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DO you suffer from bouts of frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose? Do you often wake up sneezing in the morning? Does sneezing and runny nose occur during a particular weather or when there is change of weather? Or, do you wheeze or do your eyes feel itchy with sneezing and runny nose? If you have some or all of these symptoms then you may be suffering from nasal allergy.Nasal allergy, also called allergic rhinitis or hay fever or pollinosis, is an allergic reaction of the body (mainly the upper respiratory tract and eyes) to certain substances – allergens – that we breathe in. The main allergens are pollens, molds, animal dander and dust.Allergy is nothing but an over-sensitisation of our defence system. This means that our immune system (defence system) starts reacting to a substance which is otherwise harmless to our body. In other words, it is a misdirected immune attack.Pollens are usually the main culprits.Homeopathic treatment is based on the principle of “like cures like”. This means if a substance that in its raw state produces a disease condition also has the ability to treat similar symptoms when given in diluted and activated (potentised) form.Thus, a lot many plants whose pollens are the known culprits for this kind of allergy are being used in homeopathy to treat allergic rhinitis. By giving a substance that has similar manifestations, homeopathy is able to optimise the already over-sensitised immune system.Two medicines which represent new advance in homeopathy are Galphimia Glauca and Histaminum Hydrochlo-ride.A US study found Galphimia Glauca to be highly effective in treating allergic rhinitis. Many other very effective plant-based medicines have also been introduced during the last few years: Cardiospermum Halicacabum and Amni Visnaga, for example. Conventional homeopathic medicines like Allium Cepa , Sabadilla , Arundo Mur, Ambrosia and Aralea are also very effective. It is important to remember that homoeopathy is a system where the treatment is based on the patient’s individual symptoms. Thus, each medicine has its own important place in treating allergic rhinitis. It may take a season or two to completely cure allergic rhinitis.With growing industrialisation, our bodies are changing according to the environment .A BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) report has it that one in six people in the industrialised world suffers from seasonal pollen allergies. Pollution does not cause allergy directly, but is supposed to increase the sensitivity to pollens. In Japan, it was found that the sensitivity to pollens was high in people living in areas with high levels of diesel exhaust particles in the environment. Genetic factors are also supposed to play a role in developing nasal allergy.profile pic

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  1. Roshan achom says:

    I am Roshan from manipur state, Imphal West district, my problem is nose blockage, anytime as no reason for hot, cold or dust for what reason, I had consult many Ent Dr’s, they rx, anti allergy tablet and steroids spray, it is not lasting to treat the disease.
    Sir kindly help me to cure from this disease. Due to Nose blockage I could not do even my own room to cleaning feel dizziness, when I feel dizziness I check my nose both side totally blocked.

  2. Rabindra Kr Kar says:

    Hello! I’m 58, a literature teacher, on medicine for HBP since 6 yrs and Diabetes since 7 months. Having constipation . Using specs on eyes regularly. Fond of prawn, marine fish and all vegetables. Everyday 8 +8= 16 kms Scooty ride with helmet in Bhubaneswar city.The present problem is that my left nostril is most often blocked; it automatically opens only at bathing time. No sneezing except while taking spicy curry. No running nose. I feel discomfort in sleep. OTRIVIN spray heals partially and temporarily.
    Suggest medicine and diet.

  3. Afolabi Aarinola says:

    Hello.I have suffered from perennial chronic allergic rhinitis for a period spanning 45year.I have done surgery and have been on drugs throughout this period. I have not got any relieve. Is there anything you can do for me. I leave in Nigeria.

  4. Sir, I have morning sneezing problem through out the year. Some times in day time. Itchy & watery eyes sometimes but nose is always watery. Please suggest me the medicine.

  5. Sujata yadav says:

    Sir ,I have NAZALA OR PURANA JUKHAM and I m suffering from 6-7 year,daily morning I sneez regular Aly for 30 minutes noze become blocked ,itching in throats and eyes with red eyes ,it’s my daily basis desease,I have taken a lot of treatment for it but unable to cure .plz tell me how to treat it

  6. I am suffering from nasal allergy and watering nose and sneezing at morning when I get up and after taking shower. Please best homeo medicine for this disease. with great thanks

  7. What is best joined. Party medicine for 8 month child. Suffering from chest congestion with cough and in changing weather on mother feed

  8. Tahir Rashid says:

    Hello Sir, I am Tahir 46 years old. I have a sneezing, itching and water running from last 4 to 5 months. This is only started after my arrival in Kuwait. this was only happened in Kuwait. Doctors said this is allergi. Plz send me the name of some homeo medicine drops to control this problem. Thanks a lot

  9. Raman Singh K V says:

    Dear Sir,

    My wife (34) has allergic rhinitis – main symptoms start with continuous sneezing 6~ 8, watery running nose (no burning) resembles egg white liquid. aggravates in cold weather and change in weather. Gets better in coastal, and warm places. has hypothyrodism too. PLease suggest if Natrum Mur can be used? or what is the best medicine.

  10. G.Rama krishna says:

    Dear doctor… I am suffering from nasal blockage from past 5 years and the result shows that I have non allergic rhinitis. If i use any medicine for it, I am suffering with gastric problems, gas reflections. Kindly suggest me which medicine to use for this problem in homeopath.

  11. hello sir last 3 year i have a problem.block nose, runny nosr,muces,itichingin ear eyes also.doct said in my nose bonehas minir bent (tadi ho gai hai) or he suggest me surgery as well as allergy test i donot want to undergo surgery. can my problem solve with homeopayhy plz help me……

  12. Bharat Bandhu Bali says:

    I live in Gurugram (Haryana)I visit our daughter at Bombay usually in raining season. During stay I develop eyes irritation and red ness. This visit I also develop sneezing water running nose etc I donor want to take Allegra as I once suffered with kidney sisease(proteenoria) .
    Please suggest homeopathic medicine
    I am 80 years age normal health.

  13. i am 22 year male and i have suffering from cold from my childhood or by 5 cold / sneezing almost every day(300days out of 365 days).Doctor say your cold is forever and we only minimize for some days and nothing else. please help me ??

  14. Sachin Tiwari says:

    Sir, I am suffering Bronchitis Asthma for last 5 years. I have taking Allopathy medicine but when ever weather change or cloudy Upper lungs feel conject. Plz guide can any treatment in homeopathy.

  15. manas k mukherjee says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. I am 6 5 ye ars old also have deviated nasal s eptum.
    N ow I am suffering frequently with severe cough doctors prescribing asthama medicine. Short breath
    when work Please suggest medicine.

  16. I have severe sneezing, nose running and eye itching. Some years back it used to be during the March to May but now it is almost throughout the year. Besides this there is a slight whistling noice in my ears for almost three to four years. My other problems are intense itching of skin at the septum area, lethargy etc.

  17. Ayush shahi says:

    Hello sir im 23 yrs old and my only allergic rhinitis symptoms is post nasal drip that too mostly in night time after 9pm or strts at 9 pm im taking duanose as a nasal spray can homopathic medicine will cure it permanently.!

    • Tyngkailin Khariong says:

      I am having the severe itching on the eyes, ears, nose & soft palate is paining and itching. My nose is block while sleeping at night and i cant breath properly. It happen from Last year,I had the same problem during these month.
      Please help me Doctor.

  18. M s sajid says:

    I mr sajid from Telangana state, India. I have a big health issue of ose block cold in winter season or when i do journey in cold weather. Iam having these symptoms frequently. Plz give a best homeopath medicine to me.

  19. farrukh says:

    Ian from Pakistan Karachi Dr shab age is 60 year l send my report to u pl advice me

  20. Suresh Deshmukh says:

    Sir, I’m of 59 suffer from allergic bronchitis so I’m very m fed up by reproductive cough/mucus & as due to sore throat mucus enters my left ear so it’s very painful for me and since last 25 years so may i get ur valuable advise! so will u plz

  21. Srilata Sargam says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    Last year (September), I was diagnosed with a right-sided nasal polyp on my maxillary sinus. At the time, I had had a very hoarse voice for about 4 months (April 2016 onwards) and was getting ill time and again – with post nasal drip causing ache at the back of my throat. I also noticed that at the time my voice started getting hoarse, I started getting back acne and acne on my face. Although the voice is back to normal (no hoarseness), I still get back acne and have frequent bouts of what seems like acne (not sure). My nose feels quite blocked (sometimes the left is blocked and sometimes the right one is). Also, my ability to take spicy food has reduced a lot. I get bouts of acidity after consuming even moderately spicy food (by Indian standards).
    Please help!

  22. Every morning I have continous sneezing, running and itchy nose, watery and itchy eyes, itchy ear and throat. Continous through out the year

  23. Riya lolikar says:

    Dr I m riya and I have a problem of allergic rhinities during rainy season since 25 years I’m not able to live peacefully as this problem troubled me the worst. So Dr please tell me the solution for this problem. Thanks

  24. Dear Sir
    I am suffering from allergies rhinitis with running nose.

  25. hello sir

    i am suffering from allergic type problem, always nose running, problem in breathing same as asthma. before i took allopathic medicine like Montilicast then i use homeopathy medicine. when i use these medicine then it feel good but when i stop to take medicine it start problem. i can not sleep because of breathing problem. i am 27 year old. this problem have been faced for more than 5 years. i am very frustrated. please suggest me what shoud i do.


  26. Savana Mondal says:

    I have been suffering from breathing problem.lam having dust allergy.maximum time of a day I have to stay in AC. I feel a stiffness at my throat and feel deficiency of oxygen. Pls. advice me sir

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  28. niraj kumar says:

    Hello sir
    My nose bloked at a time one nose open then one nose bloc and this process going on 24 hours

  29. Naman shinde says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma I have sneezing & running nose since
    2 years plz give me some medicine

  30. hi Sir Homeopathalogist,
    Ny name is mani 27.I have been suffering from Perenial allergic Rhinitus since 13 years. I have treated the disease by many doctors and also have gotten Allergy shots and tablets, but found no relief.
    Please recommend to me permanent curable medicine.

  31. Hridyesh says:

    Hi Dr,
    I am suffering cold since last two weeks.I have offenly suffered by cold in the morning and travelling to the hill station.I have faced this problem for last two years and after some time i am feeling relief without taking medicine.

    • Ms. Shirish Limaye says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I am a 62-year-old and have been suffering from a runny nose and discharge from one eye for about 4-5 months. The discharge is more when I’m outdoors. There isn’t any sneezing but every 10-15 minutes there is a clear, slightly mucusy discharge from my left nostril and some watery discharge from the left eye; but more from the nose. I have to clear my nose almost every 15 minutes. Please advise on the treatment.
      Thanks and regards,

  32. Anil Sharma says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am 63 years old and suffering from alergic rhinitis for the last 9 months. Both my nostrils especially the left one remains blocked and there is continuous dripping of water from the nose. The problem is really acute in the early morning. There is severe itching in the nose and eyes and slight pain/ itching is also felt on the upper left side of the throat. I sneeze not more than 4 to 5 times in a day. First I was advised Relent OD and thereafter Montair Fx and a nasal spray named Furamist Az. During the course of these medicines, I felt some relief, but the moment I stopped taking medicine the problem started again. I have also undertaken homeopathic treatment for three months but no perceptible change emerged. Doctor, please advise:
    1. whether this problem can really be cured thru homeopathy.
    2. what is the tentative time frame of the treatment.
    3. Are there any diagnostic tests necessary for confirmation of the disease.

  33. AKHTAR ALI says:


  34. Neha Vatsyayan says:

    Hello Dr,

    My son is 4 yrs old and due to changing weather he is suffering from stuffy/running nose along with coughing and I have observed that it stays for long. Can u Pls suggest some medicine which can be given on regular basis which can cure it completely and help in long run. Also any medicine to increase the immunity.

    Regards neha

  35. ritu jain says:

    hello Dr.,

    from 3 or 4 days i m feeling my nose is itchy and running and sometime its sneezing when its itchy. its effect on my little bit of eyes. so i want some homepathy medicine . i dont want to go other medicine.
    so please suggest me some medicine .

    thanking you.

  36. shivanand karajagi says:

    last two months daily am suffering from cough and am testing my blood and report is EOSINOPHILLS is10% and Ab Eosinophil count is 500 cells/cumm pls tell me Dr . what is the problems in my blood and what is the best treatment

    • RAVI RANJAN says:

      last two months daily am suffering from cough and am testing my blood and report is EOSINOPHILLS is10% and Ab Eosinophil count is 500 cells/cumm pls tell me Dr . what is the problems in my blood and what is the best treatment … I am 25 years old

  37. Muhammad Sohail says:

    Dear Dr.sharma.
    I have a big problem of nasal problem. My one side nose is block sometimes which causes headache and hearing effects on one side. Doctor says to me for a minor surgery of meat inside my nose but i didn’t like it. I want help from you and start homoeopathic treatment. Please help me. Thank you

  38. Hello Doctor, My Brother-in-law is suffering from “Running Nose” syndrome from last couple of years he is 6 yr old.

    as his history, when he was 2-3 year old, he slip a shirt button in his nose. but when family member try to find that button, there was no success. As no one was able to find or trace that button inside his nose. after that my father in law had consulted many doctors and did nose X-ray couple of time but that button dosnt appear in any of them. but after this (button) incident, he had developed a symptom of “Running nose”.

    Can you please suggest a therapy or homeopathy medicine for the same.


  39. shyamaneja says:

    Dr. Sahab, In the morning around 5 a.m. sneezing and nose flow just plain water tpe start which generally remains upto 12 p.m. Age 73 suggest any suitable medecine. Thanka

  40. Durga Prasad Surapaneni says:

    Suffering from perennial rhinitis from past 35years
    .. Initially it was sinusitis and now it is rhinitis. I have problem 365days. Lot of post natal drip and very sticky mucous and difficulty in breathing and choking. Most disturbing sleep pattern. As if some fluids flowing in sinuses and sneezing. Tried various doctors in Home, Ayurveda and English medicines
    No relief. Kindly advise me.

  41. Yamini chopra says:

    My daughter is 2.8 yr old n from past 7 to 8 months she is suffering from cold cough n cheast congition. As consider to dr the said give her neblizer teice a day for two months n then meake one time a day for 2 months n as per my knowledge is not very good for baby heath n she is also becoming weak . Plz suggest me what can i give her for reliaf n that not harm her also…

  42. Darshan Singh rawat says:

    Hello Dr sir any time if i rub my nose..i start sneezing continues and i feel cold please suggest me what can i do.

  43. Sir, i have a rhinitis allergy since one year . i trust in homeopathy so can you suggest me what medicine should i take? My symptoms is runy nose in mostly time.

  44. hara prasad pradhan says:

    Dear Sir, My name is Hara Prasad Pradhan, age 50, working as a Manager-Finance. I have disease like Nasal Rhinitis. This is more that 12 year old disease . When i wake up i get sneezing 15-20 times and watering . During day time very few time, again it starts evening time. But during rain season and cold season it is much more than Hot season. Secondly Eye and Nasal itching is there. Always feel cold. Even while sleeping i use to have shocks in leg and Tie up clothes in head always. Kindly advise me . REGARDS

  45. K c senapati says:

    I am having chronic bronchitis and homoeopathic medicines. But not curing completely. Dropping water from the nose always. Whistle sound in the upper chest. Cough i the thtoat. Constipated. Likes fish. Good sleep at night.
    Age _ 73 years. Active. Hold good positions and qualified.
    Request to suggest the medicines.
    K c senapati.

  46. Roya Amjadi says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am a woman 48 years old. Every day, getting up from my bed, it starts coughing and wheezing maybe because of nasal discharges or rhinits alergic. often, specially in cold weather, after entering from outside into room, again it starts to a horrible coughing and wheezing.

    please help me. Thank you in advance.

  47. Hi sir, I am Sarika, I have DNS , I am staying in Bangaloresince 14 years. Having severe itching in my left nasal polyp and itching, sneezing. Which starts as soon as I get up from my bed. Some times in the mid night it starts. Due to runny nose I am getting wheezing also. I have taken 3years treatment from Dr. Barra’s. No use also some homie doctors, ayurvedic doctors, English medicines. Every thing went into vein. Old refer some Medina.

  48. Nitin Kalra says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am Nitin Kalra age 35 suffering from sneezing, itching in eyes and skin from almost 10 years and feel comfortable after taking cetrizene and some homeopathy medicine. Sir request you to pls guide if there can be any permanent medicine to cure this disease.
    Nitin Kalra
    Mon 8890155954

    • Ganesh Nimbalkar says:

      Hello Doctor, I am Ganesh, Mechanical Engineer , working as a Plant Manager in a Company at Pune.
      Suffering a skin itching and swelling problem after a meal during digesion process since more than last two years. I have shown this problem to MD level doctor where they have given me allergic medicine and ask to find out allergy by my own. I found this problem to me even after regualr meal and it is more severe in case if i take Tur dal , Chicken or Paneer.( Heavy food ). I ahve gone through sites of Hestamine intolerable and followed the diet but not able conclude yet. I ahve taken Homeopathic medicine like R05 and R83 as well but in vain. Now I am taking Montait LC after every three to four days which is giving signifucant relief to me. Would like to know permanemt remedy for this problem from you. Lookin forward to hear from you. My Mob No 08600666472

      • Shamsher akhter says:

        Hello sir
        I am shamsher akhter 18 yers old having allergies rhinitis from 5 years during change in weather now i am suffering from 4 this time i have totally blocked nose sticky sputum,caugh,tonsils problem in breathing especially in night.

      • Shamsher akhter says:

        Hello sir
        I am shamsher akhter 18 yers old having allergies rhinitis from 5 years during change in weather now i am suffering from 4 this time i have totally blocked nose sticky sputum,caugh,tonsils problem in breathing especially in night.plz sir suggest me.

  49. My daughter 4.5 year old having allergies rhinitis from 3years during change in weather now she is suffering from 3months. At this time she has totally blocked nose sticky sputum, cough, tonsils, problem in breathing espcilly in night

  50. sushi y. mundavane says:

    Sir my name is sudhir age 32 I am suffering with allergic bronchitis.since last 6to7 year I am in great trouble. At the beginning I get suffer with cough and cold. My nose and throat then filled with mucous. This has continued for 15 to 30 days. Every day I had a great trouble in breathing. Whenever I remove mucous from throat by the way of gargling I would not fill better. Because of mucous in throat and nose continue trouble of cough .please sir suggest me proper advice to cure my problem.

  51. Whenever there is whether change I start sneezing a lot and then there is sudden blocked nose with cold within few seconds of sneezing which continues for days or weeks until its cleared again, kindly advise a permanent treatment which taken will prevent this forever. Thanks

  52. Saju joshi says:

    My 20 months baby is sneeging, coufing

    N running nose . Today is 3rd day . Plz advise me

  53. Sunil Kumar Hirani says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis from last 2.5 year. I feel problem as sneezing , watering itchy eye, in the morning & short breathing, blocked nose in the night during sleep

    Presently i am taking allopathic medicine as levorid-D & nasal spray ( floticasone)

    kindly advice me best homeopathic medicine

  54. Surajit Shil says:

    Hello Sir

    From 5 years when, winter came my nose itchy, sneezing, heaviness in the head, dry cough there is phlegm in the chest and my eyes are watery but i am unable to spit also it form dust. But when i take a Cetrizen or Montilucast + Levocetrizen 10+5 i feel better. kindly advise me homeopathic medicine for the same condition or it is curable or not.
    Thanking you,

    Surajit Shil

  55. Priyanka nurish says:

    I have runny nose every time with sneezing since last 10 years. It increases in cold and hot environment. I have also skin allergy urticaria. Suggest me some solutions.

  56. olorunfemi Jeremiah oluwatosin says:

    I used to feel burning sensation on my chest for ten years and it o cure whenever I am expose to cold weather, dust and smokes, please sir what is wrong?

  57. Hi Doctor my symptoms start two years ago.first is Skin deases I consult my doctor he say this is allergy. Demographism.after taking long time medicine. Start another symptoms like every morning sneezing runny nose watery eyes breathless.sometimes suddenly continue this problem. Please give me best advice. Thanking you.

  58. Adeena Bhat says:

    hello doctor i m suffering from cold i always have runny nose in every month of the year ..i cant understand what is the problem of my runny nose every day

  59. haranath shil says:

    I am Haranath Shil 40 years old, I have eye bags problem for allergy asthma ,How to solve it , Kindly told me ,

  60. Chandan Gupta says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am suffering from dyslipidaemia – 304mg/dl,low HDL
    raised level of hepatic enzyme(raised SGPT level -62 U/L),(low GFR -70 ml/mln/1.73m2),
    ultasound reveals mild hepatomegaly with Grade 1 fatty liver, borderline obesity grade 1(BmI 30.46 kg/SqM),
    Suffering from allergic Rhinitis for last 6-7 years with sneezing of frequency of 10-15 ,itchy and watery nose (i take nezalast to help with this). Doctor please suggest cure for this conditions.

  61. nashid ali says:

    sir mujhe subha subha bistar se uthne k bad gale me kharas banti h aur khansi ane lagti h aur iske baad ji ubkane lagta aur uske bad ulti me jhaak jaesa labbha aur pila pila kuch nikalne lagta h aur jab tak ye sab nikal nahi jata tab tab ulti hoti rahti h iske bad din bhar koi problem nhi hoti h aur bhook bhi nahi lagti khana khate h to mun me bhara rahta h lekin andar nhi jata h jaise ulti hone wali h maene ige test karwya h meri report me 849 nikla h sir mujhe kaun si bimari h

  62. Mohd Akram muzaffar nagar up india says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for 8 years .i have taking 1.5 years some homoeopathic medicin like kali carbonicum 200ch.Arsenicum album 30ch.Capsicum 30ch.Mercurius solubility 30ch .Bio 6 .but i have no relief please help me .thank you i am 39 years old .

  63. esther jongte says:

    i have been suffering from perennial allergic rhinitis for 2 years , i had taken medication with no fruitful results. and now i have been taking homeopathic medication for almost 2 months but it seems its getting long will it take to see the positive changes and whether homeopathy is the best treatment for allergic rhinitis.please help

  64. prasanna biswas says:

    It’s been many years that I’m suffering from allergic-rhinitis but couldn’t get rid of that .I had so many medications during these years but all of these went vain.the common symptoms that I have are sneezing,coughing,itchy eyes and shortness of breathe as when I go to bed ,I can’t have proper breathe and the whole night I have to spent being awake.please suggest me some Homeopathy medicine which will be beneficial for me.

  65. Vikram Singh says:

    Dr sahab mai kai sal so paresan go par ab mujahe jayada paresani ho rahi hai jase chik aana, nak jam ho jana, aako me pani aana, gale mai khar kari hona aadi please help me.

  66. Nibedita behera says:

    Sir,pls give a solution ,i am suffering from dust and smoke allergy in 3years.

  67. Dr (Mrs) Sukla Roy Choudhury says:

    Sir ,
    for almost 10 years I have been suffering from skin allergy which has got nothing to do with my food habits.I went for allergy tests and given medicines accordingly. But all are vain no result at all. After knocking all doors I was quite alright during last 7/8 months but it relapsed again for the last 15 days and today it is severe.
    Earlier i used to think that it is connected with sun but now it is observed that even within my room eg. early morning in the bed itself/while preparing food/taking bath/after giving few steps during morning walk when I feel hot especially or any time of the day I am irritated with itching in the body from one part to another and gradually it becomes severe.through itching I get comfort but quantum of irruption in the skin becomes more severe and in one part it subsides but other part has its new erruption and it continues and last for 1/2 hours if ofcourse I sit under the fan or use cold water or so. This is beyond toleration and nothing works. My straightway question to you Sir -Is it Urticaria or Allergy, Is it curable? If so how long I should continue with the medicine. Till date since last 10 years So many guarantees I got from several physicians……..but?
    Let me inform you that My Blood Group is B (-), Hemoglobin deficiency is always there, Protein deficiency , Immune system is not good detected though Immunoglobulin Test, Blood platelet below one Lakh. No sugar and Thyroid but obese always I am 50 +.
    Please Help me. With regards

  68. Sunita s.desai.47 years old. says:

    My mom is 47 years old. She has taken bodypain tablet, from that eye started becoming red at evening time & eye started burning. Than water has dry and dry-eyes started. We have used medicines from doctor, – lubrex ds 1000 bottles used, maxmoist, flowsoft, lacrigel, cellusvic, allergen, doxy-500, fish oil tablets, all medicines used but still dry-eyes. Give me such a medicine that my mom becomes fine, save my moms life. Please please please.

    • Mrs. Indu says:

      Hello Sir

      from 3 years whn, winter came my nose itchy, sneezing, heaviness in the head, dry cough there is phlegm in the chest and my eyes are watery but i am unable to spit. kindly advise me homeopathic medicine for the same condition.

  69. Md fahad ansari says:

    I suffer in winter only too much phelgm from my throat nose and even balls type sturcture of phelgm from coughing sometimes shortness of breath in the morning sometimes in night wheezing lightly in the morning…..i have my chest x ray nrml back abt 3 mnths but i fear that i have something serious. doctor said to me that i have to avoid cold things and stay away from dust and smoke

  70. Sir, i m takingMontelukast 10mg, fexofenadine 120mg for running nose, allergy pls advised homeopethy medicine.

  71. Ankit Kumar says:

    I am suffering from allergic rithness from 3 years and also taking homeopathic treatment from 2 years but problem is still alive what to do sir

  72. Sir,
    I am suffering from the allergic rhinitis symptoms for last 4 years. Early morning sneeze and running nose is always there, however it subsides as the day progresses. Though whenever there is attack I take Aconite30 and Alleum Cepa 30, it gets cured for that time but recurs whenever there is a weather change. Kindly suggest medicines for permanent cure.

    Thanking you,

  73. Hello Dr.

    I have running nose, itchy eyes, full face due to cold. It increases whenever I take headbath . I use mehandi to cover my grey hair and the problem worsens. What is the homeopathic medicine i can have. Thankyou

  74. I have chronus allergy, urticaria, allergic bronchitis and pigmentation. I am taking allium cepa. But my allergy is being hard to control and I am forced to take allopathic anti-allergic medication on alternate days ( montelukast hydrochloride). Is it OK to do this.

  75. S .K SACHAN says:


  76. Sir,

    I have been suffering from this allergy since my childhood. Itchy nose sensation amd sneezing creates a lot of trouble to me. Please suggest some medicine for curing this allergy.


  77. I am suffering Rheinitis itcing nose and eye watering eye snezing many time in the morning i have taken so many medicine montelucast citrila levocitrizen and steriod but it help only for somtime again it stared please advise mo your homeopathy medicine which i can get from the market.

  78. Priyanka saini says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis, it manifests just with strong breeze or air flow from fans, coolers etc.
    I am used to take levocetirize and montelukast, but i want to know is there any permanent cure for it.
    My allegy is very severe, from last 5 years. Please help.

    • Hello, I suffer from allergies since a little kid. I am 25 years old, and still suffering. I went to the doctor and he said I have chronic allergic rhinitis. He prescribed Flonase, and Montelukat. After 2 weeks of treatment he wants me to take steroids. The problem is that I was taking steroids for my PCOS treatment, so I really don’t want to take them again. I don’t want my system continue taking those pills.
      Can you please help me?

  79. Sir m sufring from this alergy sinc 4yrs i hav takn alopathy manytims bt aftr i leav the mdcn i gain suffr the same…… i don know aftr such a long tim wil homeopathy b abl to remov my allergy i really need to cure my totl immunity is just abt loss m suffring daily which is harming me my studies n my self-confdnc too

  80. helo sir .. everday i seezing about 60 -70 ,goes cold again, watery in eyes and nose .. i think it is a Allergic Rhinitis.. i take every day Levocetirizine 5mg and also take homo treatment. when i take med it relief but after some timed seezing again ..plZz u tell the sbl homo med for that allergy.. ..

  81. Rehan Hussain says:

    Dear Sir,

    Last 3 yrs I’m Taking Levocetirizine 5mg one in a day. if not take within 24 hrs then itching start after 2 -3 hrs. may be on waist, leg, head under hair. on Face eyes mouth, lips too much itching cn’t control if i touch and them then that small look like mosquito bite will spreading in a 6 inch dia.

    So, please help me out …… now i star taking some Homeopathy but also not useful to control that.
    Urtica urens 10m 4 drop in a week every 10min
    Copaiva 200ch 4 drop twise a day
    Apis Mellifica 200ch 4 drop twise a day

  82. pragyachauhan says:

    My 4years old son have a cold ,cough and running nosy several time means 1 time within a month so my question is that what is the reason of it ‘s prblm ,and how I away from this desease of my child plz reply me?

  83. I’m suffering from nassl elergy .cold atmosphere is a extra reason .eyes and nose is corrupted early in morning and evening

  84. sir,i am 21 . iam suffering from throatpain, earpain,headache, breething problem when the weather become cold and also taking fruits like banana,guava, sitting under fan,eating some vegetables like lady”finger.

  85. i suffer from allergic Rhinitis when ever i go to places where the humidity level is high. However when i land in a dry area the symptoms disappears and i become normal. I have been living with this problem fro over thirty years. Can you recommend a cure for this ?

  86. gurvinder singh says:

    sir while walking outside or while two wheeler driving i have to cover my nose and mouth oterwise i get sore throat ,pain in throat,ithing in nose,uneasiness in body and feverish feeling.kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine.i have to take anti allergics like cetrizine to get relief.

  87. pawan kumar says:

    dr sahab i am aged abt 401 yeras suffering from continuous sneezing with itching in eyes and running nose since last 3-4 years and i take cetrizen tab on alternative day, pls advise homoepathy medicines which is easily available in market

    thanks & regards

  88. jyothi udaya sankar says:

    My daughter is 4 years8months old…since the time she is 1and a half years old she is suffering from cold n an allergic rhinitis she is taking homoe medicine for allergic bronchitis..but still she is having cough during mornings…how to completely cure this condition…waiting for ur reply…will b geatful to u if u could find a permanent solution for this…

  89. Respected Dr.
    My daughter is 20 years old and she has recurrent episodes of ALLERGY RHINITIS since two years.when she takes elopathy medicines like antihistamin ,nasal corticosteroid sprays etc she feels better but after some time she again suffers from this condition.Please if you advice any permanent solution for this condition available in Homeopathy,I will remain thankful to you.
    Awaiting for your early reply

  90. SELIM SARDAR says:

    i am a alargic rhinits patient. please tell me medicine does and power.

  91. It has been 3 years I’m suffering from allergy rhinitis. It spoils my morning with or without sneezing , runny nose, post nasal dripping. Sometime cough after sleep…fed up with all useless antibiotic please suggest its permanent cure..hopefully wait for ur reply..thank u

  92. Is there permanent solution of allergy rhinitis in homeopathy?

  93. R. K. Tyagi says:

    Dear Dr. My problem of eyes itching.rattling sound in breathing,sneezinh aggravate during rainy season or neat sea shore.

  94. Allergy in nose and sneezing and sometimes nasal congestion

  95. S K AGARWAL says:

    dear sir
    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for last six years which is worst in rainy season.i am also taking allergy shots & various homeopathic treatments have also failed.All started 15 years back with bronchtis arising out of working in coal mine for 10 years as i am a mining Enginner.
    Now i am leading a hopeless life at the age of 46 height 163 cm & weight 69 kgs.these days there are heavy rains in dhanbad and endless sneezing & blocked nosr with chest and head congestion has made my life miserable.i have follewwd youe blog for long and you are the only ray of hope in my life.

    MOB 09470595132

  96. Good afernoon Dr. Sir,
    Myself Amit from 1 year i am suffering from sneezing block nose all time the mucus from the nose and mouth is enough i am also getting iching and contraction realize in my nose all time my body skin also having itching. I am also khani.Please help me.

  97. Dear sir,
    I have sinuses problems ct scan and report is-1.minimal mucosal thickening in the right frontal sinus. 2. Nasal septum is mildly deviated to the right side. And my allergies report is- house dust (polyvalent),cotton dust problems sir. Plz help me sir and plz best treatment medicine name tale me?

  98. Harsh Bammi says:

    Allergic rhinitis not only when session changes also trigger due to strong purfumes , smoke,dust. Problem all over year

  99. Dr.Pradeepa Babu says:

    Hi Sir,

    Myself Dr. Pradeepa Babu B N residing in Bangalore and working for Government of India, I am suffering from running nose followed by nasal block and continuous sneezing during night. Besides, headache and tiredness. I had been to Homeopathy clinic, doctor said, I am suffering from allergic rhinitis and I am taking homeopathy medicine from last one month but no improvement it becoming worse day by day. My doctor suggested for X-ray and he said I don’t have DNS problem and IGE test is also normal. Kindly help me on this..

  100. Gaurav Dutt says:

    Dear Dr…. I have this problm since childhood days… I’m 40 yrs old now… It all starts with blocked nose with sense of breathlessness…this stuffy feeling increases with each day… I have to resort to taking asthalin…salbutamol inhaler with levocetrizine most of the time…this ailment is too frequent….I guess dampness nd pollution causes it… How do i increase my resistance and prevent or cure it…

  101. Amber Ansari says:

    Good afernoon Dr. Sir,
    Myself Amber from 1 year i am suffering from sneezing block nose all time the mucus from the nose and mouth is enough i am also getting iching and contraction realize in my nose all time my body skin also having itching. I am also smoke cigarettes. Please help me. I am using alium cepa and Adel 23 for the long period but no any action of this medicine. Please help.

  102. doc i am 49 years old have a constant phlegm in throat /globus sensation- and also constant flow of white thick mucous , i am clearing my throat all the while .
    My ent doc diagnosed it as acid reflux – the endoscopy revealed small hiatus hernia and grade one eosophagitis. i have has gas issues for quite sometime as well
    i also take medication for hypertension
    i tried reckwerg r1/r45/r 47- but not much of a relief
    i used to be a moderate smoker for 25 years and quit 4 months ago.
    i am a moderate drinker as well- 2 to 3 30 mls drinks 4 days a week.

  103. srabon das says:

    I have synosite problem 1 year. eye and nose increase. dizziness problems. but not headache. pls ans me sir what treatment for me.

  104. I have problems of perrenial allergy rhenitist how can it cure.nd most of have whizzing sound in my chest

  105. My 3 year old kid gets up in middle of night dry coughing, he is on telecast but once i stop meds he get dry cough at night. Do you a have any homeopathic alternative medicine

  106. Yes, I suffer from bouts of frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose?
    Yes I often wake up sneezing in the morning?
    Sneezing and runny nose occur every time I am exposed to cold breeze?
    I do suffer from itch in the canthus of eye with sneezing and runny nose?

    Kindly tell me what homeopathic remedy can I take.

  107. Ramakant says:

    hi, this is Ramakant .
    I have a problem of acid reflux, when I get up in the morning, I vomit out some phylum or green colour acid out while brushing teeth or sometime without that.
    I am taking montair lc for a movement but I need something permanent treatment to this kind of allergy

  108. Can beudicort inhaler take with homeopathic medicine for allergy

  109. Hasan Akhtar says:

    Dear Doctor. I am 64 and having allergic rhinitis since childhood. In those days hardly people knew about allergies.As I grew up whenever there was such problem a few anti allergy pills would do the job or with sheer strength of my body things subsided.About 15 years back I had a sever attack in which I had badly running nose and a contineous post nasal drip.This time I had to consult an ENT spec. He diagnosed it to be seasonal allergic rhinitis.He prescribed me tab telfast and nasal spray rinoclenil.Although the disease could not be fully controlled but still somehow I kept mannaging the things. Now about 3months back I had another sever attack in which I had nasal congestion nasal drip and this time I am uncomfertable with all dry and fresh fruits,milk,curd,all vegitables and so much so that I am now only taking wheat chapati.My doctor has given me anti allergy tab and AVAMYS nasal spray.If I do not take the troubling items then the things are under some control otherwise not.

  110. Amrutha says:

    Dear docter,
    Im 28 years old.i have lost my sense of smell and taste completely for 4 years.i use silicea 200 and cal carb 30.i have pain in my right nostril and right ear.i hv polip in right nose.i dont get running nose.but very difficult to survive with anosmia.could you please suggest some remedy?

    • Sivakumar says: name siva age 46 past 12 years no smell and no taste ;I take treatment for nose blood coming disease to allopathy doctor he gave few tablets and anti biotic for 15 days .hereafter my nose problem solved my smell is affected due to that treatment what can I do for anosmia now

  111. Sir I have a complaint of sneezing followed by running nose early in morning since 2 years. I have consulted many doctors, used nasal sprays, tab.montelekast.Bt after treatment it again starts. I m fed up . Now I m taking homeopathic medicine kali chromicus 30, i feel no great relief .plz help

  112. Abhishek Mani Tripathi says:

    Hello sir,
    I am 24 and suffering from some type of asthama I think,actually I have eosinophilia problem earlier but now ESR is also increasing and I am using a medicine “Montelukast salt and levocetrazine hydrochloride”on alternate and by this I am feeling totally good. But it is a continuous process of taking this antialergic.Is there any complete solution for this problem in homeopathy as I have tried many doctors for long time but no benifit. Please suggest if there is any combination. And sir,is it okay to take allopathic medicines while taking homeopathy because I am a working guy and don’t have time to take rest for a day or two if homeopathy takes time to command on illness… Please I am seeking your valuable reply….

  113. Ajeet Thakur says:

    Sir,I am suffering from frequent sneezing problem from last 2 years.I saw many doctors but didn’t get by benefit.. Some private dr told me that operation is needed and govt dr told that this is an plz sir tell me what should i do?how to get rid of this disease..

    • Paulo Villardo says:

      Dr. Sharma
      I’m 64 years old, and I’ve been suffering for years with this post nasal drip. Sometimes my left year, and the left portion of my upper and lower gum aches. I’m constantly swalloing this mucus that drips straight to my troat, before I can spit it out. Currently, I’m going trough this crisis for about 3 weeks now. My doctor has been treating me with antibiotics without any success. It seems to get worse everytime I enter a room where the air contionning system is too cold. I just don’t want to keep taking antibiotics anymore. How homeopaths can help me?
      Thank you so much
      Paulo V.

  114. Prathap says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I get allergy when I touch water and when exposed to cold wether.. It starts with a watery nasel drain with itchy eye and then becomes more severe…Every month I get severe cold and hay fever..Is there any remedy for this issue in homeopathy? Pls advice…


    I am suffering from Atrophic Rhinitis during last five years,I have consulted many Doctors but no relief.Can it be treated by homoeopathy? Pl.suggest.


    • Dear Samaresh,

      As for as I know there is no permanent remedy for strophic rhinitis since the etymology is still unknown hence it is very difficult to find proper treatment. I am suffering with this disease for the past 30 years. I am somehow managing it. I tried several types of medicines, among all I feel good on Homeopathy to some extent. Allopathy Dr may suggest operation “modified young’s method” don’t do it.

  116. Amitabha Gupta says:

    What is the treatment if a patient of allergic rhinitis loses the sense of smell due to prolonged use of anti-allergic nasal spray like duonase?

  117. Muhamathu Meeran.p.m says:

    As soon as i wake up in the morening am suffering from continuous sneezing how can i come out of this

  118. mahendra says:

    i have suffring ellergic rhithins from 10 year .havy runing nose and full day cold problam occard . now i use furamist nozal spray but no marmament solution take many medicin but long time use not effect . so ple guide me thank you..:-) 🙂 .

  119. Dr. I am 49yrs and suffering from allergic cold for many years.. Have seat ENT doctor, general physician taken several blood years n treatment.. But i hv a cold blocked nose everyday. Cant bear powder small dust… I was using efcorlin nasal from for many yearsNow i stopped. Nose is nevet clear and thick saliva collectd in treat. Please help me out of this uneasy feeling. A. c. And lime vinegar carved good for body agree. Thick you. Pld reply. I ALSO TAKE ZYRCOLD SYRUP…. CETRIZINE

    • Dr. I am 49yrs and suffering from allergic cold for many years.. Have seat ENT doctor, general physician taken several blood test s n treatment.. But i hv a cold blocked nose everyday. Cant bear powder small dust… I was using efcorlin nasal from for many yearsNow i stopped. Nose is never clear and thick saliva collectd in treat. Please help me out of this uneasy feeling. A. c. And lime vinegar carved not good for me. Thank you. Pls reply. I ALSO TAKE ZYRCOLD SYRUP…. CETRIZINE

  120. Sir, i am using duonase nasal spray from the last 3 yrs because i m suffering from moderate to heavy sneezing in morning, (if i don’t use spray) , now when i am in an area devoid of plants, (like at home), i feel very heavy in my chest area, i am unable to breathe beyond my tidal volume, and when i try breathing beyond the tidal volume , i feel heavy , and sometimes mild pain in my chest area(about 10-11 cm below interclavicular area), and this condition worsens at night while taking dinner, when i am unable to breathe in completely, i feel like vomiting out the food i am taking in. What can be the reasons behind it. Also, i am having egg allergy, and gastro esophageal reflux occurs everytime i take in egg products by mistake. Please suggest me.

    • Hi Kamini, i have the exact same condition as yours. did you do anything at all to fix it? i need to go to a doctor soon.

  121. Sejal Padalkar says:

    My son suffers from allergies. Post nasal drip, red eyes, itchy eyes, frequent coughs, heavy laboured breathing at night.

  122. Anish gupta says:

    Quick smell of pollution like emissions of scooter car etc. White thick saliva mucus continously coming out of mouth which I have to spit out time and again. Body strength going down. Cold problem discharge of sputum in throat. Please suggest me quick remedy

  123. Vinesh Darji says:

    Dr Sharma,

    My son who is 11 years old is suffering from Allergic Rhinits. His Symptoms are as follows:
    1. Inflammation and congestion …
    2. Thick Nasal mucus ..very difficult to breath
    3. Sneezing
    4. Worse at night and difficult to sleep ( has to sleep with mouth open)
    5. He is allergic to DUST and oak TRee pollen


    What is the best homeopathic option

  124. manoj senapati says:

    Iam rehinties paitents

  125. shabeer k says:


  126. A.Divakaran says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I have Allergic Rhinitis from last 8-12 months of sneezing & always a running nose. Please suggest if homeopathy treatment can be taken to cure completely.

  127. I am having allergic sneezing. Rhinitis in every change of season .can you suggest some medicine.

  128. Sadia wafi says:

    I have all the time throt and code problems please tell me some madesin

  129. Hi doctor, Am suffering cold and dust allergies from 10 years , am so frustrated with this , if Any permanant solution is their in homeopathy, how is the method of treatment p plz let me know

  130. preeti singh says:

    Hi doctor,

    I am suffering from allergic rhnitis, always very dizzy, weak and lightheaded … want to know how can homeopathy help me out.


  131. dharmendra soni says:

    sir my age is 28 years/m i am suffering from allergic rhinitis from 13 years now any allopathic anti histamine drugs working properly taking these types of drugs from long time i am also suffering from abdomen pain.
    now i am suffering from allergy round the year

  132. Ab shahzad says:

    Blocked nose no sense of smell head congestion no sneezing no runny nose mucus congested in head or nose n whole headache n stroke last six month suffering tinnitus pls suggest me sir redness in throat head n nose

  133. Raj mathur says:

    Dr sharma, I am suffering from rhinitis for few years now. It is maximum in morning with lots p
    Of sneezing, running nose, watery discharge and reddish ness of eyes. Also I get a bout of it with sudden change of temperatures. Day time it is ok. With evening and night it again becomes acute. I am living in a
    Dubai. Please advise

  134. Abdul ghaffar says:

    Assalamo al aikum. Dr sb mughe chand mah se Bronchites he.Aur chaiti me Balgum boht he.Balgum ki jwahar se boht ghutten mehsus hot I he.Balgum sfaid he.khansi née he. Ws,Abdul ghaffar Age 45 year

  135. Rajendra Kumar Swain says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am age of 44. I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis since 5 yrs. During winter season i feel more. I have eaten homeopathy medicine but no cure by which i am taking levocetrizine and monteculast (alopathy) while suffering. So kindly suggest me whether this disease may be cured or treated and anticipating your valuable suggestion and advice as a result of which this diseases can be permanently cured.
    Thanking you.

  136. parveen madaan says:

    dear team
    facings problem hemorrhoids and nasel problem having breathing problem (cough) during weather change.
    please guide whether it can be 100%resolved

  137. hi
    i am jhansi . i am 31 yrs. I am suffering from allergic rhinitis from 6 months.Before this I have not suffered from this type of diseases. After wake up in the morning continuous sneezing, running nose with itching and watery eyes. Blocked nose while sleeping as well as in morning while waked, and white discharge from nose. this type of problem aggravate in morning and it is sometimes existing through out the day.
    and also facing frequent itching throat , sudden cold problem.

  138. justin dcunha says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I live in Kuwait and i have a 4.5 year old and kuwait being a hot country we kind of need to use the A/C all day I have a central A/C my son gets a cough and cold very often if we take him out for shopping as he is expost to the hot and cold weather from outside and malls

    At home as well he has a problem with the central a/c and gets a cough and cold very often even if he sweats he get a cold fast

    While he sleeps he always has difficuilty breathing kind of snoring but its difficuilty breathing as he moves and if i check his nose inside one side is blocked and the other open but the side open also he does not breath freely its like a snoring sound. he sweats while sleeping for at least 1 hr after he hits the bed and i have to keep whiping his neck and forehead thats the place he sweats this may be because of the difficuilty breathing his body is working harded to breath.

    I may be think he has this kind of sleep Apnea. His growth height and weight of 17.5 kgs is ok as per doctors for a 4.5 year old.

    Please help to advise if homeopathy can help my son get rid of the problem permanently.


    Justin dcunha

  139. Vashti Sundelin says:

    Hi since about two years ago my husband went into diet,he wanted to lose fat around his stomach area so he started by taking long walks and eating just one meal a day. 2015 summer he started coughing and now 2016 jan, he is still coughing with block nose running eyes running nose sometimes difficulty when breathing and many sleepless night. It has affected us to the point were we actually lives apart and only meets for certain occasions and some weekends.

    We don’t have a lot of bodily contact but since last winter to now i started noticing that i develop colds sinus, and pain in my throats when we have any sort of intimacy,he is been to doctors and he says that they all say that nothing is out of line.

    Can you help me figure what is wrong and why i get sick with close contact from my husband of 20 years.
    Thank You.

  140. Dharmendra Kumar says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis from 6 months.Before this I have not suffered from this type of diseases. After wake up in the morning continuous sneezing, running nose with reddish eyes. Blocked nose, and white discharge from nose.

  141. Sir,

    I am suffering allergic rhinitis by last 7 years, which particularly feels in rainy and winter seasons. Sneesing, running nose, watery eyes, iritation in eyes and nose and blocked nose are common symptoms.

    Please help me to find medication in homoeopathy. Anticipating your valuable guidance.

    • Arnold Phanor says:

      It’s been almost a month that I am suffering from allergic-rhinitis but I could not get rid of that. I had so many medications these months but all of these went vain the common symptoms that I have are, at any time, when I blowing up my nose,I had always having muccus and little blood commingled out from my nose.
      As an expet, can you tell me please what to do with this situation that i am involved with.

  142. Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from allergic Rhinitis for more than 15 years.I am 50 now.In addition to this, I have nasal polyps on both the nostrils.These polyps increase in size when I suffer with severe allergy.I have stuffy nose and continuous white discharge.Though I do not have bouts of sneezing and watery eyes.My allergy tests have shown that I am allergic to house dust and dust mites,milk and milk products.I have taken homeopathic,ayurvedic and allopathic medication,but none could help.Pl advise.

  143. Deepankar Neogi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I live in Bangalore. For the past few years I am suffering from allergies which at times becomes very irritating. The moment I wake up from sleep either early morning or last afternoon I am greeted with itchy and watery nose, continuous sneezing, sore throat etc. This entire episode goes for about 1-2 hours and in worst case, based on the season, can persist for the entire day. These symptoms has now started impacting my daily life and work as well. Can you please suggest some homeopathy medicine for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepankar Neogi

  144. Ramendra Kundu says:

    I have common cold problem which is not going away, runny nose after too much running there is a burning sensation in the nose. The throat has an irritation all the time, dry coughing, little light phlegm. At sleep in the night time, no coughing. No fever, no body ache,only too much coughing. I can feel the tickling through the nose. Please suggest me which homeopathic medicine is suitable, and also it is accompanied by mild ear pain, sometimes block in the left ear.

  145. bishwo chaudhary says:

    hello sir
    i m having allergic rhinitis (running nose)since from 1 years, n i went to hospital so many times n regularly using fluticasone nasal spray, but i m nt gettng any +ve effect from that,so can u tell me,homeopathy treatment will be effective for me? or any other treatment,? (age24)

  146. Dhananjay Sahay says:

    My six years son is having sneezing problem. Pl advise effective medicine for him.

  147. Kamna Pandey says:

    I am suffering from perennial allergic rhinitis.

  148. Anil Sakharam Dhande says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis ,asthma with mucus secretion ,digestion collapse,headache (totally face area including forehead,ears,backhead,neckache especially after a sleep) awakening in night @3am with chest jam .
    Using a nasal spray Duonase(cipla)& taking cetrzine/leocetrzine
    I want to discontinue above alopathic medicines, lead side effects.
    Pl help me .I am 51 yr. suffering this problem from age of age of family -father having asthma problem

  149. Rajwinder Kaur says:

    i am suffering form allergic rhintius problem. In this i am suffering from blocked nose and itchy throat and throat problems.Is there in homopathy treatment of this problem.

  150. spandana acharya says:

    How can we contact you and get the service from Nepal.

  151. spandana acharya says:

    My son is 3yrs old having same problem as described above like allergic nasal . I am from Nepal and I need homeopathic consultation and medicine too. Can you please help me to find right doctor and homeo medicine for my son. My cell no. 9841474442.

  152. jitendra bhatkal says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I have been diaognised with Pharngytis (allergic dry cough) for the last 2 years. I have recently got tested my vocal cord for any problem. But everything is fine. Many tests including CT Scan, 2D Eco, Allergy test etc. shows negative results. Besides, I am having DM/HT/Dyslipsia for the lat many years.

    Please suggest a suitable homeopathic remedy for the cause.

    Thanks & regards

  153. Ayesha Shaik says:

    Hello doctor
    Is there permed entry cure for allergicrhinitis and asthma in homeopathy

  154. my son who is 12yrs old continuously suffering from nose block n running nose,being a nurse i had tried everything but doesn’t work,please suggest a permanent remedies for this problem

  155. Allergy due to dust and cold weather. I get continuous sneezing , running nose and nose block. In extreme I get cold and fever. Can you please suggest me a remedy.

  156. Vijay Prasad says:

    Iam 49 years old male and have been suffering with blocked nose and Asthama for the last 15 years.
    Currently Iam using Combitide Inhaler(as prescribed by Doctor) daily and at the same time whenever
    there is blocked nose or stuffy nose I use Otrivin nasal drop(which now has become an habit as I find relief from using it)Iam 6ft and weigh around 85 kgs.

    Iam looking for some medications which would give relief or treatment from the above sufferings

  157. Sir
    My daughter has morning rhenitis when she sleeps in A/C, I started 30 Nat M , 30 gelsm
    &30 ars , she keeps well on daily base medicine
    But restarts again on dis continued

  158. Hello Dr,
    I am Irine and i live in Bangalore. I suffer from severe dust and food allergy. I sneeze almost 24/7 throughout the year. I sneeze continuosly irrespective of any odour, smell, dust or anything. I feel because of continuous sneezing, running nose and itching eyes, my vision is become blur, grey hair, breathing difficulties etc damaged my entire system. I am not able to touch cold water, cook food or clean house because of these issues. I found out from the skin prick test that i am allergic to milk items, sour foods (tomato, tamarind, vitamin c fruits) banana, moong dal etc and i have completly avoided them. But still i am suffering with the same problem. I am so embarassed that i cannot make any work at home as if i do then i would be sleeping rest of the day taking tablets. Please help in this regard. I have done alopathy medicine..but no cure. Now i have homeopathy medicine from past 3 months…but symptoms are more and condition is become worse.

  159. Param Hans says:

    I have old nazala problem.
    Please suggest me some possible treatment.

  160. SUNIL NAIK says:

    I m 36 yr old & suffering from allergies rhinitis from 4-5 year. I m taking montlukast-FX tablet every day for reduce this decease. if i miss it very single day again attack so severely.
    So, please suggest me any homeopathic medicine for permanent cure.

  161. SUBRATA MONDAL says:

    I m suffering from allergies rhinitis from 7 year. I m taking Telecast-L tablet every day for reduce this decease. But this is not permanent solution. I am also homeopathy and Ayurveda treatment, but no result till date. My age 44 years.
    So, please suggest me any homeopathic medicine to permanently remove.

  162. harsh bammi says:

    medicine tab/syrup for allergic rhinitis.
    medicine for immunity

  163. Sachin Deshmukh says:

    I am having this rhinitis allergic problem since the age of 6. Now I am 27 and still suffering from this problem. This problem start in winter season only. I am allergic to dust and cold weather. All thick fluid from back side of nose and goes in lungs every 2 minutes. Due to which I let night coughing starts and I feel problem in breathing and throat gets harmed. Can you please advice what action needs to be taken to remove this allergy.

  164. vikas chawla says:

    hello doc,

    my son is suffering from allergic rhinitis and normally we have see symptoms when temperature changes. Symptoms like itching nose, running nose and blocked nose and sometime chest when it increases. he has been on anti allergic medicines since long time. Can you please some homeopathy medicines as allopathy tends to have its own side effects.

  165. Good evening doctor my husband suffers from reapeated sneezing runny nose and sore throat when he travels out or when their is a change in climate…can you please advise a remedy for this.i would be very grateful for your help

  166. Hello Sir,

    I am suffering from ALLERGIC RHINITIS from last 8 months for that I have consulted homeopathy doctor and taking medicine for it. But seems like it has very less effect till date. I always have sneezing , one nostril always blocked due to which I need to breathe by mouth. Can you please suggest any homeopathy medicine to me ?

    Thank You !

  167. Dear Sir,

    I live in Pakistan, city of Lahore and every time I come back from a foreign country I develop bags under my eyes have trouble sleeping and feel that it is definitely caused by nasal blockages and an almost consistent runny nose (one nostril). I was given medicine for allergic rhinitis called Neo Sedil and Myteka and once a seretide inhaler. However I feel I am allergic to something, which medicine would you recommend and also if possible how should I proceed?

    Thank you,

  168. Rashes appear on my body for 5 to 10 min and then disappears,that to 1 or 2 rashes not on hole body….especially on hands and legs….

  169. I have been suffering for 4years by .. allergic rhinosynucitis .. Kindly guide me to the right direction..

  170. Tanbir Alam says:

    please tell me perennial allergic rhintaits medicine name I have been suffering this diseage

  171. Chandrashekhar says:

    I have a deviation in my right nose. Due to that there is a blockage in my right nose often throught the day and sometimes in left nose. Whenever I am suffering from cold. I suffer a lot due to these.

    I would like yo know whether these can be cured by Homeopathic or should I undergo a surgery will it be successful.

    Kindly help me in these matter

  172. siva reddy says:

    i am suffering from above problem.

  173. dr mahendra singh meena says:

    medicines for allergic rhinitis and acute asthma

  174. Kaha sharma says:

    Dear Sir, I am suffering from an problem. I am suffering from dust allergy. In conditions My nasal have block and tear start from eyes and chhick jyada ati h. Please sir tell me some medicine

  175. mrs d sarker says:

    Respected Sir,
    My son 12yrs old is suffering from allergic rhinitis with continuous sneezing itchy nose and eyes. He is taking Romilast L5 and then Romilast 5mg started from October till march . He is using nasonex nasal spray and sometimes inhaler budicort and asthalin. His father also had the same problem . I want to know whether there is any homeo treatment to cure it completely. Pls help me

  176. I am regularly from 4-5 years when I wake up my nose starts blowing and I am sneezing a lot ..plz providee the treatment

  177. Kuntal kundu says:

    I am suffering from allergy with running nose,itching eyes burning sensation in throats and little breathing problems since 10 years. I take montelukast with levocabastine for short term relief. Please help me by giving a suggestions what I will do.

  178. Dear sir,mujhe last 5 years se allergic cough ki problem hai.mujhe daily 10 mg ceitrizine leni padti hai.din ki shuruat itchy throat,runny nose.aur sneezing ke sath hoti hai phr khansi ane lagti hai.aur khansi itni jyda at I hai ki vomiting b ho jati hai.last year mujhe homeopathic treatment se permanent relief mil gaya tha.par is baar allergy phir ho gayi aur ab wahi homeopathic medicines mujhe fayda nahi pahuncha rahin.pls sir help me

  179. Hello doctor
    My son is four and half years old. H has recurrent tonsillitis. Has to take antibiotics as tonsils lead to high fever.
    He also complains irritation in his ears no pain though.
    Kindly advice some homeopathic remedy for the same.

  180. ANITA SHARMA says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I have nasal allergy since 9 years, Earlier it was low but now its increasing day by day, and when allergy increased i have itching, sneezing and some time problem in taking breathing. Also my hemoglobin is always low its about 8-9. I am taking half tablet of Montair LC 10mg on every third day. Kindly suggest me some medicine which available in mumbai, India for permanent cure of this problem as due to montair lc tablet i feel there is change in my mood and I am becoming irritable.

  181. Dear Doctor,
    I have Retrograde ejaculation problem after TURP surgery of prostate.
    Kindly guide if any advancement in this chapter in Homoeopathy.
    Best regards,

  182. Hello Dr, l have being suffering from seasonal allergies for years. this time, a year now l am having every day. Too much sneezing, congestion, running nose, itiching of throat, etc. Is there anything that you know that can help me out to stop especially itching nose an sneezing?

  183. sarita sharma says:

    Sir I have many problems with congress grass I am taking homeopathic medicine since 2012 but I am not cure. I have swears khansi sneezing running nose and swelling near eyes lips and sometimes in head and face also I have to eat levorid day after one no medicine is working please solve my problem.

  184. dr shujauddin says:

    Respected dr
    I having violent sneezing in morning. Clear sticky profuse discharge through out a day.evening relif frm sneezing and discharge. Also regurgitation of sticky watery and frothy mucus continue when sneezing continue.not regurgitation when sneezing is not. Sever tingling in nose in morning after awak first then sometime after sneezing continue.stopage of nose also.i am using nasal drop to relive.plz suggest medicine.

  185. chidambaram uma says:

    My son is 6 years old…he is always sneezing in the morning, red eyes and itching throat..During the night he cannot able to breath and no sleep also.Please help me i am so worry about this.


  186. Chandan kazi says:

    I have a chronic cold allergy since last 10year
    any where anytime it is been. Presently with my cold allergy I already invited Rheumatic fever and pain. when fever its biting full body and other pain in wriest-finger, I as a patient 100% feel because of it Could allergy, I am ready to join medical packeg, please advise me.
    Chandan kazi

  187. Geeta Pradhan says:

    Sir, My daughter is 6yrs old. She is continuously suffering from allergic rhinitis. She has got a lymnode in stomach and gastric problem also. I want to know the homeopathy treatment can cure my child. She is not gaining a weight and height properly.

  188. Ravi Kumar Jha says:

    DO you suffer from bouts of frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose? Do you often wake up sneezing in the morning? Does sneezing and runny nose occur during a particular weather or when there is change of weather? Or, do you wheeze or do your eyes feel itchy with sneezing and runny nose? If you have some or all of these symptoms then you may be suffering from nasal allergy.

    Pls see my comment below wrt above queries.

    I do have all the above symptoms on regular basis, mainly consistent sneezing with running nose. And every time it starts, takes usually two three days to stop consistent sneezing with running nose. Some time it over and some time it change into cough, slight fever, khansi, bodyache etc. I am suffering with this problem on regular basis, may be every 2-3 months or some time when weather is frequently change then it happens even within 15-20 days time span. For cure I always go by home remedy or ayurvedic way.

    My query – is there absolute cure of this problem in homeopathic? My problem is very old, may be 10-15 years ole or even more 20 years.

    I also suffer from acidity and slight constipation.

    I live in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

    I am non vegetarian, however not daily basis but weekly or fortnightly basis.

    Ravi Kumar Jha

  189. Bhagendra Sharma says:

    I m suffering from allergies from 3 or 4 year. I m taking ceterazine tablet every day for reduce this decease. But this is not permanent solution.
    So please suggest me any homeopathic medicine to permanently remove.

  190. Kapil Sharma says:

    I usuallu have sneezing in morning and running nose everyday, initially when this allergy started it was coming in winter season, now it is coming in 365 days , i am tired enough, could you please suggest something which can reduce this permanently ,most of the doctor said you can control only there is no cure for this?

  191. satavisa mohanty says:

    Namastey Sir,
    Sir my son 4.8 years old,he suffering from cold alergies, in all day he absolute normal but after 6pm his cold start,nose running,chink etc, this situation continue 10pm some times cont.. But when i give him madicn,(montair fx) then it stoped after 1hour,pls sir give me some path so many doctors i already visit pls give me conclusion

  192. nasir baig says:

    sir my wife is suffering 4m allergic rhinitis, plz suggest some medicaion in homeopathy

  193. abhinandan jain says:

    Sir iam suffreing from allergic rihits and problem in breathing

  194. Vidya Sridhar says:

    My son is in 10th and has been suffering from sever e sneezing and severe nose block now and then. due to this he is not able to concentrate on his studies. he takes aerocot rotocap inhalers now and then. i was also told by an ENT doc that he has adenoids. Please recommend the appropriate medicine for sneezing and blocked nose, so that he can concentrate on his studies.

    Vidya Sridhar.

  195. Jeevan Agrawal says:

    Dear dr. Sharma

    I am suffering from skin allergies problem. I am suffering from itching and rashes to my skin from past 5 years. To avoid that I am taking Levocitrizine 5 mg medicine twice in a week. Can you suggest any homeopathy medicine to avoid Levocitrrizine medicine.



  196. dr pankaj dubey says:

    Sir, I am suffering from chronic nasal rhinitis. I suffer blocked nose , sever insomnia , sever acidiy and gas. it is nearly 15-18 year long tracted problem. While sleeping I got sudden involuntry movement. And thin happens only when severly have nose blockage. I feel my head always heavy. Probelm worsen when I tried to concentrate. Many kind of alopathy treatment tried but nothing work. Please help.

  197. Nada Tahir says:

    Hello, I am a nursing mother whose baby is allergic to all of the following. I have been struggling with elimination diets. I was wondering if homeopathy has a medicine I can take or give to my baby directly. My baby is 6 months old

    Corn, beef, wheat, strawberries, dairy, soy, nuts( I haven’t tried tree nuts), bananas, chickpeas.

  198. Ashamed Abdul Karen says:

    Greetings. I am suffering heavily from speed air which instantly make my nose running and sneezing past 25 years. I. having a pharmacy store and consumed a lot of drugs did not help my problem. I having a friend Dr IBUNI homeopathy. Kindly resolve my problem. Thanking you sir.

  199. Leela Chandy says:

    I am having sneezing,runny nose, severe itching of eyes all year round. i was taking allercet for every third day. it makes me sleepy. but the process continues. plz help me

  200. Anita Joshi says:

    Running nose at any time

  201. i have cough and sneezing for 3 year ,I have done allopathic and homeo tratment, not showing good result

  202. Sir
    I am newly posted in renwal renwal I feel my nose quite heavy or pressure. I feel head ache also. Wt is this

  203. Rekha Belagali says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I am Rekha Belagali staying in Navi Mumbai (Koperkhiarne). Initially, i was having only morning sneezing (less). After i delivered a baby also…I was ok with less sneezing in morning. But when we shifted our house from Juinagar to Koperkhairne, i suffered from allergic rhinitis which is affecting my sleep as i continuosly sneeze at night and in morning also. I took homeopathy medicine from Dr Batra for 1 year and i was ok. But when i stopped that medicine after completing 1 year course. I am again getting sneezing attacks at night and morning. Could you please guide me whether i should continue with homeaopathy medicine from Dr Batra or any other homeopathy or i shoild go for Ayurvendic medicinine and Yoga. Please guide me as it is very much effecting my health. Many Thanks in advance.

  204. Dorothy Denny says:

    Always blocked nose lose of tast and smell,very painful when flying?

  205. dr.k.surya prabha says:

    sir, iam a doctor(allopathy).my daughter 2yrs old has continous nasal discharge, wheeze, cough. she had bronchoscopy once for rt. upper lung collapse serial xrays showing repeated collapse later normal with 4months montelukast treatment. but still she has symptoms with little less intensity. can u suggest her treatment in your homeopathy?

  206. ravinder verma says:

    Sir I am suffering from allergy in monsoon .my nose get blocked and running nose with irritation in nose ears and throat and finally it reaches my chest causing dry cough and severe conditions I feel difficulty in breathing. Kindly help me.

  207. Sulagnaa Upadhyaya says:

    I’m suffering from allergic rhinitis since last 6 yrs. Early morning /midnight sneezing, copious running nose,itching eyes, nose blocked while lying down, triggered with least amount of cold weather/breeze. Recently finding suffocation as well. I have high BP since 13 yrs. Taking Amlong A once daily. Gelsemiun and Sevadilla gave good relief. Took for couple of weeks. Kindly help me get rid of this disease. Age 43/female.

  208. Sir i am 22 years old, suffering from nose allergy from last six years.i alsi have asthma from last 4 years.i am taking medicine for both from individual doctors.last year in may i had a surgery treating polyps as i had so much difficulty in breathing .it was helpful for only 1 month ,after that i again found that i had dufficulties in breathing.a yellow color mucus or thick discharge always came from my nose,i have to clear my nose 4 times in a hour,i cant even sleep my ent doctor after saw my ct scan told me to have a another surgery.i am so much depressed,i am a student doing mca .it affects my study a lot.please help me.i am in so much pain.

  209. Sumathi says:

    My mother aged about 63 yrs is suffering from cough and also non stop running nose through out the day. She had taken treatement and cough is little bit controlled and she still suffering from running nose(watery)

    Pls suggest a remedy


  210. suryakantasahu says:

    how to recover deases of nimonia ?

  211. Rajmohan says:

    I am 67 yrs old man. I keep getting allergy problems, like, sneezing, itching in nostrils, blocked nose, itching in nose, eyes and ears, throat.. At present I am in Coimbatore, where I suffer so much from this ailment. When I go out to places in Kerala, Chennai , Delhi etc it more or less disappears. I feel I am allergic to Parthenium weed. and also dust. I had taken Ayurveda and Sidha treatment. when it becomes too much miserable, i had takem cectrizine tablets under advice of Allopathic Doctors. I understand this is rhinitis,
    Is there any treatment under Homeopathy for this ailemnt? Please advise.
    O V Rajamohan

  212. Umesh Vaid says:

    Resp Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from nasal allergy since 18 years. I face itching in nose and after that sneezing problem start with 100 of sneezing and watery nose. Earlier it occurs mostly in mid night and this attack remains for 1 hour and feel throat itching. (Gale me aur nose me kante nikal aate hai) by taking tea i feel some relief and in that 1 hour i have to blow my nose with lots of water. I have been prescribed a steroid nasal spray (arzep) which i had taken for 8 years. From last 4 years I am taking Ceritizine Tablets plain or with mont. Earlier one tablet gave me some relief for 24 hours but now it is gives less relief as problem happens for all year. Even in summer air of fan in night create problem for me. Please help me.

  213. Md.arafat hossain says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for
    9 year. Firstly,I was running nose & nasal bloocked that continue till to now.after some years I have suffered many complications as like tonsillitis, sinusitis, rhino pharyngitis. I have used anti histamin, nasal spray(fluticason)
    Antibiotics by dr.prescribed. but nou i cannot control allergy (dust allergy) with local antihistamine.please suggests me.

  214. suyog shrestha says:

    helo sir i belong to nepal. i used to have nasal allergy problem when i was in nepal.. few year ago i went to india for study, such problems disappered automatically.. now am come back to nepal again such problem disturbed my daily life. daily i suffered from continuous sneezing, runny nose, red watery eye, and feel tired…
    plz give best suggestion so that i could rid off from this problem for ever..

  215. Barbara mckay says:

    I am 80yrs old.femail. I am registered ceoliac , lactose,and possibly yeast free.
    And hayfever/ rhinitis Is a big problem
    I live in the Midlands Of the U.K
    I also have a benign brain Tumor.

    Please can you advise me

  216. Parveen Southey says:


    I am suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for about 10-12 years. I have visited a very renowned specialist of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and he diagnosed the problem as allergic rhinitis and reversal pulmonary disorder. I have been prescribed Montair but of no use. I sneeze excessively while I wake up in the morning and after sometime I feel that my voice is choked. I have tried almost all pathys but not of much use. I am allergic to dust particles, pollens, hot and cold temperatures. My life has already turned into a hell. I don’t have enough energy to complete my regular tasks, having memory issues, not able to breathe property and I always feel heaviness in my respiratory track. Pls guide me.


    Parveen Southey

  217. niranjan guha says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis.Report says that my frontal sinus is congested.Having cold my body catches headache right-sided and my right eye becomes disturbing with itches and pricking,becomes red.cough is also noted.So far as I know I have strep.viridians bacteria.I usually go to an allopath—gives me antibiotic,antiallergy and decongestant.But it occurs off and on.I want to get your advice of homeo medicine via e-mail.

  218. niranjan guha says:

    I always suffer from allergic rhinitis as allopath physician says.But it does not cure Simple cold catches allergy.I want to have homeo remedy

  219. Glen Kohler says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma—

    on behalf of a friend and client who suffers from allergy-like symptoms year-round: the patient is responding well to Pollinosan, a homeopathic put out by A. Vogel. Is there a duration beyond which the remedy will no longer prove effective? Likewise, is there a recommended period of abstinence from a remedy in order that it will continue to work for another series?

    Many thanks,

    Glen Kohler

  220. bindiya sharma says:

    Respected sir,
    My son suffering with cough from abt july 2014.initially he was suffering with cold.he is now 3.7years old.I have already given him some allopathic medicines bt of no use.he is still suffering with cough with lot of mucus inhis chest.I m worried please suggest me some right direction that what should i do.I have given him ascoril,cepodem,montelukast lc syrup.Please sir help me out.
    Thanx.I m also suffering with same disease.I m 33 years old.

  221. pratikshya garabadu says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 3 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times.The condition aggravates during cold season.I resort to Steroid therapy nasal spray and powder inhalers(mouth) and laveta M or montekalci as ultimate medication but avoid using it unless the condition worsens.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp. increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused whether i am suffering from asthma or rhinitis due to different versions from different doctors.Symptoms include normal cold (sneezing) followed by severe cough and gradually it worsens.Antibiotics is required to be taken for cure of late.Please suggest.


  222. Krishnam says:

    My son aged 14years suffers from blocked and sometimes runny nose, sore and constant sore throat. whenever he gets from the bed, in any season, he sneezes. sometime cough comes out, but sometimes he has to make effort, but cough does not come out. Pl supply the immediate medicines.

  223. Monika Varma says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    My son is suffering from allergic rhinitis since OCt 2014. He is 6 yr old now. It starts from sneezing every morning and evening and nasal congestion followed by cough. Monteleukast+ levocterizine gives relief. He was absolutely fine before this. He is a fussy eater and it is very difficult to make him eat fruits. Still apart from this allergy thiing which strated few months back his immunity was quite good. He did not catch viral infections which usually children and even adults tend to have during seasonal changes.

    I am afraid if it will be a lifelong illness or is there any permanent cure for this. Please help.

    New Delhi

  224. Khizar Jahangiri says:

    i clear suffer from allergic rhinitis. Following are the symptoms i have been suffering from.
    1. Nose starts running during sleep at night.
    2. Gets itchy at one time and then sneezes starts
    3. sneezes starts if im in a cold environment
    4. i cant sleep in air conditioning even in summer because this problem aggravates.
    5. i suffer from Pollen allergies in the spring season , which is really bad
    6. increased allergy leads to ashtma, for which i then have to use inhaler

    i hope this can help u understand my problem and you can suggest a medicines 🙂



  225. yashpal says:

    Frequent running nose itching sneezing

  226. kamalkant sharma says:

    respected sir, I am suffering from cold allergy,allergic rhinitis for last 3 year. at the time of changes of environment and exposure to dust particles from the nose and start sneezing continuously many time and after some time difficulty is breathing and nasal congestion and the early morning time start sneezing continuesly. please advise me some homepathic medicine to treat the problem as this prolong problem has been affecting my studies and life since 3 years. so please suggest medicine immediately please. with warm regards

  227. Sir,
    I have mild paranormal sinusitis and allergic rhinitis. My allergic symptoms include dry nose, severe headache, decreased concentration, light sensitivity, pressure in nose ara, dizziness and weakness, post nasal drip on lying down, severe pressure on backside of head and nose, swollen eye lids, neck stiffness. My allopathic doctor has prescribed me ultracet, Montec lc and Alaspan am. I don’t wish to take medicines any longer as they have many side effects. Can homeopathy completely cure my symptoms? please help I am unable to study and depressed.

  228. Manjeet Singh Patwal says:

    Dear Sir

    i have the following symptoms from last 1 year, but i was avoiding and taking cytrezine tablets for stopping them. Can you help me to sort out what the main problem is ?
    1. Sneezing is common in contact of any fragrance, cold environment & dust.
    2. Aloe vera like hard mucus comes out sometimes.
    3. Heavy chest if the intensity of duct & fragrance increases.
    4. Itchy & Runny nose is very often.
    5. itchy & wet eyes sometimes.
    6. fatigue with constipation.
    7. Itchy & dry skin is often.
    8. Feeling of something in throat (may be sore throat).
    I am 26years old slim body, no back history of any disease except occasional constipation, non smoker, non alcoholic, non-veg occasional.

    Manjeet Singh Patwal

  229. S SHANMUGAM says:

    I have been suffering from cold / runny nose / continuous sneezing and wheez (occasionally) since 25 years. I had been using (once in 2 days) Cetrizene, Betnesol and stopped recently as it caused early cataract in my both the eyes. Later I consulted a doctor and been taking Montec LC & Uniconin 40.

    But eventhough there is no much improvement. Kindly advise me.

  230. Dinesh kumar says:

    sir ,
    I am suffring from nasal alternate blockage ,sneezing and cold from past 10 year. I done operation 2 time but nothing feel better please tell me some suggesion to prevent sneezing and nasal blockage.


  231. pranay saha says:

    From last 1-2 months I m constantly suffering from sneezing, headache in left side, coughing but there is no cough coming out, blocked nose, bad stomach and forced breathing. I have shown doctor many times they give same medicine every time. These stay neutral while taking medicines but again gets active after 1-2 days when medicine ends. Please give me a solution.

  232. Himanshu says:

    Dear Sir

    I am living in chandigarh and have rhinitis allergy since i came to chandigarh after living in hyderabad in 2008. i was not having this allergy in hyderabad.

    Symptoms : running nose, cts sneezing, watery eyes, itching nose, throat & eyes. I get relief only if i am resting in no air circulation. It reappear if i am in contact with air flow or active.

    Time : April till November. More in Humidity period.

    Kindly suggest medicines

  233. sikha Banik says:

    I am 43 yrs.old woman. I am suffering with allergic rhinitis. throat pain and asthma since 7yrs. Symptoms worse at morning. cold cold weather.Better in,suggest homeopathy treatment.

  234. Pamela Redpath says:

    It started with a blocked nose 40 years ago. I went to the dr who said that the area was.built on water and I would just have to put up with it. So I started using various nasal sprays. About ten years ago I had changed drs and went to see about it. She presribed Beconase nasal spray but that wad like sniffing water. Then a couple of years later I started with throat-clearing problems but didn’t connect it with the nasal spray use. I went to another dr who had the hospital check for anything in my throat and reflux. Nothing. Then I read an article about throat-clearing and started using hayfever spray and taking hayfever pills. I can’t say much has improved but what is the point of going back to the dr? I now have given up strong tea and coffee and suck cough sweets but pointless.

  235. i have always been suffering from runny nose.
    but now at the age of 19 It has come up with sneezing and irritation in eyes . Pls prefer me some treatment

  236. Hello sir,
    I am suffering from sneezing and runny nose in Bangalore, I have this problem in bangalore only
    I have very less immunity here .
    I tried different medicines also but everything stops working after some days.
    Please suggest

  237. Thirunagalingam says:

    I am having allergic rhinites for more than 25 years. I used several homeopathic medicne and ayur vedic medicine and allopathic medicne including cartico steriod. allopatheic medicne coure only at that time. but other medicnes are no useful.
    Sir, I having the following syndrome.
    sneezing then compleet nosal block. when the nosla block lightly open then linght sneezing and again nosal block. I am breathing through my mouth only. allopathic medcine is useful. but steroids create many side effects and this gives only a temporary solution . I have nail fungus also.earlier i took sticta pulmonaria also.but no useful. some time i have only sticky colourless mucus discharge.
    kindly help me.

  238. esha sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    My child is going to be 4 years next month. He is suffering from severe allergic rhinitis due to which he gets middle ear infections frequently ..he also suffers from redness in eyes in only summer season. After trying many allopathic doctors we shifted to homoeopathy in gurgaon …its been 8 months but we don’t see much difference and his ear infections recr frequently with the onset of nasal allergy attack..his xray shows only mild adenoids enlargement and doesn’t breath thru mouth. I am also a patient of severe allergic rhinitis.. And I m also taking homoeopathic medications from same place. I do see a little diffetence in my case but not significant . I have severe allergy to dust like my son ….kindly suggest what should we do.. I would highly appreciate your reply on my mai..

    Thanks and regards

  239. Aman Kumar says:

    Dear sir, i have been suffering from allergic reactions since 15 years and i m only 23 yrs of age. i dont know whether its perrinial rhinitis or allergic rhinitis and family history is like this also, my grandfather and my father are having allergic problems also. i take cetrizine , levo cetrizine, cetrizine with some other salts depending upon the severity. sometimes i take medication 2 times a day and believe me sir that day is the worst . i have constant sneezing throughout the day.
    sir please advice me the proper course of action as it has degraded my health also. i am not able to gain weight because of this problem and digestive problems as well.
    please sir advice me the medication.
    Thanking you.
    Aman Kumar
    mob no: 9797466303

  240. i am suffering fro allergic rhinitis from 3 years. I have taken allopathic medication and homeopathic too but nothing works for me. I am suffering from constant sneezing and itching inside nose.
    Please suggest me what to do.
    Thanks & Regards

  241. Dipali shah says:

    Hello sir
    I am very worrying for my 4 Years old daughter, she is suffering from dry cough, my pediatric suggest her syrup telekast l. She feels relief when she takes it but the other day same position repeat, in case of throat infection doc suggest her azze 200 antibiotic. BUT the position of my daughter is nt well. Pls suggest me some homeopathic treatment for her.

  242. Poornima says:

    Dr, i am suffering from cold allergy, my nose gets blocked in cold eepecially in winters n also in summers i can’t sit in the fan for more time. My nose gets blocked and i feel difficulty in breathing and sometimes my i sneez a lot n watery substance comes out of my nose and i even sneez in the morning and dr. I am taking hepar sulph200 from about six months and that too now, two times a day earlier it was four times but in the starting i felt relief but the problem is still there when i left the medicine after taking it for 4 months then again, i started suffering from the problem. Can you please tell me the permanent remedy to treat the problem. It has been two and a half yrs i am suffering from it . When i take the medicine i feel releif But when after three months i leave the medicine i again feel the problem. Dr. Please tell me the permanent treatment for The problem

  243. chanchalbiswas says:

    I am suffering to allergy&dad during2years

  244. I have suffering for ovarian system for past 4year help me I need a baby

  245. Sir,
    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 4 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times.The condition aggravates during cold season.I resort to Steroid therapy nasal spray and powder inhalers(mouth) as ultimate medication but avoid using it unless the condition worsens.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp. increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused whether i am suffering from asthma or rhinitis due to different versions from different doctors.Symptoms include normal cold (sneezing) followed by severe cough and gradually it worsens.Antibiotics is required to be taken for cure of late.Please suggest.
    i also suffering bronchial asthma now..

  246. Nm Shaikh says:

    Sir muhe. 10/12 sal se nak bimari hair c.t scan report mutabik mujhe nasal turbinate hypertrophy ki bimari hai obstruction. Difficulty breathing inflameation sneejing allergic or non allergic rhinitis fever sir Maine kai ilaj kiy Magar koi fyda nahi hota sir meri help karo main jyada preshan hoon allopathy .homeopathy Ayurveda Sab Dr.ko batya Magar unhe bimari samaj me nahi arahi sir merit nak ke turbinate normal size me ajae madicin de

  247. karthikeyan says:

    I am 41 yrs old i have used various antihistamine drugs its giving only temporary remedy , i have been prescribed homeopathy drugs like allergic-aid throataid and sinusaid which all gave me only temporary remedy not a permanent solution . Dr kindly tell me is there any permanent solution in homeopathy.

  248. Muhammad raza says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I have suffered with perennial Rhynitis for many years and have be prescribed Ceritizine Tablets for a very long time which has brought on several other health problems. I am also prescribed a steroid nasal spray which i have also been taking for many years. My symptoms vary from headaches, blocked and sometimes runny nose, sore and puffy eye lids and constant sore throat. If i do’nt take the prescribed medication i become extremelyy hot ( almost if i am roasting alive), my mouth become very dry and slimy and i find it difficult to breathe. Can you help me please!

  249. shazmaan says:

    My two and half year old son is suffering from running nose in mostly fever.he has been diagnosed as allegergic rhinitis. He is on medication from almost seven months but no relief even after continue medication his nose is still running n its just water like fluid. His diet’play and school and sleep everything is disturbed. Don’t understand what to do. Please suggest?

  250. Deepak Kumar Sen says:

    For the past few months I notice that my nose gets blocked and voice sounds as though I have caught a cold. I stay in Bangalore now and I feel more and more susceptible to this condition. I am 68 years old now, and otherwise quite active.

    Please advise homoeopathic treatment

  251. Hello sir,
    Sir i found i hav a problem of anosmia i cant smell anything like perfumes gas leakage etc. And i consulted a ent spl doctor ..i had medicine recomended by him which was decdan 6 mg. Fexy and furamist spray for 10/days… But no any effect… Plz doctor help me out so i can smell again… I m so worried about it….im just 35 old years


  252. Hello sir,
    Sir i found i hav a problem of anosmia i cant smell anything like perfumes gas leakage etc. And i consulted a ent spl doctor ..i had medicine recomended by him which was decdan 6 mg. Fexy and furamist spray for 10/days… But no any effect… Plz doctor help me out so i can smell again… I m so worried about it….im just 35 old years


  253. Sir m suffering from wake up sneezing running nose itchy nose and eyes from last 10yrs please advice a medicene

  254. PITAMBER NANDA says:

    I am of age 45 yrs.I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for last 20 years specifically in spring season in march, april.It causes sever itching n watering nose ,eyes, throat, inside ears and sever cough .Lots of sneezing in morning and while in contact with air or water.I also suffer from breathing/asthametic problem during these days. I use anti allergic medicines ,Steroid therapy nasal spray and powder inhalers etc.In mid of May the problem subsidies normally.I have tried all possible therapies of Ayurveda and homeopathy but without allopathic medicine could not get relief.Please suggest me about any solution for the problem in homeopathy which really can help me.

  255. My 1.5 years old son is frequently caught by cold followed by cough which become worse very shortly. We nebulize him with budecort , levolin. I do not know whether he is allergia or not. now doctor advised us to give him montair lc kid for three months. But he has cough in early morning or late evening or at night. Please advise me what is right for my son

  256. Dr, please help me for my four years old son he is sneezing alot especially early morning when he get up for school….since last week now he is having fever and sneezing alot I am fail to understand why? What sign is this kindly guide me.

    I hope I’ll get positive reply from u


  257. A P Salu Nair says:

    I am suffering from frequent sneezes. During sneening I feel iching in my eyes and nose become runny.

  258. Amit Keswani says:

    It was July 2013 that I have Been getting very frequent cold, initially I used to take cetrizine and other such medicines to get it over with but when I went to a doctor he prescribed antibiotics and they did not help on the advice of a chemist I tried Himalaya septillin. it didn’t help as well. in fact the symptoms even grew higher. I went for a further treatment to another doctor who said I had bronchitis he prescribed montelukast sodium levocetrizine hydrochloride tablets 1 for a day. and inhalation of foracort200 3 times a day. As I did not had any cough in throat. I stopped taking foracort which didn’t had effect. after following 3 months of this therapy. my symptoms came back with in 15 days . when shown to another doctor he said I have allergic rhinitis. and prescribed duonase nasal spray and allegra m tabs .but after discontinuation symptoms come back. please suggest suitable remedies.

  259. Mohamed Sharaf says:

    I am aged 57 and have problems of allergic rhinitis. Feel thirsty and tired. Work as an accountant. Also Iam diabetic. Sugar level exceeds 200 . With Janumet English medicine it is under control.
    Kindly advise suitable medicine


    Dear Sir,

    Whenever I come in contact even with a very small volume of dust(e.g. during cleaning/swabing in rooms), at that night I feel a lot of difficulty while breathing. Specially during sleeping time I feel coughing. And the next morning every thing is found ok. Remaining all days I feel not even a single such problem. Kindly tell what this actual problem is. And what is its homeopathic treatment.

    Thanking You.

  261. i m suffering from cold during change of season occasionally
    and also it later on convert’s to
    allergic cold no running nose
    only Nasal i.e mostly left nose
    is jam then released after 2 to 3 hrs for 2 hrs again it repeats
    this & it contineous

  262. Sanju Swami says:

    Respected SIr,
    I am suffering from allergy rhinitis for last 3 years & also cold cough throat infection. I checked up for this problem to 10-12 Doctors.
    The medical action was i took tablets and sprays but it remains when I not use the tablets and sprays.
    The 1 thing generally happens with me that in the initial treatment of any doctor i found relief but day by day again the problem get increased and The treatment remains as formality.

    I am proper from Rajasthan State but when i went to another city in Rajasthan for 10 days then it looks like that i have no disease of any kind but when returned again the problem caught me.

    Then recently i came to mumbai for my studies & at present rhinitis problem is at very low level but the cold cough and throat infection is catching me again & again i suffered from this for 2 times in just 18 days.

    Cold Cough and Throat infection catches me very soon again and again.
    It is also from last 3 years that i have to suffer from this in 15-20 days.
    What can be the solution because the throat infection pain very badly and rhinitis too. I can’t live with this problem because it affects my study and work.

    Please Help me it is a kind request to you sir.

    Thanks a lot.

  263. Subodh Ch Das says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My 4yrs old grand son has attacks of dry cough more in the evenings & early mornings.A wheezing sound comes from chest & nose.Bouts of coughing sometimes makes him to vomit.He has no runny nose.He lives in a clean environment & we keep him away from cold items.

    Pl. help. He is unable to sleep nights. We r now keeping him under treatment of a child specialist who says it is a seasonal allergy & has prescribed medicines.Being a small child we felt to resort to homeopathy tratment.

    Pl advice.

  264. radhabhavani says:

    I am suffering allergyicrhynitis to 6 years I am also continued many medicines allopaty&homeopathy no cure I am using nasulspry also my protest ion teacher I am daily use citrazinenno cure please suggest good medicine sir.

  265. i m suffering fr occasional cold either in change of weather
    or due to pollution can u give me correct suggested advice to get
    it permanently cured i shall
    be much oblige.

    Thanks await your valued reply

    AC Jain

    NB* my son has his right leg thumb nail problem it occasionally
    gets boils over there due to enhancement & expansion of nail
    how to recoup or recover it some time pain some time nopain he is
    40 yrs old

  266. Dear Si,

    I am suffering since 10 year from running nose and currently i am lossing smell . Kindly advice me which medicine is best
    Allium cepa
    arundo mur

    Please sir reply me

  267. L K . Mishra says:

    I am suffering from Allergic problem Doctor says i feel throat &nose sneezing . in morning when get up nose blocked sinzeing started & white discharging from nose & throat coming for 2 years . My aged is 46 years please advised me.

  268. Hi Sir,
    am 30 years old man suffering from same as you explained for Allergic Rhinitis .I listing some of them.
    1. Continue sneezing.
    2.Itching of nose and throat
    3. Condition gets worse when eating or drinking something cold .
    4.watery discharge eyes while driving bike. and also nose get chock up.
    3. Continue sneezing or chock up of nose if get direct contact with fan or cooler(means direct air).
    4.very sensitive to cold.
    5.fill better in summer.
    6.snoring while sleeping.
    These are some symptoms that i facing.
    My Alopathic doctor suggest me Cetrizine for sneezing and allergy.
    Now I am addict of it. Centrizine help me just for two to three days after that problem remain as it is .
    One Homeopathic Doctor suggest me Merc Sol. 30 But I didn’t see any positive development over my problem . so if You have some good homeopathy remedy please suggest me .

  269. Sir ism 61yrs. Suffering from allergenic rhinitis some doctors says synaptic. My symptoms are running nose, wet nose then starts white watery discharge, then starts sneezes. Sometimes wetness in eyes and ears specially in right side. Suffering is more in winter and rainy seasons, change of weather, and severe smells i.e. Scents, agar ago, paints, smoking, drainage etc. homoeo medicine works very fast on my body.
    Pl reply

  270. swayam Rasal says:

    Swayam is having adinoids and he is also having asthama he is using inhelers like fluticasone 50, twice a day from last 2 year. He is 3.3 years old. Can he get cured by homeopathy. Both his adenoids and asthma

  271. rajkumar singh says:

    I am laving allergy i n throat & post nasal drip for the last 4 months taking allpathy treat ment but no relief . kindly suggest me how to get cure with homeo pathy

  272. Amit Singh says:

    dear sir.
    mujhe bronchial ashma allergic rinithis he but me cmc vellore hospital me dikha or 7 month se dawa kha rha hu but koi relive nhi hi mujhe halka halka sukha khasi hota h
    koi fayda h medicine
    1. montair 10
    2. esiflo125 mg continue delly leta hu

  273. Sir my daughter age 2.10 years she is affected enlarged adenoids and tonsils 4th stage doctor suggest to surgery she weight is 10 kg. This problem affected over 1 years she is not sleep well and eating. She is 9th month age she drunked neem oil local make and dusty glass then she affected dyreau and fever my doupt this problem affect if this reason please any suggestions give me

  274. Hi I m suffering from cronic cold cough and throat pain. When I am Bangalore this problem come with itchy eyes. I do coughing like non stop once it starts. Whever I do travel by bike it incresing. I met MD medicine and he priscribed histoglob and montair . my all blood and chest report are normal including b12, allergy report not done . please advive. Jitendra

  275. duyu yammi says:

    Sir.. my husband sneezes troughout the day.. atleast half of the day he sneezes and runny nose is present.. it happends while year.

  276. Hi Dr
    I have my son who is now 12yrs, since his chilhood is suffering from itchy eyes, itchy nose and doesn’t sleep at night. This think affects my life a lot bcos some clinics give him some fluids for his eyes and try to treat him but is the same.
    Please help

  277. ashish agarwal says:

    Hello sir my child have problem of cough and cold running nose every time like in one or two months.
    When i discuss this to my dr he prescribed montral kid for one month daily one tablet sir i want a good medicine with no side effects did you help me by prescribing a good treatment in homeopathy .i will wait for reply thanks

  278. ujjal das gupta says:

    I am fade up with allergic rhinitis associated with itching of eyes and throat. Have you any solution. I agree to pay the expenses and your consultation fees.

  279. Mansoor Ahmed says:

    Sir I have an weather allergy as well allergy with perfumes. Allergic cough in winter start suddenly at early morning and after cough vomiting occurs. I have a throat infection one year before and it was converted in to chest infection. I used a course of 2 months in which i have used cortisone also.
    Now-a-days I am using homeopathic treatment for eight months and feel some relief. Again I now in winter I have a problem of cough and vomiting after 3 days.

    What you will suggest for me. Can I will be completley recovered from homepathic treatment.


    Mansoor Ahmed

  280. thomas gerard says:

    sir i am suffering from severe allergic rhinitis for the past 4 years please priscribe a homeopahty treatment best regards

  281. MD. SARWAR HOSSAIN says:

    I am suffering from sneezing, itching nose, wheezing respiration, runny nose, itching eyes, coughing, chest pressure, constipation, blockage of one nose, but I am confused whether it is allergic rhinitis or asmetic bronchitis. Please give me suggesions.

  282. My son is suffering from persistent dry cough and wheezing since six months… increases in the evening.I have tried various homeopathic medicines like antimonium tart,hepar sulph, justicia q etc….they do help but the cough isn’t completely says it might be allergic rhinitis but there are no symptoms of sneezing n watery eyes very often. Can u help?

  283. Gautam Das says:


    I’m now 63 yrs and I “ve been suffering from ‘Oesteoarthritis’ since last 6/7 years . All “Pathy” failed to give me relief from “Pain” Even for few days I’ve tried “Homeopathy” But “Pain” is still with me as before. So what ‘s about “Homeopathy”from your corner ?


    Gautam Das

  284. Naga Suresh Bondada says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from throat pain from past 10 years if I take something cold I will get it. From past 2years I am suffering with allergic rhentis and phytangities. Unable to sleep in the night gets up early morning with. Nose block and sneezing red eyes spoiling my entire lifestyle please suggest to proceed further.


  285. Hello Dr.

    My 18 year old son is suffering from Tourette syndrome (TS) for last 8 years. He has vocal tics like barking. He suffers a lot. Allopathic med is not helping. Is there any cure in homeopathy? Please advise!


  286. Rohit Owhal says:

    Dear Sir,

    My age is 28 and I am suffering swelling under eyes and on face due to allergy, sinus and rhinitis. I also suffer from itching in both eyes.

    Please prescribe me good homeopathy medicine

  287. Dear doctor,
    Iam 36 yrs old, my both nostrils gets red, feeling of dryness inside nostrils, but nostrils remain wet, mostly i am affected in winter season, sleepless night as i feel difficult breathing, when i press both nostrils, right nostil feels pain, i feel a sense of fear during night, and gets up suddenly from sleep, two to three times, iam able to sleep only for 2 hrs in the night, i dont have watery nose, but two or three time sneezing in a day, and when sneezing my nose starts watering and stops.
    Plz suggest me suitable homoeopathic remedy for my symptoms for permanent cure. I will be greatful to you,

    Thanking you,
    many regards

  288. Ugyen Tenzin says:

    Dear Dr.

    I am Mr. Ugyen Tenzin from Bhutan. I was suffering from the nose block, sneezing and running nose for almost 5 years. It is really irritating. please do advise me the treatment. At the same time tell me how can i get your medicine

  289. Sir,
    My 6 year old daughter is suffering form cough and cold from more than 1 year. I had shown her to various allopathic doctors but the cure is for only few days. Also i had shown to some homeopathy doctors also but i didn’t got proper cure by them. I would like to share her symptoms with you hoping that you could give some advice to me . Her symptoms are tooth grinding while sleeping, sever dry cough particularly in the night while in sleep.Please suggest.

  290. vikash kumar says:

    Namskar sir mera nam vikash Kumar hair merit age 23 year hai mai Bihar ka rahne bala hu or mai abhi north east me rahta hu mai b.s.f. me noukri karts hu ye problem mujhe lag hag 3 sal se ho raga hai. Mera problem ye hai ki mere ko bar bar Sardin ho jata hai . nak band rahata hai uske bad jab khana khata hu to pet. Phul IATA hai. Uske bad lagta hai ki chest me kuchh lagta hai ki chubh raha hai. sar me halaka halka dard hota hai kabhi kkabhi. Bahut dikhaya doctor new bataya allergy hai . dawai khata thora. Aaram mil IATA. Hair phir wahi. Problem ho jata hai. Uske. Swas bahut phulta. Hai. Bajan bahut bhag raha hai . Dr. Sahab bahut problem ho raha hai. Koi achha sa upay jald jald koi pay bataye badi meharbani hog I.Dr. plz plz jald batne. Ki. Kripa. Kare.
    Thak you

    • To Vikash Kumar says:

      Dear vikash kumar,

      Do 15 minutes kapal bhati pranayama and 15 minutes anulom vilom. Do it in proper way exactly. Empty stomach in the morning. Learn it from baba ramdev videos. Do it exactly. Without hurting and tiring yourself. Withing few days say 2-3 days, you will see improvement. and in 1 month you can see very huge improvement. And after 3 months all of your allergies will cured 100 percent. Never leave pranayam. Make it part of your life everyday. forever. Stay healthy.
      Aap sabhi Allergy vale anulom vilom and kapal bhati se 100 percent thik ho jaoge. Guaranteed. Ek try kar ke dekho. Sach keh raha hu. Thanks.

  291. papia chakraborty says:

    sir,my daughter has allergic rhinatis which an ent has told me after seeing her condition, she also have lot of digestive issues are these two interlinked with each other and can homeopathy cure it

  292. PRAVEEN AGRAWAL says:

    I am 49 years old and i have been suffering from ALLERGIC RHINITIS since past 20 years. In the last 4 years i was under a tretamen tof Homeapthic doctor Dr. Balbir Kasana at Ghaziabad. The medicines given brought some relief. But since i was transferred to Mumbai initially i felt better during the months of May to August,2014. However in the month of November the same has been aggravated. I have consulted one local doctor but could not get relief. Symptoms are sneezing running nose in morning and itching in nostrils small droplets are thrown out from nose but no respite and relief. Could you please suggest for cure of this disease.
    Praveen Agrawal

  293. Omar Ali Ahmed says:

    Hi there, iam 27 yrs old, i have been suffering early morning sneezing,coughing, blocked nose and running nose during winter season, this goes on 2 to 3 hours in the morning, then everything comes normal as the sun rises, since when i was 20 yrs. please advise.

    Regards: O A Ahmed.

  294. sk jiyarul ali says:

     I suffer from bouts of frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose? I wake up sneezing in the morning? Sneezing and runny nose occur during a particular weather even when there is change of weather.My eyes also feel itchy with sneezing and runny nose. I have some or all of these symptoms and I may be suffering from nasal allerjee

  295. AMIT MOHAN SAXENA says:

    I have been suffering
    from Allergic Rhinitis for
    past 4 years which my
    allopathic doctors says
    gets transformed into
    bronchial asthma at
    times.The condition
    aggravates during cold
    season.I resort to
    Steroid therapy nasal
    spray and powder
    inhalers(mouth) as
    ultimate medication but
    avoid using it unless the
    worsens.Exposure to
    dust particles , cold
    temp. increases the
    I am terribly confused
    whether i am suffering
    from asthma or rhinitis
    due to different versions
    from different
    include normal cold
    (sneezing) followed by
    severe cough and
    gradually it
    worsens.Antibiotics is
    required to be taken for
    cure of late.Please

  296. Hi
    I’m.having this problem with my nose..I frequently get cold and also stuffy nose April I faced this problem n doctor said its allergic rhinitis ..I took allopathy n the time I took medicines it was fine n.moment I stop it starts
    Again in October since Diwali I’m again having this breathing problem.
    I have to take deep breath n I feel really pissed off
    .please help..I’m.using nasal spray right now..n also with perfumes n agarbatti I face this problem

  297. kavita bhanushali says:

    Hallo sir, i m housewife i have one daughter and one son after sons delevery i get start problem of (chinkana)sneeze and since last three years it is so nervesable to me so sir plz give me some beter treament for me i will always thankful to sir

  298. SUNIL SRIVASTAV says:

    khashi, Bolne per jyada gale me kharash as e.n.t.DR. nak ke uper se kuch girta hai alergy se hota hai

  299. My son had eczema and asthma from childhood and he was treated with homeopathy medicine but from last 3-4 years he developed sever allergies from pollen, mold, dustmites. homeopathy medicines doesn’t work for him now and ends up taking singular and I don’t want to keep him on regular allopathy medicine. Please advise me what should I do.

  300. jyotirmay das says:

    I am 52 years male. Had suffered form viral infection one month ago and taken antibiotic. Inspite of this i had problem with cough and runny nose. After discussuon with local homeopath I took Bryonia 30 for three days and get partial relief from cough problem. But i still having runny nose and blocked nose . This causing problem in my regular duty. It also causing some sort of uneasiness in my forehead. Pl. suggest.


  301. Bishwajit Chatterjee says:

    Every year ( for the past 6 -7years ) in the winter when I take a bath and my feet gets wet, first the feet start feeling cold then it rises up till the ankles. if this happens I soon get a fever, sore throat, etc, and on going to an ENT it is diagonised as ‘ Allergic rhinitis’ . It goes away on its own with the passing of winter . besides I catch cold very easily, living in Delhi there is nothing I can do but suffer as it gets cold in the winter .
    Please help
    B Chatterjee

  302. Robin Grattarola says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I see in this article that you say “it can take a season or two to completely cure allergic rhinitis.” That would be wonderful! That has not been my experience, however.
    I do use Galphimia and Histaminum everyday in the 30c strength, before arising in the morning and before my eyes are subjected to light. IF I keep the light away from me and GRADUALLY introduce light, after using the homeopathics above, I don’t have any allergy symptoms. If I wake and don’t take my time adjusting to light very, very gradually over some period of time, my nose can start running and sneeezing and never stop all day long, no matter what I do, unless I take a Zyrtec. And I don’t like taking that as it makes me so tired, I am pretty useless for the rest of the day.
    Any suggestions on dosage and strength of remedies?
    I have tried all of the combination remedies out there for allergic rhinitis, and nothing else helps. I have suffered with it for over 30 years. I am just happy to have found my combination of Galphimia and Histaminum, along with avoiding light. I live a pretty normal life beyond that routine. I would love to enjoy getting out of bed and looking at the sunlight, though! 😉

    Thanks so much~

  303. Anup Mudholkar says:

    Sir, my 2 yrs old daughter suffering from allergic rhinitis. She recurrently affected by coryza, sticky nasal discharge and fever. It is very recurrent.main causative factors are cold air, cold in general and dust. Sir plz suggest me to prevent recurrency.

  304. Rajeshwar Reddy Teegala says:

    I am suffering from nose running / throat chocking, Throat chocking starts no sooner taking either lunch or dinner (severe) .

    Forcefully I have to blowout from nose and struggle to clear phlegm.

    Kindly suggest medicines

  305. surinder Gupta says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I had flu for past three wks which is almost gone, I still have little cough which get worse in the morning and evening, on top of this one strange thing start to happen – I wake up in the middle of the night and start sneezing this last almost 30-40 minutes, during this time I get runny nose and sneeze almost 30-40 times. This is very annoying as I woke all family members . What do you think is wrong with me and what do you suggest I should do.

    Kind regards

    Surinder Gupta

  306. Mir Khurshid says:

    Rspected sir,I am 47 year old male sufering from alergic Rhinitis from last 17 years round the year for 365 days,i visited almost all speacialists of my state,tried all anti alllergics like cetrizine,levocet,fexa 120,loratidine,astemizole,rupatidine,avil,motelukast L,etc,steroid sprays like flutiflu,monetose,otrivin,etc but no relief,however I managed it with psedoephedrene 60 mg once at bt for 16 years & from last one year solvin bd works on me to some extent,if I dont take this medcine for one day,next day i have sneezing,sore throat & from 3rd day my chest gets inolved with fever,latter only a dose of good antibiotic can cure me.After ct scan all doctors have ruled out DNS.In winters problem gets more aggrevated.In between i tried homeopath in Dehli,took medicens for 3 month,was ok for this period but recurence happened sooner i stoped medicens.Methylpredinisolone & betamethasone 5mg worked good but recurence happened once I stoped reduced dose completely.

  307. Jakiruddin Ahmed says:

    Sir, I am 54 years old man suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for last 25 years and still has its effect during winter months.In winter days ,early morning my nose gets blocked, make my breathing troublesome, and I feel uneasy.I used to sneeze a lot. My eyes become red and watery. Still somehow I continue to apply myself to my official work and surviving to a great extent without medication by performing Deep Breathing, Pranayam etc. But now my concern is that my 18 year old daughter is also suffering from the same ailment. She is doing her 12th. Her final exams are approaching and she has these absurdities ie. Sneezing, Left nose block,watery eyes which makes her irritating. I am helpless as Allopathic Medicines prescribed to her, ie. Allegra 180, Nasonex nasal drops are not curing her for last 10 Months.Dr. Please suggest your views and medications so that she gets relieved from this disorder. Thanks . Ahmed

  308. Sakti Prasad Mohanty says:

    I am suffering from severe allergy rhinitis since long (15 years). Plz. tell me the way of treatment and prescribe the homeopathy medicines for my treatment. \

    Thanking You.

  309. Sakti Prasad Mohanty says:

    I am suffering from severe allergy rhinitis since long (15 years). Plz. tell me the way of treatment and prescribe the homeopathy medicines for my treatment.

  310. Indranil Das says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    My wife is suffering with chronic dry cough, sneezing with shortness to breathe. She has to take inhaler seroflo 250 twice a day for relief. She allergic water or any cold drinks. Symptoms sometimes lead to severe cough and antibiotics is required to be taken. Please suggest.

  311. Sir,pls. Help me. My daughter (21yrs ) is suffering from Allergic Rhinitis from 10yrs. She is taking homeo medicine from one Dr. From the last 8 weeks but results are nothing.I don’t know the name of medicine because Dr. gave me in small unnamed bottle for 15 days .now she is crying some times and telling me I don’t want to live like this .Her body is making so much of mucous .Morning at least half an hour she is sneezing .She is in college final yr.Iam worried about her future .Today she is with me so I can manage with her but what will happen when she will marry and go to others house.She is suffering very badly .pls. Help me and suggest some medicine .morning sneezing ,all the time she has to take out mucous from nose,she can’t sit under fan,her hands are always cold,she can’t do any work in kitchen,cant live normal life like others .In childhood she was suffering with allergic bronchitis .but at the age of 6 yrs that was gone .at the age of 13-14got cold .Till today she is suffering .pls.pls. help me. Thanks

  312. Advocatec anand adhikari says:

    Sir, i m suffering from allergy rhinitise from last 26 year. Presently i m 45 year old and using anti allergic tablets per day. I m also having asthma problems. Pl advise me homeopathic treatment.

  313. SUNIL NAIK says:

    I am suffering from very frequent of cold,running nose * sneezing at any time . After taking anti allergic it may be silent for 1-2 days .. again it occurs.. it becomes very violent in afternoon & evening…

  314. My son aged 20 years has been suffering from Rhinitis Allergy for the last 4-5 years. We have consulted many Homeopaths and Allopaths but his situation remails same. He feels very lethargic and eak due to bouts of sneezing and running nose etc. Please suggest.

  315. Samrat Bhattacherjee says:


    I am S Bhattacherjee from Kolkata. Actually my daughter is suffering from Dust Allergy. Often she is attacked by caugh, fever and cold. She is only 9 years old. We visit to the Aelopathy doctors and they prescribe antibiotic even steroid type medicines. Even she has to take inhailer like Asthaline and Boodicot. Whether there is any remedy for her in Homeopathy. Kindly help me. My mobile No. is 88902371804.

  316. K K Dwivedi says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since 30 years.Now I am also suffering from bronco asthma since 4 years.Is permanent cure available?

  317. I am suffering from frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose these more or some different from what u mentioned. Problem mainly cause suddenly from dust particle, cool-heat accumulation and touching of water any time. Specially when face washing run evenly pressure notocord part of front nasal muscle then started frequent sneeze then itchy with duel makes eye bloody, after in seconds nasal dripping. I recently take mastel, fexo plus and antazol plus spray.

  318. after cough & cold treatment in allopathy it is observed that iam getting smell of k/oil in my nose by fits & stars always.what shoul be the best homeopathy treatment in this regards.could u please help me to get ridout of this kerosine smelling.

  319. Rajamohan O V says:

    I am 66 years old man , living in South Coimbatore outskirts in a place called Sulur. I suffer from acute rhinitis, I get terrible sneezing, itching in nostrils, inner parts of throat, inside corners of eyes and ears , I had been suffering from this disorder for the last 15 years. Allopathy Doctors have been prescribing Citrizine Tablets, which had been giving relief, but for say 24 hours only, I tried Ayurveda also , but didnt produce any substatial result.The occurence is seasonal, and during summer months like, Feb to May, there is not much problem, even when I take chilled drinks, ice cream etc
    The pollen allergy reaction is miserable when Parthenium plant flowers around. I am allergic to dust also.
    I want to try Homeopathy. Is there any hope? Please advise how to go about.

  320. sangeeta mahlyan says:

    My younger sister and brother are suffering from nasal allergies. Their nose bone is not straight and now a days they have been suffering from constant sneezing,watery nose, red eye. Is that some sort of allergy or its because of their nose bone..?
    kindly suggest
    Thank you

  321. kya homeopathy se kitne month mei epilepsy cure ho sakthi hai. aur homeopathy se epilepsy guaranteed cure ho sakthi hai

  322. shui iqbal says:

    Sir im 42 year old im suffering from allergic rhinitis last 2 years I cant close my mouth properly every time ihave cough in my throat ifeel cough stuck in my throat .please suggest any medicine . Thanks

  323. Lucy silveira says:

    My son 14 years old suffers from runny nose and sneezing continously all the day long. In the evening hours it is worst and blocked nose in the night.

    He has been suffering from several years. Had been taking homeopathic for nearly four years but very short time relief and then back to the same.

    We are in Dubai and the climate is extreme with AC running through the day and night.


  324. My kid is 3.5yrs and in the changing season he gets affected by severe cough.
    Please suggest me the appropriate time for appointment.


  325. Anita Quaye says:

    I have running nose, blocked nose , and sneez early mornings. Sometimes headach is severe and frontal

  326. vipul mehta says:

    I have itching problem ..Every 3rd day I am taking medicine once it’s starts. This problem is from last 2 months. Can you please guide me ?

  327. Dear Doctor
    I am suffering from sneezing and running nose for past 18 years.
    I have consulted Homoeopathy, Allopathy and Ayurvedic physicians one after the other.
    Finally, three years back, I had consulted allopathy and I had a relief for two years. He told that there is a bend in my nostril inside after taking X-ray.
    But , now, for the bad luck, it started irritating me again. almost once in a week, minimum.
    I have no problem in sitting in AC..!! But hot climate causes cold in me..!!
    Please provide me a solution forever..

  328. adeeb ullah says:

    Dear sir, I am 37 years old.I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for last 22 years due to cold and dust allergy.Allopathic medicines like anti allergic and steroids sprays provide temporary relief and i am fed up with them.please advise me some effective homeo medicine which can eradicate this problem. I will be thankful to you.

  329. Shital lathiya says:

    I have been suffered from allergic rhinitis from few years.symtoms is like severe continue sneezing,itching nostrils,Watery discharge from eyes with itching,mostly winter & Monsoon aggravate symtoms.l like lemonade,Always wants covering during sleep,like bath with warm water in all season Please sugest me good medicine

  330. Rakesh Prasad Srivastav says:

    I am 50 years old male working in a corporate company as a senior executive and work in practically dust free environment. For the last three years, I have been developing nasal congestion, itching in eyes (in the rim of the eyes), irritation in upper wall of the mouth, and sometimes sneezing also (not much). I feel feel some irritation in my both the ears. This condition begins in the month of August and usually lasts till September or mid of October and again in the month of February and March. In the beginning stage, nasal congestion and itching in the eyes become very acute and difficult to breath through my nose.
    I have also done nasal irrigation but it provided only little respite. Eyes itching is very disturbing as it affects my work also.

  331. Doctor, my 2.5 yr old daughter has allergic rhinitis. Her condition we believe is due to the central ac in our home. We live in dubai. We’re giving her fluxonase Almost every night to ease her breathing. Her main problem is dust allergy. She has ear
    infection also. Is there a permanent cure for this?

  332. I am suffering from nasal allergy…During weather change that is in winter…I experience sneezing, irritation in nose and running nose…… The doctor has prescribed me Tas Montar LC tablet…Please reply me what should be homeopathic treatment for me.

  333. madhabi mitra says:

    I am often sneezing with watery discuahrge from nose and my body temperature increases with a pain in leg & whole body. What is treatment?.

  334. kiran bhangale says:

    Res Doctor
    I have suffering daily early morning to 11am from nose allergy .sardi water driping from nose cannot talk with others pl.suggest me homeo medicine

  335. Sir,

    I am suffering from breathe problem at night when I awake from sleep only on rainy season. I have been using Austhalin Inhaler for more than 22 years (3-5 times per day) continuously in rainy season only. In winter I have no problem. May I know why it is happening?

    Hope, you can advice remedy for this illness.

    Thank you

  336. dear sir.
    my age is 43 yr.

    I gets frequently suffer by snizzing in the morning and un able to sleep, below fan after midnight.
    pl. suggest me any medicine . frequently I gets suffer from cold.
    waiting for reply.

  337. hi! sir. i am working in a pharma company, i have been suffering from allergy since two months having symptoms of irritation in the nose,throat and eyes and also have nasal discharge and continous sneezing early in the morning.

    could you please help me out in treating this…. presently i am using homoepathic medicine prescribed by our local physician.

    thank’s & regard’s

  338. mamta sharma says:

    Sir… I have breathing problems mostly breathe out from my nose left nose I took surgery for nezal polyps before 5 years I was fine till 3 year….again same problem started cough nazel congamation. Postal drip…sinus pressure ..swelling nezal inside. …..less smell sense. …….plz recommend me best medicine

  339. Sandeep Mudgil says:

    Dr .Sharma,
    Please confirm your consultancy charges. i need to discuss about
    my 13 yeas old son has been suffering from stuffy nose and bad breath. .This is happening for last 3-4 years. please confirm
    Sandeep Mudgil

  340. Sandeep Mudgil says:

    Dr .Sharma,
    Please confirm your consultancy charges. i need to discuss about
    my 13 yeas old son has been suffering from stuffy nose and bad breath. .This is happening for last 3-4 years.

  341. ravi Patel says:

    allergic rhinitis worst condition leads to bronchitis,asthma…. plzzzzz help me with homeopathy treatment by medicine…..

  342. Hi sir,

    I am suffering from 2 months as some times sneezing
    continuous and also while bed time nose block also i feel some irritation inside nose n feel irritation due to nose hair. I m working in AC room n will seat continously for 10 hours daily.
    Kindly suggest some medicine.

    Also my wife is always suffered by sneezing for continous almost daily 4 to 5 times only in cold weather. She will be sneezing continously and feel running nose n blockage
    kindly suggest both the cases

    raj kumar

  343. Deepak tahiliani says:

    Dear Sir,

    I suffer from bouts of frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose. I often wake up sneezing in the morning. I feel eyes itchy with sneezing and runny nose. Which Medicine I should take.

    Deepak Age 46
    Raja Park, Jaipur

  344. Farooq Khan says:

    Last year around November 2013 i started having rashes and itching. I have had such bouts of rashes and some mild itching but this time it was quite a bit. At around the same time i also started having itching in the anus. So i met a Skin doctor, he prescribed to me Levocetirizine, some vitamin capsules a moisturiser and asked me to use some special shover gel. He also prescribed a creme “HHSone”. The problem subsided but was back in a month. I again visited him he gave me same medicine again problem subsided.

    But reappeared again this continued for many months when i take medicine it subsided never completely but the itching reduces in intensity how ever i do feel sleepy. I got tired and stopped the medicine i am still in lot of discomfort i use the creme when it becomes un tolerable but do not take the Levocetirizine.

    Any homeopathic solution to the problem.


  345. sanjay dubey says:

    my son is 4y old and having frequent problem of sneezing,running nose and irritation in eyes.he keeps rubbing his there any solution to it plz tell only in month of augest-september

  346. manish agarwal says:

    Sir, I suffering ALLERGIC RHINITIS from last 5 years. Kindly suggest me.

  347. swapnil singh says:

    Sir im suffring allergic rihinitis last 3 years it is very curse me plz tell me treatment

  348. akhil tandon says:

    i have severe allergic rhinitis that causes itchy throat , sore throat , itchy nose , runny nose ,bad breath

  349. SUBHAM KUMAR says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinities for past 4-5 years according to allopathy doctors. My symptoms are sneezing,blocked nose,itchy eyes,and wheezing.All these symptoms troubled me mostly from 4 am to 7 am means increased when i sleep at night.These my symtoms increase during seasonal change.Sir and when i get antiallergic tablets (levosiz m) i got relief.But it get repeated so i wants permanent relief .Sir kindly help…

  350. i am 20 yr guy who often suffer with cold allergy i had consulted many doctors but it wasn’t helpfull they were temporary remidies

    i sneeze a lot runny nose and itchy eyes
    what should i do

  351. Dear doctor

    I am 58 years old and suffering with allergic rhinitis since 20 years.Since last 6 years I am suffering from bronco asthma also.
    I am taking inhalers from mouth(sep. to feb.) and anti allergy tablets like montelucast+levocerizine and some time ALLER -AID (HOMEO.) ,but during change in season homeopathic medicines does not suggest homeo treatment.

  352. k.l.chatterjee says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic rhinnities for over 2 years.Non stop formation of mucous cough in my nose and throat.About 8 months the mucous cough in my nose & throat taste absolutely horrible & the most food taste salty & slight bittery.I have seen a hospital consultant in UK hospital.He has prescribed me with nasal spray and NETI(DHOUTY), which I have been doing quite a while without any effect.Whenever I use the spray or salted warm water dhouty the mucous cough formation is aggravated.I am obviously looking for some remedy ,perhaps homeopathy treatment.So please feel free to advice.

  353. Amrita Sen says:

    Weather I can continue yoga and homeopathy simultaneously( I have problem in uterus and ovary)? Please reply.

  354. sir,
    meri nose me itching se sneezing hoti hai or meri eyes red ho jaati hai or pain bhi karti hai jiski wajh se mujhe headache bhi hota hai plz sir mujhe koi effective medicine bataye jis se main thik ho jaun ye mujhe pichle 3-4 saal se hai

  355. Braj Nandan Mandal says:

    Dear Dr. Saheb.
    I am 67 years old,suffering from allergic rhinitis since at the age of 57 years,do here want your help to deal my problem as indicated. Kindly suggest an homeo drugs and send to my e-mail.It gives problem specially in starting summer season an in evening hour.
    Thanking you
    B.N.Mandal,ret.CIL Officers

  356. Dayanand.m.mathad says:

    Respected sir.imsuffering from allergicrhinitis since I was 15, now I’m 38 ,I think its in heridity.I’m allergic to dust ,perfume,cigarette smoke,cold taking steroid nasal sprays n levocetrizine orally.sometimes it helps n sometimes it won’ very thin n very sensitive by nature. Plz help me to live like others.

  357. Muhammad Majid says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am from 25 years old and from Pakistan and living in UAE since 14 months. In my 1st year i was perfectly alright having no disease. But now i am suffering from sneezing, running nose (Thin and transparent nasal discharge), itchy nose, running eyes. These symptoms are very high when i wake up from sleep.

    In my family, no one having asthma symptoms, like doctor asks from me.

    I am facing these symptoms since 2 months. I checked it from doctor but no complete benefit. Whenever i take medicine its ok. but when i stop taking medicine, it starts again.

    I am using Citrizine (Zyrtec). This medicine perfectly treat my symptoms. I take this medicine for one month. But whenever i stop taking it, symptoms starts again.

    Can you please help me regarding this?

    Muhammad Majid

  358. Nikhil narsaria says:

    My mother is suffering from bronchial asthma allergic rhinitis from last 8years. ..we had been prescribed to allopathy treatment. Thus mom is been taking steroids from years.. Result lots of sideeffect in her body as u can understand.. Now I want your suggestions regarding the Deases and how effective it will be homeopathic treatment ..
    Sir I will be highly thankful to your kind attention.

  359. Surajit Samaddar says:

    am 40 years old and I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 15 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma .2/3 years back the condition was aggravated during cold season, rainy season specilly on change of seasons, but now it happens through out the years. I resort to oral Steroid inhaler(seroflo 125), turbuline/sulbutamol syrup, antibiotics as ultimate medication.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp. change of season increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused whether i am suffering from asthma or rhinitis due to different versions from different doctors.Symptoms include cold (sneezing) , running and itching nose and eyes, reddish and watery eyes ,followed by severe cough and asthma and gradually it worsens.

    Please suggest me some homeopathic remedies for cure.



  360. Romi Subchintuk says:

    Dear Dr Sharma.

    I have a 22 year old son who suffers constantly with: Sneezing (especially in the morning), itchy eyes, tight chest, build up of mucas which results in him spitting almost all the time. He takes allergex daily and the venteze pump and I notice that it is getting worst. We are living near not far from an industrial area.
    Please help me with some remedies or recommendation.

    Thanking you in advance.

  361. Shailendra shukla says:

    dear sir, I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since last 3 Years during rainy season especially. I am scared of allopathic medicine kindly sugget me homeopathik medicine with bramdname and dosage for my treatment i will be highly obliged.thanks

  362. NAGARAJAN.R says:

    Sir, i have problem of running nose last four years continue when I sleeping the running nose stopped.Alopathy doctor given medicine and spray such as citrozine, azilestine hydrochloride and flutcasone proponate nasal spray . the medicine does not cure my problem. please suggestion me to cure my nassal problem

  363. yatender saini says:

    sir I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since 5 yr s ,now I am 15 yr s. I tried histaminum30 but it does not work . I am higly allergic to dust ,pollen ,perfume,kerosene and ittar. while I go to bed ,problem is increased but there is no water fall through my nose . my study is affected by this problem .please help me.


    yatender saini

  364. my daughter is 5y old and having frequent problem of sneezing,running nose and irritation in eyes and also clogged nostrils especially early in the mornings she keeps rubbing her there any solution to it plz tell

  365. ddheegs adam says:

    Dear Doc.


    iI would like to ask help for my illnes everyday im sufee

  366. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from Allergic Rhinitis from last many years , my current age is 29. I got treatment 5 years back but it worked only for few months, after that still the same problem. Main problem is sneezing, I sneeze a lot in the morning, sometimes it stops with time and sometime it worsens causing fever also. Please suggest.


  367. Martin Tobin says:

    Hi Doctor .
    I have a lot of problems with allergic rhinitis with 20 years , also skin allergies , always dry throath mouth nose . I also have problems to swallow natural pills but if I take with milk it’s not as bal .
    Is there anything that I can do about it .
    Thanks very much Doctor for your time . Regards . Martin.

  368. fazeelat hasan says:


    Running nose almost every day in the morning .
    Sneezing almost 100- 200 in the morning .
    Water in eyes .
    The same thing is started in day time also .

  369. sandeep dhingra says:

    I am 47 years old and suffering for allergic rhinitis for the last 20 years and taking allopathic medicines. Now no medicine is helping . Please help. If there is any medicine in homeopathy, kindly advise.
    sandeep dhingra

  370. Sanjay Gaur says:

    Sir i always have stuffy nose and dry cough,itching in my right side of neck,sometimes i feel a lot energetic and sometimes i feel dull…………

  371. Dear sir

    I want permanent cure from rhinitis …


  372. sankar kumar says:

    dear sir i have allergic rihintis since 3 years, so i’ve always sneezing and running nose especially in winter and rainy season .i feel very sensitive to cold and to various meal like tea coffee col drinks fish ladies finger banana domestic dust. since last 2 years i use citrizin Nd antibiotic to control sneezing and running nose. at night i feel dry throat.even in that time i was able to run 4 kilometre .unfortunately since 8 months i have respiratory problem i feel tightening in chest during breath and sound effect and stress just as allergic asthma but i’m not sure this is either asthma or alergy I cant work hard I feel hopeless so please tell me what is this and its remedy as soon as possible thank you

  373. I am infected by allergic rhinitis problems.
    I know it’s remedy (Homeopathy medicine name).

  374. Shakeel says:

    I read above article and got some informaton about rhinitis allergy.
    Im married person aged 42. My wife is my 1st cusin too. We have 3 kids (all boys).
    My father and grand father(lait) was suffered by allergy all the time and they both caught TB (tuber closes),asthama,chest congestant etc.
    i my self and my wife too are suffering from allergy. I have sinus problem too.
    My both elder suns aged 10 and 8 respectily having same problem of allergy. Sneezing, itching, watery eyes. Nasal congestion. Chest congestion.
    And we are always much worried about that problem. Now my youngest baby aged 10 month, is suffring sever rhinitis allergy. We are tierd to make care / cure by dust mits. But its much difficult as its indor. The baby is suffring from nasal / chest congestion sinc last 4 months and the Doctor treat him continuously by anti biotics and anti allergic medicins. Thats are having much more side effects and the baby not geting up too. As he caught allergy attacks again and again. Sneezing itching ant watery eyes are common symptoms and laterly nasal congestion and chest congestion soun wheezing too when worse.
    I think my question is too long but it was necessary to breaf you in detail.
    Is there any homeopathic medicin for continuous usag in futur to cure / prevent allergy attacks.
    And also helpful to boost immune system.
    Because its imposible to avoid allergens exposurs.
    Specially dust mits.
    I wil be very thankful to you.
    Baby age 10 month.
    Pleas ignor spell mistaks. Hop u wil get.

  375. Siphokazi Bacela says:

    Hi Dr Sharma I have problem of snizzing a lot and developed cold headech and cold @ back between my sholder , I’ve also have swelling glance at the top back neck at de clinin they did all the tests but untill now I’m strugling to get unswers please help .

  376. Kallol Chakrabarti says:

    It is highly to be helpful, if homeopathy stsnds curative not paliative in case of diabetes. I want your suggestion please, being a sufferer from this slow killer. Thanks.

  377. snehasis maiti says:

    Galpimia glauca,Histaminum hydrochloride are not available at kolkata,kindly let me inform how I will got that two medicines?

  378. RAJIB SANYAL says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,
    My daughter is 14 years old. During the last 15 days she is sneezing continuously with itchy nose and then developing acute respiratory problem. She is taking inhalers and anti allergy pills with no visible sign of cure. We are really worried.

    Kindly suggest remedy.

    Rajib Sanyal

  379. charu mahajan says:

    i get extreme iching and rashes in my whole body due to change in temprature…
    last 6-7 years…taking montair lc regularly from last one is safer to take…what should i do

  380. shabbir ahmed says:

    mary galy ma pani garta hai nose bahta hai kansye ata hai our galye ma resha garta hai english madicine bahuot istamal kar leye magar koyi farq nai aya. ya 3,4 month ka bath hai Dr sb koi acha sa homeopathy nokhsa lak deh (viral sesanol rhinitis)

  381. Jo Sims says:

    I am suddenly allergic to elm, rabbits , cladosporium (mold) dust &
    Dust mites…. What can I take to controll this?

  382. Prof. Yamuna Prasad says:

    Dear sir
    Suffering from acute nose watering sneezing,itching in nose slight watering in eyes whils time fixed.starts even while on bed in night at two p.mbefore going to bath room.nose always wet.last year o.k for six months but it has come again..taking allium cipa30’sangunria can auto met. No help. Is for the last 10 yrs.

  383. sir
    i have been suffering from several bouts of sneezing which goes till 12 or 15 at every spell accompanied by nose blocks, cold and sometimes a low nagging fever for the last few months.Apart from this i have been suffering from itchy skin will red or sometimes skin colored swellings n bumps on the itched area for the last few years.Can u plz suggest me a homeopathic medicine for my problem.
    thanking you

  384. Mukesh Bharti says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 4 years. The condition aggravates during cold season, temp. difference, morning sneezing, itchy eyes, watery & stuffy nose all the time. Intially i took medication for this, there was bit improvement but later on it was not working.
    Still i’ve same problem and m tired of it. plz help me out of this.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mukesh Bharti

  385. sanjaya Kumar pattanaik says:

    Sir I am suffering from allergic rhinitis from last four years and now with chronic sinusitis. Always I feel itching in my eyes and block nose and post nasal drip. Please help me to get out of these symptoms.

  386. Hi Dr,

    I am suffering from allergic Rhinitis for past 6 years.My symptoms are As below
    1) Morning cold
    2) severe rashes
    3) Itching skin
    4) Rashes will stay in my skin if i itch my skin , only for around 1 will disappear then.
    Currently taking Allopathy treatment,its under control.If i dont have tablet a day, i will get itchy skin and sneezing next day.Please help me out.

  387. maate moses says:

    frequent sneezes, itchy and runny nose,itchy upper jaw of my mouth,wake up sneezing in the morning, change of weather, my ears and eyes feel itchy , some times my testis itchy,and my body has development skin rushes due to allergy affection. with sneezing and runny nose regularly in the morning. i humbly request for your help and advise me on the drugs am supposed to be taking. in order to reduce the allergy affection

  388. Dear Dr
    My son who’s 4 and half is suffering from allergic rhinitis since last two years. He has wheezing problem whenever climate is averse.

    Can you suggest Homeo medicine. Which can bring great relief.

    Thanks and Regards

  389. Deepesh says:

    Doctor iam suffering from continous sneezing…….medicine will effecting while taking….after stoping intake of medicine……again iam started sneezing….whats the reason…….

  390. Dr…im a 23rd year girl and one of the patient who suffering with allergic rhinitis..i lost the sense of smell..i cant breath well like a normal individual, im always depending on tissues..

  391. vivian jaurigue says:

    i was been sneezing since this winter until for now for 3 hours…please help me i am sick.this is my first time in my 32 years of life..I’m worried..thank you

  392. Dr.

    MY son second baby DOB 12/09/12 wgt 3.250 initially he was having continous motion problem till 8 months allopathy medicines dint work biut after homeopathic treatment it was solved . at 6months he was 8kg but know he his just 10kg. is suffering from continous cold from age of 4months at 6months he was admitted for motion & cold problem then at 1.3months again admitted for cold . there is no gap of 1 month also, he has wheezing problem itnitially it starts from slight wheezing then snoring .then cold and fever . 3 times i tried homeopathy for cold but once i start next day morning only he gets fever & it goes very high. difficulty in breathing . sound comes when he breathes. once i waited for 4 days with this medicine but contnious fever was there . sound in the chest was less comparitivly .and heavy runny nose.
    always there is sound in his chest.3 pediatric drs. doughted of heart murmur did two times eco at 8months age & 1.8months but nothing report was normal. once he had high fever got conversion .
    like that he his active all the activities as per his age talks more then other children of same age.

    please advice dr. im really worried my health is also being affected due to tension

  393. Jai kumar says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My son aged 5.4months having rhinitis allergy, he starts sneezing once he gets up in the morning, atleast 15 to 20 sneezes in a day or sometimes more, he is having this problem from 10 months, when we give Telekast -L kid syrup he will be ok, but after one or two days again he starts with the sneezing, doctor advised to give him METASPRAY for one month, even this spray worked very nicely, but after we stopped this spray again started with sneezing. So i wanted to know whether we have permanent solution for this and is it curable.

    Waiting for ur reply.

    Jai kumar.

  394. Manisha says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I have issue of snizzing and running nose in monsoon season. It is worst that i just can not sleep at night. My nose gets fully filled of water during 2 am midnight. From then non stop water running .

    I have just no issues in summer season but in monsoon i gets irritated alot. Please suggest.

  395. Hasaan Siddiqui says:

    sir, my sister has a terrible allergy from all the fragrances and got cold and flu….Please suggest a suitable medicine for her… please pay heed to my issue, i am so worried

  396. abdul raheman says:

    Dear Doctor,
    my eight year old son is suffering for coughing which goes for almost 30-50 mins and we have to give him neubolization and the its settles.
    he into this since he was two years old.
    we have tried many medicines but there are no improvement.
    please suggest.


    Abdul RAheman

  397. My daughter aged 7 yrs suffers from high fever upto 104 c and continuous cough ( allergic cough) , nasal severe congestion, and stomach ailments.

    I have been treating her for the past few yrs thru homeopathy, but she is not cured as yet. She was born with hypo thyroid.

    pls advise how to proceed. If you want more information from me pl let me know.

    I reside in Mumbai, Maharashtra. India

    Await to hear from you as soon as possible.

    cell. 0 9167093918 / 9167444212

  398. pankaj chauhan says:

    My son is suffering from allergic rhinitis since he was 5 years .doctor prescribed him for flohale son is 11 years old. I am little scared of taking inhaler.I have taken homeopathy treatment but it was not helpful

    • pankaj chauhan says:

      My son is suffering from allergic rhinitis since he was 5 years .doctor prescribed him for flohale son is 11 years old. I am little scared of taking inhaler.I have taken homeopathy treatment but it was not helpful

  399. rashmi says:

    Hello doctor I am living in
    Bangalore from past nine years
    I am suffering from allergic cough since three years
    If it starts once countinusly I am coughing
    Two times l had admited into hospital due to this.
    I have a six month baby how I will manage

  400. Manali Seth says:

    My daughter is 9 years old and she suffers from acute bronchitis more towards asthma. When she was 2 years old, she was treated for allergic rhinitis for 2 years after which she rarely showed the condition in the last 3 years. Recently after the polishing and painting done in our house she suddenly contracted very severe cough, wheezing and difficulty in breathing. We have been nebulising her with Livolin, budecort and one asthalin rotainhaler every day for the past 10 days. She now needs one nebuliser in a day only. Someone suggested Blatta Orientalis as a permanent cure for asthma. This has been tried in family and tested fore surety. Wanted to know if there are any side effects? what is the dosage recommended? to be taken for how long? what should be done in case of emergency some times ….. besides taking all precautions against, dust, cold etc…..

  401. sandeep jangra says:

    sir, i have a 25 years old and iam suffering from allergic rhinitis and cold from 3 years so please suggest me a good treatment. Doctor suggest me to take cipla’s motair lc. Is it safe to take this tablets? If not suggest me some idea in homeopathy or other.

  402. Er. nishan says:

    I am facing problm of sneezing plz help me.. my age 23 yr. I take many medicines but no relief… plz reply as soon as possible what I do. . thanks

  403. Dear sir,
    I have severe early morning sneezing and running nose during winter season,this will continue up-to 2 to 3 hrs in the morning.After that everything will become normal as the sun rises.I tried citrizen,changes my bed room and bed linen,stopped early morning walk still the problem exists.Can you tell what treatment will be the best for this.

  404. vineet kumar sharma says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering from allergy for last 25 year. my symptoms are most aggravated from evening to morning in summer season. In winter season i am almost okay.

    I am affected with continuous sneezing, watery yes, running nose, swollen eyes, itching in upper part of mouth above tongue and etc. I am almost not able to anything. For first 15 years i took cetrizine to cure it which aggravated my problem. Now i have stopped taking cetrizine and i am relying on homeopathic , ayurvedic medicines and regular Yoga excercise. although i am feeling a bit better but i am very much disturbed everyday due to allergy. I wish i could get some medication so that my problem go away and i come back to daily normal life.

    I read your article and it has raised some hopes inside me.

    Please help me and suggest me homeopathic medcines to cure my disease.
    I will be very thankful to you sir

    Yours sincerely,


  405. Pankaj Khare says:

    Dear Sir,

    My 9 year old daughter has sneezing problem, which is more during day time, then slowly goes away during day. She doesn’t have any other medical issue like cold, runny nose etc. Seems allergic to something, but not sure how to find this and where?

    Would be really grateful for you suggestion if I need to start homoeopathy treatment for her, or suggest any other thing.

    Best Regards

  406. Hi, ive been suffering from rhinitis for past 7 years. My symptoms of puffy nose, slight runny nose in the morning and nasal drip are all year round. Its triggered by general allergens indoors and outdoors. This has lead to sinusitis problems in the past aswell, which as a result i take antihistamine tablets and mometasone nasal spray on a regular basis (last 6 years)to keep it in control.
    However, i now feel that my symtoms of rhinitis and sinusitis are growing and the medicine i take does not do much help. My breathing through nose is a great concern. Although im a victim of a deviated nasal septum, ive had my sinuses scanned for any blockage and all came out clear.
    Other than this, it has caused other sifnificant problems in my health and general well being. I suffer from chronic halitosis and find that this sinusitis has contributed to that too. What treatment is there for me? Plese suggest,

  407. vasu sharma says:

    sir my mother is suffering fom nasal alergy she can try many time from another doctor but the result not come

  408. vasu sharma says:

    sir my mother is suffering fom nasal alergy so please she can try many time from another doctor

  409. R.S.P.Gupta says:

    I am suffering from bronchitis.After eating rice and curd,cold drink and other fruit like banana,orange I feel suffocation on next day.heavy in breathing,sneezing nose,morning sickness,heavy experience in body and breast.unpleasent and heavy experience in ear and loosing listening from 02 years.

  410. VIJAY VERMA says:


    My son aged 18 years having sneezing & cough problem in this season. after the same he feel uneasy in breathing & his chest creat sound in breathing.

    please let me know, whether this allergic problem is permanent cureable.


  411. ajoy kumar bhukta says:

    ear Doctor Sharma,
    I have suffered with perennial Rhynitis for many years and have be prescribed Ceritizine Tablets for a very long time which has brought on several other health problems. I am also prescribed a steroid nasal spray which i have also been taking for many years. My symptoms vary from headaches, blocked and sometimes runny nose, sore and puffy eye lids and constant sore throat. If i do’nt take the prescribed medication i become extremelyy hot ( almost if i am roasting alive), my mouth become very dry and slimy and i find it difficult to breathe. Can you help me please!


  412. sanjeev bhatia says:

    my 7 years old son wake up with frequent sneezing .. when go to wash room or after contact of water while washing hands etc.. he frequently starts sneezing continue 15-20 times in a one short.and his runny nose starts itching . his immunity system is very week.. pls help with cure

  413. sir iam have some breathing truble and feeling closing some thing iside nose and feel irritated.i consult a docter he recaganice it dns with allergic rhinits and b/l sinusite.i feel irritating mood some time and i cand able to do excrise my breathing is decreasing feeling head achak while concentating some thing.feeling depressed .how can i recover from this problems.

  414. vikash kumar says:

    sir, i am sufring from nose problem before 3 year.. in 3 year i treatment 15 doctors .. top aleopath doctors, top homiopath doctors and auirward doctors but samne bola alergy … par mera probelem thik nahi hua kya karu bahut parsan rahta hu ….anti alergic daily lete hai or nosal spary to thik rahta hai….mera abhi age 23 years hai …abhi se itna medicine lata hu …isi ka tension rahta hai kya karu pls …advise dijiye..sir pls

  415. shaik irshad says:

    Respected sir ,
    i m shaik i m suffering sore throat splitting lots of mucus fro last 5 years , i hv consults to many doctors like ent surgeons .one of my doctor told me to do ct scan of paranasal sinuses so i did that scanning the reports came to me and the IMPRESSION is lik this
    1) Mild chronic left maxillary sinusitis with hypertrophied left turbinates.(Both osteomeatal units are patent.
    2)Nasopharynnx is bulkly more on the right.
    3)Thickened Nasal mucosa…suggestive of allergic rhinitis.
    so i request u to see my meassage sir i m very helpfull of u if u suggest me ..

  416. Sir,

    I am suffering fro allergic retinitis from last 3 years. My IGE level is 1359 and esr also increase and lies between 28-44, esnophils are also increase.
    PLease suggest me what medicine has to take. Where i can visit you.

  417. O.P.Nautiyal says:

    Dear sir, I am 60 year old living in polluted city of Ludhiana. For last 25 years or so, i am suffering from allergic rhinitis. I have got it tested from reputed allopaths & every time I am told that I suffer from allergic cold. Sometimes it aggravates into allergic asthma. Lately I have found that Montec LC tablet cures me of symptoms for a few days. I am a person of lean built & emotional temperament.
    Normally I like to remain in my cell, however I get enraged with slight provocation. Sir, I shall be highly thankful for your advice.
    with best regards.


    • dayanidhi behera says:

      i have alterate blocked nose, running nose,watery eyes,,sometimes heaviness in head,suffering through out year,tickling cough,sometimes headache,suffering last 25 years,deaf in left year from child,feel chilly along the spine during bath & winter cold,pain along spine when sitting in a position for a long time,fond of meat & sweet,history of asthma & rhinitis allergy in our family,symptoms aggravates during change of weather & climate,itching nose,eye & ear.please suggest a homeopathic remedy for which i shall be grateful to you.

      • Sir
        I am suffering from sneezing,itching nose ,running nose ,itching eyes and Ian getting itching on the skin in the upper pallet of mouth. I am also taking the homeopathy medication but no results are found .So what should I do

  418. Arjun Singh says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I have suffered with Allergy Rhynitis for many years and have be prescribed Ceritizine Tablets for a very long time which has became freeze cough inside throat. I am also prescribed a steroid nasal spray which i have also been taking for many years. My symptoms mainly in summar with blocked and runny nose, eatching eye, nose and throat and continue sneezing. The problem discontinued in winter and whole summer it lasts. please help me.

  419. sir mai 7-8 mahinese khansi aur sardi se pareshan hu maine bahot doctor ko dikhaya lekin pura aram nahi mila hai . 2 bar chest ke x-ray nikale hai aur wo normel hai uske baad doctor ne nose ka x-ray nikala usme right oxilary sinus me kuch problem hai . Kuch doctorone bataya ki tumhe asthma hai aur kuch ne bataya ki allergy hai aur kuch ne bataya ki viral fever . Allopathy doctor ne muze asthma batakar inhaler aur asthma ki goliyan di thi uske baad muze chalne k waqt thodasa dam lagta hai . Uske baad maine E N T doctor ko dikhaya unhone bataya ki tumhe allergy hai aur tumhe aage chalkar asthma ho sakta hai uske baad muze kuch aram mila hai lekin 15 din aram milne ke baad meri sardi phirse badh gayi hai . Meri age 23 hai . Muze khansi ,shinke , nose pack , itch in nose , runny nose aise lakshan hai . Kya ispar homeopathy se pura elaj sambhav hai . Asthma batane ke baad main bahot appsate hoon . Please muze bataiye.

  420. jaman singh says:

    Sir subha uthte hi 10 se jiyada bar chhik ati hai, nak rat bhat band rahata hai muha se sas leni parti hai akhon se pani nikalta hai

  421. Sudhir Behera says:

    Respected Sir !
    I have suffer from allergic rahinitis.
    I want to cure through Homeopathic medicine.

  422. Baljeet Singh Arora says:

    Kindly suggest me best treatment for allergic
    Riniutis for my wife who is suffering from this desease
    Last 2year and we have taken lot of treatment including unani allopethik but till date no improvment .

  423. Rajat Gupta says:

    Sir. I am having the same problem mentioned above from last one year and I was prescribed montek lc tablet once in night.I have been taking it regularly in span of 2 days..if I dont take then I sneeze for around one hour continously. .It only happens in summers..Doctor please tell me what should I do. ? And plus is it safe to take this tablet.?
    How homeotherapy can help me..?

  424. sebolelo says:

    I have been suffering from sneezing 3am every day with blocked nose and red itchy eyes that doesn’t wanna get better with eye drops,lately I’m suffering from headache…I’m nt sure if hay fever or what??pls help as in struggling to do my daily choes.

  425. Hello Doctor,

    my having sneeze bad smell problem when ever i sneeze i can smell a very rotten smell ,
    appreciate if you can answer my question

  426. Sivasankar pati says:

    Hi Sir, My son (age :4 years) having problem of cold allergic cough. We have tried a lot with Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy but there is no result. We stay in bangalore. Every 1 week to 10 days he is suffering from cough and the cough is being continued for 1-2 days. We are too much upset.

    Can you kindly suggest any solution to cure the cough permanently.


    Sivasankar Pati

  427. Shawn Newman says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I suffer from allergy symptoms related to weather. About 24 hrs before it rains. I start to sneeze out if control and my nose becomes very itchy.


  428. Hi doctor i am taking ayurveda treatment past 9 months. frist 3 months i feel ok,but now i have continuous chronic sinusitis. Does homeopathy completely cure allergic rhinitis ?

  429. says:

    Safeguarded Facts Retrieval: Secured Relief

  430. Sir, i am suffering from perineal allergic rhinitis from one year starting from early morning i get sneezing and continuos running nose,itching of eyes, nose, throat and tongue.i would like to know whether there is any permanent treatment in homeopathy, if so please let me know or suggest me some treatment as it is affecting my daily activities

  431. Dear Doctor,

    I have very bad allergy symptoms from last two years. Coz, i get relieved to some extent during summers, i did not bother much about it and thought it would cure by itself. I have following symptoms from last 3-4 months (winters) and they are not improving. Kindly suggest something.

    1. Sneezing early morning.
    2. White nasal discharge in the morning (sometimes yellowish in color), followed by itching in nose.
    3. Cough (not always but sometimes. it happens any time during the entire day).
    4. watery eyes through out the day.
    5. pain in forehead (headache). sometimes, it starts as soon as i get up in the morning.
    6. sleepless nights
    7. tiredness and body pain.

    I am quite confused now on whether it is allergic rhinitis, sinus or migrane.

    • Dear Doctor,

      Forgot to mention that i have also lost sense of smell and taste. I have tried anti-histamine nasal sprays which cure the problem temporarily. Other anti-allergic medicines tried by me gave many side effects so i stopped them.

      Kindly advice.

      Thanks in advance

  432. MohdAdil Abbas says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma, I have suffering with Rhynitis for many years and have be prescribed Ceritizine Tablets for a very long time which has brought on several other health problems. I am also prescribed a steroid nasal spray which i have also been taking for many years. My symptoms vary from headaches, blocked and sometimes runny nose, sore and puffy eye lids and constant sore throat. Iam having heavy fore head through the dayand heavyness around my eyes.
    I am confused of i am having a sinusitis or allergic rhinitis..
    pls prescribe some medicine to me.

  433. I suffer from wheezing during winter season my doctor adviced MONTEK LC and I am taking it during winter seasons for the past 3 years is it adviceable to take tjis tab or can u suggest some other mediciene

  434. vishal shrivas says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good Morning

    Most respectfully I want to know that my son age of 7 years is suffering from the problem of Constipation from last few years , as well as getting the problem of Eye blinking from last 45 days and eye specialist has advised for specticals .

    So kindly advice me what to do as i’m too much worried for my child regarding these two problems.

    Hope so you will suggest me and get rid of the related problems as soon as possible.

    Thanking you

  435. Hi I have been suffering with hayfever since 2 years taking 2 ceritizine tablets a day still on relief . I suffer with runny nose watery puffy eyes . Lots of morrning & evening sneezing . Pls help me . Thanks

  436. Hi Doc, I have been having this ongoing allergy for yrs now, it happens most of the time when im about to sleep at night and in the morning and at times continues throughout the day. its starts with my nose getting itchy and blocked and then i get a runny nose sneezing ..i then need to sleep in another position only then do i get some relief. i have been taking some allergy pills but they dont seem to help and this irritation does not go away …pls suggest.


  437. Sir,

    I have daughter 6 years old suffering from wheezing, so i have started homeo treatment for her last year for around 8 months i have given homeo medicine by giving this medicine i found that she wont get fever but she is continous had cold congestion and cough that too severe cough at night i found that she is not able to sleep at night and by using this medicine i am afraid of living alone in bedroom for 5 minutes that much cough and breathing difficulty so i have stopped. After that i went homeo treatment for me for wheezing it is working on me i got much relief for me, then again now i have started homeo treatment from last 6 months for my daughter again i am getting the same problem with her continous cold congestion mild wheezing and same breathing difficulty in night that too daily since i have started giving homeo medicine . Sir it means that Homeo is not suited for her. Please help me. What should i do because i have taken allopathy treatment but giving those medicine have side effects so i have shifted to homeo.

  438. BHADORIA H S says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am suffering from allergic conditions nd symptoms are
    1.sneezing ( some time 7-8 sneezes in conyinuation)
    2. running nose, just like water. I wet 2-3 hankies at a time when it is at peak.
    3.itching in the eyes in general and very acute at corners near nose.
    I met ENT specialist today at Coulambia Asia and he diognosed the condition as
    Allergic Rhinitis.
    May I request you Dr Sharma to advise me Homeopathic medicine for this condition as I really
    don’t want to take allopathic medication for allergy until absolutely essential.
    I m mail , 62 years of age nd otherwise having very good health.
    Thanking you,
    Bhadoria H. S.

  439. Teodora Sirko says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    Can you please suggest a homeopathic treatment for my 3 years old son who suffers from allergic rhinitis for almost 2 years? He is allergic to dust, pollen, horses, dogs and hamsters, to biscuits, potatoes and rice. I have given him Nasonex, but it has severe adverse reactions, and I would like to replace it with a homeopathic treatment, if possible. Please help.
    Thank you very much,

  440. Rani Singh says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I had been suffering from allergic rhinitis. I have been taking tablets and nasal spray . Apart from this can you please suggest me some homeopathy or ayurvedic so that this reduces . Some kind of exercises, do’s and don’ts. Please suggest.

  441. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My fathers age is 68 & he is is suffering from Asthma, Cold, Cough ,Sneezing last 10 years. He take 1 Tablet of Montair-lc in once in three days. But its very difficult this frequency when climate is change.After climate change father has suffers large cough, sneezing that’s why not eat properly & trouble in sleeping. So any homeopathy medicine for this disease for longtime effects.
    Pls. Reply Sir.
    Thanks & Regards

  442. Daer sir,
    good day sir,
    sir i suffering from allergy & digestion problem since 1 year , these two diceses also i get at a time is there any relation between nose allergy & digestion problem ,and when i am in fully closed chamber my nose gets blocked and body gets coll , sir please suggest what is this decease and remedy action for it

  443. Me and my my daughter is suffering from itching running nose

  444. v v ramesh babu says:

    My allergic rhinitis is perennial and i nrequest you for permanent solution. i will be greatful to you if you give any alternative suggestions in addition to homoeo solution

  445. RAJENDRA N says:

    dear sir,

    I am 42 years old suffering from Allergic Rhinities for past 7 years , allopathic doctors suggested me to take antihistamine like Citrizine tablets and also I took Ayurvedic medicine for the same but I am not getting relief form sneezing and running nose during month of May to June and also I am allergic to perfumes, incense stick smoke, chilled wind.

    Now I wanted to try Homeopathy medicine , Sir, please suggest me in this regard and how Homeopathy medicine will help to treat my problem.

    with regards

    Rajendra N

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  447. I am having breathing issues since Nov 1. I got a very bad cold back in Aug 30, and recovered from it, but a cough lingered until end of Oct. Then Oct 30, I got a nasty virus that lasted 3 days, that turned into Bronchitis and then Pnemonia. I took antibiotics for it and they said through a catscan of the lungs with iodine contrast, that my lungs looked clear. However, I’ve been to a lung specialist who never tested me for anything, and said that I must have acid reflux by the way I kept burping in his office and that I should take Nexium and all asthma symptoms would dissapear. I went to a gastrointestinal Dr (2 different ones) and one of them thought I needed a sonogram for my gallbladder, just in case. I didn’t take Nexium b/c that garbage sent me to the ER years ago from the side effects. WHAT I DID DO: I started drinking 4 ounces a days of George’s Aloe Vera Liquid, I tried all the different homeopathic things my Homeopathic Dr prescrbed: Arsenic Album, Phosphorus, Carbo Vegetablis, and now Sepia. No real improvements. I have a history of gastritis, the antibiotics did make it flare more, I was under EXTREME stress from July all the way to OCT 30 due to a temporary visitor at our house and then my new job, which I never was able to go back to after Oct 30 due to my current condition…nor would I go if I was well. I’ve never worked under such gross conditions in my life before(both emotionally and physically). I’ve lost 27 pounds due to the fact that I didn’t know what to eat since I kept getting so many restrictions on my diet, from different doctors. I even went one week for accupuncture. I have dark circles under my eyes, lack of sleep. It’s a good night if I sleep all the way to 7am, from midnight. I slept for a month on the couch, on average 2-3 hrs a night and can’t sleep in the day. Last 2 nights, I went to bed at around midnight and woke up at 4:22am wheezing and coughing and gasping for air. I struggled for 2 hours that way, then somehow fell asleep in a awkward postion on my right side propped up with three pillows, and trying to avoid having any pressure on my rib cage or my back, as that leaves me struggling for air. On my left side, I have a rattling and wheezing, on my left side, it’s a more silent wheeze that leaves me gasping for air and starts small stabbing pains in my forehead. I’ve also struggled with an itch for the last 2 years on the left labia of my vagina, which I attributed to stress. A year previous, it was an itch in the anus…again, I said, must be stress. Up until 3 days ago, I had no itching inside the vagina. Now, however, I’ve started to have an itch inside, but not other symptoms down there. I also got tested years ago for allergies, and I have an EXTREME high level of allergy to dust mites. Also, right now in the weather report in my area, the allergy levels for DUST and DANDER is EXTREME HIGH, it says. I don’t know what else to do, I’m desperate for answers and results….I try to be positive during the day, but when I have bowts of these breathing attacks, I almost despair…at night, I’d rather do dishes and clean the kitchen, than go up to bed, because I dread laying down, knowing what is to come, more breathing issues….feeling like I’m drowning in mucus or plugged up. The mucus is sometimes clear, but often times, yellow to dark yellow pus. I also have a metallic taste in my mouth from coughing occasionally. Now, the taste/smell has lessened. I would appreciate ANY advice you may have…desperate and wanting to live again, as I feel my life has stopped due to this..I can’t look for another job..etc. THANK YOU in advance!

  448. pushpinder kumar says:

    i have been suffering from blocked nose(due to mucous) for the last 10 years,and my problem is limited to working hours, i do not suffer while sleeping .please suggest any remedy for this problem.

  449. Miljenko Radic says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been working and living in Chennai for the last two years. Starting in Jun this year, every morning my nose and throat are full of white, medium thick sputum. After an exhaustive expectoration, nose and throat settle down during the rest of the day and next morning same story.

    My doctor says it’s allergic rhinitis on polluted air and recommended ACONITE IM pils.

    I kindly ask for your opinion.

    Best regards,

    Miljenko Radic

  450. Hello Dr,

    Appreciate your comments on the below condition of my daughter born here in States. She is 8yrs old, allergic to tree nuts and has been having asthma from her childhood. Whenever there is a damp or cold weather she starts off with runny nose, sneezes, and cough. At her age 3, based on one of the local Dr’s recommendation we put her on Arsenic Alb and that reduced her severe cough during that time..We went up to a 50M of Arsenic Alb over a period of year and stopped after that…She has been having this cold season allergies all along and any recommendation is greatly appreciated. Its a frequent runny nose with sneezes.

    Thanks so much,


  451. Sir,
    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 3 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times. I had taken homeopathic medicines for almost 11/2 years. But condition never remained normal except for few times. Exposure to change in temperature , cold temp. increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused whether i am suffering from asthma or rhinitis due to different versions from different doctors.Symptoms include normal cold (sneezing) followed by severe cough and gradually it worsens.


  452. Have a long long history with nasal allergies , I’m 44 years old and have this problem since I was 9-10 years old, had two sinusitis surgeries, for nasal polyps & diviaded septum , the Flonase treatment, the Avyms spray… Does minimum help, I find that warm saline water rinses twice daily does better, should I stay away from certain foods? Gluten? Etc….. Air purifiers ?? I still find the salt water treatment the best & most natural, I’m not taken any other sprays only like an Otrivin when I’ve got like a cold or I’m really congested just for relaxing at night to ease my sleep , what do you suggest??

    Thanks , Nicholas 🙂

  453. satish chand says:

    i am suffering from allergic rhinitis since last 6 year . i have taken so many treatment as- allopathy , homyopathy and homyopathy
    plz suggest me treatment

  454. respected sir ,iam suffering from allergic
    1.running nose with sneezing
    2.irretation in nasal
    3.watery eyes
    4.irretation in throat.
    5.indoor out door problem.
    problem may cause any time .iam suffering from this promlem from last 3 please help me and tell me how to increase my immune system and cure with remedis

  455. niranjan guha says:

    allergic rhinitis suffering for years.redness in eyes,heavy sensation on face,slight fever with cough,pain in shoulder.wanting advice.

  456. ramteke arun says:

    sir, i have allergic rhinitis for past 7-8 yrs last 2-3 yrs were ok in all season but this yrs it is giving trouble
    symptom-early morning due to expeosure of cold sneezing with watery running nose ,in small interval cough occuars with transpary thin phelgum, slight daizy ness, conguction in throat ,stool normal,lazy attitude
    kindly suggest me homeo healing treatmeant
    Thanks with regards
    ramteke arun

  457. Awadhesh Singh says:

    I am suffering from allery causing heavy sneezing ,running nose along with cough and a type of sound coming through my throat.After talking anti-allegie medicine combination of levocetrizene and monteloucast it goes off.But every alternate day in winters I have to take this medicine and in other day ater every three to four days.
    Sir is it curable? If yes suggest me .

    Thanks and Regards,
    Awadhesh singh


    i am already taking allopathic medicine for diabetse , thyroid , & heart disease

    thank you

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  460. Dr Dinesh thakur says:

    Sir i have a bout of sneezing and running nose in morning and in any chang in wether..since 2-3yrs . My problem increases during winter…
    Probably its allergic rhinitis….

    Plz suggest me to get rid of this problem..
    Thanking you…

  461. Niharika Kalra says:

    I have a 20 years old.I am suffring with allergical problem for 5 years in cold,cleaning dust,chang environment particlee from the nose is start sneezing continuesly many time and after some time difficulty is breating cough tightning and chest congestion and havyness in chest. daily i feal weekness and pain my body parts.I feal very unfresness and diffrent problems.

    Please advice me some homeopethic medicine to treat the problem as this problem has been affecting my study,family and life.I am verry tens.

    So please recommend medicine for this problem.

    Thenk You

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  463. sachin keni says:

    I have a problem of nasal blocking. Sneezing; eye irritation. Throt pain regularly

  464. pankaj mani sharma says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for 15 years.In summer seasons problem increases.I had taken homeopathy medicine and I was well but from last one year I am facing same problem again.My father is also facing same problem and ezima also. I have freqent sneezing,a lot of irritating nasal discharge,tearing eyes,feel thirsty,white tongue,allergy in head also.please suggest.


  465. Dr. Partha Kundu Poddar says:

    dear colleague,
    i have a nine year old son who is suffering from perrenial allergic rhinitis, for quite a while now. He had enlarged adenoids when he was 3-4 yrs. old. he suffers from dry cough when he is running extensively. he experiences repeated bouts of sneezing when he wakes up in the morning, but those episodes may occur at any time of the day as well. he does mouth-breathing, but not always. he is currently stuttering, but there is no hoarseness in his voice. his performances in studies is ok, and he has a good memory. his apetite is normal. we have tried antihistaminics, leukotriene inhibitors…

  466. Harish Kumar Sahoo says:

    My son is suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 3 years. He is 10 years old and always suffering from cold sneezing problem. Though he has taken Banocide couse to reduce Eusinophil count, but he has not recovered from this. Sometimes he has nasal congestion and breathing problems

  467. Surendra Philem says:

    Chronic allergic rhinitis followed by coughing wheezing sound in breathing whole year. Taking levociterine helped but not much now. Social life is horrible……pliz help

  468. Age 20yrs al. Brochites since child hood .in child hood used steam and ant. Al. Med. like promethagene, and salbutamole. It is seasonel on the. Change. Now using asthalin n seroflo 450 inhalers may b once in 24 hrs requirs at mid night .includes cough n cold wd snezing. What can we do more pls advice

  469. says:

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  470. Pradeep Mishra says:

    Respected sir,
    I aged 38 and My son aged 10 years, suffring from frequent sneezichy and runny nose in early morning and the time of weather change, plesse help us and sugess medicines for our heavy problem.

  471. gaurav mishra says:

    sir I m suffering from allergic rhinitis for two years. I sneez whole day mainly when I get up in the morning.
    kindly reply me I am hopeless….

  472. Mukesh Choudhary says:

    Hello Dr.,

    I have been living in Bangalore for past two years now and ever since I landed here am having an issue with continuous sneezing and running nose. It starts in August every year and becomes severe by mid of October and will end by April beginning. I am fed up as none of the medicines work now including allopathic, ayurvedic and homeopathy. Please help.

  473. frequent sneezing and continuous running nose specially all 24 hours irrespective of any season.
    tried allopathic and ayurvedic medicnes but no result . kindly help

  474. kulsoom abidi says:

    sir i am from delhi , living in banaglore. unlike in delhi i am always unwell in banaglore, with many problems. i am always lethargic and having joint pain as weas back pain in bnaglore, i have sever allergic rhinitis, sneezing , wheezing , ithcy nose nas and severe eye itching , many time i ma so breathless that i have to take nebulizer at home. could you please tell me are all these part of a same problem or are they seperate from each other. and also what is treatment fro all these problem,
    is changing my city would help or not

  475. Hello sir, i cant use any cream, perfume and even i cant travle in car or bus because of smell and fregrance.i always feel severe nausea vomiting.pls help me.

  476. abdul muzeeb says:

    gud evening sir,
    i get cold 2 or 3 times in a month sir. and suffering from snizings,nose itching and runny nose. i faced this problem from nearly 2 years. while stay in my house suddenly get cold and after 1day automatically cured my problem. pls seggest me sir

  477. Vidya majumdar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have a perennial cough problem ever since i Were a kid.This coughing problem has gotten worse over the years. My throat seems to get infected at the first sign of change of season, or drinking and eating cold stuff! It also gets very painful and sore! Pleasr help with a homeopathic solution.

  478. chikke gowda Bangalore says:

    Hello Doctor i am chikke gowda working in a company my job is requires lot of Travelling i got allergic rhinitis about 20 years back i used to take citrizine regularly and also allegra,montelukasta etc but no controll i used homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines for long time but no relief from Running nose Itching sneezing light hay fever etc quite often i get regularly allergy for house hold Dust, cold, pungent odour ,dust must etc earlier i used to get sneezing with running nose in the morning now i get any time of the day if it is severe i get nose congestion chest tightness and difficult to breath Dr advised me to take Allocart inhaler but not regular kindly advice best Homeopathic medicines get rid of my problem sir

  479. sahiba kapoor says:

    homeophyc better medicine?

  480. Hello Doctor,

    My son who is 1 year and 2 month old is suffering from allerigic rhinitis according to the child specialist. He does not have any nasal discharge, but during night he is not able to sleep. He sleeps with his mouth open and wakes up every 15 minutes finiding it difficult to breathe. Ocassionally he also coughs. We have tried out nasal saline drops and otrivin. When nothing worked, the doctor has advised a steriod nasal spray, which I have not started. Is there any medicine in homeopathy for his condition. Kindly help.


  481. kamla sharma says:

    ihave cronic sinositis from last three years please mention the name of medicine

  482. ANUSHREE KUMARI says:

    I think i am suffering from hay fever because since 5 years i am having this allergic problem .whenever i am exposed to dust particles like road dust or while cleaning old book stores,shelfs,racks a bad smell which comes from those old materials make me feel sneezy amd i start sneezing and sneeze continuously for 3-4 times then stop,during weather also i have the problem of running nose..sir please give some home curing methods or name of sum good medicines..????

  483. joyce kehinde says:

    Hi doctor, please doctor my body itches badly since last night, and i think i reacted to a capusule called maca that i used some mintues before the itching started. I started to used hydrocortisone cream last night and i started presdnisone tablet this morning but the itching as not subsidied. What can i use doctor. Thanks for your quick response.

  484. p.s.yadav says:

    my wife sufring from allergic rhinitis. since 10 years.
    allopathy/homeyopathey treatment le chuka hoon lekin thek nahin rahti hai. pls give me advioce proper treatment.

  485. Mohit Kumar says:

    Respected Doctor,

    I am suffering from this problem can you please provide me the traeatment….. waiting for your reply…….

  486. Mohit Kumar says:

    Respected Doctor,

    I am suffering from this problem can you please provide me the traeatment….. waiting for your reply……. My contact number is 09729756222.

  487. Manoj Kumar says:


    My wife is facing Chronic Rhinitis issue, after 2 to 3 days heavy running nose, given so many treatment but no improvment, getting loose water from boday always and she is feeling very weekness.

    So please help and suggest the best medicine for her.
    i will always obligid for your kindness.

    Manoj Kumar
    8447744644 or

  488. Panchakshari K says:

    Sharma Sir
    I m suffering from often sneezing,watery &
    itching nose,tickling throat.its agressive in morning and night. Its bothering me since last 10 yrs.tried allopathic & ayurvedic, but still its as it is.l m 38 yrs old pls get rid from this.



  490. Aaditya dubey says:

    i beg to ask you the name of medicine to stop the palms sweating.please suggest me

  491. Aaditya dubey says:

    sir i beg to ask you the name of medicine to stop the palms sweating.

  492. SHIWANI AGRAWAL says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis from past 2 years for which i am taking allopathic treatment and I take medicine every time I suffer from itchy and runny nose, eyes and drowsiness. I take levocet m (an allopathy medicine) for this and feel better within 1 hour.I am looking for some permanent solution for this disease as I suffer in every 3 to 4 days from hay fever.
    Kindly help.

  493. Js Dhaliwal says:

    Dear Dr, I suffer from allergy rhinitis from last 15 years. I have taken homeopathy medicines from Dr batra and Dr jugal kishore in Delhi.normaly the kind of symptoms I get r itching throat,eye lids,sneezing,inflammatory throat and running nose like a watery discharge all these symptoms do aggerivate in early morning and with the change of season specially in winters and my esnophils count also go on higher side. Please do help. Thanks

  494. Neelam singla says:

    I am suffering from runny nose,congetion in night or when sleeping in day time also,sneezing,itching in nose and eyes,pluffy eyes,irritation in throat. my eosinophills count is 924,against 450 normal value. i do not get the reason of allergy.I have taken antihistamins,antibiotics diethylcarbamazine,but no relief permanent.please suggest me.I am also suffering from hypothyroid and taking eltroxin 100mcg daily.Cold temprature increases my problem.

  495. Neelam singla says:

    I am suffring from runny nose,congetion in night or when sleeping in day time also,sneezing,itching in nose and eyes,pluffy eyes,irritation in throat. my eosinophills count is 924,against 450 normal value. i do not got the reason of allergy.I have taken antihistamins,antibiotics diethylcarbamazine,but no relief permanent.please suggest me.I am also suffering from h.ypothyroid and taking eltroxin 100mcg daily.Cold temprature increases my problem.

  496. Dr. Shivkumar sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am a MBBS doctor and currently running my own clinic. I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since childhood. I have tried almost every allopathic drug till date.. consulted a no of doctors… operated for nasal polyps and a deviated septum recently.
    my main symptoms are..
    1. nasal stuffiness which worsens indoors and at night,
    2. watery discharge which keeps on running until I take some antihistaminic pill,
    3. severe itching on the palate and throat,
    4. wheezing which occurs only at change of season,
    although these symptomd are present all year round, condition worsens during the months of july to september, the transition from summer to winter in my location.

    during these months I am forced to take oral steroids as a self prescription to get relief.

    currently I am taking these homeo medicines prescribed by a friend of mine who is also a consulting homeopath..
    1. alium cepa and arsenicum iode , two times a day
    2. nux vomica on alternate days
    3. carbo vegetabilis, once a day
    4. lamina minor Q mother tincture three times.

    with these medicines, i am quite relieved but problem of nasal stuffiness, sneezing just after waking up and wheezing and the throat itching is persistent.

    Kindly review my medicines and give your expert advice on my condition.
    I have become very irritable and short tempered due to this condition which also is affecting my work.

    Thanx in advance.

  497. naveen vasabi says:

    respected sir,i am suffering from allergic rhinitis from 3years……i have used homeopathy medicines from 2years but minimum result occurs…….pls prescribe homeopathy medicines for allergy cure ….pls i beg u sir,i am not able to concentrate on my studies….thanku sir

  498. Dr.T.Hari Prasad says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    I am suffering with cold, sneezing and nose hole blocking some times. Kindly suggest best homeopathy medicine for me.

  499. syed abuzer ali says:

    Hello Doc,

    I am suffering from Allergy rihinitc suspected “Sinusitis” , Now i am taking some english Medicine for Controlling the Allergy , But i want cure it not control , I believe Homeopathy having cure for Allergy
    So please guide me the way to cure my problem.

    Thanks ans Regards :
    Syed Abuzer Ali

  500. B.B.Parvateesam says:

    i am suffering from allergic rhinitis.please give remedy

  501. Sanjaya Parajuli says:

    dear sir, i have been suffering from exactly the same symtoms as stated here from 2 years i.e bouts of frequent
    sneezes, itchy and runny nose,
    often wake up sneezing. And this occurs all seasons throughout the year. I’ve tried lot of antibiotics, anti-histamine tablets and sprays, steroid nasal sprays as prescribed by ENT expert but these allopathic medicines couldn’t heal. I’m from Nepal and here are few homeopathic clinics and pharmacies. Which homeopathic medicine should i use? How long will it take to completely heal.

  502. Dear Dr Sharma
    Since last 4 years i am suffering from allergic rhinitis.
    In the morning i get a lot of runny nose, a lot of sneezing . itchy nose
    please suggest me a remedy for this

  503. Dilip Sharma says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis from last 5 years. I take allopathic anti allergic tabs like citrazine, allegra etc. But the symptoms goes off temporarily and come back after some time. Initially it used to happen in some months. But now the frequency of allergy attacks has gone from months to weeks to days. I have started using inhaler on doctor’s consultation because i feel breathlessness some time. I have permanent cough.Whenever I miss the drugs/ nasal spray i feel itching in eyes, cough , running nose and repetitive sneezing. I have seen that the condition aggravates when the weather is humid compared to dry weather.

    I have heard a lot about allergen immunology. Is it possible in Homeopathy too. Pls help.


  504. Rajendra Shukla says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I have been suffering from the cold,cough,acidity,gas and constipation for more than 15 years. But all these
    problems never persisted for more than 10 days at a stretch. Since last one year, the above said
    frequently recur in the following form: there is etching inside nose, continuous watery discharge,violent sneezing,watery eyes specially in the morning after bed.Throat remains clear. The constipation worsens. There is irritation in the lower left abdomen. A minor enlargement of the prostate gland was detected by ultrasound.A slight relief in nose problem is experienced when bowels are clear. Is there relationship
    of running nose with constipation? I want to get relieved from running nose and stomach problem.
    Please help me.

  505. sir,i have been suffering from recurring cough&cold since my childhood.the condition worsens during winters and i have ache in my backhead during attacks and since last two years i get attacks of breathlessness.kindly suggest me..

  506. Vyomesh Pant says:

    My mother (Age 61 years) is suffering from allergic rhinitis. She is suffering from the disease since last 4-5 years. Initially the problems was confined to 1-2 months only (mainly in the month of March-april). However, this year the problem has been aggravated and she is regularly suffering from allergic rhinitis even as on date. Allopathic treatment gives temporary relief. Kindly suggest me possible remedy in homeopathy.



  507. kulothungan says:

    i have perennial allergic rhinitis…. i am very much suffer for this… what can i do….

  508. Rania Mohammad says:

    I have been suffering from allergic rhinitis since past 6 to 7. Months ,it has changed to sinusitis and bronchial asthma,,the problem started when we brought cat at home,I am already an allergic patient from my child hood,I got drug allergies and history of coughing ,due to weather changes,we have brought air purifier at home,I have taken antibiotic courses,and since 2 ,3 months I am taking anti histamine.but no improvement.When I go out of the house my condition daughter and husband loves cat too much.they don’t want to remove the cat from the home.
    My condition is becoming worse day by day.please help ,suggest homeo tretment,thanks

  509. sanjeev pawar says:

    Sir, i am 39 years old and i suffer from allergic rhinitis with symtoms as sneezing, runny nose, itching in eyes etc…especially in change of season months of sept-oct and march-april. i inherited this from my mom. Now, my son, age 8 years, is showing identical signs of allergy. Pl suggest medicines for him so that it can be controlled at the intial stage itself.


    sanjeev pawar

  510. sir…
    sneezing and cough contiously from 3 to 4 year..medicine lene per kuch aarm hota baad mein same condition…
    aap treatment k liya suggest how to treat…sneezing and cough..

  511. Grant Dudson says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I found your article most interesting. I’m 33 years old and have been suffering from Rhinitis for a good six years now. It started when I lived in a house with a cat but I left that house three years ago and the condition has remained the same. I had an allergy test and was told I was allergic to cats but it must be more than that. I’m continually faced with a runny nose. It’s clear discharge. I saw an ENT specialist but yet again they just want to kick me out the door with a nasal spray rammed up my nose for good measure. The last time I tried nasal spray my nose began to bleed after three months of use. I’m absolutely and utterly tired of using medicine of this capacity. I believe that there must be a cure out there in this vast world of ours that doesn’t involve steroid nasal spray. I am getting nowhere with conventional doctors here in London, England and my ailment is effecting my quality of life in a big way. Please advise.

    Kind regards,


  512. abhinav dutt says:

    i am suffering form allergic rhinitis , please suggest me some homeopathy medicines.

  513. Madhavendra Singh says:

    Dear Doctor

    I have an infected tooth with visible deep cavity on its front side. About a year back this tooth caused me severe toothache that lead me to Dentists twice. Dentists suggested me for Root Canalling but I avoided that and instead used first Hypercum-200 for 2-3 days followed by Silicea-200 taken for 4-5 days. The puss of the tooth was cleared via a gum-boil and my tooth was back to normal again. But infection at the roots of the tooth comes back intermittently and I feel mild soreness in the tooth and tooth becomes loose in the socket. Can you suggest a remedy to root out tooth infection permanently. I am 57 year old male and there is no toothache.

  514. I wake up in the morning with runny nose triggered by a sneeze,i get cold & sneeze in winter seasons frequently,i have this problem since childhood.should i take homeopathy?

  515. Stalin Babu says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I have the problem with cold for weather season I will get running nose and continuous Sneezing. Due to the problem,
    I am not able to concentrate my work and continuously I am not able to participate any work. The day get Collapsed for me and what will work for me to get out of this to start fighting with new life

    Stalin Babu

  516. Dear Doctor,

    Since my daughter is 4+ years old. She is suffering from Wheezing problems from her 2 years. She is an allergic patients for anything.As per her IGE Test (taken before 1 year) it shows 660 ml. I am very strict in her diet by avoiding citrus foods, cold items, toffees, Chats, Preservative foods, etc. She is under Homeo medication for the past 5 months. But still monthly once she is getting cough & wheezing. When she is having more wheezing i am giving her alloepathy medication (Nebalizer + Puff ). I want ur suggestion regarding whether i can continue my Homeo Medication or I can go for Alloepathy Medication for my child. Her wheezing is because of genes (father side).

  517. swapnil singh says:

    Sir. I have suffering runny nose and sneezing in morning and itchy eyes in last 2 years i started allopecthic treatment and alo homeopathic but .sir when i take medicine. Its control and when leave starting problem again iam so nerveas what shud i do. So sir how oam fit again my problem was. Very typical how much time i take. Medicine

  518. Malay Das says:

    My son age 10+. He use to suffer by cold, sneezes, itchy and runny nose, ear, eyes &wake up sneezing in the morning also it happen during change of weather.

    I am staying in industrial area like Port, Power Plant & also some times in coastal area. Most of the time my sone use to suffer from cold only even during summer. Last year I went to a Child Specialist, he advised to carry out some blood test. In report it was found bronchitis, Usinofill little bit more, and allergy in blood more %. He advised that since you are staying in industrial area like thermal power plant so here coal dust is more. Precaution to be taken from dust and Inhaler Budecort to be taken. last 1 year we have given my son Budecort Inhaler 2 puff morning & 2 puff evening.

    After that cold problem reduced but If I stop for 1 or 2 days the cold, sneezes, itchy and runny nose is start specially in the morning after getting up from bed and in the evening. Dr. told to continue the same for long. also I feel my son’s weight getting increase day by day. now his weight 43 kg at the age 10+ years. and within this last one year he became lethargic. Please advice what should I do? can I stop Inhealer and switch to homeopathy.

  519. U K Sharma says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for the past more than 10 years. Earlier it used to be April to July or in winter season, but this year it is even in rainy season. I have morning sneezing, running nose, inflammation in nose and bronchitis also.
    Please guide me.


    UK Sharma
    Joint Adviser, Planning Commission, Government of India,
    New Delhi
    Tel: 09810922202

  520. P K Tripathi says:

    Sir, my 16 year old son is suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for last 3 years. His main problems are nose running, sneezing and blocked nose, which get aggravated in AC and cold weather. Next year he has to appear in 12 th exams and he is unable to concentrate on studies. Please advise Sir.

  521. Hi Sir, I am Venkat, from chennai, India. I am working in UAE for the past 5 years. I am a singer too. Till 2007 I was singing on stage shows/competitions as my allergy problem was occasional. Then I had to move to UAE for work. Whenever I go to India for vacation, I get severe dust allergy(House dust was positive in test). My eyes become blood red and itchy, both noses get blocked, full of phlegm in chest could not breathe. I am suffering everytime I go to my hometown. Once I come back to Dubai, I become alright. Please help me. If this continues I cannot settle in my hometown. Pl help me. Yesterday I came back from my short vacation, I suffered a lot in flight due to suffocation. In airport until I reached Dubai. then I had to travel to Abudhabi for another 2 hours. Those 6-7 hours were torturous. I could not sing at all when I go to India 🙁 Pls help me somehow!!

  522. Shailendra Singh says:

    Hi, It’s been 4 year i am affected from allergy,I took homeopathic medicine on continues basis.Already consulted to famous doctor of allergy,but no favor the them.My problem is genetic,my Dad have also the problem of allergy
    Now the problem is unavoidable,black line on eyelash like eyeliner,black around eyes with swelling,cough always, fey fever,irritation, restless, itching all body with swollen scratch portion, anxious,headache,fatigue,face,nose,eye,ear,throat irritation.Some time i think to die because of my problem.
    When i stay inside room,i feel better,once i expose outside,i start coughing badly and all symptoms
    attack me badly.
    Please suggest me how i can prevent it.Really thanks full to you.

  523. abdul moin shaikh says:

    Dear Sir,
    i want permanent traetment of alegic rhinits.can u guid me

  524. mohammad aslam says:

    sir i have been suffering from allergic runny nose for 7years please suggest homeo treatment thanks

  525. neesha sudan says:

    I need your best advice how to treat my 9 year daughter to get rid of this rhinitis

  526. digendra chand says:

    I m suffering from nasal problem with sneezing, blocked nose, running nose for the past 7-8 years, which turns to asthematic attack, bronchitis. Recently i had itchy eyes. It happens during changing seasons of mar-april, rainy season and oct-nov. I take nasal drop, budecort inhaler but only for temporary solution. I m 41 years old male. Please advise the best long term solution.

  527. digendra chand says:

    I m suffering from nasal problem with sneezing, running nose for the past 7-8 years, which turns to asthematic attack, bronchitis. Recently i had itchy eyes. It happens during changing seasons of mar-april, rainy season and oct-nov. I take nasal drop, budecort inhaler but only for temporary solution. I m 41 years old male. Please advise the best long term solution.

  528. Dear Doctor,
    I am 31 years old,n i have allergic rhinitis and sinus problem.i have tried allopathic and ayurvedic medicines,but they dont seem to give me much relief.please help me.
    Thank you

  529. Uma Ghosh Deshpande says:

    Hi Doc,
    My Son is 12 years old and sufers from allergic rhinitis.
    I needed help.

    Thank you



  530. maiden mauleon uy says:

    dear doctor sharma am suffering in allergic rhintis. i always having a block noise..

  531. Sujatha G says:

    Dear Sir, I have a 5 year old son who is suffering from chronic coughing bouts. The coughing usually ends in vomiting and it happens during night time. He starts coughing in the middle of the night and after he vomits he feels ok. But the fear of throwing up is too much for him and he starts crying. This has been going on for a month now. Earlier, he used to sneeze a lot. his eyes would become red and itchy and he rubs his eyes till they pain. His ears and throat start itching along with this. Ever since, the coughing started, the sneezing has subsided a little. Sometimes after he throws up, he sneezes and his throat and ears itch. I feel so helpless and it is a pain to see my little one suffering so much. We tried homeo meds but to no avail. Pls help…

  532. sanjeev mathur says:

    I had head cold a few days back. Now that is no more, but I have pressure feels over jaws (one sided), ear buzzing and nazal discharge is clear. I had consulted doctors, they say it is ‘Raisha’ and prescribe no medicines only advised steam inhalation and hot soups. Pl advise any homepathy medicines for this


    sanjeev mathur

  533. Parvez Azahar says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Parvez and I am a 27 year old male staying i Bangalore.It’s almost been a year that I have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. The initial medication provided to me was some nasal sprays and decongestants. However the bouts of sneezing have been recurrent during this period with very rare periods of relief. My throat has severe inflammation and I find it hard to even speak as I feel as if there are pins pricking my throat on the inside. I mostly wake up with blocked nose on one or both sides and my head seems heavy. On days of excessive sneezing my throat stays itchy and I end up spitting blood.Allopathy has proved to be a complete failure so far as the doctors themselves admit there’s not much relief to be found with allopathy. Kindly inform me if homeopathy has a permanent solution for this. I will be most obliged for any advice you provide.

    Parvez Azahar

  534. AKHILESH says:

    Respected sir,namaskar
    I read your article on allergic rhinitis . I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for past five years.I am not taking any allopatheic medicine.There is also swelling below eyes.please -please suggest me the best homeopatheic treatment about it.

    With regards AKHILESH

  535. Dr. Sharma,

    My son is soon to be six and suffers from allergic rhinitis, stuffy nose in the morning, sneezing, and at times running nose. The symptoms are year. We also have a cat in our home. We live in between Milwaukee and Chicago. When we were in Montana in June (hot and dry) we notice he had few or no symptoms. We would like to treat him with a homeopathic remedy and is there one better suited to where we live and our situation. Is Allium Cepa our best option?

    Thank kindly,
    Ma Family

  536. Kirankumar says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since 15years. I am 37 yr.old. Sneeizing,itching,running nose codition is daily. Allopathy, homeopathy,ayurvadic all medicine I done,but no result. Now a days i have some pain in ears also. So give me some medicine about it

  537. Aabid Umair Khan says:

    Respected Sir ,,
    I am suffering from severe nasal allergy , am having lot of irritation in my nose , its troubling me lik anything , nose is blocked n at times running also , irritation in throat , burning sensation in eyes n watery eyes , since past 6-7 months , i started taking Baksons ALLER AID few days ago , still its not reducing ,, pls.. Pls.. Help me Sir..

  538. veeresh salmani says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from dust allergy for both nose and eye from last 10 years.
    Initially I have consulted the Doctor and took some English medicines and i was overcame from allergy.
    After a period again the allergy symptoms occurred and i have consulted the Ayurveda doctor and took the Ayurveda medicines and i was again overcame from the allergy but after a period again the allergy symptoms occurred, so same thing repeated so i thought the allergy can not be cured completely.
    Is i am correct does the allergy can not be cured completely.and is the homeopathy will cure the allergy. if so please help to me cure my allergy problem.

    Thank you in advance.

    Your Obedient,

  539. Bela Karnatak says:

    Good afternoon,

    My mother aged about 55 years is suffering from allergic rhinitis (as symptoms are same) since approx. 25 years . She is taking medicine namely “TELEKAST-L”. After taking this medicine her allergy suddenly goes away within 15-20 minutes but as a side effect she felt very weak, too much sleepy and tired and sometime also had giddiness. Some doctors of my area (Uttarakhand) advised strictly to avoid this medicine.

    Therefore Sir, i just wanted to know is that medicine ,”TELEKAST -L”, is harmful for her health. Should she doesn’t take it?????

    Please reply me Sir,


    Bela Karnatak

  540. priyanka panda says:

    sir, I am suffering from allergic rhinitis since 4 years. I sneeze a lot and it leads to running nose and my eyes and whole body feel itchy it happens in all the season through the year..i have tried all allopathy medicines but the results are zero..Please help me. I will be grateful to in a very terrible condition.

  541. manju mishra says:

    meri daughter ko kai mahino se khansi aa rahi hai.age 22 yrs hai. kai mahino to halka thaska sa lagta tha .ab khans bhi rahi hai .pls help me koi aisi medicine batayen k vo jldi theek ho jaye


    Sir my problem is when ever the raining season starts i will start having runing nose, itchy eyes, itchy nose and when scratch my eyes it gets red. The moment i woke up every morning and wash my eyes my eyes will starts scratching me and i will starts coughing seriously and also discover that some itchy boils comes out at different parts of my body and after the rainny season all these things stops.

  543. anupam s nayak says:

    sir I suffer from allergic rhinitis , plz give the treatment

  544. my daughter age is13 yrs and her eys etching (khujal) or naak bajne lag jaati hai or eyes me se paani nilkta hai hamesha (12 moths) use ye bimari till 6to7 years se hai

  545. Hi Sir,

    I lives in Panchkula. Today (20.jul.13) evening suddenly I suffered from heavy cold, itching eyes, swelling in eyes, conjestion, itching etc. I was fine, but suddenly when I went to my flats balcony (open area, grass land and agricultural area) then I got allergy (I guess)
    Please suggest some homeopathic medicine. From my childhood I believe in homeopathy and always took homeopathic medicines. I think it suits me. So pls suggest me some medicine.

    Thanks in advance !!!!

  546. Dilpreet singh says:

    Hlo sir
    my wife have a nasal allergy problem when in pblm she sniffing very much n starts throat irritation after that she feel ill n go to bed for relief she takes cetrizine it not a permanent sol. So help me wid homeopathy

  547. allefiyah moiz mister says:

    My daughter age 4 is suffering frm allergic cough..she cnt even drink milk or eat food properly if done so she gets vommiting …she have this prb 12 months a year…every now and then and no runny nose only very hard coughing…I stay in gujarat

  548. Sir,I used to have clear white eyes growing up,bt some few years back I started reacting, by having all sympoms of allergic rhinitis during spring, and it is making me miserable. I live in Nigeria and I have not changed environment, so what could be the cause and possible solution? Expecting ur reply,thank you sir.

  549. Mukesh agarwal says:

    Sir my baby is 19 months old and after every 15 -20 days she started sneezing about 200 to 300 a day.tried to give homeo medicines but didn’t worked.pls give me a permanent solution for this allergic rhinitis best medicine
    Thank you

  550. Siddharth says:

    hello Sir, myself siddharth from Andaman , aged 24yrs old….i suffered from sneezing continuously that effects me …at the same time my nose also running, headache…tears comes from eyes then irritation as well….sometime nose also itching… would u like suggest me effective medicines that can recover early curing…….

  551. R P Singh says:

    My son who will turn 17 on 14 th of August has been having frequent bouts of cold and running nose with occasional sneezing for the last last over three years. It is surprisingly more pronounced around exam times impacting his studies big way. An MRI taken about six month ago had suggested enlarged adenoids and the attendant ENT surgeon in Chennai had suggested a surgery. Initially we were planning to go for the surgery but, on second opinion, dropped the surgery. We have been consulting some homeopaths and he is under homepathic tratment for the last two months but the condition has not improved. It is the most crucial year for his career as he is to write his 12th board exam and the continued frwquent bouts put him off studies. Please help my son.

    Richhpal Singh

  552. Sir I have cough every night is coming plz tell me reason only rain seasons

  553. Meetha S Pai says:

    I am from Bangalore. Six months back moved to Doha,Qatar. But after 1 month of reaching here problems started with nose and ear and breathlessnes while taking deep breath and back pain was started. Shown to Drs. Then I went back to Bangalore shown to my physician, He took the Chest X ray and the result was LRTI. Took the medicine and it was ok. Again came back to Doha. After a weeks time again the same problem is there. Please advise.

  554. Jitendra says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,

    My wife is suffering from Nasal Allergy since 8 yrs . Due to dust, smoke , pollution n cold weather She sneeze and it leads to running nose, coufing. It has become a routine phenomenon in all weather conditions. to control she take cetirizine tablets, but it is temporary. please tell me about the permanent cure for this allergy.



  555. Haris Ahmed says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    I’ve been suffering from nose blockage since 6 months i.e since 6 months my nose gets blocked 3-4 times a day but i have no sneezing ,headache .Is it allergic Rhinitis ? .Till now i have used Otrivin Nasal decongestion spray containing xylometazoline but recently i’ve read that prolonged use of Xylometazoline worsens the situation and the only solution remains is operation of the nose. Plz suggest me the best way to cure this situation .

    With best regards
    Haris Ahmed

  556. Doc hi ,I sneeze,have sinus, headache ,asthma,allergy rhinitis symptoms.pls. Ur precious advice can save me. Pls tell me medicines.lately I started citrizine.its past 5yrs. I’m suffering.its giving serious memory loss.dr .I live in Singapore with no weather change. The day I go to India I m fine ,the day I come back to Singapore I fall I’ll. u think this can be cured or I should leave Singapore .regards

  557. Doc hi ,I sneeze,have sinus, headache ,asthma,allergy rhinitis symptoms.pls. Ur precious advice can save me. Pls tell me medicines.lately I started citrizine.its past 5yrs. I’m

  558. I am suffering from Allergies for past two years and it occurs mostly during spring season. I currently live in India and it has been happening for past one week. I sneeze a lot and have itchy eyes.

    Please help

  559. Sweeta Tulo says:

    I have constantly itchy nose and eyes with sneezing.When I take cetirizine I get relief for 2 days onll.I am 37 yrs old female.Kindly help.

  560. mohd faisal khan says:


    i am suffering from Allergic Rhinitis since last 8 months. dr adviced me to take allegra 180 or le montus but allegra is not showing any control. i get severe itiching in legskindly advice what should i do.

    with regards.

  561. sudeepta kumar sahu says:

    Dear Vikas sir,
    Iam 25 years old and i have been suffering from Allergic rhinitis for almost 7 years now. Apart from changing weather and dust allergy, i also have allergies from several food items like Bananas, oranges , curd,rice and cold eatables like ice-cream, cold drinks, cold water , and even exposure to air-conditioner or siting directly under the fan. My basic problem is that after eating these particular things or facing the above mentioned conditions, either i develop a throat infection or running nose which eventually leads to severe cold and uneasiness.Generally i rely on allopathic medicines but i have realised that they are useless and don’t offer a permanent solution. I am suffering a lot due to this ailment and it is affecting my life severely.

    Kindly help me with this.

  562. quasib raza says:

    sir,my father is almost 40 years old and he is suffering from continues sneezing since 10 years.plz advice me some medicine…



    I am having ALLERGIC RHINITIS for the last 4-5 years and has been trying various medicines and vaccines but fail to get any good result. Various antiallergic tablets and sprays i had tried but as soon as i stop taking them i experience running nose and sneezing every day during morning which stops after taking medicines only.

    Please suggest medicine and cure way forward.


  564. Rohit Makker says:

    suffering frm rhinitis last 10 years. Remai through out the year& now a days it is at its peak. unable to concentrate on my work due to this. Suffering from continous running nose, sneezing, headache, weakness, itching, irritation on upper side inside the mouth,eyes irritation. Midnight itching irritation is at its peak and till the time the entire white thick liquid from nose is not blown the itching and irritation would not stop. takes hours to calm the itching, irritation by cont.blowing nose. Age 36

  565. ravichandran says:

    I have been suffering from itching of body nostrils and stops tmporaily if cetrizine combination is taken. This medicine causes drowziness and feeling sleepy always. if the medicine is stopped, symptums of itching starts from right hand, back of abdomen, lower right knee, nostrils, eyes and burning sensation all over body. it is perennial problem.the next stage is sneezing, running nose, and wheezing.

  566. Vinitha says:

    I have a very severe Allergic Rhinitis, all th mentioned symptoms above is what i suffer from, i do not know how to cure this.
    It affecets my day to day routine and also m scared of waking up from sleep, just because i have to sneeze continuously.
    Please help

  567. Hello Doctor,

    Around 5 years back we shifted to Bangalore. From last 3 months am having sneezing problem. AM working abroad. Once i reach reach Bangalore within 24 hours i start sneezing. I consulted and doctor, he gave me few medi’s, for the time being its gone. now am back in Bangalore i started sneezing. In my family nobody have this problem. Please help me to over come this issue.


  568. anil kumar singh says:

    Respected Sir,
    i am anil singh from Lucknow, please suggest me medicine as i am suffering from sneezing and drowsyness problem since past 2 years. I have taken medical treatment from ENT surgeon he diagnosed me that i am suffering from allergy which results in running nose,drowsiness as i am unable to study properly.

  569. hi Sir

    i have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for 3 years now,its really bad i have thick mocous in my throat,it makes it hard for me to breathe at times.i cough a lot and i have smelly and green discharge coming from my nose,my eyes are itchy,red and swollen.i have tried evrything but there is no satisfactory outcome can you please advice on what i can do to control this ,cause its taking over my life

  570. Arumugan says:

    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis.
    Early morning sneezing, running, itching nose and eyes. Also head ache.
    Please advise me suitable medicines.

    Kind regards,

  571. sanjay babu sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    My 14 yrs old son having nimonia problem upto the age of 8/9 yrs. Now from last 2-3 yrs he is suffering with allergic problems like sneezing, itching, nasal congestion and runny nose. Alopathic doctors suggest only allergy tab ie montair/ montek lc. But we are getting permenent cure. Kindly suggest medicine in homeopathy.

    Warm Regards
    Sanjay babu shrama
    00 91 9480694045

  572. jamal ashraf says:

    Respected sir;
    I am suffering from allergic cough since many years, i had moles in my nose and and i got it operated a year back, but still sometimes i have problem in breathing with nose.
    i m 22yrs old and my weight is just 48kgs, i don’t gain weight although my diet is quiet well. I have consulted many allopathic doctors, they always say there is no cure for this allergy, i have to take medicines.

    so please can you recommend me any medicine regarding my problems.

    jamal ashraf

  573. Eniola Ogunpola says:

    I always wake up in d morning and tears coming from the eye. Also, d throat and ears will be itching greatly. At times, I do regret and feel rejected in myself. Confused

  574. Sir,
    I have been suffering from sneezing, running nose for many years. I am now 50 years old and frequently catch cold which is always followed by cough which takes a long time to cure. Last year i had cold and this was followed by congestion in the chest and breathlessness i went to a allopathic doctor and was cured with the medicine. After a year again during the monsoon i got cold followed by the same type of cough, congestion and chest breathlessness i went to the same doctor but this time the cough did not stop and wheezing started. I then switched on to homeopathy since the treatment would take a long time and i did not want any side effects. Its now 6 months since i am taking homeopathy medicine. Sometimes the wheezing and sneezing stops and after a few days it starts once again. Can you help me and tell me how long it wll take to completely cure me from this sickness as i am not able to take proper food and have lost lot of weight too.
    Thank you

  575. N.Khalid Khan says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I have suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for the past 6 months. Sneezing in the morning, itchy nose, and runny nose are comes one by one in a day. I can get the temporary relief from Levocitrazine medicine for 1 or 2 days .

    I strongly believe in homeopathy , pls suggest me the best medicine to cure this.

    I am living in chennai , India.

    Khalid Khan.N

  576. dr.p.k.singh says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 4 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times.The condition aggravates during cold season.I resort to Steroid therapy nasal spray and powder inhalers(mouth) as ultimate medication but avoid using it unless the condition worsens.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp. increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused whether i am suffering from asthma or rhinitis due to different versions from different doctors.Symptoms include normal cold (sneezing) followed by severe cough and gradually it worsens.Antibiotics is required to be taken for cure of late.Please suggest.



  577. R S NEGI says:

    My doctor’s hav some alergy like spots coming in face, hand, body , she is 16 years old
    Is there your clinic south delhi near by badarpur/sarita vihar, pls provide us contact no and address asap.

    R S Negi

  578. dhirendra kumar says:

    My baby is 2.5 year old. His problems starts from running nose than cough and breathing problem.Doctors said he has been suffering from Allergic. My allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma and advised omnacortil and nebulisation with duolin & budacort. Omnacortil is steroid. Please suggest medicines for this.

  579. amit suman says:

    dr .i m also b.h.m.s. student . i m suffering rhinitis (5 year)

  580. Aman Sharma says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am Aman Sharma age about 25 years. Suffering from High Eosnophills by 10%. Please suggest to me effective remedy for speedly and safe recovery.

    I would be very thankful of you if you help me.

    Please revert.. i will awaiting.

  581. K.Krishnamurthi says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I have been suffering from alergis rhinitis for the past 50 yrs.
    I have also been suffering from passing thick heavy stools 3 or 4 times
    a day mostly in the morning since the past several yrs. I have tried
    all medicines incl herbs, but of no avail.
    My wife is also suffering from nagging cough since several yrs.She does not have
    any chest infection yet the cough bothers alot.She has also taken all medicines
    incl natural medicines.
    Kindly suggest a sutable for both of us.


  582. Mrinmay Mukhopadhyay says:


    My child Aritro at age of 8 years and his wait is 23. He is a Thalasemia carrier child. From his childhood he has suffering different types of disease. Last 3-4 days we saw a new thing that is itching at his face and as well as swelling. But previously never arise this type of problem.
    Please suggest what to do now.

  583. Mahbubul Haq says:

    Dear Dr,
    This is mahbub from dhaka, bangladesh, 52 years old, male. I’ve high BP, uric acid problem and High cholesterol. I’m taking following medicine regularly:
    1. Osartil 100 @ morning
    2. ebastin 10 @ morning
    3. Amdocal + 50 @ night
    4. Febustat 40 @ night
    5. Atorvastatin 10 @ night

    Last 12/15 years, every winter it begins and cures @ end of winter. But this year it never end. Till now it is continuing. I’m taking ebastine 10 once in a day. but it is not cured.

  584. santosh kumar srivastava says:

    my grand son 3yrs 0ld living in Waterloo CANADA since April 2011 ,born in Bengalore since birth is sensitive to cold .a very mild cold wind effect him and nose discharge/running get started, with coughing .eye get light red and light swelling with irritation.Here in Canada Dr say that irritation is due to Eye dryness .His father is also have the RHINTIS problem symptoms feeling some abstraction/irritation in nose, nose discharge continuously homeopathy and allopathic treatment were done but still no relief.In the case of my grand son here in Canada Dr has advised to put medicated sea water in eye and give atonal for fever and heaviness pain in body and for uneasiness and asked that a age will come when all will be o.k..My grand son is also thin though his growth is normal ,height is o.k. as per requirement and guidelines weight is also o.k.As per your post chapter i think he is suffering Rhinitis allergy.Now pl. suggest me what should i do and if possible suggest medicine though i think it is hard to find any homeopathy medicine shop so can you arrange to send medicine by speed post here ,payment can be made in advance also if not possible by VPP. Here i am having Five Phos, .Biochem comb.6,comb.10,Aconite nap,Rhustox 30,arnica 30 for some general problem as per my knowledge having interest in Homeopathy.Thanks.

  585. Bharatha Ramesh says:

    My daughter suffering from allergic rhinitis since 2 years with running nose and she is also suffering with allopacia, psoriasis etc. Previously she had treatment with some homeophysician but treatment was not that much good. She is now 24 years age and at her child age she suffered with primary stage of Tuberculosis. Then she was treated with homeo medicine only. I want her to be treated with homeopathy only

  586. Mrinal Kanti Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    I am suffering from diabetics m 2 At present I am controlling it by medicine Metaday 1000 MY Sugar level , Fasting 110 -130 mg /DL
    postparendal , 100 to 17omg /dl I shall be grateful if you suggest some medicines to control the sugar in homeopathic system. A am 77 years in age

    I also suffer throat irritation due to dust . Alopathic medicines are good but act temporarly. please suggest some homeopathic medicines for permanent cure

  587. Dear sir Good Morning,

    I’m male 29 yrs my height is 160 cm and my weight is 45 kgs. I had the smoking habits from my age of 20. Am having hemmorroids problem. Suddenly 8 months back i found severe pain inside my left stomach & breathing problem .So i admitted in the hospital the stomach pain has cured & not the breathing problem has solved. I have went to several doctors and they told it is allergic rhinitis & hemmoroids. Now am taking regularly MULTI VITE GOLD TABLET, ALLEGRA 180 MG TABLET & EPITRIL MD 0.5 MG TABLET. but my breathing problem is still, mucus produced regularly, BLOCKED NOSE, sneezing , bad smell from my mouth & throat, throat pain, whezing problem, eyes become red, theres no hungry at all.

    Also, THE MAIN PROBLEM am not able to sleep at night due to breathing problem. Suppose If i sleep for half an hour & am suddenly awakened then i feel my mouth & throat is totally dried. And after that i cannot sleep. My eyes reularly in red color & am severly affected by these problems it affecting my regular work.

    Dear sir, kindly help me to advise some treatments and suggestins to me.

    Thanking you in advance for your kind help & looking forward to have your valuable advise.

    Have a nice day !

    Thanks & best regards.
    mobile +91 9976829010.
    mail –


    I am 45 years old and suffering from allergic rhitinis. The doctor got x-ray of nose but there is no problem inside the nose.

    Most of the time, my left nostril gets blocked and for that I have to take nasal spray. The problem of running nose is not there. I have been taking bio chem 6 for long time but of little help.

    Please guide me the right medicine.

  589. I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis, before 8 years when I started living at chandigarh the problem of breathing also started then after three years I was transferred at Faridbad and the problem of Allergy was not acute there I have lived there for three years. Now I have again transferred at Chandigarh and problem started again. In the month of March April and September October increase the problem

  590. sir, my father age 50, is suffering from allergic rhinits since3 years , sneezing runny nose and itchy eyes which increase during april to june ,he has tried antihistaminics steroids ,montelukast ,none did help mech plese help

  591. rubeena says:

    Sir i am suffering from allergic rhinitis
    Aggraveted by cold weathet anf dust plz
    Prescribe me. Homeopathic remedy

  592. vijay kumar j says:

    Sir My mother aged about 68 years is suffering from frequent sneezing, runny nose and eyebags under the eyes, itchy nose and watery eyes, the symptomes is sporadic and she has been suffering from the above condition for long. allpoathic medicine suppersses the symptomes and sometimes leads to some other discomfort and is of no use.
    please help

  593. Tanisha says:

    Hello, Dr this is for my son Aarav 3 yrs 4 months old son,(23rd nov 2009) all his problem started when he was 3-4 months old that is red eyelids in the evening later as he grew , he has same red watery eyelids, itchy nose with watery discharge, Dr gave him some allopathy allergy medicine, i was not happy but had no other option, later in 2011 on 29th sept he had a cough, which just would not go, his doctor as if expeimenting did give antibiotics and neglected, Dr was also angry on me as i asked so may questions, and asked not to give antibiotics and find a solution, and what was the cause, after 4 months she tells me it must be child hood asthma and her nephew also has it, but with medication it will go,my son use to just cough anytime, i changed the Dr did all test from TB, x-ray every thing then this new Dr said its childhood asthma, 90% of which goes off, and is common now, he said he has wheezing due to which he has this cough and did the explaination, he stared on inhalers one for long time and other for the cough and with in a week he was back to normal, also he gave anti-histamine or some tablet, i know the longer inhaler is steroid , but i was happy my child was sleeping well, playing not irritated, he is a playful hyperactive child, though he never was tired of playing or breathless, now he is ok , off anti- histamine,
    but for last 3-4 days his itchy nose, sneezing, very irrtating
    but in all this sept 2011 he was taking homeopathy treatment till sept 2012, but the medcines did not help him, also his cough there no chages,
    so i shopped thats thinking i will find a good homeopathic Dr, as people i know told me that within 3 months some results are seen, but i had nothing all that was helping was allopathy, and after stopping homeopathy he was infact better,
    please help and advice me
    thank you

  594. Ugyen Tenzin says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am having hay fever since 4 yrs. I took different drugs prescribed by the doctors and it never worked. As going through the internet i came to know about your treatment. I want to visit your clinic and get good treatment and blessing from your end. Please do help me.

    With regards.

    Ugyen Tenzin, Allahabad. UP

  595. saravanann.p says:

    Dear sir,
    i am suffering from dust allergy for one and half years.i have consulted three ENT specialist so far.i was taking montlukast & leavocitrigine tablet at night.if i miss taking a single dose,next morning i will get running nose (watery).I am quiet upset of englisg medicine.Fortunately i have been transferred from tamilnadu to near trivendrum.i decided and intrested to go homeopathy treatment.

    My symptoms:

    (whenever missing to take that tablet)

    watery nose with blogged other symptoms.

    Age : 33 yrs

    please advise what should i do.i am mentally upset.light up my life.i feel it is useless to go English medicine.

  596. Dr. Vikas,

    I moved to Canada over 3 years ago. Initially, I did not observe any allergies affecting my health at all. However, last year we moved to a colder city, also known as a ‘forest city’ with large trees. Since about 4-5 months, I have had itchy throat and nasal congestion issues. Tried antibiotics for awhile, but they havn’t worked well. It all started with cold and flu. But the constant reoccurance has led me to believe, I could be allergic to pollen, hay and ragweed.

    I work at a school, which requires me to spend time with kids for atleast 45 minutes outdoors. I can’t quit my only job, yet I need my health to recover fully. Please advice, since I can’t live on anti-allergics for the rest of my life. Me and my husband are also trying to conceive, but because of my health lately, nothing seems to be going right. I need a home remedy or perhaps the right vitamins to get my immunity back.


    Maria Qi

  597. R/sir,
    I have been suffering from allergic Rhinitis for past 10 years. My problem is thin water from nose.
    This problem continue for whole season. I took many alopathy & Homeo also but no response. please suggest appropriate medicine.

  598. purva joshi says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My son is 4 years old. He is used to have nasal blockage,runny nose,sore throat that sometimes gets to cough. From his nasopharyngeal x-ray, he shows enlarged adenoids. my doctor says that he have mild asthma but when he will be cured with enlarged adenoids, asthma will get cured automatically.
    Now, I am using nasal spray as per my doctor’s instruction.
    I am also using Munostim to increase his immunity.I am also using homeopathy along with allopathy to treat his enlarged adenoids.
    Sir, I am little bit doubtful about my child’s health.
    Is his immunity less or very high?

    Awaiting for your valuable reply.

    thanks & regards,

    Mrs.Purva Joshi

  599. Dear Dr Sharma

    i sneeze a lot in the morning or whenever there is dust around and it leads to running nose and eye .it has become a routine phenomenon for the last 1 all weather conditions
    please tell me about the disease and its cure


  600. i have allergic rhinitis&runny nose for 15year.there is also bad odour coming from my nose,please give best treatment.i’ve been attending ent clinic but i gave up because it didnt help

  601. Partha Bhaumik says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My son is three and half years old and he often falls sick . Every two to three months he would catch cold and cough. At times he has fever too though fever would be less frequent than catching cold and cough.

    He has been susceptible to cold which we have been observing for the last two and half years. Whenever he catches cough, it does not go away easily. He neither sneeze nor has running nose symptoms when sick.

    Over the past one month his cough has been recurring and not curing completely. This is dry tickling cough and at times there would be series of coughs (10 to 12 times) . Then he vomits which has acidic odour with plenty of mucus (can see long threads of mucus from mouth falling down and mucus through nose when he vomits). After vomiting he looks relieved. Cough is predominant during morning and late evening, during the day it seems to be OK though. He dos not have breathing problem nor complains about any pain in throat or chest.

    We had given him Jutussin Cough Syrup & Cough Drop ( R8 & R9 of Dr. Reckeweg / Every three hours alternating the syrup & drop) , Tussikind ( Schwabe, every four hours) , Ipecac 30 five to six times a day for about a week. The cough had reduced substantially with vomiting symptoms disappearing but again it has recurred today and looks pretty persistent.

    Please advise what we should do.

    Thanks and best regards


  602. Ashok kumar says:

    I suffer from allergy rhinitis and normally The kind of symptoms I get are
    Sneezing, itching throat,eyes and inflammatory throat. Normally I sneeze during the night or early morning,when I get exposed to cold.I am normally very succestipible to cold. Normally my throat gets affected.Allopathic doctors prescribe me antibiotics and allegra and limcee. However, I dont get any permanent cure for this. As, I am from Delhi, here the climate is hardly sunny and mostly cold. So I get it more frequently. I need some homeopathy help from you.


    • prashant says:

      I suffer from allergy rhinitis and normally The kind of symptoms I get are
      Sneezing, itching throat,eyes , inflammatory throat and low grade fever. Normally I sneeze during the night or early morning,when I get exposed to cold.I am normally very succestipible to cold. Normally my throat gets affected.Allopathic doctors prescribe me antibiotics and allegra and limcee. However, I dont get any permanent cure for this. As, I am from Delhi, here the climate is hardly sunny and mostly cold. So I get it more frequently. I need some homeopathy help from you.


  603. Sudha Singh says:

    In every years from March to October I have itching my skin in hand all my body including finger. I want to know medicine which give me relief above allergy. Smt. Sudha Singh

  604. Lawrence says:

    Doctor i was suffering from cold with sneezing, running nose and i went to see an allopathy doctor who prescribed me with 3 days antibiotics with lagadine, mucolyte and otrivin. after three days i was still was not feeling ok and somehow i managed to go along and after about a week i got up in the morning with nose block and irritation in the throat. when i blew my nose i saw light green color phlegm from my nose. after about some blowing as usual my nose is running. i am shocked to see the same infections happening after about a week. i even see that my toungue is having some white color now.

    could you please suggest me some permanent solution to this.

    thanks in advance.

  605. Archana says:

    Respected Dr .I have one doubt about the treatment of homeopathy.mentally I am depressed of negative thinking.I don’t like to communicate with society or I can’t.I don’t know what is happening in me.I started medicine in homeopathy itself.disease started 10 years back.when Willit completely cure.ppls reply me.I don’t know whether it is disease or only my doubt.pls reply me thank u

  606. sadhin mukherjee says:

    i am 25 now and in 2006 i used to get hives all over my body that used to itch,then after allopathy treatment it has subsided a lot qand is very negligible,but at times i used to have breathing trouble,i had done ecg,eco cardiography n its normal,then around 2009 i had breathing trouble again,i sought allopathy treatment again n got cured,at times it used to happen but that was seldom ,i used to take smarti tablet then to get relief 4rm breathing trouble,then i was ok till november 2012,then 4rm the last 5months till now i am getting a breathing problem again,ie frequent deep sighs n thats making me nervous n draining me emotionally n physically.every doctor said its allergy rhinitis,i do sneeze a lot at times bt nt always,my throat gets chocked,a feeling as if dust is there inside hat makes me cough ,but thats not persistent,a feeling of chest tightness is there too 4 the last 5 months,but i did chest x-ray as well n pft too,chest specialists have said that i dont have asthma n reprts r normal as well,even serum igE is normal,tc dc n all blood reports r normal as well,the only prob that i have is a deviated nasal septum n sinusitis n it needs a septoplasty,but i am not sure how will i get relief 4rm this problem,its eating me up day by day n my family,i kindly request u to give me a solution to this,sir please its my earnest request.

  607. Sir,
    I am 42 yrs ,female, suffering from sneezing,nose tip itchy,watery eyes and nose,after all this I will have heavy forehead,tired and drowsy .All these symptoms will start when I take a dress from my wardrobe. For Regular home wear dress no problem, only if I wear more than one month old dress then continuously more than 10 sneezing will come and make me tired and drowsy.

    Thank you

  608. leo salamanca says:

    S.O.S !!!

  609. S B PANDEY says:

    my son suffering from sneezing of nose every time from 5 years and also cough from nose droping his age is 15 please tell me how i can counsalt you to take madcine from you.

  610. n.r.ashok bapu says:

    dr.i have mild tomoderate aortic recommend remedies that may reverse or will checkit from worsening.also ihave hypersomnia.your recommendation for this also please.thank you.

  611. vrinda isloor says:

    Dear doctor

  612. subhash c astavans says:

    watery nasal discharge, throat & ear itch, ear ache, facial ache right side,nose full feeling

  613. pl suggest remedy for blocked nose at night, running nose,cough,feel difficulty in breathing while sleeping (noise occur )generally when season change or usually for last 10 years.dr. has said bronchitis or primary stage of astama

  614. I’m 51 yr.. Before 27 yrs, i.e., in 1985 June, I caught cold, since then I’m suffering from running nose, sneezing, etching in nose, ears, eyes all the year. Change in weather increase the gravity only. Since 2007, I feel knee joint pain if I play, do running etc. My uric acid level is 5.7. I take high blood pressure medicine – 5 mg.

  615. Sir,my mom is suffering from allergic rhinitis since May. she started coughing by coming in contact with dust,smoke,and specially when she cook.We have consulted so many allopathic consultants but there is no sign of relief.After this i took her to a homeopathic consultant and then she got some relief but after one month she again developed the same situation.
    Sir please cure my mom condition.

    With regards,

  616. Dilip Choudhary says:

    Dear Sir , I expect that you will surely help me out
    My son , Mukund ( 12 Yrs , 45 Kg ) is probably suffering from Allergic Rhinitis .
    He gets bouts of sneezes mostly in the morning since last two months , His nose gets stuffed heavily in the morning and keeps on sniffing . One day , blood was also there . I went to an allopath who prescribed Montair ( Anti Allergic) for 15 days .
    But I want to continue with Homoeopathic ,Could you kindly prescribe a medicine along with Potency and doses ? I shall be really grateful , Sir .
    My number is 918878110182. Can I Call you to discuss his case ?
    Dilip Choudhary , India

  617. I have a running nosy in the morning till 10 am than iam suggest some treatment. i have used the appicock…briunia….antimtot .but all are un effective.

  618. Pradeep kumar singh says:

    Dr sahab saans bahut phoolati hai.nose se pani aur eye se pani nikalata hai.itching bhi hoti hai. Kya karen bahut med. Liya but koe aarram nahi. Kya operation se theek hoga. Age 40 years.

  619. pawan pareek says:

    Hi sir my nose allergy privious 5 year

  620. Sir,
    I am a perennial allergic rhinitis patient, suffering from blocked nose, can’nt sleep or breath. please help me
    k dutta

  621. kamal dutta says:

    I’m suffering from perenial allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma for last about ten years.
    I am tested pollen allergy induced.
    At the outset I had extreme sneezing,runny nose, itching on face,head noseside etc.There is no sneezing or runny nose now but i have itching on face, head sometimes.
    I took corticosteroid nasal spray and montelucast to fight allergy many times on doc’s advice. Now I stopped the spray as it dries up nose and the moisture inside is lost, creating more uneasy.
    I am taking loratadine anti allergy tablet one a day.
    In summer i am better though the nose problem persists.
    Now in sept-oct it started again, nose are blocked, sometimes one side opens.
    I take steam in night to sleep. when in movement its ok.
    Presently both the nose are blocked.
    I am in bad state. Please help me to get out of this nasal block and overall allergy problem.

    With regards

  622. vijayagirish says:


    i am suffering from rhinitis through out the yearfrom 3 years and really unbeareable. sometimes it causes infections and starts antibiotics. From this i lost sense of smell, taste and itching eyes.eyes becomes very itchy and swollen and black circles around the eyesand looks very odd and i am afraid of getting asthama. pl help me.

  623. dr abhijit awari says:

    resp sir,iam having aiiergic rhinitis since 20 yrs.kindly help me for cure of disease

    pepples med collegeand RC
    associate prof dept of microbiology
    bhanpur,bhopal 462037

    • vijayagirish says:


      i am suffering from rhinitis through out the yearfrom 3 years and really unbeareable. sometimes it causes infections and starts antibiotics. From this i lost sense of smell, taste and itching eyes.eyes becomes very itchy and swollen and black circles around the eyesand looks very odd and i am afraid of getting asthama. pl help me.tried allopathic and homeopathic and Ayurveda but no use.

  624. Anything that disrupts a good night sleep is a prolebm in my book. Man, I wish you luck. I’ve spent so many days feeling sleep deprived that I’m sure society as a whole was affected!

  625. babulreddy says:

    Dear Sir,
    MY father is suffering with Allergic Rhinitis. He is at 52 now, this condition appears in the winter season, especially in the night time he is unable to sleep due to this. Whenever it appear seriously means generally he use cefotaxime antibiotic for controlling.

    Please give me better medication for this problem .

    Thanking you sir

  626. Shhhesh! what some people won;t do to get out of ice fiihsng! ha ha. Seriously, get well my friend. When you feel right as rain those fish will be ready to hit anything. P.S. Love the new tweaks on your blog! Keep on bloggin.

  627. pankaj kohli says:

    respected sir ,iam suffering from allergic
    1.running nose with sneezing
    2.irretation in nasal
    3.watery eyes
    4.irretation in throat.
    5.indoor out door problem.
    problem may cause any time .iam suffering from this promlem from last 3 please help me and tell me how to increase my immune system and cure with remedis

  628. RAVI ARORA says:

    i have been suffering from allergic rhinitis for past 2-3 years. please suggest the better treatment to get quick relief.


    Ravi Arora

  629. dear sir,
    I am suffering from the same problem ( continuous sneezing after runny nose )…………….which you mention above from past 2 years. i tried many homeopathy medicines still not cure. Please suggest some effective medicines.please help me sir.
    age 25yrs.


    Dear Sir i am facing very critical situation since three years because i have ALLERGY of nose
    causes are as fellow
    a. smell
    b dust
    c cool enviorment & and itching in eyes and nose also

    i feel very difficulty in breathing
    sneezing i m really very disappointed. guide me plz

  631. respected sir

    I have been suffering from continuous sneezing of my nose specially when whether took a change to winter season and rainy season
    sometimes there is a continous sneezing at midnight and due to this i
    can’t have a sleep.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp. increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused Please suggest.



  632. dear sir, i am suffering from all the symptoms mentioned above(i,e nasal congestion, continuous sneezes, itching eye and palatal area) and i can’t affored for allopthic treatment, so please help me help and do a favour…….

  633. Hi Sir,

    my son is 2 years and 8 months. when he was 1.5 years old, he got ill with Typhoid – Sallemona Typhi in Blood Culture. After that we feel that his immune sytem has weakened. He is frequently getting viral attaches. From the last one year he has got sick n number of times. Mostly his problem starts with a runny nose, then cough and (mild fever sometimes) and then his chest gets choked. He stops eating. After few visits, the doctor guided us that he is having asthma and he adviced, Montair Powder Sachets to be given daily. now we are giving him montair from last 1-2 months but still we feel that he is still not ok. Doctor ha adviced us betnesol – Constroids but we have not started it yet considering the harmful effects of steriods. Please advice .

  634. Doctor,
    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis and bronchitis since 12 years.i am 29 years old.i have tried many treatments.
    allopathy given short term results.
    Doctor my main problem is about my 3 and half year old daughter..she has all symptoms of allergic rhinitis..she suffers from it almost throughout the year specially more problematic in rainy season..after nasal attacks..she suffers greatly with coughing and breathing problems..she is taking histamine and aerocort inhaler now a days.
    But not so effective..
    Doctor can’t she be all right..i m very depressed.please tell if you can help me anyways…..i shall be highly thankful to you…

  635. Dear Dr.,

    I am 23yrs & having all the symptoms that you have mentioned above from the last 8 yrs but my sneezes are not confined to early morning it has happened a lot of time that in the afternoon i suddenly felt something itching in my nose which is followed by heavy sneezes in a min or 2 besides of late now after these heavy bouts of sneezes my eyes have these burning sensation alongwith pain on the back of my neck just behind the ears. I have tried a lot of medications earlier but that were not that helpful.
    please suggest which medicine would be appropriate for my case.


  636. Ravideep Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I daily wake up sneezing in the morning, all year around and not in a particular season. Along with this sometime it occurs in daytime also.Then I have watery eyes,and itching in nose. When it become worst, I feels like I need to need something and drink water.And my body sweats.

    Can you please suggest me something, as I want to take directional and permanent treatment, as I belive Homeopathay can cure it .

    • premchandgupta says:

      i m yoga & exercise expert. i heard your probem.1/2 hrs yoga , exer&run in morning can give u better result.u always take bath before sun raise.

  637. Sir,
    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 1and half years. The condition aggravates during Summer and cold season.I use anti-allergic tablet and also inhaler(when needed) as ultimate medication but avoid using it unless the condition worsens. Exposure to dust particles, and humid weather increases the problem.

    Symptoms include normal cold but too much sneezing with tears in morning, evening and night. Please suggest.


    • Incredible what a great group of blogging fdienrs that I happen to be associated with! As I logged on this morning, I was shocked that all of you would take the time to send me well wishes. I am getting better, and almost feel, ready to circulate again without fear of getting everyone else I come in contact with sick.God bless everyone from the Ol’ Blog Cabin!

  638. GEETA NIGAM says:

    I am a women of 36 years, I am suffering with rhinitis problem since last four years. Can you guide me for treatment. It increases as the sun set. and goes down as the sun rises. I mean to say after 10 am to 6 pm i donot find any major concern. But after 6 or 7 pm it starts increasing. and becomes peak in night. It is very difficult to sleep because of this. I feel some times headache also in night, I usually breath from mouth, as nose is totally blocked, Even steam does not help . I have been taking Homeopathic medicine. Some times it looks improved , but within few weeks it comes back again. I am stationed in Bangalore,

  639. QAISER BIN NASEER says:

    dear dr.sharma
    i m 39 and suffering from allergic rhinitis, itchy eyes, runny nose and water discharge from eyes and then asthma problem.
    plz reply me soon
    thanks and regards

    qaiser bin naseer
    lahore, PAKISTAN

  640. md shafiq says:

    dear sir, i am suffering to rhinitis allergy from 12 year and its goes to throught infection and allergic asthama from 5 year. so please tell me any medicine.

  641. I am 40yrs old sufferring from snezing ,watery,thin dischsrge from the nose from last 20 yrs usually after eating sour things like tomato ,curd, citrus fruits. If not treated it worsens then i get bodyache ,throat infection ,fever ,weakness & then compelled to take antiboitics .I have taken Hom medicines but i started with knee pain so stopped . Then taken hom medicines from other Dr. my complaints subsided only for 1 yr. DR.PLEASE ADVICE ME SOME MEDICINE.HOMOEOPATHY IS ONLY MEDICINE THAT CURES THE DISEASE .

  642. Dear Dr Sharma,
    My daughter who is now 6 years old had been suffering from itchy nose ,watery nose for past 1 year. Due to which she rubs her nose a lot. And often ends up having infection in her nose due to that. Before that she used to have it only during season change. We stay in hong kong n mostly I would blame it on the humid and sudden fluctuations in the weather here. And also too much AC everywhere. Though now I realize that she has it more during winters.
    Recently went for her normal routine check up and then the doctor said that she is suffering from allergic rhinitis. He gave some anti-allergy and a nasal puff/spray. Which he has asked us to continue till December, when he meets us again. I’m a little hesitant as the puffs are nothing but steroids.
    Me and my entire family believe a lot in homeoplathy and often use homeopathy and bio-chemical medicines for minor day to day problems.

    Can you please suggest some medicine for my daughter. Is there a permanent cure for this allergy?

    Appreciate your help,

  643. Jodh singh says:

    I has been sufering from salme probluml
    last four years . Pl suggest best med.

  644. deepak thonge says:

    My son, 9 yrs, has symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Please advice.
    Thank You!

  645. lalan munshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    When my father ultasonow Report Show:

    The liver is normal in size, parenchyma appears homogenous. A well defined cystic area measuring about 2.3 cm x 2.0 cm with slightly irregular margin is noted in the right lobe of liver.


    Both kidneys are normal in size (RK 9.6 cm bipolar x 3.8 cm A/P: diameter LK 9.0 cm bipolar x 4.2 cm A/P diameter), normal un position with well defined cortex amd medulla. Pelvicalyceal systems of both are not dilated. A tiny cortical cyst is noted near to upper pole of right kidney.

    Comments : Small hepatic cyst.

    Abdominal pain.

    Erosive gastritis.

    Now Problem: high Cuff & abdoman Pain

    please say how medicine give my father say Name medicine Homopathic: please help me.


  646. aurea rena says:

    my 4 y/old son dx with allergic rhinitis he always had problem with breathing and apnea episode his under ent but they are not doing anything i dont know what to do please help his no tonsil just adeneoid but breathing wrost when he had cough and cold his not sneezing a lot just problem with breathing when sleeping.

  647. kishan singh says:


  648. BHAVESH PAI says:

    i have sneezing and watery discharge (mucus) from last 5/6 months.

    sudenly my watery mucus replaced with thick/sticky yellow muccus and had a strong cough for last 3/4 days.

    please advice what i should do……..

  649. amit nagpal says:

    respected sir, i have the problem of allergic rhintis for last six months, please suggest me the medicine for that. I shall be very thankful to you.from ludhiana

  650. Pavan Bhandari says:

    I have been suffering this problem for 6-12months now. This info has been an eye opener for me. I think homeopathy should address the root cause. Thanks a lot Dr.Vikas Sharma for this valuable info.

  651. r.chithradevi says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 10 years.Please suggest a good medicine for me.


  652. Jayashree ,wrote on dt.14/12/2011

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 10 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times.The condition aggravates during Spring season from January End.I resort to Steroid therapy nasal spray and inhalers(mouth) as ultimate medication but causes Acidity problem to me.Exposure to Pollen grains,dust particles , increases the problem.
    It remain for 3 months.First it starts from sneezing,runny eyes and nose and then becomes cough which is worsens gradually .and there is no alternative but to take Allopathic antibiotics

    Please suggest a good medicine so that this year I will not have any problem.
    Aconite works in Dec season on the Cold and cough but it does not work in Spring season



  653. I am suffering from nasal allergy. During sleep one of my nostril gets blocked on the side I sleep. In case I continue to take Montair LC twice a week I am fine, otherwise I suffer due to blocked nose and sneezing. Kindly suggest homeo remedy.

  654. i m extremly suffer from allergy of dust.

  655. shubhashish saha says:

    i am suffering from nasal allergy like nose running/large number of snezzing and cough some times.iam suffering this problem last 13 years.pls advise me how i can
    get cured.


  656. ravi dhamne says:

    dear sir,
    i am perciving in bhms 3 rd year
    i am suffering from very larg number of snizing.its come any where and every where when touch to cold thing any type of allergens like that dust,polegrane,
    change of atmosphere,last 5 month before i had done my dns oppration.sir please cure me for this.i am humbly request to you please to cure me number is 07489356743

  657. i am very much fed of my running cold since morning to evening so much sneezing &running cold due to allergy suggesst homeopethic medicine.

  658. What if the nose is perpetually blocked and the patient has to breathe from her mouth and also consume half a box of tissue and sometimes stuff the nose when its dripping.please revert also there is a small nasal polyp which i think can easily be dissolved by homeopathy.what is the medication ,the patient 16yrs of age likes open air,has sweaty palms is hyper and sleepless at night.pls suggest accurate homeo meds for this condition,also in change of season n vth smell of garlic and indian food tadka she becomes a sneeze machine.likes 2 consume hot coffee but if stop it if u say it interferes vth homeopathy.thanks and pls reply promptly as im banking on yr remedy as a last resort.

  659. dr
    i am suffering from allergy rhinitis from past 10 years .earlier it was seasonal mostly during diwali and holi timings but now a days it become all time and all places especilly i experimented at rajasthan guj,punjab starts with sneezing ,watering nose eye itching then all…. it is creating a big trouble being lady kitchen and clealiness cant afford my disease

  660. Rajesh Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been suffering from perennial allergic rhinitis.I have stuffy nose and sore throat. i am suufering from this sytoms for last 4 years. I would like to control this situation .

    Plese help in living a life that i deserve to live.

  661. karen galster says:

    I have been suffering for about 4yrs with sinusitis, allergy now my ears are plugged and I have developed Verigo. The dizziness is calming down (it has been 2 weeks of dizziness) but my doctor referred me to an ear,nose and throat specialist for allergic rhinitus. I cannot see the doctor until oct 17,2011. Is there anything you can do for me? I am more interested in natural cures than chemicals into my body. I do see an acupunturist 1 time a week.

  662. Ashok Kumar says:

    dear sir i am suffring from allergic rhinitis past two year pls provoide me solution

    Ashok Kumar





  664. dr.saany bilquis says:

    dear doctor,
    my 9 yr old son has been suffering from cough since infancy. he is always diagnosed as a case of allergic rhinitis. first there used to be a little wheeze, but now his chest remains clear but he coughs away. he starts with sneezind then it gets into cough. we have tried oral steroids for one week several times, nasal steroid sprays , inhalers,antibiotics are givwn with every attack, he has sore throat everytime. and the throat is red and granular. runny nose.his adenoids were removed , tonsils too.but cough is so bad , he cannot eat food , vomits. eeven opening mouth makes very wide makes him want to puke. please help us, this season he got the attacks within 2 weeks. can’t go to school…please help us

  665. bdcosta says:

    Sir, since Jan. 2011 I’m getting sneezing and runnig of the nose which the doctors have diognised as rhinitis. despite various treatmants, no cure is in sight. please help me with homeopathy.thanks Doctor.

  666. Sir,
    I suffer from allergy rhinitis and normally The kind of symptoms I get are
    Sneezing, itching throat,eyes and inflammatory throat. Normally I sneeze during the night or early morning,when I get exposed to cold.I am normally very succestipible to cold. Normally my throat gets affected.Allopathic doctors prescribe me antibiotics and allegra and limcee. However, I dont get any permanent cure for this. As, I am from Bangalore, here the climate is hardly sunny and mostly cold. So I get it more frequently. I need some homeopathy help from you.


  667. sanjeev mathur says:

    I had a bout of head cold (nasla), and it stopped after taking OTC decongestants/antihistamines. Now the only problem I have is pressure in and around temples/forehead and buzzing sound in ears. No sinus, no fever, the nasal discharge is clear and cloudy and is minimu. is it cold or sinus. what medicines u advice me sir.


    sanjeev mathur

  668. Asha Kochhar says:

    I am 26 years old and I have a lot of sneezing and running nose in the early morning. Please prescribe a medicine to relieve the symptoms.

  669. I have been suffering frm allergic rhinitis and also get bouts of sinisitis for past one year . I hv been taking homoeo med . I took a course of kali bich and am now taking hepar sulph 200 for past two weeks. which gave some relief. but I want to get rid of it for ever .Is it possible.and how to go abt it. I also suffer frm eczema since long time . it comes and goes. it got aggravated with this treatment. and is now disappearing since I m taking hepar sulph.
    can u suggest some cure. My symptoms are
    Itching mucosa in nose
    Violent sneezing
    dripping mucous.
    ear seems blocked though there is no fluid or pus in middle ear as I got it checked by ENT specialist.
    Pl help!!!

  670. Mrs Nathan says:

    Sorry I had forgotten to mention that my son is now 10 years old

  671. Mrs Nathan says:

    Sir, my son has been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 6-7 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times.The condition aggravates during cold season.we have tried Steroid therapy nasal spray and powder inhalers(mouth) and ventolin inhaler (nose) as ultimate medication but avoid using it unless the condition worsens.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp., eating oily food and exercise increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused as to whether we are on the right treatment path for him. He has also had montelukast 5mg tablets for the past 5 months continuously with no improvement. Symptoms include normal cold (sneezing) followed by mild cough and gradually it worsens to wheezing. Antibiotics is required to be taken for cure of the latter occasionally.Please suggest

  672. idisi obaruene .c. says:

    i am suffering from sneezing and cold for the past one year, what is the cause. All the drugs and prescrition from doctors and health worker,not changed and condition is getting worse every day and my arm and leg are always shaking.

  673. ikram ullah says:

    sir i am suffering from acute nose alergy since 2 years causes r 1 smel ,cold , plz advise me homeo medicine redads

  674. This idiotic doctor has not responded to anybody’s questions. How ridiculous!

  675. Myself 18 years old.I am suffering from nasal congetion , whizzing in the chest while awakening in the morning.I am getting sneezing,coughing,watery and rubbing eyes,sometimes light headache in the right side.also suffering from allergy towards fragrance Of perfume/powder and also feel like sneezing when exposed to dust.



  676. Dear Sir,

  677. Devashish Majumdar says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My 13 year old son is suffering from Allergic Rhinitis since the last 2 years.All allopathy Doctors claim is that this is not fully curable but can be controlled using medicines.
    Need your advice to cure him at this age as his studies are getting affected and in near future he may have to restrain his lifestyle.

    Devashish Majumdar

  678. Manash kumar de says:

    My 14 years child have been suffering form allergic rhinitis for past 9 years which
    allopathic doctors says its transformed into ashma st times. The condition
    aggravates during cold season. He resort to steroid therapy nasal spary &
    steriod inhalure ( by mouth) as ultimate medication but avoid using the worsens.
    Exposure to dust particles, smokes, cold temperature increase the problem.
    I am terribly confused wheather he is suffering from ashma or rhinitis due to different versions from defferent doctor. plz. help me.
    thanking you.
    sylhet, Bangladesh.

  679. M AKRAM ANSARI says:


  680. M AKRAM ANSARI says:


  681. manoj kumar says:

    i a suffering from allergic rhinitis i.e. itchy eyes and nose and throat, watery discharge from nose, sneezing etc , pl, advise me.

  682. date 29 july 2010 dear sir,
    I am ummar from mmumbai
    I am suffering from cough ,sneezing,running nose ,decrease immunities system ,eyes burning,head each, last 5 year rhinitis
    Early in the morning it is start all thing
    Pls help me what I have to do
    I am awaiting 4 ur reply
    Thank You

  683. dear sir,
    I am ummar from mmumbai
    I am suffering from cough ,sneezing,running nose ,decrease immunities system ,eyes burning,head each, last 5 year rhinitis
    Early in the morning it is start all thing
    Pls help me what I have to do

  684. my 4 year daughter has this problem since a year now,whenever she wakeup in the morning she start sneezing,and when the rainy season starts it will quickly change to cough and fever.I am tired of giving her us.she is taking bacillinum 200 and bryonia 200.without any remarkable difference.
    Qamar ,Porto Novo,Benin,West Africa.

    • aasia munir says:

      Sir I am having problem of balagum (ratsha)in my nose & now it has been 3 to 4 months every minute I have to take out balgum otherwise I am having difficulty in breathing first I have simple flue having only in winters but this time it started and not stopping even after taking medicines now this flue become severe pls help me out…thnksss

  685. my father is 53yrs.old. he suffering from allergic rhinitis last 2yrs. it`s aggravates mainly in cold season & cleaning the room & change the enviorment &exposure to dust partical.discharge from the nose is white thick
    papa taken anti allergic cough serup
    so please recommend medicine for this problem
    Thank you

  686. Mithun Ghosh says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am suffering cold alergy for last 7 yrs, I dont know wheather it is a cold alergy or not, because it happens in all the season through the year. I found that it may be a wind alergy. Please help me.

  687. HARPREET KAUR says:

    i sneez lot in it as become routine for last 7years whenever i wake up my sneezing start continosly isneeze 70 times in a day it is very terrible condition for me i have tried all allopathy and homapathic medicines but results r zero PLEASE RECOMMEND SOME MEDICINE FOR THIS PROBLEM I WILL BE VERY GRATEFUL TO U

  688. surinder singh says:

    Hello dr vikas
    u are giving precious advise
    after reading ur site a layman can be a practitioner
    carry on ur humble attitude

  689. surinder singh says:

    Hello dr vikas
    u are giving precious advise
    after reading ur site a layman can be a practitioner
    carry on ur humble attitude

  690. surinder singh says:

    Hello dr vikas
    u are giving precious advise
    after reading ur site a layman can be a practitioner
    carry on ur humble attitude

  691. behram patel says:


    The above mentioned is also suffered by me since last 10 yrs and i have been advised by my doctor to be on drugs like allegra 180 and rhinitis tablets .I am fed up with the above illness and it was doiagonised as rhinitis.Now i would like to have yr line of advise and some treatment to bring it in control. I am 60yrs in age and taking heavy medications makes me feel aftigued.

  692. Mazhar Farooqui says:

    I am using Montilucast tablets 10 mg,daily. for relive of Asthma. but from time to time my problem is gradualy increased. Nasal Blockage. Nasal drop inside the throut. difficulty is breathing. cough tightning.

    Please recomond some homoeopathic medicence to protect this problem.

    I am leaving in Karachi , Pakistan.

    Awaiting your positive reply.

    Mazhar Farooqui

    • s.c.rathinasamy says:

      sir, my son is six years old , last one year he suffering with allergic rhinitis .he is on allopathy treatment, till now no improvement , please guide me sir. i am having only son.

  693. i sneeze a lot and it leads to running left nose and eye .it has become a routine phenomenon for the last 1 all weather conditions
    please tell me about the disease and its cure

  694. dr karunakar desai says:

    i have a pation of “ALLERGIC RHINITIS ” i try to teat this case by allim cepa30, 1dose of becillinam
    but i have not got a setisfectery result

    so please gide me ……
    thanking you
    dr karunakar

    • Meetha S Pai says:

      I am from Bangalore. Six months back moved to Doha,Qatar. But after 1 month of reaching here problems started with nose and ear and breathlessnes while taking deep breath and back pain was started. Shown to Drs. Then I went back to Bangalore shown to my physician, He took the Chest X ray and the result was LRTI. Took the medicine and it was ok. Again came back to Doha. After a weeks time again the same problem is there. Please advise.

      • vinu shukla says:

        Respected Sir,
        I am suffering cold allergy,allergic asthma ,Allergic Rhinitis and bronchitis for last 5 yrs, in cold season & cleaning the room & change the environment & exposure to dust particlee from the nose is white thick and start sneezing continuously many time. and after some time difficulty is breathing, cough tightening and chest congestion and haveyness in chest.


        so please recommend medicine for this problem
        Thank you

  695. dear sir,
    I am suffering from the same problem…………….which you mention above from past 7 years.Means nasal allergic.Please suggest some effective medicines.please help me sir.
    age 25yrs.

    • sir i am suffring from allergic rhinitis since i was 15 ,now a am 35 .I tried arsenic alba 30 and histaminum30 but it does not work . iam higly allergic to dust ,pollen ,perfume,kerosene and ittar.please hepl me.


      • R.S.P.Gupta says:

        I am suffering from bronchitis.After eating rice and curd,cold drink and other fruit like banana,orange I feel suffocation on next day.heavy in breathing,sneezing nose,morning sickness,heavy experience in body and breast.unpleasent and heavy experience in ear and loosing listening from 02 years.

    • Noopur shukla says:

      my son is 4y old and having frequent problem of sneezing,running nose and irritation in eyes.he keeps rubbing his there any solution to it plz tell

  696. Abhishek Upadhyay says:

    I have been suffering from Allergic Rhinitis for past 4 years which my allopathic doctors says gets transformed into bronchial asthma at times.The condition aggravates during cold season.I resort to Steroid therapy nasal spray and powder inhalers(mouth) as ultimate medication but avoid using it unless the condition worsens.Exposure to dust particles , cold temp. increases the problem.

    I am terribly confused whether i am suffering from asthma or rhinitis due to different versions from different doctors.Symptoms include normal cold (sneezing) followed by severe cough and gradually it worsens.Antibiotics is required to be taken for cure of late.Please suggest.



    • caroline says:

      Dear Doctor Sharma,
      I have suffered with perennial Rhynitis for many years and have be prescribed Ceritizine Tablets for a very long time which has brought on several other health problems. I am also prescribed a steroid nasal spray which i have also been taking for many years. My symptoms vary from headaches, blocked and sometimes runny nose, sore and puffy eye lids and constant sore throat. If i do’nt take the prescribed medication i become extremelyy hot ( almost if i am roasting alive), my mouth become very dry and slimy and i find it difficult to breathe. Can you help me please!

      • Ashok Jain says:

        I am suffring with allergic rhinitis since 35 years.Since last 10 years I am suffring from bronco asthma also.I am taking inhalers from mouth and nose and anti allergy tablets .pl suggest homeo treatment.

        • Surya Prakash Dadheech says:

          I am suffring with allergic rhinitis since 35 years.Since last 10 years I am suffring from bronco asthma also.I am taking inhalers from mouth and nose and anti allergy tablets .pl suggest homeo treatment.

        • Somnath Ghosh says:

          i am 30 years old and have been suffering with allergy rhinitis since 18 yrs.since last 8yrs suffering from bronco asthma.i am taking inhalers for asthma and latest anti-allergic tablets like rupatadine and also nasal spray.pz suggest me homeopathy treatment

      • KARTHIKEYAN says:

        Dear sir,
        I have severe early morning sneezing and running nose during winter season,this will continue up-to 2 to 3 hrs in the morning.After that everything will become normal as the sun rises.I tried citrizen,changes my bed room and bed linen,stopped early morning walk still the problem exists.Can you tell what treatment will be the best for this.

        • C.krishna says:

          My son is 13 years old. He is getting multiple violent sneezes(big noise) in the morning. After 4 to 8 sneezes he will be alright. He is not having this problem in his childhood. Some times in the evening also. His eyes become red and nose runny.and tingling And nasal blocks follows. After some time he will be alright. This problem will be more if he exposes to chalk dust in the class. When he entered into bath room or any with any perfume.
          I want to know is it requires any medication or any home remedies for his problem. Or can we take him to doctor?

          Pl. advise.

      • I am suffering from itching in the skin upper pallete and ears.pls suggest some homeo medicine.

      • r. bhagavathi rao says:

        My son is suffering from the contnuous nose , sneezing and itching in eyes for a longer periods Especiallly at bed time he develops the smptoms. Early in the monting and late in the evening also he suffers with these symptoms. What is the cause and how to cure it. My sons age is 11 yars . He has undergone the homeo treatment of morethan one year and after that doctor has suggest for using a powder ‘TEUCRIIUM MAR VER’ ‘ 3XTRI’ . Despie of using all these madicines there is no reults. Please suggest the correct mesures for permanent cure.
        With regard .

        R. Bhagavathi Rao

    • says:

      I am suffring with allergic rhinitis since 29 years.Since last 3 years I am suffring from bronco asthma also.I am taking steroid inhalers from mouth and suggest homeo treatment.

    • Sujatha G says:

      Dear Sir, I have a 5 year old son who is suffering from chronic coughing bouts. The coughing usually ends in vomiting and it happens during night time. He starts coughing in the middle of the night and after he vomits he feels ok. But the fear of throwing up is too much for him and he starts crying. This has been going on for a month now. Earlier, he used to sneeze a lot. his eyes would become red and itchy and he rubs his eyes till they pain. His ears and throat start itching along with this. Ever since, the coughing started, the sneezing has subsided a little. Sometimes after he throws up, he sneezes and his throat and ears itch. I feel so helpless and it is a pain to see my little one suffering so much. We tried homeo meds but to no avail. Pls help…

    • sir, i have a 23 years old and iam suffering from allergic rhinitis and cold from 3 years so please suggest me a good treatment

      • shivani gupta says:

        Sir my son is 3 years old having cough fr last 2 months ..doc prescribed montairw lc daily but problem is not solved if i stopped medcine cough presists again within 24 hrs plz suggest me to get rid of montaire lc kids

    • Dr
      My son is suffering from allergic asthma since birth, and as the time passed he had become worse, now from last 3 to 4 yrs he has sever allergic rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis . He sneezes a lot and also get upset due to sneezing. It is affecting his studies. He sneezes all day in school. Anti allergic mefs make him drowsy. I have tried many homeo treatment but no effect. Plz help my son .I live in pakistan, islamabad pollen capita.

    • Uma Shankar B says:

      Hello Doctor,

      I exactly have the same symptoms mentioned in your article “ALLERGIC RHINITIS & HOMEOPATHY TREATMENT”. I am aged 31 and have been diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis. I took some allopathy tablets by name Telekast – L which makes me feel better. Kindly help me in overcoming this syndrome or phenomenon or whatsoever. Its terrible.

      Uma Shankar B

    • kavitarajani says:

      My daughter IS suffering from allergic asthma from childhood now she having allergic rhinitis she is taking MONTEK lc tablet daily from last 1yr suggest me correct treatment I am also having same problem please get me rid out of this disease

    • Dr A K Mahto says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      I am prof.of medicine and I am suffering from allergic rhinitis.In our elopathic system of medicine we give antiallergic , but it gives temporary relief from symptoms.What is the permanent cure in homeopathic system of medicin.I have no asthma.please write me on my email.
      Dr.A K Mahto

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