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Migraine Treatment

migraine treatment with homeopathy…by Dr. Vikas Sharma

I am a 30-year-old homemaker, suffering from recurrent headaches for the last six years. The headache begins with disturbance in vision. I start seeing two objects instead of one, floating patterns, flashing lights, which disappear after some time. This is followed by a severe headache lasting hours and even days. The headache usually starts from the back of the head and neck and spreads to the entire head. These attacks occur once or twice a week-and are accompanied by extreme weakness. The headaches are more frequent when my sleep pattern is disturbed. The CT Scan and MRI and complete eye check-up, have detected no abnormality. Please suggest a homeopathic medicine.

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These are the symptoms of ‘Classic Migraine’. Classic migraine headaches refer to those migraine headaches which are preceded by a visual disturbance called an aura. This type of migraine is different from common migraines (no ‘warning or aura) or complicated migraines (associated with non-visual neurological symptoms such as disturbances in speech, movement, or sensory perception). Migraine is a common kind of chronic headache, affecting about six out of hundred people. Migraines most commonly occur in women between the ages of 10 and 46 years. In some cases, migraines appear to run in families. Classical migraine accounts for about one-sixth of all migraines. The symptoms of migraine may occur as a result of changes in blood vessel diameter. Initially, constriction or spasm of blood vessels may decrease blood flow to these areas of brain. This can result in neurological symptoms other than headaches, including., visual changes, difficulty in speaking, weakness or numbness in one part of the body, tingling sensations etc. Minutes to hours later, the blood vessels enlarge, resulting in severe headache. Classical migraine specifically refers to those migraines preceded by visual symptoms.

Migraine treatment with Homeopathic medicines Gelsemium, Cyclamen, Irish, Natrum Mur, Kali Bichrome are very effective in treating classic migraine. As you have mentioned diplopia (seeing two objects instead of one) as one of your symptoms, you may take Gelsemium 200, one dose a week, a for a period of one month. There are clear hereditary factors and environmental triggers contributing to migraine causing abnormal blood vessel caliber and inflammation, resulting in the ensuing symptoms. Attacks of migraine headache may be associated with allergic reactions, bright lights, loud noises, physical or mental stress, changes in sleep patterns, smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke, missed meals, alcohol, caffeine, hormonal fluctuations (related to menstrual cycle or use of birth control pills), and other conditions. Even in the absence of a clear factor that provokes migraine attacks, changes in lifestyle are useful. Many patients may benefit from a regular sleep schedule and exercise. Avoiding tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol also proves beneficial.

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  1. Kuldeep bisht says:

    Dear sir i am 32 yars old.i have headache in the uperside center of head .mostly it comes after 4 pm and summer days and when i was journey.when i relaxe and sleep for 1 and 2 hour it was slow down.please help me

  2. Alauddin Ansari says:

    Sir mujhe Bahoot salon se migrain ki sikayat hai mene Bahoot ilaj karvaya hai lekin migrain ka dard thik nahi ho raha hai pls koi homehomeopathy medicines bataiye

  3. vishal agre says:

    sir meri wife ko maigrain ka sar me bohot dard hota hai pichle mahine to use sar dard ke wajah se admit karna pada tab se sar dard band nahi ho raha use roshni ki taraf dekhna nahi hota or sar upar karke bhi dekhna nahi hota sir please ilaj bataye

  4. vishal agre says:

    sir meri wife ko 2 sall pahle sir me dard rahta tha or wo medicine se thik ho jata tha par ab pichle mahine me aisa dard utha ki usako admit karna pada or tab se usaka sar dard nahi baith raha hai kabhi bhi dard uthta hai wo roshni ki taraf nahi dekh sakti hai or gardan upar karke nahi dekh sakti sir kuch upay bataye

  5. Neelam chauhan says:

    Sir mene Dr. Ko dikhaya to 3 months ki medicine di he .jiska name Valvo cr-300 pr dard hota hi he 2 ya 3 din me ho hi jata he or sar bhut bhari lagta he eyes red ho jaati he.sir meri age 28 years he iska koi esa ilaaj bataye taaki hamesa ke liye khatm ho jaaye.

  6. sushma parte says:

    maigrain pain with swelling

  7. Arun Prajapat says:

    Dear Dr.. Is Maigraine ka Ilaajh Nahi Hai Kya Ye sir dard ke alaawa kuch khaya piyaa nahi jaata kuch bhi khate hi ultiya ho jaati hai or paani bhi pee lu to sab bahar aa jaata hai …
    iska koi treatment bataye sir

  8. sunil vishnoi says:

    I am suffering from migraine. I have head pain in right side only.and it occurs once or some time twice in a day feom last 5-6 years.please suggest me something treatment.
    I am an army man so my dutiea are changes in every 3 years.
    I should be thankful for your help…

  9. shikha tripathi says:

    respected sir,
    i want to tell about my sever headache. left side pain with swelling from head to neck with cervical. and i hv no releof to take medicin ie. analgesic, diclofenac, voveron ,nimuslide and tab alprazolam.25mg and inj voveron etc. i also hv photofobia,and noise,etc
    pls sir prescribe me tretment how can i releif from migrain.

  10. vinod kumar says:

    i am suffering from migrane .please tell me homopathical solution for this . please send me your address and number .

  11. Prakash Khode says:

    Sir , I have consulted a neurologist. According to Dr. I’m having classical migraine. Please help me to cure from this headache.

  12. Jawahar Mittal says:

    I am 25 years old. Since 3 – 4 years, I am suffering from chronic headache. Whenever I feel this problem, I get also suffer from vomeiting . Many time I could not sleep with this problem for whole night. I have this problem in upper front side of my head. I also suffer from constipation.

    On the advise of Dr I got scanning of my head, but doctor said nothing problem. He told me it is due to tension. I have no major tension. Sir, I would like to suggest me any homeopathic remedies, so that I can get relief from this problem

  13. Siddique JaMAli says:

    My name is siddique, I’m male ,23 year old.I’m suffering from vertigo since when i was in Intermediate class.Now I began to hate myself for this vertigo dizziness.I feel like to die, loosing balance when I walk and Im not able to drive a car, can’t look back or do any fast move.

    Im slim my weight is 50kg.I never smoke.

    I never use drugs,the only medicine i use are Ginko and Betaserc. since long time but no any health improvement.These medicine brought tin tins in my ears :”(

  14. Dear Dr. Sharma

    my wife is under migraine for last 3 years. kindly suggest medecine for her . furhter she is using birth control pills as well. ishall be very tahnkful to u.

  15. ranjeet kumar says:

    Dear sir. mere father ko year 2009 me body ke one side minor attack aaya tha, ct scan me brain me ek minor spot aaya tha , lagbhag one year keypad treatment se thik ho gaya tha,par 2011 se halka halka dard bana rehta tha. ct scan me sab normal aaya tha baad me Dr. bole ki. papa lo migrane hai ,Lekin treatment chalta raha ,Lekin abhi six months se dard me aaram nai hai allopath asar. hi nahi. Kar raha hai . age about 62 years.please suggest about treatment .

  16. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from headach since my childhood. Doctors said that this synus, Noway days I am feeling headache in one side in the head. Some time in right side, some time in left side. Right side headache is frequently occured compairing to left side headache. Some times together with this I am feeling headache in the middle position of two eyes and in the middle position of head. I can’t sit jost below of sealing fan or in front of table fan, as I am feeling headache. In summer, winter or in the raine day I am feeling headache. Whean I am in huge mental pressure the I am feeling headache.

    It is creating a lot of problem. Nowaydays Some time I am taking two or three painkiller in a day. I am doing homeopathic treatment and taking- Nat Mur 30, Condurago Q, Onosmodium 30, which gives some relief- instead of headache in every day now I am feeling headache once or twice day a week.

    I do not know what to do since it is a long lasting disease in my life.

    Please healp me,

    • maigren ke ilaj ke liye plz call 9753779853

    • vishal agre says:

      sir meri wife ko 2 sall pahle sir me dard rahta tha or wo medicine se thik ho jata tha par ab pichle mahine me aisa dard utha ki usako admit karna pada or tab se usaka sar dard nahi baith raha hai kabhi bhi dard uthta hai wo roshni ki taraf nahi dekh sakti hai or gardan upar karke nahi dekh sakti sir kuch upay bataye

      • hello sir mere sir mei bhut dard rehta hai neend bhi nai aati, jab sone lagta hu tab sir mei thak thak hoti hai, please eska elaz bataye

  17. ATIQUE SHAH says:

    Respected sir meri age 28 years old hai aur main Dhule maharashtra ka rahene wala hoon mai pichle 10 saal se classic migerain ka saamna kar raha hu maine aur mujhe yeh problem week main 3 se 4 marta ba ho jata hai jo lag bhag 1 se 1/2 ghante tak raheta hai aur dono hi aankh se blindness aur jig jag ligt ho jata hai aur jab ye normal hota hai to opposite side main jabardast dard hota jo 4se 5 ghante raheta hai maine bahut treatment kara magar koi fark nahi hai main abhi 4 month se neuro surgen Dr Sanjay varade (NASIK) in ke paad ka treatment kar raha hu magar kisi bhi tarah ka fark ilaaj nahi ho raha hai mujhe to ab ye lagne laga hai classic migerain is bimari ka koi ilaaj nahi mere do chote chote bachche hai aur problem ki wajah se main bekar hu kisi tarah ka money support main family ko de nahi pata hu abhi tak main apne father ki kamai par hu aur ha sir mujhe ye problem nind me bhi hoti hai sar ke dard se mujhe pata lag jata hai please sir meri madad karo mujhe iska tretmemt batao kahi asa na ho ke mujhe apni jaan de na padhe please sir hindi me reply karna thank you. pleade help me…

  18. I am suffering from severe migraine headache since many years(more than 20 years). Sometimes, accompanied with nausea and vomiting. Headache occurs more during my period time.I don’t get sleep for long hours in the night. sometimes I feel very depressed becasue of this. sometimes I feel like killing myself because of this. I have had a very bad childhool and I always keep thinking about it. Please help me.

    Alopathic Doctor has prescribed Excedrin but its of no use.

    Can you suggest me some remedy for this.

  19. alekh lodha says:

    even 2 min of sun gives me headache and which continues for the whole day. It occurs everyday and i have consulted many aleopathic doctors but got no results.Its been 3 yrs since i am taking aleopathic medicines with no effect.i also have neck problems and cant write more than 1 hour in my examinations.i also have problems with smells and some foods.i am just 18yrs old.

  20. Sir
    I am suffering with headache which in increasing order results vomiting,belch,sometimes when I pressurised my palm get belch then after some relax.Please tell me what should I do ?

  21. I want to know about bone cancer treatment

  22. Shernaz Gandhi says:

    I am 33 years old and am currently a homemaker since 2 years. Since last 7 -8 months I have been suffering from severe headaches. I used to have flashes off and on but kept on ignoring all these symptoms thinking they are just an outcome of my empty mind. Recently I had a very severe attack of migraine. To start with I had flashes which was followed by a severe headache, dizziness,sensation of vomiting. I could open my eyes as I could not bear the light on them.I would not deny that the stress level is very high in my life. I went to my family doctor that day and after taking some medicines I was feeling better but the effect of migraine last for another day. I was disoriented and lethargic the next day. On the third day I started having severe pain in my right eye and my right side nerve on my head. Can you please suggest what homeopathy medication will help me?

  23. Dr. Riaz Siddiqui says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am D.H.M.S. from Karachi, Pakistan and recently started my prctice.
    I have a female patient age22 she had tumer in Rt. breast I started medicins Bio-Chemic KM,CF,FP,CP and SL in 3x tumer almost subside and all the symptoms are normal but her breasts size are started reducing shell I start ONOSMODIUM 30C or SABAL SERRULATA 30C for restore the reducing breasts.
    Please advise me I will be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.
    Can I continue to get in touch with you for your advices.
    Thank you
    with best regards
    Dr. Riaz Ahmed Siddiqui

  24. atul khandelwal says:

    i have also done psycho problem

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