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Hecla Lava: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Hecla Lava is prepared from volcanic ash from Mount Hecla in Iceland. This ash contains lime, silica, alumina, magnesia and some oxide of iron. With potentization procedure (a process that extracts medicinal properties from crude substance), this volcanic ash is converted into a highly valuable homeopathic medicine Hecla Lava. This medicine is of great clinical significance in treating complaints related to teeth, jaw, bones and also facial neuralgia.

Drug Action

Hecla Lava shows most prominent action on teeth, jaw, bones and nerve of face. Other than this, it also acts well on the joints. Besides these, its action is marked on the breast to treat breast tumors and deficient milk production.

Clinical Indications

Toothache, dental abscess, teeth decay, facial neuralgia, bone spurs, exostosis, bone disorders, osteomyelitis, bone tumors, Osgood – schlatter disease, jaw pain, maxillary polyp, arthritis deformans, arthritic nodosities, breast tumors, deficient milk, nodosities

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1.Teeth and jaw (Toothache, tooth decay, nerve pain after tooth extraction, dental abscess, dental fistula)

This medicine is known to have marvelous action on teeth and jaws. It is extensively used to treat numerous problems related to teeth and jaws. It is a brilliant medicine to manage toothache. It is well indicated when there is marked sensitivity of teeth to pressure along with swelling around the jaws. There is boring or digging type of pain in the jawbone. It is highly preferred to deal with cases of decayed teeth. It is also usually first choice of medicine to relieve facial nerve pain that is related to decayed tooth. If there occur facial nerve pain after tooth extraction, then also this medicine proves to be highly effective to relieve pain. Another prominent complaint where its use is highly recommended is dental abscess (it is a pus-filled pocket inside teeth or gums). It can be given when there is pus along with swelling and pain on pressing the affected tooth. Another striking feature to use it is abscess (pocket of pus) formation or enlargement of jaw bone near the area where tooth extraction had been done. Its role in managing cases of dental fistula is also highly noteworthy. Besides these, it works well in cases where swelling of upper jaw is present along with soreness (painful on touch).

Key Indicating Features

Toothache with marked sensitivity to pressure and swelling about jaws

Decayed teeth

Facial nerve pain related to decayed tooth

Facial nerve pain after tooth extraction

Dental abscess with pus, swelling and pain on pressing the affected tooth

Dental fistula

2. Face (Facial Nerve Pain, Polyp In Maxillary Sinus)

Hecla Lava acts wonderfully on the face. With its action on the face, it proves very beneficial in cases of facial neuralgia (nerve pain). It gives substantial relief when facial nerve pain arises from irritation by a decayed teeth or as a result after tooth extraction. Other than this it works well in cases of polyps that start forming in maxillary sinus (maxillary polyp is non-cancerous growth developing on the lining of maxillary sinus) and therefrom advances to nearby structures. It deforms the facial features, forces eyeball up, causes eversion of eyelids and nasal blockage. It also results in difficult breathing, bleeding from nose and pain in head.

Eversion of eyelids

Eversion of eyelids

Key Indicating Features

Facial nerve pain resulting from irritation by a decayed teeth or after tooth extraction

Polyps beginning in maxillary sinus

3. Bones (Bone Spurs, Osteomyelitis, Periostitis, Osgood – Schlatter Disease, Bone Necrosis, Bone Tumours, Osteosarcoma)

Hecla Lava manifests remarkable action on bones. It is a very powerful medicine to resolve various bone-related problems. It is a principal medicine to help cases of bone spurs and exostosis. Bone spurs and exostosis refer to extra bone development on an existing bone. It proves successful when bone spur or exostosis occurs especially in jaw, head, fingers or leg bones. The way it helps to dissolve bony outgrowths is noteworthy. It has a great affinity to treat cases of inflammation of bone (osteomyelitis) and inflammation of periosteum means connective tissue surrounding the bone (periostitis).

Hecla Lava is a superb medicine for cases Osgood – Schlatter disease (painful lump forming below knee cap from repetitive use injury in children). Further, this medicine can help cases of bone damage and necrosis (bone necrosis means the death of bone cells). Bone tumors especially forming after injury, and bone cysts can also be managed effectively with this medicine. Not only this, in homeopathic therapeutics, its role in managing cases of osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) is also mentioned to provide supportive help.

Key Indicating Features

Bone spurs or exostosis in jaw, head, fingers or leg bones

Inflamed bone or periosteum

Osgood – Schlatter disease

Bone tumors after injury

4. Limbs (Pain, Exostosis, Joints Problems)

By acting on limbs, it can manage well pain in lower limbs when pain is continuous. It is an important medicine for cases of exostosis of tibia bone. Here it gives excellent results when attended with intense pain that occurs continuously. Hecla Lava has a well-defined action on joints where it is best suited when there is node formation especially on finger or toe joints. It is also indicated to manage cases of deformed joints from arthritis (joint inflammation). In such cases, it can help to halt further deformity of joint but cannot reverse the deformity that has already occurred.

Key Indicating Features

Continuous pain in lower limbs

Exostosis of tibia bone

Nodes on joints mainly finger or toe joints

Joint deformity

5. Breast Complaints (Breast Tumors, Diminished Milk Production)

This medicine can be given for certain breast complaints. It can be used to help cases of nodes or tumours in breast. It can work well in cases where milk production is diminished in nursing women.

Key Indicating Features

Breast nodes or tumors

To boost milk production in nursing women


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse from touch, pressure, rest and on the left side


This medicine is recommended in low potencies in general. The dose and repetition varies in every individual case.

Relationship With Other Remedies

It can be compared with remedies including Calcarea Fluor, Silicea, Kali Iodatum, Merc Sol, Phosphorus, Symphytum, Ruta and Sulphur



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