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Baryta Carbonica – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Use, Indications and Dosage

Baryta Carbonica is prepared from barium carbonate. With potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines that bring out its medicinal properties), barium carbonate is converted into a highly beneficial homeopathic medicine Baryta Carb. It is prescribed to treat numerous health issues like developmental delays in children, autism spectrum disorders, memory issues and concentration issues in children. It is a leading medicine to treat tonsillitis, enlarged prostate gland and hair loss.

The ‘Baryta Carbonica’ Constitution

Though it can be given to persons of any age group, it is best suited to children and elderly people. Its use is mainly recommended for those children having retarded growth, both mentally and physically. For the elderly, its use is considered when degenerative changes in brain, heart and blood vessels show up early.

 Drug Action

This medicine acts on many body organs, like the mind, tonsils, throat, scalp and prostate gland. It shows prominent action on ears, skin, urinary organs, heart and male and female genitals. It works well on different glands, mainly swollen, enlarged and hardened glands, mainly enlarged glands in neck, enlarged tonsils, enlarged prostate gland; swollen parotid gland and axillary glands (under the arm).

 Clinical Indications

Developmental delays, autism, concentration issues, dullness of mind, weak memory and forgetfulness, tonsillitis, sore throat, quinsy (abscess in between one of the tonsils and wall of throat), baldness, parotitis, hearing difficulty, tinnitus, enlarged prostate, amenorrhoea, cysts, lipoma, foot sweat, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, palpitations, wens (boils)

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Complaints Of The Mind (Developmental Delay, Autism, Poor Concentration, Dullness Of Mind, Weak Memory And Forgetfulness)

Baryta Carb shows remarkable action on the mind. It is a highly recommended medicine to treat cases of developmental delay in children. It is also a top-listed medicine for managing cases of autism. Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder that results in problems pertaining to communication, and social interaction. It also results in restricted and repetitive patterns of unwanted behavior. This medicine can be of great help in cases of delayed speech among children or late learners or children who begin walking late. It also plays an important role when the child is unable to connect words to objects. There is also difficulty in coordination. This medicine also helps children who have poor concentration and helps improve their attention span among them.

Other than these this medicine benefits in cases where a child has a dull mind and weak mental grasp, has difficulty in learning new things and can’t remember things easily. In general, such children are very shy, bashful and cowardly. They hide behind furniture in front of strangers or keep their hands on their faces and peep through fingers.

They fear the stranger. They have aversion to play and desire to sit in corner and do nothing. It is also an effective medicine for those with weak memory and forgetfulness, especially among the elderly.

Key indicating features

1. developmental delay in children

2. late learning & delayed talking & walk among children

3. poor concentration among children

4. dull mind and weak mental grasp, difficulty in learning and remembering things

5. shy, bashful and coward children who have fear of strangers (xenophobia) and avoid them or hide behind furniture upon seeing them

6. weak memory and forgetfulness especially among the elderly

2. Throat Issues (Tonsillitis, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Parotitis)

Baryta Carb acts wonderfully on the throat. It is very suitable to treat cases of tonsillitis. Those having tendency to recurrent tonsillitis can be highly benefitted from this medicine. There is predisposition to catch cold easily resulting in inflammation of the tonsils. In cases who need it, the tonsils are enlarged, swollen, inflamed with swollen veins. This medicine is also a leading medicine for managing cases of quinsy (inflammation of the throat especially an abscess in the region of the tonsils). Quinsy also known as peritonsillar abscess refers to pus collection behind the tonsils. It’s also used for sore throat. There is stitching or smarting pain in the throat. The pain in the throat gets worse upon making swallowing motion (though nothing is being swallowed). The sufferers can only swallow liquids. Burning sensation is also felt in the throat. There is increased salivation. One begins his morning with a sticky mucus. Its use is also recommended to treat cases of parotitis (inflammation of parotid gland which is a salivary gland). The parotid gland is swollen and tender in cases when this medicine is required.

Key indicating features

1. Tonsillitis with enlarged, swollen, inflamed tonsils with swollen veins

2. Recurrent tonsillitis occurring every time when exposed to cold

3. tendency to catch cold easily

4. management of quinsy (pus behind tonsils)

5. Parotitis (inflamed parotid gland)

3. Scalp Complaints (Baldness, Wens)

Baryta Carb is an excellent medicine for managing cases of hair fall. It is highly suitable for managing complaints of baldness (hair loss) in young men. It gives good results when used in the very early stage of baldness. In the advanced and late stages, it may not yield fruitful results. In most cases needing it, hair loss is most prominent on the top of the scalp. Baryta Carb works well to manage crawling sensation (like crawling ants) on the scalp. The scalp is very sensitive to touch. Apart from these, it is a leading medicine to help treat wens (boils) on scalp. Wens are non-cancerous cyst on the scalp that contains fatty secretion of a sebaceous gland.

Key indicating features

1. early stages of baldness (hair loss) in very young men

2. hair loss from the top of scalp

3. crawling sensation on scalp

4. wens on scalp

4. Ear Complaints (Difficult Hearing, Tinnitus, Eruptions)

This medicine proves beneficial for various ear-related complaints. Firstly, it can be used in cases of difficult hearing, especially in elderly people. Second main indication of its use is tinnitus (noises in ears in the absence of any external source). The sufferer may hear buzzing, roaring or crackling noise inside ears. This medicine can be next used in cases of hard knotty swelling behind the ears. Lastly, it can help to treat eruptions that may occur on or behind the ears.

Key indicating features

1. difficult hearing especially in elderly people

2. Tinnitus with buzzing, roaring or crackling noises in ears

3. hard knotty swelling behind the ears

4. eruptions on or behind the ears

5. Male Problems (Enlarged Prostate, Impotency, Premature Ejaculation)

Males may find this medicine quite useful to treat various problems among which prostate issues arethe most prominent. It is an important medicine for managing cases of enlarged prostate gland. It is well indicated to manage cases of sexual weakness, impotency (inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse). The desire for sex is also reduced. It can also be given in cases of premature ejaculation. Another complaint where it is prominently indicated is hardened testicles. There is excessive sweating around the scrotum.

Key indicating features

1. enlargement of prostate gland

2. impotency (inability to achieve or maintain an erection)

3. decreased sexual desire

4. premature ejaculation

5. hardened testicles

6. Female Problems (Amenorrhoea, Scanty Menses, Atrophy Of Breast And Ovaries)

Baryta Carb helps to manage some of the female problems as well. It can be given in cases where menses are suppressed (amenorrhoea). It can be used for cases of scanty menses and short duration of menses where menses last only for one day. Before menses, there may occur pain in teeth, swelling in cheeks, pain in abdomen and back. Another very important indication for its use is atrophy (reduction in size) of ovaries or breasts.

Key indicating features

1. suppressed menses or scanty and short menses

2. atrophy of ovaries or breast

7. Urinary Issues (Frequent Urine, Urgency To Urinate)

Baryta Carb has a marked action on urinary organs to deal with various urinary issues. The foremost indication for its use is an increased frequency of urine. There is frequent urination especially at night due to marked irritation in bladder. It can offer a great benefit to elderly people who complain of frequent urination. There is also an urgency to urinate where a person is unable to retain urine. After urination, dribbling (slow flow of urine in drops) may occur. There may be a burning sensation while urinating. A very characteristic feature that guides its use is the protrusion of hemorrhoids (piles) during urination.

Key indicating features

1. increased frequency of urine, especially at night

2. frequent urination in elderly people

3. urgency to urinate where person has to rush to urinate

4. protrusion of piles on urinating

8. Skin (Itching, Cyst, Lipoma, Whitlow)

This medicine is very effective in managing skin itching at night time. Scratching or rubbing does not relieve itching. Needle-pricking/ crawling sensation over skin may also be felt. it is a top-listed medicine for managing cases of lipoma (lump of fatty tissue growing beneath the skin). Baryta Carb is best suited for managing cases of fatty tumors around the neck. Its use is also recommended to treat cysts (a lump filled with fluid, semi-solid matter or gaseous material) and whitlows (infection of thumb or fingertips caused by herpes simplex virus).

Key indicating features

1. skin itching and tingling at night

2. lipoma, cyst

3. whitlow (infection of thumb or fingertips)

9. Perspiration

Use of this medicine is highly recommended for excessive sweat on feet. It has a fetid(extremely unpleasant)  smell. Its use is also considered when sweating occurs on single body areas, like one hand or one foot. Besides these, Baryta Carb can be administered when there is a tendency to sweat specifically on one side of body. Complaints arising from suppression of foot sweat can be wonderfully tackled with this remedy.

Key indicating features

1. excessive foul-smelling foot sweat

2. sweating on one side of body

3. complaints resulting from suppressed foot sweat

10. Heart Complaints (High Blood Pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Palpitations)

For heart complaints, this medicine can be used for the management of high blood pressure (hypertension). It is also a valuable medicine for cases of arteriosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of arteries). Lastly, it works well to manage palpitations that are violent and felt mainly when lying on the left side.

Key indicating features

1. high blood pressure

2. palpitations when lying on left side


Worsening factors: complaints are worse from cold air, mental exertion, suppressed foot sweat, washing, and when thinking of the symptoms

Relieving factors: complaints are better in warm atmosphere, and when walking in open air


Use of this medicine can be done from low to high potency. Most frequently used is 30C potency. This medicine is slow acting that bears repetition well.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Antimonium Tart, Belladonna, Camphor, Dulcamara, Merc Sol and Zincum Met

Followed well by: Conium, China, Lycopodium, Nitric Acid, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulphur and Tuberculinum

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