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Cina – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Cina is prepared from the unexpanded flower-heads of plant Cina maritima also known as Artemisia maritima. This plant belongs to a large family of flowering plants known as Compositae. The flower-heads of this plant are potentized (a process by which homeopathic remedies are prepared) to get the homeopathic medicine. Cina is a source of santonin which was widely used as a drug in past to expel worms from the body. But in the homeopathic system of medicine, use of this remedy is done for many more complaints apart from worms. It is majorly used in children to treat irritability in children, difficult teething, bedwetting and worms.   Cina Homeopathic medicine

The ‘Cina’ Constitution

Cina is mainly a children’s remedy. It is well suited to children who remain irritable, cross all the time. Along with this they wish to be carried always. It is top listed medicine to help treat complaints during teething, bedwetting, colic, anal itching, grinding of teeth and sleep troubles in children.

Drug Action

This medicine has a marked action on mind where it helps to treat irritability in children. Next it acts wonderfully on  the gastrointestinal tract and helps to relieve colic, diarrhoea and worms infestation. Other than this, it has marked action on urinary bladder where it helps to treat complaint of bedwetting effectively

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Mind Complaints

It is a renowned medicine in homeopathy to treat many of the complaints related to mind in children. Firstly, it is a highly recommended medicine to calm children who are excessively irritable, cranky and fussy.  Along with this they scream and cry a lot. They also tend to strike and bite the attendants. They are always complaining, restless and get offended very easily. A major characteristic shown by them is desire to be carried all the time. Irritability seen among most children during dentition period is wonderfully checked with this medicine. 

Next, it is used in children who are very obstinate and wants their wishes to be fulfilled at once. They show excessive temper tantrums. They are not satisfied with anything and throws things away.

2. Nasal Complaints

In case of nasal complaints it is given in children when they have excessive itching in nose. They rub the nose or bores in nostrils due to itching. They also have attending sneezing and runny nose. Nose may feel stopped up in the evening time. Along with this they are restless and also cry too much.

3. Teething Troubles

This is a renowned medicine to treat teething difficulties in children. It is indicated when the child is very irritable during teething. Along with this they may be very cranky, with screaming and even biting and striking attendants. They also become very obstinate, stubborn. Further they wish to be carried all the time.

4. Gastrointestinal (GIT) Complaints

If we talk about gastric complaints then firstly, it is of great help in cases of abdominal colic in children.  It is given for cutting, pinching pain in the abdomen. Apart from this, it is also indicated for twisting pain felt around the navel. The abdomen also feels hard and bloated with pain. The child may find relief by applying pressure on the abdomen. It is a top-listed medicine to treat abdominal pain arising from worms.

Next, it offers help in case of loose stool (diarrhoea). Here it can be used when stool is watery, greenish, slimy sometimes with white mucus. Sometimes it may also pass involuntarily.

Other than this, it is a top-listed medicine to treat cases of worms. Worm infestation including threadworms, roundworms, ascarides is treated magnificently with it. It works wonders to bring relief in abdominal colic and anal itching appearing from presence of worms. It also helps to gain weight in children having worms who don’t gain weight even if eating excessively.

5. Cough

This remedy works well for cough which is violent and spasmodic in nature (i.e. which ends in vomiting). The cough is violent and  is mainly worse at night.  Coughing also lead to sleeplessness. Along with cough there may be rattling of mucus in the chest. Expectoration of mucus is difficult. There is also attending complaint of difficulty in breathing.

6. Urinary Issues

Use of this medicine is highly recommended for treating bedwetting in children. The children needing it usually passes urine involuntarily at night.  In daytime they have frequent urination with passage of copious urine. They may also be suffering from worms along with bedwetting complaint.

7. Sleep Issues in Children

It is a very beneficial medicine to treat many sleep issues in children. Firstly, it helps children who are sleepless at night. They remain restless and toss around in the bed, and may also keep crying. Sometimes they may scream, and do not like to be covered. Rocking them i.e moving them backwards and forwards or from side to side may help them fall asleep.

Next, it is one of the most effective medicines to treat complaint of night terrors in children. Children needing it wake up frightened from sleep. They cry and scream loudly on waking from sleep. They are calmed with much difficulty.

Lastly, children having complaint of grinding of teeth during sleep can also be treated with Cina.


Cina can be used in 30 C and 200 C potency. In case of children it can be taken in 30 C potency once or twice a day. If using 200 C potency then its frequent repetition should be avoided.

Relationship to Other Remedies

The homeopathic medicines that can be used after it are Calc Carb, Nux Vomica and Silicea

The homeopathic medicines that can be used to antidote/nullify its action are Arnica, camphor and Capsicum.

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