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Ferrum Metallicum: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Ferrum Metallicum is derived from the metal iron. Iron is inert in its crude state. To prepare homeopathic medicine Ferrum Metallicum, it undergoes potentization. This process extracts medicinal properties from a crude substance. It is a top-grade medicine for managing anemia, and weakness, controlling bleeding and treating certain female disorders.

The ‘Ferrum Metallicum’ Constitution

This medicine is best suited to young, anemic persons. Those needing it look strong but are extremely weak. They are unable to walk and speak proerly and feel like lying down all the time.

Drug Action

The benefits of this medicine are widespread and it acts on multiple organs. It acts well on blood, ears, head, nose, female genitals, gastric system, respiratory organs, heart and limbs.

Clinical Indications

Anemia, blood loss, weakness, menstruation disorders, epistaxis, cough, nausea, vomiting, shoulder pain, joint pain, diarrhea, constipation, asthma

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Complaints Related To Blood (Anemia, Weakness From Blood Loss)

Ferrum Metallicum has marked action on blood. It is a well-known medicine in homeopathy to manage cases of anemia. Lack of enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to body tissues is called anemia. It is given mainly when there is marked exhaustion due to anemia. The face looks pale, with dull eyes along with bluish rings around the eyes. Vertigo may be present, along with nausea. Palpitations can occur too that get worse from the least motion. It is a highly effective medicine for complaints like weakness following blood loss (hemorrhage).

2. Female Problems (Heavy Periods, Painful Menses, Vaginal Discharge)

It is an important homeopathic medicine to deal with various health issues in females. Primarily its use is considered in cases of heavy periods. It is highly recommended when menses are very profuse and also last longer than usual. The bleeding is pale watery. Females needing it experience increase of blood flow during menses from the slightest movement. It is attended with labor-like pains in lower abdomen and lower back. They may have a tendency for early periods as well. Due to heavy menses, there is excessive weakness. Ringing sounds may emanate from the ears. Headache and vertigo during heavy periods may be present. Ferrum Metallicum also relieves painful periods (dysmenorrhoea). It is given especially when a female complains of shooting pain in the uterus. Pain is intense along with scanty pale blood flow. This medicine is recommended for managing vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea). It is used for milky watery vaginal discharge. It is attended with smarting pain and itching of vulva. Dragging pain in lower back, pelvis and thighs may occur along with vaginal discharge. Another complaint where it offers help is suppressed menses (amenorrhoea). Here it works well when headache, nervousness, tiredness are associated with this complaint.

Key Indicating Features

Heavy, prolonged periods of pale watery blood

Heavy menses with labor-like pains in lower abdomen and lower back

Weakness, headache, vertigo from heavy menses

Painful periods with shooting pain in uterus and scanty pale bleeding

Milky watery vaginal discharges with dragging pain in lower back, pelvis and thighs

3. Ears (Noises, Pain)

It is useful in managing ringing or humming type sounds emanating from the ears. Leaning the head on the table brings relief. In women, there may be aggravation of these sounds from the ears during menses. A person becomes oversensitive to external noise. Lastly, it is indicated for stitching type of pain in the ear, especially in the morning.

Key Indicating Features

Ringing/ humming noise felt in ears, better by leaning head on table

Ringing noises in ears before menses

4. Head (Headache)

Ferrum Metallicum works well when headache is pulsating and hammering in nature. It is congestive (rush of blood to the head) with heat in the head and face. One feels heaviness in the head as if wearing an iron band . The person feels better by pressing the head with hands. The headache may appear periodically every two or four weeks and lasts for around 2 to 3 days. This medicine gives excellent results in cases of headache occurring after menses. It is also suitable for headache due to anemia.

Key Indicating Features

Congestive, pulsating, hammering headache with rush of blood to head, with heat in head and face

Headache after menses

Headache in cases of anemia

5. Nose (Bleeding, Cold)

Ferrum Metallicum manages nose bleeding (epistaxis) quite well. Main indication for its use is nose bleeding in anemic people. Bleeding is especially noted in the morning and when stooping. Other than this, it can be given in cases of cold when there is greenish pus-like discharge from the nose that may be blood stained. Fluid discharge may occur from posterior nares accompanied by headache.

Key Indicating Features

Nose bleeding in anemic people

Nose bleeding in morning and on stooping

Cold with greenish pus-like discharge from nose

6. Gastric Concerns (Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Constipation, Piles)

It proves highly effective to manage certain gastric issues. Prominently it is indicated to manage nausea and vomiting after eating or after exertion. It also helps cases in which vomiting occurs specifically after eating eggs. Ferrum Metallicum can also be administered for relief in belching which may be bitter or taste like the food consumed. Distension and burning in stomach can also be felt. Another indication for recommending this medicine is diarrhea followed by weakness. It is useful when there is sudden, watery, gushing stool attended with gas. Undigested food particles may be present in stool. Besides, its use is recommended to manage constipation which appears particularly from use of iron pills. Ferrum can be given in piles (enlarged, swollen, inflamed veins in anus or lower rectum) cases also. Here, it is used when attended with anal itching, bleeding and tearing type of pain.

Key Indicating Features

Nausea and vomiting after eating or after exertion

Vomiting after eating eggs

Diarrhea with sudden, watery, gushing stool attended with much gas followed by weakness

Constipation from use of iron pills

Piles cases with anal itching, bleeding and tearing type of pain

7. Respiratory Issues (Cough, Asthma)

One may find Ferrum beneficial for managing cough. Dry, tickling cough which gets worse from movement and improves by lying down is a major indication to use this medicine. Relief also sets in from eating. Cough may be attended with spitting of blood or vomiting. In some cases, pain in the back of the head may be felt. It is an important medicine for managing cough from tobacco smoke. Another use of this medicine is noteworthy in treating asthma cases. It works well when asthma attacks appear after 12 noon. An indication for use of Ferrum is relief by walking around slowly and talking. It can also be used if there is difficulty in breathing.

Key Indicating Features

Dry, tickling cough which gets worse from movement

Cough with spitting of blood or vomiting

Cough from tobacco smoke

Asthma attacks after 12 noon

Breathing difficulty, better from talking and from slow walking

8. Limbs (Shoulder Pain, Cramps)

Ferrum Met has a special affinity to manage shoulder pain. Persons needing it have tearing type of pain in the shoulder, especially left-sided shoulder. It may extend down the upper arm. Pain gets worse from raising the arm and at night. This remedy is also well indicated to manage deltoid pain with soreness. Pain is darting or dull tearing type. Another main indication is trembling of hands while writing. It can also manage cramps in the calves (muscle in back of leg) while at rest during the night.

Key Indicating Features

Left-sided shoulder pain

Pain in shoulder worse from raising arm and at night

Trembling of hands while writing

9. Heart Complaints (Fatty Degeneration Of Heart, Hypertrophy Of Heart, Palpitations)

Ferrum Metallicum is well indicated for management of fatty degeneration of heart and hypertrophy of heart (thickening of heart muscles). It is useful to manage palpitations that get worse from the least motion. It is attended with fear.

Key Indicating Features

Fatty degeneration of heart

Hypertrophy of heart

Palpitations worse from least motion


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from exertion, during menses, at night, while sitting, eating, drinking, anger and while sweating

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from moving about slowly, in summer and after rising


Use of this medicine is recommended in both – low potency (from second to 30C) and high potencies ( like 200 C, 1M). The dose and repetition varies from case to case.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Arsenic Album, Arnica, Belladonna, China, Ipecac, Pulsatilla, Sulphur and Veratrum Album

It antidotes: Arsenic Album and Hepar Sulph

Followed well by: Aconite, Arnica, China, Conium, Lycopodium, Merc Sol, Phosphorus and Pulsatilla


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  1. Heart valve replacement ke baad acitrome tab. (blood thinner medicine) Khaane Ke kaaran greenvegitale band hai. Jis kaaran hemoglobin kam hai, kya ferrum metalicum Lena sahi hai, ferrum Met. Se blood gaadha to nahi ho jayega. Age 45 year. Bpm 130 rahata hai.

    • Heart valve replacement ke baad acitrome tab. (blood thinner medicine) Khaane Ke kaaran greenvegitale band hai. Jis kaaran hemoglobin kam hai, kya ferrum metalicum Lena sahi hai, ferrum Met. Se blood gaadha to nahi ho jayega. Age 45 year. Bpm 130 rahata hai. Prlpitation bhi rahata hai.

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    Does it work for sickle cell?…

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    phimosis ke liye konsi dava hai homeopethik me

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    I am 76 years old and have frozen shoulder
    What is recommended dosage of ferrium metallic




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