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SUMMER-time woes get the better of the best of us. It needs no mention how horrifying summer diarrhoeas can be. Thankfully, homoeopathic medicines are of a great help in such cases. Here are some of the best bets available for treating summer diarrhoeas fast and effectively.

Veratrum album is one of the most frequently prescribed homoeopathic medicines in violent cases of gastroenteritis. Sudden diarrhoeas with large evacuations and profuse, violent vomiting associated with great weakness and coldness in the body is most characteristic of veratrum album. When such symptoms develop after eating watery fruits (melons), veratrum is the best bet. It also works well in the treatment of severe cases of cholera.

If diarrhoea is caused by sudden chilling of the stomach with ice water or ice-cream, arsenic album is the right choice. In such conditions stools are attended by very distressing heartburn, burning pain and sometimes burning in the stomach. These are followed by great weakness and coldness. There is a feeling of intense thirst. The patient’s condition worsens after midnight.

Podophyllum is a very frequently used medicine for summer diarrhoeas. It helps greatly in cases of gushing diarrhoea, wh en stool comes out like water from a hydrant, hurrying the patient out of the bed early in the morning.

When diarrhoeas are attended by gripping, cutting pains in the abdomen area while passing stool, colocynth is the right medicine. Taking food or a drink, even in a small measure provokes evacuations as also pains.

Summer diarrhoeas can be very distressing. So, if the symptoms correspond, three doses of 30c potency of the indicated medicine can be taken. Although a repetition will depend on the intensity the disease, the safest way is to take a dose after every hour. It is always better to consult a physician.

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    Sir my son recently suffer from diarrhoea from yesterday evening and he was exposure for few minutes in sun….may this cause….pls help me…fr Dr Samir….father of this child

  5. is pain occurs in intestestines?.

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