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Allium Cepa – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

The remedy Allium Cepa is derived from red onion belonging to the family liliaceae. It undergoes a potentization process (a process of preparing homeopathic medicines that arouses medicinal properties of a crude substance) to turn into a very useful homeopathic medicine Allium Cepa. It is highly effective to manage nasal allergies, colds, and nerve pain.
Allium Cepa

The ‘Allium Cepa’ Constitution

This medicine suits well persons who are prone to nasal allergies and cold. 

Drug Action

It has an effect on the nose, sinuses, ears, eyes, throat, larynx and nerves. With its medicinal properties it helps in reducing inflammation in these body parts. It is a good natural medicine to treat nasal allergies. Nasal discharges, sneezing and eye watering is marked in these cases. 

Clinical Indications

Cold, sneezing, nasal allergies, sinusitis, laryngitis, nerve inflammation (neuritis), cough, earache, headache and shoe bite.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

  1. Nasal Problems (runny nose, sneezing, nasal polyps, sinusitis)

It has marked action on the nose and treats a number of nasal conditions effectively. It proves to be infallible in cases of cold and nasal allergies (hay fever). It can be given when there is profuse, watery discharge from the nose. The discharge is irritating and causes much burning. It causes burning and redness of the upper lips and edge of the nostrils. There is sneezing with nasal discharge that can be constant. It also works well for sneezing in the morning soon after rising from bed. Itching in the nose also stands prominent. The nose feels stopped at times. There is a lump sensation or in some cases pain at the root of the nose. Watering from eyes can be present. It can effectively deal with the headache that accompanies a cold.
This remedy is also helpful in nasal polyps. These are benign means non-cancerous growths in the lining of the nose or paranasal sinuses. Besides the above complaints, it is one of the most effective remedies for sinusitis (inflammation of paranasal sinuses). 

Key indicating features:

Acrid nasal discharge 
Sneezing that is almost constant
Nasal polyps

  1. Eyes (eye watering, bland eye discharge)

For eyes it is an important medicine to manage multiple concerns. It effectively manages excessive watering from eyes. It is mostly bland (means without any itching, burning, irritation). Rarely may it lead to itching, burning and a smarting sensation in the eyes. This is attended with the desire to rub the eyes. Above symptoms may occur along with nasal discharges. It is also given for cases of swelling of the lids and swelling around eyes, accompanied with cold. There is redness of the eyes with sensitivity to touch. 

Key indicating features:

Excessive eye watering
Bland eye discharge without irritation, burning

  1. Ears (itchy ears, earache, noises in ears)

If we talk of ears this medicine is useful to manage itching in the ears arising from allergic conditions. Next it helps to manage earache. It could be attended with pus discharge from the ear. Difficulty in hearing may be present. There may also occur noises in the ears (tinnitus). These may be buzzing, roaring or humming. 

Key indicating features

Ear itching from allergies
Buzzing, roaring, humming noises in ears

  1. Head (headache with cold)

Its further action is noted on the head where it is recommended to manage headache. It is selected mainly to treat headache that occurs with cold. Mostly the pain is felt in the forehead. From here it may radiate to the face and the eyes. Persons needing it may experience a worsening headache especially in a warm room.

Key indicating features

Headache with cold
Headache in warm room

  1. Throat concerns (inflamed larynx, throat pain, itching in throat and palate)

With its action on the throat, it mainly treats cases of laryngitis (inflammation of larynx – means voice box). There is hoarseness of voice and tickling in the larynx. Lump sensation is also felt in the throat. Additionally there can occur throat pain that radiates to the ear. Tough, sticky mucus in the throat is another symptom that may attend. Itching and burning in the back of the throat and the palate are yet other strong indications to use it.

Key indicating features:

Larynx inflammation with hoarse voice
Itching in back of throat and palate

  1. Cough 

This medicine can be given for cases of cough, where it arises from tickling in the larynx. It is attended with a sensation as if the larynx would be torn away. Cough is a harsh, ringing type that may cause watering from the eyes. There may be rattling in the chest and tough mucus expectoration. It can also treat coughs that occur from inhaling cold air. It has proven to be beneficial when cough occurs with a runny nose and eyes watering.

Key indicating features:

Cough from tickling in larynx
Cough with runny nose, watery eyes

  1. Nerve complaints (nerve pain / inflammation, facial paralysis)

When it comes to nerves, this medicine is well indicated for managing nerve inflammation and nerve pain. Most importantly it offers help for these complaints occurring from an injury to nerves. Other than this it is also beneficial for nerve pain that might happen after amputation (surgical removal of a limb or a part of it). The characteristic to use this particular remedy is nerve pain, much like a fine thread. The nature of pain can be burning or stinging type. It is most indicated for nerve pain in face, neck, chest and head. Other than these its use can be considered for cases of facial paralysis (loss of facial movement from damaged muscles), especially of left side. 

Key indicating features:  

Nerve pain and inflammation
Nerve pain like a fine thread
Facial paralysis on left side

  1. Gastric troubles (stomach pain, diarrhoea, worms)

In case of gastric issues, it can be helpful in complaints like stomach pain, offensive flatus (gas), distended abdomen, diarrhoea, worms. With its action on the abdomen, it can manage pain in the navel area, especially when sitting, that gets better from walking. It can resolve stomach pain specifically from eating salads, cucumber. It is effective to manage diarrhoea with discharge of offensive gas. There may also be rumbling and distension of the abdomen followed by loose stool. Last concern in the gastric system that this remedy helps manage is worms and associated itching.

Key indicating features: 

Stomach pain from eating cucumbers, salads
Diarrhoea with offensive gas
Worms with itching

  1. Skin complaints (Shoe bite)

Lastly it is used for some of the skin complaints. It is a classic medicine to treat cases of shoe bite. Here it is helps to treat ulcers that form on the feet from rubbing off by shoes. Other than this it could be given for prickling or pin needle sensation on skin; red, itchy skin and measles with symptoms of cold. 

Key indicating features:
Shoe bite to heal ulcers on feet
Prickling sensation on skin


Worsening factors:  complaints seem to worsen in warm room and in the evening time
Relieving factors: going in a cold room or open air brings relief

Allium Cepa – Dosage 

It can be used from low to high potencies. It is a short acting medicine and can be repeated frequently.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Arnica, Chamomilla, Nux Vomica, Thuja and Veratrum Album

Followed well by Calcarea Carb and Silica

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  1. Viral fever ki vajah se hath pair ki jodon mein Dard hai Kaun si dava hai homeopathic ka bataiye mam

  2. Muhammad ramzan says:


    • Naak ke allergy mein allian sipa le rahe hain dava homeopathic ka viral fever ki vajah se hath pairon ke jodon mein Dard hai uski homeopathic dava kaun si hai bataiye

      • Naak ke allergy mein allian sipa le rahe hain dava homeopathic ka viral fever ki vajah se hath pairon ke jodon mein Dard hai uski homeopathic dava kaun si hai bataiye

  3. Prashant Gupta says:

    Goo morning Doctor,

    I am 46 years old & suffering from itchy & Watery eyes due to seasonal allergy which results in sneezing , running nose & cold specially in the morning hours after leaving the bed .

    i have been taking Allium cepa 30 CH 5 drops in the morning & evening from last 1 week

    please suggest do i need to continue with same medicine & for how much time .

  4. Afzalhussain says:

    Aliumsepa ki kitni drop daily kitni bar lena he

  5. Kaushik Kar says:

    How to use Allium Cepa 30

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