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Pigmentation and Homeopathy

Protecting our skin from sun
Dr.Vikas Sharma

Come summer, and sun begins to take its toll on Indians, their skin to be precise. As the temperatures soar to 44`B0C in the season, several people complain of skin-related disorders, all caused due to exposure to sun. While an exposure to sun harms people across all age groups, those with highly photosensitive skin and children are most susceptible to skin damage during summers.

The strong rays of the sun are undoubtedly damaging to human skin while its ultra-violet radiation is all the more harmful to us. Cases of dryness of the skin, spotting or pigmentation, itching, more non-painful acne on the face are common ailments people have been complaining about after an exposure to sun. Patients particularly complain of freckles, skin pigmentation, sun tanning, appearance of reddish elevated patches on the exposed parts and lip pigmentation. Photodermatitis is the most often noticed outcome. Photodermatitis is an abnormal skin response to ultraviolet (UV) rays, particularly sunlight. It can be acute or chronic. Signs and symptoms of photodermatitis are itchy bumps, blisters, or raised areas. Lesions that resemble eczema, hyperpigmentation, darkened discoloration compared to one’s normal skin tone, outbreaks in areas of the skin exposed to sunlight, pain, redness and swelling.

Who is most at risk? (1) Skin type may influence the likelihood of a photodermatitis reaction. Those with fair to light skin, or those with red or blond hair, and green or blue eyes tend to be most sensitive regardless of their racial or ethnic background. This is categorised as the skin type I. (2) Exposure to UV rays for 30 minutes to several hours increases the risk of photodermatitis. (3) Exposure to UV rays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. also increases the risk of photodermatitis since 50% of UV radiation is emitted during this time.

The treatment


Today we find ourselves being cautious and protective of everything around us. There are some effective and natural ways to eliminate the worries of summer time. Homoeopathy is one of the safest forms of the first-aid available. It uses a unique approach to health and healing by addressing both the symptoms of the problem and the person concerned. It also has a unique ability to treat chronic as well as acute skin disorders very effectively. Homoeopathic medicines do not suppress these skin conditions but try to treat them from its source, thereby annihilating the disease in totality

Burning sensation on the skin is one of the first symptoms of sun-induced skin disorders and should be attended to at the earliest, lest it manifests into other skin disorders. The initial reddening of the skin might further lead to pigmentation and stay until one takes medication. Homoeopathic medicine Belladonna is very beneficial for treating the initial stages when burning starts. 30 c potency of Belladonna can be used internally three-four times a day when such sun-induced skin disorder starts till a substantial relief has occurred.

If blisters form, then homoeopathic medicine Cantharis 30 c should be used. Sulphur is a very important homoeopathic medicine when skin disorder results from an exposure to sun. It is also very helpful in chronic skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, etc, which aggravate in summers. But for Sulphur to be used in acute and chronic cases of photodermatitis, an evaluation by a professional homoeopath is a must.

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  1. jithesh says:

    dear sir ,

    suphur can we use directly use apply on face …

  2. Hi ma’am mere Face pr pigmentation ho rhi h or sath hi pimples BHI …. pimples Kabhi nhi hoty the ab hamesa rhty h. Mein bahut press Hu …koi upay btaye

  3. Suman bedi says:

    I have brownish small moles like spot on nose and cheeks ucan say pigmentation aging spots plz recommend medicine or cream to get rid from this situation

  4. Hello doc.
    My 11 year old daughter’s skin colour is dusky but in winters it become more dusky..kindly suggest any homeopathy medicine for this problem..

  5. Saurabh Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My father (aged 68) is suffering from skin problems for the last 1 year. His skin has become itchy and red. Eruptions, boils and scars especially on the face and neck. Severe itching and burning sensation continuously. Even can’t sleep properly during night due to itching and burning. Allopathic doctor says that it is due to photodermatitis (reactivity to UV rays of sunlight) or due to allergy to some plants. He has advised complete avoidance of sunlight. Do you have a homeopathic cure for this condition ? Can this problem be cured ?

  6. I am female 27years old I have dak black forehead covering till my eyes half part of my face is black.i want yo know what type of pigmentation it is &how it can be skin specialist told it is hereditary mask which can’t be treated.please give me solution

  7. Dear doctor,

    Im 23years old female. I had a white pinkish complexion when I was around 7-8 years but then with years I got badly tanned skin and my skin looks pale as well. Please help me know how can I get my complexion back and get rid of this tanning. Is fragaria vesca 3x safe to use and berberis aquifolium together? Also help me know homeopathic medicine for increasing hemoglobin. Please let me know as soon as possible.would be really kind

    • Nazia Bihar says:

      Hello,I have 11old baby girl and her complexion is very dark .Is it possible to change the complexion of my baby.My complexion is white.Plzzzz help me and suggest me any medicine. Plzzzzzzzz

  8. K.R. murmr. says:

    My body skin colour is dark so everybody lough at me I’m very sorry. Pleas tell me any medicine so that my skin will white brightness permanently.(I’m 42years old).

  9. Jayati Charaborty says:

    Hello sir I m 54 yrs old….I hv dusky skin tone …..I m suffering frm skin dryness…I need to improve my skin face skin also looks dull sometimes…plz sir suggest me what should I do now to enhance glow of my skin….My face and both are pigmented.


  10. Samreenjabri says:

    Can we bakson s cure cream for dark circles ??

  11. Ankita kumari says:

    Sir/mam I am Ankita from Delhi. I went to Kota,rajasthan for my engineering studies. I hv tann on my face near chin and upper lips.i used too many organic home made natural materials for eg. tomato pulp, orange peel, etc. on my face for removing this bt any of 1 didn’t effect skin is normal bt m getting embarrassed to hv a face with tann spcially on chin and upperlips. kindly suggest me what to do

  12. Can taraxacum q help to improve body complexion

  13. Suparna says:

    Hello sir I m 24 yrs old….I hv dusky skin tone …..I m suffering frm skin dryness…I need to improve my skin face skin also looks dull sometimes…plz sir suggest me what should I do now to enhance glow of my skin….

  14. Hi doctor .my 3 yr old looks dark some days and fair some days .is there any safe remedy or any soap to look fair .only safest medicines suggest me.

  15. sir, i hv earlier used many chemical product like hydroquine,melacare for my freakles but allopathy doctor hasn’t cautioned me about the side effect of this creams..side effects are it has peeled off my upper layer of skin n due to over peeling my skin has become so thin n it has become so my skin has become so gets so red whenever i go out even jus in 5 mins out. .even in seconds of exposure to sun gives me deep burning sensation . i hv all my hope in allopathy..sir please help me..

  16. Hi doctor
    Am 27 yrs old. My skin type is oily n dull.uneven tone with acne marks..
    Suggest me a medicine to become fair..

  17. Jayati Chakraborty says:

    Sir iam suffering from pigmentation on face on my cheeks so please suggest me best cream

  18. Sir iam suffering from pigmentation on face on my cheeks so please suggest me best cream

  19. im slight dark i want tget fairer skin what shall i do help. mee!

  20. Anamika singh says:

    Sir ,
    I am suffering from dark circle since many years and after pregnancy my lips changed from pink to black in outer are and it looks very odd kindly suggest weather homeopathy can help me.

  21. Rohit Bhasin says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a Helpless Father, As I have 3.5 Month Infant ( Female ) She Born with white Normal Skin and i am also very Fair and her hairs are Golden Brown her eyelets and Eye Brows are also Golden Brown.

    her eyes has Re-dish and Eris is Dark Red and Ratina is Red . Recently we have consulted with Eye Specialist is our Meerut UP District and they Declare that Infant has Elbinism in Eyes but thet are not sure for Skin and hairs. Also Skin Specialist are little bit Confused about her Albinism.

    but they dam sure about Eye Albinism. They are Saying that Infnant has Less Pigment in her Body.

    Request you to kindly Suggets is there is Any Treatment in Homeopathy for Increase Pigmentation in Body.

    Rohit Bhasin
    Meerut – UP
    Mob – 9997998854

  22. Sir I m 21 year old .sir my forehead is so dark and there is also dark circles under eye.sir if there is any treatment than sir tell me .

  23. shivani roy says:

    I am 35 years lady . I am suffering from pigmentat ion since five years…I used every things as…home remidies…dermalogist….many creams…nothing is fruitful…the pigmentation is increasing day by day
    I have thyorid problem as well….l have oily skin. Most of creams doesn’t suit on my skin. I take proper diet
    Plz suggest me any medicine. So I can get rid from this disease..
    Thank u

  24. Raghuvansh Prasad says:

    Hello,Sir I am a 30 year old boy and I wanna to become fair. So tell me sir is there any medicine in Homepathic that uses here. After all I am not so dark but yet I wanna to be fair. So sir if something here please reply me soon. THANK YOU

  25. Dr.sharma,
    I am 20yrs old.I have oily skin with not that dark but dark complexion and pimples and very much dark scars.i need a permanent solution to improve my complexion upto and cure for pimples without any side effects. I heard about 2 homeopathic medicine Fragaria Vesca 3x and Taraxacum Q.
    I would like to know more about these medicines and its effects. Please give me some solutions.

  26. Dr.sharma,
    I am 20yrs old.I have oily skin with a dark complexion and pimples.i need a permanent solution to improve my complexion upto 4 or 5 shades and cure for pimples without any side effects.

  27. Leticia Fernandes says:

    DR Sharma,
    my son is 14 years old , it is around 2 years now he has some dark patches on his right chest and arm it is spreading slowly he his very upset about it as we approached dermatologist they said there is no medicine for this it can not be cured i am feeling helpless please help can i take him to Homeopathy DR we leave in UAE . appreciate your responce.

  28. Sir my daughter is 4 years old when she born her completion was very fair but with in 15 days her completion started be coming darker and withen 2 month time her whole body become darker and I not able to understand what is the reason requested you to kindly suggest some medicine for her . She her self started saying that she is black colour girl and her class mates tease her . Pl give me some solution
    Thanks and regards

  29. Hi dr.sharma. i will b obliged if u could plz clarify that what r these white patches on my face. Last week i bleech my face n now after one week im feeling itchiness n small boils on some places Since then i’v noticed some dull white patches on my face. .im 47 of age with fair complexion. Im afraid of leucoderma as my mother also hv it. Also im elergic to washing powder n sometimes of changing weather. Plz help me understand what im going through. Thanx.

  30. Helo doctor. ..Gud morning…I wud
    appreciate if u cud help me get rid of my skin problem..I have pigmentation marks on my face n it’s getting darker day by day …Help me to get rid of hyper pigmentation from my face. .Looking for ur prompt reply…

    • Sir I have pigmentation on my face .I used many cream but pigmentation is still there .suggest me how can I get rid off.

    • vishal nagda says:

      sir good evening I have pimples and dark spot in my face my face is dark and oily what can i do to get rid from this problem

  31. Nitu Sharma says:

    Goodevening DR I am Nitu Sharma from Delhi
    I am suffering from pigmentation around neck
    My neck colour is dark according to my skin tone .
    Neck looks very dark .what is the treatment for dark neck& dark underarms& thighs.
    Please suggest doctor

  32. I was using melacare since 4 year n now I don’t want to use it as I stopped using it my face colour is become darker ..plz tell me what to do as m going to be married in October

  33. Swarupa Tewari says:

    what is the treatment of Actinic Keratosis ?

  34. sabrina siga says:

    i have pigmentation due to hair dye

  35. Sir can u plz let me know How many drops of taraxcum q should take for fair skin …should I hav to take it daily ?? ND for how many days I have to continue it ???

  36. chetan kr says:

    sir mere face pe glow nhi hai aur tanning bi hai.kaya Homeopathy iske liye kuch kar sakti hsi?jis se dull skin khatm ho jaue aur glow aaye.

  37. Sudesh singh says:

    Mera wheatish colour tha lekin ab pigmention ki vajah se kala Ho Gaya hai specially dark circles and cheeks par.

  38. Sir after delivery i got very black skin.and ugly pimples on my face.heavily white distarcharge.and i became so thin.please help me to choose medicine for my there any medicines in homeo for my problems.

  39. Hi doctor i m tanu. My age is 21 and my color tone is fair. i m stressed with this thinking that on my face til is coming its color brown and black .i m already take homopathic medicine but i feel that til has lil bit big in size n dark in color. I m so stressed about ths over thinking .please suggest wht i can do .

  40. Parvinder Kaur says:

    Four year I am in New York City. I am Indian. Four year I am using lumgalo facial cream. When I stop use this tube after two three days get allergy on my face. N pimple and blemishes come. I am suffering long tym. If u have any treatment pls contact with me. Thnx

  41. Aruna panwar says:

    My skin turn dark black and damage because of blemish & pigmentation .how I achive my old fair skin back.. I am tired to take different type of medicine .

  42. Arvind Retharekar says:

    I am a 63 year old healthy male. I have mild psoriasis on my legs (Psoriasis vulgaris) and on my elbows. Also my forehead has turned blackish due to excessive use of hair dyes (now I have stopped). What homeopathic medicine should I take?

  43. gurpreet says:

    My skin turn dark black and damage because of blemish & pigmentation .how I achive my old fair skin back.. I am tired to take different type of medicine .

  44. Ashish Robert says:

    My skin turn dark and damage because of pimple I achive my old skin back..

  45. sankalita pal says:

    How to remove suntan, pimples and pimples spot on the face? My face color is black.. May i recived clear healthy skin?

    • Add milk and cumcumin powder apply it over face.even you can apply over the body.leave it for 15 will help u to remove tan also gives complexion.

  46. I have small black and brown spots on my cheeks…they are many in no..plzz help me..and suggest me what should i do…I m really very tnsd about it…it looks so ugly..plzz

  47. I have small black and brown spots on my cheeks…they are many in no..plzz help me..and suggest me what should i do…I m really very tnsd about it…it looks so ugly..

  48. Mahesh Sutar says:

    Dear sir,
    Meri gori skin achank black ho gai hai. Firse gori hone ke liye upay bataiye?Plz help me

    Mahesh sutar.

  49. Sabiha bari says:

    Have brown spots on my cheek i have also posorisis

  50. Hena Kausar says:

    Have brown spots on my nose and under eyes due to excess exposure to sun. Started at the age of 13. How it can be cured…please suggest

  51. Smt. Sangeeta sharma says:

    Dr. sahab meri aakh se dekhane par kisi bhi article ko, us article par black spot dikhayi deta hai.
    Sir aakh ke treatment keliye homeopathy ki medicine bataye aur deshi nukhse bhi batave.

  52. I am using witch hazel cream for hyperpigmentation recomanded by my homeo it right to remove pigmentation permanently. I m tired of them though they r still on initial stage.

  53. Gayatri Dwivedi says:

    Past seven days or so …I have been noticing dark spots on the my face running at the outer edges of my face down like a beard. Feel embarrassing to go out and meet people.

    Please let me know if homeopathy has a cure to it.

    Best Regards


  54. Bhavya Yadav says:


    My skin is highly effective from infection in blood.
    My skin is turning black day by day. Hyper pigmentation and skin tanning is covering my hand and back.
    Please suggest medicine to cure this tanning.

    Bhavya Yadav

  55. bushra shaikh says:

    my friend has been using melamet n skin lite creams for years now he’s has some reaction on his face like redness patches due to exposure in sunlight .plz pescribe medication

  56. Sandhya Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been diagnosed with “Lupus Vulgaris may be considered ” in my biopsy report which was done on my nose.I am taking Homeopathy treatment for this and i want to know how much time does it take to cure it completely ? Also i want to know if Homeopathy can cure it completely or not.Its been 15 days till now that i have started taking homepathy medicine for my problem.

    Thanks .

  57. Mrs. Diju Kaushal S says:

    Dr Sharma
    My pigmentation problem started a few months and it is mainly on my face and neck. The front of my neck ,my cheeks and jawline itches a lot with immense dryness. My pigment is mainly blueish-black in colour. What do you suggest?

  58. Tina Das says:

    Hi. ..I m Tina, suffering from very very dry skin with black patch from my hands and legs. ..please give some remedies. ..

  59. Azra khan says:

    I am an SLE Patient I am taking Azoran 5mg tablet per day. I am having SLE since 8 years. Now I have developed pigmentation on my face. Which is looking quite awkward. I was very fair before, now I am seeking homeopathy treatment to cure pigmentation. Please help me as what to do.

  60. mrunalini khot says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am 29yr old i am having pigmentation on face after delivery and hair loss and graying hair problem is also with it please suggest some good medicine or treatment for me which is easily available for me i am belonging from mumbai.

    Thanking you,

  61. my clr is dull plz give me some medicine which makes my clr fair and fresh forever …i m from pakistan ..i need homepath medicine ….plzzzz reply me plzzzzz fragaria vesca 3 x …is useful or not ?and plz tell its side effacts also i .m 31 years old …

  62. Doctor, I am 16 years and 5 months old. I have fair skin but my nose has turned dark brown due to peeling.And now I’m not feeling comfortable being outdoors any more. I am loosing confident .Please help me.

  63. sir actually i am reading in college and everyday i used to go to college at 10am and return at 1am so i was exposed to sun everyday and i also wear specs and as a result i got dark reddish black colour line onboth side of my face just adjacent yo my nose so sir please help me to solve this problem if you can

  64. Wandaphi Lyngdoh says:

    I have pigmentation in my cheek and nose,and my skin is dry and very sensitive.
    What cream should I used please advice

    • piyush gupta says:

      Hi Dr.sharma,
      I had suffered from chiken pox last month chikenpox dark black spot scars is there on the face so please tell me any homeopathic cream which can remove the black scars from the face ASAP.

  65. My skin is very sensitive and dark I want to skin lighteling cream which is best for me having no side effect so I want to prefer homeopathy

  66. my complexion is dark and sensitive skin acne and pimpals and itcing very hard

  67. Akansha Chauhan says:


    Greetings for New Year 2016.

    I have hyper pigmentation below my nape and freckles. i have tanned arms as well. i have been following home remedies regularly for 6 months and have seen some improvement at slow pace.

    Where are you based and how can i take an appointment.


  68. rakesh varun says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma
    I have pigmentation on my nose.I have been using homeopathy medicine since 11 months and the pigmentation has not been cured completely yet.Besides i am also applying raw papaya onto the pigmented part for the last 20 days.Still how long will it take to cure pigmentation completely through homeopathy? And is it beneficial to apply papaya?

  69. What medicine or cream should I use to get glowing fair skin efficiently and remove pigmentation totally

  70. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My skin tone is un even and, dull and heads on it. Sun tan effect is also be there. Please give me some remedies to get fair even tone and healthy skin.


  71. Abu Asfarullah Alam says:

    I am a diabetic patient and suffering from followings.

    1- Erectly dysfunction.(having this problem for the last one year)
    2-Hair loss almost reaching to baldness.
    3-Dry, dull and dark facial skin. Skin of the other portion of my body is very bright and glowing.
    4- Pain in both Knees

    I am 45 years old and married. kindly advice homoeopathic medicine for my problems i will be gratefull to you for this kindness.

    with grate regards,

  72. i ma in 30 Year skin pigmation treatment

  73. Hello
    Sir I were fair by born but now I become dark day by day Please suggest medicine for get my fair complexion back

  74. Krishna Sarkar says:

    How to increase my skin tone

  75. Preeti sharma says:

    I want to improve my complexion as it is wheatish fair currently… I got to know that fragaria vesca 3*5 or taraxacum Q is the solution to my kinda problem.. Also can I buy these medicines from u directly.. Pl advise.. Thanks

  76. Mousumi Acharjya says:

    I am dark complexion i just want to start with Homeopathy medicine. Can you plz suggest me which medicine help to improve fair skin?

  77. Sir my skin colour became very dark..but I was very fair befor some months..but in these days I became very dark and dark circle under my allopathic doctor prescribed me some medicine or cream but there is no improvement. .sir plz suggest me something

  78. Ajay Sehgal says:

    Sir my skin is dark please help me

  79. Arvinder Singh says:

    Hello I used to have fair skin till 18 then I had to go out in sun for few months I m 22 now and my skin is darker and acne. my skin gets tanned so fast.please help me out to get my fair skin back thanks.

  80. Mita singh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma , i am 37yrs female my coplextion is wheatish fair but the face is not even,it is multi coloured means my cheeks are fair ,eyes have dark circles brown paches are near lips and rest of the face is dull .i mean overall face looks uneven and besides that there is hyperpigmentation(dark brown paches)on my back .please give some advice for homeopathic med because i tried many treatments and alopathy but no results .Thank you

  81. Dr.supriya says:

    Respected sir,
    My mom is in menopausal age group of age 46yrs.she s suferring from severe blackening of the face.earlier she had an attack of extrepulmonary tb for which she got treated with ATT now she s normal.I request u to advise any medicine to get rid of the blackening of face as its appearing so prominent.kindly plz answer as soon as possible sir.thanq.

  82. Aurpita sur says:

    I am 30 years old and have developed many small tils on my face specially near eyes. With the passing time my problem is getting aggravated. Please suggest suitable homeopathic medicine for me.

  83. Hello sir,
    I want to know that whether berberis aquifolium works on all body ?? Or only to improve face complexion.. I Have tanned my arms n feet so taking this medicine will remove my body tan too??

  84. hi doctor need help for an old blue eyes mark pls help me


  86. Jaicenth Thomas says:

    Hii Doctor… I’m suffering on pigmentation on my face.. I tried so many creams and medication up of no effect.. I was very fair but after menopause I have dull and dark skin with pigmentation.. Is there any remedy in homeopathy for my condition… Please advise

  87. Jayashree Pradeep says:

    Pl advise me how I can get back my wheatish complexion
    . I look very dark now.

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  89. K. VAISHNAVI says:

    I am the age group of 15 years . I am suffering black colour on neck, underarms. How can i get rid of those please suggest me

  90. aditya sisodiya says:

    hello. Dr. Sharma ji
    I m suffer from pigmentation on face for 4 years …
    pls suggest me good treatment or medicine ..plzzzz

  91. My skin is normal skin with medium fair complexion. Previously my skin too much fair like a kashmiri girl. But now complexion turn down. Sometimes complexion get fair, sometimes it is dull red.

    Please suggest me a good medicine to get me my original complexion. Also I sweat very less almost 90 %.

  92. earlier my face was white but due to sunburn my face became dark.
    i have tried many types of creams by the suggestion of the doctor but my skin is getting more dark. so sir what should i do to regain my beauty.

  93. Ravi kumar malik says:

    Dear sir
    I want fragaria vesca 3x
    My contact no: 08717994273,
    My whatsapp no: 08269946305

  94. Archana Patwardhan says:

    Hello Dr Sharmaji …. I m 44 years old and suffering from hyperpigmentation marks on my legs, hands, and small spots on my face . Its brown patches on my body which makes me very embarrassing . Even I m suffering ftom dark under eye circles . I earlier tried homeopathic formula from one of homeopathrDr for more than 8months but it didn’t work on my skin problem even 1% . So i stopped that medication . I m suffering from this problem for 7-8years Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine for my hyperpigmentation problem which are easily available in the homeopath pharmacy so that I will get rid of these dark brown patches completely and stop spreading it further .

  95. Hi I have hyperpigmentation on my both cheeks please help me which medicine I have to take

  96. my skin pigmentation started from last one skin is so fair…I am so looks too bad…

  97. abha sinha says:

    I am suffring from skin problem,my hand and leg skin has become dry glow less and dark complex or little bit pain in my skin due to this i am not able to wear beautiful sandels or whenever i wear sandel or sliper these drkness more spread.under sun ray first skin become red than black with dry.i also use olive oil curd lemone juice but not be better

  98. My children suffering dark black lips since 2 year. He is 6 years old. Please tell the solution.

  99. My son is 6 years old. He is suffering dark black lips since 2 years. Please solution that problem

  100. My son is 6 years old. he suffered dark black lips since 2 years. Please solution that problem.

  101. Srija Bhattacharya says:

    Hello sir. I’m Srija of 21. Here at kolkata we experience a very hot and humid weather. And my skin have started developing both acne and pigmentation since 2 years. Now it has worsen. My tan has increased much. Nothing worked on my oily skin. I feel so helpless now. Can u suggest me something doc? Plz???

  102. about 3 years back i had wheatish skin But now i am considered in mark skin complexion. Is there any medicine that can improve my complexion remarkably with No side effects at all.

  103. Rashmiranjan Pradhan says:

    Sir I have many acne and blotches in my face so I have tried many types of facepack and medicines but that makes my face to black ,and not improvement in pimples .how it remove and glow my face or skin .please refer some medicine to me.

  104. Pigmetation face plz Tritment

  105. abhishek says:

    sir my age 21 h sir mere face pr small pox ke spot h sir unhe kese remove karu.

  106. dileep kumar says:

    for the last 8 years I have dark spot on my nose. in the beginning when it started it was light over a small area but now whole nose has become dark. many ointments tried but without any positive outcomes. I am now 43 yrs. old. pls suggest

  107. Sajjad Arefin says:

    just got brown spots in both legs, no itcying, no damage, why is this and what treatment u can do for it

  108. I have a small black tils on my face. So plz could you tell my the best treatment which is natural.

  109. Hi doc..I’m 27 yrs old n a mother of 3 yrs old baby..i hv freckles since i was 6 yrs old on face ..i got it treated wid lasers few came bk again now frm past a year i noticed freckled on right side of my neck n my right hand too..few freckles r larger thn in size say abt 5 n 6 freckles hv increased in size ..will homeopathy treat freckles completely if yes wht time it takes n whtz the procedure plz help

  110. Shubhra Verma says:

    Sir, I have hyperpigmentation/ dark brown spots on both cheek and nose. I am suffering from this problem before marriage. It is been around 10 yrs now. I use spectacles and I think it something related to metallic allergy. These marks made my face very ugly. I have applied all the home remedies to it, but have no improvement. Hence now seeking homeopathic solution to it..

  111. Is there any homeopathy medicine for skin whitening.pls tell me the name.

  112. Sejal Keswani says:

    Sirl i have pigmentation both cheeks and forhead from 3 years.. Please help me sir and give me treatment.coz  I am very worried about my skin.

  113. Arvind prajapati says:

    I have black patches on my body and I have seen to doctor of skin they Prescribe me hydra lotion,kozisol gel cream what should I do for removing black patches please suggest me

  114. MOHIT gupta says:

    My son is 11.5 years and 60 kgs in weight. He is healthy. Not fond of exercise but we keep pushing him for same. He neck area both towards back and in front are very dark. Can clearly see dark patches on the skin. It happens more in summers when his skin is exposed. He now have few black warts also. I have a lot on my neck area. I am worried he also have it now. Èven his fingers have dark color just above nails area. He is otherwise very emotional and intelligent. Please advice how we can treat him for neck area black color and later for warts.

  115. Dr I am 27 yrs old snd suffering from frackles all over my face, I am having very fair complexion, so frackles looks very bad on my face, ,previously also I was under homeopathy treatment but was of no use, pls help.thank you.

  116. Jaya mishra says:

    Hi mam
    I m very frustrating now a days to take my skin problems
    I get acne then there spots n sun tanning
    Is there any treatment I want a fair skin kindly help me

  117. READY PRASAD says:

    hello sir
    my name is reddyprasad from bangalore.
    i saw darkness on my forehead since 3 years.and i used so many fairness creams but no use of iam not ready for using chemical cream and i don’t want to spoil myface,is there any treatment to reduce the darkness in my forehead

  118. Dr. Mrs. S.V. Gupta says:

    I am suffering from pigmentation (Dark colour of skin). My age is 46 years (Female). Suggest homeopathy meidcine).


  119. p.monika says:

    Dr my age is 21 and i have dark circles around my mouth and eyes how can it be cured by homeopathy

  120. p.monika says:

    Dr. my age is 21 and i have dark circles around my eyes and my mouth can it be cured by homeopathy and how

  121. Dear Sir,

    I want improve my skin tone and while i was searching i found only homeopathy has medicine to improve your colour complexion.

    I have pimple issue. I have very small pimples on my face and when they go leave marks.
    I want some medicine that stop making pimple from inside.

    I also read about fragaria vesca 3x.
    Can i take this medicine?
    Is it Safe?

    Garima Srivastava

  122. I have very darker complexion indian skin and uneven skin tone due to tan in face and neck.please suggest me how to increase my whole body complexion

  123. Shikhar says:

    My skin colour is very dark brown . How can i get a fair skin

  124. naincy goyal says:

    hello..sir..i’m depressed about my skin is too dark..n i want to increase it’s complexion..someone suggested me to use taraxacum it good..n it’s a medicine only..n i can’t leave my face plzz suggest me a good skin lightening cream..also..n i’m from small suggest me a cream which..i can afford..

  125. arihant daga says:

    I used chemicals to make my skin white but now I don’t use such chemicals and now my skin is far more black and my nosed is burned and there is also an eye dark circle…. Please help me to make my skin white, clean and clear…. Is there any solution to solve this problem as fast…as I fell so shy that I dont go out from home… Please help…

  126. kritika says:

    I am 25 years old female and I want know can homeopathy help increase height at this age

  127. Dr. Sharma
    i am 19 Yrs old and i want homeopathic medicine for removal of blackness and tan from body and soften skin(i want to remove blackness & tan from total body) and i was 65Kg pleas provide medicine.

    2. i want medicine for sweatting also. i am getting sweat from total body when i go out or if there is no air also

    and i want to know wheather i can use both medicines at a time or not ? and what dosage ? and how many days ?

  128. Shama Goel says:

    I have hyper pigmentation on my face since 12years coz of hormonal imbalance.. no one can treat I believe only miracle can cure it …can u help me? I m fed up now …

  129. i am having black skin how to make it fair

  130. monika sood says:

    I m from gurgaon and i have been suffering with pigmentation problem for three years.these scars getting dark wd time nd i feel spreading also.which medicine i have to take fr this particular more thing i want to clear scars apear on my cheeks.
    I am looking forward for your reply.

  131. sir mere nose pr 2saal se pigmentation spot h ..
    maine kafi treatment b liya lekin koi aram nhi mila ..plz suggest me kya homeopathic treatment se y spot hamesa k liya chle jayege..meri age29 h me umarried hu…plz answer me

  132. I have developed dark patches on my cheeks and nose..these patches are getting even darker with time…please suggest me some homeopathic solution to this problem of mine so that this problem gets uprooted from within and not just stopped for sometime.
    Would be really grateful if you could help me in this problem of mine.

  133. seema tomar says:

    I have pigmentation on my face. sking getting dark

  134. Bhuvana says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I have developed brown pigmentation on both my cheeks over the last 2-3 years. I am 57 years old and am going through menopause. I was advised to apply Thuja ointment but it does not have any effect. Can you please advise me?

  135. Twisha Patel says:

    my skin is very black on the face,hand,leg & also the back side…what can i do for get a white skin without any side effect??? any homoeopatic tablet are useful for increse brightness??

  136. Twisha Patel says:

    my skin is very black on the face,hand,leg & also the back side…what can i do for get a white skin without any side effect??? any homoeopatic tablet are useful for increse brightness..

  137. Nancygolchha says:

    hy I m 19yr old my skin has got many problems sun tanning pigmentation n even my skin colour has got very dark I want to knw medicines for skin brightening so that my skin shines n I can get back my skin even toned plzz do reply d name of medicines with dosages

  138. Pigmentation on face after pregnancy its dark brown spot on cheeks n forehead

  139. amit kumar says:

    My wife has been suffering from pigmentation on her cheeks.. She has tried a lot of medicine but nothing happened.. Is there any cure in homeopathy

  140. sulakshana says:

    Kindly suggests me to get rid out from dark circle.every body were teasing me.kindly suggests any medicine for this and my skin colour also change

  141. i am 22 years old girl……………i am black in color…………will this homoepathy treatment help me to gain fair color

  142. Aadiitya says:

    Hello sir..i m 25 year old and i have skin tanning problem on my face due to acne . I take too much treatment but no resurts are there. If it is possible in homeopathi that how can i get my glowing skin again. If possible then plz sujest me ..thank u

  143. khan Amina says:

    I m 29 years I have very sensitive get tan very fast & my skin is uneven.I m also having under please suggest me

  144. Hello sir, my name is priya…I am suffering from hyperpigmentation since many years…please tell me some remedies or ointments for it…I am feeling very embarrassed. …please help me sir

  145. chetan patel says:

    hi sir,

    Is it true that Fragaria Vesca 3x 0r Taraxacum Q are usful to increase firness??

    But its not availble anywhere in Mumbai.

  146. Anu Sharma says:

    I hv pigmentation on my right cheek from last 6 months. I’m 40 yrs old female. Pls help.

  147. Diganto Kumar Boro says:

    I have sun burn black spot on my face,

    I had applied lot of medicine, but not able to remove the dark spots from my face.

    Please advice some good medicine to remove the dark spots from the face.

  148. I m 27 yrs old..2.5 yrs ago..pigment started appearing at arms nd neck…with reddness nd itching…now became dark …dr givem me calcarea phosphorica, plogen nd sac lac….after taking my complete history nd case…I hv insomnia nd irregular mense nd I m chilly, infertile nd unable to concieve, I hv treatment history of tuberculosis, breast lump removal frm rt side, late puberty… this medicine rt fr me…if not which medicine should itake….I hv under gone allopathic treat ment fr same for 1 month …nd also taken ayurvedic blood purifiers before homeopathic treatment …

  149. reshma khan says:

    hello sir, i hv problem on my face, sir , i m feeling heat sensetion on my face & there brown spot on my chic i m very warrid about it. i m fair in color. i m 36 yr

  150. himanshika says:

    Dear doctor,
    I want my de-tanned skin back. Is there any homeopathic cream with reasonable cost that would help me to reduce tanning from skin also small brown spots allover.
    I am 20 yrs old!
    Please suggest me the cream ASAP.

  151. respected sir,
    I want white and fair skine
    I want to know is there any solution to do it
    pls help me

  152. I want white and fair skin

  153. Arpitha yohith says:

    Hello Dr,
    I’m suffering from severe pigmentation spending so much of money is not resulting me any changes pls help me regarding this

  154. i am 16 years old .my skin is facing the problem of dark circle

  155. Habeebullah khan says:

    Respected sir good morning
    Hope you are fine there
    Last weak i saw your article about fairness remedy in homoeopathy the fragaria vesca 3 x
    It is take only in mouth for a minuit or after minuit release to stomach ? Or after minuit throw away ?
    Please explain which is best
    Thanking you sir

  156. Boby verma says:

    Sir my self boby Verma from Rajpura .mere forhead nose aur chicks pe pigmentation hai.vaise mera colour fair hai…kaya homeopathy isko clear kar Sakti hai his se pigmentation clear Ho jaye aur colour bi jayada fair aur pinkish bo jaye….vaise mai e pehle homeopathy med li thi but rejult nahi contact no is…9041249230…i will waiting ur rply

  157. Anshuman Singh thakur says:

    Hello sir,
    Myself “Anshuman Singh” I’m from Chhattisgarh and I’m 21 yrs old
    Sir mere skin me dark acne bahut jyada ho
    Gaye hai muje nahi pta hai ki iske liye muje
    kya karna chaiye aap koi medicine ya
    koi illaj bataiye jisse meri skin se dark
    Acnes hamesha k chale jaye.
    please sir reply soon…..I really need your

  158. Respected sir, I have hyperpigmentation on my face from last 12 years. My mother also had this problem. I am 38 years old. I have a baby through Ivf treatment. I have thyroid disorder also. Now obesity also arises. Please give me a solution of pigmentation.

  159. hajira taskeen says:

    DR. Sharma,

    Im 22yrs and had acne one year back had taken homeopathic treatment for it. now acne is reduced but have black spots all over face and my complexion also has become dark.

    Guide me to get rid of it.

    thank you,

  160. shakir jan says:

    hy respected sir doc sharma.hope u ll b fine i m from pakistan having trouble in my right upper abdominal area i think my lever is a bit large then normal my SGPT level is 95 poilry detected in stomich.i hv litsoned about homeopathi there4 contacting u for better treatment.due to this i hv severe gastric probs the stomich swollens at any time feels like too much gass in my with thankx and prayers i ll b waited for homeo priscription.thanks alot.shakir

  161. Sir
    I am 19 years my skin is getting dark day by day how can I increase my skin tone to fair please help me sir I am also an asthma patient And taking some homeopathy medicine BC20 now what should I do which medicine should I do please help me sir to become fair

  162. S Mukherjee says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am getting pigmentation (black) near my eyes and upper cheeks. Please suggest a treatment.


  163. I have fair complexion .I am suffering of dry body skin with all scar and pigmentation .i get the because I get iching and if i scarhing skin pills of fast and blood comes and scars are formed and if I go in the sun pigments are formed and all skin becomes dark

  164. Amrita Singh says:

    I have uneven skin tone and excessive dry skin and dark circles 365dys in year which make me look tired.All the above conditions exaggerate when stress and exposure to sunlight increases.I need a permanent remedy for my dull complexion and dark circles specially. Although my skin tone is fair.

  165. hlo doctor
    I have a facial skin problem. my body colour is white but blackness in face skin and little acne problem. I have taken many allopathic treatment but it was temporary result so plz tell me what should I for it
    thank u

  166. Munmun Biswas says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    The skin in my hands and back has become very dark. Please suggest something.
    Thank you

  167. Munmun Biswas says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    The skin in my hands and back has become very dark. Please suggest something.

  168. i ve warts on my skin.and lever sports .my skin is not looking fresh and healthy,my age is 48yr.plz tel me remedy abt my skin problem

  169. Shafa khsn says:

    Pigment spots on my face and dark spots
    How to remove and fair skin

  170. Hello, m 31 yrs old lady. I have white stretchmark on my hips. Please suggest me medicine to reduce these stretch mark.

  171. sunetra chakraborty says:

    Will baryta carb 30, silicea 12x, symphytum Q work for my 21 old brother for increasing his height for 2 inch?

  172. yogesh kumar says:

    i have a dark circles near eye from birth and black spots on whole body since birth it is my mother and her fathers also its a genetic disease..
    how to remove this disease… is there any tretment in homeopathy which medicins is best for this please tell me dr.
    i have treated many docters but no releaf..

  173. yogesh kumar says:

    i have a dark circles near eye from birth and black spots on whole body since birth it is my mother and her fathers also its a genetic disease..
    how to remove this disease… is there any tretment in homeopathy which medicins is best for this please tell me dr.
    i have treated many docters but no result found..

  174. Hello dr

  175. Abhishek Ghosh says:

    I have to work in intence hot climate. And now my skin became much dark then it was before. It only had effected my exposed body(Face and Hand)…
    Please suggest some remedial .

  176. Madam, my skin tone was not good due to dark and black spots on my complete body, which causes more itching during summer from my my age is 28 years. When I am in my mothers womb my mom has not taken care of me. She had not taken good diet during pregnancy. Pleas give solution 2 my problem

  177. Asha Bakshi says:

    Doctor Sahib,

    My name is Asha Bakshi and I am 58 year old and a house lady living at Faridabad since 2008 alongwith my family.

    For the past more than 5 years, there is a white pigmentation which has developed on my both the upper eye lids. I do also feel strong itching on these spots. Skin specialists says that this is a deposition due to excess cholesterol level occurred in my body. But my cholesterol level has been found to be within range. Please let me know as to whether it could be reduced or cured.

  178. vaibhav pawar says:

    sir which treatment is best for upper layer pigmentation ,chemical peeling or homeopatic

  179. sir, i am 21 year old girl and my skin colour is too black. i am really fed up with useless remedies of others and colour discrimination. so kindly plz help me in improving my complexion. thank you sir

  180. neha thakur says:

    hello,my age is 16 and my problem is that i had small small pimples on my face all the time to get rid from it i tried homeopathic treatment but instead of reducing my pimples it bring out more and my face has become worst after 3 months i left using homeopathic medicine as it created more nd more pimples.after it i started drinking aloe vera juice which makes all the pimples to disaapear but stil that red marks of acne are left behind in my face due to homeopathic medicine .now what should i do to get a clear skin.

  181. Arvind kumar sah says:

    I am suffering from blackish pigmentation on bridge of nose and upper portion of chin and few black patches on face please suggest good medicine. My age is 32.
    Arvind sah

  182. Sir.

    After my delivery i got allergic reaction (swelling and redness on upper lip and mustaches area) to an antibiotic. Its about one year still have lil bit swelling and pain on upper lips and skin on upper lip area darkned (looking like i havemustaches). Plz suggest me some medicine and doses.


  183. swami aseemananda says:

    pigmintation on chiks..since 4YEAE TAKING SO MNY MEDICINE NO EFFECTIVE RESULT..same dark spots..hasbeen….so plz it could cure

  184. pimples blackmarks tan

  185. Dear Dr.sharma.
    I am suffering From post inflamatory hyperpigmenation since from 1 year. I had noticed dark brown irregular non itchy patches on my arm n neck when I was 3 month pregnant at that time they were not that much dark but after having baby it became dark n visible .i m living in London even I m taking treatment here but haven’t seen any change .I m using so many creams suggested by could you plz suggest me any treatment for this .
    Kind regards,

  186. Dr sharma, I’m 35 yrs old female, fair skin.. Started getting upper back pigmentation at the age of 19 .. Then a nose band just on the bridge started forming and has darkened over the yrs .. Now since the past year scattered pigmentation has become prominent … This has really stressed me out,
    Kindly help with appropriate med

  187. amit thakur says:

    I have been suffering from sun tanning especially around neck area please suggest me some ways to get rid of this problem

  188. Orekan lukmon says:

    I used movate tube cream on my face.after exposure to sunlight my cheeks and my forehead become very black but my nose is fair.pls help

  189. jyoti kumari says:

    Respected sir,
    meri skin bahut hi dull hai aur mere face ka colour bhi bahut kharab hai mera face ek colour me nahi hai dhadhi k pass bahut kala dikhta hai aur forehead v galo k pass v kala hai please sir kuch btaiye maine bahut kuch try kiya per mera uneven skintone thik nahi ho raha hai pls sir pls

  190. monika sood says:

    I have been suffering with the problem of pigmentation on my face for one year,initaly moles appered and after some time they coverd my cheeks area..i took homeopethy treatment fr 6 months,but that didnt work out.

    i need help and right treatment,please solve my problem ,i badly need right medicin.i l wait fr ur reply

  191. I have a black forehead. I used to put hair gel before, I think it’s the effect of chemical in hair gel and sun rays. What are the treatment for this kind of tan. It has been almost 3 years now. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

  192. zubia Gondal says:

    I’m 40years old married woman, I’ve 3kids I’m having skin problem for past few years I had laser treatment for facial hair removal for 4years my facial hair have become light but nt completely disappeared but I’ve stopped laser treatment bcoz my skin has become very sensitive nd its pigmentation has increased now my both cheeks nd forehead is full of dark patches nd liver spots I’m also over weight, I used to do aerobics but now don’t bcoz of back ache nd leuocorriha problem, i have started taking sypia 200 nd lycopodium 30for skin nd weight problem, I also have gastric nd constipation problems, kindly suggest that should i continue with sypia nd lycopodium or take something else,, I’m using these drops form, thanks

  193. Sir i having some black shades on my face….. plz! Advice me the best and best cream for fairness and glow on my face…. plz! Sir Help me…..

  194. Sir
    I’ve pigmentation on my both cheeks and forehead . My skin is very dry and sensitive . The patches have grown very big and darker with the time . They started 4 years back. I’m a housewife and stay at home . My elder sister is also facing the same problem .
    Please suggest some medicine .

  195. Tazeen Sayyed says:

    I’m 38 yes old i hv pigmentation on my face & neck I’m under treatment fr. 3 yes BT it nt working they HV do e peeling also BT no result plz tell me wht to do.

  196. Rakesh Panda says:

    I may kindly be informed the homeopathy medicine for rash skin ,

  197. Sir
    I’m a 38 years old woman . Developed pigmentation on my cheeks ….going upwards to the forehead .
    My elder sister is also facing the same condition .
    Please suggest a good medicine .
    It started 4 years back and now spreading rapidly .
    We both are housewives and stay at home . No exposure to sun .
    Please sir ….do reply .

    • DR. MH MONDAL says:

      my face is darker than body and the dark circles around the eyes. Long time I tried many kojic acid and treninoin creams but nothing helped to improve the complexion. Please suggest me something.


  198. sir.,m 22 yrs old.m quite wheatish in complexion.. my skin is clean but is not fair.. I faced alot of rejection in interviews n many other aspects of complexion has demoralised me to such a level., at which I really want to give up life..I think Indian society has no space for people like us..sir pls help me..u r my last hope..

  199. shubham sharma says:

    sir.,m 22 yrs old.m quite wheatish in complexion.. my skin is clean but is not fair.. I faced alot of rejection in interviews n many other aspects of complexion has demoralised me to such a level., at which I really want to give up life..I think Indian society has no space for people like us..sir pls help me..u r my last hope..

  200. Hello sir,

    I have being suffering with hyper pigmentation since 3 years could you please suggest me the medication I can get here in Hyderabad and I will use as per your prescription. Sir please help me.

  201. Deepak sagar says:

    Hai sir, i’am deepak . 17 frm vizag . . My upper got discolouration and even bottom lip too . . So can i change my lips into gud looking . . And wat’s the treatment ? can i cure permentely ? And fee range?

  202. miss chohan says:

    i ve some problems in my skin, there is warts on my skin ,like near eyes and faces,and some brown sports on face,complexion is not fair

  203. Rashmi singh says:

    Hi sir,
    I am from jhansi uttar pradesh.
    From abt 5 years I have got pimple problem and I have consulted many skin doctors and have wasted about 50 thousand rps but till now I havent got any kind of positive result, and day by day my skin complexion is going dark and along with many black dark spots have also appeared on my face.
    I am in great tention becoz of my skin problem
    Pls suggest me some way by which I can get rid of pimple and this black spot an how I can increase my skin complexion better.
    Please guide me I am in great need
    Waiting for your positive response
    Rashmi singh

  204. Elizabeth sebastian says:

    I have pigmentation on my both cheeks for the last three years. Can you please tell me the homeopathic medicine for this.
    Thank. You Dr.

  205. Sir, I have block circle under eye. I have applied all the home remedies to it, but have no improvement.Its been 2 years i am facing such a problem.Hence now seeking homeopathic solution to it..

  206. I hve lots of stretch marks all over body and skin is so loose after reducing .. Feeling very bad and uncomfortable…pls suggest me

  207. kanikahanda says:

    respected sir,presently i m 34 years old.My dob is 4 dec 1979.I m suffering with frecles on face,neck nd arns.problem started at the age 5 -7.Had many treatments time to time.No effect.Once homeopathic too.Going in dipression.Plz help.

  208. rahul kumar shaw says:

    want to increase face glow and whiteness. thanking you

  209. dear dr,two years ago i had typhoid i experienced twice in six month,my stomach got infection n i had excessive white dischrge,at that tym acne n pigmentation appeared on my face,wid tym it became worse.I took many allopathy treatment including hydroquinone bt nothing imprvd the condition,now i started aquifolium cream,should i use the drops too?will it hlp to get rid of pigmentation plz help

  210. NISHA KUMARI says:

    I saw small dark spots on my face from 1 year as skin pigmentation and have itchiness under eye.
    I am 20 years old . please help me ,I would like to remove dark spots on my face & itchiness under eye

  211. amit thakur says:

    My face and neck got tanned due to sun so please suggest some cream so that my skin becomes fair. I am 18 and I have tried many home remedies but it doesn’t work

  212. I have problem of freckles on my cheeks and nose…i am too much worrid about it

  213. skin darkening and dark circle remove..get fair skin

  214. Which homeopathy medicine or cream is good for fainess?

  215. Hi dr.sharma
    i m suffering from siboriotic dermatits since 10 years,i consulted with a skin specialist who prescribed me ,dan clear gel nd clofoam,for my head skin ,clop -m for cuts on nose joints and ear joints.
    When i leave these medicines my problems restrt
    nd last 2 years a new problem strt black patches on my cheek from under eyes till cheek nd forhead.ii had whitish complextion but now i m looking dark. used melacare but i stoped now there is no response

    sir pls kindly advise me do u have any medicine for permanentaly relief from my all problems??

  216. gaurav savita says:

    Respected Sir,
    good evening sir, i am suffering from pigmentation for last one and a half year please tell there is permanent treatment for treating pigmentation if then please tell sir

    gaurav savita

  217. I have pigmentation since 4 years when I was pregnant plse prescribed same medicine

  218. I have pigmentation since 4 years when I was pregnant please tell me d name of medicine to get ridit

  219. nasreen bhat says:

    sir i am 23 years old and i had pigmentation on my face first it was only on my nose now it is on face and above the eye browse i used skinlite it first goes with that bat next year it came back now it is not geeting cured with that is there solution for it plz tell me

  220. ritu gupta says:

    Dr sharma

    Ihave pigmentation on my face and nose. I am 39 years old. please suggest some medicine for this problem

  221. I am 39 years old from India. My face blemishes are keep increasing from last 10 years. Now my cheeks are almost pigmented. Please help. Thank you!

  222. Masuood Ahmed says:

    Gd evening sir,
    My name is Masuood Ahmed age 25
    from Jammu & Kashmir.
    sir my skin prblm is that i hv black patches on both sides on my Cheek’s ( face) since 2010.
    most of the efforts i hv made but Alas…………
    now i wanna take digestions from u.

  223. lakshmi reddy says:

    permanent skin whtining in homopathy

  224. last year i had pimples on my face.. bt their spots were cmpletly finished after few months.. n now from previous two months i am facing smalll black spots on my face. my skin is dry and my complexion is fair. these spots are like til.. can i remove them. please help me..

  225. Dear Sir,

    I am facing the pigmentation problem and it in starting face, i WANT TO GO FOR HOMEOPATHIC treatment but i have one doubt i heard that the medicine first aggressively increase your disease and than it will work, is this true plz let me know about the same. As i am very much concern about this and don’t want to take any risk.
    Thanks N Regards

  226. I had brown pigmentation on my cheeks,what I do to fade away

  227. Anthony Soiza says:

    Vitiligo is the diagnosed desease. When being treated with Pigmento ointment, how long will it take to notice any improvement?

  228. Hi, I had very good skin, then did something very stupid..Fraxil laser and my skin is horrible.pigmentation larger pores and I was wondering if you can please help me? I have tanned skin and 43 years old

    Regards sherry Gaffoor

  229. Divya kohli says:

    Suffering from acne and pigmentation spots

  230. Dear Dr Sharma, I am an ex Army man , 63 years of age, and suffering from pigmentation on my Right side of forehead for last nearly one year. I have been advised HH Salic, Hyclean , but little advantage , very slow if at all.

    Request help. It is urgent, Regards, A S Lamba

  231. kalpana talukdar says:

    Sir I have chocolate cyst in ovary and it bbecoms 48×29m.m . Shall I relief from it to do yhr homeopathy treatmrnt. I have lots of bleeding at the time of prriod. Plz give advise

  232. Dr.sharma..i need a permanent fair skin..pls help ..i am abit dark..pls help…i really need a fair skin..

    • M NARASIMHA RAO says:

      my son aged 28 years facing tanaing problem for 7years
      he is using english medicines for longer period but there is no result
      kindly advice

  233. Saurabh Georaikar says:

    Greetings sir,

    I Saurabh Georaikar, 28 years old, I am occurring problem of dark skin & tanning on my face particularly, resulted my face color turned comparatively dark than my body,
    Need your suggestion does homeopathy have any remedy or set treatment to get a natural face skin color fairer.

    Your kind reply is eagerly awaited

  234. angana mukherjee says:

    Dr. Sharma, i am 32 years old. i am housewife. my problem is my body skin tone and face skin tone colour different. body skin colour fair but face skin colour dark. not glow. and dark patches on my hand. I want whitening and glowing skin tone. please help me.

  235. angana mukherjee says:

    my problem is my body skin tone and face skin tone colour different. body skin colour fair but face skin colour dark. not glow. and dark patches on my hand. I want whitening and glowing skin tone. please help me.

  236. suman jha says:

    respected sir, mujhe face per jhaian h jo karib 4sal se h ab badhti ja rahi h mere cheek nose aur upperlips per bhi banti ja rahi h maine peel bhi kraya aur bahut si alopathy medicine bhi li h koi reilife nahi hua mera face bahut hi khrab hota ja raha h meri age 36 h complexion fair h mera stomatch bhi upset h 5-6mahine se pls help me i m in dipression

  237. Hy dear mr sharma.i am very impressed to indian people .I have pigmentation on my nose and face since 2009 I have used so many treatment bleaching cream but all temporary treatment .can u tell me any permanent treatment .
    I will appreciate to u if u will reply to me

  238. Dear Doctor,

    Please suggest me how to become fair I read about your article taraxcum q want to take this medicin.
    Please tell me is it really effective and how I have to take it.
    please do really doctor please.

    Greta Negi

  239. Do u have any treatment for fairness

  240. hyperpigmentation n acne vulgaris …I have taken alopathy treatment but got no results…skin got darken..

  241. siuli sarma says:

    i have vitiligo.recently used pigmento to sun now redness.itching.that is sunburn.age 42,married,can u help me doctor?

  242. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 40 yr old residing in Dubai.. I got small pigmenation on my face basically i have fair skin. It is almost 9 months over not yet gone.. Can you guide me what i should do to clear this pigmenation from face. Pls advise and let me know what kind of medicine i should take..


  243. utkarsh verma says:

    sir i have used melas skin removal i have used for two years continue then after few days my face colour is became darker than the body colour and i have big dark patches and acne scars on my face so please please sir what to do.sir please reply fast coz i cant take it anymore and for this life is like dead.

  244. jennifer says:

    Dear Dr.

    Its been around 8 mths now that i hv noticed pigmentation on my cheek area. I move about a lots in d sun. Though i cover my face n use a cap, i hv noticed that d pigmentation has been becoming dark n spreading.
    I m fair and so it looks bad.
    Will witchhazel cream help lighten d pigmentation or what solution do you suggest.


  245. Shalaka D Margaj says:

    my face & hands became tan which face wash & cream i can used ?

  246. I have suffering from acne in face , scalp, n back in trunk
    from 5 year
    I have taken calc.phos.6x for 2-3 month n relived it but after some month acne return

  247. Deepak Sharma says:

    Dear Sir
    Actually I got an bike accident 3 years before .I am suffering from pigmenton exposure of sun light till time .Please help to erase it.

  248. nitin kumar says:

    i have dark clustered spots on both the legs in the lower parts since i was 14 now i m 25….it has completely surrounded my lower legs…can i get any cure to this…

  249. Sudha Arun says:

    Hai this is sudha,i have skin hyper pigmentation on my face in checks nose and four head. I did peel and laser treatment but no result plz help me what can i do…

  250. Mohan Verma says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since lock back my skin is Tan resultant face color is so dark.

    In allopathic I have taken a no. of Medicines & Used a no. of Creams.
    But no result, by using the Creams my skin is thin.
    Please guide me hoe can I get good result from hyper-pigmentation.


    Mohan Verma

  251. chhayasidar says:

    i have much more black spots and when i rub my face its look like a sun burn,thats why my skin loos so ugly.and also my face so sensitive.when i apply any citric thing for example nimbu are whatever pimples growen, i have a big problem in my life.i fill same in front of my friend please give me the quick solution please.

  252. ashish vishwakarma says:

    Hello sir
    I have single white small patch on my lips it is since 4 years.i have taken so many drufs for this but it still remain same.
    can u suggest me what to do so that it remove from my lips or become as like my other body color.

    reply me soon sir.

  253. Dear Doctor,


    one year back my whole body was glowing and fair but from last one year my skin is darkening and unhealthy with some pimples on my face.

    i want to regain my glowing skin without any scar and pimples.

    pls do help.what should i take with precautions?

    kind regards

  254. Diptimayee sahoo says:

    sir, i am 26 year old. my face pimple blackhead. my skin is oil skin. my face look brown to pimple. please help pimple and face glowing cream please.

  255. Ashu Shukla says:

    Dear Doctor

    last summer in around August there start rashes on my arm and rashes was like extreme sensation of burning and regular itching. sometime a fluid also come out while itching the arm, sometime it was on the face somehow it continued till the end of october 2013. after some months my wife noticed black spots on my face at one and two places around nose. but i did not believe and it kept spreading and one day when i noticed i was shocked and rushed to the dermatologist. He said it is because of hair oil i use. and prescribed some ointment and oral medicines. after two months i didn’t see any difference.

  256. dr sachin pathak says:

    sir i m dr pathak spine surgeon in pune ,need ur advice fr my father who has severe photo-dermatitis ,he is on immunosupressents now but rashesh erupt inspite of tretment
    kindly waiting for ur reply

  257. namita chaudhary says:

    have hyper pigmentation in below wrist part is fair but above that its black n little small size blisters r there in both hands ands it increasing.

  258. Sir i am 21 year old and i have some problem with my neck it has dark colour in form of rings and i think this is due to gaining of weight sir 2 years before i have only 40-45 kg weight i started gym and extra diet protein and fat rich now my weight is 65-70 and my height is 5.8 so can u suggest me any cream and also suggest me a skin lightening cream for my face although i have fair colour .

  259. sneha singh says:

    Dear sir
    I m 18yrs old.i have a dull complexion.
    Can u please suggest some remedies to get a fair
    And glowing skin.i have dark circles too. Pls
    Suggest some remedies sir.

  260. babitha says:

    hai sir,
    im 22 years my hands and face are dark than the body and from last 4 months my skin became too dark soo, can i use homeopathic medicin (fragaria vesca) do it have any disadvantages
    plz suggest me sir
    thank you.

  261. my nephew age is 12 year old she has dark complection .i want to know is any kind of medicine in homeopthy for skin

  262. sneha singh says:

    Dear doctor
    I have a normal skin colour.nd my skin tone is quite
    uneven..I want to get a fair skin..pls suggest me some homeopathy
    treatment for ths

    Thank u

  263. sneha singh says:

    Dear doctor
    I have a normal skin colour.nd my skin tone is quite
    uneven..I want to get a fair skin..pls suggest me some homeopathy
    Solutions to it..I wud be grateful to u for ths

    Thank u

  264. Kumar.v says:

    hello sir ,
    I am Kumar 27 yr,working.I request you about my skin is well toned clour no Brown r black .but my lips are black and chapped .I applied lot of lip balm and cream no use..I am not smoke and drinking..I usually take 3liter of water per day.can I ve precaution for this to turn my lips into pink..I eager for this.

  265. rinki kumari says:

    my daughter age 13 year _i have seen two light colour patches on left side of her neck.its size is like small is not pure white but little lightr than normal skin color.the area in not elevated ,no itching,or no boil around it.please prescribe some homeopathic medicine.

  266. NITESH KUMAR says:


  267. Balkrishan Kaushik says:

    Sir, i have 2 months old chiken pox holes . Because i have scratched out the layer that’s why these holes have become/? How can i get rid off from these holes?

  268. Reena jamwal says:

    I have small brown light moles over my skin and also very dark circle under eye

  269. vasanthi says:

    Helo dr, i am 26 old unmarried. My skin was normal. I had few black marks so i went t
    o a dermatologist they prescribed few creams aftr using dat for 6mnths hve lost the glow in my skin and skin has become very dry and sensitive. I tried all possible creams but it has bcum worse my skin was too soft and young texture i had. But nw it has lost its gkiw and hve bcum pale and i hve started looking v.old wit wrinkles. Pllzzzzzzz do suggest me wit a cream which is mild and help me to get my old skin texture back. I want nirmal skin texture my skin has bcum dry. Zzzz help me out

  270. iti bhadra says:

    my pigmentasion problem

  271. Mandar Ashtekar says:

    I am a teenager and facing the problem of premature greying i need your help …..over it can I cure it soon ?? Please do reply !!
    Thank you !

  272. Seema sharma says:

    Dear sir, I am extremely sensitive to sun exposure,in the past however the red patches that occurred healed after the application of ointments prescribed by my dermatologist but this time they have turned dark brown and the ointments are not helping,kindly advise me as to which homeopathy medicine will help me get rid of these patches as it is causing me a lot of stress.The area most affected is my neck.Thanking you, Seema.

  273. HI





  274. ABHISHEK TIWARI says:

    sir, pls help me about my skin disorder, my problem is that on my whole body skin brownish spot are seen and my whole body skin becomes roughly although i have drunk 7-8 ltr water per day. my age is 22 yrs. pls reply some treatment.

  275. Saroj Kumar Dash says:

    Sir, there is some black pigments occuring on my forehead and below eye since last 2-3 years. When these are more exposure to sun light then these pigments become more prominent. These appear as black patches on both the sides of forehead. So please suggest me what should I do to prevent this.

  276. hi. good to see you helping pple.
    im 28 and have a baby too. my skin is very dry spotty and dull. im fond of glowing white complextion and my husband too. my life is on stake due to not having glowing white clear frest skin. can u plz suggest me some best homeopathic medixine for skin whitening and glow.
    waiting for your reply

  277. satendra singh says:

    sir meri umr 24 ki hai mai shrir se dubla ptla hu mai chahta hu ki mai dwa ka sewn krke thora sa heldi ho jaye aapki shlah chhiye ki kaun shi dwa ka pryog kre please me i helps mi sir satendrasingh
    sir meri shadi hone ja rhi hai mai chahta hu ki may se phle kuch heldi ho jaye sir please
    mobile number

  278. Ashutosh says:

    Hai doctor
    i have a lot of skin deases like siboriotic dermatistis,on my head skin there is white clots ,cuts on joints of ear ,nose. I consult with mbbs doctors who prescribed some medicines that are good but when i leave these ointments the problems again starts
    last 1 year there is black patches strts from under eye till cheek. Someone suggested me take sepia-200,psorinum-200 once in a week alternativey.
    Can u suggest me psorinum and sepia can remove my black patches.

  279. nitu roy says:

    Dear Sir
    I have pigmetation …m trying to remove age is 26 so how can i remove pigmetarion …please sujesst me….

  280. sakhian bi says:

    I heard u can take iodium 200cc to lighten the skin but can I also use lightening cream eswell it wont make u look like Michael Jackson?

  281. Ananda Gopal Bhowmick says:

    Dark circle beside the eyes, and my face is more darker than my body.Please send the solution to my mail id then it will very much helpful for me.

  282. raja mohan reddy says:

    Dr. Sharma:

    i am 42 years man and since 10 to 12 years facing the problem of hyper pigmentation on my face. i used alo veera jel daily for last two years . there is no results. i used Lumaglow cream for one week. it has side effects that reddish colour on my cheeks. i stopped it. my friends and relatives telling me that my complexion was changed to black when compare to prior to my colour and dark spots on my face and spots have increased in size and also have covered my whole cheeks.
    Is there any homeopathic medicine that can help me? please suggest me any medicine or cream which does not have side effects to me.

    Thank you,

    Raja mohan Reddy.

  283. priya saner says:

    sir, m 23 and have dark complexion. ..but my face is more darker than rest of my body. there any cure?

  284. how cn i get xtreme glowing n clear skin

  285. adeeba khan says:

    I hve lots of brown moles on my face and dark circles and my skin is vry drty……
    i m 18 yrs only
    Plzz help me-

  286. I apply hair dye regularly since last 15 years. This should have darkened my face. While, other parts of my body are quite fair my face is dark due to seepage of the dye into the skin of my face. Please suggest a homeopathic remedy to remove the pigmentation and bring my facial skin to the colour of rest of my body.

  287. Sir,
    I am rekha.I have dark complexion and want to be fairer and I have scars too.please suggest me any best homeopathic medicine for that.I am30 years.

  288. Manju Yadav says:

    Black spots on forehead. back of hand , legs, lower back… Kindly advice

  289. Sir my complextion is brown i want fair skin plz suggest me

  290. Hellow Dr
    i want to ask you about My complextion is veetish and i am good fair enought too but i want to my skin to glow more and more fairness plz tell me some thing regarding it

  291. Biplab Lodh says:

    I am 40 years old, man from past last 3-4 months i have black spot on my face (on nose)
    kindly give me advice.
    Biplab Lodh
    West Bengal

  292. aquib khan says:

    hello sir , acne, pimples & dark pathes on my face sujjest me some homeopathy medicine …

  293. Mrs. madhu says:

    I am having hyperpigmentation on cheek bone and nose since 3 months,I am 27 yrs old, i am staying in malaysia.I wont expose to sun. pleas suggest me

  294. Ninny Mehra says:

    Having pigmentation marks on my forehead n patchy help me out as I am tired from allopathic treatment

  295. bushra trisha says:

    i have spots on my hands and legs they are dark spot caused by skin rashes and some scrabbling by nails what homeopathy medicine should i take to remove this spot?

  296. Ashu Shukla says:

    Hello Dr.

    My name is Ashu Shukla, and my age is 39 years. i have problems of black spots around my nose area and various other are on my forehead and cheeks in form of dots. These problem has suddenly started to rise its head. I have not very disciplined time of mealing for last one year. My appetite is normal. i don’t take alchohol or smoke at all. Please advise me the medications.

    i shall be highly thankful to yo

  297. prasanna prasad says:

    suggest me a homeopathy medicine for pigmentation of skin and for fair and glowing skin

    thank you

  298. shabana salim says:

    Hello doctor I m an Indian I m having a very dark complexion plz suggest me some homeopathy medicine which make me very fair forever. I m 25yrs old n I live in gwalior

  299. Md.Nadim Akhtar says:

    Dear Sir,
    i am a patient of Hyper pigmentation (Brown Colour Skin) on my nose and upper chicks part. I used so many english cream like the composition of hydroquinone and trinitone .But the result is very quite low . It gets red on the effected part and irritation in sunlight. what should i do. is there any solution in homeopathy .This problem is from last 14-15 years. It really looks bad on my face. Please do if any solution you have.


  300. satyaramesh mv says:

    i have been suffering with pigmentation like blackish of skin on my face ,particularly on forehead and on chicks both sides.infact my body color is white but my face and arms become black-kindly advice me the treatment for which i shall be thankful.

  301. Sir , i am 22 years old,male. i have severe melasma and darkening all over my forehead,cheek .I seeks many homeopath and allopath doctors,but the conditions get more worse. I have used the medicine hydroquinone for a long time, hence may be it is a negative side effect of it.Apart from it i had take sulphur,graphite,petroleum,sepia,kali bromatum,berberis aquafolium and many more in hand made mixed form from prescription. I totally lost hope now. I feel very shameful and confidentless among my batchmates.
    please help.
    thanks in anticipation
    with regards

  302. Palani Raja says:

    Sir, My job requires me to travel at least 100 kms on bike per day, The covered part of my body is of light color but my face, Exposed hands and legs are dark very very dark I look funny to myself if I look in the mirror without my shirt on, It is that bad. Please help me with some medicine (both intake and to apply)

  303. Yagna pandit says:

    Dr sharma

    I had a fair skin when I was a kid,bt as I started growing from the age of 13 I noticed a change in my skin it was becoming a sort of wheatish in colour and is getting dull everyday,nt to mention I was also a fat boy since my childhood and have a very dark neck bt by inner body,non exposed bodyparts are fair and have hyperpigmentation on my face neck my age is 19 and I am fat help me regarding this as it is very hard to myself in the mirror.

  304. dnyaneshwar says:

    i have problem with hyperpigmentation on face due to used hydroquinon i hsve used slin lite cream plese helpe to cure yhis prpblem suggest me any homeppathic medicine that can be availsble in india

  305. ajay singh pawar says:

    My skin is fare due to sun burn at present very dark how to remove tanning of my skin.

  306. Sir my accident befor my face 4 statis then dark mark in face.plz give me some ramedie

  307. swati dhingra says:

    My complexion is dark. Can u suggest me any homeopathic medicine for fair complexion and glowing of the my face. Currently I am using the homeopathic aloevera cream of baksons. Is this OK or not.

  308. Pankaj Kumar Mishra says:

    from last more than 1 year i have black and white spot on my fingers upper side and from last 7-8 moths its itching and after that such portion turned little harder than normal skin. some one told that it is hyper-pigmentation and it is very tough task to cure, so please advice me is it right or it can be cure in homeopathy, and what should be the procedure?

  309. A.M.Vijay Dharsaun says:

    I am suffering from skin discoloration since 30 years . my age is 48/male /married.My skin tone is totally affected. I am a teetotaler . Not using allopathic medicine.
    when taking coral calcium my skin colour becomes normal. If stops it becomes dull .After taking Badam tail oil internally it is better.
    My Homeopathy Dr diagnosed it as fungal and gave berberis Aqufolium . Now i am using nux-vomica it is little better. Kindly help me to relieve from the skin proplems.

  310. venkatesan says:

    Dear Doctor,I have been having pigmentation jn both my legs starting from below the knee & upto to my entire feet since 1981.The itching is very severe on some occasions & upon scratching it creats burning sensation causing dryness of partly white patches in the areas scratched.I have been externally been applying vasline, petrolium jelly or cocoanut oil. request for a permanent cure.Regards & thanks.

  311. silky Loyal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am 28 yrs old and two mmonts ago I had a tan on my face. Since I am having a laser treatment done for my ficial hair I had to get rid of the tan as soon as possible. I tried scrubing lemon but it dint help. Someone recommend betnovate cream as it helps lighten skin tone. I applied it twice but next morning I woke up with a red flushed face. Its been a week my face is still the and discoloured. Could you please help me get rid of this redness and restore my natural skintone back. I am very worried.

  312. sir can u tell me wt is best homeo medicine fr fair complexion.should i use taraxacum Q or frageria vesca r any other medicine fr fair cmplxn i dnt want to use creams…

  313. for glowing skin & fairness please give me details

  314. Dr.Sharma,
    I would like to know where i can buy Taraxacum q and Fragaria Vesca in Chennai. My otherwise fair skin looks dark because of pimples and pigmentation.Please help.

  315. hai,
    i have small dott type on my back neck and on hands,it is identified as sun tan,i am facing this from my graduation, now i am 26,so from past 8 years am having this, i have tried many palours to reduce my tan but they all stood helpless to me,it is really very ugly for me on my back neck and hands. can you plz suggest any medicine to me which will help me to reduce tan on me. waiting for your reply

  316. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have very deep pigmentation under my eyes from last 10 years and after applying many things after consult doctor, its not remove. can i get good medicine which will help to remove the same

  317. dr i am suffering from hyperpigmentation from past 3-5 years.i have applied so many of medicnes but no i am fed up of all medicines.i just want to know about some good and safe medicine for my skin .it has totally become black from look like black scars .pls help me

  318. dr bhushan khedkar says:

    Sir ! Greetings of diwali!
    I’m an orthopaedic surgeon 28 yrs old. I had acne 8 mnths back. My collegue gave me isotretinoin acne subsided but I became sensitive to sunlight. I came to know that its a mild photodermatitis secondary to isotretinoin intake. Now I’m getting itching, tanning & small boils on sun exposure. Could u plz tell me the best remedy. I’m concerned about tanning

  319. Ashish Bhargava says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I witnessed a burning sensation in two fingers of my left foot about a year back, took some medicine and it was allrite. It again started this summer. And now i have white patches caused by strong irritation on both my arms below albow.

    My daughter age 3 years also have same white patches on her arms and legs, my wife thinks those are caused by mosquitoes rashes.

    Please advise .



  320. regina pamma karai says:

    hyper pigmentation on face, suffering for passed 4 year it started on my cheeks and spread all over on my face, though i used sunscreen and night cream too, i do facial too once in a month not effect at all. Once i got terribly sun burned and all my skin peeled off in the year 2004 ,very worried please kindly suggestion what kind of treatment should i take. My skin very is sensitive to environment, type – combination skin. please suggest . thank you

  321. Sarbajaya Mazumder says:


    there are pigmentations and freckels on my face, feet, arms and other exposed part of the body.

  322. Rashmi Krishna says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I went on a beach holiday in January 2013. Despite using Neutrogena SPF 50++ PA+++ sunblock, i acquired a deep tan all over my face, arms and legs. Also, i noticed some spots on my neck and back which are pea sized and considerably darker than the rest of the body. I met a dermatologist and he gave me creams to apply on the spots. The spots have now lightened considerably. But the rest of my body is still dark and tanned. Please help.

  323. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is just 5+ and she is suffering from depigmentation of skin, she is fair in color and she is having it from last 1 year, initially it started as small white spot from left bottom of her lips then extended, now it is on her forehead and neck (only on left part), i stay in Dubai, is there any solution in homeopathy.

  324. My face clour is black and very oily .i am from hyderabad.plz can you say me where should i can meet you fro getting rid of my oily and black face

  325. good evening sir
    iam sk abdul suffering from sensasation on specific part of skn later it looses its pigment on spot gradually.i show many doctors but they told this is not vitiligo iam using medicine also but sensation not decreasing.on that patch skin becomes thin and hair loss occouring.sir please help me to get out of this stage.

  326. hi.. im 20yrs old. normal complexion. can i take FRAGARIA VESCA 3X potency for geting fair skin? Is there any side effects? plzz reply soon

  327. hello sir,I have got dark patches on face. this patches are due to chicken pox.,when I was young I stratched that boile so I turned into dark I’m 17 years old.,so please advice me what to be done?

  328. Dear Si,
    I m 22 year old girl my color is weatish but some parts of me body is darker than my face. I want to fair it as my face kindly suggest me some medicine.

  329. somali mukherjee says:

    Hi I have dark complextn. my body is darker than a face. I really wnt 2 b fair wht shuld I do means which medicine will help me

  330. hello doctor,
    I am having pigmentation on my face over cheeks I am around 40 please do suggest some medicine.

  331. im suffering from hyper pigmentation on my left leg. it started with an itch and left dark spots.
    I’ve seen dermatologist but no improvement.
    plz sugest a best medicine

  332. B M PILLAI says:

    Dear Sir,

    Since last 5 years i was suffering from acne and have done many medications in allopathy but all was in vain. Thereafter i started Dr. Batra’s homeopathic medicine and is continuing the same since last 1 1/2 year. At the time of starting this homeopathic treatment the condition of my acne became worsen for 2 months but then after my acne started improving. Now my acne is almost 80% cured. But since last few months my both cheek is getting pigmented. Firstly it started on my left cheek and then my right cheek is also getting pigmented. I am having very fair skin and now this pigmentation is causing me great concern. My acne is under control and too much improved. I have consulted my homeopathic doctor at Dr. Batra’s and they had given me skin lightening cream to apply on face and told that slowly and gradually the pigmentation will be cured.

    Please suggest me how to get the right treatment from my homeopathic doctor.


  333. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Im having pigmentation since 2009 to till date. i tried lots of cream but useless,at present i m using BB mushroom cream korean product. but i did not find any differents. I therefore request you to guide me to cure my pigmentation in my face. I just wanted to die pls help me.
    Thanks & Regards

  334. Doctor,

    I am 26 Year male from kerala. Doctor my problem is that i have very dark skin. It was not that dark when i was 16. But now my full body is getting darker and darker. Is there any way you can help me to improve my skin color.

    Thanx and Regards


  335. keerti sharma says:

    hello sir, I am suffer from facial pigmentation from last 5 – 6 years. my both cheekbone areas have black patches. I am going through menopause stage. please suggest me homeopathic medicine.

  336. There has been an inreased growth of light brown pigmentation on my facil skin. there are no side effects but it is visible and am quite worried as it may spread further. Kindly suggest some suitable treament. I am 35 years old female and am having no medical problem.

  337. Pinky C. Hore says:

    I am 37 yrs old pigmentation problem started with my PCOD and aggravated after the birth of my son (in 2007). I have pigmentation on my face and my arm(this developed during pregnancy). Kindly suggest a solution.

  338. pradip kumar chatterjee says:

    my daughter’s age is 20 yrs. & she is doing her graduation.during day time she has to go to college & do her day works. during summer she is encountering sun spot on her face.requesting you to suggest the remedies.

  339. Doctor
    am a srilankan girl .23years .i have dark face than my body armpit,round neck,tights are dark but other areas fair.54kg and 5’2 hight.please suggest me a medication available in srilanka.
    Thank u

  340. Chetan Narang says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am having problem due to my lips.My lips have turned into black colour due to a salt named TETRA.Whenever i eat that medicine a type of allergy starts on my lips.It has started about 4 years ago.
    Now i dont eat that kind of medicines but the colour of lips remained black and it looks very odd.I had tried every kind of medicines.
    I just want is there any kind of operation or short treatment for the change of colour.I had never smoke or drinked.

  341. gunjan srivastava says:

    hello sir,
    sir,mere face par pigmentation hogye hai or ab ye pure body par hone lage hai,bahut medicine le chuki hu par khatam nhi ho rahe hai…plz tell me medicine jis se puri trah se pigmentation khatam ho jaye

  342. I’ve freckles on my face since last year and my colour was fair but now i have very dull complexion, after a few months im going to be married kindly recommend me such a cream/lotion that can show best results with in a couple of weeks.

  343. Chandrakala says:

    Dr Sharma

    Since past 2-3 months am suffering from small patches (white) in my arms & leg & am 35 Yrs old lady. Its starts with red in color and then become a bit dry & later turn into small patches in white. Please advise if any ointment or medicine to eat to get rid of it.

    Thanks & Regards

  344. Am 26yrs female frm chennai. I have pimples that looks very large like boils . After it reduces it leaves a black marks. I have pale fair skin complexion but now my complexion has turned dark. Is there any medicines to get rid of this pimples and black marks and suggest me medicines to improve my complexion.

  345. Hi,

    I am 28 years female. i am d=suffering from Stress, Depression, and left ovarian Hemorragic Cyst. Also my face is turning black day by day.
    So can you please help me in treating my problem and getting back my fair look.

    Thanking you in Advance.

  346. TONY JOSE says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Three years before I had an accident and left with a large black scar on my nose.
    The skin tissue seems to be damages and developed a black scar(but smooth scar).
    It becomes very embarrassing for me and I tries so many allopathy and ayurvedic medicines,but of no use.
    Can you please advise me if there is any medicine which can help(or at least reduce the black texture).
    I am 29 years old and have a medium dark complexion.

  347. how to eliminate black spots of skin my contact no.9746346834

  348. Ms.Kiran Gupta says:

    Dear Dr,
    Since the past 2-3 months, I have developed pigmentation on both my cheek bones and around my eyes. I have never had this problem ever. I do not use any cosmetics neither do I go facial massages, etc. i use Dove soap once a day to clean my face since the past many years. I do not go outdoors much as I am a Professional working from home. My doctor friend who lives overseas, asked me to take Sepia 200 (3-3) and to apply Witch Hazel cream. I started this treatment on the 22nd of May’13. The results are showing almost 25%. However, could you suggest any other treatment? I am 45 years of age. I weigh 63 kgs and I stand 5.6′ in height. No illnesses or medications.
    Warm regards,
    Kiran Gupta

  349. To
    dr. Sharma
    i am student & go out in the sun for tution.there was sun tan, on my face & sun burn on my forheat & therefor my forhead is now black since two year.first i neglect it but now it darkness in my complexion,so i req u to please suggest me how i get my normal face back?

  350. Hi,

    I am 27yrs old and suffering from left Hemorragic Cyst which is 2.7 cm. also my face and hand color has become very very dark as compared to other body parts.can you suggest me some homeopathic medicine to get back my fair look.

    Thanks & Regards,

  351. ayesha khan says:

    Plz dr tell me color complexion and gloom tablet because my color is dull black

  352. Nishi Thakur says:

    I am 45 years old. Besides the normal dot pigmentation, I have a very peculiar pigmentation. It starts with a small dot and spread gradually in straight line almost like join-the-dots and looks somebody has scratched the skin. This has occurred in the right cheek in two places.

  353. prabhash says:

    Sir, i m 22yr old & on my face there are many black spot like moles.
    Plz suggest its remedy or any homeo medicine.

  354. how to cure lip pigmentation using homeiopathic cream

  355. bhavani singh raghav says:

    melasma k liye homeopathy and aayurvedic medicines ek sath le sakte h ya nahi

  356. Idoris Khongsni says:

    I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and nose would you kindly prescribed any homeopathic medicine for me to get rid of this problem as I have had this problem since the year 2000.I am 37 yes old.

  357. rajwant kaur says:

    Dear sir

    Actually i am suffering from skin pigmentation,,i have developed some round freckles on my cheeks,nose and recently on upper lip.I am having a pretty face but these dark spots are making it ugly day by day. Please suggest me something that help me to cure my freckles permanently..

    Rajwant Kaur


      • Can you please share with me Dr. waseem’s clinic address or website if he has one. I am a psoriais patient. i came across his name and some patient claimed his treatment for psoriasis is very effective and heals the disease. thank you.

  358. jai prakash maurya says:

    dear sir i am a 28 years old male. i have many black dots on my skin of face chest legs and genitals. these spots are called til in my local language.
    please suggest a treatment for these black dots.

  359. Meghna Singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have dark colour little brownish spot on my left shoulder from quite along time it dont hav any other problems like pains blister or itching its constant there.. I would be really very thankful if you would recommend me some homeopathic medicine as i tried some home remedies like putting fresh alovera gel but that didnt helped….

    Thank You

  360. Sir , can u advice me for homeopathic tablets and syrup to, get fair skin . and also fairness cream

    There is huge complexion difference between my chest skin or thigh skin and face skin.

    i believe that internal Medicare is more solid to get result

  361. Sir , can u advice me for homeopathic tablets and syrup to, get fair skin .

    There is huge complexion difference between my chest skin or thigh skin and face skin.

  362. Prem Nath Jha says:

    Dear Sir,

    My wife has brown pigmentation on her both cheeks for the last 10 years. It looks very bad. She had a lot of treatment without any gain. Sometimes the patches become light but again it becomes the same. Doctors have prescribed several creams to apply. But creams did not work.

    Could you suggest some homeopathy medicines for her.

    With regards,

  363. Dr.
    im suffering from hyper pigmentation from last two years.
    allopathy dr said its a assy dermotosis.
    they given steroid cream. when im using it its ok but when there is gap for 3-4 day it become more blackish.
    i went to homeopathy dr also.
    they given me tablet & skin mix to apply on face but no much more effet.

    plz sugest a best medicine
    i fade up dr.
    i want my previous skin back

  364. Syed Rizwan Amin says:

    hello sir

    I m a male of 24 years. I m having pigmentation area on my neck(brown coloured) from 7-8 years .I took several ointment but there is no any improvement.pls suggest me some remedies.

  365. Ramakrishna Peri says:

    My wife is suffering with black spots of pimples on face and pigmentation patches on hands and legs .

    Please help us and guide to proceed further with curing of mentioned skin problems.

    Thanks and kind regards,


  366. Parul Jain says:

    Hello Dr.,

    Greeting of the day.

    Dr. I have a black mark on my upper lip area. Actually when i was a kid at the age of 6-7 years, I had dryness and infection due to my saliva in winters for a long period of time. It looked very red and dry at that time and took a lot of time to heal after medication and usage of glycerin and rose water over that. But since then there is a black mark over that which seems to be pigmented skin. I have taken lot of homeo as well as allopathic treatments but it has not vanished. Can u please suggest any treatment to remove it completely.


  367. Swagatika Panda says:

    in my face some dark patches were there n i went to a homeopathic doctor he gave me some medicine but after that my dark patches started spreading n after that i m continuing that medicine for 3yrs but i have not seen improvement in my face complexion what should i do ? should i go to a dermatologist?

  368. Pinky kapoor says:

    I m 21 year old and married i have hyperpigmentation spots on my nose please suggest me homeopathic treatment

  369. acheterkamagragel100mg says:

    Comment: You commit an error. Let’s discuss.

  370. kaleem abbas says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, very glad to see your website and great remedies of homeopathy,
    Basically, i am from Pakistan and i have skin problem of ACNE on my face. Now my age is 30 years and single. I have this problem from last ten years. A big spot come on my face, seems to be come on my second layer of skin and after 20 days it open and pus come out from it and leave a small hole or scar on the skin. sometime it become very severe. I took many alopathy and i used two to three months full course but it does not work for me for permanent, it only works if i take medicine. Can you recommend me any homeopathy medicine for acne problem and second to remove scars and holes from the face.

  371. – Good day Dr. Sharma
    I live in Malaysia. Where can I buy chichorium intybus mother tinture and taraxacum Q?
    Any website where I can buy online from India.
    2- My nephew age10 years old is short for his age. Probably genetics because both parents are short. Is there any save homeopathic medicine to increase his height?

  372. k.karunakaran says:

    my face is very dark as compared to the other parts of the body. I am in marketing and i go out in the sun not frequently or extensively now a days but i used to do extensive marketing during my initial years that is some 10 years ago. I should say that during college years itself the pigmentation started to show up. kindly suggest what should i do.

  373. Sanket Charles says:

    Hi, From last 8 years I have black dark spots/Pigmentation beside my both Eyes and Forehead. Kindly suggest me what medicine should I take to remove these spots.

  374. hi dr.sharma
    i am a thyroid patient and taking allopathic medicine for that. i’ve dark spots on my arms and some pigmentation on my face that looks very awkward. please tell the medicine to remove the same.


  375. sonia rana says:

    The color of my lips are usually black.i think it is due to pigmentation. no amount of remedies has helped. could u plz suggest me some creams which is safe for my lips and help lighten its color to natural pink.

  376. Sir,
    I am 44yrs old lady who got pigmentation on my cheeks and forehead. I tried alopathy medicines and I didnt find any improvement. “face darkening due to photosynthesis”..When I go out in the sun, I get rashes on my face and sometimes I use alergy tablets like citrizide to get rid of that. Please pls doctor help me in my case. I cant afford medicines with high price also. Thank you.


  377. irfana Majid says:

    How to reduce hyperpigmentation of my face. Please help me.

  378. v.p.aggarwal says:

    i have facial pigmentation which you call melasma on both face ,identical, symmetrical and also on forehead for last few months. used tretion a, momate and bright cream several times but to no avail. feeling harresed, face looking black and ugly. kindly help and tell me the medicine which can help.

  379. respected sir,
    i m suffering frm hyper pigmentation since last 4 years. i have tried many medicines frm many skin specialist bt unfortunately i didnt get result..i hv read abt homeopethy in news paper. i hv heard that while getting treatmnt frm homeopethy 1st the deseas causes more n then it reduces…is it ri8 or wrng???
    awaiting for ur responce..

  380. nikki macgregor says:

    i would like some advice on homeopathic remedies for pigmentation on my face.
    I am 32 and towards the end of my first pregnancy and since which is nearly 2 years now, I have been getting dark patches on my cheekbones and forehead also mixed in with white patches so my skin looks very aged, i have very oily skin and also get acne 1 week before my period is due, in the form of cystic lumps which very rarely burst and last about 2 weeks.
    Sick of looking like i have awful skin always had spots now have horrid brown patches making me look very tired and old my skin is also quite dry in places when im not having an oily day and looks very bad,
    Any advice would be appreciated

  381. adiyapatham c s says:

    I am 55years old undergone double valve replacemet heart surgery in 2009 My present weight is 78 kg and my BMR is 27.9 kindly advice me which medicine I have to use to reduce my weight in and around 62 kg,.I have to use anticoagulant codamin 3mg daily

  382. Dear Doctor,

    My Mother is having skin discoloration patches under nexk area just above chest and also in tummy area.
    It started 3 mnths back and now it is increasing in summer here in US(California).
    We are tensed so please suggest Homeoppathy medicine to get rid of the patches


  383. i am 37 yrs old and suffering from pigmentation on cheeks and nose for the last 5 yrs. have not taken any medication yet. kindly suggest medicines for it.


  384. Hello DR. sharma,

    I am 32 yrs old a working professional, i have freckles on face and body, more prominent on face, These are small brown spots on face, my complexion is very fair and i have with red or blond hair, i consulted one of leading dermatologists they sugessted laser treatment for removal of this multiple frecles from my face. I had few attempts but alll in vain. The Drs made it clear that it would reappear. I tried all treatments, now sort of fed up of these left the matter.
    I apply SPF50 suncreen.
    Few of my friends suggested Homeopathy for this condition
    After reading various messages on your blog i have ray a hope on homeopathy.
    I would sincerely like to know whether there is a treatment for freckles. So that they do not reappear again. If yes please help me out. I would be really thankful to you

    Thanks and regards

  385. Hi,

    My name is Mohit, I am 25 years old. I have lot of pigmentation over my nose area.
    These pigmentation are clearly visible on my face.
    When i come out in sum light, The pigmentation are increased automatically.
    Can you please help me out and suggests what to do.

  386. i have melasma dark and white patches on my cheeks

  387. I am 30 yrs old and I got pigment
    ation at the back, neck and arm its been there since 2004, iv tried all kind of treatment but didnt work. can you kindly suggest any advice. thanks

  388. seema prasad says:

    I am 52 years old woman a working as school teacher. I had mild attack of jaundice (Hepatitis-E) two years ago and going through menopausal phase now. For last one year I started developing blue- black pigmentation on my face, forehead, cheeks and now spreading towards towards neck. In summer season it becomes more prominent while going out in sun . Please advice as I have tried allopathic treatment, several skin lotions till date.

  389. seemita says:

    i have black and white heads all over my face and have pigmentation too,please suggest me a homeopathic medicine for anti melanin and preventing comedones

  390. MD.shahabuddin says:

    Asslamalaikum Dr sahab
    Dear sir
    I am Mohammad shahabuddin my age is 28 years i am working in oman as eng
    in my child hood my face & all body colour is fair so how i growth my face & body colour is change slowly as black what i can do give me creams names

  391. 1)Is it possible to get a beautiful skin by homeo skin peeling without side effects?iIdon’t want use glycolic/other allopathic peeling,because those are chemicals

    I have some problems in skin

    1)melasma(hyper pigmentation) /and phosynetic problem for 12 yrs
    2)uneven skin
    3)dark complection
    4)Skin tightening medicine(antiwrinkle and for glowing skin)I don’t want botox(alepothy,because that is a temporary tretment)
    3)Enough sweating/so I want a good homeopathic sunscreen/uva,uvb/spf controlled skin
    4)Homeopathic cleanser/toner/moisturiser
    I am waiting for ur answer
    I am 36 yrs old lady
    My liver function test,USG of whole abdomen,TC,DC,Hb all is ok
    I am unmarried.So I don’t use peel
    I always intake light meal/enough drinking water

    Actually I feel depressive mod for my problems
    Plz help me

    plz tell me in details
    i am eagerly waiting for ur reply

    Kind regards

  392. Mrs.anuja says:

    i am 47 yrs.suffering from Melasma for last 6 years.
    At present i am in Abu Dhabi & visiting India in next month.

    As i am fed up with many allopathic medicines(absolutely no cure),i am now desperately want to know frankly whether same can be cured with homeopathic medicine.

    Can i know details to take appointment,contact no.,addressin mumbai,approximate consultation fees & medicine.
    How long is the treatment in general?

  393. NEETA sharma says:

    my complexion changed from fair to very dark one in just four days,and now i have brown patch on my cheek bone

    do you have any medicine in homepathy

  394. NEETA sharma says:

    my complexion changed from fair to very dark one in just four days,and now i have brown patch on my cheek bone

  395. Hello Dr i have a brown or black pigmentation i can notice it. i have a pimples that also big big one and now start a pigmentation,so Dr can you please suggest me which medicine will work better.

  396. is there any medicine in homeopathy for “face darkening due to photosynthesis”

  397. mohamednazar says:

    dear, sir i am 20yrs old i am changing my face color white so what i take cream
    please help me

  398. debabrata Sarkar says:

    specially in winter i observed some black spot covers on both of my cheeks. my parents said it is mechedaspot. i am 63yrs old. in summer it is reduced partially. i haveno constivation trouble. pl. help me if u have any cream and oblige

  399. Martha de Klerk says:

    I am 73 years old . My arms and face are full of dark spots. help me please. I do not want to pay on the inrenet but rather give me some advice what i can buy to stop this.

  400. Dear dr.

    In the year 2004, I underwent a surgical operation for Crohn’s Disease. Now for the last 6 months, my face has become dark in colour by way of spot marks like small pox patches.My nose, a total discoloration occurred. Also, when expose to sun the darkness becomes severe.

    When I consulted with a dermatologist and he advised me that it is due to Crohn’s allergy since I did not pass through any other diseases. I now using skin ointments during night and Sun Cream during day time.

    I just would like to know any homoeo medicines available for improvement of normal skin? Please advise.


  401. Dear,
    i want fair and glowing face pl e-mail name of a cream soon which cost less

  402. mohsin khan says:

    hi, i have some dark complexion.i wan some fair my face and forhead.plz suggest me something.

  403. i have car accident and have white patches on my thumb now.i have hypertropy scar on shoulder. now on my hand skin discoloration because of sun or heat, i do not know. i am really worry about it. please let me know.

  404. plz help me.
    ive dark circles near eyes,and my cheeks.iam 25 yrs old.ive been suffering from this pigmentation since last year.ive been using brite day cream+momtas since then.plz suggest me……..

  405. ritu chana says:

    i am 50 years of age,suffering from pigmentation on my cheeks,i have tried everything but of no use,i am taking homeopathy as well but no effect,the look of my face depresses me.please help me,and do tell me if this problem really goes .i am really fed up.

  406. Ramesh Kumar Saxena says:

    I amd 73 years old; having diabetes for 30 years, using insulin, suffering from acute eczematic eruptions with terrible itching on the whole body but principaly onthe head, bechind it while in heat; after scratching the spots get white like leucoderma, skin became thing while is it thick behind the neck. I am at present using Dr.Rickeweb’s No.r-23 and occasional Ars. Alb. I had already used Psorinum, Sulpher, Petroleum, Mezerium. having constipation standing for several years, bowels moved with difficulty.

    Taste: Like both sweet and sour.

    Eating: Fruts like oranged, apples.

  407. my age is 27 years old and married lady. my skin is some dark natuarly. now i m married but no make any relationship in physical since 2 years. my husband is well from body. is there any medicine to face and body more glowing? .i take tension easily and highly emotional.please help me.

  408. prince kumar singh says:

    is there any medicine to make a face more glowing.

  409. prince kumar singh says:

    i have black spots on my face and premature white tell me some good medicines for cure from black spot and premature white hair.

  410. i hav a pigmented part of my nose and chick.i m 37 year old.
    tell me which homeopahic medicine i eat.
    or cream i apply on my pigmented part.
    thanking u

  411. neha gampawar says:

    hello sir,
    my face skin is darker than the skin of my whole body.i also take tension easily and highly emotional.please suggest some remedies.

  412. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I’ve been suffering for hyper pigmentation on my forehead (hardly 1 Inch) for a long time almost 17 years and during these years I’ve undergone treatment with 3 doctors but after using the medicine regularly I didn’t find any improvement, neither increase nor decrease the affected area. Prescribed medicine was last time Arsenic Album 200.

    Right now, I am using from last 2 months Pigmento ointment . These medicines I’ve used or using only prescribed by doctors.

    But now I fed up with all these treatments.

    I’ve coincidently read your comments and believe that you can help me to get rid of this. Please advice

  413. i have to go to high school by cycle !!
    due to over exposure of sun ! my face become so darker and tanned !!
    it is 5 times darker than my body !
    is there any cure o lighten my skin ?
    am 18 !!

    • roshni dharmik says:

      respected sir,
      i want to know that is their any solution to make skin fair and healthy forever? plz reply

      • Tell me homeopathic treatment for fair n glowing skin

      • Bhawardeep Singh Ranu says:

        Sir my face colour is black and i want to make my skin fair and white
        my skin get black due to tanned and somehow due to dust etc
        please tell me some medicines without side effect which can make my colour white and fair
        please i want to die as a black
        i want to increase my personality .

        Thanks a lot
        i hope u will help me

  414. i have skin pigmentation
    knee pai n , leg pain
    i am 36 years old

    • dnyaneshwar says:

      i have problem with hyperpigmentation on face due to used hydroquinon i hsve used slin lite cream plese helpe to cure yhis prpblem suggest me any homeppathic medicine that can be availsble in india

  415. M. Diwakar says:

    i am having stretch marks all over body. When i consulted the dermatologist they told it is more of a cosmetic thing and not a complication. Is there any cure for that.

  416. pls. suggest me how to remove pigmentation arreoun my face like my chicks,
    nose and forehead. pls. given suggestion,
    right now i m using these creams for exemp. hexilak gel and hydroquinone cream usp this is very hard cream my face is burn.
    after pregnency face this problem. having a two kids

    • agni shikha verma says:

      Dr. sharma
      I am mother of 3 kids,2twin daughters n 1 age is 33 I am watching some pigmentation around nose and some small patches on cheek.i drink a lot of water.but my patches are not vanishing please tell me some homeopathic medicine.i am using maderma cream .

    • I have hyper pigmentation.
      I have black spots on face and whole body. Pls suggest me.

  417. Kiran G. Taukari says:

    My son Age 16, have a pigmentation( Black Spots) on forehead, besides both the eyes, Nose, Chil etc.
    Please guide us.

  418. Anup Kumar says:

    My son is having black/brown spots at his face and white patches at his other parts of his body. He is having the problem of photosensitivity. Now he is 3 years old. Skin specialist diagnosed the disease as Xeroderma pigmatiso. Whether any treatment in homeopaty? please advise

    • Simmi singh says:

      having face pigmentation /brown spots on the face which medicine should i take… to get rid of the pigmentation…


      • babli ray says:

        Dear sir, i haveface pigmentation/ brown spots ………i have taking sepia200 . please help me.

    • Archana Patwardhan says:

      Hello Dr Sharmaji …. I m 44 years old and suffering from hyperpigmentation marks on my legs, hands, and small spots on my face . Its brown patches on my body which makes me very embarrassing . Even I m suffering ftom dark under eye circles . I earlier tried homeopathic formula from one of homeopathrDr for more than 8months but it didn’t work on my skin problem even 1% . So i stopped that medication . I m suffering from this problem for 7-8years Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine for my hyperpigmentation problem which are easily available in the homeopath pharmacy so that I will get rid of these dark brown patches completely and stop spreading it further .

  419. hello

    i m 24 yrs old.

    i m siffering from acute acne and pigmentation from the last 4 yrs. although acne is quite under control but in my forehead have deep black area which is blackened due to pigmentation. kindly suggest me some medicines. also i m applying creams like Brite day cream, tretin 5 %, glyco a, can i use both these medicines and ur medicine simultaneously.


    • Rajesh Dab says:


      My name is rajesh dab. My age is on 24 years. My face and body having black. So i requesting to you please help from having black spot . Pls sir help me.


  420. saima rafat says:

    pigmentation marks on nose and cheeks from last 2 years these marks starts when i was pregnant but on that time these are very light . iam enemic also.

    • Pradeep P Mammen says:


      I am 46 years old, residing in Al Ain, UAE. I have lot of black scars in my body, even if a small wound or cut after healed remains in black scar, My body colour is fair, I have many such scars in my legs and hands. If there is any effective treatment for this in homeopathy?.

    • I have hyper pigmentation and brown freckls on my face what should i use for these and really going down color of mine

  421. Raiesa S. says:

    Dr. Sharma:

    About 21 years back I had to walk about 3 miles to go to work. This was in the intense heat of Visakhapatnam. My native place was Hyderabad but my job was in Visakhapatnam. Exactly 4 days after I started that job, my family came to Vizak (Visakhapatnam) and they were surprised to see me, because my complexion changed from fair to very dark one in just four days.

    I lived there about 4 years. The complexion was later changed back to some extent, however, 3 to 4 years after I left Vizak, I saw small dark spots on my face. In a period of 14 years the spots have increased in size and also have covered my whole face. There are some on my back and arms. These spots have the color of dark chocolate and the size is of lentils; some big and some small.

    Is there any homeopathic medicine that can help me? I tried Sulphur 30 but it didn’t help me; instead I started getting the all-gone sensation in my stomach. I have hyperacidity. If you can please help me out with this I would really appreciate. If you let me know the name and potency of the medication, I will get it from India or I can get it from a store here.

    Thank you,


    • 35 yrs ,female, chronic photodermatitis since 2yrs . is there any treatment ?

      • Navneet Dhillon says:

        Sir i have pigmentation both cheeks and forhead from 3 years. These mark start from when i was pragnant. Please help me sir and give me treatment. Thanku

    • Jyotsna kelkar says:

      Sir, I have hyperpigmentation, and have itchiness under eye. I have applied all the home remedies to it, but have no improvement.Its been 2 years i am facing such a problem.Hence now seeking homeopathic solution to it..

      Thank you.

    • Anu Sharma says:

      I hv pigmentation on my right cheek from last 6 months. I’m 40 yrs old female. Pls help.

      • my skin complexion is medium fair but previously my skin too much fair but last 8 month my complexion turn down sometime complexion get fair. sometimes dull.. plzzz suggest me a good medicine to get me my skin complexion fair….plzzzzzz

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