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Wet Weather Allergies & Homeopathy

Wet weather is a much-awaited season but it brings with it its share of miseries too. Skin disorders, viral fever, respiratory problems and gastroenteritis are always on the rise during this weather. Most viral fever cases are reported during this weather. Fungal infections on the skin like ring worm and athletes foot are very common.

Some of the asthmatics experience an increase in their breathing problems. Cases of gastroenteritis (diarrhea, vomiting, etc) are usually very high in wet weather as compared to other seasons. All this is so due to the fact that the hot and moist environment during this period is favorable for micro-organisms to thrive. So, the best way is to have a small homeopathic kit to prevent and treat wet weather-related ailments.

Fungal infections on the skin are the most common of all and can be effectively treated with homeopathy. Too of the most common fungal infections during this time are athletes foot and ring worm. Athletes foot is a fungal infection that can affect usually the front part of the foot. Mostly it is between the toes and the underside of the front part of the foot. It is usually marked by red itchy patches and white flaky skin. It has nothing to do with the foot of an athlete; in reality, it can affect anybody.

This disease is more common in hot and moist weather and is more frequently seen in people who keep their feet enclosed in shoes or socks most of the time. It is caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes. It is slightly contagious and can spread through direct contact, towels, shoes, socks, etc. Not changing your sweaty socks frequently also contributes to this disorder. Homeopathic medicine Graphite can work wonders in treating athletes foot. Another medicine, Sanicula, is helpful if Graphite fails.

Ringworm is characterised by a raised brownish red patch which can occur anywhere around the body. They are usually marked with a ring around it. It does not have a ring-shaped worm inside it (as it is popularly believed). Ring worm is caused by the same fungi group. Tellurium and Sepia are very effective in treating this condition.

For some of the asthmatics, rains are not a welcome sign as their breathing problems tend to increase during this period. This is mainly due to an increase in moulds and fungi. This also leads to an increase in upper respiratory allergies. Natrum Sulph works very effectively in handling this problem. an added advantage with Natrum Sulph is that it can eradicate the problem forever by striking at its roots.

Influenzas, or viral fever as it is popularly called is much more on the rise during this weather. As a preventive, homeopathic medicine Influenzinum can give a great deal of protective cover from viral fevers. Rhus Tox is greatly indicated when fever starts after getting drenched in rain. Veratrum Album is preferred for gastroenteritis. Also, Arsenic Album is very helpful when the source of infection in gastroenteritis is water-borne.

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  1. Sneezing sometimes congested nose, sinus headache, transparent discharge from nose, itchy nose, itchy eays – all due to slight weather change, due to cold breeze, on opening fridge, entering an AC room, if i am fine in AC room then it starts when i come out of that room…. i think allgery from air and water … cannot tolerate working in water for even sometime…throat pain when i eat anything sour .please help…. i am taking sanguinaria nitr 200 twice a week and pothos foe mother tinture 5 drops three times… but it has not helped.

    please help me

  2. sony m prabha says:

    dear sir
    my daughter is 3 yrs.old n she is always having cold n cough.whenever there is wet season her nose starts running.her immune system is very weak kindly suggest me some medicines.

    • Khalid Siddiqui says:

      I develop a blocked nose and extreme difficulty in breathing whenever I lie down to sleep especially when weather starts becoming wet and cold even in hot and humid summer weather in Pakistani Punjab. I am 76 years old, and am taking many medicines for diabetes, blood thinner, blood pressure and BPH. I feel weak, tired, miserable all day and have not slept well for two months. I have tried many allopathic anti-allergy drugs including nasal drops and sprays prescribed by GPs and ENT specialist. Please help me with homeopathic medicines.

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