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Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis is a glaring example of how alcohol abuse or drinking in excess can damage a person’s health. Cirrhosis of Liver is an irreversible damage to the liver with permanent death of cells or liver cell necrosis. There is a replacement of liver tissue with fibrotic scar tissue. The scar tissue hinders the blood supply to liver, leading to improper liver functioning. The main cause behind Cirrhosis of the Liver is alcohol abuse, viral Hepatitis B and C and fatty liver. The signs and symptoms of Cirrhosis of Liver are jaundice, loss of appetite, weakness or fatigue, weight loss, bruises on skin, itching on skin, Ascites (fluid accumulation in the abdomen), Oedema of legs and ankles, and Esophageal Varices Bleeding (vomiting of blood). What’s damaged cannot be undone, but homeopathic medicines for liver cirrhosis helps prevent further liver damage. Its natural medicines, which are completely safe to use with no side effects, also improve the general condition of the patients of Liver Cirrhosis.     homeopathic medicines for liver cirrhosis

Homeopathic Medicines for Liver Cirrhosis

The pathological changes occurring in the liver due to Cirrhosis are irreversible. Natural medicines in no way claim to reverse such changes. So, the treatment for cirrhosis of liver is basically aimed at preventing further liver damage and the complications arising as a result of Liver Cirrhosis, and also improving the general condition of the patient. Natural remedies for cirrhosis of liver are of great help in relieving the symptoms in patients due to Liver Cirrhosis, including appetite loss, fatigue, jaundice, Ascites, and vomiting of blood.

1. Cardus Marianus: For Cirrhosis of Liver

Cardus Marianus is among the top natural medicines for treating Cirrhosis of Liver. It covers a wide range of symptoms that can be relieved with its use. The first condition calling for its use is jaundice. The second is dropsical accumulation of water in abdomen. The next field is bleeding consequent to liver damage. Liver pain and sensitiveness are experienced by most patients needing Cardus Marianus. This medicine is also beneficial for patients who feel fatigued or tired and have bouts of nausea and vomiting due to Liver Cirrhosis. Abuse of alcoholic drinks is usually found among persons needing remedy Cardus Marianus.

2. Lycopodium: For Cirrhosis of Liver with Sensitive Liver Region

Lycopodium is a natural medicine for treating Cirrhosis of Liver when the liver has atrophied due to longstanding Cirrhosis. The liver region is sensitive. Hepatitis may be predominantly present. Dropsical conditions consequent to Liver Cirrhosis respond very well to Lycopodium. Therefore, Lycopodium is considered as one of the best remedies for liver damage. This medicine can also help patients of Cirrhosis who have a loss of appetite. Eating a small quantity of food brings satisfaction. Such a patient feels fullness in abdomen from eating a small quantity of food. Bloated feeling in abdomen and gas in abdomen remains a constant feature. Lycopodium can also help provide relief in the general condition of patients who have lost weight, and have become emaciated and thin under the effects of Cirrhosis of Liver. The patients needing Lycopodium may have an increased desire for hot drinks, hot food or sweets. There is a general worsening of symptoms in evening time around 4pm among a few patients.

3. Arsenic Album: For Liver Cirrhosis with fatigue and weight loss

Natural medicine Arsenic Album is of great help for patients of Liver Cirrhosis who experience fatigue as the main symptom. The patient feels totally exhausted from doing a little labour. He or she goes on losing weight due to debilitating effects of Cirrhosis of Liver. Arsenic Album is also the remedy for patients who experience nausea and vomiting of blood. Along with vomiting, burning in abdomen is a characteristic feature pointing towards the use of Arsenic Album. Vomiting follows drinking and eating. The liver region feels painful. Ascites, or accumulation of fluid in abdomen, can also be dealt with by remedy Arsenic Album, though the general symptoms of fatigue and burning in abdomen should match too. A general relief from taking warm drinks may be narrated by patients in addition to the above symptoms. If the mental picture is to be considered, the symptoms that assume top position are anxiety, restlessness and fear of death.

4. Nux Vomica: For Liver Cirrhosis Patients with Long-term Alcohol Abuse

Nux Vomica is a natural medicine of great help for patients of Liver Cirrhosis who have a history of long-term alcoholic abuse. Such patients usually also have been sufferers of chronic acidity and constipation. The acidity symptoms including heaviness in abdomen and burning in abdomen a few hours after meals. The constipation is marked by scanty, insufficient stool or poop but with a constant urge to pass stool. Nux Vomica can help to decrease soreness or pain in liver region. The pain may present itself as stitching in character. The patients needing remedy Nux Vomica usually have an inclination to take highly spicy diet, stimulants like coffee and alcoholic drinks and fat. The constitutional symptoms that need to be mentioned are mentally angersome and irritable nature, being sensitive to external impressions like noise and odour and also, a sensitivity to cold air.

5. Phosphorus: For Cirrhosis of Liver with Jaundice

Phosphorus is a beneficial natural medicine for treating jaundice in patients with Cirrhosis of Liver. The symptoms during jaundice are yellow appearance of skin, and passage of stool of a very offensive nature. Utmost weakness follows the passage of stool. The second sphere where Phosphorus is a remedy of great help is vomiting of blood. Phosphorus has an excellent effect in controlling the blood appearing in vomitus. Apart from these symptoms, the desire for cold drinks, juices and ice creams is usually present in patients needing Phosphorus.

6. For Cirrhosis of Liver with Accumulation of Fluid in Abdomen

Ascites or the accumulation of fluid is a common complication of Liver Cirrhosis. To deal with Ascites, natural medicines Apocynum Cannabinum, Quassia and Cardus Marianus are effective remedies. The features that help in selecting the best medicine for the patient out of these three are the  characteristic symptoms of each individual. For selecting Apocynum Cannabinum, the symptoms to be considered are bloated abdomen with a weak and slow pulse. Other leading symptoms include an increased thirst for water. Difficulty in breathing and pressure in chest may also appear. Intolerance to food and water with immediate ejection in form of vomiting is also experienced by patients of Liver Cirrhosis who can benefit by Apocynum Cannabinum. Quassia is the ideal choice when Ascites is accompanied by pain in liver and acidity. Cardus Marianus is the best remedy for persons who have jaundice or bleeding accompanies Ascites.

7. For Jaundice in Cirrhosis Liver

All these three are significant natural medicines for dealing with jaundice in patients with Liver Cirrhosis. The symptoms that help in picking remedy Chelidonium is pain in liver under right shoulder blade with jaundice symptoms. The jaundice symptoms include yellow skin, yellow urine and yellow or white-coloured stool and yellow-coated tongue. Desire for extremely hot drinks is noted in patients needing Chelidonium. Phosphorus is of great help when the stool of very offensive nature is passed, along with appearance of a yellow skin. In contrast to Chelidonium, patients needing Phosphorus have a desire for cold drinks. Cardus Marianus offers the natural treatment when jaundice with bright yellow stool, liver pain and fluid retention in abdomen is experienced by a patient of Liver Cirrhosis.

8. For Blood Vomiting in Cirrhosis Liver

The vomiting of blood is a result of varices in the oesophagus. Phosphorus is the natural remedy when the vomitus contains bright red blood. Desire for cold drinks may be present. When the blood is dark coloured like blackish or coffee colour-like, Crotalus Horridus offers the ideal mode of treatment.

9. For Fatigue, Weight Loss in Cirrhosis Liver patients

Arsenic Album is a natural medicine of great help in patients of Liver Cirrhosis who suffer from weakness and fatigue from even a little exertion. Along with physical weakness, the patient feels anxiety, fear of death and restlessness. Hydrastis is ideal for Liver Cirrhosis patients with excessive debility and tiredness. The muscular power is exhausted with a loss of weight. Longstanding constipation is found in persons needing Hydrastis.

10. For Loss of Appetite in Cirrhosis of Liver

Lycopodium is a very beneficial natural medicine for patients of Liver Cirrhosis who have a diminished appetite. The patient needing Lycopodium feels full on eating even a small quantity of food. Heaviness and distension of abdomen arise from eating a small quantity of food. Here Lycopodium can help in improving the appetite and tone up the digestive function. The patients needing Lycopodium usually suffer from gas in abdomen.

11. For Alcoholic Cirrhosis of Liver

Alcohol abuse remains the most important cause of Liver Cirrhosis. Homeopathy has various effective natural medicines to deal with Cirrhosis of Liver as a result of alcoholic abuse. Nux Vomica, Cardus Marianus, Arsenic Album and Fluoric Acid are very effective remedies for liver problems. The ideal natural remedy is selected after proper case taking of the patient and is based on the characteristic individual symptoms.

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  1. Hi Dr Sharma, my wife has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver. She has never drank alcohol. She is overweight in the abdomen. She has no pain or jaundice or water in the abdomen. She is not vomiting or hemorrhaging blood however her appetite is low due to the shocking news of this which we just learned of. Her doctors are putting together a care plan but we also wanted to try a homeopath remedy and were thinking Cardus Marianus. She is 43. What homeopath would you recommend? Please advise. Thanks Ronnie

  2. SPENCER WATTS says:

    I am a male aged 81. I have BP and is under control by taking Telma 20 tablet. No Sugar problems.
    About 7 months back I took abdomen scan and it showed that there is no problem with my liver, kidney and heart. Blood test and urine test are showing normal results.

    I have edema type swelling in my feet and ankles. Puffy feeling and difficult to walk. I also experience pain in feet. My left palm is having a tingling effect.

    I have a good appetite and pass urine normally. Stools have become small in diameter nowadays. I also feel my stomach is bloated like.

    • SPENCER WATTS says:

      I am a male aged 81. I have BP and is under control by taking Telma 20 tablet. No Sugar problems.
      About 7 months back I took abdomen scan and it showed that there is no problem with my liver, kidney and heart. Blood test and urine test are showing normal results.

      I have edema type swelling in my feet and ankles. Puffy feeling and difficult to walk. I also experience pain in feet. My left palm is having a tingling effect.

      I have a good appetite and pass urine normally. Stools have become small in diameter nowadays. I also feel my stomach is bloated like.

      • Hi Dr Sharma sir my father age 62 resently recently one month before he get blood vomething he lost heavy blood finally doctor examine he told me he is suffering from liver cirrhosis my father never take alcohol or any bad habits helopathic doctor says there is no medicine for this for cure, and no need to take any medicine for stop in this stage now his health condition is normal and his liver function also almost all normal please suggest me if treatment or any medicine to cure or to stop in this stage thank you

  3. Shaloo airi says:

    My husband having cirrhosis of liver. Allopathy treatment is going on since last 5 years ..please suggest n guide

  4. D k duggal says:

    It is regarding my daughter 28 years diagnosed for liver cirhossis this february

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