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8 Homeopathic Medicines for Numbness in Hands and Fingers

Homeopathic Medicines for Numbness in Hands and Fingers

Numbness of the hands and fingers mainly arises from irritation, compression or damage to the nerves that supply the hands and fingers. It can be one-sided or both sided and can arise due to various reasons. The main causes of numbness in hands and fingers include carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), cervical spondylosis/radiculopathy, cubital tunnel syndrome, brachial plexus injury, peripheral neuropathy and ganglion cyst that may press upon the nerve. Homeopathic medicines for numbness in hands and fingers help treat the problem from the root.

Other reasons include Vitamin B12 deficiency, long-standing/uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis, Raynaud’s disease, Lyme disease, alcohol use disorder, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and spinal cord injury.

Symptoms of Numbness

Numbness in hands and fingers can by other symptoms like tingling, pricking, pin-needle sensation or burning in hands and fingers. Clumsiness or lack of strength/weakness may also be felt in the arm, hand or fingers along with above-mentioned symptoms.

Homeopathic Medicines for Numbness in Hands and Fingers

There are excellent medicines in homeopathy to treat numbness of hands and fingers in an effective manner. These medicines are selected individually for every case of numbness in hands/fingers. The reason behind numbness and attending symptoms like tingling, pin needle sensation, pricking, and weak muscles are taken into consideration to finalize the prescription. The top remedies for treating numbness in hands and fingers include Causticum, Hypericum, Kali Phos, Paris Quadrifolia and Phosphorus.

1. Causticum – Top Grade Medicine for Numbness

Causticum is a top-listed medicine for treating numbness in hand and fingers. Excessive weakness and a paralytic feeling in hand is prominently present with numbness. Hands and fingers feel icy cold. Sweat on the hands may also be present. In some cases drawing pains in the hands attend. Pain in the thumb and index finger is also there. Causticum is one of the leading medicines to treat numbness in the fingers arising in cases of carpal tunnel syndrome (due to pinching of the median nerve).

2. Hypericum – For Numbness in Hands/Fingers from Nerve Injury

Hypericum is prepared from a plant Hypericum Perforatum commonly known by the name of St. John’s Wort. The natural order of this plant is Hypericaceae. It is highly useful in cases of numbness of hands/fingers arising from nerve damage or injury. Along with numbness complaint of tingling and crawling sensation in hands/fingers may be present. A burning sensation may also be complained of in hands and fingers.

3. Kali Phos – Indicated for Numbness in Fingertips

Kali Phos is a remedy of great value to treat a number of nervous complaints. It is well indicated for treating cases where numbness in the fingertips is prominent. Prickling in hands is also noted in cases needing Kali Phos. General debility and weakness is present mostly with the above complaints. Persons requiring Kali Phos often have a nervous and sensitive constitution. Neuralgic pains that are better by gentle exercise also point towards its use.

4. Paris Quadrifolia – For Numbness in Fingers in Cervical Spondylosis

Paris Quadrifolia is prepared from a plant named One-berry. This plant belongs to natural order Trilliaceae. Paris Quadrifolia is highly beneficial to treat numbness in fingers in cases of cervical spondylosis. Fingers feel and cold alternately with numbness. Tearing, drawing or shooting pain in fingers assist sometimes. Along with this pain in nape of neck and shoulders is marked. The pain from the neck often radiates down to the fingers. Exertion worsens the pain. Weight and weariness in the nape of the neck is also felt. The neck is tensed and stiff. Swelling of the neck may also accompany the above symptoms.

5. Phosphorus – For Hand Numbness in the Morning

Phosphorus is a suitable medicine to manage hand numbness arising mainly in the morning. Hands feel numb and insensible on waking in the morning. Burning sensation in the palms may be there. Hands are weak and its movements are also clumsy. The heaviness of the hands is also there. Numb, insensible fingertips accompanied with crawling sensation is another key feature to use Phosphorus.

6. Silicea – For Numbness of Hands at Night

Silicea is an excellent medicine to manage numbness of hands at night time. There is also a weakness of hands where Silicea is indicated. Hands start to feel lame after slight exertion or while writing sometimes. Tingling in fingers and burning sensation in the ends of fingers is also characteristic of using Silicea. Profuse sweat on hands is noted most times with the above symptoms. Silicea is also helpful to relieve hand numbness in case a ganglion cyst is compressing the nerve and causing numbness. In addition to the above, Silicea is useful in cases of numbness in arms. In such cases, the arms feel heavy and there may be a pricking and pin-needle sensation.

7. Calcarea Carb – For Numbness upon Grasping

Calcarea Carb is very effective to manage numbness of hand/finger while grasping anything. There is also tingling in the fingers as if they are asleep. Weakness in the fingers is present. Fingers feel heavy on movement. Hands may be cold. Excessive sweat on hands is also marked. Fingers may feel stiff in the morning. Sometimes hands feel cramped, especially in the morning. Hands may be swollen and may have nervous tingling.

8. Natrum Mur – For Numbness and Tingling in Hands/fingers

Natrum Mur is significant medicine to treat numbness attended with tingling in hands and fingers. Rubbing the hands often help to relieve numbness where Natrum Mur is indicated. Burning sensation in the hands, especially in the palms, is well noted. Cramping is also present in the hands and fingers in a few of the cases requiring this medicine.

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  1. Ravi kant kumar says:

    Mam, mere papa ke wrist me jhim jhim aata jata rahta h m 6 months se homeopathy treatment krwa rha hu kindly suggest

  2. Uttam Paul says:

    Aamar cervical rediculopathy. Du hater sob angulei asarata ache ebong du paer talateo. Ekhon ami ki osudh khabo?

  3. Mukut Roy says:

    Numbness feeling in my both hands has increased considerably in recent times. While brushing teeth I feel tremor in right hand. Now a days I am not able to shave on my own due to tremor. While exerting pressure by fingers of hands, I feel loss of strength. I am having cervical Spondylitis and frozen shoulder condition in left shoulder. Please suggest medicine, power and doses.

  4. Sumera Nawaz says:

    Hi my whole body & head feeling numbness,which medicine i hv to take?

  5. Surekha Kaujalgikar says:

    I have numbness in hands even when I am suppose I am typing or sweeping or any other activity I get numbness in hands
    And also when I sit down with folded legs I get numbness in both feet

  6. Mary Lou Ruan says:

    Dr Sharma
    Can tingling and numbness in fingers hand and arms thru the night when i lay day be caused by preor diabetes

  7. Rajkumar Pal says:

    I am a deed writer. After my cerebral attack I feel tringling of my right hands. In the morning I feel well but arises with my movement. What medicine may I use? Please suggest.

  8. Sharon L. Bieniek says:

    Had numbness in right pinky and one half of ring finger (from ulnar nerve) on right hand caused by repetitive motion from making knotted rosaries. Had therapy and stopped making the rosaries. That was in 2020. It has returned, now in both hands, for no apparent reason; no repetitive tasks, etc. Had therapy in the summer of 2023 (6 sessions) and at this time, has not improved. I also have had systemic lupus for over 36 years and am on 7 medications. I am hesitant to try anything that will interact with those medications. Thank you.

  9. Dr Sherbahadur says:

    सुबह के समय रात दो बजे के बाद 05 बजे तक हाथ के पंजे और अंगुलियों में झुनझुनाहट और सुन्नपन रहता है । दबाने और रगड़ने से सही हो जाता है। डा शेर बहादुर जौनपुर उत्तर प्रदेश 9936441070

    • Nalinikant Mishra says:

      I am a type II diabetic. Feeling numbness in fingers of both feet more in afternoon. Kindly advise about homoeo medicine with potency.

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