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Menopause and Homeopathy

homeopathy menopause

I am a 45-year-old lady working in a bank.. I am suffering from depression, and my periods have become irregular for the last six months. In addition, I have burning sensation in my palms and various parts of the body. My gynaecologists says it is. menopause and these symptoms can last another five years. Can these flashes (burning sensations) and depression be cured? Kindly suggest some therapy. ….. Mrs Rita

Menopause is a natural biological event, not an “estrogen deficiency disease.” Menopause represents the permanent cessation of menses resulting from loss of ovarian follicular function. At menopause, the decline in ovarian hormones (particularly estrogen) may result in short-term unpleasant effects such as hot flashes, mood changes, that can adversely affect the qualify of life, and may increase the risk of osteoporosis and possibly coronary heart disease.

Menopause happens to all women, but affects each woman uniquely. For some, the end of fertility (and end of concerns about contraception and menstrual periods) brings a sense of freedom. Menopause is a bridge to a part of life when many women report feeling more confident, empowered, involved, and energized than in their younger years. For some women, however, menopause coupled with mid-life emotional and social crises can contribute to serious health problems. Homoeopathic, medicines are extremely effective in curing the symptoms associated with menopause. You can take Sepia 200. A dose taken on alternate days for a period of two weeks will help reduce depression and other symptoms of menopause.

In a similar case, a 57-year-old woman who had become very depressed due to menopause was cured by Ignatia 200 (one dose every alternate day taken for a period of two months). In another case where the flashes had become extremely severe to an extent that the patient had to immense her feet in cold water for hours, a few doses of Amyl Nitrosum 200 worked wonders.

The majority of women are afflicted by symptoms that may include mood swings, poor memory, vaginal atrophy, night; sweats and hot flashes with possible long-terms symptom of heart disease and osteoporosis. Despite these factors, many women refuse to expose themselves to the risks of hormonal replacement therapy, which is the common prescription offered by conventional medicine for addressing menopausal symptoms. A recent study of 50,000 women, published by the American Medical Association (Jan 26, 2000) who took hormonal therapy for five years fond out that they had a 40 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.

A natural approach to menopause includes a nutritional diet, lifestyle modifications and a regular exercise programme. The most important dietary recommendation for all menopausal women is to increase foods containing natural phytoestrogens. All soya foods are rich in phytoestrogens and are thus extremely beneficial for all menopausal women.

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  1. Yasmeen Farrukh says:

    My age is 52 and i am passing the face of menopause. I am over burden in term of domestic responsibilities because my husband is out of country for work.from few days i feel palpatation with weakness in body.urge to take long breath. syptoms are severe in the morning.
    what medicine do you suggest for me.

  2. I am a 55 year old female and have stopped having a period for two months. Although I have had symptoms (mild hot flashes, mood swings) for a couple of years, since I stopped having a period, I am experiencing heart palpitations/fluttering. Homeopathic medicine works for me.
    I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil (this is the only form of any type of medication that I take). This has helped the hot flashes some, but I am still experiencing the heart palpitations every day. Can you please help?

  3. salma naheed says:

    I’m 45. Periods are irregular, absent for months then appear, again disappear. I got panic attacks along with high bp and extreme blotting. First I took acconite and crategus 30 ,not so much beneficial, it was a temporary relief, but the symptoms persist
    Now I’m taking calcarea carb 30 ,5 drops 3ice daily and coffee cruda 30 at night for insomnia
    Much better now no high bp, no constipation,
    But still depression, palpitations some times persist
    Can u give some help
    I would want to tell.. That i have no tolerance for sex anymmore and have got fright of night and driving,, my husband is suffering because of m

  4. Sunilkumar C Jain says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My wife is going through her peri-menopausal periods at 51 years of her age. She has excessive bleeding with cramps in stomach during period time. We read about Sabina 30 and its usefulness in such conditions. However we donot get to know about its dosage. Can you guide us on two aspects – 1) Is there any better treatment 2) Dose – how many pills per day and for how long.
    Thanking you, with best regards,
    Sunilkumar C Jain

  5. shruti kumari says:

    mai 3 months se homeopathic medicine le rahi hoo ,chhod dene par punah start ho jati hai.pahle period hone ke 3 days bad start ho jaati thi par ab thoda thoda pahle se jayda dino tak rah ja rahi hai.mere sir mei pain rahta hai mai jo kuchh bhi padhti hoo to kuchh samay bad aisa masoos hota hai jaise maine kuchh nahi padha hai.mere talbe mei jalan si mahsoos hoti hai. khan pan par dhyan deti hoo phir bhi weekness rahti hai
    meri umra 18 hai

  6. Good Day.


    My wife is 31 years of age. About 5.5 years ago we had our first baby girl.after that she is facing the problem of hair a days the problem of hair loss has become more.she has also the problem of irregularity in Periods,Poor memory and irritation.

    Kindly help and suggest a suitable Homeo medicine.



  7. iam 31 yrs old n having problem of fertility n having bleeding problem after intercourse.plz suggest wht to do.

  8. Sir,

    I am having menopause problem , my periods are irregular at present my age is
    41 running. Last period came after 6 months and having acidity and body pain problem constently and skin is also loosing glowness , hairfalls and heavyness in body , and gaining weight also so please suggest me some suitable medicine for glowing skin and relief from acidity problem and to loss weight also.



  9. MALA MAJUMDAR says:

    i am 43 yrs old , my periods have stopped, but some times i suddenly get some patches of bleeding (thick ) , i am very much worried kindly suggest me.

  10. violet levy says:

    i am 68 year old post menpausal women (5’3” 150 lb) with a history of insitu carcinoma. i had lumpectamy done and radiation was used for treatment only.

    a few weeks ago i began having lower back ache, lower abdomen pain (in the center), frequency urinating and burning and a burning vaginal sensation present when not urinating. after referring to obgyn and urologist and many urine test and a systascopy and a ct scan, bladder infection was ruled out (as my symptoms were of that of bladder infection), and i diagnosed with vaginal atrophy by my urologist and was told to use an estrogen vaginal cream, which i have not used since i do not want to risk using such medication, consideratin my breast cancer history.

    a few years ago i went through a similar problem with the same diagnosis and was prescribed the same medication as well. i consulted my breast oncologist at the time and he was not opposed to my using the estrogen vaginal cream….yet i did not use the cream as i am not confortable doing so.

    i would like your opinion about my situation and how homeopathy may help me.

    i thank you very much and am looking forward to hearing from you.

    violet levy

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