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Dulcamara: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

The remedy Dulcamara is derived from the plant ‘woody nightshade’ also known as ‘bitter-sweet’ that belongs to family Solanaceae. It is prepared by potentization (a process to prepare homeopathic medicines that arouses medicinal properties of a crude substance) from fresh green stems and leaves of this plant gathered just before flowering. It is a magnificent medicine to manage nasal problems predominantly for managing stuffy nose and various skin complaints mainly urticarial and warts.

The ‘Dulcamara’ Constitution

This medicine is well suited to people having irritable and restless nature who are very sensitive to cold and damp weather conditions.  They are prone to get infected by cold easily from exposure to cold damp environment or weather. Persons who suffer from health complaints as a result of living or working in damp, cold environment are ideal subjects for using this medicine.

Drug Action

This medicine has vast action on different body parts among which it manifests its chief action on nose, skin and joints. Other than these, its action is also seen on face, throat, glands, mucous membranes, muscle tissues, gastric system, neck, back, and female genitals. The most peculiar action of this medicine is to treat complaints arising from cold and damp, rainy, wet weather and also when days are hot and nights are cold towards the end of summer.

Clinical Indications

Nasal stuffiness, colds, nasal allergy, urticaria, warts, herpes, skin eruptions, hard swollen glands, itching, cough, asthma, joint pain, facial pain, tinea capitis (fungal infection of scalp), diarrhea, back pain, neck stiffness.

 Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

 1. Nose (Stuffy Nose, Cold, Nasal Allergy)

It proves to be effective in managing numerous nasal problems. It is one of the best medicines for managing nasal stuffiness that causes trouble in breathing through nose. It is most helpful when the nasal blockage worsens in cold rainy weather / from exposure to cold air. Second main indication where it is beneficial is if one is suffering from cold with thick yellow nasal discharge. There can be bloody crusty nasal discharge too. It suits well new-borns suffering from cold. Hay fever or nasal allergy can also be well managed with this medicine. For using it, constant sneezing and watery nasal discharge that aggravates in open air is a guiding feature. Copious eye discharge can attend. Sensitivity to newly mown (trimmed) grass is an important feature that can be present in persons needing it.

Key Indicating Features

Stuffy nose from cold exposure and in cold rainy weather

Cold with thick yellow or bloody crusty nasal discharge

Hay fever with constant sneezing, watery nasal discharge worse in open air

2. Skin (Urticaria, Warts, Itching, Eruptions, Eczema)

Dulcamara has extensive action on skin where it helps to rectify a number of complaints. The most important skin issue where it helps is urticaria which refers to red, itchy bumps (wheals) on the skin from an allergic reaction. For this complaint, it is selected when urticaria worsens from exposure to cold. Red spots appear on the skin, mostly on the entire body that is accompanied by intense itching. A pricking needle-like sensation is also felt. This medicine also offers benefits in cases of warts (small, painless bumps on skin caused by human papillomavirus). Large and smooth textured warts mostly indicate its use. The main location of these warts is on palms of hands and face. Another striking feature to use it is skin itching that increases in cold, wet weather. There can occur skin eruptions that are thick, covered with scales or crusts, sometimes these bleed too when scratched. Skin eruptions around menses especially on face, hands and arms is another peculiar indication for using this remedy. It is useful for eczema cases when eruptions occur on face and limbs. There appear vesicles (fluid-filled skin eruptions) that itch and pus may develop in them. These can get covered with crusts too. It can also be given for managing cases of eczema in infants. Besides these, it can be used for ringworm of scalp and fungal infection of scalp (tinea capitis).

Key Indicating Features

Urticaria from cold exposure

Warts on palms of hands and fingers

Skin itching in cold, wet weather

Skin eruptions on face, hands, arms around menses

3. Limbs And Joints (Joint Pain, Warts, Exostosis, Muscle Pain)

Dulcamara has wide action on limbs and joints. It works well in case of joint pain after exposure to cold or being wet for a relatively long time. The affected part feels as if beaten. The pain worsens if kept still in one position and gets better by moving about. A unique feature that indicates the use of this remedy is joint pain alternating with skin eruptions. It can also be given for cold feet, limb swelling and warts. The feet are icy cold. Swelling of limbs and calf muscles is present. It helps when warts appear on fingers and palms of hands. Apart from these, Dulcamara is indicated for exostosis (extra bony growth on the top of existing bone). It is a prominent medicine to dissolve extra bony outgrowths in arm bones and the upper part of tibia bone present in leg. It can be given for muscle pain and stiffness, attended with soreness. It gets worse from cold exposure.

Key Indicating Features

Joint pain after exposure to cold or wet

Warts on fingers and palms of hands

Muscle pain, soreness and stiffness from cold exposure

4. Face (Facial Pain, Herpes, Warts, Twitchings)

With its action on face, Dulcamara can manage well facial pain, facial neuralgia, skin eruptions, herpes, warts and twitchings. In case of facial pain, it begins around the cheeks and then radiates to eyes, ears and jaw. Pain increase from even little exposure to cold. External warmth reduces pain. It can be given for warts and herpes on the face. Herpetic eruptions (cold sores) appear on lips or around the lips. Skin eruptions appear on the face, especially on the cheeks. The bumps are thick that may be covered with brown yellow crust. Its use is also recommended for lip twitching that occurs in cold air.

Key Indicating Features

Facial pain that worsens from exposure to cold

Herpes eruptions on lips or around the lips

Warts on face

Lip twitching in cold air

5. Throat And Cough (Tonsillitis, Cough, Asthma)

Use of this medicine is also recommended for certain throat issues and cough. The foremost symptom pointing towards its use is tonsillitis from change of weather. It is primarily indicated for cough that worsens in cold, wet weather, and winter. The cough may be dry or lose rattling type. Cough may occur from tickling in the back of the throat. Tough green expectoration comes out. Cough worsening from physical exertion is also an important symptom to use Dulcamara. This medicine is very useful to manage cough in elderly people and in infants. It also proves to be effective in treating asthma that gets worse during wet weather with loose rattling cough with excessive phlegm expectoration, and difficulty in breathing.

Key Indicating Features

Tonsillitis from change of weather

Cough worse in cold, wet weather, winters and from physical exertion

Asthma worsens during wet weather

6. Neck And Back (Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain)

Dulcamara is of great value to manage back and neck complaints. It is beneficial to manage lower back pain. It worsens in damp, cold weather. Heat is felt in the back. It is used for neck pain and stiffness. The stiffness extends to shoulders which increases after getting cold or wet.

Key Indicating Features

Lower back pain in damp, cold weather

Neck pain and stiffness after getting cold and wet

7. Gastric Complaints (Stomach Pain, Diarrhea)

When it comes to gastric issues, Dulcamara is beneficial to manage stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. It helps to alleviate cutting type of pain felt in the navel region. Green, slimy stool follows pain. Vomiting is of green, yellow slimy matter or white thick mucus. It is prescribed when diarrhea mainly occurs during damp cold weather. The stool is watery, green, slimy, sour smelling. It may have undigested food particles.

Key Indicating Symptoms

Cutting pain in navel region followed by green, slimy stool

Diarrhea in damp, cold weather

8. Female Problems (Genital Herpes, Skin Rash, Suppressed Menses)

This medicine is also known to be helpful in managing some female problems. Dulcamara can help to heal genital herpes. There are eruptions on vulva in cases needing it. These get worse in cold and damp surroundings. Another notable symptom to use it is skin rash that appears specifically before menses. Not only this, it can also be given for suppressed menses in cold and damp weather and when menses are delayed and of too short duration.

Key Indicating Features

Genital herpes when eruptions get worse in cold and damp weather

Skin rash before menses

Suppresses menses from cold and dampness


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from cold, damp, rainy weather, sudden temperature change, from getting chilled while heated, when days are hot and nights are cold, from taking cold drinks or ice creams and at night.

Relieving factors: Complaints get better in dry weather, by external warmth and moving about


This medicine can be used in both low and high potencies. One can repeat this medicine in low potencies frequently but in high potency, frequent repetition should be avoided.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Camphor, Cuprum Met, Ipecac, Kali Carb and Merc Sol

Followed well by Belladonna, Calcarea Carb, Lycopodium, Rhus Tox and Sepia


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  1. Does this remedy follow sulph 200 c and pulsatilla 30 c well?

  2. Arlene Shanaberger says:

    I am 70 years old and developed a cough back in July 2023. Soon after the cough I developed laryngitis. Now 4 months later I still have the cough and still have laryngitis. My doctor gave me some Dulcamara, but reading the information, it doesn’t really sound like what I need. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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