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Its spring time and the weather is great outside, but for many it is not a very pleasant time of the year. It’s time for their allergies to come up. Nasal and respiratory allergies are very intense in this weather (from March to early May). Sneezing, runny nose, watery and itchy eyes and even breathing problems can be a part of this allergic reaction.

Wheat harvesting in April becomes a major source for triggering this kind of allergy. Wheat harvest allergy not only affects those who stay in villages and near farms but also those who stay in cities, as wheat thrashing dust is carried by wind to nearby cities and towns too. Homeopathy has a wonderful treatment for spring allergy. Not only does it treat the current symptoms but also gradually eradicates the tendency to have such recurrent attacks every year.

Hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis, as it is called, is most commonly caused by tree and grass pollens and also wheat thrashing dust. It is characterised by symptoms of sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose and a burning or itchy sensation in the throat or palate. Coughing and sore throat may also be present in some individuals. Some patients develop asthmatic symptoms like breathing difficulties along with other symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Homeopathy aims at treating the patient by optimising the overactive immune system. It works by giving a similar stimulus to the body like that of the allergen (pollen dust, etc) in very minute but activated form. This process gradually desensitises the overactive immune system against the allergens.

Quite a few of the homeopathic medicines used in treating allergies are made from plants whose pollens are known to cause symptoms of allergy. The most common example is the ragweed, which is also used as an important homeopathic medicine in treating allergy.

The most common homeopathic medicines used in treating hay fever are Sabadilla, Allium Cepa, Natrum Mur, Ambrosia and Arsenic Album. Allium Cepa requires a special mention in treating spring allergic rhinitis. Histaminum, Luffa Operculata and Galphimia Glauca are a few of the medicines that have been lately introduced in homeopathy and have shown very promising results in treating allergy.

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  1. Rajesh Kapoor says:

    I am 47 yrs old,continuous sneezing and itching in Thorat eyes & ear

  2. Boy is 15yrs. Slim sneezing frequently more while bathing and washing face.

  3. wakil sah says:

    I get constant non stop allergic sneezes every day. I get itchy throat, eyes & ear. It’s very bad sir. I cannot explain. I request you to kindly suggest me a good homeopathy medicine to …

  4. Abey George says:

    I am 39 years old, suffering from sneezing with watery discharge mostly in the morning.
    Please suggest homeopathy medicine.

  5. sir i have same indications.but homeo doctor advised sneezol tablets and some liquid to be taken with water and also some loose tablets

  6. Deepika singh says:

    Hello Dr shama,
    I am continue sneezing, watery nose and itching in nose,watery eyes and itching also…..itching in throat also.
    Please suggestbest medicine to take immediately

  7. Mukesh Kumar Verma says:

    Sir, my daughter (12 yrs old) is suffering from sneezing with running nose in the morning in winters only since past 3 years what is the remedy for early treatment.


  8. Hasina Rahman says:

    Doctor I’m allergic to dust and have continuous sneezing once it starts. I was prescribed Apis Melfica before and after 10 days I started having Cheledonium Mother due to liver problems as prescribed by my doctor. Plz help me with a medicine so that my sneezing is cured

    • DOCTOR my son 15 years throughout the year irrespective of place season climate morning when wake up he get 10 to 20 minutes sneezing runny nose .
      Plz help me with a medicine so that my sneezing is cured

  9. INDER SOOD says:



  10. Hi Sir,

    Am bunny(25) suffering with cold and continously sneezing in only in the morning times from past 2 years .so I request u to kindly help me out from these disease…..

  11. Gopal Bhattarai says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from allergy of nose. I am suffering from more than 13 years. I have continuous sneezing for more than 20 times and itching of eyes in esp. August , september and October. I took many homeopathic medicines but it didn’t work. I am taking Cetrozen but when I don’t take it again it started sneezing. I don’t have other problems. Is there any particular medicine for me. I’d be obliged if you answered me.

    • Continues sneezing in morning & two to three tomes in day & night; running nose ;watery

    • Deepika singh says:

      Hello Dr sharma
      I don’t have any kind of congestion in my chest but continue sneezing in cold weather .I have allergy in my nose only. Taking rhustox but not getting relief permanently. It happens 365 days to me especially in cold.I am also taking nutrilite natural c. Still not getting permanent relief. I m facing this problem from many years.every medn I took gives me temporary relief. I have allergy from smoking smell,vehicles smell age is 33 now…please help me.I want permanent solution..

  12. vinay chopra says:

    Good Afternoon Sir
    I have a problem of frequent sneezing. It arises in the morning predominantly when wind is blowing or fan speed is high. I sleep in AC at around 25-26 Celsius with AC blanket.
    Please guide

  13. satish pandita says:

    Sir my child is of 8 yrs old and is suffering from sneezing with running nose in the morning only since past 15 days what is the remedy for early treatment

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