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Croton Tiglium: Homeopathic medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The homeopathic remedy Croton Tiglium is derived from the oil of seeds of plant Croton Tiglium, also known as Tiglium Officinale. This plant belongs to family Euphorbiaceae. With potentization (a process to prepare homeopathic medicines that extracts and intensify the medicinal properties of a crude substance), oil of the seeds of this plant are converted into a very important medicine Croton Tiglium. It is a very effective medicine to treat cases of diarrhea and certain skin issues.

Drug Action

This medicine has its most important action on the rectum. It has a very limited sphere of action. Besides rectum, it acts well on the skin, and male and female genitals.

Clinical Indications

Diarrhea, colic, skin disorders, eczema, herpes zoster, vesicles, blisters, pustules

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Rectal Complaints (Diarrhea)

Croton Tiglium has its most prominent action on the rectum. It is predominantly a medicine of great clinical significance to treat cases of diarrhea (loose stool). In cases of diarrhea, it is highly suitable when there is sudden gushing profuse watery stool. Stool is yellowish or dirty green that is shot out forcibly. The stool may contain undigested food particles sometimes. Along with sudden passage of stool, much gas is also expelled as well. The urge to pass stool is constant. Slight eating or drinking worsens the condition. A swashing sensation or gurgling is felt in the intestines. Passing of stool is followed by weakness in most of the cases. It is one of the best medicine to treat cases of diarrhea in summer. In some cases needing it, the stool is dark green with sticky mucus or it is watery that contains white flakes. While passing stool, pain may be felt in the abdomen along with nausea. After passing stool, pressure is felt in the upper part of abdomen and in the navel region. Person requiring it may have burning sensation and pain at the anus. There is itching and stitching sensation at anus. Lastly, pulsations at the anus can be felt.

Key Indicating Features

Sudden gushing profuse watery stool

Loose stool gets worse from slight eating or drinking

Loose stool that may be yellow or dirty green shot out of rectum forcibly

Loose stool passed along with expulsion of much gas

Diarrhea in summer

2. Skin Issues (Eczema, Itching, Eruptions, Herpes Zoster)

This medicine also acts wonderfully on the skin. By acting on the skin, Croton Tiglium  firstly offers great help to treat eczema with violent itching. Mostly, it use is preferred for treating eczema that occurs on the face and the genitals. Secondly, it is very effective in managing skin itching. Along with itching, there is redness and soreness on the affected area of the skin. Stinging sensation may also be felt on the skin, apart from itching and redness. Itching is very intense but scratching causes pain, gentle rubbing gives relief. Croton is useful for cases of vesicles (fluid-filled eruptions) and pustules (pus-filled eruptions) on skin. These eruptions are mostly present on the face and the genitals. These eruptions burst and form crusts mainly brown-colored attended with much itching. Itching is followed by painful burning. Another skin problem where it is very suitable is Herpes Zoster. It refers to a painful skin rash with blisters (fluid-filled bumps) that is caused by varicella zoster virus. The striking feature for its use in Herpes Zoster is smarting and stinging pain in the herpetic eruptions.

Herpes Zoster

Herpes Zoster

Key Indicating Features

Eczema with violent itching

Eczema on the face and the genitals

Itching with redness and soreness of the skin

Intense skin itching with pain on scratching and relief from gentle rubbing

Herpes zoster with smarting and stinging pain in eruptions

3. Male Problems (Eczema, Eruptions, Itching)

The action of Croton Tiglium is well marked on male genitals. It is an important medicine for treating eczema on the scrotum. There is much itching on the scrotum which gets worse at night. The affected area on the skin is sore and sensitive due to which the patient is unable to scratch it. It is also highly valuable in treating vesicular (containing fluid) eruptions on the scrotum and penis. This medicine is very effective in relieving itching on the scrotum and glans penis. Scrotum is red while itching on the scrotum disturbs sleep.

Key Indicating Features

Eczema on the scrotum with itching worse at night time

Itching with sore, sensitive skin leading to inability to scratch

Vesicles on the scrotum and penis

Itching on the scrotum and glans penis

4. Female Problems (Itching, Breast Nodes)

In females, this medicine can be used to give relief in complaint of genital itching. Females needing it complain of intense itching in the genitals. It gets better by rubbing gently. Secondly, it is well-indicated to treat nodes in the breast. It is mostly used when nodes in the breast are attended with pain from the nipples to the scapula (a triangular bone in the upper back one on either side). There is also soreness in nipples. Besides these, it is prominently indicated for cases in which there is pain starting from the nipple to the back when breastfeeding the child.

Key Indicating Features

Itching of genitals better by gentle rubbing

Nodes in the breast with pain from nipples to scapula

Pain from nipple to back when breastfeeding the child


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from least food or drink, from touch, pressure, during summer, and from washing

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from gentle rubbing and after sleep


It can be used in potency 30 C and even higher potencies. In low potencies, it can be repeated often but frequent repetition of high potencies should be avoided.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Anacardium, Antimonium Tart, and Ranunculus Bulbosus

Followed well by: Rhus Tox

It can be compared with medicines including Colchicum, Phosphorus, Silicea, Apis Mellifica and Mezereum


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  1. How ca’ it be used for treating constipation

    • How ca’ it be used for treating constipation

    • Sandy Stewart says:

      For Many years, I was being treated by a homeopathic physician for poison ivy/oak allergies with croton tig. The physician has since, passed and l found a combination remedy by Hylands which contained and was very good at reducing my symptoms. Unfortunately, I am now having problems finding this remedy.
      Is it possible that you can help me with the annual high dosage of croton tig that had nearly eliminated my symptoms? I believe it was 1m dosage, started in February of each year

    • ईश्वरी प्रसाद says:

      क्या क्रोटन टिग्लियम 6 अण्डकॉष खुजली में प्रयोग करने की सलाह जी जाती है , क्या अच्छा कार्य करती है । नमस्ते जी।

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