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Sepia – The Wonder Drug for Females

Homeopathic remedy Sepia has a profound action on the nervous system and is primarily considered to be a female remedy (although it works for men too). It is prepared from the dried liquid contained in the ink bag of cuttlefish. With its large eyes and languid body, the cuttlefish is representative of the this constitution – sensitive, strong and endearing. This fish is found mainly in the Mediterranean sea.      Sepia

Majorly, it is used for treating female disorders including hormonal imbalance, menstrual irregularities, menopausal syndrome, hot flashes, depression, prolapse of uterus and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).


To prepare this medicine, the dried liquid contained in the ink-bag of the cuttlefish is collected. It then undergoes the process of trituration to make it ready for homeopathic use.

The ‘Sepia’ Constitution

It is especially suited to people with physical features like dark hair, sallow complexion, and a slender built. They tend to have a mild and easy disposition and have exceedingly excitable, anxious personalities with sensitivity to all impressions. It is primarily a women’s remedy. There are two types of personalities associated with it.
It is suitable for women who are tall, slim and have a narrow pelvis and relaxed pelvic organs. This medicine in pregnancy is especially suited to women, and also during childbed (after delivery), during lactation, and during menopause.
It also suits well pot-bellied mothers, with a yellow saddle across the nose, who tend to have irritable nature. It is also called a washer woman’s remedy because it helps in treating complaints that are brought on or aggravated after laundry work. Such women tend to be sensitive to cold air and can faint easily upon getting wet or from exposure to extremes of heat or cold.

Clinical Indications

It has been used since ancient times for many ailments. Homeopathic physicians tend to use this medicine for treating freckles, leucorrhoea, gonorrhea, kidney stones, hair loss. After its proving in homeopathy, it is used in a wide range of medical ailments.
The medical ailments where this medicine is indicated include depression, menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalance, menopausal syndrome, hot flashes, prolapse of uterus sterility/ infertility in females, dyspareunia, decreased libido, ovarian cyst, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), leucorrhoea, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), menstrual headache, dysmenorrhoea, PPD (postpartum depression ), genital herpes, vaginitis, facial hair, morning sickness, constipation, piles, varicose veins, bedwetting, urinary incontinence and kidney stones, UTI, ringworm, psoriasis, icthyosis, urticaria, freckles, acne, chloasma and hair fall.

The Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

1. Conditions of the Mind

It is a very prominently indicated medicine for treating depression. In cases where it is indicated, the affected person feels excessive sadness and dejection with frequent attacks of weeping spells. There may be a great indifference towards everything, and the person may not have any desire to do any work. Indifference towards family members and friends is also markedly present.
It is a remedy very often prescribed to women who suffer from depression after childbirth and during the menopausal period. The affected female has a sad, morose, gloomy, melancholic, cross and highly irritable mood all the time. She breaks into weeping spells, feels helpless, and becomes totally indifferent. She loses all interest in life and living, and her family and friends once very dear to her. She tends to remain sad about her health and domestic affairs all the time, and dwell upon disagreeable events from her past. She dislikes the company of other people and desires loneliness.
The Sepia woman sits quietly, saying nothing. Consoling her can make things worse. She may have suicidal thoughts and tends to be nervous, sensitive and take offense easily. She is unable to tolerate any sort of criticism and frequently experiences attacks of anxiety with fear, with her face flushing with fear and heat. Anxiety and restlessness are highly marked during the night.
Her memory turns weak and she finds it difficult to comprehend things. Fatigue accompanies her mental troubles, with predominating physical and psychological exhaustion.

2. Female Disorders

As mentioned before, it is mainly a remedy for women. It is highly recommended for treating a number of uterine disorders in females.

3. Menstrual Irregularities

It is of great use in correcting menstrual irregularities and hormonal problems in women. Females needing this medicine have irregular periods that are early or late, but never on time. The periods also vary in flow, from scanty to profuse. It helps treat hormonal problems and regularises the menstrual cycle. Abdominal distress and pain in the back precede the periods. During periods, episodes of chilliness and fainting may occur.

4. Menstrual Complaints

It is a great remedy for treating menopausal complaints. The symptoms including hot flashes, sweats, mood swings, irritability, weakness, pulsating headaches during the menopausal period are managed wonderfully well with this remedy. Depression during menopause and after childbirth is also treated with this medicine. It also helps in treating hair fall during menopause.

5. Uterine Prolapse

It is also indicated in cases where there is a prolapse of the uterus, displacement of the uterus, and a retroverted uterus. A dragging, bearing down sensation in the pelvic region may be present. There is a downward pressure with a sensation as if the internal organs will come out through the vagina. It is accompanied by pain in the abdomen. The women must cross her limbs in order to prevent protrusion of the pelvic organs from the vagina.
These sensations are accompanied by a weakness in the back and the woman may give up while walking.

The use of this medicine is also considered in the case of sterility and infertility in females.

It helps in treating dyspareunia (painful intercourse in females), a low libido and an aversion to sex. The affected woman may find sexual intercourse intolerable. The sexual parts become tender to the touch, and the vagina feels very dry. The vagina is very dry. There may be bleeding after sexual intercourse.

6. Ovarian Cysts

It also helps in treating cysts in the ovaries. It is indicated when there is a pressure or a dull, heavy pain in the ovaries. There may be stinging or burning pains in the ovary.
It is also prominently indicated for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It treats PCOS by regularising the hormonal levels and treats conditions like the irregularity of periods, hair fall, acne, and facial hair.

7. Leucorrhoea

It is extensively used to treat leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge) and vaginitis.
In cases of leucorrhoea, the discharge is yellow, green, or milky and tends to smell foul or offensive. The discharge is excoriating (irritates the skin) in nature and can cause excessive itching in the vagina along with a burning sensation. Leucorrhoea becomes profuse after urination.
There is also associated pain the sacrum.

8. PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)

It is used to treat PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and its associated symptoms like irritability, bloating, mood sensitivity, swollen/sensitive breast before periods and headache. It also helps treat headaches during periods.

In cases of dysmenorrhea, this remedy works very well. Uterine pains are very severe. Stitching, shooting, or lancinating pain in the uterus, and a bearing down sensation may be present. Nausea, vomiting and extreme weakness tend to be present along with painful periods. The flow of the period may be scanty, and the pain improves once a proper flow has been established.

It is used to treat PPD (postpartum depression) in females. The woman becomes emotionally shut down following childbirth and may develop an aversion to breastfeeding.

It further treats genital herpes in women in cases where vesicles appear on the genitals along with severe itching.

Some other concerns where this medicine is used include acne on the face that appears mainly before the menses, chloasma (facial pigmentation, brownish discoloration on face) and abnormal unnatural facial hair in women i.e. hirsutism.

9. During Pregnancy

It is indicated for certain health complaints that arise during pregnancy. It is an excellent remedy for morning sickness where there is vomiting of food, bile or milky fluid. Nausea becomes worse from the smell (and in some cases the mere thought) of food. It is also indicated for piles and constipation during pregnancy.
To lose weight gained during pregnancy, this medicine is often indicated. The development of varicose veins during pregnancy also indicate the need for this medicine.

10. Urinary Problems

It effectively treats major urinary troubles like bedwetting, urinary incontinence, kidney stones, and Urinary Tract Infections. In the case of bedwetting, it is indicated for bedwetting during the first part of sleep. Urinary incontinence (involuntary urination) from a cough, sneezing, and laughing is treated wonderfully with this medicine.  It is also highly beneficial for treating urinary incontinence in women.
The next indication for using this remedy is chronic cystitis (UTI). Here cutting, burning and smarting pain in the bladder during urination is marked. Constant pressure on the bladder is felt with an urgent inclination to pass urine. The urine is thick, foul-smelling and may be blood-stained.

11. Skin Ailments

It is used to treat chloasma or melasma (discoloration varying from light brown to dark brown color on the face). This pigmentation is marked on the nose and cheeks. It helps prevent the further spread of discoloration and lightens spots.

Next, it is used to treat ringworm infection, especially isolated spots. Recurrent ringworm infections, particularly in the spring season, are also indicative of its use.

Another skin complaint treated well with this remedy is psoriasis, in which red spots appear in large oval patches, covered with shining, white, adhesive scales.

It is well-indicated to treat icthyosis as well. Icthyosis is a genetically inherited skin disorder that is characterized by dry, flaky, scaly and thick skin that looks like that of a fish. The skin has an offensive odor.

It also helps treat excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) and offensive perspiration (bromidrosis).

In the case of small warts on hand and face, it is quite helpful.

Urticaria is the next skin complaint where this medicine works well. The key indication to use this remedy in urticaria are wheals with a burning, stitching-type itching that gets worse in the open air and better in a warm room.

It is indicated for common skin complaints like freckles, Mollusca, acne rosacea, and acne before periods in women.

It is also a remedy that works well to treat a fine, itchy rash that appears between the bends of the elbows and knees.

12. Gastric and Hepatic Troubles

It is used to treat the sinking, empty feeling in the pit of the stomach. The person may experience pressure in the stomach after eating a meal arise. Pain in the stomach after consuming simple food also indicates the need for this medicine.
It is also indicated for cramping, stitching or burning in the stomach.
For chronic hepatic troubles, where there is a sensation of fullness, pressure, sore pain and dull stitches in the liver region, this medicine is indicated.

13. Rectal Issues

The rectal complaints include constipation and piles. Constipation, where the stool is hard, large, or knotty, is treated well with this medicine. Pain in the rectum during and after stool may be felt. Tenesmus of the rectum may be marked. Excessive pain in the rectum is felt during passing stool, with burning and swelling in the anus.
It is also considered in cases of constipation where the person goes for days without any bowel movement. It is also used to treat constipation during pregnancy.
It works as a remedy for piles that tend to protrude with difficulty in passing urine.

14. Hair loss

It is highly effective to treat hair loss in females. Hair fall after childbirth and at menopause are strong indications for using this medicine.


It can be used in potency varying from 30 C to 1M. The potency and dosage vary from case to case. In case of low potency, it can be repeated often, while in high potencies its frequent repetition should not be made.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Complementary medicines are Nux Vomica and Natrum Mur.

Remedies that follow – Belladonna, Calc Carb, Graphites, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Silicea, Sulphur and Rhus Tox.

Remedies that are incompatible/inimical are Bryonia Alba and Lachesis.

Antidoted by Aconite, Sulphur and Vegetable Acids.

More About the Sepia Woman

Quoting from one of the most classical descriptions by Margaret Tyler, the “sepia type” is not difficult to spot.

Picture her as a sallow, tired mother of a big family, on “washing day”. She is perspiring profusely, pouring under the arms. She cannot be shut in because of the heat and the stuffiness which make her feel faint. Her back aches badly. She wants to press it to support it. She feels she must sit down, or cross her legs, as her whole inside seems to be dragging down, and coming out of her. She simply must sit down to keep it in. The worry of the children is more than she can bear.

Her baby wants to be carried, and wails and screams. And when her six-year-old starts drumming with a spoon on a tin can, she can stand no more. She snatches the tin can and hurls it away, and smacks her small son which does not improve matters. He howls dismally, and she does not care. Oh! How she wants to run away and leave it all, and have a little peace! Her headaches.

The pain is left-sided today: last time it was on the right side, as she remembers. She is so nervous and jumpy. She has to hold on to the edge of the wash-tub to prevent herself from screaming. If she could only go away from everybody and everything, and lie alone, in the dark, and close her eyes! Her husband comes in. She has no smile to greet him. Nothing but dull indifference, weariness, and suffering. He must leave her alone. She has her work to do. If she could only lie down, she knows even 10 minutes’ sleep would make her a new woman! But there are the clothes to be ironed, cooking to be done, the stuffiness, the terrors of her restless children, with their noise and fidgeting.

Sleep is not for her. Her dull face has lost its contour, its bloom, and its pleasing lines. There are horrifying brown bands or blotches on the forehead, and saddlewise across the nose and cheekbones. She once was a bright and beautiful girl.

The description of the remedy is for the reader to identify with its sensitive characteristics. It helps the physician in selecting the true constitutional medicine. In no way does it endorse self-medication.

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  1. Dr Amarendra Dey says:

    Falling of hair when the patient (Aged about 47 years old) has no desire for conjugate, aversion to sex. Sensitive to cold weather. Anxiety about family and children. Chronic backache is present. Obesity as well as hypothyroidism exists – I want to prescribe Sepia.

    Can you please suggest what will be the initial potency and how long will it continue?

  2. How many months we have to take sepia l 20 and is it possible to conceive in this duration

  3. sangeeta says:

    hello dr.. I am 50 years old i am facing menopause problems that is veginal dryness and insomenia and urine problem ,which homeopathy medicine is suitable for veginal dryness ..plz suggest

  4. Hello, I have mental exhaustion, pre menopause symptoms, (almost 50) sadness, weight gain, no energy, no will to complete tasks, facial hair, hair loss on head, close up vision is weakening, crave sour, starch, alcohol. Sleep not restful without sleep aid of some kind. Loss of libido. I feel so LAZY I hate it. Help! I do not like big pharma meds.

  5. im suffering with PPD with psychosis . n IM nursing mother can i use sepia . how many drops can i take.

  6. Rubina mumtaz says:

    I have knee pain which initially was only on climbing up the stairs. I started yoga to build my leg muscles and after few months I could climb stairs without pain. But now it has started on climbing DOWN the stairs. Also sometimes on simple straight surface walking my knee sometimes just gives way and I feel like I’ve slipped but next step it gets ok. Pressing on patella is painful. I do cupping on knee but it doesn’t help. I’m 54 female with no co-morbidities. I take multivitamins regularly.
    What would you suggest for my knee?
    Best from
    Dr Rubina

  7. Neelisha Saha says:

    Sir, i’m 20 yrs old .Sir im not getting periods regularly .can i use this medicine for getting it regular? Its been 3 moths i didn’t get periods can i get it by using sepia 200 ? If in case it is true can you suggest me the dosage

  8. Some Dr to tell readers to comment for help yet doesn’t reply to anyone’s concerns. These people ask for help and you ignore them. Your article is trash and your ethics are trash. You’re probably not even a Dr, why should we believe anything you’ve written in this article with such ethics?

  9. Shabnam khanam says:

    I am suffering from atrophic vaginitis due to douching. I am 34 yrs old and I am a lactating mother. Kindly suggest me drug for vaginal tightening which increases libido

  10. Is sepia 1M useful for wait loss???

  11. Dear Dr Shah I have used sepia previously for PMS very successfully. Now 15 years later and past menupause tho I have no hot flashes or other common symptoms I am bloated and have urinary issues with swelling around the bladder area making me distended. My bladder “aches”. My flow is scanty and hard to pass – the end of the stream I cannot even feel. I have had a lot of stress which started this. I have sepia 200 but how much to take? Ie dosage?

    Thank you for your help

  12. What is remedy to treat aversion to sex in female aged 67yrs

  13. chavi schwartz says:

    hi i took sepia 20ocfor a week and i got bloated gained weight and constipated. its a month sine and the side effects still didnt go away. wat can i do to get rid of these side effects

  14. hi i took sepia 200 c for a week and i got bloated gained weight and constipated. its a month sine and the side effects still didnt go away. wat can i do to get rid of these side effects

  15. ester kello says:

    my daughter is 21 married for 2 yrs she was diagnosed with pcs gets her period every 3 months and is anxious to become pregnant. she was told to take sepia200 twice a day for 6 weeks. i would like to know if there may be side effects and will this remedy help her plse advse ester kello

    • hi i took sepia 200 c for a week and i got bloated gained weight and constipated. its a month sine and the side effects still didnt go away. wat can i do to get rid of these side effects

  16. Sir, i’m 20 yrs old .Sir im not getting periods regularly .can i use this medicine for getting it regular? Its been 3 moths i didn’t get periods can i get it by using sepia 200 ? If in case it is true can you suggest me the dosage

  17. Deborah Friedland says:

    Greetings – I am a 65 year old woman struggling with frequent urges to urinate and occasional minor incontinence; I am up several times nightly. My menstrual history was difficult with severe pain, serious PMS and years of hot flashes preceding menopause, which happened about 11 years ago. Is Sepia an appropriate remedy? If so, how frequently should it be used and at what dosage and for how long?

    Thank you.

  18. Good morning
    I’m 21 year old, weight 45 kg and height 152cm.
    I suffer from menstrual disorder, last time I had my period was 4 months ago and it wasn’t a heavy period.
    After searching so much on internet and in books about homeopathic medicine I’ve came to know about sepia and I have here sepia 1m in front of me but I don’t know how many drops should I take in a day and for how many days. Can you kindly please let me know that I’ll be very thankful to you

  19. SYED ABDUL WAJID says:

    My aged is 40 and my wife is 33 years old, we have 3 children last 4 years old. My marriage was before 9 years. My wife is not ready for sex and wants to pass time in only foreplay. but when she is in mode only. I wan to to get sex with her, but she is not ready. I am very upset, what should I do?

  20. Renu Shekhawat says:

    I have pigmentation on cheeks.My age is 26 years.
    Please suggest Sepia 30 is good for me to use or not.

  21. Please let me know the dosage of sepia for Melasma. I need to know the strength, the number of drops, how many times a day and for how long.

    Thank you

  22. I read online Sepia can get rid of calcifications in the breast? Is this true?

  23. Miss Rimita says:

    My daughter is aged about 16years.She becomes senseless frequently.She does not have epilepsy.She appears to have tension at exam time.At the time of DurgaPuja she dances,Last time she fell unconcious once.Pls suggest some medicine.

  24. My husband s suffering from penis allergy redness and also sometime pain plss tell me medicine

  25. I suffer from uterus prolapse of third degree. I feel like urinating frequently. My age is 67 yrs and am an old patient of Asthma. The doctor said that the next solution will be operation which I do not have the strength to undergo.please advise me if Sepia CM will cure my problem. Thanks and regards.

  26. Ateefa Popal says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    Please could you advise me if the following tablets will help me get rid of my overian cyst that I have in my left ovary. For the past one month I have been taking Suphur 30, Sepia 30 tablet, Bryonia 30 and Natrium Muriaticum in order to get rid of my cyst.

    Many Thanks


  27. am
    nearer to menopause and there is burning sensation in vagina.can i take sepia 200?

  28. I hv high tsh so m on eltroxin 50 from 2 yewrs and on pcos meficines from 1 year. I hv small cysts in ovaries which is not hrmfull . If i want to homeopathy treatment is it good for me. Bcz reading so many cmmnts against homeopathy m very confused to quit allopathy meficines. M scared if my condition worst with homeopathy wt can i do?

  29. Can you help clarify the different Sepia products (i.e., 200 and 6C)? Are they all for the same effect, just different doses? Thank you! Debbe

  30. Mrs Irene Gunnion says:

    Hello, I am 79 yrs. fit and active , not looking my years so I’m
    I’m told. In 1991 had cancer of uterus. Troubled with atrophic vaginitis, do not want hormonal meds. The usual moisture products are no longer working. Can you please advise me which homeopathic remedy I might try. I believe very much in natural treatments. Thank you. Mrs Irene Gunnion. Soy products seem to be unsuitable for me now.

    • Hi Dr.sharma,
      my daughter is 23 years old and diagnosed with PCOS for last 6 years. I bought sepia 30( liquid drops).
      could you please tell me the dosage.( how many drops and how often). i will really appreciate it.
      Thank you in advance.

  31. Hi dr Sharma….
    I’ve irregular periods from last 12 years.Infact my periods stoped.My prolactin level is breast produce milk.plz suggest me best age is 34 and i’m marrid.

  32. Manashi Saha says:

    My daughter 15 years old has pcos and excessive hair growth in legs.She has also irregular period and also scanty menses
    please suggest medicine .Thank you

  33. having irregular periods for last 2 yrs. i am 37. took allopathic treatment and was well for last 7 8 mnths. but again irregularities started. have no cyst, no pregnancy ,no annaemic, neither have any hormonal disorder, as i have all these tests. I have thyroid. i take thyronorm 50. i am gaining heavy weight, and severe hair fall with mood swing and loss of energy. i like to take hot tea, sweet.sometimes have constipation. i like to take homeopathy as i am tired of several medications. i have tremendous work load outside and inside my family. Heard of SEPIA… does it work without side effect. …are the online medicines actual??.

  34. Naila iqbal says:

    I m pcos patient..can I take sepia for this ..I want to concieve but I have no mature follicles for conception

  35. I am 53 and have suffered from night sweats and hot flashes for years and it’s only getting worse…I tried using projestrone cream and only got cramps and skin breakouts so I stopped.
    I read about Sepia as relief from these and more of the symptoms of menopause.
    I did order it and then read this about consulting with a homeopath first…anything you can add?

    • Hi Dr Sharma,
      I am struggling with the possibility of having pneumonia. I had it in Feb and then it went away But now the heaviness in my chest has returned. I’m wheezing a little as well. I cough but it us really tight. Is there a homeopathic remedy that might help. I have no fever or any other symptoms well accept I’m feeling quite worn out. Can you help?

  36. From last month I have constipation n gastric problem. I started taking 8-10 glass of water, walk n take one fresh coconut water, papaya n water melon n in 2-3 days I also take isabgole. After that constipation problem is over. But from last month I feel heart burning after 20minutes of meal. And in 2-3 days accute burning after passing stool and it remain 12hours or If I take Cyterzin tablet it goes in 1-2 hours. I have stopped taking fried food spicy food coffee garlic brinjal ginger. But no relief.
    Some doctor suggested me sulphur 30, arsenic alb 30 and rehtinia 30. I m taking but no relief. Due to acidity I take Water in good quantity I have developed another problem leakage of urine. 3-4 times in a day.
    Please suggest any medicine.
    I m not diabetic or have not any problems.
    My age is 44 ,female my periods are still normal.
    Waiting for your reply

  37. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I am looking into the possibility of using sepia to induce a miscarriage but don’t want to try it until I know what dosage to take and how often, can’t seem to find any answers. I’m in my 1st trimester and 23. Going to school, so is my husband. We just aren’t ready for a child yet. We wouldn’t be able to give it the life we want to.

    • Randi Kiefer says:

      Lilly, please don’t end your baby’s life. I understand you may not feel that you can care for it right now, and that is completely okay to feel and there are other options. Look for a Crisis Pregnacy Center near you. They can connect you to the help you need.

    • In my personal opinion this is horrible advice. A Crisis Pregnancy Center is a the center who hides the fact that they’re absolutely anti-abortion. Find somewhere that will truly give you all the options. They will rope you in and then guilt and shame you into keeping your child. In the end, maybe that is the right decision but that is not for them to tell you.

  38. Hi dr. Sharma
    My name is Rea I’m 45 .since 2016 I don’t know something happened to me I’m having problem breathing from my nose im congested but some how it’s like a lot of watery liquid coming out of my nose it’s clear n I cannot control it .i have to have napkin all the time in my hand. My head hurt all the time I feel stress on my eyes/eyelids and around eyes n nose area. But some time my nose is open.i feel lots of pressure and some times pain in my ears. I feel tired all the time .my complexion is getting darker every day. Please help me out…thanks

  39. Fridah Kola says:

    Suffering from blocked fallopian tubes, have tried to reopen through surgery but there’s no positive results! kindly advise .

  40. Snehil Shukla says:

    Sir… I’m suffering from Adnexal Cyst and in my eyes there is kind of stone i can feel in my eyelid my family homeopathic dr. Advised me to take SEPIA 30 medicine is that medicine can help me to get out of this problem I’m extremely tensed please help me out for this…and I’m not having my periods from last months.. please sir help me

  41. Hey Dr Sharma,

    My last lady time was February 8th. I have been experiencing sharp left pains and some abnormal cramping but no menstrail cycle yet. I would like advice on sepia in inducing(or following through) what seems to be a miscarriage. I have a 1.5 year old and this is not ok with my mental instability at the moment. (Bipolar,anxiety,depression) I have also been taking Dong Quai to treat my bipolar diagnosis but ive heard this induced miscarriage also. Would love dosage to follow through my miscarriage or any advice you have. Thank you so much.

  42. pracheta de says:

    I am suffering from hormonal disbalnce problem and insufficient vitamin d . can I take sepia for curing pcod

    • I have freckles on my forehead and checked,what is the dose of sepia 200 for freckles.i m 37 years old and a se patient

  43. Given normal birth to 2 child without stitching vagina becomes loose kindly suggest medicine
    Age 39

  44. I have got blemishes after my pregnancy on face mainly cheeks nd forehead and it’s been 3yrs now they are not going .what should I do?

  45. AOA

    preejuculation or erection problem. I lost my erection within 30 second please recommend a medicine to rid of this problem.
    My age = 42 Years


  46. Amandeep says:

    Hello sir,

    My wife has melasma on her skin.mainly on nose, cheeks and bo upper lips(brown patches).which homeopathy she should take.kindly prescribe.

  47. Hi, I am looking into the possibility of using sepia to induce a miscarriage but don’t want to try it until I know what dosage to take and how often, can’t seem to find any answers and am a bit worried to try without knowing. Thanks in advance for your help

  48. I’m 54 years old. I have been having sex with the same guy for 6 months. I had a positive check up before we ever slept together. I have not had sex with anyone but him, however, 5 Days ago we had sex and I was sore. He has a big penis and I am small down below. He likes to put it in under my clitosis after he has done oral sex. This time I wasn’t wet enough and after he finished, it hurt me to pee! I thought I was having a urinary tract infection so I drunk apple cider vinegar with water. The painful urination went away ,but now I have a discharge that’s excessively we and has a slight smell and it’s sticky. In fact, my vagina has never been this way. It’s like I have a water faucet between my legs and it’s starting to irritate my butt cheeks and in the creases around my vagina. I am heavy set so I easy get irritated in these areas anyway. I haven’t been with anyone. Do i have signsof a STD? I don’t know my body since menopause. I sometimes dont get really wet and I have problems climaxing!!!!! Help

  49. Keri E Peters says:

    Hi I have recently became really depressed with everything that is going on is there anyway u might b help me

  50. Ronel Greyling says:

    I am 52 , have endriometrirosis , full historectomy, taking no HRT, I am so menopausal, bad hot flushes, hair falling out!
    What dosages should I take Sepia
    I am desperate to feel on top of the world again
    I train 6 x a week with a trainer

  51. Dr A K Goswami says:

    I have lost sexual desire after menopause and hysterectomy but recently my vagina has become completely dry and as a result I cannot indulge in intercourse please recommend some homeopathic med for lost desire and dry vagina whic may be substitute of phytoestrogens or estriogen

  52. Pasha chowdhury says:

    My wife agd 55 is havng poblm with itching during urination,passes insuffcnt amout,also feels sticky in the vagina,bt no pain,she is a hard workng housewifw,likes to keep busy doing so,pl suggest medcn

  53. Sir
    I m suffering from acne since last year…I also had alopathic treatment frm dermatologist…but it bcm even more worse wth side effects like weight gain hair loss…What I came to knw with some study is that sch acne are due to pcos..hormonal imbalance …what homeopathy medicine can I take…?

  54. Sir,
    I am writing to you as i am trying to save my marriage. My wife who has hypo thyroid & allergy ( regular colld and two much sneezing), has become very disconnected to me and has lost interest in talking to me, being with me, having sex with me and off late she even moves away even if i go any closer. She gets easily irritated and tries to distant me more and more for every silly reasons. She gets irritated easily and has got no patience. Every time she avoids me saying she has head ache, not feeling good or something or the other. She has no concern whatsoever happens to me. I try and make her happy every possible way, but she doesn’t get excited and just smiles and goes away. I am very dipressed and started to loose hopes on her and this relationship. However, we have a boy who is just 3.5 years and we both love them. I don’t want my boy to suffer because of all this. I read about sepia 6x can help us. But i want to make sure i give her a right medicine by consulting someone qualified and expert like you sir. I request you to help me by suggesting a right medicine for my wife please.

  55. hello i am sidra i have irregular periods in 40 or 45 days in once can u sugges me plz

  56. Harshwardhan Singh says:

    Respected Sir
    My brothers wife is admitted from last fifteen days she is pregenent of 5months and at present she had pain in back that travels to stomach and seems as labour pain she is having twins in her stomach her case is moving towards abortion or miscarriage may happen so I wNt to ask you that sepia 200 is safe medicine at this stage alopatic maidicine is also given daily but pain come again again and some blody spot on pads as well as some pale liquid also came I want to know can we gave sepia 200 in this case .
    Plz help me

  57. Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I have female baldness.. and Iam hoeing through menopause.
    I have lot of hair loss, wanted to seek your help.

  58. Dear sir a female patient who have been suffering from sexual undesire. Her husband is very excited for sex but she does not willing to intercourse with her husband.
    So sir i request you kindly advice me what i can
    give him.

  59. can we use sepia and berries aquilfolium together for melsma

  60. Do this cause miscarriage?

  61. Hi I started using sepia on Monday 3 pellets under the tounge I was told I am 48 and currently going through menopause symptoms and have tried all sorts for with no success I am at the end of my tether now night sweats flashes you name it I have it pulling my hair out at the roots now no fun I’m hot im cold irritable restless aching headaches I’ve got it all going on stomach cramps can’t sleep tossing and turning all night all day can’t sit for long either whatever clothes I wear I sweat don’t go out much due to this and can’t work because if it it’s taking my life over any one got any answers what I can do all else has failed to date how do I take this and how often and how long and is there any other things I can try please your feed back and help would be much appreciated Ann

  62. Muhammad Rashid kamal says:

    My father is 62 yrs old.He used liprix and liprid medicine for colestrol control for about 6 months.Now the problem is that he can not stand erect due to hardness in thigh muscle and he can’t move due to sleeping of both feet during walking and even he can’t stand then.when he sits for 5min he is again able to move 50 feets.
    Sir plz advise medicine and dosage.

  63. Ann Kitchener says:

    I am 77 years old, feel great apart from expected aches & pains in joints.
    The problem I would like to clear is…I am told Hormonial, I have nasty discharges.
    I have had checks for cervical cancer and all were clear.
    Would Sepia which I have just heard about help.
    Regards Anna

  64. Poushali ray says:

    Hello doctor i get irregular periods.wat can i do?

  65. I m 54yr old women.I m suffering from diabetes for d last 5 I m also dealing wid menopausal problems. Which medicine should I take.

  66. Hi sir I am Qamer age 35 years .i am suffering Ed . Please advise me medicine

  67. I am suffering from melasma from past 4years and it’s not because of pregnancy.I have tried various home remedies and also homeopathic treatment
    but all useless.please suggest me medicine for the same.I have pigmentation on my both cheeks

  68. Hi doctor I’m an Asian lady of age 39.. I want to delay my menopause.. can sepia delay it.. keep in mind that still I don’t have any menopausal symptoms.. but I want to keep it away.. can sepia help??

  69. hi,
    I am 26, i was on the pill for 7 years due to PCOS. when ingot married , i stopped the contraceptive pill and i got my period once after 1 month it was so light and lasted 2 days. 4 months later i had my period. 1 week before my period i took 1 dose of sepia officinalis. I dont know if Sepia officinalis 200 has to do with my period coming because i have been also loosing weight in the past 2 months and cutting down sugar, bread and pasta.


  70. Akshay Pandey says:

    I am suffering from alopecia areata in my head please tell me about sepia 30 for alopecia cure

  71. Sarwer Zahan says:

    Hello sir…!
    my wife ka libido low, mera 1 baby 2 years ka hey. please sir prescription digiye ki konsi medicine lena hay.

  72. Hello sir…!
    I’ve got fungal infections on. My skin since past 4-5 months. I’ve been visiting my homoeopathy doctor. He’s giving me sepia 30 medicine. I can see no effects even though he says he changed my medicines. What should i do doctor? I dont understand whether i’ll get rid of it or no. Please suggest me something.

  73. My wife is having pain in whole body especialy finger, join pain, etc . In test it shows authorities and Rheumatism . she is suffering last six months. She took sepia 200 4 drops twice daily for last three days and now stop.. as advice by doctors. before this she took below given medicne :-
    1. Pills. Kali.Bich 30…..8pills
    twice daily ( before food ) (morning & Night) for 10 days……………… followed by
    ————————— after 10 days start below ————–
    2. Drops. Stellaria May Q……..15 drops
    in 10 ml water twice daily after 30 min of food (morning & night) for 3 weeks……..along with
    2. Tab. Calc.Flour 3x…….5 tabs
    twice daily after 30 min of food (morning & night) for one month…..
    In this regards I woul like to request you kindly advice next course of medicine or what to do ? Now also she has pain and suffering..
    Her Age is 39 years .

    Kindly suggest
    Thank you

  74. Aissatou loula says:

    I have loose vagina

  75. Good morning sir I had frequent urination problem, tell me the cause and medicine for this

  76. Prajna Parth says:

    I am suffering from melasma from past 4years and it’s not because of pregnancy.I have tried various home remedies and also homeopathic treatment
    but all useless.please suggest me medicine for the same.I have pigmentation on my both cheeks

  77. I am 51 Urine frequently coming morning more turbid urine epthitical cells 14/15 all tests normal only kidney cretine more than normal range menopause started knee pain weight increased feeling hungry all the time brain over stressed

  78. Hi sharma,

    I’m a 18 year old that was diagnosed with severe depression at the start of the year. I went to a naturopath and was given remedies however we resulted in using medication prescribed by the doctor. Now it has been 10 months and my symptoms have nearly all gone a part from my problem with sleep. Do you recommend taking sepia again?

  79. My wife breast too much sagging and samall kindly advice me the best homeo medicine to cure the problem

  80. My wife breast is too much sagging and samall, to tight and normal size medicine name please says:

    My wife breast too much sagging and samall kindly advice me the best homeo medicine to cure the problem

  81. Is it true this remedy comes from cuttle fish or no?

    Thank you

  82. Respected dr.sharma
    I am 42 years old women with secondary infertility.i tried the juice
    Two times but failed.kindly help me and advice me as I cannot
    Afford IVF.thanks

  83. Jennifer Borowski says:

    Hi I am 47 and getting major night sweats and very emotional I am taking lexapro now but it’s not enough, would the addition of sepia 200c help?

  84. Respected doctor.
    Four years my wife had trichomonias vaginities. She had “bearing down” sensation. Please tell the remedy for this and how to use sepia200.

  85. jyoti arora says:

    Hello dr….i m jyoti from delhi..i m suffering from endomatrious…i feel very pain during my periouds and when periods start and over .in 30 days i feel 15 days in pain..what i do…please reply

  86. Dr. Same condition is with my wife..she loosing interest in sex…and always feeling sleepy and tired..

    Plz suggest me can I give this medicine to her…age is 30 with 2 baby…age 8 and 4….

  87. Eulalia Ajay Kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter started getting her periods since the age of 9. However, from the age of 14 they have been irregular. She is 17 years at present. On consulting a gynaecologist, with medication she started getting her periods. However, after doing a ultrasound it showed that she has PCOS. Can you please let me know if SEPIA will help cure PCOS.

    Please let me know at the earliest as I am concerned about her future.

    • Hello dr i am PCOS patient married since 6 years. My weight is 120kgs. Want to ask may i use Sepia 30 volume 90% 10 ml dilution? And plz tell me about Thuja 30 also. Kindly tell me dosage how to take.

  88. Nandini Shukla says:

    My age 37year female I want know about sepia 30 good or no for me.i am very weakness feeling please help me.

  89. Jessica Manning says:

    I have been prescribed Sepia 1M from my doctor who is a homeopath. He prescribed it due to depression anxiety and possibly post-natel depression. I didn’t take it right away as I was concerned what it would do, my doctor did say there are no side effects only could make the condition worse. My depression is getting worse by the day I am currently seeing a therapist but I would like to take the Sepia. My question is what dose should I take my doc said only once a week and the place I bought it from said use 4 drops under your tongue, it is in liquid form. Would u agree to the dosage 4 drops under tongue once a week? Also what should I do for my self while taking this I get hardly any rest n don’t eat a lot I’m trying to get help I have two kids under 2 n a half n don’t really have any help. Would it still be ok for me to take this as Iv read it can make u very sleepy.

  90. what about premature ovarian failure.Is sepia is a correct remedy in which doses how long one can use it plz help

  91. Hi doctor I need to consult for a medical problem, where do I consult. Thanks

  92. I also have gall bladder stone of 24mm size.
    Hair have become coarse and thin

  93. I became a hypothyroid patient in 2007. I am 47yr old have three children, 3rd one born in 2005, breast fed all of them for 2.5 yrs. Now i am very thin unlike hypothyroid patients. was working more than my energy. Presently symptoms are get tired by mental exertion am a teacher, cant shout head starts to pain. Then feel very sleepy, stomach is sensitive- cant have garlic, chillies & onions at all. Upper region of stomach star to pain if ever eat spicy food. Very concerned about my future and children’s future . Separated from husband for past 5yrs. cracked heels, skin dry. Keeps myself busy with work. Forgets things very fast, after much of reading it has improved. Feel too much burdened with life n work no entertainment and relaxation want to run away where I can find peace, but very hopeful about future, no suicidal thoughts ever. Cannot tolerate anybody from hitting children. Periods stopped for last two months but gets back pain on the expected dates. Soles of the feet feel warm. Very patient and relaxed in life. Head feels heavy never feels light, usually do not have a relaxing sleep.
    Please suggest some medicines

  94. I am paralyzed patient and has urine catheter. For my urine infection I use uva ursi 30 , pareira brava 30, sepia 200. Is it possible to use this medicines for longer periods of time?

  95. Hath,pair aur head ke nas phool kr bahar latkte ja rhe hai. Koi pain nhi but uncomfortable feeling. Sahi se koi physical work bhi nhi kr pata.

  96. Hello doctor
    I am 31 years old female suffering from pcos, with coarse hair growth on my face…
    I m facing this problem from last 10 years…
    Irregular periods…,
    I was treated allopatheically to conceive baby who abt 2 years old now..
    My facial hair growth is worsen day by day
    Is sepia work for me???

  97. I just saw my homeopathic doctor who gave me the strongest sepia you can get how often can I take it I feel like I need more of it he gave me around four yesterday I am waking early in mornings low energy indifference and feel very much not myself also have ptsd and endo

  98. Harinder Kaur says:

    Hello dr. I have cyst problem in both ovaries. These are 54×20 and 65×47in size. I have endometriosis problem too.I took elopathy medicine for one year . Now dr.advice me for surgery. Can I take now any homeopathy medicine for avoid surgery?

  99. Eugenia de Oliveira says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I’m a 51 yrs old woman going through the menopause. Besides all the discomforts that it’s bringing, it’s worsening my androgenic alopecia. I’m feeling quite desperate, to the point of having started to use Minoxidil for the past two weeks. The dermatologist said that it was the only thing to do, because it’s a genetic condition. Can you help me?

    Thank you

  100. My wife have most of desease like that
    no sex interest body pain back pain gastric problem uterus problem after birth of child want to live alone dipration headech white discharge period problems take 7 to 10 days exess blooding that time tired every time etc
    so after read of some articles regarding sepia medicine most all symptoms I look in my wife and order SEPIA Q for her but don’t understand give to her or not so please suggest me what to do any side effect also if no problem then how many time to take and how many days or month you advise

  101. Hello Dr.Sharma.
    My name is Sandra.
    I am 55 years young, married to a wonderful caring husband for 22 years. My 2nd and final marriage. My husband is disabled.
    For the past 8 years we have been raising two grandsons , 12 & 15, very good boys.
    Last Oct 2016 I felt a small lump in my left breast. My Doctor sent me to have a mammogram.
    I was diagnosed with a “Briads” assessment level 5 (the highest Briads level is 5)
    Radiologist said 95% malignancy/cancer breast cancer. A few months later I had an ultrasound. A different radiologist read the ultrasound and said that it was 98% malignancy/cancer.
    Breast cancer, Then I did a lot of research. I began juicing
    Vegetables along with apples, I lost a little over 20 lbs during juicing, I didn’t juice to loose
    weight, but to cleanse .
    After two weeks of mainly juicing I felt better than what I had felt in months.
    In Oct 2016, my family Doctor read the reports to me. She was going to connect me with an oncologist, but i didn’t have peace about going and didn’t want go to an oncologist.
    My Doctor actually said that she understood and she said she most likely would do what I am doing…..
    Well that is, what I am attempting to do.
    Which is to be healed using holistic treatment.
    I have been eating raw vegetables along with cooked/steamed, stopped eating bread except for sourdough bread. I read that sourdough bread goes after sugar’s, in the body.
    I stopped eating everything and anything fried. Stopped everything with sugars in .
    Stopped eating most everything that’s white
    Never ate much process foods to begin with . But now there is no process foods at all in my home. We do not eat outside of our home, especially when it comes to fast food. We do not eat fast foods at all.
    I am eating mainly vegetables and baked or boiled chicken once or twice a week.
    I take four organic turmeric capsules in the morning and 4 more around dinner time.
    I am using essential oils, Frankincense, Lemon, Lemongrass, Wild Orange, Sandalwood and Myrrh essential oils,
    I was told that cannabis oil goes after cancer cells and cancer tumors and kills them ???
    If its true then I would like to try cannabis oil, but in a suppository so my body can receive medicinal healing without the high that people get from taking it.
    Dr.Sharma I was also told that I have calcium deposits in the soft tissue around the tumor in my breast.
    How can I flush the calcium deposits out of my body?

  102. Jyotsna Jha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am a 46 year old female. I have undergone uterus removal but I still have one ovary. sinec the past 5-6 years i have pigmentation and freckles. hydroquinine creams and chemical peels help only temporarily. pls offer a permanent remedy.

  103. Kusum jha says:

    Hii sir ,

    I am a 22 year old girl and facing facial hair problems specially in upper lip are and with mensural problems too need your suggestion

  104. Suparna Singha Roy says:

    I have pigmentation on my by day it grow up. what type medicine suitable for me.Pls sir give me your suggestions.

  105. Prof. Dr. Nurun Nahar says:

    Dear sir, with due respect I need your consultation while I need to conceive. I am trying for last two years. For your kind information I have a Child of 14 years. Also my menstruation is regular as it occurs at after every 27 days. Please suggest me. Looking for reply. With best regards.
    Prof. Dr. Nurun Nahar
    Islamic University, Kushtia, BD
    Cell no. 01715213317

  106. hi dok i have a problem with my hormones , i dont have estrogen and i last year a had a menstrual ciklus evrey 21-23 days,
    and a have a baby but notihinhg beacose i don’t any estragon. it is too small
    this year my ciklus too late and usualy i have about two mounts, i am very dissapirad beacose i dont another baby, i have a 4o yeasr old and i have one boy ten years and never this problem about my first pregnansy, tell me pliss sugeest me some medicine to overcome this my problem and if i may to take sepia D30 or another medicine………….

  107. Hi Doctor….
    This is Mariya Married 32 & my problem is that I have completely lost my sexual desire also Having itching & dryness in Vagina……
    Plz suggest me some medicine to overcome this problem……..

  108. Hello Dr.
    I m sheetla from kanpur mere face पर malasma pigmentation hogya tha to mere brother ne Kisi homiopathic se concern krke ” Sepia 30CH” btaya to use लेने के लिए दिन me do baar 4 – 4 drops लेने को kha to डॉ. Sir kya ye kya sepia medicin सही है pigmentation or malasma के लिए. Thankz

  109. Harshita says:

    Hello, Dr I am 20yrs old n I m suffering from PCOS since 6 months so can I take sepia n many of the symptoms of the remady r similarly to my behaviour like pain on left side n facial hair etc so can u suggest me dt I can start dis remedy.

  110. Anonymous says:

    I had suffered a lot from bed wetting in my childhood but I got rid off slowly, now I am 34 years old (male) and once again this problem has started I have done bed wetting twice within 10 days. I can control my urine, but I DREAM of urinating at an appropriate place and soon after completing the urine I awake up. Exactly same thing used to happen in my childhood also. This is very shameful for me at this age. I am too shy to cobsult a doctor physically

  111. Hello, I’m not ovulating and we are trying to have a baby. Is Sepia what I need? How much would I take and how often?

  112. Noor Ahmed says:

    My sister age38 suffering from B/L ovarian cyst and fibroid..plz give some suggestion…

  113. Pl tell what dosage and potency should I give my 18 yr old daughter for pcos

  114. Hi Doctor….
    This is Syeda Married 32 & my problem is that I have completely lost my sexual desire also Having itching & dryness in Vagina……
    Plz suggest me some medicine to overcome this problem……..

  115. Hello ,please what can you recommend me for guttate psiorasis.

  116. hello doctor,
    am vidhya from tamilnadu. i have pcos and gained weight more… because of my weight n inability tp hsve second child my husband accuses me. i feel like dying…

    • if you want to fight pcos… you should start having protein and fiber diet… and start morning walk/run for instant change.. dont give up .. believe you can do it 🙂

  117. Deepali mohapatra says:

    Hi sir
    I am suffering from PCOD problem.
    I am 26. Without medicine I have no period and when period is come this is not good. Also unwanted hair in face an overweight. Please kindly give me the medicine name.
    I am very grateful to you.

  118. sairaasmat says:

    Hi I have diagnose A vascular necrosiss in right femoral head (Mitchell’s stage) I don’t want surgery please help me contact 03363621909.

  119. I am male guy of 21 yrs. I have a chest jsut like a female but i am slim and shying to wore tight clothes please tell me sepia is helpfull for me?

  120. I am 30 yrs old unmarried women suffering from pcod and heavy white discharge.It doesn’t stop.Its white and milky.Bit smelly.and sometimes it swollen my pelvis plz suggest.I ma getting weaker and tired.I m unable to concentrate on my work since I easily get tired and I had lost weight.I am even suffering from liver disorder.But the white discharge is more chronic to me.

  121. Stephanie says:

    I have a minor uterine prolapse and a stage2 prolapse bladder.

    How can I take sepia to help?

    I have no idea what potency or frequency to take.

  122. Ashok KUMAR says:

    my wife age 59 year is suffering from Post menopausal problem.She is feeling severe hot flashes for the last 10 years. in summer season she felt uneasy in comparison to winter season. She is feeling hot flushes 2-3 times a day for 60 minute frequency. kindly advise .

  123. Reeta Mishra says:

    Hello sir

    I am 57 years old and already had my menopause ten years back..I am suffering frm white discharge/hot flushes without any odor irritation or itching since 6 years…it recurs after a gap of every treatment.. Kindly advise suitable homeopathic medicine for permanent cure.

  124. Hello sir.
    My name is beulah & i’m 22 years old. I’m suffering with unwanted hair on my face, neck & body. Can i get rid of this permanently with homeopathy ? Sir kindly please help me.

  125. Muhammad Majid Khan says:

    My wife age is 28 year and she is facing issue in monthly period from 8 to 9 month, and due to this issue, she is not feeling well and every time facing body pain and abdomen issue and sometime behave like abnormal person and also not pregnant.

    Today we visit clinic and doctor advise Sepia complex 20 for this issue can you please let me know is this right medicine for this issue.

  126. Sahela Monir says:

    My wife is suffering from small fibroid and renal culculas and not pregnant,please sir suggest me, my wife is age 33.

  127. Sir/Madam
    I have period s problem due to PCOS/PCOD . Hopefully I started sepia 200 as my remedy. I am taking it as 2drop 2days in a week .I am feeling better than before but not Completely. I am getting my MC twice inba month in-between 18/16/22 days.So please tell me how can I take sepia200 for my complete cure,and to get pregnant.. My as is 27.

  128. Is 30c sepia once daily adequate for a menopausal woman with anxiety and mild OCD (self-diagnosed). Also candida or BV, low immune function due to chronic lymphocytic leukemia (Rai stage 0, diagnosed 2009)

    Thank you

  129. dr.manoj aggarwal says:

    Pl advice if I could take sepia ,1m in what dose daily or weekly I am suffering from avn hip joints since four months im 57 year old a GP doctor

  130. Sir i have baldness
    Please give medicine for cure

  131. Hi sir ,m experiencing loose vagina.this is seriously affecting my sexual relationship with my partner.please suggestions me some medicines to get cured.

  132. I just had a c section 6 weeks ago, I work to hard and my uterus is swollen, what can I take to help with shrinking and pain? I am breast feeding my newborn.

  133. Vikas kumar says:

    My wife always complains of delayed menses with low back pain,faintness,chilliness,body ache and pain running down from low back to thigh and knee. Her menses are irregular profuse,thick, she is anaemic and feel tired all the time,face loosing charm and beauty,getting weeker day by day. Please suggest best homeopathic medicine which can help her. She is house wife.

  134. Ravi agrawal says:

    My wife is having almost 90% symptoms as given under sepia analysis. Kindly guide.

  135. Dear Mandi,
    please stop taking Prednisone gradually by cutting dose/tablet by half , your weight gain and hair loss is just because of Prednisone.
    Plaquenil is medicine to treat malaria, has nothing to do with arthritis, I suggest you to change the doctor and tell the new doctor of medications you were taking for so long.

  136. i am suffering from melisma and have been using glow aid medicine it’s been 2 week I can see a slight difference in my face but when I checked that I need to take sepia . how much dosage is required and what potency ? pls. suggest

  137. i have left ovarian cyst suggest homeomedicine my age is 46

  138. Dear Dr,
    Goodday,please I experience loose virgina,can I take serpia 30 and for how long,thank you Sir.

  139. Sir my daughter have 5years. She getting early puberty. Her breast size is increasing. What type of medicines we have to use. Pls tell me.

  140. can i use sepia for her 5 year old daughter. she has start early sign of puberty . i take har ultrasound of pelvic it show tiny follical but infortile She has many problum her taking madicine for fits tegral,lemnate 50 mg and revitral drop. She hes ADHD , learning problum weak memory only in learning she is enough intelligent other then learning ,disobedient

  141. Milan kumar modi says:

    I am 29 years old man & my wife is 27.we have 2 children.
    Both children born in surgery . Something 1 year my wife not intrested in sex. after 6 to 7 days we do sex. I am sexually strong man i can do 1 hour sex but she is not cooprate i am very tired.plz suggest what sepia 30 can increase my wife sex power.

    • I hate lazy men says:

      You probably do nothing to assist with the children or household. This is why she does not wish to “sex you”. She is sick of taking care of the house and kids and you. Pull your weight and make her feel appreciated. Women find this a huge turn on. It’s not rocket science . Do the dishes. Do some laundry. Make some dinner. Get a blow job.

  142. Dipa Chatterjee says:

    I am 39 yrs female. I suffer from LOW LIBIDO AND ANORGASMIA. I am an healthy lady and have regular periods. My husband is very cooperative during sex . Even after enough stimulation, my vagina does not lubricate properly. I have a son of 14 years.
    I will remain greatful if you find a remedy for me.
    With regards,

  143. Dear Dr.,

    Please, I will appreciate you if you can help me to solve my problem of hematospermia.I first noticed it when I was age of 19 after masturbation now I am 45 years old but t the problem is there though before now not every time but now is nearly every time. I have been to doctors and carried out test but they did not find anything

  144. Dear Dr.sharma,
    I am 49 years old and for many years suffered from fatigue ,extreme moodiness and anger for small things or mistakes that my kids made. 2 years ago I have been diagonized with rumathoid artherytis and taking 5 mg of prednizone once and 200 mg of plaqunile twice daily.Iam also experiencing menopause. During the past 2 years l gained almost 20 lb and lots of fat around y belly .I also start loosing lots of hair specially in frontal part of my head. In some parts the skull can be seen and it is bothering me. Is sepia work for me?Please let me know what can be done to stop and regrow the hair and also what can be done for weight around belly and general health. Simply I want to be my old self. Any guidance appreciated.

  145. Dear Dr.
    My wife is suffering from low sexual interest. As soon as she go to bed feel tired and sleepy. Lack of interest in sex. She is slim, breast size is small 32 since marriage of 10yrs. Kindly advice to increase her libido and breast size.

  146. ritika swami says:

    Can i start sepia 30 for my melasma or u suggest its v dark patches

  147. ritika swami says:

    Hi i hv dark black patches in my face cheeks nose and forehead doctor gv me crems hydroquinone crem its became ore dark plzz suggest me

    • maria de jesus says:

      Hi i have melasma in my face nothing helpme (cream)i have sepia 200c my age 58 let me know how to take it please. thank

    • Yuvraj Yadav says:

      I m male 30 yrs having brown patches on nose and under eye on chicks area from last 5 yrs can i take sepia 30 C.

    • Yuvraj Yadav says:

      I m male 30 yrs having brown patches on nose and under eye on chicks area from last 5 yrs can i take sepia 30 C.

  148. Deepika Srivastava says:

    I m divorced..Now want my vagina tight. So, is sepia30 fruitful. Or is there any homeopathy treatment for vaginal tightening without surgery.

  149. Hi I am interested in using sepia for bartholin cyst please advise what precautions need to be taken

  150. Mrs.shahid says:

    For abortion sepia cm helpful?

  151. Hi ,

    Would like to know the best medicine for ovaryian cysts, and to improve uterine triple lining . as i have got the triple lining of 6.5mm would like to increase the triple lining in order to get successful pregnancy.please help me.Iam using fem aid and menso aid syrup in order to get the regular mestruation .would like to increase Triple lining. my age is 35 please help me in this regards

  152. my hair are very damage ruff and week and washing problem ,pain in my led tiredness of body i m very worried about it I am 26 year old

  153. Dear dr Sharma ,
    I am a woman 61 years of age and still having depleting hot flashes , mood swings , very low libido and low energy level
    end low stamina . I am waking up tired and feeling steepness in my lie part of the body .
    Please let me know what would you suggest and what dose
    I was thinking of sepia .
    Many thanks ,

  154. My mother age 60 is face baldness at centre of scalp. Is sepia will be better to use. N how to use it

  155. Dear DR,

    Kindly assist on how to treat swollen tonsils

    Thank you.

  156. Lokesh kumar says:

    My wife ,yet not conceived, (8 years ) ,but, she is lactating : after ,pressing her breast, milk comes out.Is, their is ,any Homeopathic remedy

  157. Faiza mahmood says:

    Dr. Sharma

    • I have sepia 30 how should I take it for my hair fall it is excellent for all the problems I am facing right now plz dr. Sharma let me know the amount and timing of the dose u recommend thankyou

  158. Hi I am just wondering if you would have a remedy that would help me with energy and my bones. I have had a knee replacement nearly four months ago, I also had 3 spinal fusions and a neck fusion. Now I have been told my hips are in trouble. I feel very unwell and have no energy. I was always a lady that never sat down. I would always be doing something, now I’m the opposite I cannot or have not the energy some days to wash myself. I find this very hard to content with as I just feel so tired all the time. I would be very grateful for any advice you could give me. I really need something to give me energy and something to help my bones from degenerating .

    • My partner has spina bifida and recently had a Total colectomy. She also has osteoporosis on her hips and is also very tired/ exhausted all the time. She was immediately diagnosed with low cortisol. You should get this checked, they may prescribe corticosteroids which should give you a bit of a boost. Then you have to work out why your cortisol is low. That’s if that is the problem of course!

  159. Hello sir! Please tell me that the use of sepia medicine is safe while the mother breastfeeding to the baby?

  160. how are you sir pleaz tell m solutin when I talk with girls some drops come from my penis whts soulition?

  161. Dr I have vagianl cyst.When they get bigger some break and relief is felt. Can Sepia help me not to get them anymore and if yes, how much.

  162. Rajnandini Wadhwa says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, namashkar. I am 54 years old sexually active woman, my vagina is very itchy recently and loose. Please advise.


  163. I read all this arrival of sepia 30,much of mental symptoms are familiar specilly the mental characters i have never tried homeo med before and actually suffering badlly from pale discharge which is getting worse afyer taking medication its burning and pus like and sometimes runs down badly if i stands after lying or sitting so i was ttying to find a medicine in homeo which can help me out in this condition would you help me to determine the dose for treatment ,although the mental characters are same but hav no blamishes on face yet.age 40 years

  164. Dr. Anurag Chopra says:

    Good morning Dr. Sharma,
    I am Dr.Anurag Chopra. This is regarding my daughter, 20 years, who has PCOS. She has been given hormones with metformin and spironolactone etc but without much effect.
    One of my homeo doctor friend suggested a few medicines like Sepia etc.
    Can you please guide
    Deep regards

    • rohini kapur says:

      Good morning Dr,Sharma
      My name is Rohini kapur ,I am 43 years of age.over the years a lot of fat has deposit ed on my belly.please suggest some homeopathic medicine.

    • Rashmi mishra says:

      .hi I am rashmi 43 years old have period problems n bleeding since last 20 days sonography report came with endemetorial hyperplasia uterus is thick to stop bleeding I am taking millafollium q is there any homepathic hormone medicine to increase progestron hormone as highly reaction to allopathy medicine.

      • Rashmi mishra says:

        .hi I am rashmi 43 years old have period problems n bleeding since last 20 days sonography report came with endemetorial hyperplasia uterus is thick to stop bleeding I am taking millafollium q is there any homepathic hormone medicine to increase progestron hormone as highly reaction to allopathy medicine.

      • Rashmi mishra says:

        Should I start with sepia nd still now bleeding how to stop plz suggest.

  165. How to take sepia? I purchase sepia 200ck. I am unabke to find out how much and how long to take this remedy. Can you help?

  166. Sonia Kapoor says:

    Hello Sir,

    My younger Sister age is 20 is diagnosed and done Ultrasound and got to know there is PCOS and having facial hair growth and irregular periods.

    She has been advised to take birth control pills and she took it but now she dont want to continue it.

    I have searched for SEpia. Is it safe to give her.

    Kindly advice she is worried because it almost 3 months and there is periods.

    Sonia Kapoor

  167. pratibha says:

    Sir I am suffering from a cyst or can say a hard lump at my vaginal entrance I heard Sepia 30C is good for treating the lump is a size of cherry please help I m in much pain I fear operation. Please help me.

    • Hello Dr
      I’m Sabina I’m 32 yrs old I’m suffering from Bartholine Cyst in my left vergina before 1 yr I also was hospitalized Dr drained it but after 1 month it came again now Dr is saying to operate. Nowadays I’m not taking any medicine only sitz bath. I want to get rid of this without operation plz suggest is it possible.

  168. I am 32 years old . I have one daughter . She is 5 :30 year old. I want one baby more. So please , i take sepia 30 and caulophylim 30 medicine 7 month. It is medicine right y wrong. So tell me please. Thank you

  169. Hi i am a 24 yr old that would like yo have a naturally induced abortion can sepia assist in this regard and if it can what about cleaning. Where can i get it help I’m about a month

  170. Dr
    Plz tell me after arsenic 30c which medicine should be given in migrain while it was working very well then stop working!

  171. Hi ive been getting facial swelling for 20 yrs now my specialist which i was reffered to said they dont know what causes it and maybe its facial edema so im left with this illness that has no cure ? My face just looks puffy my cheeks and eye lids just swell up whenever.
    Ive noticed when im stressed or use heavy cream or makeup it brings on the swelling but nothing specific that i can put my finger on.
    Im desperate for any kind of medication please do reply i hate this swelling on my face it nakes me look ugly and ive lost my self confidence because of it, thankyou hope to hear from you soon

    • rizwana jamsheed says:

      hi sara please get your haemoglobin levels checked. sometime anemia causes facial swelling

  172. Amar Verma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    Me and my wife are living in Noida due to my job. My wife is a housewife and we are living happily after marriage alone in Noida. After 2 and a half years we had planned to have a kid for which we come to know that my wife is suffering from PCOS and she had a lot of treatment after which she got pregnant and we have a sweet little daughter.

    Now, after few months of having baby we both came back to Noida from our hometown but after few days my wife started complaining about motion sickness and uneasyness to which I seek medical advise and the doctor told us that this is related to vertigo and started given him some medication, then it is getting worse and we seek the medical advise from neurologist and now she is on anti-depressant medication.

    It has been around one year now but my wife still says that she does not feel comfortable in the house and says its like all the things have been changed and I don’t feel like before at all. She is also complaining that she feels (anjanapan) all over.

    Hence , as per the above symptoms I request you to please suggest me some good medicines so that my wife will get well as soon as possible.

    Thanks and Regards,

  173. Geeta Bora says:

    My skin under the eyes had become very very saggy/ wrinkled(crow’s feet) and pigmented(freckles) around eyes and also want to remove scars laser surgery done for xanthalasma.

    I am also having gallstones 12mm size.

    Please suggest homeopathic medicine.

  174. Paula Whirrett says:

    Hi My name is Paula I am 60 years of age and I suffer from overactive bladder. I have had surgery for this (a implant) but it only lasts 5 years (the battery). I am not interested in having more surgery for this. I am taking the following medications tricor (cholestroy) synthyroid (thyroid) wellburton and Lexapro (depression). Do you think that taking Magmilife Bladder Relief would help me? Thank you!

  175. Celia smith says:

    Good day, I have very bad R.A. How can you help.

  176. Hello,
    My name is Alena. I’m mother of a toddler 16 months. Suffering with stage 3 Endometriosis, IBS, Asthma and depressions. We live with my inlaws and so the environment is very stressful. I started noticing my hairline is thinning, can’t sleep, no desire for my husband, luck of energy. We don’t have the finances to go to homeopath at the moment but been suggested by one of the homeopaths to try the Sepia before we get our finances right to go see someone. Should I not get this before seeing someone or should I take something else please?

    Thank you,



  177. sir,
    I am twenty one . I am not in a condition to have baby . I have bought sepia and sabina tablets. please let me know how any tablets should I take to have an abortion. I am below eight weeks . please do reply fast doctor

  178. suman bedi says:


  179. Ankita singh says:

    aversion to coition
    is there any medicine to raise sexual desire of woman of around 25 yrs old. she does not feel having sex.
    Body type medium no fat no thin. Weight 50kg
    Period mc is regular timely.
    Plz which medcin take and solve our problem.

    • Dr. Sharma
      I am 31 year old and in US, weather change alongwith with ac/heat is affecting my skin. Am getting dark spots on my skin. Am healthy in general 5-55 with 58 KG weight and married and normal menstrual cycle.
      But, yeah sometime i get over-stressed because of work and routine stuff. I think probably its stress that giving me spots.My cheeks get red irritated and dry and now I can see brown spots. I feel burning sensation most of time on cheeks.
      I’ll look forward for a remedy for that.

  180. I’m 26 years old. I’m having problems in having sex. I don’t feel it when it’s happening and I need to tighten my Virginia too. I’m still single too.

  181. cissedollar says:

    Am 21yrs old I don’t enjoy sex its pains me each time and I can’t withstand the pains cause am dry and don’t lubricate well am scared.

  182. Tania Pettigrove says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have bought the homeopathic treatment Sepia for loss of sexual desire, tiredness and weight gain!
    What dosage should I take?

    Thank you

  183. Judith FORD says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have hair loss I have always connected to low thyroid. When my medication is fine the front and top of my head has a decent growth of hair. When my thyroid medication is off it thins out a lot.
    I find this has been worse since menopause.
    I have lost hair on my arms and legs and underarms. And most of my eybrows.

    My hair was always very fine and soft, but I found a picture of me in my thirties with lots and lots of hair.

    I do not find myself in the position of the mother in your story. But I do babysit for my grandchildren and found myself having a hard time not losing patience with them. I do sweat when I do the least bit of heavy cleaning and walking. It does not pour off me, but it makes my hair look like I was just swimming.
    Please let me know what remedy I should use. Thank you very much.
    Judy Ford

  184. i am 40 yrs of age .i have been trying for a baby bt failed .i have daughter 12 yrs old concieved naturally.wt homeopathic remedies can u suggest for endometrium layering is 6.8cm

  185. Shivangi sharma says:

    Hi Doctor, I’m 28yrs old unmarried lady. Height – 5’3″ weight is around 38-39kg. It has never increased more than this. My body is very thin. Especially Upper parts. There is no growth in my chest. I having normal period. Sometimes 2-3 or 4 days delay and not much pain. My period schedule is like this – 1st 2nd day heavy sometimes or normal 3,4 th day normal or less but it last for 7 days almost. After 3-4th day, I used to get 1-2times or while urinating till 7th day. If its start by Saturday then completely it ll be over by next Friday or Saturday.
    2. My heart beats faster even if I lift 20kg of water can or stair down fast and that gets settled after 5-10mins.
    3. I have very thin and very less hair on head. And, too much hair on my body – chest, belly, legs, hands even on sides of face
    4. I used to have gas and constipation also
    5. I always have low BP and Anemia, leukoria (since childhood only)
    6. emotional wreck!!! constantly tired, crying, anxious, irritable, no energy and worn out quickly.
    7. My eye sight is less. I’m using lens of 7.5 ndd 8.5 minus.
    8. My nails are not growing for a good look and cuticles of nails will be dry with fine lines nearby
    9. I used to sweat and because of that my face becomes dull whenever I go out.
    10. My mood swings
    11. I used to sleep, I take in breakfast soaked almond with banana shake then in lunch rice daal sabji. Dinner il be tired after long day work and journey and il not have hunger or interest for dinner even if some days in not tired. Still I take but don’t eat properly.
    12. My teeth are getting decayed. I have upper right gum ND lower left gum totally decayed. Hollow.
    I’m pure vegetarian. Don’t eat egg even. I don’t prefer fast food or chat items or spicy. My food habits is normal.
    Overall, I’m fare. My face have sharp and beautiful features. Inspite of having everything, I don’t look charming because of my malnutritioned body look especially my hands are like just a piece of stick and my chest is a baby chest. I look like 12-13yrs old girl. I have a smart mind. I work smarter. I have been topper in studies and at work too. Nowadays, I don’t get concentration on my preparation for career advancement. And, it’s getting delayed as I have to get married too. I forget my studied things quickly. Please help, I just want to have normal weight at least 10kg gain and flashy arms, wrist and waist. After that bit growth in my chest so that I get married and get a baby.

  186. Hi Doctor,
    I’m in need of your help, I have been constipated for 4 yrs, symptoms are feeling of improper release of stool, abdomen heavy, pains during menstruation, anger, irritated, temperamental, I can go for days without voiding even though I have the urge, im 33 yrs old, I normally wake up around 3 am and throw up, Im always tired but still do a lot of mental work, I don’t react to any food and i do not take coffee or alalcohol. Also I noticed that I have white spots on my skin, I hair falls slightly cos i see patches and my teeth shakes.I’m a Nigerian.
    I would say problem stated when I used a EFA 1000mg and I just started having palpitations and constipation immediately, I stopped using supplement but constipation has continued for over 4 yrs.
    Kindly assist , thanks in anticipation

  187. hi l have dark spot on my cheak and for head and my hair loss to much all my body can you recomend any meadicne

    • Did the spot ever go away after taking sepia? I have a spot on my cheek called melasma and taking sepia now and hoping it goes away with remedy.

    • suman bedi says:

      Postmenopause occur age 42 I m suffering from hot flashes having brown spot on my cheeks and body exertion Plz. Recommend that sepia is right medicine and what dose and how much longer can be taken

  188. Swapna Banik says:

    I have brown spot on my face. I am 38 years old. What is my proper Doges to take Sepia.Kindly reply me.

    • Did the spot ever go away after taking sepia? I have a spot on my cheek called melasma and taking sepia now and hoping it goes away with remedy.

  189. Please recommend something that will give my wife hunger for sex again. She has no desire and I am like a 16 year old. I am 61 and still going strong. Please help save this relationship.

  190. I am 25 years old girl having pcos from 13 years since starting of my pcos. Symptoms are absent periods for several months and bleeding for a long time between two periods. Please help.

  191. Zahida Perveen says:

    I am 49yrs unmarried lady, monthly cycle has stop i have totally lost my face glow and got high pigmentation and dark face and dark body. I have also mass cest 7.8X5.7 and weight 70Kgs at 5.1ft hight doctor advise me to loos the weight as much as I can bt i am failed. One Dr. suggested me Sepia 1M, kindly advise me will it work for my condition and would i got monthly cycle again. Now my family is planning for my marriage and physically I am not feeling healthy.

  192. lekoriya for six month

    likoriya for six month to kon si medicine leni cahiye

  193. Dear Dr.

    I have been married for 9 years. For 8 years I had a good sexual life but from last year My wife(Age 30 ) has lost sexual desire. We did not had sex in last entire year. My urge for Sex is too much and I do not get any response from my wife. Please suggest me with homeopathic medicine. Please reply to me at

  194. Anirudh kapur says:

    Hello doctor,
    My mother is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis since 2000..and on steroids drug and inhalers..
    Her condition is worst now..
    She is on oxygen machine 24 hours and difficult to breathe..
    Her TLC, DLC repetidily increased to 14500…and having some fever and dry cough with vomiting at the end sometimes…

    Please help me out


    • Hello
      My wife is 32 years old .She have backache problems and she has no sexual desire at all. She doesn’t want to do sex one time also in a month. She has no lubrication at all thats why she feel pain during intercourse. She doent enjoy sex .she just do sex for myself without any enjoyment and desire.

      She has breast pain also some time. When I press it ,it is painful for her.

      Please suggest us best remedy to make our life full of sexual enjoyment and mental peace because I am full of sexual desire wanted to have sex one day alternate.

      please suggest so that she can feel pleasure during sex and enjoy it with desire for more.

      Is SEPIA200C will be good for her. If yes then plese suggest the dose for her.

  195. Dear Doctor,

    I have shoulder calcification and minor depression ( relationship issue with my husband for 1 year ). Does Sepia fits me?

  196. Dear Dr i need some medicine which should be for pimple and acne ….sepia can use as acne ?tretment

  197. Lata Harlalka says:

    For last 3 month I am suffering from vaginal fungal infection. I have irregular period also…its very painful. …During menstrual cycle I fell nausea ….giddiness. ….restless. Please help and advice.

  198. I have no sperm ivf infertility and how I make live sperm for baby.married 4 years plz any medicine and your address location,treatment in Canada plz

  199. Faiza khalid says:

    I have white stuff like type of jelly.wht should i need. Can i take sepia30 and how drops r needed to me

  200. Hi sir


    I am writing to you on my mother’s behalf. She has a bit long medical history. These days, she has a problem of white discharge and she is taking sepia. earlier the discharge was yellow in color. and the doctor said that this yellow discharge will cause itching to your skin.

    Now she has an itchy skin (all over body) and the scratches give her a strange red lines most of the time
    I really need and assistance in this case. Please discuss the problems stated above.

    quick reply is awaited.
    Thank you.

  201. hi doctor
    i have pcos, i have excess of hair on body and face, im gaining weight specially in abdomen,irregular and scanty menses, not conceiving, i have tried metformin and ferty but no results, so pls prescribe me some homeopathy medicines

  202. maine galt kam kr liya hath se ab mujhe apni vagina ko tight krna h sepia 30 best medicine h iske liye plz give advise thank u

  203. I am writing on behalf of my mother. She is 57yrs old and menopausal. She has lost a lot of hair from the age of 40. More so in the last few years. My father has been diagnosed with cancer and this also took its toll. Would Sepia officialis help? I would be grateful for your advice. Thank you

  204. papiha gupta says:

    When to repeat sepia after first dose

  205. Im suffering from period disorder. Mera baby bhi ab 5+ ka hogeya hai mujhe next pregnency nahi ho rahi is month mujhe 14 days uper ho k periods aae hai. I am very upset. Plz mujhe btaiye k main ye medicine le sakti hu? Reply as soon as possible.

  206. I am suffering from PCOS last one year and put on weight up to 15 Kg and have lot of acne in I am.75kg ,can u please suggest medicine for weight loss due to PCOS and permanent solution for pcos

  207. Hi I’ve been going to my gynecologist for a white discharge that won’t go away and not its tight like it was before, he ran tests on me and they all come back negative.’s depressing that when it’s time for sex I make up a lot of excuses not to.I’m tired all the time no energy even after having coffee please help

  208. laura behera says:

    Respected sir,
    Am suffering from lose vaginal walls . Please help me

  209. swati sharma says:

    hello sir,
    sir i am 23 yr old. From childhood i have a blakness around my lips and below the nose. As i grown up i tried evrything but it only lightens the blackness not prevented it. Few months ago i went to a homeopath and he gave me some medicine which cured this blakness but it again appears..Plz tell me the reason for this and permanent remedy so that it can’t occur in future.

  210. ghulam rasoool says:

    When i intercourse my wife , i don’t satisfied my wife . timing is so poor (small) and my wife not pregnent please tell me the best treatment. my age is 35 years. i married before 5 years. my penis is also very small due to hand practice. now i want to become a father, plz help me and suggestion the medicine.

  211. I am sufferring from PCOS & not getting pregnent. Can I take sepia medicine ? If yes what are the dosage for it & how to take?

  212. dr maqsood ali says:

    hi dr . a daughter aged 16 plus , color white , al ways fatigue , having polymennhorea , excessive mensis perods , weep on a little things , feels cold on arm , legs , fungal spots brownish scars on neck and chest /////////////////// plz advise some homo remedy

  213. DR. NASHI KHAN says:

    I suffer from over active bladder since last three months. I urinate every half an hour and feel strong urge to urinate. wake up three times a night and this problem effecting my social and work life.
    kindly advise.

  214. Doctor is this Sepia 200 good for pimples on the face due to hormone dis-balance and PCOS cyst. please let me know before i purchase.

  215. Hai sir gud morng my wife is suffering with pcos disease sir kindly advice homeopathy treastment sir

  216. I think I am loosing a grip.please help with vag. tightening

  217. Abdul Wajid says:

    Dear Consultant, I am 39 years married 2 son n 1 daughter father. I married from 7 years and from start of day facing the problem of Pre Mature Ejaculation just at inserting or after 1 I also lose my erection but havelots of desire.I have very active routine all the day.I used Lyco 200 for some days.but no improvemrnt.plz suggest

  218. shakilur Rahman says:

    lower abdomin pain, white discharges
    periods disorder.

    kindly suggest medicine

  219. When i intercourse my husband afer sex my vigion was washout and iam not pregnet please tell me the treatment

  220. Hello,

    I have read up on Sepia and feel that it could help me with a lot of the problems I suffer from. Depression, Anxiety, painful intercourse, tiredness, irritability, mood swings, PMS. I recently bought some 6c, the suggested dosage is 4 tabs underneath the tongue every 4 hours. How do you suggest I take these. Are they safe during pregnancy?

    Hope to hear back from you soon.

    Thank you,

  221. Rebecca Riley says:

    Hi I’ve just recently had the Mariana coil fitted due to heavy periods I knew that it would effect me because of the hormones I suffered with pmt before I even had the coil so knew it would effect me.I explained to the nurse who examined me and she suggested sephia 30 as I knew it did effect me so I went to Holland and Barratt and bought some but consulted a lady who worked there she said take sephia every day 2 tablets every 4 hrs is it OK to take it like this?? I have noticed a difference I feel a lot calmer and in control. Thanks Rebecca..

  222. Rachel Kolodzey says:

    Question… I was wondering if you know if sepia and /or sabina works immediately after taking it or if it takes days. I found out that there was no fetal heartbeat a week ago but according to the baby’s measurements it hasnt had a heart for 2 weeks, and now I’m trying to find a homeopathic method of having the baby come out so I don’t have to do the procedure of having the baby removed by the doctor. Thanks in advance. ~Rachel

  223. sampa sarkar says:

    respected sir;I have right fallopian tube block and irregular mense can I take sepia30.plese advice me as soon as much drop can take.

    • aparajita debbarma says:

      sir my age is37 ni want to consive 2nd baby. im egar to can u pls suggest a medicine bcoz its to late.

  224. Ravindra Nath Sharma says:

    I want discuss about my wife smt Rama Sharma 49 years of age . she is working women .Her utres was removed in 2006 and her health is not so good .She always feels stress and within month acute headache comes ,after rest or taking sound sleep,she feels better but repatative treatment there is no fruitful result . Today i go through the sight for seeking treatment of stress ,unwillingness and loss of desire of sex than i relate the symptempus as mentioned in the wonder drug sepia. Earlier we consult the homeo Dr, S.K.Singh chouhan in Jaipur ,he usually gives sepia drops on acute headache, the pain release within 15 miniut. Will you please suggest the sepia for my wife and how much quantity can be given .

  225. joice gyan says:

    please where do I get some to buy

  226. cookie steven says:

    hello doctor, i came across this medicine online when i was looking for a solution on tightening the vaginal walls, so, i will like to receive a professional advice from you. thank you

  227. Hello Dr.
    I am 22 years old.Muje swapandosh ki problems h pichle 4-5 saal se pahle 1-2 saal to machine Mai 2 bar hota tha lekin ab to mahine mai4-5bar hone laga and
    Mere gaal pichke hue h mai bhut kamjor ho gya hun.please muje koi achi medicine suggest karo.
    Thank you

  228. Roselin sebastian says:

    dear dr
    I am a woman of age 49. I have very severe depression, irritability and lack of energy prior and during my periods. I find it difficult to pass those days. feels worthless and lack of concentration, confidence and all negative thoughts during these days. by fifth day i become ok and comes to normal life. I read sepia is good for such problems. please suggest me the dosage and other instructions for using it. thanks a lot

  229. Dineo Podile says:

    Hi doctor
    I’ve had two miscarriages and had PID and since then my womb is painful, irregular periods, i dont feel like having sex, i get tired and have lower back and abdominal pain. I bought sepia and want to know how to take them

    • sir,
      i am an unmarried girl of 25years.I am suffering from the symptoms of pcos like weight gain,excessive hair loss from scalp ,hair on face ,abdomen chest etc, achne dark patches on back neck. I have always late periods usually from 8-10 days and sometimes even it is 15 days late.There is always black patches on my bra andvest in summer days .probably it may be due to some secreation of chemical in my sweat.please advice me immediately.

  230. I am 40yrs since 10yrs I m having hard grey and black facial hair problem over upper lips and chin,
    had treatment of Olume jac 30, and Thuja 3m but not removed as it some times lighten the hair, but next month same heavey hard growth, that made skin black and spotty.
    I m married since 16yrs two kids, this all happen after child births.
    Dnt ve irregular periods. But once in a yr 1.5mnth do ve late periods.
    Kindly guide me treatment.

  231. hi i m suchi 29 year of age an bless wid 2kid i have a thyriod problem since last 5 years .i m follow deit plann wid regular exercise instead of that i m not loosing weight pl help m is sepia medicine help m

  232. hello dr.

    meri age 38 hai main fit hu daily exercise karti hu mera period regular hai meri main problem yeh hai ki main urine bahut rokti hu …es vajah se last year urine rokne per mujhe bleeding ho gai thi or urine karne ke baad jalan bhi hoti thi khasane per leakage bhi ho jata tha urine or lower part mein thoda dard bhi tha….phir maine cantharis -30 or causticum 1000 dr. ne mujhe di thi jis se main puri tarah se theek ho gai thi per 1 saal baad phir se maine urine hold karna shuru kar diya tha jis vajah se yeh problem phir se start ho gai hai halki bleeding ho rahi hai3 days se or urine karne ka man baar baar kar raha hai unine karne ke baad halki jalan hoti hai….pls. bataye koun si dawa lu….

  233. SWAPAN DUTTA says:

    My wife age 38+ she have no sex.what am I do.

  234. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    I am a 32 yr old woman. I had takn chlomophine citrate for continuos six mnths,for ovulation. Due to which my skin got darkened. Aftr two years ive not got my fairer tone back. Can sepia help me in gaining my tone back? Plz help.

  235. Hello dr sharma i m having severe headache problem just in my menses days only it is too severe that any medicn does effect kindly help me in solving the issue my age is 27 and i m a lactating mother.

  236. I am 6 weeks pregnant and am experiencing horrible nausea. I have heard that sepia (I don’t know which kind) can help with morning sickness but don’t know anything about it or where to get it. Is it safe to even take during pregnancy? Please help!

    • Taimoora Nabeel says:

      I m 51 years old. going through hair fall for many years and black patches at back (on shoulders) and upper part of my arms. now a days getting hot flashes. please help me for medicine. hair fall is a big problem

  237. I have been taking sepia, but I am experiencing bladder problems, apparently it does not empty and now I am getting infection all the time. An urologyst advised me to empty my bladder with catheter, but I cannot do this and it is since I have been advised to do this I qam not getting rid of infection.

  238. nita bhattacharya says:

    I am 44yrs and have a loose,black can it be tight enough to please my man and how can I get a fair vagina and fair skin around it?please suggest.

    • I have melasma on my cheeks will sepia help using it locally on skin and shoud i take sepia 30 pills also ……is sepia good for vaginal tighting also

  239. aakanksha sharma says:

    I suffer from PCOS, my age is 33. How can SEPIA Q help me and in what dosage the intake should be.
    Thanks and regards

  240. I’m 57 years old started hot flashes early 2002, loss of sexual desire, digestive disorder, gaining weight the more I exercise running on the road does not reduce weight even eating less, gain from size 38/40 to 42 . constant headache which does not go away.

  241. What should i use for a tighter vaginal experience

  242. hello i am 29 yrs old.I have been on aldactone for quite a long time.i have just stopped taking i want to plan my family.i got my ultra sound done n there is no cyst in ovary.just the right ovary is little enlarged.i have acne,hair growth on my upperlip n my under arms are my doctor says i have pcos.what homeopathy would you suggest me knowing my condition

  243. kalyani mishra says:

    I am a 36 year old woman.From last 5 years I am getting irregular periods.I also suffer from back pain and leg pain.Last 7 months my doctor prescribed carcinosin ,now he has changed to Sepia.Whether i should continue or not?

  244. dear sir,
    i dont know how to gather my thoughts and write down my problem.I have been going to homeopaths both classical and the ones who believe in polypharmacy. Everytime i go for my chronic illness ,something else comes out.Yes they are symptoms of the past. Lately i have had a major illness for which i had to ingest strong alleopathic drugs. Nowadays when i visit my homeo .Dr i am scared Do i have to undergo all the old diseases symptoms all over again. I go to the homeopath in the first place because i want relief.Why cant the dr treat me like a thinking individual and prepare me for such aggravations or unsuppresion. As it is i am mortally scared of illness my personalty of a confident person(atleast from the top) changes into a whiny distressed anxious and helpless individual. Does it really take a good homeopath to treat me like some research material. I am at my wits end . Cant i be one of the cured successes oh homeopathy

  245. Winnie Msomi says:

    Where can I get this product my big problem is to loose of my vargina and I don’t feel anything if I’m having sex with my hubby I’m 43years of age and I still love him.I think he also don’t feel me coz he ran away from me now I always cry everyday

  246. SAJID AKHTAR says:

    Respected Sir,

    My wife is suffering from high FSH and thyroid .Now age is 42 years and we are trying to have a baby but doctors are saying you can not conceive naturally. We have one son and daughter . FSH has to come down for fertility and to conceive naturally. Periods are coming properly in time.

    So please guide us to treat the problems and because we hope only homeopath can treat this properly.

    Thanking you.

    Best Regards,

  247. vandana sharma says:

    I am suffering from polycystic ovarian sindrom since 4 years,late and scanty menses , over weight, hair growth on upper lip and face. Please give me suggestions and prescrib medicine for this.
    Is sepia good for me in pcos.

  248. arti joshi says:

    respected dr.sharma
    i 22 year old married woman one child. after pragnancy my intercourse area loose or not hasband cmplaints mny times with pleasure. also vaginal looseness.
    i want tighten vagnal to happy marreid life.

    thank you please give me solution as soon as possible

  249. Surineni Ramadevi says:

    Sir, I am using Sepia.200 from last 10 days with the combination of Belladonna. How for I can use these mediicines ? I am having sevier Maigrain during periods and Last one month I have swelling nervous through hands and especially legs, and when I am sitting I lost sense on my below hips.

  250. hakeemaliabbas says:

    If u have any health isssue contact hakeem ali abbas contact us at

  251. hakeemaliabbas says:

    Hakeem ali abbas contact us if u have any health issue contact no:923144055312

  252. RUBY ANDERSON says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I had a miscarriage 30 jan 2015 it was 11 weeks 5 days after that i don’t an ovulate, my menstrual period are normal exact bang on time 27 days but no ovulation and I m desperate to have a baby.
    I m 33 years old. I have no other health problem.
    Recently done all blood test and scan all normal apart from progesterone level is very low.

    Kind Regards

  253. sumita ray says:

    dear dr.

    i am 54 years old, & having pigmentation & patches on my face, should i take sepia 200 for one month thrice in a week, ( three to four drops at a time ). will it be helpful?

    sumita ray

  254. Sowjanya says:

    Is sepia works at melanin harmone

  255. anushakalluri says:

    hi my name is nauhsa kalluri and my weight is 68.5 and have over fate in thighs and beely can u reduce it by usin this medicinen

  256. Hii dear doc. i have sufring black darkspot’s and my face alway oily problm whitin 2 year bt i have previous treatment u can pls sugest me what can i use sepia or any othe medicine pls hepl us. thank u .

  257. I’m 63 and lately I have been feeling awful. depressed and so many things fatigue and just can’t do much. should I take this ? also I still have my overies . but had surgery for the rest. things go downhill from surgery.

  258. Can i use sepia i had intercourse with my boy friend many times now i want to tight my vegina back i am 24 yr old and i have one more problem batholin cyst suffering from last 3 years plz suggest me

  259. sehrish wajid says:

    Hello sir, this is sehrish, i am 22 year old…m hving hormonal disorder…i havent had my periods since 3 months,and i hv all the symptoms of Pocs like facial hairs,body hair,obesity etc cn u plz suggest me any medi for this problm i vl be thankful to you..

  260. Helps at the time of menopause please suggess

  261. I t p patients ko keasay treat keya jaye

  262. priyanka says:

    Can I use sepia I had intercoused with my boyfriend many time and my vegina loose l want to back tighting plssss help me

  263. i have had sex before marriage. now i am getting married to some other man. i want to regain my virginity and tighten my vagina. please suggest me the medicines and the excercise.

  264. Soumya Desarkar says:

    Dear Sir

    My wife is 35 years old having 2 children. height is 5’7″ and weight 65 kg.. She has very less interest in sex, very reluctant to have sex. Her vagina is also very dry at the time of intercourse. pls advice,,


  265. Sir I am 38 I have a baby of nine months I am suffering from leukorrhea(thick milky discharge) severe pain in my back and toes,inflammation and burning in my feet and nervous tentions and weight gain. Plz advise some useful homepathic medicine I will be very thankful.

  266. Veginal loose after delivery of two kids.need to get that contraction and tightening of thatmuscles

  267. ida fernandez says:


    I am a 48 year old lady from India. I am experiencing some problem in my vaginal area. I am having boils coming and then disappearing frequently with unbearable itching. I want to try homeo treatment. was going thru the net and decided to to try Sepia. While going thru the articles i also understand that Sepia boost the immune system. I am very low at it. Don’t enjoy love making and always feel tired. Could you advice me how to take Sepia if i buy the liquid/tablets over the counter.
    awaiting your help.

  268. Hi doctor, I’m battling peri-menipause and was wondering if I could take sepia safely every month and for longterm?

  269. samreen raza says:

    sir, i m 27 yrs old. married since three years. i m continosly trying for pregnancy bt evryrime i fail. have pcos. pys filled axne over my cheeks n chin. excess hair growth on chin n abdomen. irregular menses. overweight i m 87 kg. i m trying to concieve plz help me out with sone medicibes whixh could help me out. thanks in advance. looking forward for ur reply.

  270. swakruti sahu says:

    is Sepia 30 is useful for tightening the vagina.reply ASAP

  271. Kylie Roosa says:

    for make vagina tight i am using myotuat serum and I love this serum First bought one bottle. Liked it so much I bought 3 more so I won’t run out. It works very well and is also very clean. My boyfriend thinks it’s the excercises that are working. lol

  272. Dear doc i m suffering through herpes typ 1 but have cold sores on my genital area
    What should d doseage be like

  273. Is sepia Safe while breastfeeding?

  274. I’m a pcod patient for more than 10 years.
    Tried everything. . Allopathic. It’s affecting me in Everyway possible. . Mentally n physically. The worst is that my breasta ate shrinking to an almost nil size n the spotting is continuous even after a good heavy period. .. It goes on endlessly. Will sepia help me ? What dosage n how many pellets ?? Tell me n help me ASAP. I’m 40 years .

  275. Hi i am from South Africa and we have sepia avaiable here but we can take it once every three days or in acute case once a day which doesn’t really help,can it be taken more than once a day in acute case until symptoms subsides. Thanks for your respond.

  276. Chelsea West says:

    I’m having issues with my vagina being loose & doesn’t stay lubricated.. It is also painful to have vaginal intercourse…

  277. MIR SAMEER says:


  278. RAHUL BOLWAR says:

    dear doctor my wife is 38 yrs old , she is good in health other than she once in a 10 days or when she delays or skips meals or with less sleep gets one side headache lasts for 2 days even after taking medicine. she is some time high tempered , but otherwise normal. she has got good physical exerise as we are agriculriests. pure vegitarian , she gets very good sleep 7hrs. good standard body built , SIR HER MAIN PROBLEM IS AS SHE SAYS SHE NEVER HAD A DESIRE FOR SEX IN HER LIFE , SHE IS NOT INTRESTED TO HAVE SEX AND SHE THINKS IT IS BURDEN .. BUT SHE AGREE S AND COPERATES BUT SHE SAYS SHE NEVER FELT ANY NEED FOR IT .. WE HAVE 2 CHILDRENS. KINDLY HELP US TO INCRESE HER URGE FOR SEX .. I FEAR TO GIVE SEPIA 30C AS I HEARD BECAUSE OF WHICH HEART ATTACK OCCURS.. KINDLY GUIDE US

  279. Dear Doctor,
    I am a prolapsed bladder. Doctor says i should do hysterecty and then push the bladder in. Can i use
    Sepia 30? Will it help me. Please let me know.


  280. Hello.
    I had BV for a long time which I finally self cured with multiple probiotics. But the antibiotics that my doctor gave me prior to this, have given me a yeast infection that they just can’t seem to treat. After doing quite a bit of research I came across Sepia and think it would help me greatly to finally get rid of the yeast. My question is, how much should be taken a day? I don’t want to over or under do it.
    Thank you!

  281. Hello! I came across this (sepia) while reading in a Chinese natural healing book. I know of no one to ask about the use if this medicine though.
    Here is a brief background. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and also a build up if uteren cells. I have always had bleeding issues for months on end and do not ovulate. (The story above sounded like me). Would this be a safe option for me and a possible healing? My regular doctors continue I put me on hormone drugs and it never fixes things only for very temporary.

  282. Can we use sepia …….for tighting vegina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend ….many times…now i wanna my tight vegina back…is sepia best to tight vegina …..i am 21 yrs…how much time sepia take to tight my vegina… i have before inter course…….please help

    phn no.7838039886

  283. peggy seward says:


  284. says:

    Is it safe to take sepia 30 & inositol 650mg during same time?

  285. Dr Neeta jain says:

    I am a 47 yr old female suffering past few weeks from carpal tunnel and later on tennis elbow. Kindly let me no is their is any homeopathic medicine for the same

  286. Senjuti Bhattacharyea says:

    My daughter is 19. She has a complain of irregular periods right from the inception of her menstrual cycle. She is overweight inspite of having a more or less controlled diet. She is very good in her studies and remains very busy in her college and professional courses.
    I also had the problem of irregular periods in my teens. It partially improved in my 20s.
    Kindly suggest a homeopathic medicine along with dosage for my daughter, so that her period is regularised. She has acne problems also.
    I am sceptical about the hormone pills as they tend to increase the weight in most cases.

  287. Manoranjan Samanta says:

    My wife is 52 years of age. She has no interest of sex at present . But it was in past. I, therefore , request you to prescribe a medicine for her to increase the interest of sex. Please treat that it is very urgent.

    • Maanaranjan sama says:

      date -31.10.2016 My wife(age 53 yrs) has taken sepia 30 , five drops three time each day for three months and then sepia 200 five drops three times each day at three days after after for two months. still now she has no demand of sex. Is it possible to enhance her demand of sex as before ?If so, I shall grateful
      to you. Please advice.

      • Maanaranjan sama says:

        date -31.10.2016 My wife(age 53 yrs) has taken sepia 30 , five drops three time each day for three months and then sepia 200 five drops three times each day at three days after after for two months. still now she has no demand of sex. Is it possible to enhance her demand of sex as before ?If so, I shall grateful
        to you. Please advice.

  288. Hello dr, I am using sepia200 daily morning 2 drops in small amount of water for strenghtning pelvic floor muscle or tightning vaginal walls. Is it the right medicine I use for? If not so plz advice me right medicine plz

  289. akansha gupta says:

    sir I lost my verginity long time back with my bf BT he ditch me …now m getting with a guy this year I love him a lot n I Dnt wan him to know DT I m not vergin plzzzz help me is there any medicine to make my vergin tight n can bleed during wedding night help me

  290. Nazia Kamil says:

    I want my vagaina tight which dosage of sepia shuld i take n hw long n frm where i got in delhi plzzz reply

  291. Nazia Kamil says:

    I have inter course my boyfriend so many times knw i want my vagina tight i am 23yrs old plz help me which dosage of sepia is helpful for me and how long time it will take to its proper form plzzz help…..i want my vigaina tight and ny virginity also

  292. 56 year old lady. Mensus stopped. Average health and physique. Suffering from severe vaginal pain
    and hence no sex relation for the last 5 yrs, Libido is very low. No sexual feelings. Always having
    body heat and allergic problems like breathing trouble. Intercourse is impossible since pain of vagina
    impossible to put a finger inside

    Husband aged 62 is having strong sex feelings but suffering from sudden ejaculation. Taking
    medicine for the last 5 yrs for cardiac troubles. Almost healthy

    Kindly advice suitable homoeo remedies

  293. shanu ganas says:

    Hi i am currently on antidepressant called venlor (effoxor) 75mg a day and brazenpam 6mg at night,but i am now getting up fearful, sad and i cry for no reason.Will i be able to take sepia. I am also on vitamins and minerals and i take moringa powder twice a day. Please help. Awaitning for reply. God bless

  294. Evelyn Keiling says:

    Your thoughts on taking Sepia for Bartholin Cyst? What about Tumeric, Garlic too? Desperate.

  295. Hi.i have a problem with a sex life coz I don’t feel anything while making love with my hubby,its frustrating coz my hubby thinks that I have sex out of wedlock am in tears all the time coz I dnt know what he will say next,I have tried kegel but no result pliz help before I loose my marriage

  296. dear doc,
    i spoke with a homeopath doc for my wife, wife is a working mother, she does lots of work , after the day she is very tired and she is not in mood for sex, so the doc prescribe me sepia 30,,,,she had it and got good result, but so many days passed she didnt take that sepia, but same problem continuing , so can i give sepia 200 to her, and what is the course, she have to take this hole life or limited period .. and if you have any good medicine then prescribe…

  297. sidra khan says:

    doctors remove my uterus because of fibriod of 5cm lying at the endometrium i had very heavy bleeding at that time when i was 35 after 4yrs i am feeling that i am suferring from rectocele and my vagina is also loose because my bladder prolapse into vagina feeling pain during intercourse plz suggest homeopathic medicine for me thanks

  298. bhupendra k singh says:

    once a time my wife was pregnant.but we did not want survive issue and for abortion my wife take the Cadila’s tablet .after 48 hours abortion start but at the moment my wife have cimplained that her inner parts are coming out voilently with heavy labour pain and bleeding. some antibiotic was taken instantly by her and be normal.but inner part is out yet partially. Please suggest homeopathic medicine.

  299. Sir
    plz clarify that is sepia 30 drop can help in tightening vagina? If this is possible then how much time will it take to tighen it? Plz clarify the difference between drop and pills.

  300. Dear Dr. Sharma,I am 50 ; it is almost 3 years since I have been trying to find an explanation about what is happening to me.Finally after having a lot of tests which showed nothing special I decided to turn to homeopathy.The homeopathic doctor prescribed me Sepia 200 in dosage – 5 drops in 50 ml of water to be taken in a day for a period of 7 days.
    I am sure that the homeopathic doctor has chosen the right remedy since I have all the symptoms of the sepia type people but my concern is about potence – isn’t it too high? Please, comment.

    Thank you

  301. my age 39 marrde & my husbents penis is small & my veg… is now beg . pls tel me homoeo medicine make my vagina tighten, thank you

  302. Mamta Kakkar says:

    Hello sir.
    I am 30 years unmarried lady. I have been suffering from imbalanced hormones problems due to this facing irregular period problem too. I have alots of medicines to cure my dis problem. Kindly suggest me is sepia helps me to overcome from my this problem.

  303. Shela rahim says:

    Will sepia help me conceive?

  304. Hello DR. Sharma,
    I have been suffering with vaginal atrophy for over 10 years. I had a total hysterectomy and I am highly allergic to artificial hormones. I have tried everything topically (n0n-hormonal) and I do not have any relief.
    I have not been sexually active for that amount of years because of fear of pain. It has been really depressing. Can you help?
    Thank you,

  305. Does Sepia 30C treat fibroids?

  306. sidra javed says:

    i have problem of likoria from lat 7 years. i have tried many medicines but didn’t felt any difference till now. with this itching problem is also a big issue for me.please recommend me a med

  307. Can i use sepia for tighting vegina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend many times and i am getting married very soon …now i wanna my tight vegina back…is sepia best to tight vegina …..i am 25 yrs…how much time sepia take to tight my vegina as i have before inter course…….please help


  308. Divya Rajesh says:

    I am Divya.Iam 42 yrs old.I am facing severe hair loss and early menopause.I have hypothyroid.My scalp is shown and have put on lot of weight after my daughters delivery.She is now 9 yrs old.Kindly prescribe some medicine for my hair loss

  309. Royce D'Costa says:

    Dr want to tighten my vaginal walls and want to be virgin again will sephia help

  310. Can i use sepia for tighting vegina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend many times and had a miscarriage…now i wanna my tight vegina back…is sepia best to tight vegina …..i am 24 yrs…how much time sepia take to tight my vegina… i am getting married very soon….please help


  311. Ravindra Agarwal says:

    My wife is a working lady. She is very hard working and takes every thing very seriously and feel restless untill she completes her task. I think she stress herself and most of the time complains about body ack and not feeling comfortable. She has migrain problem also. Her sleep is also very less and she gets disturb with even little noise or movement on the bed. Because of lack of sleep and tension we dont enjoy sex life too. Kindly advice.

  312. Sir,
    My wife has lost interest in sex. She is 60 yrs. She used to enjoy sex very much till now.
    She used to have strong libido. She is slightly overweight. Now a days, she perspire
    More and feels exhausted by heat. She is jovial otherwise.
    Please advice if sepia 200 once a week shall restore her interest in sex.
    Or suggest appropriate remedy.

  313. Gloria john says:

    My vagina is too loose, what drug will l use to get my vagina tighten again

  314. Hlo doc… I am 23 year old .i am very worried about my married life becouse i am loos my vagina before marriage and now my marriage is fixed with some other person …… Pls help me doc.. Koi asi madicn ha jise je meri vagin ase sex se pehle thie vaise ho jaye and first time ki tare bliding beh ho…. Pls doc help me..

  315. Rajshri Abhale says:

    My age is 50y vagina has been loose can sepia help me to recovery

  316. DR.Sahib my penis size is too small i m 24.yr but my penis is only 3.inch pls sujjest a medicine for me

  317. my age is 48 i m totaly off from sex from last 4yr bt i want to start again, pl sugest me some best medicen for me with quick result,thanx,

  318. hello,my vagina is become very loose aftr my 2nd delivery,i am feedin my 3month old child n takin iron n calcium medicines.i hav a very bad odour also through vagina.
    pls suggest me some homeopatic medicine

  319. Hi Dr, i feel like i have a loose vergina after giving birth to my three sons, will sapia work for me?

  320. I have no desire or a sexual drive anymore, I am in menopause and my vagina has become some what loose.

  321. Dear Dr .

    I saw the question but didn see the answer. .. can sepia tighten the vagina ? And how much doses can one take

  322. Hi dr. Sharma,
    I want to ask you regarding virgina tightness, me and gf use to sex alot before but now her vergina is open alot,so sir is there is any way to tight it with home remies and sir i read on internet sepia 30 is good for vergina tightness,sir my gf dont want to consult with any docter,sir we need your help so plz guide us.
    Thank you sir.

  323. DEEPAK SHARMA says:



  324. arti kumari says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I want to get some information about Sepia 30 (4 pill) and sepia 30 C, whether these medicines is same or different. one of homeopathic doctor suggested me to use sepia 30 4 pill daily 2 i want to buy it online, if u can give any suggestion about this matter pls mail me.

  325. Dear Dr.,
    My age is 29, m going to get marry in dec 2014.I m having affair with my fiancee from past 2 year , so we are having physical relationship but not frequently.almost gap of 2 to 3 months. so my vagina became little loos thn earlier . So can u pls suggest me wht type of medicine i shld take to tighten the vegina in a six month of period .Any fast and powerful remedy is thr for this? pls suggest and reply me on my mail id ,if possible can u send me the medicine online . i want my vagina shld be as like earlier like i never had physical relationship.We want to feel it back after marrg.
    Thanks ,

  326. DRr. Sharma,

    Before my periods starts almost 2 to 3 days before i feel too much irritated, bursting headache, back pain. Heavy bleeding specially on second day of my periods along with too much clotting. After 6 days then spotting for another 3 to 4 days.

    I got diagnosed with vitamin b12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency it was 13. There is almost constant pain in whole body. Gaining weight. I had gained almost 3kgs in 4 months.

    Kindly suggest.

    Best Regards

  327. Bonnie Goodman says:

    can sepia drops be used for asthma patients

  328. Hi sir,

    I had sex with my boy friend. My vagina has become loose and my boy frd tells me it has becum loose. Plz suggest me whtr this pill will help to tighten my vagina. And how many months it will take to tighten the vagina? And also plz tell me where will I get this pill. How many pills I shud use in day and for how many months I shud use. Kindly help me sir plz.


  329. I need to tighting my loose vagina with your drug, how do I get it

  330. Seema Shukla says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 34 years old lady with a 2.6 years old daughter,whom I got with a normal delivery.Now I want a normal sex life but my husband complaining me for loose vagina.
    Kindly suggest me can I use Sepia 30 for tighten my vagina,I do n0t have any medical problem.


  331. Hello doctor.. I just wanna know about sepia cm.. does it take in pregnancy for male baby….

  332. suffering with lpp skin problem.Please suggest any homopathic treatment.

  333. Musarrat says:

    Hellow. I am suffering from skin problem from many years . I have brown to dark brown patches on my cheeks nose and upper lips that gives my face a very ugly look. Please tell me can I use sepia for this? For how long and what dose? I am always tired and have no interest in life.

  334. am 22 years old …i hv intrcoused with my boyfriend many times …but now i want to tighten my sepia 30 effective for tightening the vagina…next year am going to marry with another guy so please help me and suggest me the right medicine for tightening my vagina as soon as possible…plzzzzz…

  335. Munawar ahmad shahid(50+ is age) says:

    Urine flow is not fully flushes out and stops after few seconds. Intervals in between urine flow. Tell me or send me medicine but i afraid to give my card details especially for Pakistanies and Indians. I apologise on my comments but this is reality.

  336. Im 23 years old and i want to tight my vagina plzz suggest me tht sepia 30 is helpful to me and for how much duration i have to take sepia 30

  337. Hjs Sekhon says:

    Respected sir my husband has no interest in me due to my loose vegina. He always complaints. Kindly help me

  338. hi dr. i am 29 years old. i have 1year old baby and i m feeding her my milk because of that my breast is getting loosed and i m not increasing my size also. so plz recomend me good homeopathic medicine so that i can make my figure better.

  339. Dear Doctor,

    , we have been married for more than 7 years now. My wife has lost interest in sex . We did not have sex for almost 2 years. Now, we have sex only once or twice in a month. When i spoke to her on why she is not interested in sex any more, she avoids this. Please suggest a medicine to increase her sexual desire.


    • Dear Doctor,

      , we have been married for more than 7 years now. My wife has lost interest in sex . We did not have sex for almost 2 years. Now, we have sex only once or twice in a month. When i spoke to her on why she is not interested in sex any more, she avoids this. Please suggest a medicine to increase her sexual desire.

  340. Sinead O'Connor says:

    what is the correct dosage of sepia? how does one discern?

  341. Niharika says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have a scarred cervix from last pregnancy which happened 10 yrs back. When I saw a gynae 3 yes back, she advised that I may need a stitch to support the pregnancy in the 3rd month. I have been on Sepia 30 c for the last 3 yrs on and off to cure the wearing down feeling in my uterus. Now I am pregnant in my 3rd month and keen to work on strengthening my cervix through homeopathy. I have read a lot about Sepia 30c. Please can you recommend the dosage and duration to keep. Is there any other medicine as well which would help in strengthening the uterus and cervix to prevent 2nd trimester miscarriage or pre term labor.

  342. amnahabibi says:

    hi dr ..may i use this sepia 30?will yu guide me sepia is actually fo what??what type of female problmss??plz sir gve me a accutate view bt it..

  343. i m getting married next year . n i need your help to tighten my virginity . which i lost lost last year with by x boyfriend. is sepia 30 pill help to tighten my virginity.

    thank u.

  344. Hello,
    My daughter have lost her menstruation after she has quit using hormones for birth control.
    She has had this problem for a year and the doctors only offers hormones.
    I think she is a sepia person. Do you have any suggestions for her?

    Anne from Norway

  345. parveen says:

    iam frm tirupati
    can i consult directly ur branch and i had a problem loose vegina ples give me reply and suggestion

  346. R. K. VARMA says:

    dear doctor, my wife occasionally suffers from flatulance and regularly from back ache. Presently she had pain in the lowest region of backbone and stomach flautlance. Primarily she was given some aleopathic painkillers for backache that she had an attack of loose motions.Her painkillers were stopped and was given antiseptic cifron for infection.Loose motions cured, started painkillers for back ache and got attack of stomach pain in lower abdomen on both sides.Kindly help. Thank you.

  347. Hello DR,
    How is sepia helpful is tightning the vagina…as i am a lil over weight i was wondering if taking of this medicine will increase the weight again or nt…is there any side effects for this medicine…and how much time nd wat is the course duration 4 tightning of vagina.


  348. Hello Sir,

    Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge for sepia. I dnt know why i took such a big risk of believing my boyfriend and having sex with him. He is very educated and well earning man. He did court marriage with another girl without informing anyone.before the marriage he told me he is not going to marry me.since i had already done things that i shud’nt have dne it, Now i am feeling guilty. I dont know what will happen if my future husband knows about it and even hiding seems to be a sin. I read about sepia could not resist myself to give me some suggestion on sepia. Pls let me know if i can take this medicine to solve my problems. Pls help..

  349. Hello doctor
    Your woman description above is my portrait. What dosage to start with and frequency ?
    Thank you

  350. Dear doctor I have completely lost my sexual desire after my second delivery my husband used yo fight with me always please advise me don’t medicine like drops sepia 200c

  351. Can I use sepia …….for tighting vegina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend ….many times…now i wanna my tight vegina back…is sepia best to tight vegina …..i am 25yrs…next mnth m getting married .. i . I have depression problem.. from last 2 years n hyperpigmentation on both cheeks n nose.. smbdy suggested me sepia.. pls help

  352. my friend is suffering with pcos ,thyroid from few months and after consulting homeo doctor she is given sepia 200 ,are their any side effects using this medicine. will she be cured how long should she use this and she can have a baby?

  353. mrs r fernandes says:

    i am 68 years heart or diabetic problems.. i have alot of stress arround me, looking after husband grandchildres.. hence always very very tired.. sometimes almost passing out. i take the rescue remedy sometimes.would sepia 200 suit me and how should i take it.. grateful for your reply

  354. poonam kansra says:

    sir myself Poonam kansra suffering from leoucoria and left right ribs pain and take sepia30 and phytollaca30 with calcium and get relief but after few month it comes back guide me in tests there is lack of calcium in me thanks you

  355. RATHIN SHA says:

    I want homeopathy medicine to increase my sexual stimina. I am 32 years age , married man

  356. dear doctor

    I m married and we are planning for kids.I have irregular periods due to pcods.I m also on neorologoist treatment for partial seizures.I was on epilex chrono 200 mg for the past one year and then the doctor shifted me to levipill 500.its a small dose and relatively safe while trying for pregnancy

    One of the homeo doctors prescribed sepia 30 ch and i was taking it daily for the past one month and now my periods is delayed than before.should i continue on this homeo treatment ?Could you please advice me doctor?

  357. Hi doctor
    I am 21 yeafrs old. And in relationship with my boyfriend for 2 year… I had intercourse with him…. Will Sepia would help me tighten my vagina? Please do reply….

  358. am 32 year old female trying to consieve since 9 years but failed.done many allopathic courses but failed .. am getting hopeless day by day am very much worried about its.kindly help me in this regard….am suffering from pcos…as you a doctor you know the symptoms of this disease ..facing irreguler mensturation..backache..small follicule sizee.0.4 0.5 at day 13th..kindly recomend me any medicine with solve my problem plz plz plz..

  359. I am currently nine weeks pregnant. My mood has been horrible. I cannot stand my husband. I cant stand food or smells. Would sepia help me?

  360. i need vagina tighting cream.which i can get frm any medical store

  361. Shiv Shankar says:

    Respected Sir,
    my wife is suffering lower back pain, weakness, headache and solder pain.
    please suggest sepia or other homeopathic medicine with dose
    thank you
    shiv shankar

  362. sneha prasad says:

    Dear Dr,
    I am 31 yr. old,I am suffring from minor bleeding after period.Iam consulting a guynachalogist and she advised me to go ultrasonography.Ovary is swelling and infected in report of sonography.So,I want a good homeopathic medicine for this problem.

  363. my daughter is 15 years old she had her first periods in the age of 10 with irregular bleeding doctors prescribed ultrasound in which they found polcystic ovaries , after that I started homeopathic med by using those med her periods got regular but now she has irregular periods becoz of that she got problems like anxiety, nervousness, acne etc plz suggest med for her

  364. Dalip Kumar says:

    My wife who is 35 year old, suffering from white creamy/cheesy discharge 3/4 days before periods from last 5 years. her HPV PEP Smear is negative. Can she take sepia or not. please advice me.

  365. Dear Dr.,
    I am 25 yrs old female. For loss of sexual desire, please send me the dose of sepia…

  366. shaista khan says:

    dear doctor….i have a burning sensation in internal vaginal area since 15 days.its not infection because i have tested clinically. its a internal vaginal cuts through masterbating or over hyegine. please suggest me proper homeopathic medicine.. i am taking sepia 200 power once in a day.

  367. Sonja Andreasson says:

    I am an 54 year old woman just going through a difficult divorce -same sex. I am very run down , has lost a lot of weight and also has urinary urgencies. Have had it for about 2 months now. I am taking hormonal cream and aloe vera capsules which are helping somewhat. I have changed my diet and removed for example coffee and certain citrus fruits. Some days are better than others but still having a lot of troubles . Would this medication be helpful??

  368. I’m trying too have a natural miscarriage and i just don’t know how to do it. I have depression and anxiety i just dont want too put the baby through that. So i want too have a natural miscarriage

  369. laxmi 21yrs Female says:

    T3 T4 normal TSH high..Suggest homeo medicine.lean body.

  370. Sandip Adhya says:

    My wife is suffering from PCOS as per diagnosis of our Gyno. She has very irregular period, sometime without taking pill it can’t happen. Also ovulation occurs or not don’t know. Presently my Gyno prescribed Progestrone Injection (Repronox 75), Ovygin DSR & Duphaston 10. Please suggest best Homeopathic medicine.

  371. Lorraine Cook says:

    Hello I have been searching for something that might help. I am 41 yrs young but most days I feel 70. I have always been so full of life even when I was raising my 3 boys along e whom are now young men. I was adventurous and playful, not easily aggravated or pushed. The last 8 yrs have been a very trying time. I found my husband of 7 yrs in our bathroom where he had committed suicide. From there I have just spiraled. I dont do drugs or drink ( drinking occasionally). I smoke and do take a mild pain medicine prn. I have been in a relationship , well was for almost 4 yrs which recently dissolved. My moods change drastically. I no longer play around or want to be messed with and the slightest upset I shut down and cant seem to pull out of it. I work and goto school. I do smile and laugh just not as much as I used to. Tbis being a huge reason to my love becoming my ex. I have always had a huge backbone but not for some years now, I just dont feel any thrive to even bother saying anything Sex has always been a strong part. Ive always been extremely sexually active but it is diminishing and pleasure seems non existent mainly. I do not handle anti depressants well for I dont want to be numb nor do I feel Im depressed. Im wondering if Sepia is just what I need. It has been recommended to me by many friends whom seen amazing results. I just want to be me again and enjoy myself and life. I am not suicidal, Im not angry or emotionally unstable. I just feel overwhelmed and emotions have a upper hand lately along with my sex life not being where I want. I feel pleasure but not to the extent I have in the recent past. A friend takes this for vagina strengthening and tightening and mood swings and loves it. What do you think? And where would I get this prescribed for myself? Thank you so very much for your time.

  372. Hi Doctor,

    I heard Sepia is great for vaginal tightness, is this true? The kegal exercises and the balls are a bit annoying. I’d like to take sepia for mainly that purpose but now I see all the benefits it has. I am on anxiety pills and smoke, would the pill still be effective on my body?

    Thank you

  373. darshana parihar says:

    Dear. Dr.
    Where should I order sepia 30, and what will be its cost

  374. Dear doctor
    Im 34 year old woman married 6 months ago, I do not enjoy intercourse right from the day one of my marriage, I get enough lubrication however I don’t get pleasure during intercourse and its painful and don’t feel his penis inside me. my partner is very good in making love and I get aroused well only my intercourse is painful and my vagina is loose. please help with the right medication. read about sepia 30 can I take them if so,.what is the dosage.
    I have a history of harmonal imbalance & Pcod. I was treated with medicines like Diane35 .
    please help.

  375. Hi Sir,

    I am a 31 years old male and i have a beautiful wife whom i love so much. We had love marriage and we have one 2-year old daughter. From the past 3-4 months, my wife is showing no interest in sex. Sometimes she reacts well but most of time she is reluctant to sex. whenever i try to go near her she refuses. it is affecting my life to a great extent. Can sepia be a right cure for her? please suggest.

    i am very much worried and going through mental stress due to this issue.

  376. Good morning,i want to find out if I can use dis pill. For vaginal tightning,how effective,and what’s is the dosage…I also need to knw how I can get it cos I stay in Nigeria, calabar.and I dnt knw if it is available in our pharmacies here…tanks,il be waitin for your reply.

  377. Dear sir,
    Im a 53 old woman from germany, being in menopause for some time now I suffer from negativity and depression. I’m self employed running a small handicraft buisiness.
    I have minor heat wave attacks, lot’s of worries and my mood in general is negative, every day. I use to wake up every night a least once with lot’s of worried thoughts. I also experienced restlessness for some time but this has stopped since some time now.
    A friend recommended sepia, so here is my question if this would be suitable for me. If you recommend this to me I would like to know if my symptoms might worsen first as I know that often this happens using homeopathy.

    Thanking you


  378. sanjay singh says:

    If sepia 30 is a drug for tightening vagina?then mention dose

  379. I have heard sepia 30c works to get vaginal tightness better if used taken twice a day with four pills in that day. When would the effects show up? I also use kegals and Ben was balls already.

  380. Can sepia help with vaginal tightening? please respond

  381. Hi Dr. Sharma! my daughter was prescribed natrum mur when she visited the homeopath. That worked a little bit but was not quite right. Then he prescribed sepia which seemed like a miracle remedy for her. Then it just stop working for her. we went back to the doctor and he suggested sulfur which made her have suicidal thoughts and feeling fat and ugly. then we switched to aurum mettalica and that made her stop taking care of herself which was debilitating. We went back to the homeopath again and now she is back on sulfur (2 pellets for three day) She has finished her third dose and last night she told me she wants to die and she feels fat and ugly. Background medically and mentally for my daughter. she was diagnosed with anorexia, bipolar, aspergers, social anxiety, Ocd disorder.
    I would love your opinion for my daughter. i am about to give up on homeopathy because she is so sick. I would appreciate your advice.


  382. sir my vargina is become loose please give me good medicine to my vargina tight back.which food is good to get back.

  383. i am 30 yrs old,my height is 5’4″ and iwant my height 5’8″.
    I have alredy using this medicine like baryta carb 30, silicea 12x,symphytumQ since 9 month but not any result and I also using thyrodium 1M for 3 months but no any result.
    Please advise me for this possible?????If possible then how much time it will take???
    i am from banglore and e mail id
    plz reply me soon..

  384. Hi I wanted to know was sepia ok to take for herpes outbreaks it seems I only get them when I get premenstrual.
    Please respond thanks

  385. Hi,

    I just read the description above regarding sepia, I feel I fit that description to a “T”!!
    I am mother of a 3 yr old and 17month old as well as being pregnant with #3!! I get horrible “acute” morning sickness that generally lasts until the moment up to meeting my new bundle of joy. I take Diclectin multiple times daily to prevent vomiting but nothing can prevent the constant nausea.
    I am that woman who wants 10 min of peace, that is without being pregnant!! I am just unsure as to how life will fair now that I am constantly tired with nauseous with the general pregnancy fatigue.
    I heard there was some form of a Sepia medicine for my nausea but if it will help my hormones so I will not loose it with my kids or my husband I would love love love to know!
    Thank you

  386. can i use sepia 30 for eyesight?

  387. Hi Dr. Sharma
    Where can i buy Sepia 30, i’m located in Gauteng, Johannesburg

  388. sanjeev kr singh says:

    sir i am blad in forehead & my hair cell is dead .can any medicine for hair regrowth so please advice

    thanking you
    sanjeev kr singh

  389. JATINDER SINGH says:

    dear sir
    my wife is suffering from hair fall problem, she is of 26 yrs. plz refer me the homeopathic medicine

  390. Queen fache says:

    Pls how can i use sapia 30, to tightening my virgina .because am getting married very soon.

  391. Rahma nyaga says:

    I have 4kids all born naturally.i need something to tighten my loose vagina

  392. I have been having severe bleeding, cramping, and overall chronic pain from fibroid tumors for more than twenty years.
    Will sepia work for me and if so how much should I take and for how long should I take it

  393. Hlo doc
    i suffer from heavy bleeding during medturation and some times pain also. Can i get rid from this with sepia medicine. Please suggest.

  394. sharmistha says:

    I am 39 yrs , I got pigmentation in my face if you kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine

  395. Dear Doctor,

    Ours is love marriage, we have been married for more than 7 years now. My wife has lost interest in sex after our daughter was born 5 years ago. We did not have sex for almost 2 years. Now, we have sex only once or twice in a month. When i spoke to her on why she is not interested in sex any more, she avoids this. Please suggest a medicine to increase her sexual desire.

    • Dear Doctor,

      , we have been married for more than 7 years now. My wife has lost interest in sex . We did not have sex for almost 2 years. Now, we have sex only once or twice in a month. When i spoke to her on why she is not interested in sex any more, she avoids this. Please suggest a medicine to increase her sexual desire.

  396. Hi can u pls tell me wht I cud use for otosclerosis of d ear . I am menopausal also have hair loss . Cud u pls help me . Thanx

    Kind Regards

  397. would Sepia help with anger from bipolar I and lack of sex drive?

  398. Hi Dr. Sharma
    My name is Nida and my father in law is a retired homeopathic MD. Recently he told me about 2 homeopathic meds that may be beneficial for me. I would like to try them and need some assistance from u please as to how to go about taking these meds and also in what form. ( the pill form- sugar tabs or the liquid dilutions, whichever is easier and more effective preferably).
    Now then, I would like to tell u a bit about myself, I am the working mother of 5 children. I have 4 boys and 1 girl. My daughter is the oldest, 9yrs old ad sons follow with ages 8 yrs, 7yrs, 6 yrs, and 2 years. I am a registered nurse and i work really hard and am completely overwhelmed by the way i look. Presently I am overweight 230 lbs and my height is 5’7″. I was always able to lose weight after having kids with starvation and extreme execise. But now I just dont want to starve and nor am I able to exercise like i used to because my knees hurt (probably from the excess weight), I am exhausted and fatigued all the time, I hardly have any time for myself or to exercise, and I have been getting your typical sinus sysmptoms like stuffy nose, lots of phlegm, and been getting ill more frequently. Being in the field that I am, I usually diagnose myself and treat myself too, but that being with allopathic remedies and not homeopathy. I have recently started getting frequent yeast infections, and I know its from use of antibiotic to treat frequent upper respiratory infections or bronchitis. I dont smoke and I dont drink alcohol at all. I had a cholecystectomy after my first child in 2004 nd doctors told me it was because fat had accumalated in my gall bladder from me losing weight too fast. In fact I had lost 30 lbs in 1 month when this happened and then continued to lose more after recovery from surgery and with regular exercise. Presently I would really appreciate your insight on the two meds Sepia and Phytolacca berry Q tabs for me. I would also appreciate an accurate dosage for both and frquency of each med as well. I dont have any other health concerns besides being overweight and not having a gall bladder but am worried about my family history of diabetes and hypertension and i want to save myself before its too late. Plese help it would be highly appreciated thanks, Nida

  399. Hello there. I wanted to know how many doses would I need to take a day to help my natural miscarriage?

  400. I’m having serious anxiety disorder,have tried diazepam and Setraline,but to no avail. Now on Propranolol,but isn’t still getting the desired result. After my 2nd baby last year. I had an episotomy that was not stitched well,now my vagina is very loose,hence wants to tighten the inner muscles. Plz am in Nigeria,Port-harcourt precisely,how and where can I get this medication? Hope to hear from you. Thanks

  401. Dear Sir

    My wife is suffering with uterine fibroid from last ten years also size is 19x10mm and 13x9mm also we are tired to treating it in mirzapur. Can you suggest me a homeopathic treatment for it.

    Please suggest me helpfully


  402. I have had cysts of the bartholens gland which turn into abscesses over the past 2 years.(4 over all)To make matters worse, the second to last time I had an abscess I ended up with C-Diff from the antibiotics that I was prescribed. I have not had a cyst or abscess in the last month , however I did end up with a uti For fear of ending up on antibiotics again and risking C-Diff I asked a friend about a few natural remedies that she had used.She gave me a book of natural remedies that listed steeping parsley in water and drinking 4 glasses a day for several days.This worked great and I am continuing to drink 1 cup of this”tea” a day in the hopes that this may help prophylacticly . In the book, they mention sepia as a good homeopathic remedy for most gynecological concerns.Is this a good idea to take sepia to help prevent cysts?If so, what kind of dosage?Is this something that is taken daily?Thank you,-T

  403. My friend is 31. Expecting her 6th child. She is incapacitated each pregnancy. Her symptoms are:burning heartburn amel.with open,fresh air or air blowing on her, burping,bloating,regurgitation,nausea all the time-worse from meat and smells and constipation alleviated by drinking coffee. “I am drained,lost my get up and go”. Mind:feels vulnerable,weepy and overwhelmed when feeling so sick. Likes consolation-being “held”. “I’m a loser,wasting time lying here sick when so much to do. Temp.-feels chilly all the time(when pregnant) ;but, likes cool fresh air.
    I am a very beginning homeopathy student-I am trying to reporitze- so far some considerations are merc. , sepia and puls. What do you recommend?

  404. Do they have it in SA and does it keep the viginia clean and still wet ans how much is it

  405. Do they have it in SA and does it keep the viginia clean and still wet

  406. Opal Love says:

    My name is Opal Love I visited Chiropractic Dr. today for the results from nerve damage I have in the results from shingles and bells palsey five years ago. He asked me about my hormone levels and I told him I was low in estrogen but my Dr. didn’t want to give me any medication for it. On the other hand my other Dr. did. I am prone to fibro tumors in my breast, I don’t take any type of hormones. The Chiropractic suggested I get me some Sepia. What are your ciomments.

  407. after int. course i had mon-tolrable pain in vagina
    and in lower abdominal portion.Felt tight penetration. in morning a bad smell discharge came
    as m.c. although iam 52yrs.old and had int.course
    after 2months. now pain is in pelvic area.feeling as
    whole inner organa pushi ng down.swelling present
    feeling weak.
    pls. suggest medicine

  408. Which Remedies Can Help Thightening A Vagina

  409. my vagina is loose i need treatment or any medicine to tigthen my vagina

  410. Dear Dr,have had sex many times now am finaly getting marrie,can sepia30 really help 2 tighten back my vagina?and are sepia30 and sepia30c the same?

  411. Swati Bhasker says:

    Dr. Few months back I went to health club to put vibrator on stomach. After few minutes I felt my muscles near ribs, a sort of pressure. … I asked them to stop the machine as that pressure was unbearable. … after 24 hrs some small flash was out from my vagina… I cant bear that itching…. then I consulted a homeopathic dr. Who gave me some medicine, after the consumption of that medicine for one day a new type of problem of luckoria started along with itching….. I want to get rid of this problem….

  412. Hello Dr… … 1>ak pain overall my left side from my hand’s pinky finger to my leg’s li’l finger. left nose zada waqt bandh hi rahti hai, left eye k upar se kan k piche tak ak varipan mahsus hota h. ye 10yr se zada waqt ho gaya. kavi kavi left side senseless ho zata hai. kuch mahine pahle mujhe ak gahra emotional dakka mila. aur ha, meri unwanted hair ki problem v h, pimple ki samasya v h 15 sal se. age 30. plz help me.

  413. amar hens says:

    Dear Doctor
    I shall be highly obelised if u inform me that sepia 30S is used for enhancement of platelet count?

  414. Sonia Trevino says:

    I am a 27 year old woman and my moods and feelings seem to be all over the place. At times I am happy, other times I just want to cry. I feel extreme anxiety certain days, other days I feel lazy and tired. I have an irregular period and always am cramping and bloated during. Also, am very irritable and get very hungry before. I have a 7 year old that is not hard to care for. She is a good kid and my fiance is a wonderful man. I don’t really have much stress in my life so I dont know why I feel so horrible. please help! Thanks

  415. rhonda wescott says:

    I came down with neuopathy recently and have anxiety because of this which makes the condition act up. I have always had some anxiety but at age 54 this condition is so hard to figure out because my blood test come back fine as far as being diabetic, and I am not an drinker? My niece is a homeopathic doc in Arizona and she is trying me on Sepia for the last five days, but I think this might be making my feet burn and tingle some. I also have a thyroid nodule, but the thyroid doctor said my numbers are very good so its not my thyroid. I wonder if this nodule is still make my hormones off balance which brings on anxiety. I’m not sure what to do next? Thanks, Rhonda

  416. Aniebiet Thomas says:

    Hi! Doctor, since i delivered my child my virgina is wide and my fiance do complain because he as a medium pennis, pls help me i need a tight virgina, pls what can i do?, i read about sepia 30 can i take it does it have any side effect? Thankyou.

  417. Pamela Liyambo says:

    i have a low sex drive,i can manage only one round even after one month of intercourse,im not easily turned on and this is affecting my marriage,coz my husband is a total opposite of me.My vagina is a bit loose nowadays and i need something to tighten it and lastly im now having problems reaching orgasm.Please help

  418. Sir m 21yrs old girl,i had sex wid ma boyfrnd and my vagina get loose dats y he dumped me nd m gettng married soin wid sum other guy so can you plz suggest me will sepia30 help me to get my vagina tight plz plz plz suggest me…….

  419. good day sir

    can i use sepia 30 to tighten my vaginal muscles

  420. hii,,what are the medicnes in homeopathy should take for hormonal imbalance,,,when we tgaking medicines it creates acne and hair fall

  421. Dr.G.D.Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir,
    My daughter in law was having urological problems & she undergone cystoscopy exam.
    But after few hrs she started agonising pain at that site. She feels better in lying down
    only.Kindly advice .Thanks.

  422. Azizur Rehman says:

    I m 40 year old. feel musculer pain all over the body after long office working. Speacially feel pain at back side of the head usually. and suffering with sexual problem like.pre-ejaculation. eriction dysfunctional and less timing.
    Summer & hot season bearable..
    Winter & Cold season unbearable …..
    joint pain also

  423. Dear Doc,
    for tighting
    vagina ……i have
    inter coursed with
    my boy friend
    ….many times…now
    i wanna my tight
    vegina back…is sepia
    best to tight vegina
    …..i am 20 yrs…how
    much time sepia
    take to tight my
    vegina… i have
    before inter
    course, please
    help me..

  424. Hello dear doctor,

    can you please explain how many times and how much of Sepia should be used for brown spot on face?

    Thank you

  425. i am 21 year old.i had taken this medicine about 1 yr wth the priscrbtn of a pshycologist.and stopped it.nw i am getng i take this medicine again

  426. Trying to find homeopathic remedy for uterine prolapse. I am through menopause and had a 42 hour delivery with twins which I had also had episiotomy and forceps delivery. It isn’t horrible, but I am truly thinking a homeopathic remedy would make this go away.

  427. I am 55 years of age. I have had a complete hysterectomy at age 42. My husband complains about sex with me because my vagina is very stretched. I had three children. I have tried kegel exercises to no avail. I read that sepia 30 can tighten a loose vagina. I would like to know more. What if any are the side effects. I take Prozac, high blood pressure medicine, and arthritis medicines daily.

  428. yes it appears to be wonder drug, as for last 5 years having deep tanning in the forehead /face, starts improving when dose 3 time daily being taken for last one months.

  429. What dose is recommended for vaginal tightening?

  430. I want 2 tightn my vergina as I hav done sex many times …n nw im gona get married ….wil sepia 30 help n hw ?

    • Hi doctor my query is related to vaginal tightening…I had sex with bf 5 yrs back till date no more in physical relation now I m geting married I don’t want my husbsnd to knw yhs please help….urgent

      • Am 23,av had sex many times n am gettin married now,does sepia 30 rily tightens d vagina?what are side effects and how long does one need to take it to start seeing results?

  431. I had a baby 3 months back, now i feel that my vagina is loosing tightness. can i use sepia 30.

  432. princess says:

    Hello doc, Can i use sepia 30 for tighten vagina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend ….many times…now i wanna tighten my vagina back…is sepia best to tighten vagina …..i am 25 yrs .please help m̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ coz m̶̲̥̅̊y̶̲̥̅̊ boyfrd ȋ̝̊̅§ complaining that he ȋ̝̊̅§ not enjoying or feeling anything again that ‎​ ‎​Ђανε̲̣̣̣̥ loose vagina

  433. harpreet kaur says:

    plz tell me if can we took sepia 30
    bcoz my vagina sealing is loose
    my husband not satisfied me

  434. Samierra Jones says:

    What dosage of Sepia 30 could I use to make my vagina tighter? How long and frequent should I take it, and where can I buy it?

  435. khushpreet says:

    Dear Doctor
    My question is m going to marry someone.. and i had loose my virgnity before.. is sepia 30 really works to tighten vagina.. plz do reply .. m very tens..

  436. Hi
    Are there risk factors to taking sepia? A friend lives it and recommended it.
    I’m trying to get pregnant (9months post progesterone implant removed) no success so far
    Irritableness for the week before my period and really quite tired much of the time although I sleep well and plenty. I’m normally a very get up and go bubbly kind of girl.
    Please kindly advise

    • hi doc

      I had a baby five years ago and I have been doing the kegel exercise since then but its has not worked…I heard the sepia 30 is good for that I would like to know where I can find it nd how I can go about it because I need this fixed…

  437. carol arm says:

    Can you refer me to a Homeopathic healthcare provider in the Fairfax Va area?

  438. Good day,

    I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and my doula has recommended Sepia to me.
    I found it in a liquid 30 ch formula and am wondering if you could tell me the proper dose to take?
    thanks for your time

  439. Dear doctor. I would like to know if sepia 30 can help me on my problem.I’m a 21 year old lady , my virgina has now been loose for about 5 months now , Iused to like sex too much but now I’m always not in the mood for it because I don’t feel his penis anymore.I have tried doing the kegel excercise but its not working so now I want to try sepia 30 since the website says that it works fast but I would to here from you first.Thank you

  440. Terri King says:

    Hello, my name is Terri. I am a 31yr old female and I have had irregular periods since 2005. Ive been on birth control, metformin, and other dogs to try and regulate my cycle. Provera, progesterone, and other hormones to stop bleeding. I’ve had many sonograms and other tests to find any anomalties. Here recently,i was diagnosed as having polyps on my ovaries. My condition has gotten a little difficult to bear over the years and the heavy bleeding in between my cycles have caused me to become severely anemic. I went to the emergency room three days ago from sending this letter and my hemoglobin was at a 5.5 from losing so much blood. I was prescribed iron pills and estradiol, which as of today has not stopped the bleeding. I am praying that God heals my body because I am so fed up with the blood leaving my body. I looked on the internet for answers and I ran across the uses of sepia. I wanted to run or and buy some, but I ran across this page that said I should consult before use. I’m hoping I can get some relief from this…..I need relief from this. I am hoping sepia could help.

  441. I am Getting Head On Left side of Haed. I think iwas magrain. If head comes. iwas relaxed by Making Ometing Please suggest Medicans

  442. hi i have found out sepia 30 can be used to thighten the vigina please i have a problem every time me and my husband have sex he always puts me down that im so loose, he asks me why, please tell me would this tablets help me i have tryed every thing else with the exercise

  443. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I’m writing because I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2011 in which case scared tissues were removed. While I still had medical insurance
    I was able to get two doses of the lupron shots. At the present moment I’m now experiencing abdominal pain on my left side which increases while I’m on my menstrual, pain during intercourse, and complaints about loose vaginal walls.
    Do you think the sepia 30 would be recommended for me, should I ask my OBGYN about taking the pills what dosage would you prescribe?

    Thanks in advance…

  444. Hello,

    Where can I find your product in south africa

  445. Gay Campbell says:

    can U help me? Im a 50 year woman that has fibroids.There are small,I would like to know is there something I can get out the health food store that can get rid of them.I have lots of bleeding and clots.

  446. Dr. Sharma,

    Please assist. I’ve had dermal melasma for several years and have used every type of treatment my dermatologist can think of. Peels, creams, etc to very little assistance. I do believe it’s an internal, hormonal issue. What is your recommendation for treatment this most embarrassing problem?

    Thanks so much.

  447. DR.Sandhya Sharma says:

    how can we help a patient of vitiligo with homeopathic medicine? Should we treat therapeutically?

    • Dr. sharma, we have always consulted together as a few doctors, I m not a homoeopath but medical doctor, We have gone through materia medica and reportorize the cases, but unfortunately there was no luck. I would highly appreciate that being a m.d it would help lot of patients with vitiligo. Knowingly that individual is treated according to their symptoms as a whole and not a disease, still i would be more than grateful if any tips are given by you and thereafter i will not hesitate recommending patients with identical problems. Although it is not viable for m.ds to recommend homeopaths, as you know that there is a conflict between the two. many thanks dr vijay belfast

  448. Sittu Mathew says:

    I have a 5 year old daughter. I usually give her homeopathy for all
    kinds of minor illness. But recently 2 weeks back she suffered from a
    severe ear infection and i gave her antibiotics for 10 days. After 5 days of the medication i noticied she started itching her vaginal area.
    Its used to burn. Also on thigs and butts i noticied redness.The blood
    and the urine report came all normal. Doctor, thinks like a yeast infection. It comes and goes. I don’t know what to do. Is sepia good?
    Can you please reply and tell me what to do.


  449. how sepia 6 or 30 can be help for depression specially before period?

  450. my wife has multiple fibriods in uterus due to that reason in the mensuration period,she has heavy bleeding and also luckeria problem.
    please suggest me about the homeo medicine and it will vanished through homeopathy treatment.


    • here is fibroid of size 50*52mm in my uterus.i tested my thiyoride in report tsh is 8.83, t3 is 0.9, t4is 7.8. what homeopathik treatment i must take . can i take sepia 30.

    • here is fibroid of size 50*52mm in my uterus.i tested my thiyoride in report tsh is 8.83, t3 is 0.9, t4is 7.8. what homeopathik treatment i must take . can i take sepia 30.

  451. Dr santosh sarode Bhms says:

    Resp,sir,I m new comer,I hv,pt ,allergic rhinitis, nose block,sneezing,watering ,throat itching,
    agg:: in any type of cold, cold air,drinking, washing face,fan,
    amol:: warm room, heat,

    • ASIT CHANDA says:

      i am 47 & suffering in nose blocking, cold air means proble, 15 days over not reduceing. Pls. give some advice.

  452. hi
    i have got pigmentation(malasma) on my face during pregnancy about 6 years ago.
    could u please tell me what medicine i need to take??somrbody suggested me sepia .can u please suggest me

  453. I have vulva itching and itching around my anus more on th e inside of but cheeks. I had ER surgery for diverticulitis and was on intravenious antibiotics for 5 days and on oral antibiotics for 10 days 3weeks later I developed vaginal itching and took gynolotrmin and it helped then I had a bad bout of diahrea and got hemmoroids used prep h and wi h hazel and it helped. Its been 3weeks and I have itching at night in both areas.

  454. discount dresses online says:

    Yet another issue is video games are typically serious anyway with the most important focus on studying rather than entertainment. Although, it comes with an entertainment factor to keep your young ones engaged, just about every game is frequently designed to focus on a specific skill set or curriculum, such as mathmatical or scientific discipline. Thanks for your posting.

    • Im 37y old ed women ,i have two male child,but i have no intrest in sex ,totaly zero before or after my marriage ,is sepia 30 work on it or prescribe me any other medicine thanks a lot ,give answer in my mail id plese

      • Dr. Sharma,

        my wife is 37 yrs old have one male child now days she has no interest in sex and got tens in day to day work can i give her sepia.
        please recomend me does


      • shama zia says:

        Respected Dr.
        I m 30 years old am suffring utrus prolapse, thick white discharge from my vagina, lower back pain and have no intrest in intercourse. All these things happend from 2 and half months. Please suggest me a good homeopathy medicine.
        I’ll be obligde you. Thanks

      • hakeemaliabbas says:

        Maam its a one month course and we have its complte treatment contact us at whatsapp:923144055312

  455. Dear Doctor.
    I have got a sebaceaous cyst next to my vagina, could you please kindly advice me if Sepia would help to get rid of it.. If it would, then pls advice me as to how it should be consumed.
    Thank u,

    • Sir, I am a male, 26 year and I am suffered from epididymal cyst in my both testies from 1 and half year and its size is approx. 3mm and its have less pain. So will be better for take Sepia 30 c. pls give me suggestion.. Thank you.

  456. Where can I buy sepia , I believe I am the sepia type. Please help

  457. will sepia help on pigmentation and if yes which medicine will work.
    please suggest as i have hyper pigmentation.

    • bhavani singh raghav says:

      dear doctor
      i have skin problem mealsma. hyperpigmentation on face dark circle on both chick since last 3 year
      can i take following medicine
      R 60, 10 Drops tds
      BC 20, 4 Tab. tds
      sulphur 200, 5 drops od
      sepia 200, 5 drops tds
      silicea 30, 5 drops tds
      thuja mother tinture 30, 5 drops tds
      along with aayurvedic medicine nimnadi churn
      and k burn cool ointment for locally applicaton
      plz help me aur guide me can take both medicine together

      • staphysagria-30 2 drop 4 times a day for dark circle
        ars sulph flav 200 2 drop 2 times aday for hyperpigmentation

  458. I appreciate the help you provide to many needy people, my problem is that i became very least attracted to intimacy and sex which i used to love . by the passing age , I am 30 years now , and get tired soon ,

  459. Can we use sepia …….for tighting vegina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend ….many times…now i wanna my tight vegina back…is sepia best to tight vegina …..i am 21 yrs…how much time sepia take to tight my vegina… i have before inter course…….please help

    • I need help with vaginal muscles weakness and endurance. My muscles seem flaccid. Will Sepia help?

    • Can i use sepia 30 …….for tighting vegina ……i have inter coursed with my boy friend ….many times…now i wanna my tight vegina back…is sepia best to tight vegina …..i am 21 yrs…how much time sepia take to tight my vegina… i have before inter course…….please help me..

    • r k verma says:

      dear dr.

      is sepia is works for tightening to vegina due to heavy intercourse

    • I m 21 yrs female … I had sex with my boyfrnd many times..
      my vagina size has increased … wil dis med. help me…
      nd where I wil get it from.plzzzzzzz rply

    • Can I buy sepia over the counter?

    • sir, my wife is 30 yr. and she gave birth two n half year ago. His vagina is vry loose. Pls suggest the proper madecin for tighting vagina. Sepia 30 or sepia 30c

    • Can i use sepia 30 …….for
      tighting vegina ……i have
      inter coursed with my pheonce ….many times…now i
      wanna my tight vegina back…
      is sepia best to tight vegina…plz reply me soon m very scared of dis..


  461. Where can one purchase Sepia? I am located in Australia. Cheers.

  462. Dear Dr.
    I m patient. tdy i went to our dr. Said all the problem he has choosen this medicine with combination of R47.

    I hope by your information it will help for me.



  463. Dear Doctor,

    The information furnished on sepia has helped me a lot in improving the knowledge. am not a practitioner but a reader. reading about homeoepathy is my hobby and i take treatment with the same medicine even in an acute deseases.
    by consulting the doctors.

    With regards
    Mobile 9704224777

  464. dear doctor ,

    good if you add more drug pictures in your site to understand the constitution ,because now a days every body depends on internet for all the informations rather than books. it will be helpful for the students also.your site provides good informaions


  465. dr.jai singh says:

    Is sepia works at melanin hormone?

    • Jyoti sharma says:

      Hello Dr I want to know is sepia good to give my 21 year son he is depress always alone his room dosent talk .please give me some remedy.

    • Hello Dr.
      Does Sepia is effective in treatment of Melanin.
      If yes?what should be it’s dose and frequency for the lady age 40 years?
      thanks for guidance & help.

      • Dr. my daughter is 13years she has open pores n black heads on forehead chin cheeks plz tell for blackheads

        • Dr.sir,
          My wife age is 33 years she height is 5.2 she weight 83kg she uses verious type of treatment for weight loose she body flabby and bone loss saggy not cholesterol body she has exercise and morning walk but no improve I think hormonal problem and sense problem kindly suggest and treated her problem

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