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Hydrastis Canadensis – Homeopathic Medicine – Indications for its use

Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis Canadensis (Hydrastis) is prepared from fresh roots of plant named golden seal/orange root belonging to family Ranunculaceae.The main action of homeopathic medicine Hydrastis is seen on mucous membranes where it produces stringy, tenacious, ropy secretions.The mucous membranes affected are of throat, nose, stomach, vagina. It is also a high-grade remedy for cancerous conditions of stomach, liver, skin, cervix, uterus to reduce the pains but must be taken only after homeopathic physician’s advice. Following are the clinical indications for using homeopathic medicine Hydrastis.

Clinical Indications for the use of Hydrastis Canadensis

It is indicated in Posterior nasal drip, Eustachian tube catarrh (excessive discharge or build-up of mucus in the nose or throat, associated with inflammation of the mucous membrane), Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Constipation, Leucorrhoea, Rectal fistula, Prolapse of the rectum, Gastric ulcers.

Clinical Details for the use of Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis

1.Posterior nasal drip: Thick, tenacious from posterior nares to the throat. It si very effective in chronic cases of posterior nasal discharge

2.Eustachian tube catarrh: Eustachian tube catarrh with deafness.

3.Sinusitis: Frontal sinusitis with dull frontal headache; Sinusitis with thick, viscid nasal discharges.

4.Pharyngitis: Follicular pharyngitis with hawking of yellow, viscid mucus.

5.Constipation: Constipation with fissure anus/ prolapse of rectum/headache.

6.Leucorrhoea: Vaginal discharges of acid, tenacious, corroding nature.

7.Rectal fistula: Fistula of rectum associated with rectum prolapse/ constipation.

8.Prolapse of the rectum: Rectal prolapse with chronic constipation.

9.Gastric ulcers: Gastric ulcers with a sore feeling in stomach, weak digestion, and dyspepsia.


Dose: Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis is recommended in 30C potency. It can be repeated depending on the severity of symptoms.

Caution: Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis must be taken after consulting homeopathic physician and self-medication be avoided.

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  1. Hi dr.I will be glad if you give online medication. I will very discomfort in my esophgus after eating. I am using now hydrastris. Plz give me good treatment.

  2. Hello Dr. Homeo.
    I have what appears to be a blocked eustacian tube, with posterior nasal drop, fullness of left ear, impaired hearing. I am constantly swallowing. When I exhale while pinching my nose. I experience temporary relief. This procedure works on the left ear when I lie down. I feel as if I am under water. I am also susceptible to allergies, beginning in the Spring, with sneezing, burning, watering eyes, running/pouring nose. I would be grateful for your comments. Thank you.

    • Neha Sharma says:

      Hello sir,
      My mother age is 55 yr menopause 2 yr ago. But she had a couple of episodes of spotting that was on and off for 2-3 days, around 8 months ago. She has leucorrhoea also Pap smear showed some atypical cells. CT Scan showed ET=12mm and cystic lesions in endometrium. Biopsy showed endometrium in proliferative stage. Nothing extra was shown in biopsy. She is taking hydrastis 30 tds since then. ET was between 10-11 mm 1 month ago. Her HbA1c is 6.8 and TSH is 7.25 she is taking thyroxine medicine. Will hydrastis tincture help in this case. Can it be prescribed with potency

  3. Suresh Agarwal says:

    Sir I’m suffering from constipation since last 20 years from now. Recently I have developed pain in both of my legs . Please suggest me how I can treat this health problem.
    Thanking you!
    Your sincerely
    Suresh Kumar Agarwal
    [+91 9088890000]

  4. Ranjeet kumar says:

    What I can do remove scars from my face….

  5. BN TRIPATHI says:

    Resp sir ,
    My brother aged about 69 yrs. is suffering from lever cancer . Can I give him Hydrastis canadensis as advised by an user of it .

  6. Sandeep Kumar says:

    I am a 34 years old man named Sandeep Kumar suffering from sore throat / irritation problem for last 10 years, mild snoring problem for last 7 years, mucus from throat and flatulation problem for last 3 years.

    Please evaluate my symptoms and tell me, from which disease I am suffering and its treatment also.

    Initially from 2005 – 2009 I used to get infected by cough & cold frequently and whenever I got infected with cough & cold yellow phlegm starts coming throat / nose and this causes severe headache and this never cured without taking Amoxocilin capsule. From 2010 onward problem of cough & cold reduced but above mentioned problems started.

  7. V.Sudarshan says:

    Respected Doctor I am suffering with chronic Duedonal ulcer and Esophagus invection with severe Gastritis.
    Now IAM taking Alophatic medicine.
    Please suggest homeo medicine for total eradicatioof my problems

  8. Barun Shankar says:

    Sir i am suffering from ibs. So, which medecine is suitable for me???

  9. syed khalid sagheer says:


    I have sinus problem since my childhood now i am 40 years of age, i was attempted twice operation but not found any desire result

    i have a problem of right side sinus and my right side is blocked with polyps result continuesly dropping on my right side throat and most of time i feel pain at my right side area ear , thorat etc

    Now a days my homeopathic physician was advised me for Hydratis 10 drops a day and four drops of slicea 200 in morning before breakfast and nasal spray two puff in morning and night and cratex tablets twice a day, i was using it since a month and finish one bottle each.

    My doctor was settled in America from pakistan, kindly advise me how long i will take the above medicine


    khalid from karachi

  10. Hi Doctor,
    I am 44 years old (woman) with 2 kids. I live in Canada but was born in Egypt. I am suffering from chronic post nasal drip that makes me sometimes snore at night and even wakes me up frpm sleep. I have rectal prolapse sometimes and am generally constopated. My vaginal discharges are always stringy. Before my last period the discharge was quite profuse especially when jumping, yellowish and stringy too.
    I thought I might get pregnant 50 days ago as my husband and I don’t use conventional contraceptives, so I used apple cider vinegar and aloe vera injected in the vagina. My current period came 49 days late, It’s profuse and long. My main problem now is that the bleeding wouldn’t stop! This is my ninth day now bleeding!

    I tried :
    Sepia 30c (once) (obviously wrong choice)
    Lycopodium 30c (twice on the same day)
    Nat Mur 200c (twice) (improved my constipation)

    My tongue is wide, indented, and whitish (clear coating). A little bluish sometimes!

    I don’t feel any pain except slight pinching in the middle of the abdomen.

    I believe my liver and spleen are my weak points as I have deep vertical lines between my eyes. I get a slight pain in the liver sometimes and cramps across my back horizontally. I also have joint pains and cracking knees. I have many red and brown moles. I hate dampness and cold weather. I love dry and warm weather. I am very sensitive to artificial white light and heat of sun. That’s why I took nat mu 200c . I always feel better sleeping on my right side. I am white, a little overweight, brown hair and blue/green eyes.

    I am still bleeding. Pls. help!

  11. Tajuddin Sk says:

    Holl body feeling barning when take any medicine

  12. Can hydrastis be used in amoebiasis

  13. gauranga jati says:

    I am suffering from loose motion at morning 3 to 4 times

  14. durgia de says:

    hi, i am suffring adema on my left leg also have some time hi bloodpraser and sinesproblame from dust , i am 59years old pl give some suggation.i check all my test ok

  15. Sir, I used chew tobacco for a long and suddenly thaught to give up. But I couldn’t do the same.Now I have decreased the frequency. I also have acidity and irregular smelly bowl with headache and iritation. Visited the doctor and prescribed this along with few others. Sir ,will it be helpfull for me to give up the addition of chewing tobacco?

  16. Sir
    My 4yrs old daughter had adenoids cough is coming and breathing with her mouth what is best medicine now I am using LEMNA MINOR

  17. Farzana masoud says:

    I m a mother iof 17 years old biy who has been operated for colon perferation n now is with ilostomy bag , his weight was 50 kg but now is 28 kg . He has history if Hodgkin’s disease in 2010 which has cured , multiple episodes of meningits n hipper IgE levels . much immuno compromised , develops high grade fever even if has a single insect bite especially mosquito bite . He had first laprotomy in Dec 2016 n second in april 2017 . He is on antibiotics n antifungal drugs continusly , he has much weight loss so has been started TPN (diet through IV) his wound stil has pussy discharge off n on . Today his father gave him hydrastis tincher 10 drops on some homeopaths advice .he was already with fever ,his nausea got worsen n he developed some swelling below the blader n upward penus . Should i continue his medicine , he was also advised acchnicia. He has pain n discharg in ear .

  18. A 2 year old baby had underwent Medulloblastoma(Brain tumer) surgery 2 months before. Whether, Hydrastis help to prevent from the recurrence of Tumer??

  19. Anupam Ghosh says:

    Dr. if i have grastric problem,constipation,pain in verious place in belly,can i take hydrastis..?

  20. Sudarshan Veepuri says:

    Formerly i was a duodanal ulcer patient it was cured by all kinds of medicines. Now it’s chronic gastritis. Empty or full stumouch i feel pain in right side top of umbilical. One doctor said it’s not curable by allopathic medicines.
    Every 15 days i wash my stomach by drinking 1.5 ltrs warm water and vomiting after 10 minutes of that whole come out like gum.i will get free up to 10 days again skolu full within 5 days.
    On the advice a local homoeopathic doctor suggested me to take Hydrastice canadytis 39x 10 drops morning and evening.
    Is it rela bent to take me are not
    Please give advise.

  21. Sampuran Singh tanwar says:

    Sir I am suffering from constipation pl suggest homoeopathy medicine for smooth stool passing every morning

  22. Puloma Ray choudhury says:

    The patient is 81years age &after her operation of ovarian tumer,cancer was detected. An homeopathy dr. Suggested for hydrastis mothertincher twice daily 1.25ml each time. Now the Dr. is no more. So i request you for suggestion. Meanwhile her bodyweight is decreasing.

  23. JAVED FAROOQ says:


  24. Sohail Ansari says:

    Dr. Sharma, How are you, I have severe constipation since last 4 years, I am 66 years old, Allopathic Doctors have done all tests and could not find the cause of constipation. In last 2 years I have lost 10 KG. My weight is 63 KG. It seems that stool gets stuck in rectum and can not be expelled. Please advice .

  25. Amena Mayet says:


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