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Epiphegus Virginiana – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Epiphegus Virginiana is a natural homeopathic remedy derived from plant Beech drop. This plant belongs to the family Orobanchaceae. To prepare Epiphegus this whole fresh plant in full flower has to undergo a potentization process. This is a process of preparing homeopathic medicines that arouses medicinal properties of a crude substance. Via this process this plant is converted into an effective homeopathic medicine. Use of this medicine is highly recommended to treat cases of headache.

The ‘Epiphegus Virginiana’ Constitution

This medicine is well suited to persons especially to women who have a tendency to get headaches that especially result from nervous strain, exertion or from mental exhaustion or physical exhaustion. Most people needing it suffer from weakness and fatigue. They also tend to feel drowsy which is mainly felt after taking meals. 

Drug Action 

Epiphegus has a marked action on the head and is primarily a beneficial medicine for treating headache. Other than this little of its action is noted on the other body parts too but not as extensively and broadly as on the head. These parts include the mouth, gastric system and female genitals. 

Clinical Indications

Headache, migraine, salivation, loose stool, sub – involution of uterus. 

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

  1. Head (headache, migraine)

Epiphegus acts wonderfully on the head and it is a marvellous homeopathic medicine for treating cases of headache. There have been good results from its use in headache and migraine (severe one – sided headache often accompanied by nausea and vomiting) cases. The foremost symptom means the most important and prominent symptom where this medicine is indicated is nervous headache that either occurs or gets worse from nervous strain means mental stress or tension. Next highly noteworthy indication for its use is headache that results from any sort of exertion.
Besides these it is a magnificent medicine to handle cases of headache that a person can get from exhaustion be it a mental or a physical exhaustion. A very peculiar and unique associated symptom that may be present where this medicine is required is headache preceded by hunger. Most of the people needing it may say that they do find relief from headaches from getting good sleep. Those needing it may also get nausea with headache. Though it can be given to anyone suffering from above-mentioned headaches having the factors that trigger or worsen it, but among all of them it is most suitable to women with such complaints.
If we talk of the side of the head in which it works well then it would be the left side as the sufferer needing this remedy feels pain more on the left side of head as compared to the right, though it can be used for pain occurring on either side of the head.
If we take a further look at the other important symptoms of this medicine then a specific symptom that can be there is a pressing type of pain in the temples with a sensation as if fingertips are pressing inwards. The pain in the head is felt most until 4 pm after which it starts to get better.
Fullness is also felt in the head in addition to the above narrated symptoms. People may also complain of a tight feeling in the scalp as well during headache episodes. There is another characteristic feature where this medicine is well indicated. It is excessive, thick, sticky salivation accompanying headache with a constant urge for spitting. When this symptom is present, this medicine is almost specific to result in relief in such cases.
Next, it is well indicated for people who are prone to getting a headache when deviating from daily routine work. Last yet an important symptom guiding its use is periodical headache, particularly occurring every week.

Key indicating features
Nervous headache that results or get worse from nervous strain, exertion or mental / physical exhaustion
Headache better from good sleep
Headache with profuse, thick salivation with constant urge for spitting
Headache when deviated from daily routine work
Periodical headache that recurs every week

  1. Mouth (thick salivation, coated tongue, bitter taste)

This medicine is known to have a slight effect on the mouth as well. Among these it proves to be very effective to manage thick and sticky saliva with a constant urge for spitting. It can be given for cases having bitter taste in the mouth.
It is also useful for people having a yellow coated tongue with a bitter taste in their mouth.

Key indicating features
Thick, sticky saliva with a constant urge for spitting
Bitter taste in mouth
Yellow coated tongue with a bitter taste

  1. Gastric system (nausea, loose stool, difficult stool)

With its action on the gastric system it can help to settle certain issues, like complaints of nausea.
It is helpful for diarrhoea (loose stool) cases and also for cases of difficult stool where a person passes stool with difficulty even when the stool is soft.

Key indicating features
Difficulty in passing stool even when it is soft

  1. Female Problems  

For females its use is recommended for complaint of sub – involution of uterus. It refers to a medical condition in which the uterus fails to return to its normal size after childbirth. Females needing it have painful menses and congestion in the uterine region along with this complaint.

Key indicating features
Subinvolution of the uterus attended with painful menses and congestion


Worsening factors: Complaints are worse from eye strain or nervous strain, from fatigue, any unusual exertion and from working in open air

Relieving factors: complaints are better from sleep

Epiphegus Virginiana Dosage

Use of this medicine can be done in both low and high potencies. In case of low potencies it bears repetition well. When using it in high potencies one should avoid its frequent repetition. 

Relationship with Other Remedies

Epiphegus can be compared with some of the homeopathic medicines including Iris Versicolor, Melilotus and Sanguinaria Can. 

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