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Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Removing Kidney Stones

homeopathic medicine kidney stonesWhat are kidney stones?

Our urinary system consists of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. The kidneys are vital organs that filter the blood, remove waste products and excessive fluid from the body. The waste products and fluid left after filtering blood is collectively referred to as urine. The urine, after being formed in the kidneys, passes through the narrow tubes called ureters. The urine gets collected in the urinary bladder which is voided via the urethra. The solid mineral deposits that get formed in kidneys or urinary bladder are referred to as kidney stones.

Can Homeopathic medicines break down kidney stones?

Although kidney stones are considered a case for surgery under the conventional mode of medicine, Homeopathic medicines can break down and dissolve kidney stones or help them pass out as it is without surgical intervention. In fact, Homeopathic medicines have shown the most remarkable results in treating the recurrent tendency towards formation of kidney stones. Some well recognised Homeopathic medicines in this category are Berberis Vulgaris, Lycopodium Clavatum, Hydrangea Arborescens, Cantharis Vesicatoria, Benzoic Acid and Sarsaparilla Officinalis.

What are the various types of kidney stones?

There are mainly five types of kidney stones. These include uric acid stones, calcium stones (mainly calcium oxalate stones and sometimes calcium phosphate), struvite stones (mainly form in persons with urinary tract infection), staghorn stones (struvite stones, when they get enlarged, are referred to as staghorn stones) and cystine stones (these run in families with tendency to pass too much cystine in urine – cystinuria).

What makes a person prone to kidney stones?

There are many risk factors that predispose a person to kidney stone formation. These are:

  •  High protein, calcium or oxalate intake in diet
  •  Low water intake
  •  Urinary tract infections
  •  Obesity
  • Family history of kidney stones
  • Cystinuria

How do kidney stones form?

Kidney stones form when the level of crystal forming  substances such as calcium, uric acid, or oxalate rises in urine. At the same time, the level of substances that prevent these crystals from sticking together falls. Both these factors together play a role in kidney stone formation.

Do all kidney stones cause intense pain?

Kidney stones that are small size may show no symptom at all and may lie dormant in the kidneys. In such cases, they usually get accidently revealed in ultrasounds done for some other purpose. However, stones that are large in size cause intense pain. Pain from small stones may also arise when they are trying to pass the pelviureteric junction or ureterovesical junction. The pain may be felt in the kidney region or in the flank area. Other attending symptoms are frequent urine, pain on passing urine, burning urination, scanty urine, blood in urine and nausea or vomiting.

What else does pain tell us about position of stones?

We know that kidney stones that are small lie dormant in the kidney and cause no pain. Pain arises when the stones are large and block urine flow. However, pain also arises, in case of both small and large stones, when they are trying to enter the ureter from kidney or enter the urinary bladder from the ureter.

Which tests does the diagnosis involve?

The tests to confirm kidney stones include ultrasound, X-ray KUB i.e. kidney ureter bladder, intravenous pyelogram and CT scan of KUB. In addition to this, renal function test also needs to be done.

Can kidney stones lead to complications, damaged kidney?

The pain from kidney stones is usually so intense that the person seeks immediate medical aid. There are usually no complications in such cases. However, complications may arise in case of a person who, unaware of kidney stones lying dormant for long periods of time without causing any discomfort or pain, does not approach a doctor. In such cases, due to persistent and severe obstruction of urine flow, there are chances of kidney damage.

What is renal colic?

The pain caused by kidney stones is known as renal colic. This pain is very intense and may be felt in the mid-back or flank area. The patient does not find any position comfortable when in acute renal pain due to severity of the pain.

Can Homeopathic medicines treat kidney stone located at junctions of the renal system?

There are two junctions in the renal system The pelviureteric junction (PUJ) and the ureterovesical junction (UVJ). The PUJ junction is present at the renal pelvis and ureter. The UVJ refers to the junction of the ureter and urinary bladder. Homeopathic medicines can treat kidney stones at both PUJ and UVJ junction when the stones are small in size and not linked with acute retention of urine or severe hydronephrosis.

My USG shows multiple small kidney stones, the largest 6mm. Can Homeopathic medicines dissolve them?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can definitely dissolve the stones in your case. Kidney stones of up to 8mm to 9mm have good scope of treatment with Homeopathic medicines. This does not, however, mean that Homeopathic medicines will not work on stones of a larger size. They will, but in such cases, Homeopathic medicines can only be started after making sure that the renal function tests are normal and there is no acute urinary retention.

My urologist has advised surgery for kidney stones. Can it be avoided with Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating kidney stones. In several cases, surgery can be avoided. To what extent Homeopathic medicine can help depends upon the size and location of the kidney stone. In case of acute retention of urine or severe hydronephrosis from kidney stone, the urgency of treatment demands that allopathic medicines be used as a first step.

Can high uric acid cause kidney stones?

Yes, there are chances of kidney stone formation in persons with high uric acid levels.

I have recurrent kidney stones. Does Homeopathy have a permanent solution?

Yes, Homeopathy can completely cure this tendency towards recurrent kidney stones. Homeopathic medicines, along with proper diet management, yield positive long-term results. In such cases, Homeopathic medicines are selected after an in-depth analysis and study of symptoms involved.

Can Homeopathic medicines offer help in acute renal colic?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines offer help in acute renal colic, but only if there is no urine retention. Renal colic with acute urine retention is an emergency scenario. In such cases, immediate allopathic help must be sought.

FAQs – Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones

Which are the most effective Homeopathic medicines for treating kidney stones?

Homeopathy offers a vast range of medicines to choose from for treating kidney stones. Major among these are Berberis Vulgaris, Hydrangea Arborescens and Lycopodium Clavatum. Berberis Vulgaris shows best results in kidney stone of the left side. Hydrangea Arborescens is the stone breaker of Homeopathy. It is most efficient and successful in crushing and breaking kidney stones. Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum is useful for right-sided kidney stones.

I have kidney stone of right side. Which Homeopathic medicines will work for me?

For your right-sided kidney stone, Lycopodium Clavatum is a well indicated Homeopathic medicine. Another Homeopathic medicine that can be of great help to you is Sarsaparilla Officinalis, also used to treat kidney stone of the right side.

Which are the best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stone of left side?

The two major Homeopathic medicines that are most useful for kidney stone of the left side are Berberis Vulgaris and Hedeoma Pulegioides.

In case of nausea/vomiting with renal pain, is it advisable to take Homeopathic medicine?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines are very useful in treating renal pain attended with nausea or vomiting. Ocimum Can and Tabacum are significant names in this category.

Does Homeopathy have a medicine for kidney stones with burning urination?

Cantharis Vesicatoria and Sarsaparilla Officinalis are two wonderful Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones with burning urination. Cantharis Vesicatoria works wonders where burning is present before, during and after urination. Homeopathic medicine Sarsaparilla Officinalis is the best prescription where intense burning is present at the close of urination.

I have kidney stones with pain radiating from the kidney to thigh. Which Homeopathic medicine would you suggest?

Homeopathic medicine Pareira Brava is prominently indicated for such a condition and effectively treats kidney stone pain that radiates from the kidney to thighs.

In case of kidney stones with high uric acid levels, which Homeopathic medicines would you prescribe?

Two significant Homeopathic medicines for treating kidney stones with high uric acid levels are Urtica Urens and Benzoic Acid.

Homeopathic Medicines for Kidney Stones

Berberis Vulgaris and Hedeoma Pulegioides – Well indicated Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones of left side

Berberis Vulgaris is one of the top listed Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones formed on the left side. A unique symptom guiding use of Berberis Vulgaris is pain in left kidney that radiates down the ureter and into the urinary bladder. The pain can be shooting, stitching, cutting or stinging in nature. The pain may worsen from motion or jarring movement. Urine may be yellow and may contain slimy sediments. The kidney region is also sensitive to touch. Hedeoma Pulegioides is another well indicated Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone of the left side. The guiding feature for using Hedeoma is dragging pain from the left kidney to ureter. In some cases, burning pain may be present in the left kidney. A frequent desire to urinate is also observed. Red sand in the urine may be found.

Lycopodium Clavatum – Effective Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone of right side

Lycopodium Clavatum is an excellent choice of Homeopathic medicine for treating kidney stones of the right side. The person needing Lycopodium Clavatum has pain in the right kidney or right ureter. The pain worsens before urination. Urine is scanty. The kidney pain subsides after passing urine. Red sediments may appear in urine. In some cases, the urine may be purulent, turbid, or pale.

Hydrangea Arborescens – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone with white or yellow sand in urine

Homeopathic medicine Hydrangea Arborescens is popularly known as the stone breaker. Hydrangea Arborescens is used to crush kidney stones, stones in ureter as well as bladder. A significant symptom to look out for is white deposits or yellow sand in urine. If one notices white or yellow sand deposits, then Hydrangea Arborescens is the sure shot cure. Soreness in kidney region may also be felt in such cases. In some cases, blood may appear in urine.

Cantharis Vesicatoria – Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone with burning urination

Homeopathic medicine Cantharis Vesicatoria is of great help in kidney stone where there is intense burning on passing urine. The burning may also be present before urine is passed and may continue after urination. Another attending feature is kidney pain with frequent urge to pass urine. Tenesmus of bladder may also be marked where the urge to pass urine is almost constant, together with unsatisfactory urination. Urine may contain jelly-like mucus.

Sarsaparilla Officinalis – Wonder medicine for kidney stone with burning at close of urination

In case of kidney stone with excessive burning at the close of urination, Sarsaparilla Officinalis is the Homeopathic medicine that you can count on. Urine passed is scanty. Urine may contain slimy or sandy particles. Sarsaparilla Officinalis is also prescribed for right-sided kidney stones.

Ocimum Can and Tabacum  – Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones when pain is attended with nausea/vomiting

For kidney stones with pain attended with nausea/vomiting, Homeopathic medicines Ocimum Can and Tabacum benefit most. Homeopathic medicine Ocimum Can shows remarkable results in kidney stone of the right side with nausea or vomiting while Homeopathic medicine Tabacum is indicated for left-sided kidney stone with nausea or vomiting. Other features to look out for before prescribing Ocimum Can are red/saffron coloured urine, bladder tenesmus, burning on urinating and restlessness. Some accompanying symptoms that will decide on Tabacum as the best Homeopathic medicine are – sensitive renal region, yellow-red urine and cold sweat.

Pareira Brava – Best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones when pain from kidney radiates to thigh

Pareira Brava is a valuable Homeopathic medicine for kidney stone, especially in cases where pain from the kidney radiates down the thigh. In some cases, the pain may radiate down to the feet from the kidney region. There is also a constant urge to urinate. Urine is passed with marked pain. In men, pain may also be felt in glans penis while urinating. Red sand or stingy mucus may be observed in the urine.

Can dietary or lifestyle changes prevent forming of kidney stones?

Lifestyle changes play a significant role in managing as well as preventing kidney stone complaints. Some minor changes that may help are:

  • Increase of fluid intake. Lemon juice could be included
  • In case of kidney stones with high uric acid levels, dietary products such as meat and seafood which are rich in purines should be avoided
  • In case of calcium oxalate kidney stones, spinach, chocolates, nuts and rhubarb should be avoided

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  1. Dear Dr. Namasth!!
    I am suffering Kidney stone issue .From the last ultra sound test,results are as follows-
    Left lower calyceal hydrocalycosis 1.1cm stone in left lower calyceal group.
    Just a day back onwards I have started to take homeo medicine SBL – clearstone drops -15drops in 1/4 cup of water 3 times a day after food.
    Near by there is no homeo clinic. I am in UAE
    Dr.pls.advise me.

    Thanks & regards

  2. I am suffering 5 kidney stone and taking bursaries vulgaris ofter a month I am feeling right and left side

  3. I have stone of 3mm size in right kidney. Currently no burning sensation/ no pain. I got my ultra sound for stomach, and this stone was detected.
    I have taken Hydrangea Arborescence,+ Berberis vulgaris+cantharisq.
    Will it help. I am taking 15 drops of each combined together three times daily with 1/4 cup of water after meal .
    Please advise.

    • gurpinder says:

      I have stone of 3mm size in right kidney. Currently no burning sensation/ no pain. I got my ultra sound for stomach, and this stone was detected.
      I have taken Hydrangea Arborescence,+ Berberis vulgaris

  4. Sir l have 12mm stone in my left kidney and i am pregnant my pregnency is about 4 months sir tell me what i can do

  5. Hanuman prasad sharma says:

    I have a stonew of 7 mm in Upper ureter in left side. Please advice best medicine for this .leave no pain

  6. parul jain says:

    my son is studying in b,tech 1. he has suffered last 20 days a lots of pain due to stone 3 or 4 mm in right kidney and 3mm in left kidney and more painful in urethra 9mm
    dr has suggested laser operation but all of us r avoiding that include my son also
    someone tells me about the side effects of laser beam in body further problems
    what can we do ?
    he is too young and having a weak body

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    Dr.David Brown

    Nephrologist,Global Hospitals Group India.


  8. Adnan khalid says:

    I have two stone in left kidney sized by 1.4cm and 1.5 cm.i am also using homeo medicine named berberis vulgris .hydrengia and solidin. From last 2 months .but there is still sharp pain start when i walk or drive or standing position .did i continue the medicine or change the medicine .plz advised me .

  9. Asnan khalid says:

    I have two stone in left kidney sized by 1.4cm and 1.5 cm.i am also using homeo medicine named berberis vulgris .hydrengia and solidin. From last 2 months .but there is still sharp pain start when i walk or drive or standing position .did i continue the medicine or change the medicine .plz advised me .

  10. Gurjeet Kaur Bhatia says:

    Is it safe to take homeopathic medicine for kidney stone during pregnancy?

  11. Dr. David Hickey says:

    Our hospital is specialized in organ Surgery/transplant, we also deal with buying and transplantation of organs with a living and healthy donor. We are located in Dubai. If you are interested in selling your organ please don’t hesitate to Contact +971525370389!!!!, Email ID

  12. ehtesham alam says:

    in my left kidney lower calaxy stone is found in usg test of size 6mm which medicinr is helpful to remove it homeopath medicine

  13. rajinder Kumar says:

    Right kidney stone in lower lobe. 6to 10mm size. No pain. But needs cure treatment. Pl guide suggest.

  14. samir parui says:

    Sir i have 7.1mm stone in right Kidney plz suggest me medicene

  15. abdul wahid punjab pakistan says:

    I have 8.5mm left kidney stone/…now stone goes to urine pipe last 2days. I have a lot of pain ….plz advise me

  16. Divy Sah says:


    I HV a 9mm stone in my ureter.
    Can I get cured by medicine or need a surgery..
    I also HV 2 stones (4mm and 5mm) in the left kidney.
    However currently the right ureter is hurting me.

    I want to avoid any surgery but I am also scared of the pain that comes occasionally.

    Please suggest.

    Divy Sah

  17. Mohd Rashid says:

    13mm right side kidney stone
    Plse hlp me.. Homeopathic doze

  18. POKAPUDI LAHARI BHAVANI 31 years says:

    I have kidney stones right side side 1.4cm in middle pole noted and on left side 3mm in upper pole noted inform me homeopathic medicines. how to use and precautions and which steps to be taken for recovery.
    Thanking you sir,
    yours faithfully

  19. POKAPUDI LAHARI BHAVANI 31 years says:

    I have kidney stones right side side 1.4cm in middle pole noted and on left side 3mm in upper pole noted inform me homeopathic medicines. how to use and precautions and which steps to be taken for recovery.
    Thanking you sir,
    yours faithfully

  20. My dad has got a 8mm stone stuck at the end near the utera? What can we do for the stone to pass away out without going for any laser treatment?

  21. Gaurav Singh says:

    My name is Gaurav singh i used to take high protien foods mostly now i have 4.7 MM Left side kidney stone at middle pole.suggest which homeopathic will work

  22. Satish Humane says:

    Sir I have 9mm calculi in rt.distal ureteric calculi ; kindly advise me homeopathic medicine

  23. Sir i have 25mm stone in right Kidney plz suggest me medicene

  24. Lalit Nahar says:

    I have 1o×6 mm calculus in RIght puj obstructive can i avoid surgury

  25. pinkey mandal says:

    dear sir MUJHE PET ME DURD BRABAR HOTA H REPORT 1-lt-renal calculus. 2-mild bulky uterus

  26. V S V Kumar T says:

    Dear Dr . Sharma,
    My sister is having 16mm size stone in left side kidney. Doctor suggested for surgery. Its possible to treat without surgery by using homeopaty medicine? Please answer and do needful.

    Thanks in advance….

  27. Kidney stome measure 8.3mm in the upper pole of the left kidney…what can i do…no pain nothing….co incidently found …its 3rd time attack

  28. Dear dr.
    I am suffering 3*9.2 mm stone in right ultrasound it appears is rice type..should i go for opetation or any homeopathic medicine. Doc plz help..

    Earlier response is awaited.


  29. In my right kidney 21mm & 10mm stone.
    The doctor suggested me operation.
    But can’t want operation.
    So what I do know.?

  30. Manish bhalla says:

    My urine trac is squeezed as the urine flow meter test has indicated.Burning sensation during urination and after.please suggest homeopathy medicine

  31. I have had a 4 mm kidney stone in left ureter outside bladder opening for one month. I had terrible abdominal and flank pain at first, then it went away but the stone still showed up on an X-ray. Three days ago I vomited and had diarrhea for 10 hours straight. I have not felt the stone pass or seen it in my urine. What homeopathic medicine would help me pass this stone? And, what dosage? I am otherwise very healthy woman. Thank you for your advice.

  32. Surendra Goud says:

    Sir mere 4.3mm ki kideny ke left me stone h to sir aap bta do kya krna h h please please

  33. Rajender says:

    Sir good evening . My 6 year daughter had 6mm kidney stone and mild B/L hydronephrosis. It was detected after she get treated for UTI. At present there is no pain at all, doctor advise to drink plenty of water and to take cystone by Himalaya. After one month of using it stone has not passed. Kindly advise.

  34. satish kumar singh says:

    I wanr to know about my kidny stone size 16mm in left kidny .. but i want to take treatment by medicine .
    please give me advice

  35. Mo yameen says:

    Sir mere 6.4 mm ki stone upper end uretor mein kya Karna chahiye

  36. Martand babaso pandurang says:

    My 8 year girl is right kidney stone of 15.4mm & 4mm pl send me homapathy medicin treaent for me . Because i am not redy to opreat this

  37. Roshan Ali Idrisi says:

    my 2 year son have 7 mm stone in their gall balldder.

    it is possible by homeopathy medicine

  38. Dear sir!
    Meri left kidney me pathri hay 16mm Jo k release nahi ho rahi, kindly koi treatment bta den jis se me operate se Bach jaon.

  39. arup bhuyan says:

    myself arup bhuyan , I m from assam . 48years of age, last 8years I m suffering kidney stone
    problem. Sizes are 12mm and 11mm. Continuesly taking homeopathy. Not fully cuared.
    Please do me some advice. Also can I take calcium tab becase last 10 years I don’t take it.
    reply me sir.


    my mother who is about 63 years old is suffering from right kidney stone. USG report displays that there are multiple calculas largest size 19 mm.she is under homeopathy treatment . Doctor suggested her to take ocimum canum (german company).Can she be cured in upcoming days ?
    please suggest and also provide which types of vegetables and fruits she should not take

  41. Zenny Mohd says:

    Hello doc., I went for an ultra sound and I was told I have kidney stones. RK: 9.24×3.49cm with calculi and the largest is 0.60cm. And LK: 10.70×4.29cm with calculi and the largest is 0.94cm. The impression says bilateral renal calculi. Fluid collection in the pouch of douglas. As it is, the pains has extended to my tighs. Please what homeopathy can I use and how do I get it?
    Please advise

  42. Rajkumar Mehta says:

    Dr. sir i have stone in my left side kidney…and i have been taking homeopathy medicine since last month.
    i would like to know that how many days i have to take medicine.

  43. Jahangir Ahmad Bhat says:

    A stone of size7.5mm has struck in
    my ureter 6cm from PUJ. How can i get rid off it

  44. Thomas k george says:

    Dear doctor Saab.
    Done pcnl in 2004/2012/2015 for Rt. Renal caucus. The large size was 30mm in the lower pole. But now right kidney measures 13.2 x 7cm enlarged in size. Calculi measuring 34mm, 12mm,9mm,11mm in upper pole. Cyst measuring2x1.8cm noted.
    What can I do sir. Please advice.

  45. Agus Cabral says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Here is my USG report:

    Kidney normal.

    left kidney mild dilatation with multiple stones. Largest is 1.82cm in size. Urethra Bladder with wall thickened and irregular.
    Prostate normal.

    Should I worried? I have been suggested to have antibiotic and pain killers despite I don.t feel any pain so far. it’s been a week now and I still don’t pass any stones out. I tried to drink more than 3 little of mineral water a day.

    Anymore suggestions for treatment and home remedies?


  46. For gallbladder stone which of them I use

  47. Subhash Thakur says:

    P/o calculus measuring 8 mm at mid pole calyx in right kidney. No hydronephrosis is seen.

  48. Nitish kunar rai says:

    in left kidnes renal pelvis calculus of size 11×11 mm and small mid and lower pole calyx calculus of size 6 -7 mm? staghorn calculus…in homopathy and any other treatment for calculie without operatio….and no side effect…

  49. KANAK KARMAKAR says:

    I have 4mm right kidney stone. How much dosage can I take of Lycopodium Clavatum?

  50. christopher m says:

    Dear sir,

    My name is Christopher m, from munnar .i have 10 mm stone in right kidney and left side kidney 7 mm

    Right side kidney stone very pain and also back pain,knee pain.
    please tell me the solution

  51. Pooja shah says:

    I have a 14mm stone in right kidney. X ray reports tells that my ureter is narrow at certain area. Is it possible to remove naturally through homeopathy medicine

  52. Dr. Sharma,

    A friend of mine had a case of Pruritis all over his body right after having surgery on a large kidney stone. Can you give me your advice or comment, please?



    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    This is to inform you that, my younger brother is frequently having kidney stone deposit and as such he has gone for removal thrice in the past. recently, he has to be operated for stone of 7 mm size which blocked his urinary bladder causing blockage of urine. he still has two numbers of stone in his kidney. I shall be thankful to you if you kindly prescribe some homoeo remedy to break these stones and give some remedy which can prevent the formation of stone in future.

    Thanking you.
    With Regards,

  54. sonu chauhan says:

    i have both kidney stone which homeopathy medicine

  55. So informative… been suffering hard… Thank you

  56. Parmjeet Kaur says:

    My husband is suffering from kidney stones on both the sides in the sizes of 4 and 9.2 and also revealed that kidney with 9.2 mm stones has not reduced also this kidney is weak. Second scan has revealed, so which of the homeopathic medicine will be effective and also strengthen the weak kidney.

  57. Shahid ali says:

    Uria 292,critinine 12.5

  58. Dear Doctor,

    I have three 5 to 5.5 MM stone in my right kidney. I do not feel any pain in my kidney but I have issue in passing urine. Should I start using Lycopodium-best or Lycopodium Clavatum to help dissolving the kidney stone. Also is there any medicine in homeopathy which could help in not getting it again. Your response would be highly appreciated.

    • surjeet mukherji says:

      Respected sir
      I have 5mm stone in left side of kidney.some time I feel burning effect during urine.but I haven’t feel any pain.please tell the right medicine and how to take & when to take?

  59. I have a 17mm kidney stone in left side.i have little pain very rearely.I m taking BERBERIS (HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE).WILL IT BE EFFECTIVE TO REMOVE THIS OR SHOULD I TAKE ANOYHER WAY.

    • gias uddin says:

      I would like to say that my left kidney was operated and remove stone. But now stone was recurence, I am taking homeo remedies berberis vulgaris and hydragea arborescens.Am I taking right medication.pls, anser me.

      • Hussain Sharief says:

        Hi brother, this combination works better, i also using it since one month and my 5 and 9 mm stones passed while urinating which also was without any risk. You can feel if the stone is ready to be passed out…keep yourself ready and drink 4 litrs of water per day.

    • Sagar R Chikhale says:

      respected sir,
      my brother having a habit of guthkha chewing 8 to 9 pouch per day please suggest treatment for addiction of guthkha(tobaco).

  60. Rahul shinde says:

    6.4mm kidney stone observed in lower left utrer

  61. Hello sir,
    i am suffering from kidney pain in right kidney. i am 23 year old.
    This is my Ultrasound report: Right kidney measuring 10.4 x 4.4 cm with cortical thickness measuring 1.3cm showed a single , large, echogenic focus with irregular margins casting strong posterior acoustic shadowing in lower calyx measuring 1.2 cm, suggestive of right rena stone. Minimal fullness is also noted in pelvicalyceal system .

    please help because for this pain my weight and skin allergy some time, every thing is disturb. i can’t walk for this pain. as u know pain killers harmful.

  62. varinder singh says:

    My wife has a stone in right kidney with size 4mm. Also she is pregnant from last 4months. Plz help

  63. Hafizar Rahaman says:

    l have a kidney stone at right side of size 8mm in lower pole of right pain and no other problem. l am 45. can hpathy solve it &how?

  64. Biplab Roy says:

    Hello sir
    I am suffering from stag horn kidney stone in left side of the size of 3+cm. Currently; i am taking the following medicines:
    Berberis 200 (2.5)ml
    Lycopodium lm 13 (2.5ml)
    Seven Barks Q

    I would like to know if the following homeopathic medicine can cure my kidney stones. I don’t want to undergo a surgery as there are complications.
    Please suggest additional medications if required.

    Thank you

  65. I have got 7.3 mm calculus in upper ureter and 3.5 mm in upper calyx in my right kidney.
    Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicines.

  66. Mujhe pathri he mai aap se vinti karta hu mujhe iski daba chaiye kaise milega batan ki kirpa kare

  67. Sir,
    I am 42 years female. I have 2 kidney stones in my left kidney. 2.1cm. & 4mm. I have bought Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture. But want to know will it help me? I am afraid that if it breaks my big stone then can it stuck & give me more pain? Can you please guide me? I will really appreciate your help. Thanks.

  68. Pradeep Dhawan says:

    Dear Dr.,
    My age is 52 years (Male)
    My left kidney shows mild to moderate hydronephrosis due to 9 mm calculus left upper uretar experiencing severe pain in abdomen ,lower back, nausea
    Pl. suggest homeophty treatment

  69. Tirupathi. Gajula says:

    Good evening
    15 my stone left kidney
    5mm Small stones right kidney
    Without surgery remove the stones
    Please solutions kindly do the nedful

  70. Swati Maurya says:

    Sir i have stones in right kidney of 15 mm and i am using berberis vulgaris will it not help in removing my stone.?? Please tell me sir

  71. dr s m haque says:

    tinea cruris in groin since 35yrs.eruption dry itchingafter scratching

  72. sir I have two stones 17mm and 8mm In the mid ureter of my right kidney and kidney shows hydro nphorasis so please give me solution without surgery

  73. Santosh kumari says:

    Is Clavatum brakes the stone of 6mm and how we know the stone is out

  74. Seema Arora says:

    My USG show 14-15mm kidney stone in pelvic ureterojuction. Can I remove it with Homeopathic medicine

  75. Kamran khan says:

    Hello sir
    I have little pain in right kidney having 11mm size of stone since 10yrs ago… No medicine didn’t dissolve it….
    So plz suggest me treatment for this…

  76. Sudip sinhamahapatra says:

    Sir I have two stones like 4.5 mm and 5 mm in both kidney , kidney is good condition. Sometimes burning sensation when pass urine. I have first stage fatty liver also. Please tell me medicine and doses which is help and cure my problem

  77. Ritesh seth says:

    Dear Sir
    Need an urgent help..

    I m having 2 stones of 10 mm and 7/8 am in left kidney. After all checkups and resports doctor told me to go for laser operation. Though all tests r good, creatine level is 0.9 , no infection ( some pus cells r there around 15 hpf which causes pain sometimes), no blood in urine.

    Can these homeopathic medicines help in cuttting down the stones at this level. If yes how much time will it take aprox. Pls guide so that i can make up my mind accordingly.


  78. Sir. My kidney stone is1.3cms .there is any treatment without surgery

  79. Dr Nigel Basheer says:

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    Are you seeking for an opportunity to sell your kidney at a good price?
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  80. Dileep kumar says:

    Sir,i have 3 mm stone in left kidney and 4 mm in right kidney…….now I m using homeo medicine for stones……i didn’t feel any pain since I started using medicine……..I have felt pain in back down before starting using medicine……..while I was urinating it is normal in colour…there is no pain or burning sensation… there any infection in kidney?

  81. Ramakrishna says:

    Sir, my brother is having 4 to 5 mm stones in both kidneys and he is of the age 50. When I talked to SBL executive of SBL Company, manufacturer of homero medicine and asked him whether to use berbaris vulgaris for this problem, the executive replied and told that berbaris vulgaris is one of the homeo medicines and asked me to use the medicine of “clearstone” and tabacum 30. But in the internet it is written that berbaris vulgaris is the best medicine and it avoids the recurrence of kidney stones. Kindly help me to know as to what to use.

  82. Suraj Pal Singh says:

    I am diagnosed with Kidney Stone of 5.6 mm. My stone has already passed in Bladder. Kindly suggest me a remedy for curing of the same. My age is 39 years & male.

  83. My mother is a patient of polysist kidney disease. Creatine level is 7.5.there is any solution available on homeophatic medicine.

  84. APEKSHA RAI says:

    Hi Doc,

    This is Apeksha Rai From bangalore,

    I am suffering from urinal infection from past one the beginning my urine was in yellow color but after i started drinking water like a madman my urine color became normal but i had pain while urinating and from past 3 days i started getting stomach pain, which was normal in the beginning which i thought may be gas trouble but wen it increased from back till right side of my stomach i thought its time to see doc and went to consult him. he suggested me to do a city scan and UTI check up . in UTI report it said my infection is overflowing so he gave my one syrup(citralks)which actually worked and i have no pain while urinating and my urine is also clean.. but my stomach ache is still killing me…i actually doont wanna waste money for scan and all….wen i did little research google said me Berberis Vulgaris pills are best to cure the stone..i am still confused whether its stone or normal pain.. could you please assist me on this.

  85. Sir my my father creatinnin levels very high Kindle advise me creatinnin 5.2

  86. Matlub Alam says:

    7mm kidney stone is cureable by hemeopath

  87. Amarjit wijesekera says:

    My son is syffereing from 8mm kidney stone in his ureter. One of the homepathy dr have given him diffrent medicine than beeberry vugris.
    Can u please advise if he should take berbery vulgaris for his kidney stone pain and to pass it.

  88. grade 1 fatty liver changes bilateral renal calculi left sided mild hydronephorosis due to a calculus in the distal ureter

  89. taizeeb khan says:

    Sir mere right kidney m 15 mm k pathri h 3-4 years se h dawa bht khya hu because nikl nhi rhi koi treetment bto please

  90. Bharat Bajaj says:

    Hello Dr.,
    I am suffering from stone pain.. having 5.2mm stone in my right side ureter.. kindly suggest what to do? Should i go for operation or it can be cured by medicine?
    Thanking you,
    Bharat bajaj

  91. shiv kumar swami. says:

    I suffering from kidney stone in size of 5mm in right renal middlecalyx.
    please advice me.Help me.

  92. Sir
    My right side kidny stone 13 mm it removel by operation but left side also stone 13 mm so please advice me..plese help me..

  93. Sir I have kidney stone in the morning and evening pain in the lower abdomen aria and i take Homeopathy 1) Berberis 10 drops 2) NH 27 10 drops still i got pain

  94. I have a kidney stone digonized in left kidney having 1.4cm. whether I will relia on homeopathic way or go to surgical treatment.

  95. erme l. lapidez says:

    Focal mild dilatation of the left inferior infundibulum is seen with a calculus in its dependent portion measuring 1.2 cm (543 HU). A tiny calculus measuring 0.4 cm ( to small to charactirize) is seen in the left inferior calyx.

  96. sagar rawat says:

    Dear Dr. sharma,

    i have 7.3mm stone in my lower uerter near vuj and 6.5mm at upper calyx. doct advice me to go with operation. is he advice right. ?

    with Regards,

    sagar rawat

    • hi there

      I am 33 yrs old. Please tell me i have stones in both kidneys and from my left kidney stone was strucked but after using Homepathic med stone removed and then i send that stone for stone analysis and report shows its a combination of most of the salts.. mainly of uric acid n oxlates.

      i have 1 stone in my rigth kidney of 6 to 7 mm and one in left of size 3mm. kindly suggest me good medicines for this issue. i am currently using Berbers and hagues ..sorry for spells.

      I am waiting for your kind reply. Regards ( Rehan)

  97. Laura Graham says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma
    Please help me,my mum has astral arthritis it is fourth grade and has for the 2nd time key hole surgery also pieces of small slinters of bones washed out,also she is diabetic but her legs&both knees are in suffviour agony into the bargain she has no catilgde she also had the injections into her both knees,but she is in so much more pain,shes is in pure pain every day and if she even walks a short distance they swell up really bad. I dnt no what to do,pls help.Thanks.
    Kind Regards L.Graham. (Daughter)

  98. Sir I have 5.8mm stone in left ureter and I take regularly burners vulgaris how much time this stone is passing in my ureter.

    • jayalakshmi ramprasad says:

      i have 15 x11x9mm sized right renal pelvic calculus with average hu value of 1081 is seen causing mild fullness of pelviccalyceal system with maintained right renal contrast excretion.marked thickening of renal pelvis and pelvic ureteric junction is seen with surrounding exudates and peripelvic fat stranding. this calculus is not causing any obstruction with passage of excreted contrast to the ureter.associated mild pevic and proximal ureteric wall thickening is seen with accentuated enhancement. mid and distal right ureter is unremarkable. right now i am taking berberis vulgaris three times -24 drops. i am 58 years old women. passing blood in the urine has been stopped after takinfg ayurvedic medicine. pls suggest whether with the medicine it can be dissolved or operation is required.


      jayalakshmi ramprasad

  99. Argha Roy says:

    Sir, I have a right renal calculii in lower pole calyx of sized 9.1 mm can you please advise the treatment for this.
    Thank you

  100. j,k,maheria says:

    sir, I have 6mm stone in lower calyx of left kidney and 12mm stone in lower calyx of right kidney. please advise the treatment accordingly. my age is 64 years.

  101. Sir I have a 5.6mm stone left kidney.please guide me the right medicine

  102. SIMUL UDANI says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have not experienced any pain as of now. However i am suffering from Balanitis for past 3 months. I am 39 years old male from Kolkata. Recently i did USG of lower abdomen.

    In Kidneys the report reads : Both kidneys are normal in shape, size, position and echotexture. Small calculi are seen in upper and middle calyces of left kidney. The larger calculus measures 9×4 mm. The cortical thickness is within normal limits. The cortico-medullary differentiation is intact. There is no hydronephrosis.
    Right kidney measures 11.6 cms
    Left kidney measures 12.6 cms

    Urinary Bladder, Prostate, Peritoneum and Retroperitoneum are all normal.

    I do not wish to opt for surgery. Which homeopathic medicine will dissolve my kidney stone and within what time frame ? Can the medicine help in expelling out the stone too?

    Awaiting your reply sir,


  103. I’ve got a 6.3 x 5.6 x 6.4 kidney stone in my left ureter, near the base, close to going into the bladder…at least that’s where it was 3 1/2 days ago when I went to the ER. They thought it would pass pretty quickly but hasn’t. Is that size of concern? I’ve got an appointment with a urologist on Monday morning. What should I do?

  104. Nithun Dey says:

    Hello sir
    Good morning. I have 2 stones on both sides of kidneys left (3 mm) & right (6 mm). So, please suggest me which homeopathic medicine is best for me with name.
    Thanks & regards
    Nithun Dey

  105. Ramakrishna says:

    sir, my third brother is having 7mm size kidney stone in his gall blader and in both kidneys. I want to recommend him berberis vulgaris. But, what is potency, what is the power, how many times per day and how many drops should i recommend to him

  106. binod kumar sah says:

    i have 12mm stone in left kidney and 15mm stone in right ureter . I find one month ago this size then i take cystone two tablets twice daily and two leaves of pathar chatta in the morning and 50ml residual water of kurthi pulse. please advice me about homeopathic medicine for above

  107. Amish Shah says:

    Respected sir,
    As per my report of sonography 3 to 4 mm size calculus in upper and mid calyx with minimal hydronephrosis and dilated upper ureter up to small 5.2 mm size calculus just below right PUJ.the report done on 2 days the pain started so is cure by homeopathy treatment and how i contact to u pl. give urgent reply. my mobil no. 09898532721. pl. give reply immediately. Thank u sir,

  108. Sir me Rajkot Gujarat se hu. Muje left kidney me 21 mm ka stone hai and right me multiple stone hai. Eske lite koy treatment hai

  109. Shambhu rai says:

    Sir, me nepal se hu mujhe saudi me aaye huye 6mahina huwa hai lekin jab me dr ke paas gaya to wo bole kidney me stone hai aap ek me 4 or dusare 3 hai aap mujhe itana bol sakte hai ki berberis vulgeris kaha par milsakta nepal ya saudi me sir

    • Berb Vulg aapke India me bhi mil jayega Nepal me bhi mil jayega aur sirf German company ka lena jaise Reckweg, Schwabe etc. 10-15 drop 3 baar din me.

  110. Dileep singh says:

    Hello sir,
    I am dileep singh from UP suffering from stone( calculus) in right upper ureter size of 7.2 mm and also left U V junction size of 7.8 mm. Sir want suggest what is better for me (surgery or drugs) and sir can its remove from drugs?

    Thanking you

    • Manoj Matang says:

      Sir, my child is suffering from lower back pain.On IVU Non_Ionic test, her ureter is mildly dilated in the upper half of right kidney.We have shown to many urologist specialist but no relief in pain. Sir please guide us what to do?

      • Manoj Matang says:

        Sir, my child is suffering from lower back pain.On IVU Non_Ionic test, her ureter is mildly dilated in the upper half of right kidney.We have shown to many urologist specialist but no relief in pain. Sir please guide us what to do?

  111. Babula sethi says:

    Lower 1/3 ureteric stone treatment sir me only homeopathy medicine.

  112. Pathan Rukaiya says:

    Mere left kidney me 24 mm ka stone h and right kidney invisible h …..kaunsa treatment best rhega mere liye

  113. Good evening Doc. My son aged 8 years old is suffering from kidney stone size 4.8mm. Now the stone positioned has been shifted from kidney to upper ureter. The doctors advice for surgery. What can I do, please suggest.

  114. Khaja Ghiasuddin says:

    Hi Doc, I have stone in my urethra of 8mm and taking allopathic medicines stonB16 thrice and febustat40mg from 13 days and also started Homeo medication from 4 days + have BPH + factor IX deficiency at 25%. Advice is required whether Homeo medication will take care and I how many days will break my stone. Your advice is solicited.

  115. blog is awesome and really helpful for readers.thanks for sharing.The information you have shared in this blog is very useful for all.

  116. Rose williams says:

    My husband has had several oxalate stones. How often should I be giving him berberis vulgaris and what dosage?

  117. Hi.i have a 13mm stone in the left advised to do laser but i want to pass it through natural process.plz suggest the medicine to pass this stone ?plz rep as soon as possible thanks

  118. I have a renal stone in the bladder which is 14.4mm. my urine is very dark in coulour. how do i treat my problem

  119. Hello Sir!
    I am Asif from Saudi Arabia. in my left kidney have a 1 stone 9 mm. Please, sir! Suggest the best medicine in this issue …please…

  120. Hi, We’re looking for kidney donors, Very urgently. B+ve , O+ve and A+ve with India passports/ Voters card or Pan-card email us today

  121. Hello sir
    I m fazil from Bijnor U P i have right kidney 3 stone two 9 mm n one 5 mm plz sujest best medicine in this problem


      My wife is having a stone of size 8mm, since last 2 months the same is detected.

      Shall I go for operation?
      Shall I go for medication?
      She has undergone an operation for polyp in uterus on 16/09.

      Will it be comfortable to operate ?

  122. Hello sir, my mother has 5 stones in left kidney .calculi are noted are measuring 19×10mm,26×13mm,18×12mm,10×7mm and 9×7mm.please give ur advise how can remove stones without surgery.please suggest best medicines..

  123. Rajesh Hiran says:

    Sir I am 47years old with weight70kg suffering fro5.5mm calcus stone in my right kidneylower calyx. Please help me to remove it with your advice medicine and its dosage and how long I should continue the dose.
    Thanking you.

  124. R.C.SUTRADHAR says:

    I am having a kidneystone of 13mm in left kidney without pain and blood.Can it be dissolved without pain and blood.I am of 64 years man undergone Angyoplusty 8 years before residing at Jadavpur,Kolkata-94.

    • R c Sutradhar says:

      Sir, I am having a stone of 13mm in left kidney without any pain. Can it be dissolved without pain or less pain I am 64 years old male undergone Angioplasty 8 years ago having tyo stents inside.Please help. Thank you.

  125. PANKAJ SINGH says:

    Sir I am 28 years old with weight 90 kg suffering from 7.3mm calcus stone in my right kidney. Please help me to remove it with your advice medicine and its dosage and how long I should continue the dose.
    Thanking you.

    • Rahul Choudhury says:

      Hello Dr
      A calculus of size 6.8mm got stuck into my left upper ureter. Doctors are suggesting to get it operated. So what homeopathic medicine should i take and how long I can wait to see the results?

  126. Bhaskar Jyoti Deka says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am Bhaskar Jyoti Deka from Guwahati,Assam India. Since last three four days I was having severe pain in lower abdomen area. I came to know that I am having a stone of 9 mm in size in my right kidney. From yesterday afternoon I am not feeling any pain till 11.40 (don’t know about later) today I.e till now kindly suggest me what to do. If you need the blood urine x-ray and ultrasound reports I can share it for best advice. Kindly help me.

    • Hello Dr.
      I am shriya Das, from kolkata ,India.Age 24 years.3 weeks before i felt severe pain in back and left abdomen . USG report shows that I have renal cal of 7 mm at pelvic ureter junction at left side. From then i am taking Homeopathy treatment and uriliser.but still i feel pain almost regular(not severe) after vigorous activity or rich diet.So my question is does 7 mm renal cal can pass through urine? or is it curable by Homeopathy?

  127. amit singh chauhan says:

    i have 6-6mm stone both side of kidney in upper pole…… i am using berbries vul. ,hyrengea …everyday and lycopodium in sunday morning…….

    so please suggest me that am I using right medicine and advice me in better way

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  129. sailesh kumar sah says:

    sir, i am suffering from 4 yrs in my right kidney having no pain as it is satghorn. its size is 8 mm. i had used german homeopath medicine like r27 , berberis vulgaris etc for mor than 10 months. but nothing is happening. it is still there stuck in right kidney. it is not creating problem it is taking vast time to come out.
    sir it is my humble rquest to you give some suggestion..

    • Gurusharan Singh says:

      Kidneys – RK- 10.4 cm. Normal.
      LK- 10.5 cm. Two to three calculi noted at lower pole largest of size 6 mm.

      I have no pain. Please suggest how to remove these two stones by taking homeopathy medicines.

  130. Hi my name is indra and have a stone 2.2 by 2.1 cm they say I have to do operating. Can you help

  131. Denis pravasi says:

    Recurring right side kidney stone with pain and burning sensation in uretha

  132. shadab alam says:

    sir mere kidney ka size 8.5 ho gaya hai blood urea 80 aur serum cretinine 5.9 hai mujhe aapki advice chahiye ki main kya karu

  133. kuldeep singh says:

    sir mare 5 saal ke child male ko 18mm ki aur doo isse choti pathari hai kidny ke pass pls help

  134. sourabh sahani says:

    dear sir,pahle main baat bolna chahunga kip mera pain kaha se start hua. pain start hua testis se phir wo right side upar ki taraf badne laga back me to sir dard itna tha ki vomiting bhi hua. tab sir maine ultrasound karaya to sir mere right side vesico-ureteric juntion me ek 6.8mm ka stone atka hua sir what can i do?
    my age is 19 year old.
    maine pass k hospital me search karwaya to kah rahe ki lesar operation karna padega jiska charge hai 40000.
    to sir main chahata hu ki app koi advice de. please!

  135. Sandeep chouhan says:

    Lt side mein ureter mein 6.8mm ki stone fus Gaye Hai Nikal nhi Rahi Hai.severe pain aur vomiting hai. Rukna theek hai.ya operate karate. Kidney ko koi nuisance to nhi Hoga.reply fast thank you

  136. Amrish Pershad says:

    I’ve again developed a stone but this time in my left kidney and it is 6mm in size on the ultrasound report . How do I take Berberis Vulgaris and Hydrangea to get rid of this ? And subsequently, how long do I carry on with these medicines after this stone is eleminated ?
    Thank you !

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  138. Sakharkar R. D. says:

    Dear Dr.,
    My age is 55 years (Male)
    There is left hydronephrosis ( Grade III ) due to left renal fragmented staghorn calculus
    ( 3.4×2.1 cm ). Pl. suggest homeophty treatment.

    • Amrish Pershad says:

      I’ve again developed a stone but this time in my left kidney and it is 6mm in size on the ultrasound report . How do I take Berberis Vulgaris and Hydrangea to get rid of this ? And subsequently, how long do I carry on with these medicines after this stone is eleminated ?
      Thank you !

  139. Sujan Rajchal says:

    Dear Doctor in my kidney there is
    9.1 noted in lower pole of kidney

  140. sakshi chhatwal says:

    Sir my son is 1.4yr old and having stone of 13.5mm in left kidney.kindly recommend dosage

  141. I m suffering to the this problem my abdomen very painful. And stone size 1.25cm it is very large how to remove it from the body i m taking berberis vulgaris from last month

  142. Om kumar verma says:

    Sir I sufferfrom 17mm rt left kednyston & 9. 2mm in urethra. Prescribe suitable cure

  143. shreepalsingh says:

    I have two 3-4mm calculus in upper calyx , 4mm calculus in middle calyx & two 4-5mm calculus in lower calyx of right kidney ,
    4 mm calculus in upper calyx , 8-9 mm calculus in middle calyx & 23 mm calculus in lower calyx in Lt kidney
    Pliz suggest me

  144. prof A.khan says:

    my wife suffering from left kidny stone of size 24mm in lower calyx and two of small 5mm in bladder and of 6mm at the junction of urethra and bladder
    pain – back side and lower abdomen


    i have taken Lycopodium clavatum 200 , 4 globules once daily for 2 days only, will it reduce pain or melt .pl explain

  146. amol mane says:

    sir meri umra 29 years hai mere kidney men 4.5 mm ke 3 stone hai our lower ureter me 8.3 mm stone hai please mujhe kuch salah den mai kaise apana ilaj karau

  147. gyanendra says:

    sir meri wife jiski umra 24 years hai usake liver men 3.3 mm ki stone hai please mujhe kuch salah den mai kaise apani wife ka ilaj karaun

  148. manoj mahale says:

    my wife had 25mm stone in right kidney and 2 5-6mm stones in left,please give me a solution.

  149. Balwinder says:

    Sir i have 4mm and 5mm kidney stones please guide me for treatment

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  151. Tarun Bhalla says:

    Dear Doctor ,


    My name is Tarun Bhalla, 33 years old and I am suffering from Calculi on both sides from past many years.

    It started in the year 2010, when I had my first ULTRASOUND, thereafter Calculi keep on increasing with multiples on both LHS and RHS. On LHS size is 13/10 mm with multiple Calculi and on RHS it is 5-8 mm.

    I have taken Hydrangea . Q and Berberis. V as prescribed by local doctors/dealers, but all in vain.

    “Moreover, Ayurvedic medicine NOVASTONE is also prescribed, after having their advertisement that that 9 mm stone can be flush out in 9 days. I did same with all diet precautions, but no result. Even a single mm was not reduced”

    Many persons and relievers commits that Berberis works, but in my case I treat it as fake.

    Eventually, I am only left with one hope and option of RIRS/PCNL or ESWL, being having lot of pain on my LHS.

    If really homeopathic medicine (with any of combination and potency) works, please write back. or give me suggestions and prescriptions, because before going to RIRS/PCNL, nce again I would like to accept challenge of homeopathic method, but in written, so that I or others may have faith on this method.

    Else still I believe, homeopathic is worthless treatment.

    13 mm stone and 6 mm is urethra size. Any magic??

    • Devanand Matta says:

      My son has 11mm stone in very upper part of right kidney and 7mm in left kidney he has no pain at all
      Can it be treated with medicines
      Please advice

  152. LAWLESH SINGH says:

    Respected Sir,

    My age is 49 years. I have suffered by urine infecttion from last 5 days. In ultrasound report ” An echogenic focus about 3.9 mm size is seen in lower polar region on left side in Kidney.

    Urinary Blader is seen in distended state with low level coarse mobile echoes seen in the lumen. Wall appears thikened (4 mm).

    Prostate is mildly enlaged in size with normal parenchymal echotexture. Volume is app. 25 cc. No focal is seen.

    PVRU is insignificant (05 cc)

    Kindly sugest the Therapy. I have got the Urine Infection recovered by using the medicine but Doctor is saying that no mediine is required for stone and it will be removed by drinking plenty of water.

    Kindly suggest what to do. I will be very grateful to you.

    Thanking You.

    Yours Faithfully.

    Lawlesh Singh

  153. Moses Mali says:

    My brother third elder brother aged 50 years is having stones in both the kidneys of 3 to 4 cm size. I want to suggest him berberis vulgaris since it only prevents the recurrence of the creation of the stones.

    I want to suggest him to mix 5 drops in half ounce of water three times a day, i.e before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner for a period of 3 months during which all the stones will be completely removed.

    Am i suggesting the right thing and in right way to my brother ?

    Your suggestion and advice please

  154. Dhiraj lahon says:

    Hello sir I am dhiraj I have a problem is 8.8 mm kidney stones muliti size and both may I know sir may I canfortable operations ya others ways any suggestions plz private me immediately sir…

  155. lakhbir singh says:

    what is the difference between berberis vulgaris Q .or berberis vulgaris c30 andR27

  156. sir I have 6mm stone in left kidney in lower glaxy .not tel me about treatment.

  157. steven zink says:

    Dr. Sharma:
    I have had a seizure disorder for over 10 years, and was on Dilantin until recently when I switched to Trilotremin (I think I spelled this wrong). Iam wondering if Iam at higher risk of developing kidney stones ?. Iam 56 years old. I have also looked at your section on seizures – very nice, my neurologit would look at this as nonsense. After pursueing natural health/nuetritional remidies I know better !!!

  158. sir my report is showing 10.2mm ,middle,6.4mm upper pole,so what is the next step…pls help

  159. Sir am suffering from kidney stone. My stone is on right side. Calcium controllung food. Wat can i do. Reply me?

  160. Dr. A hossain says:

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  161. Dr A hossain says:

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  162. abhilash Kumar Namdeo says:

    my 6mmstone has past 4year.but now 4m.m.stone is continuing before 1and1/2 year respectively .so i want to relief on fast process,so help me.although i am taking berberis,hydrangea and some counseling Dr.Santosh sharma; satna m.p.

  163. Yadav pandey says:

    Dear sir.

    I have a stone in my right side kidney its size is 5.2mmhow to remove it please advise me its mu h pain I can’t control myself please what can i do ??

  164. shaikh anam says:

    I am having 3 stones in left kidney of size 40*16,12*10,16*12mm.i came to know before 5 months only but till now also i did not realise any pain, i had done the sonography myself only since i taught that i must have some digestion problem but then i came to knew thati was kidney stone.i had taken the homeopathy medicine berbaries vulgaries but the size get increased by some point mm instead of getting reduced.i want to ask that vy doing operation only it can be removed? Or will u suggest some another medicine. Im 18 yrs old thank u plz reply me faster.

  165. Jagdeesh J says:

    Hi Doc.
    I am having kidney stones every six months. I use Burberry Vulgaris 15 drops 4 times a day after meals and gradually reduce to 3 times, 2 times till the stone is out.

    How can I prevent the stone from developing. I have around 2 liters water a day with fresh lime squeezed.

    Kindly advise.

  166. Sir I hve 5.2 mm stone in Gall Bladder. Can it remove from gall bladder use of berberis vulgaris. I am 44 year male person. Please help

    • Dr. A Hossain says:

      Dr. A Hossain
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  167. R. R. Thakur says:

    My son named laksay thakur aged 12 years experienced kidney stone measuring 3.5 mm and 4.7 mm. After medical consultation from doctors they give medicine and advise these medicine will help to release the stones.They deny for operation since lakshay is minor age. Therefore, I request your goodsefl to advise me which type of precaution , I should give to my son addition to medicine given by local doctors, and which type diet he should be given. This may also be advised wheater the existing stone will be released with medicine or any other precaution, you advise to be ok immediately.
    Thanking you

  168. R. R. Thakur says:

    My son named laksay thakur aged 12 years experienced kidney stone measuring 3.5 mm and 4.7 mm. After medical consultation from doctors they give medicine and advise these medicine will help to release the stones.They deny for operation since lakshay is minor age. Therefore, I request your goodsefl to advise me which type of precaution , I should give to my son addition to medicine given by local doctors, and which type diet he should be given. This may also be advised wheater the existing stone will be released with medicine or any other precaution, you advise to be ok immeditely.
    Thanking you

  169. Alisha gupta says:


    Today in ultrasound a 5.5 mm stone found in my right side of stomach.No pain was there.what medication you prefer to take for passing out the stone..??

  170. Hello sir, I have kidney stones of size 3.9 mm and 11.9 mm in left kidney and 13.8 mm in right ureter..pain is very less and no other problems. What medicine do u suggest and how many months it will take to dissolve this stone.? Can calcium oxalate stones also dissolve using homeopathic medicines?

  171. i have gallstone 9mm. could u pls suggest any Homeopathy Medicines?

    • Dr. A Hossain says:

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  172. Vivek pandit says:

    I am suffering from right side kidney stone
    I had taken allopathy medicines but still pain in right side in sonography right side 9mm and left side 4mm stone please suggest me medicine

  173. I am having problem of recurrent kidney zstone…one month before i took medicine of it but now after month i am again suffering from pain…suggest some medicine

  174. Salauddin Shaikh says:

    Hi, Is the medicine effective in eliminating stones of size 1.4cm ?

  175. Dr Martin Hanz says:

    Sir/ Madam, ,
    ve vaṇakkam, nīṅkaḷ paṇam uṅkaḷ ciṟunīraka vāṅka allatu viṟka vēṇṭum, appallō maruttuvamaṉai tēvai fDearor O + avacaramāka maṟṟum enta pāspōrṭ tēvaippaṭum oru + ciṟunīraka naṉkoṭaiyāḷarkaḷ ve. Enta oru tāṉam allatu vāṅkuvataṟku viruppam eṉṟāl eṅkaḷ miṉṉañcal id_ Apollohospital1a1@gmail.Com mūlam eṅkaḷai toṭarpu koḷka
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  177. ABHISHEK GOYAL says:

    Dr Saheb, I am a 38 year old male. I have had consistent problem of kidney stones. I have had kidney stones once earlier with stone of around 4.8 mm. The stone passed through my urine without any problem after I started taking allopathic treatment and also used hydrotheraphy aided by lemon juice and lots of water. But again it has recurred in my left kidney this time the stone detected was 6.8 mm which has now passed through the kidney to my UV junction as per last sonography done some 15-20 days ago. Now the stone has come down to 5.7 mm. I have taken allopathic treatment to no avail.

    Now I am experiencing chronic pain in thigh and groin area with intervals of 15-20 days. I am on homeopathic medication since last 15-20 days with Berberis Vulgaris Q, Hydrangea, Clearstone with other homeopathic medications. Please suggest and help as I am having chronic pain and every night I sleep scared of having pain.

  178. aviral mishra says:

    Hlw dr I’m aviral mishra i have 14 mm n 4-5 mm some stone in both side how can it be removed without surgery

  179. I have 26 mm stone in left kidney level L2 and L3.
    its possible this stone out using homeopathic medicine. Please answer my question

  180. Hello dr.sahib myself gurpreet ibhv kidney stone of 3mm in right side and also have pain in lower abdomen plz suggest me homeopathy medicine tobremove this stone also tell me diet chart and durstion to tk medicine

  181. Madhublala says:

    I have 8mm stone in my left kidneyand 2to5mm multiple in pain at present. Can these damage it need to operate? How can it be removed without surgery.

  182. malkinder Singh says:

    Good day sir, I have left side 5mm and right side3mm stone. I have no pain. Please suggest me how I can take out stone fast, and how much day take medicine to take out. Thanks sir

  183. Muhammad Zuhaib says:

    Hi,doctor I am Zuhaib From Lahore. I have 4mm kidney stone in both the kidneys and multiple uric acid level was 7.5 in last test.My doctor has prescribed me antibiotics+pain killer+Febuxostat for uric acid but i am still feeling pain.Please advise me homeopathy medicines.

  184. Helpful article… I started Berberis vulgaris and hydrangea both 15 drops trice a day.

  185. Jeeny Rao says:

    I have a 6mm caliculli in Vuj am undergoing homeopathy just want to know how much does it takes to come out .can homeopathy help.

  186. ansari waseem says:

    Dear Sir,
    My wife is suffering from urinal calculus i.e 5.5 mm stone in urine Tube.
    She is feeling pain very badly from last 2 days and no modern injection and medicine is effecting
    on her pain.
    Means No pain relief yet .
    I have very much belief in homeopathy.
    Therefore I request you please name me a best medicine for pain and removing stone.
    Please mail me as soon as possible.
    I will be great thankful to you whole life.

    Please sir help me.
    may God give long and good life.

  187. Ali Shahryar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have a single kidney stone. It is 1.3 cm its on left side
    Could you please suggest a medicine which breaks it down and make it excreet.
    Kind regards.
    Ali Shahryar

  188. I am fahad suffering from kidney stone of 14mm in right kidney with mild hydronephrosis. Plzzz help me i am really feeling pain ful . Doctors advises for operation

    • hai am naresh from hyderabad, i have right upper ureter moderate dilatation of right pelvicalyceal 9 mm stone in kidney, my operation UNDER SPINAL ANESTHESIA RIGHT URSL WITH DJ STENT done 20-7-2016 by surgeon ashok kumar in life line hospital kapra hyderabad,after operaton i got 10 days fever when i go to hospital doctor said that if u remove yours stent this problem will come again yours operation is not successful still 6mm stone is their.again you will need operation. sir i dont want to do again operation pls suggest me what can i do now still stent not removed give me best medicines to dissolve stone Thank you,Please sir help me.
      may God give long and good life.

  189. Jyoti nikumbh says:

    Respected sir,
    I am Jyoti mandge suffering from kidney stone of 8 to 9mms as per demography report into left kidney in upper calyx. I oversea very much due tithes. Please suggest me either it need to do operation to cure it or without operation by tAking medicine and drink lot of water.

    • Sanjay kumar says:

      Respected sir
      I am sanjay kumar suffering from bilateral kidney stones of average 4mm three Stone in lower clycs of left kidney and 6.4mm and 8mm stones in right kidney in midpole and upper pole it cause back pain
      Sir suggest me for medicine

  190. Amish Shah says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am Amish Shah suffering from kidney stone of 5 mm as per sono-graphy report here i m describing it.
    “Right kidney measures : 96*42 mm and shows tiny 3 to 4 mm size calculus in upper and mid calyx with minimal hydrophrosis and dilated upper ureter upto small 5.2mm size calculus just below right PUJ”. Please suggest to cure this problem by homeopathy and what are your comments, should i operate it or it will be cured without operating it.
    Thanks and Regards
    Amish Shah,

  191. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    This is for your kind information that we have left side in the kidney 4mm stone. Pls. advise us the medicine to release the stone from kidney.


  192. Dr. Nicholas says:

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  193. sandeep kumar says:

    I am suffering with serious kidney pain due to 13mm stone in right side how many times
    Sir plzzz i want to your advaise so plzzz reply

  194. Aryendra Mohan says:

    I am suffering with serious kidney pain due to 7.5 mm stone in right side how many times I have to take Berberis Bulgaria.

  195. Gurvinder says:

    Ureter:calculus measuring 6.6 mm about 8mm from vus

  196. Ch Ramesh Babu says:

    I have a 12*7 mm renal calculi in the right ureter 1cm away from the vu junction. Please suggest me the best n the fastest way to get rid of it as i am suffering since 3 months. Thanks Ramesh

  197. Mathew John says:

    Dear Sir,

    Calculi in left Kidney at PUJ measuring 30.65mm, is it possible to treat with Homoepathy medicines. Please help.

  198. krishna kumar pandey says:

    I am a man of age 52. I have a kidney stone in left kidney calyx of size9.2 2mm.whichhoepathicmedicine I should take.I have no pain.

  199. I have two stones in left or right kidney 6 and 4 m please suggest best homeopathic medicine for stones .

  200. Dr Robert Mao says:

    Dear Sir /Madam,
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  201. sir i want to know is bulbaris bulgaris is the best ramedy for kidney wife has 9 mm stone in left kedney.pls tale me howmuch time it take to remove stone bye bulbaris bulgaris

  202. Hello! Sir,
    I have a total 5 calculi, 2 is in left kidney 2 is in right kidney and one calculus of size 11.6mm is seen in distal ureter which creats more problem to me.. I have pain all the time. Doctor advised me for operation please sugest me how can I come out from this problem without any operation.

    • Abhijit Sengupta says:

      Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture 11 to 15 drops in one fourth water in a cup is homeopathy’s best bet. Continue for 90+ days. May some constipation problem occur don’t fear treat constipation with Isabgol (Telephone Sat-isabgol (psyllium Husk), 100g or Dabur (Dabur Nature Care Isabgol (Double Action), 100 g).
      Hope you need not to go under knife.

    • Abhijit Sengupta says:

      Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture (preferably Germany made) 11 to 15 drops in one fourth water in a cup ONCE IN MORNING EMPTY STOMACH FOR 90+ DAYS.



  203. varis ahmad says:

    i have 8mm stone in my ureter

    • Khushdeep singh says:

      I have 8.5mm stone in left urinatory bladder and with little hydronophrosis can it be treated without operation

  204. M. Khalid Hussain says:

    Dear Doctor.
    i have a stone 1.5 cm in my urine line and have a pain in abdomen
    also found cyst in my left kidney

    please advise me treatment




  205. prem kumar sadhu says:

    i am having 10.6mm and 7.1 mm stone in my left ureter what should i do sir i already under gone for renal surgery .

  206. Imran Ullah says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma Sb,
    Imran Ullah here from pakistan, Sir my brother is suffering from kidney stone sizing 4-6mm, so kindly advise me that can he take berberis for cure

    • Abhijit Sengupta says:

      Dear Imran shahab,
      Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture (preferably Germany made) 11 to 15 drops in one fourth water in a cup ONCE IN MORNING EMPTY STOMACH FOR 90+ DAYS. If constipation occurs use Isabgol at night bed time.



  207. shahroz Ali says:

    dear sir
    I have 11mm stone in my right side ureter and 6mm in left side ureters and feeling pain in my back my age is around 19 yrs kindely suggest suitable nd effective medicine in homeopathic
    as fast as possible
    Nd Regurds Mr. shahroz Ali

  208. sheela sandeep ghatwal says:

    Dear Dr.

    I had kidney stone in rightside 3 cm and left side 2.5 cm but Dr. even I have heart problem and my angiography has done pass 5 month so Dr. advice to do operation after compliting 6 month .Please Advice me Dr. if their is any Medicine to cure My Kidney stone without operation.



  209. SKParmar says:

    The best medicine for kidney pains is China Off 30/1000

  210. susanta says:

    Dear Dr.

    I had a pain in my rightside stomach, after doing a ultrasouography found

    pelvicalyceal system and ureter on right side appears dilated a calculus measuring – 8.4 mm noted in right vesicoureteric junction.
    suggest me how to remove the stone

    now i am taking a medicine “NOCULI” (potasium citrate & Magnesium Citrate.

  211. abhishek kumar yadav says:

    Dr sharma sir,
    Myself Abhishek age 31 yrs . I got a stomach pain then I checkup doctor . So doctor advice to whole stomach ultrasound then I got ultrasound, IVP test and TDPA test . The reports says tdpa test is …
    right kidney: smaller, hydronephrotic with mildly reduced cortical function and evidence of obstruction. Then I went to alopath doctor he advice me for operation. Please dr sharma sir suggest me that any medicin in hemopath to this type of problem.

  212. Gireesh B says:


    i got a report mentioning as Left renal mid pole calculus measuring 3.2 mm noted.
    this can be remove without surgery or change of food habits?


  213. Pramod Sharma says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I’ve a stone problem done 2 times ultra sound & 1 time x-ray test reports are
    Firstly.A single calculi is seen upper calyx,measuring about 6.80mm with dilated calyces & hydroureter.
    Another calculi is seen in most distal part of rt.ureter measuring about 13.20mm.
    Secondly Right kidney shows hydrpnephrosis changes,renal pelvis dilated,proximal ureter dileted-causes..? Uretric calculus.

    Thirdly X-ray report l,A dense opaque urolith seen,size (13*9mm) on right side overlying at tip of transverse process of L-3…s/o right uretric calculus.

    These are the reports detail kindly tell me is this cure bu homeopathy medicine advice me.

  214. rajinder prasad sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Myself Rajinder sharma have 15mm Calculi in left side of kidney. Please suggest it can be dessolved by homeopathy medicine berberish.

    Need your advise.


  215. Akash Sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a male professional of 27 years . I masturbate on an avg of 3 times a week . About 3 months ago , one day after masturbation I noticed frequent urination and urge to go to the restroom . However it lessened the day after . Thereby I carried on with my masturbation for next 1 month . As I do regular yoga and weight lifting therefore the problem used to subsidize in a day or two time .
    But however about one and a half months ago, one day after masturbation the frequency to urinate increased with a good flow of Urine everytime I went and it did not go away since then through any kind of yoga and any other technique. After observing for about a week I consulted an Urologist doctor who asked me to perform several test such as kindey ultrasound , Uroflowmetry, Blood Tests for Sugar, Urea, Creatine. All reports came out to be clean. My prostate size was Ok 16 gm , Bladder was not dilated and Ok. Right kidney measured 98 mm and the other 96 mm . Then I went for the Urine Culture and RE. The reports of Culture revealed “GROWTH OF E.COLI COUNT 95000 cfu/ml . with PUS CELLS occasional and EPITHELIAL CELLS also occasional.Also I was having pain in Lower Abdomen and Lower Back . After that I was prescribed LEVOFLAXIN by the Urologist for 10 days . After taking the same for 10 days the problem subsided about 50 % but not full.
    I found no hope in Aloepathy so I moved to HOMEOPATHY. The Homeo doctor again asked me to perform Urine culture to see my present condition . Culture revealed “GROWTH OF ESCHERICHIO COLI 1000 cfu/ml, PUS CELLS occasional and EPITHELIAL CELLS occasional.I also told the Doctor about the following problems:
    1. At least twice a month I have Night Fall.
    2. Don’t get enough sleep at night
    3. I have acidity when I get up in the morning as my mouth remains sour.
    4. I excrete a huge quantity which makes my stomach clean as well as makes me weak.
    5. I have to work for atleast nine hours at office sitting at a high chair above ground level.
    The urine problem has really reduced my weight and made me thin.
    After listening to all the problems the doctor felt that the Frequent Urination may not be the cause of infection alone but it can be also associated to Acidity where the urge use to increase with masturbation. Therefore he prescribed me the following medicines :
    1. Early morning after getting up from Bed CARBO VEG 200 ; 2-3 drops directly on Empty Stomach for 15 days.
    2. After Loo and Brusing my teeth and after a gap of about 30 minutes I take BERBERIS VULGARIS (mother tincture) 10 drops in water for 7 days. After that I was asked to eat biscuits.
    3. After about an hour I have to leave for office so I take heavy meal, therefore about 20 minutes before meal I take CHELEDONIUM MAJUS (mother tincture) 5 drops in water for 1 month.
    4. After meal I am asked to take CANTHARIS 200 2-3 drops directly after a gap of 20 minutes for 7 Days.
    5. After 30 minutes of taking Cantharis I am asked to take ALPHA TS 10 drops in water for as period of 1 month.
    6. Again after afternoon tiffin I take ALPHA TS .
    7. On the evening I am asked to take NUX VOM 200 2-3 drops on empty stomach for 15 days.
    8. 30 minutes after nux vom I take BERBERIS VULGARIS .After 20 minutes I am asked to have biscuits.
    9. Before dinner I take Again CHELEDONIUM.
    10. 20 minutes after dinner I take CANTHARIS.
    11. Before Sleep I take ALPHA TS.
    Therefore I am taking CARBOVEG – Once in a day , NUX VOM – Once , CHELEDONIUM – Twice, ALPHA TS –Thrice , BERBERIS- Twice, CANTHARIS – Twice.
    My Question is that , has my physician diagonised it correctly. Am I supposed to take so many medicines. Will all the medicines work if taken in this kind of structure. Kindly Help.
    I have been taking this medicines for 4 days and found no result. Urine frequency hasn’t reduced .
    Please suggest .

  216. sunil pasman says:

    dear sir please help me..mere kidny me ston hai lekin mai saudi arabia me hu aur yaha kaha pe achha ilaj goha bataye please

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  218. DHARMCHAND says:

    Dear sir.

    i have a stone of 14mm lower pole how to disolve .what to do .pls suggestions
    Dc Sharma
    Mb no. 8425976213

  219. Mansi manu says:

    Hellow doctor, m mansi from noida india
    Sir my husband is having 8mm stones in his left kidney. We had tried almost everything but nothing works we dont want to have operation. I am very much tensed due to his health please tell me the proper homeopathy medicine please it a humble request to u please let me know ??

  220. Chaitanya says:

    I have mild hydrouretronephrosis with calculus(4.7mm) at Rt UV JN. I came to know about it on 13th of this month. It is paining, how can I control the pain please do reply asap.

  221. Jeeny Rao says:

    I am having 6 mm calculus in vuj want to know can’t it come out thru homeopathy. N how much time will it take?

  222. Dr. Nicholas says:

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  223. Sanjeev nayar says:

    I have 24mm stones in both left and right kidney
    3 small stones
    right kidney contains 10mm and 6mm stones and
    left kidney have 5 mm stone
    Total 5 stones

    How can i remove them in few days
    Is there any procedure or medicine for it
    To get releif and lead a stone free lyf without pain

  224. Dr.Nicholas says:

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  225. Faiza nadir says:

    Sir I have a 13 mm stone in my right kidney and I m 22 week pregnant .what to do

  226. Sir,
    I have a 14.5 mm stone in mid ureter and I m taking homeopathic medicine, neeri,defcort tm and has to take injection 2 days my stone has moved from puj to mid ureter.sir what are the chance that stone can pass on its own and will u recommend me some more stone width is not much.pls suggest.

    Rajan singla

    • MUNINDRA says:


      I have a 3.4mm stone in the proximal right ureter. Sir what are the chances that stone can pass on its own with urine. please suggest.


  227. Mahanjyoti Das says:

    I have a renal calculi in left kidney. Size 4.7mm. I treate in homeopathic medicine last 2 months and i continiue it. The doctor is Mun Rudrapaul ,Lakhimpur . how many times essential for clear a stone. Sometimes my urine is red and pain in backside .

  228. shriyansh bajaj says:

    hello sir i have a 2.8 mm kifnry stone in right kidney how to prevennt it and which type of diet should be there …

    thanking you
    shriyansh bajaj
    to Dr sharma

  229. I am 34 years old female, i did not do a medical check for kidney stones or gallbladder stones. However I wanted to know if i can take burberis vulgeris mother tincture. And will I have any side effects

  230. Gautam Kundu says:

    My age 41, my report says- Right upper ureter is dilated and a 10.5 mm sized calculas is noted within it..can my treatment with Homeopath.

  231. Raj sharma says:

    Hello sir .
    my kidney in 23 MM STONE ..& i heve only 1 kidney. So plz better solution give me .

  232. sir I have a stone in kidney it measure 9.1in right and 4.4 in left kidney can it be piss in urine what medicine will be use to piss it out
    I need your kindness

  233. Sunil Jha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma Please tell can we take bulgaris in potency form. if yes please tell the potency times to take medicine . I have up to 4 mm stone left kidney and up to 8 mm in gallbladder.

    thanking you


  234. Hello sir,my 8 year child having 8mm stone in left kidney, plz sir suggest me for treatment ,and which diet or food for good for him.

  235. droshodin says:

    We are in need of Sperm and kidney donors urgently.. Contact us now: (+918904216086)

  236. Abhishek Kumar Jha says:

    Dear Dr.
    sir mujhe U.V.Juction me 6mm ka stone hua hai ultrasound Mai pta chala. sir pls mujhe batayiye ki wo stone kaise break or niklega. Sir what I do. I take approx 5 liter water daily.

    thank you sir.

  237. M P Meyyappan says:

    Sir,Iam suffering by calculi.Recently i had one ct scan,it says .1. Mild right hydroureteronephrosis.Pelvis AP diameter 12 MM.Upper,mid and lower ureter mildly dilated.Two calculi 7*5*4.7MM and 2*2MM of density 252HU noted in vesico ureteric junction.Mild perinphric and periureteric fat standing seen.2)calculus 3mm noted in inter pole of right kidney.3.Defect 4*3.8cm in left and 2.6*2 cm in right inguinal canal with herination on omentum,No herniation of bowllops.
    Please advise me in this.

  238. Divyanka says:

    Hi sir my mother is having 19mm stone in her right kidney.Last year she went through a laser for 12mm stone in the right side but again another 19mm stone has formed.So is it dissolvable without surgery plz lemme know..

    Thanks & Regards,

  239. Supriya mohapatra says:

    I have a stone of 13 mm size in left kidney ln mid calyx. Can it be cleared in homeopath medcine. Please suggest.
    With regards

  240. Kashif Nadeem says:

    Dear Sir,

    There are two stone sized 8 mm & 6 mm in my left kidney. One stone sized 5 mm also in Bladder which is very pain full. Last night my Urologist suggest Urine test for infection. Urine report show 1+ albumin in urine.

    Kindly suggest madicin for me. I will be very thanks full to you.

    Best Regards,

    Kashif Nadeem
    Punjab (Pakistan)

    • Supriya mohapatra says:

      I have a stone of 13 mm size in left kidney ln mid calyx. Can it be cleared in homeopath medcine. Please suggest.
      With regards

  241. Suresh Rao says:

    Multiple small calculus in both Kidneys (4mm to 5mm)
    Its my recurrence stone sir plz help me out sir.
    Now a days sometimes feel nausea..over headache..having fever off and on..weekness sir.

  242. Mathew John says:

    Dear Dr.

    I have a 30mm stone in left Kidney. Is it possible to treat through Homeopathy, kindly suggest.

    • shreyansh bordia says:

      dr. my mother has a kidney stone in left kidney of 16 mm.what to do??she also had a 15mm stone in gall bladder…what to do for kidney stone????

  243. UPENDRA says:


    • Sir i have a 8mm stone in upper part of the left ureter. Would it be passed through urine? Or i have to go for surgery? If it could pass through urine, what is medication?

  244. Pankaj kr lalwani says:

    Suffer from kidney stones along with brain stroke, paralise,heart problem 35%….


    Dr.Sharma, In a recent Health check-up through Ultra sound the attending Doctor told your left kidney is having 6mm small stone which may be removed through surgical operation. Kindly suggest me the appropriate homeopathic medicine which can surely remove the stone. Please suggest the Dosage and other preventions.

  246. sir
    my name is naveen .fisrt i have a Stine of 5mm in kidney after 1 month of course it come out and after 1 month i have again a stone in another kidney it also come out and now after 1 month there is also a Stone .please tell me the treatment of the stone . i want stone finally out and not again again

  247. Ajay Bakshi says:


    Will this medicine (Berberis Vulgaris)be good enough to dissolve stones upto 8.2 mm in size and will this size of stone come out through urine?

    I have four stones in my both kidneys of 4mm, 6mm and 8.2 mm in size. I started taking Cystone tablets and Neeri syrup on the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor.

    Please suggest if I should start taking Homeopathic medicine named above?

  248. hansraj says:

    Hello sir ….my name is Hansraj …my father is suffer from kidney stone size 10.8 and 4.00 mm ….is it normall or not…
    Please help me..

  249. Sanjeev sharma says:

    Hlo sir its my kid 11 years he have kidney stones right side 4.2mm and left side 4.9mm so pls tell me what to do which diet he follow pls sir

  250. Dr. Sharma,

    I am desperate to finding help for my husband. He has battled passing kidney stones for many years now. Lately , he has been bleeding and cannot stand the pain. The doctors told him he has a 1cm on one side and 1 1/2 cm stone cluster on the other. I am new to Homeopathy. Please help me how to help him naturally!!

  251. droshodin says:

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  252. Dear sir apke bareme bahot achha achha suna to apko ek msg kar raha hu sir sorry to disturb you. sir mujhe U.V.Juction me 6mm ka stone hua hai sonography me pata chala mujhe bahot jyada taklif hai bahot medicine liye treatment kiya lekin koi bhi fayda nahi hua sir pls mujhe batayiye ki wo stone kaise breck tutega kaise ya kaise niklega bahot taklif me hu sir pls mujhe batayiye mai kya karu. pani mai 10 to 12 glass daily pita hu.

    thank you sir.

  253. actually i have multiple stones in both kidneys approx. 4 each largest 6.8 mm i have no pain earlier i had when i got to know about them. at that time it was 4mm after taking medicines berberies and neeri since 1.6.16 when i again got ultasound done it has increased in size please suggest what can be done.

  254. Actually I have 3.7 m.m. of Echogenic focus seen in left kidney and I have pain too. Sir plz help me and tell me what to do?

  255. jacksonsperm says:

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  256. noman tariq says:

    dear sir

    i hope you are in good health. sir i am 24 year male i have an history of calcium stones in my kidney 2 of them were release while urine , it was very painful process when one of the stone came into urinary bladder its take almost 12 hours to release from my sexual organ and at that time i was very young i didn’t no the size of stone but it was large enough to let me in pain. Now i have 1.4 cm stone in my right renal pelvis. i consult with many doctors but i am not satisfy some are saying laser have many side effects and they recommend open surgery but i am not interested in open surgery .can you please help me ? what should i do for the treatment of this. is it possible that 1.4 cm stone release while urine?

  257. JAGAN MOHAN says:

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  258. Hello Dr Sharma ,
    My 61 yr old husband was given a Cat scan last week while in the emergency room due to unbearable abdominal pain .
    He was passing a kidney stone and was told he had many more in his kidneys as well as many gall stones . (He also suffers with Chrons disease )
    My questions are
    1)Would berberis vulgaris help with both conditions and if so could he possibly experience more debilitating pain while using it ?
    2) How much and for how long do you recommend he take it

  259. Prem kishan Debbarma says:

    Sir, I m taking Calcium n vitaminD3 tablet prescribed by doctor. I have got 2 stones (8mm & 3mm) in my left kidney . it is growing rapidly. Can I take berberis vulgaris in the midst of this allopathic .Plz help n suggest me .Thank u.

  260. Sandeep Singh Brar says:

    stone in kidney size of 5mm and 9mm medicine Plz tell me sir

  261. SAMEER DIXIT says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Sameer Dixit an 42 yr old engineering professional working in Delhi-NCR. In Oct-2013, after Ultrasound I knew that I got 2 stones one each in left and right kidney of sizes 14mm & 7mm respectively, since then I am taking the homeopathic medicine especially Berberis in consultation of doctor but during the course right kidney stone got removed but still I have left kidney stone of 12 mm ( which is almost constant in size since last 2 yrs).
    Please advise me a suitable treatment.

  262. md kamran ashraf says:

    I have 8.2 mm stone in kidney

    I had an operation before and doctor crushed the stone last time bt again i am having pain

    Sir please tell me
    How can i operate with it

    Please tell me
    Reply as fast as possible

  263. Anwar Kamal says:

    Hello dr. I am 37 years old last 10 days back my 8.7 mm stone stuck in uteror dr adviced for surgery because kidney is swellon my urine is clear i m takung homeopathy medicine but i want to know how many days i can wait for get stone down.

  264. Shiv Kumar says:

    I have calculus 6.9mm in right kidney in middle calyx. In left kidney 8mm in its middle calyx and 5mm in upper calyx. Left ureter is dilated due to a calculus 9.7mm 3cm distal to the pelvi ureteric junction. Advise effective medicine.

  265. Sanjay S Pokharia says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma.
    I am 26 Years Old. Few days ago i have got a pain in stomach. while i have done ultrasound there is a 10 mm & 11mm Stone found in Left & Right side of kidney. can it remove by medicine kindly suggest me. Thanks.

  266. hello sir i m nikhil 20.i have stone(calculus)8mm in left distal is not falling out.will it dissolves in ureter or urinary bladder if so,what symtoms should keep observing.

  267. Santosh says:

    Hi sir i have suffering dilated left pelvicalcyles system no stones in kidney and ureter is any serious problem what is the treatment required

  268. faisal shehzad says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have a two stones in my right kidney size of 3.5mm and one in my bladder. I had this problem in past too. At that time i was in Pakistan and i used homeopathic medicine and stone was passed out. Now i am in Canada and i don’t know where to find a homeopathic medicine and what to use. Can you please guide me if i can find something in local market. Will appreciate your help. Thanks


    • Sandy kaur says:

      Hey, can you please tell me for how long did you use this medicine? Did u take it with any special diet?
      Thank you.
      Also this medication is available on Amazon.

  269. fawad ali says:

    we can use Berberis in pregnancy and aslo guide the dosage of it

  270. Santanu Deb says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I have a kidney stone of size 5 mm in right kidney and a simple cyst of size 22 mm in right lobe of liver .
    now i am taking Sarasparilla Q and ocimum canun . Is berberis vulguris is a better option . which medicine is helpfull for liver cyst . I am 43 yr old male.

    Santanu deb

  271. Nasir Khan says:


    Dr. Sharma
    My name is Nasir khan, age 36 years. Recently i had pain in my kidney and i went for ultrasound. As per the report i have 2 stones in left kidney, 3 and 5 mm and one in left ureter in distal part and that is 10.5 mm in size. Apart from that i have 2 stones of 5 mm and 7 mm in right kidney and one of 8mm in right ureter in proximal part. Please suggest me if they can be dissolved through homeopathic medicines. I consulted with urologist and they are telling me to undergo for endoscopy. Waiting for your kind reply.

    Nasir Khan

  272. RAKIB KAZI says:


  273. Dr sir I am having 2.5cm of stoneach in kidney doctor said to operate it .
    But I need ur suggestion sir please help me out its paining too much sir I can’t bear themail pain

  274. Dr Raymond says:

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    Dr Raymond Cole

  275. pradeep kumar mehta says:

    dear doctor i have 15 mm kideny stone in left .please help me to pass kideny stone

  276. Dear Dr sb.
    I have 1.7cm stone in baldder they prevent my urinee partly.

    • Dr sir I am having 2.5cm of stoneach in kidney doctor said to operate it .
      But I need ur suggestion sir please help me out its paining too much sir I can’t bear themail pain

  277. Hi sir, I have 12mm stone in Right side of Kidney & 5.5 mm stone in Left side of Kidney. Can I pass this stone urine..or should I go for any surgery. Plzz tell me sir.

  278. khuspreet kaur says:

    hlo dr mere both kidny mein 3mm se 5mm tak ki multyple stone hain maine bhot c medicn khai hain lakin kuch nhi hua or 13mm ki ek stone lower end pe hai wo nhi nikl rhi plz koi slution btayiye jis se kidny ki multiple stones bhi nikl jaye or lower end ki 13mm ki stone bhi nikl jaye tnx.
    my number 9781059116

  279. Sir
    My Lt kidney stone 13mm
    10years old
    Kya treatment hi

  280. Dr V S Shukla says:

    Respected Sir,

    In the left kidney of my wife two small measuring 5.5 mm and 4.4 mm calculi are seen in middle calyx. Kindly suggest medicine for the removal of these stones.

    With kind regards,

    Dr V S Shukla
    Seth G B Podar College
    Nawalgarh-333042 (Raj)

  281. Rahul Choudhury says:

    Hello, Dr Sharma.

    I have been suffering from severe pain in my stomach and was asked to do USG. My USG test says “Two small 4.5 and 5.5 mm calculi are seen in peripheral calyces of left kidney without caliectasis.

    please help me to get rid of it homeopathically..

    • Rashika says:

      Hi dr, my husband has 30 mm milk of calcium cyst in left renal lower pole. Could you plz give me right freatment for that. Thankyou

  282. Rajesh mhatre says:

    I have 5mm in ureter and 4mm in left kideny
    How many days I should take clearstone medicine ?

  283. Vinay jain says:

    How many drops of burberries in a day to take, for kidney stones.

  284. Ziauddin Shaikh says:

    Conclusion of my sonography report : Left upper ureteric calculus with resultant mild Hydronephrosis and upper hydroureter.7.6mm stone is there.Could you please suggest.What should I do .Shall I do medicine or doctor suggest me to do surgery.

  285. Mukesh Ram says:

    Lift ureter :- Minimally diated.A small echogenic calculus of about 6.7 mm seen in its upper part casting PAS

  286. Rebecca says:

    I have a 7mm stone in the ureter. Can the stone be dissolve by taking homeopathy medicine?

  287. i have 23mm stone on my kidney how to remove

  288. dr.charles says:

    We are urgently and badly in need of kidney donors .. interested donors should contact us on email:{}{+919036544072}

  289. Vikram Reddy says:

    hi sir,

    i am effected with kidney stone of 8*4m…it will be removed by using homeopathy medicine or needed surgery.


  290. Baby Agarwal says:

    Dr I have simple cyst in left kidney of size 24×14mm.last sep I had ultrasound nd I came to knew dat I had cyst..I wnt to ask is dis serious prblm or cn be cure by medcine?plz suggest me.I usually have side pain in 15to 20 days..plz give reply..
    My age is 29..

  291. Bijan Kumar Bhanja says:

    I am suffering kidny stone.In the lower part of left kidny has 10mm and middle part of right kidneny has a 4mm calculi.Back pain and muscle Steveness very painful for age is 51.weight 52 kg.

  292. Sir i am having a stone of 6mm inmy left uretor just 5cm below the kidney and having pain since last 10 days. The stone is in its as it is position n not moved. Please guide n help

  293. Dr . M already a kidney patient taking Thelma 20my from last 7 years. kal he Maine apna ultrasound kraya h Aur Uske right kidney m 4.6me calculus in upper calyx Aaya h report m …mujhe smjh nhi aa rha ye h kya

  294. Ramesh Mahananda says:

    Sir mere dono kidney me Stone he Karin 10sal hogaya abhi kamar ke dontaraf Rhoda darad mehesus hotahe,ur kabhi pani kam pinese ultibhi lagata he

  295. Sanjay kumar says:

    Sir time bta de first mujhko kidney stone hua tha tab mene 5bood half gilas do time leta tha par theek nhi hua .par dard me aaram tha .sir aap time aur kitna lena he batye please

  296. prakash says:

    Hi, We’re looking for kidney donors, Very urgently. B+ve , O+ve and A+ve India Email:


    sir I am hunmonlang from jowai meghalaya I have a small stond above 3.7mm so how to treat it buy eat medicin or buy surgery is good

  298. Partho Sarkar says:

    i am having an evidence of hyperechoic focus with posterior shadowing measures 4.6 mm in length and 3.2 mm in width involving lumen of right mid ureter with dilated right upper ureter & pelvicalyceal system.
    what should I do ?

  299. Pratik Mane says:

    What does 14 mm PUJ calculus mean?

    • sher chamling says:

      sir i got operation last year of kidny stone right i have a stone in left kindy and can i revome

  300. sir
    i have a calcium oxylate stone i took it to lab it is found 90% oxylate pl tell me wht medicine should be taken or consultation in bangalore

  301. Khimjim Ahom( Assam) says:

    Two years i got operated to remove the kidney size 9mm and golbladder stone .
    again I am suffering from kidney stone size 13mm and 11mm(Two ) stone in right kidney and left kidney
    I have uric acid 7.5.
    MY age is 30 years Male.
    I take non veg food mostly , drink less water and consumed alcohol. Now i have stopped every thing and started drinking more water.
    My doctor suggested to get operated ,do i need operation or i can remove the stone by having medicine

    Kindly advice

    • Raja Chatterjee says:

      A CT Scan revealed Ureteric Calculus causing mild Hydronephrosis and small left renal Calculus. Can they be cured by Homoeopathy medicines. I am scared of surgery as I am hypertensive and consume alcohol & Guthka regularly. But I drink lots of water.

  302. S.K. Singh says:

    Hon’ble Doctor sir,
    I would like to share that a size in 7mm X 4mm calculus is detected in VUJ area during CT scan. Kindly advise me whether Berberis Vulgaries mother tincture is suitable to interven / treatment.

    Thanking you

  303. Dr. Dave Mark says:

    We are urgently in need of kidney donors

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  304. kamlesh sharma says:

    Sir,good afternoon.
    Mere dono kidney me 7-7mm k stone he kya vh medicine se nikal skte he .ydi han to kon c medicine se

  305. Hello sir
    I have low abdomen pain for last one month so i went to a gyno dr she suggest to scan in the scan report a small LT renal calculus what is it and how to get rid of it

  306. Isha Saxena says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 32 year old women & I have 16mm stone in UV junction. Pls suggest me what I do.

  307. farhat husain says:

    Mere kidney mein 7.1mm ki stone hai mere pain bhaut hota hai please mujhe bataye ki jaldi she jaldi is pathri se aaram Kaise milega.please reply soon my mail I’d is kaun so medicine leni chahiye.

  308. Eashwar N Rathod says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with a stone in kidney and the pain extends from lower abdomen to left testis. I have been to a homeopathy doctor in my place i.e. Vijayawada. However, I am not happy with the way my issue was addressed or rather unsatisfied. I need some help either in the form of a reference of any known doctor or a direct medication.

    Eashwar Rathod

  309. amandeep singh says:

    dear sharma sir i am suffering from kidney stone last month 3 mm size,, but 3 day ago the ultrasound report example that not seen stone in kidney. but a slow pain in stomach right side and some time in left side and backbone. sir plzzz guide me as early as possible i am physical and mentally disturb…plzz

  310. Awneesh Dwivedi says:

    Sir, my father suffering from 4.7mm kidney stone last 9th day &Pain is too much. Sir how to reduce pain instant….

    • Sristi Dhungana says:

      Dear doctor Sharma I have 5.4 mm size stone on left kidney .is there any medicine that expell out the stone ..Or I should do operation?? The

  311. mandeep kaur says:

    Dear Dr Sharma i have kideny stone 11.5mm can you suggest the madicine.

  312. Gaurav gupta says:

    Hi, i have a stone of 5mm *4 Mm in ureter and stuck since 1 week. Taking berberis thrice a day. As per doctor edge is sharp but do you see any hope.

  313. Samar Dutta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 73 years old and still quite active. Since the past 1 month, I have been suffering from Renal Calculi, which is quite painful. In the beginning I was noticing while urinating that white pus and sediments were coming out. After 2/3 days, I developed back pain and pain on both sides. I started taking Berberis Vulgaris 200, Cantharis 200, Lycopodium 200 & Sarsaparilla 200. It had probably worked and helped in reducing the problem to some extent. But pain is not being subsided. While leaving for office, I have to take i tab. of Combiflam along with 1 Rantac 150 tablet as a painkiller. Would be grateful, if you could suggest some medicines so that it can be cured.

    With sincere regards

  314. SUNEET SINGH says:

    I have multiple calculi of maximum size of my gallbladder.what is the risk to my health?
    Please reply

  315. SUNEET SINGH says:

    I have multiple calculi of maximum size of 5.3mm in my gallbladder.what is the risk to my health?

  316. Suman Shaikh says:

    Dear Sir, My Name is Suman Shaikh, From Kolkata, West Bengal. I’m 23 year old(male).I’m Suffering from kidney stone about 1year,I’m doing my USG & the report is A Large(14 mm) Calculas seen at left renal pelvis.A smallsmall (6mm) Calculas is seen at lower Calyx of left kidney.Now What can I do?

  317. Silver Line says:

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  318. Sir,
    I have multiple stones in both kidneys and size is 5.5 mm to 7.0mm. Can i go for homeopathy treatment. Please advice to me.

  319. Hello sir
    I have a problems of stones
    Report- evidence of dilation of right pelvic cryceal system with ureter up to echoreflective focus of 12m.m. noted in the right upper uretel
    Give solution plz

  320. kanchana panjiyara says:

    my husband have a 8.7 mm stone in right renolith with mild dialated in left pelvicylecial system. what is its solution to remove stone form kidney.

  321. anup pandey says:

    I have 9.4 mm left kidny stone. and one 6.6 mm . can homeopathy help me.

  322. Ashwani Kumar says:

    I am suffering with Kidney stone so i want to known the solution of Kidney Stone.

  323. Madeline Texeira says:

    I’ve been having pain in my lower abdominal & lower back that when I sneeze I see stars it also bother alot when I bend to put shoes on & also get nausea for a while now so should I go to the E.R. or purchase Berberis Valgaris ?

  324. my bilateral renal calculi are in size of 6.1mm right and 5.7 mm left.if it can be cure?is there any need of surgery?

  325. Kingsley chidi says:

    Good evening Dr. I had a ct iv scan and it came out that my right kidney has stone measuring around 10 to 15mm. Pls Dr, I need ur medical advice on what drugs to use to dissolve the stone and what can of food to avoid? Am 37years old. Thanks

  326. Sujana Khadka Thapa says:

    Would like to know more about the homeopathy medicine for kidney stone because I’m having renal stone size of 8pm.

    • Abhimanyu Singh says:

      Berberis vulgaris Mother tincture is the best homoeopathic medicine I have ever known used for the Treatment of kidney stones.
      You should take 10-15 drops of the Medicine in 1/4th cup of water. Repeat the same after every 2 hours for the first two days.

      Then you may continue taking it thrice a day with the same amount.

  327. HASSAN W says:

    Dear sir,
    hi, i m from Pakistan n i want to know a thing that i have a small stone about 7mm
    in my left URETER and i using berberis vulgaris 20drops daily morning n evening is is enough to remove stone from ureter,some time i fee;l heavy pain in it,

    waiting for your reply

  328. chandan kumar bishwas says:

    right kidny me11mm ka stone ko galane ka dawai

  329. Shikha Bharti says:

    i have kidney stone 4.5 mm can you suggest the medicine that i have whereas i will be fine.

    • Abhimanyu Singh says:

      Berberis vulgaris Mother tincture is the best homoeopathic medicine I have ever known used for the Treatment of kidney stones.
      You should take 10-15 drops of the Medicine in 1/4th cup of water. Repeat the same after every 2 hours for the first two days.

      Then you may continue taking it thrice a day with the same amount.

  330. Arvinder Singh Chaney says:

    Respected sir,
    According to ultrasound report
    My liver is enlarged and R/K shows HDN & HYDRO-URETER due to upper ureteric calculus of 7.8mm.
    I went to hedgewar hospital in emergency ward they inject me 2 injections a painkiller and another one is for gas. I got temporary relief with it after that i asked dr. to gimme me written medicines prescription for the teatement but he refuses and walk away. Now i’m in so much pain today please help me out

  331. Amratbhai Ramchandbhai Padhiar says:

    i am suffring stone mild pain every day . some time i take den-p tablet for reliefi . i have right side kidney stone size in sonography 21 m.m and left kidney 3mm and 4 m.m. Berberis Vulgaris medicine will clear it from kidney . Help me urgent please.

    A.R. Padhiar
    mobile no.95376 82024
    ADDRESS -Deesa north .Gujarat dist -BanaskanthaShyam bunglows part-1 Block no .148 B

  332. SANTU RAY says:

    Respected Sir, I have found after USG CUB, that a stone in my right upper ureter, size is 6.6mm. and also a stone in right kidney 5.4mm. doctor suggest me that it going to do uretoscopy . Please advise me as soon as possible. I am worried .

  333. santosh pandey says:

    SR …santosh pandey apna kidney sail karna hia my brsnl prvlm so col 9088037814

  334. Hira Seikh says:

    excuse me Doc.i have 0.3cm stones in my kidne of middle calyx(shows multiple)
    I used CLEAR STONE Drop(SBL).so plz,plz plz help me to.

  335. ASHOK TANDON says:

    My wife suffering from kidney stone and have a 3 Months baby. Can she take Beribaris vulgaris mother tincture

  336. Abdul qadir khan says:

    Dear hi . I have 11 mm stone left side of my kidney without pain which I came to know from ultrasound .please advise me if it is possible to disolve it with the help of medicine
    Waiting for your answer

  337. Khalid Hussain Qureshi says:

    1.8 cm stone found in my right kidney. Can l use 10 -15 drops Berberis Vulg. as treatment.

  338. Hello my name is Gina I have had 7 kidney stones that I passed. Plus I had 2 procedures. And I have had an exray and found out there has been free new ones. Where are you located? I’m healthy I work out and drink plenty of fluids. I have high oxalate and high calcium. Also I take a thyroid medication I have a low thyroid. Any advice will help please. Thank you, Gina

  339. sanjeev bansal says:

    I have a 4 mm stone in right kidney lower calyx.I feel pain on back of my ribs.I want to contact you for medicine.At what time should I come to you today.

  340. Dr. L. Awomi J. says:

    I have had 3 surgeries for stones and today I found out through ultrasound that I have 3.8 mms stones on the upper and lower poles of my right kidney and a 3.9 mms on the middle clayx of my left kidney. I would like to now opt for homeopathic treatment instead of allopathic one. Maybe I know if I can be treated especially including the lower pole stone?

    Your sincere opinion and advice will be appreciated.

    Thanking you

    L. A. J.

  341. Mehak Sharma says:

    Hi Sir..

    I am 28… I have calculus of size 0.25 cm in my left kidney.. it causes svere pain in my abdomen and my back.. pls suggest which medicine can help me out… and what precautions should i take!!

  342. I am 25 and i have a stone of 17mm in my left kidney. Can it be removed using homeopathy medicine, if so please suggest me some treatment. ..

    • aman sharma says:

      Hi sir, actually my mother have a stone of 16mm in her left kidney . Can it be removed using homeopathy medicine, if so please suggest me some treatment. ..

  343. smt.pinki says:

    Hi sir, i am 30 year old 02day ago my stomach pain soi am go to Dr. &seen the ultrasound report my left kidney measures 108*48mm in size.and shows mild pelvicalyceal dialation with dialated ureter MULTIPLE SMALL CRYSTALS ARE SEEN IN KIDNEY AND 4.0MM size seen in Lt.ureter2.2cm away from the renal pelvis. I am server very pain and i am use homoeopathic Berberis vulgaris and solidago virg. 5-5 drops in morning & evning befor eat food,and pain killer but sam time relife and after agian very pain.this condition is two to good tritement & good advice

  344. Hi Sir,

    I have 1.4 CM stone at my left kidney is this can be come out if I use homeopathy medicine. Could you please advise how this can be cured?

    • Adamu Woldemichael says:

      Hi Sir,
      My Right kidney shows mild dilation of the pelvicalyceal system …and there is 1.3 cm echogenic casting shadow at PUJ. Could you please advise how this can be cured?

  345. gaurav dixit says:

    sir I have calculus of size 4.4 mm in left kidney(middle calyx). is it curable with medicine or I have to go for operation.

  346. Ganeshrao maski says:

    19.5 mm +8 mm stone in my left kidney. please advise me best treatment .

  347. krishnarao says:

    I have 9mm kidney stones in both right and left kidney, found out after the scan done 2 days back.
    I have suffered severe pain in the left kidney 2 days before and my homeo dr. has given me berberis for a course of 7 days, started 2 days back — 10 drops in the morning and evening before food. After starting, again I faced severe pain yesterday.
    Can it be dissolved as people say stones beyond 7mm cannot be dissolved.
    Will the pain reduce or not.
    I want to avoid surgical treatment as suggested by my surgeon
    with thanks and regards
    Pl. reply

  348. Payal verma says:

    Hi. I am 26 year old .I have 24mm stone at my left kidney I want to knw did this stone can remove without accident

  349. S.M Saeed says:

    I have a kidney stone on my right kidney size .06cm and .03 cm on urinary tract,
    I get pain when I move upside down and riding the motor cycle.

    is the berberis is suitable for breaking the stone.



  350. Dr. Dave Gray says:

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  351. b.k.jha says:

    Sir I have 8.4 mm stone in my left side kidney found in ultrasound .it can be remove by homeopathy.

  352. Md.Mir Hussqin says:


    Due to my right side heart pain, I talk with doctor, as per doctor advice doing ultrasound, report come 1. fetty lever & 2. simple left renal lower polar cortical cyst noted size 2.1 x 1.8 cms
    Doctor, give me only lever tonic. no medicine fo renal treatment. what shall i do sir

  353. Sagar vagare says:

    I have found kidney stones 9.4mm can be removed I taking Van ston syrup

  354. Rabia Ali says:

    Hi Doctor, my left kidney is enlarged and shows grade 1 hydronephrosis with dilated pelvis.At least one calculus is seen within the PCS of each kidney measuring <\=5.1mm.No evidence of significant ureteric dilation seen on either side.I want to know what this means and the treatment for it please. Thank you.

  355. Prashant kumar roy says:

    Sir i am suffering with 6mm of echogenic mass acaustic shadow in left kidney so please suggest me hoemeopathic medicine is usefull or not please suggest me sir

  356. V. Raghavendra says:

    Sir, I am suffering from kidney stone problem now I am using homeopathy treatment three years back I suffered from kidney stones now again I am suffering kindly suggest me permanent treatment.

  357. kiran thorat says:

    nice want to now mora

  358. I am 65 years aged Indian woman. I am suffering from sugar, pressure, but now controlled by medicine. presently i am suffering from disturbed unination. I am taking ALFOO 10mg 1 tab. at night and SOLITEN 05 mg after breakfast. My USG reprot shows, “right kindey measures: 80.4 mm x 36.2 mm while left is: 66.2 mm X 40.2 mm” aling with the impression as ‘Cortical echo is increased with altered cortico-medullary differentiation. Prominent extra renal pelvis seen on right side measuring 9.6 mm in AP diameter, diminishing after void’. In this connection I request you kind advice.

    • I am 65 years aged Indian woman. I am suffering from sugar, pressure, but now controlled by medicine. presently i am suffering from disturbed unination. I am taking ALFOO 10mg 1 tab. at night and SOLITEN 05 mg after breakfast. My USG reprot shows, “right kindey measures: 80.4 mm x 36.2 mm while left is: 66.2 mm X 40.2 mm” aling with the impression as ‘Cortical echo is increased with altered cortico-medullary differentiation. Prominent extra renal pelvis seen on right side measuring 9.6 mm in AP diameter, diminishing after void’. In this connection I request you kind advice.

  359. Sukhpartap singh says:

    Sir i m suffering from kidney stone of approx 13*5 mm.
    Which medicine is best for me or operation is best option???

  360. Mohammed Basith says:

    Hello Sir! I’m one of the kidney stone patient suffering for the last 2 year.Is it safe to take China 1000 homeopathic medicine for permanent stone removal or is there any medicine which will remove the stones permanently & there is also a burning sensation in urine.Thanx sir, waiting for ur Reply Sir.

  361. jeyamurugan says:

    sir, this is jeamurugan, i a using berberis vulgaris mother tincture for kidney stones which is 8 mm in size. Due to this stone, i am having hydronephrosis. how long it will take to dissolve stone fully.

  362. dear Doctor
    I have urine stone and USS fond that stone blocks the urinary track.
    currently my doctor recommended following medicine along with minimum 3 l water to be intake

    divolter 50 mg 2/d 10 days
    nucoxia 60mg 1 /d 10 days
    renom 20 1 /d 10 days
    urimax .4 1 day/ 1o days

    please advice your opinion and do you recomended divolter for this treatment

    b regards


    For all it is an important suggestion that there is no homeopathic or ayurvedic medicine which can treat stone of size more than 6mm in ureter surgery is always required
    Homeopathy can’t work on stones

    • Hello Dr. Sharma ji , I have a question,
      After having a ultrsound found 2 stones in my right kidney size 7mm & 19mm , what can I use to disolve these stones effectively and completely…


  364. Hello,
    how to take this medicine for stone?

  365. Valantino says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I have a question,
    After having a X-ray my Doctor found 2 stones in my left kidney, what can I use to disolve these stones effectively and completely…


  366. sumon datta says:

    Sir mari both kidney ma stone hai 4mm pain nahi hota pichla 7years se hai yea problem bohot medicine liya nikalta ha phir ho jata ha ma kya karu

  367. S. GOPALAKRISHNAN says:

    Sir, I was kidney stone for last 3 years back size 17mm that time go to hospital so that remove the stone next pain was start my friend suggested to homeo medicine berberis vulgeris I take the medicines for one year back stone removed very good effect sothat I want berberis vulgeris but this medicine come three type of power then what medicine will be correct please tell me the name and power.

  368. hello
    i m 21 year, i hve a 17mm stone in my, bladder nd many small stones in kidney,i took homoeopathic medicine bt it do not wrk, nd my pain becme worse, so i ceases my treatment, nd now i m unable to micturate, my urine cme in drop nd i m also suffering from constipation, becz of dis i stop taking too much of water, nd now i m suffering from pain in abdomen, pelvis, penis nd area above bladder,
    plzz tell me what should i do, what should i take, or should i take plenty of water or not becz, urine is not passing freely it cms in drop, nd i had to go 18 20 times in a hour for passing urine
    plzzz tell me what diet should i take, nd should i continue my homoepathic medicne…

  369. Jawed Akhter says:

    My name is Jawed Akhter & am 65 years old.
    My Ultrasound report dt. 20.03.16 shows that single small stone measuring 0.7cm is seen in left kidney. Please advise me should I take homepath medicine Berberis Q=1x. If yes how many drops & how long?
    As I have already bought this medicine but not used.
    2ndly Ultrasound report also shows that ” Enlarged Prostate Gland” measuring 4.7×3.8×3.3 CM with weight of 31.8 grams. Prevoid 573 ml post void 18.0 ml. as compared to previous report dt. 05.12.15 it was improved because I am taking homepath medicine named Clematis 200 5 drops in 20 ml water daily half an hour before Breakfast & Lunch since last one month . previously prostate was measured 4.9×4.0x3.1 cm Prevoid 280 ml post void 130 ml.
    Apart from the above, I am a heart patient & had Angioplasty in 2003. I am doing daily one hour morning walk for about 4 KM without break since then & also taking Alopath medicines viz. Tenormin 25 mg 0+0+1/2 , Tritace 2.5 mg 1+0+1/2 , Ascard-75 1+0+0 ,Plavix 75 1+0+0 , Rolip 10mg 0+0+1 Zyloric 100 mg 0+0+1 Centrum silver, cod liver Oil 0+0+1
    I have also problem of Impotence & Libido since December 2015. During investigation of hepatitis E virus it was found in Dow Lab report dt.17.01.16 that IgG was positive & IgM as Negative. Medical Practitioner prescribed alopath medicine “ICONE” which was taken for a week. Thereafter these tests were repeated through AKHU lab, both were negative.
    now these tests have beeb repeated through DOW lab, report is awaited on 28.03.16.
    In the meantime I took a single dose of Homepath medice namely Lycopodium CM in this week in order to improve Impotency & Libido
    Others Labs reports Dt. 20.03.16 are as under
    Fasting sugar 107
    HB AIC 6.7
    HB 16.7
    ESR 3
    cheletrol 137
    HDL 34
    cretinine 1.22
    urea 36
    uric acid 6
    Protein 6.2
    calcium 9.2
    Album 3.65
    A/G ratio 1.7
    B.P is normal. Doing Office job under tension

    keeping in view of the above circumstances, please advise me your valuable suggestions
    Best regard

  370. D.R. SRINIVAS RAO says:

    Dear Sir

    It is diagonised through CT Scan that I have a 5mm Calculus in my Right UV Junction. The doctors have said that it will pass through urine and that I have to take lot of fluiid. Sir Kindly let me know whether there is any treatment in Homeopathy. How many days it would take to get rid of this problem. Please Let me know at the earliest and also provide me the address and your contact No Sir. Kindly treat this as urgent. My mobide No is 9663168236.

    thanking you in anticipation of an early reply


  371. Pragya Upadhyay says:

    Sir, My friend Shubham Shukla is suffering from “Right vesico ureteric junction calculus is seen meas 6.4mm with mild hydroureteronephrosis”
    “The calculus is seen in mid pole of right kidney meas 5.2mm” can be possible to dessolve without surgery? Can it be cured by homeopathic medicine?
    Thnking you

  372. P.S.Thakur says:

    i have 15 mm right upper ureteric calculus in left kidney and 8 mm right renal calculus in right are homepathic medicine are good for me

  373. sagar suman says:

    i have stone in kidney 7mm please sujjest me the name of medicine .

  374. Kanwarjeet singh says:

    Right Kidney shows 6 mm calculus at middle calyx.

  375. manish kr pathak says:

    I have a 22 mm stone in my right kidney .
    Can it be cured with homeopathy medicine

  376. indrajeet narain singh says:

    I am taking bargeris valgaris for remedy of
    Kidney stone

  377. vijendra Singh shekhawat says:

    sir,last year as per sonography report there is big 45×45 mm stag-horn calculus in inferior calyx of right kidney, i am unaware about this,suddenly profuse bleeding start from my right nostril.then i admit to hospital then i have come to know about this stone, then it is removed by operation. After operation i have problem there is bubling sensation below right eyes,yellowish discharge from nose, tongue become pale due to discharge,severe pain on the lateral side of right eye extend upto head. After PNS xray report no abnormality seen.After brain MRI no abnormality seen.Now today i have 10 mm stone in inferior calyx of right kidney and small stone in left kidney.WHAT CAN I DO SIR,

  378. For me 1.9cm right side of kidney if I take homeopathy treatment how many days it will cure I feel so painy

  379. sir my father suffering right kidney stone pain last few days dr says stone size is 19 mm sir can be possible one dissolve without surgery leas reply me

  380. Sir i have stone 11mm in my left kidney lower uerter and heavily pain from 3 days in my kidney
    But now i have no pain
    What should i do
    Please suggest me

  381. Naviin K Aahujja says:

    Revered Sharma Sir

    Blessings to you

    I have 20.1mm stone in my left kidney lower calyx,
    I have been taking berberis ans sarsaparilla fo last 1 year
    20 drops twice daily

    But earlier my stone was 18mm which in my latest ultrasound I.e on 9th Mar 2015
    It’s 20.1mm

    Please support and guide so as I don’t need to get operated

    Looking forward to supportive Response from your end

    Take care

    God Bless


  382. rishi kumar yadav says:

    sir I use berberis vulg q for my right kidney 10 mm stone sir I ask to u what avoide for my this medicines

  383. Atta Rehman says:

    Dear Dr. I have two stones in my left kidney which are 11 mm in total size. They are in junction of dialated urethral collection system. They are obstructing my left kideny drainage system and left kidney has hydronephrosis and size is also approximately 13 cm in size. If I take extra fluid there is pain in my left kidney.I have gone through one session of lithotripsy as well. Before this size of stone was almost 2 cm in total. I don’t want to go for another session as it is painful. I am now taking Dr.Reckeweg Renocalcin R 27. Please suggest what should I do.

  384. sp Singh says:

    My son is having kidney stones in left kidney size is6.5mm to 7.3mm please tell about homeopathic remedy for this pl advise
    He is in calcutta now.

  385. paramjit says:

    sir my mother is having a 16*9 mm calculus in her left uretero vesical junction.what should she do to avoid surgery.please help.

  386. Hariom meena says:

    Sir, I have 11mm nd 7mm stone in right nd left kidney according to my checkup in Sept. Month.I passed to 4 operation . Two operation in 2008 nd two in 2013 .so I am not want suffer from operation.plzzzz tell me any sujjestion.

  387. Priyanka Patel says:

    Hello sar;
    My grand father have 18 mm stone in vesico ureteric junction in left kidney.. With vomiting also.. So; please suggest remedy to melt that stone. & spleenomegaly is also there.

  388. Ayesha Siddika says:


    I am 25 years old and an USG report (22.2.16) of my whole abdomen is saying that I am caring a 0.62 cm size stone in my right ureter. My urine color is red and seems to me it has blood. I am taking 5-6 litters of water per day from the report date.

    I need to know your advice to remove this stone without any operation. Please help me.

    With best regards,

  389. Saurabh sharma says:

    6mm calculi stone and with 5mm … remedy can help it… or should go for surgery

  390. Parmeet says:

    Respected sir,
    I have 4.3mm stone in my left kidney and in right kidney also but size of right kidney’s stone is unknown. I am 19 and my problem is hereditary from my father. Please suggest me medicine and its dosage.

  391. respected sir

    i have 2.2 mm stone in my right kidney how can treat this

  392. srikanth says:

    Hi sir,
    My mother have stone in her kidney the stone size is 27mm. can you please suggest me by Homeopathy will the stone melt?
    is it useful for her.


  393. Ajay Kumar says:

    Last month I had my ultra sound (KUB) which shows a 34 mm cyst in mid pole region in left kidney. Will Homeopathy treatment help in removing the above cyst. Please suggest some medicine.

  394. vijay kumar says:

    I Have a stone of 7 mm in my left kidney I am 32 year . treatment to remove stone

  395. I have a stone of 8.8mm in my left kidney.I am 40 yrs .
    Drs say that it can only be removed by surgery.Many have suggested Berbers Vulgaris …kindly let me know the dosage and when to take it.

  396. Shailesh Kumar says:

    Left VUJ calculus of 7.6mm seen with mild hydronephoris and hydroureter seen.
    Please sent solution.

  397. Niranjan Kalita says:

    Dear sir,

    I am 40 yrs now and had undergone removal of stone from left ureter 2 yrs back. A stone of 6mm was being found in the right kidney not disturbing was kept intake and said by the Urologist that keep on check after 3 months as it doesn’t have route to come out. What you suggest?

    keeping stone of 6mm in kidney for more yrs is not good what is the solution to bring it out.

    Niranjan Kalita
    Campus Principal
    Guwahati Assam

  398. bishakha biswas says:

    I have had both abdomen pain for some time 3 weeks from now, i suspected some kidney issue had a USG of KUB done and understand there are small size calyceal calculi seen in both kidneys. calculus measures 5.0 mmand 4.6 mm. But the Dr did not give me any medicine for that i am prone to high BP High Sugar Thyroid .please advise .
    i still have pain very often though its not too intense but alarming me


  399. Nitay yadav says:

    1cm kidney stone left lower calxy.

  400. i have had right abdomen pain for some time 3 months from now, i suspected some kidney issue had a medical check up done and understand thee are 2 no of 4 mm stone stationary on my right kidney bu the doc did not give me any medicine for that i am prone to high uric acid and i got tab for lowering my uric acid alone .please advise .
    i still have pain very often though its not too intense but alarming me


  401. Mohendra Sharma says:

    I have 1.4 cm stone is in R. K lowar pole coylx….can homeopathy medicine cure…please advise

  402. Sujit Haldar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My ‘CT Scan of KUB’ Report : A 7mm calculus is seen at right pelvi ureteric junction, please give me advice or surgery is necessary.

    Age: 33 years
    Sex – Male
    Weight- 81 kg

  403. Tariq ibrahim says:

    Good Morning Doctor,

    I am having 7 mm two stone(calcium oxalate) in uritor tube . It can be removed by homoeopathy medicine. Please let me know at the earliest. I shall be thankful. Ultrasound be done on 11th February,2016 then I came to know.
    tariq ibrahim

  404. VIJAY KUMAR says:

    A 7mm size renal calculus on right kidney ,give me advice or surgery is necessary



  406. Swadesh kumar gupta says:

    my wife has a kidney stone of 24 mm size she was operated but operation failed . so what should be my step….?

  407. Garima Kochhar says:

    Good evening Doctor,

    I am having 3-5 mm gallbladder stone. It can be removed by homoeopathy medicine. Please let me know at the earliest. I shall be thankful. Ultrasound be done on 11th February,2016 then I came to know.

  408. Left Kidney stone

    1) Size in X-Ray : 3.65cm
    2) Size in Sonography : 25.4mm

    Kindly suggest.

  409. vaibhav Thorat says:

    My age is 21 years. Today I done the sonography in that found the 5mm calculus in upper pole calyx with mild hydronephrosis of left kidney with upper ureter dilated to 7mm left mid ureteric calculas.

  410. Navaid Alam says:


    Dear Doctor,

    My age is 35.5 yrs. Yesterday Ultrasound diagnose 1 kidney stone of 4.3 mm in mid pole of my left kidney. All other organs are working fine. I want to take your advice. How much potency & dosage of Berbaris I should take for easy and without pain elimination of stone? Should I take Cantharis 30 along with Berberis ?

    I will be very thank full to you.

    best regards


  411. Hello Dr. SHARMA,
    My wife is 35 years old n she has 19mm and 7mm stone in her right kidney some dr. Says it can be removed by homeopathy and some says it can’t.
    Pls advise what should we do????

    Dinesh thakur

  412. Rajen Domadiya says:

    Dear sir,

    My father is kidney stone patients 2 month ago.his report is left side upper uretaric stone size 8 mm, & mild prostate enalargment. Sometimes my father left side pain.& gas acidity problem.please help me to how to remove kidney stone without surgery’s. He take now aryudevic treatment. Please Replay to mail inbox

  413. muhammad saleem says:

    i have kidney stone in right side 2.2 cm in renal please advise for medicine

  414. Anil Kumar Gupta says:

    My son 29 years was operated recently for removal of right side 7mm stone in ureter on 24 January 2016. He also have 3 to 4 mm stones in his left kidney. Kindly suggest the best homeopathy medicine for removal of left side kidney stones and stopping of further development of stones in kidneys.
    Anil Kumar Gupta

  415. Sir plz can u tell m whats the actual (scientific reason) mechanism work behind it how the homoeopathic medicine expelled the renal stone??? Thanks

  416. Hello sir ,
    I’m having 10mm stone in gall bladder n some small stones . So I want to know that if it can be treated with Berberis vulgaris ( homeopathy medicine ) .

  417. K Haj-Hussein says:

    Hello, Dr. Sharma.

    I have a (first occurrence) 10 mm stone in my UVJ. I am a 48 year old female. I would like to know if in your opinion 1. it can be treated homeopathically and 2. what happens if it does descend to the bladder? Once there, would it just stay as is in the bladder?


  418. Hello Dr sir,
    my father aged 58,was affected by kidney was placed at left upper ureator size 20.8 mm.Sir plz guide me, if it’s cure by homeopathy or allopathy

  419. Monica Fernandez says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    MY mother recent came to know after the sonography. report there kidney stone measuring 4.0.
    Dr. can you advice what treament to take for my mother present kidney stone.

  420. Agam subba says:

    Hello, sir i am Agam subba from Gangtok, Sikkim i had upper part kidney problem with 5.7 mm calculi since 2013. I had gone to hospital after relieft and doctor gave me some medicanes and he said me to take too much water. But it cant be changed i had take 2/3 ltrs of boiled water a day and iam not saticfied about it. After 3 year i had same problem in stomach and again i done ultrasound but i m sucked that neither large nor be small it is same as it. Please i need your suggestation how it will remove recently having pain help me please nt only me but all the people who faced the pain during the time.

  421. Varun kumar says:

    Dear sir
    My name is varun kumar fro shimla himachal Pradesh I have read your article about kidney stones. I have kidney stone problem since 2013 many times I have pain and I have tried my medicines ayurvedic but it did not help as expected and currently I am having homeopathic medicine but I am still having this pain. Since 2013 I have kidney stones in my Right kidney from 5 mm it has gone now to 23mm and multiple stones my age is 30 height 5’7 weight 62 kg
    I want to know that can it be cured from medicine or I have to go under surgery

  422. Sir
    I have stone in left kideny 6.4 mm 3.4 mm at lower calyax and mid calyax and in right kidney 5.8mm at ureater junction that create pain .I am using barbaric vul. From last 20days .may u help me to dissolve these stone

  423. premkumar says:

    Hello sir I am 26 year old.recently I had stomach pain and doctor advised me to take the scan report it is said that there is 14mm stone on right renal near uv advised me to go for laser treatment.but I heard that there is medicine that could dissolve the stone.kindly give ur opinion sir.what type of treatment I have to take sir .

  424. Raghavendra says:

    sir i have stone in lt.kidney 8mm how to remove in medicene

  425. G.V.K.Rao says:

    Sir I am having 7mm stone in my right kidney how to reduce by medicene

  426. Sorry forgot to add that she also has 2 smaller stones in her kidney, as well as the 6mm in utuer. Stones are all on the left side. Please advise.

  427. My 85 yr old mother has a 6mm kidney stone in utuer causing blockage. The doctors here have recommended surgery. Due to her age and failing health, we are searching other options. She did not feel the stone go down, it’s approximately 1/2 way in utuer. Due to the blockage she had x3 severe urinary track infections and slight bleeding. She is diabetic, and has calcification of her carotid artery.

    In researching the various types of treatments, I have learned that in India, homeopathic medicine works for this. I read a article in the India Times about a woman who had a 11mm stone pass in 3 weeks with homeopathy. Please Dr. Sharma advise

  428. Dear sir,

    i am suffering from a problem of frequent urination.. A sensation that my urine is not clear. I went to seek homeo medical practitioner help…
    Se suggested me chelidonium q and ber is vulgar is q.. .. But after few days of taking the medicine i feel slide pain in my left flank .. Mainly arises while urinating….. And slide swelling of my left flank. Shall i contiinue berberis vulgar is. Or is it a side effects of the medicine.
    Thank u.

  429. amit Yadav says:

    Sir 3 months se berberis vulgaris medicine le raha hu par sahi nhi hue stone….pain bhi bahut hota ha

  430. I am suffering for 23MM kidney stone in left kidney.Any medicine in homeopathy for cure 23MM kidney stone without surgery.

  431. Avleen kaur says:

    I have a kidney stone problem. I have 9mm and 7mm stone in my right side kidney and 4mm and 5mm in my left side now I want to what precautions should I take and please tell me does tomatoes seeds is a problem or tomato itself is a problem and berberis vulgaris is solution of any kind of stone problem
    Please advise and waiting for your eagerly reply

  432. Dear doctor,
    I have been told that I have a stone in both the right and left kidney. Require your advise if this can be treated with medicine instead of surgery.
    A filling defect is noticed in the right mid pole and left lower pole calyx measuring1 7 to 18mm.

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    Dr. Morgan Jackson
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  434. Md. Aminul Islam Khadem says:

    Dear sir I have a problem of kindey stone. .
    And the left kindey stone is 5mm and 4mm ..3.5mm ….and left side kindney stone is 4 to 9 mm and smaller is 4 mm…..
    one stone come to urator. how to remove that stone early by homopathic.
    Is it possible 2 cure in homeopathic medicine
    …. plz replay sir….

    • Shaila Arya says:

      Dear doctor,
      I have been told that I have a stone in both the right and left kidney. Require your advise if this can be treated with medicine instead of surgery.
      A filling defect is noticed in the right mid pole and left lower pole calyx measuring 7 to 8mm.
      Shaila Arya

  435. khajapeer says:

    Dear sir I have a problem of kindey stone. .
    And the right kindey stone is 19mm and 5mm ..4mm ….and left side kindney stone is 8 to 9 mm and smaller is 4 mm…..
    Is it possible 2 cure in homeopathic medicine
    …. plz replay sir….

  436. ANIL RATHOD says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering from kidney stone size of 7.8 mm in lower ureter, it can pass naturelley or not please advise me asap
    doctar given medice me tamfil-s

  437. Hello Sir,
    I am a 65 yrs old male suffering with recurring kidney stones. In past 2 years, twice undergone for lithotripsy for left & right kidney stones of sizes 12-14 mms. Now again having stones in both the kidneys, size 6-8 mms.
    I took homeopathic med for about 2 months, no suitable results.
    I am diabetic and patient of Myasthenia Gravis. Kindly suggest the suitable course of treatment.

  438. Bhanupriya says:

    Sir my husband is having 4 mm stone in right side of kidney at mid pole.he is suffering from last 1 year plz suggest he tr.ird many medicines but no use. Thanks sir.

  439. Vishal gupta says:

    Hello doctor my age is 31years old from Karnal haryana. I am suffering kidneys stones in both.Three three stones in both .Largest size is 23mm & smallest is 8mm. Plz help me how to remove the stones

  440. shailendra mandwe says:

    I have calcium stone in kidney and lower side so please suggest medicine to dissolved it

  441. Hi
    Mom has 6 mm stome in left symptoms at all
    I ordered berberis vulgaris 30c in liquid form
    How many drips should she take per day for it to dissolve

  442. Daer sir i am suffering from RT side kidney stone 14.2mm docter are advised to laser operation but i cant need operation so plz give me some advise

  443. Javed Iqbal says:

    Dear Sir, i am suffering of severe pain in my both kidneys.. as per ex ray there exist 1.5 cm stone in my left kidney.. Kindly advise medicines how to crush the stone without operation…

    • Sir
      I have stone in left kideny 6.4 mm 3.4 mm at lower calyax and mid calyax and in right kidney 5.8mm at ureater junction that create pain .I am using barbaric vul. From last 20days .may u help me to dissolve these stone

  444. vijay singh says:

    my wife suffering from Rt.kidney stone 15mm , if taken homepathy medicine can reduce the stone plz suggest me

  445. N K BISWAS says:

    Dear Sir I am effected by kidney stone. I have one 15 mm stone at left lower ureteric tract.And 4 stone 10mm at left kidney, 5mm 3 No’s at Right Kidney.Alopathy doctor are advised to laser operation or surgary. But I am so afraid by any surgery.Please advising me that may be possible by homiopathy medicine to remove of my 15mm stone from ureter tract.I will going to hospital for surgery on 15 Jan 2016.But it possible to remove all my some from kidney and ureter tank So please sir emmidiate advice me. Thanking You. Mob 07771008719.

  446. Mohd Abbas says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My mother has 19mm stone(calcium) and doctor said she has CKD. its been 2 year to suffer from this decease.She has 10 dialysis almost in 2 years but now she is fine but doctor don;t want to remove stone from kidny thru operation, but some doctor say that its cause of stone she has if we remove stone then she will be fin she don’t have CKD and some doctor say that there is no need to remove stone she has CKD she will need Transplant.

    Mohd Abbas

  447. Suresh muttungal says:

    I’ve have calculus at lower pole calyx on my left kidney of 3.3mm.Is possible to remove stone by homeo medicine or should need to go for surgery.

  448. shaiz khan says:


  449. sanjay madhukar says:

    I have a staghorn kidney stone of 24mm at the lower pole of right some time low back pain and some uti infection I know the stone only one month ago . can it be cure without sugery can homeopathic medicine desolve the stone?

  450. Pawan Kumar Meena says:

    Hello sir,

    I am Pawan Kumar and i live in delhi. i have two kidney stones in my right kidney about 6.1mm and 7.6mm and one stone in my left kidney that is of 5.6mm. please suggest which medicine should i start taking for breaking the stone and for pain arising due to stones.

  451. Ram Barman says:

    hi sir,
    I have multiple stone in my
    right kidney and size about 5
    mm, pls suggest what medicine
    will be the best.

  452. sagar kamble says:

    My self sagar Kamble I m from Mumbai and brother have a kidney stone which is stuck in side the kidney & their size near about 16 mm so please tell which medicine and treatment helpful for it please tell me fast ….

  453. Alisha Sharma says:

    I am a 16 yrs old girl I had been diagnosed with kidney stones a year before 1 month ago I had a sonography done then 4 stones were there of 3,3.5,3.7 and 4.7 I am taking homeopathy treatment but it is of no use I hav been suffering from severe pain yet please suggest something thank you

  454. Veronica muntode says:

    Iam Diabetic patient with Bsf 268.80 and Bspp680. 20 Having Kidney stone of 10.5 mm plz Give me the Suggestion to Treat the Kidney stone

  455. Hello Sir,
    I am facing a kidney stone problem in my both kidney’s since seven years. I have passed a stones most of times but it recreates again after 4/5 months. Which leads a severe pain. I have checked the lab analysis of stones these are calcium stones. Please suggest me the best options to get rid of it completely.


  456. Avijit saha says:

    hi sir,

    I have multiple stone in my right kidney and size about 4-5 mm, pls suggest what medicine will be the best

  457. I have 17mm stone in left kidney &33mm stone in left kidney my prostate gland is also enlarged. I am 62year old. Please suggest me the best.

    • Joseph Vimal says:

      Hi Sir,

      I am 38 yrs old and have a 24mm kidney stone.
      I have undergone Angio 4 years back.I had kidney stones 15 years back.Please let me know how homeopathy can help in solving my problem.


  458. Hyderismail says:

    i had 9mm kidney stone, is it possible through remove urine…?

  459. kamlesh dave says:

    i have 12.6 mm stone in uvj. doctor told me to go for an operation but i dont want this.

    my no. 9610679583
    i find your instrution helpfull.
    plz reply sir

  460. Chandra Milan says:

    Respected Sir,
    I m suffering from kidney stone calculi in both side (lower pole) of kidney and size is 4 mm. may please advise for homeopathy medicine.

    Thanks & Regard

    Chandra Milan

  461. NIRMAL SONI says:

    Left kidney shows mild-moderate hydronephrosis with dilated ureter. A calculus of 5.6*4.8mm is noted at UV junction. Advise me treatment thnx

  462. I am taking homeopathy medicine for kidney stone from 5 months. My stone get smaller. But I am feeling burning sensation in my kidney region.should I take this medicine further.

  463. Ultrasound Report shows
    *A calculus measuring 4.9mm noted at lower pole of the right kidney.
    How to cure this problem?
    44yrs M

  464. Chandan Sharma says:

    Hello sir
    I m suffering fron renal calculi in both side of renal and size is 4mm . And fogey urine i pass pls give the good homeopathy medicin and its does

    Chandan sharma

  465. Venkataraman says:

    Dear sir,
    I am having recurring problem in getting kidney stone. At present l undergone scan due to pain and report says that Right gross hydroureteronephrosis secondary to themid ureteric calculus measuring 1.1×0.6 cm and left kidney calculus measuring 3.1 mm seen in the midpole. My question is it possible to remove stones from homeo medicine. Somebody suggest for surgery.kindly give your opinion.
    Thanking u

  466. prem yadav says:

    hello sir my stone is 5 and 6 mm renel my right kedney please tell me why can do and suggested

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  469. Nazima Hamidani says:

    My name is nazima.Ihave 18 mm stone in renal pelvis in my right kidney .I have no pain in my kidney right now .I have diabeties also . My diabeties is 240 pp. Please suggest me what to do.

  470. Vijay pandey says:

    Pl note that right now I am suffering with kidney stone 2cm 3.2 mm 5.1 mm on right side.

    Kindly suggest me operation is required for this .

  471. Muhammad Javed says:

    I have been suffering from kidney stone for last many years I have many stones in both the kidneys measuring 5mm 4mm 9mm I have started taking berberies vulgaris can I consume China 1000 alongwith this medicine.

  472. Anil kumar says:

    Hi sir, I have 10mm stone in my left kidney. doctor has suggested me surgery or stone blasting. Is it any possible without surgery. Can i reduce the stone size with using homoeo medicines. If it is possible how much time it will takes. Please help me sir.
    Thank you sir.

  473. mohammed nasim ahmed says:

    i want to tretment soon

  474. pravin patil says:

    Dear Sir
    I have 14mm of stone in vu junction. By hemeo medicine cane we break the stone kindly answer for my question.

    thank you sir

  475. Prakash Teli says:

    Hi Sir my name is Prakash Teli i am suffering kidney stone from 1 month . Please tell me Homeopathic Medicine that can cure it . THANKS FOR HELP .
    1. Right uretero-vasical junction calculus (10 x 6 mm) causing mild hydroureter and hydronephrosis .
    2. Right renal single small calculus measuring 4 mm in size.

  476. Harmesh Mandvia says:

    Hi my father is a highly diabetic and he has been detected with 10 mm stone in his kidney and ball bladder.
    Kindly advice if there is a treatment to remove stone without a surgery.

  477. sahebrao wankhede says:

    Can tarter formation on gums be treated ? Have
    Heavy formation & saliva is acidic..

  478. Harwant Kaur says:

    My mother is suffering from kindey stones from last 10 years aged is 68 years .so many time we have taken treatment but again and again it occurs.

  479. My wife Mrs.Muthu aged 56 years is suffering from Urinary tract infection for the past 7 years.Originally it was diagnosed as Urinary Tract Infection and allopathic treatment was given strong antibiotics as prescribed in Urine culture test. After 3 years of recurring problems and treatment,she was referred to Urologist who had diagnosed the problem to be due to menopause and prescribed
    vaginal application of estrogen twice a week and TAB FLOTRAL daily.This is being continued for the past 18 months. When she stopped taking the medicines ie both the above for a week the same problem has come again.Urologist says you have to take them continuously.
    We are afraid that taking estrogen supplement may be a risk factor for breast cancer.Her main problem is frequent urination and severe irritation before and after urination and irritation in the mouth and inside the urethra.
    I shall be thankful for your guidance in this regard

  480. Wen i read a bout foods high in oxalate To avoid kidney stones i find a lot of controversial statements so I am confused. I have calcium oxalate kidney stones. An example of contradictions in:

    High-oxalate fruits include berries, kiwis, figs, and purple grapes. Vegetables that contain high levels of oxalate include rhubarb, okra, leeks, spinach, beets, and Swiss chard.

    Increasing your calcium intake when eating foods with oxalate can help lower oxalate levels in the urine. Choose high-calcium dairy foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheeses. Vegetables can also provide a good amount of calcium. Choose broccoli, watercress, kale, or okra to increase your calcium levels.

    Thank you

  481. Sir I have 14mm of stone in vu junction. By hemeo medicine cane we break the stone kindly answer for my question.thank you sir

  482. imran malik says:

    Hello sir
    Mari right side kidney ma 3 stone ha 7mm 5mm 4mm left kidney sukar gay ha 7% function kaam kar rahi ha mari kidney theek ho sakti ha treatment advice sir

  483. mujeeb-ur-rehman says:

    i have 6.4mm stone in right ureter. i am taking homeopathy medicine. i feel severe pain at different times. how long it will take to remove from my ureter.

  484. Hello Sir,

    I had a 5 mm stone in my left kidney which got stuck in urine pipe & doctors removed the same with laser treatment. I dont want the same to happen again. In how much quantity & duration should i take the Berberis Vulg, so that the stone will not reoccur.


  485. Vanitha J.j.j says:

    Sir. My uncle kidney stone and lump 5.5 c.m .i no like opreation.what treartment do clinic pls advice sir.

  486. Iqbal ANsari says:

    my wife has 3mm stone in the right ureter and we have 20 day old baby..can she take Berberis Vulgaris. is it safe for the child..what home remedies can be done, lemon juice and olive oil. Please suggest…

  487. Iqbal ANsari says:

    my wife has 3mm stone in the right ureter and we have 1 20 day old baby..can she take Berberis Vulgaris. is it safe for the child..what home remedies can be done, lemon juice and olive oil. Please suggest…

  488. Pradip Kumar Singh says:

    Sir, My mother has stone on the left kidney since last 3-4 months having size 15 mm. Her age is now 62 years and diabetic patient also. Please advice me whether I will go for surgery or to use homeopathic medicine for remedies. Please suggest what the medicines she may use. Now she is taking R 27 homeopathic medicine.

  489. gajendra singh says:

    Sir mere right kidny me upper me 12mm or low m 8mm and left kidny m middle me 6mm ka stone h sir please solution me

  490. I am using k-cit syrup 15ml in the morning and another 15ml in the night
    So I’m suffering with diarrhea.can I take 10ml twice a day??

  491. gulshan BAJAJ says:

    R/sir I have multiple no of stone in my both kidney largest is 11mm. Please guide me for solution

  492. Shweta pereira says:

    Dr I ve 9 mm stone in right upper uereter !! Don’t want to undergo surgery ! Pls advice without surgery process .. Thnks Shweta pereira. 7506157999

  493. gautam jain says:

    I HAVE OCCURED from stone in pancrease and also in pancrease duct about stone r 15mm to 5mm and 7 to8 stone can it is remove with homeopathy medicine i have badly need pls reply

  494. Natalya Pradhan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have kidney stone of 9.3mm in my lower pole of my right kidney. I have no pain as of now . 3 months back the stone was 6.3mm do u recommend my visit to a urologist or should i wait and watch?

  495. shaikh imran says:

    Three stones me…one 10 mm ,,second 7mm …third 6 mm in kidny …ple reply & resolution in my question…. Best medicine advised

  496. sandeep agarwal says:

    hello sir
    dr i have a query about kidney stone .The size of stone is 9mm and it causes a severe pain at back which can’t be tolerable to me .As i am taking a treatment of homeopathy from last 6 months but i can’t get relief from that pain .So please suggest me that i should go through a surgery or go with homeopathy.

  497. 10 mm stone and 7mm left and same right side kidney

  498. Sir my mother has got 24mm size calculus should she undergo a operation?

  499. NAVEEN KAPOOR says:


    I have an 8 mm calculii in rt kidney and taking Berberis Vulgaris.Is it ok. Since I travel a lot how do i tacle the pain if it occurs while travelling in a flight or train.

    Thanking you


    Naveen Kapoor

  500. Rajeev Thaku says:

    sir ,my kidney stone size is 17mm . can i remove this size of stone with medicine.

  501. Sir, my kidny stone size 7mm it possible with out surgery kindly reply me

  502. 33mm stone in left kidney. Is it possible to treat without surgery.

  503. Baljinder kaur says:

    Hi,i have kidney stone 4.5cm and my doctor told me about surgery.can i remove without surgery? But i never feel any pain!i just have UTI again and again .Is any remedy for that ?

  504. sir my mom has kidney stone of siz 5.6mm ..can she pass it naturally? are there any natural remedies available?

  505. Mamchand Agrawal says:

    I have small stone in both side of kidney. Please guide me homeopathy medicine.

  506. Farhan.Khan says:

    Sir i have 9.4 mm kideney stone in my Right Kidney. I am Taking Homoepathy Treatment. Is it Removable Without Surgery???

  507. dilaver singh says:

    dear sir. my wife is 40years old. last year GB removed due to stone. now 7.8 mm calculus seen at vesicoureteric junction. is it possible to pass through medicine

    Dilaver singh

    • Kidneys are normal in size, a stone 8mm in lt. kidney and two concretions 4mm & 5mm are in Rt. Kidney. Please give the solution.

  508. Apphiya khati says:

    Hollow Dr
    My mother suffering from left Kidney 14 mm sized calyceal calculus problem. sir can you please give the suggestion….

  509. Sailesh kumar sah says:

    Sir, i am suffering from kidney stone from last 4 yrs in my right part of kidney in mid calyx. Its size is 1cm. I hav used homeopthy mdcn like R27, burberis vulgaris and many more medicines..i hav also allopathy mdcn also..but it does not hav any affect. Sir i dont know wat should i do. sir, giv me the proper solution or process to dissolve out the kidney stone… Please reply sir

  510. Rajesh Desai says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My father is suffering from kidney and bladder stone which is 26 mm in size. His age is now 62 +. And they also suffering from urine infection. And I want to solve this problem without operation. So please suggest me any Homeopathic medicines for recovery of my father.

    • Harish Rana says:

      Sir, I have 3 stones in my kidney, 2 are of 21mm & 1 is of 18 mm in size. Do I get some effective prescription in homeopathy?

      I am taking Berberis Vulgaris, Hydrangea & Lycopodium . Are these medicines enough effective or have to make some changes…

      Pls guide me wid ur best preacription.

  511. sir ihad a 5mm kidney stone please tell what should i do whether homeo or ayur or etc

  512. AjithKunamar says:

    Hi DR,
    I have multiple stone on both kidney. I am having severe pain. What is your suggestion to solve this problem?

  513. Daniel Choudhury says:

    my wife suffering bileteral kidney stones 6mm to 7mm, how this problem will solved by the treatment of homeopathy medicines.

  514. A patient having ellergy from dust and often have sinusitis having DNS
    patient ke kabhi aik side band hoti ha kabhi nose ke dosari,plz guide patient name farzana and age 30

  515. Rajagopalan Rangachar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am R. Rajagopalan R stayin at Mumbai, Kandivali (East), Lokhandw1ala Tow1nship, Akurli Road, Kandivali(East), Mumbai – 400101.
    Recently one of my cousing had been to USA to meet his son and be with his grand daughter.
    During this time he got shooting pain in kidney and Doctors at USA told him to get operated or else the kidney will burst. he immediately booked his Air Ticket and returned to Bangalore.
    Then called him to asked about his details of Operation.
    He told me that after coming to Bangalore he did not get operated and he went to Homepothystore and purchased one bottle of “CLEAR STONE” an liquid and he consumed for a week and he became Alright. and he advised me you purchase “CLEAR STONE” from Homeopathy Medical Store.
    Since I stay at Mumbai I could not find a store of Homeopathy Store.
    My wife was having the problem Alopathy Doctor gave medicine and took X-ray and it took months and was having pain.
    My Daughter-in-Law is at USA and she has kit all full of Homeopathy cure for all types of illeness and she uses it for self her daughter..
    Can you please give the address of homeopathy store.
    My E.mail ID and Mob. No. +91 9833655357.
    Please advice where I can get the kit of medicine and also “CLEARE STONE” for Kidney Stone.

    With Best Wishes and Warm Regards,
    R. Rajagopalan,
    8-B-603, Alica Nagar CHS., Ltd. Lokhandwala Township,
    Akurli Road, Kandivali (East) Mumbai – 400101, India, Maharashtra
    Mobile No. 9833655357

  516. Thanks Rick,We try to accommodate our users wiehss. I’m glad that you will be able to tell his story.After talking with you on the phone it became quite apparent that his story should not be forgotten. There are thousands of other people with stories just as awesome as his and at GraveDATA we will see to it that The Story Behind the Stone is recorded for future generations.Rob Teed

  517. Ashraf Ahmed says:

    My both kidneys have stone. 4.5 and 2.0 mm respectively. What should I take for how long and what is the amount. CT scan shows I have stone. I have no pain what so sever.

  518. anil kumar says:

    I have 10.7mm stone can remove it by homepethy or English medicine pls suggest me

  519. V D Pandey says:

    I have 4 mm stones in each of my right and left kidney. Kindly suggest me some proper and effective homeopathic medicine for treatment of these stones early. Doses each time and number of times the medicine is to be taken each day may also be mentioned along with precautions to be taken while taking the medicine. Thanks.

    V D Pandey

  520. Abdul Riyaz says:

    I had 1 cm stone near to the uv junction can homeopathy medicine can help me. My doctor said to get surgery to remove the stones that stones cant pass through urine I am afraid of surgery so what is the other way

  521. santosh kumar says:

    Kidney stones problems

  522. venkateswara rao says:

    i have 19mm stone in right kidney.i sufering from pain at the time interval of 15 to 20 days.i have no vomiting sensation and blood in urine.please give your advise

  523. i have been diagnosed with multiple stones in my right kidney one measuring 9.6 mm. I m already having clear stone drops of homeopathy medicine. . which has cleared my one stone which was in pipe area of left kidney. ( measuring 6.8 mm). DO i need to continue the same medicine will it help to remove remaining stones. or i have to for surgery?

  524. Gurprit Singh says:

    I have a kidney stone at my right side.I dont want to go for a surgery. pls recommend me a good medicine

  525. Aysha Khalid says:

    Hello doctor sharma. I have pain in my right kidney moving all the way to my right pelvic region. My ultrasound results showed a 6 mm stone. I m 26 years old. The pain usually starts in the evening and I have this intense urge to urine at night. Please suggest me which medicine to take.

  526. Farhan Anjum says:

    Dear Dr. my kidney stone move to Urinary bladder so kindly guide me how this stone remove along with urine

    waiting your valuable answer

    Farhan Anjum

  527. Ravi Raiou says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a male aged 49 yrs, I developed renal calculi left kidney when I was 27 yrs of age. It was a very painful experience and I had to get it removed through lithotripsy and dormia basketing procedure. Last year I felt a mild pain on the right side.and USG Confirmed that I have two stones in my right kidney measuring 17mm & 5mm but it doesn’t give me any trouble.
    I request your goodself to kindly suggest treatment for me.
    Thanks & Regards
    Your Sincerely

    • shailendra singh says:

      Hello dr.
      in my Right kidney multiple 3-5 stone longest 12 mm and in Left kidney 2-4 longest 7mm are found in ultrasound .please suggest me whether I go with operation or any Homeopathic treatment is possible

    • Hello.. I am 26 yrs old male. There is 12.6 mm and 13.3 mm stone in my left and right kidney. Please suggest how much time will it take to complete cure of it..? Or do I need to go for operation or surgery to remove these stones from my kidney. .

  528. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am Neelam Singh 35 yrs . I am pregnant with 22 weeks of pregnancy. Three days back i got severe pain on my left side, i went to my gynecologist for this pain, she advised me for an ultrasound. in my ultrasound i got to know that there are two stones in my left kidney 7 mm and 11.6 mm( clumped each other).
    I want to know that is there any treatment for kidney stone during pregnancy ? is it safe for developing baby? Please solve my problem because i am very worried about this.


  529. syed samiullah says:

    sir I did ultra sound yesterday and the report says that “Both kidneys have small size calculi one in the left kidney is 7mm and those in the right kidney are two measuring up to 6 mm and 6.5mm”.Sir I search google and find ur website plz sir suggest some homeo medicine for cure my disease..

  530. Rakesh Kumar says:

    I am having stones of 6.5 mm & two or three
    others small in size in my both left and right kidney. little
    pain continues since last one year. I read
    about your homeopathic on Facebook. kindly
    guide me for the safe treatment of stone. I am
    of 34 years.
    thanx Sir

  531. Vikas Sharma says:

    Left kidneystone 17mm in lower caylax.

  532. Jai Hind Sir
    I am having stones of 6.5 mm & two or three others small in size in my left kidney. little pain continues since last one year. I read about your homeopathic on Facebook. kindly guide me for the safe treatment of stone. I am of 34 years.
    thanx Sir

  533. Ranjit Jana says:

    Few small (2.1-3.3cm)calculi/concretions are seen in bilateral renal calyces. Two 2.9mm and 2.5mm calculi are seen in left distal ureter with mild hydro-ureteros nephrosis.According two ultrasound whole abdomen. What can I do….Age 20 years

  534. Ranjit Jana says:

    Few small (2.1-3.3cm)calculi/concretions are seen in bilateral renal calyces. Two 2.9mm and 2.5mm calculi are seen in left distal ureter with mild hydro-ureteros nephrosis.According two ultrasound whole abdomen. What can I do….

  535. ishrat jahan says:

    Hello sir mere write kidney me 5.5 mm stone Hai plz kuch btaye ki ye nikal Jaye meri age 21 Hai mujhe roj subah subah drd hota h

  536. shailendra singh says:

    hello sir
    there are multiple stone found in my both kidney. longest measuring 12mm in RK and 7mm in LK.what medicine should i take. what can i do ,does i go for surgery.or take homeopathy treatment. please suggest me.
    thanking you sir

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  538. Recent i have a urine test and the report suggested that i have a albumin in kidney can i take berberis vul .

  539. Daniel Choudhury says:

    My wife having bileteral kidney stones,have any medicines regading this ? She is 42 years old .sound health height 5′ fts

  540. Nitin Yadav says:

    I have stone at PUJ joint
    and multiple kidney stone
    what treatment I can take

    which is most beneficial
    allopathy. homeopathy. or ayurveda

  541. Sir I have 10.7 mm size stone just below PUJ in right kidney and 4.3 mm also in right kidney. And 4.7 midsize in left kidney. Please advice me treatment.

    • Dear sir as per my sonography repot i have a 5 mm in my left side kidney and one 4 mm stone in urinal passage which creat pressur on my kidney.
      My ca final exams are coming after one month. And now i feel some pain on my lower part. Plz suggest any medicine plzz………

  542. RAVINDRA SINGH says:

    dear sir i have a 13 mm stone in my right sided upper uretor
    plz tell me how can i remove it from there plz sir

  543. Muhammad Shoaib Jan says:

    Dear Sir, referance is made from ultrasound report and IVU X-ray i have approximatly 17mm stone in right kidney which was only 7mm last year as per report. Similarly i have no sevair pain but the size is inrease day by day. So it is requisted that if there is some soluotion of my problem in homeopatic treatment than please advise me.

  544. 4-5mm calyceal calculi noted in left kidney
    pls suggests diet ,carrots intake food or not

  545. D.S. Gusain says:

    i have mild pelvecalyceal and ureteric dilation is on the right side. A 3.2 mm calculis in the lower calyx of the right kidney. A 2.8mm calculus is in the upper calyx and 2.9 mm & 5.9 calculi in the lower calyces of the left kidney . 5.2 mm calculus is in the right lower ureter app. 3cm proximal to the vesico-ureric junction.

    presently i am getting burburris bulgaris Q and canthrish 30.

    kindly prescribe me any kind of homeo medicine which is useful for kidney stone removal………..i shall be very much thankful.

  546. Doctor I am having 10/mm stone in ureter…I am having while passing urine….please help me sir …please

  547. Sir I have 10/mm stone dropped in ureter….I am having problem while urinating ….please help me please

  548. waqar ahmed says:

    sir, i have a kidney stone problem. Its size is 17 mm in my left kidney. kindly prescribe me any kind of homeo medicine which is useful for kidney stone removal………..i shall be very much thankful.

  549. M Babusana Singh says:

    USG report>Left kidney shows 1 to 2 small scattered calyceal concretions(large size <3.0 mm) with no associated pelvi-caliectasis. Please suggest me effective homeopathic medicine for this case. Thanking you.

  550. Taranjit Singh says:

    hello sir
    I am Taranjit I hv 6 mm stone in blender plz suggest any homeopathic medicine

  551. shakeelhussain says:

    I have 17mm stone in my left kidney the stone is now dropped into urinary tract .which dose of berberis vulgaris is suitable for me . Thanks

  552. I am suffering from gall blader stone 10 mm . please suggest & advise about the medicine of berberis vulgaris. I have used 2 little liquid bottle . please advise how much quantity or time use the medicine.


  553. Pradeep Harisinghani says:

    My wife has three stones 16mm, 5.8 mm, 4.7 mm in right kidney & one stone measuring 13 mm in left kidney. She is presently suffering from severe pain in right back to lower abdomen. Should we go for a surgery or take a homeopathic treatment. Can Berberis Vulgaris medicine dissolve such stones or other medicine should be taken? please suggest either homeopathic medicine or surgery? If Homepathic medicine, which medicine is effective in such case and how long it will take?


  554. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I have a stone in kidney about 4-6 mm sized and from last 4-5 month there is no pain but for couple a second I feel minute pain in my left kidney.

  555. Ravi Ranjan says:

    I ma taking berberis vulgaris and china 1000 for kidney stone from one year. Should I stop it or continue. Suggestions pls.

  556. joseph fernandes says:

    I have 4mm stone in my right kidney so i want fast medicine plz help

  557. Muhammad Ehsan Qureshi says:

    I have stones in my left kidney one stone once passed through urine with severe trouble. but the stone left over are now creating great pain.Dr.Sahaib kindly advise me best remedies to get rid of this problem.
    yours truly

  558. Dear Sir,
    I have a kidney stone of 4 mm from past 6-7 years. Doctors were always avoiding any kind of treatment and now when it is moved to urethral they want to do a surgery.

    Currently it is 5.6mm in size and it is in right side of urethral. I am taking Barbary Vulgaris from past 5 days twice a day.

    I have not yet received my appointment for surgery but hope I can pass it before doctor contact me. Could you please suggest me what should I do

  559. Radhey shyam dhanjal says:

    Sir pranaam
    Sir I have 8mm to 13mm stone in urine line
    Sir any treatment for crack this stone without any surgery

  560. hello dr sharma,
    I have stone in my left kidney of 14.7mm.

    please advise me the effective treatment.


    Narender Kumar

  561. Small left renal stones with mild to moderate hydronephrosis left kedney and acute obstructive nephropatht left kidney and left upper hydrous eternal due to left upper ureteric stone. Doctor suggested show path is homeopathy safe in this situation pain is severe but other conditions are normal. Sometimes heavyness felt in tummy

  562. I have calcium oxalate stone in my right kidney of about 8mm. Doctor has put me on medication of potassium citrate(k-cit), cystone syrup.
    The medication is going well, but the stone is still present.
    How can I get rid of the stone?
    Please do the needful and guide me to dissolve the stone.

  563. Rahul Khati says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I have 15 mm stone in my left kidney and I am confused whether to go for homeopathy or laser or shock treatment. I heard about this berberis vulgaris medicine and saw lot of reviews that it’s effective but I thought its better if I consult you if its really effective. Are there any side effects and in how many months I can get the 15 mm stone out of my body.


  564. NIRMOS KUMAR says:

    sir,i have done u/s,detected a 6 mm stone in my left kidney.what can i do?also tell me the medicine and potential and doses of Berberis Vulgaris .

  565. kalyan roy says:

    a 6 mm bright echo seen in left renal mid pole calyx. how to cure it?

  566. Nilakirupa says:

    Sir i had microlith at left kidney,and some calcification in right one. Sir pls help me to overcome this

  567. harekrishna majee says:

    how to remove and what type food allow & not allow for A tiny calculus of 4.9 mm seen in middle calyx of left kidny

  568. Hi Doctor., please advise where can i buy berberis vulgaris for kidney stone treatment.

  569. manzoor jamali says:

    dear sir
    my daughter is 8 y old. the stone size of 0.4 cm is in kidny
    si plz priscribe her homeo remedy.

  570. K Indra Pavan says:

    Sir i am having bilateral renal calculi 7-9mm and am undergoing homeopathic treatment(Berberis Vulgaris ). I am feeling energyless and its been 8 days since i was detected with stones. I dont have much leave left,can u please suggest me with better and fast alternate treatment
    Waiting in anticipation

  571. I am rohit 24years. I was suffering a problem last 1 week. Right side Scrotum have 4.4mm cysl, it show in stenography report . Right side testicle is very painful. Ans sensitivity is totally down of that portion. Could you please advice for the problem

  572. Dear Sir
    My mother is suffering from pain due to 9.6mm calculus in left upper ureter with hydroureter with dilated pcs.
    Could you please suggest next course of action.
    How she could get rid off pain and stone.
    Kindly support.

    With best regards

  573. ajay rounfa says:

    sir, मुझे left किडनी में 6.3mm stone है। मैं Neeri सिरप और टेबलेट्स दोनों उसे कर रहा हूँ। दोनों साथ लेने से नुकसान तो नहीं होगा? मुझे ये दवाइयाँ कब तक लेनी होगी?
    sir please advise देने की कृपा करें।

    • jaspreet singh says:

      Dear Sir,
      there is a multiple (4-5) stones with largest stone is 22.2mm in left kidney (mid lower calyces.
      how to get removed . please reply as soon as possible.

  574. Balkishan says:

    I have a 19 mm stone right kidny. 19 mm and below 5 stones are left kidney and uretor . pls help homeopathy can desilve it or not

  575. Sir,
    Six days ago, I had severe pain while urinating. First 2 days left and the 3rd day i had Ultrasonography of Abdomen, KUB and Pelvis and found a 12*10mm calculi seen in left U-V JN. Till scanning i had severe pain on every time I urinate (to scan I drunk 2 ltrs water) butafter Scanning my pain got reduced every time I urinate, without any intake of medicine or injection. A day after scanning there is no pain. Is there any chance of natural pass out of 12mm stone through urine? Please do reply me.. Based on your answer only I’ll move on to next step. Please do help me.

  576. Manoj Manhas says:

    I have been diagnosed with a calcium stone of size 7.9 mm in the middle third of the ureteus . I would like to know that is this can be removed by using homeopathic medicines of I have to go for a surgery. Kindly suggest what should I do?

  577. DR MOLLY JOSEPH says:

    Engineer Asorted: Dear Sir /Madam,

    St Stephen Kidney foundation
    Do you want to buy or sell your kidney for Money; St Stephen Hospital is currently in need of men and female donors for O+ve and A+ ve kidney donor. If anyone is willing to donate or buy kidney please contact us immediately and we shall compensate you with Rs 70Lahks or $180,000 USD for your Kidney.
    Interested donors should send us their full details.

    Dr Molly Joseph
    St Stephen Nephrologists

  578. Abul Kalam says:

    si I am suffring from ston in left side of kidny at above the ureter and belo the kidny what should be the treatment of it

  579. Abul Kalam says:

    si I am suffring from ston in left side of kidny at above the ureter and belo the kidny

  580. Amir Majeed says:

    Dear sir , do you have homeopathic treatment for renal stones , how long is the course and how early you can ship it , kidney stone size is 0.55 cm. regards. Amir Majeed

    Los Angeles

  581. please tell me sir ..I’m mahipal 26 men. i have 4mm kigney in both kignes. how to reduce this stones.

  582. rehmat khan says:

    age- 10 years
    multiple stones in left kidney
    please advise best potency of berberis vualgaris and repeatition

  583. susilkumarv says:

    we have calculus of 6.9mm is seen in the right lower ureter about 3.5cm from vesicoureteric junction so please

  584. Manish sharma says:

    Sir , this is manish from Pune.. I m having stones in both the kideny from past 5 years.. I used to go to urinate frequently.. Suffering from bleaching problem too.. Now I m taking calc.phosh 6x and burberis q .. Is this gud remedy to take? Pls help me out sir..
    Thanking you.

  585. Md. Shawan uddin says:

    Dear Sir
    I am from Bangladesh. I am 33 years old. From few days I have been suffering from right side abdomen pain. For this reason I have gone to the pathology for the investigation of whole abdomen of USG. For your kind knowing the main observation of the USG report is given as follows–

    Kidneys: Both are normal in size, shape & position with well defined cortex and medulla. No stone or pelvicalyceal dilation is noted in the left kedney. Moderate pelvicalycear dilatation is noted in the right kidney. Elonggated bright echogenic structure (10X05 mm) is noted at the pelvi-ureteric junction.

    Comment: Right PUJ stone with hydronephrosis.

    Dear Sir, Now I am in mental pressure. Need your kind consultation about my above USG comment and can I remove of the stone through the homeo medicine.

    With Regards
    Md. Shawan Uddin


  586. Piyush Sharma says:

    Hydronephtrosis due to two calculi at right renal pelvis measuring approx 6 mm and 11 mm and left kidney shows mild hydronephrosis? Mid lower ureter calculus

  587. MANOJ KUMAR JOHAR says:

    In my right kidney 15 mm stone can it dessolve by homeopathy medicine sir please tell me sir I m suffering from pain ..

  588. Raghavendra C says:


    I am Raghavendra, 33 years old.
    I have a Gall Bladder Stones of 9mm and 10mm and a kidney stone of 8mm all the 3 stones are present in the right side.
    When I checked with the Alopathy doctors they informed that I need to undergo an operation for removal of Gall Bladder.
    Currently I am taking Homeopathy medicine, Berberis Volg Q (10 drops for 3 times a day).
    Kindly advise if I take the medicines the stones will get dissolved or do I need to undergo operation??


  589. Sukhdeep Singh Mann says:

    Hello Sir….
    I sukhdeep Singh form Bathinda.I suffer from kidney stone on right side of 17.5 at PUJ.I already take 2 times medicine of homopathy but no result found.Please tell about proper treatment.

    Sukhdeep Singh

  590. seema bhatia says:

    I have multiple stones in left kidney 5. 68 mm n 3. 63 mm
    And 1 stone in right side 11. 92 mm plz tell me how to remove it plz wating for reply

  591. jayaprakash says:

    I have 4 mm stone in right kidney.i. Am taking
    Beriberris vulgaris 5 drops twice many months I should take. It.kindly advice kindly advice me for prostate enlargement medication.

  592. Awadhesh Gond says:

    mere right side urinal me 8mm ka stone hai plz iska ilaj bataiye

  593. Sir, I am having a 11.3 mm stone in left kidney and suffering a back pain. Please advice me should I go for surgical option or is there any treatment in homeopathy and how much time will take by homeopathy medicine.

  594. KIMTI LAL says:

    I have uric acid range 7.5 Pl. Rx. the suitable homeopathy Zerman made medicine.

  595. Narendra Yadav says:

    Sir meri kidny ke just pas me dono trf 0.4mm ki stone hai jo ki gal nhi rhi hai iski koi medicine bataiye please sir reply

  596. Dear sir
    I have a calculus of 12mm size is noted in lt kidney reual pelivis region

    Pl give advice

  597. gour guchhait says:

    Kidney stones 1mm5pc &undacosh pen

  598. Riaz Jalil says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I have 5mm stone in ureter and I want to remove this stone without any surgery apparition, endoscopy or ray.

  599. sandeep maurya says:

    left kidny swling. and must pain and urian pain.ihave long time drinking age is help me.i take in .medicen is naks vimika30=berberis vulgaris.

  600. Aamir hasan says:

    Sir meri kidny me 5mm and 14 mm patri h. Mere ko 2 saal ho gaye homeopetic treatment lete hue. Lekin zyada imprvoment ni hua. Pls say good advice to me.

  601. m suffering from 7.5 mm renal calculus….m too much worriet..actually ist it found in mid ureter bt aftr few days it will back to kidney…nw at kidney….! suggest me proper treatment .i quit my job due to dis

  602. Subrata Biswas says:

    I have been suffering calsific pancreatitis from 5 years

  603. jason sandig says:

    Sir/Ma’am, I have a 6.6mm kidney stone (nephrolithiasis) in my left kidney. Will the medicine (potassium citrate) prescribed to me be enough to get rid of my stone? Any other options to get rid of it without operation.
    Your reply will be most appreciated.

  604. vikas sharma says:

    kidney stone 5-7 mm in both side.

  605. Alok kumar awasthi says:

    सर मेरे पिछले 7 साल से right side kidney में पथरी है।जिसका साइज़ 6 mm है।मैं बर्बेरिस sarsaparilla तथा R27 दवाइयां पिछले 1 महीने से ले रहा हु।ये medicine सही है। या इसमें कुछ कमी है ।please मर्गदर्शन करे।

  606. prabakaran says:

    Am suffering with right upper ureteric calculi measured 15.8mm….please guide homeopathic medicine for me to relieve from the stone problem

  607. norbu tsering says:

    Namastey Dr ji

    All thought I m not patient but my friend had a stone in his kidney and he did a operation but still there are some small stone left .so kindly suggest me guidelines to cure the the stone…

    Thanking you

  608. Muhammad Yaseen says:

    I have kidney in my both sides is berbaris is suitable for right side kidney and I want to ask that what type of food should be eaten in kidney stone and I have stone in both side so kindly tell me the suitable homeopathic medicine ?

  609. Ranjeet says:

    I have multipile calculi largest in mid pole measures 7mm and left kidney shows moderate.
    How it will treat with out surgery

  610. raja naseer ahmad says:

    Dear sir. I have .creatinine level is 8.21. Sodium 145.potassium.4.7. Chloride 106. Bicarbonate 19.6 urea nitrogen 40.9 eGfr 6.86 plz tell me how to control l . Thanks Naseer.plz plz replay me as soon

  611. Rathish. s says:

    I have 12mm kidney stone in urine tube.please tell me how to remove this as soon as possible without surgery.

  612. How to control pain when a person is suffering from kidney stone

  613. Khadijah says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.

    I have a 19mm and 8mm calcium stones on my right kidney and my Urologist suggested a procedure to have them removed surgically…Is there a possibility that homeopathy meds may help breaking them down..I had two lazer surgeries in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013.

    Hope to hear from Dr Sharma soon soon.

    Kind regards

  614. nur alam says:

    hi sir,I m suffering from systone.please can you tell me which is the best medicine for me

  615. Sir
    My first kidney stone pain was at the age of 14, it passed out without me noticing it, my next experince was at the age of 21, where I experienced bleeding but no pain, I also passed out the stone.

    Once again I have found my self with stones in the left kidney ,without any pain or bleeding, at the the age of 55,I extracted this stone via surgery PCNL,

    Now att he age of 57 , 3 more calculli 10 cm, 9 cm and 6 cm have been detected in my left kidney without any pain or bleeding, I am undergoing ESWL.

    Could you please suggest a homeo remedy ,so that these stones do not re occur.

  616. Brij Gopal Pandia says:

    मेरी आ यु 61 वर्ष है मेरे यटरस में दो स्टोन 7 mm ओर 5 mm के थे जो दिनांक 22 जून और 14 जुलाई को निकल गए हैं लेकिन उसके बाद अंड कोष में दर्द रहता है। कारण और दवा बत।ए । धन्यवाद

  617. respected sir,
    sir my right kidney shows HDN and a stone of size 5 mm in rt.puj
    will it corrected…. and in time it will take to recover…. give me some advice please

  618. Maruti Patil says:

    Respected Sir.
    Just deduct 6.6 mm stone in my left kedny at middle Calyx.
    What is hemiopathy treatment and precotions as early relief

  619. Sir I am suffering from 4mm kidney stone since 18months..I used the medicine below
    stone one syrup
    Some ayurvedic tablets …but my problem did not clear please refer best medicine

    Thanking you sir

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    Best Regards
    DR Smith

  621. Aravind says:

    Hi Sir,

    I hadUT scan for kidney stone 6 months back and found 8 mm kidney stone in upper and middle pole in right kidney and 5 mm stone at middle pole in right kidney.

    Kindly suggest as am getting little pain nowdays

  622. MADHUKAR GUPTA says:

    Sir i m suffering from urethral stricture since 6 years plz suggest some gud medicine to cure it .it trouble me a lot

  623. Mukesh Baghel says:

    Renal calculi in left kidney 4mm
    5mm in urinary tract
    So Pl tell me how to remove without surgery.

  624. dear Sir i have 1 kidney stone in each kidney at measurement of 6.8mm. i am taking allopathy medicine last 10 days. but i dont get result, i search in webside that homepathic medicine is more effective for kidney stone kindly suggest me some medicine to dissolve my stone.
    some time i feel very thin sligtly pain both side of kidney so i drink plenty of water.
    kindly help me..i am very scared because for both kidney have calcus.


  625. satyanand sada velip says:

    15mm left upper ureteric calculas with bloodpressure
    what to do…

  626. ganeyash says:

    For Kidney Stone :
    Is this safe for Two month baby feeding mother?
    If yes
    What is the dosages and precautions?

  627. Rakesh Sharma says:

    i have multiple calculi largest in mid pole measures 6mm and right kidney shows moderate hydroureteronephrosis.
    I uses Berberis vulgaris so possiblity to remove stone.
    Reply me


  628. Bhavesh Sharma says:

    Sir I’m suffering from kidney stone in lower pole of my right kidney. I’m taking homopathy medicines
    1-berberis vulgeries and
    for last 1 week.
    In How much time the stone will pass out or dissolve.

  629. Ankur A says:

    Hello Doc,

    I have a 5 mm stone 2 cm away from my UVJ. its been 3 weeks. Pain is managable. doctor is asking for surgery. Do I need to worry and go for surgery or allow some more time to pass it natuarally. also if you have any homeeptahy to suggest. I am in USA.

  630. Abdullah Fareed says:

    Sir, I was diagnosed 4mm stone in my left kidney a month ago after suffering severe pain in my lower left back. Got result through CT Scan.
    I am a young man of 32 overweight around 100 kg with height of 5 feet 5 inches. I was sofar treated with pain killer injection consecutively for 3 days n a month passed smoothly. Yesterday, I again suffered severe pain in my lower left back, again I rushed to emergency ward n got painkiller injection ‘Decleron’.
    Please, guide me to remove the stone safely through my urinary tract with the help of Homeopathy.
    I am from Lahore, Pakistan n unmarried.

  631. Rubel Sarkar says:

    I am Rubel Sarkar from murshidabad . My age 22 years . I have multiple calculi in right kidney. Plz tell me what should do to?

  632. Hemanshu Dangra says:


    I have kidney stone i.e. 38 MM. It can cure without operation.

  633. I have a few stone in my left kidney .size of a stone is 17.8mm so tell me what I do

  634. Phool Chand Jhajhadiya says:

    5 mm and 6 mm total two stones are present in my left kidney. i have taken berbaris vel and R 27 from last 3 years but nothing benefit to me from above treatment.
    now i am taking cal c 30 according to a homeo Dr.’s advise from last 10 days.
    plz advise me proper medicine.

  635. Phool Chand Jhajhadiya says:

    5 mm and 6 mm total two stones are present in my left kidney. i have taken berbaris vel and R 27 from last 3 years but nothing benefit to me from above treatment.
    now i am taking cal c 30 according a homeo Dr.’s advise from last 10 days.
    plz advise me proper medicine.

  636. manu misra says:

    my age is suffering from juvenile arthritis.doc gave shalcal500 to take both morning and at to avoid kidney stones if I take shalcal 500.i have no kidney stone history till now.

  637. liric escosio says:

    My father is suffering from kidney stone. He has 12.8 mm. How this kidney problem be cured without passing surgery.Thank you for your great response.

  638. My son is 12 yes old.he is having stone in urinary track .The stone is of 9mm.and 2 stones in left kidney and 1 stone in right kidney.
    Which medicine he should take and is operation is safe.

  639. k c dubey says:

    I have 5 mm kidny stone in lower calyx last 3 years what i will do

  640. kuldeep Tanwar says:

    Sir I am suffering from kidney stones for last 7 years. I have taken a lot of medicines for the treatment but no result occurred.Kindly tell me the that whether I can take Berberis Vulgaris for the treatment.Also tell me about the procedure of doses.

  641. satbir singh says:

    I am having 7.7mm stone in my left kidney which is diagnosed today only. I felt severe pain yesterday. Plz advice

  642. tarandeep singh says:

    my stone is now in urethera .and its getting difficult to pass urine.plz tell me which medicine i should take. plz

  643. hassan reyaz says:

    dear doctor,
    i was diagnosed a left kidney 4mm stone on 23 april 2015, with right kidney normal
    now i am diagnosed right kideny 6mm stone on 16 june 2015 with left kidnye normal.

    it means right kidney stones formed in seven weeks time.
    is it possible stone can have formation in such a shorter time.

  644. Biswajit says:

    My right kidney shows two echogenic calculi -one in upper polar calyx (10.8 mm in diameter ) and other in mid polar calyx ( 5.8 mm diameter ). It can be removed with out operation . Please tell me sir !!!!!

  645. tariq mohd says:

    sir meri both kidney mai stone hai left main 12mm or mai 5 mm plz medicine batayen sir

  646. tariq mohd says:

    sir meri dono kidney main stone hai left main 12 mm or right kidney main 5 mm ka sir batayen plz kya ye bina operation ke nikal sakti hai homeopathy ki dava se

  647. Having two stone 18 mm and 16 mm in pelvis right kidney what treatment i take

  648. manish verma says:

    Please tell me how to remove kidney stone for homeopathy medicine size is 6mm and 4 mm

  649. Ansh chauhan says:

    please any one can tell me that how to remove stone from kidney??????????????????????????? please please please

  650. somenath banerjee says:

    I have kidney stone of 11mm but I font want to operate this I want to treatment of remove myy any medicine plesse help me

  651. meenaz G says:

    Hi, I want to place order Berberis Vulgaris Mother tincture Homeopathic medicine plz

  652. Sonu kumar singh says:

    I have 4 mm stone on both the kidney side and 11mm stone in the urinary it possible to remove all these without surgery?

  653. Laxmikant sharma says:

    dear Dr. Sir,
    i have stone in my right kidney. but it has been stucked on the mouth of bladder entrance. so i am taking 15 drops of barberis vulgaris Q thrice in a day.
    so i want to know that is there any side effect of such medicine? if yes pls advice for another medicine which would be useful to me. also i have sugar at border level. so pls advice for the same also. will be very thankful to you.

    Best Regards,
    Laxmikant Sharma

  654. Binod Basyal says:

    Sir ‘ my kidney have two stone one side 5.6 mm and one side 5 mm what I do pl sir in which medicine I use this time I am Saudi so pll give my Facebook – this is Facebook id send me facebook

  655. Sir,Lt kidney -Mid pole calculus measuring 5.9mm, Lower pole calculus 4.0mm.

    what is meaning. HOW TO THIS REMOVE STONE. Plz solve it
    thank u

  656. Tanveer Kazi says:

    Good Information, God Bless You.

    Best Regards.

  657. Jitendra Das says:

    sir..I have 4mm kidney stone in left kidney. and taking himalaya cystone. how long i hv to take it?

    will you advice me something??

  658. vashrat khan says:

    Doctor Saheb mere right side kidney me 12 mm stone hai aur left side me 9mm stone hai. Please mujhe iska elaj bataiye. Please reply aapki meharbani hogi

  659. S K Srivastava says:

    My son ,Saksham Srivastava, age 26 year, having kidney stone size 4mm approx in right side and 2 mm in left side and we are using berberis Q from last one month .
    Ny son is employed in Merchant navy but due to kidney stone he is not allowed to join duty due to kidney stine.

    Please advise me for treatment
    Sunil Kumar Srivastava 192/4 Jagriti Vihar
    Meerut- Uttar Pradesh

  660. DR HARRY says:

    Dear Sir /Madam,
    Hello ,Do you want to buy or sell your kidney for money, Sutter Pacific
    Medical Foundation is urgently in need for O+ve and A+ve kidney donors with
    any passports require.If any one is willing to donate or buy please contact
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    Phone Number: +91-8792514594 DR HARRY

  661. Kapil Chhabra says:

    Kidney stones in Right Kidney 14 and no pain please suggest good medicine it is details of my wife

  662. sir
    i have calculi largest in mid pole measures 7mm left kidney and 14mm at right side shows moderate hydroureteronephrosis how it will treat without surgery

  663. monalisa seth says:

    sir i have a 7.5mm stone in my right side of kidney,,,,,,sir pls tell me how to remove stone from kidney
    will treat with out surgery

  664. Muhammad shareef says:

    I am suffering from kidney stone.i have 14mm stone in right kidney.and 10 mm stone in left kidney. So what can I do.plz give suggestions and send ur address plz sir

  665. upendra Choudhary says:

    my stone size 10,13 mm stone in UVJ rt and lt side and last 3 month i used homeopathy berbris vaul. And hydranga ( mother tincher) made in Germany and now plz suggest medicine for stone

  666. Pradip Shaw says:

    sir / Madam,

    I have multiple calculi largest measures 11 mm left kidney and 8mm at right side shows moderate hydroureteronephrosis. currently taking homeopathy treatment for more than 6 month and suggested by Doctors i am getting every month USG done; however no sign of stone removal from body.

    Your support on the same will be highly appreciated.

  667. Vikash Kapoor says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Last 6 month before, pain raised in my stomach. After taking ultrasound its found that 8.5 mm stone at bottom of my left kidney.
    I was take one month madicine and afterthat stopped. now i have no any pain. is their possible that my 8.5 mm stone remove after taking only one month medicine. I have dought… so please suggest me what should i do…
    Again taking same medicine or takes again new ultrasound report or takes Berberis Vulgaris medicine.

  668. rajhans says:

    Dear sir my age 30year and muje sex time bdane ki homeopathy medicine k nam or lene ka trika btaye

  669. devender says:

    i am having kideny stone problem. i had 11.6 mm in left kidney and 6.2 mm stone in right kideny. please suggest any option without surgery thank you

  670. Mujahid Ali says:

    A very good evening to you sir.I am a patient of renal calculus for last 10 years and gone through various procedures in this period but reformation of stones creates lot of problem for me.The type of of stones that forms contains calcium oxalates.I have been through lithotripsy one time.And in the last year Dec 2014 i had gone through PCNL along with Uretoscopy.I faced lot of complications during these procedures causing infection in lungs.Now again have pain in my right kidney.Please help me with these problems as i have nevet been at ease since the surgery have been done.Please suggest me some good medicines.Right now i am using Berberies Vulgaris,Hydragea Q and Cantharis.Please do revert back.
    Waiting for your quick and swift reply.

  671. Abhishek Garg says:

    Hello sir,
    I abhishek Garg suffering from severe pain in stomach.I have 5 stone in the kidney two stone in right and three in left.although this I m suffering from gas ,constipation and vomiting problem..

  672. prerna yadav says:

    sir i m suffering pain in upper abdomin which starts from upperside abdomin to back from last 1 year.i have used an ayurvedic pattharchat cause decrease in pain.kindly advise to eliminate this completely.thanks

  673. Dr Ken Wilson says:

    Dear Sir /Madam,

    Hello ,Do you want to buy or sell your kidney for money, Mount Sinai Hospital is urgently in need for O+ve and A+ve kidney donors with any passports require. If any one is willing to donate or buy please contact us through my email i.d

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    Dr.Ken Wilson

  674. karunakara says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Mother is having Kidney Stone . while scanning it found 12-15 mm Size. doctor suggested to do surgical for removing the same. kindly Confirm me relay it required or any Chances to clear it through Medicine.

  675. sunayna says:

    Two calculi in right ureter 10mm in diameter
    What should I do?
    Uretroscopy or lithotripsy

  676. ABDUL khalik says:

    Right-kidney Normal in size & shape. Calcareous diposit seen . A small hyperechoic calculus (5.3*3.7 mm.)seen in right kidney.

    Left-kidney Normal size in & shape . calcareous diposit seen. A small hyperechoic
    Calculus (4,0*3.1mm.)seen in left kidney .

  677. dr shafique says:

    dear dr sharma hope you are fine and in good health.i have a stone 7×11 mm in rt ureternear pelvic brim for monrhs.its causing moderate pain esp on getting up from sleep.isg showing mild hudronephrosis.
    tried multiple homeo remedies.but in vain.
    Instead i started having my heart beat irregular and at times jumping heart.
    What would you suggest plz.
    Hope to hear from you soon.or you could message me in my email box.

  678. vinod kumar says:

    I have five stones in my right kidney, sizes are: 18.5mm, 15.5mm, 10.3mm, 8mm and 5.6 mm
    In this situation is berberis vulgaris useful?

  679. Dr. Prashant Borade says:

    Hello everyone

    This is a true life story about me and Dr. Prashant Borade, who i gave one of my kidney to for money and he paid me some good amount of money few days before the transplant took place, i used to be very poor and i finds it hard for me to eat, i came across a testimony talked about how Doctor Prashant compensated him heavily by given his kidney by one Mike Steve who said any one who is interested should give it a trial and come back to testify, i copied the email as ( and emailed him in less than a three hours i got a reply from Doctor and we bargained and i took a bold step taking all the necessary agreements, in another few days i got paid as agreed by the both of us and a date were taken for operation, he came to my country (India )and operated on me without any issues and i got my balance money, i am now financially settle and firm, please do not hesitate in contacting Doctor for a help on ( My financial problem is over in life.

  680. Manohar Som says:

    Please tell me how to remove stone from kidney

  681. Pankaj Haruray says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been taking homepathic medicines since last 3 months for 9.4 mm stone in right ureter. Sarsaparilla 30 & ocimum canum 200 for 1 month. then berberis vulgaris $ ocimum canum $ 10 drops each 3 times in half cup water. Now Uva Ursi $ & Sarsaparilla $ since 2nd may. 10 drops each 3 times. Last 1 week 4 times daily. in 2months size reduced to 8.4mm. Last ultrasound was done on 2nd may.

    9 years ago i had same problem but stone was small hence got out in 10days through alopathic medicine.

    Please suggest furthe treatment. Above homeopathic treatment is through Doctor at Roshanlal Agarwal RECKWEG distributor.

  682. Sushil kumar thakur says:

    my right kideny calculus measuring 5.7 mm noted in lower pole last 4 month. sir without operation can remove stone by homeopathik medicine please suggest me and give me advise what food should avoid.

  683. inderjeet says:

    I have a stone of size 5-6mm in right kidney .please tell me homeopathy treatment for it

  684. Seema Khakhodia says:

    10mm stone in right ureter 7mm in right kidney. Pls advice me.

  685. ashish mahale says:


    Ive been diagnosed of 6mm Kidney stone in lower calyx of left kidney. Is this scary ?

    Does it needs meds or just precautions like heavy hydration can flush it out

  686. M.Manikandan says:

    Tamil la iruntha nalla irukkum.

  687. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have left kidney stone 13 mm, and gallbladder stone 10 mm. 2 years back I had been operated for the kidney stone. Is it possible for the bigger size stone to get dissolved, my friend say by homeopathy medicine it is possible. I don’t want to get operated this time. Please suggest me some homeopathy medicines.

    Awaiting for your early reply.

    Mrs. Ann

  688. TILAK RAJ says:


  689. Manoj Kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    I am having 15mm stone in my left kidney. Is Berberis and hydregeina will work out for my kidney stones.

  690. khadija badshah says:

    Plz advice me which type of food should be eat

  691. ganesh sain says:

    Before 15 yrs i operated(surgery) for kidney stone in right side. Now i have again stone(14 to 15 mm) in right kidney . What is the best treatment for this.

  692. Sir,

    my husband have kidney stone problem, he have right side : 6mmx 6mm,3mmx3mm,4mmx3mm & other side : 11mm x8 mm, 3mm x2mm. Pls tell me the treatment is available for this, give the details.


  693. pamela higgins says:

    where can I buy this medicine?

  694. Anup kumar says:

    Dear sir
    My mother is a Diabetic patient for last 10 years.
    Now she has stone in his kidney. Doctors are refused to operate her for stone operation because of sugar level not maintained. Pl. suggest me what I do for care kidness.

  695. Rita da costa says:

    i have a 15 mm kidney stone in my left kidney renal calculi in my renal pelvic i dont want to go under surgery is there any homopathy treatment for it. i want it to work as i do get pain in my back kidney region and also lower back it hurts so much for atleast half an hour sometimes even more what should i take please advise

  696. bandana says:

    Dr. good morning.kindly guide me i am pregnant 8th month can I take catharsis & Kerberis for gallbladder of 8mm size kindly guide for doses .

  697. Pawan kumar says:

    Dear sir gud mrng
    I m pawan frm chennai
    Sir muje do baar sever pain ho chuka back side right lower aur urine me bi thoda jalan hota hai sir pls tell me kya yeh kidney stone ke symptoms hai
    Aur agar hai to muje kya krna chahiye

  698. shankar rai says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffering from lower uretric stone, it says in report that it is small , some medicines have been given to me.sir can u please tell me some fast solution to it without operation.
    Awaiting for reply .

  699. kishan kumar says:

    plzzz help me becoz i am want to remove our two (size3 and4mms)lower calyx calculi and (size 6mms)of left uretric calculi. withaut any plzz tell me suggested medicine??
    patient age- 37

  700. vivek jain says:

    I have a 8.7mm kidney stone in left side can I avoid it without any surgery

  701. Natalia says:

    My grandmother, Teodora Briones had a stroke for the third time which

    rendered her incapacitated, she cannot talk and cannot even wiggle her hands

    and feet. After she was discharged from Ti_Chin Hospital, China a friend

    introduced me to Dr Urdie the Herbal specialist who prepare a herbal medicine

    for me called Moringa herbal Condensed Powder Tea. Although we were quite

    skeptical about its effect, we let her try. After 1 week & 4 days of drinking the

    herbal tea, my grandmother was able to get up from her bed by herself and she

    could move her hands and feet as well as utter a few words. We were really

    amazed and as of today, she can move around. We are very thankful that such

    herbal tea is able to be of great help for people like us who can barely sustain our

    basic needs, much more for medication. Thanks so much Dr Urdie Email : phone +2348157538164

  702. Dr. Rudolf Dennis says:

    Hello ,Do you want to buy or sell your kidney for money, Appolo hospital is urgently in need for O+ve and A+ve kidney donors with any passports require. If any one is willing to donate or buy please contact us through my email id_(

    Phone Number:+918147691771
    Thanks, MANAGEMENT.
    Dr. Rudolf Dennis

  703. Neeraj says:

    I have a stone in gall bladder 15mm and i does not want surgery . Please guide me.

  704. Yash Pal Singh says:

    Dear Sir
    As ultrasound report on 6 may 2015 I have two stones in right kidney 4 mm each and 3 stones left 4,4 And 6 mm
    Please guide me how I can remove them .

    Yash pal Singh

  705. Sir I have 4.3 mm stone in mid pole right kidney sir please tell me how can i use this medicine and
    this medicine will remove my stone within maximum days

  706. Atif khan says:

    Plz hlp me sir

  707. deepak mahajan says:

    Right kideny stone 14 mm

  708. Naresh says:

    I have two stone in left kidney size of 4 mm and 18 mm. Now these days I suffer very pain and in 2013 I have passed 5-6 stones by operation. What I do now please advise me


  709. ifeoma albert says:

    Good day Dr Sharma. I trust this mail meets you well. I had multiple renal calculi on both kidneys and I had a lithotripsy done in january this year. I noticed a pain at my right flank and decided to an examination which showed a renal stone of about 0.5cm. This is barely 6months after my lithotripsy.

    I am confused.

    Kindly advise.


  710. sunil dwivedi says:

    I am suffering from gallblodder stone size is 1.5 mm last 3 month plz suggest medicine without surgery.
    Mob no.9669200797

  711. Feroz mali says:

    1.4 mm Kidney Stone in left side. Female age 55

  712. suresh kumar says:

    l was suffering from kidney stone. so I opreted it.but now again I am suffering from it .so plz sir tell me which medicine am use…

  713. Gumbin Noshi says:

    sir, I have stone in my right kidney of 6 mm and the size of my right kidney is small than my normal left kidney as per the x-ray report. after digonised the same Dr.have prescribed me a herbal medicine and i have completed the medicine for three month. except one month back there were no any pain as experience by me for the same problem. again i have done x-ray and IVP test but still the same size of stone is presence in my kidney and as per IVP test result the both the kidney are working. in this connection i want to ask u is that is it possible to removed the stone presence in my kidney of 6 mm size?

  714. Gumbin Noshi says:

    sir, I have stone in my right kidney of 6 mm and the size of my right kidney is small than my normal eft kidney as per the x-ray report. after digonised the same Dr.have prescribed me a herbal medicine and i have completed the medicine for three month. except one month back there were no any pain as experience by me for the same problem. again i have done x-ray and IVP test but still the same size of stone is presence in my kidney and as per IVP test result the both the kidney are working. in this connection i want to ask u is that is it possible to removed the stone presence in my kidney of 6 mm size?

  715. naveen kumar says:

    respected sir
    i have kidney stone what medicines and remedies are helpful in removing it futhermore.
    thanking you




  717. kavita partani says:

    Kidney stone size 1 43 cm
    please suggest remedy for the it & oblige

  718. kavita partani says:

    In sonography shows kidney stone size 1.43 cm size
    in urine test shows scolt blood , puss 8-10
    Please suggest the remedy & oblige

  719. Dr.sanjay Rudre says:

    sir my patient of 44yrs diagnosed STAGHORN CALCULI in rt.pelvis & mid pole of rt.kidney 3.2cm with focal caliactasis in mid pole in NOV 2013.After t/t it redused in size 9 to 10 mm.seeking for ur advice for the same.thanking u


    DR sahib- namaskar- is there any medicine in homeopathy that can treat urinary bladder cancer- pulmonary -kidney metastasis. Regards- Gurinder

  721. simran narsindhani b says:

    I have a stone if 8mm at the left side after kidney i mean not in in kidney and 3.4mm stone at the right side…so plz can you help me out …for pass out my stone through urine..using aayurvedic or any other home medicine..
    Requesting for reply..

  722. arup saha chowdhury says:

    cystone could break calculus of 7.8*7mm stone at lower calyx of left kidney or any other drug of homeopathic treatment it will relished…

  723. anil sawant says:

    my problem is 6.7 mm size calculus above right u v junction causing proximal hydroureter and hydronephrosis

    Dr ye Homeopathy se remove ho sakta hai kya

  724. narendra singh says:

    sir i have 8.3 mm stone problem in kideny.wich treatment is effective to remove the stone please advise me

  725. Md babumoni says:

    sir i hab a 13 mm right renel calcili in midle calyx..i want to avoid in any can i solves this problems plz tell me sir.i can ready to take any treat for this without surgery.

  726. amit kumarsoni says:

    this kidney stones left 9mm and rait 6mm home0pathic treatment

  727. JP SHARMA says:


  728. ras biharee yadav says:

    hello sir i am ras biharee yadav from nepal but now i am study mbbs in china . sir i am suffered from kidney calculus. before one year but now still am fealing some times little little pain in back . sir i want to take homeopathy medicine . can u help me which medicine is good. i will wait for your message.

  729. Jasbeer singh says:

    7 MM kidney stone in rigth side lower calyx
    how it remove .
    I have treatment from homoepathic from 2 Year but no reslult.
    Before treatment 5 MM and nowadays 7 mm.
    no Pain

  730. Umesh kumar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    I have a stone of around 6mm in my urinary bladder. Is there any way to treat it witout surgery.


  731. Muhammad Arif says:

    Dear Dr. AoA
    I have a Stone in Right Kidney (6mm) but not have high pain. Please guide me which homeo medicine is the best alongwith its use.

    Thanks & Best Regards

  732. Muhammad Mudassar Saleem says:

    My mother has 5mm calculus in her R.Kidney and 12mm in her L.Kidney, will Berberis Vulgaris be helpful to dissolve and clear kidney stones? please also advice how to use Berberis and Vulgaris.

  733. i have a kideny stone which remove without any medicine.this process continue stone is formd regularly…there is any way to prevent the stone

  734. In my left kidney I found a stone of 6.7mm, is it removable through homeopathy or not

  735. ajay nishad says:

    sir i am ajay right and left kidnay 2 stone 4.6 and 3.6 mm and urian pressur problam sir help me plz……..

  736. RAHUL KUMAR says:

    albumin- traces
    sugar- nil
    RBC,cast,crystal- nil
    epithelial cells- 2-4/hpf
    pus cells- occasional

    sir I have cyst of
    29mm*26.00mm cortical cyst in right kidney.
    I have problem in urination .I felt my
    urge for urination is coming back and I
    have to wait long to finish as there is
    always a feeling of unfinished business,
    still drops of urine are there in urethera.
    its all…………..
    sir plz help me.

  737. Julius Pereira says:

    Paining sometimes in abdoman, left side, stone is passing through urine.
    no blood, no dark colour.. urine is clear.
    no critical pain.


  738. Just found out I have kidney stones. One is 9mm. Want homeopathic treatment verses surgery

  739. vicky agarwal says:

    My husbandhad a sudden pain on d left side of stomach….on examination it WS dectactd that he have a 10mm stone on left upper ureter… is shown a slight swelling in ureter….
    And he is having d pain even after pain killer injection….so wat should we do …go fr a surgery or does homeopathy has something fr this….n whether a Ncct kub scanning is reqd…

  740. Rakesh singh says:


  741. dinesh kumar says:

    Having 18mm.stone in left kidney.since age is 60.feels.
    Pain while having nuts.rarely painful…

  742. sandeep says:

    Left kidney with dilatation of PC system due PUJ obstruction in new born baby

  743. Russell says:

    Kidney transplants are one of the success stories of the last 50 years and have been performed in Newcastle since 1967. The adult kidney transplant unit for the

    Northern Region is based at Freeman Hospital on Ward 6A performing around 100 kidney transplants every year.Kidney transplants are now very successful in the UK so

    that after one year, 94% of kidneys in living donor transplants are still functioning well and 88% of kidneys from patients who have died are still functioning well.

    The success rates in Newcastle are very good and are comparable to these national success rates. Newcastle Hospital also deal on the selling of Kidney and we also buy

    from Living donors. Contact us today via email : ( ).

  744. Tamara Hons RN says:

    Hello doctor. I havr female friend 62yo. With a hx of kidney stones. At present she has a 9.5mm in right kidney. CT scan shows no obstruction. Patient has a hx of smoking and drinking 6 to 8 cups of coffee daily. She is willing to stop the coffee and would like your advice on herbal remedies. Thanks so much.

  745. Narender says:

    sir i have multiple stones in my both kidneys size 4.8mm to 4mm. i take many medicines but stones don’t came out from kidneys can you tell me something that can out the stones from my kidneys.

  746. sukhen mandal says:

    bilateral hydronephrosis.multiple stone in left,largest are 9mm.age 31.taking berberis 3 times 10 drop with water,cystone syrup 5mm 3 times.pls advise.

  747. Prateek singh says:

    solution for the mild hydronephrosis of right side and small 5.2 mm calculus in lower end of right ureter

  748. Prateek singh says:

    Please tell me how to remove the mild hydronephrosis of right side and small calculus in lower end of right ureter .single echogenic shodow of 5.2 mm size in lower end of right ureter…

  749. sir my right kidny stone 7*10 MM, or right kidny stone 6*6 mm advice medicine

  750. Ravinder singh says:

    My wife usha bala 34 year old

    pancreas conditions in ultrasound report

    Pancreas: the pancreas is not well delineated. Its echogenicity is increased. MPD is grossly dilated (10.0 mms) and calculi are seen within MPd.


    Sir please help me any solution.

  751. p venu gopal says:

    rececently i found 6mm stones 3 nos in right side and 6mm & 7mm stones left side it possible to dissolve kidney stones by using homeomedicines. a 6mm stone at right side renal pelvic junction. how much time it takes todissolve stones. or may i go surgery. please give me reply
    thanking you sir
    venu gopal

  752. Sir
    i have the problem of kidney stone of 7mm in my right kidney and small stones in my left kidney.the urology asked me to take CT it necessary to take CT scan? kindly advise me medicines in homeopathy.

  753. ISTIYAK AHMAD says:

    Gud mrng sir mere kidney me left me 8.4mm ki stone hai kya ye medicine se sahi ho sakta hai plz reply kariye i m very sad sir plz sir plz

  754. sukhen mandal says:

    age31yrs.bylayeral hydronepbrosis and 9mm stones in left kidney.medicine use berberis vulgaris and cystone syrup.please suggest.

  755. jagdish says:

    Hi sir
    Sir my name is jagdish i am a diabetic patient since 18 years.i have kidney stones history 2 time i done a pcnl.again stones form in a kidney now this is 3rd time dr suggest to do stone size is 7mm,and 1.8cm.pls suggest if any kind of medicine dissolve this stones or i have to follow the pcnl prosiger.which is painful and expenses to.pls advice.the needful thanks.

  756. sameer bahl says:

    I m suffering of jidney stone earlier it was 8 mm 3 years back now it is 24mm now suggest what to do

  757. manik das says:

    Sir i have problem with kidney stone Multiple calculi ranging from 10 mm,14mm ,6mm seen at left kidney. Pl advice i dont want to go under surgery. Thnx from Guwahati Assam. Manik Das.

  758. Sir i have 3 stone in my left kedney .i take a madicine but sir to much pain .my kidneys stone size .1.8mm 2mm.and 3mm sir what can i do its ..

  759. shubhneet arora says:

    pls advice me how to get rid of my 8.4 mm stone in right kidney?
    its paining very mch……
    m jst 21 yrs old…

  760. jins Thomas says:

    I have kidney stones in upper calyx size 3mm
    I have urination problems and bowel motion problems. ..fatty liver my abdomen scan I am 25 male really big problem with my pee starting trouble and unable to complete. pain. this curable sir. am taking no medicine. .?

  761. Gud morning
    I ve a 14 mm stone in rt kidney lower pole. Is it possible to remove with homoeopathic medicine . If yes , plz suggest the best way.

  762. Dear Dr Sharma

    I have a kidney stone 19mm in the left kidney lower pole. I’m not having any pain but the Dr has recommended Surgery. I wish to discuss with you if Homeopathy can help me. Please email me at


  763. I have UVJ sone (8mm). Please suggest some medicine in homeopathic.Thanx

  764. venkatesh says:

    Hi sir,this is venkatesh from sister has two stones one in left kidney mid pole.that is of 8 mm and another in upper ureter of 13 mm pls give some remedical instructions to follow.

  765. Rabita khan says:

    My daughter 3years old. Her wet 11kg and ht 91.5 cm. ,today 28.3.2015 I know that she has a problem about her left renal pelvis is mildly prominent measures about 7.8 mom in AP diameter. I am so worried about this . so, sir kindly you inform me what is precaution. How can I solve this problem. And she also have a constipation problem after birth. Please sir help me.

  766. Hafiz Nasir says:

    sir tell me the treatment for kidney stone

  767. Thamariselvam says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    Since two i not free urine fullowing then my feet both swelling.
    I get scane report 7.5mm stone apper in my kidney.
    What i have to do any Homeopathy available doctor please give reply i am waiting for your message.

    Thanks & Regards


  768. Sir, I am facing problem of Kidney stone, left ureter dilated 6mm having a hyperflective shadow 14mm in lower part of ureter .How will treat it

  769. R.K.SINGH says:

    sir iam leftt kidney stones large measuring 12mm,4mm,let me know how these can be removed.thank you ,iam45 year old.please advice us.

  770. satish kushwah says:

    I have Operate kidney stone 2007 and 2015 but there after I have stone size 6.3 So
    Please tell me how to remove stone from kidney.

  771. dwimu brahma says:

    I have been left kidney stone of from 4months ago. Can I cure by homeopathic medicine?

  772. Umeet Bhatia says:

    Dear Sir
    I am running in 8th month of pregnancy. I am having 4mm stone in right kidney. So is berberries is safe for me.
    Umeet Bhatia

  773. shivani biswas says: partha biswas 3/25 husnge bard chanderiya chittorgarh kidney stone 15.02mm age-26 mob-9887203506

  774. dharmendra saini says:

    InMy kidney4.3mm stone and my uric acilavelel is 7.8 suggest tretment thanks..

  775. I have been taking berberis valgarus 15 drops 3 times daily for one month for heel pain ( planter faciitis) getting sufficient relief upto long can it be taken safely until fully cured. Is there a maximum dosage.

  776. arun sharma . says:

    Sir . Taking berberis vulgaris .. with R27. Sir i am having stones in both kidneys . Size .23 mm each. Kidneya are working very fine confirmed in dtpa report . Sir shud i continue with berberis or go for surgery. I am in mentally pain more than kidney pain . Please suggest .

  777. Please tell me how to remove stone from kidney.

  778. Narayan vishwakarma says:

    Respected sir,
    Meri mummy age 65+ he unki dono kidney me 4mm stone he. Unhe pet aur chest me pain hota he. Doctor ne operation ka bola he..
    Sir please aap suggest kare.

  779. Ashwini Rane says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My father is 64 years old and he is having 2 kidney stones, one is 1.3 cm and another is 1.0 cm.
    He is already done lazer treatment for removing those stones. he has already done 4 sitting but nothing is happened yet the stones are still showing of same size. He doesnt want to do any surgery for removing those stone. Is there any way the the stones will come out without doing any surgery. Any Ayurvedic or Homeopathic medicine. if you can please suggest any good doctor for that.


    AShwini Rane

  780. Shikha Saxena says:

    Good evening sir…
    I m shikha saxena…i hve stones in rgt kidney first is 6mm…second is 5mm….third is 4mm…

    Plz help me …what should i do.

  781. Hussein A,Ameh says:

    I have had pain in the groin area for over thee years now,the test reveals right side hydroneprosis and distended Dr. has booked me for uretoscopy am afraid of kidney damage though am still passing urine with no pains but my urine is sometimes dark yellow and I also suspect an ingestion as sometimes I do have back pain nousia and vomiting.can vulger barbers cure or treat me.

  782. dr.Usha Mishra BAMS says:

    Renal calculus of 3.8 mm in left kidney with rec.cystitis dysuria..I am 50 yr old..diabetic since last 10 yes with HT.,,, but controlled sugar with allopathic medi.
    Please advise if calculus may dissolve by homeo medi…..with thanks

  783. 712123

  784. 713401

  785. HI SIR,I have kidney stone of 12m.m. In left homeopathy doctor given me medicine.berberis vulgeris,lycopodium,paththar kuch.5 drops each twice in a day with cup of it correct medicine.pls rpy.

  786. mahesh stha says:

    Good morning dr.sharma,
    I m mahesh stha now I m working in malaysia . I hav a stone in kidney. before a 1 years stone size is (8mm) some times its pain badly so how to prevent form this stone? please could u give me some idea n how to removed without operation ? is any medicine ? plz suggest me .hope u may help me .
    thank u .

  787. Gud evening
    I m having a 13 mm stone in lower pole of right kidney. Can it be removed using homoeopathic medicines.

  788. Dr.Sharma, my son does not drink much water and has been passing blood in his urine. The doctors say it is the crystals in his bladder. I bought liquid tincture berebis vulgaris and need you to help me with the dose. How many drops in how much water how many times a day. Please do reply. God bless you. Nikki (mother).

  789. prashant kamble says:

    Sir my problem is 4.5 mm calculus seen in lower calyx of left kidny

  790. Mahen Singh says:

    My wife got stone operation in pitashaya in the year 2010. at that time small stone measing 5 to 6 mm was in kidney. But operation was not possible. now she is having problem and in urine red to redish colour come out she feel some pain in back side.
    Please suggest best homeopathy medicine and approx. treatment time.

  791. Biswajit Purkayastha says:

    Sir, I have one 10mm kidney stone in my right kidney and one 12mm in my left kidney. Please suggest medicine for removal of these stones

  792. Samar das says:

    I am facing problem of kidney stone.I have 6.9mm calculus at lower calyx of right kidney n 8.5mm at upper calyx of left kidney. How it will treat without surgery.
    Awaiting for your valuable advice.

  793. Joemel Bravo says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas,

    I have a 1.4 cm stone on the right upper pole of my right kidney and I was prescribed DHU Berberis Vulgaris. How long should I be taking the medicine before I can expect a substantial reduction in the stone size?



    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been diagnosed with a small calculus lodged in my left VUJ measuring 2.4 mm. This is causing tremendous pain in my back above the waist. There is thickening of the left ureter with edema at the site of the calculus. My present creatinin level is 2.2. I am a diabetic with Fasting Blood Sugar of 119 and Post Prandial 122. Please let me know how to treat the disease with homeopathy. Prescribe some medicines if possible.

    Abhijit Chatterjee

  795. Please sir advice me what i have to do, i have 8mm stone at right ureter vesicouretric junction & mild hydronephrosis right kidney.
    Dr asked me do not possible to pass it without treatment of uretroscopy . I am facing this problem for 3 months everybody saying it can be damaged to kidney. Now get me advice what should i do please asap.

  796. I have twin daughters.n they r three year old now.recently I cm to know that my daughter has stone 0 4 mm in her gall bladder. Is it curable by medicine in me I’m in really need.I’m badlly stressed.I’m feeling myself responsible for her condition.I want her to be perfect.


    Dear sir
    In my left Kidney there was 12mm stone in 2008 but I have not taken any treatment till Date and I don’t khow the present status of stone in Kidney. Sir is it possible that stone could passout without any surgery only through homeopathic treatment.
    Sir please Show the Path.
    Thank you sir


  798. mahender verma says:

    16 mm . Stone. Right kideny

  799. Mohammad Ataur Rahman says:

    Dear Sir

    I just inform you that now I have a stone in my Kidney size 6.8 MM its very pain full so please tell me how to destroy my kidney stone as soon as possible because now i am in gulf in doing jobs and here no medical facility available i was suffering this problem so please give me instruction i will follow this .

    Thanking you
    With Regards
    Mohammad Ataur Rahman

  800. ANURAG GAUR says:

    lease sir advice me what i have to do, i have 11.6mm stone at left kidney & 6.6mm in Right side kidney, and sir i have take it homeopathic treatment ( HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS)..
    sir please tell me can i use BERBERIS VULGARIS medicin along with HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS..

  801. Mohammad Ashfaq says:

    My 22 weeks baby in the womb having the following report in USG done yesterday:

    The USG report shows: The size of the right kidney is 26*17mm. The pelvicalyceal system of the right kidney is mild to moderately dilated, which is about 16*10mm. The mid pelvic diameter is 4.9mm. The parenchyma of this kidney has normal texture.

    The size of the left kidney is 37*22 mm The pelvicalyceal system of the left kidney is grossly dialated, which is about 25*14mm. The mid pelvic diameter 14.2mm. The left sided parenchyma appears much compressed, echogenic with ill definded corticomedullary junction.

    Please suggest me what we need to do now..

  802. Hello dear
    Here I am gurpreet singh. Actually I want to confirm that I am suffering from kidney stones from last 4-5 years .pls let me know how I can get rid from this. How long take time Berberis medicine for this result.

  803. GS BARANWAL says:


    I am from Lucknow. My father is having problem in kidney (Result S.Creatinine 5.94 GFR 09, N – 46.5, Electolytes 5.57, Blood Sugar Fasting 69.8, PP 295.4, Hemoglobin 10.3, DLC(Eosinophils 05,

    I have been taking treatment from SGPGI, Lucknow and desiring for homeopath treatment at Lucknow. Sir, Kindly advise me for a suitable Doctor and treatment at Lucknow.

    With best regards,

    GS Baranwal

  804. Lokesh Naik C says:

    Dear Sir,

    please advise on my calculus stone right side measuring 1.2 cm how do I clear it without any operation

  805. Gurkirat kaur says:

    My mom have a kidney stone in left and right kidney 11 mm and 10mm. plz sir tell me what i do, sir who is the medicine to remove the kidney stone . sir meri mom ne bhot medicine kha ke dakh layiya na par koyi result nahi meliya please sir tell the best medicine to remove this

  806. Hi sir
    Sir i m suffering from kindey pain in my left kindey my dr. Tell u have stone 5mm stone in left kindey. my family tell u treat with homeopath sir tell me the medicine to treat my stone problem please sir

  807. hi

    this time i have a kidney stone i am using [SBL] berberis valggaris q . but the problem is every year or after 2 years stone come again. and then i tested my blood(uric acid is excess) .then i use some aurveda medicines for reduse urice acide and stone. after treatment stone finished and uric acide was normal.before one year .now i fee again k stone .
    * i take water 10-12 liter ,avoid alcohal,smoke, milk product, mutton, tomato, palak, bringal ,fish,
    but some times take chicken(once a week).
    * already used berberis valggaris q made in Germany .
    * i nver feel pain but realize stone moves in my urine way.and little nausea.
    first stone start treatment before 6 year.
    * my que is how we prevent (tendency to develop stones recurrently) if any medicine plz tell.

  808. sir i am suffuring with 7.2 mm stone in lower pole kidney .what is right treatment for this.

    with kind regards
    km basha

  809. farooki ataullah says:

    I am having kidney stone in both kidney measuring 5mm and 6mm 2 stone and in one or two months it occur pain in backside and also with omitting I am having this stone from 1 year I am using berberis vulgaris 15 drop 3 time so suggest me what to do can I take this same medicine or new one and suggest me for pain relief

  810. sachin saxena says:

    Hi Sir, please accept my respectful regards first. I have a 8mm stone in the uretus which has come downwards but still in the S21 joint of uretus.

    It pains to pass my urine at times, and I always feel pressure at the top of my pennis whether urinating or not. It is very discomfort at times and painful as well.
    Doctors have suggested me surgery.It has been 40 days I am facing this problem with some swelling in left kidney.Pls suggest

  811. RITU SHARMA says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from kidney Stone from last 3 Years. Our Kidney Stone Size is 14 MM. Please help me for kidney stone will be tend come out without operation.

    Please suggest the better medicine.

  812. Annalessia Verdone says:

    Hi Doctor,

    I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding homeopathic remedies for urinary tract infections. I keep getting them and I was told that the antibiotics I was given did not treat my previous infections, therefore, she wants to put me on another antibiotic thats stronger. Antibiotics has now caused me problems with my health, especially my digestion. My only symptoms are frequent urination and sometimes upset stomach. If I take Berberis Vulgaris will this help or should I take antibiotics to kill the bacteria?

    Please advise,

  813. Indranil Kundu says:

    Sir,Of late in whole abdomen usg,right kidney shows mild hydronephrosis with upper 1/3 hydroureter,where calculus is seen in right utero vesical junction measuring 5.00mm in size.
    Please let me know medicine like beberis vulgeries can solve my problem.

  814. SUBODH SHARMA says:

    i am subodh sharma (40 yrs)from Rewari, Haryana. I am suffering from Kidney Stone (right kidney) problem since 3 months. This size of kidney is 9mm. I am taking Neeri tablets and berberis vulgaris. Please suggest me the best medicine and when i will get rid of stone.

  815. heena sharma says:

    i am female .my right kidny stone can be oprate by lithotripsy before 1 month and my stone is finish but now i have pain on right side of kidny when i am bending or any other havvey work like..any havvey things kepts .
    so plz tell me about this on my mail …
    i am waiting

  816. Aafaq AMin says:

    Sir my age is 36 i have a stone in my life side kidney the size of stone is 10mm and 2nd one is 6mm im my lover clakes please give me a treatmentt thankyou

  817. Gaurav dagar says:

    i am suffering from ankylosing spondilitis(HLA B27 positive).in homoeopathy do you have best treatment to cure this disease.please suggest me your opinion.

  818. Rohit Agrawal says:

    Hlo sir
    3 months ago i was suffering from kidney stone with prostate calcification
    i have taken berbaris nd sabal serrulata from last 2 month
    now i have relief but still i feel pain in abdomen

  819. Sir. Iam having a stone in my left kidney measuring 9.3mm. . and mild hydronephrosis is also seen. Last saturday i had pain in my left lumbar region. Sunday morning i saw dark urine.after intake of water urine color am on gokshuradi guggulu n chandraprabha vati along with cystone n neeri.plz let me know about medicine for my case in homeopathy that i can take for stone along with on going treatment.

  820. Greta A Cardoso says:

    I am having 5mm right side kidney stones please suggest me remedies which will be effective after taking it

  821. Sir mujhe 10.5 ka rights kidney
    me stone h me berberis vulg. (Mother tincher)
    Teen mah se ly raha hun lekin stone paas nh hua Kirpiya uchit salah the

  822. RAKESH KUMAR VIG says:

    Please tell us that can I use up gall stone if yes so please tell me how.

  823. Sir I hv 9 mm stone in the uretor for last 2 months I am taking Homeo medicines from homeopath but my stone size is not decreased I did scan after 1 month but stone size is same my doctor gave me inbuilt Homeo medicines along with hydrangea and Berberis vulg mother tincture presently I am feeling burning sensation and urge to urinate no other prb. Looking not good result now I am planning to take ayurvedic medicines kindly suggest my confidence is down towards Homeo medicines

  824. sir mere lower calyx mein 15 mm ki stone hai sir mere kisi bhi medicine ka asar nahi ho raha stone abhi bhi wahi ka wahi hai mein kya karu this is my contact no please help me sir bina operation k nikal to jayegi na please reply 8387060196

  825. Dr. Sahib. I want to help from you about Gallbladder.
    A few calculi are seen in lumen, largest measuring approximately 19 mm of my younger brother and also marked fatty infiltration of liver. What can we do?

  826. Rasheed Ahmed says:

    I am patient of kidney stone first time i am going to used Berberis 0=1x,i will tell you letter on the effect of this medicine.Thanks & Regards Rasheed

  827. karma tsheing lepcha says:

    Sir, I have 5.1 mm of stone in the right kidney. Pain like back,grion area and stomach soreness started how to cure through homeopathy medicine .

  828. portal vein meadures 9.5 mm

  829. sir,mere pitaji ko kidney stons ki problem bahot saalon(15yrs) hain. Unaki do bar laser treatment bhi ho chuki hain lekin phir bhi phirse problem start hoti hain aur severe pain hota hain . Please help me.

  830. My wife age 31suffering kidney stones size 8mm. In homeopathy how many days are required to dissolve completely

  831. Mr Chris White says:

    Dear Sir /Madam,

    Hello ,Do you want to buy or sell your kidney for money, Appolo hospital is urgently in need for O+ve and A+ve kidney donors with any passports require. If any one is willing to donate or buy please contact us through my email id_ (

    Phone Number:+917829960690
    Thanks, MANAGEMENT.
    Mr Chris White

  832. anthony gomes says:

    i have a kidny stone and my doctor gave me potrate 10 for that ,can i also take Berberis Vulgaris ?

  833. Hi sir this is akram am 25 years old recently I have taken a scanning of kidney and the report states that 3mm calculus had been found its having sharp pain at abdomen but not much is there is any medicine in homeopathy so that it can eliminate via urine without any pain
    Thanks & Regards

  834. Shailesh salvi says:

    renal calculi in vuj at right n in upper pole of right kidney

  835. R ANANDAN says:

    I have a stone of 6✖ 6mm in both my left and right kidney. I have also a stone in left lower lower ureter. Which treatment is best for me?

  836. oter jongkey says:

    Sir,I have multiple kidney stone in my right kidney with largest size 2.4cm I am taking homeopathic medicine for almost 12 days.can I be cured by homeopathic ? What course should I choose homeo,Ayurvedad or any other medicine ?

  837. Ambika Chandra says:

    Dear sir,

    My husband has recently been diagnosed with stone in ureter of 7.5mm. The doctors are saying to go for operation as the stone as big as 7.5mm will not flush out by medication. Sir, wanted to know whether homeopathy treatment help in removing this stone or we have to opt for operation only.

    Kindly reply.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ambika Chandra

  838. shafiq ahmed says:

    I have stone both kidney right side 4 stone near about 6 mm and left side 5 stone near about 7 mm Dr told me all stone pass with urine he gave one powder URALYL-U Dr said this drink 2 time one spoon. Sir can I take cystone himalaya tab.
    I kindly request plz help me as a soon as a possible
    I drink water daily 3-4 liter. Plz tell me what can I do
    that medicine take before one month

    Thank you

  839. ashok kumar says:

    Dear sir

    I have ureator stone of 7 mm
    and left kidney stone of 3.8 mm for last 2 year
    please suggest which medicine work immediately

  840. moin ud din says:

    Please tell me how to remove stone from kidney.
    size stone 7.5mm LIEFT KIDNEY

  841. Parag Allawadi says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I do lot of travelling and I am suffering from Kidney stone of 5.5 mm in left kidney & 2 stones of 3 mm in right kidney.

    I just wanted to confirm if we take Berberis Vulgaris medicine, the stone will be pushed out in one single go, or this medicine will dissolve the stone and break into small pieces so it can smoothly flow with urine.

    After having this medicine, if the person still face swear pain, can he take pain killers like Drotin M or Superspas. As my doctor has prescribed me these medicines as SOS pain killers.

    Parag Allawadi

  842. Dear Sir, I have stone 10 mm in kidney, and taking homeopathy – berberis vulgaris from last two tree month but still in urine nali . how much time it will take to come out.

  843. Surya Prakash says:

    I have 12mm stone in bladder & 0.3 mm in left kidney. So is it possible that 12mm will come out in urine. And anyhow I am using homeopathy medicines from past 6 months. Please give few suggestions to reduce the stones & causing pains .

  844. Uniza. Fahim says:

    I have a kidney stone in y right side with measuring 10mm x 15mm oval shape I am taking Berberis vulgaris potency q 10 drops every hour pls advise will the stone dissolve or break with this or I should go by ligthrotripy if it get dislove hom much time it will take

  845. Sir, I have 14.4 mm stone in right ureter and some small content in right kidney. Could you help me for this. Is berberis can work for this?

  846. Are there any answers to people’s questions in this website?

  847. mohan lal says:

    sir my wife having 5mm stone in kidney and 12x7x7mm in ureter .what to do plz help me.


  848. Rahul Singh says:

    Pls suggest Dailly dose of the medicine berberis vulgaris

  849. Ankit kumar srivastava says:

    sir mujhe kidney stone ki problem last six month se hai maine barbaris4ish vulgaris of china made use kiya 1 month aur sbl company ka mother tincher bt thik nhi hua phir maine allopathy ki dawa stone b6 use kiya aur cystone bt 2 month later maine ultrasound kraya aur paya ki size 4.6mm hi hai ab mai homeopathy ki dawa kr rha hu….sir mujhe 2 month m thik hona hai so best treatment btaye plz…thank u

  850. Makarand Joshi says:

    I m suffing from problem of kidney stone since last 3 years,stones are generated again and again but now there is no problem. I want homeopathic medicine name for regular use.

  851. Good morning Dr.Sharma

    Last week i had very little bit pain in the back side. I want to Doctor and done some test and told i have 5 mm stone in the kidney. I had open heart surgery and replace MVR , AVR . Please suggest how to prevent this and what medicines useful the going out this 5 mm stone from kidney.



  852. MANOJ AGARWAL says:

    I HAVE stone in kidney of 3mm size on right side also have pain in low back what should i do

  853. I am suffering from renal calculi in both kidney.I already oprated two times

  854. Utpal Maitra says:

    My sister have kidney stone in kedney one is 9mm and another is 5-6mm.She have the homeopathic treatment but it is not working it become bigger now we are thinking about operation if you have any suggestion then kindly give me.

  855. vishal grover says:

    hello doctor , i’ve been regularly taking berberis & hydrangea along with other pills given by my homeo doc. recently the stone flushed out with urine & i’m feeling ok now. my que is should i continue taking the above mentioned liquids to stop the recurrence of stone formation again?? is it safe to take these continuously ?????

  856. Approx 3 mm size two rt .renal calyceal calculus whithout backpressure changes

    Sir given me this report solution


    V K JAIN

  858. doctor sabh .mujhe left side had se b zaida pain hota hai.aur meri urien ji nali mai ake stone hai sir plz mujhe koi aise dawaye likh k de do jis se mai theek hojaye youn plz sir



  860. Phool Chand Jhajhadiya says:

    in my left ureter 6 mm stone since a year
    i have taken berbris more then 6 month
    but no benefit
    plz advise me

  861. Lalit Simar says:

    I have 6 mm size stone in my RHS kidney I feel very pain continuously in LHS Abdomen which Medicine I take and what I do ?

  862. sir
    i have about 4mm stone in right kidney please give me best solution

  863. sir,
    i have stone about 4mm in the right kidney.
    please give me best solution

  864. kunal meshram says:

    sir,i have 0.3 mm stone in both calyx of kidneys.
    usually my stomach starts to burn at the night while sleeping…and there is also constipation..pls help me out..

  865. hello sir,I have multiple caliculi gallstone with d size 8.1&6.2mm .plzzzzz suggest me the best treatment to eliminate these stones.thank u

  866. Lalit Vashisht says:

    Dr. Sharma ji
    After getting fresh in the morning i got a severe pain in the left and lower part of the stomach. When i got an ayurvedic churan then a cup of tea the pain increased unabetef. Then i got ultrasound report as given below
    Left Kidney
    A calculus measuring 8.3 mm at mid pole.
    A 5.9mm calculus at left VUJ causing mild proximal hydroureteroonephrosia Please prescribe medicine & preventions to my e-mail

  867. yogesh bishoi says:

    sir i am suffering from kidney stone since last 2-3 years . i have total 6 stones in my kidneys . i have already taken many types of medicines but does not got benefited from any of medicine . so please help me sir and suggest me proper homeopathy medicine and oblige .

  868. Deepak Kumar says:

    sir i have two stone in kidney a 4.8mm in right kidney and a 13mm in left kidney. is it remove from homeopathy medicine. i have mild hydronephrosis in both kidney so please suggest me useful homeopathic medicine. Thanks

  869. my brother is suffering from kidney stone problem. and a doctor advised him to take a homeopathic medicin named “Mother Tincture”. kindly advise whether this medicine is good or not. if not then suggest the best medicine for him. (withoutside effect)

  870. Aslam Iqbal Jamna says:


    I was kidney ston problem since las Six to Seven year befor hence I take a treatment from Nair Hospital and they done operation also and stone out through urin in many parts but currently I am feeling again that stone build up I afaraid to do Sonography becausee I know that result in yes I have kidney ston please sugggest some effective homeopathy madicine for me

  871. DEEPAK LAL KURRE says:

    m stone pasent hu treatment bataye
    uricristine and kedney m 4mm 4mm 5mm aur 3mm size h

  872. I have a 12mm stone in kidney, which homeopathic medicine shall I take. please suggest medicine.


    URETERS: right ureter is moderately dilated up to middle part, where a calculus of approx 12mm size is lodged.