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Capsicum Annum: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The remedy Capsicum Annum is derived from dried pods of plant ‘cayenne pepper’. This plant belongs to Solanaceae family and is native to South America and West Indies. When dried pods of this plant are potentized according to homeopathic formula which is a process of arousing medicinal powers of crude substance, it is converted into a very beneficial homeopathic medicine. The main keynote for its use is burning type of pain in any body part. The way it helps to reduce burning pain is highly commendable.

The ‘Capsicum Annum’ Constitution

This medicine is mainly suited to people who are weak, fat, clumsy, lazy and tend to avoid physical exertion. They have desire to stick to their routine and have aversion to go beyond that. They also have tendency to get homesick. It also works well in elderly people who get exhausted from excessive mind related work.

Drug Action

This medicine acts markedly on the mind, throat and rectum. Other than this, its action is seen on the ears, mouth, urinary organs, respiratory system and limbs.

Clinical Indications

Burning sensation, sore throat, homesickness, piles, dysentery, rectum diseases, ear disorders, mastoiditis, earache, stomatitis, mouth ulcers, urine disorders, cystitis, gonorrhoea, joint complaints, sciatica, cough, asthma

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Throat Concerns (Burning Sensation, Sore Throat)

Capsicum works well in managing certain throat-related concerns. The foremost indication for its use is burning, smarting sensation in the throat. Burning feels as when pepper hurts throat. It is a well-indicated medicine for cases of sore throat. The throat is dark red, inflamed along with burning sensation. The tonsils are inflamed too attended with burning sensation. A specific feature is the worsening of burning in the throat between acts of swallowing. Stinging and stitching pain in the throat causes cough, accompanied by dryness and roughness in the throat. Throat pain extends to the ears. In some cases, whitish spots appear in the throat surrounded with red circles. Constricted feeling in the throat sometimes occur. Uvula is elongated, relaxed and inflamed.  It is a prominent medicine for sore throat in smokers and alcoholics.

Key Indicating Features

Burning as from pepper and smarting sensation in the throat

Sore throat with dark red, inflammation along with burning sensation

Sore throat in smokers and alcoholics

2. Complaints Of The Mind (Homesickness)

This medicine acts wonderfully on the mind. Those having homesickness may find this medicine quite effective. The characteristic symptom for its use is homesickness with sleeplessness, redness of the cheeks and heat in the throat. Use of this medicine can also be done in cases of sudden mood changes. There may occur anger or weeping spells alternating with laughing and singing. Persons needing it may have anxieties and fear. They have fear of criticism or of death.

Key Indicating Feature

Homesickness with sleeplessness, redness of the cheeks and heat in the throat

3. Rectal Problems (Burning, Piles, Dysentery)

It is a magnificent medicine for managing various rectal problems. Among these, it is highly suitable for treating piles (swollen, inflamed veins in the anus or in the lower rectum). It works best when there are bleeding piles with marked burning and soreness of the anus. Burning feels like pepper sprinkled on the anus. Anal itching can also be there. It is effective for managing dysentery (intestinal infection causing loose stool with blood and mucus) cases. It is well indicated when there occurs stool with bloody mucus and burning, smarting pain in the rectum and anus. Besides, Tenesmus is well marked. Tenesmus is an ineffectual urge to pass stool even when bowels are empty. Before and during stool, cutting twisting pain is felt in the abdomen. After passing stool, backache and thirst follow. Drinking water leads to shivering.

Key Indicating Features

Burning as from pepper in the rectum and anus

Bleeding piles with marked burning (as from pepper), soreness and itching of anus

Dysentery with bloody mucus in the stool and burning, smarting pain in the rectum and anus

4. Ear-Related Issues (Mastoiditis, Earache)

Capsicum has marvellous action on the ears. It is a highly valuable medicine for mastoiditis (a bacterial infection of mastoid air cells of temporal bone located behind the ear). This medicine gives good results to manage pain, swelling and tenderness behind the ears. Along with this, it helps to control ear discharge (otorrhoea). It is also a helpful medicine for managing earache. It works well in case of burning, stinging, stitching pain in ears. Hardness of hearing attends it. Ears feel hot.

Key Indicating Features

Mastoiditis with pain, swelling and tenderness behind the ears and ear discharge

Burning, stinging, stitching pain in ears with hardness of hearing

5. Mouth (Inflammation, Bad Odor, Herpes)

With its action on mouth, Capsicum Annum proves to be successful in managing stomatitis, ulcers, foul taste, bad odor and herpes. It gives good results in cases of stomatitis (inflamed, sore mouth). In cases needing it, mouth is inflamed with excessive saliva having bad odor and sticky consistency. It proves effective for mouth ulcers that are flat and small accompanied by burning sensation. Another striking feature for its use is very foul, putrid unbearable odor from mouth. Taste of mouth is also foul. Lastly, its use is highly suggested for cases of herpes of lips. Herpes is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus.

Key Indicating Features

Mouth inflammation with increased saliva of bad odor and sticky consistency

Flat small mouth ulcers accompanied with burning sensation

Herpes of lips

6. Urinary Complaints (Cystitis, Gonorrhoea)

Use of Capsicum is also recommended for managing certain urinary issues. To begin with, it is well indicated for cases of cystitis. Cystitis refers to inflammation of urinary bladder. Burning sensation is felt in the urethral orifice just before urination, during urination and after urination. There is frequent, ineffectual urge to urinate. Biting sensation and smarting pain are also felt in the urethra after urinating. It is also indicated for managing nephritis (inflammation of kidney) with marked kidney pain. Other than this, its use is preferred in cases of gonorrhoea (sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoea). In such cases, it is used when there is frequent urination with smarting, scalding pain in urethra, pus discharge from urethra and bleeding sometimes.

Key Indicating Features

Cystitis with burning in urethral orifice just before urination, during urination and after urination

Gonorrhoea with frequent urination, scalding smarting pain in urethra, pus discharge or bleeding sometimes from urethra

7. Limbs (Joint Complaints, Sciatica)

With its action on limbs, it is highly capable to manage joint pain and sciatica cases. It is mainly indicated when pain in joint is worse when beginning to move. It is attended with stiffness and cracking in joints. It is well indicated for managing sciatica (pain along path of sciatic nerve that starts in lower back and radiate down back of thigh to leg upto feet). It is used when there occur tearing, shooting type of pain from hip to feet. It is worse from coughing. It is also used when sciatica is worse from bending backward.

Key Indicating Features

Pain and stiffness in joints worse when beginning to move

Sciatica with tearing, shooting pain from hip to feet, worse from coughing

Sciatica worse from bending backward

8. Respiratory Problems (Cough, Asthma)

Here Capsicum is effective in managing cough and asthma. For using it, the cough is dry accompanied by offensive breath. While coughing, there is sensation as if head and chest would fly to pieces. Along with cough, there may occur pain in legs, knees, bladder, chest, ears or throat. Vomiting may occur while coughing. Urine may also pass involuntarily along with coughing. This medicine can be given for treating cases of asthma. In such cases, its use is considered when there is wheezing, difficult breathing which gets worse from walking. Along with this, there is redness on face.

Key Indicating Features

Dry cough accompanied by offensive breath

Cough with a sensation as if head and chest would fly to pieces

Cough with pain in some body parts like legs, knees, bladder, chest, ears or throat

Asthma with wheezing, difficult breathing worse from walking


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from cold air, cold water, dampness, bathing, drinking, empty swallowing and touch

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from heat, while eating and continued motion.


It works well in both low and high potencies. Its action lasts for about one week. In low potency like 30 C, it can be repeated frequently. But when using in high potencies like 200 C, 1M frequent repetition should be avoided.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Caladium, Camphor, Cina, China and Sulphuric Acid

Followed well by: Belladonna, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla and Silicea

It can be compared with remedies Arnica, Belladonna, Cantharis, Carbo Veg, Arsenic Album and Sulphur.


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  1. Hi
    My husband has piles since 1992, have tried Collinsonia canandisis 30, but swelling & bleeding persists. I heard cayenne pepper help stop bleeding and swellings.

    Please email your answer/advise/suggested treatment.

    I extend my respects in advance


  2. Hi,
    May I know remedy for involuntarily passed urine while coughing or even sitting on crosslegs.
    Best regards
    F Gill.

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