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Aloe Socotrina – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Aloe Socotrina is prepared from the gum of the leaves of plant Common aloes which belongs to family Liliaceae.  The gum of leaves of this plant is potentized as per homeopathic formula that extracts and intensifies its medicinal properties. After going through the potentization process, it becomes a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Aloe Socotrina. It is a leading homeopathic medicine for managing the complaint of piles and diarrhea (loose stool).

The ‘Aloe Socotrina’ Constitution

Aloe Socotrina suits elderly people who are weak and suffer from diarrhea and abdomen pain. It is also recommended for persons who have been drinking beer for a long time.

 Drug Action

This medicine has a significant action on rectum. It is suitable to manage complaints occurring from portal congestion (rise of blood pressure in portal venous system that includes veins coming from stomach, pancreas, spleen, intestine which merge into the portal vein that branches in small vessels and travel to liver). It acts well on the veins of the abdomen. Its action in liver, pelvis and large intestine is also well marked. Besides these, Aloe Socotrina acts well on the back, head, urinary system, skin and male and female genitals.

Clinical Indications

Piles, diarrhea, proctitis, anal fistula, colitis (inflammation of large intestine), anal fistula, anal itching, cholera, fecal incontinence, abdomen pain, gas, bloating, backache, headache, skin itching, enlarged prostate, involuntary urination, uterine prolapse.

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Rectum (piles, loose motion, fistula, inflammation of rectum and large intestine)

Aloe Socotrina has a wide application on the rectum, it can effectively settle numerous complaints including piles, diarrhea, proctitis (rectal inflammation), colitis (inflammation of large intestine), anal fistula, anal itching, rectal prolapse, cholera and fecal incontinence.

It has shown great clinical improvements in cases of piles (swollen, enlarged veins in or around the anus or in lower rectum). Here it works best for protruding hemorrhoids which refers to internal piles that protrude outside the anus. They are blue in color and appear like a bunch of grapes and are very sore and tender to touch along with heat. Applying cold water may be soothing. A person may also feel a sharp pain in the anus and rectum due to piles. The burning sensation is also felt along with pain. A constant bearing down in the rectum is a prominent symptom that can attend. Though majorly used for protruding piles, it also has an affinity to treat piles that bleed excessively and quite frequently.

It is also effective in treating diarrhea cases. In such cases, there is a watery lumpy stool and sudden urge to pass stool soon after eating or drinking. The urge to pass stool may remain constant. Sometimes there is urge to pass stool, but only gas passes. In some cases, stool is bright yellow, thin, mushy with undigested food particles in it. There is a feeling of fullness in the pelvis. Person may feel cramping pain in abdomen before and during passing stool. Sometimes they experience pinching in abdomen before passing stool. Rumbling and gurgling are felt in rectum. With loose stool excessive gas, rectal pain, rectal heaviness, burning in rectum and chilliness can occur. Aloe Socotrina can also be administered to people suffering from early morning diarrhea where person has to rush out of bed to pass stool. Use of this medicine is also recommended when there is blood and mucus-like/jelly-like lumps with stool. Other peculiar indications for using it are diarrhea that occurs from drinking beer, and in hot damp weather.

This medicine is successfully used in cases of inflammation of rectum (proctitis), or inflammation of large intestine (colitis). Its use is suggested for anal fistula and rectal prolapse. Furthermore it works very well to alleviate itching and burning sensation of anus that prevents sleep. It can be given to manage cholera (infection of small intestine caused by bacteria vibrio cholerae) cases. The last yet another important complaint where it is indicated is faecal incontinence (involuntary leakage of stool). It is indicated when stool escapes without notice when passing gas.

Key indicating features

Piles protruding, appear like bunch of grapes

painful, sore, tender piles better from cold water application

Diarrhea with sudden urge to stool soon after eating or drinking

early morning diarrhea

Diarrhea in hot, damp weather

passing jelly like mucus in stool

inflammation of rectum and inflammation of large intestine

involuntary passage of stool when passing gas

Anal fistula

2. Gastric Issues (Pain In Abdomen, Gas, Bloating)

This medicine has a marked action on gastric system. It is beneficial for abdomen pain which gets better by passing gas. It also helps in cases of navel pain which gets worse by putting pressure. There is excessive gas, bloating, heaviness, fullness in abdomen. Aloe Socotrina can be used to relieve abdomen pain felt before and during stool. It works wonders to alleviate twisting griping type of pain in abdomen with a desire to sit in bent forward position. Other indications for using it includes burping that can be sour, bitter, or tasteless, along with nausea with headache. Aloe Socotrina can also be given to manage nausea and gas, along with headache after eating.

Key indicating features

abdomen pain better from passing gas

navel pain worse from pressure

nausea, gas accompanied with headache after eating

3. Liver complaints (liver pain)

Aloe Socotrina can rectify certain liver issues also. This medicine can be prescribed for managing liver pain. The pain aggravates while standing, and deep breathing. Pain can be sharp or stitching type which may extend from the liver to the chest sometimes. There is pain, fullness, heat, and pressure in the liver. There is jaundice with heaviness in liver. The tongue is coated and there is foul breath.

Key indicating features

pain while standing, and from deep breathing

stitching pain in liver extending to chest

4. Back (lower back pain)

Aloe Socotrina is of great help in managing lower back pain in lumbar region during movement. A characteristic feature to use it is back pain which alternates with headache and piles. This medicine can also settle pain or heaviness felt in sacral region when person feels pain while sitting and feel better by walking. Not only this, it can be given for back pain that occurs in case of prolapse of uterus too.

Key indicating features

lower back pain in lumbar region worse from movement

pain in sacral region, worse from sitting, better from movement

back pain associated with uterine prolapse

5. Head (headache)

Aloe is also known to have effect on head, where its foremost action is to manage headache. In most cases needing it, the pain is felt across the forehead, along with heaviness in and around eyes. A person may also feel nausea along with headache. There is worsening of pain from heat, while it gets relieved by cold applications and closing the eyes. Aloe Socotrina also effectively deals with headache caused by the insufficient passage of stool along with abdomen pain. Headache alternating with back pain or pain in intestine are also some other symptoms requiring it.

Key indicating features

headache which gets worse by heat, better by cold applications

headache gets better by closing eyes

headache due to insufficient passage of stool

headache alternating with back pain or intestine complaints

6. Skin (itching, pimples)

Aloe is also a solution to some skin complaints. Itching that occurs in winters is a classic symptom indicating its use. It covers itching of legs well. On scratching, it becomes painful and sensitive. It is a wonderful medicine for treating pimples on abdomen.

Key indicating features

itching in winters

pimples on abdomen

7. Urinary system (urgent urination, involuntary urination)

Aloe Socotrina is highly recommended for persons who have to rush to pass urine and it cannot be retained. Burning sensation is felt while urinating. It is beneficial for cases of the involuntary passage of urine in elderly people suffering from an enlarged prostate gland.

Key indicating features

urgency in passing urine

involuntary passage of urine (urinary incontinence) in elderly people and enlarged prostate gland

8. Male Problems (Enlarged Prostate, Involuntary Erections, Itching Of Prepuce)

This medicine can manage enlarged prostate along with involuntary urine passage. Other problems it can address are premature ejaculation, itching of the prepuce, increased sexual desire, and erection after urinating.

Key indicating features

enlarged prostate causing involuntary urine passage.

itching of prepuce

erection after urination

9. Female Problems (Uterus Prolapse, Early Menses)

For females, it is prescribed for managing uterine prolapse. There is heaviness in the uterine region and pelvis, weakness, labor-like pains in the back, and groin radiating to legs. There may occur colic followed by vaginal discharge of bloody mucus. It can be used for managing complaint of early, prolonged and copious menses.

Key indicating features

uterine prolapse with heaviness in uterine and pelvis; labor like pains in the back; groin radiating to legs

early, prolonged and copious menses


Worsening factors: complaints get worse from heat, hot dry/damp weather, summer; on standing, walking; early morning

Relieving factors: complaints get better by cold applications, passing gas, and in cool open air


Aloe Socotrina works well in both low and high potencies. The potency is selected individually in every case. In low potency like 30C, it can be repeated frequently. When used in high potencies, the repetition should be done with care under the supervision of a homeopathic physician.

Relationship With Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Camphor, Nux Vomica, Lycopodium and Sulphur

Followed well by Kali Bichrome, Sepia, Sulphuric Acid and Sulphur


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