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Chamomilla – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Use, Indications and Dosage

The medicine Chamomilla is derived from the plant Matricaria Chamomilla belonging to family Compositae. This plant when in early bloom undergoes potentization (process to prepare homeopathic medicines that arouses the medicinal powers of the crude substance) after which it gets converted into homeopathic medicine Chamomilla.

The ‘Chamomilla’ Constitution

This medicine is recommended for people who are sensitive and extremely emotional. This medicine suits children well, especially during dentition period (development and arrangement of teeth). It is also suitable for treating children suffering from various gastric issues. Other than this, it suits adults with joint problems.

Drug Action

It has an effect on the mind, head, ears, teeth, face, throat, stomach, rectum, female genitals and nerves.

Clinical Indications

Dentition problems, earache, anger issues, sore throat, stomach pain, diarrhea, wind colic, toothache, mumps, nerve pain, heavy periods, menstrual cramps, sleeplessness, and night terrors.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

1. Complaints vis-a-vis one’s Mental State (Irritability, Anger, Obstinacy)

It is a highly valuable medicine to manage many complaints related to the mind. It is pre-eminently a medicine to manage irritability and anger. It offers great help to manage intense irritability in children. A general desire of such a child is to be carried by an elder on the lap all the time. They are very cross and snappish, and ill–mannered. They dislike talking and become angry if someone speaks to them. They cannot answer politely. They tend to annoy those around them. Obstinacy, dissatisfaction and highly demanding nature is presented by them. They desire many things at a time, but when offered do not take them. Restlessness is marked in such children along with these symptoms. They are impatient and tend to do everything hastily and hurriedly.Intense irritability in children during dentition is a strong indication to use it. Other than the above-mentioned, this medicine is administered to people who have a bad temper and are prone to excessive anger.

Key indicating features

1. irritable, obstinate children with a constant desire to be carried in arms

2. irritability in children during dentition

3. restlessness in children

2. For Dentition Problems (Irritability, Diarrhea and red, tender Gums)

It is the first choice of medicine to treat a number of issues that children face during dentition period. First among them is managing irritability. The child becomes very obstinate and fussy during teething. He or she wishes to be carried in the arms all the time. Second complaint is tenderness and redness of gums. One cheek may be red and hot, while the other is pale and cold. Diarrhea during dentition is next highly guiding symptom to use it. There is yellowish, green, foul-smelling, loose stool accompanied by stomach pain. Fever during dentition is another major symptom.

Key indicating features

1. irritable, cranky children during teething with a desire to be carried in the arms all the time

2. diarrhea during teething

3.  red, tender gums

3. Teeth and Gums (toothache; red, swollen, tender gums)

It has proved to be beneficial for toothache and swollen gums. With its action on teeth, this remedy helps to manage intense toothache, which gets worse at night causing sleeplessness. The nature of pain varies, it can be the following type — stitching, drawing, throbbing or digging. At times, the pain can extend to the eye or the ear. It may get worse due to a cold gust of air in the room, warm drinks/food, or while talking. Toothache comes and goes in spurts. The cheek is swollen, red and hot along with tooth pain. Teeth may be sensitive to touch, increased salivation occurs. Chamomilla effectively manages swollen gums with burning sensation, and cases where gums are red and tender during dentition.

Key indicating features

1. toothache worse at night and with sleeplessness

2. toothache from warm food/drinks, while talking, exposure to cold draught of air

3. red, tender gums during teething

4. Throat Concerns (sore throat, mumps)

This medicine has marked action on throat. It settles many complaints like sore throat, inflamed tonsils, and throat. The throat appears dark red from the inside on clinical examination, there is a feeling of something being stuck in throat which causes hawking (clearing effort to cough out phlegm). The throat feels hot and there is difficulty in swallowing solid food. This medicine also helps to manage swelling of salivary glands __ parotid and submaxillary glands. Chamomilla exhibits powerful action in treating mumps (a viral infection of parotid glands).

Key indicating features

1. sore throat with dark redness

2. swelling of parotid and submaxillary glands

3. mumps

5. Ears (earache, ear Infection and Noise in ear)

Chamomilla can be given for ear pain. Those who need it mainly have stitching/ tearing or pressing pain. The pain can be intense which gets better after giving some heat treatment. The sensitivity to noise is also marked. There is swelling and heat in the ears. Ears get painful on touch. Next, it can be used for middle ear infection and inflammation (otitis media). Pain in the ear and fever are marked in such cases. Ears feels clogged. Lastly, it is suitable to manage roaring noises, rushing-water noises in the ears.

Key indicating features

1. intense ear pain – tearing/stitching or pressing type

2. otitis media (inflamation)

3. noises in the ear – roaring/ rushing-water noises

6. Face (facial Neuralgia, Twitching of Facial Muscles)

This medicine has shown clinical improvements in cases of nerve pain in face (facial neuralgia). The pain can be so intense that one could start screaming. The pain may be restricted to one side. The nature of pain varies. It can be drawing/pulsating or shooting type. There is marked burning sensation on the face, swelling on the face and cheeks can occur. Chamomilla can also be given for twitching of facial muscles and lips.

Key indicating features

1. facial nerve pain of intense nature

2. twitching of facial muscles and lips

7. Head (Headache, profuse Sweating on Scalp)

Chamomilla is useful to manage headache,  especially on one side which is mostly drawing or throbbing type. Another characteristic is headache worsens after drinking coffee. There is a tendency for excessive sweating on the scalp.

Key indicating features

1. headache worsens after drinking coffee

2. excessive sweating on forehead and scalp

8. Gastric issues (Stomach Pain, Diarrhea)

Chamomilla can be of great help to treat colic (stomach pain) in children which causes gripping pain in the umbilical region. Distension of abdomen may occur. Stomach pain may occur from gas accumulation (wind colic). Children who get stomach pain specifically during dentition can highly benefit from this medicine. It is one of the best medicines for managing diarrhea in children during dentition. Stool is watery, yellowish, greenish and slimy, with an offensive or foul smell. It is accompanied by stomach pain and the anus may be swollen.

Key indicating features

1. griping pain in the umbilical region

2. wind colic (stomach pain from gas)

3. diarrhea during dentition

9. Female Problems (Painful Menses, Heavy Periods, Vaginal Discharge)

This medicine can be helpful for women to manage complaints like menstrual pain, menorrhagia (heavy or prolonged bleeding during menses) and vaginal discharge. Menses are heavy with dark clots. There may be dark blood, occasionally bright red, which is foul-smelling. Limbs are cold during menses. It can be very effective for menstrual pain, where there is excessive pain with marked irritability of mind. It can also be given for vaginal discharges. The discharge is yellow, attended with a burning sensation in the vagina.

Key indicating features

1. heavy periods with dark, foul blood

2. painful menses with irritability

3. yellowish vaginal discharge with burning

10. Sleep Issues (Sleeplessness, Restless Sleep, Night Terrors)

It can prove to be a brilliant remedy for resolving various sleep issues: sleeplessness, restless sleep, night terrors, and snoring. In case of sleeplessness, it helps when a person is unable to sleep though one feels sleepy. One may keep awake till 2 am. A person is restless with tossing and turning in bed. Sleeplessness may be due to pain or heat in the body. Jerking during sleep may occur, while in persons having night terrors, this remedy may help when they are anxious and have frightful dreams, like a serious accident. Chamomilla helps children who wake several times at night from frightful dreams. They get startled suddenly during sleep and start crying. Talking in sleep is another striking symptom to use this medicine.

Key indicating features

1. sleeplessness which continues till wee hours

2. frightful dreams

3. talking in sleep


Worsening factors: Those needing it have general worsening of complaints caused by anger, heat; in the open air and at night.

Relieving factors: A general relief occurs in warm wet weather. Children may feel better from being carried in arms.


Chamomilla works well in both low and high potencies. The potency is selected individually for every case. In low potency like 30C, it can be repeated frequently. But when using in high potencies like 200C; 1M frequent repetition should be avoided.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Alumina, Borax, China, Coffea, Colocynth, Nux Vomica and Valeriana

Followed well by Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Calcarea Carb, Merc Sol, Silicea and Sulphur

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