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Formica Rufa: Homeopathic Medicine — Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Formica Rufa is a renowned medicine in homeopathy to treat cases of nasal polyps.  It is also well suited to manage cases of joint inflammation, and pain, especially, when there is sudden pain. It also tends to shift from one part to another. Pain has a tendency to wander from left side of the body to right and then again back to left side. In cases of gout, it gives promising results.

Drug Action

The most prominent action of this medicine is on the nasal mucus membrane and joints. Other than this, it acts well on gastric system, skin, ear, and eyes.

Clinical Indications

Nasal polyps, cold, joint pains, gout, diarrhea, spleen pain, hives, tinnitus, earache

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Nasal Problems (Polyps And Cold)

Formica Rufa acts magnificently on the nasal mucus membrane. Its acts well in treating nasal polyps, and cold. Nasal polyps are best treated with this medicine. They refer to soft, non-cancerous, painless growths that tend to develop on the lining of nasal passage or paranasal sinuses. It arises mainly from long-term inflammation of the lining of nose or paranasal sinuses. Formica Rufa has given great clinical results in cases of nasal polyps. It acts very effectively to shrink the nasal polyps growth, and often prevents surgical intervention in these cases. In case of cold, it works well to manage sneezing, and watery nasal discharge. The nose feels stuffed.

Key Indicating Features

Nasal polyps

Sneezing, runny nose and nasal stuffiness

 2. Joint Complaints (Joint Inflammation, Pain, Gout)

Formica Rufa acts very well on the joints. It manages joint inflammation and its related symptoms wonderfully. It proves very effective when joint inflammation, and pains come on suddenly along with restlessness. Joints on the right side are more affected as compared to the left. The pain tends to wander from one part to the other. There is worsening of joint pain upon movement, and relief when pressure is applied. Nodes may be present near the affected joints. The pain mainly occurs on the right elbow, and wrist. Pain may also occur in hip joint. It is a bruised type of pain that gets worse at night. Pain in the knee joint is also felt. It gets worse while walking. It is a highly valued medicine in treating cases of gout (joint inflammation from high uric acid levels). Its use is also well indicated in case of chronic gout with joint stiffness.

Key Indicating Features

Joint inflammation, and pain appearing suddenly, along with restlessness

Joint pain gets worse upon movement & better when pressure is apploed

Chronic gout with joint stiffness

3. Gastric Issues (Pain, Diarrhea, Spleen Pain)

Its acts quite well on the gastric system, and proves beneficial in a lot of ways. To begin with, it offers huge relief in cases of pain around the umbilicus felt before stool. There may be excessive gas in the abdomen, and one may feel gas remaining stuck in the abdomen. Secondly, it is useful in treating cases of nausea, and vomiting that occurs with headache. The vomiting carries yellow mucus, and a bitter taste. It can be used in cases of burning sensation in stomach accompanied by a feeling of weight and oppression. This medicine can also be administered in cases of diarrhoea. This medicine works well in case of loose stool with tenesmus (an ineffectual constant urge to pass stool even if bowels are already empty). Pain in bowels before stool is felt in this condition. Besides, it is an important medicine in managing dull pain in the region of spleen.

Key Indicating Features

Pain around the umbilicus felt before stool

Nausea and vomiting of yellow bitter mucus with headache

Loose stool with tenesmus (an ineffectual constant urge to pass stool even if bowels are already empty)

Dull pain in spleen region

4. Skin Complaints (Hives, Itching, Excessive Sweating)



By acting on the skin, Formica Rufa proves effective to manage complaint of hives. Hives refers to raised itchy wheals (bumps) on the skin triggered usually from an allergic reaction. It is also indicated to manage itching of skin attended with redness and burning sensation. Lastly, its use is considered when there is excessive sweating, especially during night.

Key Indicating Features


Itching, redness and burning of skin

Profuse sweating at night

5. Ear-related Problems (Tinnitus, Polyps, Earache)

One may find this medicine beneficial to treat tinnitus (noises in ear in the absence of any external source). It is well indicated to manage ringing and buzzing sort of noises in ear. Hardness of hearing can accompany it. Formica Rufa is also recommended for treating polyps in the ear. Another complaint where it seems to help is earache in both the ears felt in the morning on getting up. The pain may be pressing in nature attended with heated sensation. The right ear may be sensitive to touch externally.

Key Indicating Features

Ringing and buzzing type of noises in ear

Polyps in ears

Earache in both the ears in morning on getting up

6. Eye Complaints (Iritis, Twitching, Pterygium, Pain)

Formica Rufa is also known to help in treating  certain eye-related complaints as well. This medicine can be used to manage rheumatic iritis means iris inflammation (iritis) when related to joint inflammation. It can be given in cases of twitching of the upper eyelid. Its use is also recommended to treat cases of pterygium (an abnormal tissue growth on conjunctiva). Last indication to use it is pain in the eyes felt on waking up.

Key Indicating Features

Rheumatic iritis (iris inflammation in case of joint inflammation)

Twitching of upper eyelid


Worsening factors: complaints are worse from cold, dampness, and cold washing

Relieving factors: complaints are better from rubbing, pressure and warmth


The recommended potency of this medicine is between 6C to 30 C. The repetition varies from case to case.

Relationship with Other Remedies

It can be compared with other remedies including Arsenic Album, Bryonia, Urtica urens, Dulcamara and Apis Mellifica.


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