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If you are sneezing quite a lot, having a runny nose, itchy eyes and/or having difficulty in breathing in this weather, most probably you are suffering from spring allergy. Spring allergy refers to a condition that occurs in March-May and affects mainly the respiratory system. High levels of pollen count are responsible for naso-bronchial allergies. Also this weather is worse for people living near farms, where it is time for wheat harvesting. Wheat threshing dust is the main culprit. People in cities also get affected by it as the threshing dust gets carried by winds to the adjoining areas.

Allergy occurs when “allergy triggers” or “allergens” (pollens, molds, dust, etc) come in contact with the mucous membranes (lining) in the nose, airways, lungs, skin and even eyes of those people who have allergies. These allergy triggers cause the immune system to overreact and produce antibodies which then attack the trigger (pollen, etc). Antibodies then try to destroy the trigger by attaching themselves to it, leading to the production of histamine, a chemical that irritates the mucous membranes resulting in swelling, itching and overproduction of mucus. Allergy symptoms include excessive sneezing, runny nose, itching in the eyes, nose, roof of the mouth and even in the ears. Breathing difficulties, coughing and wheezing are very common as spring allergy causes asthma too.

Homeopathy is very effective in fighting allergies. As homeopathic medicines work by optimising the overactive immune system, they are very effective in removing allergy in totality from the body. These medicines provide a stimulus (in a highly diluted form) to the body like that of the trigger or allergen leading to the gradual desensitisation of the immune system.

Homeopathic medicines used for treating allergies mainly come from the plants or substances that in their raw form are usually responsible for causing allergy-like symptoms.

When allergy occurs in the airways and lungs it leads to asthma. Difficult breathing, wheezing and cough are the main symptoms. This is due to the constriction in the small airways and overproduction of mucus in the lungs. Here too homeopathic medicines are very effective. Aralea racemosa, Arsenic Album, Natrum Sulph are few of the medicines that are very helpful in treating spring asthma.

It is also important to realise that in allergic conditions homeopathic medicines work by desensitising your overactive immune system. This optimisation of the immune system is not an overnight process and can take some time before appreciable results are achieved.

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  1. Venkat Gangaiah says:

    Gud mrng sir
    Sir I had faced a problem on nose.sir in entire day one of the nossle was blocked and remaining working.I had sleep left side turn after some time the left nossile was blocked and right was working normal. In the same way right side turn right nossile was blocked and left was working normal.sir what is the problem,can I relief these type of problems.

  2. Tapan Kumar Das says:

    Dear Sir,

    For the last 6-8 months i am having this problem of watery nose/running nose and sneezing. Example while get up in the morning and went for morning walk suddenly nose becomes watery and sneezing starts but after 10 min it is ok. In the office also (centralized AC) some times sneezing and watery nose throughout (morning to evening). while at home nothing.. I observed specially when suddenly weather changes this will happen. I have only running nose problem no cold or cough.

    Please suggest which medicine should i take..

  3. Shaji Joseph says:

    I am suffering from Nose running since last 15 years. Most of the days its like a non-stop raining. If I take cetrazine, I may get relief for one week, then I again will start as before. Most of the time its like a water. Can able to give me a proper advise. Thank you so much.

  4. winnie dcosta says:

    my daughter born and raised in bahrain is suffering from nose allergy for the past 20 years. sneezing, running nose (for whole day) 364 days not particulary any season. only stops if ANTIHISTAMINES TAKEN and nose spray.

    pls advise solution.


  5. Asutosh sharma says:

    Dear sir
    Mujhe baar 2 jhukham ho jata h sath me khansi bhi ho jati h gale me dard v sir me bhi dard hota h. Halka fever ho jata h sir har samay kuch movement karta h kabhi pain achank jyada hoga to kabhi kam

  6. SONAB PATRA says:

    I recently had problem with sneezing and running noses .I went for check up and found it is nasobronchial allergy.I have a pet dog.please help me to get rid of this !

  7. drops of water are coming from left side nose for 6 months
    vigorous seneezes
    back in rear head
    nose blocked and difficulty in breathing
    sudden thirst

  8. Sir,
    I am having allergetic nose. There is lot of irritation in my nose. My nose bone has bent. But doctors adviced not to for operation since allergy is still there. Sir, What home made applicances can control my irritation? Do i really need a operation?

  9. shanmuga says:


    I have nose allergy for past 2 years before once i operated the nossel path 2007 it was ok upto 2010,now again started ,symptoms are nosel block,running nose.sneezing frequently that too morning wakeup time it give more problem,please advice

  10. Pir Muhammad says:

    Dr. My name is Pir Muhammad from District Nawab Shah, Province Sindh, Pakistan . I am 25 years old. I am Nosal Allergy patient . EVERY time my right nosal cavity remains close with enlarged thick piece of meat . I am itching every time . Some times my eyes are red . When i sleep , i am caughing . There is pain in my Thyriod Glands . I met with many doctors at there , but i could not find anything better them . Dr sahib, Kindly guide that how should get relief from this disease .

  11. Sherdil Khan says:

    Dr. Sb, I am suffering in Allergy for 5 years. When I eat/take cold food items like soft drinks, cold water and in winter season, instantly I feel pain in my legs and arms and start sneezing and also start flue. I am also feeling weakness in my body. Kindly advice me.

    I hope that you will consider my request.

    Kindly note that I am from Karachi-Pakistan

  12. k.ghousebasha says:

    Dear Sir i am facing very critical
    situation since 4 years because i
    have ALLERGY of nose
    causes are as follows
    1. smell
    2. dust enviorment and itching in
    eyes and nose also
    ,if i remain hungry for 2 hours.
    i feel very difficulty in breathing after sneezes are over, nose will be always running like a river.I had been through a lot of doctors but the result is can u kindly prescribe me.

    • Dr. Vikas Sharma MD says:

      You can try simple homeopathic medicines for a start; please consult a homeopathic doctor before starting it and make sure he evaluates your case before you start Natrum mur.

  13. uday rastogi says:

    Doctor Saheb ,
    for the last 7/8 months I have been suffering from itchy and watery nose ,nose blockage , itchy eyes ,sneezing off and on .My left nostril is very sensitive .The minute I clear my nose by holding it between the finger and thumb ( due to the possible contract ) i start sneezing .I have tried taking tablets like Zyrtec and
    Loratadine under supervision of a doctor but they provided only temporary relief .
    From my childhood I have been given Homeopathic treatment which suited me.
    Its only now that we seem to get impatient and want a quick relief by resorting to other forms of medicine . Kindly suggest good homeo prescription to eradicate these symptoms . Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    PS.I also have a dog at home which may have added problems to my allergies .

  14. I am suffering from regular nasal blockage ,sneezing , running nose and eye itching . Every Morning and night its like a routine.

    Please sugget me for any medicine or cure.

  15. Dear sir,

    I am suffering from regular sneezing , running nose, nasal blockage and eye itching . Every Morning and night its like a routine. If take cetrizine to stop the running nose,it blocks my nose. and its almost everyday…Please sugget me for any medicine or cure.

  16. dear sir

    i am suffering with daily morning nasal irritation sneezing excessive cough at morning time . only morning time . i am not taking any medicine .my cold is not recovered since one month .pls advice me

  17. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from regular nasal blockage ,sneezing , running nose and eye itching . Every Morning and night its like a routine. i’m allergic to dust as well. i recently started taking Pulsatila 30 / 1M. But no much results. Should i change the medicine or should i get a blood test done before treating? Pls Advice.

  18. laxmi adhikari says:

    i am too suffering from nose allergy difficulties occurs while breathing
    coughing & wheezing too
    as soon you get this please give me good advice as always


  19. Resp. Sir,
    I am suffering from running nose & sneezing since last one week.
    I also feel pain & pressure on forehead. Citrazine gives temporary relief. Please give advice.

  20. Resp. Sir,
    i m suffering frm running nose & sneezing since last 4 month.
    Dis is my first dan i wud hav ever been dis problem. Plz help me out of dese.

  21. muhammad.israr says:

    dear sir i am in errible conndition because i have very sever ALLERGY of nose
    cause is as fellow
    a. smell
    b dust
    c cool enviorment
    d after take bath

    i feel very difficulty in breathing
    ihve take many medicine of ALLERGY pls reply me with medicine

    i will be very thank ful to you.

  22. I have been sneezing quite a lot, having a runny nose and even facing difficulty in breathing for last 1 month in august in Bangalore. weather is quite cold here. But strange thing is it happens sometimes. If I go out or involved in something it doesn’t happens. But if in early morning or if I go to sleep or any time in middle of a day. But I still don’t know the root cause for this. but I guess this problem is related to cough. water coiour liqued comes from nose continously.

    Please provide valuable suggestion on that. Which medicine I should go for?

    Thanks in advance!!

  23. Hi doctor, my daughter has regular allergy probes. Sneezing,stuffed nose,breathing through mouth, nose itching, irritation, runny nose. Please advice, she is 10 year old n problem is now over 3 years.

  24. Ajay kumar says:

    Sir i m suffrng from nasel elrgy past 15Yr i v done everything but no relef .its start from aug and cont till jan i m in very bad condition runng nose /watrg eyes& inchting eye/ nose blokage/sansation in nose /unstopable sneezing .water coiour liqued comes from nose cont. sir pls help me i want to live my life .my day to day rutine is gettg spoiled.i m workg in hotel its very diffcult to face the guest when i m suffg with there any pramanent treatment for this pls suggest .BFST REGARD

  25. ikram lodhi says:

    sir i m suffering from acute nose alergy for 3 years causes r cold, dust , smell specialy plzzzzzzzzz rcmend me homeo mdicins

  26. Hello Sir,

    I have been suffering from allergy (Dust Mite) since last 4 years. I have gone through the allopathic treatments but have not got any reliefe yet.
    I want to confirm wheather there is a treatment in homeopathy or not.

    Your reply would realy be very helpful.


  27. Raju Kumar says:

    Dear sir

    I have the problems of sunsities and allergy of nose due to that i couldn’t eat properly nor sleep properly.More over if i want to eat chicken, tomato , milk etc it directly hampers to my nose then it starts becoming dry, little pain and some time may suffer from headche plz doctor what’s the best homepathy remedies that it can solve my problems.Besides i am doing accupunture threapy, steam, light and jaal neti but also it can’t be properly cure so what to do plz tell me the best idea for it

  28. hey sir,
    i am suffering form nose allergies since from month of april.
    I have problem of Blockage of Nose, Sneezing & itching in eyes, nose and ear also.
    plz is there any cure about this dieases ?????

  29. ikram ullah says:

    sir i’m suffuring from acut nose alergy since 2 years due to smell, cold, dusat plz advise me homeo medicines regards

  30. Durga prasad says:

    my age is 19 i am suffering with nose allergy while this i m feeling very sad i want to be live active so can you tell me permanent solution…………………………………

  31. am after 2 year nose allergy English tablet am daily take and am very apseat our am warh are doing plz give me ans

  32. sunil kumar says:

    i have nose allergy through out year
    1. running nose
    2. i sneeze a lot
    3. left side of running nose and eyes
    pl tell me the disease and its cure

  33. Haranath.K says:

    Dear sir
    Iam having naso bronchile allergh for the past 7 months., with swellings in the nose (not polyps). blockage of nose.
    the mocus comes out from the back side of nose through inner part of throat.
    this mocus comes out every 10 minutes once.
    mocus and breathing difficulty increases with odd smell, hot atmosphere. breathing difficulty reduces in airconditioned room.
    i have taken many allergy tablets in allopati of no use.
    i went to a homeo pathy doctor, he gave me medorinum and arg nit combination and siphilinum and argi nit in hig doses no use.
    my age 58 years. and i am from chennai. please suggest


  34. Sir, i have problem of running nose, cold on change of season when winter is on.
    it mainly starts on when i wake up on morning. what should i do.

  35. S K GEHLAUT says:


  36. my son is seven month old and this is the second time he is suffering from cough, runny nose, watery eyes. doctor said he is having dust allergy? so is there a permanent cure ? if no then how can we stop it getting worse and leading to something dangerous

  37. Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from summer cold like desease. Maximum allergy happens in the summer hot environment. Allergy is less in winters. Running nose, water from eyes, snizzing is there.

    I use Citrezene Hydrochloride fight allergy. Any drawbacks of this medicine?
    Thanks in advance.


  38. Maria O'Brien says:

    Dear Sir,

    I suffer from terrible nasal congestion when I smell perfume, chlorine, smoke, plastics etc. I feel I am suffocating when this happens. I have had this complaint for the past 2 years.

    Also when I eat protein I often get mild swelling on the right side of my throat.
    These problems are causing me a lot of anxiety and depression and to stay away from people and places. Caffeine works to clear my nose but I get stomach problems afterwards.

  39. sabi glouster uk says:

    dr saab i have problem with my nose.sometime blocked &itching in nose. startsneezing then dry throat then .suffering badly,s happening more than one year,please advice.thanks barjinder

  40. Dear Sir,
    My daughter is having nose blockage, sneezing & itching in nose since couple of year. After itching it’s started running nose. I consulted Dr and they said it’s a bangalore allergy (polan).
    She took homeophaty medicine too (more than 2 years) but it didn’t help her. Please advise.


  41. Harshal Patl says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am facing very so critical condition since 4 years because i have ALLERGY of nose in cool environment.
    I have problem of Blockage of Nose, Sneezing & itching in eyes, nose and throat also.

    Plz Helpppppppppp

  42. Muhammad Siddique says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Truly you are a mankind lover, Every new blog I study carefully. This blog I thinks written only for my. I also facing this killing problem since 2002 after got high fever its continue through the year. but it increase in spring season (April -June) I also suffering stomach problems. Kindly help me out, May Allah bless and your works.
    Thanking you
    Muhammad Siddique Abu Abdur Rehman

  43. jamaluddin says:

    dear sir,
    i am suffeing from allergy problem from last 6 years like cough, running nose sneezing.three times septoplasty done.but no from last three years asthma problem occurs.plz guide me if any relief is possible.

  44. salam dr sharma i am sara from pakistan.sir mujy last 15 years sai allergy hai
    sneeze problem hai.kabhi daily hoti hai tou kbhi 2 or 3 days k bad.nd kabhi kbhi tou kafi tim tak nahi hoti.muj is sai ab azadi chaye.plz koi asi treatment btye k yeh khtm ho jaye.mri age 24 hai.plz plz plz koi solutaion btye ga.

  45. Manish Goyal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from Nasal allergy since the past 4 years. I am currently settled in Dubai. My work comprising of visiting clients in UAE. So I am sometimes in car in Air conditioner (cold), sometimes outside (hot).
    When I reach home, I sneeze, have running nose, rub my eyes, and tend to prefer cold food items and cold temperature. I am not sure how all these systems are related.

    Symptoms :
    Itching in eyes, since past 3 months.
    Sneezing frequently
    Not comfortable in dust, some perfumes

    I have tried allergy medicines and nasal sprays. however I am not getting any permanent cure.

    Please guide me and help me. I am particularly worried about my 6 months old baby, who has developed minor allergy, as per doctor. I do not want to feed her the medicines.
    Please provide me the remedy to permanently cure this problem.
    We shall be thankful.
    Manish Goyal

  46. Sir I am a house wife. I don’t know how but all of a sudden I became prone to dust allergy two years back. Only now an allopathy doctor treated and told me about my allergy. The traetment worked till the tablets were over. but the problem still persits. after the allergen attack I get chest infection. How can I combat dust allergy in life. I cannot live in a dust free world. Please help. thankyou

  47. Vinod meel says:

    Dear sir mera naak sa continus paani aata hi ma rajasthan ka hu rajasthan ma koi dikkat nahi hi lekin ma (cisf)kochi airport ma duty karta hu yaha par ma 3year se nose allergy se parasan hu chik &gale me khujali hoti hi kamjor ho gaya hu iss job me aane se pahale ma kathmandu me job karta tha vahaa par bhi allergy thi same ab bhi hi homepathy medecine li but thik nahi huaa very request plz give me advice

  48. Muhammad Ilyas says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    i am 40 years old and i suffer with nose allergy since 2005, the problems that i am facing are

    1- sneezing & runny nose
    2- blockage of nose
    3- allergy from smell, environment, dust, temperature
    4- light headache
    5- severe allergy when i wake up

    please suggest me proper treatment / homeapathy medicine


  49. Thirendra subedi (KATHMANDU) says:

    Dear Dr. I am suffering from nose blocked since 3 years. The use of nasal spray nowdays became unactive. Plz. help me. Thanks

  50. Dear Dr.Sharma,

    i am 35 years old and i suffer with nose allergy since 2001, the problems that i am facing are

    1- Thin and white water flowing from nose.
    2- blockage of nose
    3- allergy from smell, environment, dust, temperature
    4- light headache
    5- severe allergy when i wake up

    please suggest me proper treatment


  51. sir i have a very much serious allergy n m in errible conndition because of this sever ALLERGY of nose.
    it totally off my youth growth including my health
    it cause is as fellows :
    a. smell ( especially of mosquito met and fire of plastics, papers etc )
    b. dust ( surrounding , when i go to my village so i seriosuly injuried by this )
    c. winter season ( from october to the end of janurary i live very bad life )

    sir i please request you to reply me with suitable medicines , etc
    my age is 18 and m student in pune university , it also creates difficulties in my study.

  52. chirantan basu says:

    my son is suffering from cough about a year and he has also a itching on the skin ( on the skin). docters termed it as allergic. medicines already applied by different doctors but of no use. can suggest me any medicine.

  53. my 10 yr old son faces sneezing , itchy eyes every evening and morn. we live in nepal and he faces this problem most of the year.. we have tried ars alb 30 but does not give relief . pl advise

  54. i have nose allergy through out year
    1. running nose
    2. i sneeze a lot
    3. left side of running nose and eyes
    pl tell me the disease and its cure

  55. Rashid Hussain says:

    sIR MY PROBLAM IS Running Nose & sneezing.not every time some times.plz guide

  56. Ershad Md Sk says:

    Dear SIR , i am facing very very serve allegry problem from 4 years i m student wen i wake up in the morning …………allergy follows me with cool environment
    B Dust
    C.Tears from my Eyes
    D.Light headache
    E.I remain hunger

    I feel very difficulty in breathing

    Plz help me out ………………..


  57. hello sir
    main kanwar from pakistan
    sir mujhe bahut time se nose main alergy hain, maine bahut treatment karwai magar koi farq nahin hua main chahata hoon ke aap mujhe iss alergy is chhotkara dellain to aap ka main aabhari rahoon ga
    plz sir oblige
    thanks thanks thanks thanks

  58. Dr im facing a problem of nose allergy , i sneez continously, this happens to me almost 4 times a week, my hemoglobin is also low its around 10 gm. I want you to suggest me a homeopathic medicine for both the problems

    Thank You.

  59. allergi produce in nose every after 3 day cause sneezing plz tell me tretment

  60. Dear Dr: sharma
    iam facing nose allergy in 2years.Mainly in morning when eyes opening. Then after 2 hour there is no problema. Have any medicine for this problem

  61. Atanu Bora says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am thankful to you.
    Your medicines had been of great help in improving my lifestyle as prior to your medication I was suffering badly from nasal allergy for atleast 8-9 years.

    Best wishes
    Atanu Bora, New Delhi

  62. Md.Aminul Islam says:

    Have any medicine can asthma cure???????

  63. Sulakshan Thakur says:

    Dear Sir i am facing very critical situation since three years because i have ALLERGY of nose
    causes are as fellow
    a. smell
    b dust
    c cool enviorment & and itching in eyes and nose also
    d if i remain hungery for 2 hour

    i feel very difficulty in breathing
    sneezing i m really very disappointed. guide me plz

  64. Sulakshan Thakur says:

    Dear Sir i am facing very critical situation since three years because i have ALLERGY of nose
    causes are as fellow
    a. smell
    b dust
    c cool enviorment
    d if i remain hungery for 2 hour

    i feel very difficulty in breathing
    sneezing i m really very disappointed. guide me plz

  65. sir i m in errible conndition because i have very sever ALLERGY of nose
    cause is as fellow
    a. smell
    b dust
    c cool enviorment
    d if i remain hungery for 2 hour

    i feel very difficulty in breathing
    ihve take many medicine of ALLERGY pls reply me with medicine


  66. Hi, is CERTIZINE HYDROCHOLIRIDE is ok to kill alergy? If not, can you say what kind of tablets would be good to kil alergy fast. And if there is posabillity that alergy going to come back next year if you kill it this year?

  67. seemajain says:

    i have also the problem of running nose and too much chinke.tell me about this

  68. ravi prakash says:

    i was suffering from deviated nasal septum my nose bone was shifted since 7 years. i had nasal blockage my major problem.
    now last year at the age of 19 i had my septoplasty done. but the problem still persists. can u cure me with 100% guarantee or tell me any nose drop which doesnt have any side effects.


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