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Calcarea Fluorica: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The remedy Calcarea Fluorica, also known as Calcarea Fluorata, is derived from calcium fluoride. It is one amongst the 12 biochemic medicines in homeopathy. When calcium fluoride is potentized according to homeopathic formula which is a process of arousing medicinal powers of crude substance, it is converted into a very beneficial homeopathic medicine Calcarea Fluorica. Among the various health concerns that it can treat well, the most prominent ones are hard lumps/knots, extra bony outgrowths (bone spurs) and varicose veins.

Drug Action

A foremost action of this medicine to dissolve extra bony outgrowths. Another highly important action is to dissolve hard lumps/knots in different body parts. The most prominent action of this medicine is seen on the bones and teeth. The other main action is on breast, neck, back, limbs, joints. Lastly, it acts well on rectum, and skin.

Clinical Indications

Bone spurs, exostosis, hard lumps/nodes, dental problems, toothache, gumboils, breast knots, goitre, varicose veins, ganglion, backache, scoliosis, ulcers, piles, anal fissures, anal itching, synovitis

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Bone Complaints (Extra Bony Growths, Bone Tumors, Bone Suppuration)

Calcarea Fluorica acts wonderfully on the bones. It is highly valuable to manage certain bone complaints magnificently. It is a principal medicine to treat exostosis (extra growth of bone on an existing bone) cases. Cases of extra bony growths call unmistakably for use of Calcarea Fluorica. Other than exostosis some other names for this extra growth of bone includes bony spurs and osteophytes. Use of this medicine can be done in any case of extra bone growths occurring from different reasons. Exostosis resulting from an injury to bone is also indicative of its use. This medicine is very powerful to dissolve the extra bony outgrowths. Coming to another complaint where it proves to be highly effective is bone tumours. Another use of this medicine is seen in relieving a hard swelling on the jaw bone. Lastly, it is indicated for managing cases of suppuration of bone. Suppuration means pus discharge.

Key Indicating Features

Extra bony growths – exostosis, bone spurs, osteophytes

Hard swelling on jaw bone

Suppuration (pus discharge) of bone

2. Dental Complaints (Deficient Enamel, Toothache, Gumboil)

It acts wonderfully on the teeth and gums. Firstly, it is prominently indicated for cases in which the enamel on teeth is deficient. Secondly, it is beneficial for toothache. Here it is indicated when pain in teeth is felt if any food touches the teeth. Lastly, its use is recommended for cases of gumboils (a pus-filled bump on gums). In such cases, it works well when there is a hard swelling on gums.

Key Indicating Features

Deficient enamel on teeth

Toothache when any food touches teeth

Gumboil with hard swelling

3. Female Problems (Breast Knots / Lumps, Uterine Prolapse)

If we talk of women problems, then the foremost complaint for which it is most importantly indicated is hard knots in the breasts. It is a top-grade medicine to dissolve hard knots/lumps in breasts. It can be given to manage cases of prolapse of uterus. In such cases, its use is considered when there is bearing down and dragging pain in uterus and thighs.

Key Indicating Features

Hard knots in breast

Uterine prolapse with bearing down and dragging in uterus and thighs

4. Neck And Back Concerns (Goitre, Backache)

Another action of Calcarea Fluorica is noted on the neck and back. In case of neck, it is mainly indicated for cases of goitre (lump in front of neck from an enlarged thyroid gland). It is also indicated for hard lymph nodes in neck presenting with stony hardness. It is helpful in managing lower back pain. It gives good results in case of lower backache occurring from strains. Those needing this medicine have worsening of this pain after rest which gets better from continued motion and from warmth. Along with backache, burning may be felt in the back. Tiredness is also felt in the lower back along with restlessness. This medicine is also considered in managing cases of scoliosis (sideways curvature of spine).

Key Indicating Features

Goitre (lump in front of neck from enlarged thyroid gland)

Lower backache occurring from strains

Back pain that worsens after rest and better from continued motion and from warmth

5. Limbs And Joints (Varicose Veins, Ganglion, Synovitis)

Action of Calcare Fluorica is also well marked on the limbs and joints. In case of limbs, this medicine has a great clinical reputation in treating cases of varicose veins on legs. It has shown excellent results in cases of ganglion (a fluid-filled lump developing on a joint or tendon). It works best in case of ganglion on the back of wrist. If we consider joints, it is well indicated for case of cracking in joints, synovitis (inflammation of synovial membrane lining the joint) of knee joint. Lastly, it is of value in cases of enlarged joints of fingers from increased uric acid levels (gout).

Key Indicating Features

Varicose veins on limbs

Ganglion on back of wrist

Synovitis of knee joint

Enlarged joints of fingers from high uric acid levels

6. Rectal Issues (Piles, Anal Fissures, Anal Itching)

With its action on rectum, it proves to be a highly effective medicine for cases of piles (swollen, enlarged veins in or around anus or in lower rectum). The characteristic for its use is piles with pain in the lower back in sacral region. The piles may be bleeding or non – bleeding type. Constipation is present along with piles. This medicine is also valuable to manage cases of anal fissures (tear in the mucosa lining the anus). There is extremely sore crack in the anal lining in cases needing it. Besides these it can be used in cases of anal itching from pin worms. It is worse at night waking the patient.

Key Indicating Features

Piles with pain in the lower back in sacrum

Anal fissure with extremely sore crack in the anal lining

Anal itching from pin worms

7. Skin Problems (Hard Lumps, Dry Cracked Skin, Ulcers, Adhesions)

Lastly, its action is marked on the skin to help with certain skin issues. To begin with, it is suitable to treat cases of lumps that are stony hard. For this complaint, it is a leading medicine in homeopathy. It is well indicated for healing cracked, dry and hard skin. Its use is highly preferred to heal cracks or hard skin in the palms of hands. Further, its use is recommended in case of ulcers that secretes thick yellow pus. The margins of ulcers are hard, elevated. Calcarea Fluor is next indicated in cases of adhesions that form after operation.

Key Indicating Features

Lumps with stony hardness

Cracked, dry, hard skin

Cracks or hard skin in the palms of hands

Ulcers secreting thick, yellow pus

Adhesions forming after operations


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from rest, beginning to move and changes of weather

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from warm applications, continued motion, by rubbing and from warm drinks


This medicine can be used from third to twelfth potency. Among these the most frequently used is 6X potency. It can be repeated three to four times a day varying from case to case depending on the symptoms.

Relationship With Other Remedies

1. Calcarea Fluorica can be compared with remedies Conium in case of hard knots/ lumps.

2. It can be compared with medicine Hecla Lava when it comes to dental issues and complaint of bone spurs.

3. In case of backache, its comparison is done with medicine Rhus Tox.

4. Lastly, comparison of this medicine is done with medicine Silicea in cases of bone suppuration (pus formation).


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  1. Pradeep Kumar Mahapatra says:

    Mam, please tell me calcarea fluor how much power is used for breast lumps. For ex- 6x,12x or 200 .

  2. What is the longest you can take this supplement for without damage?

  3. Matiur Rahman says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma
    Good morning .
    I am suffering from DIsc prolapse, Taking Ca. Flour from last 3 year with prescribed from a Homeopath. Is it OK, have any side effect from that medicine?
    Is it usable in a patient suffering from Piles( occasionally bleeding)

  4. Hi Sharma,

    My son who is 2, has exostoses and I am trying find a natural remedy to help with the extra bone growths to keep his symptoms at bay. Any recommendations?


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  7. BandiVeeranjaneyulu says:

    Good exposition.Brief and intelligible.

  8. BandiVeeranjaneyulu says:

    Good exposition.

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    Appreciable pinpoint writing to make understad free from stories. Comparison with other remedy is classic too!
    Keep up Dr Sharma

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