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Clematis Erecta – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic remedy Clematis Erecta is derived from the plant Upright Virgin’s Bower (also named Flammula Jovis) belonging to family ranunculaceae. The leaves and stems of this plant undergo a potentization process (a process to prepare homeopathic medicines that extract and intensify the medicinal properties of a crude substance) and get converted into a very important medicine Clematis Erecta. It is a principal remedy in homeopathy to treat cases of urethral stricture and orchitis (inflammation of testicles).

clematis erecta The ‘Clematis Erecta’ Constitution

This medicine suits people who have a tendency towards urinary complaints and joint pains. Other than this it is suitable for persons prone to have hard, swollen glands e.g. axillary glands, inguinal glands.

Drug Action

It acts markedly on urinary organs and male genitals mainly on testicles. Besides these it has affinity to treat complaints of eyes, skin, joints and teeth.

Clinical Indications

Urethral stricture, orchitis (inflammation of testicles), testicle pain, gonorrhoea, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, iritis, skin rash, toothache.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

  1. Urinary Organs (urethral stricture, burning, urethral discharge)

This medicine manifests chief action on urinary organs. It remains very successful to treat cases of urethral stricture (narrowing of urethra). In cases needing it excessive straining is required to initiate urination. With great effort a few drops of urine pass which is followed by a stream. Urine passes slowly as the urinary stream is very weak, feeble. All urine doesn’t pass at once. Dribbling may occur after urination. Sometimes urine flow is interrupted where urine starts and stops again and again. Urine may pass drop by drop in some cases. The urethra feels constricted.
Next, it is useful for managing urethral burning. It is most intense when beginning to urinate or when passing last drops of urine. At times sharp stitches in the urethra are felt. There is frequent urge to urinate with passage of scanty urine. People also experience an urgency to pass urine. Tingling sensation in the urethra may be present.

Key indicating features:

Urethral stricture with weak urine flow and excessive straining to urinate
Burning in urethra when beginning to urinate or passing last drops of urine

  1. Male Problems (Orchitis, testicle pain)

It is extensively used in treating certain male problems. Among these it is highly recommended to treat cases of orchitis. Orchitis means inflammation of testicles. Testicles are swollen. There is pain in the testicles. Bruised, drawing, shooting or pinching pain in testicles is felt. The pain may extend to groins or thighs.  Pain gets worse from motion and slightest touch. Testicles can feel hard.
It is also a beneficial medicine for managing decreased libido. Another prominent complaint where it helps is urethral discharge of thick pus in cases of gonorrhoea (sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae). Besides these it is of great service in managing burning type of pain in penis during emission during coition.

Key indicating features: 

Orchitis (inflammation of testicles)
Testicle pain of bruised, drawing, shooting or pinching type
Burning pain in penis during emission during coition
Urethral discharge of thick pus in cases of gonorrhoea

  1. Skin Complaints 

This medicine is also effective to manage certain skin issues, like vesicular (fluid filled) eruptions and pustular (pus filled) eruptions. These eruptions are covered with scales and scabs following an eruption and discharge. Intense itching accompanies this.
Secondly, it is a suitable medicine to treat herpes zoster (a painful blistering skin disease caused by varicella zoster virus). The eruptions look red, these rupture exudes fluid and become ulcers. The eruptions itch a great deal and a burning sensation may be felt. Itching and burning worsens at night. Other than these, itching also increases after washing.
Next noteworthy complaint that calls for the use of this homeopathic remedy is skin ulcers. It is used when there is shooting, throbbing pain in ulcers. Burning is also present. The ulcers usually are hard with raised edges. Yellow pus discharge may occur from these.
There is marked Itching in and around the ulcer area.
Its use is also recommended in case of moist eczema. There is excessive itching in the eczema lesions. The itching gets worse from the warmth of bed and from cold washing. The eczema is located mainly on the back of head (occiput) and lower legs.
Lastly, it manages skin itching that worsens from washing with cold water.

Key indicating features

Vesicular or pustular eruptions that ooze fluid and get covered with scabs
Skin itching worse from washing with cold water
Skin ulcers with shooting, throbbing, burning pain
Herpes zoster with red eruptions that ooze fluid and become ulcers
Eczema mainly on back of head (occiput) and lower legs

  1. Eyes (blepharitis, conjunctivitis, iritis, corneal ulcer)

With its action on eyes it treats cases of blepharitis (inflammation of eyelid edges). It is helpful when blepharitis cases are chronic and there is swelling of tiny oil glands at margins of eyelids called meibomian glands. Smarting and burning at eyelid margins is marked. It is also preferred to manage cases of conjunctivitis (inflamed membrane that lines eyelids and eyeballs) especially pustular type. In such cases the eyes get inflamed and may result in the sticking together of eyelids.
It can also be used for managing dryness and burning heat in the eyes, accompanied with sensitivity to light and cold air.
Another complaint where it helps is iritis (inflamed coloured part of eye) with cold sensitivity. 
Lastly it is indicated to manage cases of corneal ulcer. There is burning or stitching eye pain in these cases. Tingling in eyes may occur. Eyes are sensitive to heat.

Key indicating features:

Blepharitis with swollen meibomian glands
Pustular conjunctivitis with eyelid sticking in morning
Iritis with sensitivity to cold
Corneal ulcer with burning, stitching pain in eye

  1. Teeth (toothache)

Clematis is also useful to manage toothache. It is indicated to relieve toothache that is worse at night. It is also helpful for toothache that occurs from tobacco. For using it the pain can be drawing or stitching type. It is better in cold water and in open air. The tooth may be decayed with pain in teeth.

Key indicating features:

Toothache at night and from tobacco
Toothache better by drinking cold water and in open air

  1. Limbs (nodes on joints, weakness in limbs)

This medicine manages certain complaints of limbs. It is valuable for cases of arthritic (joint inflammation) nodes on finger joints. There is pain in the joints located in the hands. Joint pain in lower limbs may also be present. Weakness, heaviness in limbs along with bruised sensation is yet another complaint where its use can be considered.

Key indicating features: 

Arthritic nodes on finger joints
Weakness, heaviness, bruised pain in limbs


Worsening factors: complaints are worse from motion, touch, at night, from heat of bed and cold washing.

Relieving factors: there is relief in open air and from sweating


Its use is recommended in both low and high potencies. The potency and repetition varies from case to case depending on the type and duration of complaint. In general low potencies can be repeated often while high potencies should not be repeated frequently.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Bryonia and Camphor

It antidotes: Merc Sol

Followed well by Calcarea Carb, Rhus Tox, Sepia, Silicea and Sulphur

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  3. Earl Lloyd El says:

    Straight to the point. Strong urge to urinate. Dark brown..sometimes reddish discharge in seven fluid. Seven fluid delayed during ejaculation. Urinary Organs (urethral stricture, burning, urethral discharge. Dribling after urination.I share these concerns at 63 years ejaculated.. And more

  4. jorge garcia says:

    hello i need help treating my urethral strictures can you help me?

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