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Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver

Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver

Top 5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver

Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver The buildup of fats in the liver is known as Fatty Liver. The liver processes everything that you eat or drink and filters harmful substances from the blood. If too much fat has accumulated in the liver, this process gets interfered with. The symptoms of fatty liver can be non-specific, especially in the early stages. Most people with a Fatty Liver feel unwell and find they get tired and gain weight for no apparent reason. The reasons for Fatty Liver can be alcoholism, incorrect diet, obesity, diabetes, or even excess use of medication. The Homeopathic remedies for fatty liver can reverse the condition of fatty liver and bring it to normal. The Homeopathic medicines, which are made of natural substances, are given to patients after studying the unique symptoms experienced by each individual. The natural homeopathic remedies for a fatty liver are completely safe with no side effects.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver

Chelidonium: Best Homeopathic treatment for Fatty Liver with pain in right upper abdomen

Chelidonium is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for Fatty Liver treatment. The marked symptom for using this Homeopathic medicine is pain in right upper abdomen and pain under right shoulder. There may also be an enlargement of liver.The person is usually constipated. The stool passes in the form of hard balls. A distended abdomen with nausea and vomiting is also experienced. The patient suffers from excessive weakness. In case of jaundice in a patient with Fatty Liver too, Chelidonium is the best Homeopathic remedy. A hallmark symptom that adds weightage for selecting this medicine is a desire for very hot drinks and hot food.

Lycopodium: Homeopathic medicine for Fatty Liver with acidity 

Lycopodium is a natural Homeopathic remedy of great help for treating Fatty Liver with gastric symptoms and acidity. The patient complains of distension or bloating of abdomen soon after eating anything. The abdomen feels full of gas. Burning belching is also experienced. Even eating a little causes fullness in abdomen. The patient feels heaviness and pain in the right upper part of abdomen. Usually the symptoms get worse towards the evening. Farinaceous food makes the person worse. An unusual craving for sweets and hot drinks in excess may be present.

Phosphorus: Top Homeopathic medicine for Fatty Liver with food coming up after eating

Phosphorus is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for patients of Fatty Liver who feel as if the food is coming upwards after eating. This is accompanied by sour belching. Vomiting may also occur in a few cases, along with pain in liver. The stool and flatus are very offensive. The patient feels weak after passing stool. The craving for peculiar things in diet is an important indication for using this Homeopathic medicine in Fatty Liver patients. These peculiar things include ice creams, cold drinks and refreshing items like juices.

Calcarea Carb: Homeopathic medicine for obese Fatty Liver patients

Calcarea Carb is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for mainly obese Fatty Liver patients. The person is fatty, flabby with excess fat in liver and whole abdomen. This Homeopathic remedy successfully helps in burning excess fat in liver.The digestion is very slow in such persons with a long-standing constipation. The abdomen always remains distended. Milk is not suitable for these persons. A few constitutional symptoms that are taken note of is a desire for boiled eggs or strange things like chalk and pencils. Another is sensitivity to cold air and excessive sweating on the head.

Nux Vomica: Homeopathic remedy for Fatty Liver with pain in abdomen after eating

Natural remedy Nux Vomica is the best fatty liver treatment in homeopathy when the cause is over consumption of  Alcohol . It is prescribed when pain in abdomen begins a few hours after eating, with a feeling of stone in abdomen. Sour or bitter belching accompanies the pain. A very significant symptom for selecting Homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica for Fatty Liver is constipation with an ineffectual urge to pass stool or poop. The stool, however, is insufficient and unsatisfactory. The passing out of stool gives some relief from the pain in abdomen but the urge to pass stool is renewed soon after. The patient craves for fattyfood, spicy food, coffee and alcoholic drinks in diet.

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  1. Upper right side pain always in stomach with fatty liver and other unknown reason

  2. Akhilesh mishra says:

    Hi dr. Sharma,

    Need ur help. My sgpt 36 and sgot 58, I fill every time gastric and acidity. Digestive is not good.ultrasoud report show mild fatty liver. alcohol. Last 10 days I did not take alcohol. Inflammation when I pass the stool.some time I fill continue inflammation. Please help.

  3. Hi Dr. Sharma

    Need your help. I have pain under my ribs, specially left side all the way to my arm & shoulder. My LDL levels are high. I am loosing weight, nausea, no appeitie, constant constipation even after eating fiber. Chest pain. All my test are normal except inflamation& LDL & Gastritis. this has been going onfor few months now. seen so many doctors including homeopaths. Please help

  4. Sr I’m 26 old muje grade 2 fatty liver hai 2 months phele pta chala TB se and ghar ka he khana khata hu pr koi frk ne pd rha right side pain white hai kbe kbe or bhari sa lgta hai pet

  5. Rakesh Chopra says:

    I am 45year male, my spot 95, sgpt 115,abdomen in pain, acidity, not digestive food, ultrasound & CT scan in fatty liver,

  6. I have cholelithisis problem n I get Pain off and on which is very severe .dr has suggested surgery. If any Homoeopathic treatment is there. So help me plz. Female age 34 height 5 e and weight 155lbs.

  7. Jayanta bhattacharya says:

    Sir my self jayanta bhattacharya from west bengal.i am suffering fatty liver problem with gas acidity and constipation from 8 years.which medicin best for me kindly reply

    Weight– 68kg
    hight— 6ft
    Age — 34 years

  8. Abdul Ghaffar says:

    my liver size is 15.5 cm.l always eel my abdomen full and have gass problem.What l have to do and which medicine l need to use .how to use. ..regards

  9. RENAUL HOQUE says:

    I am suffering from defuse fatty liver with high SGPT (92)mg .which homeo medicine I take .

  10. Ashok kumar Saxena says:

    Sir I have been diagnosed with fatty liver with grade 3
    And bilorubin 1.70 triglycerides 191
    Please tell me if this condition is reversible and which
    Homeopathy medicine should be beneficial
    Ashok kumar
    Ph 9911518070

    • Sr I’m 26 old muje grade 2 fatty liver hai 2 months phele pta chala TB se and ghar ka he khana khata hu pr koi frk ne pd rha right side pain white hai kbe kbe or bhari sa lgta hai pet

  11. Dr M M Sharma says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma
    Routine checkups of Ultrasound has been showing Fatty Lever since last many years.
    I am a pure vegetarian and teetotaller. no smoking.
    Present symptoms
    Bowel does not get cleared at once, loose with gas and even after two-three times, not satisfied.
    I feel severe bloating of the stomach& pain under right ribs and goes up to the backside, belching, sometimes sour, feel acidity situation worse after few hours of intake of food, relieve when I lye down on a bed.
    Appetite is very good, I am having a good personality and positive thinking, having 6-7 seating which creates problem more.
    Please suggest some medicine.

    • Ashok kumar Saxena says:

      Sir I have been diagnosed with fatty liver with grade 3
      And bilorubin 1.70 triglycerides 191
      Please tell me if this condition is reversible and which
      Homeopathy medicine should be beneficial
      Ashok kumar
      Ph 9911518070

  12. Anujit Mukherjee says:

    My shot level is 85 I have fatty liver can u advise best homeopathy medicine

  13. Tessie Santos says:

    My son was only 20 years old. Lately, due to a busy hectic schedule at school and review for medtech board exam, he turned up to be lacking of sleep and more eating, with out exercise. What happened next was just two weeks ago, he was experiencing sever stomach pain, sometimes with diarrhea but sometimes not.but only pain in the abdomen. I did whole abdomen ultrasound, all was normal except for his liver with findings of hepatic steatosis. I read a lot about it and it was reversible overtime. What possible homeopathy I could do for him like fruits. Thanks for the reply.

  14. I m suffering from fatty liver grade 1. Recently i removed
    Gallbladder because of multiple stones.pls precribe good homeophathy medicine for fatty liver.

    I will be very thankful to you.

  15. P.Nirmal Kumar says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma
    Routine checkups of Ultrasound has been showing Fatty Lever Grade I / II since last many years.
    I am pure vegetarian and teetotaller. no smoking.
    Present symptoms
    Bowel does not get cleared at once.
    Intermittent bloating of stomach, belching, some time sour that too in the midnight,gas formation and passing both upwards and downward,constipation
    Fatigue, Yawning. Laziness, mild headache , Feel like sleeping most of the time.
    Appetite is very good but stool does not come out easily .
    Please suggest some medicine.
    P.Nirmal Kumar

  16. T. Mukherjee says:

    I have been diagnosed with early (grade-I) fatty lever. Often in the night I experience sour blenching. If I take an anti-acid lke “Pudin hara” or “Eno” and also if I keep my head raised while sleeping it helps. Otherwise along with I suddenly wake up with blenching with desire of water and sometimes I experience liquid food coming out of my stomach upto mouth with sour taste. Usually this happens if I overeat or take oily stuff like achar or “paratha” that has been prepared a few hours back. I have an occassional craving for ice cream or sweet dish or cold drink (sprite) after dinner. Symptoms mostly matching in my case – ” The stool and flatus are very offensive. The patient feels weak after passing stool. The craving for peculiar things in diet ” but these are not regular, happens sometimes.
    Is Phosphorus the medicine for me ?

  17. jayantabhattacharya says:

    My self jayanta bhattacharya.i am suffering heavy gas,acidity ,constipation and fatty liver problem from 8 years.what is the proper homeopathy medicin.kindly tel me.

    • I m suffering from fatty liver grade 1. Recently i removed
      Gallbladder because of multiple stones.pls precribe good homeophathy medicine for fatty liver.

      I will be very thankful to you.

  18. Jai Singh Gehlot says:

    What is the potency of fatty liver medicine and time . I have fatty liver also. from last 2 years.
    2- what is the proper medicine of Wilson’s disease sit.

  19. Diana Jacobs says:

    It is great that you help patients with natural remedies for fatty liver but I would like to know dosages.
    I don’t just want to take this without knowing how long to take it and how much.

  20. Dr. Chandranath Mukherjee says:

    Fatty liver bhojon karne ke bad pet bhari lagna,


  22. My right upper belly is felling burning some times, last two days, and when I empty stomach I feel some problem, and first mornins when I weakup my mouth test is asidic.
    Please help me for this type of problem.

    Thanking you
    Rajib Dutta

  23. Vishnu Srivastava says:

    Sir i m 29 year old and i have problem my body in fatty liver with bowel gas as per 4 years ago sir pls give the best recomments of my knowlegd me. Some medicine s…

  24. anil kumar verma says:

    i am 60 years daibtease patient from 36 year latest problem liver fatty main as present liv t le raha hoo isse best ho to batana

    • Vivek Shah says:

      I am 65 yr old male with very less physical activities. My height is 64 inches and my weight is 75 kgs . My medicines for last 2 years are Glycomet-Trio-1 twice, Cildip-T and Ecosprin Gold-10 .

      I feel unwell, weak and tired. bloating of abdomen soon after eating anything. The abdomen feels full of gas. eating a little causes fullness in abdomen. Fatty lever has been diagnosed. I feel heaviness may be due to fatty, flabby with excess fat in liver and whole abdomen. I desire to have boiled eggs. Another is sensitivity to cold air and excessive sweating on the head.
      Please guide me to better health

  25. BIPLAB PAL says:

    Sir i am 36/m,W- 68kg.My simptom mached with lycopodium.Sir please tell me the power and dose of medicine.

  26. Amit Gaur says:

    Is it possible, by taking homeopathic medicine we can desolve gallbladder stone. or remove gallbladder, patient age is 12 female

  27. C Anbumani says:

    Sir, I am 56 years old. I am not an alcoholic.but I am suffering from fatty liver disease for the past three years
    I am obese and weighing 93 kg.

  28. Sir, I am 55 years old female with high blood pressure, Hashimoto and hypothyroid disorder and i am taking medicines for both as per doc advice. I was recengly diagnosed with very fatty liver.My ALT and AST LEVELS are 68 and 41. I started feeling pain upper right abdomen and having problems with bloating and digestion. I am overweight and have problems losing weight and no energy. Would you kindly suggest homoeopathic med for this problem?


  29. Samir.Prasad.Gupta. says:

    I have a fatty liver grade 2.and gastic problem.I am a patient of IBS.Bowls r not clear what medicine should I take.

  30. Debasis Pal says:

    i have problem of fatty lever for last 6 years now SGPT is 112 U/L and SGOT is 61 U/L with weakness and gas acidity problem. Some time acidity increase so much that it leads to decentry. My weight is 95 Kg. please advice me any suitable homeopathy medicine.

  31. Jtender says:

    Dear Dr. , I am jitender 67 years old. My liver is incleased by 17 can shows homogenous panxhymal HYPER – echo pattern. No fical diffuse lesion seen. Hepatic vein, portal vein appears normal. Common bile duct normal. No IHBR dialation seen.. I don’t have abdomen pain, acidity, constipation, pain in right shoulder. Pls suggest me suitable medicine

  32. Dr Caroline John says:

    My husband is having hyper triglycerides due to genetic nature .The anti cholesterol allopathic drugs that he had been taking for more than ten years had caused mild fatty changes in the liver and minimal elevation in liver enzymes what to do?

  33. Hello. I have fatty liver disease, fibromyalgia and lichen sclerosis. Are any of these problems related?
    My pain has become quite generalized, & is prevalent in muscles & joints.
    Please give me suggestions regarding treatment.
    Thank You

  34. Dear sir,
    Good morning. Doctors scanned my liver and diagnosed fatty liver grade 2. But my lipid profile, liver functions, sugar, b p etc are fine.

    Plz advise me on how to get rid of the fatty liver disease.

    Thank you sir

  35. Chetan Yadav says:

    Sir, I have fatty liver grade-1, came to know about it last year when went through Sonography. I feel little pain in right upper abdomen. After having food, it increases a bit. I do not have constipation or acidity problems. Sometimes stool comes in shape of hard round balls. I have normal BP and Sugar and do not take any medicines. I take Whisky 2 to 3 pegs twice or thrice in a week. I am 50 years old and my weight is 102 kg. I am living active life and take walk for 45 minutes daily. Please suggest some medecine.

  36. Suman Chakraborty says:

    What will be the dose and medicine for alcoholic faty liver if the symptoms goes to calceria & nux.

  37. I.J.Singh says:

    Is there any cure of multiple cyst in liver and kidney in Homeopathy. If there is a cure then how much time it takes in dissolving the cyst and what is the success rate

  38. Dr. Ajit Kumar Sharma says:

    I have a fatty liver SGPT time to time crossed its higher level. I feel heaviness and mild pain in right upper abdomen and its spread in back. My Doctor prescribed KALMEGH, LIVER PLUS and some liquid prepare by her. Also I am taking Liv52 DS. Is it in right direction or not. Please accept my humble request and suggest accordingly.
    Dr. Ajit Kumar Sharma

  39. Subhasish mitra says:

    How to use lycopodium mother tincher

  40. Aggie Dcosta says:

    Hi Dr.
    I have fatty liver and acidity. I burp a lot. My right leg and pains. Also under my arm.

  41. sagar pradhan says:

    i had fattyliver when i ruled out ultrasound and my lft and hbsag comes out nornal but i feel pain on my upper right belly and back pain and shoulder ache and i feel shortness of breath since 5 months help me

  42. purushottam mishra says:

    Hello sir, as it came in my knowledge since 5 months i am suffering from fatty liver with excessive colonic gas. From about 2 years i am also suffering from constipation.

  43. Saikat chakraborty says:

    I am sunfurling from lower abdomen pain and feeling fullness in abdomen. Let’s ide abdomen feeling pain sometimes. I have been suffering from fatty liver and gastric and acidity problems are there. Digestion power has been decreased. If I take much food then amebiotic problems started. After malignant meleria my liver became weak. Since then I have been suffering from liver problet since 20 years. White dysentery had started since 20 years. Pl help me to recover soon.

  44. KALYAN GHATAK says:

    If you have constipation with a very hard stools,you need chelidonium 30, two drops twice daily….

    If you have a problem soon after eating or from 4 pm to 8 pm starting with fullness just after eating you need lycopodium 30 , once a day in morning…..

  45. tusar kanti maji says:

    What is the homeopathic medicine for treatment of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, dose of the medicine, eating time, ? the problems are pain in right side upper abdomen, delay digestion, right side chest pain, lightly vomiting tendency, also the right side back pain.

    • KALYAN GHATAK says:

      If you have constipation with a very hard stools,you need chelidonium 30, two drops twice daily….

      If you have a problem soon after eating or from 4 pm to 8 pm starting with fullness just after eating you need lycopodium 30 , once a day in morning…..

  46. Narinder Chauhan says:

    Sir I am suffering from fatty lever. My stomach is full of gas. If I could pass the gas it feels better otherwise it is very uncomfortable. I have to pass the stool many times in a day but still I don’t feel fully comfortable. The urge to pass the stool still remains. I have taken medicine from alopathic doctor at fortis hospital mohali but it gives temporary relief only. I’m prescribed with udilive, heptral and one tab is for gastric. Please suggest me some medicine for permanent solution. This problem is continuing for about seven years.

    • KALYAN GHATAK says:

      Mr. Chauhan you need to talk a homoeo doctor nearest to you, coz you have the problem continued with so much time…..

      Try Nux vom 30, twice a day after eating…..

  47. Respected Sir,

    I have habit of alcohol…only sunday evening 7pm 3 pek i have check my lever report result is as follow.

    SGPT – 100 & SGOT – 89

    You are requested to please let me know is it very dangerous and how to get it normal again.


  48. Shantanu Sengupta says:


    Dear Sir,
    My father was diagnosed with mild-moderate liver fibrosis a year ago. Since then he suffers from excessive bloatedness all the time – so much so that he is afraid to eat! at times bloatedness presses his heart resulting in shortness of breath. His stool is normal – but has been achieved by use of lactulose. Doctors say that it’s a case of Hepatic Encephalopathy, and has to be managed now. Hence Lactulose (3 times) and Rifaximin (2 times) has been prescribed. But we feel it’s not that effective. Since last year till last week he has been also on Udiliv (2 times). But now it has been stopped.
    Please advise us any homeopathy medicine. Will regular doses of Carduus help with Lycopodium? Any other meds? e.g. Carbo Veg, Natrum Sulph and Calc. Phos?
    Please help.

    • Plz check for
      Chelidonium mother tincher
      Carduss marianus mother tincher
      Chionanthus mother tincher

      10 deops 3 times a day

      Natrium sulfaricum x6
      4 tabs 3 times a day
      Avoid food 30 mins before after dose
      And use shwabe brand medicine
      I’m using these and getting results

  49. SAMIR N BHATT says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have habit of alcohol…daily evening 7pm 3 pek i drink…since last 1 yrs… before a month i have check my lever report result is as follow.

    SGPT – 175 & SGOT – 101.

    You are requested to please let me know is it very dangerous and how to get it normal again.


  50. My age 35yrs.(F)I have abdomen pain on upper side since 4days I have done ultra sound found fatty liver(16.6cm)

  51. Mr. D.P.Pal says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 69+,weigh 88kg, diagnosed fibrosis 3. Using allopathy medicine for last 9 months. Gas problem, have internal piles under control. Better now. Earnestly request you to kindly prescribe homeopathy medicine for me.

  52. Paresh meghani says:

    Dear sir IAM suffering lever pain hardness on lever side kindly suggest me some remedy IAM non addict of alcohol cigarette etc

  53. Waheed Hassan says:

    Hepatitis B is positive LFT is OK. But virse is present. Please tell me in which way to use for virse ended

  54. Shiv bahadur says:

    Sir MERI wife ko three years pahile lever me gaanth thi . Jis karke pet bahut mota ho Gaya hai. Iske liye kaun si medicine Leni padega

  55. Kaberi Das says:

    I am suffering from ulceritise cholities, fatty liver. U.c. is established by cholonoscopy. Now I am under treatment of allopathic doctor for ulceritise cholities. Presently blood is not coming with stool, but acidity and gas problem is too much. Indigestion is also a problem for me. I am taking (alopathy medicie) mesacol 400 twice daily for ulceritise cholities. My other problems are varicose vain and spondylitis. Spine bones are so weak.

  56. rkpetwal says:

    nice and pin pointed article.


  57. Akhil gupta says:

    I m from delhi i just underwent Ultrasound it showwed i had fatty liver grade 2
    Gas formation is very much with big sound at Least 20 times aday
    My tongue remains white on both sides
    Hunger is quite gud
    Motion comes in 2. To 3 attempts
    Kindly suggest some medicine with potency


      I have normal BP & Normal Sugar.
      I am having Fatty lever – found in Ultrasonography.
      I am unable to digest spicy & rich food so easily – i need to take bhaskar lavan.
      Night, 3 times there were return of food from my stomache to my nose choking breathe – some how recovered – when i took rich food with alchohal but not taken bhaskar lavan before sleeping at night.
      Some of the time i feel itching pain in stomache. I am 51 years.
      I have no gas or acidity problem. Please guide.

  58. Amita pathak says:

    Sorry muhjhe English nh aati par samhj late hu to sir mere husband k symptoms waise hai jaise ki lycopodium mai mention hai to itne Power ka dena

  59. Monoj bhattacharjee says:

    Sir, i am a patient of chronic constipation, high blood pressure, thyroid disorder ( tsh level) and i am taking medicines alopathic as per doc advice. My SGOT and SGPT LEVELS are 44 & 68. Would you kindly prescribe homoeopathic med for this problem?

  60. Hello doctor
    Have any known homeo medicines for LUPIN DISEASE.

  61. Salauddin sk says:

    left abdomen upper side pain with fatty lever

    • Subrata Chakraborty says:

      Respected Sir,
      My sonography report shows I am having Fatty liver and Fatty Pancreas prostato megaly and few cyst in Left Kidney.
      S.G.O.T(AST). 30 U/L
      S.G.P.T (ALT). 34U/L
      Alkaline Phosphate 154 U/L
      Plasma Glucose(Fasting). 93
      Creatinine 1.1 mg/dl
      I suffer pain in my upper abdomen once or twice in a month.I take drink once in a week.
      Pl advice me Homiopathic Medicine
      Thanking you
      Subrata Chakraborty
      Sex-Male, Age-54

  62. Vishali sharma says:

    Sir i have been diagnosed with fatty lever. I dam not indulge into drinking ..may be it is causedby weight issue or my gall bladder is already operated. I want to know is the treatment of this condition is possible in homeopathy. I am realky tensed.kindly help

    • Dr.Sripriya Rajagopalan says:

      This problem may be due to the csuse metabolic disorder with which u may have the deposition on fat in the liver please give a detaild history to a near by homoeopath and get it treated constitutionally…

  63. Dear sir,I am suffering from Non alcoholic fatty liver and SGPT is 70.I am feeling pain under my upper stomach and motion also not clear.Very bed smell.I am 34yrs old,85kg,6feets.Is it cureable?? Which medications to be followed by me.

  64. t. chatterjee says:

    dear doc. could suggest some remedy to cure my high co..llesteral . i am little obese.thank you

  65. Hi Doc.
    I am 33yrs, 80kg female. I am diagnosed with fatty liver, IBS, PCOS and deficient of vit D n B12.
    I suffer the conditions like ‘Fatty Liver wih acity’ jn your article.
    Kindly help.

  66. Nikhil Bera says:

    My age is 50 years I am diabetic with high BP but are absolutely normal
    USG showing mild prostatemegaly grade 1 fatty liver infiltration
    Stone 14.5cm right kidney lower pole but no pain Slidell burning in urine track

  67. Hello,

    I ordered 3 different medicines and I’m wondering if I can take all of them at the same time or do I need to finish one bottle and then start with another one. I bought Calcarea Carb, Chelidonium and Lycopodium.


  68. Shakeel ahmed says:

    Hello sir,,
    I am feeling less appetite now a days, when I take lowprin medicine , I feel good appetite,,, my cholustrol level little bit high than normal.

    Dr says it is symtum of fatty liver.. There is no pain on my right side. Please suggest me medicine.

  69. Dr. Sharma

    The lipid profile test shows the following

    TC: 241.80 mg
    Triglycerides : 164.38mg
    LDL: 157.02
    VLDL: 32.87

    Total Biliruben: 0.91
    Direct bilirubin: 0.20
    Total Protein: 7.04
    Albumin: 4.11
    SGOT: 43.79
    SGPT: 58.11
    Alkaline Phosphatase: 167.95

    I am occasional alcoholic, is it the symptom of fatty liver?

    Can I take homeo medicine for the same

    please advice

  70. manoj kumar verma says:

    My son AMAN ĶR. VERMA 14 YEARS OLD has increased liver sìze and increased sgpt and bilubirin. Now bilubirin is controlled but SGPT down from 3244 to 81.57. But LAST 21 days hìs SGPT NOT REDUCED. I USED CHELODONIUM Q AND CHINA Q WITH WATER EVENING AND MORNING 15 DROPS WITH HALF CUP WATER.

  71. Shamsher singh says:

    I am 60 year old l am suffering from fatty lever grad 1 and also hyper acidity and suffer from headache from last fifteen year dr say it is migrain i have taken lot of medicine but the postion is same so kindly advice me

  72. Samir Poddar says:

    Dear Doc, I have fatty liver grade 2 and a umblical hernia, there is no pain in any region, but feels tired when climbing steps

    My age is 55
    Height 6 ft
    Weight 95 kgs

    Please advise

    Samir Poddar

  73. For what duration this medicine should be taken @ of 2 drops at night in Luke warm water?

  74. Respected dr , good after noon, I am 62 yr oldmale .These days I am suffering from digestive system problem .Sometime acidity .,sometime loose motion , sometime constipation and like this .I am diabetic for about 10 years .Am I acidic or my p h level has gone unbalance ? Will you like to prescribe any Homoeopathy medicine for this problem?

  75. LUNA ROY :AGE: 37:at:12:40
    sir i am suffering from fatty liver disease since 2014 with pain ,burning sensation ,itching like , right side back pain ,giddiness stool pass after two or three days .and i feel fatigue

  76. Mudit Agrawal says:

    Sir I m a known patient of diabetes type 2 and fatty liver. I have a huge tummy and feel flatulence. Also suffering from high BP and cholesterol. I can’t buy expensive medicine. Please. Help

  77. Sabra age 50/f says:

    A small simple hepatic cyst otherwise no significant abnormally is seen

    Hiccup and b p increase of tha patient and acidity problem

    • Sir I am suffering from fatty liver.

      Unable to digest fried foods,ghee
      Acidity,gas in stomach,high bp
      Also sweets cause acidity..
      Please sir suggest home medicine to get cure fatty liver..

  78. Gaurav Saxena says:

    Suffering from fatty liver pain from last two months, liver function test is normal. Continuous pain in upper right portion just below rib

  79. Good evening Dr Sharma,
    I have fatty liver with 5cm dermoid cyst in ovary . My weight 85kg and hight 5.3″ , like spicy food take tension very easily. If someone ask about few sensitive issue of my personal life I cry very easily . I have one 12 yrs old daughter who has some physical problem plz suggest some medicine. My gynaecologist told me laproscopy for dermoid, is it necessary?

  80. rakesh kumar supkal says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Could you please tell me the side effects of Nux Vomica(severe or mild) and what period of time it could be consumed. The effect of overdose on health may also be shared.

  81. No problem in ultrasonography of whole abdomen.only there is fatty liver,detected.patient had pain around the upper right side of abdomen,just below the rib cage.what medicines will be given to her.she is my wife.she also suffers from breathing problems off and on.please advise me homoeopathic drugs.

    • Hi ..I have fatty liver with grade 1..I had removed my gall bladder in August 2016..some acid comes back to esophagus..suffering from ulcers in mouth from last two month..all test are mormal..some bloating occur..what d reason for ulcers and white coated tongue..recommend me homeopathic remedy

  82. DK Srivastava says:

    Dear Dr.

    I have high SGOT 89 and SGPT 113 with constipation, bloating, and sometime slight pain in the right side of upper abdomen. I am diabetic and have had heart surgery about 8 years back, as per ultrasound I have grade II fatty liver.

    Would appreciate your advise and suggested homeopathic medicine.

  83. how to take the dose of lycopodium 200 for fatty lever

  84. Saturn Mason says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    I have had a blood test and an ultrasound scan of my liver which reveals that i have fatty liver. I have read the various symptoms as described above, however, apart from being told that I have fatty liver I do not experience any pain, nausea or tiredness etc. I am overweight and one could argue that I am obese at 18 stone. My midriff is quite large and I no longer see my hour glass curvy shape. I do however have a virus infection that will not go away and that is HIV. I am not on any medication or supplements. I have been eating healthily and regularly consume Aloe Vera to help keep the virus low and my CD4 count high. I am also aware of the new studies in HIV where it is believed that with slow starters like myself, the virus can hide within my organs.

    With all that said, what Homeopathic treatment would you recommend for non-alcohol related fatty liver?
    I Look forward to hearing from you soon
    Saturn Mason, age 55
    Thank you

  85. respected sir,
    i m 24 years old and i have a problem of indigestion,constipation,burping,gas,difficulty in swallowing…from last 2 year..also done barrium swallow test and andoscopy of upper GI…shows all thing are normal.. i have tried everything..alopathy,homeopathy,ayurvedic medicine…but no any improvement..plz help me

  86. Hello Doctor,

    Bilirubin (I) 0.6
    Bilirubin (D) 0.2
    Bilirubin (Ind) 0.4
    SGOT 31
    SGPT 40
    ALK Phos 81
    Please Suggest
    Warm Regards,

  87. I am suffering from alcholic fatty liver. Kindly suggest a proper medication. Hepatomegaly. Diabetic, hypertensive and having high cholesterol.

    2. Few Small bilateral renal concretions.
    3. Mild circumferential thickening in the ascending colon likely colitis.
    Please suggest the proper medicine which help me in this case. Thank you

  89. Nutan Mishra says:

    My liver is fatty with acidity & gas.whole abdomen is looking very fatty.what medicine is suitable for wt is over also.can you sussest me proper medicine which help me in both problem.Thank you.

  90. AVINASH kumar says:

    I have problem of acidity and I have problem of fatty liver and I am suffering from acidity last 10 years suddenly too much acidity form and I am in very painful condition then I hospitalise then my acidity release , plz suggest

    • im not talking abt homeopathy. i too use to face the same trouble of hyperacidity and gas, to such an extent that it felt like someone is kniving thru ur stomach.and only zintec 300 cud help me.
      then i did 3 things,
      1. my wife started putting a few grains of methi and ajwain (arnd 10 grains each) in the food preparation.
      2. drank lots of water.
      3. and kept a schedule of eating food and stick to it

  91. Debendra Kumar Nanda says:

    Sir, Kindly prescribe the medicine for hepatomegaly with grade 1 fatty change in liver. I consume alcohol and eat nonveg and spicy foods

  92. Respected sir,
    I had removed my gall stone recently.,but after surgery doctor said to stop use of alcohol as ur liver is in very burst condition. I m a obese from the last ten years. M not a professional drinker. My ultrasound shows grade II.fatty liver. Plz suggest me the right.

  93. kannabiran.n says:

    Dear dr, Recently when I met one of the gastroenterologist, he has diagnosed Hepatic syndrome as the reason for pain at the back of right abdomen . I have fatty liver and constipation with no symptoms of vomiting or jaundice. Could you please suggest the medicines available under homeopathy ? Regards kannabiran

  94. Dharmendra prajapati says:

    Sir mujhko fatty liver h sir mujhe advise dijiye

  95. pradeep Kumar says:

    I’m fatty liver grade 2 and increase colostrol. 41 yrs male 1 month ago

  96. pradeep Kumar says:

    I’m 41 yrs male.
    I’m suffering fatty liver grade 2 and increase colostrol. 1 moaths ago
    Plz help.

  97. pradeep Kumar says:

    I’m 41 yrs male.
    I’m suffering fatty liver grade 2 and increase colostrol. 1 moaths ago
    Plz help.

  98. Dr. Raja Bhowmick says:

    Respected sir,
    I am Dr. Raja Bhowmick,34 years male. Iam suffering from NAFLD for last few years. USG and fibroscan analysis report is Hepatomegaly with fatty liver with grade 1 fibrosis. Now at evening I feel very worse and tightness in abdomen. A foul belches comes out specially of fish which I take in my meal.felling very much fatigue all over the day. Please give me some effective medical advice. Thanking you.

  99. Qadeer shahzad says:

    Dear sir.
    Ihave a serious problem. My SGPT (ALT)Lavel is in alarming poont. When ever i eat something i vomit in in a very short time . chramps in stomic. Urine color is pale yellow.
    Kindly dignose me some medicine.
    My name os qadeer.
    My age is 43 years

  100. Santosh Kumar says:

    I have to go for latrine after taking lunch or dinner within an hour .stool is passing with sound and gas.

  101. I have fatty liver grade 2,are these medicines will help me to reverse fatty liver?
    I have pain on the right side of the abdomen,sweating and vertigo

  102. Pradeep Gupta says:

    Major Problems
    Now days suffering from loss of appetite & excessive gastric problem.
    Surviving on almost on little liquid diet
    The major problem happens after midnight between 1 a.m. & 5 a.m.
    A strong gas formation in lower left side of abdominal region occurs with slight pain ,
    forces myself to get up from sleep and leave bed .Bloating happens. After taking water in sufficient quantity and accompanied with some physical work, movement like walking… after half an hour or so urge/feeling for going to toilet.
    After passing stool a little relief felt but with some weakness . Again consume some more water and
    Physical movements .once again go for toilet.
    After 2-3 times between 1 a.m -5 a.m .Felt relieved from pain & heaviness & gastric problems and could go for sleep up to 6.30 a.m.

    On advise of a gastroenterologist physician went for ultrasound & was diagnosed NAFLD
    Took medicines as prescribed for 10 days but No apparent relief to the problems as narrated above.
    Please advise some homeopathy treatment of NAFLD for myself

    Pradeep Gupta

  103. my problem is 10 yres old

  104. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Mera fatty liver grade 2. Hai
    Colestral 265 ( <200) age 41yrs
    Plz remarks n medicines

  105. Dear sir
    What is the doge of these medicine​ . In case of farty liver lose motion and gas problem .and age 30 patients have also thyroid .in starting phase’.
    Please give me some advice . I am suffering this problem from last 1month

  106. Dear DR.
    My USG impression shows
    . Mild hepatomegaly with fatty infiltration
    . Bilateral renal cortical systs.
    .And blood report is
    1. Amylase Serum 67.91
    2.Lipase 51.64
    I have pain upper abdomen in the centre
    I take beer lager twice in the week only for your ref.
    Suggest me remedy Pl
    Thank you

  107. Khokan Chandra Mondal says:

    Moild Fatty & enlargement liver, poor apetite,digestive problem & enlargement of spleen.
    what kind of medicine will be suiatable for me.

  108. Unnikrishnan says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    My Greetings

    In my regular annual medical check up my USG reported Fatty Liver and my blood report indicated SGOT and SGPT at a slightly higher level. I also have 7mm gall stone.

    I am non alcoholic and no smoker. I am 5.10 ft height with 78 kms of weight that I maintains quite sometime. I am 64 years.

    One of my friend who is a part time Homeo practioner advised me to take Lycopodium Clav in MT 10 drops twice in lukewarm water for two weeks and then Berberies vulgarise 10 drops for two weeks for the stone.

    Would like to have your feed back.

  109. Rana Muhammad Ejaz says:

    liver enlarged to 14.6 cm. Kindly suggest medicines

  110. gyanesh kumar says:

    can u suggest some homeopath IC medicine for heapatic cyst( egg cell of tape worm) in liver

  111. Jagdish Shetty says:

    As I desired for boiled egg I think I should go calcarea carb. history I was diagnosed fatty liver 35 years back though i never controlled my food in take I used to do regular exercise with Kapal bhathi. At present I do get pain lower side of the right rib on and off . I have taken liv52 for some time.I have taken homeopathy medicine 10 years back but no much improvement but still there is no much problem in my daily my life. Know should i go for Calcarea Carb but which potency

  112. Pradeep Nair says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a patient with grade 2 fatty liver. Kindly advise me where to approach to get the right homeopathic medicine. I’m from Kerala..kasaragod (dist). I’m 35 yes of age and 179 cm height and 84 kg weight. No medication yet.
    Thanks and Rgds
    Pradeep Nair

  113. I have fatty liver grade 2. Diabetic and hypertensive for last 17 years,under control with medication. By weight is 95 kg and bmi 32. I am 54 year old. I feel very fatigued and hot flushed with loss of appetite and chronic belching.

  114. diagnosed fatty liver grade 2. pls advise what should not to eat in daily diet. i used to eat paranthas in bfast everyday. pls advise homeopathic medicine which i can take n pls tell in how many days i would b able to recover from it.

  115. I’ve started taking lycopodium for my fatty liver. How long should I take the remedy for and is there a recommended dose?

  116. Satya Bhaskar says:

    Hi Sir,
    I’m suffering with below conditions, please suggest . diabetes, hypertension, sinusitis, fatty leaver,gas’s, stomach blooting, obesity, hypo chelostrlemeya.

    Please suggest treatment & medicines.
    Satya Bhaskar

  117. sir; my wife is 65 & suffering from thyroid defy. now is suffering from bowl is not getting clear in the morning that is reason all the day no hunger & gas is not been passed pl. help & oblige thanks

  118. Mahendra pal Singh says:

    Severe beard hair fall root se

  119. Dr.Chandranath Mukherjee says:

    Sir , I am a homoeopathic practicinor, My liver is fatty, I use Lycopodium 0/5, I relief 25%. So, kindly give me better advice.

  120. Treatment for fatty lever gr. -2 no pain no any problem

  121. Shyamali mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr dharma

    My wife aged 49 yes has been diagnosed for suffering from fatty liver f3 after fibroscan recently. Her main complain is abdominal pain sometimes after taking food and nausea and vomiting. At the young age I.e at the age of eight yes she has been heavily infected by tapeworm and after homeopathic treatment this problem vanishes but at the AGR of 10yrs she suffers from heavy jaundice. Is this fatty liver syndrome is a result of that hepatic injury. Right now she is sufferings from diabetes also and taking diabetes medicine. She is taking evion 400 vitamin e cap, ursodeoxylic acid 300 twice a day,silymarin cap for HEPA to protection along with hypertensive medicine as advised by gasteroentrologis. Kindly advise me homeo medicine along with this regular medicine.

  122. Pankaj Shah says:





  124. Md. Jaan E Alam says:

    Hello Sir

  125. shahjahan ahmad says:


    I am suffering fatty liver within 4 years with heaviness and pain in right side upper abdomen feeling gas and acidity.

    • Ashok Kumar says:

      Good afternoon sir, my name is Ashok Kumar from Buxar, Bihar. I am suffering from fatty liver within 5 years. But no pain & no gas feeling.
      Sir what is my treatment ?
      Pls reply sir.

  126. Seems gupta says:

    I am 45 years old suffering from rumitied arthritics cezophriniya audiotry helluscination delusion and new case arise GERD GREAD A pl.suggest me best homoeo medicine for three dieases

  127. Amal Kanti Seal says:

    My symptoms are those as stated by you for the remedy Calcarea Carb. Can you please tell me the dose I should take.
    My age: 66 years
    Height: 5′ 11″
    Weight: 98 kgs
    Also suffering from COPD. Had chronic bacterial prostatitis but now seem to be cured of it after prolonged treatment with Bactrim (800 mg daily for one year.)
    Profusely sweating causing dehydration. Head sweating, and also sweating throughout the body.
    Indigestion with sour belching. Bowels not clear.. Tooth problem. Sensitive to cold air. Cannot tolerate heat and summer. Feeling very very tired and fatigue.
    Previously deep sleep with heavy snoring, but now lack of sleep with light pain in legs when try to sleep at night. According to eye specialist, cataracts are developing. Had TURP in 2001.

    • bhawani dahal says:

      mera right side kidnee me 6.5 and left kidnee me 6 mm ka patthar hai
      fatty liver bhi hai
      collstrol vi hai
      kaun medicine thik hoga

      • Badal Choudhary says:

        mera right side kidnee me 6.5 and left kidnee me 6 mm ka patthar hai
        fatty liver bhi hai
        collstrol vi hai
        kaun medicine thik hoga

  128. RAJ SINGHAL says:

    Respected Dr sharma ji
    May you live long.
    I am about 75 years old.I am not drinker and no smoker. have weight 67 year in bathroom.height 5-4inches
    I have hypertension,diabetes,artritis.I am taking valsartan 160mgdaily,amlodipine 5 mg
    glemipride 1mg,diclofenac 50 mg.I am fine for every thing.I can work as 40 years.
    I checked every year blood work done and find (sgot 93.5 normal-0-45)(SGPT 50.3 normal 0-45)
    Dr do you help me about sgot and sgpt high
    Thanks lot in advance
    mahasha electric store,sangrur road DHURI-pb-india

  129. Bharat bathe says:

    Sir mujhe fatty liver hai aur wall colonis enema hai mujhe bar bar mucsel main sujan aati hai to iss par best treatment kya hai

  130. shuchishipra says:

    sir mere right side upper abdomen mevpain hai and much v khati hu pura full lgta h then vomiting krna pasta h and kV nh ki to mera leg swell kr jata h ,and aj kl mrng me face swell rhta hai constipation v rhta h pls koi medicine ap btao

  131. Erectile dysfunction

  132. Bhupinder kaur panesar says:

    I am 60 years old. I have a fatty liver. I suffer with pain on the right side. Is any homeopathy medicine to help my pain cure my fatty liver.

  133. Poonam Mahajan says:

    I am 52 years old female I have a fatty liver with grade 2 I have 9mm and11mm stones in gallbladder I have periods after 13months

  134. I am suffering from early stage of fatty liver. I suffer from stomach pain often. My face colors has tanned. Pls tell about the way and meadicinesand food habit to eradicate it completely.

    • I am suffering from early stage of fatty liver. I suffer from stomach pain often. My face colors has tanned. Pls tell about the way and medicines and food habit to eradicate it completely.

  135. Anshul garg says:

    Hello Doctor
    I got my Lft and Kft and Utica acid tests done and every thing came within normal limits accept for SGPT which was 180 and Sgot 75 . Problem is that I feel hardness in my abdomen and sometimes fullness also. And mild pain in right to centre in upper abdomen . I use to consume alcohol since last 10 yrs regularly 240ml daily and also smoking kindly help me understand my liver and health condition and also advice some natural or homeopathic treatment

    • Anshul garg says:

      Hello Doctor
      I got my Lft and Kft and Utica acid tests done and every thing came within normal limits accept for SGPT which was 180 and Sgot 75 . Problem is that I feel hardness in my abdomen and sometimes fullness also. And mild pain in right to centre in upper abdomen . I use to consume alcohol since last 10 yrs regularly 240ml daily and also smoking kindly help me understand my liver and health condition and also advice some natural or homeopathic treatment

    • Apu Pramanik says:

      sir,my probleme is great 3 fatty liver and blood sugar.

  136. Apu Pramanik says:

    Great 3 fatty liver usg report.

  137. Anna Suomalainen says:

    In case of constant pain in liver what do you suggest? Gas problems especially if eating bread and beans or any heavy food, easily constipated, irritable, worried. Quite healthy and regular life style, but awake late.

  138. KoteswaraRao Yellapragada says:

    Dear Sir,I am 54 years old. Diabetic for the past 9 years. Having Bp for the past 1 year. Radiologist’s impression is chronic Parenchymal Liver disease. Feeling of acidity 3 hours after taking lunch. SGOT-62; SGPT-78;Bilerubin(Total)- 1.70; Total protien- 8.4; Albumin- 4.70. I am non alcoholic and vegetarian.
    My BMI is 26.1. (Wt- 80 Kg, hight-175 Cm). Please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine for my problem. Thank you.

  139. Dr Sharma, I have been diagnosed with fatty liver. I am 57 year old woman had a total hysterectomy at age 35 and gall bladder removed at 43. I now have this dull pain on my right side and have put on 30 kgs in about 4 years with the bulk of the weight in my belly, it is really huge. I have recently been told I have high uric acid and am taking zyloric tabs for it. I am a fairly active person, go for walks in the morning, walk back from work etc etc, but my belly weight is just not budging. I am now getting breathless while walking which did’nt happen before. Please help I hate allopathic meds.

    • R K Jain says:

      I am having mild fatty liver. SGOT and SGPT is on the higher side though within the range. Uric acid is also on the higher side within the range. I am non Aloholic. Diet is veg. and very simple. Whenever I eat something there is a blotting in stomach which is very irritaating. Acidity and Constipation also persist.
      Please advise homeo remedy

  140. Doc, my mother aged 79 is suffering from high blood pressure, of 70/ 200 she has also been diagnosed for fatty/ enlarged liver. She also has urine infection, pus cell 12-16 for which antibiotics is given. Can I pls advise any homeopathic remedy.

  141. My son has fatty liver and his uric acid is high 8.6 plz Dr sahib advice medicine and potency and what food to avoid
    Thank u

  142. I am diagnosed with fatty liver grade 2 along with pcod…and I am fatty..every month I just gained weight…please advice me..which medicine is suit for me

  143. Sanjeev jain says:

    I am diagnosed with fatty liver along with pain in right upper abdomen, acidity and constipation with tight stools.

  144. GUDDU VEXING DR SB. I M A PATIENT OF HEPBURN C. I HAVE MADE MY TEST OF Hepatit is currently having ratio of Altrincham 76. And Europe 32. Please tell me can I be recovered with medicine especially. NOW A DAY I M WORKING PROPERLY A HOUSE WIFE NOT TAKING NORMAL FOOD WITHOUT FAT. PLEASE ADVISE ME

  145. I am taking Arsenicum Album for nerves and short term memory loss. I also take Arnica Montana for muscle pain. Now doctor told me that I have fatty liver. I am obese too. And I want to take Calcerea carbonica for fatty liver. Is it ok to take Calcerea carbonica, (6x Arnica Montana(30c) and Arsenicum album (6c) all in one day?
    I am also taking the regular prescripted meds for epilepsy.

  146. Ravi Bhushan Prasad says:

    Doctor sahab,

    I have doubt of it. I want it’s proper diagnosis first. Then medication may follow if required. Can you help me please.


    Ravibhusha prasad
    Varanasi, 7570806928

  147. Abdus Samad says:

    Currently ultrasound se find hua hai mera liver mild fatty liver hai or generally sgpt leval badha rahta hai,gas bahut banta hai,weakness v rahta hai,laziness v bahut hai,eri or ghutne mai v pain rahta hai,liver side dabane se ya sans lene or chorne se v liver side pain hone laga hai ,konsa homeopathy medicine lu or kis power mai ,dose kya hona chahiye or kaise lena hai please help me sir,11 years se sgpt aksar badh badh jata hai pareshan rahta hu ,sweating problem v hai…please help me sir…
    I am 34.

  148. rafi ahmed says:

    I am 61 years old male. My height is 5’6” and weight 67 kgs. I do Yoga/exercise for 45 mins to 1 hour daily.
    I am healthy. No Diabetes. No BP (135 / 85 ). No constipation. I am non Alcoholic. My food intake is moderate. I take non veg once a week. I do not take spicy food often.
    My Ultra sonic scan indicates FATTY LIVER GRADE ONE. There is a simple cyst in the segment 6 of the liver (44 x 36 mm). (For long time i had a haemocoel (blood clot) in my liver which perhaps had become a cyst now)

    Sometime after dinner i feel bit uneasy and slight stomach bloating sensation. Stomach feel hard.

    Would you suggest homeopathy medicine for my problem. My preferred system of medicine is homeopathy.

  149. Enamel haque says:

    Sir if I continue nux vomica q in one year is there any problem in my body.please reply my answer.

  150. Sir Patient age 37 hai Female hai Married . Problems Fatty Liver and Gaseous Bowel Calcium ki b kami hai Heels and upper abdomen may pain hota hai and Left leg may b . Calcium ki deficiency ki waja say Heels b pain may hotay hai jab ziada chalti hai .

  151. Abhijit Bhattacharjee says:

    Respected Sir,
    Myself ,56 yrs.old,according to,since more than 1 yr.,is a man of fatty liver,enlarged prostate. Occasionally I do take alcohol never crossing the intake=limit of 4/5 pegs.Left portion under my abdomen is seen heavier & from back left a tolerable pain frequently occurs.Living in agartala, I presently under no medicine,need your kind fruitful medicinal advise with dose & time.
    From Abhijit Bhattacharjee,agartala,tripura

  152. Hello sir,
    My wife aged 33yrs has been a patient of hypothyroidism after first pregnancy. Recently fatty lever grade 1 is detected in ultrasound. Now a days she has enough pain in his backside of waist including both sides.
    Please suggest suitable medicine.
    I with my family will ever be greatful to u sir.

  153. Sir I have fatty liver grade 2. my sgot nd Sgpt is also increased. my weight is 75 kg nf height is 5.5. I have feeling of heavyness in my stomatch. plz suggest wht medicine I should take.

  154. S S Sandhu says:

    Ultrasound reports as:-
    Liver Enlarged in size (span 163 mm)and shows diffused encreased echogenicity s/o fatty infiltration (grade -l) no focal lesion seen.
    Intrahepatic bollard radicals are normal, Portal vein is normal.
    IMPRESSION:- Hepatomegaly with grade-l fatty liver
    2. AND eCho reprt is:-
    * Poor eCho Windo.
    * Normal chamber dimension.
    *Mild AR
    Need your Kind and expert advice

  155. Mrs. N. Shome says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am from Kolkata, thanks a lot for the information provided in this website. I would be grateful if you kindly tell how to consume Calcarea Carb in case of obese fatty liver patients, the potency and the time and for how long. My husband is suffering from most of the symptoms as I went through the article, and it will really him to be fully cured. He is 40yrs, working in a MNC, having irregular dinner time, too much work pressure, and obese weighing near 81kg of 5ft 7inches, also sufferign from hair loss & hair thinning problem rapidly.

    Waiting for your reply,
    N. Shome

  156. Ajit Kumar Gupta says:

    Respected Dr.
    Kindly prescribed a medicine as I am suffering from fatty liver. My liver measures 129.7 (AP) X 172.5 (CC) mm in span and shows grade II diffuse fatty changes.

    Serum cholesterol Total 185 mg/ DL
    Serum Triglycerides 71 mg/DL

    Age 61 yes
    Weight 80 kg
    Non diabetic

    I am looking forward to receiving your reply in this regard as soon as possible.

  157. zobayed ahmed says:

    wight 115kg
    fatty liver

  158. Mrs. Mitu says:

    My wife suffering from Fatty change in liver(Grade-I).

    Her SGPT Level is 78
    Cholesterol(Total) 271 mg/dl
    Triglycerides 308 mg/dl

    Anti HCV:
    Sample Rate 0.04
    Cut of Rate 1.00
    Opinion Negative

    HBs Ag Negative

    Before 6 month her SGPT level was 26 u/l

    It woulb be highly appreciated if you kind enough to prescibe a medicine for her. She has no pain or complain except often constipation.

    I am looking forward to receiving your reply in this regard as soon as possible.

    M H Siddique

  159. Sir
    My husband is suffering from jaundice for last 4 years because of alcoholism
    He was admitted to hospital 2 times as he had fits
    Was asked by doctors to quit alcohol
    But he could not
    Pls tell me the medicines to help him out
    Bilirubin was 1.2 as he didn’t take alcohol for around 1 and a half month
    But he is taking now

  160. VIJAY KUMAR GUPTA says:

    Dear sir
    i have non alcholic fatty liver problem .i am suffering from two years please tell me best medicine to cure this disease


      Dear sir,
      I am suffering from fatty lever,total bilulibin 2.2,feeling constipation,gas,heavy weakness since last 5 year. Give advice.


        Dear sir,
        I am suffering from fatty lever,total bilulibin 2.2,feeling constipation,gas,heavy weakness since last 5 year. Give advice.

  161. siddiqui says:

    Salam doctor sahab me pakistan se hun mje ultrsound me fatty liver diagnose hua ha koi best r rapid elaj btain parhez to kafi kr lia but koi afaqa cigeratte nhi pita na koi r nasha krta hun .talab e dua .siddiqui

  162. S S Chaudhary says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I am S S Chaudhary an IFS fficer from Patna.My age is 58 years and weight 93 kg height 175 cm.constitution of body is faty.I am facing problem of hypertenson and suger for which I am taking allopathic medicine.
    Iñannual health check up I was diagnosed fatty and enlarged liver
    I donot take alcohal.I shall be highly obliged if yu could prescibe appro homeo medicine.
    With regards. mob 0943091565

  163. Netra Raje says:

    I m diagnoised by fatty liver last week…i had uncomfortable feeling after eating food.. nad also painin abdomen ..i underwent usg..advised by md dr. can u plz suggest me homeopathy medicine for ts?

  164. Aditya Vikrma says:

    Is fatty liver disease caused by the use of corti steriods medicines curable or not?

  165. KAUSIK GOSWAMI says:

    Hi, sir, I’m having grade 1 fatty liver. 6 months before I was suffered from chicken pox severely. I’m 48 yrs old. marraied male. Feeling heavier in right upper abdomen after having food. I’m non alcoholic ,non smoker. Non veg food habit Bengali. Also suffering from prostate gland enlarged grade 1. By U.SG. of whole abdomen. Endoscopy report is normal.
    Please advise me some medicine. Thank you.

  166. KAUSIK GOSWAMI says:

    Hi, sir, I’m having grade 1 fatty liver. 6 months before I was suffered from chicken pox severely. I’m 48 yrs old. marraied male. Feeling heavier in right upper abdomen after having food. I’m non alcoholic ,non smoker. Non veg food habit Bengali. Also suffering from prostate gland enlarged grade 1.
    Please advise me some medicine. Thank you.

  167. Rajeev Gubgotra says:

    I got an Ultrasound done recently and the Dr told me that I have enlarged and fatty liver.
    Please advise me whether Carduus Marianus may be taken for this problem or you advise some other medicene

  168. I am having fatty liver and too much gas and digestion problem also.So i am taking homeopathic medicine Dizester digestive tonic and gastrobine. So is it good to take this medicine.

  169. Jayakrishnan says:

    Hi Sir,

    My Name is Jayakrishnan 33 years, Alchoholic last 11 years, now pain in right side, tirdness, sleepless, hepatitis, please advise best treatement,now i am taking homeo medicine for last two months , morning one powder with half glass of water and 3 piles 3 times daily, i dont know the medicine name becose it was prescribed from the homeopathic medical college. please advise the best medicne for my condition, also i have high cholestrol ( 270 ) , no sugar and other things.

    Thank You

  170. Mukesh Rana says:

    My name is Mukesh Rana, I m 40 Years old & I m from Chandigarh. i am taking liver care syrup (mfg:-I.G. Homeo remedies pvt. ltd.delhi) after consultation with homeopathy doctor from last 04 years but not regularly due to my busy schedule .
    Reason:- Fatty liver, Enlarged liver, Lots of acidity, Lots of gas, ( due to this left leg (feel my me or seen by other also) shorter than right leg).
    I want to replace liver care syrup with another brands.
    Reason:- Every time i bought it, found its taste different & also the packing is not good , the burr of the bottle cap mixed with the syrup. My consultation doctor is moved from Chandigarh.
    So kindly help me please in this matter.
    With Best REgards
    Mukesh Rana


    dear doctor,
    I am suffering from GRADE II FATTY LIVER, G.E.R.D.,FUNCTIONAL BOWEL DISEASE AND BORDERLINE DIABETES since long time though iam consuming allopathic medicines but it only supress the disease. Hence I am asking you whether this disease can be cured through homeopathy medicines. If so please let me know the medicines and it’s cost as soon as possible.

    • Deepti Thakur says:

      Sir my doc says Iam suffering from grade-2 piles.I also get mild hepatomegaly detected.The main symptoms Iam having is severe gas,pain on right side below shoulder,feeling movement of food,water and even bowel from right side,pain in right knee and sole,cramps bleeding,lack of sensitivity thirst and hunger,tired feeling,sometimes ifeel symptoms get worse in the evening or at night,mucus,blood in stools,unsatisfactory bowel,stress.iam experiencing these symptoms from past few years but not yet get significant relief.Iam detected for piles and hepatomegaly afew days earlier.I have also hypothyroidism and sinusitis.What should I do?Can I get permanent relief from the disease in homeopathy as my symptoms get worse during summers.sometimes I have craving for sweet,warm and soft foods especially after more than 2bowel movement and extreme fatigue .I have also lost weight .Iam taking treatment for hypothyroidism but not for sinus.Ialso have to apply force during motion or open anus with finger and then apply force or rub below right. shoulder due to feeling of lack of pressure.My symptoms also aggravates at hot places.Breathlessness and feeling vomiting are also there.mood swings and taste swings are also there and sour mouth after eating or drinking anything.Please guide me as my doctor advised for surgery but Idon’t want to get operated.



  173. Shweta khandre says:

    My father in law suffering form liver chirosis (NAC) with dibetis.also varises in buccal mucosa. Which homeopathy medicine is sutable

  174. Abu Hassan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Good Day
    my self doing job in Dubai have diabatic type 2 fatty liver colistrol could you please priscribe for me in homeopathic which can be take from it self from dubai mean while i had laycopodium cm if i can use for liver please do let me know thanks sir

  175. M. Asim Khan says:

    Symptoms written under heading of these two medicines i.e. Calcarea carb n nux vomica are very much related to me. Im 41 years with 84kg weight. Pl suggest medicine n dosage for me. Thanks to you in anticipation

  176. M. Asim Khan says:

    Symptoms written under heading of these two medicines i.e. Calcarea carb n nux vomica are very much related to me. Im 41 years with 84kg weight. wweight. Pl suggest medicine n dosage for me. Thanks to you in anticipation

  177. Sir.. I have mild fatty liver with hepatomegaly, h/o hypothyroid n htn since 3yr. C/o dyspnoe on exertion abd distention constipation menses irregular m fatty wt.80kg ht.153, backache on/off…kinly suggest me medicine thank u..

  178. Aamir Firdousi says:

    Sir , I have grade 3 fatty liver advice me to take which hemopathic medicine.i am 35 years old my weight is 80 kg.

  179. prajjwal.biswass says:

    Pain on r/u abdomen,weakness,sleeplessness,mental dipratation,laginess,feel mentel sickness what is good medicine.

  180. Hi, im sadaf of 34. Im suffring from non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Also faced gall bladder surgery. So now want to get rid of this disease by homeopathic treatment. Will you help me plz

  181. dear Dr sharma
    God bless you for this post. my mum has been on drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure for over 10 years, last year 2016 September, during her routine checkup, she discovered she had fatty liver. conventional medicine has done no good but instead worsens it. please can you recommend anything as she needs to change her diet but is confused because of the diabetes. she recently started having complains in her side under her ribs…her liver region. thank you

  182. Mentha piper is best mother tincture for gastrointestinal purpose

  183. i have fatty liver in ultasound report i feel pain in right side upper stomach under the rib every time expect when i on sleeping position its relief lever size is 15 to sixteen which is normal lft test normal, hb & hc is normal.

    lycopodium significant are common & nux vomica are suitable for my significant , my age is 44 male, also have problem
    mild cronic gastrics,
    heart ichmaic disease (angeography is clear,) kindly recomend me the medicine for thesse three diseases.


    • Hello doctor , kindly suggest me a medicine for reducing weight. I was very active and fit in my late 20s weighing 72 kgs height 5’11 and suddenly I started putting on weight of course it was with rich diet and no workout but now I an in my early 40s weighing 105 kgs and trying hard to loose weight. I eat limited food and do reasonable workout but nothing helps. I have no other problem then a body ache and low energy in eveningsPls suggest a medicine which will increase my metabolism and help me loose weight


  184. Sharon Carter says:

    I have been diagnosed with having a fatty liver, I often experience pain in my right side, but this comes and goes. I’m female, 56 years old and 80 Kgs. I have had problems with indigestion (but have gained better control of this by raising my sleeping position, constipation (I have also gotten this under control by taking more fibre) but I would like to restore my liver to a healthy condition, before the problem gets worse. Reading the symptoms above I can relate to a number of them, I crave juices and ice cream and often feel weak after a bowel motion. I would appreciate any suggestions you could give me to improve my current health status.

  185. Devidas. N. Kishinchandani says:

    My wife hsve feeling of as she eat heavy but has consumed little food. She donot have pain in abdoman . She had a weight loss too. Pl. Give me advise or any tablet or syrup to comeover of this problem.

  186. Sir I am diagnoses with NAFL. Doctors says you need Diet change but can’t treat my condition .I get pain in right side of stomach which comes after food and some times when it feels like .I am 82kg 46years of age .can you plz help me as I am sick of this pain . Also feels blotted and pass gas a lot . My friend told me homepathic can treat my illness .he said you can get tablets from yous but i dont know which ones Thanks

  187. My name is Mrs. Nupur Paul, I have passed from dengue fever in june 2016 since my digestion power has decrease feeling acidity. On 07/10/2016 I have sample my blood and report as below : –

    SGOT – 37.8
    SGPT – 41.3
    GGT – 59.4

    LDL- 169
    TC/HDL RATIO-5.5
    LDL/HDL RATIO – 3.7
    NON HDL-206


    I am taking medicine – Thyronorm – 100 & Astrovastine 10mg tablet.

    On 12/12/2016 I have sample my blood and report as below : –

    SGOT – 152
    SGPT – 147
    GGT – 206.27

    LDL- 92
    TC/HDL RATIO-3.5
    LDL/HDL RATIO – 1.8
    NON HDL-127.7


    Medicine – only thyronorm – 100 continue,

    On 16/01/2017 I have sample my blood and report as below : –

    SGOT – 61.8
    SGPT – 62
    GGT – 229.4

    LDL- 126
    TC/HDL RATIO-7.4
    LDL/HDL RATIO – 3.9
    NON HDL-206.8


    Medicine – Thronorm – 100 and Astrovastine 10mg continue.

    Kindly suggest me could you help me with homeopathy medicine

  188. Mr ASHOK Palanati says:

    Sir my lever enlarged because daily drinking alcohol
    Pls tell me which madicin
    Help to make normal size lever

  189. I’ve been diagnosed with grade 1 fatty liver. No symptoms except abdominal obesity. Pure veg and no alcohol consumption.
    Gastric/bloating issue.
    What would you suggest?
    I’m 42 yrs, male, 81 kgs, 5’9″

  190. Usha Krishna says:

    I have been diagnosed N A F L. My stomatch remains distended. I feel constant pain in my right shoulder blade. Right side of my neck and all around ear till the eye ball, I feel constriction. My elbows knee joints are swollen, legs have water retention. I have craving for sugary stuff immediately after meals. My complexion is becoming yellowish. My urine is yellow. I take blood pressure tablet calcium tablet and a multi vitamin tablet daily.

  191. Naeem Asghar says:


    I am suffering from liver disease
    My liver ALT is normally high for a 1 year . I have used many medicine but during using medicine my ALT goes 40 or 50 and I feel better.But when I stop using these medicine my Liver ALT goes High.
    I am so worry about this disease.
    Kindly Help me and send the name of a suitable medicine for this
    Allah Promoted You.

  192. Subhash thapa says:

    Hi sir I have been diagnosed with fatty liver. I m overweight n take alcohol once in blue moon. Plz advice homeo age is 47 and suffering from chronic IBS.

  193. TANMOY KABIRAJ says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from hyper acidity from the last three years about. When i eat something, i feel uneasy in the right side of my abdomen. When i take breath & after filling air at my abdomen , i feel like the right side of my abdomen will be open,,, but not pain. I feel a small size ball which is semi hard & after pressing it is little painful. ——- I have tried about all homeopathic medicine like chelidonium, china, carboveg, lycopodium, etc . but all those medicines give me just relief but those medicines cannot make me completely cure. —— But it is very necessary to say that continuous use of those medicines made me better than before. All the symptoms which we generally suffer for hyper acidity are same & which i have written above are extra problems.

  194. Bhuvnesh Sharma says:

    My wife Archana 57 yrs gets pain in her stomach above navel very often almost every 5-6 days, which subside by rubbing back and taking Barbris Valgaris twice with warm water after which some gasses pass and she feels better. She became overweight (98 Kgs, Height 5′ 4″) after birth of children (2). Lot of fat in hips and thighs. Was having 2 stones of point 8 mm in her Gall Bladder she took Barbaris for about a month and in recent sonography even though the stones does not show up but severe pain still occurs often. She was also told that she has fatty liver A+. She also has pain in knees because of that is not able to walk more then 500 meters may be because of weight or some gap in knee bones.
    Please suggest some medicine.
    With Thanks in anticipation and regards
    Bhuvnesh Sharma

  195. Dear Dr. Sharjah,
    My Primary Dr recently had me to complete blood testing. Everything came out great with exception of “fatty liver.”
    Can “Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar” be of help? I am extremely sensitive to pharmaceutical drugs & the vitamins that I’m currently taking are 1.) Womens 1 a day capsules 2.) Tri Calcium,Magnesium,Zink 3.)E:400 I.u. 4.)Vitamin C 5.) Probiotics 20 Billion.
    I’m also 98% Glutin Free, I use Egg Beaters (allergy to yolk) & am Lactose intolerant, mainly a fish eater.
    Thank you for the the response of use of Braggs Apple Cider Vingar vs Fatty liver.
    Limited with income and cannot afford excess of vitamins
    Regards, Ms. Shawn P. Tracer

  196. Avatar singh says:

    Hi doctor I am diabetic type 1 and also have non alcoholic fatty liver grade 3 . Due to that I am feeling pain in my stomach after eating food and there is lot of heart burning and acidity in the stomach and chest area. Kindly suggest me some medicines to treat fatty liver.

  197. DR.Sharma,
    My father is 74 years, during a recent Master health check up, everything was normal except liver. the comment written was
    Liver : Appears normal in size 14.9 cms & shows diffuse increased echotexture with no evidence of focal lesions. there is no dilation of intra hepatic bilary portal radicles. portalvein & common bile duct appear normal in caliber.

    IMPRESSION: Fatty liver.

    Sir, can you please elaborate on this as early as possible.

    Thanks & Kind regards

  198. Dr. Sharma

    Good afternoon

    Sir, I am 55 years old. I got my full abdomen scanning done recently and it reveal that I have moderate fatty lever and enlarge prostrate but after urination it gets empty.
    Every in the morning, I have to go to toilet three time to pass my stool even in the day time I feel to pass the stool. I feel that my stomach remain filled.
    My weight is 82 kgs.

  199. My liver in fatty 2grad pleas tell me good medicen.please

  200. Mera fatty liver type 2 h mere pet me gas acidity aur pet bera sa mhsus hota affara jase gas lagti h muje bukh bi behut kam lagti h. Muje constipation rhti h pet saf nhi hota toilet me time bi jyada lagta h. Muje piles badi sojis wali h jisme toilet ke bad thodi der bhar rhti h. Treatment ?

  201. Imran Khan says:

    Mr.Sharma my daughter is suffering with acute constipation from last 3 years.She pass the stool after 3 to 4 days mostly. please recommend the right medicine for said problem.

  202. Manik ch. Roy. says:

    A known diabetic with peripheral neuropathy with burning sensation in
    Sole with osteoporosis . Your kind attention please. Not fibroid.

  203. Sgpt 107 and sgot
    sonography 11.6 cm enlarged
    Fatty liver

  204. Krishnandan Thakur says:

    I Krishnandan Thakur from Patna. I am suffring from Constuption and remain always cold (sardi).

  205. manoj kumar jha says:

    Pranam sir,
    I am suffering from pain and occasionaly burning of right upper abdomen(hepatic zone)
    Ultrasonology report is :- Coarse liver ecotaxture
    Lever fuction test is normal
    I have consumed large quantity if alcohol from about 25 Yrs upto till days
    age:- 49 Yrs male

  206. Qamar Ahsan Nadeem says:

    Calcarea Carb is looking my medicine. What power or potency i should use?
    Once in ultra sound doctor told me that i have fatty liver. Am 40 years. Weigh 84kg. Always have constipation. Problem in digestion but not too much. In winter i feel gas getting on my heart or pain on back side of neck. Problem in release of gas like its blocked. I found my BP high when gas not released. I get flu in cold air. But never wished for chalks or pencils to eat or anything.

  207. HI Sir
    Sir My Age is 22 Years old … My Leaver ALT Level is 100 ..
    Kindly suggest the best treatment for this problem.

  208. Mahesh Kumar says:

    Sir Ultrasound report says: Hepatomegaly with wild diffuse fatty infiltration in the liver, grade-I.

    Kindly suggest the best treatment for this problem.

  209. GURDEEP SINGH says:

    My age is 48 years & i have beenGastric problem from last 10 years specially in night. Iam taking ocid 20 in evening from last 7 years. Now there is pain in the center of chest after taking food especially in night. First gas passes very very often and the pain starts, have to take ocid & gelusil syrup 4 spoon and have to walk continuously for atleast 2 hours because pain is severe while sitting or l Symptoms: 1 or 2 days before pain starts stools are watered containing undigested vegetables/onions/ coriander. Ultra sound says all is ok except liver is bit fatty. Lipid profile & Lft is normal. Hb 14gms . Alcohol 100 ml every sunday. No tea coffee from 5 years only green tea. Feels very uneasy when gas is not released. Can’ t wear round neck clothes. Please suggest proper homeopathy medicine. Thanx in advance.

  210. sir;
    My age is 54 years. Whenever I undergo through routine preventive medical examination ; Fatty lever report is always there. I have whitish tongue. Problem of acidity develops whenever I take oily food. May Kindly suggest the best Homeopathy medicine with prescribed dose. I take hard drink very occasionally, once or twice a month.
    with regards

    • sir;
      My age is 54 years. Whenever I undergo through routine preventive medical examination ; Fatty lever report is always there. I have whitish tongue. Problem of acidity develops whenever I take oily food. May Kindly suggest the best Homeopathy medicine with prescribed dose. I take hard drink very occasionally, once or twice a month.
      with regards
      M S RAWAT

      • sir;
        My age is 54 years. Whenever I undergo through routine preventive medical examination ; Fatty lever report is always there. I have whitish tongue. Problem of acidity develops whenever I take oily food. May Kindly suggest the best Homeopathy medicine with prescribed dose. I take hard drink very occasionally, once or twice a month.
        with regards
        M S RAWAT

  211. soumyajit choudhury says:

    Fatty liver problem with cholestorol presipitation in gallbladder. My weight was 92kgs and reduced it to 84 kgs. Please prescribe good medicine for these problems. Sugar, LIPID PROFILE AND LFT IS NORMAL.

  212. Hi sir,
    When i woke up i have right side near rib cage pain exist. I have desire to eat sweet very often and i have problem with cold air.
    I ultrasound my abdomen and found enlarged fatty liver. It all started with gym one day i was having pain and i did gym. Pain start growing day by day. Now i i eat little bit my abdomen swell and i can not drink water much in whole day. My right side abdomen start pain after i do little bit of lifting of bucket of water or play table tennis. Then pain travel to testis veins.

    I used Lycopodium got relief but not much.
    I am computer engineer and spend complete day on chair. My right shoulder back side was having spasm whenever i try to lift something very intense pain follow in back. I usually have urine pressure more intense fter noon till night. If i drink water about litre i kep going to bathroom to urinate.

    Please help me if u can. I tried many doctor but nobody able to treat me property.

    • narendra patel says:

      hi sir, my age is 47 year,i have suffer pain in right side abdomen,i have HBsAG positive since last 25 years,other blood reports are normal, in my ultrasound report enlarge liver,fatty liver grade 2 ,hemongiea lesson reported as 2.3 x 2.0 cm,gastitis very high,in night pain 2-4 o’clock some time, i tried many doctor but result is zero, Please help me , what can i do? your suggestion will help my life thanks…..

  213. syeda mariam siddiqa says:

    Asymtomatic fatty liver with high sgpt. 70 IU/L

  214. J.Narasimha Rao 9000289116 says:

    I am Narasimha Rao aged 70 yrs. from Hyderabad. I am suffering from fatty liver since 5 or 6 years. For some time I used homeo medicine from a doctor. But it is not cured. I am having constipation. Motion sensation is there but I could not get while going for toilet. Occassionally I am getting pain at the right abodomen and also at the right bottom of the stomach. I am also having prostitis. Now I am using allopathic Flotral 10 mg. tabs earlier prescribed by an urologist. And homeo sabal sellulalta Q since 10 days.
    I am a stout man fond of sweets. By nature I am helpful to others. Kindly prescribe a best medicine for fatty liver , constipation and prostitis.
    Thanking you

  215. sohail afzal kayani says:

    liver showed inflammatory changes however size is normal….
    Slight enlargement of prostet glands…. = (4.3 x 3.5 x 3.7 cm. approx weight 3 gms.)

    Age 58 years
    No sugar
    cholesterol, B.P etc all normal

    single remade medicine required for both of above matters please

  216. Ajay Srivastava says:

    Respected Sir,
    Namaskar , I my self Ajay Srivastava (age 60 year), an Engineer by profession . Mailing you from Dehradun City. Sir I used to take Alcohol for about last 35 years, as a result I have developed Inlarged Fatty Liver. Having initial symptoms. My whole body is in proposnate only my Belly have bulged. Please guide me. Firstly please advice me some best Homeyopathic medicine for treatment, secondly please guide me to how to quit this hebit by gradually reducing the intake amount of Alcohol . I will be highly obliged for this. Thanks

  217. Rajeev Karwayun says:

    Good day doctor,

    I was diagnosed with alcoholic fatty liver grade 1 in 2015 October. I had been prescribed with allopathic medicines for three months and after LFT was normal. The size of liver was reduced from 16 to 15cm.

    I also exercised a lot during these months and reduced my weight from 90 to 81 kgs.

    I used to drink a lot but reduced to a beer or two in 10-15 days. My query to you is,

    1) how to get the liver back to normal size?
    2) I have been farting a lot since diagnosed with the liver disease.

    What medicine should I take to get things normal again and for how long?

    • Sudip sinhamahapatra says:

      I have first stage non alcoholic fatty liver with gastric problem since 3year, burning and pain in right upper abdomen , and motion is not clear, loose stool, going 2/3 times daily but not clear.smelling gas all time like full my belly. Please give me suggestions and tell me for medicine and doses.

  218. SOMNATH AICH says:

    Since few days feeling an intermittent pain in right upper abdomen, abdomen seems to be heavy and bloated after food intake especially during evening. Sometimes feel weak suddenly with nausea. Moreover, have chronic problems with acidity, gas, bad breath, loose stool with foul smell and frequent passing of flatus with foul smell sometimes, sour taste. Above described uneasiness being observed since two years specially during seasonal change. Recently took tests as usg of abdomen , endoscopy, colonoscopy, sugar (fasting & pp), no abnormalities. Pls suggest medicinal remedies, dosage & diet to relieve mental agony.

  219. Bijendra kumar says:

    Sir, I bijendra kumar 45 years old and I am suffering from fatty liver problem stage 1 many years, a few months ago pass bleeding from stool once time. I am suffering from constipation and gas problems and feel tiered always. so sir please guide me for this. I always thanks for you.

  220. Adarsh Aggarwal says:

    suffering from Fatty Lever Grade 2 with constipation, abdomen is always full & coming outward, burning in food pipe. Stool is not regular, black colored & gaining weight too.

  221. Sir I m suffering from f1 fatty liver and acidity what I do?


    I drink 3 to 4 drinks of good whisky every day. My body weight is approx 97 kilos but most of it is in the abdomen area. my limbs are thin. I am 5 ft 9 inches. Though I munch non veg with the drinks and eat even cheese, I do not have any dinner as I am unable to eat after my drinks and short eats.

    I feel very very week always and since I am also having cervical spondilitis, I am unable to be very active. My nerves also need a lot of nourishment as I feel they are very week.

    Can suggest any medicine with the dosage.

    Many thanks in advance.

  223. What is the homeopathic medicine for umbilical hernia. Is it durable with homeopathy.

    Also along with that fell bladder sludge and fatty liver grade 1 was found. Please suggest some medicine for all these.

  224. Hloo Sir,

    My name is Harsh. Ndmy liver is 70 % damage ,wt can I do. Pls suggest. I m only 32 years old.

  225. Sir, mera age 27 yrs. he. mujhe takriban 2 sal se pet ki daye side me pain he. sath hi pet me ajib kism ki jalan or vomit vao rahta he. letrin abnormal he. har time tired lagta he or body halka hota ja raha he.
    Sir pls pls pls koin dawai bataiye na jo me tik ho soku…

  226. Sir my liver is fatty i am doing chelidonium and carduus my ot pt is control but liver fatty

  227. mohd farmaan says:

    Liver enlarged itching and motion in 1 hour after meal and the motion is really looks oily

  228. I have 17 years old
    my weight is 85 kg
    in my liver test my sgpt is 133…
    I am having pain in just below stomach…
    and around lever….
    I am unable to eat anything and felt full ness in stomach after eating little…

  229. Ankit Agarwal says:

    I am 33 years old, recently done my lipid profile.

    my report is:

    Total Bil: 0.8mg
    Direct Bil: 0.2mg
    In. D. Bil: 0.6 mg
    SGOT: 52 U/L
    SGPT: 104 U/L
    Alk. Phos: 135

    Please suggest medicine.

  230. jagdish pandey says:

    i have been diagnosed fatty liver after pain in the rt abdomen and pain increasing after eating food .urge to pass stool many time give some relief.the abdomen always remain distended. weakness in the lower limbs.burning belching is also experienced some time.sometime i feel sourness immediately after food

  231. Sanjit Addya says:

    I am 39 yrs old, Now my T. Bilirubin – 1.3, SGPT -64, SGOT-53, Hb% -11.9 and others life Alk Phos, Protein – normal), Fatty liver with tiny small gall stone (largest one 5.5 mm), Last one year, According to my doctor, I have taken chelidoneum Q 6 dops twise and Barbaris Vlug. Q with same dose. One year ago my LFT result was with normal. Kindly help me about my problem.

  232. Umesh sharma says:

    I am 33 year old and
    My triglyceride is 205,
    Cpk enzyme 234
    Total biluribine 1
    Usg show fatty liver
    I have no any adiction like alcohol, smoking and any other
    Can homeopathy treatment is help to reduce my tg and fatty liver and cpk enzyme

  233. Raymond yee says:

    Dr Sharma. I have been diagnosed by my doctor with Pityriasis Rosea which flared up since 9 September. I am taking Siphylinum (200c), Thyroidinum (30c) for the last one week but still get flare ups. I read on internet that some people think this is related to poor liver function. Is this true? Constitionally I have taken Mercurius, Lycopodium and Ayahuasca which worked on my deeper emotional issues. Do you think my course of treatment is right one for my skin lesions or should I look at more liver function related remedies?

  234. Dear Dr Sharma, I have been diagnosed with fatty liver for the past 2 years, I was told to loose weight, but have not been able to do so. I walk and exercise for an hour every day except Sunday. My food is normal no vegetarian. I have had 2 episodes where I thought I was having a baby. only the pain lasted for 3 /4 days after which it subsided and I was better. I have now started to get that upper right quadrant pain and am scared just thinking about getting that attack again. I am 56 yrs old and weigh 93 kgs. Have had my gall bladder removed in 2003 after sludge was found in it and had a total hysterectomy in 1997. Please help. I had scans taken both times where the fatty liver was diagnosed.

  235. Hello dr I am mrs s Patel I had my blood test and I have inflamation and I got sawllon stumack (abdonimal ) so what cause and what to eat and what is not and which remedi for it thanks for it

  236. Dear Sir,
    I am 59 yrs old person of 5ft 7 inches with 90 kg wt. I am having PROSTATE problem since last 4 years and being treated with Alfusin D. For last few weeks I was experiencing pain and heaviness in rt abdomen. Thru Ultrasound, came to know that I am having fatty liver with two cysts in my left liver lobe. I am having high BP also and thru medicine it is ok.
    Prescribe me the medicine for correction of Fatty liver.


  238. Meenu Singh says:

    I am suffering with various digestive issues and estrogen dominance after going through menopause. I have gained weight and now have a fatty liver. Kindly indicate the best remedy for me as I am not able to flush out or have effective estrogen metabolism . Thank you so nychy

  239. Sir I am sunny and my liver become fatty and having multiple cysts in right lobe of liver for two years.

  240. Debabrata saha mondal says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife is 34years old , she is having thyroid problem since 9 years .now she is suffering from fatty liver .she is filling pain in right abdomen .
    So, please suggest me a homeopathic medicine for her thanking you

    Debabrata saha mondal

  241. My wife got typhoid last year, since then she is suffering from watery stool.she is loosing weight.and tired help me.

  242. I m suffering from fatty liver SGOT 88 SGPT 97 …pain in liver…which treatmeby and diet you will prescribed

  243. My sgpt 147 vomting every time what should i do my age 49years

  244. Gurubaran D says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering Fatty Liver Problem for more than 10 years.
    I found this problem using ultra sound scan.
    my stomach is always flatulence, esophagus is dry and Heart Burn problem.
    when i feel pain Pressing Finger on chest.
    passing stool giving relief (flatulence) for 10-15 minute.
    Always feeling Gastric symptoms and Acidity.
    please give me the medicine to cure my decease.
    Please help me sir

  245. Rajesh Hooda says:

    my name is Rajesh from rohtak . i am suffering form liver pain on th right side mainly and sometimes left side also since last two year. At the same time no desire of eat ,stomach always sence full at the evng time mainly and in the morning not satisfactory response in toilet less stool and after sometime desire to go toilet but nothing benefits.
    Dr. says that liver is fatty in USG,and some says more gastric production by liver etc ,
    so please tell me what is this dieases and how it can cured.

  246. dipti Ranjan das says:

    Dear Sir,

    After getting report from USG of Whole ABDOMEN,

    Report – MILD FATTY Changes in Liver.

    Otherwise no significant abnormality in the visualized abdominal organs.

    Frankly I confirmed,due to alcohol “MILD FATTY CHANGES IN LIVER”

    So.Please suggest or guide to “Which medicine only from Homeopathy will appropriate for above said decease !!! & also confirm me price of Medicine.”

    Dipti Ranjan Das

  247. In ultra sound I have been diagnosed with fatty liver grade 1/2. I am male 73 yrs and am patient of bp sugar for last 22 yrs and clistrol 15 yrs.and am taking medicines for all and for diabitis type 2 I am on tragenta 5 mg and 200 units of humalog mix 50. My hba1c is 7.6.I have sweting on head after meals and have been diagnosed NASH the liver disorder. I am 96 kgms 5 ft 9 in.Pl advise if there is permanent treatment and how much time it will take for complete recovery. Thanks

  248. Dr. Ihave fatty lever without allthe synptoms which discribed above. Ihave gastic problem but i dont have any pain in stomach. I dont have constipation. Advise and recmundation of homeo medicine for me. Iam vegetarian and non drinker with 52 yrs old age.Ilike to eat sweets and consume daily three to four cup of tea or coffee.

  249. bappaditya saha says:

    gerd and main problem bowels is not clear at all every morning . pl suggest medicine with potency for reflux gastroesophageal and stole clearance.

  250. Morning Dr Sharma, what can you suggest if coming off temoxifen and feeling just generally unwell.can it be fatty liver.thanks Liezl

  251. Hi dr. I m suffering from fatty liver disease grade tow.i feel pain in right upper quad and extreem height is five ft tow inchs .i feel craving for sweet at times .blood sugar fasting is sevety four and randam is ninetynine.blood pressur fluctuates.some time a day i feel immediate sleeping recomend medicine for me.wt is seventy four kg.liver size is 17 cm

  252. Hi dr. I m suffering from fatty liver disease grade tow.i feel pain in right upper quad and extreem height is five ft tow inchs .i feel craving for sweet at times .blood sugar fasting is sevety four and randam is ninetynine.blood pressur fluctuates.some time a day i feel immediate sleeping recomend medicine for me.wt is seventy four kg.

  253. mild hepatomeghly fatty liver problem after eating starting belching with vomating liver size is 16.0 and and weight 62kg

  254. Parvinder Mittal says:

    Hello doctor
    I am suffering from abdominal pain since february 2016.At first I thought due to gym may be the reason.but as the days passesd by I started feeling burning sensation and pain in abdomen after meals.i am also having constipation and gas problem .I feel pain same as menstrual pain.i also feel pain at the centre of my food ultra sound reports states liver is enlarged in size (16.5 cm) & shows increased echogenicity.also I have two intramural fibroids 24×19mm & 11×10mm .
    Kindly confirm me whether is it curable or not.pls suggest me the right homoeopathic medicine .i also request you to kindly guide me for intake of proper diet .
    Thanking you

    • Parvinder Mittal says:

      Hello doctor
      I am suffering from abdominal pain since february 2016.At first I thought due to gym may be the reason.but as the days passesd by I started feeling burning sensation and pain in abdomen after meals.i am also having constipation and gas problem .I feel pain same as menstrual pain.i also feel pain at the centre of my food ultra sound reports states liver is enlarged in size (16.5 cm) & shows increased echogenicity.also I have two intramural fibroids 24×19mm & 11×10mm .
      Kindly confirm me whether is it curable or not.pls suggest me the right homoeopathic medicine .i also request you to kindly guide me for intake of proper diet .
      Thanking you

  255. Dr. Sherwani says:

    Dear sir,
    i am 35 year old male.
    I have fatty liver.
    My liver is week.

  256. raj kumar m says:

    Dr. Sharmaji,
    from past two months i am suffering with siviour indigestion and itching in the armpits. some times i am feeling difficult for even breathing, gas is coming up and feeling inconvenience at heart. kindly suggest right medicine sir.

  257. mrs c. choudhoury says:

    doctor i am suffering from high vitamin B12 what medicine shoud i take to cure the problem food should i avoid

  258. Kazi Naeemuddin says:

    Liver is bright in echotexure and enlarged. No focal lesion. IHBR are non-dilated

    IMPRESSION: Mild Hepatomegally with Grade 2 Fatty Liver and early changes of fibrosis/Alcoholic Liver disease
    Elastography showed mild fibrosis, s/o reversible changes.

    Medical History: 1) Hypertention since 2006 on Telmaking AM 20 mg and Nebi 2.5 mg 2) Diabetes was on Istyle M1 Morning 1 tabler and Evening 1/2 Tablet, since 45 days I have stopped diabetes medication because my BS is getting low after meal the reading comes to 90 to 100. 3) Uric acid level is 8.2 Febustat 40 1 tab daily. 4) Fatty Liver 3 Tablets of Ursocol 300 mg per day, 6 capsules of Essential L per day 5) Hiatus Harnia Grade B Nexpro L Tablet 1 daily 6) Acidity, Constipation, Loss of Memory and Weight is 80 kg age is 45 Male

    I was alcoholic for 10 years and since last 5 months i have left taking alcohol. I request you to please give me

  259. Sushmita Adhikari says:

    hello sir ,
    My younger brother age 17 has been diagnosed with mild hepatomigaly can you please help me with prescribing medicine’s for his treatment and a proper diet.

  260. Priya Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    My mother had been given excess of allopathy medicine due to viral &dehydration as
    a result of it lack of appetite and bitter taste of mouth and constipation too,though i had given her nux vomica at night&chelidonium dosages (3) i.e.morning,evening result is it correct Sir,and plz.suggest some medicines to anti the effects of allopathy medicines too.

  261. Hello doctor
    I was recently diagonised with pcos and also fatty liver of grade 1.. My age is 34..
    Please let me know if pcos can be a leading factor for fatty liver
    How should I get it treated

  262. nabeel ahmad says:

    A.o.a sir how r u i hope u r fine sir i have a fatty liver grade 2 last month my lft and hepatatis tests r normal only phospotaste is mildly high but liver is fatty kindly tell me which medicen is best for me thanks

  263. Kartik Manik says:

    I am kartik Manik from allahabad. I am liver fatty from jaundice patient what can I do for prevent the fatty liver nd jaundice my no is 8546067113

  264. Dipen Ghosh says:

    I am suffering from fatty liver,acidity and bad smeel from mouth at the morning. Please advised what medicine I will take.

  265. sanjeev sharma says:

    My lever is fatty body pain and abdomen is obesity gastric and burning problem on throat. When burning aciduty khansi will be with burning problem

    • You can use chelidonium alongwith cardus mariana and chionanthis for 3 weeks. And then contact me 03013009741

  266. ravi kiran says:

    My son a aged 23 yrs is a duchenne muscular dystrophy patient with myopathy right now he is under medication his blood pumping level EF is 31% with a mild fatty liver his main problem is he could not take required lunch and dinner, with little bit of intake he complains tiredness and stomach pain

  267. I am suffering from fatty liver related to alcohol consumption. aged 60.
    Kindly suggest a suitable homoeo medicine and also its dosage.

  268. Birendar sharma says:

    Hi sir. My name is Birendar sharma…. actually after lunch my stomach start bloating and I cannot digest my food & feel like gas in my stomach , so I went for ultrasound n it’s diagnosed with fatty liver grade 2….
    So can u suggest me any medicine n hw I should take the medicine with what potential…
    Thanking you…

  269. saleel agra says:

    Mujhi lunch ki bad bharipan or aalas ata hi or pair fulls full a lagta hi.

  270. my husband aged 35 is 98kg and 6ft 2 inch in height. he gained wt in last couple of years. he is now diagnosed of fatty liver, raised sgpt and lymphocytosis. he complains of pain in right side and back under shoulder blade. he craves for spicy food like chaat noodles etc. he doesn;t want to eat normal food lik dal chawal roti sabji. he hates sweets. he is non diabetic and non hypertensive. he sweats a lot and gets angry very often. plz help

  271. I’m 49 yrs male my sgpt/sgot is 61 /44

  272. Arvind Yadav says:

    I am 49 years old diagnosed fatty liver. I am hypertensive. Taking antihypertensive drugs. Now my B. P. is normal. My weight was 72 Kg before 6 months, by exercise i reduced to 65 kg. Now it is prover as per my height. My lipid levels were altered but after exercise it is quite normal. My blood sugar is fasting 105 and post prandial is 160 mg/dl.
    Can you suggest some treatment for me.

  273. Dr.sahab mai bahot preshan rehta hu ,jab bhi mai thoda sa khana kha leta hu to sara din pet bhara sa rhta h ,saans lene me bhi taklif hoti h ,aisa lagta h ki khana pura gale tak rkhkha hua h ,please homyopathic me koi dava btayiye

  274. Aslaam o alikum sir
    Sir I m suffered from fatty liver with abdominal pain
    Hepatitis B&C is negative
    Hepatitis A (LFT ) Report is as under
    Biluribion 1.8
    SGPT (ALT) 90
    SGOT (AST) 85
    PLZ suggest me medicine

    • Kartik Manik says:

      I am kartik Manik from allahabad. I am liver fatty from jaundice patient what can I do for prevent the fatty liver nd jaundice my no is 8546067113

  275. Sir asslam o alikum my husband had a fatty liver and all other things are normal and his prostate is enlarged… But here also there is no symptoms… like his urine is normal and he is a diabetic patient..his protein and glucose is really increased….plz help me with this

  276. Hi doctor. I am 120kgs/ 44yrs. Has regular uric acid attack swelling on legs and feet are painful.
    Taking urtica /mother tincture for gout.
    But was reading ur article found fatty liver is the causebof gout. Hence requesting you adv phos potency and dosage n how many days i shud take.

    Thanks Niaz

  277. saurabh labh says:

    fitty liver grad-2 hgpt- sixty five %

  278. MANAS KUMAR GHOSH says:

    since 29th July, 2016 I have done an Ultra Sonography from Belle Vue Clinic and found in Liver – Enlarged and fatty changes is seen. no focal SOL is seen. Intraheptic biliary channels are not dilated. PV measures 0.8 cms in calibre.
    I have no consumed alchol in my life and I have no smoking in life. Please help me… suggest me some medicine with dose early.

  279. Sir i want to loose my weight and fatty liver.. i have a also acidity problem. Please help me .. suggest me some medicine with dose…

  280. Manoj Umesh Sharma says:

    I am suffering from the following:
    1. Lack of appetite
    2. Low Hb count.
    3. Feel tired & exhausted. Always feeling sleepy.
    4. High TSH count (7.5)
    5. Lack of concentration
    6. Bloating of stomach. specially in the morning.

    Pls. help me in getting rid of above problems

  281. AMITAVA GHOSH says:

    Belly is like a bladder.even a little bit of intake of anything it’s become heavy.sometimes vomiting and nausea is feel.Earlier I was a patient of jaundice and had operated Gall Stone.What will be remedied.

  282. rofiqul ialam says:

    mild hepatomegaly enlarged liver …. problem sir

  283. subrata mahapatra says:

    a patient have fatty liver (20. 4cm) and chronic gall blader calculas disease with contract in size of 3. 40×1. 58cm. plze tell medicine sir

  284. Noshin Ismail says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My mother in law has been vomiting blood and now has been diagnosed that she has a fatty Liver and they says she needs operation.
    Can you please give me an herbal remedy.

  285. Ashfaq Rabbani says:

    Dr sb i m from pakistan having age 66
    After eid and continue fastings main khanay
    Ki care na kar saka aor bahut hi sakht constipation hogai is k baad mujhay pain shuru ho gaya doctors ne antibiotics pain killers etc use karaya laikin koi farq nahin para phor main ne ultra sound karaya tao dr ki report fatty lever dignose hua
    Pls mujhay advise kejeay k main kon se medicine use karun
    Thanks & regards

  286. Harmeet singh says:

    sir i am having slight upper abdomen pain n gas and acidity problem

  287. Ritu sharma says:

    Namste sir my name is Ritu Sharma.I am 24 years old.I am a grade 1 fatty liver patient.My liver size 13.5 cm.sir please suggest a good homeopethic medicine for me.



  289. pankaj naha says:

    Dear Doctor Sahab,

    Myself pankaj naha is having fat in the liver. On account of that I feel fatigue, weight loss, not energetic even though I take full diet and doing exercise everyday. Kindly suggest the thing to be done at the earliest. Pankaj Naha.

  290. sakthivel says:

    sir my name sakthivel i am age 31 fatty liver 22 cm larged what can i do driment to fatty liver cleain u

  291. i am a grade 1 fatty liver patient , what can i do

  292. Praveen Kumar says:

    My lft test shows sgpt high sopt also high Pl tell me medicines for down these parameters in range .

  293. Dr. Mukul Kumar Das says:

    I am suffering from Fatty liver Grade 3 for last 3-4 years (after detection). My age is 42 years now. After eating uneasyness and drowsiness feeling, pressure on stomach like stone after eating, burning pain starts in the middle -right portion of stomach and it extends up to chest, burning in the chest, stool is long, thin with undigested/semi-digested food etc. excessive sweating and uneasyness in sweating, sexual desire is gradually becoming less.

    Please suggest

  294. Faisal Bhatti says:

    Hello Dr. Sharam,
    I am diabetic patient and diagnosed with fatty lever as well, please advise me one of the best German medicine to control sugar and reverse the fats from lever.
    Faisal Bhatti

  295. Sir, My Father is a diabetes patient and some days earlier he was suffering from intestine knot and later one he has diogonosed with fatty liver stage 1 what should i do sir does this is a severe problem does it will be cured completely or not

  296. Sankar Samantaray says:

    I am a diabetic patient. In last Sunday after a USG, the doctor said I have fatty liver. I am facing problem in digesting. I have gas problem. I always feel full of stomach after eating a small quantity of food with sour belching. But I have no pain in right upper abdomen. I do not drink alcohol. I am 60 years old. Sir please suggest a good homeopathic medicine for me.

  297. Snehanshu says:

    I have fatty lever. I do not drink alcohol. I used to take coco cold Lever size16.4cm . highest size allowed for my age(38 yrs) and height(5ft11inch).I have discomft in abdomen. Suggest treatment and medication. I also have kidney stone of6.3mm. Please help me.

  298. I have fatty enlarged liver grade 1with right upper abdomen pain and acidity. I havent yellow skin or eyes My doctor suggest me with carduus marianus, carica papaya, guatteria gaumeri and chinonathus virginica. Is it right medicine?

  299. B.V.RAMAMURTY SARMA says:

    I got diagnoised fatty liver grade I about 1 year back. I am 60 years old male with diabetic andBP which are under control. Pl. advise howto reverse fatty lever through homeo treatment.



    hkthakur75@I am 65 years old lady suffering from fatty liver grade I . i HAVE 4cmX3cm mass in left lobe of liver.

  301. Alienor Michelle Lyngwa says:

    Hi Dr,
    I am a 47 yrs old female suffering from fatty liver. My weight is 74 kgs .my stomach is distended and I feel bloated at all times especially after meals, my feet are swollen and I get these dull headaches which last for a couple of days. I feel extremely lethargic and most of the time I do not feel like exercising. I know that I have to lose weight and I am wondering how I can do it when I feel so tired most of the time. Please help.
    Thank you

  302. hi sir , my doctor is treating my sluggish lever with chelidonium ,how long will it take .i am taking this medicine from 20 days.

  303. Awadhesh Kr Singh says:

    Dear sir,
    Myself Awadhesh Kumar Singh,age 60+yr. I have taken medicine for both since 3yrs,now I feel every moment a burning sensation after having food and heavinace in evening,although I am doing light yoga daily,is these symptoms due to medication or some lever problems,pls advice me medicine for complete lever cure.

  304. Tapan Satapathy says:

    Hello. ..Sir.
    I am suffering from goll blader stone. Since 6 month. My age is 28.

  305. Sir my mother have fatty liver all liver filled with fat doctor say her. Now we have no any solution for u yani abh koi elaag nai plz .solution btaen plz tell us medicine

  306. Sir, I am suffering from fatty liver and im a non alcolholic and i have diagnosed with a hepatomegaly with fatty liver grade 1 bilateral renal calculi systitis. I am always suffering with acidity, natia and feeling non energetic. I have chest and back pain due to acute gas. I don’t have any appetite. I am 28 yrs old with 60 kg wt. Sir, kindly give me some solution.

  307. Swapnil Wadwale says:

    Sir i am 38 yes old. I have alcoholic fatty liver… With lower abdominal pain.. Plz guide

  308. shashi Bhushan Prasad says:

    Sir I am suffering form fatty liver grade sgpt is normal.I sometime feel heavyness or mild pain in the upper region of right side of the stomach.every day I have at least one loose motion everyday.sometime oily or mucous rich stool passes out.I got heavy gas formation in stomach.I am anonalcholic vegetararian.please suggest me the proper remeady.II am 55 years old male

  309. Mohan kumar says:

    Sir, I am suffering from fatty liver. Am applying in kuwait visa if any problem in medical test.I am 30 yrs old with 95 kg wt. Sir, kindly give me some solution.

  310. stool not pass properly and lower side abdomen have little pain and left side leg .arm and face have swelling

  311. Amit kumar says:

    I am suffering from fatty liver and sgpt 99 no abdomen pain

  312. Rajeev Kumar Karwayun says:

    I was diagnosed with grade 1 alcoholic fatty liver 6 months back. I have limited alcohol intake after the diagnosis. I also reduced weight from 90kg to 80kg. I want to have a permanent remedy for fatty liver. Please suggest.

  313. Rupa Choudhury says:

    Sir, I am suffering from fatty liver. I am always suffering with acidity, natia and feeling non energetic. I have chest and back pain due to acute gas. I don’t have any appetite. I am 46 yrs old with 61 kg wt. Sir, kindly give me some solution.

  314. Sudarsan Chakrabortty says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    My father aged 78 years old, having fatty liver. He is also a chronic asma patient. Is there is any treatment for my father regarding fatty liver? And also is there any treatment for asma?
    Please help me doctor. I am sure your kind advice will help us a lot.

    Thanking you, yours’ faithfully
    Sudarsan Chakrabortty

  315. SURAJIT ROY says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My actual problems are;_
    a) Pain in abdomen begins a few hours after eating,
    b) Fatty Liver with gastric symptoms and acidity.
    c) The digestion is very slow.

    So I request you the exact medicines you suggest.

  316. My name is swap I have grade 1 fatty liver,i have been obese with bmi 45,gastric and after consuming food I feel blotted with food near throat

  317. Bijay Kumar Sahoo says:

    Sir, I am 55 years and weight is 86 kg suffering from diabetes, HB and cholesterol and taking allopathic medicines. Now after eating some food I am not feeling well and feeling heavyness in stomach causing some gastric problem. Kindly advice me in which homeopathic medicine I may take for curing the same problem.

  318. rajiv dogra says:

    Hello sir, i living in Canada, Hamilton ontario, my mom has a fatty liver. I just want to know, can u send medicine to Canada for fatty liver. If yes please let me know how much cost of this medicine for three month medicine. Thanks.

  319. Rahul khan says:

    Sir… After comnpletion of USG OF whole abdomen…… shows.. LIVER: liver is normal in size with homogenous uniform increase in echotexture… But at below on IMPRESSION: GRADE-I fatty infiltration of liver…….what will be the best homeopatic mmedicine for these dieses..thank you sir

  320. prakash baraskar says:

    Suffering from fatty lever having a deficiency of hemoglobin,b12 b6 calicium de ficiency, These has been find recently during testing. I am already taking medicine for high B.P. and Sugar which is normal nowadays. Please give suggesting and medicines.

  321. sunidhi rajput says:

    I have an no appetite and acidity problm plzz give a suggestion

  322. yuvinder says:

    Dear Doctor Saheb,
    I am Obese & diabetic with Blood Pressure. I am on Insulin. I have acute constipation Problem. I get tired easily & have become lethargic recently. I retired from Govt Service about one & a half year back. Earlier I was very cheerful & energetic, but now I do not feel like doing anything. I was looking for homeopathic medicine to reduce fat from my pancreas, when I came across your mail. Kindly suggest effective homeopathic medicine. My feet get numbness feeling may be because of diabetic effect on nerves.
    Thanks & Regards

  323. tauqeer ahmed says:

    I am suffering from hepatitis c since 2010 no treatment has been succeeded so far, I have not applied homeopathic treatment so far, please advice treatment?

  324. Mohd Ismail Aurangabad Maharashtra. says:

    Sir .Meri Wife Jiski Age 46 Year Hai Khana Khane Ke Bad Pet Mien Pain Hota Hai C T Scan Contras Karwaya Doctor Ne Fatty Liver Bataya Hai Aur 6 Month ” Cap Ganaton O D
    Aur Nexpro R D Diya Tab Se Koi Taklif Nahi Thi Ek Mahina Pahele Cap Ganaton O D .Band Kar Di Aur Sirf Nexpro 40 Roz 1 tab Challo Rakhi Ek Mahine Tak Koi Taklif Nahi Hui Ab 2 Din Se Khana Khane Ke Baad Pain Horaha Hai .Aap Se Nivedan Hai Aap Koi Homoeopathic Medicine Bataiye Jis Se Ye Taklif Khatm Hojaye Dhanewad.My Mob & Whats App No 09970668673.

  325. Niyaz Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 40 years old male I feel pain in right side upper abdomen & very uncomfortable feeling during sitting.
    Ago 10 years I was suffered from jaundice. Please advice me.

    neyaz Siddique

  326. sir,

    my liver size is 87.3 let me know what is size is normail and my age is 57.

  327. supriya saini says:

    Mara husband drink kartay hai aur is wahjah say unkay liver may problem hona lag gay hai wo drink kar mantay nahi doctor nay bhi drink ki mana kar di hai mari friend nay muhay homeopathic tritement kay liya bola hai aur sulphur 200 medicine kay liya bhi kaha hai in ki age 34 hai

  328. Abdul Rauf says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 64 year old. I got my LFT Test which results shows the bilirubin 1.38mg/dl. SGOT as 110 U/I and SGPT ALT as 140 U/I. Alkaline phosphate are 350. The triglycerides are 166mg/dl. Please suggest some medicine for its treatment. Thanks

  329. Fatty liver,just stated by ultrasound, stomach tight after earing , fat around stomach.
    age 55 years female.


    Dear Doctor,
    I am aged 66 years. I have chronic acidity and gas problems. Since 1989 we are using homeo remedies for our ailments with the advise of Homeo doctor. No permanent cure yet. From 2002 developed allergic rhinitities. Besides homeo remedies I am using Allopathich medicine for B.P. and also Levocitrizen for allergy.
    In 2012 my Galbladder was removed for development of large Galstones . 3 months back as a routine check up , complete abdomen scanning was done. Diagnosis was Fatty Liver . I have takne Chellidonium Q ( 10 drops in water) three times a day for one month. After that I am using SBL Liver tonic ( which comprises of Chellidonium, Ipecocana, Cardus, Phodophylum etc., mother tinctures) two times a day. I restrained myself from taking oil foods. The quantity of food is also minimised. Now I lost my weight by 4 kgs. Still I have Gas and acidity problem for which occassionally I am using SBL ‘s Nixocid.
    Please let me know and suggest whether I should continue the above said Liver tonic or will you please suggest the proper remedy for my problem. I will be very grateful for your response.

  331. liver fatty says:


    • I am mohit. My sister ekta has liver enlargement for last 4 years. No medicine yet can cure her. Now she is 24 years old and going to marry next year.
      Plz Dr. help us.


  332. Anil Kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    I am 38 yrs old and facing the problem of fatty liver grade-2. vital parameter related to BP, Sugar, Lipid Profile, LFT is normal but weight is around 110 kgs.

    Plz suggest me the treatment.

  333. Kalpana Sinha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,.
    I am 58 years old lady, I am having fatty liver.
    My gall bladder was removed a year back and the surgeon told me that I have fatty liver which is to be cured. I do not have constipation but I feel my digestion is slow. I am unable to shed my weight which is required. I get tired very fast. My stomach feels full. Please advise Homeopathic medicine, I shall be grateful.
    With thanks and regards
    Kalpana Sinha

  334. C P Gupta says:

    Sir, My wife is having a 37mm cyst in the right lobe of liver .Can this be cured. Please advice

  335. Deepak raj says:

    sir i ws operated fr gall stone and it ws removed in i feel taste change in mouth.tounge feels sore.taste sometimes bitter in mouth.stool hard.i took hydrastis q.merc cor 30.but still taste change in mouth and gas excessive.i m 43 years.what med should i take.bitter taste toung feel ulcerated.throat seems congested.stool hard .

  336. varun puri says:

    Sir,I am suffering from fatty liver disease since one year please suggest me.

  337. KAUSHIK GHOSH says:



  338. Himangshu bhowmik says:

    Sir i have fatty leaver kindly suggest the medicine for normalised the leaver

  339. chandrakanta says:

    hi doc
    i am suffering from oral lichen planus since 2 yrs. i am on steroid (defza) .There is a continuous numbness in hands & feets + fever mostly after 3 pm. + weakness + lost of appetite + gastric sometimes. i just recieved a copy of my SGOT & SGPT lab test which is showing 42.66 SGOT & 58.14 SGPT .
    is this alarming? will it be setteld once the medication has been over??

    help me please.

  340. pramendra kumar says:

    can a diebities be treated by a homeopathic medicin. can pre diebitic condition be reversed to normal by homeopathy. please inform

  341. asim zubair says:

    i have diagnosed the liveranlarge in ultrasound on 26 march 2016 =liver size is 17.5cm ‘my age is 50 years ‘ weight is 95 kg and hight is 5 foot 2inches’

  342. manoj kumar pathak says:

    I have diagnosed fatty liver grade 2 in ultrasound .sgpt and sgot levels are also raised by 40% than the normal values. pl. suggest the medicines to recover from above. pl. also advice regarding the precaution to be taken and food diet.

  343. Dear Dr Sharma
    Kindly name some Homeopathy medicine for a diabetic person who have blood glucose level between 170- 230

  344. shaikh babar ali says:

    dear sir,
    good morning.
    in my 6 month back report after testing ultra sound that shows that
    grade 1 liver fatty,
    in this regard can i able to take homeopathetic medicine and where i will meet you. for taking medicine . how precautionery measure will be take
    reply in my mail ad
    babar ali

    • thomas varghese says:

      dear Doctor
      I m suffering from fatty liver after I had a phalciparaam maleria few years back.This wasdaigonised after abdomen scan. I’m a non alcoholic person but smokes up to 10 cigarettes a day.The pain still persist on the right side,pls suggest me with the right medicine & medication Thank You Thomas

  345. Hello sir
    Am suffering from fatty liver…
    When I get up in morning my abadoman got heavey….
    Am taking liv 52…
    Any good madicin to come out of this problem…

  346. gurdeep singh says:

    Sir I am39 year .I have blood sugar normal250 .and liver is burning . homeopathy medicn for liver and suger

  347. myhusband santhosh at39years old working in kuwait. he is suffering grade 2 fattyliver. sgpt 136,sgot 78, thecholosterol 285. he is afraid, this desease isreversable through homeopathi. duration of meditationperiod

    • KAUSHIK GHOSH says:



  348. S KOTESWARA RAO says:

    i am feeling pain in the upper right abdomen and always have a bloated stomach and my belly is becoming bigger day by day my age is 72 my weight is 85 kilos while bending forward i get a feeling that my liver
    got tucked up and takes some time to get relieved i am thinking of taking carduas ma 200 as a remedy for my symptoms i request your valued guaidense

  349. Nurul Islam says:

    I having fatty liver and ldl i can ccure it?

  350. Francis Jose says:

    i am having mild fatty liver ,and bilateral renal calculi without hydronephrosis., and bilateral renal cysts.
    Both kidneys are normal in size , 2-3 renal calculus on left & 1-2 on right <6mm, 2-3 renal cysts on both sides <35mm. . as per the details i am tensed , sir, can you help me to solve this problem.. is there any medicines to overcome.

    thank you
    francis jose

  351. Satish Kumar Singh says:

    I am having fatty liver grade 2 since 3 yrs. Having pain in right obdemon most of the time, especially after eating. I was alcohlic before 15 years but now i m non alcoholic and non vegetarian. Please guide suitable treatment in homeopathy. Can it be reverse back to normal.

  352. Venkatesh Boggaram says:

    I am having enlarged lymph gland under left ear which is hard in nature but moves freely which is about 1 -1.5 inch in size from the past 15 years. No pain and when I got it tested by an ENT surgeon he told me to leave as it is when it is not troubling. I tried Ayurveda and Homeopathic medicine but it didn’t reduce/dissolve the lymph gland. I am about 54 years male. Can you kindly suggest remedy.

  353. Yvonne Quinones says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Six weeks ago my blood work came back as a fatty liver. My doctor put me on a low carb diet. I am an alcoholic, and binge twice a week. I do not have any of the symptoms of bloating, sour stomach, constipation, or pain. I do however feel a stitch sometimes under my right rib cage. I have been taking Milk Thistle capsules for over a month. Today I received a call that my blood work came back again (I had to get my blood checked again) and the doctor called and wants to discuss my results. I am scared to death. Please help me.

  354. debasish karmakar says:

    I have a heel spur i cant walk easily so please tell me about healing and medicine.

  355. Dante Dayacap says:

    I have diagnosed with fatty liver and most of the time having pain on my upper right abdomen. Thus passed two weeks I ve been having problem with bloated stomach. I went to the ER and they gave a Ct Scan and sure enough they told me I have too much fat on my liver. Will you please let me know how I may get rid of the stomach pain and bloating. I am also diabetic.
    Thank you in advance.

  356. I have peptic ulcer.But l also have burns under my right doctor said lm developing gallbladder stones.Another doctor said my liver is under function by 30%.My stool is mostly loose and clayey.Sometimes pale .sometimes green.l feel weak after the toilet.I crave for things like chalk,sand,clay,and charcoal.l am reducing weight too.l mostly have a flushed facial appearance.Please what medicines will be best for me?

  357. Hello Sir, I am sant kumar, I am suffering from Hepatitis C for 5 or 6 years what is the best treatment for me in homoeopathy????
    Is Hepatitis C curable in homoeopathy treatment??? if yes. Which medicine I take

  358. INDERJEET SINGH says:

    I have to go for stool pass 3/4 times, and liver is fatty due to alhcol, the ultrasound report is that fatty liver .Please suggest homeopathic medicine.AGE 55.

  359. javid iqbal says:

    I am a 35year age iam hepatis b phashaint I fell pain in liver right side also left side jab main subuh uthata hon you mera mouth pani say bara hota hay or us main blood hota hay sighrat tea Kofi palak saagh rice Khanay say pain barhta hay walk karnay say pain Barth jata
    hay smoking say zaida hota hay mouth dry rahta hay. jism main dryness bohat hay morinig walk say dryness zaida hoti hay jism thaka rahta hay motion satisfaction nahi hoti aisay fell hota hay k motion their nahi aya joint pain b hota hay. please tell me a homeo ramdi with potancy I am a lover of homeo pathway or mujay ghusa nahi attaa had kisi ki baat man any wala hon bat karaty hoye jazbati ho jata hon asaiy fell hota hay k baat kartay how too don’t GHA bohat seada Sa insane hon

  360. Ashish Kanaujia says:

    Doctor diagonsed me chronic gastiritis and GERD. I have severe gastric pain nd heavyness in upper abdomen. Doc gave me Itopride 150mg nd pantrapazole 40 before meal but after some dozes i m feeling vomating and pain in abdomen, pls advice me that homeopathy has cure of my above problems.

  361. I have a fatty liver. I have sugar problems and I take a shot daily with pills. weight gain and can’t seem to lose it. Sour or bitter belching with loose stool a lot of the times. I do not drink alcohol. What do you think I need to take? I have bought other stuff that was suppose to help but it made no changes in my liver test. I took it for 3 months. Any suggestions. thanks

  362. R.Thangavelu says:

    Dr.sir,yesterday I got my abdominal scan done in a lab and found fatty liver with enlargement. My weight is 76 km and height is 162 cm. My age is 58 years male. I occasionally booses from 90 – 120 ml whisky. I am having B.P.from past 18 years. My BP with tablet Amlopres AT is in the range of 130/90. Last year met an accident and under gone knee surgery due to that not able to walk half km, no exercises since 1 year. Please advise how to overcome this problem in homoeopathic treatments.

  363. Arif khan 9794819928 says:

    Respected sir, my name is Mo. Arif khan from kanpur at Uttar Pradesh in India,
    sir i want to inform also that my son is affected by liver fibrosis disease and his treatment
    is under Dr. Neelam Mohan of MEDANTA HOSPITAL, DELHI, Dr. has prescribed TRIENTINE HYDROCLORIDE 250/300mg. which is not available in India.
    Sir kindly provide me suggestion for the treatment of my only child
    I will be very thankful to your response.

  364. Maryse riviere says:

    I have been diagnosed with liver steatosis. I am pretty healthy, excercise every day, runs, weight lifting, spinning, swimming, etc… I do not drink, do not smoke, drink coffee a lot thoug. I am 5″8 and my weight is 130 lbs. I am 62 years old and I have always suffer of constipation and problem with my liver. Now, the pain is affecting my life! Just want to mention that i am also taking Hormone replacement for years in a form of compound. I do not want to take any medecine and I know that homeopathy works well with me. What will you recommend me to do.
    Thanks and Best Regards.

    • Ashish Kanaujia says:

      Doctor diagonsed me chronic gastiritis and GERD. I have severe gastric pain nd heavyness in upper abdomen. Doc gave me Itopride 150mg nd pantrapazole 40 before meal but after some dozes i m feeling vomating and pain in abdomen, pls advice me that homeopathy has cure of my above problems.

  365. Dear Sir
    I am suffering from NAFLD Grade -2 for last 10 years. Now a days I am facing severe pain in left lower abdomen and sometime vomiting. I have both cholesterol and sugar problem, Taking medicine statin group.
    As per BMI I have 25.6 and weight 76 kg but my normal weight should be 65-69 kg.
    if you need more information that i can provide details for your understanding.
    Please can you suggest what will be homeopathic treatment drug name and its dose.

  366. Raj Rani Dhanda says:

    I have to take advice on alcoholic fatty liver. My relative is 36 years old nd takes to much liquor. He has fatty liver for the last nine years nd gall bladder stone for the last six years. He wants to quit liquor. Kindly tell which medicine he should take for quitting liquor nd treatment of fatty liver also treatment of stone

  367. s.k.kuriyal says:

    hello sir
    I am diagnosed with fatty liver
    my age 49
    I am purely vegetarian

    sir kindly advise me

    thanking you
    with regards.

  368. iwant to know hbsag in blood my friend have this so can u tell me the best medicine for this and for healty liver any medicine for

  369. Md.Tariqul Islam says:

    Dear Sir, I am 34 years old. Last two month ago i check my whole abdomen. that reports whose i know a small stone stands on my gall blader , size 0.95mm, and fatty liver. Please suggest me the best medicine to cure this.

    • rosanna isidoro says:

      female 52 diagnose with fatty liver. i do not drink or eat greasy food or sweet. i feel bloated and i have acidity most every day and pain in upper right abdomen and also in upper mid back. i would like to start on homeopathic treatment. can you help. thank you

  370. mahendra pratap says:

    Sir, I have ALT level 90 against 50. Dr said it is due to overweight(presently 84kg wt for 162cm height) and is a fatty lever.Please suggest best medicine for this. I have no problem right now. Regards

  371. Sir
    I a female aged 40 diagnosed with fatty liver and fibroids in my uterus kindly suggest me sm med

  372. Nicola Best says:

    I’m 110kg, 46 years old, female. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Can you help me to lose weight and cute my fatty liver damage

  373. Nicola Best says:

    I’m a 46 year old woman. I have had my gall bladder removed. I weigh 110kg & have a nonalcoholic fatty liver. Can you please help me to change my lifestyle & help me to lose weight & improve my liver function

  374. abhishek bhunia says:

    Respected sir
    I am abhishek my age 32,weight-82 kg.
    I hv suffering from fatty liver last 4 months.
    Today again check-up but it still present.
    It grade1 fatty liver.
    I am filling burning sense whole abdomen at evening. After takeing any gastric tablet i am feeling better.
    Please advise some homeopathy medicine for this problem.
    Thanking you.

  375. Imran Riaz says:

    Sir my father’s liver is out of order due to HCV injections course is complete but the liver is damaged too much and can not perform their function kindly tell me any medicine plzzzz

  376. Dr. My mother is suffering from knee pain n fatty liver
    Its a humble request to you to kindly suggest best homeopathy medicine for my mother.

  377. Goutam Karmakar says:


    FBS-171, HbAIc-7.6, HB-11.54 , Creatine- 0.71

    Request you to inform me
    which homeopathic medicine to be taken

  378. BKsabherwal says:

    Two days back I got done ultra sound.The doctor wrote in the report Fatty lever.I don’t feel any problem other wise. My weight is 90 kg and height 5′-51/2 “.I don’t consume alcohol or non veg.Could you pl suggest some medicine which could normalise the liver

  379. sir
    i am 43 years old
    my weight is 100 kg
    my liver is fatty
    sir pls give me suggestion .

    Thanking You
    With Regrads
    Satya Pal

  380. I stopped drinking and taking drugs 12 years ago, I was a heavy drinker, after that started body building and the food intake was very heavy and fatty, abt 8 years ago started having problems that I was not being able to digest fruits and vegetables then with body building instead of gaining muscle my body started swelling and the digestive system was pretty worse, one doctor put me on metphormin as he said my sugar levels El was down and insulin level was high, I took it for 3 years but no use, my sex drive went to zero and I used to sleep 16 hours a day, very bad constipation and a stone feel like I side me all the time, all medical reports are clear, last October a very good caring and experienced doctor diagnosed me with fatty liver and he said it’s bad, he asked me to start regular exercise and proper diet which is not possible as I drive truck in Canada and usa, so kindly recommend me the best medicine to get rid of it as it has sacked me life out of me, let me know if you want me to call you

  381. santosh kumar Samantaray says:

    3 years a go i felt pain abdomen & visit to doctor The doctor advice me for ultrasound so i found Fatty liver change disease so he had given me Pain & Gas medicine the pain had removed but after 1/2 month the Pain was started. when i sleep the pain released when i seating continuously 2/3 hours then the pain start so i want to take homeopathic medicine for my cure so i request you sir pls give me suggestion for remove pain.

    Thanking You
    With Regrads

  382. ILIYAS MOGAL says:


  383. Vicky Kumar says:

    Greetings of the day.
    My weight is 90 kg. I am 29 yrs old.
    I don’t feel any pain in stomach or any where else but found complication in fitness test.
    I have fatty liver. ACR is 50.18 . Sogt is 55 and sgpt is 117
    I am taking udiliv 300 now.
    I did 10 days course but result was not changing. Doctor again prescribed udiliv 300 and asked to loose weight and leave spices and junk food.
    can I get completely treated for this disease using homoeopathic medicines.

    • Dear Doctor
      My weight is 90kg &my liver is fatty , my sgot is also very high.My stomach is very bulky.Pl advice me homeopathic medicine so that I can get rid of fatty liver and can loose my weight .l sometimes feel laziness and less active.

    • ILIYAS MOGAL says:


  384. jaspal singh says:

    my sgot level is 35 , sgpt level 49 .and had gone under ultrasound and found grade 1 fatty liver year ago. what do u recommend me, i m also non alcoholic.

  385. Sir

    Good Day

    Sir I feel always pain in the left side of stomach just below the chest,in ultrasound fatty liver is shown,I am taking chelidonium and alpha liv syrup but still wholeday i feel uneasiness.Please advice me what to do.




  386. Vinay Kumar says:

    Kindly let me know the potency and dose frequency of Chelidonium to be taken for a patient suffering from fatty liver for last five years. For how much duration this medicine is to be continued? After taking Chelidonium, when should I go for next ultra sound to know the liver condition?

    Age – 56 years
    Having constipation due to too much soapy and lubricant stool. Body burning problem , abnormally high triglycride but Cholesterol level normal [TGL 324, (medical range 45-150)HDL-42.9,LDL- 53.7 and cholesterol HDL ratio 3.76(medical Range is -4.5 -5.5]

  387. atul Kumar says:

    Hello Dr.sharma my problem is that I am suffering from high sgpt and sgot since 2years. I tried so many medicines but after leaving the treatment again the values goes up.
    Please suggest me.some medicine to get rid of it.

  388. Zeeshan ullah says:

    Hi I’m Zeeshan from Gujrat Pakistan I read your information about fatty liver I suggest lycopodium for me but I don’t know how to treat with such as which potency and how many times please tell me about my problem and one thing when I eat rice or vegetables or something cold like ice cream or any other food like meat Or banana or Apple or orange I feel very discomfort and acidity in my whole stomach I have done ultrasound wich showed fatty liver desease but I don’t know medicine of this desease thanks to your information about this so please tell me about my medicine as early as possible I will be grateful to you for this

  389. Ranjeet Ganguly says:

    I am having non alcoholic fatty liver and the alkaline phosphates is 174 pls help with medicine my age is 52yrs

  390. BHASKAR SINHA says:

    Dear Sir, I have been suffering from fatty liver grade 2 . I am a regular drinker but consume fixed quantity of liquor i.e. 180 ml a day. LFT shows serum billirubin ranges between .99 to 1.4. having constipation and acidity also. developed piles (haemorroids) also. weight is 84 kgs which has incresed in last 2 yrs. from 70 kg. no pain in abdomen. at present taking pilex and liv-52 DS as medicines. kindly advise. conditions related to calcarea carb matches.

  391. I m very healthy but 3 years ago I get fallen stones and now again .the ceck of blood sayd something with the liver. I m eating well not much almost no meat vegetables cheese fruits good breakfast. Lite pasta sometime brawn bread.sometimes 23 times a week….no medicine.just today because strong pain .how to help the liver and prevent stones?

  392. After recent lab test enlarged liver found in report by 15 CM …last year in Jan.2015 galbleddar stone was operated then gall was removed now recently lab report says enlargement of liver by 15 CM of my wife Durgesh on 28th December 2015 pain in abdomen also much more right leg and right shoulder also all about in pain …she can not walk easily when out somewhere even on stairs also gastro prob and digestive prob also after gall operation In Jan.2015 Age of wife 58 Years and weight is about 70 kg and height is about 63 inches(5Ft.3inches)…can you help about this said problem or can you suggest how can be cured this liver enlargement problem??? If you can …please help us….thanks ….DP Singh

  393. cathy iskiw says:

    I have been off of fentanyl patches for 2 Years was on 25mg. for 4 years had 2 back surgerys I now have fat deposits on my liver could the patches cause this. I am 5’2′ weight 118lbs. just now starting to exercise. I must say if at the time I did not have the patches I would not be here today the pain was unbearable.thank you Cathy

  394. Biswajit Debnath says:

    I am suffering bloodpressure. & gestric problems

  395. Manoj Kumar Pathak says:

    hello dr. saheb
    I have diagnosed fatty liver grade 2 on ultrasound of my abdoman. my blood report is as under.
    uric acid 7.4
    triglyceride 304
    vldl 61
    GGT 132 U/I
    SGPT 55 U/I
    SGOT 60 U/I
    now i concerned how to reverse and get my liver normal
    pl suggest me to cure the above
    M K Pathak

  396. vasu krishnamurthy says:

    Hello Doctor

    I have underwent ultrasound last week for gastric problems, last year I had endoscopy done for stomach discomforts, in that it came to light erosions in the stomach and doctor prescribed Nexpro 40 in morning and Nexpro 20 in the night for 3 months. it was in February . after that I have not met doctor and went 1 month back to check the status.

    Doctor ask me to go for ultrasound to see if any gall stones, In the report it came
    Impression : grade 2 fatty liver
    after seeing this doctor ask me to go for some other tests and now prescribed EVION LC & ULTRASET daily 2 tablets for 3 months, ask me to reduce my weight, am currently 5’6 height, 79 weight.

    I have discomfort of slight right side upper abdominal pain apart from that nothing, am concerned how to reverse and get my liver to normal. could you advise am staying in Bangalore and if possible I can meet you if you at Bangalore and also
    please advise diet I need to follow to come out with this disorder.

    Thanking you advance
    Vasu Krishnamurthy

  397. Ihave liver enlargement . Now i am in homeopathic treatment. i have difficulty in my left side of abdomen. how man days will take to cure it .

  398. Rajiv Kumar Shah says:

    My liver is large.I give Allopathy medicin but no work.Please suggest yours medicin

  399. I have Pretty much similar issue, i have pain in right side in between liver and gold gladder ,majority of time it press near right side of ribs , i got some fat dumps on eyes , i feel very uncomfortable every second . give me suggestions .

  400. Dear Doctor,
    i am 55 yrs. age of no addition. but suffering from dysentry,gas & indigestion for 15 years and every year it is detected Jaundice. Now it is also detected jaundice with enlarged liver of 1/2 “. Feeling some pain all time specifically after taking food and while walking. Kindly advice what medicine i will take for remedy.

  401. C B Jayarajan says:

    Dear doctor,
    In recent routine medical check up, it was found Hepatomegaly with fatty lever(15.9cm), Spenomegaly
    Pls suggest remedial for reviving the lever with suitable medicine
    With regards
    C b Jayarajan

  402. pat lamotte says:

    I have been diagnosed by my doctor as suffering from a fatty liver. I have a distended abdomen and pain from the middle to my right side. I do not have nausea or vomiting nor crave any type of food. My stool now is soft and yellowish but sometimes dark; although at times the stool passes in the form of hard balls and the smell is very offensive. I have never drank alcohol. I do not feel weak nor have jaundice although I have gotten a few large liver spots on my face. Soon after eating my stomach feels bloated and hard and I’m full of gas. I never drink soda (maybe once every 3 months).

  403. Dear Sir
    In my last ultrasound test on oct 10 2015 I got fatty liver grade 3 and my last LFT was about normal with Albumin 3.6,Alanine Aminotransferse (SGPT) is 78 and Lactate Dehydrogenase is 209 both are high,taking allopathic medicine Evion 400 twice daily and Librax once dailyon oct 12 2015 wt was 94 kg age 52 male I am non alcholic and non diabetic,mostly feel mild pain in right side of abdomen,feel no appetite,motion is clear but feels unsatisfactory,abdomen becomes full after taking little diet mostly vegetarian.
    Pl help and guide me.

  404. fatty levet/ mild coarsed/ infiltration kindly suggest medication
    i m diabetic/ mild alchoholic

  405. M. S. Suleman. says:

    Dear Dr. Sahib,
    Both myself and my wife are having fatty liver.
    I am also diabetic while my wife is not.
    Due to taking Metformin I also developed gastritis. I have stopped metformin and now only take Amril and lantus insulin at night.
    The local homeopathic dr has prescribed us the following meds;
    1. Lycopodium 30. Liquid.
    2. Nux Vomica 30C.
    3. Natrium phosphoricum 6x.
    4. Chelidonium 30 C.

    Sir would you be kind enough the dosage and frequency. At the moment lycopodium 1 or 2 drops daily in the morning. Chelidonium and Natrium Phosphoricum After food and Nux Vomica before food. Is this routine ok ?
    Will appreciate your response.
    If you can suggest any diabetic remedy which I can buy off the counter it will be great.
    We are based in Dubai.

  406. dharmendra gupta says:

    in all ultrasound report I got fatty liver grade2.
    rest LFT blood report is normal
    i am nonalcohalic
    feel haviness and only some time very low pain right side.
    kindly suggest medicine to get it cured.

  407. umar farooq says:

    I have fatty liver with high ALT value 100 also pain in upper ryyight portion of abdomen after eating food. pls suggest medicine

  408. mathura prasad says:

    i have problem of fatty liver 2nd grade & gas . food is not proper digest., sir please help me about this problem

  409. sanchita sircar says:

    Dear Dr.
    My husband is suffering from fatty liver with raised SGPT (112)and SGOT.He suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and hypothyroidism for which he takes thyroxin 125 daily…pain in upper abdominal region and feeling of vomiting occasionally with bloated stomach.pls suggest some best homeopathy remedy .Weakness in hands, eyes and legs r there. Thanks and regards
    Sanchita Sirvar

    • RAVINDER SINGH says:

      I m 39 year old male. I have Fatty lever grade 3. My sgot is 60 and sgpt is 80,triglicerides and uric acid is also high. I have pain in my right side of stomach near lower rib occasionally. My stomach remains bloated almost whole day. However I take light food.The stool is also hard and blakish. I m feeling very much weaknesd in my muscles. Even it has become difficult to get up from floor.please reply soon.

  410. Dr. abul kashem says:

    very helpful

  411. Prabha Gopal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I was diagnosed last month with a fatty liver after an ultrasound scan. I had to undergo this test because the ALP was quite high according to the doctor who saw me. I don’t doubt the test results and the diagnosis but I learned that an untreated fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis and even worse, cancer.

    I have also been diagnosed a diabetic after the glucose testing but it is under control so no medication was prescribed. Incidentally, my blood HDL is high. I wonder whether they are connected to fatty liver disease and am not sure whether homeopathic treatment would help but am willing to take your advice accordingly.

  412. Sir,

    I am 30 years old female patient of fatty liver. I have high cholesterol.I feel continuous pain left upper side of abdomen close to left chest. It becomes worst in evening and I don’t have sound sleep.
    I have done ECG and the report is normal.

    Please suggest me the medicine and doses for reveling the above pain and getting rid of fatty liver!

  413. amit kumar singh says:

    Doctrs detected fatty liver grade 2 and I don’t want go with allopathy kindly suggest the homeooatgy medicine to cure fatty liver..

  414. Assam Javed says:

    Salam….Sir I am basically patient of MEN Type 1 (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia) and Insulinoma (Tumor in Pancreas). I am obese as fats around my abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
    Dr. Sharma what you do you think?………this Obesity is due to Excess Insulin produces from pancreas or Hyperparathyrotism (as there is No issue in Thyroid Glands).
    I feel very drossy and weak after passing stool in morning. Craving for hot drinks specially tea. Sensitive to coldness.
    I avoid process food and sugar specially. I will be very grateful to you to consider my problem to reply me back. Take Care

  415. mohd.aslam says:

    Dear sir.
    My wife has fatty liver from last four months. She is under treatment with hamdard. There is very slight improvement in condition. Most of time in morning and evening she feel gastric problem along with pain. Please advise some medicines to her.
    With kind regards
    Yours sincerly
    Mohd. Aslam

  416. Respected Dr..
    I am 43 years height is 5.8″.my weight is 92 kg.I am alcoholic for last 15 years.. I am obese…I have fatty stomach..
    Also have tyre around my stomach…my stomach is always full of gas…I go to toilet to become fresh 4 times in the morning and 2 times in the fecus is semi solid…pl give me suggession

  417. Priti mody says:

    I am 50 yr old lady I am suffering from fatty liver. I do not take alcohol I am not obese and do not have acidity or get any pain after taking food or feel heavy please can u tell me which homepath medicine can i take

  418. Sunil kumar says:

    Dear Sir

    I have fatty liver since 9 months pain in right side of abdomen plz suggest me best hom
    eopathic treatnent

    Sunil Kumar

  419. Debomoy Bhowmick says:

    I have been suffering in Fatty Liver from last 5 months. Taking alopathic medicines but till have some problems. sometime i feel some pain in upper abdomen after eating any oily/fried food. i have sleeping disorder. i can not take any food which make by onion and garlic.

    please help.

  420. Dear sir.
    I am 38 years old. I am suffering from nafld. Non alcoholic fatty liver disease since I done my liver biopsy in 2007; i t was mild disease fibrosis with score of 2\8. I feel tiredness and sweating after little bit exercise. Stomach always feel full of gases after every meal. I am also taking blood pressure and anti depressants also. One of doctors advice me to take rekwege r 79 capsules and cita vita 15 tonic for depression. I am taking r 79 one capsule in evening before dinner and tonic before sleeping. I request to suggest some better medicine to keep my liver Alt value in limits and also advice should I continue the other homeo medicine s or not. Plus do these medicine have any side effects?
    I ll be very grateful sir

  421. sanjay kumar jana says:

    dear sir,

    my problem is 1) every day 4 pm to 11 pm teeth sourness& allows attention like up&down teeth brushing /acidity. 2)teeth damagi & making color browning. 3) smileng from mouth and & in night when i sleeping saliva is also out from mouth 4) when drinking normal cool water then teeth sensing

    lots ellopathy medicine taken and endoscopy tested no problem found also taken NUX VOM 30 , LICOPODIM 30, CARBOVAGE 30, RUBINA MOTHER, BUT problem is continue

    i would request to you if you suggest batter medicine I will be obliged to you.

    SANJAY KUMAR JANA(9338586656)
    AGE 30

  422. After USG i found to be grade2 fatty liver & i am obese weighing 90 kgs. My height is 170cm, age 43 years. I am suffering from hypertension. I want to loose weight.
    Please advise.

  423. Shokat Ali says:

    jondice and Hepatitis C.

  424. Anil Singla says:

    Fatty liver grade 2 light paleness body bloating of lower abdomin after eating fatigue

  425. fatty lever athickness of 4mm fat reported in ultrasound i feel pain in right upperpart of abdomin full of gas in the abdomin cause uneasy

  426. b n s rani says:

    dear sir

    i feel very uneasy after eating food; and acidity.overweight; aneamic;

  427. Anuj Kumar Ganguly says:

    suffering from high SGPT (56) sgot (65 bilirubin 1.2 and co.tiring after rate g problem.Please advise

  428. Genetic high cholesterol with mild faty liver weakness uper abdomen pain

  429. Bhanusree.P says:

    respected Dr. i underwent abdomen scan for pcod as iam having irregular cycles for last couple of years.Then it was diagnosed that i had gall bladder stones and fatty liver also. kindly tell me the remedy and best usage of that medicine for which i shall be very thankful to you. I am 37 years old and 92 kgs weight. my weight increased after my deliverys only.
    awaiting reply,

  430. Sukumaran P says:

    Dear doctor,
    The scan reveals I hav fatty liver grade 3. Pl suggest homeo medicine for this. I AM 66 . MY WT IS 96 KG
    and my ht is 5 ft 5 ” . My LFT is normal. I take medicines for hypertension@, cholestrol problems.

    When the LFT is normal the fatty liver grade 3 is dangerous?

    Pl give a reply
    Sukumaran P

    • Hi Dr. Sharma

      I was looking some information about the Fatty liver and this site come up which is very useful information about the fatty liver.

      Dr. Sharma I have a question regarding the following medicine (for Fatty Liver) can this following medicine use combine dose and what will be recommended potency for three time a day. Please give me your opinion from your precious knowledge. I will really appreciate to your opinion.

      Chelidonium 6C
      Lycopodium 6C
      Phosphorus 6C
      Calcarea Carb 6C
      Nux Vomica 6C


      • Nirmala Devi says:

        I have non specific mild hepatomelogy with fatty liver(Grade-1). My age is 50 yrs. I have pain in midde of abdomen with frequent motion & feel of loose motion on a particular day. I am diebetic patient.
        Please advice homeopathic medicine,

  431. aastha sharma says:

    I m suffering from stomach pain last 3 months I check up to gastroentologist I got relief than I get the treatment from haemopathic doctor he is doing therapy with hammer massager I have no relief alot pain in stomach plz give me advice what should I do

  432. ANIL KUMAR says:

    Periodical check up diagnosed fatty liver G2 with triglyceride serum 451 mg. I am diabetic taking 2mg euglim glimpride morning and evening .

  433. Abraham george says:

    I was drunkard till 2013 June.still my stpt is 82.can u suggest a homoeo medicine?

    • rajgita kashyap says:

      Hello doc, my husband is diagnosed with the grade 2 fatty liver . he’s getting a routine check up from a fortis hospital and taking medication too. Help us what should we do ol

  434. Pavankumar says:

    iam suffering with fatty liver grade 1

  435. bishnu mazumder says:

    regular alcohol consumption for last 20 years but now suffering acidity sour/bitter vomiting at morning and loss of appetite heart burning also liver enlarged so homeopathic remedy

  436. Lu Anne puett says:

    Hi, I have just been diagnosed with a fatty liver found with blood test of high liver enzymes. I do feel full very quickly with lots of bloating up high in stomach area. I am fatigued, and have difficulty digesting. I believe that the lycopodium sounds like a good remedy for me, but how do I know for sure? If it is what is the correct dosage? And how long do I take it for? Can by liver heal? I am 53 and in good health. I weigh 125 and I do have recently found to have a little high cholesterol and low blood pressure. I don’t know if that helps to diagnose me or for dosage. I tend to be very sensitive to medicines. I now take 350mg of milk thistle.
    Thank you soooo much for your help!

  437. abhishek bhunia says:

    Dear sir,
    I hv diagnosed gread 2 fatty liver after ultrasound of whole abdomen. My problem is that the abdomen fealling full after taking small food,and burning sensation,acidiy in evining.
    So sir which medicine i hv to take ,plz advice me.
    Thank you.

  438. Dear Dr Sharma
    I was told I have fatty liver in ultra sound some 3 years ago.
    I am over weight 220 pounds and height is 5.3
    I feel neusatic after eating since a week now and constant belching and burps.seems like food sitting in gullet. Sometimes uneasy pain in mid abdomen.

    I am already taking mag-phos, calcium-phos ,for muscular cramps in arms due to cervical spondolysis, also carb veg for indigestion.
    Can you please suggest one very good medicine for fatty liver?

    Thank you

  439. I am 42 and have fatty liver since long. I feel a bit burning on top right side of liver under chest especially when my stomach is empty. I get tired soon and often feel with less energy. However my stool pass, appetite and digestive system is OK. Occasionally I face gas, however if stool passes in time in the morning then this situation is averted. Sexual stamina is also low.

    Based on self study I been taking GINGER (Adarak) and Garlic (Lahsan) soaked in Apple Sider Vinegar. I have also been taking Lycopodium about 10 to 15 drops twice a day. The liver functionality test reports a consistent high AST and ALT. Tests for all sorts of hapatitus remain clear. However sonographic examination confirm fatty liver with no stones. I further have obesity despite normal diet but lack of exercise due to liver issue. Sexual stamina is also diminishing despite strong desire. Weak erection and premature ejaculation are commonly faced since after 40.

    Since I used Lycopodium, ginger and garlic, LFT figures have reduced a bit. However 100% recovery is yet not gained. I neither smoke nor am alcoholic. I say my prayers regularly, however other physical exercise remains difficult due to liver fattiness. This has caused obesity, uric acid and cholesterol. I request an advice please!

  440. kailash kumar says:

    dear sir i have fatty liver with normal size but my SGPT and SGOT are allwes in high near abaut 200,what medicine should be paefact

  441. I have a fatty liver 15.3 cm size Hb fall from 14.5 to 12.7 heavy stomach after eating paleness on the body little increase of sgot sgpt test tiredness what medicine should I take for curing fatty liver

  442. j.h.jayapaul, says:

    dear sir, i am suffering from fatty liver, doctor advise avoid non-veg, and controlled body weight.

  443. i am suffering fatty liver

  444. I want to share my problem that after i eat anything i feel pain in my stomach. i feel there is gas , sort of blotted feeling. a stuck feeling.
    and after sometimes it gets well by itself. I prevent eating fried things. i have gastric issue all the time and also acidity. and because of acidity my heart beat gets fast.

    Kindly help


  445. Dr. Jamal Charan says:

    Hi there Dr. Sahib

    Very informative page Dr. sahib. most of the time patient feels tired in the same disease so i think we should go with Natrium Sulph 6x/12x too in fatty liver. i found it very useful in the case. Still appreciated and well written by you.


  446. shon anderson says:

    Morning Dr. Sharma,

    I have been having a pain on my upper right abdomen and have alot of digestion problem,few months back i took a sonography which showed fatty liver…i have just started lycopodium 200 and natrun phos 3x is it ok..

  447. Fatty liver and pain in abdomen from last about two years please suggest the medicines alongwith diet chart

  448. Arshad munir says:

    my problem is fatty liver age 36 year , hight 6 feet , weight 89 kg , high cholesterol ,TG level high and Alt 90
    to 120 depression ,poor sex ,and body pain, vomiting , skin yallow color , please doctor suggest Best homeo medicine I am very poor man and my english language very week . Thanks for you

  449. Rajan Agarwal says:

    I have been diagnosed with non alcholic fatty liver. I do not take any alcohol at all. I am obsese and overweight with type 2 diabetes. My dibetese is under control. I have slight pain in right side of my abdomen.

    Kindly advise which is best suited medicines for me in homeopathy. I am taking liv52 regularly since last 3 months.

    With warm regards.

    Rajan Agarwal.
    Mobile: 9810000788

  450. haseeb khan says:

    I am58years l am suffring from fatty liver .lam over waight my hightis5ft8inch my weight107kg.lam heart patitnt .my vitami D very low .so please suggest treetment in homeopathy thank you

  451. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I had a heart attack 6 months ago and have since been having regular SVT’s. I also have been diagnosed with a fatty liver despite my cholesterol being in normal range and having no blocked arteries.
    I am continually feeling weak and nauseous and suffer extreme pain under the ribs if I inadvertently eat something that agravates my liver.
    I’m desperately trying to loose weight as I need surgery, but it’s not shifting and I have no energy to exercise which would speed things up.
    Please can you recommend the best thing to cleanse my liver and help restore some of my energy and stop me feeling so sick.

    Many thanks
    Kat ????

  452. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I had a heart attack 6 months ago and have since been having regular SVT’s. I also have been diagnosed with a fatty liver despite my cholesterol being in normal range and having no blocked arteries.
    I am continually feeling weak and nauseous and suffer extreme pain under the ribs if I inadvertently eat something that agravates my liver.
    I’m desperately trying to loose weight as I need surgery, but it’s not shifting and I have no energy to exercise which would speed things up.
    Please can you recommend the best thing to cleanse my liver and help restore some of my energy and stop me feeling so sick.

    Many thanks
    Kat ????

  453. muhammad Haroon says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Good Day

    My gall Bladder has been removed in December 2012. A few days ago, ultrasound has showed the liver is fatty. other symptoms feels are;
    1. Vomiting after eating but when I ate excess.
    2. Constipation
    3. Gastric & acidity
    4. some time feels bloating & gas

    yours comments required please.

  454. tekram chandrakar says:

    I am a 63 yr old male. suffering from liver cirrhosis from last 8 yrs. its due to alcoholism.I do suffer from frequent ascites.
    I usually suffer from constipation with hard stool.
    The stool, is insufficient and unsatisfactory. The passing out of stool gives some relief from the pain in abdomen but the urge to pass stool is renewed soon after. The patient craves for fattyfood, spicy food, hot drinks in diet.
    from last 3 months I am also suffering from pneumonitis.
    which medicine do you suggest?

  455. amit kumar sahu says:

    I m having fatty liver due to alcohol and unhealthy lifestyle . my sgpt is 189 sgot 104 and slight pain in liver area of stomach . I have started taking chelidonium and calcarea carb for last 2 weeks . my sgpt has reduced to 147 sgot 63 . I have stopped taking alcohol and unhealthy foods . doing exercise & yoga morning evening . kindly suggest if these medicine is enough or shall I take any other medicine to get cured early

    Thanks with regards
    Amit Kumar sahu

  456. Sanjay Kumar Sharma says:

    Sir I am 51years old man my fatty liver in ten years. I am suggestions different doctor but not properly treatment in my fatty liver. I am very weakness in my body. Please suggest me Homeopathic medician.

  457. Mudassir Nahid says:

    I am Mudassir Nahid. Age-29 from bangladesh.I am suffering jaundice from 4 months my sgpt is 1600(now 49) bilirubun 17 (now 2.5) not in normal say me this is fatty liver.I fell abdominal pain right upper abdomen. Few days I feel heavy sweating and itching foot and hand.weakness is common felling. Stool are not normal like few constipation. Please suggest me how I recover this problem and lead normal life

  458. wich medicineest for fatty liver

  459. Parvinder Kumar says:

    Sir, My wife has fatty liver from six months, but its size is same from that time 17.2 cm. LFT reveals ALT (SGPT)-94.42, AST (SGOT)-51.79, GGTP-49.84. Urine Test Microscopy reveals RBC : Nil, PUS Cells-3-4, Epithelial cells -6-7, casts-Nil, others -bacteria present, Urine test chemical reveals Leucocyte Esterage-Nil, Ultra sound reveals: Enlarged Liver-17.2 cm, echogenicity is increased and Mild free fluid in Pouch of Douglus (POD). CBC test reveals RBC Count: 4.83, RDW:14.9, MCV : 83, Absolute Leucocyte count teat reveals Lymphocytes: 3.04, Basophyls: Zero.

    She does not take alcohol. She feels hungry. Within two months, she has lost 6 Kg from 61 kg to 57 and still losing, she takes much less sweet things, she feels weakness, feels pain in both legs, belching and bloating occurs. only takes toned milk, no pain in abdomen so far.

    Please advise.

  460. Amit Kumar das says:

    Dear Sir -I am interested to hear lots of about Fatty liver.
    Amit Kumar Das

  461. Attipoe Daniel says:

    i have been feeling pain at right side of my chest if i visit washroom the pain come a little bit but within 5mins then it started

  462. Piyush Kant says:

    I am diabetic from last ten years and suffering from fatty liver.I take zoryl mp2.please advice me.

  463. Shamim Ahmed says:

    I have constipation, my age 38 years, I used a lot of homeo medicine. My last medicine was pulsatilla but suddenly my blood pressure increase at150 degree, in my 38years of age it was always below120 degree, I have fatty liver also with high how can I get rid of high blood pressure.

  464. Sir
    I am 36 year old non alcoholic from kerala and working in a psu bank, while joining bank in 2012 i took a abdominal scan for recruitment it is came to know that i have fatty lever complaints. My height is 168 cms and weight is 68 kg. on this i conducted lft in 2013 the result was normal. every six months blood test for SGOT and SGPT checks. some times SGOT test results varies from 45 to 60 . I am presently not using a medicines, my diet is restricted not using any fried foods, fast food items. if there any permanent solution for fatty lever please give your valuable advise.

    Yours faithfully

  465. rosalineshaji says:

    I have focal fatty infiltration of liver adjacent to porta hepatis. i was in a treatment of ayurvedic medicine for last 4 years.Took fasting as part of treatment and my weight downed from74 to 56 within one week. please may i know wheather I will cure taking homeopathy medicine

  466. amar kumar says:

    Dear sir, i am suffering from fatty lever stage-2 last four months thus i take allopathy medicine two months and ayurveda medicine one months but i am fully cure plz suggest me.

    Thanks& regards
    Amar kumar

  467. manoj srivastava says:

    Sir accordind to usg report my liver is enlarged and fatty i have acidity problem huge constipation even stool does not pass many time i do not feel motion i use anti depressent medicine my digestion is very weak nd biliburin level is high triglyceride is 600 and uric acid is 8 my nervous system is very weak plz suggest me medicine
    Mob no. 9889668396

  468. MUKESH dizot says:

    Lever side pain. Right side pain
    Alcohol use since 20 fays
    Please help Sir.

  469. priti saxena says:

    Priti saxena says…..

    I am facing this fatty liver problem for last 2years .
    During these months June -August .
    My liver tests report is on .dt.25.7.2015 .
    AST ..112
    ALT …85
    GGTP …57
    Pls advice a permanent cure .I want to get rid of this problem. Thanks for the suggestions n medicine
    Priti Saxena

  470. Deekshita says:

    Hello Doctor,

    My SGOT and SGPT acid levels are raised, I read your blog and want to know how i can know my Liver is fatty. As above points Phosphorus is matching for my problem, but i am not clear about Fatty.

    I also have Thyroid, gastric issue.

    Phosphorus: Top Homeopathic medicine for Fatty Liver with food coming up after eating

  471. amit kumar sahu says:

    I m working in merchant navy , when I went for routine medical checkup on 01.07.2015 . The USG report showed fatty liver & sgpt 180 sgot 100 . I consulted a gaestoentologist & took medicine for 1 month in between sgpt & sgot went down to 120 & 80 respectively . but again shot up to 180 & 100 after 1 month .
    Currently I am taking homeopathic medicine
    Chelidonium & carlcarea carb
    Kindly suggest any further advice for treating my illness sooner as I have to resume back my duty only when I am fit .
    Thanks & regards
    Amit Kumar Sahu

  472. My son is suffering with fatty liver as diagnosed by allopathy doctor.He is having pain in the ribs on the right side.His BP is 164/100
    Weight -87lg
    Raised blood sugar(F)
    Raised uric acid
    2D- echo -Normal
    Can I give him Chelidonium+30?
    Any other medicine you can suggest for fast relief.
    Dose-diet-&precautions,please suggest.

  473. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have been diagnosed with high chlolestoral and fatty liver so if u could plz advice me which medicine can help me cure.
    thanking you
    sushmita sircar

  474. kartik pandya says:

    i have fatty lever grade-iii, all other reports are normal (SGPTS SOGT etc) how i can reduce fatty lever

  475. Shane alam says:

    My liver is not responding properly. When I eat food I feel lazy & sleepy. Gass problem also.

  476. i m 38 year male ,weight is 67.i have a gallstone of 22mm.and grade 1 fatty lever.only problum is excess gas in other complication.kindly suggest me the treatment of the same.

  477. Sanchita Sarkar Pal says:

    Since 1 & 1/2 Yrs I am suffering from Fatty Lever, I am in abdomen pain. My age is 40 Yrs. Now I am undergoing homeopathic treatment. Trying to maintain the food habit, doctor suggested.
    I want some more suggestion from you.
    Sanchita Sarkar Pal.

  478. Shambhu Paswan says:

    suffering from constipation ,fatty liver

  479. Venumadhav says:

    Sir when I was sent ultrascan, it was diagnosed fattly liver type 1. Can u advice me, what I have to do to get normal.

  480. Md Firdos Hassan says:

    Hello Doctor, As per symptoms descrined that matched with my symptoms on this site for fattyliver, started taking Chelidonium 10 drops twice a day before meal…its been 15days I started the medicine but no get any improvement…pls suggest what to do….?
    Mob. 9960165246

  481. how do you get rid of fatty liver

  482. suggest me some medicine

  483. my wife has got a fat layer on the liver and has swelling all over the body, and she body pain also please suggest the homeopathic medicine.


  484. Subhash Gupta says:

    My husband, aged 59 years is suffering from gastric and acid formation . He has fatty liver. He has put on about 8-10 kgs of weight during the last one year. His stool and gas are foul smelling. sometimes he feels pain on the right side of his chest. Very often (fortnightly) he suffers from vomiting. Please suggest some Homeopathy medicines.


    Veena Gupta

  485. Rajesh jain says:

    Deducted – fatty liver. Smell in gas during evening hour and pain in extreme right upper abdomen under arm. Plz suggest medicine plus diet control

  486. M.K.Sinha says:

    Please tell me what should be the potency and dosages. I have fatty liver of phase 1. I am also taking allopathic medicine.

  487. d.v. phani kumar says:

    Sir, I am phani kumar, age 30 years, male. I have been suffering from kidney failure since 2011 Jan, I have been on peritoneal dialysis, 6 months back transplantation was done, which was also failed after one month by blood clotting in renal artery, recently I 1 week back, 12th july, scanned abdomen , kidney sizes sinked by 1cm , liver enlarged by 18cm, spleen by 12 cm, I met a professor retired in homeopathy, he suggested kalmegh for liver, and ceonothous for spleen, mt’s, , kidney forte for kidneys, by gods grace only I m living, pls suggest me.

  488. rakesh saxena says:

    I have limfnodes in my liver. Opration can not done. What do I need to get in hemopathy

  489. Ali mohammad says:

    There is continuous mucus coming which Isis STICKY BUT WHITE 24/7..This my simple question.I am a medical
    Doctor but believe in Homeopathy SINCE generations.
    So please HELP ME in getting rid of this STICKY MUCUS.
    I have tried NUX, PULSE,CARBO VEG and. WHAT NOT!!!!!!!!
    Regards ,
    Dr Nusrat a.i

  490. Biman Singha says:

    Sir,i have the problem of fatty liver and i take lycopodium and nux vomica since about one month.But the symptoms are not going.So,give some suggestion.

  491. Javed Ahmad says:

    Looking for the treatment of fatyy liver

  492. Dr. Farrukh Jamal says:

    I have been diagnosed with Fatty liver grade 1 condition. I do not have pain, constipation or obesity. I am normal and do not have any other complications. My age is 44 years (male). I had come to know about this during a routine check up. My weight is 70 kg and I smoke occasionally and take rarely beer or scotch in a very limited amount.
    Kindly suggest me remedial measure so that this fat is controlled and disappears.
    BEST Regards
    Farrukh Jamal

  493. hi Dr,
    I m 29y & height 5’1″ . my weight 81kg. l have fatty liver. what’s can I do?
    pls tell me .

  494. Parveen Aghi says:

    USG report suggest mild fatty liver(may b due to alcohol as i consume 100ml of alcohol daily).I feel mild pain n heavy ness in upper left abdomen otherwise no problem.

  495. Sukhwiner says:

    I am 54yrs old i have fatty liver. I feel bloated at the top of my right side of the stomach. What medicine would u suggest. I also feel hot and sweaty. Thx

  496. sourav lahiri says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    Thanks a lot for these suggestions. My mother is suffering from grade 1 fatty liver. She have been experiencing acute pain in the upper abdomen, just below the rib cage, in the middle section along with excessive gastric and acidity. In her sono-graphy report she was also diagnosed with cholelithiasis and multiple, small and moving hyperchoic foci in her gallbladder which were not identified. From past one month she is under homeopathic treatment. It would be immensely helpful if you could suggest any precautions or diet to boost up the curing process. The doctor said it will take minimum three months before her liver gets into its normal condition. Please do suggest any remedy that she may incorporate.

  497. anurag bansal says:

    Doctor I HV fatty lever grade 3 with high triglicides. Iam 35 yyr and 5.9 in height with weight of 76kgs. I also have acidity problem and take antacid early morning since last 2 years. I feel tired and pain in my right hand side upper abdomen. Kindly help

  498. Koushik Chandra says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    I was diagnosed with fatty liver 5 years ago, but neglected it. Two years before from now I was diagnosed with Barett’s Esophegus with no displasia. Along with alopathtic medicine I have tried lot of homeopathic medicine as well. I was having right upper back pain which was not going with any medicine. Very recently in one of the internet side I found Lycopodium 30C is a remedy for right side issue. So I have started taking that. I have taken this every morning 10 drops in water for around 40 days. All my right upper back pain is gone but I have severe gas and pain near the region of liver (which wasn’t there before). I am not sure whether I have taken excess dose of Lycopodium or not (actually I was keeping good with that medicine so I kept taking that for 40 days). Recently consulted one homeopathic practitioner and he ask me to stop Lycopodium and also ask me to take COLOCYNTH Q & DIOSCOREA Q together in hot water. I have taken it for a day but looks like problem is still there. Could you please suggest. I am 36 years old male 75 KG and 5ft 8 inch tall. I had TB in right lungs (in right upper lobe) in the year 2006 and taken allopathic medication for 6 months and it got cured after that.


  499. sanjay kr tewari says:

    Sir I m 46 yes old .I am gaining my weight rapidly.for this reason I am suffering from low backpain and stomach liver enlargement also so pl help.

  500. Vivek Raj says:

    Dr. said your liver i s a very fatty and i am taking little more whisky and eat mutton/chiken. I am used some homeopathic medicine these are celedonium Q,Cinothus Q and Kalmegh Q. two times daily in water. These medicine are write medicine or wrong medicine.

  501. Dear Doctor,

    I have been suffering from Fatty liver Grade I problem since two years, My Symptoms are as follows –
    – High Acidity,
    – Gas
    – Bloating of Stomach after having food
    – Pain in the Upper Right side the abdomen( Above Liver)
    – Lot of Growling in stomach
    – Lot of fatigue
    I occasionally Drink alcohol and smoke occasionally.

    Kindly suggest what Homeopathic medicine and in how much quantity i need to take and how long the treatment has to be taken to cure from above mentioned ailments.


  502. i have been detected as fatty liver grade 1 i was having mild liver enlargement two year ago .i am diabetease request suit able treatment

  503. Hello Doctor

    I am suffering from fatty liver disease. Same was diagnosed by ultrasound of full abdomen and some LFT tests.

    Doctors have advised weight loss which I am working one. I also have too much acidity and slow digestion problems. Often undigested food is passed in stools. I am at least 85kgs with height of 5 feet 10 inches. And I am 35 years of age.

    Another prominent sign is discoloration of face and neck akin which is a worrying fact for me. Otherwise I have had fair complexion.

    Will deeply appreciate if you can pls advise on homeopathic treatment.

    Thank you


  504. sucheta kapoor says:

    Hello Dr. I am suffering from grade 3 fatty liver and also suffer from right side abdominal pain and severe gastric problem. Can you help me about this?

  505. Vilas R Rayawagol says:

    I am aged 45 years working as bank employee,
    Suffering from fatty liver and gall bladder sludge ball problem, experiencing acute stress and depression, accompanied with gastric problem. And also I am having Blood Pressure also.

    Please guide me how homeopathy can help me.

  506. Acid maltase deficiency

  507. Pravin Kumar das says:

    I have abdomal pain occasionally every after a year or so. During that period I face light pain almost for whole day espaicially after taking meal I am 59 yr old no bad habit light at person.during ultrasound it was told it is a fatty lever

  508. srinivas chowdary says:

    I have htn in 3years, from one year uric acid level is high, my left ear is not hearing from 2011 and also right year slowly reduce hearing, ENT doctor said! minears dicease and blood is not sufficient supply to cervical spondolytis problem. present I am using hearing aid for right year. latest this june ultrasound shown fatty liver, bph (32cc prostate enlarge) and left kidney 4mm calculi and right kidney shown mild hydronephrosis. my blood pressure is not control from 6 months. 160/100 to 180/115between shown. tmt test is normal. above 1st problems started from march 2011. afterwards one by one problems started. present I am using allopathic medicines. my weight is 88kgs, my height is age is 49 years. myfriend said this is all about allopathic medicines side effects. Sir, please advice homeo medicines for above problems

  509. indeeshwar singh says:

    hello sir,
    My uric acid is more and also i have thyroid problem and also i am facing disk problem. so plz tell me best medicines for these problems and precaution with medicins

  510. syed abdur rauf says:

    sir i have fatty liver, plz diagonse some medcine which are available in pakistan

  511. p.k.biswas says:

    Sir I am 43 .daily drink 180ml alcohol in last 10 years. I having a prob.. Joundise blurobin is 3.0 pls sujjest food& madici..

  512. Sahibzada says:

    Hello with good wishes. I hve been diagnosed with fatty liver a year ago. My ALT level remains also high.
    I hve axactly the same syptoms which you hve described here for fatty liver. I read the medication prescribed here by you.
    Please tell me how and how long those medicines i may use i.e dosage etc.
    Thank you very much !

  513. sir I have fatty liver since 2 years my sgot-pt level is 50_54 I feel very tired and pain in right side of abdomen plz suggest me best hom
    eopathic treatnent

  514. Mohammed Sarfuddim says:

    I am suffering from fatty liver last 10 yrars.
    please advise me.

  515. anil varma says:

    fatty liver grade 1…….please advice homeo medicen

  516. Ajit Rao says:

    Dr Sir I am suffering from fatty liver grade 2 please suggest me good medicine my mobile phone is 09416911531

  517. manish kumar says:

    Respeted sir , I gone ultrasound today and in report , my liver ios enlarged 160mm in size and also 3-4 mm stone in kidney to urine pipe that case kidney is slightly swelling due to stone , can both are recoreable
    pl tell . I shall be very thank ful to you

  518. Yogesh Dutta says:

    Am having a fatty liver. Drinks whiskey thrice a week moderately.

    Am healthy 57 years old Young man. sugar on borderline, No BP. No increased triglyceride and cholesterol. Normal health.

    Go for pathological tests viz.v Hb1Ac, Lipid profile, KFT, LFT tests every six monthly.

    Ca I take Nux vomica daily at bed time.along ?

    Advise dose of Chelidonium + lycopodium any other as per treatment l.


    Yogesh Dutta
    Former UN official

  519. abdul hameed says: I am 63 year old I am diabetic and diognized fatty liver and I my trigleceride is 250 and I have acidity problem pls recomond homeopathic remedies

  520. anurag pandey says:


  521. Dear Dr. Sharma
    my age 66 & weight 75 kg & height 5.8
    Have fatty liver disease grade=1, with little big bally
    Please advise which medicine to use

  522. Deborah Putman says:

    I am having pain in my liver like a dull ache. I have just been diagnosis with high blood pressure diabetes and just started taking insulin Lantus 15 mg. 1x a day at night. My sugar still spike to as high as 297. I have been trying to watch my eating . I also have high blood pressure. I have no energy since I have started taking my meds.
    Where can I get the products you have been talking about ? I live in the country.

  523. awtar singh says:

    hai, i am 45 yrs old now from few days i feel heavy ness in my stomach after eating a little i feel my stomach is full and some pain in my right side of abdomen. my weigth is under control and also i am not obeess, i am totally vegetrain , suggest me what to do

  524. Abdul rashid joyo says:

    I have hepatits B and feeling loss of appetite, weakness and feels that some time I feel that my liver is either is swollen or enlarged.

    Presently I am taking following medicines:-

    1) Natrum suplp 200
    2) Chelidonium 200
    3) Cardius 200
    4) Ceanothus 200
    kindly advise me further,


    abdul rashid

  525. Mohammed Sarfuddim says:

    echo pattern pain In my liver filling very weak.

  526. Kumares Kanji says:


  527. dharam pal says:

    sir ..
    I have constipation problem
    passes losse feaces small quantity .
    headache .
    after taken food. small partcal comes out from mouth.
    burnning sensation in stomach
    sometime pain on abdomen.

    I have suffered 6-7 years back.
    please tell me sir correct medication.
    26 yeat old ages

  528. dheerendra sharma says:

    Dear sir- i have grade – 1 fatty liver with slightly pain in stomach after passing stool all the day.
    plz suggest me any homeopath medicine

  529. Treatment for fatty liver.

  530. ajay mishra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Fatty Lever -Type II, weight was before 4 months 80 k.g. but after taking medicines and advice from allopathic doctor now weight is 75 k.g., daily running 2 k.m., avoiding oily food. Please suggest any homeopathic medicines for this diseases .

    Symptoms : gas problem, not any pain in abdomen, I have also disc problem.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ajay Mishra
    (M) 9971501973

  531. My daughtet ( 21 age) is suffering from typhoid and is on antbiotics for fivw days. So far there are no signs of recovery- fever still goes upto 102 mostly in the late afternoon and evening. Is there good homeopathic remedy for her.


    I am suffering from FATTY lIVER PROBLEMS (stage II position) and suffering from right upper abdomen and left upper abdomen pain from time to time. Also the pain radiates from front to back also and I cannot move from one side to other side particularly in night sleep.

    Pls advise me in which medicine I will follow right now so that I feel well through homeopathy.

  533. Dear doctor before 2months these symptoms are in my ultrasound report that my fatty liver.
    dr advised me evion 500mg and with colofac twice a day..please suggest me homeopathic dr Wilma r shawabe current weight is 83kg my age with 39 years and height is 5.6
    kindly advise me homeo medicine for fatty liver.

  534. i have thyroid tsh =11.5, since seven month i am taking english medicine but no use some time it increase and decrease, do homeopathy has any medicine , just 2 days back i did u/s scan where report showed as gr-1 fatty liver and mild splenomegaly and gr-i prostatomegaly with pvr 10cc. rest all ok. pl. suggest, my current age is 45 yrs, non alcoholic, non smoker, pure vegetarian

  535. mithilesh kumar says:

    How I can use above medicine , what will be the potency?

  536. hi sir USG documented Grade ll fatty liver.sir which remedy suited for me .i have also ibs featurs.

  537. shashi kumar says:

    Sir I am suffering from fatty liver ‘ increase approx 15.7 and cholostrol 240 and swelling in leg neat toe, fell fatigue pl tell suitable medicine

  538. yogesh bajpai says:

    I have problem in my leva. One day before in altrasound there is swelling in my Leva.
    Last three months I m taking alcoho. Now there is lot of pain in my stomach. And appitite is very week. Plz suggest me what I do.

  539. k r chhibber says:

    Sir, I am suffering from grade-ii fatty liver. Sometimes if feel acute pain in the right side of my abdomen and at that time i pass yellow colour or white colour stool. I also feel pain in the centre of abdomen also.Moreover it seems that at that time i face problem of dysentry and even after passing stool i have feeling of passing stool again . In Normal days I face the problem of acute gastric, afara and acid formation.
    Kindly guide homeo medicine for both conditions.

  540. Shafiqa Jaleel says:

    I have been diagnosed infiltration of Liver and fatty liver. I am 53 and overweight by 20 kgs. I am diabetic but my Sugar randum is within limits but Fasting is 150+_. I feel fatigued mostly, sleep is good,firm in behaviour but friendly. I do not like parties and crowded places. I also have Vericose vein right leg and it is swolen between knee and ankle. I request for a homeopathic advice from you. I’ll be much obliged

  541. I am diabetic for 5year l fell my stomach heavy no other symptoms last week l got my ultrasound in ultrasound my lovir is sligjtly fatty pl tell Mr homoeopathy medicine other things are normal

  542. Fatty liver diagnose from pain in abdomen and vomitting
    Plz suggest the accurate medicine for fatty liver 4mm in size

  543. Pradeep Joshi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have been suffering from fatty liver from last 2 years. I feel fatigue , sleepy ,nausea ,pain in right side of abdomen and acidity all the time . I m 32 years old . Please suggest some homeopathy medicine for the same. I am from Delhi .

    Thanking You,

  544. Dr. Suresh Jnaneswaran says:

    I have been diagnosed for fatty liver after a ultra sound abdominal scan. I have problems of acidity, mild constipation,bloating and occasional pain in the right abdomen accompanied by fatigue and tendency to sleep more often than necessary. I am 58yrs old but physically fit otherwise and not overweight. I am not an alcoholic. Can the Fatty lever be reversed . Please suggest homeopathic medicines along with the dosage.
    with warm regards
    Dr. Suresh

  545. DEV NATH GHOSH says:

    sometime i feel avery vey low pain in the liver area. thw feel of pain can not be felt by pressing the area. it comes out naturally. morning defacation is not full. after breakfast again feeling of defacation is felt. and if gone to latrine, semi liquid to full watery stool is defacated., i have 66% fatty liver. after fibro test done in appolo ,chennai. i have fasting sugar-130-140 ,pp sugar–170-210. i have hypertension. for that i take regular medicine, please suggest me medicine.

  546. dwimu brahma says:

    I have been fatty liver since 2010.i make exercise with treatment of medicine at present.still not cured.what i do now?now my wieght is 80kg.

  547. Sajit Kumar says:

    The status of existing symptoms are given below :–

    01) After Ultra Sound Test, Pathologist has described “fatty Liver”
    02) Due to fatty Liver, the Cholesterol level (bad Cholesterol) has increased.
    03) After Lunch, I experience flatulence, acidic-refluxes, heart-burn. Sometime vomitting tendency
    04) I am 45 years old.
    05) Habit of alchohal. No smoking
    06) Feels tired alway. Feel as if no energy left. Condition gets worse as the day progress.
    07) Sleep is not proper. Sleep breaks at 2:00-2:30 am
    08) Feels abdoman very heavy. Pain in liver side. Liver feels enlarged.
    09) Sour throat.
    10) In the morning when I get-up from bed, I feel very weak & tired. I hardly have strength to
    walk-down to wash-room.

    Looking-forward of your valuable advice & recommendation of Homoeapathic treatment.

    with warm regards,


  548. SURESH BABU says:

    Iam non-alcoholic ,aged 52years Male, non-diabetic, non-hypersensitive, is suffering from NAFLD ,with right upper back pain.
    kindly diagnose me


  550. Rajesh sharma says:

    I am suffering from fatty liver gradeII since 4-5 months. I am taking R7 and R72 regularly two times a day. Some improvement is there but not so much. What else I have to do or any other medicine is required. I am 41 years of age.

  551. sumon Kanti Das says:

    Dear sir

    i am from Bangladesh. i am suffering fatty liver disease (Mild). what should i do now, will you recommend any medicine?


  552. MITHILESH SINHA says:



  553. Ashok Kumar Gautam says:

    The status of existing symptoms are given below :–

    01) After Ultra Sound Test, Pathologist has described “fatty Liver”
    02) Due to fatty Liver, the Blood-Sugar level & Cholesterol level (bad Cholesterol) has
    03) After Lunch, I experience flatulence, acidic-refluxes, heart-burn but no vomitting
    particularly from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
    04) I am 65 years old with height of 169 CMs & weight of 73 KGs.
    05) No habit of smoking or alchohal.
    06) I am pure vegetarian.
    07) I always turn my body to left-side on the bed before sleep. During sound sleep, when body
    turns to right-side, it causes wake me up with mild pain on right side with sour Irruption.
    08) I daily take about 02 spoonful of husk-powder with hot milk in night before going to bed
    otherwise I experience severe constipation.
    09) No thurst at all round the day but I delibrately drink 6-7 glass of water daily.
    10) Craving for sweet material after meals but I avoid due to high level of blood-sugar.
    11) In the morning when I get-up from bed, I feel very weak & tired. I hardly have strength to
    walk-down to wash-room.

    Looking-forward of your valuable advice & recommendation of Homoeapathic treatment.

    with warm regards,

    A K Gautam

  554. Dr.shalini gupta says:

    Really very usefull and good informatio sir thanku .

  555. Anubrata paul says:

    I am a fatty liver pataint. I am suffering from acidity & gastro problem.

  556. mukesh singh kushwah says:

    sir, my lever is fatty and acidity due to this headache and cronical constipation please suggest the medicine for this.

  557. Shashi Kumar says:

    Sir I have pain in upper part of stomach and found Hital hernia, fatty liver.
    colestrol, triceleride, vdrl, sgpt sgot alls level is high.
    My body is medium tell us what can I eat. At present I am eating muli, gazar,pumpkin,papita.

  558. Nighat tariq says:

    Hello I’m 48years old . My liver is enlarged.previously I had fatty liver due to really worried.kindly suggest homeopathic medicine for enlarged liver. Regards

  559. Dr.waleed bin zahid says:

    Sir,i have a patient of fatty tumour he is complaining that he has pain in his liver kindly send me the treatment for this patient so i can start his treatment

  560. I was looking up homeopathics for fatty liver and umbical hernia. The ones that seem to fit the symptoms Lycoposium and Calcara Carb. I mostly have diarrhea from IBS. I seem to have some symptoms from each suggestion of homeopathic. I was wondering what amount of each to take. 30CC….
    I just starting seeing a accupunturist and he mentioned Lydopodium. I cant take herbs that are too much for my system, so I am looking a homeopathics.


  561. Lee Hunter says:

    Dear doctor,
    A year ago I fell and had a twisting dislocation of my knee that also affected my hip. I went for a year with a dislocated patella. The doc finally put it back in alignment. I have cartilage damage and arthritis is starting as well. After my surgery I became ill and I lost 25 lbs. I am nauseas and cannot stand the smell of food. I can only keep down fruit. I crave cold water and I have to urinate about every 10 minutes. I cannot sleep and I am extremely fatigued.
    I went to my primary doctor an asked her to run a blood test. The test revealed that I have diabetes (400) and fatty liver (600). I also have high blood pressure.
    The medication (Gemfibrozil) the doc gave me for the fatty liver is causing me to have severe muscle spasms.
    I am taking metformin for the diabetes and Lisinopril for the high blood pressure.
    Can you help?
    Lee Hunter

  562. My husband 40 years is suffering from chronic gas problem after eating . He has been diagnosed with fatty liver and high Cholesterol please suggest me medicine. Thank you

  563. sir,
    recently i underwent master health check up after lab test it is noticed that iam having fatty liver,acationaly i feel pain right side of apper poration of abdominal near rips kindly suggest homeo remedy i am 52y male

  564. sir,
    recently i underwent master health check up after lab test it is noticed that iam having fatty liver,acationaly i feel pain right side of apper poration of abdominal near rips kindly suggest homeo remedy i am 52y male

  565. Bashir Tareen says:

    I m patient with gastric problem and know my ultrasound is showing fatty liver but size is normal and all tests are ok kindly suggest me treatment

  566. anil sharma says:

    hello sir
    my wife is a patient of faty and enlarged liver with multiple mass in both lobes largest size of mass is 6×4 ,i need your opinion and drugs of homeo treatment

  567. Nizam Hussain says:

    sir I have been suffering from fatty liver since two month please suggest me effective medicine.

  568. Hi Dr I have fatty liver n I have pain on my left side for a long time its been many months I have a lot diarrehea everyday coz I have poor diet cokes fast food but I read above articles on your page I don’t see which medicine is good for me ni gain a lot of weight n I don’t take any medication oh high cholesterol or blood pressure but my doctor might give if needed can u plz tell me da name of medicine on homepathic

    • My cousin aged 51 has diagnosed fatty liver in the scanning.
      The condition is Grade 2
      Symptoms match with gastric and acid conditions.

      She is having Thyroid, Sugar, Choloestrol and had done hyscectamy 15 years before.
      Suffers from migraine condition for 20 years and had taken many medicines.

      Nature- Hot feeling, hot tempered, highly sensitive, less sleep etc.

      Doctor- If you feel Lycopodium is the apt medicine in the above catagory, kindly advise us the dosage of intake, duration of treatment and any other supportive medicines to be taken along with.

      Many thanks for your help.

  569. Sir , I’m 55 healthy , from last 7months my hair are falling during combing ,after hair wash in bunches .My bone calcium is low .I’m anemic .contipation occasional . suggest best remedy .

  570. Sylvia Yalkin says:

    I am a 69 year old female, I suffer from constantly aching legs, arms, general body. Severe ache began on my right knee 3 months ago without visible inflammation and now my right shoulder is affected restricting movement and pain shooting down to my forearm. I took Bryonia with not much help. I have been taking Thus Tux with a little relief. The ache also affects my hips. Better when walking, uneasy when resting.Too much walking or standing makes symptoms worsen. I wake up very stiff and bent over from sleep, not rested nor refreshed at all. Sitting as little as 10 minutes makes stiffness return.

  571. Dear sir.

    On an evening I find that I want to constantly nibble at sweet or carbohydrate foods even though I have previously had an evening meal. Is there a homeopathic product which will help me to curb this rabbit?


  572. abhay kumar says:


    • k r chhibber says:

      Sir, I am suffering from grade-ii fatty liver. Sometimes if feel acute pain in the right side of my abdomen and at that time i pass yellow colour or white colour stool. I also feel pain in the centre of abdomen also.Moreover it seems that at that time i face problem of dysentry and even after passing stool i have feeling of passing stool again . In Normal days I face the problem of acute gastric, afara and acid formation.
      Kindly guide homeo medicine for both conditions.

    • Violet the says:

      I am a 64-year-old overweight woman recently diagnosed with multiple liver cysts and fatty liver. I have been experiencing extreme fatigue and muscle aches, as well as some pain in right upper quadrant (liver). I don’t have a strong appetite but sometimes crave carbohydrates and alcohol (although I do not drink alcohol to excess). If I do not take a fiber supplement I get constipated. If O eat fattier foods than usual, such as in restaurants, I often suffer diarrhea a few hours later. I also suffer from extreme anxiety. What homeopathic remedies would you recommend?

  573. abhay kumar says:


    • ramnendra kr sinha says:

      i have sgpt 76 since 12months& i am taking following medicine from last 2 months, whether these medicines are right medicine for fatty liver. 1 ,CHELIDONIUM MAJ Q/30 . 2.CHINA OFFQ.Q/30 3CARDUAS MARIANUS Q/30

      • NAVAID ANSARI says:

        Sir, i am 35 years man my fatty liver in one year i am suggestion different doctors but not proper treatment in my fatty liver, i am very wekness in the body. please suggestion me homepathic madicans.


        • mrs. mamta gupta says:

          Sir my son’s age is 19 yrs and he suffers from fatty liver and over weight. Please refer me the homeopathy medicines for better treatment.He is suffers the same for one year.thanks.

        • haseeb khan says:

          I am suffring from fatty liver but i have no pain in stumak .l am over weaght my hight weaght is 107kg .plesse sugest me medicin for fatty liver

      • H.N.Srivastava says:

        Mywife 65 years old is suffering from enlarged and fatty liver problem . When she takes her m eal she feels motion and pain in lowerabdomen .HER STOMACH is always remains hard . She also feels pain in her chest

      • Sarbsukhjit Singh age57 says:

        Fatty liver and cysist (simple liver cysist) asper USG report 45.47 mm sometime Constipation and gas .SGOT23.2 u/I SGPT 32.9 u/I Total bilirubin 0.6 mg Direct bilirbun 0.3mg .
        S.ALK. PHOSPHATES 116 iu/I
        HB 12.2
        HBsAg o.08 Non reactive
        Anti HCV 0.01 Nonreactive

      • Rajan Agarwal says:

        My age is 60 years.I have been diagnosed with non alcholic fatty liver. I do not take any alcohol at all. I am obsese and overweight with type 2 diabetes. My dibetese is under control. I have slight pain in right side of my abdomen.

        Kindly advise which is best suited medicines for me in homeopathy. I am taking liv52 regularly since last 3 months.

        With warm regards.

        Rajan Agarwal.
        Mobile: 9810000788

    • u c bhatt says:

      i am yrs old & sufferring with fatty liver as per USCG report for last one year and also problem of urine consitence ie i have to go for urination for many times but the urine passes in small amount.The amount of water/liquid taken is not b being discharge in the same amount . there is afeeling that the bladder is still having a urine. there no prostate in USG report only FATTY LIVER, the stools is being very smelling and has to go stool for to times.and gas passing through stool is very smelling. suffering fom hypothorodism TSH level is 8.02, sgot, sgpt, blood sugar, cholostrol is normal . please sugest med.icine.regards

    • Manoj Kumar sinha says:

      Dear sir,
      I am 44 years old suffering from diabatics with gastric problem from last five years.Now doctor daignosed and detected Fatty liver.I am talking allopathy medicine.Please suggest best and effective hameopathy medicine.


    • Rajesh garg says:

      I am 35 year old with Non alcoholic fatty liver disease 4 year ago my P. T is 53 & O. T was 3 3 and last year October 14 P. T Was 84 & O. T was 53 l took medicine U D Liv 300 for 3-4 months P. T downs to 43 & 32 O. T and after 6 months l checked again and P. T, O. T level gone to 89 & 53 and I have acidity problem from long time And I feel laziness also . My height is 5ft.8′ & weight is 74 kg .
      Sir please suggest what I do

      • I have been diagnosed after scanning. My blood reports also show that have order line of highcollesterol and border case of soles often pain with burning and pinprick sensation.I sweat everyday between 4am to 6am soon after waking which is associated with do mina pain in the left side around naval. My ankles often swell and pain. I request you kindly advise the appropriate homeopathic medicines for my problem



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