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Gelsemium – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Gelsemium as a remedy is prepared from the bark of the root of plant Gelsemium Sempervirens, commonly known as Yellow Jasmine. It belongs to family of flowering plants known as Loganiaceae. To prepare homeopathic medicine Gelsemium, the bark of the root of this plant is potentized (a process by which homeopathic remedies are prepared). This process extractS the medicinal properties of the plant. Gelsemium is mostly used to treat complaints of anxiety, headache, vertigo, cold, nasal allergies and weakness.     homeopathic medicine Gelsemium

The ‘Gelsemium’ Constitution

It is mainly suited to people who are irritable, sensitive, anxious and nervous type and those who suffer from weakness. Apart from above it is also suitable for people having dullness, drowsiness and dizziness along with other health conditions.

Drug Action

This remedy has a major action on the mind where it helps to treat anxieties and fears. Next, it acts on the muscles and offers relief in the muscle pain and muscle weakness. Other than this, it has marked action on the nose where it helps to manage cases of nasal allergies, cold and sneezing.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Mind Complaints

It is one of the most effective medicines used to treat complaints of the mind. 

Firstly, it is indicated for treating anxiety issues. Among anxieties, it stands prominent to treat cases of anticipatory anxiety (i.e. anxiety about something that is going to happen in near future like an examination, a meeting, travelling etc). In cases needing Gelsemium, such anticipatory anxiety is attended with loose motion. Apart from above the anxieties including anxiety about health and about future are also treated well with this medicine.

Secondly, people having fear of appearing in public are well-treated with this medicine. It is also very useful for people to overcome complaint of stage fright. Other than these, it is a top grade medicine to overcome bad effects of fright, some exciting news, bad news, emotional shock, grief.

2. Vertigo

This remedy can be of great help in vertigo (a sense of spinning) cases. It mostly helps people who complain of vertigo from sudden movement of head. Next, it is indicated for vertigo that arise when walking. Along with vertigo blurred vision is usually present. Other symptoms that a person may experience with above are heaviness of head and fullness feeling in head.

3. Headache

This is a renowned medicine to treat headache. Persons who need it usually have  headache located in back part of the head (occiput). The pain from back of head may also extend to forehead  and eye. The patient feels as if a band is tied around the head. The headache further worsens with mental exertion. The patient feels relief from headache when the pressure is applied over it. The patients who complain of dimness of vision and double vision can also benefit from this medicine as it had produced excellent results in treatment of both these ailments. One may also use this medicine to get relief from headache arising due to cold.

4. Eye Complaints

This remedy has shown remarkable results in various eye complaints. Here it is majorly used to treat ptosis that refers to drooping of the upper eyelid. Here person feels the upper eyelid is heavy, he can hardly open the affected eye.

Its another indication is blurred vision and double vision (diplopia). People needing it for blurred vision also have attending pain above eyes. Double vision when looking specifically sideways is the characteristic that calls for this remedy in cases of diplopia. In such cases headache also accompany double vision.

5. Cold and Sneezing

It is a natural medicine to treat cases of cold and sneezing. Most people needing it complain of sneezing early in the morning time. They also have tingling and fullness in the nose with sneezing. Along with it they have cold with watery running discharge from nose. The nasal discharge is excoriating that makes the nostrils red, sore and raw. Dull headache, weakness, fever and muscle ache along with cold is frequently experienced. It is a top listed medicine to treat tendency to take cold on every change of weather. Other than above it is one of the best medicine to treat cases of allergic rhinitis / hay fever.

6. Diarrhea

Stress and anxiety can effect the gastric system. When we are distressed, signals are carried from brain to the gut via chemical messengers. As a result, some people may suffer from diarrhea due to anxiety. In such cases, this medicine offers excellent results. 

Anticipatory anxiety is the anxiety about something that is going to happen in near future. For example, some people experience diarrhoea before important meetings, events, or when going for an examination etc. The diarrhea that results majorly from such anticipatory anxiety is very effectively managed with this remedy.  Apart from the above, diarrhea that arises from as grief, fright, or after listening to a bad news is also suggestive of this medicine.

7. Neck Pain

This medicine is of a great service in treating neck pain. Person who require this medicine suffer from severe pain in neck. They may complain that the pain extends from the neck to head and shoulder. Stiffness in the neck and dizziness along with neck pain may be present. This is a top listed medicine used to manage neck pain and stiffness in case of cervical spondylosis (degenerative changes in the spine of neck region).

8. Weakness

This is a very helpful medicine to manage cases of weakness. Along with weakness, pain and soreness in the muscle is present in people needing it. Other than this dizziness and drowsiness are marked with weakness and muscle ache. It is also highly recommended for cases of chronic fatigue syndrome.

9. Complaints of Upper Limbs

When it comes to upper limbs, this medicine is well-indicated to treat trembling of hands, muscular pain in arms and writer’s cramp (involuntary muscle contraction in fingers / hand while writing).

10. Fever

It is very beneficial for cases of fever. Here it is used when there is fever with chilly sensation, body aches and weakness. Great drowsiness appears with above symptoms. Drowsiness and restlessness are some other symptoms a person may have along with above during fever.


Gelsemium can be taken in 30 potency two to three times a day, varying from case to case.

Relationship to Other Remedies

The medicines that follow well are Baptisia, Cactus and Ipecac.

Antidotes to  Gelsemium are China, Coffea and Digitalis. 


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  1. My name is Jacquelie and I’m I’m suffering with gastric headaches. My head get congested and heavy and when I masssage my head I started belching and I feel much better after rubbing g my head and belching out the gas . I have suffering since last year. Can you tell me how to get this product gelsemium

  2. Mary Anne M Johnson says:

    Several medical friends in the UK have recommended gelsemium to me as a treatment for migraine headaches and to help fight the frequent colds and other viruses I get in the winter. I have a compromised immune system due to Myasthenia Gravis, and I am wondering if gelsemium is safe in small doses (30c 2-3 times daily) for people like me with MG. Everything I read about it in the US says don’t consume gelsemium, because it is toxic. Thank you.

  3. Gehar Singh says:

    should i give this medicine to my father for preventing shaking hands [parkinson’s disease]

  4. I saw elsewhere not to give Gelsemium to pregnant woman and not for children. It might have been the actual plant and not the homeopathic remedy. Can you explain? Is it safe in homeopathic form for such? Thank you so much

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