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Glonoinum – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Hoemopathic remedy Glonoinum is derived from nitroglycerine which is inert in its crude state. When it undergoes potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines which arouses medicinal properties of a crude substance), it is converted into a highly valuable homeopathic medicine. It is a widely recommended medicine in homeopathy for cases of throbbing, bursting, congestive and sun headache.

The ‘Glonoinum’ Constitution

This medicine is most suitable to nervous people and also to sensitive women.  Persons needing it feel tired, with no desire to do any work, are very irritable and prone to get congestive headaches. 

Drug Action 

The most important action of this medicine is seen on head and heart where it helps complaints caused from sudden congestion and rush of blood to head and heart. Other than this it acts well on eyes, ears, face and female genitals.

Clinical Indications

Headache, sun headache, menstrual headache, heart disorders, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, palpitations, suppressed menses, hot flushes, stroke, eye pain, eye floaters, photophobia, earache, meniere’s disease, noises in ears, trigeminal neuralgia, facial pain, facial flushing.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

  1. Head (headache)

It has prominent action on the head where it acts wonderfully to manage headache. It is one of the best medicines to manage throbbing, bursting, congestive type of headache. There is intense congestion of the head with a rush of blood to the head. Heat is felt in the head with this and the face appears red. Eyeballs may feel protruded with headache. Throbbing is most intense in the temples of head (means sides of head between forehead and ear). Nausea and vomiting may occur with pain. Headache gets worse from walking, shaking and stooping. The sufferer feels relief from a headache from sleep. The headache may also get better in open air and from pressure. There is a sensation of enlargement of the head. Heaviness of the head is marked. One can feel a shock-like sensation in the head synchronously with a pulse.
It has shown great clinical improvements in cases of headache that is worse from sun exposure. Sun headache (headache that increases and decreases with sun) is a very peculiar symptom to use this remedy.
Next, its use is indicated headache from high blood pressure with flushed face and palpitations.
It can also be prescribed for cases where pain begins in the back of head (occiput) and base of the brain and from there extend to the eye and temple region.
Another characteristic to use it is headache that occurs around the menstrual cycle (before, during or after menses). In homeopathic therapeutics its utilization is also mentioned for cases where one is suspecting a stroke (a medical emergency in which reduced or interrupted blood supply to the brain causes death of brain cells). Next it is indicated to manage pain in the forehead over eyes that is worse from using eyes and doing some mind related work.

Key indicating features

Throbbing bursting, congestive type of headache
Sun headache that increases and decreases with sun
Headache from high blood pressure with flushed face and palpitations
Headache occurring around menses (before, during or after menses)

  1. Heart (heart pain, angina pectoris, high blood pressure)

Action of Glonoinum is marked on the heart. It is a significant medicine for managing high blood pressure (hypertension).
It is also indicated for heart pain, and angina pectoris (heart pain from reduced blood supply to the heart). People needing it have heart pain that radiates to the back and in between the shoulders. Heart pain from stooping is a prominent feature to use it. Fullness, heaviness, heat, pressure in the heart region is felt.  There can be palpitations of the heart with trouble breathing. With this there may occur headache pulsating in nature marked in forehead and between temples. There is increased pulse rate and heat in the face.

Key indicating features

High blood pressure
Heart pain radiating to back and in between shoulders
Heart pain from stooping
Palpitations with difficult breathing

  1. Female problems (hot flushes, menopausal complaints, headache)

This medicine is well suited to manage certain female problems. Its use is preferred for some of the menopausal complaints. First prominent indication is hot flushes that occur daily during menopause. Next characteristic is headache and pressure in head during menopause. Besides these it is indicated for nausea and vertigo during menopause. Use of this remedy is considered for managing headache around menses as well. The pain in the head can be there before, during or after menses. It also works well if there is pain, congestion or fullness of head when menses do not appear and are suppressed. The pain is throbbing or tearing in nature and face, eyes may be red. If a headache occurs after profuse menses, this medicine can prove very effective there too. Lastly, this medicine is beneficial for lower back pain during menses.

Key indicating features

Hot flushes, headache, nausea, vertigo during menopause
Headache before, during or after menses and from suppressed menses
Headache after copious menses

  1. Eyes (pain, floaters)

This medicine also has an effect on eyes where it is useful for eye pain. For using it the pain can be aching, bursting or drawing in nature. Stitching, sharp pain or soreness in eyeballs can be present. Heat in eyeballs and lids is marked. Second important indication for its use is eye floaters with black spots before eyes. It also works well if there are sparks, flashes of light before eyes. Other than these it is well indicated for managing photophobia (sensitivity to bright light), dimness of vision with vertigo and supraorbital neuralgia (pain above the eyes).

Key indicating features

Aching, bursting or drawing pain in eyes
Eye floaters with black spots, sparks, flashes of light before eyes

  1. Ears (noises, pain, meniere’s disease)

For ears, this medicine can be successfully used to manage noises in ears (tinnitus) when it is of ringing, cracking type. With this there is fullness in the ears. It can be used for throbbing ear pain. There may be hardness of hearing. It is a valuable medicine to manage cases of meniere’s disease (an inner ear disorder with symptoms like hearing loss and vertigo). 

Key indicating features

Ringing, cracking noises in ears
Throbbing pain in ear
Meniere’s disease

  1. Face (trigeminal neuralgia, pain in face)

This medicine serves great help to manage trigeminal neuralgia (severe electric shock like facial pain from pressure over trigeminal nerve or due to its damage) of the left side face. It can also alleviate facial pain accompanied with twitching of facial muscles. Next indication is pain in the temple of the head radiating from the decayed tooth. This medicine can manage facial flushing, redness and heat in the face. 

Key indicating features

Left sided trigeminal neuralgia
Pain in face with twitching of facial muscles
Facial redness, flushing and heat


Worsening factors: complaints are worse in sun, hot weather, shaking, motion, suppressed menses

Relieving factors: complaints are relieved from lying still, in open air

Glonoinum Dosage

This medicine can be used from low to high potencies. It is a short acting medicine and its action lasts for about one day. It can be repeated frequently in low potencies but in high potencies its frequent repetition is not advised.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Aconite, Camphor, Coffea Cruda and Nux Vomica

This medicine can be compared with some other homeopathic medicines including Veratrum Viride, Belladonna, Amylenum Nitrosum, Opium and Stramonium

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