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Curing Nasal Allergies with Homeopathy

Allergies with Homeopathy   …. Dr . Vikas Sharma

WITH spring approaching, respiratory allergies are at their peak. hay fever, or allergic rhinitis as it is called, is characterized by bouts of sneezing, watery eyes, excessive thin discharge from the nose and, at times, difficult breathing. Homoeopathic medicines, Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, Sabadilla, and Arsenic Album, are a bunch of the effective ones that are rolled under the sleeves of an expert homeopath.

Symptoms asking for Allium Cepa are characterised by violent sneezing, burning watery discharge from the nose and watery eyes. At times, the problem may start in the left nostril and gradually shift to the right one. The patient feels more comfortable in the open. The symptoms are aggravated in the months of March and April and August.

Euphrasia is asked for when, along with the classical symptoms of hay fever, there is excessive burning and watery discharge from the eyes. The patient finds relief more when he or she is indoors. Many hay-fever patients are oversensitive to strong smell, to the odour of the hay field, to dying vegetable matter; so oversensitive are some patients to the odour of fruit that apples may have to be removed from the house. Such patients require Sabadilla. Another characteristic symptom that indicates its use is its sensitiveness to cold air, a cold room and cold food.

Symptoms indicating the use of Arsenic Album are: profuse watery discharge that burns a red streak over the upper lip and about the wings of the nose, with sneezing. The typical Arsenic patient is anxious, restless and often asthmatic; his worst hour is soon after midnight. If indicated, the 30 c potency of the above-mentioned medicine could be used four times a day during the acute phase. A constitutional treatment aiming at the thorough analyses of the chronicity of the disease is often required to stop the recurrence of attacks. Only a qualified homoeopath should handle such analysis and prescription.

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  1. my sister has history s/o allergic rhinitis, early morning sneezing, headaches, nasal discharge and congestion, tiredness. she is 25yr. can it be cured completely by your treatment.

  2. Nitesh kumar jain says:

    sir i am nitesh,age 34,i am suffering from nasal allergy since from the age of 15,with continous sneezing and running nose which led to severe bronchitis after 3 to 4 days and feverishness.I am using cetrizine tablets for relief but i am getting effected frequently in every 3 months as the climate changes.And even now I am feeling that those medicines are having side effects as I am getting pimples on the face and body.More ever I am having constipation problem.So now I was suggested by one of my freind to try homeopathy treatment,so please can u suggest is the homeo treatments free of side effects and can i go for it.

  3. Nobai mswahili says:

    Doctor, i have problem when exposed to dust i develope a running nose and i have taken a number of drugs eg vifex, goodmorning, zecuf e.t.c and the problem never ends and i’m forced to walk with handchief. What can i do?

  4. S.R. GHANI says:

    My left nose remains blocked quit often and I have to breathe through one nostril only. Also there is acute loss of hearing in my left ear, so please help me by prescribing homeopathy medicine.

  5. i am suffering from nasal dicharges since child hood. 3 times got polyps operated , septpoplasty and polypectomy got performed , hydrocortisone injections given in my nose,several times got sinus punctured for rinsing with saline. Problem still persist.
    Please advise for some homeopathic medicine which cn cure nasal discharges as well as polyps.

  6. jitendra sangwan says:

    my nose blocked when weather changes and chest congestion also occurs in n winters it occurs heavily in other seasons it is bit low please suggest the proper medicane

  7. P.prakash says:

    i have little bit pain in my left nostril plz u have medicine in u r homeopathy

  8. p.shravan says:


  9. p.shravan says:

    good after noon sir i cant understand any smell since last two days plz give me one good suggestion.

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