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Ignatia Amara – Homeopathic medicine its Use Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara is one of the best antidepressant medicine in homeopathy. It has zero side effects. It is commonly called by name Ignatia and is derived from seeds of St. Ignatius Bean plant. It works wonders in treating depression and runs no risk of dependency. The chief action of Homeopathic medicine Ignatia revolves around mental symptoms. It serves its best purpose in depression cases with sadness, desire for loneliness and weeping spells. Apart from depression it also helps persons who are easily disturbed by little things occurring in the day to day lives. Such a state is noted in highly sensitive and emotional people. In such persons, it helps in providing mental stability and stamina to cope up the stress levels. Stress, worries, and frustrations of daily routine can be easily dealt with homeopathic medicine Ignatia. For grief cases, homeopathic medicine Ignatia is the best bet to get excellent results.

Clinical Indications:

Depression, Disappointment in love, Grief, Sadness, weeping spells, Worries/stress, Mental shocks, Mood swings, Insomnia, Amenorrhea, Headaches, Piles.

Clinical Details:

1.Depression: Sadness, weeping spells, desire for loneliness.

2.Disappointment in love: Ailments following disappointed love affections.

3.Grief: Homeopathic medicine Ignatia is best for Grief effects like from loss/death of near and dear ones.

4.Sadness: Sadness, melancholia, weeping, preferring loneliness.

5.Weeping spells: Weeping tendency in depressive persons, sobbing and sighing may accompany.

 6.Worries/stress: Worries/stress in day to day occurrences of life.

 7.Mental shocks: Ailments from mental shocks like sudden bad news, or fear.

 8.Mood swings: Sudden mood swings from happiness to sadness; laughing to weeping.

 9.Insomnia: Sleeplessness from grief, sadness, cares, worries all come within sphere for using homeopathic medicine Ignatia.

10.Amenorrhea: Suppressed menses due to grief.

11.Headaches: From grief, tobacco smoking, alcohol, coffee.

12.Piles: Prolapsed piles with every stool needing manual replacement, sharp pain or itching rectum accompanies.

 Guiding Symptoms :

1.Homeopathic medicine Ignatia is a highly useful medicine in treating depressed patients. Sadness, sighing, sobbing, weeping, loneliness and brooding all accompanies.

2.Ailments following sudden shocks like fears, sudden bad news point towards the use of homeopathic medicine Ignatia.

3.Cares, worries, tensions, stress, frustrations of daily life activities can be easily dealt with homeopathic medicine Ignatia.

4.Grief struck individuals definitely need homeopathic medicine Ignatia in first place for complete recovery.

Dose: Homeopathic medicine Ignatia can be used in 30C potency frequently. But while using high potencies 200 and 1 M repetition should not made frequently.

Caution: Self-medication of Ignatia should be avoided and a homeopathic physician should be consulted advice before use of Homeopathic medicine Ignatia.

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  1. Akansha chauhan says:


  2. Ashu Mittal says:

    Sir iam ibs patient with anxity stress nervous ness think to much of health problem please help

  3. Taposh Ghoshal says:

    My son aged 17 years is suffering since last one mibth. He is overthinking about rapidly growing population of India, scarcity of food, and fast depleting water and continuously thinks that it will lead to serious trouble in the country soon.
    He is always having very less sleep, less appetite and less happy. He is a loner. He is lean and weak. Has gets cold easily.
    My kindly advise whether I can give Ignatia or some other medicine. Please help urgently and let me know medicine and dose.
    Best regards
    T Ghoshal

  4. Carole Haber says:


    Is ignatia Tamara dangerous?

  5. Dr. Sharma . I am Jaibir Sharma. I am taking English antidepressants and anti anxiety that create numerous of side effects . So now I want to take safe medicine in homoeopathy like IGNATIA. so plz tell me how to take and start the treatment.

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