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Hepar Sulph – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Hepar Sulph is prepared by trituration of sulphide of calcium obtained by burning the white interior of oyster shells with pure flowers of sulphur. As a homeopathic medicine, it is majorly used to treat cold, ear infections, sore throat, tonsillitis, cough, asthma and skin complaints with pus discharges.     Hepar Sulph Homeopathic Medicine

The ‘Hepar Sulph’ Constitution

It is suited to people who have low immunity with tendency to recurrent cold and throat infections. It is also suitable for people having unhealthy, sensitive skin prone to skin infections with pus discharges.

Drug Action

It has a marked action on eyes and nasal membranes where it helps to reduce its inflammation. Next, it has great action on throat where it helps to reduce its inflammation and relieve pain associated with it. When it comes to the respiratory system, it has strong affinity to treat cough, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. Lastly, it has deep effect on skin where it aids in healing eruptions and lumps with pus discharges.

Role as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Eye Complaints

It is a very beneficial medicine to treat many of the eye complaints. Firstly, it is indicated to treat blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelid margins where eyelashes grow.) The persons needing it for blepharitis have red, inflamed, and swollen eyelids. The eyelids are also painful to touch. Throbbing and stinging pain is felt in the eyes. Along with this , the eyelids stick together especially during the morning. Photophobia (sensitivity to light), gritty sensation as from sand and burning in eyes are some other symptoms that can be experienced by them.

Secondly, its use is indicated for conjunctivitis (an inflammation of the conjunctiva i.e. the membrane lining the inner surface of the eyelid and covering the white of eye). Red, inflamed eyes along with purulent (pus) discharge are the classic symptoms that indicates its use here.

Lastly, it is a well indicated medicine to manage cases of corneal ulcer (ulcer on cornea I.e the transparent layer in front of the eye that covers the pupil and iris). Person needing it usually have red elevated ulcer at the margin of the cornea. Along with this, there is peculiar discharge of purulent (pus) matter from the ulcer. Few other symptoms that may be experienced by them includes pain in eyes, burning in the eyes and sensitivity to bright light. Here the pain is severe of a throbbing or stinging nature.

2. Nasal Complaints

When it comes to treating nasal complaints, Hepar Sulph is mainly used in cases of cold. It can be given in cold when there is thick yellow mucus discharge from the nose. Its use is also considered here when the nasal discharge is pus like sometimes tinged with blood. This discharge may also have a bad smell. Next, it works well to treat crusts and scabs in the nose. Pain in  the nostrils is also there along with the discharge or crust formation. At the same time blockage is felt in nose on going in the cold air. Sneezing is also present along with above symptoms. It is also given to treat loss of smell from chronic coryza.

Other than this, it is a top-listed medicine to treat sinusitis (inflammation of the lining membrane of any of the hollow areas I.e. sinuses present in the skull). In such cases, it helps reduce the inflammation in the sinus as well as the symptoms of it felt by the patient. Here it aids relief in the thick nasal discharge, nasal blockage and post nasal drip (i.e. dripping of mucus from back of the nose into the throat). Additionally, it also gives relief in the headache arising from sinusitis.

3. Ear Complaints

If we talk about ear complaints then this is an effective medicine to treat ear infections, ear discharges, noises in ears, eruptions in ear and itching in the ears.

For using it in cases of ear infection and discharges, the main features is discharge of blood-stained pus from the ears. The pus has a very offensive smell. The discharge is most times green coloured here. Along with this pain is felt in the ears.

Next, it can be of much help in cases of noises in ears (tinnitus). It mainly helps to manage cases where roaring noises are experienced by the person. Along with this, hardness of hearing may be complained of by the patient. 

Apart from the above, it can take care of pus filled eruptions (pustules) in the ears and itching in the ears.

4. Throat Complaints

This is a renowned medicine to treat a number of throat complaints. Here it is given for treating sore throat, throat infections and tonsillitis. In these cases it helps to reduce the inflammation of throat and tonsils. Persons who need it experience pain in throat especially on swallowing. The pain may extend to ears from throat in many cases. Most of the times the pain is stitching in nature. Another peculiar symptom felt by them is a sensation of plug of mucus in the throat.  Throat also feels rough and dry along with above symptoms. If we look at the throat then throat and tonsils appear red, swollen plus the tonsils are enlarged sometimes with pus points.

It works wonderfully in case of acute throat infection and tonsillitis as well as treating once tendency to have recurrent throat infections and tonsillitis. It is also one of the most effective medicines to treat cases of quinsy (collection of pus behind the tonsil).

5. Respiratory Problems

This medicine shows remarkable results in cases of respiratory troubles.

In respiratory troubles it is very valuable medicine to treat loose rattling cough. Along with cough, abundant yellow thick sputum is expectorated. Sometimes pus like blood stained bad smelling phlegm is expectorated. Person mainly feels that the cough gets worse from cold air exposure or from taking cold water.

It is also a very significant medicine to treat bronchitis especially in elderly people. Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial tubes i.e. the passage through which the air is carried to the lungs from trachea.

Other than this, this medicine is also highly recommended to treat asthma. One can take it in asthma when cough with thick expectoration and wheezing in the chest is present. Apart from this person who require it also complain of difficulty in breathing, tightness and pain in chest.

Another indication to use it is pneumonia i.e. inflammation of the alveoli (air sacs) of the lungs due to infection. One can be benefited from it when cough with purulent (pus) expectoration is present along with cough. Fever is present with these symptoms.

6. Skin Issues

This medicine effectively manages a number of skin complaints. Among them it is very effective to treat pimples. It mainly helps in pimples that have pus in it that may be sometime blood tinged. It also helps to ease pain in the pimples.

Next, it is a significant medicine to treat boils, abscess and carbuncles (skin infections with pus filled lumps on skin. A person needing it complain of pus discharge from these lumps. The pus may also have a bad smell. In these conditions it helps to clear the pus discharges, heal the lumps and bring excellent recovery. It also help to treat one’s tendency to get pus filled lumps on body frequently.

Further, it can be used in case of skin ulcers. In these cases it is a choice of medicine when there is stinging pain in the ulcers. Burning sensation also accompany. Additionally, there are pus discharge from the ulcers. The ulcers are also sensitive to touch.

it also gives excellent results in cases of fever blisters  (tiny  blisters that appear on the lips or around the mouth due to a viral infection). It is given in fever blisters when fever blisters around corners of mouth appear that are highly painful and sensitive to touch.

Lastly, it is very beneficial to treat cases of excessive sweating on skin. People who need it have sour fetid smelling sweat on body. It is attended with much weakness.


Hepar Sulph can be used from 30 to 1M. In low potencies it can be taken one to three times a day depending upon the severity of the condition. Higher potencies should not be repeated frequently.

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medicine is Calendula. This medicine can be used after Hepar Sulph to complete its action when it is no longer acting.

Antidotes are Acetic Acid, Arsenic Album and Chamomilla. These antidotes medicine can be used to neutralize its action.

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    My father suffered from pneumonia 3 months back now his voice is hoarse. Is hypersulf is useful in treating voice problems

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