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Hyoscyamus Niger: Homeopathic Medicine – Its Use, Indications And Dosage

Hyoscyamus Niger is a homeopathic medicine derived from the plant ‘henbane’ and ‘hog-bean’. It belongs to Solanaceae family. When this plant undergoes potentization (process of preparing homeopathic medicines that arouse medicinal powers of a crude substance), we get homeopathic medicine Hyoscyamus Niger of great clinical significance. It is a leading homeopathic medicine for managing cases of increased sexual desire, mania of obscene (related to sexual matter) nature, muscle twitchings, jerking, etc.

The ‘Hyoscyamus Niger’ Constitution

This medicine suits people who get nervous or irritated easily, and are anxious by nature.

Drug Action

The main action of this medicine is seen on the mind and brain. It acts well on muscles, male and female genitals, respiratory system, urinary organs and limbs.

Clinical Indications

Nymphomania, sexual mania, mania, nymphomania, delirium, schizophrenia, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, bronchitis, pneumonia, cough, chorea (neurological disorder), convulsions, epilepsy, hydrophobia, toothache, sleep disorders, syphilophobia

Scope As A Homeopathic Remedy

1. Action On Mind And Brain (Lasciviousness, Nymphomania, Sexual Mania, Mania, Delirium, Schizophrenia, Alcoholism, Alzheimer’s Disease)

The most prominent and broad action of Hyoscyamus Niger is seen on the mind and brain. It can effectively manage various complaints related to mind and brain. Among these the leading feature that guides its use is lasciviousness which is a strong desire for sex. Those needing this medicine talk excessively about sex-related topics or sing amorous songs that express desire for sexual activity. They tend to fondle genitals, may take off clothes and expose genitals. It is the best homeopathic medicine for nymphomania (increased sexual desire in women).

Hyoscyamus Niger is well-known for treating cases of schizophrenia (a mental health condition affecting thinking, emotions, and behavior). Different kind of hallucinations occur like seeing or hearing things that do not exist, or delusions (fixed, false beliefs not based on reality). Those needing it suffer from some specific types of delusions, like delusion of being poisoned, being sold or being bitten, being stalked, etc. There is marked suspiciousness in them. They may be particularly suspicious of a plot being made to harm them. Another alarming symptom is talking with imaginary or dead people.

Another main indication for administering Hyoscyamus Niger is delirium (sudden change in brain leading to confused thinking and emotional disturbance). It can be given in cases of muttering delirium in which the sufferer’s speech is not understandable. There is decreased response to environmental stimuli and carphologia (lint picking of clothes or bed linen). Along with delirium, weakness is also marked. Hyoscyamus Niger is also well indicated for delirium when attended with restlessness with sudden jumping out of bed, moving from one place to another, constant talking, jerking of limbs, wild staring look. Use of this medicine can also be thought of in cases of delirium tremors that occurs in people who are trying to quit alcohol. The guiding features to use it here are delirium with aversion to light, constant talking, trembling of whole body and sensation as if a snake is wriggling towards the sufferer. Along with this, there is desire to escape, loss of appetite and sleeplessness.

Further it is an important medicine for managing mania when there is urge to bite, strike, quarrel, scold, kill and tear clothes. It is also best suited for cases of erotomania (the sufferer believes that someone is in love with him/her when there is no such thing). There may be a tendency to expose genitals.

This medicine is suitable for getting rid of certain fears. These include fear of being poisoned, being alone, water (hydrophobia), and syphilophobia (fear of being infected with syphilis i.e. a sexually transmitted infection caused by bacteria treponema pallidum).

Cases of Alzheimer’s disease (brain disorder where the death of brain cells occurs that leads to memory loss and gradually destroys thinking, behaviour and social skills) can also be well managed with this medicine.

Besides, Hyoscyamus Niger is a valuable medicine for cases of convulsions (fits). Here, it is given when there is clenching of fist during fits. Before convulsions, vertigo occurs, and the fit ends in deep sleep. It is a top-listed medicine for convulsions in children that occurs from fright.

Lastly, it is well-indicated for managing cases of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Key Indicating Features


Desire to fondle genitals and take off clothes and expose genitals



Talking with imaginary or dead people

Delirium attended with lint-picking of clothes or bed linens, restlessness, constant talking, jerking of limbs

Mania with urge to bite, strike, quarrel, scold, kill and tear clothes

2. Male problems (increased sexual desire, lasciviousness)

Males may find this medicine highly useful for treating certain concerns. Firstly, it is highly suitable to manage increased sexual desire. Males needing it have a strong desire for excessive sexual activity. There is marked lasciviousness, which means they behave in a manner indicating increased urge for sexual activity. They may take off clothes and expose genitals frequently.

Key Indicating Features

Increased sexual desire

Lasciviousness with tendency to take clothes off and expose genitals frequently

3. Female Problems (Nymphomania, Intermenstrual Bleeding)

This medicine is also well-indicated to manage certain health concerns in females. It is a prominent medicine for cases of nymphomania in which there is excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire in females. They also show signs of lasciviousness like uncovering sexual parts. Secondly, it is useful for managing some problems during menses. These include headache, nausea and bedwetting during menses. It also helps complaints of trembling of hands and feet, and excessive sweating during menses. The menstrual bleeding may be heavy with bright red blood. Lastly, it is beneficial for managing intermenstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia). Its use is considered when during intermenstrual bleeding, the blood is bright red and there are cramps in the whole body.

Key Indicating Features

 Nymphomania i.e. excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire in females

Trembling of hands and feet; excessive sweating during menses

Intermenstrual bleeding with bright red blood and cramps in whole body

4. Respiratory Issues (Cough, Bronchitis, Pneumonia)

With its action on respiratory system, it manages cases of cough well. Cough is dry spasmodic type and it seems to occur from a dry spot in the larynx. There is tickling in the throat which incites cough. Coughing occurs at regular intervals that shakes the entire body. Cough causes weakness along with sweating. Persons needing this medicine have worsening of cough from lying down and relief from sitting up. Eating, drinking and talking also worsen the cough. Hyoscyamus Niger works well in cases of bronchitis (inflamed bronchial tubes that carry air to and from the lungs) especially when cough is dry and persistent. It can be used to manage pneumonia (inflammation and infection of air sacs of lungs). Here it is useful when cough is dry or rattling that worsens at night and is attended with weakness. There may occur expectoration of mucus that tastes salty or is blood-stained.

Key Indicating Features

Dry cough that occurs from dry spot in larynx or from tickling in the throat

Cough worsens from lying down and gets better by sitting up

Worsening of cough from eating, drinking and talking

5. Urinary Complaints (Bedwetting, Urine Retention)

Hyoscyamus also acts well on urinary organs. It is a great medicine to manage involuntary urination. It also effectively deals with cases of bedwetting, especially in children having a brain-related medical condition. It is also well indicated for cases of retention of urine in women, specifically after childbirth. Its use is also indicated when there is frequent urination of clear water-like urine.

Key Indicating Features

Bedwetting especially in children having brain trouble

Retention of urine in women, specifically after childbirth

6. Limbs (Twitchings, Cramps, Chorea)

This medicine works wonderfully on complaints including muscle twitchings (involuntary muscle contractions), cramps, trembling, chorea (involuntary unpredictable body movements from muscle contractions). It can effectively deal with muscle twitching of face, limbs, hands and feet. Cramps in calf muscles and toes can be magnificently relieved with it. Its use is also recommended for complaint of trembling of hands and feet. For chorea, it can be given when every muscle from eyes to toes starts twitching.



Key Indicating Features

Muscle twitching of face, limbs, hands and feet

Cramps of calves and toes

Chorea when every muscle from eyes to toes twitches

7. Dental Problems (Toothache, Teeth Grinding)

This medicine can effectively deal with some dental issues too. The foremost indication for its use is grinding of teeth in children during convulsions (fits). Grinding is so harsh that it causes loosening of teeth. Hyoscyamus Niger gives good results in cases of pain in gums that follows tooth extraction. Its use is recommended to manage toothache that is worse in cold air. The pain in teeth may be throbbing, drawing or tearing kind that extends to the forehead. Pain is intense attended with jerking of hands, arms, fingers and facial muscles. This medicine can be of great help in cases of pressing together of gums during dentition. In such cases, children involuntarily put their fingers in their mouth.

Key Indicating Features

Teeth grinding or pressing of gums together during dentition

Toothache attended with jerking of hands, arms, fingers and facial muscles

8. Sleep Issues (Sleeplessness, Jerking)

This medicine has given great clinical results to treat sleep issues as well. The main indicative feature for its use is sleeplessness with restlessness and muscle twitching. The second guiding feature is waking out of sleep with fright. This medicine can work wonders in cases where children cry or laugh during sleep. If convulsions occur during deep sleep, Hyoscyamus gives good results. Jerking in sleep is also wonderfully dealt with by this medicine. Lastly, it helps in cases where involuntary limb movements occur during sleep.

Key Indicating Features

Sleeplessness with restlessness and muscle twitching

Crying or laughing during sleep in children

Jerking in sleep

Involuntary limb movement during sleep


Worsening factors: Complaints get worse after an emotional bout, fright, jealousy, touch, cold air, and when lying down

Relieving factors: Complaints get better from warmth, stooping, and from sitting up


Its use can be done from sixth to 200C potency. In low potency, its frequent repetition can be done but in high potency it should not be taken often.


Relationship with Other Remedies

Antidoted by: Belladonna, China and Stramonium

It antidotes: Belladonna and Plumbum Met

Followed well by Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Stramonium and Veratrum Album

It can be compared with other remedies including Belladonna, Agaricus, Stramonium, Gelsemium




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