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Alumina – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Alumina is prepared from Oxide of Aluminium, pure clay by trituration process. This is a process by which homeopathic medicines are prepared. By trituration the medicinal properties of pure clay are extracted leaving behind any of its poisonous, toxic effect. As a result we get the medicine Alumina, which used in treating a number of disease conditions. It is mainly used to treat constipation, weakness of memory, vaginal discharges, and dry eczema.   alumina - homeopathic medicine

The ‘Alumina’ Constitution

It is mainly suited to people who are thin and have sedentary ( means spend much time seated) lifestyle. In addition to this they feel chilly most of the time. Next, it suits elderly people who suffer from chronic cold, constipation and weakness. Apart from the above, it is very useful for children with big bellies who have tendency to suffer from constipation.

Drug Action

This remedy acts on the mind and mainly helps to treat weakness of memory. Next, it has marked action on intestines where it improve its sluggish motility and helps to relieve constipation. Other than this, it acts on the nasal mucous membrane and help to reduce its inflammation and offers relief in cases of cold. Apart from the above, it shows action on  the nervous system and gives most help in cases of ataxia. Lastly, it has marked action on skin where it heals eczema and aid relief in skin itching.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Memory Weakness

This is one of the very effective medicines to improve memory weakness. Persons needing it faces complaint of weak memory with forgetfulness. They make frequent mistakes while speaking and writing. They are unable to follow a chain of thought. Along with this they do everything hurriedly. They also feel sad and depressed along with memory weakness. Elderly people having weak memory can be highly benefited from this medicine. It is also a top listed medicine to treat Alzheimer’s disease (progressive brain disorder presenting with memory loss).

2. Chronic Cold

This medicine is well-indicated to treat cases of chronic cold. Here it is given when there is scanty thick, yellow discharge from the nose. Nasal blockage is felt by the person along with above. It also offers help to treat chronic inflammation in the nose with crust formation in the nose. These crusts have offensive smell. Along with above person also complains of diminished sense of smell. Pain at the root of the nose is other symptom that attend above.

3. Throat Complaints

If we talk about throat complaints, this remedy is given for complaint of sore throat. Persons needing it here mainly complain of dryness of throat or thick mucus dropping from back of nose into the throat (post nasal discharge). it is attended with frequent clearing of the throat.

In throat issues, it is also useful for treating difficulty swallowing (dysphagia). In such cases it is used when swallowing of solids is difficult and painful. Here the food passes with difficulty from constricted sensation in the food pipe. Person has to eat food by breaking it into very small pieces.

4. Rectal Complaints

This is a very beneficial remedy to treat constipation. It helps in cases of constipation by improving the motility of intestines. Persons who need it have to strain a lot to pass stool. The stool may either be hard or soft but it passes with much difficulty and straining efforts. They feel constriction in the rectum while passing stool. They also experience cutting pains in anus during passing stool. Sometimes blood passes with stool. They doesn’t pass stool daily. They doesn’t have desire to pass stool until there is large accumulation in the intestines. Children (especially nursing children and bottle fed babies) and elderly people having constipation can be highly benefited from this medicine.

Next, it is also useful to treat complaint of piles. In such cases itching, burning at the anus and also sensitivity to touch anus are the key symptoms to use it.

5. Skin Complaints

This is an excellent medicine to treat skin itching. It is given in persons who complain of intolerable itching over whole body. They scratch the skin harshly until it bleeds. The skin becomes painful after scratching. They mainly complain of increase in itching on getting warm. Sometimes they also feel formication (sensation of insects crawling on the skin). It is also indicated for treating itchy eruptions that are worse in the winter season.

Other than this, it is very beneficial to treat eczema. Eczema is a skin condition where skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked. Sometimes it is dry with rough skin while at other times there appear eruptions on inflamed skin that discharges fluid. Use of Alumina is mainly considered in eczema which is dry in nature. Persons needing it for eczema usually complains of dry, rough skin sometimes with cracks.

6. Female disorders

When it comes to female disorders, it is mainly used to treat vaginal discharges (leucorrhea). To use it in such cases the main features are profuse, acrid, transparent discharges from vagina. Sometimes the discharges are ropy. This cause burning in the genitals. Most females needing it complain of worsening of discharge during daytime. Washing with cold water often decrease the discharge. They also feel weakness due to discharges. Vaginal discharge before and after periods is also treated wonderfully with this medicine.

In addition to this it, this medicine is of great service to females who suffer from excessive weakness after periods. The periods in them may either be scanty or profuse but always followed by intense weakness. They may have complaint of headache and colic before and during menses.

 7. Ataxia

Ataxia refers to lack of muscle coordination that helps in voluntary movements. It results in gait (manner of walking) problem like inability to maintain balance while walking, tendency to stumble and falling while walking. In addition to it there may be difficulty with speech (like slow speech, slurred speech, tremor while speaking), involuntary eye movement in back and forth direction and problem with swallowing.

It is a very suitable medicine to treat cases of ataxia. Among the various symptoms of ataxia it offers help in improving gait problems like difficulty to maintain balance in walking, uncoordinated walking, clumsy walking. The person needing it may also have heaviness of the lower limbs along with staggering gait. Their legs also feels bandaged. At night they have complete inability to walk.


Alumina can be used from 30 C to 1M potency. It can be taken once or twice when used in 30C potency. The higher potencies including 200 C and 1M should not be repeated frequently.

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medicines are Bryonia and Ferrum Met. These medicines can be used after Alumina to complete its action when it is no longer acting.

Antidotes are Camphor, Chamomilla, and Ipecac which neutralise the action of this medicine. 

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  1. LInda Hertz says:

    I had a few bouts of explosive diarrhea last week but that resolved quickly. Food poisoning…??? Have been eating gentle diet, adding other foods slowly….but no bowel movements!! No abdomen tenderness and have started exercising, feeling fine. should I try Alumina? Other suggestions? thanks!

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