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Conium – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Conium is prepared from a plant named Conium Maculatum. It belongs to the family Umbelliferae. To prepare homeopathic medicine Conium, this plant is potentized (a process by which homeopathic remedies are prepared). In homeopathy, it is used to treat the complaint of vertigo, urinary complaints, and many female and male disorders. Conium - homeopathic medicine

The ‘Conium’ Constitution

It is mainly suited to people who live a sedentary life (that is spend much time seated) having tendency to suffer from enlarged glands and hard nodes in various body parts. 

Drug Action

It has a marked action on female genitalia and is used to treat suppressed periods, vaginal discharge, prolapse of uterus and painful periods. In females it is also a top listed medicine to treat lumps / hard nodes in breast. 

Next, it has a strong action on males genitals where it helps to treat complaint of weak erections, premature ejaculation and prostate enlargement. 

Other than this, it has an excellent action to treat vertigo and urinary problems.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Vertigo

It is a leading medicine to treat cases of vertigo (sense of spinning and loss of balance). In such cases it is given when person gets vertigo mainly on turning the head. This feature makes it helpful in cases of Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) in which Vertigo episodes are triggered by movements of the head. Apart from this Vertigo appearing when rising from a seat or when turning in bed are also suggestive of its use. With vertigo the person may have inclination to fall. Heaviness in head and black spots floating before eyes are among other symptoms that may arise with vertigo.

2. Eye Complaints

If we talk about eye complaints then it is mainly prescribed for floating spots before eyes. Persons needing it complain of black spots, coloured bands or flickering before eyes. They may also have attending vertigo with floating spots before eyes
Next, its use is recommended for cases of photophobia (sensitivity of eyes to bright light). In such cases it is given when there is intense sensitivity to bright light along with excessive watering from eyes. The person feels pain in the eyes on exposure to bright light. The eyes may also turn red along with these features.

Apart from the above, it is used in cases of ptosis (dropping of upper eyelids). Here person is unable to raise eyelids. It feels the eyelid is pressed down with a very heavy weight.

3. Male Complaints

It is a very suitable medicine to treat a number of male complaints. Among this, it is helpful to treat prostate enlargement. In these cases it is given when patient have difficulty to initiate urination. Along with this urinary stream is also interrupted. Dribbling at the end of urination may also be present.

Next, it is a very beneficial medicine to treat erectile dysfunction in males. Erectile dysfunction refers to weak or no erections of the penis during sexual activity. Males who need it have complaint of weak erections and erections that last for a very short time. Few males may also have no erections at all. It also helps males who suffer from complaint of premature ejaculation. Other than this it is a top listed medicine to treat complaints that arise either from excessive sexual activity or from suppression of sexual desire. Lastly it helps cases inflammation of testicles mainly after injury.

4. Female Disorders

It is a very effective medicine to treat a number of female disorders.

It is a leading medicine to treat soreness and pain in breast that is felt before the onset of periods. The breast also feels enlarged and swollen. Females who require it feels the pain gets worse from walking and from slightest jar. It is also well indicated to treat nodes/ lumps in breast and inflammation of breast (mastitis).

Its use is also considered in case of prolapse of the uterus. Females needing Conium feel that the uterus will come out of the vulva. This is worse while standing and walking. Along with this, they have excessive vaginal discharge. They also complain of painful periods with above complaint.

Next, it is useful to treat vaginal discharges (leucorrhea). Here it is used when the vaginal discharge is white or yellow coloured attended with itching and burning in the vagina. The discharge is sometimes blood stained. It is also attended with griping pains in abdomen and pain in lower back. Excessive weakness accompanies this complaint.

Other than this it is useful in cases of suppressed and late periods (amenorrhoea). It helps to regularise menstrual cycle when it is always late, and menstrual flow is scanty and last for a short duration.

Lastly, complaint of painful periods is also treated well with this medicine. In such cases pain in uterus radiating down the legs and pain in back are indicative to use it. Along with this they feel dizzy and weak with painful periods.

5. Urinary Problems

It is an excellent medicine when it comes to treat urinary problems. Here it is helpful for cases of difficult urination where the urine is passed with much straining. The flow of urine is established with difficulty in the beginning. It also is beneficial for cases where urine stream is interrupted and urine starts and stops many times till complete emptying of bladder. Lastly it used to treat burning, cutting, shooting pain in urethra while urinating.

6. Cough

It is well indicated to treat cases of dry cough attended with itching and tickling sensation in throat. The cough is almost constant in nature. In most cases needing it the cough worsens from lying down at night. It may also get worse from talking and laughing. Great weakness is complained with above symptoms. Along with cough stitching pain is felt in head and chest. Sometimes mucus is vomited during coughing.

7. Weakness

It is a significant medicine to deal with weakness and is indicated when there is a lack of strength, especially in morning. The muscle of legs are very weak due which there is difficulty in walking. The person staggers while walking, all limbs feel weak and tremble, and dizziness and vertigo also appear due to weakness.


Conium can be used in 30 C and 200 C potency. One can take its 30 C potency once or twice a day. While its 200 C potency should not be repeated frequently.

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medicine is Baryta Mur which can be used after Conium to complete its action.

Antidotes are Nitric Acid, Coffea and Dulcamara. These work to neutralize the action of Conium. 

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