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Homeopathic Remedies For Leucorrhea and Vaginal Discharges

The fluid secretion from vagina is referred as vaginal discharge medically known as leucorrhea. Some amount of this fluid is daily secreted that lubricates the vagina, cleans it by carrying away dead cells and protects against infection. Mostly vaginal discharge is normal and under normal circumstances it can be fluid, white or clear watery, sticky and vary in amount depending on the time of menstrual cycle. But vaginal discharge if attended with foul odour, itching, burning, pain or has changed colour and consistency then it may be arising from some health condition like a vaginal infection. So here medical help is necessary to rule out the cause. Natural homeopathic remedies for Leucorrhea are made of natural substances and are completely safe with no side effects. These remedies work to root out the underlying causes of Leucorrhea.    homeopathic remedies for leucorrhea

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Leucorrhea

Sepia, Pulsatilla, Natrum Mur, Kreosote and Alumina are the top homeopathic remedies for treatment of Leucorrhea.

1. Sepia – Top Grade Medicine For Vaginal Discharge

Sepia is the top natural medicine to treat Leucorrhea when the vaginal discharge is yellowish green in color or is milky white passing in large lumps. In some cases it may even be blood stained. The discharge smells foul and is attended with excessive vaginal itchingBurning sensation is also felt in vagina. Intercourse is very painful. Vaginal discharge gets profuse after urinating. It gets worse before and after menses. Pelvic pain and bearing down sensation in the pelvis as if pelvic organs would come out from vulva is marked. Sepia Officinalis also specifically indicated for foul vaginal discharge in case of gonorrhoea infection. The women requiring this medicine usually suffer from menstrual irregularities of various kinds. Sepia is the top natural medicine to treat Leucorrhea mainly in women at the menopause age with excessive hot flushes, perspiration, and weakness.

2. Pulsatilla – For Vaginal Discharge That Is Milky White Coloured

Pulsatilla is very beneficial for vaginal discharge that is milky white in color. It is very thick and the discharge worsens on lying down. It causes itching and burning in vagina. It is also well-indicated when vaginal discharge is attended with backache and weakness. Pulsatilla is also indicated for gonorrhoea with thick mucus discharge milky white in colour.

3. Natrum Mur – For Watery Transparent Vaginal Discharge

Natrum Mur is usually prescribed for vaginal discharge which is watery transparent. It is very profuse and attended with weakness. Abdomen pain and bearing down pains may attend it. Itching in vagina may occur too. Besides, it can also be used when thick white vaginal discharge occurs in place of menses.

4. Kreosotum – For Offensive Vaginal Discharge With Violent Itching

Kreosotum is the best medicine for vaginal discharge with violent itching in genitals. The vaginal discharge is yellow leaving a yellow stain on the linen. The discharge is very foul smelling. The condition gets worse between periods. Standing and walking makes the discharge worse and the patient feels better while sitting or lying down. Intense pain is felt during intercourse. Pain is also felt while urinating. This medicine is highly recommended for vaginitis cases.

5. Alumina – For Profuse Vaginal Discharge With Severe Burning

Alumina is another effective medicine which brings very good results in case of profuse vaginal discharge with severe burning. The discharge is very profuse and even runs down till the heels.  The discharge is transparent, may be ropy as well. Itching is also felt in genitals. Washing the private parts with cold water helps to relieve symptoms. Vaginal discharge gets worse during day and after menses, and the patient is physically and mentally exhausted after menses.Alumina is also a remedy of great help for patients who usually suffer from chronic constipation and go without passing stool for many days.

6. Borax – For Egg White Like Vaginal Discharge

Borax is an ideal remedy where the vaginal discharge is like the white of an egg. It is attended with a feeling as if warm water is flowing. Such a discharge is worse for two weeks between the menstrual cycle. Swelling of labia may attend it.

7. Conium – For Vaginal Discharge With Pain In Lower Abdomen (Pelvic Pain)

Though Sepia is the main medicine for vaginal discharge with pelvic pain, but Conium is also indicated to manage this issue. Conium can be used when the discharge is white or yellow. It is attended with griping, pinching or labor like pains in abdomen. Burning in vagina is present. Lower back feels weak.

8. Calcarea Carbonica – For Milky White Or Yellow Vaginal Discharge

Calcarea Carbonica is the best remedy for vaginal discharge that is milky white or yellow colored. It is attended with itching and burning in vagina. Weakness is also marked along with the above symptoms. Leucorrhea gets worse from exertion and also while urinating which is another strong indication towards the use of Calcarea Carbonica.

9. Merc Sol – For Greenish Vaginal Discharge

Merc Sol is helpful medicine for managing greenish-colored vaginal discharge. It is attended with intense itching and burning in private parts. The discharge is worse at night. Its use is also indicated for blood-stained vaginal discharge.

10. Hydrastis – For Thick Yellow, Ropy Vaginal Discharge

Hydrastis works well in cases of vaginal discharge that is yellow, thick and ropy and hangs down in long strings. Excessive vaginal itching is always felt. The discharge gets worse immediately after menses with a lot of weakness. During intercourse, soreness is felt in the vagina, after which bleeding from vagina may also occur.

11. Kali Carb – For Vaginal Discharge And Backache

Kali Carb is an ideal medicine for patients who feel a sharp, cutting pain in the lower back with a feeling as if the back would break. The vaginal discharge is yellow with burning and itching in the vulva.

12. Graphites – For Very Profuse Gushing Vaginal Discharge

Graphites is a prominent medicine for managing profuse gushing vaginal discharge. It may be present day and night. The color of discharge is white and is accompanied by excessive weakness in the back. Weakness worsens on walking and sitting.

Different Colors And Consistency Of Vaginal Discharge  – What’s Normal And What’s Not?

The color of discharge may indicate the cause behind it:

1. Clear watery discharge: It usually occurs physiologically (under normal healthy condition)  and often does not indicate any infection or other pathology if occurring alone without any other symptoms. It commonly occurs around ovulation (process of releasing egg from ovary). It is also noticed when sexually aroused or during pregnancy.

2. A white discharge without any odor is usually seen at the beginning or end of menstrual cycle

3. A thick white cheesy discharge might indicate a yeast infection

4. A gray, white or yellow, discharge having fish-like smell is seen mainly in bacterial vaginosis

5. Yellow or green discharge often points towards a sexually transmitted infection

6. Pink-colored discharge may be due to Lochia (vaginal discharge in women after childbirth), cervical bleeding, implantation bleeding (slight spotting of blood after around 14 days of conception), vaginal irritation

7. Red (bloody) or brown color discharge may happen during or soon after menstrual period,  irregular menses, cervical infection/polyp, cancer of cervix/endometrium in rare cases. Such spotting during early pregnancy may indicate miscarriage.

Different Causes Of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

1. Vaginal yeast infection: Also named vaginal candidiasis, it refers to a fungal infection of vagina. It causes a thick white vaginal discharge having cottage cheese-like appearance. It is often attended with itching and burning sensation in vagina.

2. Bacterial vaginosis: It refers to vaginal inflammation arising from overgrowth of bacteria that normally reside in vagina. It causes vaginal discharge which smells foul, to be more specific fish-like odor. The discharge can be gray, white or yellow.

3. Sexually transmitted infections:

a). Chlamydia trachomatis: This STD is caused by a bacteria which causes vaginal discharge, painful urination, itching or burning in vagina and painful intercourse.

b). Gonorrhea: Caused by bacteria neisseria gonorrhoeae, it leads to profuse vaginal discharge that may be white, yellow or green; pelvic pain, pain when urinating and vaginal bleeding in between periods.

c). Trichomoniasis: It is caused by parasite trichomonas vaginalis. It causes foul-smelling vaginal discharge – yellow green grey or white-colored, and attended with itching/ burning in vagina, pain while urinating or intercourse.

d). Genital herpes: It is caused by herpes simplex virus. It causes sores on genital area that can be accompanied by vaginal discharge which is thick with foul smell and painful urination.

4. Vaginitis (inflammation of vagina) and cervicitis (inflammation of cervix)

5. Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID): It is an infection of female reproductive system and can affect fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and uterus. It causes lower abdomen pain, foul-smelling vaginal discharge usually yellow or green, painful urine, painful sex, irregular periods, fever and chills

6. Use of antibiotics or steroids or birth control pills

7. Retained tampon – a menstrual product inserted in vagina to absorb blood and vaginal secretions during periods

8. Douching (washing the vagina with water or mixture of fluids) or using scented soaps, bubble baths

9. Post-surgery pelvic infection

10. Having diabetes also raises risk

11. Vaginal atrophy – thinning and drying of the vaginal lining. It is noted usually during menopause

12. Vaginal fistula

13. Rarely cancer of cervix or vagina

What Other Signs And Symptoms Can Attend Vaginal Discharge?

Depending on the cause behind vaginal discharge following signs and symptoms may occur:

1. Itching in vagina

2. Swelling, redness, burning in vagina or vulva

3. Pelvic pain / lower abdomen pain

4. Intermenstrual bleeding

5. Pain while urinating

6. Painful intercourse

Tips For Preventing Vaginal Infections

1. Keep vagina clean by washing gently with mild soap and water

2. Application of scented soaps, wipes, gels in vagina should be avoided

3. Douching should also be avoided

4. Try to wear loose and cotton undergarments

5. During periods change pads frequently

6. When cleaning vagina wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria from rectum entering vagina

7. Use protection during sexual activity

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