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Agnus Castus – Homeopathic medicine its uses indications and dosage

Agnus Castus is a homeopathic remedy derived from the Chaste tree, which belongs to the family Verbenaceae. The medicine is derived from the ripened berries of the tree commonly found in the Mediterranean region and Asia. It is used to treat a plethora of issues related to sexual organs of both the sexes. Agnus Castus was commonly used in the ancient times by both men and women to suppress their sexual desire. It lowers sexual vitality with corresponding mental depression and nervous energy. According to homeopathy, Agnus Castus is counted among other powerful remedies for sexual problems. The medicine shows a high affinity towards sexual concerns and often works better than any other remedy for impotency, prostatorrhoea in males, and sterility, leucorrhoea, and agalactia in women.Agnus castus in homeopathy is associated with people who have a ‘lymphatic’ constitution. Such persons tend to produce excessive lymph fluid (physiologically) and are prone to health issues like lymphadenitis, allergies, lung and skin disease and vaginal discharges. It is also known as chaste berry or vitex.

How does Agnus Castus work?

Agnus castus as a remedy works to treat health problems that arise as a result of sexual overindulgence, repeated gonorrheal attacks, and over straining of muscles due to lifting of heavy weights. Cold air and warm food and drinks can hinder the action of this remedy.

Agnus Castus Dosage

Agnus castus has a short course of action and can be safely repeated at a potency of 30C.

Top Uses of Agnus Castus

Agnus Castus is the foremost homeopathic remedy indicated for complete impotency. It can be used in cases Impotency is caused by abuse of sexual powers and repeated gonorrhea (  a sexually transmitted disease ). It is considered to be a remedy for those who have aged prematurely.
It is also indicated in cases where there is a yellow, gleety (gonorrhoeal fluid containing mucus and pus discharged from the urethra ) discharge from the male urethra. Other symptoms include cold, swollen and hard testicles.
Agnus castus for females is indicated in cases where there is a deficiency or suppression of breast milk, along with melancholy. It is also used to treat leucorrhoea, which is an egg white, copious discharge from the relaxed parts of female genitalia.

Agnus Castus for Impotency in Males

The main symptoms of impotency where Agnus Castus is recommended as a remedy are:

  • complete impotency with flaccidity and coldness of the genitals.
  • a lack of sexual energy that leads to extreme flaccidity of the penis.
  • impotence that occurs after repeated or suppressed incidents of gonorrhea.

Agnus Castus works well in both elderly as well as prematurely aged males with melancholy and apathy arising from the abuse of sexual indulgence and seminal losses.

Agnus Castus for Prostatorrhoea

Prostatorrhoea refers to the abnormal discharge of the prostatic fluid. Agnus works as an effective remedy for the passage of gleety discharge with urination, or while straining during stools in people who experience frequent attacks of gonorrhea and loss of erection.

Agnus Castus for Gonorrhoea

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium N. gonorrhoeae. It spreads from one person to another through vaginal, oral and anal sexual contact. Men afflicted with it may experience burning during urination, penile discharge, or testicular pain. Gonorrhoea in women can cause burning during urination, vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding between menstruation, or pelvic pain.
Agnus as a remedy is well-indicated for impotency caused due to frequent attacks of this disease.

Agnus Castus for Sterility in Women

Agnus Castus is a well-indicated remedy for sterility in females that occurs due to excessive sexual indulgence. This can result in absolute loss of desire, aversion to sexual intercourse and suppressed menstruation.

Agnus Castus for Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is the abnormal mucus discharge from the vagina that looks like a transparent ‘white of an egg.’ The discharge is copious and is secreted from the female genitalia (often with uterine prolapse), staining the undergarments yellow. Uterine prolapse is a condition where the pelvic floor muscles stretch or weaken and are unable to provide enough support to the uterus. The uterus, as a result, may slip down into the vagina.

Agnus Castus for Agalactia

Agalactia refers to the condition where there is suppression of milk in lactating females. Agnus works well in either deficient or suppressed lactation, with mental symptoms like sadness and brooding.

Agnus Castus for Menstruation

Agnus castus is used to treat cases where the menses either last from ten to eighteen days, or are suppressed, with drawing pains in the abdomen. The medicine is indicated for women prone to hysterical episodes, occasional metrorrhagia (abnormal uterine bleeding) and uterine prolapse.
Some other symptoms that point towards this remedy include vertigo, headache, the dim sight before menses, and pain in pelvic region and loins during menses. It is also used in cases where the placenta has been retained, and there is an inflammation of the uterus.

Agnus Castus for Mental Issues

Agnus is a well-indicated remedy for absent-mindedness and reduced power of insight and an inability to recollect things. It is used to treat symptoms like difficulty in reading due to lack of concentration, low-spirits with fears of approaching death, melancholy, and a hypochondriac mood with anxiety, fear, and weakness. It is also used for:

  • Peevish individuals who tend to get angry easily.
  • Lack of courage with nervous depression and mental forbidding.
  • Lack of attention with difficulty in keeping up the train of thought.

Other Spheres of Action of Agnus Castus

Apart from treating issues related to the sexual sphere, Agnus also shows good medicinal properties for the following:

  • Tachycardia (accelerated heart rate) in the neurotic young men after tobacco use.
  • Tearing pains in the head that feel as if it is filled with thick smoke.
  • Noisy flatus discharge of urinous odour that remains on the clothes.
  • Formication (sensation of insects crawling) of the skin with itching.
  • Dilatation of the pupils with itching in the eyes.
  • Illusion of smell – of herring or musk.
  • Ulcers in the mouth and gums with pain in the teeth when there is contact with warm food or drink.
  • Nausea with a sensation as if the intestines were being pressed downwards.
  • Joints that twist easily with pains that feel like they are dislocated.
  • Rheumatic and gouty nodosities in the bones with cold extremities.
  • Burning in the eyes and headache from reading in the evening.
  • Ringing and roaring sound in the ears with hardness of hearing.
  • Decreased appetite with lack of thirst, abdominal distension after meals.
  • Pains in the urinary bladder with increased frequency at night.
  • Weakness from anguish or depression of spirit.

Agnus Castus with Relation to other Homeopathic Remedies

  • Agnus is anti-doted by Camphor, Natrum Muraticum and strong solutions of table salt.
  • Agnus is followed well by Arsenic Album, Bryonia, Ignitia, Lycopodium and Selenium and Caladium to treat weakness of sexual organs or impotence.
  • The remedy can be compared with other remedies related to the sexual sphere like Lycopodium and Selenium in males and Platina, Natrum Carbonicum, Sepia and Borax in females.


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  1. Fozia anjum says:

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    I have problem of semen discharge in fore plays .
    I’m 25 years old. Since childhood I have a bad circle of people so I used to masturbate and watching porn and now the result is very poor . Your suggestions are appreciated to cure my disorders.

  4. Akash kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    Due excess of masturbation I lost my panis energy and desired by erectile dysfunction.
    My age is 25 years old and I purchased agnus castus 30 please advise me this medicine is right or wrong if it is right then also advise me to how this medicine will used.

  5. sandeep nayyar says:

    I have enlarged prostate and experiencing erectile dysfunction . Please recommend medicine.i am 55 years old

    • Akash kumar says:

      Dear sir,
      Due excess of masturbation I lost my panis energy and desired by erectile dysfunction.
      My age is 25 years old.

  6. sandeep nayyar says:

    I have enlarged prostate and experiencing erectile dysfunction due to this. Please recommend medicine.i am 55 years old

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    Dear Sir,
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    I I have a past with excessive masturbation and now have issues in my marital life. When I try to start intercourse I lose stiffness and cannot perform. It feels like I have lost everything or going to be impotent that really no one wants. How do I use agnus castus or what else do you suggest.

  12. Dr Sharma. I am 51 years old and I have ED and premature ejaculatation problems. Can you suggest what medicine I should take.

    • Kuntal Kumar Ghosh. says:

      Dear Sir,
      I have been suffering with ED problem. I am 60 years old, i am a patient of diabetic. Penis becoming cold, no sencesion arise for conjugation with my pertner.
      Please suggest madicine.

      • I am 6o years old and CKD 2 patient. My penis is remain cold no erection power. Penis not become hard. What shall I do? What medicine shall I take and power. How many days and without any effect in my kidney.

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    Agnus Castus What is the procedure for taking a cast? How many times a day should I give? And how long should it take?

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    No fellings of hungry. Full stomach. Right side full with gass after anythings elde eaten. No desire to go latrin, Sometimes burning in anus and blood on stool can be seen after taking meat and swollen anus . Cough at mouth from hitting of gas under lower jaws. Sometimes inflamation in whole body
    Suddenly starts sneezing, pain above right eye, tears fall,
    Easy ejection just felling about sex.
    Fear to some special events, men.
    wonder fearful dreams. restless and body itiching at night on bed. No sleeping and starts paining legs and ankels at night . (Muscular) Desire of vomiting sometimes. Sometimes dysentry, sometimes constipation. Very weakness occur suddenly.

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    Sir,I am 53 yrs old man havingAortic Valve Replacement in 2004. Now I am suffering from Errectyl Dysfunction since 4/5 yrs. Though I have maximum desire for Sex…penis becoming cold day by day. I am taking Caladium Seg 200 thrice daily… Response is not so enough. Please suggest me.

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