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Coffea Cruda: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Coffea Cruda is prepared from raw berries or dried seeds of unroasted coffee. It belongs to family Rubiaceae. With potentization (a process that extracts medicinal properties from crude substance), the raw material gets converted into a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Coffea Cruda. It is a marvellous homeopathic medicine primarily used to deal with cases of sleeplessness medically known as insomnia. It is an important medicine for managing cases of nerve pain (medically called neuralgia) in different parts of the body.

The ‘Coffea Cruda’ Constitution

It is well-suited to tall, lean people with stooped back. It is also recommended to those who are sensitive, prone to suffer from complaints from fright. Coffea Cruda is well- indicated for children who suffer from nervousness, restlessness, tossing about, screaming and weeping. This medicine also helps children during infancy (period from birth to 12 months of life), and during their dentition period.

Drug Action

Coffea Cruda has a marked action on nerves causing great excitability and over sensitivity. This medicine has been found to be greatly effective to deal with sleeplessness, nerve pains and hyperactivity of mind and body. Other body parts in its sphere of action include mind, face, teeth, head, gastric organs, heart and female genitals.

Clinical Indications

Sleeplessness, neuralgia, toothache, facial pain, hyperactivity, gas, colic, heart complaints, high blood pressure, palpitations, fright, female disorders, headache, vomiting

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Sleep Issues (Sleeplessness, Disturbed Sleep, Restless Sleep)

Coffea Cruda is one of the top-listed medicines for treating sleeplessness (insomnia). Persons needing it have increased mind activity at night with a rush of ideas causing sleeplessness. It works well in both cases, sleeplessness before midnight or after midnight. In some cases, a person can sleep well only till 3 am and after that, he/she wakes up and is unable to fall asleep again or gets very little sleep. It can also be given in cases where a person feels sleepy but is unable to sleep. Coffea Cruda is also helpful when there is sleeplessness in the recovery phase of an acute disease. It offers great help in cases of restless sleep. The person keeps tossing and turning from side to side in bed. In such cases, there is also sudden waking up from sleep that happens frequently. Another characteristic feature for its use is disturbed sleep from excessive dreams.

Key Indicating Features

Sleeplessness from increased mind activity at night with rush of ideas

Sleeplessness after some acute disease

Restless sleep with tossing and turning from side to side in bed

Disturbed sleep from excessive dreams

2. Mind Complaints (Hyperactivity, Fear, Fright)

This medicine acts wonderfully on the mind. It is highly recommended for cases of hyperactivity of the mind. The mind is full of ideas which leads to sleeplessness. A person has a high energy level with acute memory. He/she talks too much (loquacity) with hurried movements most of the time. Coffea Cruda is a great medicine for relieving fear and fright. Its use is well-indicated when a person gets frightened even from a sudden pleasant surprise. A few marked fears where this medicine seems to help are fear of death from pain, fear of fresh air, fear of danger while asleep, etc. There is also marked sensitivity to noise. There is a tendency to faint from strong emotions. Lastly, it is very beneficial for intolerable pain causing weeping and hopelessness.

Key Indicating Features

Hyperactive mind, full of ideas causing sleeplessness

Fright from sudden pleasant surprise

Sensitivity to noise

Fainting from strong emotions

Intolerable pains causing weeping and hopelessness

3. Face (Trigeminal Neuralgia)

With its action on the face, Coffea Cruda proves to be highly successful in managing trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain in the face from compression or irritation of trigeminal nerve). It is given for sharp pain in face, along with pain in the forehead, ear, scalp and molar teeth. The face is hot and dry with red cheeks.

Key Indicating Feature

Sharp pain felt in forehead, ear, scalp and molar teeth

4. Teeth (Toothache)

This medicine manages toothache wonderfullyThe pain in the teeth is violent and intolerable. It is accompanied by marked anxiety and restlessness. Relief in toothache sets in by holding ice water in mouth. Coffea Cruda is an effective medicine to help cases of toothache occurring during menses.

Key Indicating Features

Toothache gets better from holding ice water in mouth

Toothache during menses

5. Head (Headache)

Coffea Cruda is an important medicine for headache that arises from overexertion of the mind. Headache that arise from excessive joy is also well treated with this medicine. It is also best for headache that occurs from intake of coffee or caffeine. Persons needing this medicine feel as if a nail has been driven into the head. Pain is marked in one side of head. Sometimes there is marked throbbing in the temples of the head attended with burning in the eyes. There is sensitivity to noise and music that worsens the pain. The headache gets worse from smell and light. Vertigo may occur along with headache. Along with headache, a person may have some bizarre feelings, like my head is small and filled with water, my head will burst if I move.

Key Indicating Features

Headache from overexertion of mind

Headache from excessive joy

Headache worsens from noise, music, smell and light

6. Female Problems (Painful Periods, Heavy Periods, Vaginal Discharge)

Females may find this medicine very useful for managing certain problems.  This medicine may be given in cases of painful periods (dysmenorrhoea). It is mainly indicated when painful periods are attended with bleeding having large black-colored clots and sensitivity in vagina. There is also bearing down in genitals with increased urination. This medicine is also helps to control heavy menstrual bleeding accompanied with vaginal itching and increased sensitivity of vagina. Next indication for using Coffea Cruda is aversion to sex along with increased sensitivity in vulva and vagina. Another complaint where it proves effective is milky vaginal discharge that increases during urination. Further this medicine is prominently indicated to help cases of toothache during menses. This medicine is also known to act well on breasts to promote milk production in cases of agalactia (failure of milk secretion in females in lactating mothers).

Key Indicating Features

Painful periods with bleeding having large black clots and sensitivity of vagina

Heavy menstrual bleeding with vaginal itching and hypersensitivity of vagina

Aversion to sex attended with increased sensitivity of vulva and vagina

Toothache during menses

Agalactia (failure of milk secretion in females who have just given birth)

7. Gastric Concerns (Abdomen Pain, Belching, Nausea)

It is an excellent medicine for managing some gastric issues as well. Its use is mainly indicated when there is abdomen pain which is unbearable, attended with a feeling that the abdomen would burst. Tight clothing is unbearable around the abdomen. There is obstructed gas with pressure on the abdomen. It can also be given for burning sensation in stomach. There is marked belching which can be sour or like rotten eggs. Lastly it can be used for cases of nausea and vomiting occurring during an episode of headache.

Key Indicating Features

Unbearable abdomen pain attended with sensation as if abdomen would burst

Belching that are sour or like rotten eggs

Nausea and vomiting with headache

8. Action On Heart (High Blood Pressure, Palpitations)

With its action on the heart, it proves successful in cases of high blood pressure (hypertension). Its use is considered for palpitations after intense joy or surprise or unexpected news of good fortune. The palpitations are violent attended with trembling of limbs. Sleeplessness may also be a symptom.

Key Indicating Features

High blood pressure

Palpitations after intense joy, surprise or unexpected news of good fortune


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from strong emotions, excessive excitement, joy, strong odors, noise, mental exertion, alcohol, touch, cold wind and in open air

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from sleep, lying down and warmth


This medicine can be used from 3C to 200 C potency. It action lasts for about one to seven days. In low potency it can be taken often but in high potency, frequent repetition is not recommended.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Aconite, Chamomilla, Ignatia, Merc Sol, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla and Sulphur

It antidotes: Belladonna, Cicuta, Chamomilla, Colocynth, Nux Vomica and Valeriana

Followed well by: Fluoric Acid, Aconite, Aurum Met, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Opium and Sulphur

It can be compared with other remedies including Chamomilla, Aconite, Coca, Belladonna, Causticum, Bryonia, Cocculus Indicus, Ignatia, Opium and Nux Vomica


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