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Skin allergy & homeopathy

It is now an accepted fact that homeopathy works miraculously for skin disorders, and skin allergies are very effectively treatable with homeopathic medicines. Even if the skin disorder is chronic and has been in the body for many years, the biggest advantage that homeopathic treatment has is that it can completely eliminate the allergy from the body, so that the symptoms do not keep coming back again.

The big question, however, is: “Why it is so that homeopathy is successful in treating skin allergies?” The answer lies in the medical fact that in skin allergies the problem does not lie in the skin but in the body’s immune system which becomes overactive.

The efficacy of homeopathy is due to the fact that it takes a holistic view of our body and does not treat the skin as a single organ. It believes that such skin allergies are a part of our disturbed internal state and allergies on the skin are a representation of the disturbed state. The medication is aimed at removing the internal cause or the internal pollution which has resulted in the skin becoming hypersensitive.

Homeopathic philosophy strongly believes that the treatment of skin disorders by applying ointments, creams, etc, is suppressive in nature and that the disease needs to be treated from within the body, or else it will reoccur or change its shape and appear in some other form.

Skin allergies can vary greatly in the type and intensity of symptoms. They can range from a simple rash to a condition where the skin all over the body is intensely inflamed, with severe itching all over and the oozing of watery fluid. Skin allergies broadly incorporate two types of problems: atopic dermatitis. and contact dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disorder categorised by rashes that itch and are of a scaly nature. People with this kind of skin allergy often have a family history of allergic conditions like asthma, nasal allergy, or eczema. It is more common in infants, and 50 per cent of all cases are all-right okay by the age of three years. In adults it is a chronic problem that keeps coming back. The symptoms include intense itching, blisters, rashes more on face, behind the knees, folds of the skin, etc. The most common allergens are eggs, peanuts, milk, fish, soy products, and wheat, dust mites, mold and pollen.

Contact dermatitis is a kind of skin allergy where the reaction develops when the skin comes in contact with the allergens (allergy causing substances) or the irritants.

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  1. Muhammad Ameen says:

    Meri arm par naam likha howa hai
    Esko kaisy khatam karon
    Ye naam Maas k andar soi k saath likh ways tha

  2. gurjeet singh says:

    dear doc.

    i have itching at my both legs there are some pimple is also there ( at leg finger side and ankle side) so please suggest me

  3. Syed M Ali says:

    Dear Doctor
    My daughter which age is 5 years facing a problem of skin allergy from the last 3 years. This is panic for my family. I can explain in Urdu ( kharish hoti hai aur hathon aur paon pai danay b banay hoty hain aur shadeed kharish) plz tell me treatment and homeo medicine which available in Pakistan.


  4. Mai kahi khujla Leta hu to mujhe sheet jaisa ho jata hai poora laal pad jata hai jaha khujla liya iske liye konsi tablet kya treatment hai

  5. Hi sir,
    I have the Problem of “Peett “. It itches a lot and even swells up where it itches forming a dark red patch. It pains a lot and even swells up. I have taken many allopathic medicine but it stop till the action of medicine and again reappears.Plz suggest me homeopathic medicine for permanent relief.

  6. I have skin issue but only on my face and the neck
    I suffer this issue from 7 years I do a treatment reffering at least 3 different doctors but it not works evan I use ayurveda doctor as well but it not works.
    And now I suffer new issue from last 3 months my body allergy leval increase to 800 it requires less than 150 I was doing a treatment in that but it wont work 100% yet.

  7. Manish kumar says:

    Mere ling ke sir ke side me bhut redness or itching or Pain hora hai please kuch solution btaye

  8. preeti tiwari says:

    Hi sir/ madam,

    Mere haatho me surf ya sabun use krne se ya sbji kaatne se ellergy bhar jta hai.koi dawai hai kya jisse ye ellergy khtm ho jye mera

  9. Respected sir ,

    Sir mere head me right side internel itching ho rhe h four month se ,ye tbse suru hua jbse mujhe stone k injections lge,sir head me internel itching hote h khujli krna chate hu bt nhi ho paate ab to pain be ho rha ,ajeeb sa feel hota head me .sir plz aap koi solution batay .kyu ho rha h.,

  10. Meri hath or per pr automatic cut lag rahe hai gaav ho rahe hai unse blood nikal Raha hai or sahi ni ho rahe hai skin nikal rahi hai bahut pain hota hai isko sahi karne ka upchaar bataye plz…

  11. dhoop mai or bahar ghumne se dusre din nose pe or nose k pas wala hissa khujane lagta hai or ukhalne lagta hai or bad mai lal or kala padta hai or kabhi kabhi jada dhoop lagne se hat gale k pas pav ka upari hissa jaha jaha jada dhoop lagi hai o hissa sham k wakt khujane lagta hai aiasa q hota hai or iska ilaz please bataiye dr. sahab

  12. Mukesh kumar says:

    Sir, muje bhukhar ho gya tha jab blood test kerwaya toh bhukhar k saath peeliya v aya thoda sa ab do din say bhukhar bahut kam ho gya hai per mere pure sharirmai suyian si chuv rhi hai plz koi ilaj bataye

  13. Khushboo sharma says:

    Hello doc aj hi mene face pe clean up karwaya pr pta nhi achanak se redred rashes type ho rhe h kya kru me plz help me..

  14. Samritigupta says:

    Hello sir , Thim is happening on my skin what should I do.

  15. Poonam shukla says:

    Mere 1 year se leg m kabhi stomach m kabhi kahin bhi chote chote daane nikal rhe h or abhi tk nikal a band nhi hue ek Sahi hota h to doosra nikal aaya h mai bahut pareshaan ho chuke hoo

  16. jaib akhtar says:

    hlw sir,
    mera prblm h ,ki mujha 4-5 saal s body par white spot h jisa Sab log sehli bolte h ,sir bahut treatment kar waye par thik nhi ho RHA h ,or y pura face ,back ,front chest ,and hand m v faal RHA h. sir bahut karab lagta h dakne m
    ,plz sir help me ,plzzzz sir

  17. Hlo Sir
    My name is jyoti
    I have an itchy, redness, sensation problem on my face suddenly it’s happening on my face…..
    I am taking homeopathic treatment and my doctor suggested me that my skin is soo sensitive don’t use any soap and face wash so I left use of soap, facewash since 4year. When. I try to use any face wash or soap for face cleaning I have to face itchy. .redness. .sensation problem on my face.

    Can u suggested me any useful soap , cream or face for my oily sensitive skin ?

  18. manmeet singh dhillon says:

    hello sir,
    i have an itchy problem on my face and sometimes over my body while having meal or after it while sleeping and also marks and regular growing pimples on my face which some becomes painful and irritating and i am surfing this probel from many years.please help me to solve out this problems.

  19. he’ll Sir mere face per chote white dana hua hai eska elaaz please please reply me

  20. Sir mera name Sunil h meri problem h ki muje ek sal se pimples ho rhe hai or me tritmant bi le rha hu but tritmant chod te he wapis ho jate h Me kya kru ki ye ek bar mitne ke Bad dubara na ho plizz ansr me sir I request you me bhot presan hu meri age 17 hai me kya kru jo ye humesa ke liye inse chutkara mil jaye

  21. mona kumari says:

    Sir masa ko hatane keliye gharelu upay kiye to safed dag aagya kya kare plz help me

  22. Sir,I have a medium completion from birth so can rice flour help me to get more fairer body then before .?? N how much time it take ???
    I have pimples and scars too …so does rice flour works on them too or not ??

  23. Swati verma says:

    Dr please tell I am suffered from allergy mujhe pure body me jalan hoti h phele phir had diya Dard hone lagti aur Kuch v khati hun to ictying hone lagti h

  24. Rupesh Sharma says:

    Good After Noon Dr. Sharma,

    My Son is 9 Years Old, He is suffering skin problem from last 3-4 years, we have consult skin specialist, Dr. diagnosed and treated as well, but after some times it recovered again than we again meet with Dr. He told he has to be take care by some dust and all, Dr. gave us a tube name Haloderm – S, We used this tube when these allergy/marks generate After using this marks disappear and relief in itching,
    But we need permanent solution for this,
    Please help Sir,

    Advocate Rupesh Sharma
    Rewari ( Haryana)

  25. small blisters only in a small area on hand and small water filled pimples on testis

  26. atish kumar says:

    dear sir kuchh din hogaya hai mera pura body mein khujali hota hai aur automatic kuchh pimple types ka nikal ke bahar aajatein hain aur kuchh time ke baad automatic chala bhi jata hai toh ishika kya solution hai sir pls guide me

  27. Govind Kumar Sharma says:

    Hello sir
    Good evening
    Sir mera Naam Govind hai mere body me jagah jagah chote chote gaath ho rhi hai Mai bahut dawa khaya but thik nhi ho rha pahle ek tha ab fail rha hai plzzzz koi upchar ya medicine btaiye jis se ye ruk jaye aur khatm ho jaye.
    Apka bhaut kripa hogi sir plz help me Mai bahut apse asha kar k apse contact Kiya hai plzz sir..

  28. Sir mere hatheliyo me black spot h hath dhudla Dikhta h kya karan ho sakta h iska yah bahot Dino se h

  29. hello sir.. mera face par mare darheo k sath lal lal dane nikal aye h jinse soft chawal jaysa kuch padarth nikalte h ….ok kabh kabhi itching hoti h ….so pls sir koi aysa upay batai ke mujhe inse chutkara mily sir..or mare face bohot he oily h sir…….

  30. vanmala muthaiya says:

    hello sir face par pura din itching hoti he skin sensitive he aur dry bhi. is karan pareshan rehati hu pls kuch upay bataye.

  31. Sir, meri naak hmesa bnd rahti h. Muh se hi saans lena pdta h. Aur allergy ki wjh se mujhe pairo k upr bahut khujli hoti h. Itni khujli hoti h ki ct jata h khujlate hue.

  32. shareek shaikh says:

    sir mere chehre per chote chote dane ho rahe hai or pure chehre per fail rahe hai me kya karu

  33. Ankit raj sinha says:

    sir mere chera pe Lal Lal daane nikal aate hai kya karu

  34. I m Jyoti. I m 33. Mujhe Kuch time se Kharish Ki problem Ho gai hai. Jyadatar Kharish Tommy ke neeche thies pr bums pr or. Neck k neeche back shoulder yaha pr lgatar Kharish hoti rehti hai. Medicine lene k doraan b abi tk thek nhi huni. Kafi skin Ki medicine kha b li. Or lga b li pr koi farq nhi. Plz Mujhe btaye Ki Mai kya kro. Mai bahut preshaan hu

  35. Mujhe 1saal pahle jangh me foda hua tha jisme muh nhi tha dawai khai thik ho gaya tb se waha dard rahta h or kai paresani rahti hsene me dard bhi hota h gale me fadkan pura sarir sunn ho jata h sote samaye jyada hota h mujhe kya bimari ho sakti h jangh me dard or neche sujan rahti h

  36. Hello dr.
    Sir/madam mere anus pe fode jaisa bda Dana ho gya h.
    Kaise thik hoga can u help me please…

  37. Amita kotka says:

    Hello sir mai 19 yrs ki hu .
    Aur mere body and face me pura chota chhota pimples h us jagah khujli aur white white jaisa ho jata h jaise ki chamra nikl rha ho ..
    Sir isse dur krne k liye koi upchar ..

  38. Hii sir.. my name is mayank.. iam a student.. mai 17-18 age ka hu mere face me pimples hai.. 1-2 year ho gye thik hi ni ho rha.. doctor ko bhi dikha lia bhot bar fir v thik ni ho rha.. pls help me sir.. . i want clean face sir

  39. vansh vishal says:

    there is too much iching at stomach legs and hands till it is red after some time it dosent ich but its there and after some time another will happen please help me.

  40. Kimi tomar says:

    Hello. Sir mere husband ki. beard se mere face per rashes hojate he in moi. Solution plz

  41. Hello sir mere pair me Dane Dane lal hokar pak Jana aur jaha se bal nikalte hai wahi se pakte hai sir upchar bataye !
    Please sir

  42. Deepak kanaujiya says:

    Hello sir mujhe pure sharir mi khujli ho ti hai our chote chote dane bhi eske liye koi solution bataye

  43. Pani change hone,mausam change hone ya kahi bahar jaane par skin colour achanak se dark ho jaye to uske liye kya upay hai ?

  44. Shampa bera says:

    Hii Dr I having small small pimples in my face or Vo Dane me bhut pain hota hai or Vo daag bhi chodte hai. Me kya karu . Face our gaanda ho gaya hai .plz tell me what I am do.

  45. Shampa bera says:

    Hii Dr I having small small pimples in my face or VP Dane me bhut pain hota hai or VP daag bhi chodte had. Me kya karu . Face our gaanda ho gaya hai .plz tell me what I am do.

  46. Neha Dhuriya says:

    Face chote chote til marks ho gye hai samj nhi aata kya kru

  47. raju chalvetkar says:

    Sir mere Chehre ko quads cerem yus Kiya side-effect how hai. Chehre pr chote bade pimples laal rang ke chakte nikal aate hai in daano mein khujli hone lagti hai cerem yus karnasa chehre par kale daag dhabbe how hai or kya how hai yus jage cerem uses kiya hai. Khujli hoti hai sir uske liye kya kare plz sir mere ko uska solutions bataye repaly in hindi 23 yrs mera

  48. vikash singh says:

    Sir mere face pr hahut saare till hai kyse hatenge ye plz help me my is. 9129611306

    • Hello Dr.
      Main 19 saal ka hun aur Mere face per allergy ki wajah se piple aur lal dane ho gaye hai. Ye pichle 2 month se hai. Iske liye main kya karu ki face ekdam clear ho jaye. Please Sir….. Help Me !

  49. rajendra singh says:

    Hello sir Meri wife aur children ko fode funsi ki samasya hai……..every year garmiyon mai aur barsaat ke mausam mai unke face per fode funsi ho jate hai . jisse unko bahut problem hoti hai. kya koi aisa upaay ya medicine hai jisse unke ye fode funsi ki samasya jad se hamesha ke samapt ho jaye. wife ki age hai 27 year and children ki 10 and 7 year.

  50. kaif farooqui says:

    Hello sir mera naam kaif hai mere face par bahot pimples hai 3 saal pahle maine cream badla tha tabse and abhi Mai 17 ka hoo koi pimple yellow hai to koi red mere parents ne bahot paise kharch kar diye lekin koi fayda nahi please give me solution.

  51. Sir mere face pe bht pimple hote hai or bht jyada kale daag or gadde me daba v liya bht but sahi nehi hua or safed safed sa kush nikal te hai face ki sed se so mujhe kya karna chahiye sir

  52. Muje face pe achanak se til jese nishan bn gae hai..kuch black til n kuch red til jese .bhot khrab lagta hai kya kru

  53. ipsita samal says:

    sir meri sarir me agar sardi hota hai to iching hoke fall jata hai… cold medicene khhane per thik hota hai fir hota hai

  54. Ali hamza says:

    Dr.sharma meri ass ki skin pr allergy hoi pari hai i dont know but kaafi dair se hai tell me kesay treatment kron

  55. ali jafar says:

    hi dr sharma sir
    sir i have 2 problem first is i have mild sore throat more than 1 month and 20 days in My sore throat I don’t have any kind of pain in swooling eating drinking are breathing plz give me some advise what can i do fir my sore throat i have 2 course of antibiotics without any progress…
    and i have some red drop in my hand palm not very frequent they come and goes what is the cause of this…..
    sir plz reply me plz sir i am very anxious and Stressed

  56. मेरे चेहरे और गदँन पर लाल दाने और लाल दाग हो गया है| सर प्लीज कोई उपाय बताएं?

  57. Sir mere ling pr masse Ho gye upay bataiye

  58. Raj Kumar Pandey says:

    Sir mere mathe pe one year se red dag pada h maine bahut dava liya fir bhi nishan ja nhi raha h uske liye kya kare plz repaly in hindi

  59. hello sir
    In my mom 63 yrs old hand and full body below albow there are many red red pokes and they get very eaching
    First taking mybril tab for itching after some day mybril is stopped then after now what can I do pls give some suggestions

  60. dinesh kumar says:

    hello sir
    In my hand below albow there are many red red pokes and they get very eaching
    What Is that

  61. dinesh kumar says:

    hello sir
    In my hand below albow there are many red red pokes and they get very teaching
    What Is that

  62. Hi, my name is riya.pregnancy k first month se hi body dark hone lagi but pregnancy k bad body color or dark or Dall sa ho gya. Konsi medicine le sakte h

  63. yash gupta says:

    sir mere thigs se thoda upar laal dano ke saath khal chutt rahi hai koi solution bataye .

  64. Hello sir my name is Chandan sir meri mom ke skin par jalan bahut hoti hai aur red colour ke chatte se nikle huye hai so I request to sir please kuch upay bataiye

  65. Sandeep singh says:

    Hello , sir
    Sir, mera nam Sandeep Singh hai. Sir mere seene ,seene Ke peeche side pithe me Chhote Chhote khamoriyon ki tarah Dane nikal aye hai aur seene me tage jalan rahti hai eske sath sath taje chunchunahat Bhi hoti hai ,jaise chitiya kat rahi ho.
    Sir , kya ho sakta hai
    Pleass sir koi apana anubhave, ilaje , Davao ka nam bataiye.

  66. Sandeep singh says:

    Hello , sir
    Sir, mera nam Sandeep Singh hai. Sir mere seene ,seene Ke peeche side pithe me Chhote Chhote khamoriyon ki tarah Dane nikal aye hai air seene me tage jalan rahti hai eske sath sath taje chunchunahat ,jaise chitiya kat rahi ho.
    Sir , kya ho sakta hai
    Pleass sir koi apana anubhave, ilaje , Davao ka nam bataiye.

  67. Anurag Verma says:

    Hello sir
    Meae naam Anurag hai aur mere jaanghon (thighs) area mein daad ya phir daane nikalte rahte hai air jab chalta hoon to bahut dard karte gain. Sir in daano ka koi ilaaz.

  68. Sonal kaushik says:

    Hello doctor mere grand son jo ki 7 months ka abhi 17 th august ko hoga usko aalergy ho jati h reason samaz nahi aa raha dr ko bhi dikhya vo keh rage h ki one year ka hone per hi pata chalega daily nahi hoti per kabhi kabhi bahut ho jati h tab allopathy ki medicine de dete h to theek ho jata h aap hi kuch suggest kero jisse vo puri tarha se theek ho jaye

  69. meera Singh says:

    hello doctor am meera Singh from india mere hath me mhendi lgane se khujli ho gaye h or kuch dane b h can u suggest me any treatment….

  70. Asalam o Alikum,

    I am Absar from pakistan, kuch dino se mujhe alergy hogai hai jis ki waja se panis per danay hogai hain or us may zakham can you please guide me and suggest any medicine

    Absar Ahmed

    • Mohit Rauniyar says:

      Yh virus kisi dusre body s transfer hne K Karen ya to infection hne Karen hta h…
      Ishka ilaj homeopathy m h ap nazdiki homeopathy clinic m doctor s consult kre
      SBL thuja Ap use kr skte h homeopathy medicine h

  71. Sir kafi time pehle maine melas cream lagai thi jisse mere skin red ho gyi thi redness ko thik karne ke liye maine clop g cream use ki redness to kam ho gy pr mera face bhut kala ho gya h or skin bhi sensitive ho gyi h kuch bhi lagun to red ho jata h or fir baad me red plz koi medicine bataiye

  72. Savita verma says:

    Sir mere hatho me or pairo me 4 salo se fungus h medicine li lekm thk nhi hota to sir plz suggest kre mje ki mje kya krna chahiye

  73. my in our body elergy legs are pimples body smal pimple hands rashes

  74. hariom Prakash says:

    Meri body per skin allergy ho gayi h 1saal se , please suggested me in best homoeopath treatment.

    • priyanka says:

      hello Dr mere face pe 3 -4 saalo se small small dane Nikal rahe hai halke red colour ke i don’t know kisse allergy hai mujhe

  75. rupali jadhaw says:

    Sir maja cheara khup kharab zala khup pinpals ani khade dag ale ahe maj age 26 ahe plz upay sanga

  76. chere pr bar bar ek do funsi hoti rhti h or black dag ho gye h til b bd rhe h kya kru

  77. pk kushwaha says:

    Sir mera nam paras kushwaha h mujhe pta nhi kis cheej se elargy h mere chehre or rango me chakkte pad jate h red colour k
    Me 1year se pareshan hu jab tak dva khata hu tab tak theek rahta hu fir vhi smasya ho jati h
    Please help me

  78. virendraram says:

    I am 35 years old. Bath ke bad pasina ana or change dress aur overbody khujali hone lagati hai. Iska ilaj tell me.

  79. noreen najeeb says:

    hello i am 52 years old and i have skin allergy the latest test shows that(IgE 811 lU/ml)my allergy level is to high i have very much aching on my body and its a kind of severe eczema so can you recomend a homeopathy medicine i would be very thank full..

  80. COL S K Singh says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am living in NOIDA.I have been suffering from skin allergy since long i.e.severe itching and then water oozing out thereafter it takes 5/7 days for wound to recover/scale out without any treatment I did not take any treatment for this as frequency was rare. Now I am almost 74 years old and of late, itching all over my body is increasingly occurring continuously, sometimes at ankle. and sometimes in between feet fingers and a sometime at shin bone and making my living miserable.

    I request you to diagnose prescribe treatment as deem necessary With immense Regards.

  81. shubham shah says:

    Hello sir me shubham mera body pura fair he or mera face Kala he has q he sir. Or me kahi bhi bahar humne jata hu toh mera face or Kala pad jata he plz kuch solution Bataeye .

  82. Mere face p pimple marks h. M 2 yr c homopathic trwatmnt bhi le rhi hu but koi effect nhi h. Pimple r hote rhte h. Plz kuch btaye. Face ka colour bhi body colour c dark ho gya h

  83. dr.shubham saxena says:

    Hello sir I m dr. Shubham Saxena me apni wife ke hath pero or gale pr ho rahe black nishano se preshan hu skin dr. Ko dikhya but koi fyda nhi hua bs gale ke nishn kam hue uska body weight bhi kam ho raha h meri wife ki age 24 year h kya ye koi serious problam h kya iska illaj h iski kya bjha h sir plz help me sir ji

  84. Hello Sir

    My son is 12 year old.uske face pe white nishan rehte hai . aur wo a bahut week bhi hai kya ye calcium ki kami hai ska koi upay bataye

  85. aabid hasan says:

    I am suffering from ring worm for six months. Can homeopathy help me.

  86. Ravinder kaur says:

    Hello sir
    Sir meri age hai 45 female
    Mere ko skin problem hai
    Skin problam tango ke upri bhag mein hai
    Jahan par badi tej khujli hoti hai or jalan bhi hoti hai
    Chaye pine se or mirch misale khane se bhi shuru ho jati hai
    Please khuch solution batya.
    Skin par khuch thanda lagane se khuch aaram milta hai

  87. Geetu Johri says:

    Hi Sir,
    Meri eyebrows ke center main daane nikal rahe hai jo ki 2 alopathy dr. ko dikhaya to unhone kaha ye elergy hai in daano ko jalana padega uske baad bhi ye dobara aa sakte hai.
    Please bataey main kya karu.

  88. vijay pratap singh says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    Respectfully i beg to say – main vijay .age- 29
    Mere chehare or body par kale Kale daag ( til type) padte ja rahe hain . Jisme pura face par kale daag or gadde se ho gaye hain . Face k pore khul gaye hain . Please isko khatm karne ka upay bataye taki m pahle ki tarah smart dikh saku …
    Ye bhi bataye ki ye kiss karan hua hai.
    Aapki bahut meharbaani hogi….

  89. vijay pratap singh says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    Respectfully i beg to say –
    Mere chehare or body par kale Kale daag ( til type) padte ja rahe hain . Jisme pura face par kale daag or gadde se ho gaye hain . Face k pore khul gaye hain . Please isko khatm karne ka upay bataye taki m pahle ki tarah smart dikh saku …
    Ye bhi bataye ki ye kiss karan hua hai.
    Aapki bahut meharbaani hogi….

  90. MOHAMMAD SBIR says:


  91. Abhishek kumar says:

    Gudnoon sir/mam

    Meri wife k body food pipe mai jakhm ho gya hai,pichle 4years se treatment chal rha hai,theek nahi ho rha, sumtime bht pain hota hai,pain k wajah se khaya nahi jata, body mai blood ki kami ho jati hai,bp low, in sabke wajah se fever tak ho jataa hai,
    So aap kuchh easy step bataye,jiske wajah se yeh jakhm theek ho jaye ,please

  92. Teniya

  93. Kiran Kumar prajapat says:

    Dear doctors
    My head in dandruff with fodi on my head .please helf me

  94. Hello sir I am 23 year old and my dandruff is not gone so please help me

  95. faizan ahmed says:

    Hii sir mai 21 year ka hu sir mere face pe pimples ho rahe hai 5 sal ho gye hai aur 3 month se ringworm puri body pe face pe tak ho gye hai joki bhot problem kr rhe hai itching bhit zyada ho rahi hai

  96. Meri body main 6 months se baar baar boils ho ja rahein hain.. . Karib..ek mahine main 2 boil aur chehre par lal chakte v padh rhe hain jo bahut khujli karta hai

  97. Nitu jaiswal says:

    Puri body ki scean me khujali hoti h or chakta chakta niklta h but medicine khane se thik hojata h phir chor done per phir honelagta h kyu

  98. anjula srivastava says:

    Hello sir i am 23 year old mujhe october 2017 se right hand pr dad jaisa kuchh ho gya h jo chhota sa ghera bna kr bda ho jata h maine ek bar usme qauridrum malham 4packt us kiya thik ho gya lekin achank hi wo fail gya bahut jyada fir maine usme doctor se consid krke glotac gm kuchh din lagaya thik ho gya ek dm se fir achank 3_4 din bad 4_5ghere usi jag pr nikl aye h or wo bade hote ja rahe h yahi ek ghera meri right ankho ke bagal ankh se satahua nose pr ho gya h iske phle right eyes pr 2month se bahut jyada khujli ho rahi thi iski wajah se hm bahut disturb h sir or fir ye usi hand me failta ja raha h please help me sir and guide me

  99. Rekha sharma says:

    Hello sir ..I am 28 year old.muje 2011 se elbow ke uper or sholder ke niche kuch dane ho rhe hai.Jinse yellow color me Keele nikal time hai.pahle kam thi but present me puri body me ho gai hai.or continue bad rhi hai.bhut treatment karwa chuki hu or abi bhi chal rha hai.docter bhi change kar dekh liye .pahlI bar ki dawai se aram ho jata kuch time bad wapas ho jate.permanent treatment bataye.I am so disturb and anxious to hand not look good .and I feel very bad.please guide me Sir and help me.

  100. Sohail khan says:

    Sir mere face pr dane h or 3ya4 saal ho chuke h sir is ka alaj kia h

  101. Sarita Tomar says:

    Sir meri 5 years ki beti ko atopic dermatitis ki problem hue hai. KitnA b try karo. Us ko rash aata hi hai aur us me khujali b bahut hoti hai. Is ka koi solution hai kya?

  102. BHAVIKA says:

    Sir mere haath p cuts k nishaan h…taake khulvane chuke h.. m mederma scar jel use kr rhi hu…par mujhe kaafi khujli ho rhi h…bath k baad kuch der tk reddish bhi hojata h…kya y normal h ya mujhe isse use Krna chod Dena chaiye….plz..reply



  104. Muje dad bhut paresan kar rhi hai

  105. Sir mere gardan par Dane Ho gaye hai jo keval dard kar rahe hai please batayein main kyA karu??

  106. Hath se kala tatto mitane ki davai ka name

  107. dear sir..
    my son age 11 years have contact dermatities problem since last 5 years. in every summers he has this problem. pls suggest suitable solution.
    thanks and regards

  108. Shravan Gurjar says:

    Sir mere pair k thighs me or pair me khujli hokar lal ho gaya he or khuli hoti he bad me vo dag ban jaa rhe he

  109. Poornima Mishra says:

    Sir mere face ki skin do no taraf se alag alag h ek taraf bilkul saaf h dushri taraf garmi se ghamoriya ho jati h aur pure body me bahut chote chote dane note h..pls sir aisa kuch bataiye ki mere face ki skin ek jaise ho problem mujhe garmi me hoti h..aur ghamoriya na ho

    • Amolwankhade says:

      Sr me 27 year ka hu…mere dono Peron ke hill(edition me bahut pain hota he … morning me b …din bhar dard rahta he ..chal b nhi pata kya Karu …kuch upay bataye.

  110. Neha jain says:

    Helo sir..mere face m white spots nd black spots ho rhe h nd mera face ka clr dull hota ja rha h nd upper lips v dark hote ja rhe h me kya kru.,plz help me

  111. jitenera says:

    Sir meri gardan ki skin Kali hoti ja rahi hai from last 2 years iske bahot upai kite sabhi pathy me kiye par aram nahi àap kuch upai batai sir pls.

  112. Sunil singh says:

    Sir medicine khata hu uske 10min baad hi body me red paches aa jaate h iska kya ilaaj h

  113. Himanshu gupta says:

    Sir meri age 19 ki hai mai barabanki jile me rahta hu sir mere face par dane bahut nikalte hai iske vjah se face par bahut sare dhabbe aur chhed ho gye hai mai jab dhoop me jata hu to jada nikalta hai dhoop me na jau to thoda niklta hai bahut bachata hu phir bhi niklta rha hai mai kai jagah angregi dva ki par koi phayda nhi ho rha hai jab tak dva krta hu tab tak theek rhta hai phir bad me niklne lagta hai iska krpya ilaj btaye

  114. Himanshu dubey says:

    sir mere penis pr dane pd gye kya kru.plz solution.

  115. Chander says:

    I have 2 and half year child he has so much itching of all over body what should I do for him. Please suggested me. Thanks

  116. waqas naeem says:

    I have small rinkles on my neck…i was checkout from specialist docotors many time.but no solution.
    Neck has many rinkles some was said that viral infection.but antibiotics used many times…but its not set…its also increasing

    • Good Evening Sir,
      I have face problem.
      Mere naak ke side me or naak ke upar kale daag hai or thudi pr bhi hai.
      Etaz-HT use krne se kale daag halke to ho jate hai , pr baad me phir bapas aajate hai.
      Muje ye problem 5-6 saal se hai.
      Please koi solution dijiye.

  117. Sir mera face clop g lagane ke baad mera face kala pad gya me kya karou ki mera face phle jaisa ho jaye

  118. laltu dutta says:

    sir mere sarir me poore Dane Dane ha
    i aur sarir plane nahi hai please sir upay btaye

  119. Sir i am having itching on my face and red spots occur above eyebrows and cheeks and they irritate alot I feel a lot of itching above eyebrows

  120. Priyanka says:

    Sir…mero skin pr redness ho rhi h bht ….smjh ni aa ra kin reasons se esa ho rha h….dwai b kha chuki hu kafi fr bhi aaram nhi mil rha…

  121. m.d.soni says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am An Advocate and generally use to sit on chair about 8 hours daily . I have very old problem of black patches (Exima type) under thigh. I usually suggested to take homeopathic medicines like , Sulpper, Grafaitas,rhustax Apis etc by local doctor. Obviously relief comes but temporarily . Presently there is no exima problem but in these day i also facing a another problem of irritation (jalan) under thigh . it indeed if the paste of ” Mirchi ” used on skin . I can’t sit on chair for more time .
    I will be highly obliged if you suggest any solution. Thanks & Regards.

  122. sachin kumat says:

    sir agar m thandha paani chhuta hu to mere hath paw me chakte (dane dane) ho jaate h. .. ice cream kha leta hu to muh hoth me bhi waise hi ho jaate h isko thik karne ke upay. .. aur usme khujali jaisa rahta h…

  123. mero mother ke hatho me or pairo me agzima hogya hai, kafi dawai khai unhone, hatho me to kity bar injection tak lgwaliye , pr wo sai ni ho para, jha agzimia hai wo potion dry dry rahta hai, hatho me wha dryness ke bad andr hi andr wo cut jaisa hojata hai bar bar jo jakhm lgta hai fir thoda thik hota hai, but kuch time bd wapas hojata hai wht to do

  124. meri arms par chotte chote nishan ad rahe hain

  125. Sir mre face pr ajeeb s white spot ho gy h .bhut light h or family m bh kisi k nh h door s nh dikhte…bt mujhe or pas s logo ko dikhte h,dhire dhire bad rhe h…pls btaiye kese thik honge

  126. pratibha says:

    Dr.mere poise body me khujali hoti aur red blotch pad jate hai.kya kare.

    • Pooja parida says:

      Sir I have many problems on my face
      Red rases pempel and etching on my chiks and my pempel. I face this problem 4 years. I sofaring Sir plz recommend me what l do

  127. mere pure sarir mai khujali hoti hai,7 saal se ye promlem hai,meri body mai red colour ki lines aa rahi hai,pleade tell me sir ,mujhe kya karna chahiye.

  128. Rishabh Upadhyay says:

    I have alerji on full body and skin problem some pimple and many body problem

  129. Namaste sir mai 23 years ki hu or mai pichale 7-8 saalo se pimples se pareshan hu… or usse jyada Ab muje chehre pe hmesha anderuni muh wale fode hone lage h Jo bahot hi dard dete h or bahot bade size k hote h… or jldi thik bhi ni hote sir mai bahot kuchh try kr k thkk chuki hu.. kuchh din k rahat mil bhi jaati h fir se shuru ho jata h… plz koi treatment ho to btaye sir jisse hmesha k liye in problems se relief mil ske..

  130. amit sen says:

    Sir mere ek friend ko aisi probalam he ki agar use koi bhi jor se tuch kr de to uski wah jagah lal ho jati he or nishan chap jate he or use khujal b aati he use maro ya kuch uski skin par kro to uski woh jagah laal ho jati hai….pllzzzzz sir iska koi ilaaj ho to btaiye….plzzz

    • krishna says:

      Sir mere body me lal lal chakte hokar khujli hota hai bady pe kahi vi jyada tuch karne par waha lal ho jata hai body me kahi rgad hone pe waha chap ho jata lal ho jata hath pair kahi vi kripya upay batye our parhej bataye

  131. Raghvendra says:

    Mera pura sarir khujlata bura tarike se khujlate khujlate lal chakta chakta ho jata hai dawa roj (ctz) khana parta hai 2 sal se dawa khate aa rahe hai doctor se dikhate hai bahut sare dawa likh deta hai jabtak dawa khate rahte hai tabtak thik rahta hai uske 2-3 din bad se hi fir vaise hi khujlane lagta hai harkar mai doctor se dikhana band kar diye ab roj 1 goli khate aa raha hu mujhe samjh nahi ata ki kaun si bimari ho gya hai kabhi to aesa lagta hai ki mujhe bara bimari ho gya hai ab mai jada din nahi bachunga ( pure sarir me mahsus karta hu muh bal aakh koe loha chuta hu to hatho me bhi mahsus hota hai agar mai thik ho sakta hu to koe upae bataea apki bara mujhpar maherbani hogi

  132. Madhu kumari says:

    Hello sir ,mera skin shawal h to mai bahut time se skin light cream laga rhi thi jab tak laga rhi thi to fair ho Gyi thi Lekin chorne k bad meri skin dark ho Gyi h jaise body or face dono aalag lagti h face jaise jal Gyi h ab Kaali dekhti hu to kya Karu ab pls help.

  133. scortum outer wall tunica albuginia on the blestee

  134. Shristi says:

    Sir mera figure print clear ni h mereko skin allergy h , ye allergy water aur soap SE h mai kya karu jisse mera figure print clear ho jaye

  135. kanchan mishra says:

    Pure sarir me lal chakatta hota hai allergy ke liye citizen and avil leti hu phir bhi Aram nahi hota bahut paresan hu please suggest medicine

  136. Ramgopal singh says:

    Sir mujhe kuch time pahle dhoop me Jane par poore body me bahut jyada khujli hone lagta tha or kuch bhi meetha khane par badh jata tha or abhi v mere body me khujli hoti h but pahle se kam hota h or mere pennis me bhi ab khujli hona start Ho gya. ..Sir is infection ko dur karne k liye koi achha medicine bataayein please. ..

    • Ruchi garg says:

      Sir mre face pr ajeeb s white spot ho gy h…y wese nh h jse kuch logo k hote h …mre to bhut light h or damily m bh kisi k nh h door s nh dikhte…bt mujhe or pas s logo ko dikhte h…pls btaiye kese sh honge

  137. sir jb mje zukam hota h to us k bad meri nose k ander r bahir allergy ki wja se dany bn jaty hn r bht rashes ho jaty hn kindly mje koi elaj bty

  138. shalini says:

    Sir mere lips par kbi kbi swelling ajati
    h kisi b time mne medicine b li thi but kux nahi hua ab mere bro ke be ajati h swelling plzz btaiye me kya karu

  139. Meri eye ki oper wali skin PR boht zaida dryness ha or kharish bhi hoti ha please koi illaj bata dain.

  140. MD. Arshad says:

    Hello Sir,,, My is Md Arshad. I am 19 year’s old and my problem mujhe four months se kamar se lekar pairo tak bhut jayada kujlahat hai kujlane ke bad red raises padh jate hain and bahut jalan bhi hota hai Maine allopathic,homeopathic doctors se dikhaya that par koi fayda nahin please sir koi homeo medicine bataein .

  141. Akhilesh sgarma says:

    Mera pura sarir khujlata bura tarike se khujlate khujlate lal chakta chakta ho jata hai dawa roj (ctz) khana parta hai 2 sal se dawa khate aa rahe hai doctor se dikhate hai bahut sare dawa likh deta hai jabtak dawa khate rahte hai tabtak thik rahta hai uske 2-3 din bad se hi fir vaise hi khujlane lagta hai harkar mai doctor se dikhana band kar diye ab roj 1 goli khate aa raha hu mujhe samjh nahi ata ki kaun si bimari ho gya hai kabhi to aesa lagta hai ki mujhe bara bimari ho gya hai ab mai jada din nahi bachunga ( pure sarir me mahsus karta hu muh bal aakh koe loha chuta hu to hatho me bhi mahsus hota hai agar mai thik ho sakta hu to koe upae bataea apki bara mujhpar maherbani hogi

  142. Archana says:

    Hello sir …My name is Archana I m married woman .I am 30 year old . Ek shal shadi ko ho gye sir mujhe Jan se body me bhut chakatte ho Rahe hai .Khujli Hoti hai isme aur bhut irritation Hoti hai us time aur chakatte lala rang k hote hai …Jab citizen dawa kha lati Hun to thik ho jata hai fir dusre din ho jata hai …6 months se main bhut preshan Hun puri body me chakkate khi bhi ho jate hai sir pls ilaz btaiye ..Main ab baccha plan kar rhi Hun kyunki age bhi ho gyi hai par is bimari ki Baby plan nhi kar PA rhi plz jald se jald ilaz bataiye

    • Hello sir …My name is Sweta I m married woman .I am 32 year old . eight shal shadi ko ho gye sir mera color fair hai, but kuchh dino mere scin ka color dark ho gaya hai, meri aakho ke niche bhi kale ghere hai or 5 months se meri nak par kala dagh ho gaya hai, is wajah se kisi ke samne jane me saram aati hai, me aapna face everyouth face wash (lemon & green apple) wale face wash se safh karti hu, or laxme peach milk mous. use karti hu.or mujhe thayrad bhi hai. plz koi upaye bataye jisse mera face ka color or dag sahi ho jaye.

  143. Anu puri says:

    Face per mote Daane human gey hai dard be hote haI. Face per pimples ke daag be hai please meri help kate.. Thank u

  144. Arif Mahmood says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have chronic allergy on my body including head. There is intense itching all over the the body.
    I work in pipe manufacturing industry made of fiber Glass. Please suggest me the treatment to get rid of itching.

  145. advt huma khan says:

    I hv many big acne and pimples, pigmention and small black hair on face neck and brest since 4 year.i hv get one year treatmnt of homyopetic.but no effect.i hv used blood purify a2z homyopetic and a2z skin tonic…plz help me..tell me treatmnt and remedy for my problm. Age 25 year 5 month

  146. Nisha Yadav says:

    Sir meri poori body par chakte ho jaate hai unme bot itching hoti hai. Wo jaha hote hai waha ki skin red ho jaati hai aur itching k saath wo badhne bhi lagte hai. Ye chij mujhe bachpan me bhi ekk baar hui thi but homeopathic dawa khane se wo sahi ho gai, but abb 10 saal baad ye phir hone laga hai. Right now I am using few homeopathic medicine but unse koi fayada Ni ho Raha hai. Those medicine are listed below:-
    CINA 1000 (1 drop once in a week)
    Apis Mellifica 30CH (3 drop 3 times a day)
    Urtica uren 200 (1 drop once in a day)
    Should I continue using these medicines or u suggest some other. Kya kya cheeje mujhe avoid karni chahiye ye bhi bata dijiyega.
    Age:- 20 years

  147. Mewa singh says:

    Sir mujhe chamdi rog hai meri dono tange paro se uper gughtno se niche black hogi hai meine do sall doctors de dawa khai hai usne kha tha leprosy hai do saal medicine khani padagi do saal medicine khane par v vo theek nahi hui abhi voh nichan aur badne lage hai feets tak ho gai hai or dry v rehte hai feets mein swelling hoti hai mere sare sareer par bade bade nishan se padgai hai jinpe hath lagane par kuch feel nahi hota.ab mein homopathic medicine le raha hoo one month se sir samaj ni aah raha kya karu mein is rog se tang aagia hoon.kabhi to lagta hai ke suside karloo yeh bimari theek nahi hogi

  148. Sir i am 41 years of age and diabetic last 5 years taking alopathic treatment but now frm 4/5 months i am facing another problem that on my penis there are some cuts on skin of front side and time of urine it is very painful …rashes are there using mycospore cream on above but nothing….what to do\

  149. Manoj sahani says:

    Sir mere children ko Jo 3 years ki hai , red color ka chakta pure sarir par hojata hai, doctors ko dikhya jach bhi kiya par koi fayada nahi hua his din medicine nahi khati us din hojata hai , please help me sir

  150. रामू यादव says:

    सर मेरे पूरे शरीर मे पीले दाने निकल आते हैं,
    खासकर छाती और पीठ पर ज्यादा निकलते हैं, साथ ही चेहरे मे भी हर रोज नये दाने निकल आते है । मेरी उम्र 24 साल है और सर ये प्रॉब्लम को लगभग 08-10 हो गए…
    सर प्लीज़ कुछ उपाय बताइये…..?

  151. Narayan karki says:

    Hello sir mera pennis pe skin halka chota chota sa dane hai jaise jab baal nikalne se pehle thora dana jaisa hota hai na thik usi tarah ka hai ye kya hai sir aur kya ye khatarnak hai

  152. Ashutosh singh says:

    Sir mujhe bump pe daane ho jaate hein jisme pas pad jaata, sir it pains a lot , ise 2-3 month ho gaye hein , ek khatam ho hai to pas mein doosra ho jaata hai,bohot se dr. Ko dikha diya but koi faayda nhi hua, jab rak medicines leta hoon tab tak theek rehte hain baad mein fir ho jaate hain
    So kindly suggest me something so that I get relief.-thanking you

  153. Amit singh says:

    Sir me to ko 5 sal se urticaria hai mai bahot dawa kraya but thin nahi Hua Kya karu

  154. arpita says:

    n second problm meri nose par kafi chote chote gaddhe hai jo makdi ke jhade ke baad huy hai wo kase clean honge

  155. arpita says:

    meri ankho ke niche halki sujan hai wo kase jaegi sir i m 27 year old lady

  156. ziya chaudhary says:

    Hello dr. Mera name ziya chaudhary h mujhe fungal pichle 7month se h bahot skin specialist ko dikha chuke bt koi improvement nhi h or ab one month se homeopathic kha rhe h bahot jDa prblm ho gai h mujhe i dont know what to do plz tell me the solution plz

  157. Naveed anjum says:

    Cheray aur sir main kharish lagti hai age 70 saal inj avil lagaya 3 din araam hota phir kharish lagti

  158. Shivani says:

    Mera beta 3 year ka hai or uske chhote chhote Dane puri body par hote ja Rahe hai or itching bhi Hoti hai.

    Maine​ test bhi krra liye par sab normal hai kya kro kuch medicine Bata dijiye.

  159. sir mere pure body n specially face pe bht til nikal raha h aur uski size badi hoti ja rahi h kya kre?

  160. Anita chauhan says:

    Hi,Dr mera beta 10 month ka uske face pe left side me nose pe or chick pe small small ghamoriya hue he…To plz app btayege ki ye kis wjaise hue he

  161. Om Prakash Gandhi says:

    सर मुझे लगभग 1 महीने से पूरे शरीर में चकता हो जाता है और खुजली होती हैं, जब मैं उन छोटे-छोटे चकत्ते को खुजलाता हूँ तो वह और भी बड़ा हो जाता है।कई अंग्रेज़ी दवा जैसे – Avil, Citizin,Livocitriz खाया लेकिन जब तक खाता हूँ तो ठीक रहता है दवा छोड़ने के बाद फिर से शुरू हो जाता है।

    • pura body mein chakta ho jata hai allergy ki dawa kane se thik ho jata hai phir nikal kata hai kya kareuje thyroid hai rajani says:

      Pura body mein chKta nikal jata hai allergy ki dawa kane se thik rahta hai phir ho jata hai itching bahut hot haiuje thyroid bhi hai

  162. Mere pure body m black spot ho gye h sabhi spot alag alag size k hai.4 saal ho gye h ye spot ko . Medicine continue lene k baad thoda sa kam hua h puri tarah s thik ni hua h ye spot kafi jada dikhta h body m aur abhi new spot b hone lge h body m khi khi per. Mere age 26 h. Plz aap kuch achi se medicine bataiye taki m jaldi s thik ho saku.

  163. Abdul Aleem says:

    Sir mera face 4 year s bht khrb h
    bht hi medicine ki but koi benifit hi nhi milta
    homyopath, hakeemi sari medicines use kr chuka hu
    sir ma jb meat ya koi grm chiz kha leta hu to face per bht s Red nishan pd jate h khujli nhi hoti h bs nishan hi pdte h
    sir plz kch btaye kya kru ma
    sir bht prashn hu

  164. Vishal thakur says:

    Hy sir Mera naam vishal Thakur hai …Aur meri age 17 years hai Mai shimla HP se hu Aur sir mujhe skin elergy hai ..Meri skin jb bhi cold water ya cold air ke samprk me aati hai too mujhe us jagah pr kharish or sujan ho jatti hai jaha pr cold water ya cold air skin ke touch me aayi ho ….sir plzz reply must with the solution Thankyou

  165. raju kumar says:

    Mira nam raju Kumar hai , sir kuchh deno pahli mujh typhoid hua tha dawa lini ki bad thik hua,uski bad jaise lagta hai ki body mi sujan hai aur body pi lal Kali Dani nikal rahi hai aisa kyu ho raha hai,ek mahina pahli hb1 (hipititis b) ka injection bhi laga tha,ek do din se gali mi kharas bhi rahti hai, sir aisa kyu ho raha hai

  166. aakansha says:

    Mujhe thyroid hai,kabj rahara hai.. Face par ghamauriyo jaise Dane hote hai. Khujali hoti hai. Or ek machhar ke katne jaisa bhi hota hai. Sirf face or neck par hi. Pls help.

  167. Ruchi rani says:

    Hi mam mera nam ruchi h and mai bahut pareshan hu reason h mai kareeb 10 salo se flucort n cream use kar rahi hu but in case ager mai ise nahi lagati to chahre per bahut itching and dry rednes ho jati h mai iae chodna chahti hu plz help and rply

  168. Zainab musa says:

    Assalamoalaikum! Meri skin pr black spots hain muje bht itching hoti hai….. ab mere head pr b painful danay nikatay hain phr wo zakham bn jatay hain …. please muje iska ilaaj bta dae,,meri age 25 hai or mere 3 bachay hain …

  169. abida mukadam says:

    Hello sir
    Mujhe pimples ki bhot badi problem hai …back pe b aate bhot sare pimples and face and neck pe b? Kya keru k is bimari se hmesha k liye nijaat mil jaaye? Plzzz tell me….

  170. I have chronic urticaria for the last 6 months.i have taken steroid course twice and other anti allergic medications but it only disappears when I take steroids high dose.please suggest a remedy. My age is 43.

  171. Dear sir,
    Mere face pe lip kd aas pas aur lip pe kujli hota he agar mai nonveg aur baigan khati hun to jyada kujli ho kar ful jata he thoda fir ghao hota he ap plzzzzz mjhe iske ilaj batayea mai only powder aur fair&lovely istemal karti hun..

  172. Pankaj sharma says:

    Dear sir, mere panic main raat main jyada tanab hone ke Karan panic ki skin fat jati h or esha month me 2-3 time ho jata h mera panic ki motai jyada Ni h please koi ilaj batae bahut paresaan hu skin fatne ki wajah se toilet jaate time bhi jalan hoti h kyuki skin ko peeche. Karte hi dard hota h

  173. Sir meri lips ki skin 2/3 days m creak hokar hati aur faty hoti ja rahi hai please answer

  174. wasi haider says:

    meray saaray jism pr b ab kharish honay lgi hai
    kharish krnay say skin red ho jati hai boht
    khushk kharish hai saaray jism pr

  175. wasi haider says:

    sir meri penis pr red color k danay bn gye hen jin pr boht kharish hoti hai
    jb khujli krun to bohat sukoon nd mzaa aata hai mgr wo danay kafi bray ho jatay hen
    jb b khujli krun to danay bray bray ho jatay hen

  176. Virendra sinh says:

    Sir tattoo me red color me allergy hua hai uska koi ilaj batao

    • wasi haider says:

      sir meri penis pr red color k danay bn gye hen jin pr boht kharish hoti hai
      jb khujli krun to bohat sukoon nd mzaa aata hai mgr wo danay kafi bray ho jatay hen
      jb b khujli krun to danay bray bray ho jatay hen

  177. prachi prakash says:

    age 13year old my sister use fever hai ghao hai and ghao me pain hai…kl SE h ..please btaiye kese thik hoga or kya h ye

  178. ranu paliwal says:

    mre body pr halke halke se white spot hoo gye hai… or face pr bhi pimpals hoo rhe hai.. or period bhi 2 ya 3 month main aata hai…. ky ye bhut bade samsya hai mre liye mre age 24 hai

  179. vikash mishra says:

    dear sir

    sir mai 21 year old hu meri body me hmesha hlki hlki khujli hoti rhti hai jyada tar to hath or pair me mai ishe bhut preshan hu sir kbhi kbhi to itna jyada khujli hone lgti hai ki blade bhi aa jata hai khujli krte krte mai iske Lea kbhi kbhi infection ki medicine kha leta hu to 2 day tk acha rhta hai plzzzz sir aap meri help kijiye mai isse bhut preshan hu plzzzz tell me sir Mujhe kya krna chahiye ki meri ye problem hmesha ke Lea thik ho jae

    I hope meri problem ki solution aap jrur btayege sir

    thank you so much sir….

  180. Sir meri skin per red spot ho jate h march April m to plzz aap kuch btaye plzz plzz

    • Dr.homeo says:

      Body sun se allergy h..sulphur 200c ki 4 boond ek bar lo..uske 2 din baad sarsaparilla 30 c daily 2 bar kuch din

  181. Shabash

  182. i have many itching problem due to body pimples plz teell how i reduce

  183. lakhan lal patel says:

    Mughe tyfied ho gya tha and gas bhi bnti thi lekin meri twcha me nmi nhi bachi h bilkul sookh gyi h to mai kya kru

  184. parul singh says:

    meri eyes k upr ki skin nikl rhi h usme se pani aata h swelling h bht pain h jalan b hoti h me bht prblm me hu
    plz btaye ye Kese shi hoga
    h kya ye

    • Dr.homeo says:

      Agar palak par khujli hoti h to staphysagria 30c use karo 4 boond 2 bar…homeopathy shop se 15 ml rs 30 tak mil jayegi..

  185. anil kumar says:

    Sir khujli ki was set Barry Barry circle honey h to kio cream suggest kigiye allergy key like that ko khujli photo h din mein nahi

  186. anil kumar says:

    Sir khujli ki was set Barry Barry circle honey h to kio cream suggest kigiye allergy key like

  187. md.intakhabur rahman says:

    4 mahine se kamar ke uper me dhoop me nikane se hi upper ke bdan me kanto jaisa chubhan hota hai aur nochta hai plz advice me to take medicine

  188. Mujhe pichle 1saal 6 mahine se fungal infection hua hai. Me bohot pareshan hu. Maine bohot se mehenge medicine use kiye but koi farak nhi. Plz help me plz me aapko request karti hu.. Fungal kam hi nhi hua balki badhta ja raha hai plz aap help kardo

  189. ghousia says:

    Mere akho k as pas etching hoti hai fir pure me mahin mahin Dane hojata hai etching V hoti hai 3_4 Dino k bad white white Rusi jaisa skin me ho jata hai kya karan hai iska ilaj btayen

  190. Alergi ki waja sa kamar par neshan parh gye ha is ka kia koi elaj ha k WO neshan katham ho jaye

  191. vishalpandey says:

    Hiii sir can you guide me abt hives medicines plz write for me a hives medicine

  192. Hello
    I have eczema last five years and fatty liver
    Tell me some medicine

  193. Sir mujhe ring wrom ki Farah tin char inch ke h lal ubhre hue kafi ilaz krwa chuka hu koi sahi ilaz btaye

  194. M used many creams if I stop using creams my skin is going in black marks on face please suggest something

  195. meray sir ma do danay hain kuch months se ..wo wese takleef nai krte …jab koi chez touch ho tu drd krte hain …kindly mujhe batayen k ye kese thek hongay ..or inka size b nahi bardhta

  196. Dear sir,

    Meri body mein bahut itching hoti hai aur puri body mein red and black colour ke dane hai aur seer mein jahan balon mein juda banate hai paha bhi dane ho gaye hai . Meri skin bahut is dull aur black hoti ja rahi hai . please iska permanent solution bataye, meine ayurvedic treatment bhi kiya tha teen char mahine lekin medicine bund karene key bad phir se ho gaye hai

  197. Jitendra Bhardwaj says:

    Mam mere sir mein choti choti funsi banti hai or foot jati hai jiski wajeh se irritation hone lagta hai aap bataye mein kya karu.

  198. Sir my name is waseem (30) from India (Delhi ) Sir meri haatho Ki hatheliya winter me 3 month and summer me 3 month sukhe patte Ki tarah khushk ho jati he our jis tarah zameen sukh kar fat jati he. thik usi tarah mere hath bhi fat jate he. Ye problem mujhe 20 year se he mujhe Hawa se allergy he medicine to bahut li but medicine khata hu tab tak thik rahta medicine chhodte hi mere hath fir se fat jate he.mujhe kuposhan and depression Ki bhi problem h.ghar k halat bahut kharab the isiliye mujhe ye bimari he. ? Sir please help me

  199. hazikkhan says:

    Sir mujhe chken pop ho gya tha uske bad mujhe bht kharish horhi thi but kharish khatm hogai per mere hand m bukul red hogya that r new skin and lgi skin to again per an figl print missing ho gae hy m bht preshan ho plz help me

  200. Sir mujhe chken pop ho gya tha uske bad mujhe bht kharish horhi thi but kharish khatm hogai per mere hand m bukul red hogya that r new skin and lgi skin to again per an figl print missing ho gae hy m bht preshan ho plz help me

  201. sumbul naaz says:

    Sir mujhe bohot prblm h 1 year ho gya. Mne skin dr ka b trtmnt kia but jb tk medicine leti hu to thik rahta vrna phir daaane nikal jate hain . Khujli aati h aur phir us jgh se red ho jaataa h daane ek sath bunch nikal jataa h. Poora daano se bhr jata h ek phir apne ap dab jate h jalan hoti h bohot. Poori body pr nd face p bhi hota h. Plzzzzz help me.

    • Sir my name is waseem (30) from India (Delhi ) Sir meri haatho Ki hatheliya winter me 3 month and summer me 3 month sukhe patte Ki tarah khushk ho jati he our jis tarah zameen sukh kar fat jati he. thik usi tarah mere hath bhi fat jate he. Ye problem mujhe 20 year se he mujhe Hawa se allergy he medicine to bahut li but medicine khata hu tab tak thik rahta medicine chhodte hi mere hath fir se fat jate he.mujhe kuposhan and depression Ki bhi problem h.ghar k halat bahut kharab the isiliye mujhe ye bimari he. ? Sir please help me

  202. Suman Sharma says:

    Sir muje high blood pressure ho gaya thaa aur maine uski medicine li lekin mere upper lip per elergy ho gayi. Pl help me

  203. Hello dr.
    Pllz aap muje btaye ki hrpas jaisi bimari kya hoti h jo 2type ki hoti ek muh ke chale ki tarh aur dusra vegina maie plz help me dr . Aur dawa bhi btayega

  204. Barkha rani says:

    Hlo sir i m barkha mera face pr white patches ho jate hai jo aksar Chote bacho girl and boys ke bhi ho jate hai chtake bolte hai may be esko meina bhut madicine li but kuj time ke Liye thek hote hai fr ho jate hai mein long tym se madicine le rahi hu koi frk ni pda plz plz plz hlp me sir ye Ku hote hai koi elaj thek hone ka toh plz btaiye mein apki mail ka wait kraungi sir

  205. Barkha rani says:

    Hlo sir i m barkha mera face pr white patches ho jate hai jo aksar Chote bacho girl and boys ke bhi ho jate hai chtake bolte hai may be esko meina bhut madicine li but kuj time ke Liye thek hote hai fr ho jate hai mein long tym se madicine le rahi hu koi frk ni pda plz plz plz hlp me sir ye Ku hote hai koi elaj thek hone ka toh plz btaiye mein apki mail ka wait kraungi sir 9056133496 my no

  206. sir
    mujhe ek month se allergy hui hai.maine medicine bhi bahut li but main thik nhi ho rha hu.sir bahut jyada kharis lagti hai or phir puri body per daane daane a jate hai.or sir jab main citrazin ki tablet leta hu tb main thik ho jata hu or 1-2 din baad phir yhi problem ho jati hai.sir please khuch advise btao .please help me

  207. puja kumari says:

    Meri ma k muh k andar kaala daag ho gya h ilaaz karane pe maxillury sinistious nikla h ye daag kis wazah sr hua h aur kb tak thik ho paayega

  208. Askm.sir my self rehana i am 50 years old meri left handd ki unggli k por se skin me krack aur pain bhi hota h ye last 6 month se h weeek me one time tablrt lena h 4 week tak lekin koi bhhi faida nhi huwa .Me ye janna chahti ye h kya aur illaj kya h

  209. Sir, my name is Ajay, I am 27. Years old, muje 2-3 dino se mere penis aur pair ke bich ki jagah pr uske aas pas ki jagah pr apne ap soozen ho gyi h jisme dard bhi hai, muje ye koi skin ki problem lag rahi h, kripya koi ilaz bataye?

  210. girdhari pandit says:

    Hello sir mei girdhari pandit jharkhand koderma ka rehne wala hu mujhe 10 mhine khujli hai me 8mahine dawa kha rahu par jab tak dawa ka asar rahta hai tab tak tik rahta hai uske baad me phir se hone lagta hai mei 10 mahine se bahut pareshan hai koi eilaj batai sir mobile number 7070335628

  211. sir I have dark stretch marks type lining on my thighs and legs area and my age is 20 years please tell me the medicine

  212. Ravi kumar says:

    Helo sir mere chere ma kale daag ho gye ha or kch laal daag ha jo daag ja nhi rhe ha ap meri kch help kare .

  213. priyanka says:

    hello sir…
    sir meri skin garmiyo me bilkul thk rhti h bt ab sardiyo me red red dane se ho gye h ….kya kru jisse ye dur ho jaye….aur ye kyu ho re h

  214. farhan khan says:

    hello sir mery eyebrows peely hogai hn kya waja ho sakti h or aisa kya kron k phr se brown ya black ho jay

  215. Haris zeb says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My name is haris zeb… my father suffering from skin alergy… Every night if he’s go to bed then attack alergy…. Meaning in Urdu ( kharish). What’s a homeo treatment useful for that… kindly advise me a best homeo medicine…

  216. rameshwar Sharma says:

    sir mere pure bodi pr dana niklta h phle red colar uske bad 5 ya 6 din me kala ho jata h fit dana sukh jata h aur us jgh pr sfed ho jata h fir dhire dhier bodi k colour me mil jata h…..sir jo bodi ka hisha jo open h us jgh pr dana nhi hota in said me bhut jada hota h…

  217. munshi meena says:

    Sr. mujhe dad h 3year se bhut davayeli pr tik nhi h

  218. Muhammad riafat mir says:

    (1) Muje sir main kharish hoti he or chest main hoti he kharish karty huiay ball be bhote girty hain plz apny bachoun ka laye koi a6i c duaa btio
    (2) main na abi shaadi ke he lakan jb main bv sa sex krata hu 1 manits sa zayada time ni lagta plz koi duaa btio allaha ap ka bachoun ko lambi umer athaa kary ameen ya pher apni clinic btio main waha hi aa jata hu main karachi me hota ho

    • Muhammad riafat mir says:

      (1) Muje sir main kharish hoti he or chest main hoti he kharish karty huiay ball be bhote girty hain plz apny bachoun ka laye koi a6i c duaa btio
      (2) main na abi shaadi ke he lakan jb main bv sa sex krata hu 1 manits sa zayada time ni lagta plz koi duaa btio allaha ap ka bachoun ko lambi umer athaa kary ameen ya pher apni clinic btio main waha hi aa jata hu main karachi me hota ho

  219. bashir hussain says:

    Sir muje 4year ho gae hai allergy aur dane aur skin bhi phat gae hai plz btae kia istamal kron.

  220. Sir
    Plz give me solution
    Mere ghutne pe kuchh hissa sunn ho gya h
    Aur us sun hisse kkinare pe hlaka bhi chot lagta h to bahut dard hota h
    Plz sir give me solution
    Mai iske liye kya karu sir

  221. Waqar noor says:

    Mere chehre pe dane h 2 saal seh khattam hote h phir aate h koi ilaaj bataye sir

  222. ansh kaushik says:

    meri eyebrows me khujli ho rahi hai or white ghere ban gaye hain

  223. Richasangal3@gmail sangal says:

    Puri body pur chote chote Dane hai with extreme itching , khujane pur jalan hoti hai, and red ho jata hai, around the neck and hands pur jayada hai since 5 days

    • prahlad.shrivastava says:

      sir mere penis m kadapan nahi ho raha h wife se sambhog ke samay jaldi very nikal Jata h our penis turant bilkul dheela ho jata h sahi sambhog bhi poora nahi ho pata our pichkari jaisa bhi nahi hota very nikalte samay matlab sex kar hi nahi pata..please koi achhi medicine batay ,,

  224. Sir mere skin pr itching hota ha r baad me redness ho jata ha .kabhi chhote ya bade daane bhi as jate bhut presaan noon….

  225. ramkrishna says:

    Sir mere sarir pe pura kaale kaale dhabbe pad gye hai kya kru sir thik hi nhi ho rhi h

  226. Poonam RAJAWAT says:

    Sir,I m ,36 year old.3,4 Dino SE face par bohot khujli ho rahi hai or Dane bhi ho jaye hai.pls sir help me.

  227. suman sinha says:

    Dear Sir,I am 25 years old I have a pimples problem , acne, blackheads, spots and face me jalan v he Sir, how to get clear skin thankyou.

  228. Ravinder singh says:

    Mere face pr jalan ho rahi h mouth per haath bhi nahi lagaya ja reha h bhut dukh rehi h

  229. suman sinha says:

    Dear Sir,I am 25 years old I have a pimples problem , acne, blackheads, spots. Sir, how to get clear skin thankyou.

  230. Rekha goyal says:

    Dear sir my hand’s skin is very dry what can i do

  231. Shambhu Kumar says:

    dear Sir, my face is affected from round slightly white spots. please give me advice to take medicine.

  232. Sir mare panis par fode tipe to gaya hai khujli huyi or ho gaya

  233. Hari jaiswal says:

    Dear sir ,
    There are pimples in my lower part of both ears. They are since more than 1 year . They are not like pimples as we see on face but are like growing inside skin and not fully uncovered on ear (lower part ) . What should i do for this ? Please provide me your valuable solution.

  234. I am 13 and I am having a watery fodi in my mouth for a week what should? and because of that I am not able to eat normal roti

  235. Gurupyari says:

    Sir/madam I’m 48yrs old at last month cycle I effected on my body ringworm which was very problematic.Now from weak days I’m applying sulphur ointment as per the advice of the dermatologist. Today afternoon again it’s increased and evening cycle started.Immediately I want to reduce.Tell me.what you

  236. shalini says:

    Mere lips par kbi kbi khud hi swelling aajati hai mai Iske liye medicine bhi le rhi hu but fer bhi swelling ajati hai..islie kya vjh hai jo ese khud hi ajati hai n Isle liye kya kare

  237. Sir meri nose ke bilkul neeche cold ki vajah se ek nishaan pad gya h vo papadi to hatt gyi lekin vo nishaan red colour chotta sa h par abhi tak nhi gya ma kya karu plss advise me its bss vo red se nishaan acha nhi lagta h vo dikhta h nose ke unde to ma hass bhi nhi paata

  238. jyoti tiwari says:

    Sir meri beti operation se hui usko is bar sardio me gale hath k neeche dhodi pr aur jangh k bech me cut gya tha aur ab sb jagah white pad gya h aur badta ja plz. Ye kya h reply jarur dijiye abhi wo 15month ki h.

  239. Mere muh ke talwo me chane ki daal ke barabar swelling hai, jo tongue se chane pe dard bhi kar rahi hai, ye samasya char panch din se hai. Please help me ye kya ho sakta hai

  240. Dear sir my sister who is 6 yrs old is suffering from chicken pox my mother says it as Badi mata and my parents don’t want to go to homeopathy so can u tell me a solution for this so that I can help her by preparing a medicine for today that is 28/2/2017 is her 4th day sir I request you to help me please sir give me a solution.

    • Girish kumar singh says:

      Dear Sir I am 34 year old. 12 saal se pitti uchlti h. uske liye m avil or citrazin tablet ka use karta hun . lakin ab uska bhi asar nahin hota. meri problem ka samdhan kijeye
      Thank you

  241. Dear sir my sister who is 6 yrs old is suffering from chicken pox my mother says it as Badi mata and my parents don’t want to go to homeopathy so can u tell me a solution for this so that I can help her by preparing a medicine for today that is 28/2/2017 is her 4th day sir I request you to help me please sir give me a solution.

  242. Harpreet singh says:

    Dear sir…….Mere nose pai ek 2-3 kaale gehre nishaan pad gye hai……..Aisa iss kaarn hua ki maine iss ek nisshan ko mittane k liye kaafi saari ointment cream use ki……..But yeh aur bhi bdta jaa raha hai………if any solution aur medicine ……plz help me..


  243. Akshay verma says:

    Dear sir…..
    Mere chehre per dark circkle aur pimple ho raha hai.aur uske baad pimple kala daag ho ja raha hai. homeopathik dava se ilaaj karane per thik ho ja raha hai lekin jaise hi dawa lena band kardo fir pahle jaise hi hone lagta. Mujhe mere chehre per aankho k neeche ka dark circle aur kale daag dhabbo ke liye koi succeses medicine bataye.17 year

  244. saima iqbal says:

    Dear sir…mera lip colour 5 sal phly pink tha ….ab lip clr black o gya a jiski wjja se complexion b fair ni dikhta orr 3 mnths se dark circles b han …know ndly mjy suggest kren ma kia krun ..I m 26 yr unmarried girl…

  245. tulsi gupyta says:

    dear sir mera child 3 year ka hai usy puri body mai kuzli or funsi ho gay hai many kai davaiya ki vo effactive nahi rahi kafi docters bhi change kiy par koi fayda nahi hua mera bacha kuzli s bahut parysan rahta hai mai kya karu muchy kuch samach nahi ata please sajaest me uski skin kafi dry bhi hai kitna bhi oil ya losan laga lo vo bhi effactive nahi hota pleaase dr. muchy salah dijiy mai kya karu

  246. Hi sir I’m Rishu, sir mere neck aur forehead PE chote-chote daane ho gaye hai, Jo upari skin halki kaali si hai dikhne mein marks ki tarha hai par khujlati hai. Please sir help me.

  247. Mohd. Sarik says:

    Hello sir i am Mohd. Sarik Actually sir Meri body mai Red Red allergy ki tarah bade bade sport type ke Ho jate h or unme swelling or itching bhi kafi hoti h or wo body mai kahi bhi kisi bhi part Pr Ho jati h lag bhag 1 year se ye problèmes mère sath Ho rahi h So sir please Iska kuch solution batao sir.

  248. Hello sir mere eyes ke niche daane type ke ho rakhe hai .bhut year se ilaj bhi karwa rai but ajtak sai nai hue .is wajh se pura face pe ek ? Marke laga hua hai .
    So please koi solution bataye .

  249. Mere face me n kahi kahi ek parat sa nikal rha hai aur pimples v ho jate hai .meri face ka skin oily hai .plz do suggest

  250. trazodone how to order
    where to buy trazodone for a discount

  251. in my panic there small dots white colour

  252. kamlesh kumari says:

    Onth me jalan hona 24 ghante slowly-slowly lip ka colour bhi badal raha hai.plz tell me medicine.

  253. shalini kumari says:

    mere hatho me ungliyo me jodo pe bhot Jada black ho gya hai

  254. Hello Dr….I hve started homeopathy treatmwnt for severe old Atopc eczema under wellknown homeopath…but the condition has increased…plz let mw know rhat initially it aggravates the condition?is this happena?

  255. Surendra kr mahto says:

    Sir mere chehre par kaala daag dhabba hai aur wo khuglaate rehta hai aur much more fora ho gya hai. Uske liye homeopethic medicine ka name bataye

  256. roshan tirkey says:

    sir mera naam roshan hai mera chehra ka rang sawnla hai gora hone ka upay ya koi cream batayein.

  257. Radha karki says:

    I have small red color pimple in my upper lips and chin area and its itching too i hv also black skin in the same area and also my nose cheeks n my fore head please tell me suitable remedy. I already had taken so much meficines but invain

  258. gopal sahu says:

    Mere kamar me bahut khujli hai bahut se dawayi kr chuka hu aur injaction v fir v chhodta nhi h aur failte ja rha h please kuchh pupay bataye 10 month ho gya h

  259. Mere chahre pr do teen din se kaafi khujli ho rhi h kon si medicine khani ya lagani chahiye mujhe

    • anand gupta says:

      Dr Anand Gupta
      100 % guaranteed Treatment for all type of skin infection
      Contact No – 09302440604 (what`s up no)

  260. santosh kumar says:

    Dear sir mera name Santosh hai ,jab bhi Mai dhup Mai bahar nikalta Hu sir khujlane lagta hai,ya fir koi hard work Karta Hu to sir khujlane lagta hai sir ye problem mere ko 6 month se hai
    Or sir kuch Dino se mere pure body Mai chote chote Dane se nikal Gaye or foonshi phodne or foonshiya nikal jati hai
    Please sir es problem ka samadhan batoa

  261. Jitendra Kumar says:

    mere chahre par bhut sare dane or dhabbe h,inhe ham kaice thik krenge?

  262. ankit gupta says:

    dear sar mera naam ankit gupta hai mere pure sharir me fungal infection ho gaya hai aur to aur maine bahut sare medisin ka istemal kiya hai but wo theek nahi ho raha hai aur pure sharir me nikal raha hai mai kya karu pls help

  263. Deepankar yadav says:

    Sir mere face par karib do year sr dinai aur Dana ho gaya sahi ho jata hai fir se ho jaata hai kya karu sirsir koi dawa bataiye sir

  264. Hello sir meri finger black ho gai h bhot jyada colour mera fair h but pta nhi finger itni black kyu ho rahi h plzz koi achi si medicine btaiye

  265. sir mera naam nisha h meri friend k sir m khujane se hlka pni kbhi ajata h or bhi internl pro h period tim se ni aata harmon pro ki vjh se th ni h ye pro khi plz sir rpl kr es pro se nile hume thnk u

  266. Sir mere pure sarir par daane ho gaye hai isko khujli Marne par khun nikalta hai jaangho par bahot jyada ho gaya hai aur ye 3 month she hai badhta ja raha hai

    • Sir mere pure sarer mai lal ho jata hai Aur khujli hota Dana nikalta hai fir khoon aa jata hai

    • Sir mujhe 4 month se alergy ki problam h bgal m chaati k niche or thighs pe rashish type hote h or jlan or khujli hoti h or ab face p bhi khujli or dane aa gye h hath pair p bhi h khi khi bhut treatment kra liya koi aaram bhut preshaan h periods b bhut km bs ek din ho rhe h or face b bhut baal b nikl aaye h btaiye m kya kru

  267. Sir mere shoulder par dane h karib 3-4 Sal se jo ab pure hath me badhta jaa rha h .plz kuchh ilaj btayen

  268. mausam kumar says:

    mera umar 21 hai mausam Kumar gender male

  269. mausam kumar says:

    नमस्कार सर मेरा नाम मौसम कुमार है मेरे साथ यह समस्या आ रहा है कि मेरे सर के बाल मेरे आइब्रो मेरी दाधि मेरे मूछों के बाल झड़ रहे हैं मैं क्या करूं

  270. hello dr. gud afrtnoon mera naam rajni h me apni mammy k bare me puchna chah rhi rhi unki skin par bhot khujli iching hoti h or vaha red spot ho jate h khujli rat k time bhot jyada ho jati h ye problm mummy ko kai salo se h plsss iska koi tretment bataye mummy ne khub tretment le liya h but koi fark nhi parta tretment btaye

  271. Deepak kumar state haryana says:

    Sir meri skin pe red colour ki lines ban jati aur aur face bilkul fat sa jata bahut sari tablets lee but koi fyada nahi hu..

    • shamshad begum says:

      AOA, Dr sab ma jb apny baal dye krti hu to mjy bht zabrdast aerlgic ho jati h.chary pr sojan ho jati. moty dany ho jty hn. ma job krti hu .plz mra msla hal kryn .plzm.

    • shamshad begum says:

      AOA, Dr sab ma jb apny baal dye krti hu to mjy bht zabrdast aerlgic ho jati h.chary pr sojan ho jati. moty dany ho jty hn. ma job krti hu .plz mra msla hal kryn .plzm.

  272. Rami kumar says:

    Sir mera body bhut khujlata h aur use kujlane ke bad pitti aiya phul jata h but kuch time ke bad thik ho jata h plz help me sir

  273. shabana praveen says:

    Sir mera ye problem hai ki ….thandi k mausam m dhup m ya bina dhup m jayadah dur chalne se pure badan m dana ho jata hai aur khujlahat hone lagta hai. Chakkar aane lagta hai.badan garm ho jata hai.badan lal ho jata hai aur chehra ka rang kala hone lagta kyun hota hai.plz iska upay bataye sir

  274. Body par white spots aa rahe hai

  275. Md jamil ansari says:

    Mera naam:-md jamil ansa, mai sherghati gaya sab bihar ka rahne wala hu, mere sath me yah problam sir mere body pe pahle khujlata hai bahut, or khujlane ke baad lal rang ka hota hai or us jagha pe skin mughaya ke tarah ka ho jata hai or black ho jata hai sir.
    One yeae ho gya hai sir
    bahut presan hu sir, is bemare se sir
    Ple ple ple ple replay me sir

    • shabana praveen says:

      Sir mera ye problem hai ki ….thandi k mausam m dhup m ya bina dhup m jayadah dur chalne se pure badan m dana ho jata hai aur khujlahat hone lagta hai. Chakkar aane lagta hai.badan garm ho jata hai.badan lal ho jata hai aur chehra ka rang kala hone lagta kyun hota hai.plz iska upay bataye sir

  276. dilip ku.sharma says:

    my Dilip kumar sharma ham exident wala dag skin par kesa chuta gaa piz.

  277. sir
    mere chehre par bahut dino so allergy se paresan hu par abhi halka sa dinay ho gaya hai left eye ke niche me aur halka sa white bhi baar baar 1.2 pimples aa jata hai to please sir aapse request hai koi achha sa upay btaye ki jaldi thik ho jaye please…..

  278. Kumar Sidhartha says:

    My one year old daughter is facing problem with red rashes and small daane mostly on face legs arm and hand. This is happening since last 2 months, and we have consulted many doctors but it is not going completely. Now a days mostly it is coming on face, cheeks and forehead with heavy itching. Please help to understand the problem and medication.

  279. Mrei skin pe red daad ho gai hai. Only raat ko he itching hoti hai jese body main kuch chal raha ho. Me bohat c table khai but koi asar nahi hua.please tell me which tablet m eat

  280. alok mishra 9454834916 says:

    Dear sir bhot dawa kara RHA hu dawa ka asar jab tak rhta. H thik rhata h dawa chor diya to for khujli ho gya Dr.bolts h alargi kya karu koi dawa bataye plz

  281. md sarmad says:

    sharir k jangh wali jagah par dinaye kism ka hai kam kam ek saal

  282. Raviraj Kengar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Main 21 saal ka yuvak hun. Mere chehare pr bar – bar pimples aate hain, bahut daag bhi hai chehare pr, Plse sir treatment konsi lun iss bare main jankari dijiye?
    Muje meeta khana (bekri ki cheze) ,sugar bahut khata hun , sharir har samy gaaram rahata hai.. Aaap muje e-mail kareye . ya contact no . send kijiye?

  283. sir mere penis par chhote chhote dots daane hotey hai aur khujli bahot aa rhi hai… kitni bhi medicine try kiya par koi fark nahi pad rha… plz help me

  284. ansula boro says:

    Sir, mera skin winter me dry ho jata hai & phatne lagte hai aur khujli to baar baar hote rehete hai ,plz suggest me.

  285. Sir winter main mery pao main bhot allergy hoti ha swell ho jaty hain jb zayda thand ho plzzz help me

  286. Mahesh sharma says:

    mere pure body p khujli hoti h br br khujana pdta h ar m isse bhot pare shan hu
    plz sir help me

  287. Mam mere skin par matlb puri body par allergy ho jati hai or ye vinter mai summer mai ni hoti ….or jb eaching hoti hai to usse scratch krne par aag si nakalti h….saari dawai used krke dekh li koi fark nhi pada …plz help me ????

  288. Mere much me Hakka white white hi gaya hai like sehua

  289. Sir winter main mery pao main bhot allergy hoti ha swell ho jaty hain jb zayda thand ho plzzz help me

  290. Krishna pandit says:

    Dear sir,merit 3saal ki uske pet par red nisan5,right leg me toe se up red Nisan ho gaya hai.plg suggests and medicine.

  291. Bajrang Agrawal says:

    Sir meri unglion mein sukhi khujali rahti hai .kaffi salo se

  292. Shubham Mishra says:

    Sir mere penish ke niche side me bahut Jada khujli our Jalan ho rhi hai plzz Meri help Karen thank you

  293. Sir
    Mere badan par daad ho gay hai karib 8 ya 9 month se bahut ilage karwane par bhi think nhi ho RHA hai koi good dwai bataye

  294. sir mere face par daad ho gaya mai bahut pareshan hu mai use kaise dhik karu
    help me sir

  295. hello sir,
    mere private part par 9 months se eaching hai. maine english med. use kiya but yethik nahi ho
    raha hai.
    sir plz help me.
    kya karu mai.

  296. santosh pratap singh says:

    mere body ke kamar ke neeche se pairo tak eaching hoti hai bal bhi toot te hai sir .

  297. mohd Altamash khan says:

    Sir meri maa ke haath aur pair me laal daag pad rahe aur unme aag si nikalti aur dard bhi hota hai sir mujhe jald isko door karne ka upaaye batay

  298. Sir mera hair ma dandruff hona SA jakham ho gya ha jis ka karn UN jkhmo ma SA liquid SA niklta rehta ha or pimples bhi ho jaye ha es ka koi upaye btaye plz ma es problem SE bhut pareshan hu

  299. Sir mujhe 5 or 6 month se jock area keep pass allergy si h
    Waha se skin laal ho jaati h or bahut kharis hot h
    Medicine lene se thik ho jaati h
    Par uske baad fir se ho jaati h
    Or ab kuch dino se leg par Dane se ho rahe h
    Or kharis hoti h
    Pls sir help me


  300. Rohtash singh says:

    sir. Meri body me chhote chhote daane ho jate hai phir baad me bo badte jate hai or unme bahut jalan hoti hai baad me thik bhi ho jata hai kabhi bhi ho sakta hai sir me isse bahut pareshan hun pls sir iska koi ilaj batao meri email id hai

  301. parshottam says:

    Hii sir good evening..I PARSHOTTAM..Sir mere lagbhag full body mei chote chote lal dane ho gaya hai jiske tudne mei bahut dard n blood nikalta hai AUR PHIR US JAGAH PAR…Daag b bante jaa rahe hain… pl..koi confirmed medicine hai tu pl pl send karo i pay charges..

  302. mohammad maroof says:

    sir skim pr daad nickla hai jo ekdum laal ho gya hai jab dava lagatah hu to theek ho jata hai jab theek.ho jane ke baad fir 3-4 din baad nivmckel.jata hai iska koi upay batye sir ….

  303. Hello Dr. Sir mere do no hatho ki byShap .&jangly par chote chote bohot sure dane hai ye lagbhag 5 seal se hai jo ab badh rahe hai jo phith tak aa chuke hai muze bataye muze kya karna chahiye

  304. Anjli dwivedi says:

    Hello sir thandi me mere face me chote chote safed daag ho jate hai use jldi thik krne ka koi upay bta dijiye

  305. MITHILESH Singh KUSHWAH says:

    Hello Dr sahab muche winter me khujli pure body per ho jati hai .ilaj hetu homeopathic medicine bataye.aap ki bahut kripya hogi.

    • Ruchi bapna says:

      Sir mere 6 year son ke skin par chote chote Dane Nikal rahe hai .Jyada itching bhi nahi hai .Plz give me reason and treatment

  306. ABHISHEK KUMAR says:

    mera face pe bahoot saree pimples ho gaya hai na Saab pimples kaisa hatauu

  307. geeta sahu says:

    Hello sir
    meri mamy ki askin me under se jaln hota h.. any
    time use jln hota h. uske jln ko rokne ke liy kuch upay baty.

  308. Ramakant Dhar dwivedi says:

    Skin me Lal Dane nikalte hai khujli hoti hai kripya elaj vtaye. Photo num. 9752685729.

  309. veena khanna says:

    Sir balo me hair dye lagane se mare sir par kharish v sujan ho jati h bataye me kya karu


    Sir mere ringworm bhut ho gya mai chal nhi pa RHA hu pls help me me contact number 8953821760

  311. vijay kr prasad says:

    Sir mere penis me khujali hota hai aour jab bhi sambhog karat a hu skin samane ke tarph phat jata hai kripaya upay bataye

  312. SIR MERA NAAM MANISH HAI MUJHE RINGWORM (DINAYE) HO GAYA HAI KAFI DAVA OR CREAM USE KR CHUKA HU PARNTU THIK HI NHI HO RAHA HAI 2 MAHINE SE HAI SIR HOMEO PHATIC DAVA KA NAAM BATAYE YA PHIR USKA DETAILS MERE E MAIL PR SEND KR DE MERA EMAIL pr sir please jaldi mujhe bahut paresani ho rahi hai or is karan mai padh bhi nhi pa raha hu february me mera exam hai please sir meri help kre ya phir is number pr call krke meri help kre 9162000559

  313. sharvan kumar says:

    Sir, muje Skin allergy h

  314. hlo Sr .. meri body pe pimples hote hai aur uske baad black spot ho jate hai mein doctors ko check bi krwaya lakin bikul bi theek nai hue
    plz help me
    plz some suggestion

  315. DHIRAJ Kumar says:

    Sir mere Bhaiya ke pairo mai ghao ho jata hai aur jahan pairo Ka nas hai pairo ke thumb ke back mai aur thoda pain bhi karta hai doctoer se dhikhaya Delhi mai Chennai . and Delhi mai kaya kare kuch solution de dijiye

  316. Sir mere mouth ke ander kale daag Hume sir koi upaye bataye

  317. Si mere jangh aur ling ke aas pass bade bade chakte aur lal sikin ho gayi jo bahut pain de raha yah samshya 5 month se hai mae beech mae sikn aur gupt rog speslist doctor ko dikaya to unohone mujhe dawa to di par dawa ke ashar tak accha rahta hai phir ushi tarah ho ja raha kirpya aap mujhe medicen ka name evm upchar bataye mae bahut hi paresan ho chalne mae problems aa rahi hai Sir age 25 and married man

  318. Dr sahib kmar py phly alergy feel hoe phr us py redness hoe swelling and small pores bny hn black skin hy pores wali jga py too much pain burning b hy armpit main b pain hy plz tell me about

  319. Sir mere face me pimples ke jaise bare bare ghao hote..3 years ho gye but av tk thk nhi ho saka h… Kya kre…

  320. some rashes like dots or pimples are rising in my face ant it itches very much.plzzzz help me

  321. Vikas sharma says:

    Hi sir mujhe bhut problem ho rhi he mujhe niche bhut khujali chalti hai aur khujali ki wajah se mujhe bhut takleef ho rahi h plzz reply

  322. Mukul sharma says:

    Which is the best medicine of winter rashes and itching

  323. hello sir
    Problam – sardiyo me body ka trempechar badne se yaa pasiina aane se ya doop me jane se puri body pr red- red pimpal hote he or puri body pr jalan hoti he. Karib 3 se 4 sal ho gaye he mene kahi bar dikhaya bi he doctars ko plz is bimari ka name or ilag bataye

  324. gaisu haider says:

    Sir,mere face par 4 sawal pahli red pimples hua tha to Maine homeopathic doctor ko dikhaya tha to mujhe Gary se allergy bataya tha . medicine khana k baad 2_3 sawal tak face thik tha par 3 month se phir face par pimples ho Gaye hain. please is se chutkara pane k liye upay or medicine bataya. Thanks.

  325. Samit kumar says:

    Bady pa red dag padna or khoon nikla

  326. chandni yadav says:

    hme almost 10-15 years se face pe acnes k problem h.kafi treatment karane k bad b ye sahi Ni hua so plz tell me k mai kya karu

  327. Sir, kya homeopathic dawa khane se pahle kuch din itching badhta hi. Please

  328. Hi i am suffering from chronic urticaria from past 5 years please suggest pernament cure

  329. Anuj kumar says:

    Sir meri puri body par chhote chhote dane “allergy” nikal aaye h . m bahut preshan ho gya hu. But thick nhi ho pa rhi h. please halp you

    • Siddharth Solanki says:

      Hello Dr Sharma,
      Mere hands and back par chote chote fodi (daane) aayi hai, but there is no itching or pain, just it doesn’t looks good, dikhne par accha nahi lagta.

      Can you please help me to get rid out of this.

  330. sanjay kumar says:

    Sr mera naame Sanjay Kumar hai
    Mai Bihar se hu muje allergy hai sr mere pure badan me khujlipan hote rhta hai
    Jiske bajah se Mai raat ko achhi trh sr so bhi nhi
    Pata sr mujhe ye allergy thandha or barshat me jyada presan krta hai mujhe ye problem. Krib 2 saal se hai Mai iska ilayge bahut krwaya lekin phir bhi thik nhi Hua hai kuchh dawaiya jaise avil citrizine jaise dawai khane ke baad 12 ghnto ke liye aaram to milta hai lekin baad me phir start ho jata hai or khujlane pr foda jaisa lakir bn jata hai jai kuchh kaat liya ho sr plzzz mujhe koi achhi dawaiya bataiye sr mera mo .7759095332-8795193066 sr koi achhi dabai ka name send kijiye jise kha Kr allergy jad se thik ho jaye thaks sr

  331. Lokesh meena says:

    Dear sir Namste

    Please sir help me.
    Mere privet jagah PR khujli ki problems h………pichle 2-3 Sal se ………jab take tablet let’s hu tab take think rahta hu for wapis ho jati h………koi tablet ya cream ka name batao. Sir please please……… me sir

    • Ashique Ansari says:

      Hello, Sir mere face pe chhoti chhoti Dana huaa h papni ke sati hua isko dabte h to kuchh fekta v nahi or ek se jyada badhte ja Raha h dono taraf papni ke niche Ki taraf h, Or Dana v pure face pe kabhi kabhi hone lagta h or fir kuchh din me Thora Thora aaram v ho jata h iska koe ilaj Janna chahte h plz sir Help me

  332. Ritika Desai says:

    Hello sir
    Mai Ritika Desai Sir mere hubby h Satish Yadav he is best hubby bt sir abhi kuchh Dino se unke body me chhote 2 Kide lag gye h ..Unki body hair se Bhai hui ..wo Kide blood chuste h..Mai kaise dur karu unhe. Plz sir help me

  333. Sir mere body pe red chote daane h iska illaz btaiye

    • jyoti kumari says:

      Sir mere skin pe bhot pimple ho gya h skin bhot kharb ho gya h bhot cream lgaya bt ni chut rha h thuddi ke dono side bhra hua h chota chota or chid jisa dekhne me lgta h sir koi upye btaye mere skin ke lye

  334. Priscilla Yeye says:

    Hi Dr Sharma ,my name is Priscilla Yeye From Cape town (42) my problem is ,something moving like a worm under my head skin in the front side (left) I always straching becouse it’s moving day and night it’s more than seven years now I want to the doctors I could not get help I want to clinic for scane they did not see what is the problem sometimes when I scratch I feel headache after that.

  335. Porush kamboj says:

    Sir jab mae winter mae doop mae jata hu to tab pure body mae kideya se katnae lag jate hai….yae sirf winter mae he hota hai


      Sir jab mae winter mae doop mae jata hu to tab pure body mae kideya se katnae lag jate hai….yae sirf winter mae he hota hai.
      Gharelu upachar bhi bataye

  336. Good morning sir….mere winter me hath faat jate hai sare … mean skin hard c ho jate hai or phir fatne lag jate hai or bhut pain hote hai … aisa sirf winter me he hota hai …woh kyu or eska koi ilaz btae plzz

  337. Naeem Ahmad says:

    I have skin allergy, do not know yet what triggers but appears as red bumps appears with itching and itching causes more bumps and most of time it appears at evening time.

    • sunil kumar says:

      I have skin allergy. Itching starts taking place in the evening and stays all night becomes less severe during day

      • sunil kumar says:

        I have skin allergy. Itching starts taking place in the evening and stays all night becomes less severe during day

  338. Mere face pe allargi ho gai h or red Dane ho gye h or khugli hoti h bahut kuch btaiye

  339. Sharukh Qureshi says:

    Hi, sir mene aik cream use ki uske baad mera face redness hone lag gaya. Or yeh zada tar dup me niklne se hota hai so plz help me

  340. sonali sahu says:

    Sir mera face achanak se garm ho jata h face red ho jata h aur usme jalan hone lgti h mai kuch b face of use ni krti uske baad b aisa ho rha please iska reason btaiye aur ye kaise shi hoga ye btaiye

  341. Sir mayre nose K under khugli hoti hai or Sir mayre muuch white hoker khugli karti hai or Sir mayray hot bar bar futtay hai Sir menay bhaut skin specialist ke medicine kha le laykin mujay aaram nahi mila Sir subsay pehlay hot futtay hai fhir he nose dry hoti hai or muuch May khugli hoti hai please Sir m bhaut problem may hu please Sir humay koye treatment batao

  342. kuldeep chauhan says:

    sir meri nose me kabi kabi khujli hoti h muje koi ilaj batao

  343. Hello sir mere face ke aadhe me lal infaction ho gaya hai or jalta bhi hai please sir do something for me

  344. Santanu kumar singh says:

    sir how to solve my skin allergy please can you explain my problem

  345. Parminder singh says:

    Sir mere Legg pr allergy ho gye h

    • pratima negi says:

      sir mere kandhe ke niche,ghutne, or mere kamar par bhut alerhi hoti h inhe kamse kam 7 or 8 mhine ho gye hisme laal dhabe pad jate h

  346. Haradhan Mandal says:

    My baby has been suffering from ellargie for 3 days. Age: 1 year 1 month
    Gender: F
    what to do, please help

  347. amit sharma says:

    hello sir,
    mere beta 2.3 year ka hai, last winter session me uske hatho or paaro pr paani wale safad daane ho gaye the, wo dwai se thik to ho gaye the or dwai band krne pr bhi thik rahe, but inn sardi me fir se wahi problem suru ho gayi, haatho pr safad paani wale daane ho gaye hai, kya ilag hai iska…

  348. Shubham soni says:

    Hello sir i am shubham soni sir mere face aur neck pe baut saare danne nikal gaye hai wo pahle se nai the abi kuch dino pahle se nikle hai aur usme baut kujli hoti hai koi medicine ka naam batae jisse mujhe jaldi faya ho…

  349. vanshika agrawal says:

    hello sir …
    i am 15 years old and i have a problem in my right hand thumb actually mera hath jala nhi tha par ful key paani bhar gaya h (phoka ho gaya h) or sahi honey ke bajaye ye baar baar ho jara h
    kya karu mai its paining alot and likh bhi nhi paari hu kuch bhi

  350. Sir 7 month se khujli waale red daag ho rahe h kaafi medicine le chuki hu lekin kuch aaram nahi h plz help me.

  351. anil Kumar Kushwaha says:

    Sir mujhe khaj ki sikayat hai Jo ki khujali aur
    pani deta hai koi upchar bataye

  352. md sohal rana says:

    small painfull thing in side of neck (near back bone in bothside)

  353. Ritesh matoliya says:

    Mere dono legs per blood kai spot a rahey or vo active ni hai bus atey hai or chaley jatey hai winnter mai jada atey hai or lemon lenai per bhi nikal atey hai koi med ho to batey or mujhe ibs bhi hai

  354. raman deep singh says:

    Sir Dr.Sharma ji sasri kal ji .sir mere seer mei sote sote.funci hote hai pure 3 sal hogaye dr.sharam ji khe se aram nhi aya sir .bhut divaya kha le hai.aur khujali bi hote hai seer k ander he jo funci hote hai wo pani pani c hote hai har roj 10se 20 hote hai sir mai bhut dukhe hu kirap karo ap sir garib pi plzzz 3 sal hogaye ji

  355. Jaya shrivastaa says:

    Sir namaste eyebrow ke niche me halka as safed hus hai .Maine dr se check Karaya to unhone mujhe dermikem tube Diya.aur cholesterol check karne ko boli

  356. Sir m jass meri skin pe bhut allergy hoti hai oc allergy ke sath mera face pimple ke sath br jata hai maine kitni medicine v kha li or homepathy medicne v use kri but koi frk ni aasaa q hota sir plz aap muje meri skin shi krn ka koi tarika bataayo plz sir

  357. sir mery tested py last 4 year se daany hen or khatam b ni ho rahy or kharish b ni ho rahi or simple dany hen peep waly ya pani waly ni hen kch dany bary hen or kch blkl.choty plzzz tell me what to do know

  358. pushkar singh says:

    SIR mere dono tango me urenal ke aas pass gol gol lal chakkte jaise ho rahe hain or failte ja rahe hain khujali bhi lag rahi hai quardidrum tube lagane se rahat to mil rahi hai par fayada nhi ho raha hai uchit dawa batayean

  359. shubham srivastava says:

    Sir mere shoulder pr ek paani bhre hue daane hue eb vo dhere dhere mere neck pr ho rhe h sir plzz help sir

  360. nisha thakur says:

    Sir mere poore face par hairs arahe he unhe parmanent kese hatane ke liye kya kare
    Or skin ka colour bhi down ho raha he use kese sahi kare plz reply

  361. Mayank sharma says:

    sir meri puri body se bhut tej hairfall ho RHA h , ye problem pichle 6 mhine se h PR ab jyada tej ho gyi h . koi solutions btaye

  362. Susmita borgoyary says:

    Sir i’m facing this problem since last 2years and iv taken some medicines and ointment for my itchiness..its type of ringworm first it starts like a pimple then rashes and slowly it turns big and round in shape..and its below my navel near my thighs bumps and its unbearable please help me get rid of it

  363. Sir. meri puri body pr choty choty pmplz hen or kharish b bht hti h plz iska koi illaj btaye

  364. p k choudhary says:

    mere pure sarir mai,bahut kharij hoti hai,pura sarir lal ho jata hai,aor bade bade sate aa jaate hai, mai daily 1 okacet tabelet leta hoo,

  365. Muhammad huzaifa ameen says:

    sir mry face pe 4 sal se dany hen pehly km thy mgr ab ziyada hoty ja rahy hain meri umar 18 year 6 months hai pura face pe choti allergy hen red colour k dany hen aur bht ziada blackheads and whiteheads hen plz tell me the solution thnx

  366. Im of 17 yrs, Sir maine kal fair and lovely pimple clearing cream(green clouredpack)chehre par laga liya tha approx.after2hrs mere chehre par daaane aa gye mera poora chehra daanon se bhar gya hai aur usme itching bhi ho rhi hai maine kal hi iske baad multaani mitti with gulaabjal lagaya to daane pehle se kam hue h pr abhi bhi mera poora chehra daanon se bhara hua h main kya karu plxz muje btaiye r ha ye theek toh ho jaayega na?

  367. pushpendra singh says:

    sir mere sarir pr sam ko per day pitti hojati h khana khane k bad mote mote dane hojate h hone k 30 min bad skin red hojati h kuch time bad shi hojati h kafi dva khali h lekin dva chalti h tb tk theek rhti h band krne pr fir same problem.kya kre sir

  368. Sandeep Singh says:

    My wife Neetu Singh ke dono pair ke nichale hisse including fingers rat ko sone ke samay bahut tej se khujali hoti hai near last one year pls guide me medicine for her

  369. Meri 3 n half year ki beti k galu me calcium ki kami we white spot dikh the hai..use dhudh or dhudh ki bani chije bilkul pasand ni hai..homophethic medicine ka nam bataye..uski skin b but dry h..pairoe hamesha Japan ki sikayat karti h..advise de

    • Meri 3 n half year ki beti k galu me calcium ki kami we white spot dikh the hai..use dhudh or dhudh ki bani chije bilkul pasand ni hai..homophethic medicine ka nam bataye..uski skin b but dry h..pairo me hamesha Jalan ki sikayat karti h..advise de

  370. Mere hathon aur pairon ki skin kharab horahi hai kahan kharab karti hun wahan par kale dagh ubhar jate hain mein bht pareshan hun meri age30 years hai koi ilag bataen mein ne bht ilag kia lekin phir horahe hain. Aap koi ilag bataen please……

  371. Sir mari frd ki body m jase mosquito ka katne p jse ho jate h or khujli hone lagti h wase saari body m ho jati h pls advise

  372. shekar koli says:

    Plz plz help me sir,
    Meri puri body me itching hoti hai
    So i am very tired.

  373. Sir mere face par specially cheeks par chhote chhote dane ho gaye h what i will do

  374. I m a rosacea sufferer…redness on the skin…when exposed to sunlight…it is temporary…and whn the weather changes’s the normal skin…
    Is the rosacea chronic….

    • Sr mere cheeks pr red red hojata h or papdi b aati h sath me jln khuli b hoti h… Inhe khtm krne k liye m kya kru pls btao..

  375. jannatkhan says:

    mere face me red jala hua jaisa dag ho gya h chehra bhut kharb lg RHA h plz sir mera face jaldi thik ho jaye aisa koi upay bataiye

  376. pravesh bhardwaj says:

    Sir mere v shape mai khujli. Hoti hai or itni ki those se jakhm bhi pad gye hai mujhe ise khtm krne ka trika btaye..ismai mujhe dag pade hai jese map hota us trh se located hua hai ..

    • jannatkhan says:

      mere face me red jala hua jaisa dag ho gya h chehra bhut kharb lg RHA h plz sir mera face jaldi thik ho jaye aisa koi upay bataiye jisse mera face ek do din me dag se mukt ho jaye

  377. ajay pratap singh says:

    Dear sir
    meri natin 2 sal ki hai usako skin me red color ke dane hain aur khujali ho rahi hai pls upay batayen

  378. Sir mere penis ke aas pass bahu khujli hoti hai. Balls ke niche bhi hoti hai. Anus pe bhi hoti hai. Kya kuch ho skta hai iska. Penis ke aas pass red ho chuka hai khujli kar kar ke. So please reply fast sir. I’m in big trouble.sara sun khujli nhi hoti per jab sham ko jean utarta hun to khujli kar kar ke haath dukhne lagta hai ??????????????

  379. Sir .
    Sardi m mere hath ku skin utrne lg jati h aur hatho m bhut dard hota h

  380. Saraj ahmad says:

    Hello sir mere sine my dana nikal hai wo ganth jysa ho jata hai plz sir

  381. Ashok tailor says:

    Sir saabun se hath dhone par ya kapde dhone par hath me change hote he or pani niklta he jalan hoti he koi upaya batae 17 years ki he meri sister usko problem he

    • Mere seer me chote chote Tukane jaise Dane nikalate hai aur bal bi girata

      a khujali hoti hai ye bimari 3 sal se hai

      • Mere seer me chote chote Tukane jaise Dane nikalate hai aur bal bi girata

        a khujali hoti hai ye bimari 3 sal se hai

  382. Dileep kumar says:

    Hii sir mera age 18 yrs h lagbhag mujhe 3-4 yrs se face par Dane ho rkhe h jis karn mai hamesa sad rhta hu maine laparoscopy mission se dabai bhi 3-4month khaya hai phir v mujhe koi aser nhi aaya h please sir koi achhi so upai bataye thanks

    • Si my age is 26.. Mera private part k skin me kuch dana sa nikla hai… Maans jaisa lagta hai… Iska kya solution hai?? Plz rply

  383. Alesha Britt says:

    I have ichy bumps on my face (cheeks mainly), upper bache/shoulders and a few dry ichy spots on my arms. I do have a history of environmental allergies. What I would normally do is take benadryl but it doesn’t seem to be working. It seems like when I started getting the chemical peels done to my face to treat pigmentation this break out started after the last more aggressive peel. I’ve stopped the peels since but now I have this irritating break out that doesn’t seem to be going away.
    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for this.
    Thank you
    Alesha Britt

  384. vijay kumar says:

    Sir mera name vijay ha sir mai bike se gir gya tha to chot ke nishan rah gaye ha to kuch upay bataye

  385. jeetendar upadhyay says:

    Sir mere wife ke yoni ke charo taraf lal lal ring ke nishan aur yoni ke upari hisse mein kuch chote chote dane bhi ho gaye hain aur inme aur rings mein bahut jyada khujli hoti hai ye infection hue lagbhag ek mahina ho gaya hai kirpya dotor sahab medicines batayen.

  386. dear sir thand ke Dino me mere body se russi nd haath pair fata hai mai kya karun sir please sir koi uppy baatye sir class me majk uadta hai sir

  387. sir , I have facing alergi problem last one year. Before two years meri delivery hui thi. Uske baad mujhe kaisi bhi cream ya mehndi se bhi alergi ho jati h kharish ke Sath swelling bhi ho jati h. Vahi kuch lagh bhi jaye tab bhi ho jati h. Meri age 39years h. Maine abhi koi medicine nhi li. Mujhe iska treatment bataye ki me kya kru

  388. Mera 1 year Ka baby h jiski poor I body pr chhote chhote daane ho rhe h or unme itching bi boht hoti h pls uske liye kuch btaye

  389. Dear sir Meri puri body me 2 saal se khujli Hoti hai Mai medicine leta hu to theek rehta medicine nhi leta hu to ek do din me fir start ho jati hai aur cheeky bhi kafi aati thi jiske Baad Maine ige test Karaya ige count 590 tha 10 din tak medicine li to cheeky to ab Sahi hai lekin khujli band nhi hui please suggest

  390. umesh kr sahni says:

    sir mere nose ke ek naii se hi swashan ke kriya hoti hai kabhi left kabhi right.& mere hand aur leg ke ungli tarua me jalan hote hai apne chhut bhe jata hi phir hone lagta hai bahut medicine le chuke hai relife bhar hota hai plz sir help.

  391. I have skin allergy for the last three weeks. I can not even sit properly.i tried allopathic,ayurvedic and also tried sulphur in homeopathic . I could not get relief. My age is 59 years old . Pl tell what can I do . I have some problem of scabies in my foot as doctor said I took that medicine soon after I am suffering from khujli in my whole body

  392. Uzma abbas says:

    I have black heads on my face plz help me

  393. shafaq naaz says:

    mere face pe pimple ho gye the me 1 month se patanjali products le rhi hu pimple to kaafi kam ho gaue par laal.laal nishan hain or kuch pimple bhi unk liye koi achhi si tablet plz btaiye
    2 months baad meri shadi h….plz help me.

  394. Nageshwar Prasad says:

    Most probably I pass regularly some back days of10/20 the irrigation with
    burning pain almost in whole of the
    body & I remain in restlessness as well as in offset moos .This circumstances
    created any time .ei during day or night .Pls advise me & help what do to
    tackle problems at your earliest possible .
    Thanks with regards , Nageshwar Pd.
    ,Raipur ( CG) ,india

  395. sujeet kumar says:

    Sir mere ko 2 se 3 din me pitti uchal jata iska treatment kaise kare.please help me

  396. sir, mere nose pr chote chote kale dhabe se aa gye h pta ni ye baal aa gye h ya vaise hi or inme khujli bhi chlti h kya aap bta skte h ye kya h

  397. Hare Ram Puri says:

    Sir,mere pure body me kafi samay se bahut khujli hoti hai or winter me jyada hoti hai saath me Dane bhi ho jate hai kandhe or peeth par.
    Mene iska allopathy treatment karaya par jab tak medicine or lotion lagate hai tab tak thik rehta hai or band karte hi fir problem shuru ho jati hai.
    Or mera chehra bhi bilkul khrab hota ja raha hai,chehre par bhi bahut khujli hoti hai,or kala padta ja raha hai.mene apna lft karaya tha usme fatty lever aaya hai kya ye problem iski vajah se hai,plz. Mujhe guide kare me bahut pareshan hoon me iska permanent ilaj karna chahta hoon.

  398. Sumit kumar says:

    Sir mere pure body par chakatte uth rahe hi . Dawai lene par thik ho jata hai par phir do teen din baad aa jata hai .Main kya karu sir please mujhe bataiye

  399. hello sir,
    Mere face pr white heads jese dikhne wale chhote chhote dane ho gye hain. ye apne ap face pr hote hai or kuch tym k baad thik ho jate h or jahan pr hote hain waha black spot ho jate hai especially cheeks pr hote hain. kya ap iska ilaz bta sakte hain

  400. Dr.sharma ji mera colour kafi black h mai gori hona chati hu mujhe koi medacin ya to tonic btao jisse mera colour gora ho jaye or na hi koi said dift na kre dr ji mai apne black colour se kaffi presan hu or mai gori hona chati hu

  401. Dr.sharam ji mera colour kafi black h colour ko gora banane ki koi medacin ya to tonic btao koi said dift na kre kyu ki mai apne colour se kaafi presan hu kuch btao dr ji jo colour gora ho jaye

  402. Md yusuf ansari says:

    Sir mere chehre par din par din ghao nikalte ja rahe hai uska ilaj angreji dawa se karne par thik ho kar fir dusre jagah par nikal jata hai bahut paresan hu iska ilaj bataye

  403. Ajay Pandey says:

    Hello sir… Mera naam Ajay hai aur mai janan chahta hoon ki jab bhi mausam me badlaw aata h to aksar hi mere sharir me chunchunahat sa hone lagta hai… Phle to mujhe lga ki shayad ye mere sath hi hota hai but mere doston ne bhi mana hi ki unko bhi ye kabhi kabhi hota hai…. Halanki mai is se jyada hi pareshan hoon kyunki ye aksar hi mere sath hota rehta hai… Kripa karke iska reason aur ho sake to koi upay bataiye… Thank you

  404. Amit kumar says:

    Meri age 32 yrs. Weight54kg., mujhe pichle kuch dino se body mein dana padkar scabies hoti hai and guptango ke paas ringworm hai please tell me some medicines

  405. karpi ada says:

    Dr. Dharma… Mujhey pata nahikya ho raha hai or ab take meney kisi doctor she checkup b nahi karaya, much mahino we mujhe skin disease ho rahey hai.
    Pehley toh irritation hoti hai fir jaha irritation ho raha tha vo skin laal honey lagti hai or uske baad us gegha ka skin phulney lagti hai ye much ghanto tak hi phulti hai for gayab ho jati hai for uskey agley din dusrey gegha pe skin vesey hi phulney Lahti hai for gayab!.
    Zyada tar ye Lips, forehead, Ears, Eyes, or gal or mathey me phulti hai… Kuch dino take lagataar phuli hai fir much din tak ruk jati hai…. Mujhe
    samajh nahi aa raha mujhey ye kis type ki skin problems ho rahi hai.
    Please Dr. Aap hi bataye! Please help me…

  406. PRIYA rajput says:

    Mere body per 10 months s red color k chakte ho jate h khajulaht hoti h fr chakte ho mate h medicine v lya fr v koi frk no h y kis vajah y kis karn s ho the h

    • navya gupta says:

      Mje 5 year se allergy’s h aur Maine bht tym se treatments krya bt no effect in my body plzz. I have 2 eat for 5 year citizen medicine how it’s reaction plzz tell me.aur mere ye allergy kbhi jyegi n I m 20 year old. plzz help us and give a better solution

  407. Sir mera beta 15 mahine ka h iske pure badan me daane se nikal aaye h isse paani nikal raha h aur ye pure body me faill raha h raat raat ko isko bhukhar b aa rha h

  408. Sir mere chehre pe kaale daag dhabe hai unhe mitane ke liye khuch tips bata do sir plz

  409. Hello sir, mere mouth and nose k aas pass ki skin me sikudan aa jati h, samajh me n aa raha h aisa kyu hota h, plz help me sir.

  410. deepali jharbade says:

    Mere face mein daane nikal gye hai esa toner use karne se Hua.. Allergy ho gyi h.. Plz koi medicine btaiye Jisse mera face se daane chat ho jaye.

  411. Using lemon on my face can I wash my face with face wash

  412. Sandhaya kumari says:

    Sir mere dono hath me dana type ka khujali ho gaya h aur usme pani bhar jata h aur khub nochta h.isi prakar ka butook aur janannang me ho gaya h bahut paresan hu.koi upay bataye

  413. Alia Singh says:

    hello doctor meri age 18 years mere face per maans ke jaise dikhne wale chote chote kade daane hote hai or bus hote hi ja rahe hai please doctor help me out mai inhe thik kaise karu or chehre ko sundar kaise banau.

  414. Rashidali says:

    Sir hamre skin per redness ho gya h kaise thik hoga sir plz reply

  415. santosh kumar says:

    sir mere bal sar ke bal agr ak ench ja hota heto dana and rusi ki tarh chiti chita ki trhe ho jata he

  416. Hello Dr. Sharma Mera naam Bilal hai meri Age abhi 18 year ki hai pr Iss age ke hisaab se meri Face skin jada demage ho gai hai Mene face ke liya bahut se product use krre pr isse meri skin Kharab hi hui . es Wajh se mere friends me bhi meri Age jada lgti hai please Dr. mujh Easy tips Dedo jisse me Apni Face skin ko thik kr Skta hu Thanks

  417. arvind prasad says:

    Dr sab hamare pure sarir me chote chote stone ho raha hai ek stoe ko maine opration karwaya. Jach me kuch nahi nikala hamara age 33 years hai ye stone4years se ho raha hai may abhi homeo dawa kha raha hu jo dawa kaname SBL ka calcarea fluorica 6x

  418. Dr.Sab
    i am 37years old. mera problem mera skin me alargy hota hai.mera sarir me small small red .time time me jyada khujuly horahe.eska upaye aur medicin kya he sir

  419. Mere husband ko puri bidy pe aleergy c hoiii jari h pura red marks hore h jese pimples hote h wo bdta jara h khujli b bht hori h 2 mnths se treatment chlra h but koi asr ni hora or ye ellrgy unke main part pr b h wt we do now???? Wt type of aleergy is this nd wy is it so…wt we do now plz help dr….

  420. chetan soni says:

    Hello sir m chetan soni from gujrat kutchh
    M tired my hair growth and hair fall problem
    My age 21
    Sir mere pure bal nikal rahe he aur ganhapan go rahahe
    Blod circulation nai ho paraha nakhun me khun nai dikhraha jyada sckin problem he he kutchh aur muje isse chhutkara chahiye aur bal achhe bane uska upay

  421. Ashish kumar says:

    Hlwsr…i m ashish from himachal India….
    Sr jb m thndk dino m grm paani se nhaata hu to mere bdn m khaarish hone lgti h jiski wjah se meri body laal hone lgti h….iska kaarn kya h or iski treatment….

  422. VIKAS RASTOGI says:

    sir mere chere pe pimples nikalte hai aur kuch pimples bina pores ke nikalte hai jo sahi nhi ho rhe hai aur gulthi ki tarah hard ho ja rhe hai please help me

  423. slam sir meri beti ko neck p pta nhi kea mosquito kat gya ya pta nhi kea hua us ko almost 3 inch long nishan bn sa muje bhut fikr ho rhi h.sides p daanay say bn gay hn

  424. Akeel ahmad says:

    R/sir, meri skin par khujli hoker dane nikalte hain aur phir unmein khujli hoker fluid sa nikalta hai. Maine 3 mahine pahle diesel shed indian railway ki job join ki thi jahan diesel aur air pollution ka bahut work hota hai. Kapde bahut gande ho jate hain. Pahle mere room partner ko is tarah ki allergy hui aur ab mujhe bhi. Maine citrizine, betnelon, ciprofloxcine 500mg ki tab 2week tak khai hai. Medicine lene par kuch samay tak aram rahta hai uske bad phir waise hi. Age 26 year. Please sir help me.

  425. Shahin ashraf says:

    Sir mere pure body me chulkati hey sabun use kar sakti nehy baresh me vigne se chulkati hey yeh 10 year se hey please help me

  426. I am suffering from fungs infection in whole body..maine alopathic..medicine 3 mahine khai..ab.homopathic le rahi hu 10 din se par ye dubara ho hati hai thek nahi ho rahi

  427. rahul kumar says:

    Hello sir, mere body ke upper lalrang ke Dane kafi dino se hai pahele ye khujli nahi hota tha but aab khujli aur ek se dusre jagah bhi body pe ho raha hai.healp me

  428. prasad jhanlal says:

    Sir mai ek saal se jyada deen se daad se paresaan hoon isake liye mai kitna dawa elopathik our ayurvedic Liya Lekin koi faida nahi huwa kripa kar ke homeopathic dawa bataye

  429. Mujhe daad ki problem hai please help me dr

  430. Abhay parmar says:

    Sir meri face par khal hatne lagi ha bhut jalan hoti koi cream btye jisse mari khal nikal jaye

  431. Dear sir
    mere face par pimpals ho rahe he bahot
    Kil bhi bahot he mera chahra pura kharab hota jarha he plzzz koi hal btaiye muhaso k dag bhi bahot kale kale ho gaye he

  432. Dear sir
    mere face par pimpals ho rahe he bahot
    Kil bhi bahot he mera chahra pura kharab hota jarha he plzzz koi hal btaiye muhaso k dag bhi bahot kale kale ho gaye he

  433. Mera skin me dad ho gya hi 2 months se homeopath ka dwaee cal rha hi abhi thik nhi oh rha hi

  434. Hello sir,
    sir mera face rad rehta h, mai corticoid drug dexamethasone use krta hu, 2 se 3 din ke distance m, allergy ke liya
    please koi upaye btaye jisse mera face red na ho

  435. Dimple Narula says:

    I am suffering from skin allergy due to hair colour is their any medicine to cure such type of problem plz help me thanku

    • Dimple Narula says:

      I am suffering from skin allergy due to hair colour is their any medicine to cure such type of problem plz help me thankyou

  436. Mere pace par chhote chhote daane hai jo face me involve hai always time waise rahte hai n pakte hai n phoot te hai mai kya kru

  437. Fardeen Shaikh says:

    Dr. After taking bath muja bohat khujli hota hai

  438. malik ameer hmza says:

    Assalam o alikum docter uncle mjy face per allergy hoi hai kafi zaida face harab ho chuka hai medicine b li thi ab sab ye he khtay he k medicine na lo grmi ki waaja sa hoi hai thndi cheezay khao aram a jae ga medicine zaida garm hoti he side effect b hu ge or allergy zaida ho jae ge me chachti hu ap suggestion de me kia kru or un danu k dagh b pr rhay hai mu pr ap btae kia use kru inay htm krnay k liay plz meri problm ko smjiay ga i need ur help honestly rply me fast

    • malik ameer hmza says:

      Assalam o alikum docter uncle mjy face per allergy hoi hai kafi zaida face harab ho chuka hai medicine b li thi ab sab ye he khtay he k medicine na lo grmi ki waaja sa hoi hai thndi cheezay khao aram a jae ga medicine zaida garm hoti he side effect b hu ge or allergy zaida ho jae ge me chachti hu ap suggestion de me kia kru or un danu k dagh b pr rhay hai mu pr ap btae kia use kru inay htm krnay k liay plz meri problm ko smjiay ga i need ur help honestly rply me fast
      its my email id

  439. Dilip Kumar says:

    mere chehre pr daane ho jaate hai or vo pak bhi jaate hai….aap koi acha sa tube bata do….

  440. Pankaj sharma says:

    Below stomach i have itching problems. it’s been a long time. i have used many creams like ring guard, itch guard but it didn’t work properly. I’m sick of that. Plzzz help me sir.

  441. tushar maurya says:

    Sir mere ling me aur vrashad pe pahle khujli hui, khujlane pe lal lal dane bhi nikal aye hai aur khujli bhi bahot ho rhi hai aisa lag-ghag 2 hafto se hai plz mujhe bataye mai kya kru

  442. manoj Kumar says:

    Dr. Sir me daad ki jase hai jisme khusli hoty tab vanha papdi si udaty hai koi medicine bato pl. Ya garelu nuska oil or shampoo konsa use kerna chahiye

  443. मनीष कुमार says:

    सर मेरे चेहरा पे बहूत पिँम्पल हो गया है इसलिए मै बहुत परेशान हु प्लीज मदद करेँ।

  444. Rina kumari, age-30 years, says:

    sir mere pure body mein khujli hoti hain, aur lambe-2, lakir phul ke hote hain. ye problem last 7 years se hota hain. after ek chota sa chest mein tumer ka operation ke bad se hota hain. after delivery by segerian, ye aur increase ho gaya hain. mujhe by birth sweating nahi hota hain. allopathy ka medicine se bahut sleeping hoti hain. problem is small kid. Please give me remedy so that make permanent solution.

  445. Jitendra upadhyay says:

    Sir mere shari m dane wali khujli ho gayi h yahi koi 10 12 din se koi cream ho toh batayen sir bahut pareshan rahta hoon iski bajah se

  446. Sir mere skin par bahot sare khujali ke dag he so aap muje plz ese kese hatau a batado … ????

  447. sunil kumar says:

    Good evening sir
    Mere body me choti -choti pimpals hote hai aur uas par khujli hone lagti hai .plese hame koe medicine ka name bataye .

  448. monitor bisht says:

    Hi, Dr.sharma i’ve been fighting with acne for 7year of my life i’ve use many medicine english and homeopathic but no improvement now I’m so tired please tell me how to get ride from this disease

  449. Dr. Mai pichle 4 mahine se daad se pareshan mere hath pero me jyada ho rhe hai.mai last 2 months se homeopathy medicine le rha hu bt abhi tk relief nhi mila khujli bhut hoti hai or jaln bhi hoti hai mai sare parhej bhi kr rha hu .plz meri help kro

  450. Jyotsna Johri says:

    Hello sir…I m jyotsna from mathura.mujhe kafi time we face or hands pe elergy h dava khati hun to kuch din take thik rehti hun fir se ho jati h….bht khujli hoti h fir Dane ho jate h…plz help me doctor…

    reply me

  451. gd mng doctor saab myself balbinder sir mere penis ke skin upper white chote dane hai aur je 7-8 saal se hai aur je aista aista aur penis ke uper agge hote ja rahe hai aur jab be inhe dabao tu usme se patli se safed kill type niklte hai pliz doc help me

  452. Anush Kachari says:

    Hello Dr.Sharm,my name is Anush kachari i am from at i am stil in goa .
    Mere Gaalon par khujli ka infaction Huwa hain karib 3 mahine se ho raahi hain bahat sari tablets Ointmet cream bhi use kya Dactor ko bhi 2,3 bar dekhaya ,thik hoota hain par pura nahi phir 6,7 din ke bud retrun aajata hain Bohat khujwati hain .garmi main jayada jota hain.Plz Dr.Sharmaji kuch ashi dawaka nam bataye ki ek bar mai finesh hoo jane waala.
    09764560652 my phone numb…
    & its my Email id

    • Sir i am from pakistan.sir ma 5 year se hat or pao ki nail ma kharish hoti ha .jis se ma bohot tang agia hu .sir ye kia bemari hosakti ha .or is ka ilaj kia ha

  453. Amit chopra says:

    Hello sir
    Good evening!!

    My name amit , meri wife ko skin ki problem hai jo ki allergy ka pta nahi chal raha hai.symptom ye hai use phele chote chote dane hote hai fir itching or thik hone pe wo ek safde dag de jate hai .abi presently homeopathic medicine chal rahi hai. Us se koi aaram nahi mil raha or jo medicine lagane ko di hai us se skin burn ho rahi hai .so please advice.
    Ager koi skin allergy ka test hai to please send details on my email .
    Thank you

  454. ravi vishwakarma says:

    sar mujhe pimpls ho rahe they our pure chare par sine par our pith par mene ilaj karvaya dr.jujar husain ujjain to sare thik to gye lekin mujhe ab chare par fhir se pimples ho rahe he to me kya karu kya ye mosam se he

  455. Respected sir,
    Meri problem ye hai ki Meri potty wale hole ke aaspaas ki skin ekdum red hogayi hai chuban bhi hoti hai aur kabhi kabhi khujli bhi hoti hai, jab fresh hone jata hu to hath lagane mein dard hota hai. Main wahan pe betnovate c skin creame lagara hu lekin koi aaram nhi aara, wahan pe bahut sukha sukha Sa lagta hai. Do help me bahut pareshan hu. Waiting for ur gentle reply.
    Thank you…

  456. rajesh kharkwal says:

    sir m gora hu bt thoda chlta hu ya dhoop m rhta hu to…mere face ka clr kaala pad ja ra h…aur nervous jaisi aa jati h chehre m .?? whts the resn sir …plz help me

  457. sir my name shikhar mere dono jangho k bich me lal color k dane amuman nikalte hai bad me wo safed color ka pani bhar lete hai bahot kast hota hai jalan bhot hpoti upay btaye

  458. Owais gillani says:

    Fish kahanay say pooray gisum or face per ellargy ho gati hay motay motay abhaar say ban jetay hay may sugar or bp is patient hoon

  459. imran gabol says:

    please sir help mari baghal main dany ho jaty hain boht taqleef hy please please help

  460. zakiya parveen says:

    itching in foota ,palms,ears,eyelashes

  461. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Dear respected Dr . sharma sir
    Sir mera naam Sanjay Kumar hai,aur main Myanmar(BURMA) ka rahne wala hu,mujhe ekk rog ki sil silay mein aap se jaan kari chahiye thi,Rog ye hai ki Jo ladies ki ang(organ )hai uske surrounding mein danne jaisa nikal kar itching ho raha hai bahut pareshaan kar raha hai uska kya solutions kya elaaj hai sir?Sir please help kare ,Badi umeedon ke saath aapke paas ye comments kiya hai ki iska solutions milega please sir help me.

  462. hema mehta says:

    mere face me kala nisan ho gaya hai or kala til ho gaya hai plz thik karne ka upaye btaye

  463. mulayam yadav says:

    Sir, back daag my chest koi upay hai ap ke paas to sir pluese may i help you sir

  464. Deepak Sadotra says:

    Hi sir, my grandmother is in her eightees. Her skin got allergic since last 15 years approx. As per our belief, she got allegy from the bush locally called German bush. In winters, she is fine but summers get pathetic. Her whole body gets rashes with watery fluids sometimes. She has been taking allopathy medicines since 10-15 years but no relief. It seems it is not curable. The only way as of now we are trying to keep her away from sweating.

    Is there any hope? And there is no such family history before or after she got trapped to this infection.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Best regards,


  465. Komal Dhoundiyal says:

    Sir mai 26 saal ki hu,mere pairo or jahgho pr chote chote laal daane ho gye to ab sukh kr black ho gye hai, but back side me ye problem jyada hai,pls koi solution batiye jesse ye thik ho ske…plssss

  466. Mujhe 5 saal se hath fatne ki bimari hai gardan par bhi daad jesa hota hai. Doctor ko bhi dikhaya exima naam ki bimare hai . Medicine lo to thik ho jati hai jab moosam change hota hai tab jayda ubhar kar aa jati hai. phele itching hoti hai baad me skin fat jati hai.

  467. Sir,me 21sal ka hu aur mere jhang pr aur back pr fungle ho gya h aur shukha kr kale ho gye aur bade bade chakte ke roop me aur usme khujli ho ti hi pasina lgne se jalan hoti h aur failta jata h sr kya kru pllzzz help sr

    Sir am 43 years old.. mere jhang py black spot ho gay hy, itching hoti hy.. back py near anus fungus ho jata hy jo Bactroban laga ker theek hota hy phir kuch arsay baad phir ho jata hy….. now adays itching on hands ,shoulder and thigh… i think allergy……. kindly tell the treatment

    • Sir mere sarir me jagah jagah fungal infection tapeworm type ho gya h ,khujli b vahut hoti h ,kai prakar ki tubes istmaal kar li par koi fark nahi par raha ,please koi achi Si dawai suggest kare . 40 years ki hun

  468. ravi chaurasiya says:

    Sir,me 21sal ka hu aur mere jhang pr aur back pr fungle ho gya h aur shukha kr kale ho gye aur bade bade chakte ke roop me aur usme khujli ho ti hi pasina lgne se jalan hoti h aur failta jata h sr kya kru pllzzz help sr

  469. md Tabrez Zaffar says:

    Mere ko dinaie ho gaya hai Jo bahut khujlata hai is ka koi jaldi se koi opaye bataye

  470. Muhammad Imran says:

    Hi sir mere sir(head) par choti choti pimpals type rehti h or me ek dum dubla patla sa hu gaal pichke hue se pata nahi ye koi beemari h ya kuch or plz help me

  471. hello sir, meri bhanji, ke puri body par pitti nikal aati hai and baad me khujli hoti hai .and jha par pitti niklti hai wo jgah heat karne lgti hai . plz sir tell me about treatment.

  472. Meri bhehan ke lip pe gosht a gya hai pimple gaisa thoda tech kiya tho blood ata hai plzzz help 4/9/2016 ku uski shadi hai so plz help

  473. Meri behan ke lip par gosht bad gya hai isse kya kare plz help thoda tech kiya tho blood ata hai

  474. Meri behan ke lip par gosht bad gya hai isse kya kare plz help

  475. Hello sir .mere chahre per bht acne h meri skin bht oily hogyi h .chahre per khuzali bhi hoti h

  476. Mohit Arora says:

    hello sir.. good afternoon sir mere face par pit ho gyi h fir vo finsi ban jati h mathe par bahut jyada ho gayi h irritation bahut hoti h sir kuch batao kya karu sir me bhi 3-4 dane nikal gye h ek neck par bhi h sir bahut pareshan hu kuch suggestion do sir plzz

  477. Muhammad salman says:

    Sir .mere face p bar bar danay peep walay nikalte hain June say start hue nikalna august agaya abhi tak sahi nhy hua .dr ko dekhata hun woh antibiotic likh k dete hain antibiotic khata hun sahi ho jatay hain .phr dubara nikal aatay hain . please Sir kuch mashwara den ..

  478. Dr SAHAB
    Mere hath me ek daad ho gaya that . phir thode time me think hogaya
    Lekin ab phirse AA gaya hai
    Ab to kitna dawa Karaya to BHI nahi ja raha hai

  479. Arjun singh says:

    Sir meri bagal ke pass ki skin fat gai he aur daag jaise
    Pad gae he aur aab mere pet ki skin fat rhi he aur daag pad the he please sir mujhe koi in daago ko hatane ka koi upaye bataye aur ye khi aur na ho iska bhi upaye bataye

  480. Sir mere knees k under wale area me red chote chote daane Hai,itching b hoti Hai,Ek year ho gya BT thik ni hue.Kbi kbi same Aise hi daane under arms me aur elbow k folded area me b ho jate Hai.pls sir suggest something

    • Sir rohit mere jagho me dad se khujali ho rahi thi par aab jagho me chamda fael raha aur iskin susk ho gaya h koi upay bataye

  481. Sir mere nose red rehte hy and fir usme white white kuch nikalta hy skin pe 2 year ho gae doctors ko dekhaya faeda n hua plz iska ilaj btaeye sir plz

  482. shivamchaurasia says:

    muje dad ho gaya hai tik nahi ho raha hai upay batay plese

  483. santosh kumar jha says:

    dono hath aur dono pair me chun chunahat rahta hai 10 days se dono site koi dag dhabba bhi nahi hai

  484. nisthta modanwal says:

    Sir…last year winter me mujhe n mere bhai ko chote chote pani wale Dane hue te jo ki badh k 40%of body area me fail gae te…this year may month me khatam hue..bhot dr ko dikhaayaa koi fayda ni…last me kch medecine suit ki…but ab fir se Dane ane lage h…Dane jaha hote h itching b hoti h bhot…n Dane ne se AGR pani nikle to jaha pani lagta h wha vo or Dane badhte jate h…plz help doctor…plz

  485. Sir mere nak pe pit uthti hai us tarah ke nishan uth gaye hai jinko karib 18 mahine ho gaye hai inki snkhya 8 ya 9 ke karib hai ye kabhi kam ho jata hai or kabhi jyada mujhe ishke liye kya karna ya konsi dawai leni chahiye.

  486. Amberbilal says:

    Amber bilal gujranwala sir mere forhead py 6minuts sy pimples ha bohat chote chote bohat doctors ko dikhya khatam nahi hote zaida ho jate ha ab face our chest main bhi ha homeopathic.bhi.alaj kiya kuch nahi hoa pls reply me

  487. Sir
    Muje 2no raanon(legs) k darmian ringworms hain koi 4 sal se bohat see creams aur medicines use krr chukka hun
    But completely ye khatm hone ka naam e nii ly ry
    Recommend me a heavy anti fungal medicines plzzzz.

    • Sir mujhe kuch din se acne problum ho rhi hai bahut mre pure face pr swelling a jati h rad ho jata hai face or pimples bhi hai or itching bhi bahut hoti hai mne bht skin ke doctors ka treatment kara please aap mri help kre mai kiya kru or yh q ho raha hai bar bar?

  488. Sir mere face par bhut chhote choote daane type k hr season bs face pr rehte..inse koi problem to like itching n pimple ni hote..but dekhne me odd lagta h..orr kbi kbi red small daane b a jate h…n meri age 22 year h…plzz sir reply..

  489. hemlata gaikwad says:

    Dr.meri umer 35 years hai mere chehre pe kale dag aur pimples abhi aa rahe hai please mujhe bataye ke ise umer me chehre ko kounsi cream lagaye meri skin dry hai bahot si cream use ki lekin farak nahi ho raha hai

  490. priyanka gupta says:

    Sir meri bahan ko cream lgane ki wajah se lip ke charo or black dag go gya hai or head pe kafi pimples bhi ho gye hai jis karan kafi black sports ho gye hai pls mujhe medicine btaye plzzzzzzzzzzzz reply sir

  491. sadik fakir says:

    mere lips white ho rahe hai uske liye kuch elaj

  492. sunil saran says:

    Mere dad h
    Jo ki kbi khatm nhi ho rhy h
    M bhut prysan ho
    Dad hip,chik,pr ho rhy h

  493. Hello sir,one week se meri puri body mai kanhi bhi achank bhut saare daane nikalte hain aur khujli hoti hai aur wanha phul jata hai.pehle sochi ki kisi kide k kaatne se hai.but koi kida nai dikhta..mai bhut pareshan hun. .plz help me ye allergy hai ya koi kide k kaatne se to rha..mai so nai pa rhi isk karan..

    • Sir mere lipes me achanak se halki si khujli hone ke baad sujan aane lgti h kabhi bhi ho jata h mai bahut preshan hu dirf ye lipes me hi hota h

    • kishan makwana says:

      Sir. Mery body par kahe Bhi khujali hone lagti h achanak daane ho jaate h bhut parshna hu sir please help apne ap khujali chalne lag jati h

  494. Hi Sir,I am 17years old.I have a lot of Acne on my face. I use a large no of Facewash & cream.plz suggest me your advice

  495. pari sharma says:

    sir mere mom ka pure badan m 35 bars se jyada hoga chote chote white white dane ki tarah nikalte hn jab jyada garmi hoti h bahut dawai kiye pr koi fayda nhi hua plzz sir kuch achhi dawai bataiye jis se unki paresani dur ho

  496. Seema Gond says:

    Hello Sir Good Evening..
    I will write in Hindi sir ..
    Mera naam Seema Gond hai. Ek mahine pahle Mere pair me kuch Dane niklane suru huye Maine socha Ki ye aise hi hua hoga.. baad me wo dane khujli karne lage aur unhe khujlate hi wo laal ho jate aur daag pad jata …. dhire dhire ab ye mere pair ke ghutno tak aa chuka hai… aur hath me bhi kafi jyada nikal aaya hai…. aur kamar me bhi suru ho gaya hai…. doctors ko dikhaya hai. Par koi khas fark nhi pada hai… lagane ke liye antiseptic oil bhi use kiya…. koi fayda nhi … Help me sir….

  497. Good evening I’m not sure what is the problem but me neck is very dark compared to my face and I get a rash kind that becomes lumpy on my face.I have this problem with my neck discolouration for years now.

  498. uttam singh chauhan says:

    sir ,mere doughter ke thai me dark white spot hain wo abhi 2year ke hai Dr ko dikhaya to लहसुनिया बताया please sir koi dawai बताए

  499. ajay kumar says:

    Sir mere body m pichle one year se laal daane or khaaj khujli hai. English medicines bahut use Ki lakin medicine band karte hi fir daane Ho jaate hai.
    Plz thik medicine ? bataye.

  500. Jitendra balipuria says:

    Sir mere bête ka birth se hi ek tarf ka pura gaal lal aaya he us ka ilaj ho sakta he keya me us ka ilaj karna he

  501. surinder kumar says:

    Sir Mera Cahra par pehla ek pimpal hova mane osa fhod Na ki kosis ki jisa vaha pa ek ganth ban gai sir plz muje iska Koi elaj bta do

  502. narendra kumar says:

    sir good evning mere guptang k bagal me jangho par , pairo me bhi ,khujli hoti h kuch din pahle dwa khaye the to theek ho gya tha but dwa band kardi to dubara phir se wahi problem ho rahi h jaha pe khujli hoti h dane pad jate h please advise me

  503. pappu chauhan says:

    Namskar sir mai mere chhote brother ke twacha me dinai ho gaya hai bahut ilaj karne ke baad bhi thik nahi ho raha hai iska ilaj bataiye please help me.

  504. Dr.meri mumy ko breast k near ek Gath hori h usme se white waste bi nikl Ra h …y ek Gath bhot phele bi hui thi tab yeh near private part hui thi to Kya problem h ye

  505. sir mera skin me or body me dane dane ho raha hai badhte jaa rha h main bahut prob me hu koi upaye bataye

  506. ite singh says:

    sir my husband suffering from skin problm .sir vo job krte 9 to5 so shoes phna padte unhe pair me pasina bhut ata so legs ki fingers me itching hoti jisme blood bhi ajata hai then plz tell me any medecin and ointment

  507. Good Morning Sir, Meri body main daad ho gyi hai aur last 1 year se treatment karwa raha hu par sahi nahi ho rha hu. pls koi aachi c medicine bataye

    • sir mere ling ke pichle hisse mai kuch dane dane huye hai khujli dard kuch nahi hota hai kya samasya hai reply plz

  508. Sandeep singh says:

    Sir mere dad 65 sal ke hain unke foot ki sakin black ho rehi hai jab ki unka rang bilkul saf hai par foot ki skin black ho rehi hai ,,,,kirpya koi upchar btya

  509. Dr. Mari body par one year sa red daad ho raha h or koi sahi ilja nahi Mel rha h please help me.

  510. sir mera chehra laal pd jata h dhoop me nilkalte hi

  511. Sir merey papa ki body pr white sport hai unhone kafi ilaj krya lakin koi fayeda nhi hua ek jagah ki dawai se to unhe indication hogaya tha jis se unki sari bady white ho gayi sir koi ilaj ho to batay reply me

  512. shiwangani says:

    meri gudiya 2yr ki hai use suru se e skin allergy hai or wo hamesha khujli karti rahti hai kabi to wo usme se khujli kark blood b nikal leti hai.maine use 1 yr tak medicine b dilwai lekin jb tk dawai chalti tb tak theek rahte dawai khatam hone p phir se suru ho jate.ab use homeopathic medicin dilwa ri hu ussey theek to ho jate hai lekin phir se suru b ho jate hai. bahut baar medicine change b ki lekin koi fayda ni.n ab uski skin waha p white b padne lagi hai.plz aap koi medicine bataeye jissey wo theek ho jaye.wo raat bhar khujli k karan 5heek se so ni pati jissey uska behavior chidchida sa ho gaya…plz

    • AMIT KUMAR says:

      mere bacche ki umra 2 sal h use rat me bahut jyada sarir me sabhi jagah khujli hoti h kujlene par chhote 2 dane nikal aate hain kripya upchar batain…

  513. Good Morning Sir,

    Meri body main daad ho gyi hai aur last 1 year se treatment karwa raha hu par sahi nahi ho rha hu. pls koi aachi c medicine bataye

  514. Sir mere noj PR jhayeya h me kase thik hoge sir three let par h

  515. sir me rat ko so nai pata …6 bake tak …then CNT early wackup month se ye problem hai sir …isle liye sckin elargy bhi ho gayi he ….sir really I m tryd this problem sir I cnt sleep….pls sir give me a solution this problem

  516. khushi verma says:

    sir meri nose me or lips k upper bhut jlan hoti h.or mere paas se logo ko smel aati h.mouth or nose se hot air nikalti h.log mere paas baithte nhi.h.plz hlp me

  517. Manish kumar says:

    sir mere penis pe bahut dane dane ho gye h ar pairo hato me bhi penis wale hisa me dana badhte jaa rha h main bahut prob me hu koi upaye bataye

  518. mere penish m kuchh Dino s khujili aur jasa machher k katne p jasa sujan hota h vasa do tin ho gya h..bhut khujal aata h..hindi m upay bataye please

  519. Sir mere penis me ajjeb se daane type ke pad gaye waha par skin ki parat nikalti jaati daane badhte jaate hai dheere penis 50 % bhaag par ho gaye plz iska upay btaye

  520. Rashid saeed says:

    Mery hand or foot ma dany bnty hain or un ma se pani nikalta ha or wo oani jahan b lagta ha usi jaga or dany ban jaty hain sir ma is bimari ki waja se boht pareshan hon plz is ka koi elaj bta dain muje ye 3 sal se hai kbi khtam ho jaty hain kbi nikal aty hain mukamal khatam ni hoty or meri hath ki ungli ma zayada problam ha ungli zayada kharab ho gai ha plz sir help me plz.

  521. Nomita Kumar says:

    Sir mere face mai every time rashe rahte hai oily chezo k khane se bhi problam hota hai ur koi bhi poweder ur cream se tik ni hota ky mai ky kru aaj muje 14 year se jyada ho gy hai

  522. Pawan kumar says:

    Sir mere face me khugli hoti hai . gangh me bhi ho gaya hai . khugane se lal ho gata hai fir pani niklta hai . Japan hota hai.. . Please sir kaun sa creem use karu ….

  523. harris s khan says:

    resp sir
    Red colour rashes on the private parts with lots of itching on thigh areas suk jest some medicine and ointment
    sir pure badan me bhot khujli hoti he sir khuja khujake pareshan hojata hu pls help sir

    • Doctor Sir Need your help . 2 saal se treatment chalraha hai bhutb sari magician used ki magar kuch effect nahi hora mera problem ye hai ki pair pe pehle kuch dane aaya phir pura pair pe phailgaya uske baad private part pe bhi aagaya itni kuchli hoti hai ki bardash nahin hota abhi tode din se khujane se chamdi nikalri hai waha pe chamdi nikal rahi hai aur jalan bhut horahi hai plz mujhe iska sahi ilag bataye sir

  524. Hanuman Singh says:

    Respected Sir,

    Mere ling ke niche ki side me choti-choti funsi 10 din se ho rhi h. jisme khujli chalti jisse us jagah ko khujlane se skin lal ho jati h. Maine Nibration & Zerolic OC Tub bhi use karke dekhi thi. Lakin usase bhi aaram nhi aaya.
    Kripaya aap mujhe koi medicine batai jisse mujhe relief mil sake.

  525. Shailesh Mishra says:

    sir mere hath me mai tattoo banwaya tha pr ghr Wale gussa karte hai tattoo remove kaise kare plz

  526. dattaram jadhav solanki says:

    Sir pure badan me bhot khujli hoti he sir khuja khujake pareshan hojata hu pls help sir

  527. Manisha sharma says:

    face ki pigmintion ko kaise remove kro aur docter plzzz face ko glow krne ke liye kya kro.

  528. dharmendrar meena says:

    sir… dhup me niklne se or grmi hone se meri body me kaante se chubne lagte h or red red piti type ke chkkte se ho jate h…. plz sir mujhe iska ilaj bataye.. me bahut patesaan hu

  529. Sir mere hand aur foot me bahut sare daane hai Jo pay jaate hai aur kafi pain bhi hota hai chalne me dard ho raha hai aur hand me bhi sir homeopathy me skinorex syp aur 3 tincher pi raha hu 6 days se koi fayda nahi hai aur daane nikal rahe hai krapya sir accha medicine batai.

  530. Shuchi mehrotra says:

    Sir mere aankho ke neeche darkcircles ho haye hai..jisse mere face achaa nahi lagta ye alag se dikhai dete hai face par kya karu sir kuch btaiye plzzz..

  531. I have used hiba professional massage cream aftr 4 days of using this cream ma skin bcm really bad condition plzzz doctr what shld I du bhth hi dry n pimpls hogaya hy ans spots bhi kuch upay batayw

  532. Dear sir
    Mujhe 8 mahine se fungas ka problem hai mere dono jangho aur upr tak bhut jyada hai aur ye badte ja rha hai main bhut dwa lia skin doctor ko bhi pr abi tk fayda nhi ho rha hai kbi kbi thoda kam hota hai aur fir badh ja rha hai please main kya kru aap hme btaye

  533. ved Prakash says:

    Dad ki problem hi sir
    Please sir Please koi remedy btaei

  534. personal part uper elargi

  535. my father is meason he could work under sun light so my father hands and head are fully damaged skin by itching and also his hairs are gone down and his skin is purely rough ..plz give me suggesting about his medicine…

  536. Hllo Dr..
    Mere buds pe kafi daane h. Aur nishan bhi rh jate h. Pls koi solutn btae. 2 months baad meri shaadi h

  537. amit malik says:

    sir mere sarir me 1.5 saal se allargy hi or jo ki thik nahi ho rahi he sir mere sarir me khaz aati hi or jis jangha khaz aati he vaha par khujane ke baad line khich jati he lambi lambi jo thik nahi ho rahi he isla koi 100% ilaz hi kya

    • saira khatun says:

      Sir mara face na 2 years sa allallergh hai face pura red ho jata hai or bhot khujali v hota hai sir mah kya kar plz bataiya

  538. sunidhi says:

    hellow doctor mare bache ke face per dane ho jate ha. one month pahele use bahut jayada ho gye the doctor ne kha infection ha kis cheeg se pta nahi. ab fir ho rhe ha kya karan ha ish ka. plz tell me ky karna chiye muje

  539. Niraj saroj says:

    Mujhe 2_3 month se khujli hai or yah itna bad gaya hai ki khujli karte karte ghav ban gaya hai iska kuch ilaj bataiye Dr ji

  540. Aakanksha says:

    Sir mera face ek dum lal ho jaata hai.. Dhup m jao ya garmi ho…ya koi touch kr de mere face ko…to ek dum wahi s lal ho jaata h…or bahut der tak aisa hi rehta h

  541. vishal singh says:

    sir mere ko pimples ho gya hai to kya Kare
    aap hi batia. OK

  542. hridesh kumar mishra says:

    sir body me piti type chakte niklte hai plz sir give y any advace

  543. sir
    mujhe khujali ho gai h iska upaay bataien

  544. rakesh rajvaniya says:

    Sarji mery papa k lips par jalan hoti hai or vo ilaj karva rahy hai par kuch fark nahi pada koi upay baty

  545. Sir mere cheeks ki skin contract ho gayi hai .
    Mai sabun or face wash niegligble used karta hu phir bhi skin contract hota jata hai.
    Sir plz help

  546. Hi good day. Since last year my whole body get itching and crowLing sensation inside my body any remedy?

  547. nitish pandey says:

    sir meri wife ko body ke alag alag jagaho pe white spoot pada hua h kaise sahi hoga

  548. Navneet kumar saksena says:

    Ji sir hame 1year se eiching ka problem hai aur teek nahi ho raha hai

  549. Krishna thakre says:

    Sir mere tango ke bich me kala dag ho gaya tha, tablet and tube se vah lagbhag saf ho gaya par vah barbar Bad vapash ho jata hai koi perfect ilaj bataiye

  550. Akshay Nikure says:

    Sir mere chehre pr Bahot bda dag ho gya .. Sfed colour ka .. Aurr wo bdhta hi ja RHA hai .. Air uspr All colour Ke Round Round circle type Red color ke dag ho gye hai .. Ye meri body k Bahot jagah pr ho gya hai .. Sir Plz help me

    • ramesh verma says:

      hello sir,
      sir muje or mere wife ko haepis yani ki HSV virrus hua hai kya es virus ka koi prmanet slushion hai

  551. rukhsar says:

    Mere face par sun se allargy ho gayi hi chotte chotte lal lal dane nikal rahe he aur unme khujli, aur jalan, aur chis hoti he me bhut pareshan hon plz koi soution dijiye

  552. raj kamboj says:

    Sir meri sis k red danedar elergy ho ri h
    Puri legs lal ho jati and jalan k sayh pain bi hota h ap pleace mjhe koi ayurvedik illaj btaye
    Ya koi patanjali ki medicine kit btaye taki jaldi thik ho ske…..

  553. sandeep kumar says:

    sir hamare jhang pe lal lal dag ho gya hai mai dwa karata hu sahi nahi hota hai aur pith pe lal lal dane ho gaye hai pliz reply

  554. leed satyaa says:

    sir mere body or face par boils aate hai 3 sal se problam hai koi opay bataie pliz

  555. irfan mustafa says:

    Sir mere dono tango ke beech janango me ka first dino se daad hai jo kaala kaala nishan beta ja rha hai aur usme khujli bhot ho rhi hai khujli ke baad wha se rusi kuchda aur pseena night a hai jisme bhot budbu hoti hai .pls koi dwa btain

  556. pradeep rathour says:

    sir mere naak ke paas ek black nishan he jo 3 se 4 saal puran he dr.ka kahna he ye eczema he jo ki dheere dhere badh raha he pls iska upchar batayen


  557. sunny yadav says:

    Mere face par bahot pimples ho gaye hai. Mai kya Karo.

  558. Sir main garmi ki wajha she Dany or ears par bhi Bohot kharish hoti hy or jalan bhi

  559. kuldeep kumar says:

    Sir mere jung per dad ho gye hai tablet khta hu thik ho jatey hai kuch din bad phir honey lagtey hai koi tablet bataey jo thik ho jie ple sir jaldi batana mai bihar se hu dist jamuie my no o7070083119 age 25vyears

  560. kuldeep kumar says:

    Sir mere jung per dad ho gye hai tablet khta hu thik ho jatey hai kuch din bad phir honey lagtey hai koi tablet bataey jo thik ho jie ple sir jaldi batana mai bihar se hu dist jamuie my no o7070083119

  561. sawan jagat says:

    sir mera chehra dhup pe jane se hi tirant lal ho jata hn mujhe os lal pan ka solution number is -9777295818

  562. Pankaj kumar gautam says:

    Sir Mere body ke guptang aur leg ke kohini ke niche big ring worm red color ka dad ho gaya hai aur kamar ke niche aur bam pe bhi gol gol dad ho gaya hai jisme itching khujli bhi hiti hai please sir dad ka koi dava bataye

  563. pranav gosai says:

    Sir pata nahi mere right leg prr thumb se lekar thode bagh Mae kuch maesus nahi horaha muje aisa lagta. Hai ki pair mera Mar chuka hai kuch feel hi nahi ho raha kam karta hai dard Bhi nahi hota aur vaise koi problem nahi par vaha us bhag Mae kuch feel hi nahi ho raha pichle 3 Dino se ye problem hai iss ki Kay vaja ho Sakti hai

  564. sir jesa ki mein gym mei exercise karta hoon mere pet k side mei red red lines ho rahi hain dono sides mein or mera jo hands arms hain unpe bhi red lines ho rahi hain kaafi pls koi solid solution dijiye thank you

  565. TAJOO NAZIA says:



  566. Mai bahut time se pareshan Hu khaj khujli se Lal colour ka nishan arahe he aur kafi doctor KO check up karbaya but aram nhi mil raha chuki me ek Gao se hu koi solid medicine bataiye plz. Plz.

    • bhagwan singh gurjar says:

      Sir, meri ma ko lagbhag 6 years se skin allergy plz plz plz koe unke liye tritment btaye, unko hemopethic ki or deshi mediation ki dawa bhi koe asr nhi karti, me bahut doctor’s ko dikha chuka hu but koe fayda nhi h plz help me

  567. Arvind nirwal says:

    Dr.shahhab my son is 3year old uske Lamar par ghamoriya hop gaya hai kindly tell me what can I do what medicine I give seating ur reply asap….

  568. Dr.
    mere face per bahut jhaiya ho gai hai kio angreji dava kam nahi kar rahi hai please koi homyopathi dava ka nam bata dijiye.

  569. Sarita kumari says:

    Hello Dr meri thaiys me pichle kuch months se dry kharish h or mene bhot se skin k Dr’s ko bhi dikha h bt jb tk dwai khati hu tb tk Thhk rehti hu or jb dwai bnd toh kharish fir suru so plz Dr help me …

  570. aliya singh says:

    hello doctor mere face par bahot alag type ke Dane ho hote hai or kuch to kade daane hai Jo ek saal se mere face pe hai but thik ni ho ra or failta ja raha hai plz doctor ise kaise thik karu help me

    • Sir mere face pr acne marks he or chote chote dane hote he fir vo black ya brown colur k permannt ho jate he plzz medicin k name bataiye

  571. Hello sir. Mere sar mai spot se pad rahe me bohot paresn hu or bohot bal bi jhar rahe h kuchh btaye 7:8 month bi ho gaye h sahi nahi ho raha

  572. Sibanandabehera says:

    Sir mera nam Sibanandabehera hai mai odisha ka hun main doctor ko dekhae hun apko ak baat puch ta hun mera skin pace main bahut doctor ke craem medicin sope lagane se mera rad skin hain lagane se kuch din asar karti hai tab apni ap rad skin ho jate hain jada nehi akhon niche gal main eska kuch solution sir pliz sir

  573. Sir mere khuji ho jati h paracetamol medicines se fir vo3;4 mnths tak rhti h,abhi bhi ho rakhi h,iska koii ilaj h toh plz btaiye

  574. Gopal babu gaur says:

    Sir mai last 10 years se eczema se paresaan hu. Bahut treatment karwaya hai koi fayda nahi hota. Plz sir help me

  575. durgabogati says:

    sir 4 mahina ho gaya khujali Thik nahi horaha .antibiotic khaya allergy ka medicine khaya kyu Thik nahi ho ra ha hai

  576. renu dhawan says:

    Sir mere pairo me bhut se laal laal se cutke pad gye he skin fatti ho gai he 1 saal ho gye elaaj karate karate jodo me bhi dard rheta he sabji jodo me aur pairo me sunn pan he jhan jhanht hoti he lekin ap bhut aram he dard nhi hota he par dagh nhi jate he kuchh thik na Horha hai plz kuch esi dwa bata dijiye kise me thik ho jau dwa se rang bhi bhut kal hota j rha he plz kuch bataiye ….

  577. Pratik patel says:

    Sir mere body me bhut khujli hoti hai kayi dwa lga liya BT kuchh thik na Horha hai plz …… Aisa kyun hai..plzz tell me.

  578. keshav ram says:

    sir mere dono jaangh pe danedar lal lal daad hai aur humare sarir me fail raha hai iska ilaz karwaye thhe to thhek gaya thha but garmi me same problem ho raha hai koi upchaar batayen yaa jo bhi dawa ho uska naam msg kardo

  579. Ejaz Yar Khan says:

    Dr. Sharma mujhe itni bedardi ghachkaran hua hai k me bahot se dr. Ke pas b gaya mujhe unki medicine se kuch bhi asar nhi hua to pls kya ap koi hacchi si medicine bata sakte hai, Sir m waiting for your rply

  580. Tanveer alam says:

    Sir mere cehre pe dane nikalte hai aur phir lal daag ban jate hai jo mitne ke naam nahi late koi accha sa upay bataye?

  581. Sir, my wife has problem of rashes with excessive itching on whole body.It starts whenever it is winter or monsoon. Please suggest medicine.

    • raj singh says:

      Sir mera naam raj Singh hai meri umer 25 saal hai. Kafi Dino se mere sir ke thik piche red red daane baalo ke niche nikalte hai Jo pak jate hai white color ke aur sukh kar jharte hai aisa 5 mahino se ho raha hai. Pain karta hai chune par. Alopethy dawa v khaye par koi fayda nahi hua. Mujhe kya Karna chahiye sir plz bataye

  582. Prakash jeet says:

    mere grandmother ko pure body pe jalan hoti hai lekin unko ichting nahi hota hai. . .
    Toilet karne se v jalan hoti thi, par doctar ne dawa diya to unko thora rahat mila hai. . But sir pura body pe jalan hota hai. .
    And sir yaha pe garmi v bahot hai. .

    Sir please help us. .please.

  583. ramu kumar nishad says:

    Sir I am 21 year old. Mere garden ke pass chhote-chhote safed funsi jaise hai.aur ye lagbhag 3 year se hain.medicine khaya aur lagaya hoon lekin thik nahin ho raha hai .please sir bataiye kya karoon.

  584. vikash kumar says:

    sir my name is Vikash Kumar, i face skin problem in 6 months doctor says always this sunin light problem but some medicine is solve but again coming my hand my back my head. doctor always charges 500/-visit & extra medicine charges 10 times visit but not solveDr Uttam Benerjee.only income process patient not well Dr All ell.Shame on u .we always said DR 2nd name God.pls solve my problem

  585. Hello sir, good evning i’m 20 years old.sir mujhe 4 month ho gaye mere jangh par dono side, ringworm pura red hai jo bahut fail gaya hai English dawa bahut khai anti fungal cream bhi lagai 6 doctor ko dikha chuka hu koi fark nahi padta or ab tho face pr or pure sarir pr choti choti funsi bhi ho gai h sir mera physical h army ka bhot presan hu runing bhi nhi kr pata khujli shru ho jati h plzzz sir help me mare future ka sawal h ye thik ho sakta hai iska koi ilaj hai ya nahi plzz sir tell me mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai sir please help me help me help me

  586. Deborah John says:

    Sir good evening! I’m 21 years old and I’m suffering from skin ellergy which often appears when in contact with the ellergens resulting to body itching, rashes like ant bites,please help me. at times all over my body!

  587. Arjun das bharwani says:

    Sir i am 51 years old average whole year i am facing skin alergy since 17 years my body is feeling burnt and itching some time few blood also flow pl guide me how can i feel better thanking you

  588. Hello sir nhane k bad bht khujli hoti h puri body pr ye kesi allergy h or esko kese thik kya ja skta h

    • pradeep yadav says:

      sir mere ko parmament tatoo mitane ka hai gorment job me problam a raha hai plese sir koi upay bataye

  589. Kalpna Sharma says:

    sir meri 3 saal ki bitiya ki body par jalne ke baad jaise chaale hote hain us type ki koi ellergy ho rahi hai kai bar me dawa la chuki hun par ye ellergy bar bar ho jaati hai.Chale fatne ke baad use bahut pain hota hai aur uske kaale gahre nishaan bhi pad rahe hain.

  590. Vijay Keswani says:

    Hi good day, since last year I have itching nd crowning problem, I took different allergic tablet nd diet also but no solution.please help me…thanks

  591. dawit Mekonne says:

    .my problem when l seat dust place l have seweting my bale and sample badly.I smele like l am wearing wet. Pants l try so many anitfanges cream not working please help if you how l can treat this.

  592. gopal singh says:

    ghamure ki dabai

  593. Sir g mere face pe bhut chhote chhote dane ho gye h or bhut itching hoti h pls koi upay btaye

  594. Mamta Nautiyal says:

    Hello Sir,
    Jab bhi mai kapde dhoti hu to meri hatheliyo per bhut khujli hoti h or skin kat jaati h khujli karne se or usme bhut jalan hoti h or skin nikalne lagti h. plss koi gharelu upaye bataiye.
    Thank u

  595. sushil kumar says:

    sir, mere body par garmiyo ke dino me laal rang ke chote-2 daane ho jaate h baad me unka muh safed ho jata, mere sir me b kaande se kaatne lagte h or sir me b daane se ho jaate h gamoriyo jese aap iska acha sa ilaz bataiye

  596. Narender says:

    Dear sir
    mere pure body me allergy h jb bhi me kharish krta hu to dane se ho jate hai.or jb body me thode se lg jaye wha me thafd se or red ho jata h sir ye muhje 1 year se problm h hai Maine dwai bhi bhut kha le h jetne din dwai khata hu tb aaram rhta h or jb dwai khtm hoti h fer whi problm ho jati h or sir psena bhi muje bhut aata h.pls help me
    NARENDER kumar

  597. Mukesh Mishra says:

    Dear sir mere face par daad hua tha par daad uska nisan nahi ja raha hai aur har saar phir se face me hi doobara ho jata hai aur phir daad ka nisan face me rah jata hai. Please sir mai is nisan ko kaise nikalu apne face se mujhe kuch bataiye sir mai bahut paresan ho.

  598. luke noble says:


    I have dermatitis on my nuts and penics how do i get rid of it

  599. pournima subhedar says:

    mere chehere par pimples, our kale dag sath me chehere par khujli bhi ho rahi hai..aur chehera kala pad gaya hai? please koi upay bataye….

  600. prajkta subhedar says:

    mere chehere par pimples, our kale dag sath me chehere par khujli bhi ho rahi hai..aur chehera kala pad gaya hai? please koi upay bataye….

  601. Sir
    I am sudwring fro daad
    Garmi mai bohat probm hoti hai jabki sardiyo mai kam hoti hai

    Koi cream bataiye jo ise jad se ukhad ssake…

    Msg me cream name on 9015411463

  602. Hiii mujhe fungul infection ho gaya h bahot medicines khai lekin koi fayda nhi much samay k liye chala jata h fir wapas aa jata h

    • SHiii mujhe fungul infection ho gaya h bahot medicines khai lekin koi fayda nhi much samay k liye chala jata h fir wapas aa jata h

  603. AASHIQUE ANWAR says:

    Donon thies ke upper knees and under stomach bahut khujli red circle patch and chhote bade Dane. Ketokenazole tablet cream and soap use karte hain. Theek ho jata hai magar khujlahat band nahin hota hai . nochne se phir dobara hojata hai. Doctor ne
    kaha source of fungal hatana hoga.

  604. dev sonava says:

    meri skin pr red circle type ho gye khujli bhi chlti or fail rha he tube ka bhi asr n plz upay btaye

  605. Plseeee suggest me cream for guptan rashes itching

  606. dr n k pathak says:

    khujli ke bad jalan in both legs

  607. Sir,amr knee theke toe porjonto Choto Choto bici uteche ebong beshi beshi chulkai.amr none hoy allergic problem.amk ki korte hobe kindly bolben ki?

  608. श्रीमान,
    मैं घमौरियो से बहुत परेशान हूं।
    हर प्रकार का पाउडर लगा के देख चुका हूं, फिर भी ठीक नही होता है और हर साल गर्मी के दिनों में निकल जाता है, ठंडी के दिनों में अपने आप ठीक भी हो जाता है।
    अत: श्रीमान आपसे यही आग्रह है की मुझे कोई ऐसी दवा बताइए जिसके प्रयोग से इस घमौरी से छुटकारा मिल जाए।

  609. Rajat joshi says:

    sir mere chahre pAr khujli hoti h …jangho aur paron m bhi daad aur khujli ho rhi h.. aur khujlane par chote red colour k dane nikl ja rhe h sir kuch tablets and medicines k naam batiye jisse ye ekdum shi ho jaye sir filhaal to m Globex-GM ka tube aur fluconazole ki tablets kha rha hoo pr kuch asar nhi ho rha h thodi der bnd hoti h khujli frr shuru ho jati h..plzz sir m bahut pareshaan hoo isse aap btaiye sir tablets aur tube cream k naam jisse ye ekdm shi ho jayein…plzz sir..

  610. Dinesh sharma says:

    Sir mere body m red red dane nikal jate h or bahut tej khujli krne lagta hu .sab trah ki medicine le liya pr kuch aram nhi h plzz sir koi Dwa btadijiye. 1year se paresha hu…

  611. Shuchi mehrotra says:

    mere aankho ke neeche dark circles ho gaye hai…koi treatment hai kya jisse ye saaf ho jaaye plzzz dr help me

  612. Rakesh Kumar says:

    My Name Is Rakesh
    Sir, Mere Sar Par White Chhote-chhote pimples ho rahe aur sir ki skin bahut dukhti hai Mai lagbag 2 mahine se pareshan hu .. Maine Medicene Bhi Try Kar li … hai tabhi pimples thhik hone ka Naam hi nahi le rahe hai…. Sir mai kya karu Mujhe please kuch suggestion dijiye … Thanks … ok

  613. suryakant Choudhry says:

    mare face pe mole bahut sari jo increase ho rahi kya koi bemari to nahi sir aye muse bahut problem me dal diya hai mane abjo tak kisi doctr ko nahi check karwaya hai

  614. kaynat shekh says:

    mere face pr chote chote dane ho rhe he kabhi kabhi en dano pr khujli hoti he or skin jagh jagh se white bhi rahti he

  615. aman thawait says:

    Sir mere body me bhut khujli hoti hai kayi dwa lga liya BT kuchh thik na Horha hai plz dwa btay

  616. sapna gupta says:

    Sir mere forehead me kafi jyda gudgudi rahti hai aur centre pe bhi.. aur head ke back pe kafi pain rahta hai.. kabhi kabhi gudgudi bhi hoti he head ke other parts me.. mjhe kya treatment lene chahiye..

  617. Bhagwat says:

    Dear sir,
    Main pichale 2 saal se tenovat m creame use kar raha hu…use band krta hu to turant 3-4 din me stomach aur legs k upar red colour k spots aate hai…air khujali bhi chalu ho jaati hai….
    Please suggest me how to recover this fungal infection as early as possible….

    • tahmina says:

      Salam,,, paon k opar kharish krny se zakhum ho gia ha ji se paon pe swelling ho jati ha koi ialj battye.kharish se skin hard ho gai ha .

  618. sidharth says:

    I am suffering from this allergy please give your clinic address

  619. MUKESH BAIRWA says:

    Respected sir, Mere dono Hatho ki skin ungliyan . Kai jagah se fat gai h.. Hatho ki skin very dry ho rahi h and kai jagah pr skin kadak (hard) hoti ja rahi h jbki mai bahot achchhi quallity ke soap and hand wash use krta hu..plz help me ..give me some solution.. Jis se meri hatheliya fir se Normal ho jaye

  620. vijyalakshmi says:

    mere nose or chin pe chote chote lal phunshiya hai . ye laghbhagh 1 years se hai maine kitni homeopathy dawaiya khai lkin koi asar hi nhi . plzz iska koi ilaj bataiye sir

  621. sunny kaiwart says:

    mera 5 month 10 din ka beta hai iske face me abhi ghamuri jaisa ho raha hai.uske liye kya karna hoga?

  622. Mrs amir says:

    Meri 8 months ki beti hai jis ki zaban per samne shuru mein red chote chote dane se ho gaye hain aur use aye roz fever bhi ho jata hai to kiya mujhe kisi dr. Se vonsult krna chahiye ya khud hi thik ho jayen ge

  623. Meri skin bahut sensitive ho gayi hai agar koi touch b kar le to gudgudi lagne lagti hai or pairo ke talwo me bahut gudgudi lagti hai …Or pairo me to hat wawt gudgudi lagti rahti hai

  624. sir mere fash pe toop se rad dark ho gye uska slusan do plz

  625. maheshgiri gosai says:

    sir ji meri dono jangho pe khujali ho rahi he and red colors ke ring ho gaye he karib 5 month se alag alag davai bhi le hi and kuch waqt tak thik rehta he baad me fir se ho jata he kayi sari tube bhi use kar li he lekin koi fark nahi pad raha plz plz plz sir help me

  626. shubham saxena says:

    hello.sir my name is shubham saxena sir mera que. ye h ki meri sister ki age 22 h uske hatho gardan pr phle blue colur ke spot hue ab wo rng badl kr black ho rahe h tosir iski bjha kya h or iska ilaj kya h

  627. Vicky dubey says:

    I have 2 months khujli in all body plzz help say any medicine name

  628. Krishna sah says:

    Sir mai apne hat or per ke pasine se bohot presan hu sardi ho ya garmi dono mosam me hat pair vig jate h koi kam nhi kr pata hu please koi solution btaye

  629. Muhammad Kashif says:

    ringwrom ke leye ilaj btao

  630. mohammad asif says:

    Dr.sahab mari sistar k sarer par black chale Jaise Nissan hain homeopathic ki dabai khilane par khatam nahi hua aur bar rahe hain Dr.kuch daba bataye

  631. hello i am amiy my problem is that my face is actually light fair but in my forehead is little bit dark i think is tanning please give me a solution to how to remove it this tanning …


  632. Meraa beta 4 months ka Bhai iski skin bht hi dry & tight h… Reddish ho jati h plz. Tell me solution.

  633. ayushi jain says:

    too many allergic pimples on my face and neck…very small in size…and itching this any kind of allergy or anything else??how can i get rid of it??i heard alot about homeopathic tretment this can help me out??thank you !

  634. Sir am facing itching problem on my hands and leg kindly help me out how can i heal from this.

    Thanking you

  635. Jitendra says:

    I have a red rash on the penis which is very itchy and burning sensation in the one year I continue to take the medication, but finds no difference .

  636. Bheemesh says:

    How to control the alergic pimple on nose
    Nd also eyes below black colour rid pleas inform me how to control..

  637. ANSARUL HAK says:


  638. Akash kumar says:

    Hello Dr Mujhe 8 mahine se Dinaye hua h Pure sarir m teek nhi ho raha h our chehra m v hua h our dagi v ho gya h plz eska koi upaye bataeye….
    Me movie banana chahta hu.. esi liye mujhe tension ho gya h plz koi jald teek karne wala upaye bataeye.

  639. qamMa abbas says:

    Sir mjy jb garmi lagti hai tou mery overall body ma aisa lagta hai k kanty chub rhy hain isI time body pay choty choty dane nikal aty hain short time k liye …………
    so plz sir mjy is ka a6a sa treatment bta dain …..thnx


    Hello sir,
    Meri skin pr red colour ke chakte and chahre pe or hair ke ardar red colour ke dane ho jate h ….khujali batut chalti h….so please give me some suggestions and medicines


    .meri skin par red colour ke chakte ho jate h

  642. jitendra says:

    sir meriskin me gol gol red se ho gye hai or unme smal smal dane pad gye hai or bo gole felte hi ja rhe hai bahut elag krbsya mgar bo firse ho jate hai enko khat karne ka upay btaye sir or jad kat jaye plzxx humbal requst hai sir ap

  643. sir my son is 8 years old. jab bhee usko chere per thandi hawa lagati he (especially in winter) to use face per hatho per dane dane (Dharapad) se ho jate he (chole chote dane jo thode der me khud hi theek ho jate he) (we are living in dalhuose it is very cool place jab bhee vo barish me thand me jata he to ye problem hoti he

  644. Sir,my 1 year old daughter is having skin allergy all over body. She is having small itchy bumps that makes her skin red. Treatment is going on but no change in allergy.

  645. arvind singh says:

    Sir meri age 21hai mujhey ek mahiney say khujali ho rahi hai please give me some advise sir

  646. shrikant says:

    Sir meri age 25 year hai mere pet par jang par or hip par daad ho rahe hai English medicine or cream lagane se sahi ho jata haI par do teen day bad fir ho jata hai khujli bahut aati hai
    Koi medicine batao

  647. Rahul Gite says:

    Sir mera age 19 hai Aur mere chehre per kale daag rah gaye hai Aur thode thode pimpals bhi ate hai ,Aur sab se badi pareshani mere pith per bhi pimpals aa rahe hai tho sir please help me …….

    • satish sharma says:

      Sir actually summer season me hand internally burn hote h external koi symptoms nhi h.but burning ke reason se proper work nhi kr pata .haatho me bhut problems h.plz give me some advice .sir

  648. jitendra kumar garg says:

    good morning sir l am23 years and my face skin is very sensitive hai or face per chote chote Dane pad gaye hai skin dry bhi ho gati hai please how use

  649. Sumita Debnath says:

    mere hair scalp mein allery hoti hai. rashes ho jate hai aur bahut itching hoti hai. blisters ban jate hai. kabhi kabhi face yaa phir koi aur body part mein bhi ek do dane ho jate hai.

  650. HIMANI GARG says:

    sir, mjhe 1 mahine se pure face pr chote chote lal dane ho re h or sahi ho kr kali padi m bdl jate h or ye sahi ho kr dubara ho re h or isme bht tej khujli hoti h or lips b pure kale or khrab ho gye h..

    give me best suggestion.

  651. parvez salman says:

    Dr. Sahab mujhe mere puri body mai chote chote dane ho rahe hai unhe khujane par lal lal ho jata hai jaha se khujata hu wahi lal ho jata hai ye pichle 2 month se ho raha hai mai bahut pareshan hu plz koi upay bataye

    Thanks Regards

  652. Mahi shukla says:

    Mujhe mere puri body me eaching hoti h aur rashes aa rhe h aur puri skin sikud rhi h plz help me , meri age 20 h aur ye 4 Year se ho rha h plz koi dawai btaiye

  653. Mahi shukla says:

    Mujhe mere puri body me eaching hoti h aur rashes aa rhe h aur puri skin sikud rhi h plz help me

    • sar mere pure body me khujali ki samsya hai chote chote dane huwe hai aur unme bahot khujali hoti hai help me

  654. sar muhje daad h me bht pareshan hu bht ilaz kara liya thk nahi hota apke p daad ka ilaz h

  655. Doctor mujhe 4yrs hoge pimples h khtm ni ho re m koi b oil spicy fastfood kuch ni khati bt fir b khtm nhi ho re I dnt knw why plz sir kuch toh btae

  656. Tanveer alam says:

    Sir mere mathe pe abhi se lakeer pare gai hai kuch to elaj bataye

  657. Nasreen bano says:

    face pr rashes type ho gaye hn face ki skin bilkul bhi chikni nhi dikh rhi aur chote2 dane ho gye hn 15days se ye problem hai

  658. savita arora says:

    respected sir, h
    sir mere age30 years ki hai or mere face par pimples hai . ko aase good cream bata aa ki pimple jaldi thik ho ja aa . vo cream apply karte hi pimples khatam ho ja aa face sai . thanks sir

  659. yogi dhariwal says:

    I have skin dad elergy from 4 months i take many medicines but there has no result

  660. says:

    Hindi me homeopathy ke ilaj ki poori jankari paane ke liye par jaye. Yah website home redemeies and Homeopathy ke baare me Acchi jankari rakhti hai.

  661. Haidar Ali says:

    I have been suffering from atopic eczema from ten years in my both legs below knee up to above ancle my mother was suffering from asthama eczema increases in winter session.I have been facing skin disease from present I am taking Sulphur 200 in the morning empty stomach and petroleum 200

  662. haath ki pichli side pimples ho gyi hain like allergy bhut khujli ho rhi hai

  663. Neha sharma says:

    Meri aankho k upar white sa ho gya hai dono side ar daane ki tarah ful gya hai main kya karu ples suggest

  664. Sir mera beta 14 years ka hai summer season shuru hote hi uske hath or paon mai lal rang k chote chote dane nikl aate hai jin mai bhut chubhn or khujli hoti hai please karn or solutions janna chahti hu please meri help kijiye.

  665. Utkarsh dwivedi says:

    Sir apana mo number mara emaill I’d par sent kar do may apana problem ke solution janana chataya ho

  666. hi
    mujhay bahut puranay tattoos par ab colour illergie ho gai hai maray tattoos 5 sal purnay hai magar jis jagah red colour hai vahan par mujhay khujli hoti hai sath hi sath chotay chotay danay bhi ho gai hai kya karna chaiay plz plz pzl koi uthay batay.

  667. Ashish Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Sir meri age 22 year hai mujhe 6 month ho gaye mere jangh par dono side ringworm hai jo bahut fail gaya hai English dawa bahut khai anti fungal cream bhi lagai 4 doctor ko dikha chuka hu koi fark nahi padta abhi me homeopathy dawa le raha hu aaj 2nd day hai doctor bola tension lene ki koi baat nahi hai ye infection hai jo care na karne ke karan jyada ho gayi hai or kaha ki 1 week me apko farq dikhai de jayega or 3 month me theek ho jayega or 3 month extra dawa khani padegi quki ye infection dobara repeat hota hai unhone 4 goli subha 4 dopahar or 1-1 goli shayam or raat ko khane ko di hai or 2 tube di hai mix karke lagane ko but aaj maine dekha ki gulabi gulabi jyada ho gaya hai kya ye thik ho sakta hai iska koi ilaj hai ya nahi mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai sir please help me help me help me

  668. Sir mere dad ke pair ke nichale hisse me 3 ya 4 din me 2 mm ki moti chamade ki parat aa jati hai use Kat ke nikalte hai plz hrlp me

  669. rizwan.akram says:

    aslam o alikum.mera name rizwan hai mery age 31 year hai mujay one year ho gya hai main pakistan sy portugal ayea hn .mera problem ye hai k chay peeny sy mujy skin allergy shruo ho jati hai khas to pay paun tango owr hathon bazaun par owr jb garmy lagy to harish b zyeda hoti hai owr wo jaga surakh ho jati .please koi mujy is masly ka hal btay.

  670. shyamji gupta says:

    6 month
    Se daad daad ho gya hai English medicine liya per fayda nahi hua ab homeopathy ka Ilaj surukiya hai
    Agar Koi sahi ilaz ho toh kripa kar ke medicine ka name bata de

  671. ashish kumar says:

    Dear mam jb mera sir warm ho jata h tb mere sir pr bhut jyada khujli si hoti h or muh PR b mam iska koi best treatment btaiye

  672. sir,

    due to unknown reasons i have “Daad” on my back neck. now its appear on my left hand and color bone……….

    please help me out .

  673. Dr Sharma says:

    Dr i request you that once i took hameopathay tonic. Due to this some black spot was made on my skin so i was allergic plz tell me about the treatment

  674. skin allergy h sir daad h bhout jyada 5month sy h sir can u please help me

  675. mujammil pathan says:

    doctor saheb khujli se bahot pareshan hu bahot sare doctor ko batachuka hu lekin elag nahi ho paya hai lagbhag 5 machine se pareshan hu injection lene k 4 din baad khujli aati hai aur lal spot bhi aa jate hai much ilag bataiye

  676. anshul jhaldiyal says:

    Sir mere chest m halke white colour km check ho rage..aur phel bhe rahe he..unme khujle bhe hote hh…konse medisean use karu

    • Parvinder kaur says:

      Doctor mere face par achank se apne aap chhoti chhoti Red colour ki Pitt waale Acne ho jaatey hai .jab mai koi mehde se bana food khaati hu our isse pehle maine face PR No SCARE cream use kri thi jise mai ab nhi krti kya cream chhodna hee reason hai … smajh nahi aata kya mere face PR food se hee ye acne hotey hai yaa our koi reason hai , ye phir face ke acne allergy ki medicine khaake thik ho jaatety hai with in 3 days mai . Please must reply

  677. sir mujhe1 saal pahle pure body me chote-chote dane nilkal kar usme khujli hone lagi thi jaise kalai or anguthe ke aaspass ki jagah pith ke piche ki jagah, bagal me, pairon me fir uska main ilaaj karwaya lekin kam hua par abhi tak khujli hoti hai dusri jagh bhi ho jati hai or mere pairon ki jaangho me or piche bhi or private part wali jaghon me bhi hamesh se khujli hoto hai…uske baad yahi problam more over red ness wali rash hai har jagah….sir please aapke paas koi medicine ho to batayen….please sir

  678. sir goodmorning ! sir mujhe 2 month pahle pure body me chote-chote dane nilkal kar usme khujli hone lagi thi jaise kalai or anguthe ke aaspass ki jagah pith ke piche ki jagah, bagal me, pairon me fir uska main ilaaj karwaya lekin kam hua par abhi tak khujli hoti hai dusri jagh bhi ho jati hai or mere pairon ki jaangho me or piche bhi or private part wali jaghon me bhi hamesh se khujli hoto hai…uske baad yahi problam meri 1 year ki baby ko bhi ho gai hai or meri wife ko bhi halki halki hai ….sir please aapke paas koi medicine ho to batayen….please sir vishehkar meri maasoom bachhi 1 year baby ke liye sir…please sir

  679. i am suffering from pimples and hair fall from 15th year of age. right now i am 39 so many medicines are taken but not effect. now i am taking homeopathic treatment dr given barberic aqua, antim crud and for hair jaborandy, this medicines taking by me last 3 years but not so effect till date. pl guide me what i will have to do.


  680. hello sir m shivani hre actlly sir mere puri body pe chote2 daane h. jo phle chale jaate the apne ap bt ab bht jada ho gye h. plz suggest me what i do?

  681. Maine penderm plus cream lagvayatha ….ab uska bura asar pada he…mere chehere per alergy hairs huye hair so pls pls koi na koi salan dijiye…

  682. Abhishek Mishra says:

    Sir,I’m Abhishek Mishra
    Sir mere storemachine aur uske neeche ke saris me chote dane ho gaye h. They are very itchy Sir please suggest me some medicine.I have got fade up with these.

  683. Madan Mohan Mishra says:

    sir, myself Madan.
    age 24 yrs.
    sir, from last 7-8 months I am facing skin alergy problem.
    sir some time I got swiling in my lips and after 10-12 hours it will automatically be fine.
    some time I got eatching in whole body and again after 3-4 hours slowely slowely it will be precure.
    bt when I take cetrizine tablet..then I M feeling better nd I am not geting this type of problem.
    sir, can u help me to precoure from this desease.. and sir which medicine is helpful for this type of desease

  684. Sagarneela says:

    Dear sir,

    From last two months, am suffering from skin allergy with itchy hives , and to get control over it I am talking Seatrain tablet. But today when I came back from office I found my let fully swollen up. I am very confused. Also from last 5 days am suffering from a back ack very badly. Please suggest me a way out.
    Female 26 years
    Weight 67 kg
    Height 5.3

  685. AMIT SINGH says:

    I am Pilonidal sinus patient , i got surgery 2 times , but it occured again and again, my problem is now that i have many tiny tiny pores on my sinus which flow the transparent fluid, sometimes it turn into pus as well as blood.
    can homeopathy treat my diesease ?

  686. hath me ganth or swelling

  687. Sir mere face pe chhote chhote Dane ho gye h isme khujli b hoti h red color k hote h…sir plz Kuch cream ya medicine bataiye jisse yah jald se jald thik ho Jaye..

  688. Mujhe kariban 4 mahine se skin problem hai allergy hai

  689. Sir chikan pokes k kya ielaz docter se ya gharelu ielaz help me plz

  690. RISHI KUMAR says:

    sir mai agar koi kaam kro ya kahi se chal kr ao tu muje bahut garmi lagati hai
    and bahut tej se kaante chubhane lgte hai poore body me

    please sir give me Good suggetion
    Rishi kumar

  691. pair me god ke pas khujalata hai our skin jata our chote chote red pimplce hote hai skin nikalkar
    Fail raha hai

  692. Sir mere hath aur kothon main jalan hoti hai
    please help me

  693. $andeep kr says:

    hello sir i am 18 year old mere face pe allergi ho gai bhuat dane ho gye h 1 year ho gya h mene bhuat se cream lgai but bad me fir wahi same please help me ky kru?

  694. Ashimujeeb says:

    My daughter age 12 years have one or two spots like moles on her nose now it is coming under her eyes and cheeks please advice how to heal this we r really worried

  695. My bbabies have a dry skin and she recently developed rashes that itches terribly.

    • nitin Rana says:

      Sir mere penice skin.mei.kuch kuch time mei prbml aathi raheti h..jesy kuch Dino sey. Skin asi ho rakhi h..penic skin color sey alag .upper ki skin or chichipahat si.. Or std k test bhi normal harpis HIV .plz help me..bhout pareshn mei ESA lag tha h..jesy allergy ho rakhi h.

  696. deep.varma says:

    Sir ji mere face par kake dag hai

  697. neesha thakur says:

    sr muje small pox hua tha 2 year ho gay pr uske dark spot Abhi tak thek nhi huay meina bhout sari medicine use ki pr koi fark nhi pada

  698. arsal bajwa says:

    Sir I am Samra Mara baby ko exzima ha US ke age 5 month ha.ab US ke legs per big rash banta ha aura pir wound bun rata ha…ear wound 3 month ha .think nahi huwa.aura kabi kabi bleeding start ho jati ha .hand aura foot nail be khrab ha swelling red aura pir rash nikalta ha.ointment apply

    ke Lakin ko faraq nahi .plz help me … ke bith ka 5 din bad body rash big start huwa….aur ab Purdy body per wound aura nail ke Yarra position ha plz reply me must …..elaj ha Ya nahi

  699. i have Skin allergy problem –contact n0o 9850120614

  700. Sir meri age 32yrs hai. meri face par 1 week s red daane ho gye hai jisme itching hoti h bhut jada plsss help me give me a advice pleasee sir

  701. Dhiraj Grover says:

    Hi m dhiraj.i m 16 years old. Jab bhi me tez dhup me fhar se bahr jata hu to pure sareer par khujli hone lgti hai. Nd meri sarir par daane se nikal jate hai. Aur jab nd suddenly cold place me jaate hi daane gayb ho jate hai. Me is chiz se bhut pareshan hu. I m a student. My contact number is 8572861277
    Pls help…….

  702. vishal tiwari says:

    Sir mere mummy ko skin problem hai
    Unke chehare ki skin me bahut jalan hoti hai
    Thandepani se dhone per Rhoda aram milta hai
    Or phir jalan hone lagti hai chehare ki jalan nahi ja rahi hai him kya kare bahut pareshan hai koi upay bataye

  703. jitendra singh says:

    Sir mere dono jagho pe unde or bhahar black black ho gya h or raat ko or din me bhi bhut jyada khujli hoti h plese sir meri help kijiya. Me bhut jyada presan hu aapka bhut bhut tkanks hoga mera mob +91 9917781096 h ji

  704. Good morning sir. Mera 3saal ka beta h Jise skin elrgy h aur use bahut Dr. Ko dikhaya par koi illag nhi ho pa rha an Kate h ki Jab ye 4-5 saal ka ho jayega tb khatm hoga or ye khujle se bahut Preshan h plz Dr. Help me and reply me

  705. i hv atopic dermatitis allergy n m so tensed because of it i need a solution m rly fed up with dis kind of problem plz help me

  706. Rajeev kumar says:

    Imptent bat karni thi sar ji

  707. Dr. Sharma its been three months since this started,it always tends to start in the ebening like around 6 or 7 i start to itch from head to toe its a very ontense irch then my skin either breaks out in hive or just gets inflamed this is very annoying i calm it down by taking benadry, but I’m not sure if in the long run that will harm me please help i need answers.

  708. prashant patkar says:

    Sir,my name prashant patkar from jhnasi.sir mere fce pr bhut elrgy hoti.funsi type ki hoti r foot jti r nisn bn jte mere fce pr bhut sare mark bn gye.mne kyi homyo pthic dr ko dukhaya bt koi fyda ni mila.r unhone elrgy btayi acne ni h sir i rst u psee solve my skin prob m kya kroon r kaise sahi hogi mere skin prob.r fce se ye kale mrks.koi medicin bgrh btaiye.i rst u sir.jisse mere fce k mrks bi shi ho kye.mera pet bi khrab rhta.livoton pee rha abi m..ap ap btaye rply me fst nd solve my skin how may possible..

  709. Sir meri umar 54 aur hai 4 month pahele mai aur meri bahu bete ne tambe ke bowl jo bina kali(coting) matlab bina andar ki polish ke bowl me garam chae tea pite the 20 ya 25 din bad ham teeno ko sare badan me khujli shuro ho gai aur ring jaise chatte padh gae aur rat me buri tarha khujli hoti hai skin doctor ko batae se kam hogaya laikin nonveg khane se wbpas aagai under root vegitable bhi khane se dobara hojata hai please selution aur dawai batae

  710. Anshul Srivastava says:

    I have got alot of watery and excessively itchy bumps all over my body!! If I scratch them they get cut like small tiny wounds.. They are really very itchy and painful!! What should I do?

  711. Dear sir,
    Pure body me itching hoti hai small pimples ho ke itna itching hota hai ki blood bhi aajata hai itching se skin udh jata hai itching se raat bhar nind nahi aati.

  712. Sir mere pet par jang par hip par daad ho rahe hai khujli bahut jyada hoti hai bahut medicine or gel tube uge ki but kuch time ke liye aaram milta hai or phir bhadh jata hai daad kha khujli

    Thaks & Rgard

  713. Prasant sharma says:

    Sir meri neck pr white colour k spot ho gaye h or wo mere face pr b hote jaa rhe h and phele b treatment se thik ho gaye the bt muje koi permanent treatment btaiye plz

  714. pinki agarwal says:

    Mere face pr kile or nishan bhi to homeopath Ki dvai s kitne din Mai thik Ho jyenge…….

  715. pawan kumar says:

    sar hamare sarir khujali ho raha hai aur chakta chakta ho ke pure sarir me fail raha hai dawa khane par sahi ho jata hai phir ho jata hai

  716. sir,mai 21 year ki hu ar mere private part me Kafi tim se itching n rashes ho gya h ar rashes andar ki traf bdta ja rha
    plz suggest me some advice

  717. jasvinder bharti says:

    Sir I’m from kurukshetra haryana
    Mere nose or eyes ki palko par or eyes ke niche daad ho gai hai . Daad eyes ke itne close hair ki koi daad ki cream lagne she dar lagta hai. Kahi eyes par effect na ho jaye. Eyes mai be bahut khujli hoti hai.
    Mere private part mai be bahut daad ho gai hai.
    Jalimlostion be lagaya par jati nahi …kisi cream ka koi asar nahi
    Plz mujhe koi elaaj bataiye…..

  718. sonu mandal says:

    Sir I am Sonu from giridih jharkhand
    Mere pure body main khujli hoti hai iska koi ilaj hai to please bataiye

  719. minahil Qureshi says:

    sar mere chehre par daane nikal aye hain or skin damage ho rhi hai

  720. zafar alam says:

    Sir.mery jesam par aur bazo par tangon par qamar par kharash hoti hy din k waqat nahi hote aur liney b par jati hain aur dany ban jaty hain,yeh amal raat ko soty waqat hota age 56 years old hy. ek saal se mery hath papar par likhty waqat kampty hain sahi tareqay se likha be nahi jata.harbal treatment bata dain.only sardion mein hoti hy.aur sir mery right kan mein gon gon light voice ati job zayada tar khary ho kar kam karna parta karyana janral store par kam karta hon.10 years se sir mery andar hapataetus c ka virus mojood sugar hy na BP hy yeh kharash sirf jab thand mean cool season ata hy tu hoti hy.sir i muslim from pakistan.sir vagitabel mei frout mei harbal mei aur homeopathy mei treatment bata dain.allah pak ka bhala kary.ap ko sahat dy tundrstidy ameen.with thanks

  721. sir mere private part me kafi daad hai kafi itching rahta hai and daad se pani bhi niklta hai plz suggest something

  722. sir met hath me red danr aa rhe h.. Jalan b thi h winter me, KFI dry skin b h cracks h hatho me

  723. AMIT KUMAR PANDEY says:

    mere dono jangh pr red type ke lining ho rha hai or nochta v hai….mujhe eska treatment kre..plz

  724. sir mere aal body me khujhli hai mai kya karu

  725. alok singh chandel says:

    My all joint part of the body are black with rasses
    And in my head many blister but they does not have water. Mostly at night feel itching. My three year son also affected .

  726. rahul tripathi says:

    Sir me left side me ek dad jaisa hai koi ilaj bahaie

  727. sachin saxena says:

    i have very serious issue. I have lot of dandruff in my hair that form a thin layer may be due to oil. This makes my head some time ecthing. Also there are pimples in my head which are paining now days. Please rovide some solution

  728. Sr mujhe ek jagh khujli ho gaya hai jo kbhi kbhi. Apnea aap normal ho jata hai our phir ho jata hai

  729. sir mere haato maie kabhi bhi elargy ho jati hai. mere haath ekdam kate fate se ho jate hai. jada ungliyo k top per khal chil c jati hai plz help me

  730. harwansh jangle says:

    Sir mere chehre par 5-6 year se pimples huye se lekar ab tak maine bahut bar treatment kiya lekin ye thik hi nahi ho rahe h aur chehre par gaddhe -2 ho gaye h.ab to mujhe ye lagne laga h ki blood cancer, h.i.v. ki tarah iska bhi koi ilaj nahi h.Please help me.

  731. arun g mane says:

    i have problem of khaz khuzali to my full body..and i was fed up with this issue…please suggest ..

  732. Madan Mohan says:

    Iam very sufering from skin allergy from one I have used a lot in Homeo like sulphur, Ars alb, k Ars M,but it was not cured. My problem is when i come to home and remove my dress severe itching starts it is not tolerable my hands will going rubbing where itching starts . After rubbing skin gets scratches.

  733. Sir,
    I am suffuring from unknown allergy from past few years . Whenever I expose to sun more than 20 min or so it comes start with lights welling overnight in my upper lips some time in lower lips and after 24-36 hours it will be finished without any treatment. And during this period feel discomfort and itching in lips.
    Please help ..
    My outside life is affected ..
    I love nature ..

  734. ajeet singh says:

    I am informed you I infected skins daisies ring borm so I used 1.5 teb terbinafine 250mg delay & 1.5 fluconazole tab 150 mg after 5days
    I m used this medicine after 3 month so I not reliefs ,please I informed you really medicine

  735. urticaria from 3 years

  736. Dinesh Kumar Sharma says:

    I am suffuring from unknown allergy from last 3-4 months. In 10-12 days some time it comes swaling in my upper lips some time in lower lips and after 24-36 hours it will be finished without any treatment. And during this period feel pain and itching in lips.
    Now these days its daily ruteen to itching in body in morning and evening.

    I am taking only Avil or citrigen for rielef.

    Please tell me what to do ?

  737. Rishu Jain says:

    Sir mere chikan pox hua tha bt tab se thik hua hai mere chehre se black spots ni jaa rahe and funsi type bhi hoti hai jisme pus banti hai…..sir iska ilaaj batayiye plz…..or ye funsi to pure sarir pe hoti hai……..sir plz…help me plz….koi aisa ilaaz batatiye ki ye dobara naa ho

  738. Abhishek Nirmalkar says:

    sir mere body mai chota chote lal dane hone the h aur body ki skin sikud rhi h

  739. Anamika khanna says:

    mere pait peet or raano pe chote chote black spots ho rhe h kch dino se or unme jalan hoti h ye kis cheez ke symptoms h or iska ilaaj kya h

  740. Faheem Shaikh says:

    mere age 30 hai last 6month se mujhy pure body me itching hoti hai aur lal dany ajaty hai aur jnha itching hoti hai wo jaga red red hojate hai please aap help kejy.

    • i m suffering from eczema from last 5 months . Taken several medication but not helpfull plz suggest something to cure it completly

  741. Meri 14 year ki sister hai..uske skin pe red colour ke chote chote daane hath pe raat ko daily nikal ate hai.. Aisa kyun hai..plzz tell me

  742. govind thakur says:

    meri jaangh ki sides mein or piche buttocks p allergy ho gai hai. bahoot itching hoti hoti. or skin bhi hard ho gai hai. ye june mein start hui thi mne isk liye medicine bhi li thi par ek baar aaram hua fir dobara ho gai.
    please give me a solution to treat me well!

  743. Maheshwari mhatre says:

    i have skin allergy issue in my private part.. Ringworm frm last month n i used medicine from medical like zole-f.. But its not cure.. Even i used powder recommended by doctor n tablets too..
    Pls suggestion to me how i can get relief from this as i hv marriage in december 2015.. Pls help

  744. Vivek kumar says:

    My skin is cracking whole body . I want to how to treat with the help of homeopathy.

  745. Greetings Doctor Sharma,
    I wanted to discuss the problem I am facing fr a few days on my penis.I can feel a burning sensation on the head of my penis, when I closely had a look at my penis I could notice very very small rashes…on the head of my penis( inner portion not on the skin.) And now I am really worried as to why is it happening and what is it. Please help me ASAP. Will be very thankful to you.

  746. Hello Doctor,

    I am residing in Pune. My daughter (3 year old, born in UAE) is suffering from eczema, since birth. We did , homeopathy(12+ months) and ayurvedic(6+ month) for her, but nothing worked, and situation became worst than before.
    Now we have shifted to allopathy as she is school going child now, and her life completely getting disturb.
    First she was on put on anti histemines, atarax, allegra, now on oral steroids. We are very much worried that this medication is increasing as time passes, and will leave bundle of side effects after some time.
    Can you plz suggest some cure for her, and if we visit you , can you confirm us that it will be cured and approximately in how much time. As all homepathic doctors says that with homepathy problem first come out completely(aggravation) then it eliminates from body. But my point is , such a small child , merely 3 years old, cant handle aggravation and need relief during the treatment as well.
    Plz comments on the situation and let me know when we can see you.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  747. Dear sir,
    I have a problem of prickly heat and this problem is from last two year.I try many things for rashesh but rasheah are come with day to day.then tell me sir what I do for this rashesh.

  748. Dear Sir,

    Meri nose pe kheel jo bolte hai wo garmiyo me bahut zyada ajati hai or sardiyo me apne ap chali jati hai. koi aisa formula hai jo is problem parmanent solution ho jaye pls mail me.

  749. manish Tiwari says:

    i am suffering from DAAD, KHAJ,
    Khujli since last month at my leg,
    hand & around secret part . i am 35
    yrs old. this is first time in my life.
    sir i have two much itching on
    whole body specially on back and
    thigh and little red colour daana
    very little appears in my whole
    body and itching too much.
    Please suggest!

  750. hello sir, my dad has skin allergy to parthenium grass partially responsive to steroids and azathioprine. I want to know what is the basis of homeopathic treatment for this disease…….like is it immunosuppression? How successful treatment can be expected from homeopathy and in what duration?

  751. sunil kumar sharma says:

    i am suffering from DAAD, KHAJ, Khujli since last month at my leg, hand & around secret part . i am 35 yrs old. this is first time in my life.
    sir i have two much itching on whole body specially on back and thigh and little red colour daana very little appears in my whole body and itching too much.
    Please suggest!
    Thank you!

  752. Respected Dr. Saheb

    I am suffering from DAAD from last 6 months at my deep inner of thy at hips and down the tummy with black spots and badly itching.
    I took treatment of a homeopathic doctor but did not cure the same. I am the person with oily skin.

    I am feeling very shameful while change the dress.
    You are requested for suggest best medicine / remedy
    Thanks in the anticipation.

  753. Dear sir
    I have a allergy in my leg. its coming in the front part of the fingers on both of the legs. its there for almost 4 years and i am taking so many treatments. but still i didnt get any solution. people started asking about it. i am so worried about it. can u give me any solution for this problem please

  754. sunil Kumar Roy says:

    My name is sunil Kumar roy, Age 44, Male, leave in delhi.

    My Problem is Back side Nack itching problem since 9 month, we have try ever medicin, like Ring cutter, silika, ETc. when we use the medicine remove the proble. but as soon as left again start the problem.

    i thing it may be skin allergy problem.

    pls. prescribe the medicine

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sunil Roy

  755. louise yakoi says:

    Hi Dr.sharma,
    I have a skin disease that I can understand.
    My skin etch me until I don’t know what to do.
    When it is etching spouse will began to come on my skin, it get away only when I take bath will cool water,
    Or go to cool area and under AC.
    Can you please tell me what is the cause?
    And what can I do?
    Which cream or medication should I use?

  756. yogita vaishnav says:

    Hey dr.sharma
    I am 22 year old girl….., mera rang fair h nd mere face pr pimple markes rah gye bt only gaal pr h jo dikhne me bht ajib lgte h pls help me….gr se bahar niklne me bhi sharm aati h ab….. puri body clear h bt sirf face pr hi prblm h mje hr trh ka ilaj lia h bt koi frk nh pda mje pls me dr. Pls

  757. sir i have two much itching on whole body specially on back and thigh and little red colour daana very little appears in my whole body and itching too much.

  758. hi..sir
    actually meri body mai fat improve horaha hai deit se yoga se kisi se koi problm is meri skin bhout oily hai kuch bhi lga lo ya na lgao bhout jyda oily hojati hai.pimple hote rehte hai and head oil se pura blackness hojata hai..plzz give me solution
    bhout sare medicaly and ayurvedic tips use kiya koi bhi problm solve ni.

  759. Millicent abban says:

    I used a cream funbact A and after weeks rashes began appearing on my skin….I stopped using the cream but the rashes still remain…any help?

  760. Sunny kumar says:

    Mare jago or tatoo par bahut khujali hoti h sone ke time rat ko bahut parshan hu es karn rat ko nid nhi aati h bahut khujali hoti h koi solution batao mari umar 24 shal h

  761. satabdi chakraborty says:

    skin is whitish & becoming dull & dry.. propersolution

  762. anirudh kumar says:

    Dear Sir.
    Mujhe khujli type ka skin priblem hai. mere jang me gol gol daad ki tarah ho jata jo ki lal rang ka hota hai. cream lagane par aram milta hai but jis din skin cram lagana band kar de to dusare din hi badhana suru ho jata hai. skin hai q jaise sad gaya ho thoda bhi khujane skin fat jati hai.
    please help me.


    Anirudh Vishwakarma
    Mo. no. 09936461140

  763. Rosline Francis says:

    Hello Dr,

    I am suffering from 2013 in skin dryness, itch, rashes. I have seen many allowpathy Dr, and now I am taking slit tablets from Bangalore Allergic centre for almost 6 months. But three days once I am taking allergic tablets. Of not itch and rashes will come. Please help to come out of this.
    My Ph no. 9972204193

    Rosline Francis

  764. hello sir,
    mere haatho main jalan hai or red nishan ban jante hai . what i do to get heal with this problem ?

  765. tarasahu says:

    Mare cheek par 22 sal ka scars hai

  766. sushanta kumar sahoo says:

    I have skin allergy from childhood as it is hereditary for us. Now I am 36.My skin is itching after sweating and after taking fish,meat etc.
    Sir please help me to cure Skin allergy.

  767. Jasmine siddique says:

    I’ve severe skin rashes n very itchy.
    After I had an egg or meat or pulses.
    I’m already taking medicine for this Ebastel.
    How do I’ll get rid of it completely and permanently?
    Please suggest!
    Thank you!

  768. Govind devriya says:

    Muje pure sarir me bahot khujli hoti he pata nai kese ho gaya he pura din khujli much khatta bhi nai khata to bhi band hoti khujli kya
    Karu sir kuch bataiye na meri khujli ka ialaj

  769. Govind devriya says:

    My skinb. problum

  770. Respected sir, mujhe pechle 3 sal se dad hote rehte hai. And maine iska allopathy treatment karwaya hai.. Fir wo dobara ho jate hai

  771. md.adil sk.kareem says:

    my problem is fire in hole internal body and puss cells come in urin many treatment i have take

  772. I have skin allergy since last 2 year..I main problm is my all over body itch aftet taking bath….specially on legs…its is irritating …some time got iching when go to bed for sleeping….I had taken allopathy treatment….I took medicine ….my itching goes over by medicine bt as I leave takn my medicine…itching started again same as before….I take homeopathy treatment too….bt same is still …homeopathy treatment cure my itching a little bit….bt nt completely gone….I m still suffering frm this problm …I have a little baby…n most off the tym I get irritateg by this itching. behaviour is annoying n irritating all the tym….plz me …

  773. Nidhi Agarwal says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am 26 years old. I have pimples, moles problems on my face. I have taken a lot of treatment but still problem remains same.

    Please suggest.

  774. Ankit Singh says:

    Sir, i faced this burnimg sensation in mah upper body part like itching i dont knw wht it is ..basucally in mah back hands chest.fingers. Please help me out with this i asked doctors also they said it is just an by which???!
    it hapend to me previous year also ..and last up to 6 to 8 months… Now also it has started at the same time!!

  775. manoj kumar sharma says:

    Sir i am suffering from itching at the bottom of buttock. It itches much at the time of itching it gets a kind of pleasure and this pleasure causing me to itch more. Kindly suggest how to get rid from it. I am diabetic. Regards manoj

  776. nida sayyed says:

    m suffering from prickly heat rashes(ghamori) on my forehead
    please help me to get rid of this ghamori

  777. Dhananjay Kumar says:

    Dear Sir
    I am 22 year old boy not married yet but last 3-4 year people start saying my face looks ugly than before it was. Sometimes few of my friend start saying ‘Hi Uncle! Hi Uncle!.I want to stop them by simply make this right before time.And so Why i need your help.Please advice me how to reduce such things

  778. babita bagga says:

    i am 47 years female i am suffering from allergy last 5 years i feel itching rashes in face full arms and back of neck what can i do tell me the treatment

  779. dilip kumar says:

    Respected sir, I am 40 yr old suffering fr sun allergy fr 10yrs. Rash on my face and open parts of skin.can I cure here .

  780. shubham goswami says:

    mujhe 4year se face per bahut or bade pimple ho rahe hai or unse dard or khujli bhi hoti hai. or unme pus banti hai, garmi mai ye jyada hote hai.

  781. susheel says:

    I am suffering from skin allergy from last 4 years.i am taking MONTELUKAST SODIUM HYDROCLORIDE WYSLONE 10 MG.But now its not working.
    sir this allergy spred oll over my body. its swelling and red marks with slite pain on it. pls pls pls sir help me.

  782. poonam singh says:

    1. Muje sunburn ki allergy kyaa yeh allergy homeopathy treatment se bilkul thik ho jati h ???
    2. Aurr kitna time lagta h cure hone mein ??
    Mai homeopathic treatment le rahi hu…

  783. sonia bansode says:

    hi doctor I hav itching n fungal problem on my vagina n on my left cheek n it goes n comes my baby is 1 yr n I took treatment bt no use pls suggest good cream n medicine as I want a good skin. thank u

  784. ARUN SUNDAR says:

    i have skin allergy more than 1 years skin blackness,itching,pimples,i take more medicines but no good result

  785. I have a baby around 4 yrs. He facing skin problem in summer vocation. In summer vocation in his all the body part (mostly in his neck, face and hand), the ghamori (chote chote dane) has occurred.

  786. Kajal gupta says:

    I can’t recognize what type of disease I have in my hands …its like when we feel very cold then our hairs just stand …just like that in whole hand brown spots which feels kanta types nd also my skins touch is very rough due to this …so plzz give me some medicine name

  787. i m suffering from head (hair) itching from last two year. i consulant many doctors bt no effect when i take the medicine i reluxed bt after drop the treatment problem start again. plz help me.

    i already treated doctor pradeep in ghaziabad & homeopathic dorctor also

  788. Rajiv Sharma says:

    Sir . I have heat elergy on my face skin. Skin is dry. Now have so many scars. Iching ellergy on face. Have to use steroid cream.

  789. Linda Baldwin says:

    Hello. I deal with sun rash or allergy. Since I was in my 20’s, I am now 60 years old, I have dealt with this problem and have tried may creams and ointments with no success. When exposed to the sun I get red bumps and or rash that itches and burns. I use a sunscreen of 50+ but if that has worn off or I forget or miss a spot I break out in the rash. This rash will not go away until the fall when I start wearing long sleeves and long pants all the time. The rash is mostly on my arms, chest, shoulders and back but has never been on my face. When I cool down my skin the burning and itching will subside but returns as my body heats up during the day and also get very bad during humid times. I’m thinking of trying Apis Mellifica, but would like an opinion. Traditional medicine is typically not for me. I believe more in homeopathic remedies. Can you help me with this problem please.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Best Regards,

  790. nisha rani says:

    when i go to any where out of delhi my skin goes dark specially my face skin,color .what medicine should i take please give suggestion

  791. pratik kochar says:

    I have skin allergy it has been from 6 months when my skin is open it itches and with sweat it gets itching and it gets red when it starts my tilts of hands and feet get pain it can happen anytime in day and stays for 2 10 minutes and happens frequently.

  792. Gaurav sharma says:

    My wife is suffering from skin allergy, earlier when she was in sun, rashes were developing around neck, ears, hands. She has burning sensation on rashes while on sun and itching.
    Recently, moles are also developing in body.
    Sun screen with SPF 50 also didn’t help. Pls advice medicine for the same, pls advice if any precautions to be taken.

  793. neha panwar says:

    Sir mjhe itching hti h phr wha red aur phr waha ae skin black ho jti h aur aise hi ye puri body me hta ja rha h aisa lgta h jaise complexion hi black h aise mix ho jta h skin me plz help me sir mjhe 8years ho gye es problem ke sath

  794. yakaka shettima ali says:

    I have severe hives that are round in shape and usually come after chocolate strawberry milk egg hot bath cold weather

  795. M DAWOOD says:

    Itching mainly on whole face and at a few places on legs. Although no visibility of rashes but with movement of finger over such places I could feel minute bulges. Problem started a week ago. intensity has increased over these days. No medicine taken so far. Kindly recommend suitable treatment

  796. neha panwar says:

    Sir mera face black ho gya h jaise black layer si jam jati aisi wo dheere dheere aur body par ho gyi h plz give me solid solution sir

  797. Skin allergy, allergy forms to
    my penis (soreness of the
    upper skin with red rashes at
    the head of the penis). I am in
    very much trouble due to that.
    Is there any permanent
    solutions ? plz help me india

  798. Sanjay Kum ar Mishra says:

    Swelling of skin on left cheek and below chin since two months.. Aesthetic disorder.. Shiftting inflammation, Feeling like flow of fluid underneath skin.. but no pain or itching.. No internal abnormality in clinical and pathological diagnosis.. Sugar level, Eosnophylis etc. and all pathological tests found normal..
    Variety of Anti-biotics taken but no result.. I don’t understand what to do..what is the remedy???

  799. Lisa Larche says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have patch tested to over 15 chemicals, metals, and even natural things, even my all organic shampo, coconut oil, ACV, and my un dyed organic cotton. I am allergic to titanium, cobalt, potassium Dechromate ( chrome which are also natural minerals in foods, waters, medicines, textille dyes, vitalmins, supplements, dental materials, etc. I am also allergic to chemicals in so many things. The dermatologists put in my allergans and not one shampoo came back safe and only one toothpaste. So, in short, I am only can tolerate un dyed silk, bedding and clothing. I am curious how homeopathy can help this. I also have multiple chemical sensitivity. I have tried many things and seen one the best environmental doctors and could not tolerate detox or homeopathic supplements, all made my contact type IV worst. How can your protocol work? Thank you

  800. pola.venkatesh says:

    sir i have allergy on back side and it turned into black sir pls give suggestion to avoid this and also medicines sir

  801. prashanth says:

    Hi sir my name is prashanth iam 18years old. Sir from last four months I have itching at piness lower part like round redish then I have gone to my family doctor he had return thermbopobh cream I applied it effected area it has removed all redish and itching but it has became black spots that black spots are not going what should i do . I t has spread to my knees some part of stamoch like black spots sir please help me ………

  802. Hi Dr.Sharma,

    I am suffering from skin allergy since 5 years am at 28 years . Earlier i had taken treatment but it is not cured .
    If i take Citrizen or Atrax tablets, rashes(entire body) won’t come for 3 days and again it will start from 4th day onwards So, 4th day again i have to take citrizen. Kindly advice to me is there any permanent solution for this….

    Thanks & Regards,

  803. charu mandle says:

    Mai 24 year old hun Meri body me khujli hote hai or kaale daag bhi ho gye pls iska koi solution bataye

  804. Meri skin bahut sensitive h..koi v cream lagati hu toh redness jalan itching swelling aa jati h..iske liye kya use krna chahie jisse meri skin normal ho jaye..

  805. A reaction occured on ma face dur to the cream I used to fight pimpls named ultrabrite skin cream.. My skin became so dry and it left scars like they are burn marks and it is very painful and ugly… Please tell any home remedy to remove that dead and dry skin as well as scars also

  806. rahul dubey says:

    wrist me khujli hoti or chote chote dane ho jate hai

  807. Itching, red in colour,when I scatch it , it will be red after it will be black, and is hard to go to it normal colour of the skin.

  808. sir mere puri body me fungal infection failta ja rha hai plz koi upay btaiye….

  809. dear sir mujhe aksar jhukaam ho jata h or bahut cheekein aati hai ye sab subhay or raat me hota h kai baat to me so tak nahi pata hu me fir raat me hi (odimont f x ) anti ellrgic leta hu tab hi nind aati h

  810. Hi Dr.
    My husband is having allergiy near thighs from the last three years.It is in form of small spots he itches all the time.He don’t consult to Dr.due to shyness.…

  811. when I walk or doing some physical work there is itching in my body nmy skin goes rad like rashes and after some time when I take rest it disappear n I m normal …
    this problem is from last one. month

  812. Arvin sharma says:

    Hello sir my name is Arvin Sharma and im from Kolkata age 22. Sir, i have a too small penis not so big and longer this is why im very upset for many years..
    What shuld i do?

  813. AMAR JYOTI SHARMA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from a acute sun sensitivity. I cant even stand for 2 seconds in sunlight. My skin shows thick patches of dry, itchy and inflamed skin when exposed to the sunlight.

  814. Thank u

  815. Vetant Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My Grand mother is of 90 Years old and has good digestion system by god grace. she can walk and talk as well. However she met paralysis few months before and we gave her Desi medicines which were very hot by intake, though she has recovered from paralysis completely but then she is suffering from high itching problem on the whole body because of which she is even unable to sleep and cries the whole night.

    Some people told us that it is because of allergy and we have got many treatments and nothing seems to work. The more we give her treatment the more we see allergy growing and burn markes start poping up on her body.

    I hope there could be a solution to it so that she could be treated well. Hope if you could help her for anything.

    Waiting for your kind reply!

  816. Rahul kumar says:

    Dinaye ho gaya hai. Useke liye subse good dawai batai.

  817. nishat chaudhri says:

    so much itching on my full body

  818. Hi, I have skin alergy from past 5 years I consulted so many doctors, when I apply the ointment Itching decreases, if I discontinue the alergy spreads. It is in my right hand. Not ow the allergy has come from fingers till elbow. Nowadays I feel water level in my right hand is decreasing n becoming thin. Please help me out. I am staying in Bangalore. Thanks, Radha.

  819. keshav nahata says:

    Heyy mam
    I am suffering from rashes on my penis skin its itching after I do toilet and gets red please mam help me out to cure it any how recently I am using graphites oinment of sbl and taking peturleom 1 m

    • AMIT Kumar says:

      Hello sir
      Mujhe pichle 2 months se bahut itching or rashes ho rahe h Ye mere penis k surrounding me or front me thighs par,wrist par ,or between the fingers or back side of neck
      please help me

  820. Sanjay Sethi says:

    I think I have atopic allergy. Skin has turned harsh towards neck and hands. I also have a polan allergy. Kindly advise the treatment.

  821. Respected Doctor,

    My son 13 years old. He is suffering with the skin disease for the last two months. He is suffering with skin itching and if he rubs, the small bumps occurs and its spreads. Some are getting suppressed but the black scar is appearing in that. Allopathy treatment eas given but no improvement. Will homeapathy give solution to this?

    Pls help in this regard

  822. neha gautam says:

    what is redness ka treatment

  823. Dear sir,
    i’m really vey trouble from the disease of itching since last five years. My affected parts are mainly in scrotum and hole pubic area and also some portion of thigh.
    sir i have seen lots of doctors the have given medicine and i am feelig some relief but not completly cure. Some doctor says that it is eczema. Sir please help me soon.

  824. vijay sharma says:

    hello dear sir mujhe takriban 5 saal se skin allergy hai, sun ki dhoop se aur jayada jor lagane se aur chilly se bi hai ,, meri skin par sun ki dhoop, hard work ya chilly se red collors ke pimple ho jate hai aur buhat takleef hoti hai main buhat si madicens khayi but koi benifits nahi huya plz ap mujhe ika solution batein thnx

  825. Rehan Ahmad says:

    Sir mai bahot paresan hu eatching se ring shape me ho raha hai aur badhta ja raha hai….homeopath ka medicine v use kar raha hu par bahot paresani hai sir……

  826. balkaran singh son of shree bud singh vpo.6fa radewala tah.shree karanpur disst-shree ganganagar(raj.) says:

    No comment

  827. Sir i am suffering from razor bumps and is there any remedy? I tried homeo medcines. I got little relief..but how to get rid of it completely??please help me..

  828. chander singh says:

    Sir mere hips ke ek part m chote chote daane hote hai….at least 1 year se… Par ab ek badha dana bhi ho gya hai jo bht pain de rha h. Un chote chote daano m bht jyaada khujli hoti h… Mujhe laga allergy hogi isliye ignore kar diya tha par ab lag rha h ki ye koi serious problem hai kyuki wo sirf ek hi side h kabhi bhi dusri side nhi hua jiski wajah se woh side ki skin bhi black ho gyi h. Sir plzz btaiye ki mujhe kya bimari h or iska kya remedy h..


    I have dry skin from birth, i get rashes and it itches a lot and have to scratch a lot, from time to
    time i put vaseline or sarsu oil on the body and for some days i get relief, my hair is grown grey
    and i used to put henna on the hair, after which i used to get small rashes and itching on the scalp
    for some days, then again when applied henna same used to happen. Last month i put on
    black dye of reputed company on my hair and beard, the next day my face got swollen and there
    were rashes all over on my face and scalp, which used to burn a lot, i had to consult a dermatologist and got medicine for allergy and after 10 days i got better, .

    Sir, pl advise what treatment to be taken to remove dry skin problem, secondly which henna or dye to be used to avoid rash problem, or precautions to be taken before dyeing
    the hair. pl let me know the homeopathy medicine, Regards & Thank you.

  830. Eva Osei Ky says:

    I have been using tenovate gel with my body lotion for body for years now ,any time I try to use the lotion without the tenovate gel ,I get this rashes on my face .pls what should I do to stop the rashes

  831. Why is my skin ellergy does not go even after taking ellergy medicine

  832. I have contact dermatitis on my face they are brown paches. Pease suggested me which homeopathic medicine i use.

  833. Hi Sir,

    I have been suffering from skin allergy since 5 years i have taken treatment and it solves temporarily. Once i had the tablet it solves problem for 4 days again it will start rashes on skin from 5th day onward. Could you please give some suggestion for permanent solutions

  834. R.P. singh says:

    my son age 21 years old, has suffering from skin problems for last five years. He feels some time red spot on the skin and he takes citrazene tablet then he relaixe

  835. karim khan says:

    good morning sir hme 6 sal se khujli hai ye kale kale ring ki trh hmare dono pairo kr bich me hai jb hm iska dwa krte hai to thik ho jata hai lekin kuch din bad waps ho jata hai ye rat me bhot chunchunata hai jiski wjh se hm rat me so nhi pate kuch aisa btaiye jisse ye hmesa ke liye khtm ho jaye

  836. Arbind kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from small pimple on all around neck and hand. I taken gamascab and triben xt on doctor reccomendation. But till now etching is not under control. So please suggest me what to do now.

    Thanks and regards

  837. HARI KRISHAN says:

    hello sir my one year old son is suffering from mosquito bites skin allergy since last five months.when mosquito bites it occur swelling with itching.after two and three days it become reddish and it is converted into wound by my son.we are giving him homeopathic medicine since last 45 days but no recovery seen.please give me suggestion about treatment for this disease.

  838. Hi,
    I have skin allergy since last 2 years , symptom my body get warm and having highly itching on body its look like that mosquitoes bites sign,
    I am already avoiding fish, eggs, chocolates, Peanuts, milk,

  839. a.o.a sir kay hal ha .umaid ho gai ap theak ho gay . sir ma nay ap say pochna chata ho k mearay papa ko skin allergy ki koi medicine bta de gay . hum nay kafi doct ko bi chak karwaya ha mager koi afaka nh parta .agar parta ha to kush din bad phir ho jati ha.sir allergy tikriban 15 saal ho sukay ho gy. mery papa nay tilao ka tail lagay tha . zayda say zayd 3/ 4 din a j tak ha. plzkush bta di geay. ap ki an nawsish ho gi
    my phone no 03086543600 chishtian pakistan

  840. amit sharma says:

    Dear sir my name amit sharm . mere penis per dane -2 se hai. Mane kitne hi docter ko dikaya. Medicen khata rehta hu to thik rehta hai mai is wakt citrazin kaha raha hu. Novamax band kardi hai. Mane kisi se sumbund bhi nahi bnaye. Mai force me srinager mai posted hu. Muje ye bemari 4 month se hai. Sir koi medicin btao plese.

  841. Abdishukri Abdikarim says:

    My wife ich her body to the extent I stop her. she get better for a short time if she take ABZ. Thanks Dr.

  842. sulochana says:

    Sun burn itching only in hand top exposed portion . Patches , sometimes redish and breaks out with lite blood. Gets worse in sun and itches more at nights. Please suggest

  843. yash pathak says:

    i have noticed round white patches on my hand and etching come from the patches sometimes . since two months i m facing this problem . i have taken advise of doctor but he is telling that it is due to UV exposure and it will reduce eventuly by wearing a full sleve shirt and thus gave me some ointment and medicines and told me to try for a month and show him wat is the result .

    your advise is awaited and pls revert ASAP.

  844. Naheed Siddique says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    From last 3 years i have a severe skin allergy, its alover the body ,and its too much itchy
    and becomes welps.

  845. Opal Beisiegel says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma, I have had contact dermatitis on palms of both hands for one year. I do & have used the remidies over past 15 years but have difficulty in matching emotionals with the physical modalities, so usually need help.

    One year ago I bought a brand new pair of “rubber” garden gloves. About 1 week after manhandling 30 pound patio blocks blisters broke out on palms of both hands ( mirror images) and began to itch exactly like I had posion ivy, which I have had contact with many many times, but this was NOT the result of having touched any of it. It went from itching to raw then dry, rough then cracking.

    Currently it’s dry, rough, cracked, sore & never goes away. Nothing topical I have used has helped. Sorry to say I have forgotten to investigate the power of the remidies to heal. I would appreciate any advice or direction you may provide for me to facilitate a healing. Thank you for having a site that allows interaction with wisdom. Opal

  846. Pls tel me.i have skin allergy from 1year..iam only rashes and also its coming like a pimples on my entire body..and very itching..iam very iritate for these of iam over come from these allery pls tel me?

  847. halo evening dr. i just only ask hiw should i do to my face so etching and reddesh like rashing i dont know it only time to time what cream o product for remove this pls help me. hole my face so etching. huhuhi help me pls pls

  848. RAMESH OJHA says:

    shariar me phle dane hua phir phode hone lage ab dhire dhire dad ka rup le raha hai dava karne per upr se thik ho jata hai lekin andhar se chunchunahat hoti rahti hai please dava bate

  849. My 2 year old and I mowed the yard and the next day he was covered by a skin rash. He sits on the grass and hay often with only a diaper. Which homeopatic med can I give him asap

  850. Najeeb -ul-hasnain says:

    My daughter 4 year old have this weird seasonal allergy it starts around September and ends @the start of winter ………..she has this round rash every where and on the face and all over the body specially on the legs and it itches alot plz help me find a solution

  851. karan Kundnani says:

    Good afternoon. I am geting red rashes on my body at any time of the day. i am consulting a skin specialist which has termed its name as Urticaria. its been over 4 months but the problem still persist.
    i want to know if there is any permanent solution with Homeopathic medicine or not.
    i am currently prescribed for Allegra 180 tablets, which helps. but if its discontinued for a couple of days.the problem restarts.
    please reply to the solution or suggestion at the earliest.


  852. sonia katyal says:

    i hv skin allergy doctors with pimples vry tiny and red in colour i am taking treatment in homeopathy from last 8 month bt no relief it comes over again n again i am taking pago30,p.oak30, ars30, arnica .
    plz suggest which medicine to take

  853. My skin allergic started a short time ago. I took a pill named 5HTP for restlessness and I weak up with a lot of itching and rashes on my legs and intimate parts of my body also a few on arms and belly. Since that day I started having this kind of allergic reaction every single night without to take the 5HTP pill. Today the allergic is also in my face close to my mouth.
    Thank you for the advice.

  854. Dear sir,
    I have an daane (pimples) on my penic skin.
    How can i remove.

  855. Naresh Kumar says:

    sir i had unprotected sex about 3 to 4 yrs ago from that day i m facing red headed bump problems on my pennis .I had tried 1 yrs course from halopathy medicine but in wain nd have no positive response. Now m using homeopathy from last three yrs which is so helpful but doesn’t cure permanently. I have tested for HSV-II—— HIV—– and all other skin tests which are negative. And whenever i take egg meat or alchohol they came back on my pennis. So pls help as my moral confidence is going down everyday…… Thnx

  856. Helo doctor

    please give me advise how to my skin become fair. earlier my skin fair but now
    my skin become black last five year,i am 34 year old.please solve my problem .how to I met you

  857. aaquib salman says:

    i am suffering from yeast infection around my penis area since near about 1 year , it is to irritating
    and painful ….
    plzzz plzz help me ….

  858. i was a old patient of allergy[utricaria] and was on homeo treatment from local doctor for few years. and my problem was solved and i did not get the allergy for nearly five years . but all of sudden my allergy stated again.

  859. niket dave says:

    sir suffering frm photo dermatitis help me

  860. Muhammed Masood wani says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have used hair colour six months back which was having amonia. I got allergy on my face like my face is getting darker day by day.Also once I take a medicine containing salt “ornidazole” due to which I also get reaction and some parts of my face like chin and lips got black.
    Now the main cocern is thst the face is getting black day by day. I had used skin lighting ointment and creams as prescribed by physician. . but no effect is seen.
    plz advice me what should I do.. and what homeopathic treatment should I go for. …
    Muhammed Masood wani
    Jammu and Kashmir

  861. g.g.mehta says:

    3 years back I had taken Allopathic Medicine for year infection. After that I develop allergy. than doctors said it is photo sensitive reaction. I took one year homopathic treatment but no relief.there were patches at my face now it is going through my back etc.I took allopathic treatment but no relief.face patches like eczema (only redness) with itiching.
    Kindly suggest Medicine

  862. yogesh sharma says:

    hello sir,
    i m yogesh m suffering from skin ellergy on my face it occor on my face as redness and after that some liquid comeout from my face skin nd its all process is very painfull plz tell me solution…

  863. Harshal Bharsakal says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My daughter is 22 months old now. Since 4 months she has started developing boils on her body. Most of them on her hands and legs, few of them on her face. There are 1-2 on her trunk. Initially when it started , doctor diagnosed her for chicken pox since she did have 3-4 days fever of about 101-102 C. But even after couple of weeks, the boils continued. Thereafter, those boils ceased and new boils would appear, this phenomenon is still continued. We referred to 5 doctos till now including Paediatrics, Skin specilists, some say it is her skin allergy, some say it is papular urticaria and it will go with time. We did medication as suggested for about 3 months (skin creams, anti hystamines, kidpred,vitamin supplements etc) but no use, so now since 1 month, we have stopped all medications since it didnt work. Only thing we do is apply moisturiser(Venusia, Dr Reddy’s) after bath(teddy bar soap) and apply Odomos cream in evening(since 1 month) to avoid mosqutoes bite. it has reduced bit after that though.
    Her blood haemogram is normal and haemoglobin is 11.1. She is normal child with good-average diet, her weight is 12.1 Kgs. Only issue now is she feels itchy quite some times and hence keep scratching, hence even if boils cease down, blood ooze out and again build up or new boil appear somewhere else on body.

    Please let me know if Homeopathy can help her, I do not want to try for allopathy since she had too many medicines considering her age. Also will homeopathy have any sideeffects.

    Thanx & Regards,

  864. hello sir,
    I have an allergy on the outer part of my feet. it started as a little rash on the left foot and later spread over the surface of the outer foot and then to the right foot. I have been having this issue for about 20 years now, but prior to now d little rashes usually disappear after some time probably after running its course but it has never been dis severe. this is about two years running now. I’ve been applying creams and I also saw a skin doc but all seems not to work. it usually get very itchy almost to my brain sometimes especially when I wear a particular leather slipas. can d slip as be the cause, pls I’m really disturbed sir. I can send pictures of my feet for better diagnose, if u send me your email. hoping to hear from you, GOD bless you sir.

  865. hello sir,

    my 10 year daughter was born with atopic dermatitis which slowly developed to bronchitis by the year she was 3. since then at 5-6 times she suffers with bronchitis during a year and during winter with skin rashes with severe itching. now that the skin rashes have come down, but she develops it only around the mouth which becomes red, spotted but not itchy for which she feels shy n doesnt go to school for few days. n bronchitis is still continuing and occures every 2 months n during this period she doesnt go to school for 4-5 days due to heavy wheezing. pl help my child to get out of it sir

  866. anitha .b says:


    Sir,I am 24 years old married staying in UAE from past 3 months .I am suffering from severe rashes -redness, itching all over the body from past 15 days .I am from India,staying in bangalore can u please suggest me to get rid from this presently . I have consulted to doctor in dubai n had a treatment (xyzal) in alopathy but no changes yet i am suffering due to my parents advice have come to india for my treatment can u please help me by suggesting a good homeopathy doctor in bangalore. Before a year i hd consult homeapathy doctor nd she said its melasma on ur forehead,sides of eyes and bit on nose after that its been 7 months i hve stoped nd i finished my course.Is it a side effect of those tablets or something else,please reply as soon as possibel as i shall be waiting for your reply .

  867. sabeenaashraf says:

    My daughter is having atopic dermatitis..and she has recently started homeopathic treatment..but when treatment started its increased..why it happened ? How long does it take to see the improvement?

  868. sarfraz alm says:

    Dr. i am suffering with sun allergy i have taken treatment of english medicine no cure, it is continuously repeated. please give suggestion of homeopathy treatment

  869. rahul Kushwah says:

    mere papa ko khujli hai woh kujate rehte hai jisse pani nikalne lagta hai har tarah se ilaj karba liya lekin acci hi nahi hoti

  870. dr arvind says:

    skin allergy by sun

  871. hi sir
    im patient of skin allergy, allergy in my finger,
    when i ear hen meet in winter so alergy start in my finger.
    and in this h0t season, im doing kitchen works, allergy start in my fingers, SMALL SMALL WATER PIMPLE SHOW IN FINGER,
    please tell me medicine,

  872. chetan pant says:

    sir my small brother was suffering from ghmroies there is any liquid medicine for this
    please help me sirr

    chetan pant
    kathmandu nepal

  873. dr.aqeel says:

    Sir m sufrng from GIT distress, with flatulance most of the times and diarrhea with alternate constipation. Most often I also suffer from skin allergy with mild itching and redness. M also suferng from sinusitis. Kindly prescribe me treatment

  874. Hazel Goble says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am in my 60’s and have never suffered from any allergies all my life until last year (February) when I visited Australia and was bitten under my left foot by an insect. Ever since if the foot gets particularly hot or if I wear certain shoes or socks I get an allergic reaction. My foot starts itching, secondly it has small bumps underneath.

    My GP has given me anti-histamine tablets and I use a cream quite regularly at the first sign of trouble but I would just love to get rid of it entirely as I never know when it might happen, also the tablets make me so drowsy it is just hateful.

    Can you help?

  875. harish says:

    eaching skull and face and hair loss.
    i am facing problem , some time it is ok

  876. Manish Arora says:

    Dear sir,
    me my wife & doughter suffring from skin allergy for last two years with worst iching almost allover body , kindly suggest a good homeopathic madison,doughter is 3 years old.

  877. Amit Rohra says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My mother is 40 years old, she is suffering from itching problem since 20 years, she has visited many doctors but problem is no solved permanently, even she took the course of homeopathic.

    Can you please suggest something in this case what we should do?

    Thank you,
    Amit Rorha

  878. Plz give me any suggestion for skin allergy on my hands of sun lights so plz

  879. Darrel King says:

    My daughter age 35 has developed a sever skin problem over the last few years with constant itching, red rashes, and dry skin. Her dermatologist has determined that she is allergic too many foods including dairy, grains, nuts, and most every common food group she has eliminated these foods from her diet with minimal success. She also exhibits lack of energy extreme exhaustion. The symptoms seem more pronounced if she is under emotional strain or duress. Do you have any suggestion on a treatment for such a problematic ailment?

  880. amit singh says:

    Dear sir

    I have skin alergy from last six month,i was taking levocetrazibe and methylpredsolone salt as per dr recommendation.
    When i stopped taking medicine it ocurred again.
    My main problem is itching at entire body parts like sometime on nose,neck,chest,leg etc.
    And some time very small red spot in point size.
    Pls sugess any medice to remove it entirely.

  881. Dr. My Face Skin is very very sensitive and oily in summer it get worst ,iching, burning sensation and also some rouhghness,so how to get smooth skin also tell me what cream should i apply so that my face remain smooth all the time..


  882. virender says:

    chehra lal hota hai aur chehre par lal dane hote hai .

  883. fenika muvirimi says:

    My four year old is coming out this hard like pimples on top of his eyes when I try to take them off its difficult and blood comes your

  884. pragati pandey says:

    sir after arrival of summer i am suffering from skin allergy to sun light, light of sun damage my skin of hand face so much please help me i am at the age of 45

  885. Hi Sir,

    I’m suffering problem of face allergy; my face glow has been daed. please let me know about this.

  886. sankar sengupta says:

    last 2 years find some white patches in some areas of my face -alongwith Zulfi both side and chin area

  887. lokrsh reddy says:

    When ever i eat food like ghee ,nonveg,milk products iam getting allergy (in telugu they dadaulu)icthing tendency more and they disappear in 2hrs iam fed with eating tablets please give me a solution for this problem

  888. lokrsh reddy says:

    When ever i eat food like ghee ,nonveg,milk products iam getting allergy (in telugu they dadaulu) iam fed with eating tablets please give me a solution for this problem


    my grand son two years old

  890. Vikram Kumar Veena says:

    My face is discolored, dry & itchy. Now rash has also come. I feel burning sensation very badly after shaving. I had been using different medicines. I have been suffering from this problem since a long time. (many years) If I go out in sun it is very horrible. My age is 56 years. Pl suggest me a good medicine for immediate relief.


  891. P K Baranwal says:

    Your consultation is requested for recent development of a white scar/ patch on my face. Details are as follows:
    1. Name : P. K. Baranwal
    2. Sex : Male
    3. Age : 55 years
    4. Height : 5 ft 7 in
    5. Skin : Whitish towards fair
    6. Taste liking: Less for sweet than salty dishes
    7. Ailments :
    a. History Skin Allergy – Rashes seen during change of weather, mainly on face, knees, elbows ears fingers.
    b. Last happened in January end this year when I visited a Bio-diversity park for a group picnic. It started with profuse watering in eyes & nose and itching on face by the same evening. My local homeopathy consultant recommended Graphites 200, which I took in past also and was relieved too, but not this time.
    Next morning skin problem aggravated, rashes started appearing on face, back of palm, ears.
    The 3rd day I resorted to allopathic consultant and was on anti-allergy treatment for ten days for reasonable cue.
    But it left me with one white patch/ scar (approx. 10 mm x 5 mm) on face below lower lip on left side. It’s not that all rashes cured with white patch behind. In fact, only one white scar/ patch seen after the rashes cured.
    My lips are whitish, developed faint white patches few months back, I don’t remember the actual scenario when these patches actually developed.
    c. OTHER FACTS: Under medication for High Blood Pressure for last one year and for Uric Acid for five years (intermittently). Glaucoma treated by Laser five months back (YAG).

    Looking forward for your valued consultancy and medication
    Kind Regards

  892. payel dhar says:

    contact allergy by using a branded sunscreen and my skin got tanned very much

  893. Doctor 2 mint se jada dhoop mein rahne se hand head face mein jalan khujli & red rashes ban jate hain iske liye medicine kya hai


    my father age is 70years old and he is facing alergic on his face last 15 days.
    plz advice homeo medicine


  895. Hello Doctor,

    I seem to be suffering from some kind of allergy which is very disturbing to me. I am 39 years old and have grey hair since I was 25. I was using hair colours with no problem but since October 2006, I cannot colour my hair or use lipstick, so I have switched to herbal henna to colour my hair but when I do that, my body swells, my cheek, lips swell and I feel bloated, the same happens even when I use an eyeliner or eye pencil too. Kindly suggest a medicine for these issues. Thank you in advance.

  896. Rekha agarwal says:

    Itching on whole body n itching n red mark on face since one month

  897. Sunil Mankotia says:

    I have severe itching on palms of hand & on feet. This happens when I come out of A/c
    & walk , This itching is for 3 to 4 minutes but it is unbearable.