is a cushion present at bone surface where bones connect to form a joint and allows smooth movement of bones in a joint. When cartilage is damaged, the ends of bones rub against each other leading to pain and stiffness in the joint. It can affect finger joints, wrist joint besides mainly affecting the knee joint.

3. Gout – It refers to joint inflammation resulting from accumulation of urate crystals in joints due to increased uric acid levels in the blood. It results in swollen, painful, red and warm joints mainly of the big toe.

4. Psoriatic Arthritis – It is a form of arthritis (joint inflammation) that tends to affect some people suffering from a skin condition called psoriasis which is an autoimmune skin disease with red spots on the skin covered with silvery white scales.

5. Injury to a joint can also result in joint pain and swelling


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  1. Kiran Soni says:

    sir i am suffering by rheumatoid arthritis since 2005. at present i am taking amvatari ras vati in place of methroxiate and other tab difelozacort 6 mg this medicine effecting and growing hair on the face. but this medicine can not stop , if i will not take then get swelling and pain on the hand finger and wriest. i want to stop the difelozacort.
    kindly suggest me which medicine is alternate of difelozacort 6 mg tab

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